2022-10-01 『あんた、神様を見たことがあるの? 私はあるよ。2000年9月11日、米国ユタ州の国立公園の巨大な砂岩のアーチの下で。クリアに見えたよ』 [長年日記]


In my column which is released yesterday, I wrote

"To become a guru, I must first have a story that I am "enlightened"!"



It is true that it is relatively easy to obtain "revelations" in daily life, e.g., through extreme dieting.


This has been proven by my own physical diet.


In addition, I have, in fact, brought God down many times (really).


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In other words, the "revelations of founder of religion" in the scriptures, including those of the world's three major religions, are quite 'dubious tale'.



Incidentally, one of my methods of repelling religious solicitations is to

『あなた、神様を見たことがあるの? 私はあるよ。2000年9月11日、米国ユタ州の国立公園の巨大な砂岩のアーチの下で。クリアに見えたよ』

"Have you ever seen God? I have, on September 11, 2000, under a huge sandstone arch in a national park in Utah, USA. I saw them clear."

『あなた、神様の声を聞いたり、姿を見たりしたことあるの? え? ないの? ないのに"この私"に布教をしているの?』

"Have you ever heard or seen God? What? No? And you're proselytizing to me?"


"I think you are a little presumptuous are't you?"


is a method to 'show the difference in class'.

2022-10-02 常識のあるエンジニア&研究員は、「スペック」に踊らされてはならないのです。 [長年日記]


To compensate for the lack of computer resources, I had migrated my PC, which had been left in Windows 7, to Windows 10 yesterday to create a docker environment.

_ https://wp.kobore.net/%e6%b1%9f%e7%ab%af%e3%81%95%e3%82%93%e3%81%ae%e5%bf%98%e5%82%99%e9%8c%b2/post-7655/

dockerのイメージだけを、リモートに送り込む等、夜遅くまで、色々試していたのですが、データベース丸ごとをイメージにするのは難しく、docker export/import/save/load 全部を試した挙げく、

I was up late at night trying various methods, such as sending docker images to a remote location, but it was difficult to create an image of the entire database, and after trying docker export/import/save/load everything,

―― コンテンツ本体を、手動でUSBメモリにコピーして、現在、DB再構築の真っ最中

"Manually copied the content itself to a USB memory stick, currently in the middle of rebuilding the DB"


Well, I don't mind, since it is a program that I am making alone.


As for me, I don't want to add too many PCs to be managed, however I have no choice.


I cannot leave the simulator stopped due to database overload.



I need three minutes to annoy to choose between getting 100 yen or 200 yen icecream.


However, I wouldn't worry too much about buying a $300,000 gaming PC to run my simulator.


When I was a struggling student, I had purchased a computer with a list price of 850,000 yen with cash.



The "pursuit of high-specification computer" is like a "curse" for engineers.


As I have written many times in the past, an 850,000 yen PC (a supercomputer too) at that time cannot beat even a 5,000 yen board computer today.


Engineers & researchers with common sense should not dance around the "spec.".


Although the subject (content) of this book is incompatible with my way of life


"Do the math in your environment"


If it is to be read this way, I think it is a correct suggestion.

2022-10-03 これが、人間の存在を前提としない「モノを作る技術」であり「一種の保険」と思っているものです。 [長年日記]


I believe that the art of making things is a kind of insurance policy, and I have always tried to keep up with the latest trends in technology (even if I skip company work).


And now, I am truly astonished to read this.

―― 何か怖いものを見た

"I watched something scary"


It is like that.


もっともメーカーでなくても、「技術」は必要ですが、その技術は、人間の存在を前提とする技術 ―― コミュニケーションとか、人たらしとか、セールストークとか、カリスマとか ―― がメインになるのではないか、と思うのです。

I think that even if you are not a engineer, you still need "technology," but that technology should be mainly based on the existence of human beings--communication, charisma, sales talk, charisma, and so on.


Is that perception itself already misguided?


For example, in my case, I have a vague expectation that even if I am thrown out of the company tomorrow, I will be able to get by with a computer.


I also believe that if I read the manual, I will be able to run most machines.


This is what I consider a "technology of making things" and "a kind of insurance" that does not presuppose human existence.


近年は、都市設計とか、地域サービスとか、地域復興とか、モノ作りの興味が変化していっているのは知っていますが ―― だとしても、

I know that in recent years, urban design, community service, and community revitalization have been popular -- however, I think, that


"Something you've designed doesn't start working without hardware, program, database, and smartphone."


2022-10-04 私、常日頃から、『北朝鮮という国は、本当に外交戦略が上手いよなぁ』と感心しています ―― 但し、 [長年日記]

私、常日頃から、『北朝鮮という国は、本当に外交戦略が上手いよなぁ』と感心しています ―― 但し、

I have always been impressed by the diplomatic strategy of North Korea -- except for the


all that is right and wrong, justified and offensive from our point of view.


So I tweeted to my wife that I might write a column about it, however, she said


"Don't ever do that"


and I am strictly forbidden.


The reason is that the threat of terrorism to the entire Ebata family will increase (even more than before).



The term "geopolitics" seems to be appearing more and more on TV these days.


"Geopolitics" is, in a nutshell, that a country's positions(political system, etc.) is determined by its geographical condition.


I think the popularity of "Geopolitics" is good.


Above all, the better way is that this subject might be embedded in into geography and history.


The reason is simple.

