2016-08-01 ―― 結構、エラい奴だと思う [長年日記]


Yesterday, It was a day of Tokyo gubernatorial election


After checking all of the candidates in detail, and finding no proper person I wanted to vote, however,


I think that I who go a polling station,

―― 結構、エラい奴だと思う

am a great person.



During an election campain, I often think that there is a miracle in the world, when I watch people who gather in a campaign office for the period of the campain, and after win or loss the election.


The level of miracle is higher than that of "weeping statue of Maria".


Because it is an affair of other people.

―― もちろん、自分の利権に係わることが一番だろうし、

"Of course, it might be for major part of their interests"

―― 会社や組織の命令で、その選挙運動に協力せざるを得ない人もいるだろうし、

"it might be an order from their company or organization, and they might be obeyed"

―― 選挙という「祭」で踊ろうとしている人もいるだろうし、

"some persons like an election as a festival"


Even so, I think it is actually a miracle for struggling for other people.


(To be continued)

2016-08-02 「何もしない」が正解 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The old day, I heard the following story,


in an election zone of a prefecture, some people say it is belonging Shin-Etsu, Hokuriku, or Touhoku area.


In that area, there was a member of the Diet, who had climbed the promotion ladder to the prime minister, called a contemporary Taiko


I heard that there was a simple election campaign using tissue or tobacco box that inserted a bill, and distributing them to voters.


It was "bribe" in a nutshell, and this method seemed to be attractive to a person who didn't have any candidate in their mind actually.



"Bribe" is out of question, however, I am afraid that the decreasing vote rate is serious problem.


At any rate, a special method is needed to bring the person like me, to a voting place.


- negative election( that means that giving minus one vote to make the loser)


- providing facilities to the person who come to a voting place (for example, giving a lunch box to them)


Or we can come to think other methods, however,


from the viewpoint of fundamental democratic election, I can understand

―― 何もしない



is a right answer.


(To be continued)

2016-08-03 ―― 誰か褒めて欲しい [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Going back to the board,


one reason I go to a voting place, is


to show my daughter to my policy that I perform my duty as a Japanese




For me, if possible,


- not to accept any bribe,


- to research all candidates one by one,


- not to find any candidate from the bottom of my heart,


Even so, I who go to a voting place,

―― 誰か褒めて欲しい

should be applauded



If you applaud me, I could continue my effort for many years to come.


(To be continued)

2016-08-04 私が、ティーンの時に、生徒会役員選挙の立候補した時だって、こんなショボい投票数だったことはありません。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


About the latest Upper House election and Tokyo gubernatorial election


I have concentrated vote counts of the loser.

―― "150票"

"150 votes"


What is on earth the number?


When I was a teenager and became a candidate as student council officer, I hadn't got this poor vote.


In addition, the "deposit" is needed to become a candidate.


In case of Tokyo gubernatorial election, any candidate should pay three million yen as a deposit, and the money of deposite is forfeited if they don't get more than one tenth of total valid votes.

これは、軽い気持ちで選挙に立候補すること ―― 「被選挙権の濫用」を防止という観点から、実施されています。

This instruction is to prevent candidate with a light heart, which means "stretch of eligibility for election"


On study, in the latest Tokyo gubernatorial election, all candidates should forfeit the deposit except for the top three persons.


The loser who got only 150 votes seems to give up the three millions yen from the beginning.


"20 thousands yen / 1 vote" ,of course, is malignity.

―― 一体何考えているんだろう

"What does he/she think on earth ?"


After thinking for a long time, I came up to a hypothesis about the three millions yen for 150 votes.


(To be continued)

2016-08-05 ―― その1票、300万円 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Under the condition of "no person who I want to vote",


in order to create a new person who I want to vote,


the rapid way is that


"I become a candidate"


don't I?


I don't care of other's votes at all,


I don't care to win the election, either,


I become a candidate for my satisficing one vote.

―― その1票、300万円

"The cost of vote is three million yen"


"How cool I am."



In fact, I don't want to think about "tax-reduction strategy", "the rich amusement" and "exhibitionist or narcissist". in the present.


Because I am fascinated with my hypothesis.


So please leave me alone for a while.

