2017-02-01 ―― 部下が「不快」と「不合理」を受けいれる [長年日記]


Up to this day, I have had a lot of boss in the company, however, I don't remember that I had received a good advice from the boss.


The reason that I obey boss, I am not clear about the boss's intention, but I think that the attitude is one of the best way to finish my work soon.


(1)Even a boss doesn't know all kinds of method to do a work, so it cannot be helped that he/she feels anxious about a work of their subordinates.


(1)On the other hand, the subordinate just knows their own method to do a work, so it cannot be helped that he/she feels pains from the boss's order.


On this stage, the relationship between a boss and a subordinate seems to be even.


In addition,


(3)The method that they have done before, is the best cost-performance and reasonable strategy. Because the method is that they have done before.


Assuming that the above, the way to break this balance is to use an instructions in the course of employment. The conclusion is also clear.

―― 部下が「不快」と「不合理」を受けいれる

"Subordinates should accept the pain and unreason.


There is no way except for the above sentence.


(To be continued)

2017-02-02 彼らは「2つ以上の人生を、同時に生きる」を実践していたのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

では、「部下は、不快を受けいれるしかないのか」と問われれば ―― 会社や組織の仕事だけが人生の全て(あるいは「ほとんど」)であるなら ―― その通りです。

Then, if asked "does subordinate have to accept discomfort"? -- if only you work for only (or almost) company or organization --- I have to say "that's right."


There is no other way than walking "a life of only unpleasantness".



However, your boss's advice does not arrive for private times such as weekends and holidays at private space outside the organization,


No one can speak about what you want to do on your own way, (though it is limited to what is different from the business of the company, of course)


From the viewpoint of both practically and legally(*), we have no problem to have two separate personality simultaneously, for example , "I of the weekday" and "I of the weekend" or "I who am working" and "I who am out of working hours"


(*)In the patent law, under the scope of work of the duties invention provision (Article 30 of the law) and Article 432 of the Civil Code, it is characterized by not making this area rather rigid, however, it is only about "inventions".


Here, the concept of "Weekend XX", like "Weekend Researcher", "Weekend Singer", "Weekend Manga Artist" will occur.


I think that this thought of this "weekend XX" is a very important concept.



Talked about it before, this is a story when I was assigned to North America for two years.


One of the project members (local member) at a drinking party, started "Hamlet's One-man show". It was highly complete. unlikely to be an amateur trick.


There was another member who sang a song. He sold his own CDs.


There was also a master of programming which publishes his programming method.


In any case, I think it was obvious that they have lived on another life, for another time and at another place.


They have practiced "to live more than two lifes simultaneously".


(To be continued)

2017-02-03 具体的には、「人との約束」とか「金銭」が絡むと良いと思います。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Though I think it 's pretty difficult to "live two or more lives simultaneously", I would like to recommend it.

そんな大層なことではないのです ―― いわゆる、「趣味をやる」くらいの感じでいいんです。

It is not such a big deal. I feel like "doing my hobby".


However, I am afraid that you can stop "hobbies" at any time, so you should set some trap not to stop it.


Specifically, I think that "promise with people" or "money" might be good.


For example,


- Working collaboratively with the group, further might be good if there is a deadline.


I am not very familiar with it, however I think that "doujinshi circle" will meet this condition.




- Volunteer with no money


is not recommended I think.


If it is a literal meaning of volunteer (spontaneous), you can escape from it at any time since obligation does not occur.


- Studying for study


is absolutely useless. Especially, the type of study method "someday useful" is the worst.


Basically, compulsory education employs the worst study method, however, they can maintain that system with motivation "useful" for tests and entrance exams,


Well, even with "the second life", I think that it probably is useless. if guaranteed freedom and withdrawal.


(To be continued)

2017-02-04 あ、「役に立った上司のアドバイス」、一つあった。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Let me go back to the board.


"Helpful advice of boss" is few, it is not zero.

えーっと・・・、えっとなんだっかか? なんかあったような気がしたのですが。

Er ... ・ ・ ・ What is it? I felt as if there was something.


I can not recall.


"Helpful advice of boss" is


actually, nothing. Trying anything on my own, and failing it,


When I realized that "a opinion of my boss is correct",

「あ! あのことか!!」と思うことで、初めて、上司のアドバイスが実体となって認識されるのかもしれません。

I think of "Oh! That thing !!". For the first time, my boss's advice may be recognized as being real.


