2018-02-01 『市営地下鉄湘南台前、下車まで、残り20秒くらいの地点だ!』 [長年日記]


I do not remember "When I was on dating, I had a problem with topics".


It might just be "no memory", and moreover, the number of dates of mine, might be also very small. It happened to have been so.



Even now, my wife said,


"Why can you talk so much in the middle of the night, after you worked harder and tired in your company?"



Even if she says "Why", I do not understand well either.

会社で、黙々と働いている ―― 単に、実験室に閉じこもっている ―― からかもしれません。

The reason might be, I work quietly at my office. or laboratory alone all day.


I am quite talkative, so I know I should not criticize other's talks;


Nevertheless, as an engineer of information systems, I come to get angry with conversations that do not utilize the communication resources.



There was a young lady speaking by smart-phone in a conversation mode, in a Yokohama municipal subway train.


The voice of a man, heard from a smart-phone probably was her lover.


Male: "Hey, where are you now?"


Female: "Where do you think it is?"


Male: "Yeah, I do not know at all. Where are you? "


Female: "Where am I (with smiling)?"



Taking up the lady's smart-phone,


"It is a point about 20 seconds remaining until the municipal subway Shonan-dai. She will get off soon!"


I wanted to shout out loudly to the smart-phone (just I thought)

―― 貴重な通信リソース(周波数チャネル、通信帯域)を、情報量ゼロの会話で喰い潰すな!

"Do not crush precious communication resources (frequency channel, communication band) with conversation with zero information!"


I thought that.



I know well that


I was wrong.

2018-02-02 ―― 何?、この便利な装置 [長年日記]


I am an IT engineer, however, I have never used "Data-Base" since now.


Basically, I have been an engineer for control system, so I try to make a system just using ordinary system memory for super-high speed and super-small capacity.


Even for a simulator for of 100 million persons, I want to operate the simulation, not using DB HDD, SSD, but just ordinary system memory.


今回、色々な事情があって、初めてSQL DBを使うことになったのですが、

This time, with several reasons, I have to use "SQL DB". To tell you the truth, I was surprised that

―― 何?、この便利な装置

"What is on earth, this convenience device?"



(Incidently, I am using a DB whose name is PostgresSQL.)


While writing one million data, I can read data (Of course, I can use an ordinary system memory but I also make other mechanisms like threads, information protect, and open/close files).


Especially, the grammar of SQL message are usable viscerally.


I don't know how to work a DB, however the speed of search is surprisingly fast. The DB can display the information of specific person from data of 600,000 person.


(To be continued)

2018-02-03 ―― 凄く頭の良い秘書が、横に座っているような感じ [長年日記]


(To be continued)


I have used the tool that can operate from one hundred million ten hundred million lines (Of course, it was tremendous tools , I think). On the other hand, it is like

―― 凄く頭の良い秘書が、横に座っているような感じ

"A super-cool secretary stands by me"



I am afraid that I have not known this useful tool before.



In fact the result of today's topic is not the above.


I am a man who

―― 知らないものについては、特に批判もしない代わりに、評価もしないのですが、

can neither criticize nor evaluate what I don't know, but

―― 一度、それが気にいってしまうと、「凄い!凄い!」と人に言い出す

come to make a noise "It is great! it is great!" once I like that.


In conclusion, I am really an ungentle


You can call me a "contemptible person"

2018-02-04 今回のB型は、私達のイメージする「インフルエンザ」とは、全く異なります。 [長年日記]


At the week before last, I was with a diagnosis of "influenza type B".


I cannot remember the latest diagnosis of "influenza" in my life. At least it might be before more than ten years.


The "influenza type B" in this year, is malicious.


No high fever,


No pain of joints


Good appetite


feeling fatigue at overwork


This "influenza" is different from of our experiments before.


It is natural that many people who are infected by it, will go to school or office.


(To be continued)

2018-02-05 今年のインフルB型は、『ちゃらい感じの好青年/ノリの良い可愛い美女』を装って、あなたを襲います。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


To tell you the truth, a real fear of the influenza is that "you can heal naturally about for a week, even if you feel pain and fatigue.


