2019-08-01 マイコンが死ねば、そのテレビに繋る全てが機能不能に陥ります。 [長年日記]


This morning I waked up, my wife was waiting for me, and rush to say "the TV at living room doesn't work"


Well, this was one of daily happening, and In most cases, it will be resolved by turning off the power or restoring it to its default settings.

ところが ――



This time, the tuner of the television didn't work and it could not accept the input from the external input terminal.


The possibility that the computer built into the TV has broken down was coming.


I mentioned before about the engine control unit (ECU) of a car. Now, most things around us are controlled by computers.


If the cause is by software (program), it may be manageable for me, however I cannot be helped by hardware(microcomputer).


The previous TV could be used as a monitor to display external devices (such as DVDs or HDDs) even if the tuner was broken.


The reason for this happening is that all the TV interfaces are now centrally managed by the microcontroller.


If the microcontroller dies, everything connected to the television will become inoperable.



At first, I also checked the price of the TV and the repair cost, but I knew the recent TV is cheaper.


A long time ago, a 40-inch TV was over 300,000 yen, but recently I was surprised to know that it could be purchased in the 30,000 yen range.

So I think

―― 買った方が安いなぁ

"The buying will be cheaper"



(To be continued)

2019-08-02 私は「もったいない精神」の(というか、単なる「ケチ」の)神です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I am a god of spirit of "Mottainai".(Correctly speaking, I am just stingy)



In the Akihabara area, I don't want to go to PC shop, but feel ecstasy in the part of PC of a dangerous junk store.


After my death, I hope for the whole body's dedication (from hair to one nail) (*).


I should have an unreasonable feeling to discard the TV that is largely unbroken.


(*)但し、絶対的な意味において、実験用献体としての提供を拒否します(1mm^3 たりとも)。

However, in an absolute sense, I refuse to provide as an experimental dedication (at least 1 mm ^ 3).


I just want to achieve the ambition to "last life even with only part of the body", and I have no intention of someone's help.


In addition, I feel terrible and unpleasant just by thinking that my body will be "touched" by young people for their studying and researching, whose intelligence or intelligence is unknown.



However, I am an IT professional.


I felt "maybe it is...", I let the TV hit the cooler air directly, and some of the functions were restored.


I thought, "it is sure"


This is a so-called "heat runaway".


This is famous phenomenons, encountered on personal computers, which often occurs in summer.


However, the occurrence of heat runaway itself is evidence that computers have already gone down.


Such cooling methods are ad hoc.


However it's a time for me to select the Ebata's Next Main TV, at least.

2019-08-03 ―― 人生における恋愛の重要性はどれくらいか [長年日記]


I go home late every day, but when I talk to my daughter, I sometimes have a conversation for about three hours at midnight.


The other day, I was talking in the thesis of

―― 人生における恋愛の重要性はどれくらいか

"How important is Love in Life?"



"Preliminarily, let us define the importance here as "oxygen or carbohydrate" as meaning "the proportion of the heart necessary for one's survival". Of course, there is no problem in the value of subjectivity.


I declared and started it first.



Daughter (Eldest daughter): "Well, I'm about 60%"


Ebata: "It's amazing. It's a feeling that love is all."


Daughter: "... what do you want to say?"


Ebata: "You're young, it's good"


Daughter: "I thought you would say that anyway. So what about you, dad?"


Ebata: "Like red ginger of grilled buckwheat"


Daughter: "You were poor. Would you have been more when you were young ?"


Ebata: "When I was young, maybe ... it might have been pepper in Unaju Don"


Daughter: "Is it increasing now?"


Ebata: "It's almost an increase like a division by zero"



Here, she brought up a subject to her mother.


Daughter: "What about you mom?"




Daughter: "Mom?"


Daughter: "It is about 80%, isn't it?"


Daughter: "80 percent?"


Daughter: "80%. You said that "the proportion of the heart necessary for one's survival""


Daughter: "Well, yes, yes"


While saying, my eldest daughter turned to me.



I said to my daughter while nodding.

「パパも結構な色々な人から『凄い』と言われること多いけどな ――

"I'm often told "Ebata is something" from various people, however,


Everyone could not notice, but mom is really more "something" than me.

