2020-08-01 ―― 何人の日本人が"涙することができるか" [長年日記]


こちらこちら でも述べましたが、7月から始まった「やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。完」は、予想に違わぬ、大変素晴しい作品になっています。

As I've already mentioned (1) here and (2) here, "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong、As I Expected -- Final" which started in July, and it's turning out to be a great work, as I expected.


I am very happy.

And while I give the biggest compliment to the original author, I'm still jealous.


I don't have anything to say again, especially since many of you have already commented on this week's fourth episode with rave reviews.



I was reading the last three minutes of the heroine's final three minute monologue at the end of the show on Youtube with "English subtitles" and I was quite shocked.

―― こういう風に訳すのか

"That's how they translate it"



This work is unique in that it makes the characters speak with abstracted messages about their emotions.


Naturally, there will be lines of dialogue that do not have a clear subject or object.


So, this time, the use of tenses (present perfect, past perfect), subjunctive past, and auxiliary verbs in the English subtitles of the heroine's message in Episode 4 "really makes sense".


For example,

■"I'm glad my tears have stopped"


The phrase is a good description of the immediate and current situation.

■"I can't be a girl that people feel sorry for"


This is the heroine's use of "can't" as a will to show her "determination".

■"I couldn't ask him he's helping her"


The present progressive tense used here indicates consistent behavior in the present, past and future of "him".

■"But I could never give up, let go, and refuse the way that she did"


This also shows that the objects of the first two verbs are engaged by the last relational pronoun.

■"Now and forever, my teas won't stop"


This includes "meaning," but it's "good! I shouted.

■I wish my teas hadn't stopped then


I think this phrase, "a wish for the (unrecoverable) past," is a great sentence.

In general, grammar/tense is good if you can express a situation, not if you have to use it as instructed in the textbook.


問題は ―― この英文で(もちろんストーリーの背景等は理解しているという前提で)、

The problem is -- with this English sentence (assuming, of course, that you understand the background of the story, etc.)

―― 何人の日本人が"涙することができるか"

"How many Japanese can "weep"?



At least I don't think I'm going to be impressed at all with the above English phrases because I'm "pulled into the key set of English textbooks".


At the same time, I thought that studying English by using this kind of content (anime and novels) would be very effective.


(I just haven't come up with an approach to it.)


私たち日本人が、"心"のレベルで英文を読み聞きできるようになるには、あと何年必要となるんだろうなぁ ―― などと考えていました。

I wondered how many more years it would take for us Japanese to be able to read and listen to English at a "mental" level.

2020-08-02 ―― 私の半生は、このコロナ禍の時代に向けた準備期間であったのかもしれない [長年日記]


It's natural that the probability of encountering an accident, whether in a car or on a motorcycle, increases in proportion to the amount of time you drive and the distance you drive.


Of course, your driving skills may improve in proportion to the amount of time you drive and the distance you drive, but there is an upper limit to that value.


There is no such thing as "improving driving technology endlessly".


Therefore, the correct answer is "to keep driving time and distance as small as possible in order to prevent traffic accidents."


It's just a matter of probability.


The same is true for the risk of infection in corona disasters.

The correct answer is "a mask and hand washing are important to prevent infection, but more than that, do not contact people as much as possible."


It's just a matter of probability too.



It's a stressful day for many people just because they can't go out as much as they'd like.

人間は社会的存在 ―― つまり、集団として存在することを前提 ―― とされているからです。

This is because humans are supposed to be social beings -- that is, they are supposed to exist as a group.


However, we are now encouraged to act as "individual" rather than as a "group".



By the way, I don't think I've always been resistant to "individual" or "loneliness".


Ever since I was in elementary school, I liked to walk home alone when I left school, with all sorts of (pretentious behavior) thoughts in my head.


When I had to leave with a friend, I was disappointed that I couldn't make up a story (in my head) today.


I don't think I was very good at "playing with more than one friend" in the first place.


Even when I was in a position where I had to organize a group of people (e.g., student council president), the sense of "I am alone" never left me.


I was thinking about a post-dating plan (eg going back to my lab at midnight to do data analysis) during the dating.


And before the Coronal began, I wrote in my diary about "eating alone", "reading alone", and "thinking alone".


After all, I am more likely to be more tolerant of being "lonely" than others.



However, until now, I have chosen that "loneliness" at my own will.


I'm not really confident that I will be able to think in the same way when I have no choice but to be "alone".



In any case, society is now demanding "to be a lone" as a desirable thing.

―― 私の半生は、このコロナ禍の時代に向けた準備期間であったのかもしれない

"My half-life may have been the preparation period for this coronal era"


When I think about it, I feel an indescribable irony.

2020-08-03 ―― その"生産性"を上げるのは、"私以外の誰か"で良くね? [長年日記]


The "Google Method of Working" advocates the following to increase productivity (I haven't read it)


(1) Don't do it alone.


(2) Don't do it for a long time.


(3) Don't attend meetings.


Okay, maybe this is the right thing to do "to increase productivity".


But simply replacing it with "I don't care of productivity", the method falls apart in tatters.



Me, I've studied productivity pretty thoroughly.

As a result, I found that "there is no agreed-upon definition of productivity.


I also learned that there is no strong correlation between "productivity" and "happiness".


「生産性を上げる = 幸福」と「幸福 = 善」から、「生産性を上げる = 善」という三段論法は成立します。

The triadic argument, "Increase productivity = happiness" and "Happiness = goodness," is established from "Increase productivity = goodness.


However, it can also be interpreted as,

―― その"生産性"を上げるのは、"私以外の誰か"で良くね?

"Why can't someone other than me make it more productive?"


さらに、「Google式仕事術」が、"この私"に「楽しさや喜びを与えているのか?」 という点について、私には分からないのです。

Furthermore, I can't know that "Google Method of Working" gives me joy and pleasure of mine.


- Even if I don't write your own column, someone else writes an interesting column, so I can read it.


- There are many people who can draw beautiful illustrations in the world, so I can outsource to them.


- I can ask a professional to do the coding for me.


I think these are absolutely right.


(To be continued)

2020-08-04 その全てが「下手くそ」です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

私は、コラムを書くのが好きで、イラストを描くのが好きで、コーディングをするのが好きで、そして ――

I like to write columns, I like to illustrate, I like to code, and


I am not good at all of them.


So, I think it's most efficient to leave these things to others, and there is no doubt that it will increase so-called "productivity".


But is it "fun"?


Do you love what you created and worked, more than other people's creations and works ?


I don't know that.


Therefore my "approach to making me happy


(1) Do it alone.


(2) Do it for a long time.


(3) Don't attend meetings.(It's the same as Google here, from now and to now)


I think I'll continue to do them.



