2023-06-01 これを、7分間でプレゼンする ―― うん、絶対に無理だ。 [長年日記]


As you may know, my writing is long.


It's not just the columns; my papers and reports are also long.


About the series of columns on the web, the editorial board will forgive me (even if they have been annoyed)


However, regarding academic papers, the conference secretariat never forgives me(or rather, they don't accept them).


So today, I was working on busting out the hard-won writing and diagrams to reduce a 9-page paper to 6 pages.


It was painful work.


Especially hard to decide to cut off a diagram that I have put my heart and soul into.


Saying, "I'll be sure to use you when I present at the conference', I deleted the diagram with crying.



By the way, I have a seminar presentation tomorrow.


I found myself with a nearly 40-page PowerPoint document.

これを、7分間でプレゼンする ―― うん、絶対に無理だ。

Present this in 7 minutes -- yeah, absolutely not possible.


Now I must decide which 30 pages to delete (or skip).


Well, I have these vices that have allowed me to continue blogging for more than ten years, so I try not to think of it as a bad thing in general.

2023-06-02 ―― 環境問題、少子化問題って、私たち大人の責任なんですけど、皆さん、その自覚ありますか? [長年日記]

―― 環境問題、少子化問題って、私たち大人の責任なんですけど、皆さん、その自覚ありますか?

-- We adults are responsible for environmental problems and the declining birthrate, but are you aware of that?


Today, I gave a presentation at a university auditorium(?).


It was a good opportunity to ask the young people some questions.


(Note the red box)


Last night, I got the results of the tally.


Let's say, 'We adults are resented by youth.



I am angry at the Japanese military for its reckless invasion of Southeast Asia during the Pacific War, the government for failing to stop it, and the people for not opposing it.


To put it bluntly, what Japan was doing then is the same as what Russia is doing now.


When I was young, I traveled alone in Southeast Asia and experienced the pain of being questioned about "Japan's war responsibility" in every country I visited.


So now we are being blamed by young people for environmental problems and declining birthrates.


So now I would like to ask you all a question.

―― みなさん、ちゃんと、自己批判していますか?

"Are you all properly self-critical?"




What can we do?


At least,


'Marriage, childbirth, childcare, it's a lot of work, but it's a pleasure.'

If you thought so, you could have made an effort to say so and tell your children about it (of course, if you don't think so, you don't have to say so).


Our responsibility (inaction) is that we have not countered dramas created on misfortune and bad luck and media that broadcast only the horrors of childcare.

2023-06-03 ―― そんなもん分かるわけねーだろう [長年日記]

自分で作ったコードは、原則として、他人の環境では動かない ―― これ、コードの常識です。

As a rule, your code will not work in someone else's environment -- this is common sense for code.

仮想環境やマイクロサービスは、その問題を解決する手段なのですが、その環境を作るのにも失敗する ―― これ、環境構築の常識です。

Virtual environments and microservices are a way to solve that problem, but they also fail to create that environment -- this is common sense in environment building.

総じて『人の作ったコードを、自分のパソコンで動かそうとすると、大変苦労する』というのは、 開発者の常識です。

It is common knowledge among developers that "it is tough to run code written by others on a computer.


And here comes the problem.


People who do not know this common sense will ask developers, "Why doesn't it work? How do I get it to work?" they are not afraid to ask questions.

―― そんなもん分かるわけねーだろう

"How could I possibly know that?"


The only way I can reply is.


Because, in my environment, the code is working.



There is a dividing line between making the developer think, "I want to help you," and making the developer feel, "He's an annoying son of a bitch.


It is to describe in as much detail as possible how you have 'done everything you can to solve this problem.'


This will let the developer know how serious you are and how much pain you are in.


After that, you should be as polite as possible and add, 'Please let me know when you have time and feel up to it.


Developers who release code in good faith and for free are not obligated or responsible for solving your problems but are there to "help when they feel like it."


Well, the story here is the same as the story here.

2023-06-04 ―― 上司の個人的コメントは、部下にとっては「命令」になる [長年日記]


I've come to understand at this age,

―― 上司の個人的コメントは、部下にとっては「命令」になる

"A supervisor's "personal comment" becomes an "order" to his/her subordinates."


This is a reality of the situation, and


The fact is that there are an alarming number of bosses who are unaware of this.



At a gathering of section chiefs regarding patent creation, I said that


Your comments are the "word of God" to your subordinates, so don't be careless with your "personal comments."



And I said that real-life examples of how "subordinates will always surmise their superiors."


However, one of the section chiefs said to me,


"Are you aware that when Mr. Ebata talks about patents, it will be the "word of God"?"


I was stunned by his comment.


"There are a frightening number of bosses who are unaware of this" is the fact.

2023-06-05 私のやっていることと言えば「文章を量産すること」くらいでしょうが ―― これは時間はかかりますが、金はかかりません。 [長年日記]


Buying things at the company is a hassle, so I've recently considered buying things at my own expense.


The "application" process is tedious, but the "disposal" process is just as tedious.


For items to be "disposed" within a year, more than six months of processing may be required.


Well, I understand that as a legal mechanism, it is inevitable.



I have no expensive hobbies.


I am not interested in sports, events, travel, cars, collections, etc.

私のやっていることと言えば「文章を量産すること」くらいでしょうが ―― これは時間はかかりますが、金はかかりません。

I guess the only thing I do is "mass-produce texts" -- this takes time, but it doesn't cost money.


物品を自腹で購入すると『それを使い倒そう(or もとを取ろう)というモチベーション』が働くので、技術が身につきます。

Purchasing goods with one's own money motivates one to "use it up" so one acquires skills.