―― 国際ニュースを見ていても、あまり腹が立たなくなるから

"It makes me less angry when I watch international news"



It's less stressful because I can see 'where the country stands and what they are doing'.



On the other hand, as a nation, this kind of "cultivation of a well-informed public" is both an advantage and a disadvantage.


In this book, written by Jun Moriya, in p. 354,


Clausewitz's "Trinity"

1. 国民 = 本能担当 = 戦争の情熱や熱狂担当

1. people = in charge of instinct = in charge of passion and enthusiasm for war

2. 軍隊 = 自由な精神活動担当 = 戦争の運営担当

2. military = free spirit = in charge of running the war

3. 政府 = 知性担当 = 戦争の大枠担当

3. government = in charge of intelligence = in charge of the general framework of war


From the viewpoint of the above classes, "a well-informed public" has less passion and enthusiasm, and this is a little "troublesome" as the whole nation.

Thinking about Japanese people, the following issue is a sample.



I wonder if this is the reason why the MEXT does not require its citizens to take "geopolitics" as part of compulsory education.

2022-10-05 ちなみに、当時の弊社では、メモリリークを起こす実装をしたエンジニアは、回りの人間から『バカ、アホ、死ね』と言われて、頭(こうべ)を垂れ続けなければなりませんでした。 [長年日記]


I often see articles that say, "The programming language 'C++' is hated".


However, if you go to a large bookstore, you can see the number of C/C++ books is overwhelming.


Half of the books related to programming languages are often C/C++ books.


Well, C/C++ is chosen because of its "low-level interface that maximizes hardware performance."




C/C++ is disliked because of the "fear of system downtime caused by memory leaks."


I think that.


Languages in which garbage collection is implemented are naturally slower to execute.


It is precisely because of the wildness that can be implemented with impunity, without worrying about such troublesome things, that C/C++ continues to reign as the fastest language to this day.



While on assignment in the U.S., I found a workaround for this problem of memory leaks that I was experiencing locally in a "commercial library".


I remember presenting it at a meeting and receiving (I think) rave reviews from the members.


I remember being surprised that 'engineers in this country tolerate memory leaks.


Incidentally, at our company at that time, the engineer who implemented memory leak had to keep hanging his head, with hearing "you are an idiot, a moron, and should die".



I heard that "Google will use the C++ mechanism as a foundation to develop Carbon, which is compatible with C++."


"Google Idiot"


"I don't want that! "


Instead of developing something like that, release an extended version of C++ from the get-go! with


(1) Scalable lightweight threads (goroutine's), and


(2) Additional channels are implemented



I want to say that.


By the way, I am O.K that "memory leaks" is 'dumb engineer proof'"


Garbage collection is not a good idea because it makes it impossible to know the exact program execution time.



Well, anyway, I plan to make Golang the last programming language of my life, so, well, I don't care what language comes out now.

2022-10-06 ―― "0"と"1"の2状態しかない『デジタル英語力』だなぁ [長年日記]


The other day, my senior daughter told me an amazing story.


When she was serving a foreign customer, but she was in trouble and said just

"Just a moment, please (少々お待ち下さい)"

"Just a moment, please"


and asked the customer to wait, her colleague told her

―― 『江端さん(長女)って、語学留学していたんですか?』

"Did you (senior daughter) study abroad in a language, Ebata-san?"



(By the way, she did not study abroad in a language program)



I think that English is used by people who need it when and where they need use it, by their own skill, and it is enough


However the thought of skill is based on "analog English ability" like TOEIC.


In comparsion, the English perspective that "using generic one-phrase English" jumps the idea all the way to "studying abroad, is

―― "0"と"1"の2状態しかない『デジタル英語力』だなぁ

"Digital English ability" that has only two states, '0' and '1'"


I think that.



In the style of Sakamoto Ryoma

日本の夜明けは"遠い"ぜよ! ―― と、

"The dawn of Japan is far from over!"


I wanted to shout it.

2022-10-07 『日常的な英会話ができて、外国人の案内に支障がない程度の英語力』とのフレーズが一つでも入っていたら、『バイトは全く集まらなかったに違いない』と、私は確信しています。 [長年日記]

I continue the story of yesterday, and more similar stories came out.


Both my wife and junior daughter worked part-time as receptionists and ushers at the Tokyo Olympics.


(Incidentally, at the time, the Ebata family referred to this part-time period as the "Olympic bubble)


外国の選手は、五輪会場の受付では「英語」でしゃべりかけてきます ―― 当然ですが。

Foreign athletes will speak to them in "English" at the reception desk at the Olympic venue -- naturally.


However, English conversation did not seem to be established in most of the reception areas at the Japanese Olympic venues.


This fact does not seem to have been communicated even by the media. It is possible that the media covered it up.


However, the action of the Japanese staff at the venue, who tried their best to 'gesture, or lean in to show them around, seemed to success in

―― 外国から来日したアスリート(当時、コロナで選手以外は入国できなかった)の皆さんへ、日本人の誠意を伝えること

"conveying the sincerity of the Japanese people to all athletes who came to Japan from abroad (at that time, only athletes were allowed to enter the country at Corona)."



Well, the "uncool" aspect was unavoidable, I guess.



"When you come to Japan, you should use Japanese as your base language. It is not polite to speak to them in English as a matter of course"


The junior daughter also said the same phrase that many Japanese have said in the past.


In addition, she said


'If it's a part-time job expected in speaking English, it's not worth the paycheck.'




I intuitively thought, 'That's different'.