Those people (including me) will be a distributor of the "influenza type B"



I heard some stories from my wife and daughter.


- The students of the first line of desks in a class, came to be off sick, by a teacher who was a source of the disease.


- Teachers who were worry about the delay of program, tried to attend the class, and the school was pushed into "temporary closing of school".



According to "influenza type B" of this year, I think that the above stories is believable.



This "influenza type B" is approaching you, acting "playboys" or "playgirls".


You should be wary of deception.

2018-02-06 女性:「では、先ず、ダイエットをしましょうか」 [長年日記]


Recently, I read an information magazine for group companies at the corner for coffee-breaks.


In that magazine, the dialogue between a marriage consultant(woman) and a consultant (man) was described.



Woman: "Well, let's first go on a diet"



Yes, she is right.

If you lose weight, you can become beautiful.


If you are careful about anorexia, diet is the best cosmetic method for both men and women.


For appearance, there are (violent) effects that can not compare any expensive cosmetics.


「知性を高める」「教養を身につける」「自分に自信を持つ」「他人から頼られる行動を行う」 ―― は、もちろん大切なことです。

I can agree that that it is important, of course, to "increase intelligence," "acquire cultural knowledge," "have confidence in yourself," "active something others depend on you".

しかし、こと「恋愛」「結婚」戦略については ―― 残念ですが ―― アクションリストのトップは「ダイエット」です。

But for "romance" "marriage" strategy, -- Unfortunately -- the top of the action list is "diet".

2018-02-07 ―― 「ラクしたい」「安くあげたい」「早く終らせたい」 [長年日記]


I think that many people use the word of "horizontal expansion" easily.


"Horizontal expansion" is to expand the existing technologies or know-hows to another objects.


The motivation of "horizontal expansion" is, honestly speaking,

―― 「ラクしたい」「安くあげたい」「早く終らせたい」

a hope to "take it easy", "bargain for it", and "finish it quickly"


and to realize them.



"Horizontal expansion" is also attractive for executive officers.


Above all, it is a magic word that just one investment can make a lot of acceptances of order after that.


However, "horizontal expansion" will not work well in many cases.


For not only heterogeneous business(goods and services), but also homogeneous, it is not easy.


As far as "horizontal expansion", to start making scratch might be cheaper.


(To be continued)

2018-02-08 結論として、彼女達は、『横展開』が不可能な、完全に独立した別個のシステムである、と断言できます。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Question: Why can Ebata be able to say such a thing to confidence?


Answer: You only need to find out how many books hit the keyword "horizontal expansion" at Amazon.com



Still, if you still can not convince, let's show the following example.


There are two daughters, the eldest daughter and the second daughter in our house.

二人とも健康に育ってくれています ―― 本当に、何か(神様?)に感謝できます。

Both of us are growing up healthy - really, I can appreciate something (God?).


Both of the two daughters are "human beings" and "women". And the age difference is only three years.

―― で、



If I am asked whether I can do "horizontal expansion" about care know-how between the eldest daughter and the second daughter


I can say immediately on the spot,


"No way"



Last night, I asked my wife about this matter. She said 'Roughly 80%'. about the difference.


In conclusion, we can assert that they are completely separated and original systems, that cannot apply to "horizontal expansion".


(To be continued)

2018-02-09 『「横展開」は、特定の人間をビークルとしなれば成功しない』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The difference between products and service systems is even greater than the difference between my two daughters.


(Incidentally, the wife was surprised to hear my opinion, and said "Is not the system smaller than the difference?")

システムに対して、気楽に「横展開」と言うような人は ――

People who say "horizontal expansion" comfortably for the system,


"do not know what is "system""


I think so.


(But I do not say anymore, because I am a hired engineer).



By the way, in interpretation of patent law, "technology" is


(1) Means for achieving a specific purpose




(2) Things that can be communicated to a third party


in addition,


(3) not "skill" that depends on the characteristics (ability, sense or can) of the individual


It is clearly stipulated.