2019-08-04 ですから、「アルキメデスの大戦」を、家族4人全員で映画を見にいくことになるとは思いませんでした。 [長年日記]


When I went to see the movie "The Aircraft Carrier "Ibuki"" with my wife, I got to know the work "Archimedes War" in the trailer.


The trailer was well edited, but I thought, "this is going to be failed."


Because it was a movie with the theme of "math"


However, I decided that

―― 数人しかいない映画館の中で、映画を見ることになったとしても、

"Even if you decide to watch a movie in a cinema with only a few people,"

―― この「私」だけは、絶対に見に行くぞ

"Only this "I" will definitely go to see"


As a person who has written a column on the subject of "Let's turn the world by numbers", I think I have to watch this movie.


So, I was going to go to the cinema alone even if nobody invite.



So I didn't think that it was going to go to a movie with the whole family of "Archimedean Wars".


That is an offer from my family.


I was thinking, "Is the program advertising so good?"

結論から言うと ―― 最高の映画でした。

From the conclusion, it was a great movie.


I shouldn't do a simple comparison, however it was better work I have seen in recent years than "Eternal Zero", "Japan's Longest Day", "Shingozilla" and "Aircraft Carrier Ibuki".


No excessive empathy, no battle scenes (though the first video was awesome),good laugh, the wonderful actor's performance, and above all, the scene of "mathematics power" was a masterpiece.

私は、原作のコミックを3巻まで読んでいたので、原作からの大きな改編にも気がついたのですが、しかし、その改編された内容も実に素晴しい ――

Since I had read the original comics up to three volumes, I also noticed a major reorganization from the original.However, the reformed contents are also wonderful.


The opening and ending are closed wonderfully, and this can be said to be a masterpiece of secondary creation.


私は本当に面白かったのですが、家族は、退屈していたのではないだろうか、と、質問をしてみたのですが ――

I was really entertaining, but I was afraid that the family might have been bored.


All said, "I didn't feel that for a second," and they said that this movie was much more interesting than "Eternal Zero".


Wife: "Dad. In the scene where the equation appeared, I was looking into the screen"


Ebata: "Well, I wanted to find a term that could lead to a constant that leads to the limit. To be honest, I wanted to confirm "Elliptic partial differential equation (*)" before I got that general formula.


(*) I do not know elliptic partial differential equations well, but I think that it is probably a kind of partial differential equation.


Well, I thought that the content of the general formula drawn in the film was a bit too simple.


Perhaps, if it was a serious general expression, ten blackboards would have been needed.


If so, maybe it takes 2-3 hours to estimate one construction cost, and it will be difficult for a movie.


Therefore, the "director's edition" is good.



Ebata: "Weren't they all really interesting?"


Wife: "If we don't understand the formula, that movie was absolutely interesting."


My wife said that.


My eldest daughter said that she was overwhelmed by the idea of "National strategy to falsify figures,"


My second daughter said that she felt in the engineer's mind that "they wanted to make it because they designed it."


Of course, I was shocked by the big reorganization from the original about "Yorishiro(an object that divine spirits )".



In this way, everyone in the Ebata family will be able to appreciate the beautiful movie that has been full of points in the past few years.

2019-08-05 ―― NHK(地上波)だけが表示されない [長年日記]


The other day, I wrote the diary about "The TV at the living room had not worked, and after that the parts of function has recovered by a cool air from of an air conditioner"


One of the un-recovered function by the air conditioner, is

―― NHK(地上波)だけが表示されない

"Only NHK(surface wave) is not displayed"



To be precise, the trouble is "Scrambled video displays and nothing sounds in the NHK channel"

昨今のNHKの受信料問題で揺れる最中の、この故障は ―― なかなか、興味深いテーゼを発生させてくれた、と思っています。

Now we dispute NHK's fees for television viewers, so I think that this un-recovered function gives me rise an interesting problem.



You know, The Ebata's pay for NHK's fees for television viewers.

日常的に、NHKの番組を視聴しているから ―― つまり「受益者負担の原則」に基づいて支払いをしている訳です。

The reason why the Ebatas pays is that we watch the NHK programs based on a "benefit principle".


Well at the present, both NHK and the Ebatas cannot go the "benefit principle" by getting a new TV.