However, I can do this because, as it happens, what I want is within the money I have.


For example, someone working on a supercomputer or researching electric cars would not be able to pay for themselves.

Well, after 20 years, they may be able to get by on my own money, but by then it will probably be too late.

2023-06-06 あなたが『自殺未遂寸前』の気持ちになることは確実ですが ―― それでも、部下を自殺させるよりは、ずっとマシです。 [長年日記]

最近は、リモート会議の様子が自動的に録画、録音されていて、後で自分の会話をレビューすることができますが ―― レビューしない方がいいです。

These days, remote meetings are automatically recorded and recorded, and you can review your own conversations later -- but it's better not to review them.


Once, I was on the verge of (feeling like) attempting suicide after reviewing my own spoken English.

―― これが、人類のしゃべる言語か?

"Is this the language that mankind speaks?"




Recently, I have been asked to consult on a patent application.


It is one of the few areas where I can be useful, so I try to take on as much as I can.


I listened to the recording of the meeting today, even though I should not have done so.


I have a high pitched voice, a loud voice, and a fast speaking rate.

―― しゃべり方が、すでにパワハラっぽい

"The way I speak already sounds like a power harassment"


I thought, 'This is really bad'.


It would be embarrassing if I were putting pressure on others just by talking normally.

ましてや、相手をメンタル障害や自殺に追い込んだりしてしまったら ―― 私は、存在自体が「凶器」になってしまう。

And if I drive the other person to mental disorder or suicide -- I would be a "deadly weapon" in my very existence.



So, to all managers throughout Japan.


Once you face a recording of a subordinate's conversation with your voice in it.

あなたが『自殺未遂寸前』の気持ちになることは確実ですが ―― それでも、部下に自殺されるよりは、ずっとマシです。

I am sure you will feel 'on the verge of a suicide attempt' -- but still, it is much better than having your subordinate commit suicide.

2023-06-07 つまり、私は「全力疾走」をしていて「普通」なのです。 [長年日記]


I think that in every company, your supervisor explains the bonus's details before the bonus is paid.


Again, as in the past, my rating was "normal."


I think it is a fair assessment.


I have no complaints, though; I think

―― ラクしようとして、手を抜いた仕事はない

"I never cut corners on my work to make it easier."



In other words, I am "running at full speed," and it is "normal."



The reasons might be, I think,


(1) My ability is low, to begin with, or,


(2) The direction of the all-out effort is off the mark, or,


(3)Both (1) and (2) above



Worse, I know the above (1)-(3).



It is often heard that "the evaluation of oneself as seen from the outside is less than half of the assessment seen from the inside.


I have two choices, (a) make an effort to improve (1) - (3) above, or (b) be prepared to "let my reputation be my own."

私は「ラクな道」を選びます ―― 息が切れそうですけど。

I'll take the "easy way out" -- even though I'm out of breath.

2023-06-08 ―― まさか、今さら警察当局から削除命令受けるとは思わなかった [長年日記]


One of my best-known columns is "How to Build a Gentle Hydrogen Bomb."


This column is a comical description of a combustion experiment in which I, as a cram school instructor, worked with elementary school children on hydrogen combustion generated by the electrolysis of brine solution.


Mere chemical reactions are described, and fusion reaction is not mentioned.

そもそもこのコラムをWebにアップしたのは、1996年 ―― 27年前です。

I first posted this column on the Web in 1996, 27 years ago.

―― まさか、今さら警察当局から削除命令受けるとは思わなかった

-- I didn't think I'd get an order to delete it from the police authorities now.

―― でもって、まさか、プロバイダから『命令に応じない場合は、サービスを停止する』と宣言されるとは思わなかった

-- But then, I didn't expect the provider to declare, 'If you don't comply with the order, we will suspend your service.



This infringes my right to publish this column (right to post on the Web).


In the first place, it is also clear that this is not what the police have to say about the matter.


Furthermore, even if there were problems with the content, if the statements were made before the law was enacted, the order itself would be charged with illegal acts, given the "principle of non-retroactivity of the law" to the contrary.


However, I was curious about the "Explosives Control Penalties" listed in this police order and looked into it.

It seems that the basis of the law is an old law called "Dajokan Houmu No. 32 (Explosives Control Penal Provisions) of 1884" (in this case, the "principle of non-retroactivity of law" cannot be used as a defense).


It wasn't easy to read the article because it was written in Katakana. Still, I do not fall under Article 1, "Persons who use explosives to disturb public order or harm human life or property, and persons who use explosives to harm human life or property." Hence, the application of this law itself is not correct.


However, the Supreme Court's decision on this article, i interpreted as follows,


"An object in which chemicals and other materials are combined in an unstable equilibrium state that causes physical and chemical explosive phenomena, and the explosive action itself has sufficient destructive power to endanger public safety or damage human bodies and property" (June 27, 1956, Penal Code, Vol. 10, No. 6, p. 921).



Well, I think the usual requirement of intent or negligence would be necessary, but even if that were the case, it goes without saying that the law would cover the "manufacturer."


In other words, it can be inferred that the police authorities thought I was a layman in the law and gave me this warning.


これについて、『当局とバトルして、その様子をブログに連載にするのはどうかな? 』とも思ったのですが、正直

I thought, 'Why don't I battle with the authorities about this and write a series of blog posts about it? But, to be honest, I thought

―― 面倒くさい

"That's a pain in the ass."



And there was always the fear that 'children might easily copy this experiment.


That is why I have described the dangers of this experiment so much in my column, but children are "doers when they do it."


And I would hate for this to cause an accident and for my name to be known all over the country unexpectedly.