(In the lecture of the patent law, at the very first lesson, "what "technology" is")


"Horizontal expansion" is not "technology".


In addition, is not even "skill".



"Horizontal expansion" is


(1) not be able to be inherited as things like "design drawing" of goods or service model,


(2) to remain only as a "thought" for a person who "designed" it,


(3) something that is implicitly intellectual, personally exclusive and can not be inherited




""Horizontal expansion" will not succeed if we make a specific person a vehicle"


I am afraid that there are too many people who do not understand this.


(But I do not say anymore, because I am a hired engineer).

2018-02-10 ―― 空腹で、気を失っている [長年日記]

私は、"CASIO 腕時計 WAVE CEPTOR 電波時計 MULTI BAND5 デジタルモデル WV-58J-1AJF メンズ"を愛用しております。

I always use a watch, ""CASIO Watch WAVE CEPTOR Radio Watch MULTI BAND 5 Digital Model WV-58J-1AJF for Mens".


After examining past history at Amazon, I have already bought three same watches.


One for my father, the others for myself, the junction of the band has already been lost.

時計屋に持っていくと、「修理するより購入した方が安い」と言われます ―― 残念ですが、これは事実です。

Taking it to the watch shop, the clerk tells me "it is cheaper to purchase than to repair". Unfortunately, it is true.


So, I purchased bonded parts (180 yen for 10 pieces) at Amazon, and forcibly join the band with glue.


Recently, the two batteries have run out of batteries in a row.(It was reset on January 1, 2005, and no display came out at all)


When the battery runs out, I was planning to replace it.


The cost of replacing the batteries is also a reasonable amount(Especially when maintaining the waterproof treatment, it also becomes "it is cheaper to purchase than to repair".



Costly, it is correct behavior to discard these watches and purchase new items, In other words, such actions will also contribute to the economy of the Japanese economy.


But these watches were

―― 空腹で、気を失っている

fainting on hunger.



(To be continued)

2018-02-11 で、今回 ―― 「自分で電池交換してみようかな」と思いました。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

食費が高いからといって、長年お世話になった人をゴミとして廃棄する ―― これは人道的・・ではなくて、IoT的にどうだろうか。

Just because food costs are high, we discard people who have been indebted for many years as garbage. This is not for humanism but for IoT engineer.

で、今回 ―― 「自分で電池交換してみようかな」と思いました。

So, this time - "I thought I'd try to replace battery by myself".


Even if I fail to replace the battery and destroy my watch, this is my "gratitude" for my watch that I have taken care of for a long time.



I bought a battery (143 yen) at Amazon.com and attempted to change the battery by watching the video on YouTube.


I could not replace it as I expected.


I pulled the metal fitting almost, forcibly pull out the battery, and inserted a new battery.



The two clocks are moving cheerfully now.


They can receive the radio waves everyday and adjust the correct time. the backlight also flashes properly, and the alarm sound is clear.


Both of them did considerably unreasonable in this battery exchange, so it may not do well,


In this way, the watch I have fixed by oneself is many times "cute" than a watch that I have not.

2018-02-12 ―― いつまでも、誰かと繋っていたい。誰かに覚えていて欲しい [長年日記]


Yesterday, I was watching New Year's cards arriving in this New Year, I noticed but the number had definitely decreased.


Of course, I also gradually reduce the New Year's cards I posted, so I do not feel anything unexpected.


I can say one thing, I feel that

―― もう、そろそろ皆、人生のコネクションのクロージングを始めている

"Everyone might start to close the connection of their life"



In the communication program, it is very important to close all of the communication connections even when the program terminates abnormally.


In order to avoid wasteful consumption of communication resources, or maintain confidentiality as well, "disconnecting" is important.



Of course, human relationship is not a communication program, so I know it should not be said as such a rough story.

―― いつまでも、誰かと繋っていたい。誰かに覚えていて欲しい

"I want to stay a connection with someone, I want someone to remember me forever"

と願うことは ―― 勿論、願うことは自由ですが ―― 多分、無駄です。

To hope it - Of course, it is no problem to hope it - is useless.