As a result, I think that this is about a matter of human scale.


While I like "technology" and especially the "little tricks, for people who like "service" and "business", the "Google Method of Working" is the right approach.


I feel happy to please other people.


However I can't feel many happiness to please many other people.


In conclusion,


"I don't have what it takes"


I have no objection to this conclusion.

2020-08-05 いわゆる「自粛警察」をやっている人で、COCOAを知らない人がいたら、あなたは、その「自称警察官」、殴っていいです。 [長年日記]

Whether or not masks are effective in fighting corona infection is described here.

It's also clear that you can't think of being infected or not as a "0" and a "1", as described here.


But whatever the effect, it is true that "masks" have become a kind of etiquette.


And the "mask" is the first step of steps in so-called "corona literacy".


For me, I would like to suggest that in addition to this mask, the COCOA (new corona contact verification app) be included in this etiquette.


I've already written a lot about COCOA, so please refer to it.

Installing COCOA is a personal choice, but I would recommend that you install it.

It's not so much "full security" as it is "not at all worth the cost to hack.


I believe you can determine a person's "corona literacy" by whether or not they have/don't have implement a "COCOA installation".



There are many ways to do this, but the easiest way is to ask a question,


"Have you installed COCOA?



If the person says "of course", I think his/her literacy level is "1".


"Oh, COCOA. But I'm worried about personal information...", I think it's safe to say that he/she have a literacy level of "0.9".


In comparison to,

■「COCOA? 何ですか、それ?」という人は、「リテラシー"0"」と断定して良いでしょう。

If the person says "COCOA? What's that?", I think his/her literacy level is "0".


If you're a so-called "self-restraint police" and you don't know COCOA, I will hit you absolutely.


In addition, I will shout "Do not be silly!" loudly,


(To be continued)

2020-08-06 『COCOAによって、個人情報を抜き取られる心配はしなくていいよ』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However there is a way to know whether a person has installed COCOA app, without talking. It is to make

―― 「自分の目の前にいる人が『COCOAアプリをインストールしているか』を確認するアプリ」

"An app that checks to see if the person in front of you has the COCOA app installed"


(I will call this app COCOA' for convenience)


The point is that the COCOA app is open source and publicly available.


This means that anyone with the time, ability, skills and energy can develop COCOA's derivative application, COCOA'.


However, to be precise, this app cannot detect the contents of the phone of the "person in front of you" mentioned above.


The COCOA' can only detect


- Within a radius of about 10 meters from your phone,


- Number of "phones with COCOA installed



So, in order to identify whether or not the "person in front of you" has COCOA installed. the condition is given:


"There is no one else within a radius of approximately 10 meters except that person.




The principle of operation of 'COCOA' is simple.


The COCOA' tries to find a phone that is transmitting COCOA's Bluetooth signal.


That's all the app can do.


What's more, the information in the Bluetooth radio waves is not tied to personal information (such as the phone's solid number), so it cannot be used to identify an individual.


I'm sure you've looked for free WiFi access points around town.


COCOA' just does the same thing.



If I (or someone else) develops this COCOA', it could be a bit interesting.

『COCOAをインストールしている人 = コロナリテラシーが高い』という仮説を"真"とした上で、以下のようなこと調査や判断ができるようになります。

If the hypothesis that "people who have COCOA installed = high corona literacy" is true, then the following investigations and judgments can be made.


For example,


- Launching 'COCOA' at the entrance of an izakaya or noodle shop


This allows you to see at a glance how many people in that store are running COCOA.


Before entering a store, you can find out, roughly, the number of "high corona literate" customers in that store before you walk in.


(I wouldn't go into a ramen shop with 10 customers if there were only three phones with COCOA running at the entrance of a ramen shop)


- Launching 'COCOA' at your workplace or at a drinking venue.


You can observe the "corona literacy" of your organization or group as a group.


(For me, I'm hoping it can be used as a trump card to "use that as an excuse to refuse to attend a drinking session".)


In the future,


A sign that says, "we do not allow people who do not have a smartphone with COCOA installed to enter the store".


The paper could be put up in front of the entrances of all establishments (government offices, amusements, schools), not just restaurants.



I took a quick look at the source code and it seems to me that developing this new app (COCOA') is a bit of a challenge.


I don't have enough skills or time, but the time factor seems to be particularly significant.


Therefore, for the time being, my work is to to write a column that explains easily


"You don't have to worry about COCOA extracting your personal information"

を、分かりやすく解説するコラムを執筆する ―― こっちなら役に立てるかもしれません。

I might be able to help you with this work.

2020-08-07 『なるほど、彼ら彼女らの言っている「本物」とは、「量子状態にある量子ビット」のようなものか』 [長年日記]

I hate a saying "there is no evil person who do XXXX".

I wrote about the topic here



I think that the thought of "High ethical standards indwell in a special action or type of work" is


unenlightened, local outlook, self-contained and


illogical, nonmathmatica, nonstatistical,

ぶっちゃけて言えば「アホの戯言」 ―― と思っています。

I think that it is "stupid shit", if I speaks quietly.



I can watch this "stupid shit" in work I am working on, research and other activities, as well as the groups and organizations I belong.


That aside.



As you know, I have recently been studying quantum theory.

この量子という微小な物質の振る舞いが、人間という巨視的な物体の振る舞いに投射することで、なんでもかんでも、"量子"に結びつけて考えることができるように思えて ――

It's as if I can relate everything to the quantum. It means that I can understand the behavior of this quantum matter by projecting it into the behavior of a macroscopic object called a human being.


Hence, I try to keep myself on high alert.


I honestly wondered if I could use "quantum" to create a religion. and I really found that


- A cult that bases its doctrine on quantum behavior.



- A book of life hacks that develops a philosophy from the behavior of the quantum




Last night, while I was watching episode 5 of "My youth romantic comedy is wronte, as I expected -- final", I came to think


"I see, the "real thing" they say is like "a qubit in a quantum state."


and that hit me.


I came to think that my thoughts were same as


- by trying to interpret the content of the "creation" by bringing in a convenient method (quantum mechanics) that I can interpret myself.


- the lowly cult and easy life hack books above.


- the above "stupid shit".



This approach to thinking is the same thing in the extreme as "fascism" as the far right, or "communism" as the far left, or "fundamentalism" as a cult

メソッドと結びついた(特に、論理的に整合性があるものや、あるいは物理法則などに結びついた)考え方は、「極」に走りがちであり、それらが権力や大衆と結びついた時 ―― 数百万から数千万もの人々を殺害してしまう

Ideas tied to methods (especially those that are logically consistent or tied to physical laws, etc.) tend to run to the "extreme", and when that ideas are associated with power and the masses -- it will kill millions to tens of millions of people.