After much consideration, I have decided to respond to the removal of the content.

―― 江端が、当局(権力)に対して日和った

"Ebata waited and saw and was assigned against the authorities (power)."

と、大いに吹聴して下さい ―― というか、今さらですが、私(江端)は、常日頃から日和っています。

And please blow it up a lot -- I mean, it's a little late for that, but I (Ebata) have always waited and saw.


Not only for power but also as a research teams reader in my company

2023-06-09 確かに、数字の入っていない爆発物マニュアルなんて、全く役に立ちませんから。 [長年日記]

I was thinking about this again after reviewing yesterday's blog.


If my, "How to build a hydrogen bomb the easy way" is ordered to be deleted by the authorities,

I think the comic & animated "Dr. Stone" should have a no-publication order.


However, if such an order is indeed issued, I would join the plaintiffs in an action to invalidate the order.



I mean, I can name five comics that describe the manufacture of explosives, just in my memory.


However, those books may be safe because they list the ingredients, but do not specifically describe the ratio of ingredients or the manufacturing process.


Certainly, an explosives manual without numbers in it would be completely useless.

2023-06-10 世界の(日本も含む)虐殺史に精通した小学生 ―― これは子どもはもちろん、大人から見ても『嫌な小学生だったろうな』と思います。 [長年日記]

I watched the NHK program, dark side mystery "The Devil Was There! The World Shocking Exorcist Trial? Who Killed the Girl? ~".


A commentator on that program talked about Auschwitz.


This reminded me of something.


When I was in elementary school, a teacher was about to talk about one of the Nazi policies, the so-called "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" She said to me,


'Hmmm, I think Ebata-kun can explain this better than I can. Can you do it?'


At this time, I was in the fourth grade.



I was more familiar with this kind of thing.


I explained the scale of the number of people killed by giving the population numbers of our city at the time. For an elementary school student, I think I did an excellent job of explaining it.




An elementary school student familiar with the history of the world's (including Japan's) genocide -- This must have been a 'disgusting elementary school student,' not only from a child's point of view but also from an adult's point of view.


I think back to my teenage years and recall that it may have been inevitable that I have few memories of "cheerful" or "fun" times.

2023-06-11 しかし、プログラムとシステムだけは、本当に、どこでハマるか予測できないのです。 [長年日記]


This weekend, a whole day and a half of my time melted away because the code I was so high on, 'it will work now,' didn't work.


And it is still not working.


Lately, when I wake up in the morning, a long to-do list flows through my head, and that alone is enough to make me feel depressed.


In such a situation, 1.5 days is tough.



There are two things in the world: (a) things that can be worked out over time and (b) things that are nothing to be worked out over time.


So, some of the above (b) will not happen for reasons unrelated to your efforts. Programming and systems are that.


Columns will come up with stories if you give them time.


I can also manage patents and papers.


At the very least, I can estimate the time.


But only programs and systems can't predict where I will get stuck.



So, this weekend was just hard and dark.


I am very depressed because I have no idea what to work tomorrow.

2023-06-12 「世界は一人で動かす」 [長年日記]


It is a 'bad idea' to 'consult with others before starting something.'


There are risks and rewards in consulting with someone with more expertise than you, but consulting with someone without knowledge is a terrible idea.




(1) The person who was consulted thought it was not enough to say 'good,' and he/she tends to give a lot of reviews,


(2) The person receiving the review tends to take it as "criticism" or "condemnation,

Win-Win ではなく、Lost-Lost の関係になってしまうからです。

This is not a "Win-Win" but a "Lost-Lost."



I guess it depends on the caliber of the person, but I still think


"I run the world alone."


It is good for me.

2023-06-13 ―― 仕事している親は、かっこいい [長年日記]


The "company employee" ranks high on the list of occupations that children long to have.


The analysis was based on the fact that remote work during the Corona disaster allowed the children to see what it was like to be a "company employee" by watching their parents work. That means,

―― 仕事している親は、かっこいい

-- Parents who work are cool



A parent using difficult business terms, having serious discussions, and attempting to converse in English is "another parent" different from the parent at home.


I believe this is a window to the real society for children, conveying their yearning for society and, at the same time, the harshness and fear of society.


私、下請けの木工家具の会社の社長令息 ―― といえば聞こえばいいですが、

I was the son of the president of a subcontracted wood furniture company -- that sounds good,


I have watched my father and mother hauling massive custom-made furniture by human power alone in a factory filled with toxic thinner-type gases, the same temperature as a sauna.


From time to time, I also went to help out.


It was an adamant site, so tough that even I, a teenager, could have collapsed in the factory.


There are no words to describe the fatigue and pain of my father and mother, who were elderly.


Still, life was not well-off, and seeing my father and mother in such a state, I could no longer talk to my parents about "money" (school fees).


Having seen the realities of my parents' work, I have come to have both respect and gratitude for them and hatred for a society that does not fairly reward those who work hard.



A society in which children think, "Parents who work are cool," is a good society.


This is one of the few benefits that the Corona Disaster has brought, and I believe, one of the greatest.

2023-06-14 『友人は債券である』 ―― この話を嫁さんにしたら、嫌な顔をしていました。 [長年日記]


I have been reading a lot of articles on social capital lately.


I might conclude, "There is no de facto standard definition of social capital."


So, I decided to return to the books of the first proponent of the concept and began my own interpretation.

'Friends are bonds' -- I told this story to my wife, and she looked disgusted.


Wife: "Well, it's fine to say 'there is a monetary value to being active in a neighborhood association,' but the idea that a price can be put on a friend' is offensive."

