2024-02-01 こういうことがあるから、「実写化」は ―― というか、「全ての創作」は『創作前』に否定すべきではないのです。 [長年日記]

This is another live-action adaptation of "Golden Kamui," for which there were still high voices of "Don't do it.


I just picked up my wife and daughter at the train station from night theater, and they were

―― 大興奮、大絶賛で、車の中が喧(やかま)しいことこの上もない

"So excited, so raving, so bustling in the car."




My daughter has seen the original "Golden Kamuy" and the anime, so I think she is making the proper judgment.


(By the way, I have seen the completed original and all the animations.)


Also, as far as the Internet is concerned, the public's opinion is generally in the direction of "rave reviews.

Because of this, "live-action" -- or rather, "all creation" -- should not be denied "before creation."



The problem lies with me here.


With this desperate lack of time, I am trying to wrap my head around how to find the time to go to the cinema.

2024-02-02 "1500円 + 翌日"と、"2週間 + 書類作成 + 何回もの稟議"を秤にかけて、Amazonの購入ボタンに手が出てしまう私を、一体、誰が責められましょうか。 [長年日記]


I have recently built systems using the Raspberry Pi (Raspi) at work and university.

途中まで作ったシステムを、その後の自分の作業で壊してしまう ―― 私は、こんな場面に山ほど立ちあってきました。

I have seen many such situations where my subsequent work destroyed a system halfway through construction.


The Raspi can keep a clone of the system I have made halfway through on an SD card so that I can store the SD card image file on my PC. I can then duplicate the SD card as needed.


With this clone in place, I can continue to develop with peace of mind.



However, there is another problem with this.


(1) When SD cards are ordered from workplaces or universities, it takes one to two weeks, and paperwork is required, so the work cannot be started immediately.


(2) The capacity of the SD card that Raspi handles is increasing daily (128GB now), so I can't use the SD cards that I have personally.


That's why I always go to Amazon's website to check the price of SD cards; Amazon usually delivers them the next day.

"1500円 + 翌日"と、"2週間 + 書類作成 + 何回もの稟議"を秤にかけて、Amazonの購入ボタンに手が出てしまう私を、一体、誰が責められましょうか。

Who could blame me for reaching for the Amazon purchase button when I weighed "1,500 yen + next day" against "2 weeks + paperwork + multiple requests for approval"?



A further recent problem is the capacity of SD cards.


When I first used Raspi, the SD card was 512MB.

1GB, 4GB, 16GB, 32GBと大きくなり、今や128GBです(江端家ビデオ監視システムのラズパイで32GB)。

It has grown to 1GB, 4GB, 16GB, 32GB, and now 128GB (32GB for Raspi, the Ebata family's video surveillance system).


Backup time has grown from a dozen minutes to four hours, and then the image files for the clone are straining my PC HDD.



I feel a little depressed, 'I wonder if I must keep investing in these IT gadgets from now on.

2024-02-03 シニアからジュニアに対する「うっせいわ」とは何か? ―― それは、『コスト試算がされていない無茶な提案』です。 [長年日記]


I believe that Ado's hit song "Ussei-wa" is about the frustration of "unspoken subordinates" against their bosses, i.e., a song of avoidance and criticism from junior to senior.


But there is a reverse pattern.


It is a "Ussei-wa" from seniors to juniors.



Seniors have been alive longer, so they have more experience no matter what, regardless of their qualities.


I faced more troubles than Junior and had to solve them before proceeding with my work.


Of course, this high level of experience has nothing to do with their effort or talent but the length of time.


So, while it is natural for seniors to "take advantage" of their experience, it is unreasonable for them to "brag" about this to juniors.


Seniors who do such things are simply "idiots," but there are many such idiots.



Hence, from the junior's point of view, it may seem as if the senior 'exists only to get in the way of his work.


While a certain number of seniors are idiots, as described above, the majority are not.

『私がはまった地雷に、何も、お前もはまることもあるまい』という善意だったりするのですが ――

They have good intentions by saying, "You don't have to get stuck in the same landmines I got stuck in.


However, even if the intentions were good, it is natural for Junior to feel "Ussei-wa."



As a junior, I was tempted to say, 'Don't I have the right to fail?"


Therefore, I do not want to interfere with anyone's "right to fail," so I can stand smiling in front of a junior who may fail.


I got a little off-topic. Let me get back on track.


シニアからジュニアに対する「うっせいわ」とは何か? ―― それは、『コスト試算がされていない無茶な提案』です。

What is "Ussei-wa" from seniors to juniors? -- It is a reckless proposal that has not been cost-estimated.


When you are as senior as I am, you can quickly visualize the cost, time frame, and number of resources that would be required just by listening to the proposal.


In addition, the likelihood of its failure can be intuitively predicted (although it is tedious to quantify and logically convert it).

で、まあ、新しい試みというのは、大抵の場合、失敗します ―― しかし、それは、仕方がありません。「新しい試み」なのですから。

And, well, new attempts usually fail -- but that can't be helped. It's a "new attempt.



This 'intuitive prediction' of the senior seems to the junior to be 'present only to interfere with the junior's work.

ただ、この件に関しては、ジュニアに対してロジカルに説明しない(or できない)シニアが悪い。その説明で「手を抜いている」なら、さらに悪質と言えます。

However, in this case, the senior does not (or cannot) explain logically to the junior. It is even worse if they are "cutting corners" with that explanation.


But "logical explanations are troublesome".


Hence, the senior may choose to "leave the junior alone."

こうして、シニアもジュニアも、共に争わず、ニッコリ笑いながら、双方、不幸になっていく ―― と。

In this way, both seniors and juniors do not fight. Both smile and laugh, and both are unhappy


Well, I believe that is one of the "solutions."


ちなみに、これまで私は、才気溢れる若い才能たちが、果敢に挑戦し、そして、無様に転げ落ちていく様を、沢山見てきました ―― ニッコリと笑いながら。

Incidentally, I have seen many brilliant young talents boldly take up the challenge and then fall in a heap -- with my smiling.


These "brilliant young talents" were often cocky, irreverent, and obnoxious, so I was able to "smile" from the bottom of my heart without any difficulty.



Thus, one of my life mottos is


"I don't get in the way of brilliant young talent, but I don't help it either. But neither do I help them.


2024-02-04 ともあれ、『血みどろの人生』は、自分ではなく、他人にやってもらうのが、一番いい。 [長年日記]


I was tired of writing my paper, so I went to the living room for tea and found my wife watching a live-action version of "March Lion" on Amazon.com.


Shogi is now considered to be amid an unprecedented Shogi boom.