I must not forget it,

―― と、いうようなことを、


I was thinking about this, and so on, while watching episode 5 of "My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, I expexted -- final"

2020-08-08 『(無自覚感染の)子どもや自分が老親の実家に帰省する』→『老親が感染、発病、入院する』 → 『高い確率で病院で帰らぬ人となる』 [長年日記]

Most of the numbers I have in my head regarding COVID-19 are in this column.

According to data from the Diamond Princess,


- Chance of infection: 20%


- Chance of death of an infected person: 2%




I think that my mortality rate from COVID-19, in the normal range of life, is

「0.4%(1000人に4人) + α(年齢を考慮)」

"0.4% (4 in 1,000) + alpha (taking into account age)



On the other hand,

- the mortality rate for those infected with influenza is (in my age group) 0.01% (*)




On the basis of one flu death, COVID-19 will kill 20 people.


And it's not off the mark to think


Moreover, it is a disgusting virus that can rapidly and drastically change human condition and cause considerable and terrible suffering to humans.


This is because the virus (any virus) has a survival strategy of trying to spread the infection by inflicting terrible suffering on humans for as long as possible, and by gathering people (doctors, nurses) to treat them as much as possible.

今更ながら「新型コロナウイスル = 殺人ウイルス」であることを、再認識しています。

After all this time, I am reminded that "new corona virus = killer virus".


「新型コロナウイルス疾患(COVID-19)による死亡率 7.5%」 ――

"The mortality rate from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is 7.5%"


When I saw this phrase in the newspaper, I was pale.


- "7.5%" instead of "0.4% (mortality in daily life)" or "2% (mortality after infection)"?


- What does that mean?

■母数は何だ? 母数は?

- What's the population size?


- I don't care if it is lower than the West!


To tell you the truth, I was upset.


- If you're infected and hospitalized, one out of ten times I won't make it out alive?


===== ニュースの記事 ======

===== News article from here =====


The National Center for Global Health and Medicine analyzed the course of 2,638 hospitalized patients from March to early July 2020. At the time of admission, 68.1%, or 1,796 people were in mild or moderate condition. 840 people, or 31.9%, were seriously ill.


There were 197 hospital admissions, or 7.5% of all deaths, which is significantly less than in the UK and the US, where the mortality rate is over 20%.

===== ニュースの記事(ここまで) ======

===== News article (to here) =====

197人 ÷ 0.075 = 2626.66 となっていることから、このデータの母数が"入院患者2,638人"を示していることは明らかです。

197 patients ÷ 0.075 = 2,626.66, which clearly indicates that the population of this data represents "2,638 inpatients".


So, if the COVID-19 makes you an "inpatient" instead of an "overnight care for minor illnesses",

―― "10人(正確には13人)のうち1人"は、生還できない

"One out of ten (13 to be exact) won't make it out alive."


seems to be a fact.


And in the West.

―― "5人のうち1人"は、生還できない

"One out of five may not make it out alive"



"COVID-19 is a disease with an extremely high mortality rate"


I reaffirm the fact that, and I am pale once again.



Here's my personal opinion.

『(無自覚感染の)子どもや自分が老親の実家に帰省する』→『老親が感染、発病、入院する』 → 『高い確率で病院で帰らぬ人となる』

If your child and you with an unconscious infected, are going home to your parents, your old parents infected, sick, hospitalized, and your old parents won't return to the hospital.


I can see the "flow" of this.




This number give me a strong sense of that reality.


I was the one who killed my own parents with my own hands, however,


The fewer people who have to live with these sense, the better it is, I think.

2020-08-09 「ヤンキー君と白杖ガール」というコミックが、たまたま私の側に来た「巡り逢わせ」に感謝しています。 [長年日記]


When I was young, I would go to the bookstore and I would hear a voice from the book saying to me, "Read me".


I feel like there were a lot of "hits" in the books I bought that way.


However, when I tell others about this 'call from the book', it's quite popular. It's quite common to get people to agree with me.



I have not heard the "voice of the book" as such these days.


There are many factors, including, "I don't go to bookstores anymore", "The bookstores come to disappear", and "easy to order from Amazon", however the main reason is

―― 冒険しなくなった

"I stopped the adventure"



I get "tired" of new ideas and opinions that go against my ideas already entrenched in my mind.


This phenomenon is called "conservatism" in a clean word, "aging" in a dirty word, or "degeneration" in a blunt word.


It means I'm in that phase, too.


I found a comic called "Yankee and the White walking stick Girl" through an ad on the web, and I read a sample version. It's been a long time since I felt "called out of the book" and I ordered it from Amazon as soon as possible.


The comic arrived today, and after reading it in full, I was shocked.


I feel "punched" by my own desperate lack of knowledge about the visually impaired.

Data and calculations are not enough to understand "persons with disabilities"


Even "consideration" and "goodness" and "kindness" aren't enough.


In order to understand "persons with disabilities", I was keenly aware that by living in the everyday life with the persons, I can finally take the first step.


The main reasons why people with various "inconveniences" feel inconvenienced by society are


"Our "lack of study" and "lack of practice" in dealing with "social inconvenience"



―― その「勉強不足」と「実践不足」を、自分の環境の責任にしている

"We am shifting the blame for that "lack of study" and "lack of practice" to my environment."




However, I can't be responsible for all the inconveniences (and absurdities) in the world, and I don't think that's possible.


I also find it hopelessly difficult to spontaneously start studying and practicing what is "not" in my environment.


Therefore, I don't intend to force them on myself or others.


However, if there is a "thing" approaching me, whether by chance or by luck, I try to keep an eye on it.


And when I find it, I tell myself to put it into practice right away.


In the face of the aspiration to "know," "understand," "study," and "practice," technical books, articles, anime, and manga-comics are all equal.



I'm grateful for the "encounter" that the comic "Yankee and the White walking stick Girl" just happened to have on my side.

2020-08-10 ―― 量子の振舞いの不気味さに比べたら、幽霊とかお化けなどの怪談の怖さなんぞ、お話になりません(本当) [長年日記]


Since I started the series on quantum computers, the number of papers and materials printed has been tremendous.


The ink consumption has been terrific, and my room is so full of material that I can't collect it at all.


Now that I'm on the verge of completing the one-qubit series, I'm starting to consider two-qubit.


But I've started studying quantum entanglement, which I hadn't started (and didn't want to).



Since I started this series, I've been really tired of understanding phenomena that don't make sense to common sense.


Now I'm looking into quantum delocalization, and

―― マジで、発狂寸前です

"Seriously, I'm on the verge of going insane."

