2020-03-01 『根を詰めてはダメだ』、このフレーズくらい ―― 私の心に響かないメッセージはありません。 [長年日記]

『根を詰めてはダメだ』、このフレーズくらい ―― 私の心に響かないメッセージはありません。

The phrase of "Don't push yourself too hard" does not affect my heart.


The reason why I push myself too hard, is not to resolve a problem.


I just want to get out of the anxiety state as soon as one second.



However, I think that I am stupid, because

- 自分でやらなければならない範囲を、自分で決めて、

- I decide what I need to do on my own,

- それを達成できないと、自分を追い込む、

- If I can not achieve it, I have to push yourself too hard




I panic easily when a problem occurs.


I run around to need help as soon as quick for easy.


Sometimes running around can cause trouble in a chain.


『根を詰めてはダメだ』ではなくて、『その仕事、私に任せて』と言って欲しいのですが ――

I don't want a phrase of "don't push yourself too hard", but "count on me".


However as far as I remember, no one has ever said that

2020-03-02 ―― 私は、マイノリティ(少数派)ではなかった [長年日記]


Recently, restaurants target of "one-person seat" have been highlighted.


At ramen shops and grilled meat restaurants, I know that one-person seat have been familiar before. However, now the seats are coming up to family-friendly restaurants.


"One-person seat at family restaurant" feels something contradiction, but if there are enough needs, even a family it is matural that the restaurants will take the seats.



Honestly I am shocked.


I've written a lot about what I've loved about a single meal.


I wrote the followings, just looking for it.


However, I noticed that

―― 私は、マイノリティ(少数派)ではなかった

I have not been a minority



The trend of "meal alone" has big market share where family-friendly restaurant could set up "one-person seats".

なんか、世間に裏切られたような気がします ―― まあ、私が勝手にそう思い込んでいただけなのですが。

Somehow, I feel like being betrayed by the world, however, this is just my feeling.



However, I am wondering whether "the person" of "one-person seat" has a mind of "one person mind" like me.


Even when I was asked from a junior,


"Which is better to eat rice with me" or to eat alone while reading a book?"



I wonder if they can answer


"Don't be silly. Do you think that you can beat the book? "


in front of the junior with the same mind of mine.

2020-03-03 「仕様書も取扱説明書もありません」 [長年日記]


Recently, Raspberry Pi and its peripherals come to be broken.

- GPSモジュールからは電文が出てこなくなるし、

-Messages are not output from the GPS module,

- リブートすると100%カーネルが壊れるという設定方法を知ってしまいましたし、

-I knew how to break the OS kernel 100% on reboot,

- ラズパイ本体が「完全に沈黙する」というケースにも遭遇しました。

-I also encountered a case where the Raspberry Pi was “completely silent”



"Once Raspberry Pi has been constructed and started up stably, it is rarely broken."


In fact, our home security server, Raspberry Pi, has been running for more than five years.


However, over the past six months, I continued to refurbish more than a dozen Rasppies in order to bring out their capabilities, I would encounter various failures.

これは、まあ、単なる母数の問題 ―― 台数が多ければ、故障に遭遇する比率は当然に増える ―― だと思いますが。

I guess this is just a parameter issue. If the number is large, the rate of encountering failures naturally increases.



Nevertheless, Raspberry Pi is very useful during the research phase.


After all, it is not certified as a PC, so it is easy to purchase even in the company.


If I make a new function and it fails, and if I have the backup in the SD card, I can easily return to the point before the failure (The time of writing for 32 GB SD card is less than 30 minutes).


And if you only have a copy of that SD card, Raspberry Pi with the same configuration will work reliably.

特に、技術移管をするのに、仕様書や設定マニュアルを作らず、SDカードで渡せば良い ―― というのは、大変に助かることです。

In particular, when transferring technology, it is very felpful for me to just pass on an SD card instead of creating specifications and setting manuals


(There are Vmware and Docker with the same concept, but I have never been able to run those virtual environments in one shot)



"No specifications or instruction manual"


"I'll give you this SD card, so please read and understand the code directly."


"Any modifications in the SD card is allowed"


"The condition is "Never ask me anything""

と言い切れる技術移管を可能とするラズパイは、結構素晴しいのですよ ―― ボロボロ故障するとしても。

Raspberry Pi, which enables such a technology transfer, is quite nice. Even if they often break down.

2020-03-04 この夏、「あの時はまだ、こんなことを書いていられたんだなぁ」と、この日記をレビューすることにならなければいいのですが。 [長年日記]

I try not to sting things that people enjoy, but I do not like much about "baseball culture in Japan". You may know that.


This spring, the National High School Baseball Championship (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun and the Japan High School Baseball Federation) will be conducted with no audience from the viewpoint of virus infection prevention,


Well, I'm not particularly impressed with this news, I come to think

―― これが、1年、いや、せめて、半年前に分かっていたら

"If I could know this new a year, or at least, six months ago



"We could have created a "giant presence system" in a stadium or theater"


I am very sorry whenever I think it.


It is a large-scale real-time remote watching system with PC or smartphone as the end of the audience side, and large displays and huge speakers at the venue.


I think that we should continue to upgrade the system to impress the audience and motivate the players, even if it's far from "real" in the beginning,


Well, that would mean that this case would last for years, It may not be joking.

いや、オリンピックまでなら間にあうのでは ―― というのは、さらに冗談ではありません。

"Until the 2020 Olympics ?" It must not be joking.



I wish I couldn't review this diary this summer, "I was still writing this at that time."

2020-03-05 ひっかかると、情報部門の「高らかな笑いが聞こえてきそうな」サイトが開いて、なかなか「むかつきます」。 [長年日記]


At my company, the information department conducts training to send "attack-type emails" to employees for a specified period of time.


I can't give you the details, but the email was pretty good and I've been caught twice.


When I got caught, I think that the web site of Information Department opens and "I'm likely to hear a loud laugh." Anyway, I feel quite "annoying"


But this training is very significant, I think.



The other day, I received an e-mail saying "Send my photo for my employee card". After carefully examining the destination and contents, I sent the e-mail.


But I stopped sending the email on the way.


(This is our office rules that keeps mail for about 3 minutes and does not send it.)


I called the phone number in the email, talked to the operator, and finally sent it with confidence.


I have already disclosed the story that I suffered from Internet fraud.


According to the editorial department, there were "many PVs".


I think it was very meaningful to be opened the damage caused by Internet fraud. by an IT engineer like me.


Well, I thought so far that I have disclosed in detail about my carelessness, so nobody would comment on that "carelessness",

―― 偉そうに、私に説教する奴が、3人いた

"Three people preached to me"


(All are recorded).


That aside.


(To be continued)

2020-03-06 攻撃型詐欺 ―― というのをやってみませんか? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In my home town, frauds using telephone and email seem to be frequent.

ざっくり推定したところ、町内だけでも数百円から一千万円以上の被害がでているはずですが ―― その情報は、全く開示されません。

After a rough calculation, it should have cost several hundred yen to more than 10 million yen in the town alone. The information is not disclosed at all.


I can understand it.


Nobody wants to tell their faults to others.


The average amount of damage caused by the Internet fraud is around 16,000 yen.