I think that it corresponds to "the installation of the television receiver" in the broadcast law, but it is the situation where I can not watch any NHK program completely.


I don't know how we should manage the fee in the eye of the law.

しかし、故意でもなく、過失でもなく、NHKの放送が受信できななくなった機器に対して、NHKの受信料金の支払い義務は発生するのか ―― 誰かご存知でしたら教えて下さい。

I hope you will give me whether the Ebatas should pay for the fee about the device that cannot receive NHK contents at all, liability without fault.

2019-08-06 ―― コンピュータの性能を最大限引き出す為には、コンピュータの言葉(0/1)で会話しなければならない [長年日記]


I was relieved to hear that my senior daughter said "this note PC is a part of me at present",


She is spending her daily campus life with the PC.



Yesterday, I heard the new whose headline was "the 40 years has passed since the first PC appeared",and the first PC was "PC-8001, presented by NEC".


I had the same PC as above (Correctly ,it was "8001MK2")

―― 私の人生は、パソコンとともにあったんだなぁ

"PC has never been out of my sight in my life"


I feel keenly that.

とは言え、初代PCと言えば、"TK-80"じゃないのかな、とか、たしかPC-6000シリーズもあったよな、とも思いますが ―― が、まあ、そういう細かいことはさておき。

I have thought "the first PC is "TK-80" isn't it?" or "How about the series of PC-6001" , however let me go above and beyond this.



As for me at that time, I didn't know any computer language except for "N-BASIC"


And I was really surprised to see the marvelous speed of program based on hexadecimal numeral (Machine language)


(*)I was sorry but my friend had designed that.


I could say that I would feel that the speed is faster than the super-computer even if whose speed has the world record.


Thanks to the Machine language programming, I could control an image data processing within five seconds, though I had needed more than three minutes before. My study in the college seminar was going rapidly.

―― コンピュータの性能を最大限引き出す為には、コンピュータの言葉(0/1)で会話しなければならない

"In order to pull up a performance of computer, I have to talk to the computer by the computer language (binary)"


I could realize that at the moment.



Now, we have already got some high-speed technologies like hight-performance compiler, parallel operation language, multiply-layered core CPU and GPU adaptation. So it cannot be helped that nobody knows the concept of "Machine language"


However, there are some engineers who can use "machine language" in the battle field of R&D for controller that is needed of nano-second degree of accuracy.

―― 残念ですが『それは、私です』とは言えないのですが。

I am sorry that I cannot say "it is me"


(To be continued)

2019-08-07 ―― 「2つめの頭脳」を手に入れた [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Let us return to my yesterday's diary.


I think that what my senior daughter could say "this note PC is a part of me at present", is that

―― 「2つめの頭脳」を手に入れた

"She could get the second brain of hers"


大量の文献を格納でき、レポートを作成でき、情報を検索でき、イラストを描き、メール、SNSで連絡や情報発信ができ、Skypeで遠隔会議が可能で、同時に、音楽や映画を見ることができるという ――

Using PC, she can store enormous documents, make reports, search information, draw a picture, send information by mail and SNS, organize a meeting by Skype, and watch a movie and hear a music at the same time.


It might be a better brain than an original brain of hers.



Based on the story, smartphone also might be "the second brain".


Smartphone is inferior to PC for creative work, however, we can access many excellent contents easily, and some of them are more understandable than a teacher's lecture.


From the viewpoint of usability of "the second brain"


In short, a smartphone is alternative to a abacus, dictionaries and encyclopedias


Most problems to access contents by smartphone are avoidable by IT technologies and laws.(I omit them this time, however I will explain them in detail)


If anything, "seniors" who cannot make a room reservation, buy tickets and get resident card, by smartphone are social problems.

本当に、やつらのITリテラシーの低さときたら ――

"How low their IT literacies are"

『お前ら、子供の範となるべき大人だろうが! 少しは真面目に勉強しやがれ! 酒飲んでダベっているだけなら、その酒瓶持って、とっとと去ね!!』

"You are adults who are a role model for children, aren't you? Study it seriously! Go home with the sake bottle if you can only drink and love to hate"


I cannot remember how many times I have shouted very nearly.


Oh, I am sorry. Let me go to the board.