If, in the description of the part-time job application,


'English proficiency to the point where I can converse in everyday English and have no difficulty in guiding foreigners.'


would be added,


I am convinced that they must not have attracted any part-timers at all.

2022-10-08 ―― ノーベル賞を受賞する為には、なによりも、まず、長生きをしなければならない [長年日記]


I was surprised to learn of the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics.

The reason is that they were the persons in "Quantum Entanglement: A Phenomenon Even Einstein Called 'Creepy'".I wrote about quantum entanglement,


Dr. John Krauser and Professor Alan Aspe

―― 今頃?



That is my feeling.


Previously, I wrote a column about "Nobel Prize for 10 consecutive years" to the person who conceived and developed the new coronavirus mRNA vaccine.


I'm even thinking of a Nobel Prize for "quantum entanglement" for at least three years in a row.


In particular, as to Dr. John Krauser,


"In order to disprove quantum mechanics, he built his own experimental apparatus, adversely, which in turn proved the correctness of quantum mechanics."


This irony history should be included in the introduction and he should be greatly commended.


Because this story shows the significance of the experiment to us.



I think John Stewart Bell, who derived Bell's Inequality (1964), should also be included in the award, but unfortunately he passed away in 1990.


It seems that according to the rules of the Nobel Foundation, the Nobel Prize is not awarded to those who have already passed away.


Today's summary.

―― ノーベル賞を受賞する為には、なによりも、まず、長生きをしなければならない

"To win a Nobel Prize, first and foremost, one must live a long life"


2022-10-09 ―― あんたの感動(の演技)、透けて見えるぜ [長年日記]


I watched the program I had recorded

Cosmic Front "Relativity vs. Quantum Theory: Event Horizons and "Dance in Another Dimension"



I was so moved that I almost cried.



In yesterday's diary, I mentioned a column on quantum theory.


This series of columns (six in all) has been one of the most painful writing experiences.


At the time, I was walking around town for an hour and a half every day to read papers on quantum computers.


This was to make me not give up the papers.



"When I found out what Quantum Entanglement was , I nearly went insane"


is true.



In the latter half of the article, when I heard about the (possible) use of "quantum entanglement" in the transmission of information regarding the "expansion of cosmic cosmology into the general world (x black hole event horizon)",

―― あの苦労は、この話を聞くためにあったのかぁー

"All that hard work was for me to hear this story"


I was very impressed.


It is thrilling to think that "this world may be made up of information projected by a large amount of quantum entanglement".



Incidentally, I skipped all the discussion-style commentator conversations.


I felt like my excitement would be lost.


My personal opinion is that


"the commentators should study hard to death, and show us their excitement to the contents(or pretend them) "


―― あんたの感動(の演技)、透けて見えるぜ

"Your impression (acting) is like an amateurish performance"


Commentators who can only comment to that extent are "disturbing" to me.


When I told my wife about this, she said, 'The aiming is too high'.

2022-10-10 ―― 1mmたりとも苦痛を感じない段階で止めてしまう [長年日記]

I am continuing to do abdominal and back (and pull-ups) exercises with the above device.


It is generally accepted that a "slightly painful" (abdominal or back) numbers are good, but in my experience this is not correct.

―― 1mmたりとも苦痛を感じない段階で止めてしまう

"Stop at the number of times I don't feel any pain at all"


is correct.


I know very well that even the slightest amount of 'suffering' will not 'keep me going'.


"To continue to train without any pain at all" is much better than


"To skip the occasional workout that's a little painful"



I have never read a self-help book that states this fact.


Frankly, I am wondering.

2022-10-11 しかし、大変失礼ながら、上記の2つの団体のいずれも、『サイバー攻撃を仕掛けられるほどのリテラシーがあるとは思えない』のです。 [長年日記]


Everyday, I check the access log of my web site, and sometimes I find a messed up number of hits.


Of course, what I suspect is

―― サイバー攻撃

"Cyber attack"



However I also think, "Who is happy to attack my site?"


It is only me to be in trouble absolutely, and nobody is affected in the world.



On the other hand, I cannot say that "I am not resented by anyone"


For example, the article is one of them



I am still contacted from time to time by prospective subscribers.


Or in the following article,


I also expose the names of politicians and political organizations.



But with all due respect,


"neither of the above two organizations has IT literacy enough to launch a cyber attack"



Especially for the latter group, if they had the skills to attack me, they would have submitted their paperwork online.



Well, this year too, I am going to


"calculat the percentage of online submissions that are ignored (online submission ignore rate) by tying the political groups related to Diet members by the politician's name."


I will make every effort to draw attention to political groups that have submitted analogs for two consecutive years by doubling the size of their characters.

2022-10-12 ちなみに、私の(声の)イメージを、新世紀エヴァンゲリオンの「碇ゲンドウ」と、ツイートした人がいました。 [長年日記]


I like the voice actor Shinichiro Miki's performance.

―― 物語シリーズと貝木泥舟と、エレメンタリーのホームズ以外は演じて欲しくない

"I don't want him to play anything other than Kaiki-Doroshu in Monogatari series, and Holmes in Elementary"


I think that I am selfish, for example.


I've seen Holmes in Elementary in an undubbed (subtitled) version, and I couldn't help but say,

―― お前、誰だ?

"Who are you?"




Incidentally, someone tweeted that my (voice) image was "Ikari Gendou" from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Imagine my 'confusion', my folks.

