2021-10-01 対新型コロナ戦争の最終フェーズ ―― 『「"信じる"を信じない」と「"信じない"を信じる」を、どうやってブリッジするか』 [長年日記]

シバタ先生 ―― 「轢断のシバタ医師」からは、これまで、定期的に「新型コロナウイルス/ワクチン」に関する情報を、何度も提供して頂き、それを、編集と改編をして、発表させて頂いてきました。

Dr. Shibata -- "Dr. Shibata of the Run-Over" has regularly provided me with information on the new coronavirus/vaccine, which I have edited and reorganized for publication.


For the first time, I asked Dr. Shibata to consider a certain theme.


And the other day, I received a large amount of study materials.


I will now begin my close reading, research and study of the material.


対新型コロナ戦争の最終フェーズ ―― 『「"信じる"を信じない」と「"信じない"を信じる」を、どうやってブリッジするか』

The final phase of the war against the new coronavirus --- How do we bridge the gap between "disbelieving" and "believing"?


I aim to release it by the end of this month.


I resume our days of many emails involving Dr. Shibata and Ms. M, the editor.

2021-10-02 しかし、これからは、『後ろめたい気持ち』から逃げるために、『プライベートな技術メモにも英語を併記しなければならないのかなぁ』 ―― [長年日記]


The concept of a "directory" has existed since the beginning of computer operating systems (OS).


A directory is a way to streamline your work by putting all related programs, data, and configuration information in one place.


In short, it's a "desk drawer," a "cabinet," and a "locker.


It is the oldest, but still effective, method of knowledge management that has existed since the beginning of human civilization.


Incidentally, virtualization, such as "Docker containers," is a way to treat this directory as an independent computer.


The image is that of a computer with desk drawers that work independently of each other.



Recently, I have been working without this 'directory'.


I don't have any trouble with that.


The reason for this is the search engines.


Recently I have been using the Google search engine to find articles in my website.


If I can remember one or two keywords, I can get to the article I want.


Most of the time, it is "no problem".


What's more, WordPress, a content management system (CMS), is the driving force behind this "directory-free" approach.

I've been throwing my notes, diaries, and programs into this site.


I've set up some rough categories, but I've never relied on categories to find information about myself.


I could easily go back to my notes by typing in keywords in the "Site Search" section, so I think,

―― 苦労して情報をカテゴライズする必要ってある?

"Why should I really need to go through the trouble of categorizing information?"



最近、私、PostgreSQL + postGIS + QGIS をテーマにして本を書いているのですが、キーワードだけで、自分のメモに辿りついています。

Recently, I am writing a book on the subject of PostgreSQL + postGIS + QGIS, and I have been following my notes with only keywords.


"It's amazing. I was doing this. I'm great"


I'm impressed with what I did.

プログラムをコピペだけしたものだったり、ちょっとしたTipsのメモだったり、その背景やら目的やら不在で、他の人にとっては、ゴミのようなメモですが ――

Many of them are just copied and pasted programs, or are little tips memos. To others, they are like garbage, without any background or purpose.


Only I, the one who produced that garbage, can read it as information that makes sense.



However, I feel some troubles recently


About some kinds of topics in my website, I cannot ignore the numbers from overseas.


In addition, they are IT-engineers absolutely,


The top access number in my website, from the beginning of using WordPress,

■"dial tcp: lookup db on no such host exit" に苦しめられる日々の終焉

The end of days annoyed by "dial tcp: lookup db on no such host exit"


and, more recently, in

■Error response from daemon: invalid mount config for type "volume": invalid moun t path: 'db_data' mount path must be absolute

"Error response from daemon: invalid mount config for type "volume": invalid moun t path: 'db_data' mount path must be absolute"

■E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing? が出てきた時

When "E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?" appears


have got a lot of hit. I am sure that

―― 絶対に、国外のエンジニアの検索でヒットしている

"Engineer overseas hit, absolutely"



So, I guess they are disappointed and move on to other pages when they see my articles that 'only I can understand' and that are 'only written in Japanese.


I feel very heavy and guilty.



For my own English practice, I have been writing my diary in English as well.


However, I have no intention of having anyone read my English text.


So I'm writing "bullshit English". It's easy-going.

しかし、これからは、『後ろめたい気持ち』から逃げるために、『プライベートな技術メモにも英語を併記しなければならないのかなぁ』 ――

But from now on, in order to escape from the 'guilty feeling', I wonder if I have to write my private technical memos in English as well.


To be honest, I feel depressed when I think about it.

2021-10-03 『ゴルゴ13が、ある組織(国連軍とか日本国の自衛隊)などに属して、組織に忠誠を誓う』 [長年日記]


Mr. Takao Saito, the author of "Golgo 13", has passed away.


My deepest condolences to him and his family.


By the way, I have heard that Golgo 13 was not well received in the U.S.


I think the reason was that he was 'not a hero of justice'.


"What a good-natured...and righteous...people the American people are.


I thought it.


Or rather...

―― その正義とは、誰の正義だ?

"Whose justice is that?"


I wanted to ask it them.



Golgo 13 gave me


"Justice is a relative concept, there is no such thing as 'absolute justice'"


I think this is a philosophy book that has taught me since I was a teenager that


So, in my case, one more turn,


"I don't care about other people's justice. I can live my life thinking only of my own (convenient) justice."


This is the opposite of cosmopolitanism, and it is my world view that I have perfected to this day.



I heard that Golgo 13 will continue to be serialized in the future.

つまり、ゴルゴ13の精神 ―― 普遍的正義の絶対的な否定 ―― を受け継ぐ後継者(の創作者)がいる、ということです。

In other words, there is a successor (creator) who inherits the spirit of Golgo 13 -- the absolute denial of universal justice.


I hope that Golgo 13 will continue to live forever as a "lone terrorist" as he has always been.



"If Golgo 13 belongs to an organization (such as the United Nations or Japan's Self-Defense Forces) and pledges allegiance to that organization..."


I mean, if he turns into a character like that...


I'm prepared to say, "I'm going to launch a suicide bombing attack on that publishing company.

2021-10-04 朝の挨拶(のメール)が普通にできる交友関係は、ちゃんとキープしましょう。 [長年日記]




Make sure to keep friendships where you can greet each other in the morning.


Otherwise, the cause of the missing emails could be


(1) Is the failure of the (e-mail) system the cause?


(2) Is it because of my friendships?


you can't isolate the cause of the problem.

『コールセンタまでもが、私(江端)の電話の着信拒否をしているのではないか』と、被害妄想が拡大すること ―― 受け合います。

The paranoia of "Isn't even the call center blocking my (Ebata's) calls? is growing.

2021-10-05 「ブルーピリオド」という漫画の無料版を読んで、『久々に凄いもの読んだ』と思いました。 [長年日記]


When I read the free version of the manga "Blue Period," I thought to myself, 'I haven't read anything that good in a long time.

高校で美術部部長をしていた次女に、『「ブルーピリオド」って知っているか』と尋ねたら、『フッ』という顔をされました ――

When I asked my daughter, who was the head of the art club in high school, "Do you know "Blue period?", she gave me a disappointed look.


She had a look on her face that said, "Who are you asking?"


We are not supposed to pre-record anime in our house, but I did pre-order "Blue Period".