2016-08-06 弱くて、うじうじしていて、やられっぱなして、だらしない国でいるほうが、はるかにマシだと [長年日記]

I used to re-read my this diary on August 6 every year.


I can say everything in the present.


I feel that Japan is going to try to move on to a new phase after the WW2.



In the Cabinet reshuffle, Japan's prime minister said, "challenge, challenge and challenge to the future",however,


I am a party leader, whose party has one party policy, "stagnant, stagnant, and stagnant to the future"

―― 積極的後ろ向き (超保守ですらない)

"Actively retrospective (not even an ultra-conservative)"



(Of course, in the public, I says that the true reverse),



Well, without insisting on "stagnation" so radical,


I , who reject to make this country like


- Overhead of the people of the street (street) and non-combatant,


- letting the sum go down on them,


- Boasting a strong country

and hope to make this country


weak, hesitant, down without a fight, sickly


- much better,


have believed it, am beliving it, and going to die


am a just old man.

2016-08-07 『なんて、旧世代なサービスやってんだ』と思います。 [長年日記]


Basically, I don't like to buy clothes.


Fitting, alteration, coming to the store again to pick the clothes again, Are you kidding for these annoying action lists?


I think "What an obsolete service do they continue?"

パソコンのボタン一発で、PCのデバイスや文房具や本だけでなく、米も味噌も野菜も、家まで運んでくれるのに ――

Now, pushing a button in PC display, we can get not only peripheral, stationery, books, but also rice, miso and vegetable by the Internet service, however,


I had not known that Amazon deals with clothes.


In addition, the sales strategy is very simple.


In case of pairs of slacks, we can select it by the waist size only. The length or size of legs or thigh is out of scope.


The color is also gray only.


Above all, the cost is cheap (about 1300 yen).


(To be continued)

2016-08-08 "「とても良い」★★★★★" [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

どうせ「安かろう、悪かろう」だろうと思って、洒落で「夏用スラックス」を1着、購入してみたのですが ――

Anyway, "cheap and nasty" I thought, and I tried to get "summer slacks" from Amazon with just joking , however,


the slacks were surprisingly good for me, about the size, pleasant texture and normal design (for me).

For me, the value of the slacks are


"Very Good ★★★★★"



I might have won by a fluke, so I re-tried to get the same slacks in other color(dark blue).

―― 一見、学生服のようにも見えますが ―― 私には、全く文句はなく、毎日、快適にスラックスを履いて、通勤しています。

Even having the appearance of school uniform, I have no complaint to wear it and to go to office everyday.



Some people say that "mass consumer society" had finished " for quite a long time, though, I am impressed by this reversed business model at the bottom of my heart.


This model goes well with Amazon's return policy, that permits good returns without conditions in many cases.


Moreover, I think that this business model is revolutionary, because



they find a consumer layer, who are not interested in clothes design and entertainment at all, but pursuit the function only.



However, in order to derive advantage from this service, we should keep our body specifications into the standard.

過度に大きい、小さい、肥満、痩身の人は、このサービスから弾かれる訳ですが ―― よく考えれば、それは、普通の服屋でも同じことですね。

The people who are too big, too small, too fat, and too slim are excluded from this service.

On second thought, however, it is same as the ordinal clothing department.

2016-08-09 ―― うん、まあ、がんばってこい [長年日記]


This morning, I went to my office late for some reasons, however, I could not sit in the seat of a train.


The seats of the train were occupied by young brothers and sisters.


It was natural because the train was heading to Enoshima direction.


They will go to the beach.



I think it is very important that young people participate in such a classic event.


In the beach, "Hot", "smell", "sticky with seawater," "direct sunlight is intense," "food is high on bad",


The events of picking a girl up, and being picked up by a boy do not occur even a something miracle works.


In most cases, the fellows who gather at the time of departure, are moving together around the day. The end of a day of summer ends with fatigue and a sense of emptiness.



- "Extraordinary" is, no special meaning other than just an


- they should re-recognize the importance of "mediocre ordinary",


- they can realize how much is a day-to-day that has been blessed,

―― うん、まあ、がんばってこい

"Yeah, well, Good luck"

2016-08-10 ―― 名刺がない [長年日記]


The other day, I had specially to participate in the meeting of the standards bodies, I noticed I had a trouble a few days before.