In this case, they want to keep silent for anyone.


Therefore, the situation of the damage will not be opened in the future, and the fraud side will continue to win the game for a long time.



I have a proposal.

攻撃型詐欺 ―― というのをやってみませんか?

Why do not you do "fraud training attack" ?


It is very difficult for administrators to do such trainings, because they are restricted by a law of privacy protection.


So the groups such neighborhood association(NA)s are good as perpetrators.


Some NAs still list phone numbers are opened on list of members.


I think that the training with using phone and email ig going to work in such scale groups.


After the training, the money received can be refunded later or donated (threatening?).

2020-03-07 『絶対的な意味において、トイレットペーパーの不足なぞ、1ミクロンも心配していない人間の一人』 [長年日記]


COVID-19 is currently in fashion, the so-called “new coronavirus".


In the future, I will use this name (COVID-19) in my my column.


Later, the name will be changed and it will not be possible to track the article.


For example, the "Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake", "Miyagi-Ibaraki-oki Earthquake", and "Tohoku-oki Earthquake" are finally decided by the Cabinet as the "Great East Japan Earthquake".


That aside.



The outbreak of COVID-19 has increased the quantity of masks nationwide.


Due to concerns about the shortage of paper due to this, in Japan, there is an uproar in purchasing toilet paper.


There are various ways to use toilet paper. However,

―― 用便後に排泄器官の汚れを清拭するために用いる紙

"Paper used to clean the excretory organs after stool"


I think this application is mainstream.


And, in that application,


"In the absolute sense, I am a person who is not worried about lack of toilet paper at all"


I can say with confidence.



Well, everyone.


Listen to me.

I mentioned here that when I was young I traveled alone in India.

で、私は、当時、インドの安宿を点々として、旅を続けていましたが ―― 郷に入っては郷に従え ―― の旅をしてきました。

At that time, I was traveling around the country at cheap hotels in India with "When in Rome、do as the Romans do."

当時のインドの下町エリアでは、トイレットペーパーがなかった ―― というか、その概念がなかったのです。

At that time, there was no toilet paper in the downtown area of India at that time. Moreover there was no concept.


"Anus was hand-washed with water"


In particular, when wandering the dead line, I had to go to and from the toilet in minutes.


If I was using toilet paper, I could bleed from the anus and not be able to defecate itself.


Therefore, in fact, I was cleaning my anus using water and hands.


As a result, it was true that the anus was kept clean.


And once I got used to it, this "manual washlet" method seemed even more "right".



Of course, I acknowledge that this is a good thing I have gained from the result waking around the dead line in India.


However, when the toilet paper disappeared from the store,


(1) As above, my anus can be washed with water and hands (*)


(*) Of course, you need to wash your hands afterwards.


(2) Submerged magazines and newspapers and semi-dried paper can be used as a substitute for toilet paper (*)


(*) Since it is not desirable to flush the toilet, you can dispose as burning garbage

汚い? あなた、幼児のオムツをどうやって処理されると思っているんですから? ―― 育児を、普通にやってきた人なら、普通のことです。

dirty? How do you think infant diapers are processed? ―― If you are a regular child care person, you can feel that it is normal.


(3) If you blow your nose, you can use ordinary A4 paper. (4) If you want to wipe the table, just use a normal towel.


By the way, (5) If you use A4 paper and stapler, you can make three-dimensional mask on your own.


If limited to the purpose of preventing droplet infection to others, this should be quite effective.



If you were born as a person with intelligence,

―― 少しは想像力を働かせろ

"Use your imagination a little"


I want to say that.


Do you think that there is a good story of "winning the fight against COVID-19" without changing the current lifestyle.

『自分の尻の穴くらい、自分の手で洗え』だ ―― 文字通り。

"Wash your ass hole with your own hands", literally.

2020-03-08 映画「Fukushima 50」を見た結果が、「13デイズ」と同じようなこになったら、どうしよう ―― [長年日記]

映画"Fukushima 50"を見に行くべきか、行かないべきか、で悩んでいます。

I'm wondering whether to go to the movie "Fukushima 50" or not


This is because of these reasons.


"NHK Special October Nightmare-Record of the Cuban Crisis and Horror of 1962 (NHK Special) (1992)" (pictures out)


This program shocked me.

It is no exaggeration to say that this program created me today as a "simulation maker"


I also bought DVDs and watched them at least 30 times.


After that, I continued to study about the "Cuba Crisis" and now I am confident that I have enough knowledge to present to anyone, anywhere, anytime, from the start of this accident to the end.


However another problem occurred.


I remember coming out of the cinema, furiously, after watching the movie "13 Days" (2000) starring Kevin Costner.

深みがない、中身がない、薄っぺら、 軽薄で軽率、熟考していない、短慮で短絡 ―― ありとあらゆる罵詈雑言を唱えながら、帰宅したのを、よく覚えています。

"No depth, flimsy, frivolous rash, not contemplating, and short thought", I remember going home while saying all kinds of abusive language.

ええ、分かっています ―― 今回も、「間違っている」のは「私」です。

Yeah, I know well. Again, "I" am "wrong".


Movies are mass entertainment.


For many, movies should be easy to understand, accept, and enjoy.

私のように、「キューバ危機」について、いつでも100ページくらいのコラムが書けそうな、「特殊」な人間をターゲットとして映画を作成したら ――

If they create a movie targeting a "special" person who can write a column of about 100 pages at any time about the "Cuba Crisis" like me,


The movie would have been a huge failure for box office.



By the way, I investigated the Fukushima nuclear accident.


I am proud to be one of the few people who have probably read the entire report (over 600 pages) of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Investigation Commission, in spite of not directly involved in the accident.


I reread "Countdown Meltdown" by Yoichi Furuhashi three times.


(By the way, about Kaoru Takamura's "God's Fire", I have definitely read the book more than 100 times.)


I watched all NHK specials related to Fukushima nuclear power plant,

I am also the author of the accident commentary column from an engineer's perspective.


映画「Fukushima 50」を見た結果が、「13デイズ」と同じようなこになったら、どうしよう ――

"What if the result of watching the movie "Fukushima 50" is similar to "13 Days""


I will hesitate to go to the movie theater.


If I go to a movie, I want to have fun.


I don't just want to go to the movies and get angry and go home.



So I would like to ask you.

映画「Fukushima 50」が、江端にとってプロパーかどうかを、個人的に、主観的に、独善的に、教えて下さいませんでしょうか。

Could you tell me personally, subjectively and self-righteously whether the movie "Fukushima 50" is proper for Ebata?


I hope you can judge it from the huge number of miscellaneous sentences that I have described so far.


I appreciate your kind cooperation.

2020-03-09 ―― 何故、このような非対称的な論が成立するのか? [長年日記]


To tell you the truth, I don't know the reason of following arguments.


For not only the prevention of COVID-19 infection but also influenza, the following article are often heard.


(1)Face masks are effective to prevent expanding from infection, when we are carriers(infected patient).




(2)Face masks are ineffective to prevent infection from other carriers, when we are non-carriers.


I have often read the articles.


I really don't know

―― 何故、このような非対称的な論が成立するのか?