『1対の量子の一方の状態が確定すると、同時に他方の量子状態も確定する ―― その2つの量子の距離が、何百光年離れていても』

"When one state of a pair of quanta is determined, the other is instantly determined as well -- even if the two quanta are hundreds of light years apart"

勿論、これが、超高速通信を実現するものでもなければ、いわんやワープなんぞとは無関係であることは、(すでに)理解していますが ――

Of course, I understand (already) that this has nothing to do with warp and super-fast communication,

気持ち悪 !



In that sentiment, I would like to stand by Mr. Einstein, who had continued to insist throughout his life that "quantum theory is incomplete".


(Various subsequent experiments have already confirmed that Mr Bohr's claim, and not Mr. Einstein's, was correct.)


In fact,

―― 量子の振舞いの不気味さに比べたら、幽霊とかお化けなどの怪談の怖さなんぞ、お話になりません(本当)

Compared to the creepiness of quantum behavior, there's nothing in the horror of ghosts and the stories (really).

2020-08-11 『1から、いえ、0から始めましょう』 [長年日記]


"Let us go back to square one .... no, bring it back to zero"


This is one of the famouse phrase in the most popular animation.


If I have't known it, I came to think


"It means the first attention from a mentor about an array descrition of C language

と思っただろうな ―― などと、ぼんやりと考えたりしていました。

so I thought vaguely.

int a[100]

int a[100]


After calling array declaration, and inputting

a[100」= 123;

a[100」= 123;


I don't notice the error and let the system go down, and so on.



I don't know that programming education, which the Ministry of Education (or rather the government) is focusing on, is now doing well.


One way to check is the following.


In response to the teacher's words to the children, "Please count to ten"

「ゼーロ、イーチ, .... キュウ」と数える子どもの数が、クラスの半数以上を越えれば、

If the number of children counting like, "Zero, One, Two....". exceedes half of the class,


I believe that programming education in Japan can be judged as a "general success".


On the other hand, if they start with "One, Two, ...", then I can say that they are not ready now.

2020-08-12 ですから、「ポテトサラダ」や「冷凍餃子」を使うことを「手抜き」であると批難した人は、まず私のところに来て下さい。 [長年日記]

「ポテトサラダ」や「冷凍餃子」を手抜きであると批難した人がいる ―― というニュースを読みました。

I read the news that an old man blamed the purchase of "potato salad" or "frozen dumplings" for being "corrupt" -- that's what I read.

Well, I've said a lot of things somethings.


I meant to write the following in a past diary.


- You'll be cooking rice with a cauldron and wood, without cutting corners.


- You should be carving letters on a piece of bamboo without using a pen and paper, without cutting corners.


However, I could not find them. If you find it, please let me know.


So, I won't talk about this any more.



In my experience, there are certain dishes that do not have a linear relationship between the cost of cooking (time and money) and the quality of the finished product.


Not to mention that this includes "potato salad" and "dumplings".

もちろん、手作りは美味しいけど、調理済みでも十分美味しい ―― 特に最近の品質は「凄い」です。

Of course, homemade is good, but cooked dishes are good enough -- especially these days the quality is "awesome".


On the contrary, they are not linear, and some are even inversely correlated.


"Men-tsuyu", "croquettes", "croissants"


All are things I have experience cooking, these are "condiments/cooking that should never be fought against" in my mind.


These condiments and dishes should not be "homemade". It is because the moment you make them, your "loss" is fixed.


The world should be grateful that "croquettes" and "croissants" are being offered at such low prices.



Well, our mission as engineers is

―― 世界の人々の日常を便利にして、手を抜かせて、人間を堕落をさせること

to "make the world's people's daily lives convenient, cut corners, and corrupt human beings".



So, anyone who blames the use of "potato salad" or "frozen dumplings" for being "corrupt" should come to me first.


If you're going to blame people who shop at the grocery store, first of all, let me ask you to break me down by explaining to me, logistically, "Ebata is not what the world needs".

2020-08-13 ただ、このビジネスの対価は「金銭」じゃない方がいいな ―― と漠然と思っています。 [長年日記]

最近、嫁さんの依頼を受けて、嫁さんの親戚に物品を送付しています ―― Amazonを使って。

Recently, I have been sending items to my wife's relatives at her request -- using Amazon.


All I have to do is make the delivery to that relative's house, which is too easy.


―― 自分でAmazonに注文すればいいんじゃないの?

"Why don't they just order from Amazon yourself?"


People who say that, are essentially unaware of the IT literacy gap.


This isn't just about the generation gap.


Essentially, they don't understand the existence of "people who don't accept IT".


I think there is a higher percentage of people who do not accept online commerce.

I remember being stunned that when I went to a police station to consult on an online scam, the policeman said "I'm too scared to go shopping on the Internet".


The lady on the phone at the consumer center didn't even understand online shopping, and online business.


Therefore, we have to think that


"It's not their fault. The world is made up of such proportions"


どんなに、英語を勉強しても、何度、外国に出張しようとも、国際学会で発表をしてこようとも、どうしても「英語に愛されない人間」がいるように ――

No matter how many times I study English, no matter how many foreign trips I take, no matter how many international conferences I present at, they are in vain. And there will always be someone who will never be loved by English.



On the contrary, this is a business opportunity of sorts.


Online commerce has grown by devaluing the "human interface".


Then the business of aggressively picking up the pieces there should be viable.


ただ、このビジネスの対価は「金銭」じゃない方がいいな ―― と漠然と思っています。

But I'm vaguely aware that the price of this business shouldn't be "money".


"Get them to introduce me to their granddaughter/grandson as a potential mate"


"Exempt from the town board"


"treat me to dinner"


I would prefer to offer this service for values that cannot be solved by "money".

2020-08-14 『自分の英語は、絶対に、自分でレビューしてはならない』 [長年日記]

In yesterday's diary,

『どんなに、英語を勉強しても、何度、外国に出張しようとも、国際学会で発表をしてこようとも、どうしても「英語に愛されない人間」がいるように ――』

"No matter how many times I study English, no matter how many foreign trips I take, no matter how many international conferences I present at", they are in vain. And there will always be someone who will never be loved by English."


And as for me, I was unusually self-deprecating...or rather, humble in my remarks.


Actually, there was a reason for this.


I mentioned the other day that most of the conference presentations these days are either in video conference format or in video clips.


The other day, I got permission from my supervisor to come into work to make this video clip, and I've been making a selfie video clip for my presentation for a long time.

―― その英語の内容、特に私の英語の「発音」の酷さに、愕然としました

"I was appalled at the awfulness of the English content, especially my "pronunciation" of the English language"


It was awful enough to assert that "it is impossible to trace the original word from this pronunciation.

This is no longer even 'Japanese English' as I claimed.



I have already completed a series of articles on "The New Behavioral Theory for Engineers Not Loved by English".