(To be continued)

2019-08-08 ―― お前ら、土下座して、私に謝れ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, it seems happy that I was able to witness in the early days of PC in my life.


But at the same time, I have always been both respected and persecuted because I could handle PCs.


At that time, "otaku" was a generic name for everyone who handles PCs.

アニメの愛好者は『オタク』とは言われていませんでした ―― というか、そもそも、アニメのコンテンツが、今のように溢れていませんでした。

Anime lovers weren't called "otaku". In the first place, the content of anime was not as full as it is now.


I remember that the idea that "it is shameful that good adults were still watching manga (x anime)" was common sense at the time.

―― PCと会話をするような人間は、人間とはまとにも会話できない

"A person who has a conversation with a PC, can't really talk to humans"


A society with tremendous prejudice, that was the era of "PC creation".



In the 40 years since then, PCs have been developed to work as portable devices that function as "the second brain".


This is a future that was unforeseen 40 years ago.


Now almost Japanese enjoys and benefits from the technology of the last 40 years.


So I'm gonna tell you from the top right now

―― お前ら、土下座して、私に謝れ

"Prostrate and apologize to me"



(To be continued)

2019-08-09 ―― 私は、お前たちに命じる。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

40年前 ――

Forty years ago,


- Children who didn't play with their friends outdoor, and continued to input game program codes into a PC, put a label on "PC boys"


- Young adults who could connect a host computer by a phone line, and mailed and chatted, put a label on "gloomy guys"

For the above person, I will accuse the following people,


- The women in the same generation, who exclude them from a field of love affair, and didn't conceal their aversion,




- The persons in the higher generation, who criticized with saying "these children and young adults will ruin Japan"

―― 私は、お前たちに命じる。

I will order you


to criticize your self and express your regret against outrageous opinions for us.




to admit that you could get the great merit of present IT technology(including smartphone and PC) by our selflessness efforts, and give thanks to us/

―― と。



Now, SNS and mail are a new social infrastructure,


Net games give us a new type community,




Office applications are indispensable for our business.


These services and applications are generated, improved and maintained by "PC boys" and "gloomy guys"


In short, persons who has been disdainful of "Otaku" will be well deserve praise for building this present IT society.


(To be continued)

2019-08-10 むしろ『ざまあみろ』と言い放ち、見捨てていい、と思う。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


At that time,


the women (now, they are around fifty) who had made fool of us, and


the persons (now, they are old farts) who had made us "social wastrel"


are going to be progressively segmented and isolated without using IT devices and services.


"Do I have the responsibility of helping them ?"


No. No way. Absolutely NOT.


Or rather I can say "you deserve it" and abandon them.


I think that there's no reason they should blame me.



Forty yeas ago, for us, who had be able to disassemble the PC hardware, and use the resources exhaustively, applications of smart-phone are likely to child toys.


We, who had called "Otaku", have not been in trouble about smart-phones and PCs, as long as they work on Neumann computer architecture.


I prepare for continues to give the lower generation people than me, and developing country people to IT technology assistant.


However I notice that "I don't have to help both the women (now, they are around fifty) and the persons (now, they are old farts)" at all.

これまで、私は、シニアのデジタルデバイド対応を、色々試みては、失敗を続けて、それなりに挫折し続けてきましたが ――

So far, I have tried something against digital divide problems of aged people, and failed and lost my heart many times, however finally I perceived that


I don't have to care of it at all.



So the conclusions of this thread are that

―― 助けて欲しければ、先ずは頭(こうべ)を垂れて、この私に謝りに来い

"Come to apologize to me with your head down, if you need my help"

―― 話はそれからだ

"We can talk after that"

2019-08-11 『ああ、あの本ね。私には合わなかったな』 [長年日記]


I always say "you don't have to books of writer of great literature against reason, even if the books you make you tired", however I don't say "you don't have to books of writer of great literature".


There are short and enjoyable books of writer of great literature.


In short, many books of writer of great literature are unreadable.


"Style", "historical backdrop" and "conventional wisdom" are different from those of present.


I doubt if we have to read the books against reason.


However, I think that it is important that "picking a book of writer of great literature up, and read a few pages of the first part".


Because, we can use a important phrase


"Well, you said the book. I disagree with the book"

という大切な一言が使えるようになるからです ―― 見栄です。

for appearance sake.