江端:「不快かもしれないけど、ロジカルだよ ―― 『人間の幸せはお金だけじゃない』という人は多いけど、これは前提として、『お金は幸福を構成する要素であることを否定しない』と白状していることと同じだよね」

Ebata: "It may be uncomfortable, but it's logical -- there are many people who say that 'money is not the only factor in human happiness,' but this is the same as saying point blank that the premise is 'I don't deny that money is a component of happiness.'"


Wife: "That may be true, though."


Ebata: "Then, that 'something other than money' is probably some 'value. So, suppose we can't talk about happiness based on the number of friends. Who can confidently assert that there is no difference in happiness between being alone and having more than one friend and that it is a matter of subjectivity?


Wife: "..."


Ebata: "I couldn't find a single paper that said the life of disconnected social relationships is happiness,' and the number of communities and friends calculated the total amount of social capital in existing studies."


Wife: "..."


Ebata: "I think it is logically wrong to say that there is a difference in happiness between zero friends and one friend, but not between one and two friends.



However, more friends are not better, which can be explained by the concept of "marginal utility" in economics.

To begin with, the loneliness check questionnaire says the same thing: a friend can put a price on your friend', I think.


Now, what do you think?

2023-06-15 『この程度の政治ビラなら、ChatGPTで、1分で作れる』が、正直な私の感想です。 [長年日記]

I have written about this before, but I was surprised to read a survey done in a foreign country.

『政府キャンペーン、行動グループへの貢献/参加を1年間行わなかった (Yes/No)』

"Did not contribute to/participate in any government campaigns or action groups during the year? (Yes/No)"


I (Ebata) have never been politically active in my life, and I cannot imagine anyone in Japan answering "No" to this question.


Well, these days, 'On social networking sites.', 'on a one-time-only basis.', 'on the spur of the moment.', "on the emotions," There may be people who tweet or even follow you, but that is probably not in the scope of the above survey.


I believe that the people of our country, myself included, are involved in politics by 'tacitly accepting government policies and only criticizing them if the results are bad.

別に批判しているのではありません ―― 私だって同じです。

I am not criticizing you -- I am the same.


And for many, 'political engagement' is like that.



Today, I went out for an unforgettable day, and unusually, I saw "street speeches" at several stations.

私より、10歳は上と思われる議員が演説をして、その母親と思われる人物一人が、おぼつかない足取りでビラくばりをしていました ―― 共産党の方のようでした。

A counselor, who appeared to be ten years older than me, was giving a speech, and one person, who appeared to be his mother, was limping and passing out leaflets -- He seemed to be a member of the Communist Party.


I saw a use case for "Aging Matters," I thought.

で、そのビラに目を通してみたのですが ―― 共産党だけでなく、どの政党のビラもそうですが、あいかわらず「数字」と「図表」がない。

So, I looked through the leaflet -- not just the Communist Party, but all parties' leaflets, and as usual, there are no "numbers" and "charts."


There is no mention of the security of financial resources, and the administration's condemnation does not include a compelling reason for the curse.


There are no sources or references to the underlying facts.

―― 羨しいなぁ

"I'm jealous."


I thought it.


I envy them from my current position here, where I have to do patent specifications and paper manufacturing equipment.

"I can make a political leaflet of this caliber in a minute with ChatGPT," is my honest opinion.



Of course, I am sure that politicians have incredible difficulties.


To begin with, a leaflet is not a thesis, so it cannot contain much information.

が、それにしても、「古色蒼然」というビラを見ていると ―― 政治は、デジタルからもっとも遠い分野の一つなんだろうなぁ、と実感します。

But then, when I see the "old-fashioned" leaflets -- I realize that politics is probably one of the fields farthest from digital.

But this 'backwardness' may be the essence of politics in this party or country.

2023-06-16 『街頭演説のビラの方が、はるかにマシ』 [長年日記]

Based on yesterday's diary, I asked ChatGPT to do the following


- Make election leaflets for the Communist Party.


- Create the wording for the Communist Party's election leaflets.


- Create the wording of leaflets containing criticism of the administration for the Communist Party's elections.


- Consider the text of a leaflet in which the Communist Party condemns the ruling party.


- Create the wording for leaflets criticizing the administration.


- What are the problems with LGBT-related legislation?



Having read through these, here are my impressions


"The leaflet from a street speech would be much better."



I thought, 'I wonder if it can make a more edgy statement.'

I thought the brakes on "RLHF" were too strong.

2023-06-17 『ChatGPTは、もの凄く真摯な言葉で、嘘をつく』です。 [長年日記]


ChatGPT will present me with sample programs when I need help.


This has helped me tremendously.


But there are also some troubling times.


"ChatGPT lies with great sincerity."

I have discussed this extensively here, and I don't think 'ChatGPT is bad.'


On the contrary, I can confirm the contents of ChatGPT are not trustworthy, and I feel they relied on that.



The following is yesterday's question.


If I were explained like this, I would think this code would work.


But it doesn't work.


On the contrary, this code added libraries that did not exist and even incorporated the specifications of another language (Python) freely.


It took me three hours to realize "it."

As a result, I had to conduct a trial in Python.



But, well, it is rather pleasant to see a lie written so refreshingly.


Besides, I had to look into the statistical methods of the Go and Python languages, and I learned a lot.


It can be said that the result is all right.



In conclusion, my assertion that 'AI technology should be tried and used well' remains intact.

2023-06-18 『男性は、女性にとって、ゴキブリとハイエナを足して二で割ったようなものに見えていると思っておくくらいが丁度いい』 [長年日記]


A female camper was victimized by a man who maliciously picked on her while she was camping solo.


