2019-03-01 「あらあら、まあまあ、お可愛いこと」 [長年日記]


The other day, I talked with my second daughter, she moaned about her boy friend.

So I kibitzed with her.

"Look who's talking now! Here, here. How pretty you are!"


She said to me


"Dad, You stop it seriously"


with gazing at me with face of rage.

2019-03-02 「子ども」の為ではなく「私」の為です。 [長年日記]


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has changed its policy to accept "the possession of a smartphone more than elementary school students".


When my daughter's school permitted it, I was forced to give them, despite "they do not want my daughter".


It was "for me" instead of "for children".


"I" was absolutely necessary as a means of disaster, kidnapping, or emergency contact.



I said to my daughters "Do not use in school," and when I got complaints from school I had the confidence to 100% refuse and there was also a will to fight in trial when it came.


It is easy to imagine that ministries and schools think that "if they use public phone or smartphone publicly, it is troublesome"

本音は「見えないようにやって欲しい」だったと思います ―― それは、私達大人の世界では、普通にあることです。

I think that real intention was "I want you to make it invisible". That is normal in our adult world.



One of the reasons for approving mobile phone and smartphone this time is that, the point of view of "the infrastructure at the time of emergency" is almost all.

―― パソコンでキップ予約もできない、買い物もできない、メールすら打てない「大量の大人」によって、『働き方改革』が一向に進まない

"Working way reform" does not progress in all directions, for a large number of adults who can not reserve a ticket with a computer, can not shop, can not even e-mail.


In other words, I guess that the administration was surprised again.


(To be continued)

2019-03-03 『スマホ程度のものを使えないような大人に、説教されるほど、私は低能じゃねーぞ』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


It is only some major companies or IT ventures that business efficiency is advanced by IT. (It is doubtful whether it is "advanced").


the site of nursing care, construction is hopeless. The restaurant industry seems to deteriorate operational efficiency by using a customer service system with poor interface (My wife said)


これはあくまで仮説ですが ――

This is just my assumption.


I think that we (especially public officer) come to share the critical situation, "our nation will be really stuck in near future", "we will make us use IT devices, as the same level of R/W of kanji.


I fell really stuck now.


For example, I think


"Why should I go to the hall to work as a reservationist on Sunday early morning ?"



I also think "Make Web reservation system", "Use the Internet money transfer"


(Indeed I made a simple "Web reservation system" in about three hours)


If we want to realize "work style reform", we have to do the above even if in some small way.


しかし、その一方で、受付をやりながら、申し込みにくる人の年齢層を見ていたり、実際に『普段、スマホやPC、 メールは使いますか』と、インタビューを行ってきました。

On the other hand, while working as the reservationist, I continued to monitor the age-group of applicants, and ask them "Do you use smartphone, PC and e-mail routinely? "


As the result, if I install the system aggressively, I was confident that the utilization ratio of the hall will dramatically decrease by 10%.


基本的に「ネットは怖い」という大人は、ネットを使ったことがなく、7時のNHKのニュースキャスタの読み上げる原稿だけが、唯一の「ネットの情報」である ―― と仮定してみます。

I guess that the adults who say "the net is dangerous" have not use the net, and get the information of the net from the NHK news at 19:00.


If I add a despiteous assumption,


the adults who don't have any the net literacy, feel fear for children who will say


I am not so foolish , getting a talking from the adults who cannot use even a smartphone

と、子どもに蔑まされるのが怖いのではないか、と ――


I think so.

2019-03-04 「渋谷を歩いていたらスカウトに声をかけられた」と語るアイドルと同じくらいうさんくさいと思われるかもしれませんが、本当です。 [長年日記]

This time, there was a relationship, I received a request from the secretariat of "Electronic Information and Communication Society" for contribution.


Moreover, it was a light request that "You can write anything if it relates to the application of academics".


You might think, it is doubtful, like a idol says, "when I was walking in Shibuya, I could hear a voice from the scout." however, it was true.


Although I worried for a moment, "the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Are you OK?", this chance was a rare opportunity than I was scouted as an idol. I replied "I will accept it." like the spinal reflexively.

―― と、文中に記載しています(p.1)。

I wrote the above in the text (p.1).



I do not know the example that "Japan's serious academic journal" accepted "such a miserable sentence".


The future of "The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers" will be very bright.


After that, I just await the start of the "manga serialization" by an academic journal with "Moe picture" as a door view.


By these measures, I believe they will be a "trigger" to get in their hands, that are absolute boring academic journals.


This time, the secretariat gave me one donation, so I read all the articles.


It was "only me who did not clarify my career" (of course it is natural).


