2015-11-01 若者が、極端に走ると、大抵、ロクなことになりませんからね。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I propose that you might have to go fifty-fifty with both friend-supremacist and loneliness-supremacist.


"Doing by halves" is important for anything. It is a sort of portfolio that is a standard way to avoid risks.


When younger run to extremes, something wrong happens in many cases.


When I talk like the story, I always start to tell about "Japan Red Army" and "Aum Shinrikyo". But I want to avoid the direction today.



In fact, this is everyday issue.


In conclusion, "friend-supremacist" are going to come of age with

―― 誠に「うっとうしい奴」になります。



who want to understand others perfectly and don't accept the situation that the others cannot understand him/her.


This type of persons is going to cry, shout and get angry with everything that they don't go their own way. They are annoying me beyond my imagination.


Concretely, they have an absolute value for domestic festival, class reunion, and alumni association, and to make matter worse, they believe that others think same.


For example, they cannot understand my negative intentions as follows,

―― 私の残りの人生で、あんたたちとはコミットする予定はない

"I have no plan to commit you in my life"

―― 同窓会を3回連続で断わっている時点で、もう連絡してくるな

"Please don't contact me, when I have rejected the attendance three times consecutively"

というような、ネガティブな熱い想いが ―― どうにも通じない。


(Continuation from yesterday)

2015-11-02 「友人」どころか、「夫婦」や「家族」も、変化し続けるもので、そして、それで良いのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

あらゆる物事が、時間とともに壊れていくことは ―― 別段、「エントロピーの法則」を振りかざすまでもなく、自明のことです。

"Everything is going to corrupt" is natural, needless to talk "law of entropy"


When the persons who cannot understand this "law" become upper-class of hierarchy, this is an enormous annoying and tragedy in our society.


Jump difficulty to the conclusion that the UN warns Japan to modify the law of "dual surnames". This is a sort of example of the above annoying.


Not only "friend" but also "couple", "family" are going to change, and I think that will do.


さて、一番最初に戻しまして ――

Going back to the top of this talk,


you might be half of friend-supremacist.


I hope you use the half for your life.


What you make happy is not your friend but yourself.


To make clear,

―― あなた以外の誰も、あなたを幸せにできない

Nobody except for you , can make you happy.


To tell you the truth,

―― あなた以外の誰も、あなたの幸せなんぞに髪の毛ほどの興味もない

Nobody except for you , is not interested in your happy at all.


If you could accept this cold reality as ice,


I don't guarantee that you can enjoy your life, but I can guarantee that your life becomes easier.


2015-11-03 せっかく「目付きが悪い」と言われているのですから―― [長年日記]


I am called "hard-eyed" fortunately,

I tried to make it.


(This is the source.)


You may use it without restriction, if you don't reform the photograph.



I am looking forward to catching out this picture somewhere in Japan.

2015-11-04 ―― 英語を公用言語にする [長年日記]


The other day, I watch a TV program that explained about the occupation polices after WW2 had an intention of

―― 英語を公用言語にする

"The UN tried to change Japanese to English as National language in Japan, indeed."




The TV program said that it was based on a hypothesis that "Japanese was too difficult to understand the government policies, so Japanese must have rushed into the WW2."


After the investigation of it, they should have faced the reality of aristocracy of literacy rate in the world, so the polices were abandoned after all.


But this result is very interesting for me deeply.


We can read this fact into "Japanese might choose the war on their own will" or "espionage of the administration, army and mass-communication".


Above and beyond this.



My junior daughter said strongly,


"Why did they enforce the policy of "English Language Empowerment Act" ?"



I am an guardian of Japanese people, and I think that I cannot accept her claims directly. So I tried to argue against her even if it is our stated reason.


"Well, any language is a concept of tool that can define races, and it also gives us a background of power of nation...."



Indeed, I am impressed with regrettable feeling that

―― 「英語に愛されないエンジニア」の子どもの思考形態は、分かりやすいなぁ

"It is easy to understand patterns of thinking of children whose parent is not loved by English"


2015-11-05 「ダイエットは細部に宿る」 [長年日記]


There is a saying "God dwells in the details".


I heard that it came from a field of architecture design.


Above all, any architecture cannot ignore theory of structures.

それらの力学をシンプルに包含し、それと融合する細部へ徹底的なこだわりのデザインなくして、美しく、価値のある建築物は成立しない ―― というのが、その精神なのだそうです。

The basic concept is that any architecture should include the theory, and amalgamate its detailed aspects, in order to make them valuably and beautifully.


This concept commons to any creations in any field. "System" is also same, I think.