2022-10-13 「江端家に”コロナ”がやってきた日」の後日談です。 [長年日記]

This is a sequel to "The Day Corona Came to the Ebata Family.


Yesterday, I used this material to give a presentation at the kickoff of my current research department.


The trigger was a request for a presentation from the department head. Naturally, I readily agreed.

# この調子でいくと、いつか、会社で発表する・・・ ということには、ならないか。

# At this rate, I'll have to present it at the company someday...No way.


Since it was a remote presentation, I didn't know the audience's reaction, but I'm going to assume, 'It must have been well received.



So, I have considered releasing this information to the public, but I am hesitant to do so because it would include information other than my own (although I have completely hidden information that can be traced back to individuals).


Therefore, I would like to open this issue to "only" those who do not make secondary transfers.


Please send an email to this address with the subject "Ebata Family Corona Subscription Request" (do not include anything in the body of the email).

Please send an email to this address with the subject "Ebata Family Corona Subscription Request" (do not include anything in the body of the email).

Of course, I will apply the "Ebata Firewall" again, so please do not worry.

2022-10-14 『実は、銃撃テロで暗殺された元首相は、生きている』 [長年日記]


My daughter once told me that


'Actually, the former prime minister assassinated in the shooting attack is alive'


that was a typical demagogue has been broadcasted.


Conspiracy theorists seem to be having a good time living, and I really envy them.



Speaking of conspiracy theories, I think it is time to get into a wrap-up on corona vaccination.

Would you who distributed the following opinions please submit objective data by now?


By the way, as far as I know, the number of observations was "0".


I look forward to your rebuttal.

2022-10-15 本日2回目の懸垂-腹筋-背筋をやったかどうか、私は忘れてしました。 [長年日記]

I have just finished writing today's diary, howeve, I think that I have already write the same story before, and I checked it. I am sorry but I found it.


I had no choice, so I deleted all of today's.


I've been writing a daily diary for almost 10 years, so I have roughly over 3,600 stories (sometimes I skip them, but I make sure to fill them in later).


I'm sure I'll be making a lot of double submissions from now on.



I forget if I did pull-ups - sit-ups - back-ups for the second time today.


I think I did, but I don't remember for sure.


I feel that my future "life value of mine" will be determined by whether I count this or not.





I decided to take a quantum theoretical approach.


I would do "half" the number of pull-ups-abdominal-back exercises and do them one more time.

2022-10-16 『私が本を買う時は、大抵、精神的に追い込まれていて、顔色が悪くて、全く楽しそうに見えない』 [長年日記]


I often have to purchase books (mostly technical books), out of necessity, out of my own pocket.

―― 特に、コラムのネタが切れている時は、もう何振り構っていられない

"Especially when I am out of column material, I can't pretend anymore"


It is like that.



Ebata: "So, I don't see much difference between those who pay for online games and those who buy technical books.


Wife: "Really?"


Ebata: "I think we share the same point of 'doing what I love' and also 'doing what others cannot value' in the eyes of others."


Wife: "I would get 'mad' if you spend money for a online game, but with books, I think that I don't"

江端:「ちなみに、私もそう思う ―― ただ、両者の違いを論理的に説明ができないんだよなぁ」

Ebata: "I agree, however I just can't logically explain the difference between the two."


Wife: "Reward for investment?"


Ebata: "(The argument is) weak. Even in online games, there is a reward of 'it makes me enjoy'."


Wife: "Because couples can't share 'the enjoy'?"

江端:「確かに、本は共有できるけど ―― でも、まだ"弱い"なぁ」

Ebata: "Sure, we can share books - but it is still "weak".



So, this is a bit of a hypothetical.


'When I buy books, I'm usually mentally driven, pale, and don't look happy at all.'


I think that this may be one of the reasons.

2022-10-17 メタバース、来ますかね? [長年日記]


Metaverse, will it come?

I have a lot of techs and trends that I used to say "It's coming!" but "It had not come", so basically I refrain from making statements.


I can only do so much "analysis".

Bitcoin, for example.

or "NFT"




Whether or not t"popular" in the world has little to do with the content of technology.


Of course, it is very easy to reason (analyze) after a "hit" or "miss".


However, I never win and make money.



Even if it is metaverse or quantum computer, it is the best not to say something difinitively at the present.


After the trend have settled in, you will say,


'Actually, I knew that all along'


This way will make you cool.


I've seen a lot of people who say like that in the course of my work.


I am also one of them.


Therefore, it is easy for me to find such a person.

2022-10-18 少なくとも『チャット』は、来ました [長年日記]


As I continued yesterday,

As for the Metaverse, at this point, I don't know... I didn't expect a "chat" to come, and in such a form and at such a time.



I am currently part of two organizations, both of which contact me via Microsoft Teams chat.


So, I have two computers up and running, waiting for both sides, always on standby.


I hate social networking service that abuse anonymity, and I have stopped both Facebook and Twitter expect for LINE for my family. I didn't expect to get involved in "business" and "academics"


I know the following with using this chat system,

- ガバナンスの効いた組織内(匿名性一切なし)でのチャットは、とても便利

- Chat within a well-governed organization (no anonymity at all) is very useful

- 会議と並行して、別の小会議も進められるので、マルチタスクワークに最適

- Ideal for multitasking, as you can have another small meeting going on in parallel with the meeting

- 資料の配布もリアルタイムでシェアできるので、会議を集中して進行可

- Materials can be distributed and shared in real time, allowing meetings to proceed in a focused manner.




