2019-01-01 ―― 「宇宙よりも遠い場所」と「シュタインズゲートゼロ」を全話視聴すること [長年日記]


I ordered at the end of the year to provide convenience to the second daughter.

―― 「宇宙よりも遠い場所」と「シュタインズゲートゼロ」を全話視聴すること

"Watch all the stories "far from the universe" and "Stein's Gate Zero"



From the end of the year, I was exchanging messages with my second daughter.






Second daughter(SD): "Steins Gatezero is too heavy"


Ebata: "Because they are big picture files, I recommend using a living room personal computer"


SD:"No. They are heavy stories"







SD:"Steins Gate Zero is really really supreme"


SD:"What is The best masterpiece!"


Ebata:"Were you deprived of your heart?"


SD:"I was deprived of my heart"



By the way, my wife complained to me.


"Why is the order the father gives to his daughter is anime viewing? "


"Send an order to study"


―― もっともな話だ、と思いました。

I thought "my wife was reasonable"

2019-01-02 デタラメなニュースソース、独善的で客観性に欠けるニュースソースを鵜呑みにしているような話が多く登場するのです ―― 特に飲み会では。 [長年日記]

Now, I am contributing a series of concepts "to grasp the events of the world by numbers"


Since we started contributing this series, I come to dislike "drinking party".



In drinking party etc.,

a bad or evil mouth of


(1)the person not in the place,


(2)the company


(3)youth / old generation


(4)the government


will be expanded("Evil mouth" may be replaced with "criticism").


Aside from the above (1) (2), as for (3) (4), I think that there are many opinions to be misunderstood the reality.

デタラメなニュースソース、独善的で客観性に欠けるニュースソースを鵜呑みにしているような話が多く登場するのです ―― 特に飲み会では。

There are many stories based on irregular, self-right and non-objective news source at a drinking party.


I know that "drinking party" is the place for the talking like that, however I will definitely want to "speak out."



For example, at a drinking party, if someone shouts


"The government can not provide adequate nursing care services because my nursing care budget is insufficient!"


私は ―― 多分、こう言う。

I - probably will say,

"Perhaps, the budget problem is a subordinate problem, and it is mainly due to lack of desperate resources (personnel) in the nursing care market"


"So, I think that lack of resources is due to difficulties in quantitative evaluation (cost conversion) of the outcome of nursing care business"

そして、もし、誰かが私の意見に対してその反論すれば、多分、私は、具体的な数値で反論の反論をしてしまう ――

And, if someone argues against my opinion, maybe I will argue against the objection with a concrete numerical value.


As a result, I'm highly likely to make the "place" turned-off mood.


とまあ、そんな風に、飲み会の「場」を白けさせてしまうのは忍びないので、私はひたすら黙り続けている訳ですが ―― 正直、気分は悪いです。

I don't want to do that, so I am keeping silent all the time, however, to be honest, I feel bad.

もともと、私は「飲み会」が好きではありませんが ――

Originally, I do not like "drinking party" - but,


Since starting the contribution of this series, I come to dislike "drinking party" more.

2019-01-03 ―― 俺ってスゴいだろうアピールをする奴 [長年日記]


Yesterday, I talked about 'melancholy drinking party', however I will add another talk.


The reason why I hate "drinking party", when I talk with a person who

―― 俺ってスゴいだろうアピールをする奴

"appeals that he/she is amazing",


he/she annoys me, and it cannot be helped.



To the contrary to yesterday's punch line,


It is "annoying" which I have to hears the story of "a person who can not keep silent about what the person knows".


It is "annoying" to argue that "I have know such a thing"


It is "annoying" to kill time with such a story.



To give a concrete example of "annoying" things,


- Show off the website of the company's products that they have worked on


- Show things (paintings, desks) that they made with my hobbies


- Talk about the topic of the scope of work in your specialty field (such as control LAN or real-time kernel)


- Talk about the topic in the range they know (religion, politics, social problems)




- Show a picture of their child


『その子どもの顔は、お前の顔を見ていれば、推測できる範囲なんだろう』 ―― とは、さすがの私も言えないです。

Even for me, it is impossible to say that "the face of that child is in the range I can guess, if I look at your face isn't it."


(To be continued)

2019-01-04 ―― キャバクラに行く奴って、みんな、頭悪いんですか? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


So, in my case, I will start taking the same response as my daughter who works for cabaret clubs, so-called "Sasashiso" strategy.


(1) Sa: "You are great, are not you?"


(2):Shi: "I did not know that"


(3): "It's amazing, is not it?"


(4) Se: "I might as well."


(5) So: "Is that so?"



However, if I were taken such correspondence, I think that I could notice that.

―― キャバクラに行く奴って、みんな、頭悪いんですか?

"Persons who are you going to cabaret club, are bad head aren't they ?"


I thought it, however, when I search by the phrase of "psychology of people going to cabaret club" by a search engine, it seems to be a "discounting" entertainment.


I know that cabaret club is more like "counseling" rather than "entertaining customs".

"キャバクラ = 心療外来" と捉えるのが、どうも正しいようです。

It seems to be correct to grasp as "cabaret club = outpatient for psychosomatic medical".


If so, it may be said that it is a medical institution with excellent cost performance.


However, in my case, I want to say


"There is no reason to make me a counselor volunteer for psychosomatic medical"



(To be continued)

2019-01-05 ―― お前は俺か [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


To be honest, I don't think that I annoy the person who appeal "I'm awesome"


I annoy me, who have appealed "I'm awesome".


"A guy who appeals "I'm awesome"" is surprisingly similar to me once.



―― お前は俺か

"Are you me ?"


They are similar like that.

どれだけの人間を不快にしてきたのだろう ―― と思うと、申し訳ない気持ちで一杯になります。

"I wonder how many people made it unpleasant" I feel sorry for them.



I do not like the word "black history".


Whichever generation of myself, if I do not accept myself of pasted generation properly, I think that I have been poor.


Therefore, I am willing to accept "I'm (Ebata)" who appealed "I'm awesome"


However, I think that I must humbly accept the feeling of thinking "I'm sorry" for those who made me feel uncomfortable.


And, as a fact, I must accept that I have been watched (gotten overlooked) by their "kindness".


Therefore, I think

―― 「俺ってスゴいだろうアピールをする奴」には、「さしすせそ」で流す

- I ignore "a person who appeals "I'm awesome" with "Sasshisuseso" strategy.


I think that it is the correct behavior as I am.


(To be continued)

2019-01-06 ―― ノンアル飲み会 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In addition, human beings can not basically change their fundamental nature.

「俺ってスゴいだろうアピールをする奴」―― つまり、この私は、自制的でなければ、いつでもこの悪癖が露呈する可能性があるということです。

"A guy who appeals "I'm awesome"" - In other words, there is a possibility for me this bad habit may be revealed at any time without self-sustaining.


