2014-07-01 火曜日になった本日でも、その疲れが取れずに、ぐったりしています。 [長年日記]

今週末 ―― 正確には、日曜日の深夜 ――

At this week end, Sunday's midnight correctly,


- According to the 127,000,000 objects of structure,


- At the thirty-ninth generations


- The the 75,000,000 pointer (I didn't specify the number accuracy),


- Pointed out a null pointer,


- And the segmentation fault had happened, so


I had kept debugging the program (I didn't find the problem now)


If I printed out all of 127,000,000 objects to specify the bug point in the program, the program could not end only one generation calculations.


Even today, I am tired and exhausted.



Recently, I get tired easily.


Especially, it is terrible after weekend, I think it is stranger. I think that the reason is to write many documents within weekend.


However I was shocked that I get tired with debugging.


It does not want to admit, but I would be "old".


Even if I am full of vigor, I become to run out of gas.



Even if I become to run out of gas, I have a lot of things I want.


Fundamentally, if I do not start a structural reform of my body, it might be dangerous.

2014-07-02 ―― 多分、世の中の多くの人は、このことを知らずに一生を終えるんだろうなー [長年日記]


I have worked about safety missions for almost a year.


In a year, I become to understand that neatness to realize safety is a logical reasonable and systematical technology.


And I think again,

―― 多分、世の中の多くの人は、このことを知らずに一生を終えるんだろうなー

"Maybe a lot of people in the world don't know the fact and become to end their life."



Of course, I am concerned that I am going to finish my life without knowing the significance absolutely, if I do such a business.


I can understand that "there seems to be no problem without knowing it"


(To be continued)

2014-07-03 ―― いずれ、あなたも「年寄り」になるのですから。 [長年日記]

It is a continuation from yesterday.


The other day, I discussed this issue with a colleague who works for "health and safety".


"When you go to visit other company's factory, you could understand the importance."

"A company that thinks about health and safety deeply could keep high-level of the company quality.”


"If people think that our company is one of the credible organizations, I think that our company sticks to exhaustive "health and safety" seriously.



When I was young, I heard the conversation of older person with a sneer on my face.


"Nobody has to work hard, if we make our factory and office clean and get credibility from customers."



What I want to say in today's diary,


(1)I become older.


(2)Young people never try to hear my above opinions.


(3)We never progress with repeating (1) and (2) many times.



Well, I think that it is enough that younger people are reluctant to obey instructions (orders for health and safety) in the course of employment with with a sneer on their face.

―― いずれ、あなたも「年寄り」になるのですから。

Because you also because "older" soon.

2014-07-04 『そんなミスするの? 今さら? 大丈夫なの? バカなの? 死ぬの?』 [長年日記]

昨日、この一週間、私をズタボロの体調にしてくれた、「1億人シミュレータ」 のバグが取れました。

Yesterday, I could delete a bug of my "100,000,000 person's simulator" that had made me the worst condition for this week.


Last night, I asked a junior colleague with saying "help me for just 30 seconds", and he had helped me for 30 min.


The reason of the bug left unknown, but he pointed out the problem of memory destroy.


After that, I noticed that I misunderstood how to use the function of reference call, instead of pointer call.


It was too shabby. I left the following code to regret what I had done.

void fun(int *a){
  *a = *a + 2;
int main()
  int b;



This morning,


"A-kun, I am very sorry but I found my error. That was pointer reference."


"Are you talking about the code of yesterday?"


"I was off guard. Because I used the pointer itself. The function should have received as pointer of pointer."

「あ ・・・、ダブルポインタ・・・」

"Um... It's a double pointer"


Without saying much, he seemed to have understood it in a moment.



It is too much of being deplorable. When I noticed it, I really thought I should put my head in the noose.


"No. Please stop it really.


He seemed to worry with an earnest face seriously.


―― そして、今なお、

And now,

『そんなミスするの? 今さら? 大丈夫なの? バカなの? 死ぬの?』

"Did you make such a mistake? Now? Are you all right? Are you stupid? Do you kill yourself?"


I heard those voices from me.

2014-07-05 ―― こんな娘を恋人にするのだけは嫌だな [長年日記]


A newspaper told that only 40% of high school students in Osaka cannot touch with insects with bare hand, and it becomes reducing from 70% in 25 year ago.



