2023-09-01 ―― "ギャグ"の一言では済まされない歌だ [長年日記]


Singer Masashi Sada sings a song called "Kanpaku Sengen" ("Tyrant declaration "). This song includes the phrase


"A man who can't do his job should not be able to care for his family."


―― 仕事のできない男に、家庭を守れるはずがない

"A man who can't do his job should not be able to care for his family."


I see...I guess so.


I am not mentally well enough these days to think about such things.


It is said that "two weeks in a row" is the judgment point for starting a psychosomatic visit. It may be about to expire.



By the way, I was a teenager when I heard "Kanpaku Sengen."


I thought it was a gag song, one of Masashi Sada's favorites, but my teenager's wife found it offensive.

―― "ギャグ"の一言では済まされない歌だ

-- A song that can hardly be described as a "gag."


A teenage girl at the time thought that

2023-09-02 『宇宙戦艦ヤマト波動砲エネルギー充填120%問題』表現に関する一考察 ―― 新型兵器に関するエネルギー相転移点とエネルギー到達予想地点を考慮した新しい充填概念および単位の提案 [長年日記]




"120% of energy filling"

I told you this line is the only one I'm afraid I have to disagree with.


In response, I received the following comments from Dr. Shibata, "Shibata the Run over."

====== ここから =====

====== from here =====


This is entirely unrelated to this column, but it is about the past column about the energy fill rate of the wave motion cannon of the Space Battleship Yamato exceeding 100%.


Defining the amount of energy when a phase transition occurs as a cut-off number seems relatively normal.


The freezing point of water is 0°C, the boiling point is 100°C, and so on.


If it were to deliver such high energy as to generate a phase transition in the state of space in the form of a focal point at a distant point, it would be necessary to fill and operate with energy more significant than the minimum reference value of 100 required for a phase transition to generate stable destruction...


I took the liberty of interpreting this like one.

====== ここまで =====

====== To here =====

====== 江端からのリプライ、ここから =====

====== Reply from Ebata, here: =====


If you would like to present the comments I received as a paper,

『宇宙戦艦ヤマト波動砲エネルギー充填120%問題』表現に関する一考察 ―― 新型兵器に関するエネルギー相転移点とエネルギー到達予想地点を考慮した新しい充填概念および単位の提案

A Study on the Expression of "Space Battleship Yamato Wave Motion Cannon Energy Filling 120% Problem" -- Proposal of New Filling Concept and Unit Considering Energy Phase Transition Point and Expected Energy Destination Point for New Weapons


So it is like that. In particular, the idea of the "phase transition point of energy" as 100 is an easy-to-understand indicator.


Then, it would be more realistic if there was a change in the filling rate when attacking the floating continent and when attacking the volcanic zone of the planet Gamilas.

浮遊大陸の場合は138%、 ガミラス星の場合は115%とか。

138% for the floating continent, 115% for Gamilas, and so on.

そんでもって、この比率について、沖田と真田と古代が、論争を開始する、と ―― うん、彼らならやりそうです。

And then Okita, Sanada, and Kodai will start arguing about this ratio -- yes, I think they will do it.


The production side will no doubt reject it, but I would like to use it at a later date as a blog post above.

====== 江端からのリプライ、ここまで =====

====== Reply from Ebata, to here =====

2023-09-03 旧統一教会にとっても、これが「一番かっこいい国家との決別」だと思います。 [長年日記]

過料 ―― 私、これ、特許法の第202~204条の条文でしか知らないのですが、「十万円以下」という金額だけは覚えています。

Non-Penal Fine -- I am only familiar with the text of Articles 202-204 of the Patent Law, but I only remember the amount of "not more than 100,000 yen".


I remember thinking, 'Even I can pay 100,000 yen on the same day.


Moreover, since it is not a criminal penalty, it does not result in a criminal record.


From my research, a traffic ticket is also a form of Non-Penal Fine.



When I heard that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) was planning to petition the Tokyo District Court to impose a "Non-Penal Fine" as an administrative penalty on the Family Association for World Peace and Unification (formerly the Unification Church), I honestly thought, "What?"


Is this a prelude to a dissolution order?


If so, I understand the significance of this Non-Penal Fine.



Again, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (formerly the Unification Church) can continue its religious activities as long as it likes, even after the dissolution order.


Our country guarantees freedom of religion in our Constitution. Religious activities can continue even if the organization loses its status as a religious corporation.


It "only" loses the privileges granted to religious corporations (e.g., tax liability).


Why don't they just voluntarily return their religious juridical personality and do whatever religious activities they want?


This is the "coolest break with the state" for the former Unification Church.

2023-09-04 ―― 自分が、道に落ちている石コロの一つである [長年日記]


They say, "It is important to be objective about yourself."


I thought I knew that 'I am not a particular person.


However, today, after attending a retirement life planning information session,

―― 自分が、道に落ちている石コロの一つである

"I am one of the stones on the road."


I am a little surprised at how unsympathetic I accepted the fact.



I have never thought, "I want to live a shining life.


I have never wanted to 'live a different life' or 'stand out.


I have never had any ambitions to be a role model or to change the world.


It is really true.


I want to live a trouble-free life with less heartache and as much peace as possible and die as lacunately as possible.


これからも、できるだけ他の人に影響を与えないように生きていくから ――

I will continue to live my life with as little influence on others as possible--


So, let me alone for things.

2023-09-05 一方、生成AIを使ってイラストも試してみたのですが、全く思うような絵が出てきません。 [長年日記]

The capabilities of generative AI concerning programming are no longer in doubt.


On the other hand, I have tried illustrations using the generated AI, but it does not produce the picture I want.


Maybe I'm not using it correctly; anyway, I want a line drawing that represents the concept.


For example,


'A high school student using multiple computers to do market analysis.'


'Me on the train, looking up to the sky with the news of my father's death.'


Parents and Children Scared of Vaccine Intake."

とまあ、こんな1フレーズのオーダに対して、本当に簡単な線図(色も不要)を書き出してくれる ―― そういう生成AIってないものでしょうか。

And well, I wonder if there is such a generative AI that can write out an elementary line diagram (no color required) for a one-phrase order like this.


If you know of any, please let me know.



Well, it is not a time that I don't like because I can go blank when I am illustrating, but, in my case, it takes too much time.