This is a really scary thing.


Therefore, at the drinking party, I must be self-sustaining, I also think that it is desirable for others to be self-sustaining.

飲み会は、上記のみならず、人間関係の破壊や、飲酒運転、情報漏洩、―― 特に、泥酔から寝落ちによるパソコンやスマホの盗難や置き忘れなど ―― は、計り知れないリスクと言えます。

A drinking party is an immeasurable risk, because destruction of human relations, drunk driving, information leakage, especially, stolen or misplaced personal computers and smartphones due to drunkenness, falling asleep.



So, in a new year, I would like to make one recommendation.


A drinking party not taking alcohol at all.

―― ノンアル飲み会

"Non-Alcohol Drinking Party"


will be established in society.


Now, in the metropolitan area, there is a strong pressure on smoking, and "Non-smoking drinking party" is beginning to be popular.


With this trend, I could manage it somehow.



"Non-alcohol drinking party" seems to include contradiction.

まあ、ウーロン茶でも、ソフトドリンクでも、飲み物には違いありませんので、あながち無茶な概念とは言えないとは思いますが ――

Well, even oolong tea, soft drinks, are also drinks. So I think that this party is reasonable accordingly


I think that "it is difficult to realize it".

2019-01-07 これらもまた、『その理由が上手く説明できない』です。 [長年日記]


I have told that I dislike television dramas, however this is not correct.


Though I dislike Japanese TV dramas, I have reserved three overseas TV dramas in the HDD recorder in my house.


I cannot explain the reason well by myself.


Even for the overseas TV dramas, they are translated into Japanese.


I cannot understand the story of original dramas in English.


About the category, they are detective stories, SF stories and action stories. No special speciality.



Even if I dare to pick up the differences, I like the dramas,


- which deal with physics, chemistry, math and IT


- the hero/heroin works crisply and the story is rapidly and logically going on


somewhere about there.


Of course, I know that there are some Japanese dramas in the same category.


Well, I cannot explain the reason well by myself.



However, about animations, I like Japanese works.

私は、美少女、エロ、魔法、異世界、人型戦闘ロボット ―― を取り扱う作品は、原則ダメです(勿論、例外はありますが)。

However, I dislike the animation that includes little-beauty, erotic scenes, magic and combat-humanoid.


The animations whose theme are "time travel", are welcome without condition.


On the other hand, I regard "Disney 3D animation" with abhorrence.


In addition, the costumes of hero/heroin look ugly, and "American sense of justice" is unpleasantness for me.


I like the hero/heroin who says "Where and what is a justice?"


Anyway I cannot explain the reason well either.



You can say just one phrase "That is preference of Ebata"

2019-01-08 ―― 本気でAIやらロボットやらを考えるなら、AIBO(アイボ)ではなく、盲導犬のロボットを作れよ [長年日記]


Recently, a man who has guide dogs, may get together with the subway of commuters.


Of course, only I am aware of it.


When I find that person, I will be in a mode of guard person.


Once I approached the automatic ticket gate for exit exclusively, I may have led to another ticket gate.


Well, looking at such a scene, I come to think that

―― 本気でAIやらロボットやらを考えるなら、AIBO(アイボ)ではなく、盲導犬のロボットを作れよ

"If you are seriously thinking about AI robots and others, you can make a robot of guide dogs instead of AIBO."




The story of this neighborhood is not a story about cost, but I know that it will become a more "miserable" story.


In Japan, against the development of automatic vacuum cleaner,

"What happens if the vacuum cleaner hits the altar, candles (candles) collapse, and it makes a fire?"


It was too famous that the development was stopped by the logic.


Now, Japanese companies are also developing automatic cleaning vacuum cleaners.


Of course, the "candle (candle)" problem has not been solved.


Regarding the development of the guide dog robot, it is not difficult to imagine that this reason is explicitly working.


When an accident occurs, the responsibility of the accident can be forced to "dog" and "the user". It is not necessary for us to forcibly develop and infringe risks.



Overseas, a fatal accident has occurred in an experiment of an automated driving car.


However, an automated driving car may make fatal accidents to "zero as much" in the future.


In order to be "zero as much", it is necessary to prepare to kill some people.


If you think seriously to take the AI robot, the preparation is necessary.


The government withdrew the "poor" budget that is included in AI and robot development,

実験の被害に対する保険として拠出してくれた方が、メーカーやベンチャーは、助かるのですが ――

Manufacturers and ventures will be saved if they contributed as insurance against the damage of the experiment -


There are no politicians or officials able to think like that.

2019-01-09 ―― 別の世界線の私だったのではないか [長年日記]


Two years ago, at the end of lift work time, after the last running, at the moment I released the ski boots from ski boards,


The bottom of ski boots, purchased at Colorado 20 years ago broke apart.


At the moment, I felt

―― スキーが、私に"お別れ"を言っている

"Skiing is saying "farewell" to me"


I was about to cry seriously.



In the last few years, the slide from the expert course, have made me feel the impact pain on the body.


Since the children grew, the father died, and we will no longer go out by car. Last year we exchanged for a mini car.


My muscles disappeared with weight, and I became completely cold recently.


Who jumped into the slope falling vertically down the blind slope from the ridgeline of the mountaintop of whiteout ?

―― 別の世界線の私だったのではないか

"It was me in another world line wasn't it?"


I thought it seriously.




Today, happen to hear Yuming's medley on Youtube

―― 目の前に、吹雪の高速道路を走る車の中から見える、白銀のゲレンデが一気に広がり、その光景に目が眩みそうになりました

"In front of my eyes, the slopes spread all from inside the car running on the highway of snowstorm at once, and my eyes became dazzling for that sight"


Yuming's song blew away my physical strength, my children, my cars, and freezing temperatures in an instant.



What am I doing?

老けている場合か? 守りに入っている場合か? 大人なんぞになっている場合か?

Being older? Being conservative? Being an adult?

If there is a ski slope, no matter where I put my car in a guard rail, no matter how many ribs broken, I go to skiing. I have lived my life like that.


And once again, I will go to Colorado,

Vail, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin, Bevercreek and Loveland,


I'm going to win all the ski slopes.

2019-01-10 ―― 今さら、IT化? [長年日記]


Now I am writing monthly columns about "work style reform" that the government is leading. I have noticed that there are topics about "Information Technology(IT)" in the papers.

―― 今さら、IT化?

"What can we do any more by IT ?"


However, I come to think that "the level of IT literacy in Japan might be lower beyond my imagination"


with working for neighborhood association(NA).



Now, "no communication with PC or Smartphone" means the death of working people and students (including junior school students)


Because they cannot get any information from the community to live their life.