If so, my boss's advice may be unnecessary in reality.


Only "advice when you are in trouble, give help, give advice after that" may be useful.



But, really, I wonder ... "helpful advice of boss"


I found one case of "helpful advice of boss".


"Well, Ebata-san. I forgotten one thing, look at "Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica. Be patient with the third episode"

2017-02-05 この世界線を「シュタインズゲート」と名付けることができなかった [長年日記]


Nowaday, I also make a simulator for my work.


This simulator lets me go to a calculated future,


and go back to the present, and go to another calculated future again. Totally the simulator go over them three time.


I have named these three time-axis, "alpha world line", "beta world line" and "gamma world line".

で、その3つの未来から、真に選択する世界を ―― 「実世界線」としました。

And I have named the real time-axis selected by these three world lines, "real world line".


I am afraid that I am a coward,


because I could name the world line "Steins;Gate"


2017-02-06 江端をターゲットに狙ってくるなら、こういう広告で撃ってくるべきでしょう。 [長年日記]


There is words "Target marketing"


This is a kind of advertising gimmick. to use a user's preference for advertising from the record of purchase.


Amazon uses this ad normally, and Youtube also shows me my favourite program from my access records.


However, there is a web-site to give me a following advertisement.


"Rolex, CASIO, other popular branded watches and good find "


This web-site is Yahoo auction, though, this site might not activate "Target marketing".


Because they could know easily that I am going through opposite life of "popular branded watches" from my auction records.



If they target me, they should hit me by the advertisement as a follow.


"Web-Camera, no guarantee of proper operation" "Used EtherCAT master" or "new battery for sale as used for note PC, released 15 years ago"

2017-02-07 イメージとしては、『内蔵に素手を突っ込んで治療する、未開の祈祷師』のような野蛮なコードです。 [長年日記]

江端家、および嫁さんの実家で、ホームセキュリティシステム用のサーバとして稼動中している5000円のボードコンピュータ、Raspberry PI 3B(通称"ラズパイ")は、本日も快調に働いているようです。

At both the Ebata's house and my wife's house, "Raspberry PI", that is a board computer whose price is just 5000 yen, is going to work well as a home security server.

これまで、パソコンPCが、結構な頻度でダウンしていたことを考えると、ちょっと信じられない程のMTBF(Mean Time Between Failures)です。

Up to now, several PC servers had often been system down,so I think the "Raspberry PI" of MTBF is incredible for me.


(Although it can not be evaluated by MTBF because they have never been down yet)


Anyway, I think that "Raspberry PI" comes to be a symbolic existence supporting the field side IoT from now on.


Aside from that.


クラウド(リモートサーバ + インターネット)によって、情報だけでなく制御の世界も飲み込まれるのかな、と思っていたこともありましたが、フィールドの世界も、どうしてなかなか、がんばっています。

I thought that Cloud (remote server + INTERNET) is going to incorporate not only "information field" but "control field", however, "control field" has not lost either.


In addition, I am surprised that the fact that the architecture of more than 40 years ago is working normally (UNIX OS or C) in both fields.


The reason I am sticking to C/C++ is that it is not superior(no,no it is great indeed) but I don't want to learn more another programming language.


The code I write (dynamically generating memory blurry and processing with pointer) is the worst readability, impossible to share, further, unnecessary for diversion, totally it is the worst thing.

―― 私が読めりゃ、それでいい

"It is O.K. if I can read the code"


I think it simply. "Why should I think about other people?"


I deeply thank to "the architecture of more than 40 years ago is working normally"



Well, I know my program is at least the worst; nevertheless, I think it is difficult to overtake my program from the view of execution speed.


My code is likely that I touch the inside of the computer directly by hand.


As an image, it is a savage code like "a prayer mentor in an undisclosed area, inserting bare hand into organs".

2017-02-08 これって、私たちが求める「究極のAI」の姿ですよね。 [長年日記]


Wife: "Papa, coffee stock is running short. please buy it"





I, who often use Amazon Prime, is now likely to be the general trading company of the the Ebatas or, a delivery boy of Mikawaya-liquor shop of the Sazae-san.


However, the whole family knows both accounts and passwords for Amazon prime,

なのに ―― なぜ、私に発注依頼をするんだ?

Nevertheless, why do they ask me to place an order?