After watching the first episode, my whole family (including my wife) unanimously decided to continue watching.



I am also manufacturing (x-creating) my own illustrations, using computers and "engineering methods".

ですので、自分の頭の中のイメージを、2次元空間に展開する難しさは ―― まあ、絵画で生きている人の1/100~1/1000くらいは、共感できると信じています。

So I believe I can relate to the difficulty of developing the image in my mind into a two-dimensional space -- well, at least 1/100 to 1/1000 of those who live by painting.



When I finish an illustration, I send it to my family on LINE, they said,


"Your skills have improved"


However, they have never said to me,


"You're getting better at drawing.


2021-10-06 ―― 数理モデル + シミュレーション でのノーベル"物理学"賞が来たーーーー!! [長年日記]


The awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics to Dr. Yoshiro Manabe came as a bit of a shock to me.

―― 数理モデル + シミュレーション でのノーベル"物理学"賞が来たーーーー!!

"The Nobel Prize in Physics for mathematical modeling and simulation is here!"


『ふっ、ようやく、私の時代が来たか・・・』 と、しみじみと感にいっています。

"Finally, my time has come..."。I'm really impressed.


Well, I might be wrong about two things.

1つ目は、"数理モデル + シミュレーション"のよる"ノーベル賞"は、過去にあったかもしれません。私の無知を笑って頂いた上で、ご教示頂けましたら幸いです。

The first is that there may have been a "Nobel Prize" in the past for "mathematical modeling + simulation". I hope you will laugh at my ignorance and let me know.

The second point is, "The mathematical model that Ebata has been working on is this story about 'overtime work' and 'dieting'? You may be taken aback.


Aside from that.



My own understanding of the significance of Dr. Yoshiro Manabe's Nobel Prize in Physics is as follows.


A complete analysis of global warming is logically possible if you have a computer that can perform infinite calculations at very high speed.

It's called Laplace's Demon.


Global warming does not need to be considered at the level of quantum mechanics, so it is not impossible to achieve Laplace's Demon by force.


However, if we were to do this seriously, it would take a supercomputer 100 years to complete the analysis of atmospheric changes in 1 second (this 100 years could be 1 million years or 10 billion years).


Therefore, in order to perform realistic calculations on a computer, "modeling" is inevitably necessary.

For example, if the modeling can be this simple, it can be calculated in Excel.


However, this modeling is 'deadly difficult'.


First of all, the modeling must not be inconsistent logically (or mathematically) , and it must not deviate from real world phenomena.


And the object is the Earth, the largest object in the world.


So, the significance of this "modeling" is huge for humanity.

Without Dr. Manabe's model, the IPCC would not have moved even a millimeter.


これまで、ノーベル物理学賞といえば、大型ハドロン衝突型加速器のような粒子加速器とか、青色発光ダイオードとか、スーパーカミオカンデによる宇宙ニュートリノの検出、のような ――

Up until now, the Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded for particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider, blue light-emitting diodes, the detection of cosmic neutrinos by the Super-Kamiokande, and so on.


My image was "they need a big piece of hardware".

ですから、「モデル化 + シミュレーション」での受賞というのが、我が事のように嬉しいのです。

Therefore, I am very happy to receive the award for "Modeling + Simulation" as if it were my own.


I am, however, an engineer who "tried and failed to model the IPCC on my home PC.


The above story is about "Ebata who thinks he knows what he's talking about. I will ask that you please take these into consideration.

2021-10-07 ―― 「どこがいい」ではなくて、「どこだと被害が少ないか」を考える選挙 [長年日記]

衆院選が、今月19日公示 31日投開票となるようです。

The House of Representatives election is scheduled to be announced on the 19th of this month and the vote will be held on the 31st.

I've introduced this video clip a few times, but I liked it so much that I dictated it this time (jump to YouTube).

===== ここから =====

===== from here =====


Many people say that my story doesn't make sense, but it is Junichiro Koizumi.

今日は何の集まりかは知りませんが ―― おめでとう! がんばって!

I don't know what kind of gathering you're having today, but-- Congratulations! Good luck!


No, I'm glad we won. Yes, the LDP won handily.


I was wondering if it would be an overwhelming victory, and it was an overwhelming victory.


Well, I'd like to ask you guys... Which is better, a cab that doesn't know the way and wanders around and doesn't go to its destination, or a cab that speeds but goes to its destination?


Well, we'd rather have a cab that speeds.


Well, I guess that's the people's answer.

「迷走する民主」より、「暴走する自民」の方がいい、というねえ ―― それが選挙の結果だったんだんだよね。

The LDP that run out of control, is better than the Democrat that takes a weaving course. That was the result of the election, right?


Abe, you can do anything you want, from now on.


But last year's general election was a little different, and I couldn't predict what would happen.


There were a lot of people who didn't know where to vote.


"I'm sick of the LDP"


"I'm disappointed with the Democrats"


"The other parties are also fishy."


To put it another way, it was an election, like which is better, "robbery", "fraud" or "pickpocketing".


The election was not about "where is better," but about "where would cause less damage."

===== ここまで =====

===== to here =====


I think this election is also an election to think about where the damage (from Corona) will be less.


It may not be possible to say that the current government and ruling party have always taken the best measures, but it is true that they have a "track record" of almost two years of measures against new coronas.


In contrast, the opposition parties, at this stage, have not even produced a draft of the "Basic Strategic Plan for Counter-New Coronas.

If they're going to insist on calling this a draft, I'm going to be pissed.

あと、野党の名称 + "コロナ対策"で、ググってみたのですが、これまでの政府の政策の丸パクリとしか思えません。

Also, I googled the name of the opposition party + "corona measures," and all I got was a copy and paste of the current government policies so far.


They only strengthened my mindset that "I don't need to change the government if this is the case".


It takes a lot of courage for me to entrust the task of dealing with the new corona to opposition parties that have done nothing but criticize the current government from behind for the past two years.



This time, I'm taking it more seriously than I did in 2013 (when the above content was released).

―― 「どこがいい」ではなくて、「どこだと被害が少ないか」を考える選挙

The election will not about "where is better," but about "where would cause less damage."


I believe that.


After all, my life is at stake.

2021-10-08 ―― なるほど。この問題、絶対にウヤムヤにしてはならない [長年日記]


In 2018, there was an incident called the "South Korean Navy Radar Irradiation Issue".(Note: however, that this is the name as seen from the Japanese government's perspective.)


This issue between the Japanese and South Korean governments stemmed from the Japanese government's protest that a South Korean Navy destroyer irradiated a Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol plane with a fire control radar (a radar used in the fire command system).


The term "radar irradiation" is synonymous with "missile lock-on," and is considered a de facto military action.


The governments of the two countries are in direct conflict with each other.


The fact that this issue has not been revisited now suggests that the two governments have either found a suitable "compromise" or have decided to "let it go", or something along those lines.


As a private citizen, I have no way of knowing the facts about this issue.


Well, I also have a lot of new problems that keep coming up, and each time they do, my mind overwrites them and I forget more and more of the old cases.

世の中には、ウヤムヤにした方が良いこともあります ―― というか、『世の中は、ウヤムヤだけででている』といってもいいくらいです。

There are some things in the world that are better left undone -- or rather, you could say that the world is made up of nothing but undone things.