"When I developed Shogi software as a hobby I was overlooking a masterpiece before I knew it."


was very interesting.


At the end of the sentence, "Individuals doing whatever they like with hobbies" is that


I guess, is the same as a "weekend engineer" I have been saying for a long time,


While thinking above, I read it happily.

2019-03-05 役所の人が、自力で、「組合せ最適化問題」のエクセルのマクロを書けば良いのです。 [長年日記]


The other day, in the news, there was a story of a person at a government office struggling to prioritize the entry of waiting children.

待機児童の優先順位を行う為には、複数(十数以上?)の条件を調べなければならず、それを数人だけで実施しなければならず、大変苦労しているとか ――

In order to prioritize the waiting child, it is necessary to investigate a plurality (more than a dozen?) Conditions, and it has to be done with just a few people.


I don't know the work well, so I have to avoid giving a straight answer, however, I think the problem is a typical "combinational optimization problem".


In some cases(for example, numbers of parameter), this problem will not be completed even after 100 years.


If you ask the software company to create an application or something else, the estimate in units of 10 million yen will come out and they will deliver "hard to use" applications.


After all, they can not use the "hard to use" application, the result will be that our taxes are thrown away in the dob.



However, the "combinatorial optimization problem" can be solved by using the computer (Macro) and Excel (*) program (macro)


(*)Google spreadsheet is also O.K.


A person at the office can write the Excel macro of "combinatorial optimization problem" on their own.


Anyway, they know the work well.


However, it is almost "wild view" which can be said to be almost "violence".


It might be violence like "translate Tamil language documents into Japanese, and submit it".



For such small macro development, recently there is a method called ordering by "cloud funding" using the net.


I have seen the recruitment page once, but I felt that the scale of the amount of money is one digit off (cheaper).


Also, in preparation for troubles such as bugs after development, the maintenance fee also should be packed up.


Even with a slight function expansion, additional development costs will occur.


The cost of "cloud funding" does not seem to contain these maintenance and enhancement at all.


Even the offices think that they will hesitate to place an order.


(To be continued)

2019-03-06 エクセルのマクロが書ければ、「仕事で"AI"を作っている」といっても、全然問題ありません。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Getting back on the track, even if my talk is "wild view" or "violence", I think


"the best way is that the person (officer) who want to the function, will develop the MACRO of EXCEL"



Most of the calculation in offices, is enough to use MACRO of spread sheet.


They don't have to use programming language at all.

Any way, my this talk is going the result.



By the way,I repeatedly have mentioned

If you can write a MACRO of spread sheet, there is no problem that you say "I am making "AI" for my work"


I assure that's it.

2019-03-07 要するに、私は、「電子メールに現金を添付して送付する」のノリを、とっとと実現して欲しいだけなのです [長年日記]


I have been interested in virtual money (like BitCoin).


However, my interest of it, is not "function" but "investment choices". I don't care of it at all.


So I hope that the "investment boom" will be finished as soon as possible, I want to use it in daily routines.


The reason is simple.


"Payment procedure of newspaper at the front door"


"Collecting of membership fee of block club by routine-run"


I am annoyed by them to death.


Bank transfer might substitute for them, however I feel bad to know or be known account number, and account holder's name.


Direct debit is not good for me, because I lose the review of payment.


Virtual money is valuable to realize cash-out without "future trouble".


In short, I want someone to realize an "attached money by e-mail" as soon as possible.


Even if it is difficult, "Amazon gift ticket" that include an encashment function" is also O.K. to me.


(To be continued)

2019-03-08 そんでもって、私は「おいおい、それは違うだろう」と突っ込みたくなるのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


First of all, I cannot understand the thought that virtual money becomes investment choices.

ご存知の通り、貨幣の価値は「幻想」から発生しています ―― 一言で言えば、『1万円札の原材料コストは、高々数円』ということです。

You know, the value of money is generated by an illusion, In concrete terms, "the material cost of ten one-thousand yen bills is a few yen."


The reason why we can repute currency of in other countries to investment choices, is that we can value the economic situation as the illusion.


However, according to virtual money, virtual money comes to generate the illusion itself.


Of course, I think it is a good illusion.


Especially, if you know the making process of virtual money, that needs enormous electric and computer power, you can understand it so much more.


However, I don't think that many people can understand about the electric and calculation power, and share the illusion. To tell you the truth, I think that the ratio is absolutely "zero".


なんと言うんですか、少年マンガに出てくる主人公が ―― 多くの場合、粗暴で、無知性 ―― が、極め顔で、

How to say, a hero in a boy's comic, who is brutal and unmeaning in many cases, will be shouting with his proud look


"I decide validation of my worth on myself"


Of course, I feel his action is likely to be a comic performance.


