2024-03-01 そして、私は『ティーンエージャの3年間の無事故』を素直に信じません。 [長年日記]


There seem to be two types of people in the world: those who can drive from the beginning and those who cannot drive from the start.


It is the same with English.

"There are only two kinds of Japanese when it comes to learning English: those who love English and those who don't. There are only two types of Japanese people when it comes to learning English: those who are loved by the English language and those who are not."



I think I fall into the "someone who can drive from the start" category.


This is because I don't recall having any difficulty driving.


On the other hand, my wife seemed to be "someone who couldn't drive a car from the start.



(1) She does not understand why she can drive on a spiral road with the steering wheel at a fixed angle.


(2)She gets confused when she switches steering wheels when parking.


This is a familiar story. I purchased miniature cars or drawn drawings to explain it to them, but she did not understand.


But this is not so serious.


By continuing to drive, we can experience and understand it logistically.



In the Ebata family, it was customary to have students enroll in driving school immediately after high school graduation, so both our oldest and second daughters obtained their driver's licenses as soon as possible.


However, the date when the ban on driving was lifted was set as the day of his 21st birthday.

なぜか?―― 自動車保険の保険料が安くなるからです

Why -- because it will reduce your auto insurance premiums.


The premiums from 18 to the day before age 21 are ridiculously high.


And I don't honestly believe in 'three years of no accidents for teenagers.'


This is obvious from the age-specific statistics, and premiums are naturally reflected in those statistics.



So, we recently entered the phase of our second daughter's development.


The second daughter is "the one who can't drive a car from the beginning."


For now, I may need a lecture or exercise like I did with my wife.

2024-03-02 ―― 辛い作業を、"他人"に押しつけてきたから [長年日記]


I am currently working on "creating a city on the computer identical to an actual town.


I will spare you the details, but if I do not complete and move this, I will not graduate from college.


This process melts away the entire weekend.

恐しく面倒くさい作業なのに、学術的には語るべき内容がない ―― 苦労談ならいくらでも語れるんですけどね。

It's a horrible and annoying process, but there's no academic content. Even if I could tell you all about the hard work.


What is troublesome is not "freely designing a city" as in a game but "building in" a city that exists in reality.


Fictitious settings such as "warps" or "doors to anywhere" are prohibited.



When I was working for the company, I thought I could create a prototype system in a much shorter time, but now it is as slow as a "turtle.


I thought again, 'Why is it taking so long?' and realized an obvious fact.

―― 辛い作業を、"他人"に押しつけてきたから

"I've been putting the hard work on "others"."


Others" are, for example, colleagues in the company or software subcontractors.


I had the overwhelming support of such people, so I would have been able to build at the "speed of light" compared to today.


However, I am the sole creator of the system, which is the subject of my research at the university.


Naturally, the speed would be like that of a tortoise.

私、ちょくちょく「一人でがんばっている」ような記述をしていましたが ―― 当たり前ですが ―― 一人でできることなんて、高が知れているんですよね。

I have often described myself as "working hard on my own," but there is only so much one person can do.



Even though it is a virtual city, it is a real challenge to create this all by oneself.

この街、本当に完成するのか ―― そう考えると、怖くて眠れない日があります。

This city, will it be completed -- there are days when I can't sleep because I'm so scared to think about it.


This may be a "retaliation" for my presumption that I was doing my best on my own.

2024-03-03 という理由で、今朝の4時までかけて、この運行テーブルを作っていました。 [長年日記]


There are timetables for each bus stop (disclosed by each bus company).


There are also routes for each bus line (disclosed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).


However, it is rare for a government or company to disclose this as an operation chart.


Some organizations are making them, but not in the area where I want them.


If that is the case, I have no choice but to create my own.


Well, it was annoying work.


I almost lost my temper last night and was writing a small program to make it easier.


However, this, too, is a hassle if you try to create a fully automated program, and bugs are sure to occur (such as different notations or strings in the program), so partial automation is more reliable.


If I wanted to make bus schedules for all the buses in Japan at once, I could write a fully automated program, but since my target was only six routes, such a program was not worth the time cost.


I spent until 4:00 this morning creating this bus operation table.



So now that that is done, I am struggling to fix one part of the GIS database I created before.


If the GIS database were to be rebuilt from scratch, there would be a mismatch in node numbers in the current program, and the entire program would have to be rebuilt.


If this is an analogy,

―― 脳を切開して、脳の毛細血管の一つを追加するような作業

"Work like making an incision in the brain and adding one of the brain's capillaries."


(No, it's not that great. Because no one's life is at stake.)



Why am I keeping my diary when I don't have that much time?


Of course, they are escaping reality in the face of that brain surgery.

2024-03-04 そういう今の生き方がいい ―― 煉獄の日々よりはずっといい。 [長年日記]




I wrote a story about this.




I read the article that I could understand nicely.


こういう『ブルーピリオド』の主人公のような生き方は、本当に、美しく、尊く、その内面から溢れる光と力で、世界を豊かに彩ります ―― 赤の他人にとっては。

This kind of life, like the protagonist of "Blue Period," is genuine, beautiful, and precious, and it enriches the world with the light and power that overflows from within -- for a stranger.


For the persons themselves, however, this way of life is a purgatory of endless cycles of despair and frustration.


I think, 'Finally, I couldn't live like this.


I can say that "now" because I do not plan to live the rest of my life like the protagonist of "Blue Period."


I do what I can and give up what I cannot.

そういう今の生き方がいい ―― 煉獄の日々よりはずっといい。

That kind of life now is good -- much better than the days of purgatory.



How many people expect others who are not themselves to do so?


I consider the accomplishments of others, be it chess, baseball, or whatever, to be "great," but nothing more or less than my own.


I use 100% of my resources to do what I want.


I do not have enough time to support a stranger.


Sometimes I wonder, 'Where in the world does a person who can support a stranger find the time to do so?

ともあれ、私は『自分では達成できない何かを、赤の他人に代替させ、期待すること』ことだけは絶対しない ―― そういう自分であり続けたいと思っています。

Anyway, I will never do anything I can't achieve by myself and expect someone else to do it for me -- I want to keep being that kind of person.

ましてや、『自分以外の他人が、自分の期待通りにならかったことを批判する』―― そういう醜悪な人間の側に属することだけは、死んでもゴメンです。

And I will not be on the side of those ugly people who criticize others for not living up to their expectations, even if someone kills me.

2024-03-05 コラムが書きたい ―― 最近、とても、とても、とても、そう思います。 [長年日記]

コラムが書きたい ―― 最近、とても、とても、とても、そう思います。

I want to write a column -- very, very, very much so lately.


I have a lot of stories to write.


I have even asked Dr. Shibata, a "run-over," to help me.

EE Times Japan編集部の編集部(編集長?)が、『最近、あの、江端の膨大な文章を編集しなくて、ラクだな』と思って頂けているなら、それが唯一の救いです(救いか?)。

If the editorial staff (editor-in-chief?) of EE Times Japan thinks, "It's so much easier not to have to edit Ebata's huge amount of writing these days," that's the only relief (or is it?).



I would contribute more to the world, "building a city inside a computer" or "writing a column"?