Today, I found a content that well explains what the Japanese government calls "the South Korean Navy radar irradiation problem" (jump to Youtube).


This "radar irradiation" means as same the following


The citizens of Machida City


In Tama City, which is the exclusive economic zone of Machida City,


by the citizen of Yokohama City


is going to be grabbed the chest with be said "I'm going to hit you now"



―― なるほど。この問題、絶対にウヤムヤにしてはならない

"I see. We must not let this issue go unanswered."


I realized once again the seriousness of this problem.

2021-10-09 「無責任である」とか、「科学的な理解が乏しい」とか批難するのではなく、あるいは、ワクチンの安全性や有用性を理解してもらいたいわけでもなく ―― [長年日記]


I don't like to ride the Ferris wheel. It's scary. I don't like "Viking" either.


On the other hand, "roller coasters," "water rides," "free falls," and "spinning swings" are fine.


The difference between the two types is that the former is caused by a failure of the drive system or the electrical system, which may cause the vehicle to stop in an intermediate state, making it difficult to rescue, and the state may last for a long time.


In comparison, the latter, even if these failures occur, may basically stop or return to its initial state due to the effects of gravitational fall, or may be able to return to its state by walking on its own.


In short,

―― 駆動系や電気系の『脆さ』をよく知っているから、心底から『怖い』

"I know very well the 'fragility' of the drive and electrical systems, and I am deeply 'afraid' of them"



In fact, ski lifts are the "worst".


If a direct earthquake strikes while I am riding the lift, and the power supply stops, the lift will not move at all.


Maybe there is a massive avalanche on the ski slopes and many skiers are buried alive.


The rescue team cannot even know where the people are buried, and the night is coming.

氷点下の夜の中で、リフトの上で、私も凍死死体となっている ―― そんなオチになっていると思います。

In the middle of the night, in the sub-zero temperatures, on the lift, I'm also a frozen corpse -- I think that's the end of the story.



"The easiest way to escape from fear is to do nothing.


Don't ride amusement rides, don't go skiing. This is the best solution.


"It's fun," or, "You're overthinking it," which, frankly, is none of my business.


You will 'enjoy' yourselves and 'die' at your own risk.

―― 私を巻き込むな

"Don't drag me into your side."



Now I am thinking of various use cases like the above to approach the psychology of people who keep refusing to be vaccinated against new coronas.

「無責任である」とか、「科学的な理解が乏しい」とか批難するのではなく、あるいは、ワクチンの安全性や有用性を理解してもらいたいわけでもなく ――

I'm not trying to criticize them for being "irresponsible" or "lacking in scientific understanding," or I don't want them to understand the safety and usefulness of vaccines,


I want to know what goes through the minds of those who continue to refuse to be vaccinated against the new coronas. I want to feel relieved. I want to find peace of mind.


Because what I don't know is terribly scary.


(The above is a pastiche of episode 8 of the second season of the anime "my youth romance comedy is wrong as I expected" )



Now, it's the weekend.


Weekend engineer & researcher & writer will be activated.

2021-10-10 『私にとってのモデル化とは、登場させる"モノ"を、自分の目で見えるままに、クラス(構造体)で記述するだけ。以上』が、私の手法です。 [長年日記]


Sometimes I am asked, "Mr. Ebata, when you create a simulator, what kind of modeling do you do to define the interface (I/F)?"


My answer is always the same.


"I don't think about it."



In my programming, I just describe things in the real world in a structure (class) and I/F later when things need to communicate with each other.

私は、こういう設計思想を「オブジェクト設計」といい、この思想に基づくプログラミングを「オブジェクト指向プログラミング」というだけのこと ―― と思っています。

I believe that this kind of design concept is called "object design" and programming based on this concept is just called "object-oriented programming".

このプログラミングのメリットはただ一つです ――

There is only one advantage to this programming --


"Easy". This is the only word that comes to mind.


However, in order to make this "easy", you need to be willing to not use any of the features of "object-oriented programming".


I don't use "inheritance" or "generalization" because they are too much trouble when debugging.


"Multiple inheritance" is sure to be confusing.


I believe that if you need "polymorphism," you're not very good at making it.


I find "private" and "public" annoying to death, so I just use "public" for everything.


If you use this kind of thing, the readability of your program will get really bad. It's not very readable.



Well, maybe it's because this is a "personal level" programming of a researcher that we can think this way, but


For me, modeling is simply describing the "things" that I want to appear in a class (structure) as I can see them. That is my method.

それ以外のことは、「必要になった時に覚えればいいんじゃないかなー」と思うんですよ ―― 『必要になる時なんて、あるのかなあ?』とも思っていますが。

Other than that, I think it's fine to learn when you need it -- although I wonder if the time is coming.

2021-10-11 でも、自分の恋愛体験なんぞ、開発してきたプログラムのステップ数に比べれば、『中華冷麺の紅ショウガ』くらいのスケールしかありあせん。 [長年日記]


I do not interfere in other people's love affairs.


On the contrary, if I sensed such an atmosphere, I would walk away from the scene.

―― 巻き込まれると、絶対に面倒くさいことになるから

"If you get involved, you're gonna get in a lot of trouble for sure"




This is also true for my daughters.


In manga and novel, there are often characters whose fathers delve into their daughters' love lives, but I believe that they are exaggerating the story.


Of course, if they ask me for advice, I will answer within the scope of my own experience.


However, compared to the number of steps in the program I've developed, my own experience of love is like red ginger in Chinese cold noodles.


I don't think it would be useful as a use case.



A colleague of mine (a junior colleague) once reported to me that she was getting married.


I just said, "Hmm, I see," and turned back to the display. But she said,


"Ebata-san. Redo it"


I sighed, took a deep breath, and said it all at once.

「なんだって? 結婚!! なんてこった! いつから付き合ってきたの? 全然気がつかなったよ。もう結婚式は終った? いやー、実にめでたい! おめでとう!・・・って、これでいい?」

"What? Marriage! Oh, my God! How long have you guys been dating? I didn't notice at all. Have you finished the wedding yet? Well, congratulations, indeed! ... Is that okay?"


"Well, okay."

2021-10-12 ―― 日本人がチョロイと思っていたら、甘いぞ [長年日記]

When I was a college student, I went to India by myself and had a bad experience and returned home.


Today, as I was reading an article, I remembered that in a park in India, I was approached by a suspicious-looking massage guy who gave me a shoulder massage.


Well, it was "good", but not "very good", and I thought, "I can't say the service is worth the price".


After the service, I was told to write down my impressions in his notebook, so I wrote exactly that in 'Japanese'.


After that, he reminded me to 'say what you wrote verbally (in English),' so I did.


I said phrases such as, "Great service," "Excellent value for money," and "Everyone should try this massage. Afterwards, we shook hands with smiles and parted ways.

―― 日本人がチョロイと思っていたら、甘いぞ

"If you think the Japanese are easy, you're naive."


"Suck it up" I thought, and I left.

2021-10-13 地震が発生したら ―― それが夜であるなら ―― 寝ている私の体の上に、数十冊の本が一気に落下してくることは明らかです。 [長年日記]

The other day, an earthquake of lower-5 on the Japanese scale hit the Ebata family, causing 'the bookshelf I made to collapse.