And I come to say "Here here, are you O.K. ?".



"Your validation is decided by others, except for you"


"I am afraid that you think much of yourself"

―― と言いたくなるのです。

2019-03-09 ―― 少なくも、あれ(聖書)は、「神の言葉」ではない [長年日記]


The era changes soon in our country.


To control the "time", including the era, has been always an exclusive matter of the authority.



People who chose chemistry in college entrance, might know that Oct means "8" (octopus is said to be Octopus, because there are 8 legs).


septagon is "seven sided", novena is "nine days", and decimal "decimal".


September, October, November, December are out of the original meaning two by two.


This is for Emperor Augustus of Rome minded that his birth month was not day 31 but 30 days, and Emperor Julius said that he wanted to use his name (July) for his birth month (July)

―― 本当に下らない理由

"Reason for not deserving"


was the true.


So they continue to put a lot of trouble on all humanity afterwards.



As the opposite pattern, there is a story about Jesus Christ's birth year.


They had decided the first Christian year to be the birth year of Jesus Christ, however, later survey showed that birth of Jesus was earlier. Currently, the birth of Christ is 4 years BC.


How to say, I think that it is the biggest failure in the history of mankind.


Unlike Augustus or Julius, the determination of the birth year of Christ is fairly mathematical (although its base number is not mathematical).


Although I will omit details, the first year of the Christian era calculates the convenient year back from the estimated age of the day of Jesus' resurrection and the movement period of Easter.

―― つまり、私のシミュレーションと大して変わらん、と。

"That is, it is not much different from the method of my simulation."


Well, Jesus himself, was not power itself, but a concept for tool of power (by religious groups),so it may not have been necessary to think too strictly.



Above all, the contents of the Bible were decided at meetings consisting of representatives of each denomination.


The Bible was reviewed, edited, proofreaded and promulgated at the Council of Nicene held 300 years after the death of Jesus.


As for me, the Bible is closer to the "Minutes of Government-sponsored Expert Committee" or "Cabinet decision" that is considerably more undemocratic through legislative process.

―― 少なくも、あれ(聖書)は、「神の言葉」ではない

- At least, that (the Bible) is not "the word of God"


I think that.


(To be continued)

2019-03-10 ―― 時間の支配には、膨大な予算が必要であり、それ故に、国家権力の象徴でもある [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Since ancient times, even in our country, a enormous country budget has been introduced for establishing a calendar, and determining determine the time.


For example, a sundial is convenient to obtain the time easily, with just setting the midline at noon.


However it is useless when cloud, rain day and night.(the moon and stars are used at night)


So, candle(fire clock) and gaze of water tank(hourglass) and watchers were needed in pairs.

また、その時間を通知する手続(打鐘など)など ―― 国家は、時刻を支配する為に、結構なコストをかけてきました。

And the tell the hour by bell ringing was also needed. Like this, the state has spend much cost to control and manage the time.


Even now, NICT (jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) sends out standard radio waves used for radio clocks and operation management of NTP servers used on the Internet.


JAXA (Cabinet Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry jointly jurisdiction) is trying to be able to acquire a phenomenal precision time anywhere in Japan, by sending radio waves from Quasi-Zenith Hygiene (Michibiki) which is a system that supports existing GPS.


That is,

―― 時間の支配には、膨大な予算が必要であり、それ故に、国家権力の象徴でもある

"To control time, a huge budget is necessary, therefore, it is also a symbol of state power"



(To be continued)

2019-03-11 ―― 国家権力に勝利した [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, the other day, I found a somewhat interesting project.

"Nationwide reference station installation project"


「江端家(個人宅)が、ボランティアで基準信号を送信して、(GPS情報と連動させた)1cm測位を実現する」プロジェクト ―― と、例えることができるか、と思います。

"I think that project is, for example "the Ebatas (private residence) sends a reference signal by volunteering, and realize 1 cm positioning (linked with GPS information)"


Strictly speaking, "location information" is different from "time information", however to measure the error position of 1 cm means that it is possible to "reverse count" ultra-high precision time.

これをやったら、なんかメリットがあるか ―― と問われれば、「何もない」です。

If you ask me "is there something merit for you?", I can answer "Nothing"


Perhaps, I think that electricity of our computer is wasted only.

But, well, what I am interested in is mostly like that.



Still, it is somewhat pleasant that the position accuracy (time accuracy) that can not be realized by NICT or JAXA can be provided by the IT facilities of the Ebatas.

―― 国家権力に勝利した

"I win the state power"


I think that.


違うか ―― 違うな。

Am I wrong? Maybe I am wrong.