Because we forget people who have disappeared and we come to live every day.


So, in the same way, I think that living everyday to make me forget perfectly is important.



However, since I change my opinion easily, tentatively, this is my today's personal impression.


Also, regarding New Year's cards, it might not "closing of connections of life". It may just be that they come to feel "bothersome" like me.


Well, everyone has their own life.

2018-02-13 脳の疲れ方が違うなぁ ―― と実感しています。 [長年日記]


I have been crazy for a programming for a few months.


However, I have left a lot of document works, so I had to stop the programming.


For a few days, I wrote and wrote documents, and I noticed that there are two types fatigue.


脳の疲れ方が違うなぁ ―― と実感しています。

I realize that the overloads of brain are different,


In case of the coding, I have to chase more than 1 million's object at the same time, so I am exhausted when going home.


In case of the writing, I have to make a story with a reasonable logic. Even if one collapse of the logic happens, I have to make another collapse in order to fix the previous collapse. That is a negative catenation, so called. Anyway I have been under a lot of stress.


Both of them are not "easy".


However my ultimate hope is "to live my life easily".


Of course, I want "money" and "honor", however I can exchange them with "easy" for me.


However, when we want to become a "easy" master, I think that I will lose not only "money" and "honor" but also "my favorite works". So it is difficult for me.


(To be continued)

2018-02-14 ―― 『あんなに、一生懸命働かなくても良かった』と後悔している [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


By the way, there is worth listening to a story that retired or terminal people said

―― 『あんなに、一生懸命働かなくても良かった』と後悔している

"I should not have worked harder, while be working"



We have already experimented on the several scenes in my life.


Especially we adults, know well that


"There is no meaningless relationships with friends of teenage era in our life"



However we, as working people, cannot say


"There is no meaningless hierarchical relation in our company"


We can forecast the future after our retire, but we cannot act to ignore the hierarchical relation because of worry and fear.



In conclusion, we can "take our life easy" but we don't have courage to "take our life easy" in a specific field and time.


After all, I think that we will

―― 「後悔することになる」ことを、折込済みで生きていくしかない

"regret our extreme worry and fear, at the time of retirement or end-of-life"


2018-02-15 「恋人というのは、とかく高いところに登りたがるよなぁ」 [長年日記]


When I heard that my senior daughter had a date to Tokyo SkyTree, in spite of myself, I said


"Lovers are inclined to go high"



I also went to a bar and drink with my wife at the top floor of the highest building in Osaka. (After that, I moved to a pub at the underground of the building and had grilled chicken.)


Ebata:"There is a proverb of "smoke and foolish person are inclined to go high", so "Lovers become foolish accidentally" might be true."


Senior D:"as I recall, there used be a Twitter's comment of "When the Christmas comes, lovers are crowd around illuminated places. Are they insects?"


Ebata:"I thinks the lovers should become foolish insects. The time we become "foolish insect" is shorter in their life"


After hearing it, My wife said with admiration


Wife:"You tell a lot"


Ebata:"I talk about "love" enthusiastically."


Senior D:"I know. and it is long"


Junior D:"Repetitive"

2018-02-16 長女:「パパの言うことは信じない。平気で嘘をつくから」 [長年日記]


This was the story when my family talked about "friends".


Ebata:"I don't have anyone who I can call a friend"


Senior Daughter(SD):"I don't believe you. You make no bones about telling lies"


Ebata:"Not telling lies. I dare to say that it is a "cheerful presentation""

SD:"In Singapore, when I saw that you talked with the taxi driver cheerfully, I decided that "You are a liar"


Ebata:"There is a limit to work it well for my daily business..."


SD:"It was true that you could use English abroad. So you are a liar"


Ebata:"It is your misunderstanding, How to explain it to you ..."


I made eye contact with my wife, and my wife said to her.