The workshop analyzed that the population of children who become to hate insects are increasing because of the luck of change to touch with insect in the urbanization.


I think the analysis is right.



When I watched the movie "Nautica in wind village" for the first time, I thought

―― こんな娘を恋人にするのだけは嫌だな

"I don't like to do with such a girl."



To be honestly, I want to hesitate to life my life with the girl who can communicate with the monster insects.


(To be continued)

2014-07-06 ―― 虫を叩き殺すくらいのこと、自力でやれるようになって欲しい [長年日記]


It is a continuation from yesterday.


The other hand, I am annoying my wife and daughters who call me in business hours.

私が残業で遅くなっても、虫を処理するまでは、家族全員が起きて待っている―― と私にプレッシャーをかけてきます。

They put pressure on me that they never go to bed before I go home and delete the bug in my house.


The workshop said that "touching the creature leads to increase the love of the life and scientific interest. They want the youth to recognize the importance"


Thought I don't care the message of the workshop at all, I hope that

―― 虫を叩き殺すくらいのこと、自力でやれるようになって欲しい

"I want you to swat an insect to death by oneself."



I don't want to ask them to touch an insect with bare hand, but at least they might swat an insect to death with bunch of newspaper, regardless of their gender.



"Eventually, you are going to live alone. What are you going to do?" .


"What am I going to do? Of course, I call you naturally".

―― 恐ろしいことを言うな。

Do not say such a fearful thing.

2014-07-07 宇宙戦艦ヤマト ―― スペックを守らなかった戦士達 [長年日記]


"Space battle ship YAMATO" is really excellent. Especially the version of "2199" is splendid.


There are however, the lines that I can never understand since I can remember.


"120% of energy filling"



The scene must be the followings.

「エネルギー過充填にて、エネルギー伝導導管破砕! 」

"Excessive energy is filling and the energy conduction pipes are crushed!"


"The wave engine is going to be broken through the housing strength critical point!!"


"Yamato will explode!”


After dazzling light over outer space of the jet black covered, it returns to an original state slowly, and an ending theme and a telop are appeared.

―― 宇宙戦艦ヤマト 完

Space battle ship YAMATO is completed.

―― スペックを守らなかった戦士達

Soldiers who did not follow specifications



You should not use any machine over the limitation of specification.


If you fill more than "100%" of energy, even if it is a future space battle ship, the ship is going to be destroyed. It is a true story.


I can understand the feeling that someone want to load "something great" in the world "120%".


However, if we should maintain "technical nation, Japan", at first you must have boys and girls understand the common sense of the machine.



I think that you don't have to modify anything but the concept of "120%".

2014-07-08 答え:『運が悪かった/悪いんだよねー』 [長年日記]


According to the Buddhism's understanding of the world, I heard that "cause and effect" is one of the most important concepts.


The followings are my rough understanding of "cause and effect" of Buddhism.


"An effect" is loaded from all "a cause". We should not deeply attach effects.


We have to back to the cause.


If not, we cannot get a lucky break.



This is not only religious doctrine but systematical thought.


Though it is a natural story, I think that the reason why the Buddhism emphasizes this ""cause and effect" is that

―― これを実施できる人間がほとんどいないから

"Few people live such a life."





This is a harsh reality.




"Why I failed to entrance examination?" "Why I was jilted by my girl friend?" "Why I cannot ne promoted?"


The answer:

"It is/was a just bad luck!"


The answer must be easy for everyone.



Human being is too weak to face the cause.


For me, I have lived my life withdrawing my eyes from the fact.


So maybe, I cannot reach a real happiness.


Buddhism criticizes me perfectly, because I am living with the motto of "life in a false happiness".


Indeed, Buddhism has survived over 2500 years. It is very reasonable.


(To be continued)

2014-07-09 ―― 山深い禅寺で、厳しい戒律の中で、修行を続けている修行僧よりも [長年日記]

It is a continuation from yesterday.


Some people keep being up against this "cause and effect" almost every day.


They are engineers.


Engineers are never going to be evaluated by their efforts and twists, those are perfect meaningless.


If they could not complete and work something, it is the same "they don't do anything" even if they stay up all night and disturb a body and a heart.