2019-03-12 ―― 客を、麻薬中毒にさせた、麻薬の売人 [長年日記]


As I have told you before, I love spicy dishes.


Recently, I want to have a spicy dish at my level, I collect spicy foodstuff and cook it by myself in my house.


When I find "green pepper (special hot with caution)" and I buy it in a happy vein, and put it into soba, lamen and curry.


Of course, I had no intention to give the dish to my family, however, they came to have it with complaining.



Recently wife become in unusual condition.


She have the dish that I have to wipe off the sweat, easily with saying "spicy, but no problem"


And she complained to me that "I cannot feel empathy for "the spicy dish" with my friends"



Now I feel that

―― 客を、麻薬中毒にさせた、麻薬の売人

"I am a drug dealer, looking at a drug fiend"


2019-03-13 ―― 私に対する悪口、悪評の類(たぐい)は、100%、私に伝わっています [長年日記]


Now, my opinions are opened by just my diary(blog) and serial columns.


I don't say anything by Twitter and FACEBOOK, and I don't write on any anonymous bulletin board.


With this exception, I use LINE for my family, and submit local news to the web server of block club.


I don't show my messages, however, I have read message about me or my works by several search engines, including SNS, everyday,


in order to read the impression of my works.



―― 私に対する悪口、悪評の類(たぐい)は、100%、私に伝わっています

"100% of bad reputations against me or my works are transmitted to me."



"Take revenge on someone in an NOT ONLY unlikely place, BUT ANYWHERE" is one motto of mine.


If you have suffered any personal disaster after accusing Ebata (or his work), it is no doubt that it is my curse.



This is not the subject of a "curse", but a story of "a bitter smile",


The other day, in the comments on Twitter, I found a phrase of


""Mr.Ebata who can not speak English, is ...."


Well, in fact, yes, there is no room for refusal. However,

""Mr. Ebata who is "loved by English "..."


will make me feel a little saved.

2019-03-14 ―― なにしろ、私、上から目線で、弱者に説教足れるのが大好きな「俗物」ですから [長年日記]


When my daughter was junior school student, I joined the event "of 1/2 coming-of-age ceremony".


It was for children to celebrate "a half of coming-of-age.


I don't know the reason why I made a congratulatory speech at the event.

"After all, I am a "snob" to want to preach a sermon to the socially vulnerable bigly". -----


Though I am a "snob", I have "some mottos of snob".


For example, when I start to make a speech, I declare "I will talk three topics within 90 seconds".


I am a "snob", however, I am not "dark" to believe,


"I can make the audience enjoy by my speech"



Because I am neither a showman nor an actor.


I can endure the bored talk, however, I wonder if he/she is became a head of a school, thought they can make a speech logically.


In society, I am annoyed by a person who keep talking bored story more than ten minutes with with a glass of beer in their hand.

私、例え、乾杯の音頭であっても、頼まれたら、ちゃんと原稿(メモ)作って、頭のなかで最低10回は練習してから臨みますが ――

Whenever I ask someone to make a speech, I will make a memorandum and learn it by my heart more than ten times.


I am afraid that they don't do that,


in spite of "head of a school" and "executive officer"



According to witting, I flatter myself that I am one of the most longest form writer in Japan.


However, people can stop reading if they are bored by my story. Or they can start reading before checking the author name.


Therefore, thought I am a "snob". the burden of sin will be lighter than the above the "dark".


(To be continued)

2019-03-15 で、先日、どういう経緯かは忘れましたが、「私の良いところを10個上げる」という話になりました。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


No way. I am far from the topic. Let me go to the board.


Before "1/2 coming-of-age ceremony", the guardian had to submit a homework.


"Let you write down about ten good points of your child.



This is very difficult as you expect.

試しに、友人でも恋人でも伴侶でも、誰でも良いので、「私の良いところを10箇所上げてみて」と尋ねてみて下さい ―― 多分、10個も出てこないハズ。

As a trial, could you ask someone, for example, your friend, lover or spouse, to pick ten good point of yours? I am afraid that they will fail.


If it is "ten bad points", they can pick them up soon(really).



The other day, though I forgot the process, my family would try to pick ten good points of mine.


However, they could not do that.


"Well, let me think... after asking wear your pajamas, you do it"


"After you declare to abandon alcohol, you have done it"



After several seconds were going, they started.


"You can replace the ink cartridge of the printer"


"You can install wireless LAN"


"You can make a desk using scrap woods"


"You can replace new bulb"


"You can replace a new part, even if the wash machine of toilet breaks"


"You can tend the garden"


"You can pick up and drop down"


"You can make a flier of flea market"



I could understand deeply how my family see the picture of mine on a daily basis.