"How this unsymmetrical logic can be established ? "



According to COVID-19 at this time, it is clear that "rich contacts" is related to the possibilities of the infection.


This means that the infections are depending on the mount of virus from the carriers.


So I think that the infections are confirmed by many virus from carriers


and few virus is going to be destroyed by immune system of our body.


So I think that the face masks are quite competent to prevent infection.



I read that "virus adhere to face masks infect us" before.


I can agree with the story, however, this argrument should be applicable for clothes and every things around us.


It is a typical misleading to confuse the story with "Face masks are ineffective to prevent infection from other carriers".



Now I am masking instinctively.

できれば、「論理的」にマスクをする/しない にシフトしたいと思っています。

If possible, I want to decide whether I should mask or not logically


So I except to hear presentations by experts of thie field.


By the way, you don't explain about the story of "size" about virus, bacteria and spray of spit, except for the relationship with unsymmetrical viewpoints.


2020-03-10 ―― これが論文? [長年日記]


Now I am coaching my senior daughter for her study.


Correctly, I am instructing how to write a summary report of a paper.


I am afraid that she is stuck seriously.



This time, I know that papers of school of humanities(including infant psychology) are different from that of science(including industry engineering) perfectly.


When I read a paper of infant psychology, I was really confused.

―― これが論文?

"Is this a paper ?"



For a paper of industrial engineering field, we have to write effects in the paper, even if it is not true.


For example, social effect(e.g. help more than million people), economical effect(e.g decrease in cost less than 1/10) or functional performance(e.g. 100 times faster)


About this issue, the meeting for reading research papers in Anime "Since science human fell in love, so they try to prove it" is very helpful to understand.


So I thought, in the papers of infant psychology, I tried to find the following sentences.

- 幼児の集団生活の管理(コスト)に寄与する

- Contribution for infant communal life (cost)

- 幼児の年齢の別教育の方法の対する提言ができる

- Proposal for the different educational policy based ont their age.

- 幼児の教育に資するコンテンツ(絵本等)のあるべき姿

- Proper contents for infant education (e.g. picture books)

みたいなことが記載されているセンテンスを探したのですが ―― 絶無。

However. no sentence was in the paper.

I confirmed that

―― こういう論文書いたら、上司から(気持的には)殴られるだろうし、部下を(気持的に)殴るだろう

If I write a paper like this, my boss will panch me, and I will also panch my subordinate"




I felt bad that the paper has few figures or tables and the authors seemed to try to explain kust sentences.


My daughter said that her faculty adviser said

- 箇条書きを使わずに、センテンスで書くこと

- write sentences without itemization

- 図や表は必要最小限に留めること

- hold figures or tables to a minimum


and I was really surprised


In our engineering field, we take an approach to make figures and tables first, and after that I make a sentence to explain the figures and tables.


This is common way for reports, manuals and patent applications.


and my columns too.



"This is a real "cross-culture gap""


with being overcome by deep emotion.

On the other hand,


"Can I instruct my daughter about review of papers? I just know engineering approach"


I come to be assailed with worries.

2020-03-11 私の「一人スキー」に寄生する気が、満々のようです。 [長年日記]


Two years ago, the bottom of my ski shoes came off and the shell broke.


I thought, "Skiing in my life is over" at that time, but I haven't found an alternative leisure sport.



I basically can't do it unless I can enjoy it alone.


Not to mention team sports such as baseball and soccer, I also do not want to play tennis and table tennis, which require an opponent, on a daily basis.


Climbing alone is risky, especially when I am in distress and my death is inevitable, the pain period will be longer.


Swimming can be a good exercise, but I cannot feel extraordinary and it's not really fun to go back and forth on the same course.


I hope I can swim while listening to music, rakugo and animation, however, most public swimming pools are forbidden to wear waterproof music players.



On the other hand, skiing is basically a one-person sport, and there is moderate extraordinary. The balance between thrill and risk is perfect(If I am not out of the ski-course, I can be rescued even if I am injured.)


So, I ordered used ski shoes on the Internet the other day, and it arrived yesterday.


In fact, buying ski shoes online is a huge bet.


This is because compatibility with your feet is very important.


The Internet commerce, where I can't try to put, are taboo for skiers.

I thought,

―― まあ、外れたら外れたでいいかな

"Bad luck is also O.K."


However, When I put on the shoes I received, it was pretty good.


So I am now more motivated to ski.



The senior daughter who looked at me said, "Take me skiing."


Ebata: "Say that line to your boyfriend. or why not try to go skiing with your friends? I don't know why you ask that to your father.


She said,


"I hate to plan my own, and it's troublesome to match with others."


"If I follow you, I will automatically arrive at the ski place."


"I can ski, get some tips, get help when I need , and go home."



She feel like she is parasitizing my solo skiing.

2020-03-12 マスクの奪い合いをしている人間を、あいつと、あいつと、あいつは、どうしてあんなに偉そうに見下せるのか ―― [長年日記]

マスクの奪い合いをしている人間を、あいつと、あいつと、あいつは、どうしてあんなに偉そうに見下せるのか ――

How can they look down persons who are scrambling for hand masks ?


Currently, during the global outbreak of COVID-19 (the WHO has identified it as a "pandemic" today), many are seeking face masks to protect themselves.


The other day, I was surprised to see a long line in front of the drugstore.


As I said the other day, I'm not worried about the lack of toilet paper.


But the lack of a face mask is a bit uneasy for me.


What I did not participate in this riot was that I had a serious hay fever, and my wife purchased a large amount of face masks in advance every year.

―― つまり、単なるラッキー

"In other words, just lucky"




COVID-19 has been observed to be a mysterious phenomenon that breaks the common sense of viral diseases.


In particular, when I heard the news of "a person who turned from a positive reaction to a negative reaction turned positive again", I was almost shocked to drop the dishes on the floor.

―― COVID-19はこれまでの免疫の基本を無視している

"COVID-19 ignores the basics of immunity so far"


The transition from a positive reaction to a negative reaction means "acquired immunity".


In other words, it has been grasped as a scientific symbol of Mito Komon, like "I will never be infected with the same virus for a lifetime."



However, there are exceptions.


HIV virus. It has a troublesome property. This guy is always changing shape, and continues to escape attacks from immunity.


However, the spread rate of the HIV virus is terribly slow because the infection condition is limited to mucosal infection (SEX etc.) or blood transfusion etc.


However, the incubation period until onset is terribly long, from several years to 10 years. It has the property of spreading widespread without being noticed.


(To be continued)

2020-03-13 ―― 人を殺したって、マスクを手に入れるだろう [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Anyway, we cannot know about COVID-19.


The Task Force is not analyzing the components of COVID-19, but rather reading the nature of COVID-19 from the status of infection.


As a result, "three conditions of concentrated infection" were shown.


As long as I read these three conditions, it is natural that I can read that "face masks are effective in preventing infection."


It is possible that it would be completely meaningless later in the future.


Howeve, this is a trusted information, not unsupported rumor without any ground



So I don't know how they can make a fool of persons who scramble to get face masks for them or their family.