- Cost-effectiveness of "Good" button for "Good" response



コロナ禍 -> リモートワーク -> リモート会議 -> Teams等のチャットツールの隆盛(と同時に、メールの衰退)という流れで、こうなりました。

The Corona disaster -> remote work -> remote meetings -> the rise of chat tools such as Teams (and the decline of email at the same time) has led to this.


Even if remote work becomes less common in the future and we return to F2F meetings, chat tools will continue to be used.


チャットツールなど、1990年の段階で、すでに存在していました(例えば"IP Messanger"など)が、それは「おもちゃ」の域を出ませんでした。

Chat tools already existed as early as 1990 (e.g., "IP Messanger"), but they were little more than "toys".


After all these different paths, now, here we are, looking at a chat tool that has been perfected as a business tool.


"No wonder my future predictions are off"


I become defiant with saying that.

2022-10-19 『もはや高学歴、大企業就職の時代ではない』というセリフは、戦後80年間近く、ずっと言われ続けてきたことになります。 [長年日記]

『もはや高学歴、大企業就職の時代ではない』 ―― と、私が入社する頃、つまり30年前に言われていました。

When I joined the company, 30 years ago, I was told, "This is no longer the era of high education and big company employment".


I did a little research and found that a lot of it was said, especially during the 70-year security struggle.


Incidentally, my father, who was a reserve officer in the Navy when the war ended, once told me that he did not go on to higher education because he believed in "these words.



Therefore, the phrase of


"this is no longer the era of high education and big company employment"


has been said for nearly 80 years.



If so,

―― 『高学歴、大企業就職の時代』がなくなるのは、一体、いつなのでしょう?

When will the "era of high education and big company employment" disappear?

I suspect that it will continue, at least until the "signaling theory" is completely debunked.


Or, I think this phrase will continue to be said until a new signal is introduced to replace "highly educated" and "big company".

2022-10-20 『やっぱり、Gunplotは凄いなぁ』と久々に感動してしまいました。 [長年日記]


I do not have the ability to 'understand formulas as they are'.


Basically, I can finally 'feel like I understand' by applying numerical values to those formulas and turning them into numbers and figures.

いや・・・正確に言うと、「図形」でもダメですね ―― 自分の身の回りに関する数値に落し込んで、ようやく分かったような気になります。

No... to be precise, not even "figures" -- I feel like I finally understand it when I drop it into figures related to my immediate surroundings.


In search of a concrete example of the above model, I listened to a lecture at an Indian university on YouTube last night, took down the specific numbers, and dropped them into Excel.


I was finally relieved when I saw the graphs.



Or, about the following formula,


I wanted to get an idea of what it would be like to incorporate mathematical formulas into a program without understanding them, because it would be terrible later on.


However, since this formula has two input variables, it must be displayed in three dimensions, but Excel does not have enough variety in the three-dimensional display.

I was wondering what to do and then I remembered "Gnuplot".


I ran it for the first time in several years and got this figure with one equation line (zero preconfiguration).


I was moved again with saying "Gunplot is great"

2022-10-21 そもそも、宗教団体が、反権力、反社でなくて、どーする? [長年日記]


Religious freedom is a very important right.


Therefore, no matter what the state or the masses may say, there is no need to stop religious activities.


If the dissolution order is confirmed by the court, it will just "lose its status as a religious corporation".


The privileges specifically granted to religious organizations will cease, but basic human rights will not be lost.


They will just be treated like us normal people.


―― これは、チャンスじゃないか?

"Isn't this a great opportunity?"


The former Unification Church has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the government that it is 'cool' by giving back (beating back) its corporate status to the public.


You can say "we can unite as a religious organization without the protection of the state," and you can show us "we can continue our faith"


To begin with, any religious group should be anti-authority and anti-corporation?


It is a bizarre sight to see a religious group that presents new values to the world, yet exists under the aegis of the state.


There is no way that a religious group that is not suppressed by the powers that be can become a major player.


At least three of the world's major religions in existence have survived through tremendous state oppression to maintain their faith.


現在、旧統一教会の教団幹部の、まぬけな失言や対応の連続で、毎日世間の風当たりが酷くなっているようですが、まあ、それはさておき ――

Currently, it seems that the public's windfall is getting worse every day due to a series of lame-ass gaffes and responses by former Unification Church cult leaders, but, well, let's put that aside

今回の弾圧を最大限利用して、不死鳥のごとく生まれ変わるのです! 旧統一教会!!

You, the Unification Church, will make the most of this oppression and be reborn like a phoenix!


Come on, now, let's go and slap the religious juridical status back on the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

2022-10-22 そういう意味では、各宗派の読経は、プログラミング言語のようなもの、と理解しています。 [長年日記]


In November, we will hold a memorial service for my father and mother at a tree funeral.

The temple asked me what denomination to have the sutra recited, and I responded it by email.


I thought that "sects" such as Soto-shu are like "JIS standards" that have been developed nationwide.

どうせなら、仏教統一規格みたいなものを作ってくれれば、ラクなんだけどなぁ、とも思いましたが ―― 歴史的な血みどろの闘争をしてきた宗派を、統合するというのは、あまり意味なさそうです。

I thought it would be easier if they could make some kind of unified Buddhist standard anyway -- it doesn't seem to make much sense to unify sects that have been engaged in a bloody historical struggle.


In the first place, there is a "non-religious funeral" as a drop-off point for such cases, so we can just use that.