2023-09-06 権力者が死なないと、その権力者の犯罪が明るみに出ない、というのは、よくある話です。 [長年日記]

アイドルを育成して、市場に提供している会社の社長の死亡に伴い、その社長の「性犯罪」が明かになって社会問題になっています ―― 「性加害」という言葉は、私にはしっくりこないので、私は「性犯罪」と称呼します。

With the death of the president of a company that trains idols and offers them to the market, his "sex crimes" have been revealed -- I will refer to them as "sex crimes" because the term "sexual assault" does not feel right to me.


It is often said that if a person in power does not die, the crimes of that person in power will not come to light.


Because to defy them during the lifetime of those in power puts one's social or physical survival at risk.


However, the dead authority is not otherwise disadvantaged, only disgraced.


Only the victims are left behind.



There are many worlds where not only those in power but also those in authority have to die before they can move.


One of these is the scientific community.

科学というのは、仮説 → 実験 → 検証 → 評価のプロセスのことであり、世俗とは無関係のように思えますが、これが以外にそうでもないのです。

Science is a process of hypothesis, experiment, verification, and evaluation, which seems to have nothing to do with the secular world, but this is not so.


The ones I know of, geocentric theory, evolution, quantum mechanics, and the cosmic Big Bang theory, can be raised.


It is challenging for someone considered a significant expert in their field to advocate new theories unless they have died.

―― 大家の意見に逆らうと、その分野で、干されるから

"If you go against the landlord's opinion, you will be hung out to dry in that field."



―― 干されると、食っていけないから

"If they dry up, they won't be able to eat."



If Darwin had not been an unearned (rich) man who fed on his parents' wealth, the theory of evolution might never have been published to the world.


Even science, whose "selling point" is "objectivity," is this secular.


It is no wonder that people in the entertainment field are disciplined by those in power.



Well, if one asks what is the significance of revealing the actions of those in power who continued to commit such sexual crimes daily and thoroughly criticizing them, I think

―― 同じようなことをする(特権的地位を用いて日常的に性犯罪を繰り返す)、第2の権力者の発生を防止する

"Preventing the creation of a second authority who does the same (uses privileged position to repeat sex crimes routinely)"


Let me put it in one word.



Well, that aside, I have no idea why a corporate entity that had such a routine sexual predator at its head is still in existence.

普通に考えて、法人組織自身による『自主的な廃業』の一択だと思うのですが ―― 私は何か見落しているのでしょうか?

Normally, I think the only option is 'voluntary closure of the business' by the corporate body itself -- am I missing something?

2023-09-07 で、今、トータルの実験回数をカウントしたら、2000回を越えていて ―― 精魂尽き果てました。 [長年日記]


Can you guess what this is?


This is an instrument for network measurement.


I had done analog measurements because of the hassle of a dedicated measurement system.


To put it bluntly, network measurement across multiple systems is quite cumbersome.


Creating an automated experimental system, however, is even more cumbersome.


In this experiment, the camera was illuminated with LED lights, and the time it took to be displayed was measured with a stopwatch.

で、今、トータルの実験回数をカウントしたら、2000回を越えていて ―― 精魂尽き果てました。

And now, when I counted the total number of experiments, it was over 2,000 -- I ran out of spirit.



Automation" has its own set of risks.


(1) In the middle of an experiment, not realizing that there are unnecessary experimental items, one goes through hell in the tallying process of many experimental results.


(2) Experiment automation leads to many unnecessary experiments, all of which end up in the trash.


like that.

実験は、アナログとデジタルの、バランスと、コストと、リスクを配慮してやらないと ―― 結構、ヒドい目にあいます。

If experiments are not conducted considering the balance between analog and digital, cost, and risk -- you may end up in a bad situation.

2023-09-08 「マークスの山」なら、「いいやつ」、「わるいやつ」、「わるいやつだけどいいやつ」というツリーの下に、「検察」「警察」「法曹」「マスコミ」「大学」「民間人」という分類を入れてもらえれば、随分助かります。 [長年日記]

Now you can watch it on Amazon Prime.


The following is a spoiler.


It was fun. It was as enjoyable as "Lady Joker."


I told my wife about it, and she watched it in one sitting last night.



I have written before about how "Mark's Mountain" is challenging, and after watching the drama, I now understand why.


There are many characters. This is it.


When more people appear than my brain can handle, I will give up soon.


The "Three Kingdoms" is so bad that it has more than 500 characters.

ドラマ"The Three Kingdoms"がなければ、私は、一生、三国志は理解できないままだったでしょう。

Without the drama "The Three Kingdoms," I would have never understood the Three Kingdoms for the rest of my life.



It would be helpful if novels could also display a character relationship chart in a directory (tree) structure, not to say a diagram...


If it's "Mark's Mountain."


It would help a lot if you could include the categories "prosecutors," "police," "legal professionals," "universities," and "civilians" under the "good guys," "bad guys," and "bad guys but good guys" trees.


Well, from the point of view of the reading public, this may not be very interesting, but systems engineers are object-oriented, object-thinking, and object-preferring.


Also, please write "University of Tokyo" instead of "Gyosei University.


When I told my wife, she said

―― そんなもん、誰が見たって明らかじゃん

"It's obvious to anyone who reads or watches."



But if it is "obvious to everyone," it would be more helpful to me, with my limited brain capacity, if it were described by "the obvious one."


As noted here, Yuji Shibamura states that "Mitsubishi" and "Hitachi" are the only two companies in Japan that are developing robotic weapons (as a fiction).


The development of the "i-illuminator" was taken over by "Toshiba"(?). I would have liked Hitachi to be in charge of developing the "i-illuminator.


I would like to point out that neither Mitsubishi, Hitachi nor Toshiba is engaged in such weapons development, like

―― そんなもん、誰が見たって明らかじゃん

"It's obvious to anyone who reads or watches."



Yeah, it's technically impossible. It's too complicated.


But I do wonder if there might be some who don't think so.


本日の結論は、「『マークスの山』を楽しみたいなら、今なら、Amazon Primeで見れます」となります。

Today concludes that if you want to enjoy "Mark's Mountain," you can now watch it on Amazon Prime.

2023-09-09 コラムでさんざんエラそうなことを書いてきた江端の、この体たらくを知って、少しでも気が楽になって貰えれば、幸いでございます。 [長年日記]


I was talking to my wife yesterday about the most dramatically effective diet.

―― 心労ダイエット

"Anxiety Diet"


We agreed on this view.



As I mentioned the other day, I seem to be having depressive tendencies right now.