But now I want to start writing an extravaganza.


I hope the contents will be


"Let others evaluate your English and ignore them"


"Never review your own English absolutely"


2020-08-15 『なんだぁ!、この陽キャの承認欲求と刹那な快楽主義を満たす為だけに存在している、悪魔のイベントはぁ!?』 [長年日記]


I guess the sixth episode of "My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong,As I Expected -- Final" comes down to this line


"What the hell! The devil's event, which exists only to satisfy the approval needs of yhou-cya(cheer persons) and to fulfill a momentary hedonism !?"


"Anyone who appreciates this stuff is undoubtedly, when they go to college, by telling stories in the event circle such as, "My high school has a prom", they act as if they have been a "jovial Yeeeeeee" since high school. They are going to try to pretend to be something they were...."

(# どうでも良いが、彼のセリフは本当に翻訳しにくい)


Yeah, I can see that.


Truly, I'm glad we don't have such a horrific event/party tradition as the Promenade in our country.


When I see prom as a frequent and important event in American coming-of-age movies and TV dramas,


I can deeply realize how lucky I am that I was not born in the US.



By the way, he says "anti-prom" but this is not a figure of speech, it seems to be an event that exists.


According to WikiPedia, the


'The prom has been opposed by some students because of its formal style and because it is an event in which only the most popular people (mainly jocks and queensbys) are likely to stand out, and opposition rallies "anti-prom" (anti-prom) are often held by volunteer students.'




I have experienced both the "yhou-cya(cheer)" and "yin-cya(nerd)" era so-called, for my teenager.

私が、「陽キャ」として振る舞うことができたのは ―― 自分自身で「プロム」のようなイベントを自分で企画・立案・運営することができた時だけであり、

The only time I've been able to act as a "yhou-cya" -- when I've been able to plan, organize, and run events like "prom" on my own.


At other times, for example, when it came to events like the prom, which was organized by someone other than me, my position was, 'I'm not going to get involved.

まあ、これを一言でいえば、―― 「身勝手」です。

Well, if I had to sum this up in one word -- "selfish".


However, thanks to my personal experience of being both "yhou-cya" and "yin-cya", I think I've become a person who can understand the feelings of both "yhou-cya" and "yin-cya" to a certain extent.

つまり、「人間は、本質的に理解しあえない生き物である」ということと、それが故に「人間を可制御対象として取り扱うことはできない」ということを ――

In other words, "humans are essentially creatures who don't understand each other," and therefore "we can't treat them as controllable objects"


I've known about it since I was quite young, I think.

2020-08-16 昨日も、「解説を完全再現した」と確信している検証用のプログラムを作成したのですが、全く期待した値が出てこなくて、頭を抱えています。 [長年日記]


I'm more exhausted at not weekdays but weekend.


Yes, it's for research on this quantum computer.



I'm a firm believer in "If I can't understand the phenomenon, try to calculate it".

For example,

- Monty Hall problem (Bayesian estimation)

- U.S. Presidential Election (3-part series)


I have published a working process that involves plugging these mechanisms into a computer and then questioning the logic of the calculations.


I created a verification program yesterday that I'm sure "fully replicated" the commentary, but I'm still scratching my head because I'm not getting the values I expected at all.


It's a simple program and the results of its calculations seemed reasonable to me as well.


(The law of large numbers says that this is the natural result.)


So maybe I'm missing a very important explanation in the commentary(or I'm hopelessly misunderstanding).


Someone who


(1) is familiar with "BELL's Inequality (Breaking of the BELL)


(2) can read my code (in Golang this time).


will give me the help hopefully


Even if you say "Ebata-san. Localization cannot be proven through simulations of everyday observable events", it is going to help me.



Anyway, I'd like to close this "Quantum Series" soon.


It is unlikely that my intellect and stamina will be sustained any longer. Particularly "stamina" is.

2020-08-17 だから、ディズニーランドは楽しい ―― 見ているだけでも。 [長年日記]


You seem to think I'm "not interested in Disneyland" but that's not correct.

ディズニーランドは、待ち時間戦略、最短経路問題、 人流制御問題、とかも含めて、最新鋭の数学が投入されていることでも有名です。

Disneyland is also famous for its state-of-the-art mathematics, including wait time strategy, shortest path problem, human flow control problem, and so on.


Moreover, I know that the highest level of safety engineering technology has been put in place.


From my point of view, Disneyland is a huge total system, consisting of the highest level of mathematics and information technology, and control engineering, mechanical engineering, ergonomics and management engineering.

そして、そのシステムが、私達に仕向ける「行動変容プログラム」を「推測」し「欺く」というトライアルは ―― その勝敗はどうあれ ―― 結構な快感だったりします。

And it's quite pleasant to try to "guess" and "fool" the system's behavioral change program that caters to us, -- whether it's a win or a loss.

だから、ディズニーランドは楽しい ―― 見ているだけでも。

So, Disneyland is fun -- even if it's just to watch.



However, it is tiring to go out because it makes me tired.


In terms of getting to know the "system" of theme parks, Kyoto Animation's "Amagi Brilliant Park" is quite interesting.


I can lock myself in my room.

2020-08-18 ■リンゴが丸く作ったのが神様だとしたら、神様って奴は、本当に『使えない』ですね [長年日記]


Last week, I came into work for the first time in a long time.


I spent half a day alone in the laboratory, working on materials.


I took a quick peek at the office, but all the lights were off and the doorways to the office were locked.

―― もしかしたら、ずっとこのまま

"Maybe, this situation could stay that way forever"


It was a landscape that made me feel it.


Aside from that.



It's been a long time since we ate out at our favorite Chinese restaurant. The deliciousness of the "eggplant set meal" almost brought tears to my eyes.

―― 茄子って、どうしてこんなに美味しいんだろう

"Why is eggplant so delicious?"


We ate with gratitude that the Creator had created the "eggplant".



When I was in elementary school, an old lady who was a Christian missionary came to my house.

『リンゴが丸く作られているのは何故でしょうか? それは、神様が食べやすい形状に作ってくれたからです』

"Why are apples made round? That's because God made it into a shape that is easy to eat"


She argued for the existence of God by arguing the above phrase, however I argued against her with the followings.


- It would have been more effective from a packaging point of view if the apples were made in a rectangular shape, which would have reduced logistics costs.


- The reason why the apples are spherical in shape is not only because of their entropy, but also because it helps to minimize costs as a seed strategy

■そもそも果物は、昆虫たちに「果実の種(タネ)」を拡散させるために、高い糖度のものが生き残ってきただけであって、別段、人間の為に作られたものではありません ―― むしろ、人間は、果実の拡散戦略を邪魔していますねえ

In the first place, fruits with high sugar content have only survived to spread their "seeds" to insects, and they have not evolved specifically for humans. Humans are interfering with our fruit dispersal strategy.