2019-03-16 それでも、(2)のDockerの環境構築の作業を始めてしまう者 ―― [長年日記]


Now, in front of me, I have two jobs.

(1)開発完了報告書の文案作成と、(2)Dockerの環境構築 です。

(1) Drafting the development completion report, and (2) Constructing the Docker environment.


Obviously, from the view of urgency, importance, (1) is a priority.


Also, considering the required work time and work cost, (1) is cheaper.


Furthermore, you should definitely start with (1) in light of the comparison of whether it is an essential task or optional self-development.



However, let people stand out.

それでも、(2)のDockerの環境構築の作業を始めてしまう者 ――

Even so, there are a person who will start (2) Constructing the Docker environment.


Remember that it is a creature that is called "engineer".

2019-03-17 『部材の形状を見れば、どういう風に動かすべきか、なんとなく分かるだろう?』 [長年日記]


The other day, around 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, I was awakened by my wife, and I was surprised and got up.


She said that "the water supply to the he tank of the toilet is not stopped," and I was relieved first.


The connection between the float (plastic container containing air) for detecting the water level of the water tank in the toilet and the joint of the shutoff valve was poor, and the water supply could not be stopped.


The cause was the "aging deterioration of parts" of the joint part, but when the joint is removed and put on again, it will be repaired immediately.


I will fix it on the spot, but my family can't do that.



So, from 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, my wife and I in the bathroom, began the lesson of fixing the water tank joint.


I could complete this work in one second, but my wife could not fit the joint again and again, and finally, she tries to fit it with force.


I thought "the joint part is broken on the way" and I stopped the work and decided to teach carefully again from the beginning.


As soon as I watched the shape of the joint, I could understand how the joint connected and I could understand the work process immediately.


In concretely,

はめこむがわのジョイント部を、5度程度、半時計回りにかたむけて、第一のフックをかけてから、そのフックをやや弱めに押し込むように、今度は時計回りに元に戻すことで、第二のフックに自然にロックされる ――

The joint slant counterclockwise around 5 degrees, put the first hook, push the hook slightly weakly, and turning clockwise, locks naturally on the second .....


That was all, however, Even when I say this in language, she could not understand it. After all, she decided to "make power".



I know well the phrase


"If you look at the shape of the parts, can you understand how to move it? "


is going to make human relations (couples, parents, friends) significantly worse.


In addition, this is a completely different from the person's ability and effort, etc. There is no responsibility for either my wife or me.



This is called "sense".

2019-03-18 実際、ここ4週間ほど、週末も含めて「休んだ」という記憶がありません。 [長年日記]


I had taken a holiday from this weekend to Monday for Mother's stomach fistula replacement.


However, at present, I am in a dazzling hard task with two delivery of developments.


In addition, it was necessary to work on the document review which I was not expected. So I make a schedule like tightrope, and am running among people.


In fact, I have no memory of "resting" for the past four weeks, including the weekend.


Deep fatigue always remains, yesterday, I was fainting (not asleep) in the Shinkansen in a position where I was holding the technical book.



In such a fire load, the news of the anime third term decision of


"My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong、As I Expected"


is going to support my broken heart.

2019-03-19 しかし、「丁寧で、上品で、その結果、訳の分からない文章を書く」よりは、遥かにマシだと思っています。 [長年日記]


Today, I have tried "Docker" as a beginner.

『Windows10の中に、わざわざ大袈裟に仮想OS(ゲストOS)まで作らんでも、必要なLinuxアプリ"だけ"を動くようにしたいんだろう? ―― だったら、そうしてやるよ』

"If you want to execute "Linux application" on Windows10 OS without using Virtual(Guest OS), I will give the environment"


I could understand to realize it.


I wish the writer had been written the book like that.



If you are an engineer, you can understand that "Windows" and "Linux" is just metaphors of example(multi OS). reading the above phrase.


The above phrase might be inattentive for everyone, however, non-engineer have no chance to use Docker or Virtual OS. Even if there is a chance, few person could read it.


An engineer is apt to write documents accuracy, and after all, the document comes to be hard to understand.


They are not accustomed to be criticized for imprecise writing or dictation.



My columns are often described as "intelligible".


I think that it is because I try to explain and write in the "extreme metaphor" quite as much as possible rough.


Therefore, it is sometimes criticized that "the argument is wild and vulgar."


However, I think that it is much better than "polite, elegant, and as a result, write incomprehensible sentences".



An engineer like me who talks about technology "bustly and vulgarly" is rare.


You must treat me carefully.

