2020-10-20 ―― 20代、30代、40代のエンジニアが、雁首そろえて、沈黙し続けていた [長年日記]


"vi" is a text editor that comes standard in almost all operating systems, except Windows.


Therefore, as long as you can use vi, you can do the least building, operating and maintaining systems.


However, vi is also notoriously difficult to understand and use.


Of course, it's also true that once you use it, there is no tool more useful than this, and it still has power users.

# ちなみに私も、使えるviの操作は、全部で4つです。

# By the way, I also have a total of 4 vi operations that I can use.



About a year ago, I was in the process of transferring the technology of an application I had created on Raspberry pi to an internal business unit.


There were five members gathered there, including engineers in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and the head of the department.


I was working on transferring the application to a Raspberry pi, which was brought in by the division, and giving a lecture on it.


I also had to rewrite the build information to make it more consistent with the network environment and other factors.



It is the "manager" of the department, who understood my lecture deeply, and pointed out the errors in my operating procedures, was


When I was working on it, and just muttering to myself

江端:「ああ、くそ! emacsが入っていなかったか。viは苦手なんだよな」

Ebata: "Oh, shit! Didn't have "emacs" on it. "vi" isn't good for me"


the general manager said


"I'll rewrite it by "vi".


I was surprised when he offered to do so


Aside from skills of the general manager.

―― 20代、30代、40代のエンジニアが、雁首そろえて、沈黙し続けていた

"All engineers in their twenties, thirties, and forties kept silent"

_ に、驚きました。

was that. I thought,


"It's like they've never even touched a UNIX command before"


まあ、システムの利用者であれば、「UNIX? 何それ?」と言っても良いと思います。

Well, if you're a user of the system, I think it's safe to say "UNIX? What's that?"


But as an engineer who builds systems and provides services, I have to ask myself, "Is that really good enough?

私も判断がつきかねています ―― 単なる「じじいのボヤキ」かもしれません。

I'm not sure I can judge it either -- maybe it's just "old man's blabbermouth".


Nevertheless, what I can say clearly is "If you can't use UNIX (Linux) commands, you can't run Raspberry pi".



Incidentally, my companay motto is "Contribute to society through technology".


It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the only link between the company and me.

2020-10-19 長女:「パパは、そういうことが『嬉しい』んだ」 [長年日記]

I've talked before about buying a measuring cup as a mug.


This measuring cup is really great.


For example, to make a cafe au lait, simply pour the instant coffee into a measuring cup, add 100cc of milk, 300cc of water, and toss it into the microwave.

―― いつでも、一定品質のカフェオレが飲める

"constant quality cafe au lait at all times."


So that's wonderful.



Wife: "I don't understand the sensitivity of thinking that's 'wonderful'"


Ebata: "I'm even thinking of buying one for the whole family..."


Wife: "Absolutely not"


Senior daughter: "Don't worry about that, buy me some fancy dishes"


Ebata: "Okay. I like the dishes too"


Whenever I go sightseeing, I buy local pottery for myself as a souvenir.



Ebata: "But I can't find anything with a scale on the inside of the pottery"


Wife: "Why is that...?"


Ebata: "Well, it will tell me at a glance 'how much stew I've thrown into your plate' and 'how fast I're currently eating the stew', won't it?"


Wife: "...


Senior daughter: "Daddy, that's what makes you 'happy'"


Ebata: "It makes me happy"


Senior daughter: "Well... If Daddy's 'happy', then I'm 'happy' too"

2020-10-18 故に ―― これは「虐待」ではありません。 [長年日記]


I'm currently teaching (super-fast) C, Go language and JavaScript to my junior daughter due to an urgent project that has arisen.


Of course, you know well that "Python" is the way to go for beginners in programming.


I am well aware of the insanity of making a beginner take a course in "C language".



This is being done at the request of my junior daughter.


However, in order to complete the course by the prescribed deadline, I can only teach "my native language".


故に ―― これは「虐待」ではありません。

Therefore -- this is not "abuse",


but "education"


Please don't call the police.

2020-10-17 ―― 私が、休日を返上してたった一人で作った文化祭の展示物の前で、集合写真を取ったクラスの連中 [長年日記]


I don't think it was a lot of fun when I looked at teenagers in general, except when I was in college.


Even if I become a celebrity and receive a lecture request from the high school I attended, I think I will definitely refuse.

高校には、私をいじめていた奴が2人いて、今でもその2人の名前を覚えていて、今でも私は許していないから、ということもあるのですが ―― それだけでもありません。

There were two guys in high school who were bullying me, and I still remember their names, and I still don't forgive them. But that's not all.