- If it was God who made the apple round, then God is really 'useless' for a guy.


with smiling.


And, well, the religious people had stopped coming at all.


まあ、リンゴはともあれ、茄子を作ってくれたのなら ――

Well, aside from the apples, if making the eggplant --


God is a "useful guy"


I was wondering if it would be good to change my perception of the situation.

2020-08-19 「命短し、恋せよ男」 [長年日記]


There is a continuation of the phrase "Life is short, fall in love, maiden"


"Life is short, fall in love, maiden, before the red lips fade away"


"Life is short, fall in love, maiden, before the black hairs fade away"


When I look at the phrase, it seems to be quite a harsh phrase.


Now, it might be a kind of sexual harassment.



However, according to my numerical analysis, the phrase should be changed with


"Life is short, fall in love, men"



Quantitatively, the situation is twice as serious for a "man" than for a "maiden".



So I modified the phrase a bit.


"Life is short, fall in love, men, before stinky breath becomes a regular"


"Life is short, fall in love, men, before a few heads of hair fall out"



Men's deterioration over time occurs more dynamically than women's (true).


And the means to compensate for the change are hopelessly less than for women (in fact).

2020-08-20 これも、私の徹底的な「アンチ・チームプレーの精神」に基づく成果だなぁ、と、しみじみと感じ入っています。 [長年日記]


To begin with, I was locked in a lab by myself, even at the company office, writing patent specifications and reports, coding, building a system.


Even before the Corona disaster started, I was sort of "working at home in the office".


Still, meetings and business trips were pulling me out of the lab.



These days, thanks to telecommuting, working hours are increasing.


However, in my case, my work and hobbies are in the quantum state of "0 cat" and "1 cat", so I can't "observe" the real working hours with any accuracy.


Anyway, since I can't find a "break point" during working time, I can just keep on building a system.


Reports, patent specifications and conference papers were also submitted on time and without delay.


I feel deeply that this is another result of my thoroughgoing "anti-team-playing" spirit,




However, my physical condition is falling down certainly.


"solitary attributes" + "forced telecommuting" + "IT environment with three computers and five displays running at the same time

is equal to

= 「慢性的な疲労状態」

"chronic fatigue".


is established now.

2020-08-21 ―― 「哲学的取引 (Philosophical Transaction)」 [長年日記]


I received an offer to make a paper on the international conference paper I released three years ago.


I looked it up and it appears to be a solid identity and not SPAM or an ad scam.


One question, however, is the field of the offered paper.

―― 「哲学的取引 (Philosophical Transaction)」

"Philosophical Transaction"



Philosophy is, "the study of life, the world, and the principles of the origin of things, or a view of life created from experience", so I believe this is another form of "technology".


So I don't have a lofty image of philosophy, but I do feel a terrific sense of discomfort about this offer.


Well, my recent work on my original approach to "quantifying human dissatisfaction (anger) and incorporating it into system operations" may be a "field of philosophy".



Anyway, it was an unexpected offer, from an unexpected office.


"That's quite an interesting event to fly in"

I was laughing a bit.

2020-08-22 例えば、不動産とか、保険契約とか、愛とか、愛や、愛です。 [長年日記]


Recently, in a leaflet advertisement in a newspaper, I can find a paper,


"Sold-out party of unfashionable PC used at the government office"



If you read such a leaflet, you may get the illusion that you can get a PC at a cheap price.

―― その値段であれば、同程度以上のPCが新品が買える

"If it is that price, you can buy a new PC of the same level or more"


Recent PC prices becomes low like that.



However, it is not good to compare the retail price at an electric retailer.

DELL, Lenovoなどの、有名どころの通販サイトを知っていなければなりません。

You must know famous mail order sites such as DELL and Lenovo.


In addition, you have to be prepared for "made-to-order manufacturing" in which production is started at the time of ordering, with "delivery time of 3 weeks".


Set it asaide.



If I tell him/her how to get the cheaper PC, He/She doesn't come to feel happiness,


Therefore, a person who know well, should not make a lot of noise with bright-faced to a person who don't know well.

私にしたって、IT回りに詳しいだけで、多分他のことでは、「役所で使っていた型落ちのPC」のようなものを買いまくっていると思います ――

For me, I know about IT well by accident. However I don't know many things in the world, and I have bought something lke "unfashionable PC used at the government office"


For example, estate, agreement for insurance and love and love or love.


You should be thoughtful of keeping "Ignorance is bliss" of others.

2020-08-23 (Q1)江端さんのコラムの分野は、多岐に渡っていますが、どのように情報収集をされていますか? [長年日記]


On August 22, 2020, at about 10:41 a.m., I received an email from a reader of my column with a question.


I couldn't answer right away either, so I've been thinking about it for a day or two and decided to respond to him on my blog.



(Q1) Your columns cover a wide range of subjects. How do you gather information?



I don't do regular information gathering.


The column will basically be released once a month in January, so I've been doing a crazy amount of information gathering over the past month.


インターネットの検索エンジンを使えば、そこそこの情報は手に入りますが、ニュースや個人のブログよりは、"Google Scholar(論文検索)"を頻用しています。

I can get a lot of information by using Internet search engines. and I use "Google Scholar" (paper search) more frequently than news and personal blogs.


In terms of good quality data, methodical logic, and a focus on extraordinary problems, papers are outstanding.


Nevertheless, I try to "lickety-split" because the text of the paper is difficult to understand.

For more information, this is how you can help.



Other than papers, it's still books.


Since I don't have the money, I use the city library's reservation system to borrow books.


If I decide that I can't make it in time with a reservation, I pay my own way and buy the book on Amazon.


I've found ebooks to be very useful these days.


E-books are very useful because I can write a manuscript while reading a book on my PC display (so in my room, I have four PC displays running at all times).


However, specialty books are expensive, and that's a headache.



One thing I use frequently these days is YouTube.


The YouTube content on "quantum computers" and "quantum theory" is excellent.


The lectures on YouTube, given by university professors and lecturers from prep schools, are excellent because the lectures are explained along with videos, I can stop and watch them over and over again if I cannot understand something,.


In general, content that is easy to understand has a larger audience, so it's good to be able to assess the quality of the content before I watch it.



Otherwise, comic books are a treasure trove of information on social, government, medical, welfare, handicap, law, LBGT, science and technology, and more.


Also, hard science fiction novels, for example, are a pile of advanced technology.



Also, I have "people who contacted us by email to tell him/her directly" and sometimes I go to the homes of experts.


I've learned a lot of things directly from LGBT people, and I've attended interviews about medicine, law, technology and content creators .