I know well that there are arguments about "proper age to start using smartphone", and the communication devices will give them a risk of crimes.


However, a smartphone is not only a communication device, but also a music player, a video player, and a security equipment to get their accurate location information.


It is a"life infrastructure", that is same as water, gas electricity and mobility.



This exception of "actual social death" is the generation of elder people.


Some of them cannot realize the merit of using IT devices.


They cannot understand the merit without using IT devices. So some of them cannot understand the demerit either.


Much the same is true on digital services.


Nobody cannot feel both the merit and demerit except for using Amazon, Mercari, SNS and E-mail.


(To be continued)

2019-01-11 『「メールが使えない」と言い放つ人間が、消えてなくなるのを待つ』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I think that "NA" and "PTA" is "an organizations that everyone don't want to be involved". I am afraid that one of the reason is "lack of IT literacy


"Distributing information" will be completed by E-mail, so I cannot understand why they try to call or post the mail. "Meeting" will be opened easily without schedule adjustment and room reservation.


The reason why we cannot realize such simple works with IT, nobody can accept the merit, even if only one person who cannot work the process.


In addition, what the problem become complicated, is

―― 「メールが使えない」と平然と言い放つ人間が、組織のトップを占めている

"The person who unleashly say "I can not use PC at all", occupy the top of the organization


This is absolutely true.



I think that saying "I cannot use PC at all" is same as, saying "I cannot read/write Japanese characters" (profit literacy rate of Japan is 99.0%).


If I were you, I say such phrases with falling down,like shamefully monologue.

しかし、彼らには、その感覚が ―― 絶望的にない。

But they do not have that feeling - desperately.


Perhaps they will end their lifetime without IT literacy, but it is an individual problem, of course. I should not say anything about it.


However, it is "as long as it closes as one own problem".


いずれにしても ――



- doing everything of "inefficiency", and giving a huge burden to generations (me) who can use smartphones and personal computers normally,


- Continue breaking the organization steadily,


- saying "this organization is in danger of survival. It must be done somehow" with feigned ignorance


- even though complaining to those (me) who actually take action,


- no concrete proposal and counterproposal

ぶっちゃけ ―― 私は、そういう人間と一緒に仕事をするのに「疲れた」のです。

In the end - I'm "tired" to talk with such the persons.



In the past two years I realized that "preaching efficiency by digital" is "a waste of time" to people who can not understand Amazon or Mercari, even e-mails.


So, I changed my mindset.


Even if I leave it alone (in my estimate), in the next ten years, people with no IT literacy will be less than half of now.


"I will wait for a person to say "I can not use PC" to disappear"


is enough for me.

2019-01-12 後輩:「江端さんは、コラムだけでなく、ブログ(日記)すら軽く読めないですからね」 [長年日記]


The other day, I got consultation from my second daughter after I came home.


Second daughter(SD): "Dad, I'd like to brainstorm with my school's tasks"


Ebata: "Hmm, how about the theme?"


SD: "Techniques and ethics of genetic manipulation"


Ebata: "Well, Don't you know how often I wrote the column with that story?"


SD: "I know"


Ebata: "Well, first, read the column. Even if you are not a love reader, as a member of your family, read with obligation"


SD: "The dad's column can not be read very much unless I put in a spirit of" Read!" before reading."



It is a previous story.


Junior: "Ebata-san's works, not only a column but a blog (a diary), are too hard to read.


Ebata: "So? I do not mean that."


Junior: "The themes are heavy, and their criticisms are bitter, The expressions are too radical. I even feel like being preached in a reasonable way. It is not a blog that "everyone can read with fun" is it?"


Ebata: "... Then, what kind of blog should I write?"

後輩:「そりゃ、もう、昼のランチの写真をアップして、『お肉がジューシーで、とっても美味しかった! お店の雰囲気も最高!!』とだけコメントを付ける。これが、正しいブログの有り様です」

Junior: "Well, you upload the picture of the lunch in the day, and you just added a comment that" the meat is juicy and very delicious! The atmosphere of the shop is also the best!" This is the right blog's presence "


Ebata: "That's ... It's too difficult for me"


Junior: "Well, it is an unknown area for Ebata-san"



For my work, there are many stories like above for some reason.

2019-01-13 しかし、今回は、Windows Updateの更新プログラム(KB4480970)が招いた事故であり、私の無罪は確定です。 [長年日記]


The other day, suddenly I could not access the shared folder on the remote computer, and I could no longer work with remote working files.

その後、『Windows Updateの更新プログラム(KB4480970)に不具合が含まれいたこと』が原因であることが分かりましたが ―― 私は、正直かなり青ざめました。

After that, it turned out that it was caused by "Windows Update update program (KB 4480970) included a problem", however I became pale honestly.


I sometimes embed funny programs into my computer operating systems quite frequently. When a problem occurs in the computer, most of the reason will often return to "myself".

しかし、今回は、Windows Updateの更新プログラム(KB4480970)が招いた事故であり、私の無罪は確定です。

However, this time, it was an accident invited by Windows Update update program (KB 4480970), my innocence has been definite.


しかし、更新プログラムに、不具合を組込まれた、ということは ―― このOSを販売している会社が、自社の製品に対してコンピュータウイルスを仕込こみ、私たちの業務妨害をしたことと同じです。

However, distributing the update program that a problem was embedded, is that the company selling this OS, puts computer virus into their company products, and interferes with our business.


That means that there are lots of people in the same trouble as I am, in every part of the world.

I thought that

■今頃は、テレビのニュース速報で、「Windows Update(KB4480970)後に共有フォルダにアクセスできない不具合発生中」というテロップが流れて、

- By this time, breaking news on TV, the following telop has been shown "a problem has occurred that The shared folder can not be accessed after Windows Update (KB 4480970)"


- On the net, a lot of grudge messages from users continue to be written


- the stock price of Microsoft continues to crash, and the president hold a press conference for the resignation


However, my expectation has gone away.


(To be continued)

2019-01-14 ―― 世界は、ようやく、ソフトウェアというものを理解し始めているのか? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I think that a company using a shared printer (most companies will use it), was suspended for about half a day.


In this accident, 100%, I think that the total damage caused by this trouble due to Microsoft's negligence is probably exceeding that caused by a human injury accident in the metropolitan area.

しかし、今回、私が調べた範囲内では、マイクロソフト社の過失でに対する怨嗟のメッセージが、―― ない、という訳ではないのですが ―― 私が予想した程には、ありませんでした。

However, within this range I examined, the messages of grudges against Microsoft's negligence, ----- I don't say "don't exist" ----- there was not as much as I expected.


Compared to the message of grudges against injuries, it can be said that "none exists.". Moreover, not to the person who committed suicide, but to the railroad company.



Perhaps, I thought

―― 世界は、ようやく、ソフトウェアというものを理解し始めているのか?