"This was quite a shock to me", as I had always prided myself on my earthquake preparedness.



A few days later, I set up an accident investigation committee and was stunned to discover that one of the two brackets supporting the bookshelf had been installed in a place where the joists did not go.


In other words, it was "just a plasterboard with wood screws stuck in it.


It could have collapsed at any time, regardless of the earthquake.


I am not sure why I made such a rudimentary mistake.

Anyway, this time, I did a thorough preliminary investigation using these instruments.


I believe that the renovated bookshelves will be able to withstand a seismic intensity 7 earthquake with only a few books falling.



In the Ebata house, there are nearly 20 shelves that I installed as a DIY project.


My room is full of shelves.

地震が発生したら ―― それが夜であるなら ―― 寝ている私の体の上に、数十冊の本が一気に落下してくることは明らかです。

If there is an earthquake -- and it is nighttime -- it is obvious that dozens of books will fall on my sleeping body at once.


So now I sleep with my head tucked under my desk to avoid a direct hit to my head.


I've already given up on protecting anything other than my head.


2021-10-14 『ゲームから始める異世界英語』という新しい英語教育のパラダイムを考えてみたらどうかな、と思っています。 [長年日記]


Skills, Servants, Masters, Jobs, Classes, Items, Guilds, Quests, Dungeons, Archers, Assassins, Bishops, Priests, Witches, Merchants, Alchemists, Barbarians...


As a junior and senior high school student, I did not understand 90% of the meaning of these English words.



―― 今のティーンエイジャ(の一部)は、この言葉(英語)の意味を日常的に理解しているんだなぁ

"I guess today's teenagers (some of them) understand the meaning of this word (English) on a daily basis"


I think that's pretty awesome.


I've been thinking about a new paradigm for English education called "Another world English with games"



In addition.


- Use "attribute"


- Think of "class" used in games and otherworldly content as a template, not just as a hierarchical relationship, but use "instance" as the corresponding concept.


These words will be helpful for the programming education.

2021-10-15 Markdownの魅力は『表現力の乏しさ』です。 [長年日記]

I've been messing around with the idea of writing a book (or report) using only Markdown, but I've managed to finish it.


I used SAI and PowerPoint for covers and drawings, so 'Markdown only' may be an exaggeration, but, it cannot be helped.

今回のMarkdownを使った執筆活動では、Visual Studio Codeというフリーのエディタ(?)と、プラグインの、Markdown-PDF, Markdown-TOCの威力が凄かったです。

In this writing activity using Markdown, I used Visual Studio Code, a free editor(?). and the plug-ins, Markdown-PDF and Markdown-TOC, were very powerful.


With a single command, the table of contents was updated, and the PDF file is created. Well, it was really easy for me.


When writing on the left side of the split screen, the view image is displayed on the left screen in real time, which is very helpful.



The appeal of Markdown is its 'lack of expressiveness'.


- Unchangeable text size


- A few types of emphasis


- Only one way to describe a program, etc


- No room for creativity in the chapter structure

If you read around here, you'll know that, well, anyway, there is hopelessly "no way" to decorate the paper.


That means that you have to focus on the content.


Microsoft Wordは、原因不明の場所に図表を登場させやがるし、インデントもこちらの期待した通りにならないし、目次の整形だけで半日を持っていかれまます。

Microsoft Word keeps putting figures and tables in places I can't figure out, indenting is not what I expect, and formatting the table of contents alone takes up half my day.


Even for Latex, if you create your own template, you will have to go through a lot of "trial and error hell".

比して、Markdownのこの気楽さ ―― 「テキストファイルを記載するだけのこの軽いノリ」を世界中のエンジニアが選んだのはもっともだと思います。

In comparison, how easy to use this Markdown. "It's no wonder that engineers all over the world have chosen Markdown for its ease of use -- "this light-heartedness of just describing a text file.


I understand why GitHub uses "README.md" by default.



So, I would like to propose that we call the way of life that is indifferent to fashion in general

―― Markdown Life (マークダウン ライフ)

"Markdown Life".


as I do.


By the way, if you look up "markdown" in the dictionary, you will find that it means "price reduction" or "discounted amount."


From this point of view, I think 'this term expresses me (Ebata) well'.

2021-10-16 これは「悪い」のではありません。「そういうもの」なのです。 [長年日記]


I think I know a lot about communism, more than the average Japanese person.


In terms of standard deviation, I think I'm at about 2σ (deviation 70), not quite 3σ (deviation 80).


I was the son of a factory manager of a town factory.


From the communists' point of view, they must be "enemies of the people who must be overthrown," I thought. So I listened to the students in the dormitory (autonomous dormitory) talking about the so-called "revolution" with a sense of "Damn.

というか、大学に入学できている経済力がある時点で、『学寮にいる奴等、全員、人民の敵だろう』と思っていましたし、そもそも、全員、資本主義の歯車となるべく、就職活動していました ―― 活動家になった人はいませんでした。

Or rather, I thought, "Everyone in the dormitory is an enemy of the people," when they had the financial ability to enter university. In the first place, they were looking for a job to make us cogs in the capitalist society -- not activists.


マルクス主義、レーニン、スターリン、毛沢東、トロツキー、ポルポト、大粛清、文革、日本赤軍、全共闘、中核、革マル、内ゲバ、よど号ハイジャック、テルアビブ空港乱射、あさま山荘 ――

Marxism, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Trotsky, Pol Pot, the Great Purge, the Cultural Revolution, the Japanese Red Army, the All-Communist Party, the Core Faction, the Leather Marxists, the Civil War, the Yodo hijacking, the Tel Aviv airport shooting, Asama Sanso...


I know that it is too violent to mix these things up. Anyway, I don't have to say "What is that? Is it good?" because I have enough input in my brain about them.

そして、日本共産党が、暴力革命路線を放棄、中国や旧ソ連の共産党を批判し、さらには、学生たちを「左翼暴力集団」と決めつけた経緯も知っていますが ――

Of course, I know how the JCP abandoned the violent revolutionary line, criticized the communist parties of China and the former Soviet Union, and even branded the students as "leftist violent groups".


However, I don't know what will happen after that, if they can seize power.


The Communist Party, by its very nature, is not supposed to follow any other path than a one-party dictatorship. (As far as I have learned) democratic elections are a negation of communism.


This is not "wrong". It's just the way it is.


If I were to use an analogy, it would be like criticizing me (Ebata) by saying, "It's shameful that Ebata is Ebata.


Or, it is the same as the tautology that says, 'It is because it is against the teachings of Islam,' in response to the question, 'Why is it wrong to go against Islam?


That's why I prefer to think in terms of logic and numbers rather than ideology.


Because it's "easy" absolutely.



I think the name "Communist Party" has a great impact, or rather, a preconceived notion of it.

日本たばこ → JT, 日本電信電話株式会社 → NTT, 日本国有鉄道(国鉄) → JR のように、英語の略号で、「共産党」という言霊の持つネガティブイメージを払拭すべきだと思うんですよ。

I think they should use English abbreviations like Japan Tobacco → JT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation → NTT, Japan National Railways (JNR) → JR to dispel the negative image of the word "Communist Party".