"Since ordering history reaches to Papa's mails, it will not be troublesome, if papa orders them directly"


is reasonable, of course, but I do not understand something.


"Papa's operation is overwhelmingly faster than ours"


is also a fact. Because The years when I handle PCs is longer than them.



I can roughly judge about price, quality, delivery time, and even if there is something I do not understand, I can also ask questions orally.


This is the figure of "Ultimate AI" we are seeking.



I roughly think sometimes,


"I wonder if they are getting more profitable all the time, to hire Ebata by part time for about 1000 yen per hour, than to invest as much as 100 billion for AI research and development"


I'm going to talk about that story this Friday.

2017-02-09 危うくメンタルをやられそうになった [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number" Accident resulting in injury or death (39) "

"Diving" simulated in 1/100 second units was full of unimaginable pain and despair



In this column,


Nearly being mentally maddened


Such a weekend researcher


has existed.

2017-02-10 なお、私が「白衣」で登壇したことに対して、どなたからもツッコミがなかったことについて [長年日記]

For the seminar "The End of AI Boom",


I thank everyone at CSAJ's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Research Group, and everyone who attended, very much again


to attend my lecture from the start to the end, even with my big voice.

When I watched the guide board, I almost said "Oh!"


In addition, when appeared in "white robe", nobody said "Come on! ", however

―― 全く気にしておりません

I didn't care it at all, so


Please be relieved.


Please feel free to contact me if you need.


After the lecture, I got a lot of questions "What should we do in the future?


My answer is my opinion, so you should take what I said with a grain of salt.

2017-02-11 というか、私は、未だに、首都高速の運転が怖くてしかたありません(特に夜間)。 [長年日記]


I have only used Narita Airport, so what I did not know at all about

- 東京羽田国際空港が、

- Tokyo Haneda International Airport,

- 東京羽田国内空港と、

- Tokyo Haneda domestic airport,

- 全く別の場所にあることを

- are in completely different places

- 全然知らなかったことは、


was my fault, and I cannot blame anyone.

そして、羽田空港(国際線、国内線)のいずれにも直通する道路の存在(大槻JCT + 首都高速1号羽田線)を、私が知らなかったことも、私の過失です。

It was also my fault that I didn't know the existence of a road (Otsuki JCT + Metropolitan Expressway No. 1 Haneda Line) passing directly to any of Haneda Airport (international flights, domestic flights)




my car navigation system also has a problem.


my car navigation system uses old CD including old load information, so even if I buy a new one, the problem is going. However we have much money to buy it.


Now I have also used car navigation system of cell-phone (flip phone), however it doesn't work in tunnels.


The car navigation system in my car, can remember speeds and handling angles of my car, so it keep working without GPS system, but cell-phone's GPS doesn't work under the circumstance.


あの、トンネルだけが延々と続く、首都高速中央環状線を運転している時の、私の恐怖を理解できる人がどれくらいいるだろうか ――

I sometimes think that how many persons who can understand my fear of driving on the Metropolitan Expressway Central Ring Line.


I think there seems be many.


Anyway, I still have to be afraid of driving the capital high speed (especially at night).



Even now, I cannot forget a trauma to go to the coast of Mito, despite trying to go to Kujukuri.


2017-02-12 AIの恐怖なんぞ ―― はっきりいってゴミです。 [長年日記]


In this lecture, from 1965 to the present, the authority of three world-wide artificial intelligence, which was clearly stated "some kinds of work disappears by AI", with evidence,

―― おもいっきし、嗤い(×笑い)者

were made laugh by me.




In answering questions after the lecture,


Questioner: "Then, Mr. Ebata, how long do you think Artificial Intelligence robs human's work?"


Ebata: "Well, this time it's the 3rd generation, I think that it might be difficult even in the 15th generation artificial intelligence boom, 300 years later"


I answered.



Ebata: "To begin with ..."


I continued.


- It is not a future form of "depriving work", but "work has been robbed", as already past tense


- And, it is not "AI" but "word", "excel" and "power point" that had taken our jobs.


- By these three applications, how much do you think the population of phototypes, accounting people, advertisements and designers have decreased?


(And, on the contrary, thanks to "Word", "Excel" and "PowerPoint", I got a framework of writer fortunately)


- It is not "AI will break the world", but "PC had already destroyed the world"



In general, compared to what the personal computer are doing,


Fear of AI is clearly

―― はっきりいってゴミです。


2017-02-13 世界最高のスーパーコンピュータでさえも、彼らの一人の能力にも遠く及ばない。 [長年日記]


I am in my family's overseas trip for the first time in five years.