―― と考えて、そして、すぐに考えるのをやめました。

-- and then quickly stopped thinking about it.

『うん、どっちも世界に貢献はしないな』と思ったからです ―― 謙遜なんて1mmもありません。

I thought, 'Yeah, neither one of them contributes anything to the world' -- there's not a millimeter of modesty.


Both are the culmination of my ego.


But I can't stop. 'I want to write a column. I like to write a column.


I do not want to escape from making map databases, timetables, MAS simulators, video transfer codes, generating AI evaluations, or writing patent specifications.

ええ、そうです ―― 多分。

Yes, it is -- probably.

2024-03-06 ―― 理屈じゃないんだ。何度も練習して、自分の体で覚えていくんだ [長年日記]


Recently, I have received frequent e-mails asking for "training on using the Generative AI.

I have been a critic of buzzwords in this series of articles, but when it comes to "generative AI," I can't say it is a buzzword.


Because I use the "Generative AI" to the fullest every day.



I did a little research on the news heads that appear in combination with this "generative AI,"


"Good use"


"The management ranks."


"How to solve social problems."


"Learn in three hours."


"Three Keys to Better Results."


Yes, it's the same as before.


These news heads are for those who have never tried using a generative AI.


These are sweet words for those who want to "let someone else use it without using it themselves" or "cut corners as much as possible even if I use it myself.



I wonder what it is.


I couldn't do the "back hip circle" in elementary school, and I am still traumatized by the word.


What did the adults say to me when I was having trouble doing "back hip circle"?

―― 理屈じゃないんだ。何度も練習して、自分の体で覚えていくんだ

"It's not logic. You practice it over and over, and your body learns it."




I want to say 'the same thing' to those who like to cut corners and get comfortable with generative AI, OK?


All you have to do for a generative AI is feed it natural language, tables, and figures.


Why don't you try that level of detail yourself?


An adult interested in generative AI and not trying it out for themself can be called 'less than an elementary school student.

2024-03-07 そんな『IT用務員さん』がいるでしょうか? まあ、いないでしょうね。 [長年日記]


I have previously written a column on the GIGA school concept.


A news program recently ran a feature on an "IT literacy gap" among elementary schools in Nagoya City.

格差の発生の原因を纏めると ―― どの世界でも同じですが ―― 「金(予算)」と「人材(教師)」らしいです。

The causes of the disparity can be summarized as "money (budget)" and "human resources (teachers)" -- the same as in any other world.


The academic achievement gap is also caused by "money (cram schools)" and "human resources (instructors)," so it can be said that it is precisely the same form.



I, however, have been looking at it wrong.

確かに「金」と「人材」の問題はあるけど、私たちは、それを乗り越える歴史的奇跡の3年間 ―― "コロナ禍"があったのです。

Yes, there are "money" and "human resources" issues, but we have had three years of historical miracles to overcome -- the "Corona Disaster."


At that time, children and adults were also forbidden to go to school or work and had to study or work at home.


Not for three days or three months, but for three years (well, not the whole three years).

『この3年間で、教師のITリテラシーは、爆上がりしたんだろう』 ―― 私は、そう信じていましたし、そんなことも書いていました。

I believed, and even wrote, that "IT literacy among teachers must have exploded in the last three years.


(but I could not find that journal of mine. If anyone finds it, please let me know).

現場の教師は、全員、リアルタイムの遠隔授業を、自力で実施できるくらいに、レベルアップした ―― と信じていた私は、ただのマヌケでしたか?

Was I just a fool to believe that all teachers in the field had improved to the point where they could conduct real-time remote classes independently?



However, if teachers in the field are being asked to "deal with tablet freezes" or "set up wifi" or even "install LAN", then that is a pretty bad situation.


The jobs are essentially that of a janitor, who maintains the school's facilities, including electricity, water, and building repairs.

しかし、電波強度、指向性、ITアドレス、デバイスドライバ、アプリのインストール、セキュルティ対策から、AWSのクラウド設定に至るまでの、IT設備の全部を網羅する ――

But it covers the whole gamut of IT equipment, from signal strength, directionality, IT addresses, device drivers, app installation, security measures, AWS cloud settings, and more.

そんな『IT用務員さん』がいるでしょうか? まあ、いないでしょうね。

Would there be such an "IT janitor"? Well, I don't think so.


Maybe with those skills, they can work in any company's IT systems management department.


And they would be making more than a public elementary school salary.



I think the GIGA School concept fundamentally lacks a system that can maintain the IT infrastructure on campus, even before tablets and apps are used.


I hope the system in that area will be a good place for senior IT technicians like myself to receive after retirement.

なにしろ、ITのアプリは凄い進歩していますが、ITのインフラそのものは、私の見たところ、1970年ころから、さほど進化しているようには思えないのです ―― いわば、電気の結線、水道の管の接合レベルです。

IT applications have made significant progress, but the IT infrastructure itself, as far as I can tell, has not evolved much since 1970 -- at the level of electrical wiring or water pipe joints.


So, I think the "retired recipients of senior IT technicians" will probably be exemplary until about the time of my death.

2024-03-08 ふと思い出したのですが、私たち夫婦の結婚前の最初の危機は、新婚旅行の目的地のギャップでした。 [長年日記]


I suddenly remembered that our first pre-marital crisis was a gap in our honeymoon destination.


I suggested that,

- "Grotto Temples" in Afghanistan


-"Wall of Lamentation" under the jurisdiction of the United Nations (or Palestine or Israel)



Other places I remember suggesting include Poland and Osifientim (where the Auschwitz concentration camp was located).


Well, everything was rejected by my wife.



Since I was the one who had sought the marriage, I could not file an objection to the dismissal.


However, I should have gone 'back then' when I was physically more robust and had a higher tolerance for mental shock.

―― ということを、若い人に、私からの遺言として残しておきたい。

-- I want to leave this as my testament to the younger generation.

2024-03-09 「しゃべれば、ロクな目に合わない」―― これは、もう、人生の帰納的経験則といっても過言ではありません。 [長年日記]


The phrase "silence is golden" and the phrase "those who do not speak up at meetings should leave" are both "true.


If you speak up, they make you do it.


People not disadvantaged by speaking out are essentially 'people who don't work/need to work in the field.


Or rather,

―― 激務で1秒でも多く寝たいという人間を理解せずに「会議で発言しない者は立ち去れ」とか平気でいう奴は、要するに『バカ』なのです

"Anyone who says flatly, "Those who don't speak up at meetings should walk away" without understanding those who want to sleep as much as possible due to hard work is, in short, an "idiot."



I can think of several ways to solve the problem during a meeting.


But I remain silent about the solution because I'm probably the only one who can make that happen.


If I make a statement, they say that absolutely,?


'Well, Ebata-san, please take charge of just the first part of that."



Do you think that the means to solve a problem can be divided into "first", "middle", "last", and so on, you stupid bastard?

「しゃべれば、ロクな目に合わない」―― これは、もう、人生の帰納的経験則といっても過言ではありません。

It is no exaggeration to say that this is an inductive rule of thumb for life: "If you talk, you will get hurt.