Therefore, the engineer cannot but return to "a cause" to make something work anytime, against the stuck.



There is no difference in the engine of the car, a motor, a supply of electric power system, and the other control system.


According to software, especially programming tasks, the "cause and effect" is very clear.


About "stuck" and "outputting a strange result" program, the programmers make "a cause" approximately 100%.


(Though hardware, OS, compiler doesn't work with a really rare case, the possibility is near to emptiness.)

「私は正しく作った」という主張は、「正しくない結果」だけで、簡単に否定される ―― つまり「正しく作っていない」 ―― のです。

The claim "I made it perfectly" is going to be denied easily for their works, because it doesn't work well. That means that "You didn't made it"



So I think that it is an engineer who can understand the basic idea "cause and effect" of the Buddhism daily and immediately.


Maybe, we, engineers could stand up against "cause and an effect" with crying deeply and violently, more than

―― 山深い禅寺で、厳しい戒律の中で、修行を続けている修行僧よりも

A monk who keeps performing the ascetic practices Zen temple with severe religious precepts




But there is one different point. An engineer keeps facing "software, hardware, and system" not "themselves".

2014-07-10 「パパ。『電気が足りない』って、どういうこと。具体的にどれくらい足りない訳?」 [長年日記]


Previously I wrote that the reason why I continue to write columns


is to answer the question of my family.



As for some recent columns,


"Dad. What is "gender identity disorder"? "

―― 答えられない。

I could not answer it.


"Dad. What does "shortage of electricity" mean? How does it come short? "

―― 答えられない。

I could not answer it.


"Dad. What does "financial collapse" mean? What is going to happen after it? "

―― 全く、答えられない(これから調べます)。

I cannot answer it at all (I am going to try).


According to an old column,


"Why did the nuclear accident happen?"





Of course, I can make an irresponsible statement, and play them a trick.


I am a person of ripe years.


However, when I could not explain the answer that I feel to understand from the bottom of my heart, I say to them that


"Give me a time. Let me check"


And, I am supposed to read many information for life.



Still, I want to talk the information with using numeric and funny metaphor in order to have them enjoy.


"Laughing their tits off" makes me happier.


The maid in this column is for the reason. (My senior daughter caught on greatly.)


I tried to include the concept "pain" in order to understand "gender identity disorder" if for the reason. (My wife nodded deeply).


In conclusion, all of my columns are made for my family's joy and interest.



In addition,


- Senior daughter handles a concept of illustration.


- Second daughter checks the calculation result of tables and graphs,


- My wife have charge of typos and expressions,


- I have continued to modify the paper until they tell me "I can understand"

In conclusion, the columns is not mine but the Ebata's literary work.




So the reward of the columns is going to change


- Expense of the summer class of the private supplementary school


- Hamburger steak of the family restaurant


- Disneyland


The reward was at my disposal seems to be


- Super public bath


- Hokkyoku ramen in Nakamoto


2014-07-11 午前12時を超えて、プログラミングしてはならない。 [長年日記]


I am making 100,000,000 person's simulator little by little every day.


Though it might be similar to make a plastic model little by little,


I tried it just two times in my life.


10年前にキモに命じたハズなのですが、「プログラミングでやってはいけない リスト」をすっかり忘れていることに気がつきます。

I remember that I perfectly forgot the forbidden actions of programming even I promised not to do them.


- Never program it over the 12:00 a.m.

→寝られなくなるから。 頭の中がキラキラして、コーディングが走り回り、強いお酒も、精神安定剤も、全然効果なしになります。

I cannot sleep at all. My brain makes clear and the code run over my head. After that, the strong liquor and the pills entirely become useless.


- Never add new parameter in my program.

→ コンパイルが通らないとムキになって、デバックを続けて、朝日を見るはめになるから。

If the compile doesn't go well, I become excited. Finally I am going to notice the morning sunshine.


After all, working in midnight is going to waste the next daytime, and the condition also will be broken.


There is the case that what I was troubled for two hours in midnight is going to be resolved easier in the next daytime.

ただ、これは、「前の夜に2時間悩んだ」→ 寝た → 頭の中が整理された →「次の日5分で片づいた」とも言えるかもしれない訳で、何が良かったのか、断言できないところがあります。

But I cannot figure out what was better for me, because I might be able to reach the solution against annoying at the last night.