Japanese Communist Party → JC なんて良いと思うんですが、どうでしょうか。

How about "Japanese Communist Party → JC" ?


The event of electoral cooperation with the Constitutional Democratic Party made me say "Umm". So I think this is a good opportunity to change the name of the party.

どうせなら、Constitutional Democratic Party → CDPですので、『CDP + JC 連合』と言い切ってしまえば、もう、何が何だか分からなくなります。

In any case, if they use Constitutional Democratic Party → CDP and say "CDP + JC Coalition", we won't know what's what anymore.


I think this will finally make the opposing structure to the LDP look like what it is.


I think it's fine just during the campaign.


I know that the name of the party is an "important brand" to the party members, just like the "store name" of a liquor store or a candy store.

2021-10-17 『そんなもん、"リア充な恋愛、幸せな結婚生活、というオプションを選択できる大人になるため"に、決っとろうが』 [長年日記]


The other day, as a project of the section, we were divided into several groups and tried to have a free discussion (no theme).

So, since there was a young guy (in his 20s) in the group, I asked him about "matching apps".


There are two main questions.


(1) Do you have any resistance to using a matching app?


(2) Is it possible to openly disclose the fact that you got married through the matching app?



At any rate, I am a person who has only heard about dating sites, which have caused many problems, and I have no plans to use matching apps in the future.


In other words, I am a person who is certain that I will not be able to experience matching apps in a real way.



Well, the answers were : (1) no, and (2) not publicly.


This answer, while seemingly contradictory, makes a lot of sense to me.


This is what the "e-mail" of a science student on a college campus in the late 1980s looked like.


From the view of the history of e-mail, it will probably be a few more years before the use of "matching apps" can be spoken of publicly.



The only thing I can say is that even if "matching apps" become a normal communication infrastructure, the situation will continue to be that 'people who can't fall in love or get married will always be unable to do so.


Matching is the provision of a "place" and the "exchange of value" there.


A match is made when there is a common understanding that "your value" and "the other person's value" are the same to be able to be exchanged.


In that sense, I guess.

"Matching "love" is hopelessly difficult"



"Getting the "signal" to light up is hopelessly difficult"


I remembered that.



"I don't know what I'm studying English or math for!"


To the children who shouted,


"Needless to say, "To become an adult who can have the options of a fulfilling love life and a happy married life." absolutely"


I think it is admirable for an adult to be able to say something like this outright.

2021-10-18 「江端は、"拙速"くらいしかできることがない」 [長年日記]

I wrote about "soldiers respect poor but fast speed" before, but it seems to have been different from the content.


The meaning of "poor but fast speed" here does not seem to be "just go fast, even if it's poorly done.


The correct meaning, in a nutshell, seems to be ...

―― 短期間で勝てる場合"のみ"戦え。それ意外の(長期間になる可能性があったり、勝てる見込が不明である)場合は戦うな

"Fight "only" if you can win in a short time. Otherwise (if it's likely to be a long time or you don't know if you can win), don't fight"




However, this is very difficult.


Research and development (R&D) is fatally time-consuming and costly, and researchers who fail to develop new weapons (new technologies) may have their raison d'etre questioned.


If I can develop a "winning technology" in a short period, I will have no trouble.


In other words, when it comes to R&D, if I think of "soldiers respect poor but fast speed" as Sun Tzu interpreted it, it becomes synonymous with "I do nothing/can't do anything".



Anyway, it is not good to leave misunderstandings, so I will correct the contents of my previous diary.


I take down "soldiers respect poor but fast speed",


"There's nothing Ebata can do about it, except to be 'too quick'."


I'd like to change it to that.

2021-10-19 ―― リアルな数字で本気で計算していると、政府・与党支持になってくる [長年日記]


I think I've written about this before.

―― リアルな数字で本気で計算していると、政府・与党支持になってくる

"If you're serious about calculating realistic numbers, you'll be supporting the government and ruling party"


is true.

Since I started this series, I have often thought, "Look at the numbers before you say anything!"


But this is totally "conservative thought".


Ebata's "turnaround" has been mentioned many times in the past, but it seems to be further strengthened since he has been struggling with numbers in government documents in Excel.



However, there is no change in my feeling of "disappointed with the left-wing forces" and "disgusted with the right-wing forces", so I am thinking that I need a new concept, like.

―― 数値保守 とか、計算保守 とか

"Numerical conservative, or computational conservative".


However, I also know that even if I start a new party with this argument, I will not be able to get the will of the people.


Because numbers and mathematics are the "virtual enemies" of our people, overtaking English.


There is also the idea that STEM education is an "ideological education" set up by the government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) to support the current system...


Well, this is a bit "tough" even as a hypothesis.

2021-10-20 今や、インターネットなしの生活(仕事、娯楽、その他)は考えられませんので、こういう障害に出会うと、凄く怖いです。 [長年日記]


Just the fact that my home network stops working is enough to make my 'heart skip a beat'.


This is because a network failure will cause a complete shutdown of the business, and there will be no way to notify others.

And today, it happened.


Nowadays, I can't imagine my life (work, entertainment, etc.) without the Internet, so it's very scary when I encounter such accident.


This time, I'm glad I only had to "reboot," but "rebooting" has a pretty high probability of "failing."


If the reboot fails, all functions, even those that were partially working, will be stopped.


Therefore, it takes courage to press the "Reboot" button.

―― 本当に、これまで「再起動」を押して、何十台のシステムをクラッシュしてきたことか(遠い目)

-- Really, I can't tell you how many dozens of systems I've crashed by pressing "reboot" (distant memory).



Once you have successfully "rebooted," it is important to print out all of your configuration information soon.


This is because it is a sign of a full-blown failure.


It is unfortunate that I have to admit this, but it is the information printed on "paper" that comes into play at the last minute.


This is because digital data cannot be retrieved when the system dies.



I have now uploaded hard copies of the configuration information for my home router to the cloud from one end to the other.


In my case, I often forget where my "paper" is, so I let them escape to the cloud for now, and find peace of mind.


However, even the cloud goes down when it goes down, right?


For electricity, water, gas, water leaks, clogged pipes, etc., there are places (maintenance services) to cry to, but I wonder if there are places to cry to for this kind of home network.

私が知らないだけならいいんですが ―― ネットワークが丸1日停止すれば、簡単に私(の仕事)を殺せます。

I hope I just don't know -- if the network goes down for a whole day, it could easily kill me (and my work).

2021-10-21 本当は、「XXXXX技術の江端さん」という二つ名こそが、エンジニアとしても誉れだと思うのですが ―― [長年日記]


I think it is very important for people in the society to be given "two names".


When I send an email after a long time, I don't feel comfortable saying or being told something like "I've heard of you for some time"


I remember you. I do remember you, but when I want to tell you how I remember you, if I can use your "two names," it will be much smoother from there.



In my case, it's mostly "Mr. Ebata from saury and mackerel" but I think it would be difficult for someone younger than me to say this to me.


That is why I am often referred to as "Mr. Ebata of patents" within the company.


The Internet is littered with "Mr. Ebata, unloved by the English language.


"There is also "Mr. Ebata who jumped in (committed suicide).


本当は、「XXXXX技術の江端さん」という二つ名こそが、エンジニアとしても誉れだと思うのですが ――

In fact, I think that the two names of "Mr. Ebata of XXXX Technology" are honorable for an engineer.