According to the social system like electricity, water, gas, train, and transportation, especially, they are no longer a mere "saying".


If we cannot apply the "God" to the social systems, they are going to change "killing system" easily.


(I want to omit this story this time, because I often have already shown before.)



"Diet dwells in the details".


The other day, I confirmed that I could lose weight of 12kg, through the first and second diet plans in the Ebata's for one year.

# ま、元々太っていたし、目標(BMI=22.0)未達(現在22.5)ですけどね。

However, I was heavy by nature, and I could not have reached the first target yet (BMI=22.0).


But I think that it is a mistake to understand the "12kg" as just "12kg".

私は、この1年、0.1kg単位で、120個を、一つ一つ取り除くという作業 ―― 「細部」に拘ってきました。

For one year, I have sticked to detail parts, that means that there were 120 objects by each 0.1kg unit.


(To be continued)

2015-11-06 「ダイエットは細部に宿る」(その2) [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


For example,


According to "detail", I have been concerned about not only food's Calorie but also bodily waste.


- When I have a shit, I think "this is two(200g)".


- When I have a piss, I think "this is 3.5(350g)".


I can measure the weight accurately.


(with mounting the weighing machine, before-after)


Moreover, this "detail" is reaching each data, for example,


- The weight changing in a sleep dramatically,


- It being possible to reduce the weight by an intake of the alcohol (dehydration effect),


- I know what day of the week I lose my weight best


- I grasp how many days the impact comes after eating "Hokkyoku ramen".


At least three scales always go in my house, and I revise the scale error.



Well, I think you don't have to go to paranoid state like this.


However, I believe that

―― ダイエットの神は、自分の「うんこの重さ」に思いを馳せ得る者の頭上に宿る

"God of the diet dwells in the overhead of the person who can think about one's "weight of the shit"



At least, any God is not coming to persons who read a book whose title "how to diet easily"

2015-11-07 今さら、「友人至上主義」の解説なんて、必要だろうか。 [長年日記]


From the 15th Oct. to the 2nd, Nov. I have argued the criticism of "friend supremacist",


This time, I presented new paradigm of "loneliness supremacist" and "loneliness fundamentalist" as an opposite concept of "friend supremacist".


About this argument, "rude junior coworker" gave us a comment, who has frequently appeared recently. I will introduce this comment to you.

====== ここから =====

(From here)




I think that any kinds of "fundamentalism" is not good.


I think that it is a great saying of your senior daughter "the concept of "loneliness supremacist" is rude for real lonely person". I think she is a brilliant girl.




In conclusion, I want to say,


- "Rude manner for real lonely person" is a great prospect.


" Ebata-san's vision of "loneliness supremacist" is good. But I think that it is missing the aspect of "friend supremacist". Most persons in the science and engineering majors, are often about to reach this mind.


===== ここまで ======

(To here)




Do I need the explanation of "friend supremacist" anymore?


According to the "friend supremacist", there have been flood tide of contents around us.


Let me pick some examples up.


In greetings of the principal of the entrance ceremony, or address in reply of the graduation ceremony, "you can find good friends from this school life...", "we could get eternal friend of my life in this school..."


"Relationship" of the Buddhism, Christian "neighborly love"

■Google検索での「友人の大切さ」のキーワードヒット307,000 件。比して「友人の不要さ」「友人の無用さ」「友人の不毛さ」ともに、ヒット0件

Hit counts are more than 307k with phrase of "importance of having friend" in Google search. In contract, zero hit with phrase of "needless, unnecessary or unneeded of friend"


"Our bond is beyond your imagination!" or "let's concentrate our power of the friendship" (and call name of special → finisher), in the comic of "One piece" or "pre-cure"

特に、最後のコンテンツに関しては、―― 素晴しい作品であるとは思いますが ―― 「ぼっち至上主義者」から見れば、有害コンテンツの極みですよ。

Especially, the last is an extreme harmful contents from the view of "loneliness supremacist", even if they are supreme works.


(To be continued)

2015-11-08 ともかく、『無条件に良い』 ―― というものを、私は信じないのですよ。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Like that, there are enormous contents of "friend supremacist", so I think that it is ridiculous to try a cross-culture arguments.


More over, the "friend supremacist" seems not to be clearly beneficial, and alleged it only, and have no evidence about the effectiveness quantitatively. (According to "loneliness supremacist", it should be my life work)

ともかく、『無条件に良い』 ―― というものを、私は信じないのですよ。

Anyway, I don't believe something good without condition.


I think it is even an original sin called "lack thought".



"Meism". That's all fine and good.