The Japan Solo Encampment Association (male) addressed male campers regarding this incident,


It's just as well to think that men are to women like a combination of a cockroach and a hyena divided by two.



I said, "Exactly!" I said sympathetically.



I once returned home to call my wife when I found an elementary school girl dawdling near a nearby traffic light intersection around midnight.


In terms of my mentality towards girls, and also socially, I am aware that I am 'like a cockroach and a hyena added together and divided by two.'


It is frustrating that "immediate protection is not possible," but unless there is a life-threatening emergency, "' men are like a cockroach, and a hyena added together and divided by two is a good rule.



When I was solo camping on my motorcycle, I was terrified of the person who pitched his tent next to me.


We were camped a few kilometers from the nearest house, and there were only two tents, including mine.


If the person in the tent next to me attacked me with the intent to kill me, I would never survive.



However, at this point, I remember I was a bit relieved to see a book that had fallen into the tent next to mine.


I believe it was Natsume Soseki's library.

もちろん、文豪の本を読んでいる殺人犯もいるでしょうが ―― そんなささいなことでも、少し安心できることに、自分でも驚いたのを覚えています。

Of course, there are murderers who read books by literary greats -- however, I was surprised to find myself a little relieved by such a trifle.


If it had been a sports newspaper or a popular entertainment magazine instead of Soseki, I would not have slept a wink.


2023-06-19 だから、ソロキャンプ中の女性キャンパーにナンパするような低能な男に対しては「死ね」と言い切れます。 [長年日記]

I noticed something when I was writing my diary yesterday.


When I was solo touring and solo camping, I used to respond to guys who approached me with a blatantly disgusted look.


For campers who offer to "help make tents,"

―― 私のテント設営を楽しみを邪魔するな、ボケ!

"Don't interrupt my enjoyment of setting up my tent!"


I was cursing in my mind.



For me, "traveling alone" means traveling alone without getting involved with anyone as much as possible.


Therefore, communication has been kept to a minimum.


Solo skiing was like that.



Perhaps some people may not understand my way of thinking.


But 'solo camping' is a really important time and place for such people.


So, I am 100% confident in saying to any lowlife who picks on a female camper while solo camping,


"Go to hell!"


2023-06-20 では、このような場における、全体最適解は何か?―― 江端が沈黙を続けること [長年日記]


I wouldn't say I like drinking parties, and I finally found out why the other day.

―― 沈黙しなければならないから。

-- because I have to be silent.


It's not that I don't have a topic. On the contrary, I don't think there was ever a moment when I said, 'I don't have a topic.


However, the key point is that 'not all topics are accepted by everyone.


("Islam," "Taliban," "Palestine," or something like that.)


However, the problem here is that both the boss and the subordinate are now younger than me.


I have a hard time with 'the air of care they have for me.



I don't need to tell you now but I am a thorough me-ism.


This world is a means for me to live, nothing more.


I believe that companies and organizations are "tools."

『会社に対する貢献? なにそれ美味しいの?』を、そのまま貫き続けたと断言できます。

"Contribution to the company? What's that good for?" I can say with certainty that I have continued to follow the same line of thinking.


What I think is 'amazing to me' is that my 'me-isms' did not waver one millimeter until I finally reached this age.



But here is where the problem arises.


For example, suppose I said something like, "Work is just a way of life, and it's stupid to seek meaning in it," at a drinking party.

さて、こうなると、年下の上司は、当然に困ります ―― 彼らは、上司として、(それを信じているかどうかはさておき)その真逆のことを、部下に言わなけらばならない立場にあります。

Now, when this happens, the younger bosses are naturally in trouble -- because they, as bosses, have to tell their subordinates (if they believe it or not) the exact opposite of that.

年下の部下は、もっと困ります ―― 彼らは、上司にも忖度しなければならず、同時に、江端を無視することもできないからです。

Younger subordinates are more troubled -- because they have to look out for their superiors and, simultaneously, cannot ignore Ebata.


So, what is the overall optimal solution in such a situation?

―― 江端が沈黙を続けること

-- Ebata's continued silence


In all likelihood, there is no other solution.

私の頭の中には、山のようなネタや小話、江端ポリシーも満載なのですが、これを黙り続けるのは ―― 冗談抜きで、本当に苦しいのです。

I have a mountain of stories and little tidbits in my head, as well as an Ebata policy, but to keep quiet about this -- no joke, it's excruciating for me.

ここに、『飲み会 = 苦行』のフレームワークが完成する訳です。

This is where the "drinking party = suffering" framework is completed.



At drinking parties, I have to be attentive to all people, and all people have to be careful of me.


Moreover, I am now in ongoing sobriety, so there is no chance for me to say something unexpected when I am sober.


In addition, being forced to listen to the claims of a drunken person with a waking head is also painful.


When I see another stranger doing the 'misery boasting' I have done in previous drinking sessions, I am so embarrassed that I want to roll over, remembering the horror of my old life.



I once asked a young engineer.


Ebata: "Can you guys say, 'Ebata-san, that's not true,' when I say, 'This is what I'm talking about'?"


Younger: "I can never say that. Even if I disagreed with you, I would just let it slide and say, 'Oh, I see.'

つまり ―― そういうことです。

In other words -- that's how it is.

2023-06-21 ―― ポジティブな感情は、超揮発性 [長年日記]


I am easily pleased when my program or system works well.

そんでブログに書いたり、人に言ったりしてしまいます ―― 嬉しそうに。

Then I blog about it and tell people about it -- happily.



But when I look at my colleagues, I see that some do not show such emotions but report casually as part of their duties.