So far, recently, I found an animation figure on a book jacket of writer of great literature in a book store.


That is a character of the animation of "Bungo Stray Dogs".


Several times I watched this animation, however I could not explain about it. So I left one word.


"This animation isn't for me"


On the other hand, this book jacket is great helpful to realize "picking a book of writer of great literature up, and read a few pages of the first part".


Especially for teenagers.


I want the publishing company to make progress this plan.



I love the book by the late Yasushi Inoue sensei, and I think that I have read through the whole volume, even if he was not in the category of writer of great literature.


If the late Yosushi Inoue-sensei is included in "Bungo Stray Dogs (Showa era)", I can prepare to watch the animation with effort.


I think that the first to be adopted will


Extraordinary "Shirobanba"


However for me, I want to strongly recommend,


Extraordinary "Natsukusa Fuyunami"


2019-08-12 人生は、試行錯誤を繰り返すには、短か過ぎると思うからです。 [長年日記]


I went country home for 12 hours. If I encountered a traffic jam as early as 6 hours by car.


The cost is going to be more expensive that using the Shinkansen for four people of my family.


However, the family lifestyle continues to change.


One is for an internship, one is for a trip, one is for going country home, and I am also going counter home again.


With one, two, three and four people, the state transitions from intensive behavior to autonomous decentralization. In the future, the number of members will decrease, and eventually I will be the last. Or, I think that I will disappear without waiting for that number.



From a macroscopic point of view, my life is as simple as stepping the template flow one by one.


However, from a microscopic point of view, I always feel that it was just what was expected above.


The wisdom and know-how of the ancestors were almost never useless for my case.


When enough time has passed after the event is over, it is just an illusion that the wisdom and know-how of the ancestors were hit.



However, I think it is important to “imitate” the wisdom and know-how of our predecessors.


Life is too short to repeat trial and error.


"There is no way in front of me. A road appears behind me". This is one phrase of famous peom in Japan.


When I read this poem for the first time, I thought, "This person (poet) is a pessimist who cannot calculate the cost"(*).


(*) This time, I read the full text of 102 lines.


To be clear, it is inefficient.


For me, I will write,


"Walking the road in front of me, I reach the destination with the lowest road construction cost when needed. I will collect usage fees for the roads behind me"



(By the way, this is the basic idea of patent law in all countries).


(To be continued)

2019-08-13 ですので、誰かの素敵な人生を、パソコンとかを使って、パクって、ラクして生きたいなぁ、と考えています。 [長年日記]

技術分野の中でもソフトウェアのOSS(Open Source Software)では、相互信頼と感謝に基づき、Git HUBやDocker HUBなどによって、高効率の「パクりのメソッド」が確立しています。

Among the technical fields, software OSS (Open Source Software) has established highly efficient "copy and paste methods" with Git HUB and Docker HUB based on mutual trust and gratitude.

Our engineers are greatly helped by these “copy and paste methods”.


However, for now, the success of this “copy and paste method” is limited to the software field.


I think it's a waste.



Now I think that

―― この「パクりメソッド」を、多くの人の「人生」で、システマティックに扱えるようにする方法はないかな

Is there any way to make this “copy and paste method” systematically handled in the "life" of many people?


Actually, school education is the "copy and paster method" itself.


However, school education is inefficient because it covers a wide range.


That's why I want to copy and paste someone's wonderful life easier by using PCs and live my life with ease.

2019-08-14 『38度超えの屋外で、肉体労働してはならない』 [長年日記]

昨日と本日、実家で、庭の整備をやっていました ―― 昨日の最高気温は38度超えでした。

Yesterday and today, I was doing my garden maintenance at my country home. By the way, yesterday's maximum temperature was over 38 degrees.


I thought that the garden work outside of 38 degrees is out of common sense honestly, however, at this temperature, bees seemed unable to move. So I decided to force the work from a safety point of view.


In preparation for mosquito and bee attacks and branch wounds, I wore jeans pants on a long-sleeved shirt.


I removed the weeds, laid the weeding sheet, and carried 10 round trips holding a gravel bag containing 20kg.


Of course, wearing a straw hat and placing 2 liters of tea plastic bottles in the garden, I was working.