After all, I had hated "school".


However, I loved "university", so I think that what I hated was

―― 「クラス」という「箱」

A "box" called "class"




- "Management area" where it was decided that the teacher should clarify the scope of jurisdiction and responsibility, and the other management targets (students) could be ignored.


- "Cluster" that was forced to be gathered for no purpose, but is compared to other classes and forced to win for no apparent reason.


- Evil "classmates" who interfered with what I was doing and kept pulling my legs instead of cooperating.



At this time of the athletic and school festival, I remember

―― 私が、休日を返上してたった一人で作った文化祭の展示物の前で、集合写真を取ったクラスの連中

"The classmate who took a group photo in front of the cultural festival exhibit that I made by myself after returning from the holidays"



Even now, decades after that, I can't forgive them.



So, even if I become a celebrity and receive a lecture request from the high school I attended, I think


"I will definitely refuse"


2020-10-16 ―― 人を動かしたいなら「"リスク"を数値化して、"不安"を"恐怖"に持ち込め」 [長年日記]


My draft in progress came back from the institution I had asked to review it.


Here are some excerpts.

===== ここから =====

===== From here ======


The terms "risk" and "anxiety" in the text are used with the following meanings.


"Risk" is the possibility of disadvantages to the behavior change target (individuals, companies), and changes by accepting the behavior change request by the behavior change guidance system.


For example, an individual may suffer from a viral infectious disease and be forced to take sick leave and lose his or her income, or may die.


In addition, in a company, the occurrence of an infected person in an employee may interrupt business activities and cause financial loss.


On the other hand, "anxiety" means that a person who is subject to behavior change accepts a request for behavior change by the behavior change guidance system, and acts differently from others, and only he / she suffers disadvantages (dismissal, deficit performance, etc.) feelings of anxiety or fear that you may feel.


In this text, the risk of infection with a viral or other infectious disease will be explained as an example, however,risks and anxieties do not only occur for infectious diseases.


For example, in a disaster such as an earthquake or a huge typhoon, there is a risk that the subject may evacuate or wait at home, and regardless of which one is selected, the decision to act differently from others is accompanied by anxiety.


These risks and anxieties are factors that hinder the acceptance of behavior change requests.


Hereinafter, the behavior change guidance system will be described in more detail.

===== ここまで =====

===== To here ======


To summarize the above excerpts, that is,

―― 人を動かしたいなら「"リスク"を数値化して、"不安"を"恐怖"に持ち込め」

"If you want to move people, Quantify the 'risk' and Raise 'anxiety' to 'fear'"



I also thought, "The idea of 'agitating anxiety and moving the world' is the same as the dictator of the east and west in the first place."


Well, these days, anyone can use SNS to do it normally, even if it's not a dictator.


But I wonder if I have never seen "quantification".



About this "behavior change guidance system" that I am proposing, even if I rewrite the following, the meaning seems to be understood.


"Dictator decision support system"



"Brand name system that uses the Internet flame"




Well, I think it will definitely be rejected at the examination stage.

2020-10-15 そもそも、私は、この文章を"論文"と称呼されていることに、強い違和感を感じます。 [長年日記]


This is the last story related to yesterday's diary.


This time, I read back "The level of support for "LGBT" is too high" as an absolute primary resource.


However, as at that time, I was troubled by the "difficulty of reading" of this sentence.


I couldn't get into the "content" because the "sentence structure" was so bad.



In the first place, I feel a strong sense of discomfort in calling this sentence a "paper".


If this is a "paper", then "I" is too pitiful.


I think that paper is


"A statement of a hypothesis, evidence, objective data (or calculations), and the logical conclusions to be drawn from them"



And the process of writing a paper is that

- 査読者にボロクソに(但しロジカルに)批判されて、

- I am severely (but logically) criticized by the peer reviewers.

- 何度も検討や計算をやりなおして、

- I have to go through all the reviews and calculations again and again.

- それでも受理されず、

- the paper isn't accepted.

- 再投稿を繰り返し、

- I repost it repeatedly

- ようやく掲載の許諾を得る

- I finally get permission to publish it.




So, this is my suggestion to the author of this article.


Once, about the contents released at "Shincho 45", you received proper dissertation guidance at universities etc. and how about submitting it as a "peer-reviewed paper" to a domestic academic society?


Regardless of the person's thoughts, the academic society will accept the dissertation (or rather, it must be accepted) as long as it forms the body of the dissertation.


If there is a part where it is not clear whether the person is subjective or objective, you will be instructed to "specify the cited document".


It's a hassle, but it's safe.