嫁さん:「つまりね、『パパの会社』や『パパの仕事』の内容から見れば、 ―― パパの程度の英語力では、全く『お話にならない』 ―― 訳なの。分かる?」

Wife:"Let me say... From the viewpoint of Papa's works and the company's qualities, Papa's English proficiency is "just a joke". Do you understand?"



Yes. I could agree with their opinions perfectly. However How do I felt that I was hurt doubly by them ?

2018-02-17 ―― お前の学校の教師って、バカか? [長年日記]


I heard a teacher makes students make "soldering iron" at my daughter's school.

―― お前の学校の教師って、バカか?

"The teacher of your school is stupid ?"


Accidently, I said such a line from my mouth.


「はんだごて」は、「はんだ」という金属を溶かして、電気や電子部品を電気的に接続するものですが ―― 当然、高温を発する危険な器具です。

"Soldering iron" is a device that melts metal "solder" and electrically connects electricity and electronic parts. However it is a dangerous device that generates high temperature.


Except for engineers like myself (I have a degree in "electrical engineering"),I do not know how many people know the existence of "soldering iron".

それ以上に、「自作のはんだごて」の使用は、それ自体が危険です ―― 私なら、安全基準をクリアした製品を購入させて、正し使い方を教えます。

More than that, the use of "home made soldering iron" is itself dangerous. I will let my daughter purchase mass commercial products with safety standards and teach how to use "soldering iron".


I let me make "drivers" at my junior high school, and we could buy "driver" at the 100 yen shop.


If I says, my own behavior ("self-made love") will also be denied, but still there should be a priority.



This priority should be done in technology and home economics classes.


(1) Cooking: Based on rice and miso soup, it is enough to tell two kinds of fried foods, simmered foods and pottery items with the rest of the ingredients.


(2) Sewing: Basic knowledge on repairing of broken parts, broken parts.


(3) Woodworking: Easy loading platform, bookshelf, shelves to make on the wall. It is sufficient to designate the dimensions in the DIY shop and cut it for wooden boards, in addition, how to use woodworking bonds and electric drivers.


After that, how to locate the main plug when the water pipe ruptures, how to contact when gas leaks etc.





"Acquisition of technology to live alone"


is important.


Technical home economics classes are no longer a practical study, beyond other subjects.

それが、「はんだごて」の作り方(×使い方)? 一体何考えているんだろう?

That is how to make "soldering iron" (How to use)? What on earth are you thinking?


Even my electrical engineer I cannot understand the reasons at all.

『しかし、本当に現場の教師がバカなんだろうか?』と思い、ちゃんと調べてみました ―― そして、意外な事実に驚きました。

I thought that "are they really stupid?" I examined it properly - and I was surprised by the surprising fact.


(To be continued)

2018-02-18 文部科学省は、『「メシ」「服」「日曜大工」程度では、全然足りん』と言っているのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

In "Junior High School Study Instructor's Commentary Techniques / Home"(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, July 2008) on p.27., there is a description of "soldering iron".


"The level that the state is requesting the citizens (children)" was surprisingly high.


Cooking, sewing and woodworking are naturally written, and furthermore, regarding the significance of "soldering iron", the following issues are described clearly.


(1) Learn about the function of current limiter, earth leakage circuit breaker etc. indoors


(2) Learn about the mechanism of using electrical equipment safely


(3) Learn to (a)prevent accidents such as equipment damage and electric shock due to electric leakage,(b) need Maintenance and inspection to continuously demonstrate the performance of the equipment in the best condition, through examining, the devices and examples of accidents caused by electrical equipment




In a word, that means,


"Even if the problem of electricity at home happens, you can fix it yourself"




The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said "Cooking"," Clothes", and "Do-it-yourself" ar not enough".


One step is "soldering iron".


So I will withdraw my opinion of "The teacher of your school is stupid ?", and apologize to the teacher.


Both the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the teacher in the field, understand that what they have been doing properly.



And I will tell youth

私たちの国の政府は ―― 『けっこう、厳しいぞ』

Government of our country - "they are pretty tough"

2018-02-19 (2)江端家次女へ:最期のページの最終行を読んで、私に感想を送付すること [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number" : Work style reform(6) "

Governments and companies that confront with "side work" What are the benefits to workers?