In conclusion, I learned the lesson


"Do not work manually beyond 38 degrees"



I worked while drinking tea every 10 minutes, but I felt the danger of fainting several times.


When my vision came to shake at an angle, I felt "bad". So, I took a bath every hour and waited for my physical recover. and I continued my work.



One more,


"When working while listening to content, be careful of the content"


is very important, I thought.


This time, I worked while listening to the contents, "Tanaka Shouzou who continued fighting the government throughout his life in the Ashio Copper Mine Poisoning Incident"


I also learned from the lesson of listening to such "story of a person who never gives up" while doing garden work outside of 38 degrees, is very dangerous.

2019-08-15 ―― 腐らせるくらいなら、とっとと喰う [長年日記]


Even while I came country home back, I was annoyed about the column draft in front of my computer.


What I have studied at the country home,


- Legal status of the Emperor


- Survival possibility of comedians over 3 years


- Comparison of the possibility of becoming an AKB idol and the possibility of passing University of Tokyo



I am going to open the result by this month column, and I will not recommand to aim to be


AKB idols, comedians and the Emperor


(I don't think there are people who are serious about the above phrase, but rarely people who don't read the meaning of the phrase, so I'll alert them once).



I prefer to cook my favorite food rather than eating out (now).


This time, after my father's reading in the father's first Bon Festival, I have eaten all the food of the offering the event.


I don't have the idea that if I eat before the "ceremonial bonfire", my father will be hungry.

―― 腐らせるくらいなら、とっとと喰う

"Eat it before it rots"


This is my justice.


- Vegetables, dried food, tofu, etc. were all put into curry and boiled.


- Fruits such as a suica(water melon) were eaten as desserts after meals.


- Dried noodles were also eaten with noodles soup


I ate all deliciously.


I served a meal with my father's offering.



I don't have the idea of "avoid killing during the Bon Festival".


In addition, I found a beehive in a potted plant while working in the garden.


I have made the beehive ash with pesticides and flames.

2019-08-16 事故が起る -> 私のページが公になる -> 世間の非難を浴びる [長年日記]


Searching for my website with the keyword "free study in summer holidays", I found the content more than 10 years ago, so I will re-post it (with some changes).



Hello, everyone.

I got a mail from junior high school student, and he asked me to use my contents whose title is "how to make a simple hydrogen bomb".

江端の著作は、(1)全文引用、(2)著者名明記 を条件に転載を認めています。

My work is permitted to be reprinted subject to (1) full-text citation and (2) author's name.


However, I felt bad because the contents of mail is the content of the e-mail was rude writing.


I was angry when I was reading it, so I immediately sent a rejection.



I think that many junior high school student want to do this experiment.


However, this experiment is very dangerous if not properly prepared.

事故が起る -> 私のページが公になる -> 世間の非難を浴びる

The accidents happens-> My page becomes famous -> I take public blame


That is obvious.



I checked this page, and I knew that this page have received a harmful designation.


I'm a little depressed.

2019-08-17 ―― 偽造通知表ビジネス [長年日記]


I've talked many times in the past about being a "free research consultant for children" after my retirement, in order to earn small change.


The other day I was preaching to my second daughter and thinking about another business.

―― 偽造通知表ビジネス

"Fake Report card business"




Watching her report card, I think the making process,


(1)It is not so difficult to create a "fake report card" that will be changed the number or alphabet only.


(2)It seems to be possible to forge comments from teachers using a real pen with reading the comment with a scanner, making the plotter machine, not using printer.


(3)It's enough to use the above process in order to make a comment on the teachers from the parents.


and I also think the management process,


There is no problem using a smart-phone camera to send the report card picture (scanner is better hopefully)


(5) However, the completed report card must be sent by mail. During the period until the report card arrives, the client (child) must somehow earn time.


If so, it is also necessary to have a mechanism for confirming the quality of customers (goodness of procedure, etc.) in advance.

(7)This business is criminal acts of fraud and fake personal documents, so the method will be needed to prevents me from being identified. But I have the know-how (although as a victim).


(8)The problem is sales activities, but public advertising is not possible, so it becomes a business on the dark site. However, I don't have the know-how to manage the dark site


(9) It is no problem that "target customers are only wealthy children", so called "Niche strategy", however confidentiality is difficult. So I get personal information of customers and threaten to reveal your name to the Internet.