ところで、若いころの私は、「旅行ツアー」というものを、バカにしておりましたが ――

By the way, when I was young, I was stupid about 'travel tour' -

About this irregular attitude, I already have fierce self-criticism.



In addition, this time I participated in a city tour, and amazed at the information processing ability to the tremendous of the tour conductor.


- Leaving the bus at just in time, "mediation" between drivers and tours


- "Threatening", "intimidation" to gather passengers with just in time, not to notice it


- "judgment" and "courage" to trim passengers who did not observe protocols (time, route etc.) from the tour


- Even though it is not perfect, "Japanese guide" which can communicate gently, and "spirit power" which can not be discouraged by their repeated failures of gag


- "Unforced speech" to induce to a souvenir shop and "brainwashing" to make excitement in purchasing motivation softly



Can this be realized like "artificial intelligence"?


Even the world's best supercomputers are far from their ability.

"AIが人間に取って替わる"、だと ―― 笑わせるな。

"AI will replace humans" ? "Do not make me laugh"


With regard to "tour conductor" (only), there seemed to be a laboratory that had reached the same conclusion as I had thought.

2017-02-14 ―― なんで、まだ、今も、先頭切って、私が歩いているんだ [長年日記]


I am in my family's overseas trip for the first time in five years.

家族と、100時間以上も、半径10メートル以内で過すというのは、多分、人生でこれが最後だ ――

It is probably the last time in my life that having a radius of 10 meters with my family for over 100 hours -


I thought.


during travels five years ago and ten years ago.


Also, even if all the family members can travel,


"Journey while being guided by their daughters, scolded while being hurried"


I thought.

―― なんで、まだ、今も、先頭切って、私が歩いているんだ

"Why am I walking ahead still now ?"

―― しかも、タイムコントロールや通訳をしながら

"with doing time control and interpreter"


江端:「おい! 私の長期計画と違うぞ」

Ebata:"Hey! It is different from my long-term plan"


My eldest daughter: "Daddy is wrong. If you become not to move, we start to move"


Wife: "Why don't you make a terrible mistake ? For example, mistaking the destination, or incorrect estimate of travel time"


Indeed, that is a point.



However, with a wake-up call to the front desk, when I hear my junior daughter's English, like

"Tentatively, repeating "Yes" beyond the spot"


I try to cut into a conversation instinctively.

2017-02-15 これが「勝ち組」だ。 [長年日記]

My eldest daughter got me a beer for a present of Valentine's Day.


I will get handmade chocolate from the second daughter (although it is a remainder).



To young people. Look at me with keen interest.


This is a man in "winning group".

2017-02-16 「あのな、男子にとって、本命チョコ以外のチョコは、チョコであってチョコではない」 [長年日記]


The "Valentine's Day" seems to be a more scary event than we are thinking (especially men).


During my family trip this time, I talked about this "Valentine's Day" event, however, it turned out that there is a tremendous misunderstanding between the female team and the men team (only me)


In the first place, I thought that "Valentine's Day" event is just a event of confession of love from women to men, literally.


Therefore, I thought that the event is an unrelated event for those who do not receive confession, and (this is important) the "obligation chocolate" was just thinking about "margin" of that event.


I also thought that "return" to "obligation chocolate" is something like the extra of the "Valentine's Day" event.



My eldest daughter: "What's the story about it from above?"


Ebata: "As for the event" Valentine ", people those who are not in romantic relationships are just "outsiders" aren't they?


Second daughter: "Do you know how much effort we are making chocolate, do not you?"

Ebata: "Yeah, honest, I was scared."


My eldest daughter: "What does it mean "there is no return" against that effort!"


Ebata: "Yeah, I know what you want to say. But, for talking about your excessive costs, I believe that "men who have received obligation chocolate"cannot understand it at all."


My eldest daughter: "What?"


Ebata: "It's a chocolate. But it is not the chocolate except for a favorite chocolate for men"


(To be continued)

2017-02-17 「『義理チョコ』というのは、男子にとっては、一種の『敗北のシンボル』なんだよ」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Second daughter:"?"


Ebata: "Because obligation chocolate is like getting the air"


My eldest daughter: "What!?"