So, as today's punchline, I am one of those "idiots."


This is part of a document I prepared 20 years ago.


It's too late now, but I am a selfish asshole.


I think I am a little brighter than those unaware of that awareness.

2024-03-10 『どこかでがんばってくれている誰かの善意と努力を信じ、そして、私が助けてもらえなくても誰も恨まない』 [長年日記]

NHK Special "The Day We Couldn't Talk About Local Government Officials on March 11"


I watch the recordings for five minutes a day.

5分間以上、連続では見られません ―― 見ているのが、本当につらくて。

I can't watch it for more than 5 minutes straight -- it's tough to watch.


No tragic music like in the movies, no pointless staging, and no interviewer prompting the interviewee to talk.


The experiences of local government officials, who were forced to stand on the side of the victims and support them, are heartbreakingly told in a simple, unaffected manner.


I also think, "If it's so painful, just stop looking at it," but that doesn't seem right.


This was practically the only time I participated in earthquake disaster volunteer activities.


Every time a disaster strikes, I am not without guilt for not volunteering.


However, in the future, when I am affected,


"I believe in the goodwill and effort of someone working hard somewhere, and I don't begrudge anyone if I can't be helped."


I swear to you. So I think


Forgive me for that."



2024-03-11 打つ手がないなら、我が国は、緩やかに死んでいけばよいのです。 [長年日記]


For some time now, I have had a vague hunch that 'the number of employees leaving the company may increase due to the promotion of maternity lea


Lately, this hunch is "coming true" (though I would appreciate it if you would refrain from giving me examples or data, as this is a matter of private life).


Although "returning to work after maternity leave" has been a social issue for the past several decades, I feel that the opposite phenomenon, "leaving the workforce after maternity leave," will become a problem shortly.

―― 一体、今まで、私は、家族を犠牲にしてまで、会社の為に働いてきたんだろう?

"What have I been doing all this time, sacrificing my family for the company?"


And then, one day, they suddenly 'come back to themselves'?


This may be one "death of values" in our country.



I have already mentioned that "I work for the company (society) for the sake of my family" is a standard phrase for child abandonment.



Working for the family" literally means "working for the family," not "working for the company."


Of course, it is up to the individual to decide who works for whom.


But at least those who think 'I can't raise a child' should not choose a life of having children.


Since you have chosen a life of having children, it is natural to "work for the family."



In this sense, the citizens of our neighboring country, with a birth rate of 0.72, are genuinely severe and honest people.


Of course, the same is true for the young people of our country.


This birth rate figure (1.20 in Japan) comes from the fact that they are prepared to say, 'I cannot raise children.

# ちなみに国家が人口を維持できる最小値は、"2.08"(人)です。

# By the way, the minimum a nation can sustain a population is "2.08" (persons).


I believe that a "person who decides not to live with his/her child" is much better than a "person who runs around endorsing abandonment."



I have already given my answer to those who shout, 'What about the future of our country?


If there is nothing to do, our country should die a slow and gradual death.


If the government can focus on 'how to soft-land the death of the nation without causing pain to the people,' I would be OK with that.

2024-03-12 ―― 出席はしたいが、欠席したい [長年日記]


Recently, farewell and welcome parties have been planned.


Recently, I have been having trouble using the excuse of 'corona disaster.'


However, quite a few people around me (at home and work) are literally 'rolling over and suffering' from coronas and flu.


With this in mind, I would like to limit my participation in "drinking parties" to remote environments only.



However, the organizer of a drinking party tells me, 'Make your attendance flag clear.


In no small part, I know what it is like because I, too, have been asked to be the organizer of such an event,

―― 出席はしたいが、欠席したい

"I would like to attend, but I would like to be absent."


The subtle subtleties of the heart are not taken into account.


Is it impossible if it would be possible to interpret "not replying" as meaning "regrettably absent.


土壇場で出席したり、欠席したりするバカに、これまで私がどれだけ腹を立ててきたか ―― それを考えると、「出欠の旗幟(しき)を明かにせよ」という指示は、支持できます。

Considering how often I have felt angry by idiots who attend or miss a meeting at the last minute. Therefore, I can support the instruction to "clarify your attendance."


However, from now on, I strongly hope that you will resolve this issue by adding, "Those who have not responded will be confirmed as absent as of midnight today. We hope this will be determined by adding, "If you have not responded, please refrain from making any further changes.



Well, I am aware that I am being very selfish.

2024-03-13 ともあれ、出生率の基準値は、"1.0"ではありません。"2.08"です。 [長年日記]


I was surprised to read some of the reader comments on my column.


This means that some people misinterpret the concept of the fertility rate (special fertility rate).


The birth rate needed to maintain the current population is "2.08".


This means that 2.08 people from one male-female couple (married or unmarried) in a country can give birth, i.e., 2 + α, which is equal.


Some people seem to think this is based on "1.0."


This is a terrible misunderstanding.



It is a big mistake to say, "Korea is at 0.72, but Japan is at 1.20.


If the birth rate that can sustain a population is expressed in a 100-point test,

■韓国: 48点(187カ国中、世界最下位)

South Korea: 48 points (out of 187 countries, lowest in the world)

■日本: 57点(187カ国中、下から10番目)

Japan: 57 points (10th from the bottom out of 187 countries)



■アフガニスタン: 228点(187カ国中、上から17番目)

Afghanistan: 228 points (17th from the top out of 187 countries)



Afghanistan is enrolled in the best-selected class, and we (and everyone else in Korea) are in the required remedial class.



Of course, a high birth rate does not mean everything is O.K. (infant mortality and other factors must be considered).


Incidentally (as you may be tired of hearing by now), the ranking of women's status in Japan is at about the same level as that of Afghanistan.

So I think it is very likely that (some) people in Afghanistan see us as, at least, we are winners against Japan.



At any rate, the reference value for the birth rate is not "1.0."


But "2.08".


Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

2024-03-14 『初心者"が"運転を怖がり』『初心者"の"運転が怖い』ことは、とても良いこと ―― それは分かっているのです。 [長年日記]


My second daughter, over 21 years old, started driving our automobile.


The other day, when I went to pick up my second daughter at the station, she asked me to let her drive, so I gave up my driver's seat.


Second daughter: "What are you doing sitting in the back seat? Why don't you sit in the passenger seat and coach me on how to drive?


Me: "Well, passenger seats have the highest mortality rate... I still want to live my life with my wife."


I resisted, but she would not let me.



Driving people is fundamentally scary.


And driving for beginners is scarier than a roller coaster.


The steering, gas pedal, and brake timing differ entirely from mine.


The perception of vehicle width and distance from the center of the road or roadside strip is different.


Sudden acceleration and deceleration cause an impossible "F" to be applied to the head.


After the rearward check, a backup garage entry is initiated without locking it onto the target.

総じて言えば、自分の車の位置を、空間的に把握する ―― 3Dビューがない。

You may know where your car is spatial; however, she has no 3D view.



Nevertheless, if a beginner had a "3D view" from the beginning, that would be scary.


The car of a beginner who is overconfident that they are a talented driver is a "killer weapon.