If the domestic academic society does not accept it, you can submit it to a foreign academic society.


I think you will need an English translation, but it is enough to outsource the translation.


If it is not accepted by any academic society in the world (I don't think that is the case), you can post an unrefereed conference paper and give a lecture at the academic society.


If you announce it in advance, you will be able to attract a large number of listeners.



First of all, I recommend that you consult with the teacher who helped you at your university.


If you are rejected by an academic society or a teacher, please contact me (Ebata) as the last line.



According to "The level of support for "LGBT" is too high" in Shincho45


- If I can read it in a proper peer-reviewed dissertation




- If I can listen to a lecture with logical content


I'm willing to help (it's true).

2020-10-14 まあ ―― この人のような「みっともない狂い方」をするくらいなら、死んだ方がマシだ ―― とは思っていますけど。 [長年日記]

As I mentioned in yesterday's diary, I've just done a fair amount of research on a certain person (a politician) and I have to admit, I'm tired of it.


In conclusion.

―― この人の狂い方の「ルール」が分からない

"I cannot understand what the "rules" of this person's madness are"



I have spent quite a bit of time reading books and papers on population issues, fertility, LGBT, productivity, etc., making hypotheses, designing calculation models, and doing all kinds of calculations on computers.

- I interviewed the people involved in "LGBT" directly and continued to receive consultations from FTM and MTF even after the article was published.

- Regarding the "population problem", we conducted a computer simulation of all the people for dozens of hours using 127 million agents.

- After conducting a thorough investigation and consideration of "productivity", he asserted that "there is no" productivity "that can be uniquely defined."


I am the person who have done them.


In addition,

―― 朧げながらの蜃気楼のような全体像が見えてから、"何"かを語り出す

"After seeing the whole picture like a mirage while being hazy, I start talking about "something"


I have seen social problems with an inefficient approach.



My approach is to look at the present and predict the future with "hypotheses, data and calculations"


I don't think "I want to persuade others" at all, and the above approach is "it's enough if I convince myself".


If I deceive myself, that's enough.



This person, like me, may not even think "I want to persuade others" at all.

The only difference is that it's not "hypothesis, data, and math," but "no evidence, logic-ignoring, thorough subjectivity."

―― ラクでいいな~

"It seems to be enjoyable"


I think deeply,


When I think, "How easy is life if I can deceive myself without logic and evidence?", I really envy her from the bottom of my heart.



I think "Lunatics will win eventually".


However, my madness is "weak" because of the strong constraints (evidence / dataism, weak perspective, logic consistency).


Compared to this person's madness, my madness is about the difference between an adult and a baby.

まあ ―― この人のような「みっともない狂い方」をするくらいなら、死んだ方がマシだ ―― とは思っていますけど。

Well, I think it's better to die than to go "crazy unsightly" like this person.

2020-10-13 10月7日の私の日記について、現時点においては、追加、削除、変更等を行なわないこととします。 [長年日記]

Today's diary is a continuation of the email exchange with Mr. S on October 8th.



Mr. Ebata


As a result of reconfirming the information, the minutes and answer videos that are the primary source have not been released, and there are two articles on Ms.Sugita's official website (posted on September 26th and October 1st). Based on the tweet by Mr. Kotoe Hashimoto, a member of Nippon Kaigi, on October 1st, there was a counterargument to the remark problem.


(It seems that the information has been confirmed by Mr. Ebata, but I will describe it for the time being.)

Mio Sugita Official Website (October 1st)

Kotoe Hashimoto Tweet


The information above reports that the statement was in response to the comfort problem issue. According to whether or not the statement was made, or intent of the statement, these were information that could not be proven to be true because they were statement from the person concerned, or from the hearsay from the congressman's secretary who was there. Therefore, it could not be a source of evidence.


(The video I identified, I thought, was a video that introduced another claim by Ms. Sugita Miho.)


I apologize for basing my opinion on inaccurate information.


Also, according to Sugita's statement, the LDP subcommittee has adopted a policy of withholding information from the public in consideration of the impact of the debate on society and freedom of speech.


(I think the fact that someone leaked the contents of the closed session to the outside world is the more serious issue...)


# Hereafter, due to the description of the personal feelings, omitted by Ebata's discretion



Mr. S


I'm sorry for the late reply.


As a result of my own research for the past two days after receiving your suggestions, I would like to report the following conclusions.

1. 結論

1. Conclusion

(1) I will not add, delete, or change my diary on October 7th at this time.


(2) However, the above (1) does not apply if in the future, based on new evidence, the facts are found to be sufficient to change my mind.