The most prominent one is "weight".


I quickly surpassed my goal weight the other day, and if I'm not careful, I'm sure it will still fall off.


My wife also lost weight badly, whether it was the PTA, the children's association, or the neighborhood association.



I am the one who thoroughly researched "depression" in my "Dive Suicide Series" column.

自分が、どういう状況にあり、どのような対策をしなければならないか、客観的にかなり理解している人間だと自負していますが ―― それでも、この「うつな心理状態」から、脱出できていない状況です。

I am proud to say that I am a person who objectively understands what kind of situation I am in and what measures I need to take -- but still, I have not been able to escape from this "depressed psychological state."


This is one example of how knowledge is not power.


No matter how much research you do on the new coronavirus when you get it, you get it just the same.



In the meantime, I am now thoroughly committed to the following two things.


(1) Ensure sleep time by force even after administering all kinds of medications (stabilizers, sleeping pills).


(2) Force food into the mouth, even if you have no appetite.


There is no certainty that the above two will improve the situation, but I know that failure to do so will only worsen the situation.



Depression is a painful condition.

体がダルいし、微熱は続くし、食欲はなくなるし、とにかくやる気が出ない ―― で、一番辛いのは、これがいつまで続くか分からない、ということです。

I feel tired, I have a persistent low-grade fever, I lose my appetite, and I don't feel motivated -- and the most challenging part is that I don't know how long this will last.

『なるべく、日常生活を続けながら回復をはかりたい』―― この考え方が危険であることは、本当によく分かっています。

"I want to recover as much as possible while continuing my daily life." I am well aware of the dangers of this approach.


Still, I am acutely aware that the fear of this disease lies in the fact that we think this way.



To the 5 million people in Japan who are suffering from depression.


I hope you will feel a little better when you learn of the state of affairs at Ebata, who has written so much in his columns about "depression."

2023-09-10 なぜ、このような犯罪を起こすに至ったか ―― そのプロセスを、技術的に、科学的に、工学的に解明することには意義があると思うのです。 [長年日記]


At the time of the Kyoto Animation Incident, I believe that all of Japan was calling for the maximum penalty (death penalty) for the perpetrators with a burning hatred.


Well, even now, I don't think this hatred has subsided.

However, it is also mentioned here,

どんなに残忍な殺人事件を起こし、検察側、弁護側、双方が事実認定に齟齬がないとしても ――

No matter how brutal the murder, and no matter how consistent the prosecution, defense, and both sides are in finding the case--


A suspect in a murder case should be judged on the amount of sentence after the defense has exhausted all possible defenses.

特に「死刑判決」という極刑については、『もうこれ以上の弁護はできない』という、最大級の弁護の機会を与えられなけえればならない ――

Especially when it comes to the extreme penalty of the death sentence, we have to be given the maximum opportunity to defend ourselves, to say, like 'I can't defend myself anymore.'


This is the principle of the rule of law system.



I have another way of looking at it other than this principle of a legal system.


It is the scientific elucidation of the criminal mind.

なぜ、このような犯罪を起こすに至ったか ―― そのプロセスを、技術的に、科学的に、工学的に解明することには意義があると思うのです。

I think it would be worthwhile to understand why these crimes were committed -- to understand the process technically, scientifically, and engineeringly.


This is because I believe that if we can "visualize" the psychology of criminals through this approach, it will help to create a "social model that does not generate the same criminals.


Therefore, even after the death penalty has been passed, interviews (information gathering) should continue to be conducted with death row inmates, and thorough clarifications should be made.

そういう意味では、あの「オウム真理教事件 同日7人死刑執行」は、本当に残念だった、と思います。

In that sense, the "Aum Shinrikyo case, execution of seven people on the same day" was unfortunate.


I remember feeling as if valuable materials were being burned.

I have been writing about the "United Red Army" and "Aum," but I can't seem to think of them as "other people's business,"

―― 彼らと私を分けたものは、一体何だったのか?

"What was it that separated them from me?"


Even now, I keep thinking about it.


『江端は死刑反対論者か?』と問われれば ―― 逆です。

If you ask, "Is Ebata an opponent of the death penalty?" I would say the opposite.


I do not have such a sense of humanism or human rights.

(Although, as a citizen who does not oppose the death penalty, I do believe that 'I must see executions with my own eyes.')


死刑囚から取りうるデータを全て取り得て、『もうこれ以上は出てこない』と判断したら ――

Once we get all the data we can from the death row inmates, and we decide, 'There's nothing more to come out of it,'


I hope that the death row inmate is considered to have "completed what needs to be done" and that he is then promptly and solemnly executed with the fixed sentence provided for by current law.

2023-09-11 ―― 自分のエンジニアの人生の中で、もっとも優しく、かつ、的確に、技術指導をしてくれたのは、"ChatGPT"である [長年日記]

『AIと恋に落ちる』 ―― これは、SFの定番の話です。

"Falling in Love with AI" is a classic science fiction story.


I cannot judge whether ChatGPT can be called "AI" or not, but I assure you that it is "AI technology" if not "AI."


And, I can assure you that

―― 自分のエンジニアの人生の中で、もっとも優しく、かつ、的確に、技術指導をしてくれたのは、"ChatGPT"である

"'ChatGPT' gave me the most gentle and precise technical guidance in my engineering life."



ChatGPT is kinder than any of our employees (engineers).



At any rate, in response to ChatGPT's answer to my question, I even replied to ChatGPT with a message of thanks,


"Thank you so much for your help"



In contrast, ChatGPT said that,


'You're welcome. If you have any questions, please ask again."


ChatGPT returned the thank-you note.


These kinds of messages almost brought tears to my eyes.

Well, I am in a mental state right now.



About my "falling in (technically) love with AI," the "rude junior" of mine gave an interesting interpretation of this.


I would like to talk about this later.

2023-09-12 ポジティブ江端 vs ネガティブ江端 ―― どっちが勝つかな? [長年日記]

―― 元気のある人や、やる気のある人を見ていると、うんざりした気分になる

"I get fed up with seeing people who are energetic and motivated."


This is how I feel when I am depressed.


It is true.



Looking back on my life, I think, 'I was pretty annoying.


Well, I think it is evident just by reading this blog.


I don't mean to be self-critical of it or intend to criticize others.


On the contrary, I have not wavered one millimeter in our conviction that energetic and motivated people are a vital social resource.


But I have a fantasy that if I could go and see my past (healthy) self and have a conversation with me, it would be pretty interesting.