"Meism" means to be crazy for something by oneself.


For me, persons in the TV program "projectX", Nobel Prize winner, presidents of venture company, are meism and crazy for something,


But I deny a thought that "they are greater than other, so "meism" is good."


Meism itself makes us happy, and all of them has already become happy if they didn't get the Nobel Prize.


I think even the Nobel Prize is like a free gift of snack.



If most of researchers or engineers in the science and engineering majors are meism, that mean the following.


Conclusion:"When you go to science and engineering majors, you are going to be happy."


If you have a plan to turn to a new religion, I will propose that you go to to science and engineering majors and work with petri dishes, electric circuits, super-computer overnight with tired red eyes.

2015-11-09 うん、今時、「『ポインタ処理』だの『メモリ解放』だの、何の話ですか?」と尋ねる君は、間違っていない。 [長年日記]


Now I am ordering a software to a software house now,


This time, we agreed that the base language is "python".


Because of the background, I have started the language since the agreement, however,

―― 正直、辛い

To tell you the truth, it becomes hard for me.


to learn a new computer language, and felt complicated.


Am I also older so?



Next weekend, I am going to attend niece wedding ceremony, and be an attendant of my father in all day.


So I had concentrated to writing my column about for more than twenty hours in the last weekend, because I was afraid not have enough time to make it.


This time, I would make a weight predictive simulator by MATLAB/Simulink, however, I was tired to study them. After all I had made it by C/C++.


- Only three times of compile error.


- I could confirm the simulator worked well in 20 min.



"Well, No-No"

「新しいもの」を受けつけない ―― というのではなく、「古いもの」の対応の速度が早すぎる。

It is not that I can not accept something new, but I can adapt something with old methods or tools.


Yes. I can understand your opinions, for example, "what is "the pointer" and "release memory", on earth, Ebata-san?" I know you are right.

でも、私は、C/C++だけで、残りの余生を送りたいんだよ ―― ダメかな?

But I want to send a rest of my life with C/C++.

No good ?

2015-11-10 "Any war is in daily life" [長年日記]


The other day, I watched the NHK non-fiction TV program "Pacific War in color" and be stunned by the program.

白黒フィルムの映像を、(コンピュータ処理などして)カラー映像にしたもの ―― と言ってしまえば、簡単ですが。

"The program tried to transform the films of Pacific War from monochrome into color", even if it is easy to say that,

I was really surprised to watching the program with coming to think that

―― 戦時中だって、私達の今の生活と、ほとんど同じじゃないか

"The life during the war was almost same as our life"



Expressed in another way, "I became scared"


Though I felt the war was just tragedy of another world,


"Any war is in daily life"



Our horror "peace constitution (and its interpretation)" that stop going war on a short leash, becomes changing to remove their restriction by themselves in this complicated world affairs.

これは、間違っているとも言えますし、正しくとも言えます ―― 私は、どちらの側でも、論陣を張ることができますし、どちらの側でも論破される自信があります。

I think this trend of our society is both correct and wrong. Now I can set out argument of both sides, and I am confident to be argued off.


So my arguments become meaningless and chicken consistently, that is

―― 私が死ぬまででいいから「私が生きている間は、平和憲法の精神を守り切ったよ」と言わせて欲しいなぁ

"I want to keep saying that "I have been able to save our "peace constitution" during my life, at least"



(To be continued)

2015-11-11 私は見逃してしまいました。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Back to the board.

NHKスペシャルの中で、突出して凄いタイトルは、「7月の悪夢 キューバ危機」だと思うのですが、その次に挙げろと言われれば、

I think the best content of "NHK Special" is absolutely "Nightmare in July, Cuban Crisis", and if I can pick up the second prize, it must be


"A century of movies"



The other day, I happened to know "this digital re-mastered revision had broadcasted in a BS channel in this September.

―― なんてこった!

"Oh my god! "


I lost out on them.


なんで、「映像の世紀 デジタルリマスター版の放映」という、全世界を震撼させるニュースが、テレビのニュースや新聞の三面トップに出てこなかったのか?

I don't understand this big news of "broadcast of the digital re-mastered revision of "A century of movies"", that shocked us around the world, had not released on the TV news program and newspapers.



I am afraid that mass media is really useless.

2015-11-12 「ぎっくり腰」というのは、ある日突然やってきて、その発動時間は0.5秒程度です。 [長年日記]


One day "strained back" comes suddenly, and the execution time is , I think, less than half second.


I am afraid that I am now "smoothy back" so called, that the executive time seems to be more than 48 hours.


The pain become worser day by day, and I cannot walk normally with the hard back pain.