When I ask myself what is the world class technology that can differentiate me from others, I think

It all comes back to "How to tell the difference between saury and mackerel".


I think the first "two names" are still correct.

2021-10-22 他の分野の電子書籍については知りませんが、技術分野に関して言えば、通常の書籍の市場原理とは異なる理論で動いているように思えます。 [長年日記]


Recently, I've been seeing other people's e-books because of my own background in releasing -ebooks.

―― 私が困っていることに関して、的確にヒットする本が多いな

"So many books that hit exactly the right spot regarding what I'm having trouble with"


I'm impressed.


It is natural to think about it, but a general book cannot be published unless a certain number of publications can be expected.


There is no way that content in a niche technical field can be sold in a normal way.


However, in the case of e-books, there are basically no intermediate costs (editing, binding, shipping, bookstore shelves, returns).


The cost for this is also low.



For an engineer like me, the contents of general books are often not enough.


For example, the GTFS data format and how to retrieve the data, or how to set up AWS IAM, are out of scope even for data engineers and cloud engineers.


My writings on Bayolinks, PostGIS, etc., are probably a mystery to many engineers.


If your goal is to make money in the first place, this kind of publication is completely absurd.



I don't know about other fields of e-books, but when it comes to the technology field, it seems to be driven by different theories than the normal market principles for books.


(1) Write down my findings when I forget them, regardless of profit, and


(2) By being aware of the fact that "others will read it," I will be able to structure my sentences properly, and


(3) It's good if I can recoup some of the cost of the time I spent writing.


like the above.



Well, sometimes I think the books are a bit difficult to read because they don't have a professional editor in them.


However, as an engineer, I believe that they can read between the lines, even if it is difficult to read.

2021-10-23 サラリーマンの生存戦略とは、『内心を隠し、上司に阿(おもね)て、部下に無難に接する』 ―― この一言に付きます。 [長年日記]


Yesterday, I went out for a rare family dinner.


Recently, my daughters have not been able to spend any time with me, however, last night, by some miraculous chance, we were all together, so I decided to eat out immediately.


One of last night's stories was "Unrequited Love for a Person I Hate".


Ebata: "Why can't I get this passionate feeling of 'I hate you' across?"


My family looked at me strangely and gave me a witty comment.


Wife: "Dad, you usually tell people those things verbally, don't you?"


Ebata: "Don't talk about me like I'm a psychopath. I'm just a normal, defensive-minded, small-minded businessman."


When my family heard this, they looked at me like, "Damn".

いやいや、本当 ―― コラムの中で書いていることを、日常的に語っていたら、社会的に死にます。

To tell you the truth, if I talked about what I write in my columns on a daily basis, I would die socially.

サラリーマンの生存戦略とは、『内心を隠し、上司に阿(おもね)て、部下に無難に接する』 ―― この一言に付きます。

The survival strategy for business persons is to hide their inner secrets, defer to their superiors, and play it safe with their subordinates.


Well, that's beside the point.



Ebata: "When I made a plan of ski events..."


Wife: "Have you ever organized a ski event?"


Ebata: "After we got married, we would go skiing and play tennis with my colleagues at the institute for a few years.


Wife: "Oh, I see. I had a feeling you'd been the character you are now from the moment we met."


Ebata: "When I was a student and even after I became an adult, a guy who was 'I don't want to go with just this guy,' appeared, and for some reason, he would get involved in my ski projects.


Daughter: "Why don't you just not talk to him?"


Ebata: "Of course, not. I didn't say anything to them. Even when he blatantly said in front of me, 'I want to go with you,' I just smiled and left."


Daughter: "Why were he coming in?"


Ebata: "One of the participants was even letting him join on their own."


Daughter: "Why don't you just say no?"

江端:「『俺、あいつ嫌いだから断ってくれ』って、言えるか? 無理だろう?」

Ebata: "Can you say, 'I don't like that guy, so please turn him down ?& You can't, can you?"


Daughter: "I don't know if it's anyone else, but I think Dad can tell them."

江端:「言えるか! パパの交友関係は、その時点で破綻だ」

Ebata: "No way! My friendships would be broken at that time"


Daughter: "You don't have any friendships to begin with, do you?"

江端:「それは、『今のパパ』だ! 昔は、テニス部のキャプテンという、リア充の中のリア充だったんだ。『サービスを打てないテニス部キャプテン』って ・・・ 思い出したら、腹が立ってきたな」

Ebata: "That's 'me' now! I used to be the head of the tennis club, the realest of the real, and they used to call me 'the head of the tennis club who can't hit a service. I am starting to piss me off when I remember.


Wife: "And?"

江端:「どんな恋愛にも負けないくらいの熱い想いで、『お前が嫌いだオーラ』を発していたんだけど、どうして、この想いが伝わらないんだろう ―― と」

Ebata: "I was emitting an aura of 'I hate you' with a passion that rivaled that of any other relationship, but I wondered why this feeling was not being conveyed.


Wife: "I see."


Ebata: "This made me angry at the insensitivity of the person receiving the aura of 'I hate you', but at the same time I was convinced that I myself was not receiving the aura of 'I hate you'."


Wife: "And?"

Ebata: "I ended up in a place called 'Skiing Alone'. When I think about it, I feel like that was the starting point of my 'history of being alone'..."



(1) I like skiing in the first place.


(2) I like skiing with the person I like better than (1).


(3) Skiing with someone I don't like is more uncomfortable than (1) and (2).


The only optimal solution that satisfies the above (1) to (3) is 'skiing alone'.


(To be continued)

2021-10-24 飲み会における、最も優れた上司の振舞いは『しゃべらず、だまって、金だけ出す』です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Ebata: "I think this 'unrequited love' has far more power than ordinary love'."


Daughter: "What do you mean?"


Ebata: "Even if you don't see it, you can sense it just by approaching it. By discomfort."


Daughter: "It's true, I get urticaria just from their presence.


Ebata: "In my case, I can only detect that they have 'arrived on the same floor'."



Ebata: "In my case, once I've decided that I hate them, there's no way I'm going to change my mind later. How about you."


Wife: "I agree it. I think that it is a rare case of disappearing the the feeling.


Ebata: "Therefore, I think it's quite important to live a life in which you don't create 'hate' as much as possible. Besides, it is quite difficult.


Wife: "But 'hate' is inevitable in the working world."


Ebata: "In my case, when I was young, I was angry at someone all the time, I think. Especially my boss."


Wife: "So do I."

江端:「しかし、最近は、この『嫌い』の数が減ってきているような気がする ―― だから心配している」

Ebata: "But lately, the number of these 'hate' seems to be decreasing -- so I'm worried."


Wife: "Why?"


Ebata: "This is just a hypothesis, but I think the total amount of 'hate' in life is constant.


Wife: "And?"

江端:「『嫌い』を感じられなくなってきている、ということは ―― 本格的に『嫌われる』側にフェーズ移行した、と考えるべきだと思う」

Ebata: "If I can't feel 'hate' anymore, then I think I am now "being hated by others" phase in earnest.


Wife: "?"


Ebata: "In other words, the people who are 'hated' are hopelessly 'unaware' of it."


- Being lectured by a newcomer is "the best entertainment" for an older person.