―― 名刺がない

"There is no business card"


However, I have received the invitation as a "personal".


How to say, I hear that opening real name in comic market, or SAO (Sword Art Online) is taboo.(I do not know well,though, will that so?)


Of course, I always introduce my name to others, but I hesitate to tell the belongs.


To begin with, I am a free engineer in my weekend, and there is no organization.


However, this "no belongs" becomes troublesome.


In particular, it is the "corporate name → blank", "department → blank" "address → home address" when you fill in the documents.


Such documents, at suspiciously is full, do not give me a receipt.


So, it does not have the corporate registration,

Now my identity is,

to belong

■"Kobore Networks"


the organization whose name is "Kobore Networks"


to work for

Secretary-General (and writer)


and I write down the above in documents.


(To be continued)

2016-08-11 ―― 名刺がない [長年日記]


The other day, I had specially to participate in the meeting of the standards bodies, I noticed I had a trouble a few days before.

―― 名刺がない

"There is no business card"


However, I have received the invitation as a "personal".


How to say, I hear that opening real name in comic market, or SAO (Sword Art Online) is taboo.(I do not know well,though, will that so?)


Of course, I always introduce my name to others, but I hesitate to tell the belongs.


To begin with, I am a free engineer in my weekend, and there is no organization.


However, this "no belongs" becomes troublesome.


In particular, it is the "corporate name → blank", "department → blank" "address → home address" when you fill in the documents.


Such documents, at suspiciously is full, do not give me a receipt.


So, it does not have the corporate registration,

Now my identity is,

to belong

■"Kobore Networks"


the organization whose name is "Kobore Networks"


to work for

Secretary-General (and writer)


and I write down the above in documents.


(To be continued)

2016-08-12 「職種の違いだねえ」と、深々と納得したようでした。 [長年日記]


Return to the main topic about business cards, nowadays we can make business card easily with PC and printer.

I bought this good from Amazon site.


It was bit difficult to make them, because the papers could not be rolled in the printer. After getting tips. I could print them smoothly.


I can understand that the print service companies are engaged in a price-cutting war for business card.


Nobody doesn't need to order what is made by themselves.



I think that business card is a useful business tool to start a chat with someone for the first time, but I haven't managed the business card until now.


You know, I use a name of person as a identification [ID] number, and I could not commit the names to memory. After all, I can just remember a person by their face of the contents(works and topics).

―― という話を嫁さんにしたところ、

I talked this topic to my wife, she said


"Differences of the type of job" with pleased expression.


For "Sales representative", business cards are very important items for their job and is never used passingly.


I think "I see".


I am a person who starts a chat with saying "How do you do? Nice to meet you. I am Ebata" even I met three times before.

2016-08-13 「お前を、甲子園に連れていってやる」 [長年日記]


Every year, in the summer, a lot of phrases


"I take you to Koushien"


make me become very unpleasant feelings.



"Do not talk to bossy what anyone can do easily, this idiot"

我が家から、片道で15000円、往復で30000万円くらいのこと、高校生が一夏にバイトがんばれば、なんとかなる金額だろう ―― って、語ったところ、家族全員から一斉に、

That is not big issue because the cost is just 15000 yen in one way, 300 million yen in the round trip, for example from my house. A part-time job in the one summer by high school students, is going to make the money.


My family said "Come on! that's not the way!!"

if you want to know my opinion, you can read it in this page.



Above all, I hate the phrase of "I take you to ..." like as looking down on other.


I know this phrase is often used in the scene between an ace of the baseball team of ace(boy) and the manager(girl), and I can agree that this phrase is usual in this scene, however, to begin with, I hate this one pattern role too.

この逆のパターン、野球部(当面は、ソフトボール部も)のエース(女)が、「お前を、インターハイに連れていってやる」と、マネージャ(男)に宣言する映画が、そろそろ出てきて、大当りしても良いと思うのですが、―― そういう映画は、なかなか製作して貰えないようですね。

The reverse of the pattern, for example. an ace of the softball/baseball team of ace(girl) say to the manager(boy) "I take you to the next Inter-Highschool Chanpionships", I expect the movie will make and catch on well.



Anyway I will not go to either of the movie.