One of the reason might be my age, but basically the execution condition is determined by amount of work and their difficulties.


The sequences are followings.


(Step.1) The backache comes.


(Step.2) I wake up by the pain when I roll over in my sleep.


(Step.3) I drink alcohol.


(Step.4) I take a sleeping tablet.


(Step.5) I go to the office without enough sleeping.


(Step.6) I don't feel refresh and the backache become worse.


During this process, my mind become collapse soon.



I know well that, if I am knocked down, a project will also be knocked down. and final everybody is going unhappy.


The important thing is not to endure the pain, but have a bravery to shout "pain!", "hard!" and "impossible" in your office. After all, your bravery will save all of your colleague.


This time, I had to use the above methods.


I know that it is clunky.

2015-11-13 ―― NHKの受信料が値上げしても、甘受できる [長年日記]

昨日、同僚から、「「映像の世紀 デジタルリマスター版 」は、今日から始まりますよ」と連絡を受けました。

Yesterday, my coworker gave me a comment of "the remasterd revision of "A century of movies" is going to start from today"


(Though I don't know whether the information of my diary was correct or not, ) I strongly recommend to watching this program.


At least this works made me feel that

―― NHKの受信料が値上げしても、甘受できる

"I can accept to raise the price of monthly payment of NHK viewing fee"


逆に言うと、「この番組のどこが、どう面白いの?」と思う人から、NHKの受信料分を、簒奪(ドロボウ)している ―― という理屈も成立すると思っています。

In opposition, a theory that "I rob other persons who are not interested in the program, of the payment" is going to make up, I think.



In short, I am wiliness.


If I am damaged by something, I am going to crush them with wielding justice.


―― 私は、そういうヤツです。

If I think I get some merit, I am going to be silent with cheating myself of the right.


"Same as you"

2015-11-14 そろそろ「彼」が、『江端に利用されている』ということに気がつき始めたようです。 [長年日記]


In my column serialisation, I often add a comment of "reviewer" as an appendix.


It is

―― 「無礼な後輩シリーズ」

"arrogant junior fellow", so called.



For me, I want to stop this series as soon as possible, however, strange to say,


It is popular for the editorial office


There are some readers who read only the first part and this "arrogant junior fellow".


Few negative comment is coming.


For the effectiveness of the above, I cannot decide stopping the series.


You know, his criticism has been extreme so much. so some reader who might feel complaining of my columns might feel heartily gratified.



For me, I have used his criticism for my opinions with his tongue recently, though


he becomes to notice that "Ebata makes use of him well" day by day.


At last, he is going to ask me to submit the pages of "arrogant junior fellow" to him.


Now I have to submit the draft of my column to him twice. for not only the original but also the appendix

―― 面倒くさいなぁ

"That's a bother."


But it cannot be helped.



I have just been called from the "arrogant junior fellow" after reviewing the draft.

―― なんだ、江端さん。ちゃんと書けるじゃないですか。見直しましたよ

"Ebata-san, you could get it right. I think better of you than I did before."


As usual, he was a "arrogant junior fellow" with speaking arrogant comments by the look of arrogant.

2015-11-15 ――彼女達の足元にかしずけ。 [長年日記]


This time, I am going to attend the wedding ceremony of niece, and my sister(the niece's mother) asked me to consider to wear KIMONO(Japanese traditional costume)


Not me but my wife (needless to say).

結婚式などのセレモニーで、着物が花を添える、という話は聞いていたのですが ―― 本当にそういう話ってあるんだなぁ、と感心していました。

I hear the story that KIMONO makes a ceremony colourful like wedding reception banquet, but I have not understood the real world.



However, I didn't expect that this KIMONO event was going to expand to all of my family(wife, and two daughters)


Their preparing period was beyond one month, and my wife's relative came to our house in order to help the preparing of the KIMONO event.


In opposition, my preparing time was less than one minute.


According to the weather forecast, the heavy rain was coming at that day. So I joined the project and made several plans in order to the costume against the rain.


The day before, my wife and I applied for the membership of Odakyu-Romance Car Club and tried to book train seats twice at the same day, and my daughter tried to check the taxi payment from the Internet. That was beyond the reach of our ordinal imagination.


盛装した嫁さんや娘達は、―― もちろん華やかで、家長冥利に付きる、というのは言うまでもありませんが ―― 「肋骨にヒビが入りそう」といって、悲壮な顔をしていましたし、立っていても座っていても、とにかく辛そうで、

My wife and daughters who had dressed up were glamorous looks, and it went without saying that I was really proud of them, however the junior daughter said that "I am about to crack ribs" with painful look whenever she stood and had a seat.