I can only vaguely remember the rules of Shogi, but I think I have read a lot of manga comics dealing with Shogi.


And when I read those comics, I come to believe,

―― 本気で将棋をやる人(プロ)は、誰もが、苦しみにのたうち回りながら将棋をやっているのだろうか

"Does any professional Shogi player play the game while suffering from the continuous harsh reality?"


もちろん、マンガにはドラマ性が必要だとは思うのですが、それにしても、将棋のマンガに登場する人物 ―― 全員、幸せそうに見えない。

Of course, I think comics need drama, but even so, the characters in chess comics -- don't all look happy.


Their agonizing and painful obsession with winning fascinates me.


But if I were to ask myself whether I, too, would like to live a life of unbearable and painful obsession with winning, I would answer, "Absolutely not.



I was reading the "withdrawal agreement" of the organization called "Shourei-kai" (Japan Shogi Federation), and I felt fear about the contents of the 'forced withdrawal of age limit.'


However, I understand this age limit is correct for maintaining a solid organization.


If there is no age limit, there will probably always be elders, factions, and such, shaping and weakening the organization and even leading to illegal activities, like the ruling party in some countries.



Speaking of age restrictions, the "Fields Medal," considered the Nobel Prize in mathematics, also has strict limits: once every four years, under 40 years old, and between two and four recipients.


In the case of mathematics, I think that no age limit is needed, given that most of the great proofs in mathematics are done by young mathematicians.


(Andrew Wiles, who successfully proved "Fermat's Last Theorem," received a "special award" in 1998 at the age of 45, but this is an exception.)



It is best to have someone else do the "bloody life," not me.


It is enough for me to be 'shown' and 'entertained' by the bloody life of another.

2024-02-05 最近、『ChatGPTを使うコツは、仕事を人に頼む時と同じ』ということが分かってきました。 [長年日記]


This weekend, I continued to use ChatGPT to do some coding and writing.


"Oh my God...."


I muttered repeatedly.



Recently, I have found that 'the trick to using ChatGPT is the same as when I ask someone to do a job.


The "key to asking someone to do a job" is to imagine in your mind, assuming that the person is you, 'If I don't understand this content, I cannot start the job,' and then verbalize it.

大切なのは、テクニカルライティング ―― というか、人に伝える日本語の正しい使い方です。

What is important is technical writing -- or rather, the proper use of Japanese to communicate to others.



I have spoken passionately many times about the importance of "English" and "Mathematics."


However, as I think about it now, while confronting this generative AI, I realize that the "Japanese language" is becoming the study that should be prioritized.


It goes without saying in human communication, but from now on, the "ability to verbalize" to talk with computers will be very important. I assure you.


However, it does not matter how you respond to the question, which is like a Japanese language exam, "Choose the one from A to D that comes closest to the feelings of the author who wrote this sentence.


(However, studying this question response is quite important in the love and marriage process, but that's another story.)


What is important is the ability to verbalize the subject and object clearly and to convey the content of the message completely in the national language so that the computer does not get confused.


As I was writing, I thought that this kind of verbalization may be something that is rather more useful in 'English.'



Child: "What do I study for?"


Me: "It's all about using the generative AI to make life easier."


Now, I believe that.

2024-02-06 「土地が隆起する」ということは、知識としては知っていましたが、生きている間に自国の領土で、これを知ることになるとは思いませんでした。 [長年日記]


I knew that "land rises," but I had no idea I would see it in my territory during my lifetime.

■ 生活用水としての地下水の汲み上げによって、現在、各国の首都で深刻な地盤沈下が進行中

- Groundwater pumping for domestic use is currently causing severe land subsidence in the capitals of many countries.

■ 地球温暖化による海面上昇によって、現在、沿岸部の都市の多くのエリアが水没中

- Many areas of coastal cities are now under water due to rising sea levels caused by global warming.


I knew this from NHK specials and other sources.


However, after the Noto Peninsula earthquake, I learned about the 4-meter uplift of the coastline and learned about it on video.

こういう現象は、地球誕生後の億年の単位のどこかで発生する事象 ―― 要するに、遠い過去か、遠い未来の「他人事」と思っていました。

I had thought that these phenomena would occur somewhere in the billion years after the birth of the earth -- in other words, they were "someone else's problem" in the distant past or future.


I realized that I was living in a billion years of history.



Today, the theory of continental drift is evident if you look at a world map. Still, at the time, the proponent of this theory (Alfred Wegener) was widely ridiculed by the public (and quite recently (1912)).


But, well, 'the ground can't possibly move!' I can understand why you would think that.



I heard that Hawaii was near Japan in elementary school, and I did the math.


(1) Land moves roughly 1 cm per year.


(2) The distance between Japan and Hawaii is currently 6600 km.

上記(1)(2)をそのまま当てはめると、ハワイが現在の位置に至るのに必要な時間は、660,000,000年 = 6.6億年

Applying (1) and (2) above as they are, the time required for Hawaii to reach its present position is 660,000,000 years = 660 million years


The earth was born 4.5 billion years ago, mitochondrion arose 2.1 billion years ago, multicellular organisms a billion years ago, and 600 million years ago was an ice age.


The birth of humankind is roughly 10 to 1 million years ago (0.001 to 0.01 billion years ago), so it is well longer than that,

―― 地面が動く速度は、意外に速いものだなぁ

"The ground moves surprisingly fast."


Even as a child, I thought it.


Anyway, I can't help but be amazed that the ground has risen several meters in my lifetime.

2024-02-07 ―― 『私は、意外に、簡単にカルト宗教にハマるタイプかもしれない』と思い当たり、ゾッとしている [長年日記]


I don't believe in new technology when it comes in.


I have seen so many things that have disappeared from the market after being eaten up by the enormous amount of time spent on serious work on that new technology that it is rotten.


In the first place, most of the technologies that are called "awesome" are prefaced with the phrase, "It's a bit timid now, but it will soon become popular.

And this series of articles is the culmination of my resentment.




Whether or not I make myself believe in "awesome" is easy.


If I use it and think it is "awesome," then it is "awesome."


And if it is something that 'I want to use even if I have to pay for it myself,' then its 'awesome' is confirmed.


You don't need to listen to others' opinions. Because of this, I know.



As a rule, I don't believe in the "XXXXXX era" that is being communicated to me by the elites in my company.

『お前らに、これまで、何度騙されてきたことか』 ―― という膨大な記憶があるからです。

I have a vast memory of "How many times have you people fooled me?


However, if "XXXX" is a "Generative AI," it can be accepted without resistance.