2. 調査状況

2. Survey approach


(1) Investigation policy


(a) An overview of the circumstances of this case, from the occurrence of the incident to the present


(b) Investigation of primary information about the case.


(c) Survey of the contents of major news agencies


(d) Critics' comments that Ebata has used as a reference point for "fixed-point observations" for over 20 years


(e) Research on the top 100 or so articles in this case through Google searches.

(f)本件ではないが、過去の確定的な一次情報の再調査と、Twitterコメント、およびGoogle Scholarを使った論文の調査

(f) Re-examination of previous definitive primary information outside of this case, as well as Twitter comments and research of the paper using Google Scholar.


owever, it would be too much for me to describe all of these, so I will only outline the implementation items below.


(2) An overview of the circumstances of this case, from the occurrence of the incident to the present


(Step1) Regarding the so-called "woman tells a lie" statement, Mio Sugita (hereinafter referred to as Ms. M) announced a completely negative comment.


(Step2) After that, it was confirmed that there were comments from multiple conference participants.


(Step3) Ms. M acknowledged the remark, but added that the background was different (× sexual violence problem, ○ comfort woman problem).


(Step4) Regarding this, as far as I admit, one person has confirmed the comment that agrees with it (there is no consent comment from other participants)


(3) Investigation of primary information about the case.


It is almost the same information as Mr.S. No other recordings or minutes have been found.


(4) Survey of the contents of major news agencies


As a result of investigating the articles of Kyodo News and Jiji Press, there is a description about (2) above, but only the description that the background was mentioned in the thread on sexual damage consultation, not the comfort woman issue.


After this, I could not find any corrections or additional articles regarding the background claimed by Ms. M.


(5) Critics' comments that Ebata has used as a reference point for "fixed-point observations" for over 20 years


In general, in addition to (4), he re-criticizes the so-called "Shincho 45" case regarding LGBT, productivity, and declining birthrate in the past.


There is a statement that the basis of the discussion was still (not the comfort woman issue) in the thread on sexual damage consultation". (However, there is no source of remarks to them. The source seems to be an interview other than Ms. M, but the person himself cannot be identified)


(6) Research on the top 100 or so articles in this case through Google searches.

"水脈" & "女性はいくらでもうそをつけますから"で検索。ヒット数271万件(ちなみに"量子コンピュータ"のみの検索で134万件であり、その約2倍)。

Search for "water veins" & "because women lie easily". 2.71 million hits. (By the way, the number of searches for "quantum computer" alone is 1.34 million, which is about twice that).


I read through the top 100 cases.


Basically, they were lists of the same contents, however there are no articles that support or instruct Mio Sugita's claim.

(7)本件ではないが、過去の確定的な一次情報の再調査と、Twitterコメント、Google Scholarを使った論文の調査

(7) Re-examination of previous definitive primary information outside of this case, as well as Twitter comments and research of the paper using Google Scholar.

■「新潮45 "杉田水脈論文"」の再読、

- Rereading "Shincho 45" of "Ms. Miho Sugita's paper", and


- Ms. M's twitter comment on past sexual victim issues (but "summary"), and

■Google Scholarをつかった"杉田水脈論文"の論文を、引用数の高いものから5件ほどを精読

- Carefully read about 5 papers from the one with the highest number of citations in the "Miho Sugita's Paper" using Google Scholar.


I have carried out the above.


3. Consideration


Regarding the above, I think as follows on the premise that there are misunderstandings and misreads such as my lack of research.


(1) Regarding the primary information that is absolute evidence, I could not find the facts in this case because it was only the person and the other person (meaning one person as far as I investigated).


(2) However, in consideration of other situations, testimony, other behaviors of Ms. M's time history regarding this matter, past remarks, etc., in my own comprehensive consideration, the above 1(1) I made a conclusion.


(3) I intend to immediately implement the above 1(2), depending on new evidence and statements of facts.

4. その他

4. Other

Regarding Ebata's past implementation items similar to the 1(2), I think that the correspondence in this diary regarding HIV will be helpful.

5. 謝辞

5. acknowledgements


I would like to thank you for pointing out the importance of this issue, and I believe that I have been able to re-examine Ms. M's thinking from various perspectives and establish a clear position for myself.


I would be grateful if you would continue to monitor my articles and point out any misconceptions or errors in my articles.


Thank you very much for your support.



October 9, 2020.


Tomoichi Ebata



Mr. Ebata.


I apologize for the delay in confirming and replying.


I am sorry for your great amount of time spent on researching and reviewing the matter and for the views you have taken on the matter.


Since you have given me this much information and evidence, I have no objections or opinions about the diary entries.