『初心者"が"運転を怖がり』『初心者"の"運転が怖い』ことは、とても良いこと ―― それは分かっているのです。

'Beginners are afraid to drive' and 'We are afraid of Beginners driving' are excellent statements?I know that.



My sister once told me, "A beginner becomes a driver after they have destroyed half a car.

私はそこまで腹を括ることはできませんが ―― それでも、娘が人身事故を起こすことを考えれば、助手席で怯えることくらい、どうってことはない、とは思っています。

I can't be that prepared, though; I don't think that being frightened in the passenger seat is anything compared to my daughter being involved in a personal injury accident.

2024-03-15 ―― そもそも、そういう下品なイベント以外に、自分たちが楽しめるイベントを自力で企画・運営できない [長年日記]

As I write here, I believe that


"Social values continue to be upgraded on a fortnightly basis."


私は、これを『Windows Update的価値観バージョンアップ』と呼んでいます。

I call this a "Windows Update-like Value Upgrade."



The day after a Windows 10/11 update occurs, the computer can take 30 minutes or more to boot up; if it is terrible, it can fail.


When it fails to start, my mind goes blank.


If the reboot fails, I may be unable to retrieve the HDD's contents.


Even if it could be retrieved, the work may require dozens of hours or cost tens of thousands of yen.

Windows Updateは、常に私にとっては「恐怖」の対象です。

Windows Update has always been a "horror" for me.

私の意図せぬ形で、勝手にシステムを更新され、勝手に機能を追加され、そして、不具合を起こすWindows Updateですが、それでも、私は対応し続けなければなりません。

Windows Update updates my system without intention, adds features without permission, and causes glitches, but I still have to keep dealing with it.


This protects my system (PC) from cyber attacks that continue to strengthen daily.


Aside from that.



Others have already discussed the LDP Youth Bureau's "radical party"(*) from a moral standpoint, so I will not mention it. Still, I would like to discuss it simply from the perspective of the organization and its members.


(*) It was discovered that an "extreme dance show" was held at a party held by the LDP Youth Bureau in 2023. At the party, a highly revealing female dancer appeared and body-touched the attendees. The youth bureau chief and others resigned over this issue, and some have criticized the party.


(1) The premise is that this kind of party would not have been a problem or might not have been considered so much of an issue 30 years ago during the bubble economy. But now is not 30 years ago.


(2) The LDP Youth Bureau is an organization that, in this day and age, continues to be maintained with brains and intelligence equivalent to an "MS-DOS" operating system and is composed of people who do not even have the specifications of a discarded PC, and have been unable to upgrade their software for 30 years, let alone once every two weeks.


It is nothing but anxiety to entrust the future of our country to such "incompetent young men," but more than that,

―― そもそも、そういう下品なイベント以外に、自分たちが楽しめるイベントを自力で企画・運営できない

"In the first place, they cannot plan and organize events they can enjoy on their own, other than such vulgar events."


I feel a deep sense of despair at the lack of creativity that


For example,


'Assuming that the majority of the attendees at this party were women legislators, and then given the mission of conducting this event, what would be the best way to shape the event?'


I would appreciate the event being well thought out under various binding conditions, like the above.


As a corporate researcher (that's me) who must constantly come up with new inventions amidst all kinds of restrictions (novelty, inventive step, corporate profit, corporate brand, etc.), I am angry at this inaction, a "vulgar event that shows no effort at all.



Still, I am impressed that that organization (the ruling party as of 2024) likes to party.


It looks like 'people who would be dead without the party.'

政治というものが、『パーティと不可分一体』であるとすれば ―― 『私(江端)には、政治は無理だな』と再認識しました。

If politics is an inseparable part of partying, I realized again that politics is impossible for me (Ebata).

2024-03-16 誰かの『絶対に見捨てない』というフレーズは信じない方がよい [長年日記]


Many articles begin with the headline, 'Never Abandon anyone.'

それは立派なことだと思います ―― もし、それが本当にできるのであれば、ですが。

That would be admirable -- if it is possible.


In my case, on the contrary, I can assure you that


"I'll abandon anyone."



It is clear from my experience.

I know I have abandoned my studies, work, friends, and even my parents.



It is impossible to say, "Never abandon anyone" in the first place.


The above is easy to prove.


Because I cannot provide resources to others beyond what I have.


It is a simple conservation of energy law.


The only exception would be if I self-destruct (or die) in the process of continuing to 'never abandon'.


The above case would be a good time to say we have completed "Never Abandon Anyone."



I know that "Never abandon" is a "statement of determination" or a "strong adjective.


So, I know that the way I said it above is unfair and malicious.


But I still can't say 'never abandon anyone ' so quickly.



By the way, there is some good in "abandon anyone absolutely.".


When someone doesn't help me, that is,


Calling them a liar,


Feeling betrayed,


Being pessimistic against miserable

―― そういう感情を、短期間かつ小さく収めることができるからです。

"This is because such feelings can pack them quickly and in a small way."


If I prepare to be "absolutely abandoned" again,


What should I take to "not let them abandon me so quickly?


I can always prepare to keep thinking about the above.



In conclusion for today,


(1) Don't believe someone's phrase, "I will never abandon you.




(2) I will try to 'never let someone abandon me.'


are important.

2024-03-17 長女:「パパ、あの『葬式(そうしき)のフリーレン』だけど・・・」 [長年日記]


I had a conversation with my senior daughter (who seems to be back frequently), who recently returned to her hometown.


Daugher:"Dad, that 'Frieren in Funeral'..."


Me:"It's 'Frieren in Future'"

(*)邦題は、"Frieren : Beyond Journey's End"となっています。「フリーレン:終末の彼方へ」って感じでしょうか。



I was amazed at how just one letter can completely change the impression.


I could see Frieren putting up the "mourning curtain" for the funeral hall using her magic.



ChatGPT gave a dumb answer, so here it is.

私: アニメ「葬送のフリーレン」の邦題を教えて下さい

Me: What is the Japanese title of the anime "Sousou-no-Furiren"?

ChatGPT: アニメ「葬送のフリーレン」の邦題は、「That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime」(転生したらスライムだった件)です。

ChatGPT: The Japanese title of the anime Sousou-no-Fureren is "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime."

2024-03-18 ただ、私は、『水、コシ、温度がうんぬん』とかいう、面倒くさいことを言うマンガとは異なる方向で、「そば」が好きです。 [長年日記]


I am from Nagoya (an adjacent city to Nagoya), so "Miso Nikomi Udon" is my soul food!


After coming to the Kanto region, I discovered the deliciousness of "soba" (buckwheat noodles).


My daughter also likes "soba".



However, I like "soba" differently from the cartoons about "water, firmness, temperature, etc. " and other tedious things.


I believe that time-consuming, labor-intensive, heart-centered, and overpriced "soba" is delicious.


But I prefer cheap, easy, and delicious "soba" that is easy to make and requires only a microwave or stove to complete the noodle process.


So, I've been wandering around supermarkets and Amazon searching for such "soba."

I recently purchased this. It was delicious.


However, although it is more than three times more expensive than dried noodles, which cost about 300 yen for a four-pack, it tastes more like soba.