If I confirm the information of "In order to save my wife and daughters, face masks will be needed" (even if it is just rumor), I am confident that

―― 人を殺したって、マスクを手に入れるだろう

"I will be able to kill others to get face masks"




The reasons why I have not killed others yet, are


(1)I have stocks of many face mask incidentlly,


(2)I understand "three conditons of heavily contaminated" (maybe),


(3)Both my wife and I are neither chronic sufferers nor aged, now.


(4)My daughters have vitalities not to fall sick (even if infected) or to be able to recover from the sick soon.


So I have a cool nerve relatively.


Still, if we have little risk for our life, we will going to be carriers(of the virus). So we obey the administration instructions.



I ask again, "Why you can look down on persons who scramble to get face masks".


I think that the person do "normal behavior", who don't know optimum solutions and have irrational belief under insufficient information.

実際の映像を見たり、あるいは、実際の現場で目撃していれば、私の意見は変わってしまうのかもしれませんが、それでも、一言言えることは ――

If I watch the movie of accident or real fight at the scene, my opinion might be changed, however I can say,


I am going to be a person who cannot do optimum activities in the abnormal situation.

2020-03-14 もし、ここまで考えてやっているとすれば『友達が勝手に、(審査に)応募しちゃって』は、超高度な「いじめ」と言えます。 [長年日記]


One of the famous lines of female idols, and one of the things that the public hates is


"My friend applied for (tryout) without my permission"




This story seems to be ridiculous, however it's quite possible if we change our perspective.


It is "bullying".


Locally, moderately motivated girls may be offensive from the same gender.


So, if she receives a report that loses (one-sided) her paperwork, it will be a good "bullying".


Even if she passes the document screening, it will take a lot of youth time to become a major idol.

In addition, the success probability is hopelessly low.


In addition, even if she makes a successful debut, and if she disappears from their area, they can say that the purpose (bullying) has been achieved.


If they are thinking up to this point, "My friend applied for (tryout) without my permission" can be said to be a very advanced "bullying".



At my company, I have been applying for a "Technology something Award", "Patent something Award", "International Academic Lecture Application", or "Paper Contribution in English"


If the activities are on my own, there is no problem. However, the entries will be made by others in some cases.


You may not know if you have no employment experience, but this is what we call a "business order".


And "business orders" cannot in principle be rejected.



"My boss applied for (tryout) without my permission"


This is a ordinal story.


In fact, that is the essence of an organization called "company".


Anyone who is a member of a company will be both a victim and a perpetrator at the same time.

私も例外ではありません ―― まあ、私は、「加害者側の意識があるだけ、まだマシ」と信じてはいますが。

I am no exception. Well, I believe, "I am a good guy because I'm still conscious of the perpetrators"

2020-03-15 ―― 視聴者人気投票アニメのランキングと、自分の好きなアニメのランキングの結果が、恐しく解離している [長年日記]


I guess it was from "before" instead of "recently."

―― 視聴者人気投票アニメのランキングと、自分の好きなアニメのランキングの結果が、恐しく解離している

"The ranking of the viewer popularity vote anime and the ranking of your favorite anime are dissociated terribly"


I reconfirmed that again.

アニメタイトルを挙げるのは芸がないので避けます ――

I will avoid my favorite anime titles, because it is meaningless,

例えば、私の中では、シュタインズゲート/シュタインズゲート ゼロはぶっちぎりのトップ2である、とか ――

For example, "in my opinion, Steinsgate / Steinsgate Zero are the top two in a row"


Anyway it's no surprise that others preferences are different from the survey results.



When I was a teenager, I had always believed that my interestings were also same as others interestings.


For example, when I was a child, my hobby was collecting "gemstones", I remember being shocked that this showed off to relatives, however they had no interest.


Even as an adult, for example, I still remember the shock when I was given a questionnaire indicating that "constitutional refom supporters" surpassed "constitutional supporters."


I had known that surveys are biased, however what I believed was that there was no effect on that bias, was broken at the moment.


(My stance on this area has been written a lot so far, so I will skip it.)


「アニメは、若者のもの」という考え方は古い ―― というか、ナンセンス ―― でしょうが、アンケートの母数が、若い人に傾く傾向があるのは、当然だと思います。

The idea that "anime is for young people" is old, and nonsense. However it is natural that the number of questionnaires tends to lean toward young people.


Animated voting rankings by age may give interesting results, however inclusion of "age" in the questionnaire items is becoming more difficult every year (due to overreaction of personal information protection).


In addition, it is common knowledge for those who conduct market research that the response rate of the questionnaire drops suddenly if you include age, occupation and gender.

私、先日実施した実証実験のアンケートには、(回りの反対意見を押さえて)「ご満足頂けましたか → Yes/No」の2択しか入れませんでした。

I included only two choices in the questionnaire of the demonstration experiment conducted the other day: "Are you satisfied → Yes / No".


Because I was concerned with "100% questionnaire collection rate".



By the way, stress test conducted by the company is a "business order", so we cannot help answering the questionnaire.


There are at least 50 items and at most 200 items.


As with any questionnaire, the final question is, "What is stressing you in your day?", at the final column.

私、真摯な態度で、正直に記載しています ――

I'm honest with my sincere attitude.


"It is this questionnaire itself."


That aside.



Back to the beginning, I analyzed myself that "the ranking of the audience popularity vote animation and the ranking of my favorite animation are dissociated terribly",

―― 私が、「美少女」と「魔法」を題材に据えるアニメが、好きではない

"I don't like anime that uses "beautiful girl" and "magic""


I think that is the biggest cause.


However, these days, anime that does not include these two major elements is difficult to exist.


So the main cause would be "myself".

2020-03-16 ―― 健康って、とっても大事なことだ [長年日記]


Recently, I delay to go office for control COVID-19 infection.


I noticed that the number of passenger in a train come to incree day by day.


"Staggered office hours" and "working at home" might be fixed, though soem administrations of citiy has been struggling in vain.


I am overcome by deep emotion that people cannot say "annoying" or "status quo" in the situation of saving their life.



By the way, I also noticed afresh

―― オリンピック/パラリンピックは、世界の祭典

"Olympic / Paralympics is one of the world festival"



I thought in a mood of optimism that Tokyo 2020 Olympic / Paralympics gets under the wire if Japan can constrain COVID-19 infection spread.


But I remember that the participants are coming from all of the world.


Not only this country but also Europe grows serious.

そんでもって、オリンピックのホスト国である我が国が「ある特定の国の選手の入国を禁じる」などということが、できるだろうか ―― 私は「かなり難しい」と思います。

Can this country prohibit refusing specific participants entry into the country? I am afraid that it is very difficult.


Moreover, some countries will abandon to send players to this country.


Olympic athletes may have a lower risk of seriousness (apart from infection).


However, some Paralympic athletes may not be able to ignore the risk of escalation, depending on the event they participate in.

―― 健康って、とっても大事なことだ

"Health is very important"


This may be the first time I have realized this at the global level, not at the individual level.



The Tokyo Olympics had been canceled once before the 1964 (1940).


At that time, it was because of a "war" (but decided to return two years ago (1938)).


This global outbreak of COVID-19 may look like war.