(To be continued)

2014-07-12 ―― そんな基礎データは、どこにもない。 [長年日記]

It is a continuation from yesterday.


Now, the reason why I am making the 100,000,000 person's simulator is to want to avoid make a mathematical formula.


In short, there are some persons who repeat a cycle of unmarried ->married -> divorce -> remarriage -> divorce -> remarriage.


On investigation, the population of this pattern is not small vanishingly.


We have to embed the behavior as a formula to my simulator, and I need to know statistic values before.


For example,

I have to make the followings,

■既婚者のN年目の離婚確率 divorce(N)という関数

- A function "divorce (N)" that means the divorce possibility, marriage N years ago.


- A function "remarriage (N)" that means the divorce possibility, divorce N years ago.


―― そんな基礎データは、どこにもない。

"There is no basic data nowhere."

そもそも、この divorce(N)、remarriage(N)を、平均値や標準偏差という概念で数式化できると問われれば、「そりゃ無理だろう」と自分でも思います。

However, if someone asks me whether I can make such functions by myself, I should answer "it is impossible for me"


It is easier for us to understand that the divorce rate is going to change easily against numbers of children, address, area, age, property.


In short, making such formulas is not only complicated but also unrealistic.



Therefore "it is force".


Apply 100 million people's behavior to national censuses by force.


- Let make one couple marry enforcedly even if they have no intention of marriage.


- Let make one couple divorce enforcedly without their hope.

加えて、100歳以上のオブジェクトは、全部 "free"します(つまり『抹殺』)。計算が面倒だからです。

In addition, I make the object free (delete), whose age is more than 100 years. The calculation is troublesome.



The problem is that I cannot know whether the simulator works well or not.


If it is just a compile error, it is O.K. But if the algorism is wrong (it is bug), I have to find the mistake from the output numeric.

―― 1億行の計算結果

More than 100 million data.


Who can read them?


(To be continued)

2014-07-13 ―― ちょっとクールじゃないですか? [長年日記]

It is a continuation from yesterday.


Now I am going to introduce you to

"AktblitzIII", a big data handling software,


I borrow now.



For one case, when I make about 500 thousand object for twenty-nine years women, whose unmarried rate is 60.7%, the ratio of unmarried: married must be around 6:4?


When I write down the output of the simulator, and read them by "AktblitzIII", I can get the result easily.


The other day, though I made the heavy bug, "all Japanese women become single", I could delete it hurriedly.


Now, I think that these tools become more useful for not only data handling but also debug of simulator and others.



Well, what I am doing today's diary, is an advertisement.


"It is a secret agent" if I say clearly.


For this series, I borrow this convenient tool free of charge, I hope I cooperate with enlargement of sale a little.


In addition, it is really great isn't it?


Tens of billions data handling comes to be possible with not a super computer, but a PC.


We become to be able to fight against the government policy, economic, and defense by numerical value.



Against technocrats of government,


"Only one revolt" with only a home PC as a weapon,

―― ちょっとクールじゃないですか?

is cool isn't it?

2014-07-14 「開門と同時にベビーカーを武器に全力に全力疾走するサッカーママ軍団と一緒にスペースマウンテンまでダッシュしたことがなければ、一人前とは言えない」 [長年日記]

■Gリックシーゲルさんの"Predictive Analysis"(直訳「予測解析])

- "Predictive Analysis" by Mr. Eric Siegei

■イザーファングさんの"Numbers rules your world"(直訳「数字があなたの世界を決める」)

- "Numbers rules your world" by Mr.Kaiser Fung


Each book is very interesting. I was fascinated with both books and could finish reading in one day's commute.


Especially, the Japanese titles of these books are impressed.


"Yabai prediction"


"Yabai statistic"


Though I think the titles are good, I was worried about the unnecessary author's anger


Of course, I believe that the translation rights including the titles might be assigned from the authors.



In the book of "Yabai statistic",


- The reason why the customer's satisfactions become good even the "fast pass" doesn't improve the waiting time at all.


- The reason why the device that can control the traffic flow toward high-way, was taken away for driver's anger even the device could realize the improvement of traffic jam.