"Is the world finally beginning to understand software?"



Therefore, it is correct that "it can not be distributed unless you correct it, unless you have done enough tests."


That is common sense of software that "updates that fix bugs are easy to generate another (catastrophic) defect"


If the world understands the fear and tediousness of software like this, it can be said that it is a "revolutionary advance".


But, well, perhaps, I do not think it is such a thing.


「マイクロソフト社に対する怨嗟のメッセージが少ない」ことの理由は ―― 多分、こんな感じ。

The reason for "there is little message of grudge against Microsoft" - probably, it is like this.

■部下に対して「おい! 動かないぞ!!」と、文句を言い

- "Hey! This doesn't work!" with complaining to his subordinates,

■情報システム部に電話して、「おい! なんとかしろ!!」と、文句を言い

- Calling the Information Systems Department and complaining "Hey! Somehow !!"

■プリンタ会社に対して「おい! 印刷できないぞ!!」と、文句を言い

- Complaining "Hey! I can not print!" to the printer company,


It was completed with the action, "If there is an opponent who can be shouted there, they can only shout at it."



If I think carefully, this is the same logic as "human injury".

人身事故を発生させた「当事者」を批判せずに(死者を批判すると、自分が批判されるから)、その代替として、「鉄道会社」に対して怒りをぶつける ―― と全く同じことです。

It is exactly the same, without criticizing the "person in charge" that caused a human injury ( Because criticizing the dead will be criticized), they are getting angry with "railroad company" as an alternative.


In addition, in the case of software, I think that no one can reach until it is caused by "KB4480970".


In the end,

―― 世界は、今なお、ソフトウェアというものを理解していない

"The world still does not understand software"


I think that it is natural to think about it.

2019-01-15 ―― 毎日更新する [長年日記]


I had managed HPs of for both private and NA(Neighborhood Association). Now I manage only the private HP.


And I know that the counter of HP top view is pretty different from those of real visitors.

ですので、私はプロバイダが提供するPV(視聴率(PV:page view))モニタを定期的にチェックしています。

So I have checked the PV(page view) monitor that the provider offers, regularly,

その経験から言えることですが、HPの視聴率(PV:page view)を一定数確保する方法は、

From my experiments, I think that the way to keep PV counts of HP everyday. is

―― 毎日更新する

"updating contents everyday"


It all comes down to the fact the above.


On the contrary, the qualities and quantities of contents are back burner



On the other hand, "updating everyday" is difficult considerablely.


Especially, at the weekend I have to work, all two days will be skipped.


Of course, I will write the blogs later at another days.



The other days, I talked with my second daughter(SD) at the living room.


SD:"I have reviewed your HP once a week"


Ebata:"Why not reviewing it everyday?"


SD:"I don't review it everyday, because I feel disappointed when it is not updated.


2019-01-16 ―― 誰が、そんな設定コストを払いたいと思うだろうか? [長年日記]


Last night, I turned up my daughter's PC.


At first, I worked for high-performance of the PC, however, the setting of display of Windows10 was , for example,


"I could not change the size of Windows and and could not move it on my own"


disgustful beyond my experiences.


I could not fix the display at any cost.


Finally I decided to redo to the setting of factory shipment.



There was no problem to redo the setting, however, "Game applications" "Security software" and "Cloud environments" we didn't need at all, was going to be attached, and I came to feel bad again.


In addition, "more than ten application that were worked as background activities" and "FAX or SCSI interface functions that I don't know who needs" would get me angry really.


I cannot understand what the PC company think, because the settings will make the PC performance worse, and the users will also get angry to the company.



To tell you the truth, I know the company's intention.


In short, the company can get money from the software providers for the pre-installing applications.


The money will make the company provide the low-cost PC.


Finally users can get cheap PCs,

―― 「高性能」のハードウェアを、訳のわからん山のような"アプリ"と"設定"で「低性能」にさせられたパソコンを

that are going to be low-performance PC by meaningless and enormous applications and settings, even if the PC hardware spec is excellent.



At the year-end through New Year holidays, I spent much time for Windows10 setting.


I am good at working for the setting like this, however, I know that most of people feel pain.


However, some of them might do wrong setting like my daughter, and at their worst, the PC could not come to restart.


I think that "the setting service or business" might be popular, however I don't know the story.


Last night, I calculated the total cost of the service, and I knew that the cost was going to be those of PC or more.

―― 誰が、そんな設定コストを払いたいと思うだろうか?

"Who wants to pay it for just the setting?"



On the other hand, smartphones are not needed such complicated setting like PCs.


To begin with, smartphones don't have much function than PC, and the service windows are massive.


However, we cannot calculate by spread sheet or make a presentation material by smartphone.


At the present, I will tell you that we cannot run away from PC, even if we can run away from English.



Recently, "not elder but youths don't use PC" become a societal problem.


I am afraid that they, who have become familiar with smartphones, come to feel disgust for the gnomish setting of PC.

2019-01-17 ―― 甘いかな [長年日記]


When I read a monthly comic magazine, I was really surprised to know that the magazine included different three stories of "Three Kingdom"


I was really moved that the strength of "Three Kingdom" attractive,


The other day, I read a four-panel cartoon whose title is "wife of Kongming bosom".


The story is about a young Chuko Liang Kongminig by the time he becomes an military ruler. Not only I but also my family also like the comics.


If my daughters can speak names of person as words that roll off the tongue, I think this is to their advantage in their life.


For example, according to "many males like Three Kingdom", they could warm up with males with drinking.

―― 甘いかな

Overly optimistic outlook ?



The reason why a lot of comics of "Three kingdom" has published, is, I think, the contents come to appeal when expressing the story through pictures.


The development from the story to the pictures, is a sort of "object oriented" technology.


Watching the person(object) by visibility, we can deeply understand the contents.

―― と、ここまでが前振りです。

Are you following me?


(To be continued)

2019-01-18 信じられないかもしれなせんが、ゴーダマシッダルダが私達に教えているのは、実は「三角関数」なのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Recently, The discussion of "necessity of trigonometric function" works on the Internet.


A key figure says "I understand the necessity, of course, however, it is necessary for everyone isn't it? "



By the way , in my case, "if trigonometric function disappear, I will be killed outright next day"


To begin with, I cannot make any simulation program.


I have to give up analysing nearly all data.


If I don't use FFT(Fast Fourier Transformation), all hypothesis testing of mine will be aborted in my columns.


I will be hard pressed seriously.


However, I know that I am minority in the world.


I also can accept that the education about "trigonometric function" is despairingly boring and useless


I am irritated with the administrators who can have "trigonometric function" to be shamed.


Especially, the present math education process, like pushing students to rote exercise of formulas, should be destroyed at the bottom of my heart.


