2019-10-16 ですので、私は、人に説教垂れる「こと」が嫌いですし、人に説教垂れる「奴」はもっと嫌いです。 [長年日記]


I described a lot of know-how in my columns, for example, "Engineers who are not loved by English"


However, I know well that "all of the know-how is useless expect for me"


For example,


I cannot deliver my policy of "My effort cannot win genius anyway", to a person who has a belief of "My effort wins genius finally"


Nobody who thinks "TOEIC score is importance for English communication" cannot understand eternally my methods of "using English words at random without grammar and rules"


In short, "know-how" is based on personality at all points.


Therefore, "know-how" is just "wet refuse" for others in many cases.



So I don't like to give a sermon to others, and don't like a person who give a sermon to me more.


I think that this is a same thing I push others "wet refuse" or I am pushed "wet refuse" by others


In addition, "drinking party" will make a lot of events of giving a sermon to others.



However, I didn't notice that up to a comparatively recent date.


I am afraid that I was also one of the "wet refuses" giving a sermon to others.


However, you may set your mind at ease.


I will never give a sermon to others in drinking party.


I offer my apology over my past acts of vandalism.

とは言え、コラムや日記では、これからも、説教垂れ続けると思いますが ―― 生ゴミは、生ゴミから離れることで、匂いを感じなくなります。

On the other hand, I will continue to give a sermon to you in my columns and diary. But a smell of "wet refuses" is fading if you get away from the "wet refuse".


At least for the present, please compromise it with the above way.


Set it aside.


(To be continued)

2019-10-15 「私が将棋に興味を持てていたら、このマンガ、もっと面白かっただろうなぁ」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Anyway, what I want is to buy the comic "Shougi Meshi" about \200 (Now it is three times than that), and to read it by my Fire 7 tablet.


I don't mind that I have to get books from publishing company or authors, not Amazon.com


For me, using electronic book player annoys me. (the boot is slow)


By the way,


"Shougi Meshi" gave me a lot of information, for example, how to grub in the battle, minds of Shougi player, the importance of nutritive substance for intellectual battle.


It is shame that I had not known "the player can leave the gaming table for meals" since I read this book.


Especially, this book describes the relationship between women and Shougi-game in detail.


I was really surprised that there was no female professional player (x female-style player) or "no female title holder (x female-style title holder)".

これは、母数(人口)の問題だろうなぁ ―― と、当りをつけてちょっと調べてみたところ、やっぱり、そんな感じでした(*)。

I though that "this is about population problem isn't this?". When I research it. I said "Bingo!".


Male Shougi population is 3,336,500 and female one is 565,000. The ratio is 85:15.

I also thought that this become a story of column if I try to research the background in the proper way, however there were still advanced researches.


What I can say here is

"If I have a great deal of interest in Shougi, I can enjoy the comic more."


I have no choice but to regret the matter.

2019-10-14 ―― 1.5畳のベッドの上で、VR用のゴーグルだけで、仮想の恋人との仮想SEXや、仮想の理想の家族との仮想の会話を楽しんで一生を終える [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Next, the reasoning about (2) is also strange.


If your Amazon listing costs are high, they can publish electronically from your homepage.


A stranger theory is being developed for this claim.


The reason is that e-book readers (Kindle, Fire, etc.) are held by Amazon, so electronic publishing is not possible.


Against the reason, I argue that

―― バカ言え。PDFで配布すれば、PCだけでなく、全てのスマホで可読可能だ

"That's stupid. If distributed as PDF, they are readable by all smartphones, not just PCs"



In response to the theory that electronic files make it easy to distribute illegal copies, I can say,

- 表示デバイス(スマホ等)の機体番号と紐づけることによって、不正コピーは相当に難しくなる

-Unauthorized copying becomes considerably more difficult by associating it with the machine number of the display device (smartphone etc.)

- 不正コピーは、アナログの方がはるかに簡単で、事件数としても多い

-Unauthorized copying is much easier with analog. There are many cases.



To begin with, "if the price of e-books is lowered sufficiently, the motivation of providing / supplying illegal copies will be reduced because of risk".


そもそも、電子書籍が、全ての分野のアナログ本を消滅させる ―― と考えている人がいれば「どうかしている」と思います。

If someone thinks that e-books will annihilate analog books in all fields, I think "something is wrong with them".


I think comics, short novels and stories, etc. are good areas for electronic books.

しかし、専門書、技術書では ―― 私の経験上 ―― 電子書籍は、全く使いものになりません。

However, in my experience, e-books are not useful for technical books and technical books.


