2018-09-01 ―― 自分のエンジニアとしての"無能さ"に、絶大な実績と信頼を置いている [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

これまで、私の日記を読み続けて頂いた皆さんは、―― 特に原発に関しては ―― びっくりされているかもしれません。

If you are a regular reader of my diary, you may be surprised to read the diary of yesterday, especially about "atomic nuclear power plant".


I know that "atomic nuclear power plants" are formidable danger.


I know that not only human being but also computers has no way to stop the meltdown, if once causing a meltdown of the reactor.

公益の観点からは、"原発"は"原爆"と同様に、この地球上から「なかったこと」にしてしまうことが、望ましいとも思います ―― しかし、

For the common good, "atomic nuclear power plants", as well as "atomic bomb" will be disposed on the globe, however,

『「原子炉を絶対に暴走させない管理技術の研究開発」に興味がないか?』 と問われれば、私は、3秒以内に『興味がある』と答える自信があります。

If someone asks me "Are you interested in the R&D of management technology that does not make nuclear reactors runaway absolutely ?", I will answer, "Yes. I am"


I know that "an absolutely safe system" does not exist in an absolute sense


However, I as an engineer, can put "to proof my theory" before "public interest".



Though I do not know about other engineers and scientists, the reason why I, as an engineer, can do such a "thought like a devil" (or have a double-standard policy)


I know well that the process of "to proof my theory" is going to fail 99.9%.


My challenge will not succeed in most cases.


Do you know how many times I have failed to create my own simulation, or how many times I have failed the hypothesis verification ?


In other words, The reason I can overlook such my "thought like a devil" is

―― 自分のエンジニアとしての"無能さ"に、絶大な実績と信頼を置いている

"I have extraordinary achievements and trust in my "incompetence" as my engineer



(To be continued)

2018-09-02 「天才は、自分の天賦の才(天才)に無自覚である」というのが、私の観察結果です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


This sense of security as "my incompetence" is the source of my behavioral principle.


I have a sense of security that "even if you do some unreasonableness, the influence on society is nothing serious". So I can


- make just any graph with Excel,


- mass-produce sloppy simulation programs,


- write columns without permission,




On the other hand, I think recently,

―― 私のこの行動原理は、案外、(無能ではない)多くのエンジニアや研究者も持っているのじゃないかなぁ

"I wonder if (not incompetent) many engineers and researchers, also have the same of my behavioral principle , unexpectedly"



In my range of human observation so far, Those who have achieved outstanding results, do not think of myself as "amazing".


They can not objectively evaluate their own abilities in a good direction.


They say that their research results are just results of "lucky", and they truly believe so.


On the contrary, those who try to show myself as "amazing",are not "amazing" at all from my viewpoint. (For example, the person who lost others achievements and fruits).


My observation result is that "Genius is unaware of their genius".


Therefore, I think that they had invented unnoticedly innocent, mass-destroying weapons and ultra-high efficiency cores (however they has no means of stopping after runaway). ,



In this diary, what I would like to tell you are:

―― 世の中の多くのエンジニアや科学者は、「レスキネン教授」と同じ思考パターンで生きている

"Many engineers and scientists in the world live with the same thought pattern as "Dr.Leskinen"



彼等を使用するに際しては、私の「使用上の注意」を良く読んだ上で、活用頂くよう 、ご留意頂きたいということです。

Before using them, I'd like you to keep in mind that you should read my "Usage Notes" first.

2018-09-03 『保守をなめるな』 [長年日記]


I have been received many mail delivery from some Web publisher sites.


Therefore, I get a lot of mail every day, however I discard most of them.



The other day, I found one mail whose subject was


"Don't scorn the ruling party"


and really surprised.


I have never seen such a obvious sympathy newshead for the ruling party, before



I got excited about it with spreading the mail. and I knew,


That was not about a sympathy news article, but about a computer maintenance.

2018-09-04 『このままでは、銀行はスマートフォンのアプリになる』 [長年日記]


Previously, I read an article whose writer said


"At this rate, banks will be taken over by an application of smartphones.



I don't know whether I can agree with the writer, or not.


In the article, the main topic was "black-chain", after all.



The other day, I chatted with an engineer of an software company, he said to me.


"Ebata-san. "Black-chain" is just a memorandum, but that is unwritable absolutely"



The next day, I tried to make an easy test program and checked the function. And I could accept what he had told.

In order to tamper with the memorandum, we have to


- steal several electric secret keys from somebody in somewhere



- unzip the encrypted memorandum in reverse

絶対に読めないメモ ――


I could understand that "this is unwritable absolutely" at the bottom of my heart.



The significance of existence of banks is to give us the credit of money transactions, and absorb the risks of them


Certainly, from the viewpoint of them, I think that we will dispose of banks, and use "block-chain" alternatively.


However, banking services are not money transactions.


For example, for typical "process works" ,like "succession", "insurance" or "credit assessment works" like "loan", it seems to be impossible to do them without human interfaces and (dogmatic) subjectivity.

その分野は、ブロックチェーンでは、手も足も出ない ―― ようにも思えます。

In the field, even if there is a "black-chain", it can resolve these problemsm, I think.


However, I also think that there are also aspects that can not necessarily be said.


(To be continued)

2018-09-05 「このままでは、役所もスマートフォンのアプリになる」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

This time, I had to do a "relay race" to collect family register of deceased father, from a city hall to another city hall.


If "black-chain" consolidates our records of birth and moving, we will not have to do the stupid "traveling salesman problem".


According to the system of "officially registered seal", I am impressed that "why this system work well".


For example, it is possible to make a "fake seal". In order to get "seal registration certificate", we can ask someone to make a "fake driver's license".


(An administrative institution might have an inquiry system by the driver's license number)


However, the way to proof of "I am what I am" is guaranteed by the "complex procedures" after all.


As ID system, it is better to use a DNA identification device using finger sweat and fingerprint/


For my mother in bed without a toe to the floor, I will get her ID by the above process and send it to bank. It will be enough.