The essence of "trigonometric function" is not trivial thing.


三角関数の本質が、仏教 ―― 特に、釈迦(ゴーダマシッダルダ)を神格化しない方のの教え「因果応報」「諸行無常」等 ―― の教えにあることに気がついている人は、非常に少ないと思います。

I am afraid that few people knows that the essence of "trigonometric function" is Buddhism. To be precise, it is not Buddhism but "Dharma teachings of Buddha" like "retributive justice" and "sense of mortality".


Believe or not, "Dharma teachings of Buddha" is equal to "trigonometric function".


(To be continued)

2019-01-19 つまり、「ジタバタしても、しゃーない」ということです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


To understand "trigonometric functions" is to understand "wave" in the end.


And the world is "overlapping" of "countless waves".


"Wave" is a phenomenon that fluctuates with constant amplitude and period.


Everything from politics, economics, diplomacy, education, to our body and mental health, physical condition are all "waves".


One of the concrete things that appears as an overlap of this "wave" is "luck / bad luck" that we call.



Looking at this from "Buddha's teaching".


- "Beyond heartlessness" means that each "wave" will constantly fluctuate. It is sin (t) when t is seen as a time parameter.

■「諸法無我」とは、あらゆる波(生物、無生物、自然現象)は、相互の波の影響を受けあっていることを言っています。 これは Σsin(t_n + α_n) と同じことです。

- "Various lawlessness" means that all waves (living things, inanimate objects, natural phenomena) are affected by mutual waves. This is the same as Σsin (t_n + α_n).


- "Nirvana Lonely Peace" means that if the world knows that the world consists of movement of waves, life can be lived in a vaccine.


- "All things are causes of sufferings"is a summary of the three above.


"Everything can be divided into three types of "easy","pain","normal". When "easy" also breaks, and becomes "pain". And "normal" is all impermanent and it can not escape the change of life. Therefore, there is nothing that is not "pain"."


In other words, it means "It can not be helped even if we are scared."



It is equally difficult to keep feeling "unhappy" as it is difficult for us to keep feeling "happiness".


If you feel that "unhappiness" is going on, you need to increase the width (amplitude) of the waves or raise the bottom (intercept)


The teaching of Buddha is "teaching" which explains the above very logically.

In the beginning, Buddha's teachings will not include any transcendent (God).



(1) This world is made up of "waves" generated by multiple events


(2) If you can see the essence of those "waves", you can live relatively easily


Buddha said, "Do not depend on God" "If you understand the wave (= trigonometric function) of this world, you can become happy."



If you understand Buddha's teaching "The world is an overlap of waves", Every time you feel sick, you do not need to purchase and read a book called "books when falling down" or "teaching wise men" at convenience stores.


Buddha's teachings say that (1) the world is basically uncontrolled, but (2) it basically repeats, so (3) the depressed mood always returns to its original (unless it is a psychogenic disease).



However, Buddha told us that "This world is understandable by "overlap of waves" but he did not tell us how to quantitatively measure and measure of "wave".


Although the basic concept of trigonometric functions existed during the Buddha era, we had to wait for about 2000 years to be found a new measurement of frequency conversion as a function of time.


(To be continued)

2019-01-20 『三角関数は言うに及ばず、微分積分という概念を、絶対に国民に獲得させてはならない』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Trigonometric functions have two properties.


The first one is "tool" called "ruler".


This is what the current high school mathematics is aiming for, however, most students are unable to find their significance.


Trigonometric functions are not mere rulers, but it is a useful tool, for example, this function give us three unknown information from only one piece of information, like Detective Conan is also a pale blue.


It is something like a "motorized chain saw" for "sawtooth", and "electronic rice cooker" for "kamado".


The second is "tool" called "decomposition".


This is the method I quantitatively measure "wave" I talked about yesterday, in the current higher mathematics, it is a tool that does not appear at all.

ジャン・バティスト・ジョゼフ・フーリエ男爵(Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Baron de)が、主張したフーリエの定理(任意の関数は、三角関数の級数で表すことができる)が、それです。

That is what Fourier's theorem (argued by Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Baron de) is found, can be expressed as a series of trigonometric functions.

I could use this Fourier transformation to set up the hypothesis of the phenomenon that "we can not continue a diet for two consecutive months or more".


The tool called "Fourier transform" succeeded in showing "teachings of Buddha" logically, mathematically, quantitatively, after the time of 2000.


ところで話は変わりますが ――

By the way the story will change,


It seems now that my friends and I have predicted quite accurately that "China (the continent) will become an economic superpower of the present world" at the stage of 1994 .

私たちは、この中国の経済大国化への「妨害工作」について、各種の思考実験を行ってきました ―― 車の中で。

We have conducted various thinking experiments on "disturbing work" to make this Chinese economic powerpower - in the car.

In our conclusion, we reach to the agreement in opinion that "interference with mathematical education" - "trigonometric function is not to say, we have not to let the people take over the concept of differential integration absolutely" .




(1) The government that acquired this concept, will be able to accurately analyze and predict internal affairs, diplomacy, and especially military (including weapons development)




(2) The public will be able to verify the policy of the government and will be able to trust the government



In that country, the former national leader had shut down the economic powerhouse itself by "selfish policy" that "tools of mathematics should not be handed over to the hands of the people".


For our country who was proud of Asia's leader (in peaceful sense), the "politicians policy" on this continent was truly appreciated.

大陸だけではなく、帝国主義時代において、列強の植民地に対する『愚民政策』は、本当に重要で ―― 特に、列強の植民地の「数学教育」について、絶対に「四則演算」の範囲で封印しなければならなかったのです。

Not only in the continent but in the imperialist era, "politicians' policy against the strong colonies was truly important. Especially, regarding "mathematics education" of the strong colonies, it had to be sealed within the range of "four arithmetic operations" absolutely.


Also, in modern times, it is like a piece of cake, such as knowledge of mathematics and cyber attacks on nations with low understanding.

国民が、サイバーセキュリティにおける数学の依存を ―― 論理的である必要はなく、感覚的にでも ―― 理解してない国家は、やられっぱなしになるに決まっています。

A nation that does not understand the dependence of mathematics in cyber security is decided to be lost, not logical but sensually.


As for this, I think that it is easy to understand simply by receiving a shameful defeat in the decryption game in WW2 against war against Germany and Japan.


Back on topic


(To be continued)

2019-01-21 ―― 三角関数の「オブジェクト指向」教育が必要だ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, let us think why "trigonometric function" is handled so roughly, even it has much effect on from religions, philosophy to national strategy.


The reasons are,


(1)we cannot feel usability in our daily life,


(2)we feel easy to decide "trigonometric function" is just a tool for specialists of different world.



And the cause is


"How Mathematics Education should be"


It all comes down to the fact that.