Initially, I had planned to deliver the bones "without sutra reading," but I changed my mind when my wife told me I was 'restless'.


In this sense, "sutra reading" is a kind of stylized beauty.



In that sense, I understand that each sect's sutra reading is like a programming language.


As long as the final process is achieved (e.g., "attainment of Buddhahood"), it does not matter what programming language is used.

2022-10-23 『江端さんに、できないことなんてあるんですか』 [長年日記]

"Is there anything you fear, Mr. Ebata?"


I said that before.


The other day, I was asked


"Is there anything you can't do?"



リップサービスであるのを理解した上で、それをスムーズに流すのが、大人の振舞いです ―― とは言え、それにしても、盛大なサービスを頂きました。

It is adult behavior to understand that it is lip service and let it flow smoothly -- however even so, we received a grand service.


I gratefully accepted it as a form of respectful aging spirit.


江端さんにできないこと ―― それは、いろいろありますが、その中でも

What Mr. Ebata can't do -- and that's a lot of things, among them


"The inability to take into account the feelings of others."


is the top of lists.

2022-10-24 日曜日に、第4回目のコロナワクチン接種にいってきたのですが ―― 第4回目にして、初めて副反応を体験しました。 [長年日記]

日曜日に、第4回目のコロナワクチン接種にいってきたのですが ―― 第4回目にして、初めて副反応を体験しました。

On Sunday, I went for my fourth Corona vaccination -- and for the fourth time, I experienced an adverse reaction for the first time.


It was not so much a high fever, but I was so intensely thirsty that I could not sleep.

風邪薬飲んで、水をがぶ飲みして、いましたが ―― 結構つらかったです。

I took cold medicine, gulped down water, and stayed -- it was pretty painful.


I was quite surprised because my previous adverse reactions had been "arm hurts" -> "done".


If this is an adverse reaction, it is frightening to think of a real corona infection or illness.


I will continue to bash out both the corona vaccine and the flu vaccine.


After all, I am so gutless that a high fever from the flu makes me want to die.


Aside from that.



My wife and I often synchronize our physical condition.


In particular, the synchronization rate of daily weight gain and loss is almost 100%.


When synchronization fails, the person on the side that lost weight is allowed to be called a 'traitor'.


Although we boast such a high synchronization rate, I was the only one who suffered from the "adverse reaction damage" this time.

ただ、今回は明確な理由がありまして ―― 私、今月に入ってから、本当に心底、どうしようもないほど頭を酷使して、疲労困憊しているからです(今も)。

But this time, I have a clear reason -- because I have been (and still am) really, truly, inexplicably overworked and exhausted in my head since the beginning of this month.


In other words, we have put the corona vaccine in a place where the patient could have collapsed from overwork.

そりゃ、副反応も出るだろう ―― と思いました。

I thought, it is natrual that adverse reactions will come



This time, I didn't call my wife a 'traitor'.

2022-10-25 (2)(黙示的な内容)人の心の弱さに付け込んで、信者の生命と生活を危機に陥れて、なお、それを"献金"だの"浄財"だのと言い張る宗教団体ふぜいが「宗教の自由(憲法第20条)」を語るんじゃねえ [長年日記]


I recently wrote a column about the Religious Corporation Law.

最近、旧称 統一教会への『質問権』について、話題になっておりますが、

There has been a lot of talk lately about the "right to question" the former Unification Church.


To be honest, I "missed" this story.


It's a shame.


I also took the position of the Prime Minister's first opinion, 'If a person involved in a religious corporation does not have a criminal case, it is impossible to order the dissolution of the corporation,' because I had taken the position of the precedents.


However, if we strictly apply this decision (of the Supreme Court)

―― 教団(の幹部)が、テロ事件でもおこさない限り、法人格の取消ができない

"Unless a terrorist attack is committed by a senior member of the church, the corporate status of the church cannot be revoked"


This is unreasonable in light of current social conventions and common sense.


The only people who really did such a thing (terrorism) are "unspeakable idiots" like the Aum.

旧称 統一教会が、宗教の究極的な目的 ―― 『人々の心の安寧』と真逆なことをやってきて、何度、改善を主張しようとも、全く改善がなかったことは、明らかなのです。

It is clear that this religion group, formerly known as the Unification Church, has done the exact opposite of the ultimate purpose of religion -- "the peace of mind of the people" -- and no matter how many times it claims to have improved, it has not improved at all.


To begin with, I knew about this story in the early 1980's.


I feel incredibly "vicious" about the fact that this has now become an issue in the Diet.


I must also criticize myself. Apparently, I have fallen prey to the supremacy of the decision (Supreme Court decision).


So, I am wondering about this Supreme Court ruling, maybe "this is it".


The dissolution order issued against the religious corporation that systematically and systematically produced sarin for the purpose of mass murder for the reasons stipulated in Article 81, paragraph (1), item (i) and the first sentence of item (ii) of the Religious Juridical Persons Act was issued with the intention of targeting only the secular aspects of religious corporations, and not with the intention of tolerating the spiritual and religious aspects of religious organizations and their followers. On the other hand, even if the dissolution order inevitably causes some hindrance to the religious activities of the religious organizations and their followers, such hindrance is only indirect and de facto, and under the circumstances described in the decision, it is necessary and unavoidable. Under the circumstances described above, the order is a necessary and unavoidable legal restriction, and does not violate Article 20, paragraph 1 of the Constitution.