■なんたって、社会というヒエラルヒーにおいて、新人や若手は社会人として弱い立場にあり、そのような自分より社会的に弱い立場にいる者に対して、上から目線で持論を一方的に述べる ―― こんな愉快なイベントを、年配であるこの私が見逃すわけがない。

- After all, in the hierarchy of society, newcomers and young people are in a weaker position as members of society, and old persons can unilaterally express their opinions from a superior perspective. How could I, an older person, miss such a delightful event?


This kind of situation is often invoked at "drinking parties" and the like.


In particular, a boss who wants to talk about the hardships of his or her youth is the worst of the worst.


However, this "worst of the worst" is difficult to self-identify. The higher the position, the more difficult it becomes.


Since no one can stop them, they will continue to self-amplify the ridiculous misperception that they are saying "good things".


Thus, the boss is completed as the 'being hated' one.


私、断酒してから、かれこれ3年になりますが ――

I've been sober for almost three years now, and...


The above is an objective report from a sober, post-sobriety person who has been observing the "unseemliness of the boss" at drinking parties.

ちなみに、上司であるかどうかに関係なく、酒が入るだけで、恐しく『最低』になる人間を見続けてきました ―― 本当に背筋が凍るような場面もありました。

Incidentally, I've seen people, regardless of whether they were my boss or not, turn into horrible 'jerks' just by drinking -- there were some truly spine-chilling moments.


Therefore, the best choice is to "not attend" drinking parties.


However, this is not possible in the working world.


The best way for a boss to behave at a drinking party is to not talk, shut up, and only pay.

2021-10-25 校則が理由で何もできなかった ―― などという言い訳は、他人には勿論、自分にすら通用しません。 [長年日記]


I was watching the anime "Yuru Camp" and remembered how I borrowed my mother's moped to travel alone from Nagoya to Kyoto when I was in high school.


At the time, my high school forbade me from getting a moped license, but of course, I ignored them.


I was helping my parents with work at their factory using a moped, so naturally "my parents approved".



I would like to remind teenagers that school rules are a "duty of effort" to begin with.


"Duty of effort" refers to things that are not legally obligatory and are not subject to penalties for violation, but are stipulated as things that should be done and should be endeavored to be done.


Japanese citizens are obligated to obey the law, and if they act in violation of the law, they will be penalized accordingly.


In other words, we are not obligated to follow anything other than the law.


Therefore, you are not obligated to follow any school rules that do not comply with the law.


However, in the case of an organization such as a school, the private rules (=school rules) that are deemed necessary for the operation of the organization depend on the discretion of the organization's management.


However, if the rules are unreasonable, then the school rules are considered more "illegal".


In this case, if you fight it in court, you can win.


It is possible to have school rules changed or withdrawn.


さて、ここで「原付免許の取得禁止」が、合理的であれるか、不合理的であるか ―― というのは、今回はスコープ外とします。

Now, whether "banning the acquisition of moped licenses" is reasonable or unreasonable is outside the scope of this article.

That means,


(1) It is necessary for the school to show that it has established such rules (i.e., school regulations) to ensure the safety of its students.


(2) Students, on the other hand, understand the school's position and it's okay to break school rules at your own risk.



However, if you are found out, for example, if the school has a rule that "breaking the rules = expulsion", you will be expelled (unless you fight it in court).


Let's put it simply in a nutshell.


If you have an accident, you have to take the risk of being expelled immediately.


I kept the fact that I had a moped license a secret for a long time, and when it came to driving a moped, I tried to be as safe as possible. After all, if I had an accident, I would be expelled from school immediately.


Schools don't bother to investigate the fact that not all of their students are licensed.


It costs a hell of a lot of money, and with the personal information issue, it's out of the question immediately.


What the school needs is "appearances and mensuration."


Hence, school rules should be "broken in silence, without telling anyone.


You can show off your individuality in places that have nothing to do with school, such as your hair and clothes.


If you are not allowed to work part-time, you just have to be very careful and work without being detected.


Well, I say, 'If you can't do that level of planning (or if you don't have that level of intelligence), then don't do it.


But that's beside the point.



Now I can't believe my youthful indiscretion in climbing the Suzuka Pass on a moped.


I think it was also raining. I remember it was very cold.


The anime "Yuru Camp" also makes me feel like I'm freezing just watching it.


"I don't know how I could have done that. I can say with certainty that I would never be able to do that now.



I think the engine of "youthful indiscretion" is very important.


The operating period of this engine is shorter than you think.


It seems to me that it is very important to "act when you feel like it, without thinking too much".

校則が理由で何もできなかった ―― などという言い訳は、他人には勿論、自分にすら通用しません。

Excuses such as "I couldn't do anything because of school rules" are not acceptable to others, or even to yourself.

2021-10-26 ―― 人様の結婚話に赤の他人の私が口を出すほど、私は、野暮でも下品でもねーよ [長年日記]


In response to the interview,

―― 人様の結婚話に赤の他人の私が口を出すほど、私は、野暮でも下品でもねーよ

"I'm not so boorish or vulgar that I'd interfere in someone's marriage as a stranger."


If you made the above comment, please let me know.


I think there's more than one of them.



I would like to introduce you on my blog, although I don't think the media companies will adopt your comment.


Of course, the Ebata Firewall will protect you.


I would like to shake your hand remotely.

2021-10-27 ―― 全員"×"をつける [長年日記]


This evening, my wife and I went to the early voting.


When I went to the polling station for the election, there were more than a dozen staff members waiting for me, even for the early voting.


Even if we only consider the labor costs at the polling stations, I realize that "elections are really expensive.


At the very least, I thought, if I shortened the voting period by one day, I could easily raise enough money to pay for a year's worth of cultural club activities at some junior high school or high school.


マイナンバーカードの活用で、省庁の窓口業務をコンビニに押しつけているのですから(私もその方がラクだし)、選挙もマイナンバーカードでできるようにしてしまえば良いのですが ――

Since the ministries and agencies are forcing convenience stores to do the window work by using my number card (it's easier for me too), why don't they make it possible to hold elections with my number card?

The reason why this is not currently possible is as described here.


It would certainly be risky to suddenly move to online voting, so I think it would be a good idea to create something like a "special zone for digital voting" and start with a small-scale trial operation.


Alternatively, they can use engineers like me to do a demonstration experiment.


If someone asks me to do both analog and digital voting, I'll take it in stride. I'm sure I could get 100 to 1,000 volunteers across the country in no time.


I have high hopes for the Digital Agency.


Aside from that.



Whenever I was asked to fill out a form for the National Review of Supreme Court Judges, which is held during the House of Representatives election,

―― 全員"×"をつける

I'm marking them all with "X(negative)" perfectly.



This is a protest against the screening system that only allows "X" instead of "○".

無記載なら信任 ―― とか、多くの独裁国が採用している投票システムのようなやり方は、気持ちが悪いです。

If it's unstated, it means "confidence" This approach, which is adopted by many dictatorships, makes me feel bad.


(To be continued)

2021-10-28 ですから ―― これまで同様に、大人しく、黙って、私たちシニアから搾取され続けて下さい。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, this time, after doing some research beforehand, I stopped giving "X(negative)" to all the judges for the first time. And only the judges who ruled "constitutional" in the court case regarding the Married couple's surname, have been given an "X".