第三次世界大戦が「全面核戦争」と定義されているとすれば、今回のパンデミックは、"2.5次" ――

Assuming that World War III is defined as an "all nuclear war", this pandemic is "WW 2.5"-


Well, not too exaggerated,


I wonder if it will be positioned as about "World War 2.2".

2020-03-17 但し、この公私混同は、「私」から「公」へ知財が流れていくという、奇妙な公私混同です。 [長年日記]


I'm not interested in platforms or systems that can only be used from company terminals.


Even if you acquire technology that restricts the company's terminal, it will not be accumulated as your own technical ability, and in addition

―― つまらん



The technologies that are


used, modified, and developed at my own discretion, without being tied to a company or organization


enjoyable with playing freely, ignoring the business model, profitability, and market size,


make me have motivations.



I can't do anything with my company's cloud server because of the company's strict security constraints. So, I purchase a domain name on my own, pay AWS a monthly fee on my own, and study at home on weekends.


Raspberry Pi is purchased on its own, built by itself, and operated at home.

For a control LAN technologies such as EtherCAT, I picked up the device at a junk shop and moved it, wrote the series columns.


The GPS module was also purchased by myself in Akihabara.


My self-sufficient, self-taught, weekend-based study is used in the company's business (R&D).


This is a "public / private confusion"


However, this public / private confusion is a strange one in which intellectual property flows from "me" to "public".



That's why I'm not interested in , "someone gives me a operation of of the best supercomputers in Japan."


Anyway, it will be extinguished within 10 years anyway, and it cannot be used to calculate my column's target.

That's why I'm burning much more with the technology of "making the computing speed and drawing speed of a home PC 100 times faster".

2020-03-18 長女:「何! パパって、そんな幼稚なモチベーションで日々を生きている訳?」 [長年日記]


From a child's point of view, an adult looks like a person who knows (enlightens) a lot.


But, in fact,

―― 15歳のころから、考え方がほとんど変っていない

"Thought has not changed much since 15 years old"




So, my daughters don't seem to understand the fact, so I gave her one specific example.

江端:「そうだなぁ。4月から始まるアニメ『俺の青春ラブコメは間違っている(完)』が始まるまでは、がんばって生きられる ―― と言えば、分かるか?」

Ebata:"Let me think. I think that I can suvive by starting the anime" My youth romantic comedy is wrong (final stage)" Do you understand ?2

長女:「何! パパって、そんな幼稚なモチベーションで日々を生きている訳?」

Senior Daughter(SD): "What! Dad, do you live every day with such childish motivation?"


Ebata: "the content is different, however not only me, but most adults live with that level of motivation."


SD: "I'm very disillusioned. Adults are the same as children."


Ebata: "So, I'll always say that for a long time."



"So you don't have to believe what adults say"


"Basically, adults don't know correct answers, and moreover there is no correct answer in the world"


""Doing what you think and failing dynamically without listening to anyone's opinion". This is only correct answer"

―― と、長女には言っておきました。

I told it to my senior daughter.

2020-03-19 『存在している以上は、存在しているものとして取り扱わなければならない』 [長年日記]


This season, the anime "fictional reasoning" is interesting.


It's an anime that includes ghosts and youkai, but this time we ignore that setting (though it's interesting).


The content is very interesting because I can understand something like "Threat of Internet bulletin boards" that I have not noticed.



As you know, the description of "net bulletin board" or "contents of SNS" is not "theory" in principle.


In general, they either follow content written by others or irrationally refute.


There is no endeavor to find the facts on my own, and I can't see any motivation to build my own theory, except in rare cases.


I have never been involved in "Internet Bulletin Board", and all "SNS" is currently suspended.


Of course, useful information is inexhaustible and time consuming, but the ignorance of the description and the disrespectful phrases are disgusting.



Basically, the theory is based on the following scientific approach.

事実の確認 -> 仮説の提唱 -> 実験 -> 観察-> 論証 -> 仮説の採用or棄却(=結論)(*)

Confirmation of facts-> Proposal of hypothesis-> Experiment-> Observation-> Argument -> Adoption or rejection of hypothesis (= conclusion) (*)


(*) In the case of scientific papers, "effect" or "application" may follow.


However, the anime "Fictional Reasoning" presented an amazing paradigm for "Net bulletin boards."


- You do not have to start from "Confirm facts"


- "Argument" does not have to be logical, but "Subjectivity" and "Emotion" are sufficient.


- "Conclusion" does not require logical validity,


That is, the concept of "truth", which is closed in the "Fantasy World Line".


In other words, it strongly asserts that "the truth of the real world line" is not the only one, but coexists with the "fantasy of the fictional world line."


Don't make "the truth of fantacy world line" ridiculous, laugh, and ignore,


"If it exists, it must be treated as if it exists."


The real reality that comes close to me.


This Fantacy World Line is what you can call the "fictional world."


That is,

―― 私が、どんなに『ネット掲示板』や『SNS』を無視し続けたって、

"No matter how I continue to ignore "Internet bulletin boards" and "SNS","

―― 『ネット掲示板』や『SNS』で作られる『虚構世界』が、私にちょっかいを出してくるぞ

"The "fictional world" created by "Internet bulletin board" and "SNS" will come to me a little"


It comes with scary reality.



I have thought that only the "facts in the real world" that have gone through a scientific approach are the only and strongest "facts".


However, if I continue to ignore the fictional world, I will get attacked from anywhere. So, I'm terrified.

2020-03-20 数字は暴力になる ―― 私は、このことを良く知っています。 [長年日記]


Recently, I have been thinking about infection simulation for coronavirus (COVID-19).


We talked about this simulation and about releasing it to the public.


My wife, the editor in charge of my columns , and that "rude junior", said


"Stop it"



Well, this column will be a risk that goes beyond "setting foot in the minefield"


A half-heartedly persuasive column (whether or not you agree) may be a factor in causing social confusion.



This is life-threatening.


I should not work with ease.

Government(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) that did not disclose to the public about the simulation results of the emergency rapid radioactivity impact prediction network system (SPEEDI) after the nuclear accident occurred immediately


might have thought the same things as I think.



I think my column basically falls into the category of "amateur shit".


So I don't think that I need to be as cautious as the government.


However, even if it was "amateur shit", I know well that when formulas and computers come in, people tend to be silent.

数字は暴力になる ―― 私は、このことを良く知っています。

"Numbers become violent". I know this very well.



I am thinking now "What should I do?"

2020-03-21 『苦節30年。我、本日、コブ斜面を踏破せり』 [長年日記]


I replaced my broken ski boots and bought used ski boots online.

購入した以上は、使わなければなりません ―― という訳で、3連休の中日に、スキーに行ってきました。

I have to use it because I bought it, so I went skiing on the middle of a three-day holiday.


By the way, it seems that the daughter (senior daughter) who wanted companionship (parasitic) decided to go with her boyfriend the next day.


They seem to try the first board ski in their life.


I thought, "Is it okay for beginners?", however, I thought it was not my business.


新型コロナウイスル騒動で、スキー場も閑古鳥状態だろう ―― と思っていたのですが、全くの見込違いでした。

Ski resorts will be was quite deserted, I thought, however, I was wrong.


I was not able to enter the first parking lot, so I had to the second parking lot, and I was carried by shuttle transportation to arrive the ski plaec.