For succession and insurance, if we can get methods and certificates that are guaranteed by non-rewrite, the protocol works will be perished from banks.


This means, not only for banks, but also for city halls


"At this rate, an city hall will be an application of smartphones"


might be coming soon.



Actually, convenience stores are used instead of government offices by My Number card.


This time, I got all the necessary documents (stamp certificate, family register, resident card) on inheritance at a late-night convenience store near my parents house.


It is scary just thinking that "I must get back to the city office at my home residence".


(To be continued)

2018-09-06 ―― 舐めとんのか [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


To change the subject, I was asked from my family about the change of smartphone.


Basically, I could accept to change them because of the hardware damage and degradation of performance, however I was very surprised to read the bill of estimation of the major carrier.

―― 舐めとんのか

"I wasn't born yesterday!"


When I read the price, I almost said that


I use a discount smartphone, so I thought that was more than two thousands yen per month than that I expected.

―― この一月、二千円円、年間一人あたり2万4千円のお金の意義は何か?

"Can you explain the significant of two thousand yen, and totally twenty-four thousand yen per a year?"


When I asked my wife, she answered,


"Yes. that is for a shop that works as a collaborator for my smartphone trouble"



Certainly, about "discount smartphone", we have to make a contract with a carrier company by ourselves by the Internet. Even if the trouble happens, "self-help" is principle.


The means, we are expected to help ourselves by our efforts, and to tell you the truth, Quality of Service is extremely low.


Therefore, they can provide us with the discount smartphone,


Ebata:"The two thousand yen the insurance cost pays for you ?"



"Pays for me"


She declared.


(To be continued)

2018-09-07 最終的に、私には、どこかに「丸投げ」して、『なんとかしてくれ』と泣き叫ぶところが必要です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Certainly, smarphones are not only communication devices but


- ticket-vending machines of Shinkanse super express,


- windows to submit some papers to a city hall,


- conference rooms to arrange with neighbors


- communicators to inform our location if an emergency arises


The breakdown of smartphones, is going to be an crucial trouble in our life, not exaggerated.


If a window of a major carrier in any station, will guarantee "safety and security", My wife's thought is reasonable right.


I am an expert who is familiar with communication and electrical equipment and services. Therefore , I think that I cannot understand "my wife's fear" from the bottom of my heart.



Then I will return to the original story.


Aside from smartphones, I am an amateur about inheritance, insurance and financing.


Ultimately, I need somewhere to cry out "do something for me" and to run away.


Even if "block chains" guarantee transactional safety and legal inheritance relationships, I can not believe that "block chain" can help me, who is just crying.



So, I think, for the phrase of


"At this rate, banks will be taken over by an application of smartphones.


I don't know whether I can agree with the writer, or not.

2018-09-08 『本当に、旧日本軍の司令部は、無能だったのか?』 [長年日記]

There is an animation called "Young girl war record". This is unusual for works whose title and content are unmatched (maximum tribute).


It is a story about events in a fictitious world, and it is clear that the stage is in Europe just before the First World War, whoever watch it.

This story is more fun if you look at NHK Special "Century of Visual" together.



I watched this animation and could understand the role and significance of the "headquarters" during wartime.


And while reviewing this animation over and over,


"Was the headquarters of the former Japanese army really incompetent? "


I come to want to verify it.

太平洋戦争における、旧日本軍の司令部は、かなり低く評価 ―― というか、ぶっちゃけていえば、戦後、今に至るまで、徹底的に「無能」扱いされていると、私は思っています。

In the Pacific War, the headquarters of the former Japanese Army has been appreciably low, after all, I think that it is handled thoroughly "incompetence" from after the war to now.


I think that the old Japanese army was not evaluated as "incompetence because it lost the war", but formulate a winning strategy"

(例えば、「戦略」とは ―― 敗北が確定的な状況からは、(奇跡を願わずに)とっとと撤退すること ―― です)

(For example, "strategy" is to finally withdraw from a decisive defeat(without wishing for a miracle))


However I really do not know whether it is even though they did not formulate a winning strategy


After the war, studies on the various headquarters of the former Japanese Army have been announced,


by "data"


I can not find verification research.


(To be continued)

2018-09-09 これこそが「データ(またはシミュレーション)の勝利」です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

ところが ――



In the prewar Showa 16, "The Cabinet General War Research Institute" gathered a total of 35 future leaders that ranged from military, government agency to private sector, and they conducted a simulation of the Pacific War's battlefield.


They scientifically analyzed the prospects for increased weapons production, the self-sufficiency of food and fuel, the transportation route, collaboration with allies, etc. (predicted also by the Soviet participation), and they decided


""Japan will definitely be defeated"


They simulated the simulation result with "numerical value".


(The losings were "Pearl Harbor attack" and "A-bomb development and dropping").


I think this is

―― 凄い



at the bottom of my heart.


This is "victory of data (or simulation)".



To tell the truth, I want to revalidate the footprint of this "Cabinet total warfare research laboratory" simulation on a personal computer at my own home in weekend engineer mode.

この件については、「世界を「数字」で・・」の方の連載で、EE Times Japan編集部に連載を提案をしたのですが、あまり良い反応を頂けませんでした。

As for this matter, I made a proposal to serialize to the EE Times Japan editorial department in the serial series of "The world is a" number ...", however I did not get a very good reaction.

まあ、EE Times Japanは、技術系のWeb情報サイトですから、無理もありませんが。

Well, since EE Times Japan is a Web site of technical information, it is not impossible.


Also, there is a problem that if I do not get the cooperation from the Ministry of Defense laboratory, I cannot do anything.


However, I think that "someday".


"Young girl war record" is also decided as a movie, I have confirmed viewing.


The only thing I'm afraid is that,


If I remove the concept of "young lady" and "magic" from this animation called "Young girl war", I think that it may have become my favorite work more.


Well, after doing "it", I know it very much to receive Tsukkomi that "the work itself will not be established".