No, it's a joke, a joke.


Please don't be serious.

2019-08-18 『誰が誰と浮気していようが、暴力団の宴会で芸を見せていようが、私には関係ないんだけどなぁ』 [長年日記]


I am not interested in unfaithful love and entertainment at a gangster banquet of other. I want to say "it doesn't matter to me."



I think people who should apologize should go to an apology, however why did they use limited public resources (radio waves)?


I think everyone is happy if they use YouTube.


I feel like my precious time has been lost in vain and I also feel unpleasant.



When I tried to tell that my daughter, she said that


- A celebrity who is just enough to use public resources,


- betrayed the expectation of a relatively large number of people


That means,


- Since the media is intended to report to the public, so such an apology broadcast is almost appropriate



I was convinced at that time



However, I thought that it was possible to interpret this opinion as “I am wrong because I have no interest in celebrities"

2019-08-19 ―― "Dr STONE"というアニメが面白い [長年日記]


I think it cannot be helped as an engineer,

―― "Dr STONE"というアニメが面白い

"The animation "Dr. STONE" is making me fun"



A story is that a modern high school student who awakened about 3700 years after the sudden destruction of the mysterious petrification that occurred suddenly, and he comes to get civilization using the power of science in the lost world.


I'm very happy to think that boys (and girls?) accept such scientific manga.



I also often stole iodine and hydrochloric acid from elementary science laboratories.


My parents gave me a set of flasks, beakers, test tubes, and alcohol lamps, as Christmas presents,


I have never received a gift exceeded with joy (They still remain at home).


Even after that, I was preparing explosives and experimenting with burning oil and gasoline. As you know, even when I was a college student, I was doing a "bomb-explosion experiment using hydrogen" for school children.


Dr.STONEの主人公の、石神千空(いしがみ せんくう)は、「唆るぜ、これは」という口癖を繰り返し、また修飾語として「100億パーセント」という言葉をよく用いているようです。

Dr. STONE's protagonist, "Ishigami Senkuu", repeats the phrase "This inspires me" , and often use the word "10 billion percent" as a modifier.


I like this "10 billion percent" phrase.


However, if this hero exists in the real world, I don't think he will use it.


As I mentioned before, I don't like the following famous phrase of the animation "Space Battleship Yamato"


"Energy filling 120%"



About it, please read

"Space battle ship YAMATO. Soldiers who did not follow specifications"


2019-08-20 そう考えていくと、「大須のジャックショップ」と「DIYホームセンタ」がなければ、今の私は完成していなかったかもしれません。 [長年日記]


Recently, there are many foreign tourists not only in Tokyo and Osaka but also all over Japan.


I'm surprised at the large number of foreign tourists I have come back to at Nagoya Station, where I have come home frequently at the first round and the first Bon Festival.


If you say this, I think that people in Nagoya will get angry, I want to ask them


"Why do you come to Nagoya?"




"Meiji Village" is interesting for sightseeing.


I also like "Nagoya Castle".


"Osu" is also fun, from the similar viewpoint of "Akihabara + Ueno",


In my opinion, Akihabara is not much to speak of "electric town".


I don't think it is a fair comparison, because I compare Akihabara with Osu in the age when amateur radio was called "the king of hobbies"


In addition, you don't have to worry about food in Nagoya


(*) When I first came to Tokyo, I was surprised that "what a casual place about taste" and knew that it is a “city where guidebooks are essential.”



Still, I don't know why people from overseas are dare to come to Nagoya, so I used the google research engine.


"Toyota Industrial Technology Memorial Hall", "Linear Railway Hall” "Noritake Forest” "Nagoya City Science Hall”


Come to think of it,"Nagoya City Science Museum" have the world's best planetarium with a dome inner diameter of 35m, and when I was an elementary school student, I was a heavy user who had an annual membership in the Nagoya City Science Museum.


In that sense, Nagoya seems to be a "technological tourism city” where science and technology related facilities gather.



When I was a boy, I could say that I had days with machines and electricity.


If I think about it, I might not have been completed without the "Osu Jack Shop" and "DIY Home Center".