―― 大人だなぁ

-- They're an adult.


I admire them.


As an adult members of society, we should not be happy or sad about a program or a system.


When I see people who are calm like that, I think

―― 単に、私が幼稚なんだな

--, I must be childish.




I don't understand the psychology of people who disclose their mansions, expensive cars, jewelry, and brand-name goods on TV programs.

第1に、持たざる者である私が見ても、そんな番組楽しい訳がない ―― むしろ嫉妬の対象になりえる。

First, from my point of view as a have-not, there is no way I would enjoy such a program -- in fact, I would be jealous of it.

第2に、そもそも開示することにメリットがない ―― むしろ犯罪に巻き込まれるリスクを高めるだけである。

Second, there is no benefit to disclosing it in the first place -- in fact, it only increases the risk of being involved in a crime.


Yes, maybe this logic is not wrong, I think.



However, there is some similarity between my 'I'm happy when a program or system works well' principle of behavior and the above behavior.


What does that mean? That meas,


"If we don't record what makes us happy, it's easy to forget."



Without studying psychology, sad memories can last for years, but happy memories can disappear in less than an hour if they are bad.


A simple example is "passing or failing an entrance exam." The joy of a pass disappears within the day. In comparison, however, the sadness of a rejection lasts about two or three orders of magnitude longer.

―― ポジティブな感情は、超揮発性

-- Positive emotions are hyper-volatile


is no doubt.

私は、嬉しい記憶を忘れない内に残して、それを後で見直すことで、日々を生き延びるという ―― 非常にちっちゃい生き方をしている訳です。

I am a person who survives each day by keeping happy memories before I forget them and revisiting them later -- as a narrow-minded person.



I think mansions, expensive cars, jewelry, and brand-name goods are not what 'keeps the joy going.'


It is a well-known fact that "difference equations express positive emotions.


The quickest way to reaffirm volatile positive emotions is to "brag to others" and "have others envy you.

嫉妬や犯罪リスクを犯してまで、個人情報を開示するのは、嬉しさを維持するための、ちっちゃい生き方の一つのメソッドなのだと思います ―― 私と同様に。

I think disclosing personal information, even at the risk of jealousy and criminal threat, is one method of a narrow-minded life to maintain a sense of joy -- just like me.

2023-06-22 「『北朝鮮に学ぶ弱者戦略』というシリーズを構想している」 [長年日記]


Earlier, to a family member, I said that


"I have an idea for a series called 'How to learn Weaker's Strategies from North Korea.'"


However, I was stopped quite seriously by them.


Well, it can't be helped.


But I think we have a lot to learn from the way <> does things.



Maybe, but I think the following series would be accepted.

ChatGPT's lesson on playing the "sincere me."

As a sequel to this column.



However, a serious concern is finding the time to write columns while maintaining good health.

2023-06-23 『10時間かけて、たった2行の改修』という世界に、沢山の人間が投入されて、悲鳴を上げている地獄絵図を考えると ―― 心底から楽しい [長年日記]


I have been struggling with the system for over 10 hours since 1:00 p.m. today in search of information to build a video system.


I have just gotten the system up and running based on just two lines of information written in Chinese.


(Incidentally, the Chinese were deciphered by a translation engine)


This is the case after using various tools in addition to ChaGPT.

『10時間あれば、一体どれだけのことができただろうか』 ―― などと考えたら、この仕事は『負け』です。

"How much could I have done with 10 hours?" If you think like that, you will 'lose' this field.



Systems and programming are fun, but the more specialized and specific they become, the more and more time they consume.


It makes me wonder how it would be cost-effective.


I don't know what price we can put on "finding just two lines of information written in Chinese."



For our country, digitization and programmed education are the inevitable paths.


My number card, which has been causing many problems, seems to me to be an inevitable "bug out" period during the initial operation of the system.


Of course, the government and vendors must offer sincere apologies and reasonable compensation to those affected. Still, there will be no choice but to shut down the MyNumber card system altogether.

なんやかんやいって『マイナンバーカード = 国民監視システム』というのは事実です。

After all, it is a fact that "My Number Card = National Surveillance System."


But now its disadvantages are only as heavy as 'unrealized gains.'

これまでのような、ちんたらとした手動業務処理などと続けていたら、少子高齢化の巻き添えくらって、我が国は、明治維新レベルまで行政処理が退後するだろう ―― と、本気で私は思っています。

I seriously believe that if we continue with the slow and tedious manual processing of work as we have done up to now, the declining birthrate and aging population will drag our country down, and our administrative processes will be brought back to the level of the Meiji Restoration.

Incidentally, our country is completed as a Big Brother surveillance society. It is too late to be jittery now.

On the contrary, I have collaborated on Big Brother's side -- as the so-called "dogs of power."



Through digitization and programmed education, I believe that


"digitization and programming education will move many people who complain about system failures to the side of those who are complained about system failures."



When I think of the hellish picture of so many people being put into the world of "10 hours of work and only two lines of renovation" and screaming,

―― 心底から楽しい

That makes me happy with all my heart.

2023-06-24 私が、社会人大学院で、必死に調査研究をしているきっかけの一つが、『マージナル・オペレーション』である、と言ったら驚かれるかもしれませんが ―― これは本当です。 [長年日記]

You may be surprised to hear me say that one of the reasons I am working so hard to research in a working graduate school is because of "Marginal Operations" -- this is true.


However, my concern is not conflict or politics but the one-operation of telecommunication devices.


I have not included a citation or acknowledgment of the book in my paper (reviewers would be surprised if I did that).


However, if I can graduate properly, I would like to send a letter of thanks to Mr. Yuri Shibamura.