This is "awesome" to me. It's true.


However, this "awesome" is specific to my business and academic work, so I don't know if the generative AI is "awesome" for most people.

―― 人が言う「スゴい」は胡散臭くて鬱陶(うっとう)しいが、自分が信じる「スゴい」は、ストレスがなく、むしろ気分が良い

-- "Awesome" that people say is stinky and depressing, but "awesome" that I believe in is stress-free and makes me feel good.


That is it.



So, here's the punchline,

―― 『私は、意外に、簡単にカルト宗教にハマるタイプかもしれない』と思い当たり、ゾッとしている

-- I am horrified to realize that "I may be the type of person who falls into cultism surprisingly easily.


When I say things like, "The 'Principle' is amazing," you all need to leave me immediately.


It would be best to start evacuating with the vigor of a tsunami warning class.


In particular, I will tell my family, 'You have three seconds to leave me.

2024-02-08 ちなみに、私の場合、「他の人には言わないでね」と言われたら、その場で「期限は?」と応答します。 [長年日記]


'It's okay because it's in a closed community.'


These are the words uttered by the person who transmitted the image of licking a condiment container in a restaurant to a closed network.


I will not discuss the lowliness of this action, as many have spoken of it.


ただ、私が若い頃に、この低能さを無条件に批判できるかと問われれば ―― できないような気がします。

However, if you ask me if I could unconditionally criticize this lowly behavior when I was younger -- I don't think I could.


Because I was not a praiseworthy young man.


When I was young, I used to be against the higher-ups (schools, government offices, and the violent apparatus of state power (police, etc.)).


If there had been an Internet environment back then, as there is today, these acts would have been digitally recorded, and I would have been tormented for the rest of my life for them.


In terms of 'stupidity,' I believe that when I was younger, I was 'not much different from a young man licking a condiment container' (although I think there is a difference in the dignity of the act).


I just happened to be lucky enough to be born without the Internet. I genuinely believe that.


Aside from that.



Humans have a desire to 'share enjoyable content with others.


It's the so-called 'Don't tell anyone else. Actually...'.


You might call it "an endless chain of closed communities.


Regarding the Internet, 'closed communities' are an illusion.


Therefore, information that needs to be kept secret (e.g., evidence that establishes the requirements for constituting a crime) needs to be kept secret.


In the end, the bottom line is that "if it is a criminal act, stop it from the beginning," but there are many people, even adults, who cannot distinguish between a "criminal act" and a "prank.



By the way, if someone says to me, "Don't tell anyone else about this," I'll be right there with them, "What's the deadline?" I respond with.


If they say "indefinitely," I respond, "I can't promise."


If they say, "for ten years," I reply, "I can't promise that."

「1年間」と言われたら、「それなら約束してもいい」と応答し ―― そして、1年後に暴露します。

If they say "one year," you respond, "I can promise you that," -- and then expose them a year later.


The exception to this is the "Ebata Firewall" that I have imposed on myself.


This is the foundation of my dignity, and when I violate it, I am prepared to stop being me.


I try every day to be able to dismiss people who say, 'Don't tell anyone else, actually...' as 'vulgar people.

2024-02-09 私は、『人を育てる』というフレーズを使ったことがありません。 [長年日記]


I have said many things in my daily life and on my blog.


When I wondered what I hadn't said to the contrary,


"Nurturing People"


I have never used the phrase


(I searched all past diaries, and it was not there.)


私は、自分の子どもですら『育てる』と思ったことはないです ―― あれは『勝手に育った』です。

I've never thought of even my children as 'Nurturing' -- that was 'Nurtured on their own.


I have scolded them tremendously for wrong things, but I can only remember a few.


All I did was provide, build, and maintain the infrastructure for their lives (although I also fought to the point of destroying the organization if necessary).


In my case, I will not say that I Nurtured my children or anything like that.




Because I didn't want to go through all that hassle.



When I read materials for company managers, I see phrases such as "nurture subordinates.


I am genuinely impressed (no sarcasm intended).


I think of "measures" to move people, but not to "train" them.


It is purely to make things easier for me.



Through my long career as a salaried worker, I have learned that those who use phrases such as "nurturing people" without hesitation are usually "destroying people.


This is one of my few specialties from the perspective of how inventions and patent specifications were created. Still, it was particularly noticeable in the work of invention-creation.


I have seen enough of "stupid bosses who crush the freshly born, feeble little inventions of young researchers with their own experience and knowledge.


The invention is born as a weak and small being, like a 'newborn.'


The boss's role is to nourish this "newborn" and raise it into a strong patent right by enabling it to walk.


I have seen bosses who say this is 'nurturing people' but continue to kill these newborns because they are 'not novel' or 'not progressive.'


Anyway, I thought,?

- 何やってんだ? その「新生児」を、苦労しながら一緒に育てていくのが、上司の役目だろう?

- What are you doing? Isn't it the role of the boss to raise that "newborn baby" with you while struggling to make it work?

- 一体、どの口が『部下を育てる』と言っているんだ?

- What in the world are you talking about "Nurturing subordinates"?




But, well, this is just one example in my tiny scope.


It would be presumptuous of me to discuss human resource development from my narrow perspective and experience.


Anyway, I am deeply convinced that it is pretty natural that I, who consider "Nurturing people" to be "troublesome," have not been in a position to lead an organization.

2024-02-10 私は、あなたのことを「勇者 ―― ビヨンド エバハラ」、省略して「エバハラ勇者」と命名したいと思います。 [長年日記]


Recently, a new type of harassment called "maru-harassment" has become a hot topic.


"It's O.K.." This harassment is named by youth because some fear the "." of the last of "It's O.K.."

もちろん、これを一蹴することは易いですし、反論もできますが ―― 多分、そいうことではないと思うのです。

Of course, it's easy to kick this out and argue -- but maybe that's not the point.



I recognize that 'harassment is a unilateral decision made by the one who feels it, i.e., the victim, and the perpetrator has no defense against it.


We seniors have been reminded of this with "sexual harassment" and "power-harassment" for the last 20 years or so.


There was undoubtedly a time when "sexual harassment = communication" and "power harassment = education," and there was no problem with such treatment in those days (more accurately, "it was a big problem for the parties involved, but the public didn't take it up" is correct).


But times change, society's values change, and what was acceptable in the past is unacceptable today.


It is important to note that unlike "absolute evil" (murder and violence), "social evil" is constantly changing from day to day.


And it is the seniors (the old guys and old ladies, including me) cannot follow up on these changing social evils.