The soba soup I make is a commercial noodle soup with Kashiwa, leek, enoki mushrooms, spinach, and crushed togarashi thrown in there and simmered.


I like to make my own "soba" this way.



No matter what Yuzan Kaihara or Shiro Yamaoka might say,


As stated in the last line of the last page here,


それでも、私は ―― 1年365日、いつどこでも、「納豆御飯ともやし炒め」をおいしいと思える人だけが、次の20年後の人工知能ブームへの架け橋となり、そして、第4次の人工知能ブームを立ち上げる当事者と成り得る ―― と信じているのです。

Nevertheless, I believe that only those who can think "natto gohan and fried bean sprouts" is delicious anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year, can be the bridge to the next artificial intelligence boom in the next 20 years and be the party that launches the fourth artificial intelligence boom.



The above is the way of life of a researcher, and I am a researcher.

2024-03-19 ―― 斬新な"虐待"だなぁ [長年日記]


I heard of a mother who would not allow her college-aged daughter to use a cooking knife.


The reason is 'because it is dangerous.


Well, of course, she never learned to cook, and she became an adult, and the maximum meal she could make for herself was "cup noodles.


When I heard this story, I thought,

―― 斬新な"虐待"だなぁ

"What a novel kind of "abuse"



The important point is not 'pretending to protect the child' but worrying about the child.


It's not 'pretending to love' but 'loving.'


However, this "abuse" is highly effective.


With pinpoint accuracy, the parent destroys the future of the child.



Ever since childhood, I have believed that if I accept 100% of what my parents say, I will be in deep trouble later.


In hindsight, this seems to have been the right decision.


This is because sometimes parents' advice is correct, but sometimes it is off.


If I had believed my parents' words, for example, 'You don't have to worry about your tuition,' I might have had to drop out of college.


However, my parents may have "worked things out at the last minute."


I, too, have become a parent of others and have learned that 'only adults have ways of solving problems.


However, my parents never explained why I should not worry, so I had to start moving independently.


―― 『お前は心配しなくてもいい』は、子どもの心配を全く解消しない

-- "You don't have to worry" does not relieve the child's worry.


How many adults (parents) do not understand this reality?


The child is finally at ease after verbalization, quantification, and presentation.


Unfortunately, the parents do not have the "track record" and "credibility" necessary for children to "trust their parents," or they are "invisible" to the children.



This is why I had a credit ratio of about 50% for my parents.


I am not objective, but I think the numbers were generally reasonable.



Back to the story.


The mother who does not allow her college-aged daughter to use a kitchen knife prioritizes her peace of mind.


She has not one millimeter of consideration for the future of her children.


I can safely say that these adults are the 'premium class of uncorrectable idiots' among adults.


So, what I would like to tell you, all children, are?

―― 親とは、時として、「愛」を装って、あなたの未来を潰しにくる最大の悪魔

"Parents can sometimes be the greatest demon of all, trying to destroy your future under the guise of "love."



I don't know what method would be best, but I think one way is to "keep your parent's credit ratio at 50%".



Please ask your friend to guide you on how to use a knife at her house.


Ten cuts on the finger will do most of the work.

2024-03-20 もし、私がアルコール依存から抜け出ることなく、この夏を迎えていたら ―― 『抑うつで「自死」していたかもしれない』 [長年日記]


(I've told this story many times.) I think I was an alcoholic or a pre-disposed alcoholic.


I believe that the reason for the addiction is because of our aptitude for the field.


For example,

―― 私、二日酔い、というものを経験したことがありません

"I have never experienced a hangover."


No matter how much I drank, I never got drunk or lost my memory.

(This is an exception)

つまり、『アルコールに対する適性があった』と言えます ―― 違うかな?

In other words, 'I had an aptitude for alcohol' -- no?


Anyway, I believe that 'dependence on alcohol by not being hurt by alcohol' is a new way of thinking.



I think one of the reasons I did not become a gambler or a video game addict was probably because I was, in part, hopelessly vulnerable to gambling and gaming.


I can't win so that I won't do it.


Yes, It is also very revealing.


Female dependency, male dependency, domestic violence, stalking, etc., are all out of the question for me at this point.


I don't like people, so I don't depend on them.


(Not a very pleasant conclusion.) It is also very revealing.



My alcoholism was linked to my insomnia.


These two are the worst pair ever.

I can honestly say that I have almost died.


In my case, however, I thought I could tolerate alcohol as long as I could solve my insomnia.


Insomnia can be surpassed to some extent by aptly prescribed medications (stabilizers and sleeping pills).


In other words, for me, alcohol and insomnia are a trade-off, and that is why I was able to make the move to sobriety.


What, by comparison, are the alternatives to gambling and gaming addiction?


I imagine getting out of these dependencies would be tough without alternatives.



By the way, I suffered a lot from "depression" this summer.


I am still freaked out when the symptoms start to show up when I get overwhelmed at work.


I, however, did not have "depression" when I was an alcoholic.


I wondered if there might be a "negative" relationship between alcoholism and depression, and upon doing some research, I found the exact opposite to be true.


I found a strong positive correlation of 3.0 times.


もし、私がアルコール依存から抜け出ることなく、この夏を迎えていたら ―― 『抑うつで「自死」していたかもしれない』

If I had gone through this summer without getting out of alcohol dependence -- "I might have 'committed suicide' from depression."


I am horrified now when I think about it.

2024-03-21 『みんな不幸で、みんないい』 [長年日記]


I have a passion for agriculture, fishing, and livestock.


But I know full well that these jobs require advanced technology, vast know-how, and much time, energy, and mental strength to acquire.


Unfortunately, I have resigned myself to the fact that finding another job in this field would be impossible in this life.



I have a longing to be a fisherman.


I think it is a wonderful life to be able to eat fresh fish every day.


I also have a passion for dairy farming.


I think it is a wonderful life to drink fresh milk every day.


I, on the other hand,

- うんざりするほどのパソコンとディスプレイがあり、

- I have a disgusting amount of computers and displays,

- 使い途のないメモリや周辺装置が大量にあり、

- I have tons of useless memory and peripherals,

- 高価で高度の計算を行う計算ツールを所有し

- I have expensive and sophisticated computational tools.



Perhaps some people consider this kind of life a "wonderful life" (I don't believe it).



Aside from whether "fish," "milk," and "computers" can be discussed in the same breath, it is likely that "those who have it" are "unaware of what they have."

つまり、『だれもが自分の持っていなものを羨んで、だれもが不幸になる』 ―― と。

In other words, "Everyone envies what they don't have, and everyone is unhappy.


That's nice.


I want to release this revised version of Misuzu Kaneko's well-known poem, "Everyone is different, everyone is good.


Everybody's unhappy, everybody's good."


Yeah, this one feels more comfortable to me.


I presume that "more than a few people feel the same way I do."

2024-03-22 ―― あなたが自分の世界を広げられたことに『おめでとう』と言いましょう。でもそれを私に押しつけてくるな。うっとうしい [長年日記]


My room is now a complete program development room, with six displays in front of me.


However, they are still not enough.


I am working on a network program using Raspi 4 but struggling with this development environment.