2018-09-10 しかし、そのシステムが見守るべき父は、もういません [長年日記]


In order to secure my father, who lived solo,

IoT通信デバイス"SORACOM"を使ったリモートの見守りサーバ(Raspberry PI上)に、

- in the home security server (on Raspberry PI), with IoT communication device "SORACOM",

VPN(by SoftEtherで)の閉域ネットワークを構築して、

- I made the closed private network (by SoftEther), and


- accessed to the server from my home PC by SSH

From Golden Week holidays of this May, I continued the experiments and developments little by little, and


finally, I could confirm the activation at this weekend.



However, my father is nowhere to be found (belowground at the end of this July)

2018-09-11 ―― 客観的に認識した上で、計算され尽くされた「弱さ」は、「強さ」である [長年日記]


Recently, when I watch scandals of power harassment, I always think "why do they admit their mistake, and resign their works ?"


In many cases, delaying the motion to resign, their past private errors are revealed, and their credits are going down.


Watching their attitudes with TV.

―― 良く分かるなぁ

"I can understand their behaviours well"


I can keenly feel that.



The person who are apt to take a bad mean such this,


(1)to stay the power for a long time,




(3)to have an alternate work.


I think they have the above three characteristics.



If persons who was a big-name athlete, and known as not only the name but also the face, they are more likely to be the (1)-(3).


And I think that the persons oblige to use sense of value or conventionality of the past, even if they are nonsense at the present.

その結果、「パワハラ」を実施しやすくなってしまうことは、―― 1mmも同情するつもりはありませんが ―― 十分あるだろなぁ、とは、思います。

As the result, I am afraid that they are apt to enforce "power harassment" ( though I don't feel pity for them at all)



In short,

『その道一筋』 ――

"attitude of adamantine stubbornness"


is the weakest policy at this phrase, even if that was the strongest policy in their youth.


On the other hand, we, business persons, who keep being broken our hearts by frequent job and task changes for social trends and company requests and HRs, has an

『その道たくさん』 ――

"attitude of endurance philosophically"


that makes us utmost strongers with a lot of weak weapons.


For example,

コードを書かされ、特許明細書を執筆させられ、報告書を提出させられ、事務局を命じられ、別の会社と交渉をさせられ、海外に飛ばされて一人で打ち合わせを纏めてこいと命令され ――

ordered to make codes, write patent applications, submit reports, manage investigative commissions, negotiate companies, and make a contract with an overseas organizations


I am a minor business person in any field, however, I believe that I have an effective "universal skill set" than them of five-star in the past period.


Therefore, I can answer easily against the question of "why do they admit their mistake, and resign their works ?"



I believe that

―― 客観的に認識した上で、計算され尽くされた「弱さ」は、「強さ」である

"Weakness" that is analyzed objectively and calculated drastically, is "strength"



So, whenever I hear a person's appeal "Focus on one thing!", I always say to the person,


"Don't be silly"


2018-09-12 ―― なぜ、私は、このような番組から参加をオファされないのだろう? [長年日記]


When a journalist was asked his comment about a conflict against Narita Airport, "Sanrizuka conflict" so called, by a press reporter, the journalist asked the reporter, adversely

―― 建設反対側のコメントと、建設賛成側のコメントの、どちらのコメントが欲しい?

"Which do you want a comment of "pro" or "con" ?"



I heard the story when I was a high school student.


(Now I cannot find the name of this journalist and I feel confused. If you know, please let me know)


By the way,



If I am asked to write a column by anyone, and even if it is


about "con" or "pro" of nuclear power plants,


about "con" or "pro" of non-complaints of copyright,


I am confident that I can write more than ten pages soon.


According to these topics, I read a lot of books, materials and numerical data, and have too many tips to argue them.


人口知能(AI)に関するトーク番組、特集、ニュースが、―― 今だに ―― 行われているようです。

There are "still" talk-shows, feature article and news about Artificial Intelligent(AI)


I am wondering,

―― なぜ、私は、このような番組から参加をオファされないのだろう?

"Why am I offered by a TV company to join the program?"


I am serious.


(To be continued)

2018-09-13 『人口知能と呼ぶに値するものはたくさん存在し、これからも劇的に発展し続ける』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I have argued thoroughly,


logics that "there is not anything deserving to be called "AI" so far and will not occur in the future"

over two years, with a volume of over 600 pages as word manuscripts, up to now,



So, I think if I am added arguments to public places discussing AI, the discussion will bring out the argument.

―― という話を嫁さんにしたところ、

When I talked that to my wife, she affirmed


"It's just to break the show"




Well, in fact, if I received an offer from such a program, I think I will hesitate to receive it.


Because, depending on the standing position of "affiliation" added during my self-introduction,

I can say


"There are many things deserving to be called artificial intelligence, and they will continue to develop dynamically in the future."


in front of a TV camera dignified nicely .



Do you know what am I called on earth ?


I am called "a salaried worker".

2018-09-14 もし、本当に"アマデウス"を救出するなら、大学のデータセンタに大型トラックで突っ込んで、ディスク本体を強奪しなければならない。 [長年日記]


"So, I like Rintaro Okabe who don't wear a white coat in Steins Gate Zero"


I wrote before it.




In Steins Gate Zero 21 story, I was watching an revived "Hououin Kyouma" with laughing and crying.


(I believed that the director must have never control Mr. Miyano, that performance was amazing.)


However, I have already written it in the column,


The scale of the main body, I calculated of "Amadeus" is 37.5 terabytes.

■USB 転送速度 = 60 MB/s と試算した場合、コピー時間は172.5時間

- Calculating USB transfer speed = 60 MB / s, the copy time will be 172.5 hours

■SATA 転送速度 = 375 MB/sと試算した場合、コピー時間は71.25時間

- Calculating SATA transfer rate = 375 MB / s, the copy time will be 71.25 hours



In addition, the transfer rate of the network becomes a bottleneck.