2016-08-14 「男って、殴り合いとした後、仰向けになって、笑いあって親友になるんでしょう?」 [長年日記]


Senior Daughter(SD):"Men like a woman who has long hair and is early-blooming, looks fragile doesn't them?"


Ebata:"I know men are basically fool, however, your such branding is going to doubt women's wisdom."


SD:"After thumping, men are good friends each other lying on his back, with a laugh


Ebata:"There is no such guys in the world. Even if he behave so, he is ultimate morons stupid with a brain of water flea. Whether a adult or a child, once hitting anyone, the guy's life is literally "the end"."



I have enjoyed the views of the world of manga and animation, however, I will tell my daughters that it is completely different from the reality.


In the real world, there is no chance to join the views with real world.


"Regardless of the reason, any person who uses violence must be lost" is the great principle of the rule of law.

2016-08-15 このオリンピックを「一日も早く終わってくれ」と願っている人も多くいるだろうなーと思っています。 [長年日記]


In this summer holidays, I went back to my country house with junior daughter.


The days are passing while doing something.


There is no way to watch more than 10 times of the same news of the Olympic Games a day in TV news.


I think that some kinds of people hope "the Olympic will be over as soon as possible."

国家保安委員会、警察、軍隊 ―― とにかくテロだけは勘弁してくれ ―― と願っている人が、指折り数えながら、閉会式の次の日を待っていることは、想像に難くありません。

It is not difficult to imagine that National Security Commission, the police, army and others think "give me a break" against terrorist attack and wait for the next day of the closing ceremony with counting on their fingers.

テロリストにとっては、オリンピック開催中に、オリンピック会場に近い場所で、テロを起こせば、被害の大小に係わらず ―― 「勝ったも同然」ですから。

For terrorists, they will almost win even if they cause terrorism at a location close to the Olympic venues, during the Olympic Games.



Now many people seem to have raised the success of Japanese athletes, however,


As for me, I am going to think about people who are hurt the stomach to Olympic security.

I really worried seriously about this Olympic security.

2016-08-16 次女を連れて実家に帰省中ですが、今回、結構驚いたことがありました。 [長年日記]


Now I go back to my country house, and I was surprised at my daughter's opinion.

She has not experimented the following food in Nagoya.


■きしめん → 食べたことがない

- Kishimen

■鉄板ナポリタン → 食べたことがない

- Iron plate Neapolitan

■味噌カツ → 食べたことがない

- Miso-Katsu

■専門店の味噌煮込みうどん → 食べたことがない (自宅では定番メニュー)

- Miso noodle stew in special restrant (even it is classic menu in my house)


In this time of homecoming, she went to try these Nagoya meal one after another.


In addition, the sauce spaghetti, Ogura toast, boiled bank, Taiwan ramen, she have still non-challenged meals, and, we are going to try them in the future.


However, "Hitsumabushi" is not listed in the action lists.


I am going to eat it alone when I come back (because it is too expensive)

2016-08-17 『壁いっぱいに貼られていた、数十枚の次女の絵葉書』 [長年日記]


I think many people have noticed, recently, I show picture postcard illustrations of the second daughter in every other day in the top of my home page,


This picture is a present for my parents of my pair (everyone lives in a hospital or a facility except for one person) from her, and I scan the picture and upload it to my HP.

先日、―― 義父が、いつでもこの葉書の束を大事そうに握りしめていた、という話を聞き、思わず涙が出そうになりました ―― というお話をしましたが、

The other day, I wrote a story that I almost weeped when I heard that my father-in-law always took a bunch of the postcard.


In this time of homecoming, I went to a room of the mother of the facility with her, and I came to find


"More than dozens of her postcards in whole wall"



I gasped at the wall.

―― 圧巻



I could not know anything except for the word.


私が百や千の単語を重ねて文章を作り上げたところで、次女の一枚の絵の力 ―― 「癒し」とか「想い」とか言う何か ―― には、到底、敵わない。

Even if I make a document with more than 100 or 1000 words, I could not reach the power of her picture, called "healing" or "feeling"

そして、それが「継続する」ということが、さらにそれをパワーアップする ―― ということも実感しました。

I could really understand a meaning of the saying "practice makes perfect".