Especially in networking, multiple displays are desirable because I have to debug while looking at both the sending and receiving sides.


However, I didn't want to buy a display now, and I suddenly saw a PC in the living room.


今や、娘はノートPC + iPadで生きているし、嫁さんは、スマホから航空券の予約を取っています。

My daughter lives on a laptop + iPad, and my wife makes airline reservations from her phone.


Our shared PC seems to have already done its job.


So, I snatched two old displays from a family PC.

The problem is that the interface is an old standard (VGA). However, I resolve it with a conversion cable.


I was surprised to learn that Raspi 4 has had two display interfaces from the beginning.

ノートPCだって、HDMIのインターフェース1つしか持っていないのに ―― ラズパイは一体どこに行こうとしているのだろうか。ありがたいけど。

Even laptops only have one HDMI interface. Where the heck is the Raspi going? Thanks, though.



By the way, last month, at the request of my professor (or rather, as a departmental unit), I built a database server with Raspi and delivered it to a university laboratory.


It would be great if students could become proficient in using this database server, but as far as I know, I have not seen any students programming it (maybe they are doing it at home).

それでも私は、『プログラミングは、自分の世界を広げますよ』 ということを、努めて言わないようにしています。

Still, I try not to say, 'Programming will expand your world.


I have seen so many people who talk about "programming" as "Islam," "judo," "soccer," "English," etc., that I am sick and tired of it.

It is the same as this story. I want to say that

―― あなたが自分の世界を広げられたことに『おめでとう』と言いましょう。でもそれを私に押しつけてくるな。うっとうしい

"I say 'congratulations' to you for expanding your world. But don't push it on me. It's annoying."


2024-03-23 ―― 『新技術で一発当てたい』という技術者は、『常に負け続ける運命にある』 [長年日記]

いまさら、という感じとは思いますが、私、今回PoE(Power of Ethernet)を使う機会を得ました。

I know it's a little late for this, but I had the opportunity to use PoE (Power of Ethernet) this time.


PoE can supply power (15.4W per port) simultaneously with data communication via LAN cable.


This time, I could "feel" it with a PoE-enabled camera.



―― もの凄く便利

"Very useful"


First of all, of course, I don't have to care about the location of the power outlet, but it is also great that there is no need to run two cables, one for communication and the other for power.


As you know, I have a surveillance camera installed in my house, and I had a lot of trouble with the wiring (especially the power cable).


Burying power cables underground or laying them in walls is more trouble than it seems (for leaks or short circuits).


If you think about it, this is a matter of course, but the fact that this matter of course is not known until we try is a weakness of the new technology.



Another barrier to such "new technology" (PoE was more than a decade old) was the high price of PoE-capable Ethernet hubs.


I think it was about 100,000 yen.

But I checked the other day, and it was about 5,000 yen for five ports.

I only needed one port for one camera, so I got it from Amazon.com for about 1500 yen.


I thought, "I still need an Ethernet cable that supports PoE," but when I tried it with a Category 6 cable I found lying around, I was surprised it worked just fine.



Thus, new technologies are doomed to fail to spread unless both "experience" and "commoditization(*)" are in place.


(*)A product or service that was a high value-added product or service at the time of its market launch, but as a result of market activation, other companies have entered the market, and there is no longer any difference in functionality, quality, etc., for users.


The former "experience" is particularly difficult.


There is a story about this when the Ebata family installed an HDD recorder (I could not find the exhibit).


My wife, who said 'VHS (tape) recorder is enough,' completely forgot the existence of VHS after purchasing the HDD recorder.


There have been these conversations in the world about rackets and smartphones.


"We can look things up on my smartphone." and "Why don't you just look that up on your home computer?


The transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting (the notice period was seven years, I think) was also a bit of a struggle. Still, at this point, no one I know says, "I don't need digital terrestrial broadcasting; go back to analog broadcasting.


What I'm trying to say is,

―― 『新技術で一発当てたい』という技術者は、『常に負け続ける運命にある』

"Engineers who want to hit it out of the park with new technology are always doomed to lose."




Looking at my daughter, it seems like she is having difficulty finding a job.


On the living room table is always a pamphlet for job hunters from some company.


Yesterday, I found a pamphlet for job hunters from a general electronics manufacturer I know well.


I had a blast reading it.


Well, (no sarcasm) I enjoyed it.


It was a new learning experience for me.


But here's the thing: "You are always doomed to lose. Still, why don't you come to us?' I would probably have been "impressed" if there had been a word of

2024-03-24 家族の間では、「"ロジック"を喪失した後のパパ」が度々テーマとして挙げられており、『南海トラフ』と同程度の恐怖の対象となっています。 [長年日記]

I'm re-reading this, and I'm frustrated that some readers might think, "Ebata, you don't even know what "SSH" is?"


"I cannot send Camera image displays over SSH."


Well, of course, I could probably fly with X-Windows or WebRTC, but considering the cost of building it (used display + 800 yen) and the time it would take, it is only natural that I would choose the display.


I made the excuse.


Well, let's put that aside.



When files are combined in a folder, the folder name generally describes the type of file and the nature of the work.


For example, "2023 latter A invention study" or "meeting_20221213".


However, I usually overlook the names of folders, and searches fail.


I have recently found out (I wish I had realized it earlier) that if? I base this on a "person's name," it makes searching much more accessible.


For example, "Mr. XXX_video" or "Dr. XXX_data provided."


However, I cannot remember people's names, so I must search past emails.


On the other hand, it may seem like a "hassle," but it is easier for me this way.

My wife tells me that 'it's because you are misanthropic and have no desire to remember people's names,' but I think this is some disease (memory impairment).



By the way, the father of the main character in the novel & comic & anime "The Apothecary's Alone", "Rakan", had prosopagnosia (loss of facial expression).


As mentioned above, I cannot remember people's names.


However, I remember the book's number of pages, data, and drawings in great detail.


I asked ChatGPT what this unbalanced memory impairment was, and it responded, 'That's just how it is.

If it is a "cognitive disorder," then I have had dementia since I was a teenager. If it is a "developmental disorder," then it would seem disrespectful to those who suffer from this disorder.


My father and mother both had dementia to varying degrees.


However, both of them left this world without causing any trouble to the world.


I prepared for the fact that I would have dementia in the definite future.


My hope at this point is that my dementia will subside to the fact that it will not be a problem for my family or society.


Among family members, "Dad after the loss of "logic"" is a frequent theme, and is the subject of as much fear as the "Nankai Trough".

2024-03-25 高杉晋作 ―― この人物だけは、ダメです。絶対に好きになれそうにない。 [長年日記]


I have never liked the heroic figures of the Meiji Restoration.


As I have said, I think 'Sakamoto Ryoma's heroic biography is unacceptable,' but enough about him.

高杉晋作 ―― この人物だけは、ダメです。絶対に好きになれそうにない。

Takasugi Shinsaku -- Only this person is no good. I can never seem to like him.


habitual embezzler of public funds."


When the clan ordered him to return to Japan, he squandered the money given to him for travel expenses on womanizing and drinking. When he returned to Japan, he did the same, spending the clan's travel expenses and embezzling public funds.