However, as far as this "mathematics education", I have already been stated so far, I will skip this time.



What I would like to claim this time, is

―― 三角関数の「オブジェクト指向」教育が必要だ

""object oriented" education of trigonometric functions is necessary"



Whether it is a quadratic function, an exponential function, a logarithmic function, or a trigonometric function,


Instead of "tinkering with mathematics" as in mathematics education now,



In order to understand that the actual values which are thrown into those functions, and come out, are "delicious"

―― 数学の調理実習

"Mathematical cooking practice"


should be needed, I think.



The present mathematics education is,


- to present just contents(nutrients and calories) of ingredients of cooking,


- to teach just how to cook (simmering time, ignition)


- to say just "I taught the basics of cooking with this. Therefore, anyone can cook"

■"立ち去る" "だけ"

- to just leave



Indeed, the current mathematics education is "cooking lessons that neither" make "nor" eat "by oneself.


With this, it is natural to come "the opinion that trigonometric functions are unnecessary".


(To be continued)

2019-01-22 ところで、「三角関数は必要か」の理屈は、どの分野の勉強においても適用され、どこまでも無制限に拡張できます。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


We cannot finish discussing this topic using a logic(reasoning).


We do not have a method to rationally judge "what kind of range of mathematics should be" to "force" to students.


For example, It can not be explained logically that "Trigonometric function" is necessary, however, "Development of differential equations into general solutions" is unnecessary "


By the way, the differential equation, in short, is a method to calculate for example "How long will it take for me to fill up after I put water in a barrel with a hole?" to few seconds in a comma.


If the water pressure changes according to the water level in the barrel, the momentum of the water will change, and as the amount of water changes, water pressure also changes. Therefore, we can not calculate it by mere division.


So, a commonly used (laughing) story is that, "First of all we will close the barrel hole. (It goes without saying) this "barrel" is a metaphor of "Japanese population and death rate and tax revenue".


However, it is true that differential equations are fearfully useful "tools". But we do not know whether I can put it into the range of "Mathematics to force" to the students in the end.


Therefore, the discussion of how much content is necessary in mathematics education is "unknown" thoroughly.



By the way, the theory of "Do we need trigonometric functions" is applied to studies in any field and can be expanded to an unlimited extent.


Specifically, it is like this.

■古典は必要か → 使う場面ないじゃんか?

Do we need classics ? -> Is there no scenario to use?

■歴史は必要か → 昔の話を持ちだしてどうする?

Do we need history -> What do you do with old story?

Do we need English -> (According to the Ebata's trial calculation) only 4% of Japanese people use English.

■現国は必要か → 文庫本が読める程度の漢字を知っていればいいんじゃないの?

Do we need modern Japanese -> Do you only need to know the Kanji enough to read the paperback?

■体育は必要か → 日常生活で、走ったり跳んだり泳いだりする必要性はあるか?

Do we need physical -> Is there a necessity to run or jump in everyday life?

■理科は必要か → リトマス試験紙が何色になるかが、そんなに重要か?

Do we need science ? -> What color litmus paper is so important?



In this way, as we pursue this theory, in the end,


"People who are interested in that study, study that field. "


"The state need not provide educational services for all children"





"A human being who can coexist with a broad perspective and a high degree of intelligence disappears"


"Citizens who can communicate only with knowledge of both low intellectual level and common sense, are mass-produced"

「我が国は、多様性のない、非寛容的な社会として完成する」 ――

"Our society will be completed as a diversity-free, intolerant society" -


Well, it might be settled like this.



However, nobody would like this society,


So, it is not "logic" but only "past record", to explain this story.


(To be continued)

2019-01-23 ―― 「高効率な労働者」または「即戦力となる軍人」を、低コストで量産する、マニュアル型促成プロセス [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Over the last couple of days I came up with "Trigonometric Function Necessity Theory" and developed various kinds of opinions. Before long, I would like to start the final chapter soon.


I have studied that when and how

―― 『日常生活に直接的に役に立っているとは"到底"思えない教育』

"education that can thought of as being directly useless in daily life"


has started.


This is because the government of the Meiji Restoration took action, "mass production" of human resources for (1)encouragement of new industry, and (2)universal conscription.


Simply speaking, the current education curriculum is based on

―― 「高効率な労働者」または「即戦力となる軍人」を、低コストで量産する、マニュアル型促成プロセス

"Manual-type encouragement process to mass-produce "high-efficiency workers" or "military personnel of adaptable fighting potential" at low cost"



(It is the same in direction as McDonald's part-time customer service manual)


In fact, looking at the educational content of the Navy and the Army Military Academy before World War II, they are almost same as present education curriculum.


This is the content.


Masters, Japanese language and old Chinese language (national language, Chinese language, composition), Foreign languages (choose one from English, French, German, Russian and Chinese), History (Japanese history / Western history), Mathematics (triangulation, geometry, geometry and calculus, algebra and calculus), Physics, Chemistry, Geography and geology, Psychology and logic, Legislation and economy, Drawing.


In education hours, Especially the total of foreign languages totaled 402 frames (one frame 50 minutes), mathematics total 318 frames, A total of 269 frames of national language and Chinese culture, Physics is 167 frames, Chemistry is 100 frames,


(Of course, soldiers, shooting, swordsmanship, gymnastics, judo, equestrianism, field practice, swimming exercises are also added)


This is a human resource development curriculum for making elites as a lead of the army, guide the war between nations to victory, in order to gain the greatest diplomatic effect.


This elite education curriculum is diverted almost entirely to the present educational process for many students, who


are not elites


have no ambition of a lifetime,


have no consciousness of the national leader



Well, it is natural that many people said that (there are different various opinions, though) "Education in Japan is at the world's highest level".


Most of us Japanese are forced to compel "super" elite education with ignoring student's qualities (ability and talent).

It is natural that some million people "fall out" or "become a hikikomori" in this unreasonable elite education process. To tell you the truth, I even think that the number is "small".


However, it is true that this unreasonable elite education can make Japan one of the world's leading economic powers. (Now even, it continues to fall down)


This is because Japanese people have been educated for not only excellent "military person" but also highly efficient "production equipment".


(To be continued)

2019-01-24 「過去の実績」"だけ"が、現時点における、「三角関数の必要性」の唯一の根拠である、 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Then, I will start the summary.



Q: Why is "trigonometric function" necessary?


A: So far we have been successful in education including "trigonometric functions"



In the past week's diary, I


(1) described the purpose and significance of trigonometric functions,


(2) described how it is useful,


(3) argued that it is hardly worked by current education,


(4) said "we can not explain with persuasive logic" after I discussed the above (1)-(3), and


(5) described that the discussion on necessity of trigonometric functions is "ineffectual" and even "barren" as a result.