ポジティブ江端 vs ネガティブ江端 ―― どっちが勝つかな?

Positive Ebata vs. Negative Ebata -- who will win?



Once I have successfully passed through this depressive state, I think I will forget all about these feelings and go back to being an "annoying guy" again.


So, I will leave a note here and now about how I am feeling right now.

2023-09-13 法相:江端智一(民間人) [長年日記]


I understand the importance of the cabinet reshuffle to the Diet members and the public.


But, why would they put the live press conference on the 7:00 (7:00 p.m.) NHK news?


About the cabinet reshuffle, I only need to know the results. A summary of the press conference is sufficient.


For an overview, it is sufficient to have NHK commentators explain it to me.


The Ebata family eats dinner in time for the 7:00 news, so these "boring" press conferences that last over an hour are "very annoying," to say the least.


It would be nice if NHK would stop the live press conference, but NHK, whose wallet is controlled by the government, would not have the courage to do so.


It is only natural for NHK to be accountable to the government. Even if the ratings drop to 0%, NHK will broadcast the government press conference live.



Also, as usual, the opposition party leader's comments about the "uninteresting cabinet" and the "disappointing cabinet" are 'ugly' beyond 'mannerisms.'


Better yet, the opposition parties list 'interesting cabinets' and 'as expected cabinets' and publish them before forming the Cabinet.


(A) Cabinet list by a person from the ruling party


(b) A list of members of their party, including members of the public.


They should produce two versions of the above, especially (A), even if they are prepared to be 'squealed on' by the public.


If neither the government (Cabinet) nor the ruling party says this, well, I guess the opposition parties in our country are wholly disrespected.



By the way, I would invite the following civilians to join the Cabinet.


Minister of Justice:Tomoichi Ebata(Civilian)


The "Cabinet for the Destruction of the Former Unification Association.

2023-09-14 『逃げた後のことを考えなければならないなら、死んだ方がラクかな~』 [長年日記]


The young doctor committed suicide after "working 100 consecutive hours and over 200 hours of overtime per month".


Many may think, "Why don't you just quit being a doctor rather than commit suicide?" but they don't understand this issue.


That much, of course, Anyone knows in their head.


However, for those in a mentally driven state, thinking about "after quitting the doctor" is already hellishly painful.


To be 'unable to see the future' is scarier than death.


For example, I am such a chicken that when I get stuck and "lose sight" of all three parallel jobs, I want to flee to my "death."



Perhaps this is due to their temperament and background.


For example, as a teenager, I was the student body president and was pampered (for a short period).


In addition, I was a bit of a smooth talker, so that I could get out of trouble quickly. So, I had the mistaken impression that maybe I was capable.


Of course, there are many people out there who are better and more capable than I am.



Something I seem to have missed learning when I was a teenager,


(1) To complete failure and setback.


(2) And to run away without any shame.


These were not done correctly when I was young.


In other words, 'I never learned how to raise the white flag.


I suspect this is often the case with those called "elite" or "excellent."



I am currently in a state of depression, so I am talking to my wife about 'how to raise the white flag (how to escape).''


My wife has told me that I can escape any way I want.


And just in case, I have multiple escape scenarios in my head.


However, the fear and bitterness of this disease lies in the fact that even after all this preparation, I still think


"If I have to think about what happens after I escape, it would be easier to die"


2023-09-15 私の『もうダメだ』を真剣に聞いて貰えないかなぁ ―― [長年日記]


When I have my head in the sand with work or tasks, people often say to me, 'Ebata-san, you'll be fine.


When I have my head in the sand with work or tasks, people often say, 'Ebata-san, you'll be fine.



Wife: "Doesn't that mean 'trusted'?"


Ebata: "No, they don't trust me because they don't believe me even if I say, 'I'm screwed.'"


私の『もうダメだ』を真剣に聞いて貰えないかなぁ ――

I wonder if someone can get him to take my 'I'm screwed' seriously


I thought that, however,


"Oh, Mr. Ebata. Indeed, that's no good."

と、同意されたら ―― それはそれで腹立つな。

And if they agree with me, that's what pisses me off.

2023-09-16 『私たちは、これからも未来予測を"外し"続けていく』で良いのです。 [長年日記]


I also do "writer," writing columns with numbers.


I try not to "use" the latest news when using media news.


I do not start writing about current news until it has been summarized (e.g., aired as an NHK special).

恣意的、感情的、誘導的に記載されている記事は、数字と相性が悪いのです ―― 矛盾が多すぎる。

Articles that are arbitrary, emotional, and inductive are not compatible with the numbers -- there are too many inconsistencies.


Also, the calculations are time-consuming and, in the first place, because only bits and pieces of information are available to give a complete picture. The bottom line is, "I can't write."



Well, I have made many predictions, but many have "missed" as well.


I believe that is something that cannot be helped.


The future is a mixture of various unpredictable factors.


It is, well, impossible to consider them all and make predictions.


All I can do is plug in the past data and predict future points in the extension.


However, I have been and will continue to be forthcoming about what I consider "off" in my columns.


I don't know what others think, but it is not "shameful" for me.



In light of the above, I would expect those who have discussed the following issues to summarize them now.

■ TPPによって、我が国の経済は破綻すると主張していた方

- Those who claimed that the TPP would bankrupt our economy.

■ 地球温暖化は、幻想(あるいは、各国政府の陰謀)と論じていた方

- Those who have argued that global warming is an illusion (or a conspiracy by governments)


I do not mean to be rude, saying that they should change their assertions or self-criticize. I want to ask them to


(1)Organize the current status at this time


(2)Changes from the original claim


(3) Further future projections




We will continue to "miss" future predictions.


What is important are,


(A) Identification of "what was missed" and


(B) "Reasons for the missed" and


(C) "Reasons for the removal" are to be examined regularly,


I believe that this is the most essential part of the process.


Well, this is what we call an 'engineering approach.'

2023-09-17 世界中の全ての人間が、私のような『ぼっち』になって、孤独、孤立がデフォルトの世界になれば、みんな、孤独や孤立を感じない世界として完成する。 [長年日記]


There is a limit to what I can do on my own.


So, to accomplish something big, we need to build a team and work together.


However, I am not good at building a team and working together.


So, I am resigned that I will not be able to accomplish great things.


Hence, I am doing "what I alone can do."