His behavior often caused trouble for those around him, and he lost the trust of his peers. His irresponsible behavior criticized him, which was sometimes that of a careless man who could not distinguish between public and private matters.

彼の功績は、倒幕の為のゲリラ部隊(奇兵隊)の結成と育成、優れた作戦実行リーダとして勝利を収めた、という点にありますが ―― これも、「勝てば官軍」の恩恵です。

His achievements include the formation and training of guerrilla forces (keitai) for overthrowing the shogunate and his victory as an outstanding operational leader -- again, a benefit of the "victory is a victory for the government" policy.



Suppose (though I cannot imagine) that the Edo Shogunate had succeeded successfully in a gradual transfer of power and a soft landing to the transition to a democratic state as we know it today,


Sakamoto Ryoma was "a merchant of death who continued to supply arms to terrorist organizations."


Shinsaku Takasugi was "the leader of a terrorist organization in the class of the former Japanese Red Army, Aum Shinrikyo, or IS (Islamic State)


They may have been in the history books as a criminal person.


I admit it is a bit of a stretch to set up.



Recently, I have been reading creative novels in the field of "IF history" and have not encountered any novels depicting Sakamoto Ryoma or Takasugi Shinsaku as "villains."


Well, I can understand.


No longer the heroes of the Meiji Restoration are already fixed as the spiritual pillars of the Japanese people through movies and historical dramas.


It is hard to believe that readers will stick to a novel that sets up a hero of the end of the Edo period as a villain.


After all, whether historical figures and ourselves today become heroes or wicked men depends on their luck.


Even an engineer like me has hit-and-miss techniques. We cannot control it.



I'm trying to say that I don't like the "heroic tale of a person who happens to be a winner by luck."


You can read it as "the backbiting of ordinary people" if you like.

2024-03-26 「生成AI + プログラム言語」の助けを得て、リタイア後も当面はなんとかなるんじゃないかな、と、期待しています。 [長年日記]


The other day, I don't know if it was a lightning strike or what, but I had a power outage for about a minute.


Of course, my PCs were also instantly blacked out.

当然、作成途中のファイル等は全滅でしたが、それでも全システムの再起動を確認できた時は ――

Of course, all the files being created, etc., were wiped out, but still, when I could confirm that the entire system had rebooted.


I folded my hands and muttered 'Thank you, God' to the sky.



I am not running a server or DB, so purchasing a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) seems like a bit much.


Well, one server has been working continuously for the last ten years.


The "Ebata Family Monitoring System" was also supposed to have been damaged.


When I shut it down, it would not usually restart, so I repaired things manually.


This monitoring server had one Wifi port available, so we also created an access point for experimental use.



Around 1990, a theory was that programmers retire at age 30 (true).

これは、プログラマーという仕事が過酷で ―― 残業、徹夜、荷重労働、薄給、過労死 ―― という感じの世界観で、そして、実際そんな感じでした。

This theory was a worldview in which a programmer's job was grueling -- overtime, all-nighters, load work, thin pay, and overwork -- and, indeed, it was like that.


If you ask whether the situation has changed now, it has not.

プログラムというのは、プログラマの能力と関係なく、開発環境やマシンスペック、その他のパッケージソフトの影響などを受け、『動かない時には、何をしても動かない』という、実に嫌なやつなのです ―― 土下座でなんとかなる人間関係や、お金や人材の投入で解決できるモノの方がマシと思えるくらいです。

A program is a real pain in the ass because it is affected by the development environment, machine specs, and other software packages, regardless of the programmer's ability, and "when it doesn't work, it doesn't work no matter what you do. It is better to solve the problem by getting down on our knees and investing money and human resources.


Nevertheless, using OSS and better development environments has become much more manageable compared to the past.


And with generative AI as a partner, I feel that 'the retirement age for programmers has virtually disappeared.

生成AIに日本語で頼めば、最初のコードは作ってくれますから ――? あとは、生成AIが作ってくれたコードを、私が理解すれば、その後の改造は自由自在です。

If I ask the AI to create the first code in Japanese, it will generate the code for me. Once I understand the code created by the AI, I can modify it as I wish.



Recently, I have been using it in a rather odd way.


For example, when I ask ChatGPT, "What is a multinomial logit model?

『統計学や機械学習の分野で使用される.... ロジスティック回帰の拡張..... ロジスティック回帰の拡張....』

"Used in statistics and machine learning," "Extensions to logistic regression," "Extensions of logistic regression..."


However, this message doesn't make sense to me.


But when I ask ChatGPT to "try to make a simple program in the Go language for the multinomial logit model,




It can make the codes like that.


I can get a quick overview of the "multinomial logit model" by reading this program (no need to run the program).


It is as if the time required to understand the mathematical model is accelerated by about 10.


Technical books are too dull to read.


まあ、このような使い方をする人間は少ないとは思いますが、私の場合、「生成AI + プログラム言語」の助けを得て、リタイア後も当面はなんとかなるんじゃないかな、と、期待しています。

Well, I know that not many people use it this way. Still, in my case, with the help of "Generative AI + Programming Language," I hope to manage for the foreseeable future, even after I retire.


Though I still work in programming, I'm unsure if enough young people have programming skills.


There is a time limit until dementia sets in, but "hope" is "hope.

2024-03-27 ―― 『女に学問は不要』という古いパラダイムの時代、学問を志す女性は、さぞかし生き難い時代だったんだろうなぁ [長年日記]


It is nice to know that the programs I have created, whether in my company or on the Internet, are being used to help other people (to make a living).


But I don't boast, saying, 'This is something I (Ebata) made.


I cannot do such a dumb thing in this technical field.

他の世界のことは知りませんが、ソフトウェアの世界においては、私は常にOSS(Open Source Softwre)に助けてもらい続けています。

I don't know about the rest of the world, but the OSS (Open Source Software) has helped me in the software world.


Some OSS development requires at least one person, while others need 20 or more.


OSS developers do not say, 'This is what I made. At least, I have never heard that.


I cannot thank all the developers of the OSS, so I am using it with gratitude in my heart.



The greatest reward for those who make things is that "the thing works.


The above may be similar to "defeating the last boss" in games (I don't play games, so I'm not sure).


Both 'working things' and 'defeats the raspberry' are ultimate subjectivity.


There is no third-party perspective there.


The evaluation I get from someone else is objective, but (I don't know about anyone else, but I) don't care about objectivity.


The "working things" and "defeating the raspberry" can be summed up in one word: "a means of amusing oneself.



I once asked my wife the difference between a "cabaret-going husband" and a "husband who puts his time into programming that may or may not make money."


I have devoted myself to work and research (including programming) on all days, including weekends and holidays, for the past year and a half since I have been at the university. I don't remember going out. I have canceled all drinking parties.


Ebata: "Despite the differences in motivation, I don't think there is any difference in terms of 'immersing oneself in one's world and entertaining oneself' as a result."


Wife: "I'm not sure, but I think it's a question of 'am I angry or not? I don't get mad at my husband, who works tirelessly daily to juggle work and school."

江端:「"怒れる妻 "はあり得るということ?」

Ebata: "Does that mean there can be 'an angry wife'?"