2019-03-20 気をつけて下さいね ―― せせら笑われていますよ、部下達に。 [長年日記]


- Usually bothering with cost and results, an executive who suddenly broadcasts a preaching email such as "everyday greetings are important".


- A department manager who suddenly reports impression of sightseeing on business trip place


On the day after the "NHK Special" program, a boss who begin to say "Now, XX becomes important."

気をつけて下さいね ―― せせら笑われていますよ、部下達に。

Please be careful. Your subordinates are making fun of you.


You are ridiculed, because you do with rising of temporary emotions,



This is a privilege for me, who

can do foolish "street preaching" every day using the diary (blog)


with a bold face.


It is not something that an amateur can do easily.

2019-03-21 ―― あなたは、"ひと"ではありません [長年日記]

―― あなたは、"ひと"ではありません

"You are not a human being"


I watched the poster with the phrase.


To tell you the truth, I was really surprised.


However, at the next moment, I was moved deeply that "the system concept I have been said, as the next generation social infrastructure system, has been appealed by such a way.

それは、「人間」を、社会インフラシステムの「可観測」対象の「システム構成要素」として考える、IoT&P(The Internet of Things and People)の構想。

It is the concept of The Internet of Things and People (IoT & P), which considers "humans" as "system components" of "observable" targets of social infrastructure systems.

Furthermore, that will realize "analog hack" which "human" is "control" target by super-high-speed mass optimization calculation (xAI).


I cannot expect that this concept would be expressed in this way.



Even so, while thinking that what an avant-garde poster this is, I reviewed it again,

―― あなたは、"ひとり"ではありません

"You are not alone"


It was a poster with a call to prevent suicide and a phone number for consultation.

2019-03-22 動かないシステムの恐怖は、その原因が、「システム開発そのものではない」ことが多いです。 [長年日記]


For whole today, I have been in trouble wih fails of a demo system while constructing the system.

納期が近づいている時に、システムが動かない ―― そして、その原因も分からない

Approaching a delivery date, a system doesn't work, with unknown cause.


Compared to this fear, "Haunted house" or "Losing love" or "cult religious group who comes to sell the fort saying" It is the resentment of the dead father who has been filthy " make me laugh the my nose.



The fear of a system that does not move is often caused by "not system development itself".


Hardware specs, operating system bug, device failure, and various causes are considered, the identification is terribly difficult.


And if it is such a cause, I can not do anything with my own ability.

が―― 理由がどうあれ、「動かないシステム」の責任を取らされるのは、システム開発者

"Regardless of the reason, it is the system developer who is taken responsibility of "the system which does not work"


System development is such an unreasonable work in the world.


(To be continued)

2019-03-23 これは、密告が奨励されたかつての社会主義国家や現在の独裁国の様ですし [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Today, I finally found the cause of the "inactive system".


It was security software (Macfee) that was pre-installed on the PC.


Uninstalling this software to an unrecoverable level, resolved this three problems at once, and the system started.


The reason the system did not work even if I changed the setting of Windows OS, that this software was blocking the system.

それにしても、pingやhttpのパケットを妨害するのは許せるとしても、パソコンの中の、processまで妨害するとは、何たる悪質なソフトウェア ――

Even so, although it is acceptable to block ping and http packets, how this malicious software interferes with the process on the personal computer.


Though it was only a moment, I thought of "an arson" to this company.



However, security software is designed to protect PCs from "malicious" software developers.


The majority of PCs are "users", and on the other hand, "developers" do not reach 0.2% (300,000 / 130 million) of them.

ですから、このソフトの振舞は「間違ってはいない」のです ―― むしろ「よく頑張っている」とも言えます。

So, the behavior of this software is "not wrong", rather it can be said that "work well".



However, if the software crush everything, it would be safe.

■外部からの攻撃だけでなくて、内部のプロセス(process)に入り込んでいるかもしれないスパイウェアも監視し続けている ――

- It continues to monitor not only external attacks, but also spyware that may have entered the internal process.


This is like a former socialist state and a present dictatorship, where a petition was encouraged.

■しかも、その国の立法府(システムアドミニストレータ)認めているその世界の法(Windows10の設定)すら無視して、監視し続け、必要なら排除する ――

- In addition, it ignores the laws of the world (settings of Windows 10) recognized by the legislative body (system administrator) of that country, and continues monitoring, and eliminates if necessary.


This is like a secret police lurking in the country illegally.


(To be continued)

2019-03-24 『国民(パソコンの利用者)は、だまって、国家(セキュリティ対策ソフト)の言う通りにしてればいいんだよ』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Now, I thought about it again.


