2018-03-18 ―― 町内会が消滅しても「明日のご飯が食べられない」という事態は発生しない [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


It can be said that this is paradoxically defining the "neighborhood association".


In other words,

―― 町内会が消滅しても「明日のご飯が食べられない」という事態は発生しない

"Even if the neighborhood association disappears, the situation that "the meal of tomorrow can not be eaten" does not occur"



The "neighborhood association" that is allowed the saying "I cannot use PC at all", is something of that level.



In addition, one more step, paradoxically speaking,

―― 町内会なんぞ、所詮、その程度の組織なのですから、仮に、役員や班長に任命されても、テキトーにやっていればいいんですよ

Neighborhood association, after all, is something of the level, so even if you are appointed as an officer or group leader, you don't have to take care seriously.


I said that.


I think that it is probably okay (experienced story)


If you are "able to use a personal computer", it is a wild card for you against the "neighborhood association.

そのワイルドカードを切るタイミングは、十分に考えて下さい ―― 「町内会の利益」ではなく、あくまで「あなたの利益」となるように。

2018-03-17 パソコン(または英語)教室などで、リテラシーを上げようとしても大抵の場合は失敗に終わります。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Sorry but may I change the topic now.

長々と、横道に逸れて、論じてしまいましたが ――「町内会役員のパソコンリテラシー」の話に戻ります。

I will return to the story of "Neighborhood Association's PC literacy".


After all, it is not an exaggerated story so far, it is actually a simpler story.


- People who use personal computer on a daily basis (business) can use a personal computer


- People who are not, can not use a personal computer

それだけのことです ――

It just is the thing.

"PC" is the same as "English"


This is not a problem of "good or bad".


Even if you try to raise literacy in a PC (or English) classroom, it will fail in most cases .


What we need to do to raise literacy on a PC (or English) is


- to "Make everyday life that requires a personal computer (or English)"


And, furthermore, speaking out of


- to "make a crisis state that you can not eat tomorrow's rice" if you can not use PC (or English) "


You choose yourself the situation of (or it is chosen by someone's order) and, we have to reach where we can not return.

で ―― それは「楽々」とか「簡単」とかとは真逆の、「楽しくなく」「苦しく」「不愉快」な日々です。

It is absolutely "uncomfortable", "painful" and "unpleasant" days, opposite of "easy" and "simple".



(To be continued)

2018-03-16 ―― 「設計側の思想」による「洗脳」が完了した人 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Return to the board.


The PC application has two natures.


(1)It is approved by enforce the end user to the designer's policies,


(2)It is difficult to build in the end user's needs for the interface.



From the view point of PC users, a person who can use PC has been

―― 「設計側の思想」による「洗脳」が完了した人

completed to be given the brain wash by the designer's policies.




Needless to say about Islamic extremist, the younger they are, the easier they are given their brain wash.

そういえば、先日、「テロリスト達が、コーランをほとんど読んでいない」 ―― という、国際機関の調査報告結果が、ニュースで放送されていました。

The other day, I watched a news program, that the research report of an international organization said "the younger Islamic extremist seldom or never read Koran".

『どーせ、そんなことじゃないかと思っていた』 ―― と、私が言うことができるのは、私は知っているからです。

"I thought just as much." -- Why I can say so? Because I know something with the past.


Persons who read neither "Capital" nor " Communist Manifesto", even "From fantasy to science",


preached the revolution to the world arrogantly


said "lead the masses" grossly


broke things, killed people, and went down with debts,

―― 不快な事実を。

I know plenty of such unpleasant facts.


(To be continued)

2018-03-15 ―― 今のGUIのインターフェースは、人間(一般人)とコンピュータを結びつけた奇跡の技術 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

なぜ、パソコンは、このように「使い難い道具」と堕してしまったかというと ―― これは、アプリケーションを自作してみれば分かることなのですが ―― 「あのインターフェース」です。

The reason why PCs have become "uncomfortable tool" is the interface. If you want to know the reason, the nearest way to make an PC application by yourself.


If I want to make applications for PC easily in as short a time as possible, I will design as that interface("Open", "Close" or "Overwrite Save").



By the way,


You might think that the current GUI based interface is "difficult to use".


However, when that GUI interface appeared, our world (such as engineers and researchers) fell into a big mess.


I can never forget that shock when I used the GUI of "Macintosh SE 30" for the first time.