Wife: "I think so. But it's hard to discuss 'cabaret' and 'business and academics' on the same level. It's just too bad an example to compare them."



With my wife having this conversation,

―― 『女に学問は不要』という古いパラダイムの時代、学問を志す女性は、さぞかし生き難い時代だったんだろうなぁ

"I guess it must have been difficult for women who wanted to study in the old paradigm of "women don't need to study."


strangely, however, I was convinced.

2024-03-28 ―― 偉そうにコラムなんか書いていた自分が、とてつもなく恥かしくなってきた [長年日記]

NHKの「四大化計画 世界は3つで語れない」という番組が、(多分番組編成の影響?で)、我が家のHDDレコーダに録画されていました。

NHK's program, "The Four Great Plans: We cannot The World in Three Parts," was recorded on our HDD recorder (probably due to a missed program operation). The program is left on our HDD recorder.


It was my first time seeing the program, but "Super Duper Shocking Footage! The World's Hardest Work" was very interesting.


I have already decided to make it a regular program.


It was a reminder once again of how much of our social infrastructure is supported by the efforts of so many people.


I participated in the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (January 17, 1995) as a volunteer for only three days, and I have summarized my experiences in this column.


Later, a junior college student who worked for a gas company told me about real disaster site activities: 'For 40 days, we slept in prefabs on site, and the rest of the time, we were covered in mud, digging in the dirt all the time and working on piping.


When I heard the above, and I remembered,

―― 偉そうにコラムなんか書いていた自分が、とてつもなく恥かしくなってきた

"I was incredibly ashamed of myself for writing such a pompous column."




Of course, this sense of shame is essential, but it is still much better than withdrawing from volunteering because your helplessness so deflates you.

Even a tiny contribution is far better than zero. "Good" is "good," even if it is "hypocritical good."



And now, I'm thinking about reopening it, and I?have a feeling that this is the case,

―― みんな、もっともっと語って、記録を残そうよ

"Let's all talk more and more and keep track!"



Even a small report of a volunteer's activities, such as mine, may (or may not) be helpful.


I think, "Let's preserve as much as we can of the situation and the feelings we had at the time."


People's memories are unreliable.


Photographs and videos can convey the situation, but it is difficult to describe the "heart."



I think it's fair to say that "it's embarrassing to talk about yourself."


But still, continuing to tell the story may be helpful to someone.


I also understand that "you cannot express your feelings well.


The verbalization task is challenging for everyone (it is annoying and misunderstood).

それでも、『40日間、現場のプレハブで雑魚寝して、それ以外の時間以外は、ずっと土を掘って、配管工事をしていた』が、たとえ個人のメモであったとしても ――

Even if? 'For 40 days, we slept in prefabs on site, and the rest of the time, we were covered in mud, digging in the dirt all the time and working on piping' was just private notes,


The record of those 40 days and its publication may be helpful and even touch someone's heart.



Once again, I realize now that 'studying Japanese is essential, and writing essays is especially important.


In addition, we also need to cultivate the "frumpiness" of publishing my diary to the world.


Don't worry.


Someone will delete your (and my) notes within a year after you or I die for non-payment of fees to the provider.

2024-03-29 「お金に愛されないエンジニア」であることに、ちょっとだけ「運の良さ」を感じたりしています ―― ほんとうに、ちょっとだけ、ですけどね。 [長年日記]


There seems to be a lot of talk about "gambling addiction" in the world these days.


I don't know enough about "gambling addiction" to talk about it in depth, but I sometimes wonder if there is a strong psychology of behavioral economics at work in "gambling."

The psychology is "mental accounting," as described on this page.


I am a chicken-hearted person who says, 'If I don't finish what I worked on that day, I don't feel comfortable.

ですので、「深夜に至っても、なかなか仕事(主にコーディング)を止められない」 → 「脳が休まらない」 → 「眠れない」 → 「不眠に陥る」のケースが多いです。

Therefore, in many cases, "I can't stop working (mainly coding) even after midnight" → "My brain can't rest" → "I can't sleep" → "I fall into insomnia.


I feel that the psychology of 'wanting to recoup gambling losses' in gambling is similar to my behavior above.


The case under discussion is a considerable sum (over 600 million yen) for an individual, but it is a different story for organizations.

One example I remember is the case described in the paper here: a bank or trading company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange committed fraud totaling $1.1 billion (96 billion yen at the time), or approximately 68.2 billion yen.


Of course, I think the psychology of 'wanting to recoup losses from gambling' is one aspect of 'gambling addiction,' and there are various other factors (and the environment in which gambling is possible in the first place).


However, I can at least understand that it must be tough to live with such losses hidden.



I am an engineer unloved by money, and I spend my days anxious about money, but I still think it must be a lot easier than the anxiety of a gambler (+ hidden debt).

「お金に愛されないエンジニア」であることに、ちょっとだけ「運の良さ」を感じたりしています ―― ほんとうに、ちょっとだけ、ですけどね。

I feel a little "lucky" to be an "engineer not loved by money" -- really, just a little bit.

2024-03-30 第一ラウンドくらいファイティングポーズを見せないと ―― 『王禅寺の特許明細書製造装置』の名にかけて。 [長年日記]


For patents outside Japan, each country's patent office will respond in that country's language.




As long as the patent is requested in that country, it is only natural that it should be written in the language of that country's executive branch.


But recently, they replied to me in English for European patents, etc. They are accommodating.


I don't like English, but I still feel like thanking them just because they are using English instead of the language of that government agency.



The other day, the Chinese Patent Office notified me of the reasons for the refusal.


I thought about accepting the reason for rejection because it is in Chinese, but I also believe that is not a sincere response.


Unlike more than a decade ago, we now have excellent translation engines, so I think I will try to fight the Chinese patent office this time.

第一ラウンドくらいファイティングポーズを見せないと ―― 『王禅寺の特許明細書製造装置』の名にかけて。

You must at least show a fighting pose in the first round -- in the name of "Ozenji's Patent Specification Manufacturing Device."


By the way, I am the only one calling the above (i.e., self-proclaimed).

2024-03-31 ともあれ、私には語るべき「教育論」がありません。 [長年日記]


I did not tell my daughters to 'play games (such as on their phones)' or 'don't play games.


However, I have never encountered the phenomenon many parents are annoyed with: 'My child won't leave the game.


I did not tell my daughters to 'read books' or 'don't read books.


But they seem to be reading books just fine.


I didn't even tell my daughters to 'study.


I don't know if they excelled, but they seem to have graduated, so I think they did reasonably well.


I had told my daughters, 'You might do English.


However, my two daughters have summed it up by saying, "At least we didn't need English at all for 'job hunting.



It wasn't until I was over 30 that I started studying English "with my life on the line." My life was on the line.

I managed to work abroad. I am still managing to do so.


Incidentally, as far as I know, there is no data to support the claim that 'if you don't start at an early age, you can't use English' (the only company that claims so, without evidence, is the company that produces English materials for young children).


Please let me know if you have any data or papers to back this up. I will use an engineering approach to validate it properly.



Anyway, I have no "educational theory" to speak of.

The only exception is my memory of doing this.