I continue this poor diary everyday, however

―― 誰かの力になっていれば、いいな

"If someone makes a good feel, I will be happy"


when reading my diary.

2016-08-18 どうにも「ファン」の言動とは思えません。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


When I went to a facility that my mother was, a nursing staff told my daughter to say "I am a fan of your pictures".


To tell you the truth, I thought

―― 羨しい

I envied her.




For me, I have a would-be fan of Ebata's works. They say for example,


"Ebata-san, I have a high regard for you"



"If "Higashino Keigo" is in the west, "Ebata Tomoichi" is in the east"



They, who are generally younger, are saying such ringing and fabled compliments ("perfect lie" in fact) without hesitation.


However, I am afraid that their comments are not something of fan of my works.


I rather feel that their each comment includes extreme disdains and scorns against me.

2016-08-19 「お前を、『野球部の部費を使って、タダで』甲子園に連れていってやるよ」と考えればいいんだよ [長年日記]

A few days ago, I wrote a diary to disrespect all kinds of contents that use "I take you to Koushien".


In the Shinkansen bullet train, my junior daughter who had read my diary, told me that


"Papa. you could get mad with the phrase, because of reading it into ASIS."


"You can exchange the phrase with "I take you to Koushien free of charge by budget of baseball team, in your mind."



I see.


This strategy might be attractive to young junior high school girl, especially if she live far from Koushien.


Osaka is one of the biggest downtowns in Japan, so she could enjoy sightseeing or shopping. That will be a relative non-daily time for a high school girl.


Of course, after her team loses the game (most of the teams will lose the game with probability 0.98 because the winner is always only one), "breaking-up on the spot" is needed.


"I am sorry in advance, however I hope to show my grand-mother up. She lives solo in Umeda."


It might be enough for her to come on a virtual your grandmother in Osaka.



However, even this strategy has one problem. The manager of a baseball team who lives around Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe near Koushien, doesn't become happy.


My daughter's next target is


to make a version-up scenario about "I take you to Koushien".


2016-08-20 あの、歩行器を使いながら、ヨタヨタと歩いていたあの御婦人は、一体、どこに行けば良いというのだろうか [長年日記]


There was a super-market next to an apartment blocks near my house.


Residents of the apartment blocks seemed to decrease from year to year, most of the customers of the market were seniors.


The other day, when I went to the super-market to get the curry roux, I found it was closed.


I was really shocked to watch the scene surprisingly.


実家に帰る度に、大量の食料を買い込み、肉は50g程度に切り分け、魚は焼魚にして、サランラップでくくんで、冷凍庫に放り込む ―― とか、いろいろ工夫をして、実家の食料を確保していますが、

Whenever I go to my country house, I keep hoarding of a lot of foods in the refrigerator. After the meat is cut into approximately 50g, and the fish is in the grilled fish, and I throw them in the freezer.


It is that I still go out to the supermarket driving the car, and I have some physical strength to carry a large amount of groceries.



I wonder where the elder lady, who used the walker assist device and was waddling, should go.


How does she get foods from now ?


I am afraid that it is not other people's affairs.


So I really come to feel deep desperation.

2016-08-21 「ひとり」はいいぞ。 [長年日記]


It is a famous saying "do anything after thinking it deeply" however, in my case, I can not do most of it, if I think it deeply.


What I try to do is, in most cases, becomes unreasonable and poor cost performance.


For me, "to do without thinking deeply, and fail painfully" is the same cost of "to think deeply".


The former is rather better than the latter for me, because I don't have to use my brain.



However, I am in trouble if special persons who has responsibility for other's life (boss, president or politician) to take this strategy of "to do without thinking deeply".


If I think so, the strategy is good for the other special person, who has zero personal virtue and zero charisma and is always alone.



So listen to me, young people.


"To leave you alone" is good.


There is a life that "you can try anything and you can fail it again and again by the end of your life".

これは、いわゆる「成功した人生」とやらに切迫する ―― というか、下手すれば、それを上まわる価値のある人生だったりすることもあると、私は思うぞ。

I think such life is equal to "successful life" so called, moreover, might be superior to the "successful life".

2016-08-22 ■オリンピックの映像が一切出てこない [長年日記]


Recently I think I come to descrese to watch a television.


I watch rare a television at dinner time every weekend.