I ask before the interview, "I am sorry but I can't pay you for your help", however I've never been rejected by this reason.


これは情報収集ではありませんが、「コンピュータプログラミング & シミュレーション」は、私にとって、最強の味方でありますが、同時に、最悪の敵でもあります。

This isn't information gathering, but "Computer Programming & Simulation" is my strongest ally, but also my worst enemy.


A number of my hypotheses have been rejected by the results of this simulation.



Q2: Are there any magazines, websites or newspapers that you regularly subscribe to?



I do not have a subscription.


I don't have access to the information when I need them, and I can get back issues when I need them (although in many cases I can't get back issues).


However, I try to watch the NHK specials on a regular basis. If I have to, I pay for the NHK archives to watch them.


However, even if I pay a subscription fee or use the NHK archives, I can't watch all of the past content of the NHK Special. Honestly, I'm not happy with it.


As for the newspapers, I am in a situation where I have an "irregular subscription" because my wife changes newspapers regularly because she wants rice, detergent and tickets to the amusement park with the contracts.

Hence, I can write this diary.


That's all.



Thank you for reading my columns.


I would be grateful if I could continue to subscribe to my works.


Best regards,

Tomoichi Ebata.

2020-08-24 うん、私も、こういうこと言う奴、嫌いだ。 [長年日記]


This is my impression after watching episode 7 of "My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong,As I Expected -- Final"


There's a word for "self-aware".


It seems to be a term of ridicule for people who use English-words in conversation.


So, I did some research on that word "self-aware".


Assign, Evidence, Commitment, Just Ideas, Zero-Based, Summary, Tight, Default, Fix, Priority...


Hmmm, if I am banned from using these, I am in a lot of trouble.


In particular, I will not be able to have a patent brainstorming session (or should I say, a patent idea review session).


However, I also think some people may find the use of these words offensive.


There's a problem of "misunderstanding of terms". For example, I once got angry when someone mistook "avatar" for "pockmark".


Well, I think it's important to use these terms in accordance with the TPO.



As for me, I'd rather exterminate people

「AI系」: デジタルサービスを、なんでもかんでも、"AI"と言ってしまう奴

"who use the term "AI" to refer to all kinds of digital services"



"It's powered by an AI.so.."

『待った。その"AI"ってどの技術のこと? 機械学習? ニューラルネットワーク? 統計解析? それとも、それ以外?』

"Wait. What technology is this "AI" you're talking about? Machine learning? A neural network? Statistical analysis? Or else?"


If I say something like that, everyone will hate me. It will be too late, though.



"Bad politics!"

『待った。その"政治"ってどの分野のこと? 財政? 福祉? 軍事? 外交? 教育? それとも対象かな。与党? 野党? それとも省庁のことかな。そうだとしたら、その省ってどれ?』

"Wait. What field is this "politics" in? Finances? Welfare? Military? Diplomacy? Education? Or is it the target. The ruling party? Opposition? Or maybe it's the ministry. And if so, which one is that ministry?"


Yeah, I don't like people who say these things either.

2020-08-25 都市機能を1週間まるまる止める ―― 今こそ、そういう「豪快な避難訓練」が必要かもしれません。 [長年日記]

先日、「NHKスペシャル 東京リボーン (5)「渋谷 迷宮大改造」」を視聴しました。

I watched NHK Special Tokyo Reborn (5) "Shibuya Labyrinth" the other day.


- The night at the end of May. Major works to move the platform 350 meters and correct the track for 500 meters in 54 hours without stopping the station's functioning.


- It took two years to prepare the plan. More than 1,000 construction workers.


- A race against time, with every minute counted. The unexpected continues to happen even after all the preparation.

十何年か前に、私も、似たような案件(「時間」に関してはもっと厳しい条件だったように思う)に関わらせて頂いたことがあり、思わず、そのことを思い出して ――

Some ten years ago, I was involved in a similar case (I think the conditions were more stringent as far as "time" is concerned), and I couldn't help but think back to it -- and,


I was almost in tears.


This is what I call "drama".



Incidentally, I was on a business trip to London during that period. In front of the Metro station,

―― 地下鉄、まるまる2週間停止

"Subway shut down for a full two weeks"


When I witnessed the shutdown of the transportation infrastructure in a very dynamic manner, I realized that there was a way to do it.


It was truly a "Columbus' egg".


渋谷を経由する全ての鉄道(山手線、埼京線、湘南新宿ライン、井の頭線、東横線、田園都市線、銀座線、半蔵門線、副都心線)を、1週間、完全に停止する ――

All railways through Shibuya (Yamanote, Saikyo, Shonan Shinjuku, Inokashira, Toyoko, Denentoshi, Ginza, Hanzomon and Fukutoshin lines) are to be completely shut down for one week.


The centralized construction of the project "will be difficult".


But if the Great Kanto Earthquake strikes, we won't be able to open the entire line in six months, not one week.

都市機能を1週間まるまる止める ―― 今こそ、そういう「豪快な避難訓練」が必要かもしれません。

Stopping the city from functioning for a week -- maybe now is the time for such a "bold evacuation drill".

2020-08-26 「10分間の仮眠で、5時間連続稼動」 [長年日記]


Lately, I've been sleep-deprived and I've been trying to take a nap every so often.


The "dry cell" in my body is a very good performing one.


"I'll take a 10-minute nap and run for five hours straight"



This may seem like a good one, but it is the "cause of our bad insomnia".



Yesterday, I set the timer for "10 minutes" and laid down.


I woke up with 8:34 to go.

2分弱しか仮眠が取れていないのに、その割には、体調がスッキリしています ―― 最近、経験したことがないくらい。

I've only been able to take a nap for less than two minutes. However I was feeling better than I'd have experienced in recent years.


I thought it was odd, so I checked my watch.


The timer was set for "10 hours", not "10 minutes".

2020-08-27 『江端さん、嫌がらせですか』 [長年日記]


I like to work alone.


So, writing the column seems to be in my nature.

しかし、現在のコラムの執筆に関しては ――

But as for writing the current column,


It wouldn't be possible without the support of Ms. M. as the editor, Mr. T as the supervisor of quantum computer, and the three so-called "rude junior".


However, with the exception of Mr. M., I am very distressed by the fact that they has cooperated with me free of charge (and have declined to show credit).


So it is hard for me ask them for deadline about supervision and peer review



This time, I sent three follow-up emails in a row to the "rude junior, and the call came back and


His first words are


"Ebata-san, are you harassing me?"



そんな、ボランティアでご協力頂いている恩人に、事もあろうに『嫌がらせ』なんて、そんな不遜な気持ち ――

I don't like the idea of "harassment" for a benefactor who has volunteered to help me. Such irreverence is


"only the half".