Those two parallel between A and B interested me very well.



Still and all, the most interesting phrase is quotes of Disney land freaks.


"There is not it despite one portion if you have not dashed to a Space Mountain with soccer mom, who uses her stroller as a weapon from the time of the date open."


"When the gate is open briskly at 8:00 a.m., a physically weak persons and non-waking-up persons are blown down."


When I was at the front of Epcot Center in Disney Land, my junior brother wanted to go to a toilet and I was waited by him, even it was very important time. I cannot allow him yet.


―― はっきりいって、怖いよ。あんたたち。

"Speaking frankly, you are scared."

2014-07-15 『あなたのメールは盗聴され、Webのアクセス記録は他人に取られている』 [長年日記]


"Your email is always listened and web access record is taken to another person"


Whenever I read such an article,


I think that many people want to believe that the cases must be rare.


For me, I have worked for network research and development for a long time, it is very hard to image,


- Email that is not listened in on


- Access log that is not recorded by another person



It is natural for me to understand the world, the moment when you spread them in the net; the data are completely exposed to view from the world.





- When of what day of the week does Ebata begin the patrol of the eroticism site?


- What kind of eroticism does Ebata like? Is it Lolita complex, brutal person, incest or BL?


- What kind of eroticism media does Ebata like? Is it a picture, movie, animation or comic?


I think that the above data have already opened to another person in the world.



Even if I am blackmailed to open the data by someone,

―― 逆に、そのデータを正確に修正して、つっかえしてやる

"On the contrary, I am going to revise the data exactly and return them"


I have the spirit like that.



Originally "Using net" is same as the above, I think.


Do you use "net" with spirits like that?

2014-07-16 「月刊少女野崎くん」 [長年日記]


After turning on TV for two week, I have decided an animation that my all in my family watch in this quarter.

"Nozaki-kun, a Monthly magazine for girls"


It is tremendous, great of laughter, extremely rare gag animation. And the pictures are also beautiful.

―― 少女マンガで、少女マンガをここまで嗤うか

Do you want to laugh at a girl's comic, by a girl's comic?


It is a very splendid work letting me groan.

「恋愛少女マンガなんか、アホらしくて読んでられないよ」と考えている私のような人間の気持ちを逆手に取って、漫画家の製作現場の視点から展開される、"Making of" アニメです。

This animation is a typical "Making of" animation for some persons who think "A girls' love comic is too ridiculous to read", like me.

そういえば、マンガ家というのも、ゼロからモノを作り出すという点においては、エンジニアと同じかもしれないな ―― などと、分析してみたりしています。

I analyze that it reminds me a comic artist may be the same as an engineer in the point to create things from zero

2014-07-17 「脱法ドラッグ」ということは「違法薬物」ではない、ということですよね。 [長年日記]


I have been curious about "law-evading drug". If nobody think an uncomfortable feeling about "investigation against law-evading drug" or "arrestment against law-evading drug", it should be really fearful.


I think "law-evading drug" doesn't mean "illegality".

法の制度趣旨や精神には著しく反するけど、そして、最終的には裁判所の判断に因るけど、それでも ――現時点では「合法ドラッグ」ということです。

It is against a system purpose and mind of the law remarkably, and it should finally depends on the judgment of the court, but they are "legal drug" at the present.



It is natural that a person who caused a traffic accident is arrested by using such a drag. Because the accident that is committed by intention or a fault is a crime.


But I cannot understand the reason why the person who possesses or use illegal material is going to be arrested.


Though the person should be blamed for their antisocial behavior, Japan is a constitutional state.


If anyone is arrested by an act that a law does not prescribe, it is negation of the constitutional state.


Needless to say, we will violate a large principle of "the not being retrospective of the law", even if the arrest is allowed by the law that are made later.


So I am going to check this problem.


(To be continued)

2014-07-18 ―― というか、正直、めんどい。 [長年日記]


I checked it, but after all "the evasion of the law drug" is not illegal. In other words it is like the legal drug. Actually, it seemed to be "a legal drag" until 2,004 years ago,


However, the name called "law-evading drug" seemed to come to be used by a meaning to escape legal regulation skillfully.


Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare seemed to decide to call "illegal drug"


On the other hand, the police call it "evasion of the law drug" and define them as follows.