This is a true that a security software realize,


based on mutual mistrust of socialistic or authoritarian frame of mind,


to defend PC's security



On the other hand, based on liberalistic frame of mind, it must realize to defend PC's security with


admitting the liberalism and human rights,


continuing the trouble between nation and individual about the range of right.


keeping to pay enormous cost for the trouble and peace.



In addition, on condition that the realization, PC's users should understand all of the detailed architecture of the system(like hardware, OS kernel, system construction, memory and support equipment and its driver software).


―― 面倒くさいなぁ

"That's a bother."


I thought that.


At that time, I got a feeling to hear a voice of autocrat of despotic state.


"All citizens(PC's users) should obey the social framework of a nation(Security software) without complaining"




In conclusion,

―― なるほど、社会主義国/独裁国の国家運営は、「コスト」の問題だったわけだ

Well, the socialistic or authoritarian frame of mind is just the "cost"


I reached the strange arrival from the strange departure.

2019-03-25 昨夜、恐しい夢を見ました。 [長年日記]


I had a nightmare last night.


- I stay at some hostel.

■頼まれていた仕事(講師の仕事だったと思う)がダブルブッキングして ―― いるのかどうかが、分からなくて、必死で過去のメールを調べているところに、

- I don't remember whether I double-booked the requests (for lectures ?), and I am trying check it by my mailer.


- my useless friend comes to my room and asks one thing or another,


- though I shout "Chill! get out of here!!", he never do it.


I took a stabilizer before going to bed, and woke up in the middle of the night, and took a stabilizer again, and took cold medicine because my body was so feverish. When I came to be depressed, I woke up with the sound of an alarm.


I do not know what the meaning of this dream was. Anyway I still remember it, my heart palpitations do not stop.


ここ1ヶ月ばかり、実家に戻ったり、別の製品の納品と検収があり、と、体が鉛のように感じる日々が続いていますが ――

It has been a long time since my body felt like lead for the last month or so. I had returned to my country home, or had another product delivery and inspection.


Anyway, today is also a delivery date.

2019-03-26 「"グラフを使わない"こと」が最適戦略、ということです。 [長年日記]

EE Times Japanの編集部の方から「働き方改革」についての連載をオファされた時、かなり戸惑いました。

When the editorial department of EE Times Japan offered me a series on "work-reform", I was quite confused.


I was not sure if I could put this theme on the series, "Let's turn the world with numbers."


Well, I can continue the series, however I am in trouble with the less of data.


The less data is, the more difficult to analyze with statistics or to create a simulation.



So, I thought, "what other people are doing?", and I tried to review the editorials.


Anyhow as a "reading thing", from the viewpoint of an engineer, they were

―― 酷い




There are a lot of criticisms from the point of view of technical writing, but this time I will omit that.

しかし、仮に「データ」という観点に絞っていても ――

However, even if I focus on the "data" perspective,


It is wildness that there is no numerical data, or Even if there is, they will put huge numbers into one phrase.


The "data" has been treated as "even elementary school students' free research is not so bad."



I tried to assemble data of books of others in my head, so I understand the reason.


They can not write graphs or tables with that data.


They only take out the appropriate representative numbers and simply list them.


For example, to write a line graph, they need at least two points of data on the same dimension (the plane of X and Y axes). However they don't show even that.


Well, even if there is, at best, it will be a very boring graph with only one line(Still, it must be useful in terms of seeing the scale of the data).



In other words, writing a graph or table conversely lowers the credit of the column (and thus the trust of the author's intelligence).


"They do not use graphs" is the best strategy for them.


(Continuation from yesterday)

2019-03-27 それが、あなたにとって、どんなに『気持ちの悪い世界』であったとしても、です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

もっとも、このような場合であっても、過去のデータや、あるいは未来の分析(簡単な回帰分析など)を行えば、読者の理解に助けになるはず ―― ですが、それすらできていない。

Even so, if there are past data or future prediction analysis (for example "easy regression analysis"), they might be helpful for the readers. But nothing is doing.


It means that "they don't know how to use the EXCEL(spreadsheet)", before "luck of basic math literacy", or "contempt of data".


For example, the annoying operation of "plotting a graph on cross-section paper" is available using not only PC but smart-phone.


From the viewpoint, I think junior school students are going to use smartphone as a "calculator" more and more.



On another note,


Now, "to bring smartphone into junior school" becomes an object of public concern.


I also think that "to use smartphone in school, as a communication device" should deserve careful and thoughtful consideration.


Even if it is true, this problem comes to resolve to cancel the communication function of smartphone. For example, there are technologies,


- "Jammer" that cancel the communication around a specified area,


In addition, if a school installs a private wireless LAN environment,


- "Redirect" that makes all the Internet communication pass through the school server.