その上で、「三角関数」を含めた教育によって、―― それが、個人の幸福に資しているかどうかは全く不明ではありますが ――

With education including "trigonometric functions", --- even if I do not know whether it contributes to individual happiness ---


at least as a means to become an excellent "military person" to support the nation, or to commercialize "high efficiency" production equipment "


Only the "past record" is

―― 現時点における、「三角関数の必要性」の唯一の根拠である、

the only basis for "the need for trigonometric functions" at the moment,


I concluded.



As a personal opinion, I am thinking if we try to stop "trigonometric function" education.


(In addition, I think it would be good to abolish both "old sentence" and "physical education")


I have a strong interest, as an antithesis to "spit on" the current "super elite education"


However, since it is called antithesis, we should include something to replace trigonometric functions. But I do not know what it will be.


In this time, so-called "patriotic education (nationalist education)" or "moral education" may come in.


In any case, I don't hope that children go to "obscurantist education"


I think that I will pass away before Japan collapses, so


I don't care of it at all.

―― というか、



I would rather watch it (a process to collapse dynamically).

2019-01-25 ―― ここまでの能力を発揮できる主人公であれば、わざわざ異世界に転生しなくとも、現実世界でも十分成功していただろう [長年日記]


("異世界"の翻訳に悩みました "another world(あの世)" "different world" "heteroousian world"などが出ましたが、ここでは、自分という主体が存在する世界という意味で、"parallel world"を採用します)

Recently, many new animations about "parallel world", are on the air.


They are high-percentage completions(beautiful pictures and dynamic movements), amazing stories, moreover I am moved about new concepts I have never watched.


The characters are attractive and the heroin/hero is cool.



However, through the half century, an engineer, had already had a perverse character, think

―― ここまでの能力を発揮できる主人公であれば、わざわざ異世界に転生しなくとも、現実世界でも十分成功していただろう

"This heroin/hero will be able to achieve anything in the real world, because they exercise their excellent talent"



I know that


I said "something useless".



About animations, I really like works that are derived from time retroaction(time machine, time leap)

タイムパラドックスという大きな縛りの中で、どのような物語を紡ぐのか ―― その新しいコンセプトに出会うのがとても楽しいのです。

In the absolute bind of "time paradox", what a new story will be generated? I am really looking forward to meeting the new concepts.


You know, the bind of "time paradox" needs "single cosmology".


The thought is "since a single universe exists only, the time leap gives big effects to the universe"


The master piece of "time retroaction" contents, "Steins Gate and Zero" keep the rule principally, even the hero repeats the time leap on the world line.


(In The last episode of "Zero", I thought it strange however, aside from that)


Meanwhile, animation dealing with "parallel world" adopts "multiple cosmology".


If the universe does not exist in multiple senses, we can not qualify as a "parallel world" against the "real world".


(To be continued)

2019-01-26 『ここではない、どこかにいる私』が、いつでも、かっこよくて、聡明で、人気があって、未知の力を発揮でき、幸せである、という、ご都合主義の設定に、ムカつきます。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I have consistently supported the "single cosmology" so far.


This is because "Multiple (Parallel) Cosmology" ignores the problem of total energy.


If infinite number of universe exist in parallel, there was infinite energy at the beginning of the universe.


Of course, animations should not care of this "infinite energy" at the beginning of the universe.


Because any animations are fiction.



However, in my mind, the absolute fact "Big Bang" stands here.


"Big Bang" is neither "fiction" nor "hypothesis", it is "fact" already verified in mathematics (calculation), astronomy (observation) and physics (logic) (*).

(*) Simon Singh :Big Bang: The Most Important Scientific Discovery of All Time and Why You Need to Know About It


The "fact" is, for example, it is neither "fiction" nor "hypothesis" in the world of "Logically we could make an atomic bomb" (before 1945), "facts" of the world (after 1945) that "we can explode the atomic bomb in reality".


And, "Big Bang" assumes "finite energy" at the beginning.


However, since "multi-dimensional space" has to assume infinite energy. So from my point of view, "Multiple Universe" seems to be "extreme opportunism"


―― とまあ、ここまでは、実際のところ、私のこじつけです。

Until now, in fact, it is just my quibble.


Subjectively, I do not like the idea that "I am not only "here" but "somewhere" " and "infinite number of myself are everywhere".


I, who "am not only "here" but "somewhere", am


cool, intelligent, popular, having unknown super-power, and happy


I feel uncomfortable about the above "extreme opportunism" configurations.


I, who "am not only "here" but "somewhere" am


ugly, stupid, disliked, no strength, and just being at the pole of misfortune,


If you do not arrange such configurations equally, I feel "unfair".


Of course, "paralell world fantasy" is fun content as fiction.


However, compared with the content created in the tight bound of "time paradox" like "Steins;Gate / Zero", I come to think

―― 格が違う

"They are in a different class"



(To be continued)

2019-01-27 私達の宇宙のエネルギーの総和が、ビッグバンのエネルギーより遥かに小さければ、そのエネルギーはどこかに移動したことにならなければなりません。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, during my New Year holidays, a bit of paradigm shift occurred in me.


While I was vacationing the year-end and new year, I went back to my parents house, cleaned the inside of the house and cut down the tree in the garden.


When doing this kind of work, I put a smartphone in my breast pocket and listen to YouTube (without using earphone).


When doing this kind of work, I put a smartphone in my breast pocket and listen to YouTube (without using earphone).


They are quite fun.


Politics and economics programs are also good, but my favorite one is mathematics and physics (especially cosmology).


The most surprising thing when listening to this program this time was the story that "multiple cosmology can be established physically."


There seems to be roughly two reasons to support multi cosmology.


(1) In the case of single cosmology, the current total energy of the universe is too small (star light should be as bright as noon)


(2) According to superstring theory, there is a possibility that the number of dimensions of the universe (number of cosmoses) may be about 130


If the sum of the energy of our universe is much smaller than the energy of the big bang, some of energy must be moved somewhere.


Because energy must be preserved (*).


(*) If you understand "energy"' at the level "Oil of stove will burn out", please search with the word "entropy".


Where does that energy go?


It must be "not here, but somewhere".


If I think like this, I can not explain this world in a single cosmology, and I can not interpret anything other than multi cosmology.



My source at the moment is only this documentary program, so I can not judge this issue at the present moment.


For the time being, I will go through the paper on "superstring theory" and "multi cosmology", and I pulled numbers from there. And I think that it is necessary to do about division by calculator or Excel.


However, at least, in my mind,


In a parallel world, The possibility of what I am






"owner of the dining room"



is going up a bit from the state of perfect zero.

2019-01-28 ―― これまでのコラム執筆にないほど、心底からムカついていまして [長年日記]


Yesterday when my wife came into my room and watched my face, she gave a little scream and I went back.