Well, of course, my vote would not result in the dismissal of the judge, but I thought that it would at least convey one of the popular sentiments of "the voice of the people on Married couple's surname".


As for the Supreme Court's decision, in addition to the "Married couple's surname", there were also the "issue of disparity in votes" and the "Okinawa base issue.



Well, young people.


You don't have to force yourself to go to the polls.


It's still too early to be thinking about politics, and first of all, it's too much troublesome.


Besides, if you go to vote, we seniors will be in trouble (most likely).


I am particularly afraid of "regime change".


In the past, around 2009, there was a dramatic change of government.

ところが、その政権が人気取りの政策に走って行政は混乱し、野党に転落した元の与党が思いきし政府の邪魔をし ―― で、結局、割を喰ったのは、私たち国民でした。

However, the administration became confused due to the government's popularity-seeking policies, and the former ruling party, which had fallen into the opposition, became a hindrance to the government -- and in the end, it was we, the people, who paid the price.


To be honest, I don't want to face that kind of trouble again.

We seniors are left with no other strategy but to "feed" on the younger generation and survive.

ですから ―― これまで同様に、大人しく、黙って、私たちシニアから搾取され続けて下さい。

So -- please be quiet and continue to be exploited from seniors as you always have.

2021-10-29 長女から、「ついに"権力の犬"に成り下がったか」という感じで、問い詰められました。 [長年日記]


I can't tell you the details, but we will be cooperating with the police.


What was interesting was the reaction of my family.


My eldest daughter questioned me as if I had finally become a "dog of power".


My wife was worried that the police were planning to spy on the Ebata family.



Ebata: "'Internal reconnaissance of the Ebata family', means, for example, "hiding the culprit" doesn't it?"


Wife: "How about the story of your old activities?"

うーん、活動かぁ・・・。私の活動といえば『大学構内でのアジテーション2回のみ』というショボイもので ―― 公安に睨まれるほど、立派なことやれていなかったと思う。

Hmm, activities.... My activities were a bit shabby, "only two agitations in the university campus" -- I don't think I've done enough to get the attention of the public security.


I would even consider it an "honor" if I were still on the black list.

むしろ、学寮の中の反体制みたいな立ち位置だったから、下手すると『警察のスパイ』の疑いの方が強かったかもしれない ――

If anything, I might have been more suspected of being a 'police spy' because I was standing like a dissident in the dormitory.


Oh, I was so glad I didn't get purged!


And now, I am so relieved.



The eldest daughter wasn't talking about "arrogance of power," she was simply talking about


"She was riding my bike and got grabbed by a speed trap"


This is why she seems to have an anti-police (x anti-power) sentiment.


To put it bluntly, the reasons are dull.



I don't think anyone says "Japanese imperialism" or "American imperialism" nowadays, and if they do, I think they are idiots.

今、若者にホットな反権力は「環境問題」だと思いますので、その方向なら、長女と共闘できると思うのですが ――

I think the hot anti-power issue among young people right now is "environmental issues," and I think I can work with my eldest daughter in that direction.


No matter how much you want to, I can't fight together in a 'speed trap'.

2021-10-30 ―― アミューズメントパークを楽しめる人は、自分の才能に感謝すべきです [長年日記]


This morning, I went to the clinic to make an appointment for a flu shot, but there was already a long line outside the clinic.

30分待ったところで、列を離れました ―― 未練はありませんでした。

After waiting for half an hour, I left the line -- I had no regrets.


Based on the length of the line, I estimated that it would take over 1.5 hours to complete acceptance.


I didn't want to spend that kind of time, so I went home as quickly as I could.


Web予約にすれば良いのに ―― というセリフが、ITリテラシーのあるものの目線であることは分かっています。

I know that the line "Why don't you just make it a web reservation --" is the perspective of an IT literate one.


It might be bad if we don't keep these analog methods.


However, I did want to ask what reason the medical clinic could make such a dense, mass queue on a cold morning.

異なるQRコードを印刷した整理券を ―― と書きかけて、『ああ、これが、すでにダメなのか』と思い至りました。

I was about to write, "Numbered tickets with different QR codes printed on them --" when I realized, "Oh, this is already a bad idea.



I hate "waiting time" from the bottom of my heart.


I would even say that I hate them.


This is because during the waiting time, I think up a system in my head to solve the problem.


And the hatred is directed at those who can't build the system and those who can't use the system.


Thus, the "waiting time" creates a "positive feedback circuit of anger" in me, causing me to suffer.


I've said this many times before.

―― アミューズメントパークを楽しめる人は、自分の才能に感謝すべきです

"Those who enjoy amusement parks should be grateful for their talents"



I think I made a good decision to remove myself from the queue this time.


Anger control is often talked about in terms of 'modifying yourself', but that is tedious and difficult.


Most of all, I don't like the fact that I need to help myself.


I realized that it would be cheaper to "get away from the object of my anger".

2021-10-31 ―― 選挙権があるのに、投票すらいかないような男には、ウチの娘は絶対にやれん [長年日記]


I have heard that in China, a system is being adopted to record one's background and daily activities on one's smartphone to enhance one's creditworthiness.

LINEも、"LINE Score"というアプリを開発しているようです。

The LINE company is also developing an app called "LINE Score".


The contents that are self-registered/automatically registered in this application are

■ 履歴(性別、年齢など)

- History (gender, age, etc.)

■ 学歴・職歴

- Education and work history

■ 財力(支払いの能力)

- Financial strength (ability to pay)

■ クレジット(返済履歴を含む信用履歴)

- Credit (credit history including repayment history)

■ 人脈(SNSやサークル、ボランティアなどの交流関係)

- Personal connections (social networking sites, clubs, volunteer work, etc.)

■ 嗜好(趣味や生活での行動)

- Preferences (hobbies and behaviors in life)



なるほど、これからの個人の与信は、常識とか、社会通念とか、あるいは倫理とかいうものを、哲学や宗教に求める必用ななくて、コンピュータが決定してくれる ―― と。

I see, from now on, we don't need to look for common sense, social norms, or ethics in philosophy or religion, but the computer will decide for us.


Well, this is easy.


- Volunteerism is not about mutual aid or good intentions, but simply about credit counting.


- The accumulation of credit counts will make it easier for you to go to school or find a job, which will give you an additional credit count bonus.


- Any act of defiance against the school or organization counts as a negative.


- The count is reset upon conviction of a criminal offense.



When I write this, I tend to think of it as 'the realization of a computerized society of personal control' in a single step, but such a way of thinking is so "shallow" nowadays that even science fiction movies cannot adopt it.


This also has the huge benefit of "quantifying personal values for individuals".



For example, some people may focus on the fact that they are in debt, while others may focus on the fact that they are making good on their repayments.


There may even be people who judge too many connections as 'weathervanes'.


Some people may think that someone who has traveled the world is a more useful person than someone with a high school education.


―― 選挙権があるのに、投票すらいかないような男には、ウチの娘は絶対にやれん

"I'll never give my daughter to a man who has the right to vote, but won't even vote"


I think there are quite a few parents who think that way.


This is why I think it's perfectly fine to take the stance of "I'm only going to vote to prepare for the future' world of credit counting.