As a senior citizen, I want to see the government issue an official gazette(*) as "a 'social evil' that goes into effect today."


(*)The Official Gazette is a government public relations magazine and plays an important role as a medium for promulgating laws, government ordinances, treaties, etc.


Aside from that.



Regarding "maru-harassment," my blog is full of "maru-harassment."


My sentences are long, so naturally, there is a lot of punctuation.


And above all, these are not the kind of content that people who are afraid of "." will be able to tolerate.


Discussing social networking communication tools, blogs, or novels in the same category may be unreasonable.



However, I can think of something different from this "maru-harassment."


My pages are visited by roughly 4,000 to 5,000 people daily, which has not changed for the past 2 to 3 years (PV is about 1.5 to 2 times that number).

「2~3年間、変動がないことをどう考えるか 』―― これは、なかなかに難しいのです。

"How should I think about the fact that there will be no change for two to three years?" This is a tricky question.


My writing is unique, and the content is harsh (a collection of solid criticism and sarcasm).


It takes a lot of strength, even for me, to keep reading this every day.


My site is at the level of "Ebata harassment," so to speak, which I may name "Ebahara.


Therefore, I believe those of you who visit my pages daily are the brave ones who have overcome this "ebaharah.


At the very least, I think it is not the kind of blog that young people frightened of "maru-harassment" can enter.


Conversely, the 4,000 to 5,000 of you gathered on this blog can be identified as the "brave" who can stand up to Ebata's "ebahara.

私は、あなたのことを「勇者 ―― ビヨンド エバハラ」、省略して「エバハラ勇者」と命名したいと思います。

I want to name you "Brave -- Beyond Ebahara," or "Ebahara Brave" for short.

でも、少なくとも「エバハラ勇者」は"尊称"にはならないでしょう ―― むしろ、悪い"レッテル"になりそうです。

But at the very least, "Ebahara brave" will not be a "title" -- rather, it will be a bad "label."

2024-02-11 何が言いたいかというと、『先行著作物と全く無関係な創作活動』は、『幻想である』ということです。 [長年日記]

The most famous case between an author and a secondary author should be the "Candy Candy Case," but I have not seen this topic discussed in conjunction with the recent case.


Perhaps this is called an "industry taboo," thinks Ebata (me), who can't read the air.


In copyright law, 'the original author is the strongest' is absolute, but when profit is involved, 'the rich are the strongest' seems the same in every world.



This is an issue that creators and researchers do not want to touch.


My columns are based on various books and open data, and my illustrations are based on illustrations and photos described by others.


Regarding research activities, not a single millimeter of progress can be made without a paper on previous research.


Conversely, my creations are sometimes cited in other works (and there are plenty of diversions and plagiarism).


I have heard that one of my patent specifications, which I wrote but could not patent, has rejected more than 70 subsequent patent applications (the "effect of exclusion of subsequent applications for prior inventions").


I am trying to say that 'creative activity completely unrelated to prior works' is 'an illusion.



At any rate, what is now required of creators is, of course, first and foremost, the creative activity itself.

But the next most crucial thing might be to study the law (copyright law).


It's a hassle, but protecting your work and life is necessary.

2024-02-12 で、私は、今日も今日とて、プログラムの量産中です。 [長年日記]


I have a viewing practice of 'slumbering through a movie while coding,' which is something that should be infuriated by people who love movies.


I will leave it at that and write about two movies today.

(1)"Love from the Camp"


This was the hottest Japanese film of 2022.

妙な既視感があり、視聴後にちょっと調べてみたところ やっぱりありました。1993年にテレビで放送されていました。

I had a strange sense of deja vu, and after watching it, I did a little research. There it was: it was broadcast on TV in 1993.


I'd like to see this one, and I've been exploring YouTube and the like, but I haven't found it yet.

私、この時のテレビドラマの方での衝撃がもの凄かったのです ―― 『遺言を記憶で運ぶ』というメソッド(方法)に、驚愕し、そして、深く感動いたしました。

I was shocked by the TV drama at that time -- I was astonished and deeply moved by the method of "carrying the will in memory."


Because of this personal background, I could not concentrate much on the movie (I was bothered by unnecessary things, like the camps being a bit too beautiful).


Regarding Lagerie, I recommend "Manchukuo Engi" by Yoichi Funado (I checked it out from the library, but it was a heavy (weight) book. It seems to be in a library now).


I recently talked about the live-action version of "Golden Kamui." I would also highly recommend "Ezochi Betsuden."


(2)Jojo Rabbit(2020)


As I have said before, I believe I have seen all the existing and publicly televised images of Auschwitz, as well as documentaries and films, without dropping them.


And, well,

There is also this misunderstanding -- again, my stance is "Fuck, Nazi."


This film was a fun film that balanced the comical and the serious against Nazism from the point of view of a child(?) before he joined the Hitler Youth.


I was tired of the Nazi content, and this film was a relief to me.


Both are available on Amazon Prime.



As of today, I am still in mass production of the program.

2024-02-13 いずれにしても、―― 私の考察/洞察力は、浅すぎる [長年日記]


Yesterday, I referred to "Jojo Rabbit (2020)" as a "fun movie," but I stand corrected.

あれは、真剣に見なければならない映画 ―― 『凄い映画』でした。

That movie had to be taken seriously -- a "great movie."


My wife watched it after hearing me speak, and I was shocked at what she said about it.


Furthermore, after reading the online comments section about the movie, I was shocked to learn about five or so foreshadowing lines.


I'm being swept away by an unexplainable feeling of 'I'm about to cry because I know what the scene means as I read the comments.


In any case,

―― 私の考察/洞察力は、浅すぎる

"My considerations/insights are too shallow."


I am in a state of intense self-loathing.


"Jojo Rabbit" is catching up to "Scent of a Woman."

2024-02-14 我が国で、輸出用の大陸弾道弾ミサイルの開発が公に認められたとしたら、『我が国は、そのミサイルをどこでフィールド実験やるのだろう』と、気になります。 [長年日記]


North Korea has repeatedly conducted missile launch tests.


The experiment has been criticized internationally (more precisely, by the Western camp of UN member states).

しかし、ミサイル開発技術者の視点からすれば ―― 『実験は、多ければ多いほどよい』というと思うのは当然です。

But from a missile development engineer's point of view -- "the more tests, the better.


Technological development is the accumulation of failures because they become so valuable that money cannot replace them.



And it occurred to me that every time I see such images of the vast amount of weapons now being used in Ukraine and Russia, I wonder.

―― いったい、これらの兵器は、どこで実験やっているんだ?

"Where on earth are these weapons being tested?"