It looked like

―― 中世の魔女裁判の拘束具

a hamper for witch-hunting in the Middle Ages


I also felt miserable though I just looked them.



Men in the world.


Look with keen interest.


All women who wear KIMONO costume are fighting soldiers.


As a legitimacy successor of Japanese tradition,


wait on by them with maximum respect and awe.

2015-11-16 ―― 「渡る世間は鬼ばかり」というドラマを、食事中に見せつけられる程の地獄 [長年日記]

私は、自分がプレゼンテーションやスピーチが ―― 「上手い」と思わないまでも「少くとも、苦痛は与えていない」と思っています。

I think that my presentation and speech are not good but painless at least.


But it might be just me that I think that.

I want to stop talking about that any more, because of this column.



The other day, I was asked out an bridal party for the first time in 20 years.


"This 20 years" can show my "despairing personal connections".


I pretened to be tough .... not just think that this is a sort of Win-Win relationship.


I hate "unenjoyable speech" very much beyond my description at the party.


It is too difficult to express my feeling, however I dare to try saying,

―― 「渡る世間は鬼ばかり」というドラマを、食事中に見せつけられる程の地獄

"A nightmare that I am enforced to watch the soap opera "Demons are all around" during dinner time."


I hope that you can understand my miserable mind.


(To be continued)

2015-11-17 『なんで、披露宴まできてお前に説教されなきゃならん』と本気で腹が立ってきます [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


First of all, "long speech" is the worst.


First of all, we are not professional performer, so our verbal skills will never splendid.


Even the person who cannot evaluate oneself, try a long speech, it is going "hell" that is called "pain".


Secondly, "local talk" is also the worst.


In order to speak the "local talk", a speaker should have a special technique to spread the talk to other attendances to share the joy. However, there is few person who has the technique.


Finally, "apothegmatize" is the worst.


I become to burn the anger with thinking "Why I have to hear your useless sermon this private party?" "Above all, If you were me, do you really think that your sermon is "God-given ?" Don't be silly.


First of all, about 10% person in party hears a speech seriously, and less than 10% in the persons, is going to forget the contents of speech.( I think it might be smaller.)


This estimation can shows that the possibility of "amusing speech" is less than 1%, and the remaining more that 99% is "painful speech".



I think all of these miserable speakers are missing the following.


"My words never arrive all right"


They lose the objectivity from start to finish.


They ignore layer of guest, unpleasure of hunger, and the topics of their speech are not consistency, concise and logical, and they never understand that they are annoying attendances.

―― 会社で偉い立場の人間だか何だか知らんが、その程度のプレゼンスキルで、その地位にいられるものだ

"I don't know your job title, though, I cannot understand your title because of your terrible speech."


In my mind, the terrible speech is downgrading assessment of bridal couple, at last.


This is a sort of destroyer of bridal ceremony isn't it?


(To be continued)

2015-11-18 (3)スピーチの時間を買う [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


But I think my I have no sense of responsibility just to speak insultingly.


So I want to show you the following proposals against the worst speeches.


(1)To distribute a paper of the speech before.


It is one of the best idea I believe.


Above all, everyone can valuate the speech for the first time, and estimate the end time. In addition we might remind the contents( the lowest possibility, I think).


(2)To declare the dead time before the speech.

これで、聴衆は、最初に苦痛がどれだけ続くのか知ることができます。QoT(Quality of Time)の観点からも優れています。

According to the QoT(Quality of time), it is good for the attendances who can know the total time of their pain before.


A new innovation of microphone is going to be expected, that make it turn power off automatically when the deadline comes.


(In this time, this invention is a public knowledge. The patent application of this microphone is in vain. You can develop and sell this device safely.)


(3)To buy the speech time.


A person who have spoken longer unexpectly, pays some money as gratuity to bridal couple. I can accept that one min. is equal to ten thousands.


(4)To mark the speech in real time.


The attendances put "Good" button from Smart-phone and Cell-phone, the total point is going to show a wall of the party place by projector, in real time.

間違いなく組織的な「ヤラセ」が横行するでしょうが ―― 私だけは逆らうぞ。

I am afraid that the organised vote becomes rampant absolutely, thought I am going to be the last person who goes against it.


(To be continued)

2015-11-19 自惚れるものではありません。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Of course, if these methods can be realized, everyone hesitate to accept a speech in private party.


It is not my intention.


So we avoid recherche something, and make a congratulatory speech frankly.