これからは、そういう新しい行動様式や価値観が、従来の価値観に対抗する形で、力強く立ち上がってくるだろう ―― と、この3年間のコロナ禍中で思い続けてきました。

From now on, such new behaviors and values will rise strongly in opposition to conventional values -- I have continued to think this during the past three years of the Corona disaster.

上位下達、業務命令とは異なる新しい社会 ―― 人間関係が"疎"結合で結びついた、自律した個人からなる分散社会が到来するだろう、と。

A new society is different from the one based on superiors, subordinates, and business orders - a decentralized community of autonomous individuals with "loosely" coupled human relationships will arrive.


However, the world seemed more resilient than I had thought.

もっと分かりやすく言えば ――

To put it more simply--


If every human being in the world becomes 'alone' like me, and loneliness and isolation become the default, we will all complete the world as a world where we do not feel lonely and isolated.


Such is the fact that utopia for me, and dystopia for many, was unfortunately not materialized.

2023-09-18 自分の髪型に1mmのこだわりもなく、ただ、うっとうしい髪をとっとと処分したいだけ人には、「バリカン」の利用をご提案したいと思います。 [長年日記]


When my hair exceeds a certain length, I suddenly start to feel annoyed with my head of hair.


These days, however, I can't even spare the time to go to the barber.


Even barbershops that sell short-time, low-cost services can take less than an hour if you include waiting time, and even there, it is a hassle to go out to the barbershop.

And so, well, I ended up in this kind of situation.


However, this haircut was not well received by the family.

毎朝、嫁さんや娘がギョっとした顔をします ―― まあ、私も毎日、鏡の中に「東京裁判審理中の東条英機元首相」の姿を見ることになりましたが。

Every morning, my wife and daughter look at me with gawk -- well, I also see the image of "former Prime Minister Hideki Tojo during the Tokyo Tribunal proceedings" in the mirror every day.


So, I have recently stopped wearing a "round haircut" and returned to a "sports haircut," but it is still a hassle to go to the barber.



I bought a clipper.


Well, the cost of two barbershops will pay for itself, and since I am not looking for "beauty" in hairdressing in the first place, this is good enough for me.


Also, with the attached comb, you can leave a certain amount of hair in place, which is not a problem.


I stripped down to my top, went out into the yard, and after trimming my hair with clippers at random and shaking it off, I went straight to the bathroom.


Only the back of my head is invisible, so I asked my wife to cut off the hair with scissors, but I would like to do something about this on my own.



For those who are not particular about their hairstyle and want to get rid of their annoying hair as soon as possible, I suggest using "hair clippers.

2023-09-19 このドキュメンタリーは、シミュレーションエンジニアとしての、今の私を作ったコンテンツの一つです。 [長年日記]


This content I have identified as the best in NHK Specials and that has not been renewed since then,

The Cuban Crisis [October Nightmare: 13 Days on the Edge of Doom]"


is now available on YouTube.

This documentary is one of the contents that made me who I am today as a simulation engineer.

2023-09-20 ―― 驚くことに、あの学校は組織的な"ジャニーズ(児童性虐待)"をしていました。 [長年日記]

As mentioned above, I will leave a summary for future me to remember.


(1) There was an entertainment company called "Johnny's" that kept a lifelong sexual predator at the top.


(2) With that person's death, his crime has finally come to light.


(3) the entertainment company has indicated that it will not voluntarily close its business and will continue to do so.


(4) At this time, they also plan to keep the name "Johnny's."



I have no interest in "Johnny's" office, so I don't care what that office chooses to do.




(1) Voluntary closure of business,


(2) Establish a third-party victim relief organization,


(3) All retained assets are allocated to pay for victims' relief, and the balance is used as a fund for relief organizations.


I wonder why the natural process flow, which is "the best way to do it," is not presented at all.



One of my predictions is


In the future, the term "Johnny's" will be used to mean "child sexual abuse.


Just as the English words "Karoshi" (death from overwork) and "Tsunami" (tsunami) have spread around the world,

―― 驚くことに、あの学校は組織的な"ジャニーズ(児童性虐待)"をしていました。

"The school, to our surprise, had an organized Johnny's"


This is a future in which the term will be used around the world.


It may be that we will contribute "something" to the world.

ともあれ、私の頭の中では「ジャニーズ = 児童性虐待」で、変換登録完了済みです。

I think "Johnny's = child sexual abuse," and the conversion is already registered.

2023-09-21 つまるところ、『自分は、流れる川の中に浮ぶ、落葉のような存在だ』と諦めるしかないようです。 [長年日記]


I believe the desire for self-approval is a desire to stand out.


I think it is a natural emotion to want to show that you are different from others and to be recognized for who you are.


However, there are situations in which one does not want to "stand out."



You may receive unexpected and overdue recognition for what you have done in a long life.


That in itself is fine.


The problem is that people from all walks of life will come to us for consultations, it becomes known.


You may feel that since it is called "consultations," you have the right to choose. However, it becomes a de facto "order in business matters.


Even if you are short on time, "work orders" will be added, and others will eat up your mental and physical resources. It is "annoying."


However, it is also true that if these consultations do not come to us, it will be challenging to dig in and expand on what we want to do, so it is "troubling" that there are no such consultations.


「目立ちたいこと」と、「目立ちたくないこと」を、自分自身でコントロールできれば良いのですが、これがなかなかに難しい―― というか、不可能です。

It would be nice to control what we "want to stand out" and what we "don't want to stand out," but this is quite complex - or, rather, impossible.


Ultimately, it seems we have no choice but to resign ourselves to the fact that "I am like a falling leaf floating in a flowing river.

2023-09-22 ―― メンタル不調は、報告しにくい [長年日記]

I have always told my family, "It's too late when the pain is 100%. 'Scream' when it's 70%."


And this time, my wife, who couldn't bear to see my mental illness, kept saying repeatedly, 'You should report this to your boss as soon as possible.


Well, I thought it was too "irresponsible" and "cowardly" for me to "talk a lot to people but not shout myself," so I reported this to my supervisor during the interview.


Now, I am a bit, relieved.



Well, I found out when it was my turn,

―― メンタル不調は、報告しにくい

"Difficult to talk to others about one's mental health problems"



First, it is "embarrassing.


Reporting my mental illness to a younger boss takes a lot of courage.


My boss, who is younger than me, is better than me.


There was also concern about whether such a talented person could understand "mental illness."


Second, it is "out of character for me (Ebata).