For me, the personal computer in my room is enough to watch videos.



Watching a new program by PC is convenient, however, there are something inconvenient


(1)No athlete in the Olympic game appears.


I think that delivering video clips of Olympic game is difficult, because there are many copyrights for the clips.


On the other hand, people who are cheer group and joyful of the good showing of the athletes, are broadcasting. So I come to think it is

―― バランスが悪くて、不愉快

"ill-balanced and unpleasantness"



It is likely that someone shows me the leftover with hiding main contents.


I would rather say "stop all of the the Olympic"


(To be continued)

2016-08-23 ■台風の情報、鉄道や道路の事故情報がリアルタイムで分からない [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


(2)No realtime information about weather including tyhoons and traffic accidents.


Most of the Internet video news are saved as recorded clips basically, the time-lag occurs between the time of the accidents and watching the clips.


If I don't take care of the differential time about tyhoons or traffic accidents, I will make an error in my assessment of the situation.

―― というか、そういうことを意識してニュースを見なければならないことが面倒くさい

"To tell you the truth, these notices are annoying me"



I become happy that TV stations stars the news are broadcasting on the Internet.


In fact, I doublt the existance of nesesarry of surface wave of BS.


As counter methods against natural disasters, I think that radio broadcastings are enough for us as a life line.


However, I said before, broadcasting businesses are mass of interest, so I know it is hard to be changed.

2016-08-24 「理由は説明できませんが、とにかく不快です」 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Let's turn the world by "Number" Accident resulting in injury or death (33) "

No tactical option to railway personal injury!? The numbers speak the reason.



"I cannot explain the reason, however, your column is unpleasant, anyway"


The junior researcher of mine said that,


has existed.

2016-08-25 この夏休みは、パソコンで「ゲーム」を作っていました。 [長年日記]


I made a game by my PC during this summer holidays.

正しくは、ゲーム作成用ツールの勉強をしていた ―― というか、ゲーム開発環境をインストールして、単にサンプルプログラムを入力していただけですが ――

To tell you the truth, I studied about a game development tool. What I did is to install the game development environment and input sample program codes to the PC.


I felt that I was hanged on after a long interval.

That was a long-absent impact, after trying making a vocaloid for writing a column about "Hatsune Miku".



I uses a game development environment whose name is "Unity".


(1)A pretty girl (down-loaded from the net) was running around a jungle that I made,


(2)A moving camera is following her from air, front, back and low angle.


The total time that I made a three dimensional game including the above (1)(2) was

―― 1時間

"a hour"


In fact, I was about to have an illusion that I was in the 100 years future.



As a matter of fact, the reason why I have started "Unity" using weekend holiday is that I want to realize a "visualization" of physical phenomenon.


(To be continued)

2016-08-26 ■しかし、視覚化しないと、問題の深刻さを理解することが難しい [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The physical phenomenon is


(1)Even if it is made by real video, the big psychological humanism criticisms will occur.


(2)In reality, repeats of the experiment with changing the conditions, are absolutely impossible,


(3)Nevertheless, it is difficult to explain a seriousness of the problem. without visualization.


and it is deeply relate to my serialized column at present.


I know what I did it about it is just to input some sample programs, and it might be doubtful that I can realize the above a simulation of the physical phenomenon.


I think "Let me see what I can do, anyway".



When my wife and I had just got married (maybe),


(1)we started a game whose title was called "Dragon Quest" as I recalled, by a TV game machine, that borrow from my senior worker.


(2)After the 15 min, we stopped the game, saying "too much of a bother", and


(3)my total time I had spent for games, were about to less than 1 hour,


Such I, who has been not interested in any game,

―― (サンプルプログラムとは言え)、3Dゲームの形にするところまで持っていった

can make three dimensional game (even if is very simple by sample programs)


I am really surprised at the reality.



By the way, I cannot make a hero of the game arrive at the goal, in spite of self-produced game.


I tried the game more than 100 times, however all of the hero became dead.


I am saying to myself that "I am too much to have poor taste".

2016-08-27 ―― 嫁さんは、深いためいきを付いていました。 [長年日記]


I remembered a story suddenly.


This was much old story,


After hearing Amuro Namie's hit song whose title was

"Can you celebrate?"