And in the last few years, I have seen the largest number of ski place.


Thinking about it, skiing is a fairly safe leisure activity to avoid two of the three major requirements for virus infection. (distance from humans, not enclosed space (by skis and boards))


In addition, my "Solo Ski" has the advantage of "no conversation needed".


Ski resort cafeterias may be at higher risk of infection, however, It was fine because I had a solo lunch at a remote place.



I was attacking the same moogulose course all day, however, I couldn't skid well and was hit off the course, after all.


In such cases, I know that I should think logically. and I came to think of

―― 上下動の運動エネルギーを最小にするような、ジオフェンスルーティングをすればいいのでないか

"How about geo-fence routing to minimize the vertical kinetic energy?"



(You don't know what I was thinking but it's understandable for a researcher who wander the deadline during an outdoor experiment.)

コブ斜面の側面にジオフェンスをイメージして、それが次々と点滅している様子を頭の中に描きながら、ジオフェンスを踏み続けていったら ―― 見事にコブ斜面を滑り降りることができました。

I magined a geofence on the sides of snow convexs, and made them blink on after another in my head. and kept stepping on the geofence --- I was able to glimpse down the moogulose course.


I was glad and sent a LINE message to my family, saying, "Win with the GIS (*) approach."


"30 years of hardship. I, today, went down the moogulose course."

(*)Geographic Information System 地理情報システム



However, all subsequent trials failed.


It has been decided to enter the 31st year of hardship.

2020-03-22 江端:「いやー、そんなに良いですか、H社の製品は。はっはっは」 [長年日記]

I've been talking about I "hate" the phrase "Japan's world-class technology" many times before.


"What did you do to develop this technology on earth ?"


I've been saying it all the time.



The other day, my home washing machine was broken.


This miracle machine has been running for 18 years.

嫁さんから「修理 or 買い替え」の問い合わせがきたので、「修理」を提案しました。

My wife inquired me about "repair or replacement", so I suggested "repair".


However, she strongly insisted on “replacement”.


Ebata: "You don't have to make inquiries from the beginning. I know that the longest person (my wife) has the right to decide."


Wife: "If I do not properly pass the decision, I cannot get an advice for the replacement from an engineer(me).


Indeed, it seems that buying a washing machine alone was "heavy" for her.



The following was conversation with a clerk at a mass retailer.


Clerk: "Company P and Company H are excellent in washing machines"


Ebata: "Which company is your recommended?"


Clerk: "Just my taste, but I would recommend this "H Company" washing machine overwhelmingly."


Ebata: "Well, you think H company's products is so good don't you ? Ha-ha-ha"



I am not involved in the manufacture of washing machines, and I am not so happy if the H company's products is complimented.


Of course, not. So, if I am asked

『一体、お前が、この洗濯機の為に、何をしたと言うのだ?』と問われれば ――

"What did you do to develop this washing machine on earth ?"


Of course, I have not been doing anything.

2020-03-23 本当にそういう研究員がいれば『バカだろ』と言います。 [長年日記]

"I hate the word" big data "or" AI "from the bottom of my heart" has already been sickly talked about for two years.


Nevertheless, the word "AI" has been used internally.


Of course, all researchers around me have to use the word "AI", after fully understanding the emptiness of words,


If there is a researcher who seriously thinks "a technology called "AI" exists", I would say "you are a liar".


Even if there is really the researcher, "you are stupid."



The other day, when I was having dinner in the company cafeteria, I received a phone call from the rude junior.


The content was a request for research in the next term


Junior:"Nobody is proper for this request except for Mr.Ebata, who is Big data authority and AI specialist" "


Ebata: "You are fighting me?"

2020-03-24 ―― 個々人の個体差によって、ダイエット方法の効果は、劇的に変わる [長年日記]

I had previously contributed a series of diets using myself as a sample.


I'm still collecting weight data, and now I've come to understand my own tendency to change in weight.


In addition, I have been interviewing my family and have come to understand the basic principles of diet.

That is,

―― 個々人の個体差によって、ダイエット方法の効果は、劇的に変わる

"The effect of the diet method changes dramatically depending on individual differences."




Basically, in my case it was "drinking".


Overeating or exercising on weekends and holidays, it's relatively easy to return to my normal weight on weekdays.


Alcohol is both a lethal beverage and a high-efficiency / high-concentration energy supplement beverage.


An extreme example is "one or more cans is equal to one serving." It's almost like a drip to drink.


Conversely, "chocolate" is an important item as an overeating controller.


In particular, bite-chocolate is, to me, a “pill” for appetite loss.



I was talking about it in my living room, and I got a protest from my second daughter(SD).




Ebata: "What?"

次女:「チョコレートは、目の前にあれば、それを全部食べきってしまうのがマナーでしょう? そもそも、そういう食べ物でしょう?」

SD: "If chocolate is in front of me, it's good manners to eat it all, That is chocolate"

江端:「え? いや、そんなことないと思うけど。私は、板チョコ1枚分なら、3日くらいかけて、消費しているぞけど」

Ebata: "Well, no, I don't think so. I'm spending about 3 days for a piece of chocolate."


SD: "It's a bad way to eat chocolate. It is sorry for chocolate. It's the chocolate's lifetime that ranges from a chocolate bar appears in front of me, to disappears from my view.



"The effect of the diet method changes dramatically depending on individual differences."

という、この「個体差」には、本人の性格、嗜好、資質の他に ――

This "individual differences" includes person's personality, and preferences, and qualities,


and their own beliefs (or religions).

2020-03-25 ―― この強烈なコンテンツを、"EE Times Japan"が受け止めることができるかな? [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn over the world by number (62). Extra:

"A forefront of corona infection battle" sent by a doctor to an engineer



I read the email from Dr.Shibata at a ski restaurant on Saturday.


Before reading the full text, I came to the conviction that this email should be disclosed.


なるべく多くの人にこのコンテンツを届けたいが、このコンテンツを正しく理解できる人間は限られるだろう ――

I want to reach this content to as many people as possible, but only a few people can understand this content correctly.

的外れなコメントを付けられて、コンテンツのメッセージが曲解されるようなことになったら、シバタ先生に申し訳ない ――

I'm sorry Dr.Shibata if the content message is broken because of an inappropriate comment.

とすれば、ターゲットは、やっぱり理系の技術集団。ということになれば、やっぱりEE Times Japan編集部に頼むのが良いかな ――

If so, the target is still a science-based technology group. In that case, is it better to ask the EE Times Japan editorial department?


I was shaken by the lift while thinking about that.


日曜日にシバタ先生に公開の許諾をお願いするメールを送りつつ、頂いたメールをワードに展開して、EE Times Japanに提出する際のスタイルに変更しました。

While sending an e-mail requesting permission to publish to Dr.Shibata on Sunday, I changed the format of the email I received for EE Times Japan.


But I hardly needed to fix it.


I suppose that both Dr.Shibata and I were the same technicians trained in Technical Writing.

シバタ先生からの許諾を頂き、速攻で、テキストファイルを、EE Times Japan編集部に送付しました。

After receiving permission from Dr.Shibata, the text file was sent to the EE Times Japan editorial department with haste.