The "Marginal Operations" series is held by the civic library where I live, and I have been borrowing it from there.


I don't buy books, not because I am sparing money, but because I am sparing space (in my home).


Still, I am holding off purchasing an e-book because I want a good paper book someday.


Anyway, the library where I live is good.

We are proud of our city's library, which has the gall to engage in a head-to-head battle with NHK.



It would be arrogant of me to expect this library to have the entire "Marginal Operations" series.


This time, I purchased two books from Amazon.com that had not been in the library's collection for some time.

『喰い散らかすように読んではダメだぞ』と自分に言い聞かせていたのですが ―― 大学への往復(1日)で、2冊を読み終えてしまいました。

I told myself, 'Don't read it like going to eat it all up' -- but I finished two books on my way to and from the university in a day.


―― こんな読み方はよくない

"Not a good manner to read this"

―― これからは、特許明細書、研究報告書、論文提出の後の「ご褒美」として、読むようにしよう

"From now on, I will read the series as a "reward" after submitting patent specifications, research reports, and papers."


I vowed once again to do so.

2023-06-25 ―― もはや、賢者も歴史から学ぶことはできないんじゃないかなぁ [長年日記]


"Fools learn from experience, and wises learn from history" was Bismarck's maxim; however,

―― もはや、賢者も歴史から学ぶことはできないんじゃないかなぁ

"I wonder if the wise can no longer learn from history."


I come to think so.


The two that immediately come to mind are "Corona" and "Ukraine."


Unpredictable events that are not within the scope of prediction of even so-called experts, let alone laypeople like myself, have occurred and continue to happen.

例えば ―― 『我が国は、とっとと白旗を上げて降参していれば良かった』という、太平洋戦争における米国との戦争についての私の歴史認識は、今、現在進行形で『本当にそうだったのかな?』と思わせるに至っています。

For example -- "My historical perception of the war with the United States in the Pacific War, that 'Our country should have just raised the white flag and surrendered,' is now ongoing, leading me to wonder, 'Was that the case?'"


If I were to learn from history, such questions would not arise.


(The military superpower doesn't always win, as evidenced by the U.S. in Vietnam and Afghanistan.)


The situation in Ukraine today is too different from that in Japan. Still, including that situation, I think 'the right answer cannot be derived from experience or history.


Or rather, 'Is there a right answer to begin with?'


来年あたり、この日記を読み直して、『なんで、私は、こんな抽象的かつ哲学的な語りをしてりるんだ?』 と、頭の中に疑問符が浮んぶあるだろうと思い、一応、キーワードを残しておきます。

I'll leave you with a few keywords in case you reread this diary next year and wonder, "Why am I talking in such an abstract and philosophical way?" so I will leave some keywords here case there will be a question mark in your mind.


"The Wagner Rebellion."


" Does International Law Apply to Civil War?" (*1)


どうやら、『現時点では、国家主権を超越する主体は存在しない(*2)』―― らしいです。

Apparently, "At present, no entity transcends national sovereignty" (*2).


2023-06-26 ―― AI技術は、先生(人間)の言うことをきちんと聞いて、もの凄い時間(数億~数兆回の反復学習)をかけて『ガリ勉』をすることで、完成している [長年日記]


When I explained the Gmail system to my family about ten years ago, the explanation that 'the body of the email is located in the cloud' did not get through.


So I changed the explanation to this.


(1) "Your email is in a computer in San Jose (Silicon Valley, California), not in this home computer."


(2) "This computer is just a copy of the contents inside the computer in the U.S."


(3) "So, I can see the same email on this computer, on a computer in Nagoya, on a computer in Kagoshima, and on my smartphone."



In other words, if someone asks you, "What is the cloud?" you can answer, "It's a computer in a foreign country," without saying anything unnecessary.


The trick is not to "say" Tokyo Region, Osaka Region, virtualization, containers, etc.


My daughters now use the term "cloud" daily, but I am unsure if they understand it as a reality.


By verbalizing it, we inevitably feel like we know it.


But we need to think things through from time to time.



Similar to this "cloud" is "AI.


It is inevitable to think of "AI" as a great thing that can do everything, but it is still necessary to think about it properly occasionally.

I used to write a series of articles on AI technology.

I also recently contributed a column on ChatGPT.


And what I found out as a result of this,

―― AI技術は、先生(人間)の言うことをきちんと聞いて、もの凄い時間(数億~数兆回の反復学習)をかけて『ガリ勉』をすることで、完成している

-- AI technology is perfected by listening to the teacher (human) and spending a tremendous amount of time (hundreds of millions to trillions of iterations) "studying hard."



In recent years, AI technology is no longer considered the effect of "good logic" or "smart algorithms."


On the contrary, they argue that only a 'sincere attitude toward instruction' and 'skinny-dipping' are the foundation of the most powerful AI technology.


こういう人生訓めいたことを、教えられるのは、正直愉快ではありませんが ――

I have to admit that I don't enjoy being taught this kind of life lesson, however,


"To do something, I have to keep learning repeatedly."


I learned that from AI technology.

2023-06-27 私の寿命と、この時計たちの寿命 ―― どっちが長いか? 勝負です。 [長年日記]


I am the type of person who uses up things I like to the fullest, and I have purchased three identical watches and other items.

一つは、(亡き)父にプレゼントしましたが、 ―― そうだとしても、3つは数が合いません(2つなら分かるのですが)。

One was a gift to my (late) father, but -- even if so, three doesn't count (although two would make sense).


This clock is a radio-controlled clock, has large letters, and most importantly, it is inexpensive (less than 4,000 yen).