Ebata: "Do not get angry with me, but for men, "obligation chocolate" is a kind of" symbol of defeat "


My eldest daughter: "Huh?"

江端:「いわば、屈辱の施し? お情け? そういうものかなぁ」

Ebata: "So to speak, Humiliation giving? Pity? I wonder what it is like that"


Second daughter: "Yes?"

江端:「今回の話で、よく分ったんだけど、お前たち ―― 「女子」と纏めるのは、ちょっと乱暴かもしれないが ―― は、多分、バレンタインデーを、クラスとかの単位全体としてのイベントとして把握しているだろう」

Ebata: "I understood it well on your story, but you guys - though it may be a little rough to put together "girls" - perhaps, Valentine's Day, I guess, are grasping as an event as a whole unit of a class"


My eldest daughter: "It it naturally"


Ebata: "So, perhaps, you think that it is a big event that will have a big round (Grand Finale) with a 3/14 White Day."


My eldest daughter: "Not?"


Ebata: "Of course not. it's completely not for boys."


Second daughter: "What do you mean?"


Ebata: "The only one who can participate in White Day is the" winning group "that gave us favorite chocolate on Valentine's Day. For men who only got obligation chocolate, I think that it is somewhat shameful to say that "returning to the obligation chocolate is a top coat of shame"


My eldest daughter: "We do not think like that!"

江端:「だが、男子はそういう風に考えるんだ。特に中二病気質の男にとって、『バレンタイン? はっ! 興味ないね!!』というフリでもしないと、正直やってられないんだ」

Ebata: "But men should think like the way. Especially for sophomoric men, they can not do it honestly except for pretending "Valentine? I am not interested! "


(To be continued)

2017-02-18 「『貰ったら返す』。当然の経済原則じゃんか」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


My eldest daughter: "Is not that your own opinion?"


Ebata: "I do not deny that possibility. and the era is also different. However, whatever era, teenage men's thinking form seems to be similar in general. Because they are stupid"


My eldest daughter: "If you get, you should return". It is a natural economic principle "

江端:「そこにも、ちょっと引っ掛かるところがあるんだよな。「義理チョコ」は、その無償の精神に価値がある、と考えている男子も多いと思うんだよな。実際、今の今まで、私は「義理チョコ = 施し」と思っていたしなぁ」

Ebata: "I also feel odd. I think that many men think "obligatory chocolates" are valuable for their free spirit. Actually, until now I've thought that "obligation chocolate = handout"



Ebata: "So, I can not imagine the existence of "a boy who returns to an obligation chocolate". Regardless of "men returning for favorite chocolate", the men who do such things are honestly scared. I doubt that they must go mad.


Eldest daughter: "There is such a big difference isn't there?"


Ebata: "O.K., let it wrap up.


(1) Boys do not understand the cost of girls' chocolate at all.


(2) Girls do not fully understand the pride of boys.


(3) The gaps in (1) (2) are not filled.


Because both sides will never understand about "cost" and "pride".


That just about does it.



Well, anyway, teenager girls, boys.


The misunderstanding of Valentine's Day and White Day's in your mind, will continue to go on and on,


And, while producing unnecessary troubles and hatred, you will continue events of Valentine's Day and White Day in the future.


I think I feel bad, but I can not do anything.

2017-02-19 ―― 泣けてくるくらい、その気持ち、分かる [長年日記]

先日の講演会(題目:「AIブームの終焉 -End of the Boom-」)の開始前に、聴講者の一人の方(Sさん)とお話をしていた時の話です。

Before the lecture meeting on the other day (title: "The end of AI boom"), I was talking with one of the audience (Mr.S).

When we came to a topic of the article of "Genetic Algorithm", Mr.S mentioned.


Mr.S:"The "GA" that I have taken care of, was lovable."




Mr.S: "I was about to regret to deliver the product that applied the GA to the customer"



―― 泣けてくるくらい、その気持ち、分かる

"I can understand his feeling as much as crying"



Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is "Tsundere".

2017-02-20 「迷惑をかけずに生きる」というフレーズが、偽である命題であると実感すること ―― [長年日記]


My senior daughter said during this family overseas trip.


"A fruit of this trip was to know aging of my parents"


Well, I admit that I have become dull, falling over on a normal board walk, mistaking, and forgetful.


"Failure to run" seems to be a big problem.