―― この強烈なコンテンツを、"EE Times Japan"が受け止めることができるかな?

"Can "EE Times Japan" catch this intense content?"


I was worried.


So, at the same time, I was preparing to launch on my site.



The next day, I was surprised when I received the email from Ms.M in charge, "Mr. Ebata. Go ahead!"

「なかなか肝がすわっているなぁ」と、EE Times Japanを、ちょっと見くびっていたことを反省しました。

I thought "they have guts" and better of EE Times Japan.

(考えてみれば、EE Times Japanとは、『鉄道飛び込み自殺のリアルタイムシミュレーション』の編集・校正を担当する度量のある担当者Mさんを擁する出版社です)

("Let me think that EE Times Japan is a publisher with a professional Ms.M who is in charge of editing and proofreading of "Real-time Simulation of Railway Dive Suicide")


After that, I stood between Mr. Shibata and Mr. M, the editor, and focused on the modification work.


Working until 4:00 am on Monday and 3:00 am on Tuesday, and being released on Wednesday morning. so amazing speed release was realized.


『この至宝のコンテンツを、このままにしておくものか』 ―― という、Mさんと私の強い執念が、シバタ先生を巻き込んで、形になったものが、今回のコラムです。

"We will do open this treasure in the world". This column was the result of Ms.M's and my strong obsession on the sacrifice of Dr.Shibata

2020-03-26 ―― 自分を楽しませる為に、他人の存在を前提としなければならない奴らは「弱い」 [長年日記]


The word "corona fatigue" seems to be popular, but I haven't changed much.

同じ建屋にあっても、電話会議システムを使うとか、ちょっと変化がありますが、 ―― しょーもない会議なら、内職(例えば、日記を書くとか)できますので、そこそこメリットもあります。

Even in the same building, there are some changes, such as using a telephone conference system, but there are also some benefits, if it is a meaningless meeting. Because I can do internal work (for example, writing a diary),


Well, we Japanese has the concept of "scheduled harmony" and "synchronization pressure", so we must not ignore such a meeting.


Teleconferencing is a very useful tool for coordinating things around you.


So, I think, "when it comes to video conferencing. I am in trouble"



To the mind of people who can only act with someone, It may be a difficult time these days that there is a request to ban going out to prevent transmission of COVID-19,


For me, "it's easier to move alone", so "going out requests" are not a benefit, but a disadvantage.


For internal operations, the remote office environment was in place before this panic began.


Home programming environment is enough for program creation.


To build a system, a cloud (AWS, etc.) is enough (well, I can manage them because it's for research purposes).


On weekends, when I'm focused on something, I'm basically one person.



It is said that there are benefits, for person whose attributes are "social life", "gloomy person", and "party animal"

―― 自分を楽しませる為に、他人の存在を前提としなければならない奴らは「弱い」

"In order to entertain themselves, they who have to assume the existence of others are "weak""


Of course, it may be desirable to have such "positive" qualities (though I don't need it).


However, in addition to this,

―― 世間が何を言おうとも、誰にどう思われようとも、自分一人で行動し、そして自分一人で自分を楽しませることができる。

"Whatever the world says, no matter what they think, You can act alone and entertain yourself"


I think that if you can have the qualities of such a "lone", you will have a sense of security (I don't know if you can be strong).



It is wasteful to say that "corona fatigue" and so on.


Now, you should think of it as an opportunity to establish and nurture an "lone" within yourself.


Speaking of what you can do with "lone", reading, watching movies, jogging, climbing mountains, and others are good. The content doesn't matter.


The important thing is to keep the "engine that drives "myself" anytime.

2020-03-27 このシミュレーション結果を整理すると、ちょっとハンパではない、えげつない(仮想の)現実が見えてくるかもしれません。 [長年日記]

Before, I wrote a diary "I'm worried about whether or not to simulate the infection of coronavirus (COVID-19)"


In fact, I've been working on creating a simple simulator (C/C ++) using a virtual city traffic simulation (railway and bus only) as a hobby for the past year or so.

Currently, as many (virtual) humans as the ordinance-designated cities can be moved on my personal computer.


However, I thought that it would take a little more than 2 hours for a simulation of 20 hours a day, so it couldn't be used easily.(For an one hour future prediction, 10 minutes is enough)


And the bottleneck of this simulator is "moving".

In the U.S. presidential election, I don't have to move people to polling places. In this simulator, 100 units of trains and buses, and tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people move at a stretch and must track them in seconds.


To be honest, when I start calculating this simulation, I feel like I can hear a scream from my computer.



So, when I thought, "It is difficult to use it as a simulator as it is" "I wonder if a day's simulation can be done in about 20 minutes" and about remodeling, this new corona infection disaster occurred.


I've been playing with a variety of predictive techniques so far, I could not predict the spread of the new corona infection disaster.


The current reality is far from reality.


Also, with this simulator, I can't do simulations of school closures, or simulations of midnight Shinjuku and Shibuya drunks.


All I can do is a city traffic simulation in a virtual city on the premise of commuting to work.


In this simulation, throwing in a certain number of corona infected people and roughly determining the infection rate according to the riding rate, I can watch the number of infected people increasing just keeping turning the computer.


By the way, because of me, deaths according to age will also be counted.


If I sort out the results of this simulation, I may be able to watch an insane and nasty (virtual) reality.


(It's very unusual, however) I thought, "I don't want to see the simulation results"


(To be continued)

2020-03-28 世界の50億人くらいから、「オリンピックを潰した男」と、図表入り、顔写真入りでSNSで注目される可能性が、わずかながらに、存在します。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

私が悩んでいる時に、以前、コラムの執筆でお世話になった医師の方 ―― 「轢断のシバタ先生」からメールを頂きました。

When I was worried, I received an e-mail from a doctor whose name "Dr.Shibata, as a transgressor". who helped me in writing the column


With his consent, we will disclose the full text below.

===== ここから =====

===== From here =====


I agree with simulation.


The reasons are followings,


- I want to calculate the time until the acquisition of population immunity by simulation


- There is no rodent or infectious disease that has an exponential function forever. A future that will always be steady or disappearing will be shown


- Coming to see the goal, everyone will do their best


- If the worst result comes out, measures can be taken to prevent it from happening


- The simulation contributes to social benefit comprehensively



For now, there is an opinion against simulation in my mind.


- Maybe the Diamond Princess (the infection) will be spread to Japan, there is no wonder if more than 10 million infected people, 10% of Japanese people, are estimated to be sweet.


- 2 times in 2 weeks, 1000 times in 20 weeks, At present, 10,000 people should be infected. Unless the population immunity effect is taken into account to exceed 10 million people, the possibility of reaching in 5 months can not be thrown away


If it is hit with a detailed simulation, it will surely be a big flame ...


- If he put it in the numbers, such as "the number of patients surpassing 10 million during the Olympics", it would be troublesome to be managed by the government and strange organizations ...


- Mr.Ebata will protect my personal information, but I wonder if Ebata himself is OK...


This is the reason for my dissent.



Honestly, I think the Olympics will collapse on its own.


I think that this will collapse inevitably naturally.


However, if Mr.Ebata hit a high impact number at this moment, there is a possibility that "the figures will be used by the opposition in the Diet."