Fact check using multiple sources, writing in book, sticky notes, comparison of figures, tables and data graphs, and even if I can not imagine "location of the stored bookcase" or "place where the book was opened", I can't make full use of technical books and technical books.


Especially the information necessary for writing should be printed, even if it is Web information.


I think that this can be realized not only by professional designers and people who work in writing, but also by college students who write reports, and even children who conduct free research during the summer holidays.

Many people have lost their vested interests through personal computers. The same can be said for e-books.


However, as long as "digital" devices continue to be about the same as current smartphones and PCs, it is impossible for analog books to disappear.



So, I think,


The opinion that "all analog books disappear with electronic books" is unreasonable.


How much is impossible?

―― 1.5畳のベッドの上で、VR用のゴーグルだけで、仮想の恋人との仮想SEXや、仮想の理想の家族との仮想の会話を楽しんで一生を終える

"On a 1.5 tatami bed, with VR goggles alone, you can keep enjoying a virtual SEX with a virtual lover or a virtual conversation with a virtual ideal family in your life."


The above is an example.


(And while writing, I thought this metaphor itself was impossible.)


(To be continued)

2019-10-13 しかし、私が納得できないのは、電子書籍の価格です。 [長年日記]

Recently, my favorite comics are "Shogi Meshi(Dishes for Shogi Masters)".

From this comic, I have begun to use Fire7 as an ebook reader in earnest.

I think that e-books are not as good as paper books (in my opinion), but the benefits to carry a large amount of comics with a single tablet are great.


But what I can't understand is the price of the e-book.


I'm not sure why costs of paper books and e-book books are the same (or a little cheaper than paper books).



So, I looked into it a little, but it seems that it can be about 1/3 of the price, considering production costs, distribution, and labor costs.


I examined the opinions of experts about the reason, but there are many strange theories.


(1)Because the bookstore will be crushed


(2) Considering intermediate exploitation such as Amazon, the price will not be cheap



First of all, I thought that the reason for (1) had already finished when the "Large Stores Act (Large-scale Retail Store Location Act) (*) was abolished".


(*) Established in 1973 and abolished in 2000

私は「本」が欲しいのであって、「本屋」が欲しい訳でないのです ―― そうでない人もいるかもしれませんが

I want a "book" and not a "bookstore", even if some people may not.


I want to read the book I want to read that day.


Even when I was an elementary school student, I thought that I got angry with "two weeks to get a book".


First of all, bookstore had a strategy that could be taken (*), such as "direct delivery in a narrow area with a radius of 2 km"(like a book version of pizza delivery), but they did not do it.


(*) Actually, I made such a proposal many times at the cash register at bookstore.


Bookstore industries that didn't take my needs seriously was bad.


(To be continued)

2019-10-12 何度も何度も申し訳ありませんが、『分かり合おう』とか『分ってもらいたい』とか ―― そういうこと考えたら「敗け」です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

とは言え ――

On the other hand,


It becomes to easier to get in touch with persons by smart-phone, e-mail, SNS.


Thanks to these devices and devices the irritation of "narrows" might be improved.


In addition, it is a true that some excuses of "irresponsible person" won't be passed by them.


Recently, accident (personal accident) information has become easier to understand both in real time and afterwards.



Then, when asked if the age of "irresponsible person" comes, I am afraid "NO".


They has "no" or "sparse" value of punctuality, so they cannot find it.


Simply speaking, they cannot understand why others get angry with them.


In other words, this is neither "advantage” nor "disadvantage", but it is just "character".

何度も何度も申し訳ありませんが、『分かり合おう』とか『分ってもらいたい』とか ―― そういうこと考えたら「敗け」です。

I'm sorry again and again, however ―― If you think "let's understand" or "I want someone to understand", you will lose.


It is O.K. that "we don't understand each other". We continue to stay angry.

そして、それが嫌なら、離れればいいんです ―― 全然問題ありません。オールオッケーです。

And if you don't like it, you can leave it. There is no problem at all. All is okay.



"I don't feel comfortable" is unhappy, but the probability of encountering an accident is smaller.




"I feel comfortable" is happy, but the probability of encountering an accident is bigger.


I can't say which is better.


After all, it will be “middle is good”.


It's up to me to define that "middle", however, this story is recursive no matter where I go, and I cannot find the answer.

2019-10-11 郷に入っては郷に従え ―― [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In many case, "cowards" are often "narrow".