- Take one topic by one speech ( Don't estimate your ability too much)


- Maximum 2 min. ( It is better to declare the time at first)


- Don't be ham ( or lose your face)


- Speak compactly ( Don't make a display of your eccentricity )


It is enough.


Anyway, Nobody is interested in your speech, and expects you.


Don't admire yourself more than your capability.



It all comes down to the fact that,

the ideal speech is "Speech in two seconds" of Admiral Yan in "The story of heros in galaxy"


"Please enjoy yourself."


2015-11-20 「ボジョレ・ヌーボーの解禁日」というフレーズを聞くと、私は、ムッした気分なります。 [長年日記]


I feel bad whenever I hear the phase of "Open day of Beaujolais Nouveau".

合法品を、誰が、いつ、どのように売ろうが、買おうが、お前の知ったことか! と思ってしまうのです。

It is not your business even if I try to sell and buy legal things whenever and wherever.



Let me check about this issue. and I could confirm that there is no legally binding whoever sells or buys before the open day.


Quite so.


Free trading is a basic principle of free economy.


Of course, when buyer and seller make a contract to prevent the good from selling before the open day, it is possible to make a claim for damages by the defaulting contract.


However, is it usual to use the words "the open day" even it is just a private contract ?


I find makers and medias offensive to trumpet the day, like a important annual.


I think that it is enough to express "the best day to start Beaujolais Nouveau"



Above all, I have never thought that the no rich taste wine is good before.

In comparison, I think my hand-made wine had been better.

2015-11-21 その当時、酒税というものが、滅茶苦茶に高いということを、実感したものです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I have never made hand-made wine and beer for twenty years.


(This "twenty years" is important for me)




One of the reasons is that "I had not been interested in that", though the main reason is "Hand-made had been impractical".


I cannot remember it clearly, the production costs were about 80 yen for a bottle of beer and 150 yen for a bottle of wine.


At that time, I was really surprised to know the high-cost of liquor tax.



However, needless to say,


- The tastes of alcoholic beverage were not stable, because of armature technique.


After tasting, I sometimes though that I was a real genius, and sometimes I felt disgusted at more than 30 bottles in front of me.




- The temperature and fermentation management had annoyed me at any time.


In summer, I had to keep a barrel (plastic bucket) in the room with air conditioner. In winter, I had to drop thermostat into the barrel.


When I opened the lid, I had to pay the closest attention against contamination.


- "The smell" of the fermentation process made my wife complain.

―― 果実や麦芽の発酵は「本当にいい香り」なんですけどねえ。

I think that fermentation of fruit and the malt is a "really good fragrance".


Therefore I had left the barrel outside, and maintenance was troublesome.


- Pretty manual labour


It was necessary to turn a beer-barrel of 18 liters (I may come for a waist now).


"This labour and time is the powerful charm of the self brewer" in fact.


(To be continued)

2015-11-22 これらの作業を通じて思ったのは「酒は生き物」ということです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


There is pleasure to pursue one's best taste.


Through this operations, I could know "liquor is creature".


Handling it carefully, even an amateur can make splendid bottles, and if to slight my work, it is going bad soon. It is like a sensitive creature.


I think that the reason why I became able to have the constant respect for commercial liquor is that I passed through a process called this self brewing.


Particularly, I think that it is a kind of miracle to produce products of the same taste in large quantities, transport, and send them to store stably.


だから、―― 逆説的ですけど ―― 私は「自家醸造を止めてしまった」のです。

Therefore "I stop the self brewing, even if it might be paradox.


Well, a bottled wine of 500 yen that was purchased in a general merchandising store, can surpasses taste of my hand-made wine.


The low-malt beer of the original brand of the DIY shop has each personality, and they are delicious and fun.


(To be continued)

2015-11-23 それに比べれば、アルコール発酵実験なんて、可愛いものです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

I have not changed my claim since this column had been released.


"To realize perfect legalisation of home-brewing"


"I don't offer opposition to the tax. If anything, I can support to make the system"


Home-brewing is going to boost up an interesting of chemical and a honour of manufacturing industry.


Of course, we might keep alcohol prevention of juveniles.


Because I can tell you that "a worry of alcohol control for juveniles" is almost needles fear.


There is no possibility to overlap the intelligent youngsters who have chemical knowledge rightly and consider of manufacturing industry and the feeble-minded youngsters who feel cool of drinking alcohol


A new Liquor Tax Law becomes useful for the case.


As for the evasion of home-brewing, we can add new serious rules with criminal penalty.


First of all, the old day, one youngster tried to explore hydrogen that was made by salt solution.


Alcoholic fermentation experiment is nothing serious than his trial.