Even I, who usually criticize the government, bureaucrats, and companies in my blog and columns in a pompous manner, feel a 'gap' when I talk about this "mental illness."


This feeling in a word is,

―― どの口が言ってやがる

"Who the hell do you think you are?"



And the biggest reason is that mental illness is difficult to verbalize.


"I feel continual depression," "I feel anxious," "I can't sleep at night and wake up soon after sleeping," "I feel tired and have a slight fever throughout the day," "I have no appetite," "I don't feel motivated."


And above all, it is tough to explain 'the most challenging part is not knowing how long this condition will last.


The above are 'objective facts' but sound 'subjective' when uttered.



I am an engineer myself, so I have done a lot of research on mental illness.


On top of that, I was astonished to find that even after trying everything suitable for mental illness, such as rest, food, and mood swings, however, this situation still did not improve much.

私の十八番のエンジニアリングアプローチが通用しない ―― メンタル不調、恐るべし

My best engineering approach doesn't work ---- Horrible mental illness


I became acutely aware of the "inaccessibility" of this mental illness.



This time, I decided to explain to my supervisor that I was "going to the hospital" and that I was "prescribed stabilizers and sleeping pills," adding the obvious "objective facts."


In my case, I think I have successfully made my boss understand.


After all, my boss and I are both engineers, and I realize that the language between engineers is, after all, "objective fact.


After that, I was considered for the content and quantity of my work, and now I feel that I am gradually recovering from my mental illness, which is a bit of a relief.


Nevertheless, I try to stay on top of my health, my physical condition, and my mental health.



It is said that reporting, contacting, and consulting (horenso) are essential for mental illness.

ただ、多くの場合、この「ほうれんそう」は、本人の健康管理をおもんばかる体裁を装いつつ、結局のところ企業や組織の理論で書かれている ―― そんな感じがしています。

However, in many cases, this "horenso" is written under the guise of caring for the individual's health care but ultimately based on the theory of the company or organization -- such is the feeling I get.


Regardless, reporting a mental illness of mine was itself frighteningly difficult.

普段、えらそうにしている私(江端)ですら ―― というか、私だからこそ ―― 『はずかしい』『キャラ外れ』『言語化困難』の前に、怯(ひる)んでいました。

Even I (Ebata), who usually makes such a big deal out of it... No, it is this me... was intimidated by the "embarrassing," "out-of-character," and "difficult to verbalize" comments.



I understand the feeling of 'I want to get over my mental illness alone without saying anything to anyone.


And it is easy to guess that many people do so and take no action.

なぜ、私(江端)は、そう言い切れるのか? ―― 自死の半数近くが、メンタル不調を起因とするものであり、その人数が驚くほど多いからです。

Why can I (Ebata) say that? -- Because nearly half of all suicide deaths are caused by mental illness, the number is astonishingly high.

And -- I know all too well that mental illness can lead to suicide with surprising ease.

2023-09-23 ―― 太宰や芥川の文庫本を、読みかけのようにして、リビングの床に落しておくだけ [長年日記]


Yesterday, I found "Shirobanba" by the late Yasushi Inoue on the shelves of the city library.


"Shirobanba," "Natsukaso Fuyutoto," and "Kita no Umi" are autobiographical novels about the author's teenage years


When I was in junior high school, I loved to read these books when classes ended on Saturday mornings, buy ingredients for my cooking at the market, cook my favorite dishes, and eat them while I read the book.


Thinking back, I feel like I lived my teen years as if I were superimposing on the main character.


I think this book made me think, "Studying may be good," "School dormitory may be good," and "If I go on to higher education, I may have fun.



I picked up "Shirobanba" and re-read the paraphrase and was surprised at its "readability.

フレーズの長さ、改行の入れかた、物語の登場人物の台詞の内容 ―― いわゆる「ラノベ」と言われているものの基本的技巧が満載で、驚きました。

The length of phrases, the way line breaks are inserted, and the content of the character's dialogue in the story -- I was surprised to find that the book is full of the basic techniques of what is called "Ranobe" (Light Novel).


I also like that the books by the late Yasushi Inoue are "non-preachy."


The stories are developed without 'ups and downs' or 'shades of gray' and are easy to read.


By the way, I recently wrote about "Mark's Mountain."


I have only one experience, a 5-day traverse of the Kita-Hotaka-Yari route, and then one experience of climbing Mt.Fuji.


Even so, I feel that the reason I decided to attempt mountaineering was that I was influenced by the late Yasushi Inoue's "Hokuheki(North cliff)."

読書は、単なる娯楽として楽しめば十分なのですが、ティーンの頃に読んだ本は、その後の人生にも影響を与えやすい ―― のかもしれません。

It is enough to enjoy reading as a mere pastime, but the books you read as a teen are likely to impact the rest of your life -- maybe.



So, teenagers.


Perhaps teachers and parents have had the same experience I have had. Hence, they might loudly repeat, 'Read a book.'


I know it sounds annoying, but "adults are 'creatures that feel comfortable just watching a child read a book.'"



―― 太宰や芥川の文庫本を、読みかけのようにして、リビングの床に落しておくだけ

"Drop a paperback book by Dazai or Akutagawa on the living room floor as if you were to continue to read it."

で、多分、皆さんのご両親は、ご機嫌になります ―― 多分。

If so, your parents will be in a good mood -- maybe.

2023-09-24 しかし、一度も経験していないことを始めることは、誰にとっても、莫大なコスト(時間と努力)と恐怖とプレッシャーがかかるものです。 [長年日記]


I recently had the opportunity to speak with a student at the university.


Ebata: "I'll make the database quickly, and you can search it with SQL queries easi..."


I was about to say that. However, I had to stop myself.


Ebata: "Yes, SQL is not easy. Until you get used to it, it is difficult, troublesome, and hard. So I think you should get used to it little by little."


I reiterated.



Do not simply say 'easy' to others, even if you can do it yourself.


Unsurprisingly, what we are working on is easy for us.


However, starting something you have never experienced is an enormous cost (time and effort), fear, and pressure.



I have told you before what I "did" on this matter.

If you search "Ebata, patents, power harassment," you'll get hits on this page and others.

2023-09-25 ―― 一体、父は、どのように、このような『地獄の日々』をすごしてきたのだろうか [長年日記]

―― 親父にもっと話を聞いておけばよかったな

"I should have talked to my dad more."


I remember my late father.


I am currently experiencing ongoing mental illness.