2020-08-28 『大人の掌の上で踊らされ続けて、それすら気が付つかなかった"頭の悪い子ども"』 [長年日記]


This is my impression after watching episode 8 of "My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong,As I Expected -- Final"


Actually, this episode has shocked me the most, so far.



When I was a teenager, I was a student council member and a member of the school festival committee.


In order to get the various projects passed, I was planning many things behind the scenes, using the authority of the student council president and the chairman of the executive committee.


I think I've done some "diggint route root" and "behind-the-scenes maneuvering" that didn't go through regular channels if it was to get the project through.


And, well, this character of mine (narrow, shallow, and cowardly) has not been fixed to this day.

ちなみに、私の価値観の根幹は「本物」でもなく「正道」でもなく「完了」です ―― が、まあ、その話はいずれまた。

By the way, my core values are not "real" or "righteous" but "complete" -- but, well, I'll talk about that soon.



After watching this episode 8, about "diggint route root" and "behind-the-scenes maneuvering" I had done when I was a teenager,


At the time, the adults supervising me had

―― 丸見え

"seen them all"


I doubt they had thought


"I know what he (Ebata) is doing, but if we leave him alone, he'll lift the project to that level and get it done."


"If things get really bad, we can destroy the project if we destroy him alone"



Didn't my "diggint route root" and "behind-the-scenes maneuvering" continue to be overlooked?


Didn't I feel good about it, and I was alone in my euphoria at being able to "complete" it?


Now that I think about it, I think there were a few examples of that.



My teenagers may bave been just a


"stupid child who has been dancing on the hands of adults and doesn't even know it"



嫌なことに気が付いてしまったなぁ ―― と、番組の視聴後に思いました。

After watching the episode 8, "I just found something I didn't like".

2020-08-29 「デートできればそれで足る」というニーズに対して、Win-Winのリソース活用(金と時間の交換)とも言えます。 [長年日記]


I thought "Even if it's fictional, it's not quite (for me)" about an anime about "renting a lover". so I haven't watched it.

However, I was interested in the costs and business model.


But when I did some research, I found a lot of sites that introduce "rental girlfriends" and "rental boyfriends".


That kind of site was a real turnoff.



But thinking it again, "rental girlfriend/boyfriend" should be a normal business, and it shouldn't be a surprise to me.


This is the "out-of-store" version of the restaurant business with entertainment.


It can be seen as a win-win resource utilization (exchange of money and time) for the needs of "If I can date, it's good enough".


This is the "cloud of dating" and "resource sharing" that is commonplace in the IT world.


Other benefits include (1) field trials for dates, (2) checklists and debugging before the real date, (3) avoidance of isolation, (4) clothing consultants, etc.


Otherwise, it may be useful as a kind of "mimicry" for people who (a) are in an environment of strong marriage pressure (immediate family, community, organization (company)), (b) are in an environment where there is no understanding of homosexuality, etc., or (c) think that "being alone is bad for their appearance"

―― 知らんけど。

I don't know them well.


(To be continued)

2020-08-30 ―― イマージナリ充実、略して「イマ充」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


We learn the concept of "imaginary numbers" and "imaginary spaces (complex planes)" in high school mathematics.


Despite the name "imaginary", imaginary space is a space that exists in reality (orthogonal space), but is only in a dead angle (orthogonal) from real space.


As opposed to "Really fulfillment", so-called "RE-life"


the "rent-a-girlfriend/boyfriend" is a new value in the orthogonal space,

―― イマージナリ充実、略して「イマ充」

"Imaginary fulfilling", or so-called "IM-life"


We should recognize it.


If you take it one step further, "love" itself is like a vector in cyclic motion on a plane consisting of a "RE-life" axis and an "IM-life" axis.



In an example of a vector that is stagnant on the "RE-life" axis, there are "love birds".


Unsurprisingly, "love birds" have a frighteningly short life-time, since stagnant vectors have no kinetic energy.


On the other hand, in an example of a vector that is stagnant on the "IM-life" axis, it would be a "rent-a-girlfriend/boyfriend.


This vector is also not in motion, so it is the same in that it disappears when the supply of energy (cash) is no longer available.


Conversely, as long as the supply of energy (cash) continues, it can survive.



It is a narrow, short-sighted and unfair way of thinking to say that "the only energy available to maintain love is love itself".


We use our partner's attributes as an alternative energy for "love", for example,


ideas, culture, hobbies, tastes, and preferences, appearance, age, and even education, status, income, etc.



Not a single person should be able to "publicly" deny this fact.

2020-08-31 それでも、"ちんけ"な研究員&エンジニアには、"ちんけ"なりの人類への貢献方法があるんですよ。 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Dancing Buzzword-Behind the Buzzword (5) Quantum Computer (5)

Quantum entanglement - the phenomenon that even Einstein called "uncanny"


Compared to the creepiness of quantum behavior, there's nothing in the horror of ghosts and the stories (really).

については、今回全部書いてしまったので ―― もう、このネタついては、もうこれ以上記載することがありません。


There are just things I'm curious about. In this "Quantum Tangle" survey, I couldn't find any literature or papers that shouted "I don't know!" "Mysterious!" like my column.


After all, there was only the phrase "a phenomenon like this is called "entanglement"", and there is no essential reaction to this phenomenon. It is an

―― 驚愕




Even the description of an academic paper,


"At present, this "non-locality of quantum" called "quantum entanglement" is a physical phenomenon that can only be considered as "insane" from the viewpoint of classical mechanics based on observations."


I wanted to read the above phrase.


It's as if the authors of papers and books think it's "uncool" to be surprised or dismayed.



I believe that


"The essence of the science is "feelings (startle or awe)""


"The essence of engineering is "failure and repetition"



Therefore, I show my honest feelings in the column, upload the failed cases (programs, etc.) to the blog, and expose them to the world.


I am convinced that they are absolutely necessary for the advancement of science and engineering.



In a "cheap" success example (computer simulation in a convenient setting with limited experimental conditions, etc.), the researchers and engineers who mass-produce papers,


I think I'm much more "helpful" than them even if I keep mass-producin and publishing columns based on misconceptions and a lot of failures.


もちろん、偉大な発見や発明をした人/する人の「役の立ち方」には、遠く及びませんが ――

Of course, it's not far from the "helpfulness" of the person who made/will make the great discoveries and inventions.


However, "cheap" researchers and engineers have "cheap" ways to contribute to humanity.


The "cheap" guy does nothing to imitate the behavior of the greatest discoverer or inventor.


"ちんけ"な研究員&エンジニアは、『一生、見苦しく生きて行く』でいいんです ――

"Cheap" researchers and engineers are good at "living unsightly for the rest of their lives".


Even if no one in the world understand it, I can accept you.