For example, "my parents are running after me" might come as a shock for children.



According to aging parent, children come to know it when returning country home, going to hospital suddenly, and some kind or another accidents.

―― 非日常




Aging is one of the things that is difficult to observe everyday. Even for oneself and the surrounding people, aging seems not to be recognized as a continuous system.


However, whenever it comes up, it suddenly occurs like a step signal or impulse signal, and it will continue to involve various systems.


「迷惑をかけずに生きる」というフレーズが、偽である命題であると実感すること ――

"To realize that the phrase "live without annoying" is a fake proposition"


That is aging.

2017-02-21 「ブラック企業」は、誰かが自死を選ぶまで、見つけられない ―― [長年日記]


I am afraid that it is quite difficult to find "Black company" in our society.


Of course, there is no problem that we call a company that has a lot of overdone and careworn employees "black company", however, I think that outsiders cannot find the persons easily.


"Exposure from within" has high risk and there is no guarantee of the person's assured position.


If the person who tries the exposure is detected, the person will be kept under surveillance, and get an advance notice of dismissal due to a clerical error.


The only way we expect to is to investigate by outsider of authority.


However, such investigations need tremendous human resource, time and cost. So it might be difficult to do them large scale and long term.

だから「ブラック企業」は、誰かが自死を選ぶまで、見つけられない ――

So "Black company" has not been found until someone elects suicide.


(Even if he/she elects suicide, someone(deceased's family, prosecution and justice) should establish and certify the fact between the suicide and the black company's error.)



I think that it is a terrible story that "nobody cannot find a black company out except for suicide."


However, from the reverse viewpoint, we can say that "suicide is a effect method to bring a black company to light".


This method is absolutely the best way to break a brand image of the company,


and is also useful to preach down to your bosses and teachers.


Unfortunately, this method works well against "bully".

(For example, even if there was no bully and no suicide in school, there is no law against bully.)


(To be continued)

2017-02-22 ―― だって、死んでいるんだから [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, suicide as a method to find a black company, is not worth the cost at all.


I think "finding" is not enough. "Driving someone to their death" is worth the cost.


Approximately, in case of company, it should be bankruptcy, In case of human being, it should be suicide.


However, we cannot control the strategy after our suicide.

―― だって、死んでいるんだから

Because "we are dead, after all"


To tell you the truth, I don't know,


- a black company that became bankruptcy because of suicide of the employee


- a student who bullied someone, and a teacher who pretended to not find the bully that selects suicide with remorse

(I might not know the above case)


Moreover, a person who selects suicide doesn't want to condemn the company and improve the working environment.

苦しみから逃げたい ―― その一心だけなのです。

Their hopes are simple. They just want to escape from their pains.


(To be continued)

2017-02-23 その時は、よろしく頼むぞ、私の娘たち。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Unfortunately, "suicide for revenge" doesn't work well.


To begin with, there is also a contradiction that a person who tries "suicide for revenge" might not commit suicide.


If so, I am sorry but this story is going to return the following

―― 「ブラック企業」や「いじめ」は、誰かが自死を選ぶまで、見つけられない

"Nobody cannot find "black company" and "bullying" except for someone's suicide.


Though I thought various cases, the conclusion was painful and trivial.



However, I will do "suicide for revenge".


I will drive everyone related to my suicude to suicide, and make a strategy to lead companies to go bankrupt,

そして、私の意志を継ぐ者を育成して ――

And I will make those who succeed my will.


At that time, I beg you, my girls.

2017-02-24 ―― お前たちの「お花畑の『人工知能』幻想」で、現場のエンジニアの心を折るんじゃねえ [長年日記]


Thanks to give me works of writing about AI technology, I have had chances to meet some person who engages AI's application.


When I talk to the persons like the above, I have often heard the following phrase.



From executive officers or bosses, I have been said


"It is not AI but just a program isn't ?"





If executives and bosses are ordering the application of AI technology with this knowledge, the company's future is completely dark.


First of all,


- Artificial Intelligence is a program.


- There is no artificial intelligence which is not a program.


Of course, when new AI technologies made by iPS cells or clones, appear ,I will withdraw the above remarks.



In the first place, to talk with current artificial intelligence, Machine learning and knowledge acquisition are almost "automated" tuning technology, or addition function of electronic dictionary.


The idea and method existed for more than 20 years ago, and there is no current AI technology beyond them.