"Japan should die" will be returned.


The government may be remorseful that Mr. Ebata has crushed the Olympics.


From around 5 billion people around the world, there is a possibility slightly that "men who crushed the Olympics" will be attracted attention on SNS with figures and pictures.


(If it happens, I feel like Mr.Ebata can live as YouTuber)

数字無しでも、EE Times Japanの読者であれば、私の言いたいことはきっと伝わります。

Even if Mr.Ebata doesn't use the numbers, I'm sure EE Times Japan readers can understand what I want to say.



I'm sneaky, so I can't say "No" for Ebata's simulation here.


Mr.Ebata's wife is probably the last line of defense to protect the Ebata family.


If she tells Mr.Ebata "No", I will give up.


In this age, peace for wife and daughter is more important than for social justice.


Please tell your wife that never withhold me or social justice.

===== ここまで =====

===== To here =====

This email was received immediately after this diary, but now I reread it,


"Dr.Shibata could predict the future accurately"




"I failed to become the man who crushed the Olympics


I had the above impressions.



However, at a later date, a mail told me that there is no possibility of "man who crushed the Olympics."


(To be continued)

2020-03-29 いずれにしろ、私が何をしようとも、私はもちろん、世界にも影響はまったくなさそうです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


This is an email from my technical teacher Mr.S.

===== ここから =====


I saw your blog.


From around the beginning of February, a dashboard to view the status of covid around the country,


Scrapers that get data from various government agencies to display there,


Forecast by various learning and


For example, a web application that can display changes in future forecasts when parameters are changed,


There are various things on the "Trending" page of github.com.




There are so many, from what looks fine, what I did for practice, to what the institution or individuals are doing.


> Well, there is a risk that does not fit in the story of this writing "picking chestnuts in the fire".


The risk seems very small.


It may be interesting to see it published on github.com according to the column.

===== ここまで =====


Let me think,

https://github.com/ から、"simulator" "covid-19"を検索キーとて、もっとも人気が高かった、midudev/covid-19-spread-simulator をダウンロードして、ライセンスを読んで、

From https://github.com/, I download the most popular midudev/covid-19-spread-simulator using "simulator" and "covid-19" as search keys, read the license,


I have put it on my site, please try it.




In any case, whatever I do, it seems to have no effect on me or the world at all.


As always, I want to do what I want.

2020-03-30 ―― では、今回は、全コードを、何から何まで、開示してみよう [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Mr.Ebata's struggling for DIY IT Nursing Support System(4) "

Run! Raspberry Pi. Rescue your parents from stray cars



In the last column, I did not disclose the contents of the code for Raspberry Pi, but downloaded it as a package.


Because of that, I was told, "There are almost no articles (code, etc.) on Raspberry Pi."

―― では、今回は、全コードを、何から何まで、開示してみよう

"So, this time, let's disclose all the codes"


I thought that.


And it is supposed to be ugly (the other reasons are that I explained all three systems at once.)


So, if you are not interested in Raspberry Pi or code, you can skip to p.6.


The "Dr.Shibata, the overrun" has appeared and is developing a sharp theory.


That aside.



Many (engineers) reading this article do not have such a chance to try Raspberry Pi.


Then, "we can't go to the office / we can't let us go to the office" is now a chance for a thousand times (*).


(*)As of March 30, 2020, in order to prevent the spread of viral pathogens, local governments in downtown Tokyo have issued a request for residents to "stand by at home".


In an environment where your boss cannot watch you,


you can do it at home, and


It does not cost much,


You can study IT/OT technology


Such an opportunity may never come again.


If you can build and operate Raspberry Pi, you will not be able to know the "building" of AWS, but you will be able to do "operations" of AWS.



I feel like I'm still dreaming that I can use the UNIX-type operations I got when I joined the company.


The "dream" is a "nightmare".


Even now, I am honestly dissatisfied with the reality that UNIX-like operations are being used.


I thought that by 2020, the concepts of construction and operations would be gone, and that "artificial intelligence", "AI" would all do the job.

"Artificial intelligence", "AI", "artificial intelligence", etc. Really, they can't do anything. They are useless.


The reason why we must continue to use 1970 operations at the present, is that the basic architecture of computers has changed little after all.



Well, anyway, if you miss this opportunity, you may not have the chance anymore.

今回のウイルス災禍は、時間が立ては必ず落ち着きます ―― どこに落ちつくかは、どうあれ。

In this virus disaster, time will surely settle down, anywhere to settle down.


But a vague "study" attitude will definitely fail.


Then, let's set the goal to "complete one application".


It doesn't have to be the current nursing care IT system, it doesn't have to be a raspberry pi.


How about AWS? There is a one-year free package, so you can use it.



System construction and programming consume time stupidly.


It will let you experience several hours in about 30 minutes, and it is also the ultimate time-consuming (wasting) device.


You can shorten the time you feel stressed at home.


That's what I guarantee.

2020-03-31 ―― 非難したなら、その分は、賞賛する(または、非難を謝罪する) [長年日記]


I am working on a secure Note-PC provided by the company because I can not join the company.

―― 重い



Even transliterating text is slow and useless.


This is my first thought in 10 years.



About fifteen years ago, when the first secure notebook PC (SPC) appeared, the inside of the company was in "criticism storms."


In particular, we could not process requests for approval from supervisors or colleagues on overseas business trips,


"Does my company want to make us use the secure PC to disturb our work!"


that was a storm of screams.



Anyway, our SPC is thoroughly made with the design philosophy of "do not leave any data in the PC even one bit".


This analogy is "empty box."


This "empty box" will not work at all without a personal token device.


A personal password is required there, and in addition, their passwords are changed frequently on a regular basis, and the password reuse is not allowed.


I want everyone to understand how hard to make a password that has never used in the past and I must not forget.

The concept of


"Security first. For security, you don't have to move your PC."


seems to be same as that of


"Health first. For health, you can die."




The SPC has now become available for general use due to the strengthening of server resources and the increase in the capacity of the Internet.


Of course, there are efforts of the units that continued to develop SPC.


Everyone doesn't say anything, but I'm the only one who praised "The development team, great!"


By the way,

―― 非難したなら、その分は、賞賛する(または、非難を謝罪する)

"If you accuse anything, you should praise the recovery (or apologize for the accusation)"


I guess everyone is too lazy to do that normal thing.


In the past, there was a person who accused me of the simulation results in my column (a person who claims to be "wrong" without reasons).


Since then, I have not received a single letter of apology from the person, even after the simulation results in my column have been proved to be completely correct (by kind others).





It is too "slow",


That is the reaction speed of SPC.


Currently, self-restraint (compulsory) is in the process of being activated,


Almost ever worker is logged in to the company server with access from SPC,


In addition, there is a teleconference (Skype etc.) of dozens of people entering there.


The server is running out of resources to scream.


I think from the bottom of my heart that it is great that the company's remote service system has not been down.

もう少し、身の回りの「あたりまえ」を見直して ―― 少なくとも10年くらいは遡って ―― 色々なことを(意識的に)褒めてみましょう。

Review the "natural" around you a little more ---- Back at least about 10 years ---- Let's praise (consciously) various things.