もし1TBのデータを100Mbpsの通信回線で転送した場合、100Mbpsの回線は1時間ごとに45GB程度のデータを転送することができ、1TBのデータすべてを転送し終えるには、およそ丸一日かかり ―― つまり、

If 1 TB of data is transferred over a 100 Mbps communication line, a line of 100 Mbps can transfer about 45 GB of data every hour, and it takes about one full day to finish transferring all 1 TB of data ---- It means,


In order to move Amadeus's body remotely, it will take a month or more.


Even if it is on the local machine (to evacuate to another storage area in the university's data center so as not to be noticed by Professor Leskinen), it will take 3 days to calculate.


"If you merely destroy" Amadeus", it is sufficient to destroy the storage sector randomly by bit rewriting attacks, etc, in a few minutes. But it will be nonsense"



Conclusion: If they truly rescue "Amadeus", they have to rush into the university data center with a heavy-duty truck and snatch the disc body.


When it comes to computer-related attacks, we imagine a remote attack from a remote location,


However, considering recapturing the whole application body of terabyte order, they should do a classical robbery method at the moment.



But I believe that the super hacker "Dull", has made a smarter strategy.


For example, from 100 servers simultaneously attack an university data center, to disassemble Amadeus into disjointed pieces, and to take it away,a and to assemble later, etc.

2018-09-15 「ラズパイ」は楽しいけど ―― 決して「簡単」じゃない、ということ [長年日記]

『世界の累計販売台数が1900万台を超え、その人気が定着した超小型で安価なボード型コンピューター「Raspberry Pi(ラズベリーパイ)』

""Raspberry Pi", an ultra-compact and inexpensive board-type computer, and total sales volume in the world exceeds 19 million units, and it is popular"


Yes. Yes.


"You can use it as a full-scale personal computer, even the size of the business card on your hand, enjoy with electronic work and programming teaching materials with your child. After that, you can assemble multiple electronic parts to make audio remote control and AI speaker.Depending on your idea, the applications are infinite."


Well, I think I agree with the point. But we should pay attention for this article.

「ラズパイ」は楽しいけど ―― 決して「簡単」じゃない、ということ

"Raspberry Pi" gives us a lot of fun, however it is not easy.


I don't think that people who don't know the minimum set of UNIX command, the ways to get software packages of the latest Linux distribution, the concepts of process, thread, and socket, can use "Raspberry Pi" from the beginning.



Previously, as soon as I announced "I want to do experiments using multiple Raspberry Pi, so please lend me your unused Raspberry Pi", some younger researchers in our Lab. thankfully offered several units immediately.


Of course, they who borrow their Raspberry Pi, are novel research engineers. They possess the ability to lightly hack one or two computers easily (I hope it).


Even they are so, I think that 'Raspberry Pi' is not easy, as they can be played with a little bit.

(By the way, at the three places of Kagoshima, Nagoya, and Tokyo, the Raspberry Pis work well in operation for 24 hours non-stop test)



If this my image is described in inequalities,

"Windowsでオフィスアプリを使える" <<<<< "ラズパイでシステムを構築する"

"To use the office on Windows" <<<<< "To build a system with Raspberry Pi"



―― で、私は、

So I come to think,


"Parent-child who does not know the concept of command line interface (CLI)"


What on earth can they do?


2018-09-16 私も江端さんと同じように、自分の親は自分で殺します。 [長年日記]


Previously, I wrote a diary whose title is

"I have to make a decision to "kill" my father"



The doctor who read this diary, and got me advice, that name is

"Dr.Shibara of "Shibata report" or Self-proclaimed "Dr.Shibata in cutting in two under train wheels""


gave me the following mail.



I read this email and I was very impressed.


I thought that this e-mail is an e-mail to be read by many people. So I asked Dr.Shibata to publish the full text of the e-mail, and got permission.



Mr. Tomoichi Ebata


First of all, I pray from the bottom of my heart that your father's soul rests in peace.


I have read your diary.


I think that you could use the expression of "killing" with your serious preparedness.


In that sense, I have killed dozens of patients so far.


That means, the principal or their family asked me to restore the health, and I could not achieve it.



The doctor continues to kill people in units of one million a year, in terms of medical treatment but not recovering.


About half a century ago, it was clear that doctors would be willing to designate how to die, however, such paternalism has gradually become obsolete and the will of the principal and family is respected.


In a sense, this is forcing the family members to decide how to kill them.


And the doctor is a criminal.

In your column, whose title is "Work style reform(10) elderly care - Sacrifice by medical advances) you wrote, we have to face "the era when you must choose a way of killing" for the first time in the history of humanity.


Up to now, there was a time when choosing the maximum possible life extension (by ventilator or high calorie infusion) as much as possible.


I have the impression that there are many people in baby-boomers era, that feel regrets, "I made a mistake in murdering my parents(Although I can not assert it).


There is an impression that the choice of "avoiding painful treatment (that is equal to defining the death period)" is gradually becoming increasingly common with the concept of dignity death, however I think that this includes enormous amounts of repentance, generations and grudges of the previous generation.


A age of the light smell of death, we might have to learn the reality that "Someday the time will come when you decide the end of your parent's life (how to kill your parents)"



I will kill my parents by myself as well as Mr.Ebata.


I will not give this role to someone.


I have a younger brother, but perhaps I will get my own way.(But I also think that I will break if I become a fight. It is me)


When I die, I believe that if my child decides my way of death after the contemplation even when I could not express my thought, the decision is better than a doctor as a stranger.


(I hope that my child grows up to adult who will decide the parent's death confidently.)


As such, I thought your father was blessed with a excellent filial piety.


Praying hands.




2018-09-17 ―― その直後に、返事が来なくなる [長年日記]

時々、ティーンエイジャの方から、メール(ファンレター?)を頂くことがありますが、 ぶっちゃけ、キチンとお返事できておりません。

I sometimes get a mail(fan-letter?) from teenager, to tell you the truth, I cannot send a reply mail for it.