The school can make common cause with carriers, and disturb.. correction.. restrict or monitor the students access. (They have already been possible)


Moreover, a school should installs the IT infrastructure positively and strategically, and use IT as a education tool. These activities will make everyone happier.



I think that this is engineer's karma that try to resolve anything by using "technology", however, I also think that these knowledges lose nothing by doing.


Maybe, the time is coming that we have to accept a new paradigm of "a human being is at one with a small calculator (smartphone)".


even if the paradigm shows you "unpleasant world".



Let's go the board.


Data is not all.


Data is just "pre-processing".


Therefore the theory of columns without "pre-processing" data,


is "incredible" for our engineers.

2019-03-28 日本語に不自由な外国人の居住者 ―― つまり"言語"の問題です。 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number"(57) : Work style reform(16) "

Respect old spirit in the digital age --- Preparedness for senior use


When I reviewed my diary, I found this(part2) and I don't think I have to write the same again.



So I would like to pick up one more question today.


Although I did not write in this column, there are problems in the neighborhood association other than "IT".

日本語に不自由な外国人の居住者 ―― つまり"言語"の問題です。

Residents of foreigners who can not speak Japanese --- It is the problem of "language".

For Japan, which will actively accept foreign workers, it is self-evident that the neighborhood association will also have to accept people whose language is not native.


(To be continued)

2019-03-29 これで『町内会 = 弱者救済システム』のフレームが、単なる御題目であるかどうかが、はっきりしていくことと思います。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

老人や子どもなどとは比較にならないほどの、もっと弱者であり、もっとも最優先に助けを施さなければならない「外国人」を、どのように扱うのか ――

Foreign residents, as vulnerable groups, are more important people worth protecting, than seniors and children.

これで『町内会 = 弱者救済システム』のフレームが、単なる御題目であるかどうかが、はっきりしていくことと思います。

It will make clear if "neighborhood associations(NA) are security system for vulnerable groups" is right.


If they do say,


"Residents live in Japan, should user the mother-tongue"


they are to be said

"Most of residents can use "IT", so "IT" should be used for anyone, anytime and anywhere"


Because the above two are obvious "double standard".



My idea, in the last page of the column,

―― 地域コミュニティ運営プロバイダ

"Local community management provider"


the business will chance of succeeding, I think.


It will be explainable that the NA cost is not fee of membership but contract rate.


The ghost of "community spirit" that can not be quantified or measured cost-performance is worse than ""Principle of service beneficiary burden"


That is natural for me.


Though it is unclear whether the neighborhood association service pays on a commercial basis, I think it will be on a profitable basis, by limiting the content of the service to "IT" and "Disaster Information Infrastructure".

2019-03-30 「30歳くらまでには、自分は『アイドルと結構できる』と信じていました」 [長年日記]


While watching the article "The assault to the idol" of the news of the entertainment section of Google,

"After all, going to this accident"


I think that.



The story changes a bit. I have read a memoir of men in an article before.


"Before the age of 30, I believed I could marry an idol."


At that time, I thought "How happy this guy is."

しかし、自分を客観的に見ず、主観だけで「狂う」ことができる者 ―― 今の時代、「幸せ」になれるのは、こういう人間だけです。

However, those who can not "watchthemselves objectively and can "make them crazy" by subjectivity

―― Only people like the above, can be "happy" in the present era.



By the way, for me,

it is quite long for having been said "a happy person".

2019-03-31 ―― 後半の怒涛の伏線回収 [長年日記]

一年に一回だけですが、クリスマスの頃、家族(希望者のみ)で、観劇をしにいくことになっており、ここ最近は、「劇団 キャラメルボックス」に行っております。

Once a year, at Christmas time, I am supposed to go to the theater with the family (only the applicants). Recently, I went to "Theatrical company Caramel Box".


There is also an opinion, "how we try other theater groups", however there is also a feeling that "I do not want to remove", I can not change the theater company somehow.


The whole family was busy this Christmas, so we couldn't get much time. so we changed to the end of the year (today).



This year, this was "God of Slow Heights" by Shigamura Mitsuki-san original.


I have also heard only the name of book but I have never read the book.(In addition, all family members except me have already read).


But what a strange feeling that I have never seen before.


Certainly it is interesting, but I like the slapstick. So I was a conversation-based play, honestly, I did not get much excited.


I expect a feeling of "laugh" in the play, so I was thinking of unrequited things, "It may be considered to another theater group next year," however,

―― 後半の怒涛の伏線回収

"Picking up rapid advanced hints at the closing stage"


made me shed tears inadvertently.


(To be continued)