"Can you celebrate?"


From the title, when I said to my wife,


"This song is, that


- A woman who decide to marry a man,


-tells an ex-boyfriend that had not quite accepted the marriage,


-saying, "Needless to say, can you celebrate me, of course"


-will invite to her wedding reception,



-As a result, it is a song of retaliation of Lamentations (Elegy)


isn't it?"


―― 嫁さんは、深いためいきを付いていました。

She gave a deep sigh.

2016-08-28 2日間ぶっつづけのシステム構築とリモートメンテナンスで、体がボロボロになっている感じがします。 [長年日記]


The other day, I wrote that I installed a home security system at my wife's country house,


To tell you the truth, I was in trouble that monitor videos didn't be transmitted well, so I have made a new home security server at home.


Long before, the electricity bill of home server is a problem against our domestic accounts.

So I had decided to make it by "Raspberry Pi"


"Raspberry Pi" is a board computer whose size is about two business cards, and average power is 4.5W(maybe). It is almost same of LED's power consumption.


However, I was really exhausted by this uninterrupted weekend works about system construction and remote maintenance.


By the way,



I could finish installing "Raspberry Pi" easily as my home security server, reading others Web Pages.


That GUI is cool, the movie display, like "youtube" is smooth, and working as Web server on a micro server. I sometimes forget that it is just a board computer.


In other words, I think that "I can go around with this(micro server) anywhere"


As for "server", I think that "cloud" and "virtualization" is the winner, however, "field" also gives as good as one gets.


(To be continued)

2016-08-29 しかし、こういう発想を、そろそろ止めないと「本当に体を壊すぞ、私」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

今回のサーバの目的は、我が家だけでなく、実家のホームセキュリティも併わせて制御・管理することも目的としていたのですが ―― どうやら、こっちの方は、上手く動いていません。

The purpose of installment of this home security server, is to support not only my house but also, country houses. Unfortunately, it seems not to work well.


"video unreachable"


I am afraid that it is not problem of the provider or the servers, but that of "FTP protocol".


The reason why I use not "stream" but "ftp" method, is that the web camera I had picked at a junk-man has no function of "stream".


Well, I could know that the TCP resends storm occurred, because two fire-walls of the home gateway, and many packet losses.


『こうなると、鹿児島の実家に『ラズパイ』持ち来んで、Webサーバを作るしかないか 』

"I must make a new Web server of "Raspberry Pi" at country house in Kagoshima pref."


I take myself very seriously, however,


"I will damage my health if I stop an activity, like this"

―― と、今、本気で心配しています。

I am really anxious about tomorrow of mine.

2016-08-30 「羽川翼の決めセリフ、『何でもは知らないわよ。知っていることだけ』の初出は?」 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Over the AI ---- beyond a reach of our imagination"

"We don't need an AI that play "Go" game and enjoy pictures of cat "



Suddenly, I said,


"Where is the debut of Hanakawa Tsubasa's standard phrase, "I don't know everything. What I know is what I have known" ?"



"Bakemonogatari, front half, section No.2"


My junior daughter, who answered it in no time,


has existed.

2016-08-31 「一言たりとも、語るな」 [長年日記]


I think that more and more animations and dramas which use "time travel" are increasing, in these day.

このようなコンテンツで、単なる因果律に留まらず、相対性理論や、ブラックホールの現象などへの興味が高まり、論理物理学などの理系への進路を選ぶ若者が増大する ――

Thanks to these contents, young people become interested in not only physical necessity but also theory of relativity or black hole, and come decide their course for science fields.

―― てなことは、絶対ないだろうなー、と、自分でも思っています。

I am afraid that the trend doesn't work like the above.


先日、次女と「時をかける少女(アニメ版)」「シュタインズゲート」「まどか マギカ」について、真摯かつ真剣な議論を行っていたのですが(一部誇張あり)

The other day, I talked to my junior daughter about "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", "Steins;Gate" and "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" Sincerely and seriously ( exaggerated in some parts).


Ebata:"I can tell you more than one contradiction about these animations. Can I do it ?"


Daughter:"Don't tell me anything"


She said that.


Just in case, I believe that she still has a "Math Girls". who is good at "Mathematics".


(To be continued)