That means, when I try to answer a question from them seriously and honestly, I am afraid that I will hurt their heart unconsciously


Up to now, I got mails about my column of

"hydrogen bomb" (not nuclear reaction but chemical reaction)




that included impressions and questions.


And I send the reply mail included applicable formulas and theory and detailed data.

―― その直後に、返事が来なくなる

"After that, the next mail doesn't come."


I have experimented that several times.



So, it is a guess from here,


for "science engineer" like me, "a report full of numerical values and mathematical expressions" will be


- beyond the expectation of the questioner, and it is professional and difficult,


- hard to understand and to reply


As a result, I suspect them of

―― 『検討不十分である』と、江端から批判されているように感じる

feeling that Ebata criticises "the study is inadequate"


ファンレターを送って頂いた若い方が、江端を忌避するようになるのは ―― ちょっと悲しいですが ―― 仕方ないとしても、

It can not be helped that young people who sent fan letters, comes to avoid me, even if it sad, however,


If they become dislike of "logical thinking" and "mathematical approach", that is not my intention, and I have got your priorities wrong,



So, for everyone who mailed me ever.


If you e-mail me again after saying "I read this today's diary", at that time, I will also reply seriously.


I will welcome you with ruthless logics and baptism of enormous numerical data of professional researchers.

2018-09-18 つまりですね、『システムは、内通者を作れば100%破れる』ということです。 [長年日記]


I don't think that you teach the way to operate a personal computer by phone.


It will be fighting with a high probability, or it becomes a bad mood even though it does not become fighting.


The one who teaches how to operate the keyboard and mouse based on images of a computer screen in the head, however,


the other who is taught is looking at the actual PC screen, but the screen is different from "the image in the head of the teaching person".


After all, "No icon like that", "I can not enter", "No way" "Did you pressed the OK button?" will be flying across,


And, in most cases, Each of them says "Don't you understand such a thing" or "Can't you properly give instructions" with treating each other incompetent. While doing unpleasant feelings, this attempt will be a failure with a high probability.


However, when both share the same screen in remote environments, this is unlikely to occur.


It is because the target is fixed concretely.


私は以前、嫁さんの実家の鹿児島でパソコンのメンテナンスをするのに、VNC(Virtual Network Computing)というソフトウェアを使っていました。

I previously used software called VNC (Virtual Network Computing) to maintain personal computers in Kagoshima, my wife's parents' home.


This is what allows me to display the PC screen of Kagoshima on my home browser, and directly manipulate that screen.


In short, it is "hijacking of PC".


Using this software, I was able to reliably maintain the PC of Kagoshima.


However, my wife said to me,

―― 勝手にPCのマウスが動いて、ウィンドウが開いて、文字が入力される様子は、とても気持ち悪かった

"It was very bad feeling that the PC's mouse moved without permission, and the window was opened and characters were entered"




However, even if it was "hijacking PC", I can not do anything unless I activate the program that I had previously loaded.


However, in the case, when I went to my hometown of Kagoshima's wife before, I loaded an automatic launch program ("Trojan horse" so called), so I can hack the PC without problems.


In other words, any system security can be broken by 100% if you make a intruder.


Even if you do not make an intruder, if you put "horses" inside the system, it is a piece of cake to to extract any information from the outside.



So, when you see that my family can easily make others operate their smartphone,

―― 勇気あるなぁ

"They are really courageous."


I think that.

2018-09-19 この2つについて「どちらが良い」という議論は不毛です。 [長年日記]


Previously, I have repeated

電子書籍本(書籍、コミック)を貸し出す「サイバー図書館」が登場する ――

""Cyber libraries" is coming, that lend electronic books(e-books)"


and I believe that it will appear on our life.


On the other hand, I continue to read e-book by my smartphone.


The conclusion is "e-books" are less interesting than analog-books(a-books)



The merits of e-books are,


(1) Convenient for carrying (not heavy, bulky)


(2) to enjoy while eating a meal (no more space than the size of a smartphone)


(3)easy to keep my privacy (difficult for others to understand what I am reading)


(4)good cost-performance(cheap)


as their merits.



On the other hand, the merit of traditional a-books are,


(1)big size viewer and strong visuals




(3)easy to use(toughness, readable in a bath, and no need battery)



For these two, the argument of "Which is better?" is fruitless.


"Both are good" is good.



What I am thinking about is more fruitless

―― もっとなんとかならんかなぁ

"Can I make something more?"


as a complaint.


(To be continued)

2018-09-20 というような、(物理法則を完全に無視した)新しい書籍は発明されないものだろうか、と。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

江端家は、本の置けるところであれば、手すりであろうが、階段であろうが、居間の床であろうが、風呂の脱衣所であろうが ―― どこにでも、本が放置されております。

In the Ebatas, I can find books everywhere, handrail, step, living floor, bathhouse


There is no place in my house where the book does not come into view.


There is an brutal book acquisition model in our house.


- I take the initiative to purchase comics and novels,


- after attracting their daughters' interests,


- I let them purchase a sequel by girls' pocket money,



( One reason is "I'm getting tired of it")


In addition, the book borrowed monthly from the municipal library by the Ebatas, might be about 20 volumes on average (However, I didn't check it accurately).


So, I think each time.

―― もっとなんとかならんかなぁ

"Can I make something more?"




- Without scattering books into the rooms, the whole family can share access to the book,


- Whatever rough handling, writing your own memo are O.K. (even in books in the library)


- I can enjoy powerful content on a large screen and can read in a small space,


- No power supply required, no special electronic devices are used,


I am looking forward to appearing an innovative book (even, it is completely ignoring the laws of physics).


I am thinking about that kind of thing like that.

2018-09-21 私は、最終回で、「クリス」と「アマデウス」が口喧嘩するシーンを見たい。 [長年日記]


Last week I wrote the impression of seeing Steins Gate Zero episode 21 .

"If you merely destroy" Amadeus", it is sufficient to destroy the storage sector randomly by bit rewriting attacks, etc, in a few minutes. But it will be nonsense"



This is the impression just after seeing Steins Gate Zero episode 22 this week.