One of researchers had been rushing to "GUI will be disappeared soon" disrespectfully.


(There was a group of net news called "fj", and he always responded unpleasantly. So even now I remember his full name (I can say it)).


Anyway, now it may be unbelievable for you,

―― 今のGUIのインターフェースは、人間(一般人)とコンピュータを結びつけた奇跡の技術

"The interface of the current GUI was a miracle technique combining a human (an ordinary person) and a computer"



At the same time, the "excessive respect" of the public to specified persons (like, engineers and researchers) who can handle computers at the command line, has also been lost.


Before the GUI interface appeared, there was a time when they proud of their son or boyfriend could use "computer" (with distance look)


(To be continued)

2018-03-14 ―― 町内会の会合で、気楽に『パソコンは使えないんだ~』という発言ができる [長年日記]


Recently, PC story continues now. Today, I tell another one.

I'm doing work at a neighborhood association, but now "keeping a person with PC literacy" is a ten times bigger problem than an ordinal problem.

町内会の役員には、ワード、エクセル、パワポが使える人は少なく、パソコンやスマホで無料で使える、スケジューラ、会議予約/通知システムなど、全く使われていませんし ―― 気配すらありません。

There are few people who can use word, excel, and powerpoint in the neighborhood association. It is not used at all, such as a scheduler, conference reservation / notification system, which can be used free of charge on personal computers and smartphones. To tell you the truth, even no sign appears.


Some person don't have even their own mail address.


If they can use a PC or the Internet, it is obvious that we will dramatically alleviate the burden of neighborhood association events, and I don't need the trial calculation.


One officer said (with off the record) "If there are human beings who can use a personal computer, we can reduce four people in charge to one person"


―― 町内会の会合で、気楽に『パソコンは使えないんだ~』という発言ができる

"At the meeting of the neighborhood association, the saying "I cannot use PC at all" is allowed"


I wonder if this saying is proper at the meeting.


This means, that the neighborhood association has accepted the logic of "I can not use a personal computer" -> "" Therefore, I can not do this work ".



However, from my point of view, personal computers (and applications) are

―― 人類史上、例を見ないほど、使い難い道具

"tools that are difficult to use, in the history of human beings"


I agree to the point completely.


I will tell you that the application interfaces of the personal computer are new and unusual, which we have never experiment in the history of one million years of humanity.


(To be continued)

2018-03-13 ―― いらんことを聞いてこない分、パソコンの方がマシ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In other words, AI technologies try to ask the complainer about the following questions,


- Why is this complainer angry?


- What is the cause of the occurrence?


- What is the intelligent level of this complainer ?


- Is there a mental illness in this complainer?


- Is there a person who has an explosive personality in this complainer's relatives?


- Has he/she made similar claims in the past?



The complainer might to be asked "Do you know the multiplication tables? "Do you know why the object falls".


If I asked such a thing, I think that "I will destroy that AI's device with a fist."



The crucial difference between AI technology and humans is something about "consideration", "treating" or "reading the air".


This is a big issue that current AI technology can not overcome human being.


For the person who will say "Nevertheless, for those you have said, I think there is something to do ...", I have no more words to say.



I come to think that

―― いらんことを聞いてこない分、パソコンの方がマシ

"PC is better than AI, because PC doesn't say something disagreeable"


2018-03-12 ―― その「論理破綻」の論理(ロジック)を、論理的に解析しなければならないのです [長年日記]


In yesterday's diary I wrote "Dark future for people who can not use PC".


For such a future prediction, some people try to argue in the story that "interactive AI should be needed...".


Of course I also expect "interactive AI".

"Google Home"等は、この未来への大きな一歩になっていると思います。

I think that "Google Home" etc. is a big step toward this future.


I am serializing the column of "AI's dark future", however I believe that future persons will read my column and make me laugh as "stupid pessimist" after ten and twenty years.

That is the most wonderful future.



However, I think that there is a big lie in this "why, interactive AI ...".


Initially, AI technology is a mass of logic.


AI technology can not do anything for things or humans of "logic failure" (e.g extralogical complainer) that can not be logically matched.


I can understand the feeling "That is a significance of existence of AI isn't it ?"