Self-interpretation by Ebata as follows


(1) (Ostensibly), the purpose of Article 81 (dissolution order), Paragraph 1, Item 1 is designed to be applied to religious organizations that cause secular problems such as "mass murder. Therefore, there is no problem.


(2) (implied content) Don't let a mass-murdering terrorist group talk about "freedom of religion (Article 20 of the Constitution).



Now, let's apply this to the group known as the Unification Church.


(1) (Ostensibly) The purpose of Article 81 (dissolution order), Paragraph 1, Item 1 was originally intended to be applied to religious organizations that cause secular problems, such as "insisting on 'donations' to induce believers to give up all their assets and bankrupt their families. So there is no problem.


(2) (Implicit content) Don't talk about "freedom of religion (Article 20 of the Constitution)" when religious organizations take advantage of people's weakness of mind, and make believers' lives and livelihoods in danger.



I am expecting that some of the interpretations of the Supreme Court's decisions will be changed in the direction of "applying precedents".

2022-10-26 法人格を失った統一教会への献金は、―― 例えば、1億円の献金があれば、ざっくりその半分は、日本国の国庫に納められる [長年日記]

I wrote about it here.


Even if the dissolution order is confirmed by the court, it just "loses its status as a religious corporation" and can continue its religious activities.


In fact, in the Sarin gas attack on the subway, an indiscriminate terrorist attack using chemical weapons in a metropolitan area, a rare occurrence in the world,

(1) 死者14名

(1) 14 people killed

(2) 被害者6300名

(2) 6300 victims

(3) 犯人 オウム真理教教祖 麻原 彰晃、本名、松本智津夫、他、オウム真理教幹部

(3) Culprit: Aum Shinrikyo founder Shoko Asahara, real name Chizuo Matsumoto, and other Aum Shinrikyo leaders

(4) 松本他、オウム真理教幹部9名が死刑(執行済み)

(4) Matsumoto and 9 other Aum Shinrikyo leaders executed.


and (naturally) Aum Shinrikyo is ordered to disband.



The Aum Shinrikyo side filed a lawsuit against this administrative action, citing "freedom of religion (Article 20 of the Constitution)" as the reason for revoking the dissolution order.


And, of course, the Supreme Court confirmed the dismissal of Aum Shinrikyo's claims.


What struck me was,

"Only 4 PDFs of the text of the decision"



Usually when I read a Supreme Court decision, I start out prepared to read 40-100 pages.


But as I read this mere four-page ruling


"Don't be stupid!"


"I can't keep up with them!"


I think I can hear the voice of the judges of the Supreme Court saying between the lines.



The amazing thing is more to come.


The "Aum Shinrikyo" that caused this incident continues to operate as its successor religious organization, the Aleph(*).


(*) Well, they said "changing their principles (e.g., not having Chizuo Matsumoto as a guru)".

当然ですが、文部科学省(文化庁)は、アレフに、宗教法人格を認めていません ―― まあ、そりゃそうでしょうが。

Of course, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Agency for Cultural Affairs) does not recognize Aleph as a religious corporation -- well, of course not.


The fact that a terrorist organization that mass murdered civilians is still continuing its religious activities, even though it has lost its juridical personality, is frightening, but we will come back to that later.


ともあれ、私は、「旧称 統一教会」も、これまでやってきたことを鑑みれば、「アレフ」と同じように法人格なしで活動する、というのが筋だと思うんですよ ―― いや、アレフには、宗教活動して欲しくないけど。

Anyway, I think it makes sense for the "old name" Unification Church, in light of what it has done, to operate without a legal entity, just like Aleph -- no, I don't want Aleph to engage in religious activities, but....

The "Unification Church" should give up its corporate status here rather than face the above unseemly lawsuits.


And if they still want "money", they can do normal religious activities and continue to receive donations from their followers.



Donations to the Unification Church, which has lost its juridical personality, are

―― 例えば、1億円の献金があれば、ざっくりその半分は、日本国の国庫に納められる

"For example, if there is a donation of 100 million yen, roughly half of it goes to the Japanese treasury"



If managed well, it may become a "high tax paying religious organization (without legal personality)" that will be appreciated and respected by the Japanese people.


Still, I can assure you that they will never get "any respect from me (Ebata)".

2022-10-27 この資料を読むと、ここ一年間ほど、江端がこっそり進めていた計画なども、(ある程度は)分かってしまいますが―― [長年日記]

Today I have published an example briefing document.



I have sent the URL and password to those who have e-mailed us their subscription request.


If you have not received it, please contact me again.


(First, please check your email for spam or in the trash. I have not received any error mail back.)



This document also reveals (to some extent) the plans that Ebata has been secretly working on for the past year or so...


This is something I will probably publish in a column later, so for now, please leave it alone.

2022-10-28 ITの仕事の種類も知らずに『フリーアドレス』を主張している奴って、 [長年日記]

ノートPCを使ったフリーアドレス ―― いわゆる「ワイガヤ」の職場というのが流行っているようです。

Recently, "Free address(*)" with NotePC, so called "WaiGaya" seems to be popular.

(*)office system where employees are free to change desk


However, according to my IT works, I just say, that is

―― 失笑

"I cannot help laughing"




On my simulator I have made and tried some experiments, more than several million object are moving in realtime environment.


The other day, the PC that executed my simulator strucked by shortage of PC resources, so I had to move the database system to another PC.


Why don't I use Cloud?