In addition, I learned a lot about the time cost and know-how involved in the investigation by observing Mr. Ebata's methods of information research and backstory.


Thank you very much.


Once again, I understood the low cost of spreading information versus the cost of considering the information and it's not the accuracy of information that moves the masses, but the impact.


Also, throughout the investigation, I was impressed that there was a good amount of excitement in the defense, even though Ms. M's self-representation and one person's hearsay were the only sources. On the other hand, the fact that no one has attempted to prove the certainty of the defense's grounds


At any rate, this exchange has allowed me to reevaluate my views on the case and has given me a good opportunity to think about how to handle information and the public outcry.


I look forward to reading more of Ebata's articles and views in the future.


2020-10-12 という訳で、今回も、私の「ブロックチェーン」のコラムの内容を監修して(ツッコんで)頂ける方を探しております。 [長年日記]

今週末、新シリーズのコラムの準備 ―― というか、ひらすら勉強をしていました。

This weekend, I was preparing for a new series of columns -- I was studying all day.


Lately I've been relying on the Civic Library and Amazon to collect materials, but for preparing a new series, I decided to go to the main branch of the city library and the city bookstore.


However, I had to take the train for less than an hour to get to the city with a big bookstore, so I thought it was a little troublesome (a typhoon was also coming).


That's when I remembered the large shopping center in the next town, "Coachandfour", and I drove there.


Anyway, it's a big bookstore and I was confused about where to find the technical books. I found a huge area in the back of the bookstore, with over 20 lines of technical books alone, so I was so impressed and lost my voice

―― 圧倒的な数の技術書に囲まれる快感

"Pleasure surrounded by an overwhelming number of technical books"


Yeah, I wanted to stay here for more than 25 hours a day.



"O'Reilly's Go language parallel processing book. However, there is no sample parallel program using WebSocket. "

『やった! Visual Studio Codeの教本めっけ! Docker連携について知りたかったのでこれ欲しいんだけど、今週末は勉強に専念しなければならないから、今回は見送ろう』

"Hooray! Visual Studio Code textbook! I wanted to know about Docker cooperation, so I want this, but I have to concentrate on studying this weekend, so let's see it off this time. "


"Every quantum computer book is still difficult. I don't understand anything in the book that says "gentle". I wonder if both the author and the publisher are having a hard time. "


So, "I can browse" is the greatest strength of a real bookstore.


I think that people who come to a bookstore and buy a book want to read the book immediately.


Therefore, I also think that a real bookstore with abundant inventory will not lose sales opportunities.



Now, the theme of the new series, will be "blockchain".


"Blockchain" is an main service of IT.

Therefore, I don't think that I will always write something that makes me uneasy like the previous "quantum computer".


But still, if an expert monitors me, I can rest assured that I'll be "runaway."


So, I'm looking for someone who can supervise the contents of my "blockchain" column


Anyone who accepts Ebata's content well, skips the details, and can give advice with "concrete examples" is welcome.


Not to mention the theoretical aspects of blockchain, I would be very grateful if you could give us advice from those who actually design and operate Bitcoin and blockchain applications and services.


This time, in addition to this, I also welcome those who provide real and muddy on-site stories related to Bitcoin (this is another frame from the blockchain supervision).


By the way, this time as well, I plan to act as an "antagonist" who disrespects blockchain (including Bitcoin).


I would appreciate it if you could contact me.

2020-10-11 「シナリオを書いただけで漫画が完成する」という未来は、そんなに遠くないかもしれない ―― と思いました。 [長年日記]


When describing a communication protocol, we use a fictitious person as the user of that communication service.


The classics are Alice and Bob. This is because it is convenient to use them in place of the variables A and B.

あとは、Carol(キャロル), Charlie(チャーリー), Dave(デイブ), Elen(エレン)、Frank(フランク)と続きます。

The others are Carol, Charlie, Dave, Elen and Frank.



Aside from work documents and papers, I don't use them. Because I don't feel like it.


However, using fictional characters are also difficult to do this.


Alternatively, I can quote the character name of the anime, but or those who don't know the anime, it's as uncomfortable as Alice and Bob.

I knew that there was software that could automatically generate names,

While researching the web app, I was surprised to find out that there is a copyright-free face photo.


It seems that "AI" makes pictures of non-existent humans (though I think it is an "image composition technology").

Also, there was a site that converts human photos into an anime character cou style, which was quite interesting.


By the way, when I put in my photo, it looked like this.


「シナリオを書いただけで漫画が完成する」という未来は、そんなに遠くないかもしれない ―― と思いました。

I thought that the future of "just writing a scenario to complete a manga" may not be so far.