My junior of my company took a big bite out of my this column.


To: my junior daughter: Read the last sentence in the last page, and give me your impression.


That's all

2018-02-20 あの頃の私は、一体何を求めていたんだろう? ―― 今となっては、本当によく分からんのです。 [長年日記]


I enjoy an animation, whose title is "Yuru-camp"(means, "loose camping")

なぜか ――

The reason is

When I was young at the same age of the girl heroines, I had dome same types of camping (in fact, I think my camping was harder than them)

ただ、ですね ―― 「冬キャンプ」なんかやったら、本当に死ぬんじゃないか、と思うんですよ。

However, I am really afraid that "camping in winter" will let them die.


In my case,


- I was almost frozen to death, even in spring camping.


- A radio program of Aum Shinrikyo(before terror attack) frightened me to death.


- A snow avalanche that blocked a forest road, compelled me more than 50 km reroute


- I was washed away by the high waves near the sea.


―― どこが「ゆるキャン△」だ

"Where is Yuru-camp ?"


I repeatedly asked myself the same question unconsciously


"Hard camping", "Tough camping" or "Solid camping"


are suitable for my early days.


I think that I repeated punitive activites when I was young.

あの頃の私は、一体何を求めていたんだろう? ―― 今となっては、本当によく分からんのです。

"What did I want when I was young?" I don't know it at all by now.

2018-02-21 なにしろ、私は、malloc(), free(),そして、コンピュータの生モツ(OS)に直接触れられるような ―― 「古代呪術言語」までをも操れる ―― 数少ない長老の一人と自負しております。 [長年日記]


You may know that I continue to make several kinds of "simulator" on a day-to-day basis.


Basically, I like to make simulation programs. Moreover I am a

―― C/C++という言語のネイティブ

"Native speaker of C/C++ (program) language.


even if the language has a bad reputation,


If there is a nation whose name is "C/C++ kingdom", I believe firmly that I don't have to worry about communication in the nation.


I don't need any illustrative sentence book and sightseeing brochure.

なにしろ、私は、malloc(), free(),そして、コンピュータの生モツ(OS)に直接触れられるような ―― 「古代呪術言語」までをも操れる ―― 数少ない長老の一人と自負しております。

Above all, I feel proud that I am one of wise old mans who can use "ancient spell language" that enables me to touch a computer operating system directly, with some system calls.



However, I am afraid that the words of "I like simulations" means, on the contrary, "I dislike mathematical model".

The other days, I wrote a story that my simulations duration became zero, by a mathematical model that a reader presented to me.


My enforced simulations (which use a lot of random numbers and objects) are

―― 醜悪で見苦しい

more "ugly and awful"


than mathematical models( based on statistic and differential equation)


Of course, it was true that the performance of computers of old was too poor to do the "enforced simulations"


So, we have always needed more computer performance, especially in the field of physical science, for example, magnetic, electric and weather analysis, there is no reason that we don't need any more performance.


(To be continued)

2018-02-22 文系の人こそが、プログラミングをして、シミュレータをサクサクと作る ―― そういう未来は、十分ありえます。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


By the way, a personal computer(PC) has enabled us to calculate behaviors of all people in Japan using virtual objects. I am afraid that

―― 人文系の学問の人達への大きなプレッシャーになっていくんだろうなぁ

"the face will increase the pressure for the person in human science field"



Before it was enough that

● 仮説 -> データや自分なりのロジック -> 検証

My hypothesis -> objective data or my logic -> my validation


However, now, I think that they should add the following activities, and

● 仮説 -> データや自分なりのロジック -> 数値シミュレーション/数理モデル -> 検証

My hypothesis -> objective data or my logic -> numerical simulation or mathematical model -> my validation


they will not avoid mathematical processes.

文系の人こそが、プログラミングをして、シミュレータをサクサクと作る ―― そういう未来は、十分ありえます。

Researchers with majors in the school of humanities, should produce simulation programs in large quantities. It is realistic future, I think.