しかし、その場合、―― いいですか、ここが大変重要です ―― AI技術は、

But, in that case - you see, here is very important -

―― その「論理破綻」の論理(ロジック)を、論理的に解析しなければならないのです

AI technologies must logically analyze the logic of that "logic failure"


(To be continued)

2018-03-11 ―― パソコン使ってこなかったお前が悪いんだろう? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In order to obtain "only" a resident card and family register certificate that the government office can issue,


(1)Operating with a personal computer


(2)Going to the office,


If asked which better is, I also choose the (2).


Considering how many times a citizen's voucher or family register must be copied during the lifetime, "fighting with a PC" is not an optimal strategy.


だから、「お役所は当面大丈夫」 ―― とも、ならないような気がするんですよね。

So, "the government office is okay for the time being" --- I don't think so.

多分、行政は、お役を縮小または廃止することで、国民を「パソコン + コンビニ」に強制誘導しようとするはずです。

Probably, the administration will shrinking or abolishing the office, and it is supposed to try to force people to "PC + convenience store".

『行政はデジタルデバイド民を切り捨てるのか』と問われれば ―― そりゃ、当然切り捨てるでしょう。

If someone asks the administration for truncating the digital divide people?" Well, they will naturally truncate.


Compared with welfare for the elderly and measures against declining birthrate, this line is easy to say easily.

―― パソコン使ってこなかったお前が悪いんだろう?

"You are bad aren't you ? Because you have not used a personal computer"


そして、「パソコン + コンビニ」を使えない人は、高い金を払って、それを代行する業者に頼むことになる訳です。

People who can not use 'PC + convenience store' will be asked by a merchant who pays high money and acts on it.


In the end, the job of the administration is cheaply paid to the private sector.



From this point of view, my old age will be wonderful(?).

父や母の確定申告や、嫁さんの不動産登記手続は、そりゃタダでやっていますが ―― それ以外の人からは、相応のお金を頂きます。

According to final and mother's final declaration and wife's real estate registration procedure, I will do it for free. Other people will get the appropriate money.


I will save money if the future will come. It might be helpful.


I do not feel punishment even with 1 mm, "sacrificing the inconvenience of people"

2018-03-10 3年目くらいまでは、「死ね! 死ね! 死ね!」と連呼しながら、パソコンに入力をし続けていました。 [長年日記]


Many documents issued at the government office are getting ready at convenience stores.

特に、(1)パソコン + (2)マイナンバーカード + (3)コンビニ のコンビネーションは最強です。

In particular, the combination of (1) PC + (2) My number card + (3) convenience store is the strongest.


It is great that I can save time to go to the government office, wait at the government office, and return from the government office.


It's also wonderful that the business hours are 24 hours.


However, this "(1) personal computer" is a big problem.



Recently, I am making my parent's document (final return etc.) on my computer, but it is too difficult for me.

3年目くらいまでは、「死ね! 死ね! 死ね!」と連呼しながら、パソコンに入力をし続けていました。

Until about the third year, I kept inputting to my PC while communicating with "Dead! Dead! Dead!"


It cannot be helped.

年に1度しか使わないシステムを使い熟すのは、私のようにパソコンに精通している ―― と、世間に勝手に決めつけらている ―― 人間にとっても 、苦痛なのです。

It is a pain for me even who is regarded as a PC specialist, to use the system that is only used once a year.


Well, continuing to use this system for several years, I come to understand "what this systems want me to", and I come to feel easy.


So, if someone uses this system everyday, I think that this site is "a useful tool".


(To be continued)

2018-03-09 ―― うん、もういい。疲れた [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Are they seriously thinking about dream things such as "Do not give any instructions to artificial intelligence, take my intention and do your own work"?


Before talking about "artificial intelligence" , if such "PC (application)" appears, please inform me first.


I intended to "refute" politely over time, "It will be an era when artificial intelligence does simple tasks", however,

―― うん、もういい。疲れた

"Yeah, that's enough. I am tired"



I have a request from everyone.


Please tell me a concrete example of that 'simple task that artificial intelligence does.'


I do not need anything. Only one is fine.


Even if it does not exist at present, it does not matter.


I would like to summarize "artificial intelligence" that many people image, once.



So, for me,

―― 『簡単な仕事』『人工知能』の2つの単語が1つのフレーズに含まれるメールを、全部着信拒否とする

To reject all incoming mails with two phrases "simple task" and "artificial intelligence" in one phrase


In the meantime I would like keep doing it.