There is no way to manufacture weapons without experimentation.


Of course, indoor testing and computerized silation are possible, but ultimately, a weapon's reliability cannot be measured without field (outdoor) testing.


Of course, there will be accidents of malfunctioning weapons that are not in the news, but such weapons will lose their market value.


Weapons, as products, must be able to operate according to specifications.



By the way, the current administration is quickly accomplishing what previous administrations wanted to do but just couldn't.


The "Three Principles on Defense Equipment Transfer" is one of them.


I'm unfamiliar with defense law, but this is similar to the "indirect infringement" analogy in patent law terms (which may be even more confusing).


So, if the development of a continental ballistic missile for export is publicly approved in our country, I wonder, 'Where is our country going to field test that missile?


In our country, which has a world-class peace constitution, I believe and would like to believe that some people would be uncomfortable with such a story.


But perhaps we should all be gutted by now.

2024-02-15 『ゴルゴ13が、クレジットカード支払いに応じてくれるか』 [長年日記]


At my company, all public expense transactions are to be made with a credit card issued by the company.


It is not impossible to do this with receipts, but it is both exceptional and cumbersome.


Every time I see the news these days, I think?


It would be sufficient to issue a credit card exclusively for members of parliament (and their staff).


もちろん、国会議員の仕事の中には、公にはできない仕事もあるでしょう ―― 例えば、政敵や海外の要人を暗殺する為に、ゴルゴ13を雇う、とか。

Of course, there are some jobs that members of Congress can't do publicly -- for example, hiring Golgo 13 to assassinate political opponents or foreign dignitaries.


Therefore, this credit card will be established, including a new expense item.


"Matters Related to Secret Services"



We, the people, should also show consideration that "politics cannot be done neatly" and approve this "Matters Related to Secret Services" expense item.


I would like to know at least a sense of the scale (number of digits of the amount) of the 'confidential business matters,' even if it is inevitable that the details of the 'Matters Related to Secret Services' cannot be disclosed.



Well, the main problem with this proposal is,


Will Golgo 13 accept credit card payments?"



However, I think that from now on, terrorists will not be able to do without cashless support.


In that sense, <North>'s "Theft of Crypto Assets through Cyber Attack" is an excellent case study.

2024-02-16 ―― 私たちは、自分の人生を自分でコントロールできない [長年日記]


I am willing to try any technology that interests me once it is worth the cost and time.


The results may be disclosed to the public if we determine that the information is not "confidential" or detrimental to the company.

これは、遵法精神でもなければ、いわんや愛社精神でもありません ―― 約束(契約)です。

This is not a law-abiding spirit or love for the company; it is a promise (contract).


I have many more stories, some of which I have decided to 'take to my grave.


Aside from that.



I enjoy experimenting with techniques I am interested in, but being forced to do techniques I am not interested in is painful.


I have a technique that intuitively tells me, 'This technique is no good.

For example, they are known as buzzwords.


I try to avoid those technologies, but sometimes, I have to work on them because of work orders.


Occasionally, as expected, it was a no-no, but this can be surprisingly interesting if I am reluctant to work on it.


Nevertheless, if it is a no-no or not, certain results must be achieved if it is a work order.

ダメダメだと思っている技術の仕事を命じられて、予想通りにダメダメな結果を出して、それを理由に上長や幹部から叱責されることがあります ―― これは理不尽で辛いことです。

I may be assigned to work on a technology that I think is no good, produce predictably bad results, and then be reprimanded by my superiors and executives for it -- this is unreasonable and painful.


What I'm trying to say is,

―― 私たちは、自分の人生を自分でコントロールできない

"We are not in control of our own lives."


It is a common story.


Right now, my second daughter is job hunting, to great acclaim.


As I watched, I felt sad, thinking, 'She, too, is going to start a life she cannot control.


Aside from that.


30%:50%:70%の法則 ―― 大学、高校、中学の卒業生が、3年以内に離職する比率です。

The 30%:50%:70% rule is the ratio of college, high school, and secondary school graduates who leave the workforce within three years.


This has not changed in the last 20 years.


Whether one sees this law as "tragic" or "deserved" depends on one's point of view.


However, from the perspective of the current government's stated goal of "workforce mobility," the opposite can be seen.

90%:90%:90%の法則 ―― 新入社員の9割が3年以内に離職する世界の実現。これができれば、日本の労働人口の流動は確実になります。

The 90%:90%:90% rule is a world in which 90% of new hires leave their jobs within three years. If this can be achieved, the fluidity of the Japanese workforce will be assured.


I don't know if it will increase productivity (well, it will decrease...dramatically).



The mobility of the workforce is,


(1) Not all newly created jobs will be enjoyable for everyone.


(2) To cope with the newly created work, it is necessary to study all over again from the beginning.


We need to face the reality that


Either way, it is probably true that the mobility of the workforce is hampered by what many people consider a "hassle.

好きなことであれば、勉強しなおすことも苦痛ではないでしょうが ―― 基本的に、多くの人にとって、勉強は、苦痛です。

If it's something you love, it won't be painful to study again -- but, for many people, studying is painful.


It is natural for anyone to want to "make the rest of my life easy, using only what I have learned through hard work.

2024-02-17 少なくとも、ミシンは「スタートボタン」だけで始められるようなものではないことは、分かりました。 [長年日記]


I like to restore things and keep using them.


Cheapskate, frugality, SDGs, etc., are outside my scope.


I am simply a pervert who likes to DIY, likes to restore but is a pain in the ass, and takes pleasure in extending the lifetime of things.


Yesterday, I also did a DIY haircut (self-cut).


And as a result, I have three bald spots on my head, which I consider positive.

「江端は過度の仕事のストレスで脱毛症になったんだ → 江端の仕事を減らさないと、また江端が『抑うつ』になるぞ」と、誰かに思って貰えれば、とか(※)。

If someone thinks, "Ebata got alopecia due to excessive work stress → if we don't reduce Ebata's workload, he will become 'depressed' again" (*), or something.

(*'Depression' is a harrowing disease; I shouldn't write this in jest (although I do).)


That aside.



Yesterday, I was on Amazon researching sewing machines.

I was thinking of buying a cheap sewing machine, as there seem to be some available these days for around 5,000 yen.


I use "wood bond" to attach everything to extend the lifetime of my jeans.


However, the other day, my jeans broke to an extent that this was difficult.

普通に「捨てる」が一択となるような、破れ方だったのですが ―― それでは、何か「負けたような気」がしまして。

It was a rupture, where "throw-away" would generally be the only choice -- but then, I felt like I was "lost" by something.