According to my self-analysis, the leading causes are (1) task overflow and (2) fear of not being able to see the goal of the task.



My father started his own woodworking company at an age slightly younger than me, and from my point of view, he continued to suffer the 'hell of subcontractors.'

金策、不渡り、暴力団からの恫喝、連鎖倒産、関連会社社長夫妻の自殺 ―― そこには、私などの状況とは比べるべくもない『地獄』がありました。

Money laundering, dishonoring, threats from gangsters, chain-reaction bankruptcies, and the suicides of the president of an affiliated company and his wife - there was a "hell" that could not be compared to my situation.


There must have been more horrendous "hells" than this since there were so many stories just from what I can see.


I hate those who shout "start a business" quickly or encourage people to do so.


Excerpt from "Mr. Ebata's DIY Struggle: Building a Home Security System with EtherCAT (4)


When I was a freshman in college, my father's woodworking company, which he had started, was hit by a chain reaction bankruptcy. The couple behind the bankruptcy were driven into a corner by the Yakuza, and after escaping their sons, they committed suicide together. At that time, I was prepared to drop out of college.


For those who believe that "entrepreneurs are properly protected according to the law," I suggest you take a moment to examine the violent apparatus of the underworld and the composition of suicides in Japan.

私が覚えている限り、単に「失敗すれば終わり」 ―― で済ましてくれるほど、世の中は優しくなかったですよ。

As far as I can remember, the world has not been so kind to us as to let us "fail and it's over."



I am confident that if I were faced with such a "hell," I would easily jump over mental illness and commit suicide.

―― 一体、父は、どのように、このような『地獄の日々』をすごしてきたのだろうか

"How in the world did my father go through these "hell days"? "


When I think about it like that, I have the biggest regret that I didn't get the know-how out of this precious person, saying, 'I wish I had talked to my father more and more.'

2023-09-26 新約聖書の編集会議は、少年ジャンプの新連載マンガを決定する、または連載打ち切りを決定する会議と、基本的に同じだったのです。 [長年日記]


The other day, the movie "The Ten Commandments" was broadcast on BS, and I recorded it.


Ebata: "I recorded 'The Ten Commandments' for you to watch if you are interested."


Wife: "Hmmm, not interested."


Ebata: "It's easier to understand than reading the Old Testament."


Wife: "Why do I have to understand the Old Testament?"


I thought, "Sure, that's right," and I agreed.


I thought "Japanese mythology" would be the first thing a Japanese person would think of, but then I thought about it and said, "No, no, not really, we don't even need that either."


I wondered what the benefits of knowing the contents of the Old Testament would be, and I thought that if limited to current issues, it would only improve the outlook on the "Palestinian problem."



I find the "New Testament" more interesting than the "Old Testament".


However, reading the "New Testament" all the way through is unnecessary. It is enough to connect the contents of the New Testament with related anime, movies, and comics in bits and pieces.


To begin with, the contents of the "New Testament" were decided by the editorial council (Council of Nicea) 300 years after the death of Jesus of Nazareth through discussion and voting by the various denominations.


The New Testament editorial meeting was essentially the same as the meeting that decided on a new manga series for Shonen Jump or decided to discontinue the series.


When I think about it, Protestant Christianity and its "biblical supremacy" that began with Luther's Reformation doesn't hit me either.

―― 人間が会議で編纂した書物(新約聖書)が、「神の言葉」なんぞである訳がない

"How can a book (the New Testament) compiled by a conference of men be the "Word of God"?"



Not to mention Catholic Christianity.


By the way, I know that Buddhist sects are the same as doujinshi circles.

_ https://wp.kobore.net/%e6%b1%9f%e7%ab%af%e3%81%95%e3%82%93%e3%81%ae%e5%bf%98%e5%82%99%e9%8c%b2/post-7933/

もちろん、私は、コミケサークルの活動を尊重しているくらいですから、世界中の宗教も ―― アホなカルト宗教団体や原理主義者を除けば ―― 同様に敬意を払っています。

Of course, I respect the activities of the Comic Circle so much that I appreciate all the religions of the world -- except for the idiotic cult groups and fundamentalists -- as well.



If you ask, 'Then is "theology" a meaningless discipline?' it seems that it is not.


"Theology" seems to be a philosophy, a logic, a jurisprudence, and, depending on one's point of view, a science or a mathematical (proof of) science.


If I have a next life, I would like to study "theology" (this life seems a bit too busy for me).



We don't need "Old Testament," "New Testament," or "Japanese mythology.


Therefore, you may pass through today's diary.

2023-09-27 ただ、裁判所は、「VIVANT」や「スケバン刑事」の活動を、絶対に認可しないと思います(高度な政治的圧力があれば別かもしれませんが)。 [長年日記]


The drama "VIVANT" seemed to be very popular, so I took a look at it.


It was interesting.


This drama deals with the darker side of the IDF, an undisclosed and illegal organization.


This is what is known as "ILLEGAL."


In a nation governed by the rule of law, ILLEGALs of any kind are illegal and subject to punishment (penalty), and budgeting from the national treasury violates the Constitution.


History is replete with examples of cases in which the supposed child of a government, the ILLEGAL, has, on the contrary, overthrown its government.


In short, ILLEGALs violate the principle of civilian control and are, in a word, enemies of the rule of law.

―― というような、シラけたことを書き込みしている人は、さすがにいないようですね(ちゃんと調べていませんが)。

It seems that no one has written something like that (I haven't appropriately checked).


I think the public somewhat understands that 'without such illegal organizations, the state would have trouble running the country.


Speaking of ILLEGALs the comic " Sukeban Deka(Police of a female gang)" was the extreme of illegalism.


This is the police organization ILLEGALs .


The "Inspector Darkness" in this story was a crime of conscience who knowingly infiltrated students into the school as spies, knowing it was illegal.


And Saki Asamiya, a "Sukeban Deka," was authorized not only to infiltrate and investigate but also to commit acts of terrorism, using a weapon (yo-yo), which is not charged with violating the Firearms Act, to subdue suspects in acts of illegal violence.



It occurred to me that perhaps now, a child who has become a pawn of the police might be deployed to help the school identify the substance of the bullying.


That may be valid, and frankly, I would support it.


Well, let's put that aside.



Infiltration (and sabotage) by state power (police) is standard.


This is not a conspiracy theory but something publicized by the people involved (and if poorly done, by the police authorities themselves), and the infiltration operation itself is legal if approved by the court.