A "coward" who is punctually egomaniac will "hate" a person who does not / can not keep time.


A person who does not return the borrowed is a "thief" who took the tool from me,


A person who is late without prior contact is a "robber" who took time away from me.



However, there are people in the world who are not so guilty about not keeping time,


Some people are terribly tolerant of others not keeping time.

そして ―― 国民レベルで、そういう「寛容性」を発揮している国もありました。

And ―― Some countries have demonstrated such "tolerance" at the national level.


30 years ago, I was always angry while traveling alone on the continent (China) and peninsula (India).


However even if I was furious, I couldn't change all minds of the 2 billion people at that time.

郷に入っては郷に従え ――

"Do at Rome as the Romans do"


On the continent and the peninsula, it was "me" who should have changed.


However, it cannot be helped that "a narrow is just a narrow"


(To be continued)

2019-10-10 なお安心ができない ―― [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I realize that I am not able to enjoy an extraordinary life, even while at work, is a "unhappiness".


However, I am terribly "scary" that something unexpected happens in such extraordinary time.

I know the fact that "failure is a property".


Still, "failure" is basically "painful".

過去で貴重な財産となっていたとしても、未来では可能な限り受けとりたくないもの ―― それが「失敗」です。

Even if it was a valuable asset in the past, it is something that I do not want to receive as much as possible in the future. That is "failure".



If there is an adjective that expresses the above "scary" and "pain" together, it would be "coward".


- Even as if I perform possible advance simulations,


- Even as if I prepare all the measures you can come up with,

■なお安心ができない ――

- I can't rest assured.


Indeed, I can say that it is an excellent sample of "coward".


How much "coward" I am,


- In domestic business trips, I assume "two places" of personal accidents that occurr on the route to the destination.


- In overseas business trips, after I arrive at the site, I will actually walk on foot to the meeting venue of the next day.


Indeed, the reason why I hate "personal accident" is a natural enemy against "coward".


(To be continued)

2019-10-09 ―― もったいない話だ [長年日記]


I think of myself as "I can't always relax for anything"


I want to get rid of the tasks at work in front of me as soon as possible.


Even on a business trip, you can't relax to enjoy local specialties (meals, etc.).


This trend is particularly terrible when traveling overseas.


While reading the materials for the next day's meeting at the hotel, taking sleeping pills (for jet lag), I will fall into bed quickly.


The dinner party held on the first day of arrival is a fainting pain for me, because I cannot understand what they are talking, and the jet lag.


The most enjoyable time is when I have a boarding ticket for the last plane and have a meal in the airport lounge.


Of course, I sometimes go around the sights using my free time.


This is a lot of fun, but it's really a question whether I am really relaxed, satisfied, and enjoying sightseeing.


―― もったいない話だ

"It's a wasteful story"


I think that.


(To be continued)

2019-10-08 私は、金、名声、女では、動きません ―― 多分、動かないんじゃないかな [長年日記]


"Bribe" is only meaningful if you give it what you want most.

私は、金、名声、女では、動きません ―― 多分、動かないんじゃないかな。

Money, fame, and women don't work for me . Maybe.


The reason why I say "maybe" is that I do not know because I have never received these bribes.


Surprisingly, you move me easily.


Why not to try it to me?



If you move my present self, please give me the followings as bribe.


- TOEIC score.

■AWS(Amazon Web Service)のPVCの設定後の環境

- the environment after installing PVC of AWS


- the method to use 4GPi communication device using my cheap SIM


- the installed both RTK base station device and receive device


If you realize them, you can move my present self soon.



However, even if you can move me, I don't know what your merit is.


Above all, I want to know the return.

2019-10-07 ―― 大量の失敗は、貴重な財産 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The conclusions given from here are clear.

―― 大量の失敗は、貴重な財産

"A large amount of failure is a valuable property"



I don't say this is a "spiritual strength".


It is a fact that comes from math(odds and statistics) in a junior high school class.



Back to the opening.

―― 稼動確認後の短かいテストプログラムを、消去せずに残しておくこと

- Leave a short test program after confirming operation


This request of mine is based on my experiments of "inefficient completed goods (preposterous epithet) are valued properties".


"Efficient completed goods" under an specified environment are just garbage for me.



In this new series, I will try to write a text book of "How to make system by AWS", based on my experiments with stepping on a land mine from the start point.


I will make it more useful than the books I have decided as garbage.


If not so, I have to be criticize by not only the authors but all readers.


However I believe that the book which is written from the start, not from the end, is going to be helpful for many engineers.