で、ミシンについてYouTubeで勉強していたのですが、上糸とか下糸とかの設置、糸の張り巡らせ方、ミシンの操作など、―― 見ていたら目が眩みそうになりました。

So I was learning about sewing machines on YouTube, setting up upper and lower threads, tensioning the threads, operating the sewing machine, etc. I was almost dazzled by what I was seeing.

I have found, at least, that sewing machines are not something you can start with the "start button."


This broke my heart.

I wish that sewing machines had been taught in this "wiring study" as well.


パソコンにUSBで接続したら、CAD画面がでてきて、そこに設計図を投入すると、勝手に動き出す ―― そういうミシンは、まだ世の中に存在していないようです。

When connected to a PC via USB, a CAD screen appears, and when a blueprint is input, the sewing machine starts working independently. However, such sewing machines do not seem to exist yet.


For now, I will wait for the arrival of the "PC-compatible USB sewing machine" while painting sections of my jeans with wood glue.

2024-02-18 『9日間の忍耐』ができるエンジニア ―― これが、SLIMプロジェクトのエンジニアの皆さんと、私の決定的な差です。 [長年日記]


I am a person with a twisted personality who cannot honestly enjoy the success of others.




When I learned of the successful launch of the H3 rocket


I was so happy that I almost cried when I learned of the "successful launch of the H3 rocket.

Engineers are in the business of continually failing.

でも、本当に、たまに、こういう成功があるから、エンジニアはやめられない ―― と思うこともあります。

But, sometimes, successes like this make me think -- I can't stop being an engineer.



Of course, I was also happy to hear the news of the landing of the SLIM lunar probe on the moon.


But what astonished me more was the "SLIM reboot."


"Sunlight hit the solar panels, and they started working for the first time in about nine days."


I read from this article that the engineers had to shut down communication with the system for nine days, saving power and holding still until it was time to reboot.


I (Ebata) am an impatient person, and if the system set up in the company's laboratory stops working, I try to access it by any means possible, and even if it is the middle of the night, I go to work to restart the system.


『9日間の忍耐』ができるエンジニア ―― これが、SLIMプロジェクトのエンジニアの皆さんと、私の決定的な差です。

Engineers with "nine days of patience" are the critical difference between the engineers on the SLIM project and me.


This is 'the greatest compliment'.

2024-02-20 ―― いいなぁ、そんなに夢のある会社なら、私もそこに再就職したいなぁ [長年日記]


Recently, my second daughter has been attending remote information sessions for job hunting.


She sometimes opens the computer in the living room, so when it butts up with meal times, I bring my meals into my room to eat.


And, well, in the meantime, I'm hearing a bit of a presentation,

―― いいなぁ、そんなに夢のある会社なら、私もそこに再就職したいなぁ

"I envy you. If it's such a dream company, I wish to work at the company again."


I sometimes think that.



With apologies to job hunters and corporate recruiters, but looking back over my life so far, I'm sorry to say this, but in my life,


I've found that most of the time, the "dream companies" are just dreams.


A company information session is what we call a "blind date.

『夢があるだけ』の男や女の無責任な発表会場の延長 ―― と考えるのが妥当でしょう。

It is reasonable to consider it an extension of the irresponsible presentation halls of men and women who "only have dreams" -- a place for irresponsible presentations.


If you want to keep your job for a long time, it is crucial not to dream excessively.

2024-02-21 ―― いいなぁ、そんなに夢のある会社なら、私もそこに再就職したいなぁ [長年日記]


Our neighbor country, South Korea, has a fertility rate of 0.78 in 2022.


I will repeat it. It is





When I heard this story, I said in my mind

―― は?



And my mind went blank.


I, before, wrote



At the time of writing, it really "wasn't there."


我が国、日本は「課題先進国」―― と言えば、聞こえはいいですが、世界のどの国家よりも「先に"地雷"を踏む運命にある国』です。

Japan is a country with advanced issues. It sounds excellent to say, but Japan is a country that is destined to step on landmines before any other nation in the world.


However, our friendly neighbors (our neighbors next door are virtual enemies) have not only "landmines" but "national survival" in their scope.

近い未来、私たちは、この問題に関して、韓国に学ぶ場面が出てきます ―― その結果がどうなろうとも、です。

Soon, we will have occasions to learn from South Korea on this issue, no matter the consequences.

2024-02-22 ―― 証券会社の社員が、くす玉割って、オフィスで拍手をしているニュースを見ると、非常にムカムカします。 [長年日記]


The Nikkei Stock Average has exceeded its highest level during the bubble period.


As a student during the bubble period, I never 'danced in the bubble,' but then I think I was one-sidedly 'kept getting hit by the bubble.'


Of course, the government and securities firms are not the only ones to blame for the bubble economy, but still,

―― 証券会社の社員が、くす玉割って、オフィスで拍手をしているニュースを見ると、非常にムカムカします。

"I get very ticked off when I see news of securities firm employees breaking the decorative paper ball and clapping in their offices."



It would be the opposite.


Isn't today the day that should give us that same solemn feeling we have at noon on the anniversary of the end of the war (August 15) and at the time of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


I would like to see an inscription in the lobbies of securities firms that reads, "We will never repeat our mistake," I would like all employees to join in a "silent prayer" there.


Are there any supporters?


Well, they won't be there.



Incidentally, there is controversy over the inscription on the Cenotaph for the Atomic Bomb Victims.


By the way, I am of the "I won't let them repeat their mistake" school of thought.

2024-02-23 少なくとも私(江端)のコードよりは、美しく見やすく、バグがほとんどありません。 [長年日記]


I am writing the specifications now.

===== ここから =====

===== from here =====

(3) 本件における「GitHub Copilotでソフト保守」をする意義

(3) Significance of "software maintenance with GitHub Copilot" in this case.

上記「(a)修正」を目的として、GitHub Copilotを活用する意義は以下の通りです。

The significance of utilizing GitHub Copilot for "(a) Modification" above is as follows.




The above content (significance) is denied to me as a programmer.


The program that Copilot creates is undoubtedly refined, consistent, and balanced.


It is at least more beautiful and easier to read than my (Ebata's) code and has very few bugs.


Unfortunately, we will have to accept this reality.

===== ここまで =====

===== so far =====


The last four lines listed here will be removed during the review phase, but these are "facts."


I felt very, very sad when I was writing this.

2024-02-24 ―― "AI"に人類を滅亡させる能力はないけど、人類を滅亡させるアプローチを、"人間"が、AIとの議論の中で見付け出す可能性は高まってきている [長年日記]


I once described an AI technology using the "divination" paradigm.