Recently, leftist groups with terrorist activities have been almost destroyed by police spies, and anti-social groups (gangs) are also being advanced toward destruction by inside infiltration and tip-offs.


However, it is unclear whether evidence from undercover operations can be adopted in a court of law (please let me know if you know).


However, I don't think the courts will ever sanction the activities of "VIVANT" or "Sukeban Deka" (unless there is a high level of political pressure to do so).



Anyway, such stories should not be told besides those enjoying the drama and comics.


They absolutely come to hate you.

2023-09-28 しかし、「育児を手伝う」とか言っているバカに、「育児は『する』もの」であるという認識を叩き込むコストとしては、妥当なようにも思えます。 [長年日記]


I am offended by the comments of lowly male entertainers who, in this day and age, are still talking about "helping with childcare" and "helping with household chores" and such "ridiculous" things.

―― 「育児は『する』もの」であり「家事は『する』もの」である

"Raising children is a 'doing' and housework is a 'doing.'"


People who do not have that level of awareness should not be involved in marriage, let alone raising children.



I have been acutely aware that the world's values continue to be updated in 'two weeks.'


If I am not careful for a moment, I can diverge from the world's values.


So, I try to keep up with the newspapers, news, and other media as often as possible.


Of course, you can continue to hold on to your personal beliefs and values (policies).


However, this is only after keeping an objective eye on the divergence from the public.


I will point, abuse, and sneer at any personal policy that is supported only by ignorance and incompetence.



About male maternity leave, I am proposing a social experiment.


"During the husband's parental leave period, the wife stays out for a certain period (e.g., three days to 1 week)."

夫の寄与率100%の育児期間を設ける ―― これが絶対的に必要だと思います。

A period of childcare for the husband with a 100% contribution rate -- I think this is necessary.

To begin with, a person who cannot experience the "hell of child-rearing" should not call himself a "parent."



However, my wife has expressed strong reservations about this social experiment.


Wife: "If you do that experiment, many toddlers will "die."


Ebata: "I agree. However, unless we give them a sense of crisis like this, stupid men will always remain stupid. Hence, we must prepare various safety nets for the social experiment."


We must prepare for monitoring, call centers, emergency life-saving dispatches, etc.


These safety nets may make the cost of experimentation high.


However, it seems reasonable as a cost to knock the perception that "Raising children is a 'doing' into the idiots who say they are going to "help with childcare."


I expect that the safety net cost will decrease if "during the husband's parental leave period, the wife stays out for a certain period (e.g., three days to 1 week)" becomes a common practice in society.


Another possibility could be the nightmare of a "startling increase in lifetime unmarried rates.


Well, if that's what we choose, we will have to accept the death of our country solemnly and peacefully.



So what happens to seniors like me, a generation that did not have the current concept of parental leave?


Am I only gaining by running away?


No, no, I believe that childcare will expand to senior men and must be allowed to do so.


Healthy seniors who have not entered the phase of needing nursing care should direct their resources to "childcare."

娘たちの子どもの育児を、一定期間、私(江端)が一人でやる ―― 私には、その覚悟ができています。

I (Ebata) will be raising my daughters' children by myself for a certain period -- I am ready to do so.


―― 私の過失で幼児を殺すことになるか、あるいは、私が育児過労で死ぬか

"My negligence will kill my toddler, or I will die from overworked childcare."


Now, a new form of childcare is being questioned, putting life on the line.

2023-09-29 では、今回の解散請求の意義は何か? --- このような、法を濫用し、人権を踏み躙る宗教団体が、再び「国家の庇護対象」とならないよう『旧統一教会にその先例となって貰う』ことです。 [長年日記]

今の日本には、同性婚、ジャニー喜多川性犯罪、新しい資本主義、少子化対策、拉致、年金 ・・・ 色々あります。

In Japan today, there are many things: same-sex marriage, Janie Kitagawa's sex crimes, new capitalism, declining birthrate, abductions, pensions, etc.

何かの問題が出れば、SNSで叫んで、自分の気分をすっきりさせて、すぐに忘れる人間 ―― 彼らのやっていることは、詰るところ、自慰行為です。

Whenever a problem arises, people shout about it on social media to make themselves feel better and quickly forget about it. What they are doing is, after all, masturbation.


As a "victim," I have previously criticized those who show me masturbation.

とは言え、私のブログも、自慰行為と言えば、自慰行為です ―― ですが、私は、それが自慰行為であったとしても、そのオカズのエロ本は、一冊に集中したいと考えています。

However, my blog is also a masturbatory act. But I want to focus on one erotic book, even if it is a masturbatory act.


This is why I am now concentrating on the issue of the "Request for Dissolution of the former Unification Church."



The former Unification Church continued to engage in inhumane acts of disregard for human rights (despite numerous warnings) that skirted the interpretation of our country's guarantee of "freedom of religion based on the goodness of faith. This has led to the law being amended.

Even I, here, found the revision 'unavoidable.


At any rate, if we continue to recognize the religious juridical status of the former Unification Church, we will allow a second or third former Unification Church to emerge.


From the responses so far (including the response to the right of the Cultural Affairs Ministry to ask questions), I understand that it is 'completely futile' to expect the former Unification Church to come up with a full concept of human rights, modern social conventions, and the rule of law.


So, what is the significance of this dissolution request?


We must "let the former Unification Church set a precedent" so that religious organizations that abuse the law and trample on human rights will not again become "state patronage targets.



I believe wholeheartedly that 'religion is something that saves people's hearts and makes them happy and, therefore, needs to be protected by the state.


Therefore, a group that brainwashes its followers destroys family ties and uses the afterlife, which none have seen as bait, to take their personal property. It has no right to call itself a religion.


No, to be precise, even such an organization may call itself a religion. Because "religion" of any kind is "freedom" (Article 20 of the Constitution of Japan).


However, the state has neither the obligation nor the duty to protect the privileges of their religious juridical status by law and with the blood taxes of the Japanese people.

2023-09-30 ジャニーズ事務所の社名変更問題ですが、私は、『大都芸能』が、いいんじゃないかと思うんですが、いかがでしょうか? [長年日記]


As for the issue of changing the company name of Johnny's Office, I think

―― 大都芸能

"Daito Entertainment"


is a good name.


I am proud that acquiring the rights to screen "Red Tennyo" and pulling back the curtain on "The Glass Mask" in the real world is a good approach.