"What are you angry with?"



I have told it before, that I build a reputation of my evil-looking(Especially I have an unpleasant look to my eyes).

で、この「人相の悪さ」は、―― 私の場合 ――「気分の悪さ」と、強い連動があるようです(多分、相関係数1.0に限りなく近い)。

About my evil-looking, in my case, there seems to be strong relationship with my evil-feeling(the correlation coefficient might be almost 1.0".


I don't think "a person with evil-looking has always a evil-character". Because I know a lot of of counterexample in life.


However, it seems that it is established that "when you feel bad, you get bad".



This time, I was conducting a preliminary survey for the writing of the column next month.


Currently, I have just read the Government Presentation Material from the end,

―― これまでのコラム執筆にないほど、心底からムカついていまして

I am angry from the bottom of my heart that I have never experimented about writing columns.


At such time, the wife who came into my room is "really unlucky"


Anyway, I think that in the column next month, you can understand the reason for my "evil-looking".

2019-01-29 「『報復』―― この一択だ」 [長年日記]


The other day, my daughter asked me "what do you set your mind when you get angry?"



In my family, the information of


"unpleasant behavior of the worker at the company"


"unpleasant behavior of the store manager at part-time job"


"unpleasant behavior of customers who have been served"


"unpleasant behavior of self-centered guy's at school"


has been exchanged irregularly(It is exciting us).


And, by sharing mutual "anger", we are trying to communicate with each other.


Our plathome seems to be established by sharing of


not "love","compassionate" and "kindness"


but "hatred", "unreasonable" and "anger"



Of course, it goes without saying that this depends strongly on the character of the patriarch (me).



Ebata: "I can not control anger, the word "Anger control" is at least an empty word for me."


Eldest Daughter(ED): "Is that so?"


Ebata: "I do not deny "Anger control" itself, but it is correct that "there are some people who can control Anger in the world"




Ebata: "I believe that the idea of being able to control "Anger" may even hurt many people."


ED:"What does it mean?"


Ebata: "It will make us generate a self-disciplinary idea of turning the tables, for example, "I have to have "responsibility" in "myself" because I can not do it".


ED: "I thought that "I can not control anger, because of my lack of ability" for a long time.


Ebata: "Absolutely NOT. "The person who generates Anger (anger) is bad" is correct. Why should I bear the responsibility and obligation of the anger ?"


ED: "Well, how about when you get angry?"


Ebata: "There are a variety of ways and complicated calculations are needed, and I also have to consider the balance, however what I have do, is one."



江端:「『報復』―― この一択だ」

Ebata: "Revenge" - this is an option"

2019-01-30 『私が死ぬ時は、この会社も道連れだ』 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number"(52) : Work style reform(11) "

How to form a black company



Before writing this column, I wonder that

―― SNSなどで、内部情報がたちまち拡散していく世の中なんだから、「ブラック企業」は風評に晒されて、あっという間に消滅する

"Since the company's information is spreading rapidly in society such as SNS, most "black companies" are quickly disappearing when they are exposed to popularity"

とならないのは、何故だろう? と不思議に思っていました。

doesn't come to realize.


On the contrary, the government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) publishes the paper which describe black companies in Japan ( Correctly, "publication cases relating to labor standard-related law violations")

―― なんか、気持ち悪いなぁ

How to say, "I feel bad"




So this time I tried to check them. Speaking from conclusion, It seems to be the main cause that "Internal accusations of victims of black companies are not logically described"


No quantitative numerical value (overtime hours, overtime work, unpaid overtime payment etc)


No demonstration (recording, material)

■主観的な感想を、罵倒や下品な表現で語るのが精一杯 ――

Utmost to tell subjective impressions in abusive or vulgar expressions


This is just a "bad mouth" of black companies.




"When I am killed by this company, I also will kill this company"


I can not see the preparation like that.


I know well.


People like me who seem to come up with such thoughts are "strange".



The manager of the black company, like me, is a human who is hitting people and talking about love at the same time.


They are absolutely like me, insane, immoral, and the worst.

そして、忘れてはなりませんが、会社とは「社長」のものです ―― (株主はブラック企業の従犯です)

Do not to forget that the owner of company is the president(Shareholders are the sub criminal of black companies)


As long as the president keeps "worst", the company will continue to be "worst".


Do not think about stupid things like "change the company with our own power" (Incidentally, the more stupid boss says such a stupid remark).


If you have time to make such efforts, you should spend time on job change, entrepreneurship or planning the assassination of the president (aiming for complete crime).

2019-01-31 ―― あの時、SNSで、国交断絶やらを威勢よく叫んでいた人たちは、今、何をしているんだろうか [長年日記]


Recently, I spend much time for making codes in the experiment floor, far from the office.


Several experiments facilities are installed in the floor.


For example, there are some mockups like a retail outlet and a train compartment.


At the retail outlet, there are some sample products, including a newspaper in those days.


The headline article of the newspaper was "Senkaku Islands".



At that time, I, who was a member of the cooperative research team, remember that the attitude of both governments and public opinions, gave me a lot of troubles.

打ち合わせや出張が制限され、折角準備した大量の資料が無駄なり ―― まあ、なんというか、「徒労感、果てしなく」という感じだったのを覚えています。

We were restricted to do meetings and business trips, and a pile of prepared materials were wasted. It was how to say "limitless wasted efforts" I remember.


Needless to say, staffs of both two countries had no feud, and just were thinking "it is really troublesome to be annoyed by politicians"



I want to ask them.

―― あの時、SNSで、国交断絶やらを威勢よく叫んでいた人たちは、今、何をしているんだろうか

"What are the people who were shouting "diplomatic break" by SNS, doing at that time, now?"



It is natural that troubles among the nations will ignite public sentiment.

しかし、今になって、それを、忘れたかのように振る舞うことは ―― 正直、卑怯だと思う。

But now they are behaving as if I have forgotten it. honestly, I think they are cowardly.


I want to ask them to either "even now, keep shouting" or "apologize or criticize yourself to interfere with my works".



I think that it is necessary to completely separate the conflict between nations (intergovernmental) and the conflict between people in different countries.


I have experimented many scenes of the differences between the opinions of government and people.

ただ、政府の争いは、民意を反映している以上、そのような、"政教"分離 ―― ではなくて、"政民"分離が難しいのは仕方がないことです。

However, the government should reflect the public opinions, so it is unavoidable that Separation of people and state", not "Separation of church and state"


Even so, I think that "people who had been igniting" still should be "continuing to ignite" with responsibility.


I think that is the minimum sincerity to me.


I want to say that "at least for about ten years, they should keep igniting"



By the way, it goes without saying that the fire type is the same "fire type" (Senkaku Islands problem).


It is not another fire.


Don't confuse.