The article which chemical structure is made to look like controlled substance, and has the pharmacologic action like these


The article which I actually include although not including controlled substance


―― というか、正直、めんどい。

To be honestly, it is annoying.


"Is there any problem if we appoint all of applicable drugs an illegal drug legality or a government ordinance?"


"And you should arrest it steadily"


However, it doesn't seem to go so easy.


To be continued.

2014-07-19 その意味において、「脱法ドラッグ」の名称は、まさに正鵠を得ている、と言えましょう。 [長年日記]


I try to explain the background rough.


(1)So called "law-evading drug" is going to be produced and it expands to a black-market.


(2)In order to assume the "evasion of the law drug" as a designated drug, the government pass to the council and performs the opinion open call for participants by the Administrative Procedure Act.


(3)The "evasion of the law drug" supplier continues selling them until the drug is appointed by law.


This cycle is needed for three or four months at least.

―― ああ、ようやく分かった

I think that "O.K. I got it"



In short, "evasion of the law drug" is defined that


"A material that is going to be appointed as illegal material, is released to market until the drug is appointed by law.



In that means, the name "evasion of the law drug" is really correct.



In order to destroy this cycle, the Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Instruments Act Article 77 will be applied.


The Article 77 is a special law, that is valid for the material which is high in the probability that hallucinatory action produces (Article 2 Clause 14) "for skipping the above "council" and "public comment"


In conclusion, it can be about two weeks to come into force,


We don't forget that the effort of researchers is important in order to specify the problem in the material in short time.


It becomes promotion from "an evasion of the law drug" to "an illegal drug" in this happily.



I seem to hear a voice.

―― 「脱法ドラッグ」は、製造者もバイヤーも、そして使用者も、全員叩き潰す


According to "an evasion of the law drug", we are going to arrest any maker, any buyer, and any users.

2014-07-20 自動車で歩行者に突っ込んで、死傷させていたのは、私だったかもしれません。 [長年日記]


I have written about "evasion of the law drug" for three days.


To tell you the truth, I had really intended to purchase and use the "evasion of the law drug" for writing my columns.

「『脱法ドラッグ = 合法ドラッグ』なのだから、飲酒運転よりもずっと安全で、タバコ程度のものなのだろう」という、馬鹿げた勘違いをしていた為です。

I did ridiculous misunderstanding that they are safer than smoking or drinking drive because "evasion of the law drug" is a legal material.


It is repeated, but the "evasion of the law drug "is a true drug just before the illegal authorization.


―― 危なかった

It was dangerous.


It might have been me that I have gone into walkers by car and let them kill or injure.


For a column, I was going to waste my life.



I make me think anew that I have to recognize my life-style that


After going away from danger point and keep my safety, I will talk big with condescending attitude.


2014-07-21 その会社の教材を利用している、我が家の娘二人の情報は、確実に流出したと思います。 [長年日記]


Personal information of the customer of the major learning teaching materials company began to leak.

ところで、なぜ私が「大手学習教材会社」などという書き方をしているかというと、その会社のプライバシー ―― なんぞはどうでもよくて―― その会社が、来年あたり存在していない可能性があるからです。

The reason why I wrote "the major learning teaching materials company" is not for the company's privacy but for the possibility that the company becomes extinct.


Apart from that,



According to my daughters, their information have leaked absolutely, because they use the company materials.


Their name, school and address.


After five years, if the senior daughter will catch a marriage information magazine, it will be more likely to be caused by this leaking.


Unfortunately, we don't have a method to specify the cause, in principal.


Though we might have to give up the personal information as "a thing leaking out".


I don't give up yet.



For me, I use a sample method to specify the source of leaking.


For example,


- I input a wrong number of the zip on purpose.


- I exchange Katakata with Hiaragana for the part of my address.


- I use both hankaku and zenkaku character at the same time.


I have used the above way and recorded it diligently. (To tell you the truth, I use another intelligent method, but it is secret.)


So when I watch my address, I can find out which company leak my private information easily.


It is very doubtful whether it becomes the evidence that I can maintain a court.


However, another victim might cry out I make noise in a net. It might be possible that the trust of the company drop on the ground.