2015-11-24 『同じマンションに住んでいる住人どうしが、一生の間に一度も会話をしないという世界が、ITの世界でも、普通になりつつある』 [長年日記]

I had used "VMware", one of virtual machine(VM) software before more than ten years.


I predicted that "in the near future, we are going to take out not a client but a sever." and it will be realized indeed.


Now I use a VM software, that name is "VirtualBox" presented by Oracle Co.. The software can export and import a guest OS with ease unbelievably.


We can take out a whole OS system including softwares, so we don't have to worry about compatibility of hardware and device driver problems.


According to the outsourcing software development, we are asking not program codes but Guest OS including the codes, absolutely.


Because, we don't care how many Guest OSs are included in a PC server, now.



Yes I know well. Most people cannot understand what Ebata is writing in the above.


Simply speaking,


"It becomes natural in the IT world that residents in a same combo are likely to never say one word in their life"



The Guest OS is going to not be visited by any clients, and just waiting a client as long as their life. No one knows them and just live their life alone.


No-no, I am almost close to tears when writing today's diary with grief.



In conclusion, this diary has a luck of efforts to be understood by reader at all. These things can happen.

2015-11-25 「パパ! JKの娘の17歳の誕生日だよ!! 何か言うことはないの?」 [長年日記]


At twelve midnight of one day, the sound that someone was running stairs noisily and opening my room door, is coming.


In front of the door, my senior daughter is standing with confidence.

「パパ! JKの娘の17歳の誕生日だよ!! 何か言うことはないの?」

"Papa! my birth day of your daughter of 17 years old, is coming. Do you have something to tell me?"



"Well, I am going to give you one message, as a master of the art of living."


I started talking a story to her.


Ebata:"From now, a lot of persons who say "You should live your life with doing what you want to do only" are coming."


Daughter:"And ?"


Ebata:"You may decide that they are useless. And you may forget their talk as soon as possible."




Ebata:"If they really believe that it is possible to live a life with doing what they want only, they have already been at fault"


Daughter:"Why do you think so?"


Ebata;"Too easy to make a counter-example. For example, if I want to continue having "Hokkyoku-Ramen" everyday, I have to make money of 920 yen of the ramen"


Daughter:"Make a sense"

江端:「『北極ラーメンを毎日食べ続ける』為には、『北極ラーメンを毎日食べ続ける』以外のこと、―― 人と一緒にご飯を食べるとか、飲み会に出席するとか ―― だって、やらなければならない」

Ebata:"In order to continue having "Hokkyoku-Ramen" everyday", I have to do something except for having "Hokkyoku-Ramen", for example , lunch with someone and attending a drinking party"


Daughter:"Your purpose of the life is "Hokkyoku-Ramen" isn't it?"


(To be continued)

2015-11-26 「それが、17歳のJKの娘に贈る言葉?」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Ebata:"Under "what you want", there are enormous quantities of "what you don't want" like a layer. If persons who are doing "what they want", they know well that,"


Daughter:"And ?"


Ebata:"The conclusion is very clear. The persons who say "Do what you want only" doesn't realize "what they want" or misunderstand "what they want"


Daughter:"Is that your message to a young girl of 17 years ? "


Ebata:"No. This is just a prolusion."



Ebata:"In most case, both "what you want" and "what you don't want" is like a plate meal. Many people is likely to avoid a meal included their unfavourite food , even if it includes their favourite food.


Daughter:"Excuse me?"


Ebata: "The meals we can select are going to be limited. This is typical Mottainai in our life"

長女:「人生の話? 定食メニューの話?」

Daughter:"Are you talking about life or meal?"


Ebata:"The method to resolve this problem is only one. It is "invention" that you become to like "what you don't want". It is not"effort"s but "invention".


(To be continued)

2015-11-27 ―― そういって、ドタバタしている内に、人生、終わっちゃうから、心配するな。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Ebata:"In my case, I always come to like anything, and almost hang enthusiasm and time an I think I did something. But I have not made an effort to came to like "a human being" at all.


Daughter:"It is an opposite direction of the invention.


Well, "human being" is trouble, has many parameters, and non-linear.


Daughter:"It is O.K. So what am I doing?"


Ebata:"After all "study" is quick. It is readily fun, even if there is no "results" that is strange instrumentation, no "pass" that is weird border, and no "educational background" that is a kind of assets."


Daughter:"From the view of high school student, "study" is absolutely equal to "results", "pass" and "educational background", and we don't think anything except for them."


Ebata:"It might be true. I can agree with you. Well I sympathise with you."