Hereinafter, private communication from me


to my daughters


- Your father can teach programming to you.


- I am going to adjust to "Ancient spell language(C/C++), let's ask me an advice.


- If you don't have proper motivative example and problems, I will farm out to you.


- Before due date, I will pay for money.


The feeling that "the world is in this hand of me!" ss a pleasant sensation that I can not taste in daily life.

2018-02-23 ―― だと、いいな [長年日記]

1970年のバークレー大学で作られたUNIX OSの偉大なAPI(というか、パラダイム)の一つ"fork()"を、

"fork()" is one of the greatest APIs (in other words "paradigm") that were designed and built at Berkeley in the 1970's.


I hope that I am a first person in the world


who tried to use the API for "time leap" between two different "world line"


in paralell virtual worlds in my PC.

―― だと、いいな


(As far as I know, nobody has used this API like the above case)



Refer to

"See this code, if you want to realize "time leap" or "reading steiner" in your computer"


Additions: Okabe's "reading steiner" functions are omitted, because information of his memory will be send by pipe() or external files.

2018-02-24 「創作が好き」というよりは、根が「ケチ」だからです。 [長年日記]


I like making something by myself" that is called "DIY".


The reason is that I am a hunks rather than a creator.


The main reason of the persistence of "DIY" is for a satisfaction that I can save money.


For example, I can make a PC desk by one cheap veneer board, and install local area network at home by myself. All of racks in my house were made by me.



By the way.

最近、Raspberry PIに搭載できる、EtherCATのスレーブ用基盤が、6000円で売っているのを知りました。

Recently, I know that EtherCAT slave base which can be installed in Raspberry PI is sold for 6000 yen.

―― 欧州のどっかの国で

at a country in Europe

欧州であろうが、どこであろうが、欲しいものは欲しいので、早速購入しようとしたのですが、Shipping Cost(輸送費)込みで、24000円になることが分かり、断念しました。

No matter where it is sold, of course, I want to get it. However the total cost (including shipping) become more than 24,000 Yen. So I had to give up.


I also tried to check the cost by my company system, the price come to be same.

私は、Raspberry PIを使ったハンドメイドのEtherCATのスレーブを自作したいのに、―― 普通のEtherCATのスレーブの方が安くて、どーする。

I hope that I want to make the cheapest EtherCAT slaves, based on Raspberry PI by DIY, But this is meaningless for this cost.


今からでも、ハードウェアの勉強から始めれば、スレーブモジュールも作れなくはない(多分)のでしょうが ―― 私は、ハードウェアの設計や製作が面倒で、ソフトウェアに逃げた、電気工学の学生でしたから。

Of course, If I start to study about the hardware design and production now, I will make it. However, I had run away from the hardware technologies because the design and trial was always annoying me when I was a college student.


Well, I think that this though was not wrong.


Thanks to enormous performance of microcomputer IC, many technologies has been realize by software(like farm ware and operating system)


しかし ―― EtherCATは、究極のリアルタイム通信、「ゼロバッファ」方式を実施しているものです。

However, EtherCAT realizes "Zero buffer transmission" which is ultimate realtime communication


No matter how hard it can be done with software, software cannot realize beyond the performance of hardware.


I like "DIY" for everything, however, the cost for "DIY" is more than a thousand times than commercial products. it will get my priorities wrong.


という訳で、(個人での活動に固執する私としては大変珍しいのですが)ラズパイ用のEtherCATのスレーブ基盤を自作した(い)という人 ―― いませんか?

So, (this is very rare for myself because I adhere to individual activities, however) is there anyone who made your own EtherCAT slave for Raspberry PI?


Let's join me.

成果の発表の場も、ご紹介できると思います ―― 多分

I think that I can introduce the place for presenting the results - probably

2018-02-25 結果として、コミケデビューは、長女に先を越されました。 [長年日記]


The other day, my senior daughter joined a market for figure dolls ,like "comike", on the side

前泊で会場に入り、 会場案内アルバイトをしていたそうです。

Checking in on the day before, she worked at information desk for the event.