『ちっ・・、 違うぞ! 私は、この作品の製作者に、知り合いは一人もいない!』

"No! It is not me! That's wrong. I have no acquaintance with the creator of this work!

『ネタバレなんぞ、できようはずもない! 大体、こんなシナリオ(第22話)、私ごときに予想できるかぁ! 』

"I am not a spoiler. It is impossible. Above all, I can not predict such a scenario (episode 22)!

と ―― 誰に向かって言っているのか分からないまま ―― 心の中で無罪を主張し続けていました。

I kept insisting on my innocence in my mind, without knowing who that is.


ところで ――

By the way,


At the beginning, I thought that Dal took the destruction batch program in the Amadeus system in the past, and Maho Hiyajyo had launched the batch program at the current moment.


However, by this way, they can not destroy Amadeus in the past day.


If so, Dal also transferred the audio file that recorded the control order of Haho Hiyajyo with the destruction batch program at the same time to the past himself, did not he?


Otherwise, the setting change of the current mode (emergency mode) will(?) not be triggered at the past time, and should not reach the past Amadeus.


Maho Hiyajyo, even if she failed to destroy the past Amadeus, she also invoked a self-destructive order to Amadeus at the moment so as not to give Amadeus to Professor Leskennen or Russia.


Or using automaton mechanism, Dal carried out batch command, time reverse transfer?


(There are descriptions of the same method in the book by "Dr. James P. Hogan", "hot line from the future")


ちなみに ――

In addition,


Even if you can get administrator authority, the self-destructive command is quite simple.


The final command of the system self-destruction is

"rm -rf /"

"rm -rf /"


This is just an aquired taste, isn't it?



One more,


I would like to see the scene where "Chris" and "Amadeus" quarrel in the last round.

2018-09-22 次女:「なんで、飛行機をハイジャックすることが『革命』になるの?」 [長年日記]


Previously, in order to maintain home LAN, I kept displaying a video of Youtube in the living room.


The content was an old docutainment of hijack incident of the Japan Red Army.


I like docutainments like this, about terrorist incidents.


Whenever I watch such a program, I can understand deeply that


"How have I contributed to world peace, because I am a third-rate, mediocre, self-employed ?"



『世界の人民を幸せにしたい』 ―― 古今東西、これくらい、迷惑で危険な思想はありません。

"I want to make the people of the world happy" - There is no annoying and dangerous thought of all ages and countries.


For Aum Shinrikyo, the Red Army of Japan, and other fundamentals, the root thought of terrorism is "here".


To be precise, if a thought of


"In order to make the people happy, the sacrifice of a few people is inevitable"


is added, any terrorism will be completed.



By chance, in the living room, my second daughter(SD) who was watching the program, asked me,


SD: "For what purpose do these people do this?"


Ebata: "That is for the reason of the so-called "revolution""


SD: "What is "revolution" ?"


After I explained the concept of "revolution" to my daughter, she asked me again.


SD: "I don't know the reason why hijacking an airplane become "revolution"?"


(To be continued)

2018-09-23 完璧でかつ完成した"日本英語"だからです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


- Me either. You are right absolutely.

■なぜ「革命」になるのか? それは「革命」というものが、事後的かつ遡及的に確定するものだからである

- Why is it a revolution? The reason is that "revolution" is definite afterwards and retrospectively


- There is no contradiction (but unreasonable) that they (unilaterally) insist on "revolution" at the time of the incident


- To tell you the truth, "If working well, it becomes "revolution", otherwise, it become "terrorism""


- So, we don't have any logical explanation of difference between the activities of the Japan Red Army, and of Himura Kenshin, Sakamoto Ryouma, Lenin.

■但し、発生時の「民衆の支持」という点において、 日本赤軍は、発生時において「革命」の成立要件は成立していなかったようには思う

- However, in terms of "popular support" at the time of occurrence, I think for the Japanese Red Army, the requirement for establishment of the "revolution" was not established at the time of occurrence.


- At least, Kenshin, Ryoma, Lenin did not do things like make the people hostage (maybe)

―― ということは一切語らずに、適当に相槌を打っておきました。

I made a quick response, without saying any more.

Because I was scolded by my wife for a long time when I talked to my daughter about "Chushingura".


Set it aside.


I felt a bit strange, while watching the scene of negotiations at Dhaka Airport, between the airport control of the local Malaysian government and the Japan Red Army on the plane, in English by wireless.


First, I felt that there was "malice" in subtitle translation.


Members of the Japanese Red Army, said

""Yes" horizon bargain with us for nothing" と語った(私にはそう聞こえた)シーンがあったのですが、字幕では、『交渉など糞喰らえだ』と翻訳されていました。

""Yes" horizon bargain with us for nothing" (I heard like that), in subtitles, it was translated as "fuck off this negotiation!"

もちろん、これは、正確に訳せば ―― というか、ぶっちゃけ、私には訳せなかったのですが、この英語は日本の中高教育では0点の英文でしょう ――

Of course, if we try to translate it exactly, to tell you the truth, I could not translate it, in addition, this English phrase were 0 point English in Japanese middle school class


It was that "This negotiation is meaningless, because you just continue to say "Yes"


その他、"Japanese regime makes stupid things"も、"We are against Japanese regime"も、私には完璧に理解できます。

Other phrases of "Japanese regime makes stupid things", "We are against Japanese regime" are easy to understand for me.

なぜなら、彼らの使っている英語のレベルは、私の英語と同程度であっても ――

Because, the lever of their English was same as my English. and


This is not British and US based English,


but is perfect and completed "Japanese English".


(To be continued)

2018-09-24 ―― その"センター"の使う英語が、この程度 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

当初、私は、上記の"for nothing"を、"fanatic(狂信的な)"と聞こえてしまい、困惑してしまっていました。

Initially, I misunderstood the above "for nothing" as "fanatic" and I was confused.