Of course, if I open this information in net, a new software that can avoid my traps automatically, appears. But I think that it becomes a big thread for companies and list suppliers.


Modification of the list is always annoying them and difficult. Above all, such a person who try to make trick is supposed to


"Troublesome guy"


2014-07-22 「そういえば、パパって、システムエンジニアだったよね」 [長年日記]


It is a continuation from yesterday.


The crime suspect who leaked more than ten million customer’s information was a system engineer. He could access the database from the terminal in office.


The junior daughter, watching the TV news, whispered to


Say. Papa, you are a system engineers aren't you?

―― 何が言いたい

"What do you want to say?"

2014-07-23 ご存じの方も多いでしょうが、私、別名を持っています。 [長年日記]


It is a continuation from yesterday.


Service providers always want to get a lot of private information.


If they become to get many targets to send DM and email, the business chances become up.


As for me, I don't want to open private information as far as possible. I annoy DM and SPAM and feel unpleasant.



As some person knows, I have the second name.


When I was a college student, my senior advised me to make the second name. In fact, I got beans when I called him as his real name in political demonstration.


I can say fake address and telephone number smoothly.


The most effective way is to write a foreign address.


In order to get a free sample in return for my address, he looked offended because I wrote English address.


In addition, I wrote

「ムハンムド マンスール」

"Muammad Mansour" in the name column



Of course I made a my life story too.


Birth place Qatar

父親が日本人で、現地のカタール人の娘を見初めて結婚 ―― などと、デタラメ三昧。

My father is a Japanese. He fell in love with a local Qatari daughter at first sight and marry her. Absorption in nonsense.


Fortunately, I haven't needed to tell this story yet.

2014-07-24 ボイスロイド「結月ゆかり」 [長年日記]


The other day,


I wrote an experimental report of VOCALOID "Yuzuki Yukari"

―― 天使が歌っている

"An angel is singing"


I sent state-of-the art praise to the software package.



Four years ago, I made a text file for rote exercise of social studies of junior high school entrance examination, and made voice files by free reading aloud software.


After that, I burn them to CD and record them to POD and made my daughter learn by heart.


I also used the software for my examinations.



This year, the junior daughter's turn is coming, so I have to make the voice files again. But I exchange old PC with new one, and I perfectly forgot how to install the software.


Only that I remembered that I annoyed the install process. I had to waste much time.


The voice that was made by the software was a funny intonation, and there were a lot of reading mistakes. So I had to change Kanji to Hiragana again and again,



"I don't want to do same process again"


So I decided to buy time for money.


So I bought pay reading aloud software. (I was used to be corrupted)


This time, I chose "Yuzuki Yukari"

It was not VOCALOID but VOICEROID, that is a reading aloud software.


I tried it soon, and it was really

―― 凄い


(To be continued.)

2014-07-25 「買ってよかった」と思える一品です。 [長年日記]



I am not a specialist of synthetic voice technology, so I am afraid that I cannot evaluate this software. However, the quality is greater than the software I used four years ago, at least.


As far as I have heard the voice,

- 誤読はなし(特許法第2条(定義)を完璧に読み上げた)

- No misreading (She completely read aloud Patent Law Article 2 (definition))

- イントネーションもほとんど気にならない

- Almost accurate intonation.

- 落ち着いた美しい女性の声

- Calm and beautiful woman voice.


I asked my wife hear the voice, and she said "It is the level that I can recognize being a woman in a PC"


It is one article to think, "It was good for me to buy it".




About the section of Japanese voice, "Turing test" has already been passed.

2014-07-26 ―― 日本人とバレたら、この空の旅の平安は終わりだ [長年日記]


The other day, I wrote that I sometimes pretend to be an Arab, and today I would like to tell you another story.


When I got on a plane of US, domestic airline, two Japanese ladies sat next my seat, which had loud voice with a Kansai accent,

―― 日本人とバレたら、この空の旅の平安は終わりだ

I am afraid that, "If I was come out that I am Japanese, this peace and enjoy trip is going to be destroyed"



I never responded her chat with loud voice, and never talked even one word, and pretended to read an English report.



However, I could not do a bad thing. I I upset the tray of flight meal, and shouted,


"Oh my God (in Japanese)"



I thought I was come out soon, but ladies also seemed to be embarrassed.