In this column, I concluded,


(1) The business of "fortune-telling" is a collaborative creative activity based on a conversation between a "fortune-teller" and a "customer who is coming for a fortune-telling session.


(2) In (1) above, the expected output and process "is to derive 'the answer that the customer coming the divination wants.



I am still absolutely confident in this conclusion, so if anyone has a problem with it, please dispute it with me.


When I see a self-proclaimed "fortune teller" speaking on a TV program, I immediately walk away from the TV.


It's because I feel like my eyes are dirty, my ears are rotten, and I've lost time (even if it's only for a few seconds).

しかしながら、私には、「こういう番組を『楽しい』と思う人の気持ちまでも、害する権利はない」と思っています ―― 特に、それが自分の家族であったりする場合などは。

However, I do not believe I have the right to "harm even the feelings of those who find these programs 'enjoyable' -- especially if they are my family members.


So, the right thing to do in these situations is to "walk away quietly.


On page 5 of the column introduced in this issue, I have compiled a table of past incidents that led to the "near extinction of the human race.


And, well, all of this is human error and has nothing to do with AI technology.


Recently, however, I have felt that "AI technology" has caught up with me to the point where I cannot ignore it.


ごぞんじの通り、最近の私は、ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotを使い倒しています。

As you know, I have been using ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot a lot lately.


And the way it is used is just like a Copilot.

相談を持ちかけて、その応答を受け、その内容の一部について、さらに議論をふっかけて、その回答を得て・・・という繰り返しを続けることによって ――

By offering advice, receiving a response, and then engaging in further discussion of some of the content, getting a response, and so forth, and so on and on...

―― 自分の中に潜んでいた思考が、言語化/具象化されて出現する

"Thoughts lurking inside I emerge as verbalized/embodied."


I can achieve the above.


Two important things are,


(1) AI technology is not the main focus; it is my partner.




(2) The ability to keep "repeating" as many times as possible.


ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotは、どんなに長く使っても「疲れることがありません」(疲れるのは私だけ)。

ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot "never get tired" (I'm the only one who gets tired), no matter how long I use them.

もちろん、ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotも、20回以上もつっこんで議論していると、その論法が自己矛盾(というか「循環論法」)に陥いることがあります。

Of course, ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot can also be self-contradictory (or "circular argument") in their arguments after 20 or more times of poking and prodding.

で、この自己矛盾や循環論法は、(現時点では)ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotも自力で気がつくことができないようです。

This self-contradiction and circular argument seems (at the moment) to be something that ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot cannot even notice on their own.

これに気がつき、質問の内容や設定の背景を変えるなどして、議論の舞台を取り替えるのは、人間様である私の役目 ―― となっています(現時点では)。

It is up to me, the human being, to notice this and change the stage of the discussion by changing the content of the question or the background of the setting -- for now.



What I am trying to say is,

―― "AI"に人類を滅亡させる能力はないけど、人類を滅亡させるアプローチを、"人間"が、AIとの議論の中で見付け出す可能性は高まってきている

"AI" cannot destroy humanity, but it is increasingly likely that "humans" will find approaches to destroy humankind in discussions with AI."


This is what I 'feel'.


What is essential is that the above phrase is not something I derived by "logic" but something I actually "feel" as I am confronted with AI daily.



Frankly, this reality is quite "uncomfortable" for me.

なぜ、不快と思うのか? ―― それは、"生成AI(ChatGPTとGitHub Copilot)"と"私"の関係が、私がバカにしくさっている、"占い師"と"占いにやってくる客"の関係と同じであるからです。

Why do I find it uncomfortable? -- It is because the relationship between the "generated AI (ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot)" and "I" is the same as the relationship between a "fortune teller" and a "fortune teller's customer," which I make fun of.


Of course, I believe that fortune-telling is incomparably more "vulgar" in its character and significance.


However, even if we limit ourselves to the relationship and approach, I think it is not too much to say that the two are not "similar" but rather "joint."


The only difference is that the object of belief is either a "fortune teller" or a "generative AI."


This fact now makes me feel intensely uncomfortable.

2024-02-25 まさか、私が生きている間に、同じような場面に立ち会えるとはなぁ ―― と、ちょっと感動しています。 [長年日記]


This is a continuation of yesterday's story.

故小松左京先生の「さよならジュピター」(徳間文庫版 p.394)より引用します。

The following is a quote from "Bye-Bye Jupiter" (Tokuma Bunko edition, p.394) by the late Sakyo Komatsu.

===== 引用ここから =====

===== Quote from here =====


"Are you okay with pushing yourself too hard?"


Dr. Bernard murmured as he peered under Millie's hand.


"A long time ago, I knew a guy who thought too hard about crossword puzzles and became aphasic for about six months. ......"


"I, on the other hand, if I start doing something, I have to keep doing it. ......"


Millie brushed her hair out of her face.


"Besides, what I am doing now is a kind of "training" for this computer: ......"


"I'm not sure about that for someone like me, who is a field opponent in the rough-and-tumble discipline of cosmic archaeology. ......"


Dr. Bernard smiled faintly.


"Is there still room for human beings to try to fill in the blanks on a problem ?"


"Yes, ....... Humans are supposed to be "fools" in that case. ......"


Millie said as she switched off the computer.


"The computer also makes some excellent deductions, but its reasoning is too logical and methodical ...... to check for, how shall we say, the most preposterous and ridiculous of possibilities. I guess.


In other words, computers are not yet good at dealing with nonsense and humor.


So, when I come up with crazy possibilities that look like something out of Alice in Wonderland and demand solution after solution, the computer suffers, its eyes glazing over.


But if I don't accept the "unanswerable" output and repeatedly ask it questions from different angles, It will gradually become smarter. ......"


"Poor thing, I guess that computer is being squeezed by you too ......"


Dr. Bernard broke into a smile.

===== 引用ここまで =====

===== Quote here =====



This is the same as "how to use ChatGPT well".

まさか、私が生きている間に、同じような場面に立ち会えるとはなぁ ―― と、ちょっと感動しています。

I never thought I would witness a similar scene in my lifetime -- and I am a bit moved by it.


Anyway, read "Bye-bye Jupiter."

2024-02-26 しかし、『空気を読まない行動が、恋愛や結婚で、どれほどの惨劇を引き起こすか』については、理解をしておく必要があります。 [長年日記]


A reader asked the following question.



I don't care about responding to a question like the one on a Japanese exam that asks you to "Choose the one from A to D that comes closest to the feelings of the author who wrote this sentence.