もし私が日本政府代表だったら ―― 「狂っている? はぁ? 」って思い、腹を立てて、『オマエモナー』とか『お前が言うな』とか、つっこんだに違いない。

If I had been a representation of government of Japan(GOJ), I would have said to them "you too." or "you don't say that"


And after that, frenetic terrorists would have killed the hostages on the plain. The nightmare scenario might have come.


Although I am a supporter of Japanese English, I decided to "stop using Japanese English in life-threatening work".


By the way,


しかし、その一方で ――

On the other hand,

The English used by the Japanese Red Army was the same as the concept of "Japanese English" that I am aiming (although very unwillingly).

■発音、文法、婉曲、比喩表現 ―― 全部無視。

- Pronunciation, grammar, euphemism, metaphorical expression - they were all ignored.


- They limited the about two requests, and they did not accept negotiations more.


They might not have had communication tools (English ability or vocabulary skill) to negotiate.


However, as a result, they succumbed to the Japanese government of those days.



International terrorists are naturally negotiators, who blackmal goverments, request enormous ransom and release of imprisoned prisoners.


It is a "center" of the ornate international stage, which attracts attention from the whole world.

―― その"センター"の使う英語が、この程度

"This center's English wasn't as good as I thought"


I think that they gave tremendous courage to us (Japanese).

「人間、死ぬ気(実際、彼らは自決覚悟だった)でしゃべれば通じる」 ―― ということを、文字通り、彼らは証明して見せたのです。

"Humans being can communicate anyone, if preparing for death"(Actually, they were prepared for self-determination). Literally, they proved it and showed us it.


(To be continued)

2018-09-25 彼らの英語を「笑う」ためではありません ―― 彼らの英語に「学ぶ」のです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


So I want to propose a series of

「英語に愛されないエンジニアの新行動論(第2弾) ―― 私たちの先人である日本人の『日本英語』をレビューする」

"A new theory of engineers who are not loved by English, the 2nd season --- Reviewing "Japanese English" to learn lessons from our forerunners"



The English, used by Japanese terrorists and politicians, however that seems unskillful, is truly "Japanese English", by cumulating a lot of the past incident.

彼らの英語を「笑う」ためではありません ―― 彼らの英語に「学ぶ」のです。

The purpose is not to smile contemptuously,but to learn something from their English.


and to make people in overseas understand our "Japanese English".



By the way, whenever a book title "You English is understood by native speakers" gets into my eye, I think

―― くたばれ

"Both the author and the press go to hell"


at the bottom of my heart.


If they do it at all, they should produce the book whose title is


"If you are native, you may understand Japanese English like this"

という本を英語で出版しやがれ、馬鹿野郎めが ―― と。



Anyway, I think that I have contributed to world peace, rather than


people who believe "I am acting of self-sacrifice for peace of the world",


even if I am a third-rate,mediocre, and self-employed.

遥かに世界平和に貢献してきた ――


Whatever you say, I am convinced of that.

2018-09-26 ところが、これは、私が、イベントの「ゲスト(招待客)」である場合です。 [長年日記]


I do not "hate" to participate in parties or ceremonies, but I am sorry that "I'm not much enjoyable".


I was not so long ago, however this my propensity seems to become noticeable as I grow older.


Even at the reception of academic societies, after eating what I should eat, and drinking what I should drink, I will leave the venue with the awkwardness (pretending to go to the toilet).


Of course I understand that it is important to meet unknown people at the party, and to have a good conversation.

こういうことを疎かにする人間は ―― 恋愛、結婚、仕事、出世に至るまで、人生の全てのフェーズにおいて、不利益となることは明らかです。

It is clear that humans who neglect these activities, are disadvantageous in all phases of their life, from love, marriage, work, to promotion.


However, this is the case when I am "guest (invitee)" of the event.


If I am a "host (organizer)" of the event, the story changes dynamically.


(To be continued)

2018-09-27 ―― つくづく嫌な奴だ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

私が、一度(ひとたび)「ホスト」の立場となれば ―― しゃべり倒し、大声を出し、笑顔を振り撒き、全身でパフォーマンスの限りを尽します。

Once, as "host" position - I talk and talk, shout loudly, shake a smile and sprinkle the performance as a whole.


Of course, I will not fail such as to make guests escape from the venue.


I plan carefully before holding the event and we will do our utmost to fully fulfill the mission.



These examples are the former student council president, the secretariat work, and the neighborhood association.

「ゲスト」である場合、私は、これらの活動に対して、非協力的 ―― とまでは言えないまでも、無関心です。

If I am a "guest", I am uncooperative for these activities. Even though I can not say it, I am indifferent.


However, as soon as I becomes a "host", this position of mine will be greatly reversed.


In addition to ordinary work, we will proactively make various proposals and start various events and improvements.


And we begin to condemn non-cooperative, indifferent people.



Even if I do say so it myself, I think

―― つくづく嫌な奴だ

"How awful I am"



I am a "disgusting guy", a "cowardly guy" and I have "selfish double-standard".


Therefore, in order for me to enjoy the event, "guest" is not good but "host" is expected.



However, although I am a "disgusting guy", I do not dislike myself who is such a "disgusting guy".


I am self-evaluating that he is an honest fellow to his desire.

実際のところ、「ゲスト」でレセプションに参加するくらいなら ――

In fact, if I have to participate in the reception as a "guest",

私は、一人、ホテルの部屋で、Youtubeでアニメ見ながら、イオンで購入したちょっと豪華な弁当とノンアルビールを楽しむ方が、圧倒的に好き ―― そういう奴です。

I would rather to enjoys a slightly luxurious lunch box and non-alchole beer alone with watching anime on Youtube, in the hotel room,

It is me.

2018-09-28 私の仏教の教えの理解は、特許明細書風に記載すれば、こんな感じです。 [長年日記]


For now my family 's funeral continued, I had to be the head of the funeral, or assistant.


So,I had chances to have the opportunities to hear the story about death and life view or Buddhist scriptures next to the monks.