Of course, in addition to the problems of realtime movie and commnucation speed, the VC that Cloud provides has poor calculation power. So heavy simulations I have tried is out of question.



In short, my IT works are, like

―― 野外で、掘削機をつかって轟音(ごうおん)たてながら、道路に巨大な穴をあけて、そこに、クレーンで引き上げた配管を地中に1mmの誤差もなく埋め込む

Making a big hole on the outside road using excavator with a roading in open air, pulling a pipes up by crane and, embeding in in the ground without a margin of error of 1mm.


super-scale and super-precision IT.


Of course, I need several high-spec PCs, and each computer's capabilities must be used to the limit.


Therefore, I have a cult of tuning on my computer to the point, like "I can't do any better".


■ ITの仕事の種類も知らずに『フリーアドレス』を主張している奴って、

- Whoever claims "Free Address" without knowing the type of work IT does...

■ ITの作業現場を知らず、

- Without knowing the working field of the IT

■ 社外に『かっこよくて、クール』なオフィス環境を提供しているという実績を残したい、と考えている

- wants to leave a track record of 'providing a cool, cool office environment' outside of the company.

■ 幹部か管理部門の奴らが、安直に思いつきそうなことだよね

- It's the kind of thing that executives or administrative guys would come up with on the cheap.

―― という同僚の言葉は、本当に胸に染みました。

The words of this colleague really touched my heart.



However, "Free Address is the trend of the time", then I have to accept it.


Then I will now drag my outdoor wagon to work, with

■ 2台のデスクトップと、

- two desktop PCs

■ 3台の大型ディスプレイと、

- three large display

■ 各種周辺装置

- several various devices



Of course, if you have an accident or injury, you would have to apply for workers' compensation.

2022-10-29 ―― 『なりすまし』して『不正アクセス』しちゃいなよ [長年日記]

The diary I presented yesterday may be a bit exaggerated, however,


"To get a desktop computer for free-address use, just enough to fit in a mountaineering backpack"


is now under serious consideration.


Displays are prepared for free address, so I can use them all the time.


Laptop PCs are more expensive than desktop PCs, moreover laptop PCs have a crappy CPU and memory, and it is difficult to add more devices (memory, etc.).



By the way, I have used a PC installed with a free address and was really surprised.


This is because all the information about the previous user is still there.

―― 『なりすまし』して『不正アクセス』しちゃいなよ

"Impersonate and gain unauthorized access"


I felt sick under pressure, as if the devil was whispering to me.


I turned off that PC and worked on my iPad that day.



However, I think this is more the fault of the free address administrator than the user.


To set up a shared computer to record passwords and store their own files.

―― どこの世界の、どんな性善説だよ

"What kind of 'Theory of Innate Goodness' in what world ?"


I thought it.



'Is the world's handling of PCs so easy?' I feel a little relieved when I think about it.


I think that hijack online bank of others will be easy.


I thought to myself, "there is such a "survival strategy for old age".

2022-10-30 ―― なんてこった。つまり、『混雑 = 車の下敷になる or 首を締められる』ということか [長年日記]


The crowd avalanche accident in South Korea is not other people's affairs.

初詣、アミューズメント、震災、テロ ―― いつだって、私も、群集雪崩の被害者になりえるからです。

First shrine visit of New Year, amusement, earthquake, terrorism --- I could always be a victim of the crowd avalanche.


This is why I was in a hurry to learn.


(1) If I fall or am knocked down while running and people pile on top of me, the load on me will be at least 400 kg.


This is the same as a couple under a light car.


Naturally, ribs are snapped and guts rupture.


(2) Even in a merely crowded condition, the patient will be subjected to pressure of over 100 kg from the front, back, left, and right. Before the bones are broken, the lungs will be compressed, unable to breathe, and within minutes, the victim will suffocate and die.

―― なんてこった。つまり、『混雑 = 車の下敷になる or 首を締められる』ということか

-- Oh my god. So, 'congestion = being under a car or being choked'.


I have found that people can die very easily, indeed, simply by "walking into a crowd."



Some experts advise 'don't go into the crowd,' but that's nonsense advice.


If such a thing were so predictable, nobody go to the crowd avalanche accident.



What I've just learned now, are


(1) Cross your arms in front of you to protect your chest and face (boxer's posture). Avoid chest compressions, especially to maintain respiratory status.

(2)とにかく倒れないようにがっつりと立つ。倒れた場合は直ぐに立ち上がる。 大衆流れに逆らわない。細い路地や出口に向かうのは特に危険。

(2) In any case, stand firm so as not to fall. If you fall, get up immediately. Do not go against the flow of the mass flow. It is especially dangerous to head for narrow alleys and exits.


However, the above does not seem to be a "deciding factor".



It is 'bad luck' to get caught in the crowd.


And we should remember that 'crowding is an easy way to kill people'.

2022-10-31 「新しい資本主義」をエンジニア視点で考えてみる [長年日記]


The latest article on "New Behavioral Theory for 'Engineers Not Loved by Money'" has been published.


■Latest Articles


Thinking about the "new capitalism" from an engineer's viewpoint


In this issue, I would like to think about "new capitalism".


The trigger was my wife's comment, "I wonder what new capitalism is". As I researched this question, it became clear that it would be hopelessly difficult to implement the "2022 version of the income doubling plan".

今回からは、EE Times Japan編集部から提供されているメールを流用させて頂こうかと思います。

From this time on, I would like to use (copy and paste) the e-mail provided by the EE Times Japan editorial office.