They could understand my intention perfectly.


Anyway, I could spend a peaceful and quiet trip

―― が、なんとも重い空気の中ではありましたが。

In heavy atmosphere.

2014-07-27 難しいことを難しく書くことや、易しいことを難しく書くことは簡単です。 [長年日記]


It is easy to write something difficult to difficult or something easy to difficult.


However, it is difficult to write something difficult to easy.


From the viewpoint of the above, the following two books were very interesting for me.



_ As the former book, I was moved a rough interpretation that I can use interpretation if I have ten data.


As the latter book, I can understand the optimal strategy against bullying in school, that we don't do anything if someone faces bullying. (Of course, there is an explanation against this problem.)


Of course, the interpretation of "Trust in God) as a game strategy, is quite delightful.


2014-07-28 ―― 上から目線の物言いが、やけにムカツク [長年日記]



On the opposite side, I read "black swan" that are popular among other books of statistic.


Thought I know well that this book review is cowardice,

―― 上から目線の物言いが、やけにムカツク

"That is disgusting that the author always have his nose in the air."


It is difficult to understand the subject matter because the book is not written logically.


I feel pain that this book describes hypothesis, fact, impression and conclusion


Though the author might make the book the above way on purpose, unfortunately I cannot accept it.



"Yabai prediction"


"Yabai statistic"


"The signal and the noise ".


"The success equation"


The above books are wonderful and I complete reading soon. So I am afraid that "Black swan" brings me bad luck.

2014-07-29 時々、ファンレター(メール)を頂くことがあります。 [長年日記]


Sometimes, I get fan letter (mail) from my blog's readers.


It makes me feel perky.


There seems to be the topics of “English", "GID", "and accident at a nuclear power generation plant".


If my works make someone happy and are useful for them, I can feel happy.



The other day, I got a mail, including the following phase.


"I can meet "Steins;Gate". Thank you so much "


―― これは、「私」のおかげではなくて「Steins;Gate」おかげだよな

Though I think that this is not for me, but for "Steins;Gate" itself,



Without my intention, I might claim that


"Regardless of age, anything good is good, even if it is animation and comic."


"If you worry about your age, you lose your life".


If I have sent the above messages to someone, I think that it is O.K. for you to thank me.


2014-07-30 私、結婚式に招待されるのは好きなのですが、御祝儀を払うのが嫌いです。 [長年日記]


I like to be invited wedding ceremony but I don't want to give a gratuity.


I'm stingy.


I am unbearable of exploitation at other's wedding ceremony. To be more precise, I cannot put up with dispossession of my two or more manuscript fees at sacrifice of weekend holiday and sleeping time.


Thanks to these claims in public, the invitation to the wedding ceremony has been ZERO for a dozen years perfectly.



However, it is extremely rare, but there is also a wedding ceremony I want to be invited.

人生最良の時間を作ってくれた大学時代の友人や、職場で共に地獄を見てきた仲間であれば、―― そのパートナー(女でも男でも)の方を見たい。

I want to meet a partner of my friend who had studied and worked with me in college and company.


I want to say one phrase,

"What are on earth you thinking?"


# 言いませんけど。

I am not going to say that.


(To be continued)

2014-07-31 「結婚式の司会者やるから、それで祝儀の代替としてくれ」 [長年日記]


Yesterday, I wrote "I like to be invited wedding ceremony but I don't want to give a gratuity."


I often offered the followings in order to resolve the contradiction.


"Could you think whether it is possible to work as MC (master of ceremonies) instead of a gratuity?"



私、プレゼンとか司会とかするのが ―― 大好きです。

I like to do a presentation and work for MC.


I have had no experiments to be nervous, fearful, losing my voice.


Among many Japanese person who dislike to work as MC, I have noticed that these my characters are strong advantages for my life.

―― という訳で、私を招待したい奇特な後輩エンジニア諸君(が、もしいたら)

So, hear! Beneficent younger engineers who want to invited me to your wedding ceremony,


If you can accept my offer, I am glad to attend your wedding ceremony.



When I told my wife the above story, She advised me that

「司会者? もう『仲人(なこうど)』で受ける歳だと思うけどなぁ」

"MC? It should be "matchmaker" for your age."



(To be continued.)