However, I thought the first person who would try to join an event like that, is either junior daughter or me.


Junior daughter will be a seller of her "illustrations" or "comics".


I will be a seller of my columns or be a news reporter



As a result, senior daughter's comike debut was beyond us.

2018-02-26 ―― 特許庁の一部の審査官様は、きっと私の名前をご存知のはずだ [長年日記]


The other day, when I was examining the patent system in my company, numbers of my patent applications were displayed, and it was just 100.


To tell the truth, the number includes applications I was not the lead inventor, I think that the lead invention of me will be reduced by 20%.


However, in many applications, I have experimented to give me some rare notices of reasons for rejection others have not.


Most reasons for refusal are violations of inventive step (Article 29, paragraph 2), executable requirements (36), violations of unity (37). In addition to the violation of novelty (Article 29 (1)) and the earlier application (Article 39), I have gotten great things called "public order and morality violation".

―― 特許庁の一部の審査官様は、きっと私の名前をご存知のはずだ

"Some examiners of the patent office surely knows my name"


I think it as my pleases.



I had heard the story that "there is a "notice of allowance" without notice of reasons for refusal" on the grapevine.


Of course, I did not believe it.


(To be continued)

2018-02-27 なんだろう、この猛烈な不安感は。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In order to get "notice of allowance"


A inventor (or an applicant) and an examiner at Patent Agency,


fight for exchanging of cannonball by "notice of reasons for rejection" as a declaration of war


and continue intelligent battles to get border line of the patent right severely by correction and limitation repeatedly

の果てに、最終的に勝ち取るものである ―― という思い込みがあったからです。

Finally, they are going to reach a compromise -- I have taken it for granted that the above scenario.



However, I could get "notice of allowance" without "notice of reasons for refusal", and I was very surprised at this fact.


I have never experienced in this administrative decision before, and it paniced me seriously.


What is this keen uneasy feeling ?


My heart was tight with fear, if the examiners at Patent Agency come to think "we tired to play with Ebata by his logic"

2018-02-28 「表やグラフを使ったら、負け」 [長年日記]


Recently I have to read about AI technologies and economics, however in the book and Web site, I can find

―― 表やグラフがほとんどない

"few table and figure".


This fact surprises me and annoy me.


Tables and figures are very convenience, because they can explain many things that are almost equal to 100 lines articles.

しかし、なんというか ―― かたくなに ―― 表やグラフを使わないんですよ、これらの著者は。

However, I feel ... how to say ... authors of the book and site, seems to stick not to use tables and figures.


I am not familiar with the pubbery, but I wonder if there is a custom or a culture of


"No life with tables or figures"



「数式1行で、読者の20%が離れる」 ―― という話を読んだことがあります。

I read the phrase "20% readers give up reading by reading each one formula"


This means, just five formulas in a book vanish all readers.. if you think "Ebata tells a lie", you are a person of "no problem about formulas".

―― 読者の数は、『最初の読者数x(0.8)^N (N=1,2,..Nは数式の数)』となる、

"The numbers of reader who can think "initial readers x (0.8)^N (N=1,2,..N: numbers of formula)"


The person who can think the above at sight, can finish reading the book.


I am afraid that the readers are awful few.


At any rate, I think that the ratio of Japanese people in the science and engineering majors, is 35% (Ebata's estimation). In addition, the number who can use maths and statistics routinely is less than 10%.



Thinking of it, the thought of "no life with tables or figures" is a reasonable strategy in pubbery field,

ただ ―― ですよ。



If the population of the people who can use maths and statistics comfortably increases, some interesting things may happen.

日本の国民全員が、日本語を操るように、エクセルを操って、国家予算案の試算や検算ができるようになれば ―― 大半の政治家は廃業、官僚も半数以下になる ―― かも

If most Japanese can do a trial calculation and check the accounts by spreadsheet, most politicians and half of bureaucracy should be retired.


Well, I know that it is just a dream.