However, replacing the battery costs more than 2,000 yen, and replacing the band costs about the same, so considering this, I think "disposable" is the correct use.



Back to the story, the difference between the "two" and the "three" above, I thought it might be around "I bought another watch because the battery of the first watch ran out, but it worked after I changed the battery of the first by myself," so I checked my past diaries.

It was a hit.

And I had already mentioned why I am replacing batteries and bands on my own.



One recently ran out of battery and the other ran out of band, so I replaced the battery and band, respectively.


The rubber bands would break after about a year, so I tried fabric bands this time.


When I saw what was sent to me, I thought 'I ordered the wrong belt', but as I read the customer reviews, I understood how this belt works.


I was convinced that "this is how the band works," and was able to complete the band replacement successfully.



They are my lovely precious watches that are battered, missing LCD displays, and have been reinforced with superglue in various places.


Even If someone says to me, 'Trade me a million yen for a brand-name watch,' I can say, 'But I refuse.'


私の寿命と、この時計たちの寿命 ―― どっちが長いか? 勝負です。

My lifespan or the lifespan of these watches -- which is longer? It's a game.

私が死ぬ時に、この時計がまだ動いていたら ―― 私の勝ちです。

If this clock is still running when I die -- It is my win.

2023-06-28 『100億円、10年の日時と人材が、一瞬にゴミとなる』 ―― ここに、イノベーションの怖さがあります。 [長年日記]


Suppose a national project took ten years and cost 10 billion yen, and 80% of the development had been completed.

―― その時、突如として、0.5億円(5000万円)程度の予算で、開発1ヶ月間で、現在のプロジェクトの3倍の効果が得られる新技術が登場する

Then, suddenly, a new technology appears that can triple the effectiveness of the current project with a budget of about 0.5 billion yen (50 million yen) and within one month of development


This happens quite often in the world of technology.

『100億円、10年の日時と人材が、一瞬にゴミとなる』 ―― ここに、イノベーションの怖さがあります。

Ten billion yen, ten years, and human resources can be turned into garbage instantly" -- herein lies the fear of innovation.


(This is different from the "innovation dilemma.)


Moreover, such innovations cannot be predicted to emerge.

Yeah, I can't predict it at all anymore.


For example, no one, as far as I know, predicted the 'emergence of generative AI and its impact on society' this time last year.



Something similar happens to me, although the scale and subject matter differ.

一週間、昼夜ぶっつづけで、ありとあらゆる方法をやりつくして『もうダメだ』という結論を纏めた報告書を書き終えた直後 ――

Just after I had finished writing a report that concluded that I had exhausted all possible methods, working day and night, and had come to the conclusion that "it was hopeless,"


I am confronted with a situation where "a method I tried on a whim solved the problem instantly.


This is, of course, a "happy story" for an engineer but an "unhappy story" for a businessman.



It is no wonder that society is at the mercy of innovation.


But more than that, the engineers on the front lines of the invention cannot say, "It cannot be helped."


Honesty, I want to shout

―― 冗談じゃない!

"No kidding!"


2023-06-29 ―― ご近所で、礼儀正しくて、大人しくて、目立たない人物による凶悪犯罪の方が、圧倒的に面白いから [長年日記]


Whenever a crime occurs, the news broadcasts an interview about the suspect to the neighbors.


I would never respond to this interview and have told my family not to do it.


We don't know how the images will be used afterward.

もし、被疑者にネガティブなコメントをした挙句、その事件が『20年後に再審で冤罪が確定判決』になろうものなら ―― そのインタビューに応じた人は『冤罪を誘発した人物』として、視聴者に記憶されることになります。

If a negative comment is made about a suspect and the case is "retried 20 years later, and the defendant is falsely convicted," - viewers will remember the interviewee as "the person who provoked the false conviction.


最近、近所で『良い人』とされている人間による重大犯罪が報道されることが多いように思えますが ―― これ、恣意的な報道(偏向報道)の一例です。

Lately, there seem to be many reports of serious crimes committed by people considered 'good people' in the neighborhood -- this is an example of arbitrary reporting (biased reporting).


Why 'biased reporting'?

―― ご近所で、礼儀正しくて、大人しくて、目立たない人物による凶悪犯罪の方が、圧倒的に面白いから

"Because it is by far more interesting to make it a violent crime committed by a polite, quiet, inconspicuous person in your neighborhood."



The more interesting it is, the more ratings it will earn.


Hence, it is 'biased reporting.



Me: "What would my neighbors say in an interview if I committed a murder?"


Wife: "'I knew it...', 'I knew he was going to do it someday,' 'He never greeted me and had a bad eye,' 'He was always a troublemaker in the neighborhood association'..."


Me: "Enough."

2023-06-30 私は、奴を絶対に許さない ―― 絶対に [長年日記]


I can't help but if you think the code I am disclosing is "offensive."


I believe "code is good as long as it works," and I dare not clean up after code.


The most important thing is 'what I can remember later.'



Still, it is rare, but some people have been trying for weeks to understand my code and get it to work.


I try to answer questions from such people as much as possible.

私のコードを、ご自分の環境で無事動かした方には、『おめでとう & ありがとうメール』や、直接電話をして、祝辞を贈っています。

I congratulate those who have successfully run my code in their environment with a "Congratulations & Thank You Email" or by calling them directly.


However, there have only been about two of us in the last two years or so (by the way, this number does not include everyone at the software outsourcing company).


比して ――

Compared to the above,


You who said "offended" to me about the code I disclosed

私は、奴を絶対に許さない ―― 絶対に

I will never forgive you -- absolutely.