However, studying this question response is essential in love and marriage, but that's another story for another time."


Would it be possible for you to explain this in detail?




The questions for this type of language test are,


(1) To grasp the overall view of the author's situation in the story,


(2) Infer the psychological state of the author and the characters surrounding the author from their words, actions, and behavior.


This is the training of "mind-reading."


Of course, this is not the same as "espionage" (a term meaning espionage or intelligence gathering).


It is an exercise in "mind-reading" to estimate the inner motivation and motivation of the story designer who has set up the closed virtual space of the story.


The most common situations in which this "mind reading" is used are in love and marriage.



In general, I would say that people with good grades in Japanese have the following potential abilities.


(1) Good communication skills


(2) Rich in knowledge and education


(3) Self-confidence and self-expression



However, the ability to manifest such "mind-reading" potential skills, in addition to their efforts, qualities, and talents, are,


(1) Abuse of communication skills


(2) Tend to mount others by knowledge and education.


(3) Tend to be devoted to reading and literature and indifferent to human relations.


We often have these problems (I'm not saying it's about me).



In short, I think the aim of the questions in this type of language test is non-verbal communication, or "training to read the air."


We will not be ruled by 'reading the air.'


However, we need to understand 'how much tragedy can be caused by actions(e.g., love and marriage) that are not in the air.


I am proud to say I am a "man of many words."



In the following question, "Choose the one from A to D that is closest to the feelings of the author of this text,


"If you choose the one that is the furthest away from the author's feelings, what tragedy awaits the author?"


I think adding this question would help us understand better.

2024-02-27 ―― 私たちが"知性"と信じてきたものは、案外コンピュータで計算できる程度の)ショボイものかもしれない [長年日記]


Thanks to open source, I can use computer resources with great ease. I appreciate it.


Thank you so much for letting me use this excellent software for free.


Perhaps we software engineers are the "wealthiest people in the world.


Surprisingly, I think this idea may be right on the money.

オープンソースソフトウェアをダウンロードする度に、ATMから1万円札が溢れ出てくるような感じ ――

"Every time I download open source software, it's like an ATM overflowing with 10,000 yen bills."


If we can arrive at this image, software engineers are the richest in the world.


I was looking for it, and I found it.


Aside from that.



As usual, I bring my tablet into the bath and read a book.


I had written this before,


These days, I would instead take the risk of submerging my tablet than an analog book.


It is easier to read in the bath.


Recently, I have been reading the web novel site Kakuyom.

Of these novels, I am currently 'recommending' this one.



I used to avoid this kind of AI stuff. I used to avoid this kind of AI stuff because it made me angry when I read it.


Recently, I have been using generative AI extensively, and I have also been taking on requests for work related to generative AI.


Amidst all this, I feel my way of thinking is changing.


It's starting to seem like, 'In the future, the AI in this novel could appear.


That does not mean that "AI has intelligence".


I still think that anyone who believes in "cingular points" should wait until they are dead.


My paradigm shift is the exact opposite of that.

―― 私たちが"知性"と信じてきたものは、案外コンピュータで計算できる程度の)ショボイものかもしれない

"What we have believed to be "intelligence" may be same as what a computer can compute."



The idea is "downgrading intelligence on the human side.


Well, I think it's a bit of a sad thought for humanity, but that's really how I feel when I learn about the current capabilities of generative AI.



I just asked ChatGPT, "I think the current generative AI has passed the Turing Test easier. the ChatGPI turned it to me,


"The consensus is that, while generative AI is indeed evolving and capable of generating human-like text, it still doesn't pass the Turing test lightly."



I don't know if this is fact, modesty, or whether ChatGPT is tuned to answer in that way

ChatGPTから『そんなこと、当たり前じゃないですか』と返されたら ―― それはそれで、ムカつくと思う。

ChatGPT responds, 'Isn't that obvious?' -- I think that would piss me off.

2024-02-28 つまるところ、私の"空振り"は、SDGsなんです ―― 世界は救いませんが。 [長年日記]


There is a gap in the perception of the requested work between the party that places the request and the party that receives the request.


I have been on the "receiving end" of research requests for most of my working life.


(Occasionally, when outsourcing software, I become the requesting party (client)).


So, up to now, I have continued to misunderstand the request.



For example, the client only 'wanted a one-page summary,' but I 'made a big 20-page piece.


This tragedy could have been avoided if the client had asked for a one-page summary at the request stage.


However, these matters will occur if the client assumes that the "one-page summary" has already been recognized.


My works are a series of these things.



So, the strategy I am taking is,

―― 『100%の共通認識』などは、しょせん夢物語だから、『先に作ってしまえ』です。

-- "100% common understanding" is a pipe dream, so "let me make it first."


Nevertheless, "20 pages" instead of "1 page" is much wasted work.


It seems like a tremendous loss and, in fact, a waste of time.


Reviewing my work life, I feel that "90% of my work is empty".


As a member of society, I may be disqualified.


However, the work begins to move when the "thing" becomes visible (or takes shape).


This is because "we can understand things that we don't understand each other."



However, I can do this kind of reckless work because my work is related to documentation and software and because I am a private contractor.


If this were urban design, construction, or other infrastructure work involving more than 100 people, it would not be enough to say, "We realized our mistake midway through the project.



So, if you ask me if 90% of the work I struck out to create was a complete waste of time, I can't necessarily say that this was the case.


It can (and sometimes does) get diverted to other jobs, columns, or elsewhere.


It is no exaggeration to say that 90% of the columns and technical notes I publish on my website are reused (after filtering for confidentiality).

つまるところ、私の"空振り"は、SDGsなんです ―― 世界は救いませんが。

After all, my "swing" is the SDGs -- not saving the world.


By the way, I made three mistakes today (in code, patents, and specifications); I just remembered them from this morning.


Today, too, I am "striking out" with great enthusiasm.

2024-02-29 「十分に発達した汎用技術は、発明創成の阻害要因である」 [長年日記]

I have been applying for inventions dealing with space-time and other matters for some time now.


My patented inventions are "science fiction novel/anime dependent."


(Incidentally, "Steins;Gate" aired "after" my application.)



However, with the recent emergence of generative AI and the metaverse, "relying on science fiction novels/animations" has become difficult.


Yesterday, too, I spent all night in the group chat room struggling with a patent story idea.


Though "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.," as defined by science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke,


In my opinion,


"Well-developed general-purpose technology is a disincentive to invention.


I believe this to be true.


I am now exhausted from simulating an intra-brain battle (argument) with the patent examiner regarding Article 29(2) of the Patent Law (inventive step).