To tell you the truth, I had experimented that


the preaching contents of wake, main funeral, the first seven days are perfectly same.




I could not understand what the monk was talking about, because of his bad tongue


I wonder how he thought about what he was doing. as a main ceremonial producer and presenter.



Honestly, I cannot understand the contents of Buddhist scriptures, even I was enough old.


My understanding of Buddhist scriptures is the following like a patent application.


Background of this religion.


(1) People seek wealth and power. Even if they get them, they want to keep seeking twice the wealth and power without ending.


(2) On the contrary, by the (1) they are worried and concerned about defending them.


(3) In addition, wealth and power that we have accumulated can be lost by death.


(4) To summarize the above from (1) to (3), "human beings are living for suffering".


There are the facts that are being observed everyday, east and west, and roughly there are not exceptions about them.


(To be continued)

2018-09-29 ―― なんで「QoL」の話が、「死後の世界」の話になっているんだ? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


[Problem to be solved by the Invention(religion)]


(1) to stop "live for suffering"


[Means for solving the problem]


(1) Means to understand the event of suffering AS IS


To be more precise, there are two means.


(a) Means to abandon an attempt to leave suffering


(b) Means to abandon an attempt to continue and increase pleasure




Meditation skill training mind, and installation of everyday rules or routines to watch realities directly and to avoid desires and fantasies



In my mind of Buddhism... correction, the preaching of Mr. Goudama Siddhdar (after mukti, "Buddha")

―― コンビニで販売されている「幸せになるための100の法則」

The book whose title is "The 100 laws to become happy", that are sold at convenience stores


is the same as the preaching.


(Of course, there are enormous quantities of Buddhism books (it is said to be approximately 1000 to 3000), and in the quality of its contents, they are not compared with convenience stores books)

まあ、ともあれ、ゴーダマさんが説いているものは「Quality of Life(QoL)の向上」であって、彼は「死後の世界」については言及していません(一応調べました)。

Well, anyway, what Mr. Goudama Siddhdar said is "Improving Quality of Life (QoL)". He didn't mention "the world after death".(I looked them up)



So, I think.

―― なんで「QoL」の話が、「死後の世界」の話になっているんだ?

- Why does the story of "QoL" change to "the world after death"?


(To be continued)

2018-09-30 ―― ゴーダマシッダールタさん没後、2500年オーダの時間をかけて創作され続けた膨大な物量の「同人誌」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, quietly speaking, the Buddhist scriptures are,


based on the teachings of Mr. Goudama Siddhartha,


to deify him, and to pull him into the scriptures,


further to extend to the world view after death


"Secondary creations"



They are "secondary creations" so, the numbers of them are as many booths as the comic market.


These are "sects".

企業ブースクラスだけを挙げても、三論宗・法相宗・華厳宗・律宗・倶舎宗・成実宗・天台宗・真言宗・融通念仏宗・浄土宗・臨済宗・曹洞宗・浄土真宗・日蓮宗・時宗・普化宗・黄檗宗・修験宗 があります。

Even if you mention only company booth classes, there are Sanronshu, Housoushu,Kegonshu, Ritsushu, kushashu, Zyouzyutsushu, TTendaishu, Shingonshu, Yuuzuunenbutsushu, Zyoudoshu, RInzaishu, Soutoushu, Zyoudoshinshu, Nichirenshu, Zishu, Fukeshu, Oubakushu, SHugenshu.


If you enter circle participation (national, regional, regionally indigenous, fundamentalist etc.), you will not be counted.


Therefore, the Buddhist scriptures, are

―― ゴーダマシュッダルダさん没後、2500年オーダの時間をかけて創作され続けた膨大な物量の「同人誌」

"Doujinshi(fan fiction)" which are huge amount of materials, and has been revising over the period of 2500 years, after Goudama Siddhartha's death.


I believe that this my understanding is no bad.

ゴーダマシッダルダさんが、まったく想定すらしていなかった、死後の儀式 ―― 通夜、本葬、初七日、四十九日、N回忌(N=1,3,..50)は、「同人誌」の産物という訳です。

"Rite after death", for example, wake, main funeral, first seven days, nineteen days, N conclusion (N = 1, 3, .. 50), has been produced by Doujinshi


However, I do not intend to say, "This doujinshi .., correction, sectarian scriptures have no meaning at all".



For example, I suppose

―― 私の娘が不幸な事故や病気で死去したら、その私は、何もせずにいられるだろうか?

"If my daughter dies from an unfortunate accident or illness, can I be without doing anything?"



To my daughter who can not be revived, I think that what I am going to do as a parent, are


even if the possibility of being close to zero despairably, I am praying to cling about daughter's happy afterlife and reincarnation, and I bet on that.


almost every day, trying funerals of all religions all over the world, filling the funeral hall with flowers, continuing to chant infinitely words to pray for every and every happy death,


keep asking attendees to cling to attendees, saying "Do not forget her" not only for the first day, 1st anniversary, 3rd anniversary, 50th anniversary


逆に言えば、「葬儀」というシステムがなければ、子に先立たれて、残された親たちは、悲しみで狂ってしまうかもしれない ――

Conversely, without the system of "funeral", parents who preceded their children may be crazy with sorrow.




Doujinshi... correction, the Buddhist scriptures, are, even if they are secondary creations,


- during an enormous amount of time and observation of a huge number of people,


- to ease the living (x dead) human heart,


- the culmination of trial and error use case,


If I think, I can really understand exactly.

仏教の説く「死後の世界」とは、「死者の為の世界」ではなく、「現世で生き続けなければならない人間の心をラクにする為の『バーチャルワールド』―― "夢と魔法の王国"みたいなもの」です。

Buddhism's preaching "the world after death" is not "the world for the dead", but "the virtual world to make the heart of human calm". They are not for dead, but for living human beings, like "the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic".

(Although "the world after death" is also used as a "threatening system" of religion (I think that this is the main thing))


(To be continued)