Daughter:"I don't need your sympathy at all."


―― 結局のところ、『好きなことをやる人生』を送るもっとも簡単な方法は、今、まさに、直面していることを好きになることだ

"After all, if you can live your life with "what you like", the best way to realize is to like anything you are facing now."

―― もちろん、それは難しいので、その『工夫』してみることを勧める。その『工夫』が上手くいなかったら、他の直面していることを好きになる『工夫』をしてみればいい。

"Of course, I know it is difficult, so I suggest that you make the "invention". If you fail, you can change the target and try to make it again."



―― そういって、ドタバタしている内に、人生、終わっちゃうから、心配するな。

"You don't have to worry it seriously, because your life is not so long"

―― 『好きなことをやる人生』なんぞに拘らろうが、拘らなかろうが、そう大して変わらんのだよ、結局のところ

"Above all, even if you persist your life of "what you like to do", there is so much variation in your life."

2015-11-28 ■掟上今日子と羽川翼は、同一人物である [長年日記]


I heard a story from my junior daughter.


- "Okitegami Kyouko" and "Hanekawa Tsubasa" is a same person.


- "Hanekawa Tsubasa" was attached by a guerrilla strike during a NPO activity for a developing country, and her brain became severely damaged.


- "After that, she became a oblivion detective"

―― いいじゃないか、この話

"Let's go for it"

とすれば、 阿良々木暦は、当然刑事になっていて、戦場ヶ原ひたぎは、キャリア組として、警察庁に入庁。

"Araragi Koyomi" became a cop, and "Senjougahara Hitagi" entered the National Police Agency,as a career elite.


These three behave officially to be unrelated, though when I solve a difficult matter matter by activity of the meta-law in the back.


If they need, they can call "Oshino", "Kaiki", "Gaen", "Kagenui" for cooperation, and they work as a functions of illegal crime-solving device of the Japanese strongest class.


In addition, they can ask Prof."Oikura" to resolve the crime from the viewpoint of statistic and mathematics study.


Furthermore, making use of an attribute to revive even if how many times murdered, "Araragi Tsukihi" who has an immortality attribute, is in charge of the infiltration of the danger zone.


Even in my imagination, I cannot make a clear of the future of "Sengoku Nadeko" and "Kanbaru Suruga".



If you say "So what?", I say "no more, no less".

2015-11-29 「大人は、みんな、中二病を経験して来ているんでしょう?」 [長年日記]


Daughter:"Every adults have already experiment "Chuuni-byou"(behaving in a way characteristic of teenager) haven't they?"

日曜日の朝、我が家では時々、ファミレスで勉強会(私の場合は仕事) ―― 「朝勉」と呼んでいます ―― をします。

On Sunday early morning, we sometime go to a family restaurant to study something, that we call it "Asaben" (Early bird's studying).


As for them, they can have a chance to eat out with my money, but I think it is not enough.

私の目の前で、ダベっていたり、眠ったりしたら、それなりに酷い目(説教部屋)に合う ―― という緊張も利用しているのしょう。

Even if they chat or drop off to sleep in front of me, they should face miserable something ( being mad at me). They want to use the environment.


But during the eating time, we can chat any topic freely.



Ebata:"I doubt "Every adults", however, everyone have experimented like "Chuuni-byou" to some extend."


Daughter:"It must be in vain"


Ebata:"Please explain the background first"


Daughter:"many adults always look at us with superior attitude and soft smiling when we talk something seriously. They are likely to saying "it is a just time now"


Ebata:"I see. I think you are right"

長女:「で、中二病的な考え方って、多分、もう出つくしているいて、そんなにバリエーションはないんでしょ? 」

Daughter:"But I think that there are few variation we come to think over"


Ebata:"Let me think. Yes. "Social contradictions" that teenagers can come up with are not so much.


Daughter:"You know both the problem and the answer don't you? Why don't you tell me them first?"


Ebata:"O.K. I understood what you claim"


Daughter:"What we are bothering are absolutely in vain."


Ebata:"It is not necessarily correct. You should cause this illness not only for you but also our society"


Daughter:"What does it mean?"


Ebata:"If you grow up without "Chuuni-byou", you could make you "killing machine". This is a historically accurate account.


(To be continued)

2015-11-30 万年ダイエッターにささげる、“停滞期の正体” [長年日記]


Today, a new column is released, so I take a day off.


"Let's turn the world by "Number" Diet (19)

"Identity of stagnation period of diet for eternal dieters"



In this column, my comment,

The junior fellow who appeared in this column and said the following


"Your column seems to miss the mark"


―― 実在します。

has existed.