However, on the other hand, there are engineers struggling with AI technology. They becomes living dead every day, and try somethings, for example, in order to realize a possibility from 99.6% to 100%.


Indeed, I am surrounded by such people everyday.


―― そろそろいい加減にしろよ、不勉強な幹部や上司たち

"Come on, ignoramus and unscrupulous executives and bosses."

―― お前たちの「お花畑の『人工知能』幻想」で、現場のエンジニアの心を折るんじゃねえ

"Do not break the hearts of engineers by your "Flower field Artificial intelligence "fantasy"" in you brain"


I have wanted to say that for the last 25 years.

2017-02-25 『しかし、その研究の課題の難しさにおいては、決して負けてはいないぞ』 [長年日記]


In this season, "Presentation for reading research papers" for freshpersons of sophomore year, is being held on a massive scale.

I think

―― かっこいいなぁ

"it is cool"


with listening to the presentations.

テーマが、電力、水、鉄道、交通、などの「社会インフラシステム」などは、国家レベルのシステムで、市場規模が大きくて、取り扱う金額も大きくて ――

The theme "social infrastructure system" such as electricity, water, railway, transportation, is the national level system, large market scale, and big handled money.


They are different from the research on "microwave that distinguishes between saury and mackerel".



"However, in the difficulty of the research subject, I will never lose"


I am sorrowful in the mind.

2017-02-26 なにしろ、私、最終回からアニメやドラマを見始めることができる能力を持っていますので。 [長年日記]


The other day, my family went on a trip to Taiwan, and

What I remained strongly in my mind was

"Animate Taipei store"

というのが、―― なんだかなぁ、という気がしています。

That made me feel strange.



Of course, Tourism in Taiwan was a lot of fun, however, in the store,

日本のほとんどの ―― というと、おおげさですが ―― コミックの登場人物が、

Most Japanese comic characters -- maybe it's a little overrun,


speak kanji only, was quite impressed.


There were also many translated versions of novels (including for youth)


"Taiwanese can express lines in 1 to 2 to 1/3 of the characters in Japanese"


I was moved by strange things.


(On the contrary, in many cases of English, the phrase become longer)



Since Japanese comic has also been sold, I bought "Ms. Kobayashi's MaiDragon (3)".


Because the (1) and (2) were sold out. However I do not have difficulty, starting to read comics from the middle volume.


After all, I have the ability to start watching animation and drama from the last round.


(Incidentally, the second daughter bought "Little Demi wants to talk with you(1)" and I bought Taiwanese translated versions of "Memorandum of Okitegami-Kyoko")

2017-02-27 ―― うーむ、いっそ、この機会に、ブログも、コラムも、仕事も止めてしまおうか [長年日記]


In this family overseas trip, I tried to use "International WiFi mobile router" for the first time.


Except for me, all family has become smart-phone uses, and they wanted to use the Internet in the Taiwan. In addition, I knew that enormous payment would happen, if they use the local carrier for telecommunication.

そこで、私が、家族全員の為に ―― 文字通り「モバイルルータ」となって ――、金属の箱を持ち歩くことになったのです。

So I decided that I went around with a metal box and work as "mobile router" in the literature.



However, as for me, I could not use the mobile route during the trip.


The PC I had brought in Taiwan could not search the WiFi access points, and could not get IP address by Wire LAN either. It had been quite helpless.


As a result, I had a rare experiment that I could not get in touch PC for four days, since I was 19 year's old.

メールのチェックはできない、日記は更新できない ―― そんな日々を送ることが、私に可能だろうか?

I wondered if I could not check e-mails, and update my diary.



It was possible,


and pretty comfortable


In particular, I had a gut feeling that stopping using PC at night was more effect for quiet sleep.

―― うーむ、いっそ、この機会に、ブログも、コラムも、仕事も止めてしまおうか

"Um.. Shall I stop the diary, columns and works, taking this opportunity ?"


I really thought that.



After the trip, I engaged to update the diary for the four days, and write the column for deadline for several days.


As a result, I could return to my old life.

2017-02-28 そんな、エロゲーに登場するような姉妹は、 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Over the AI(7) ---- beyond a reach of our imagination of AI"

Sluggish Artificial Intelligence ~ Choose a "better" from "losers"


一人の男を巡って、姉妹が争い合う ――

"Sisters fight for a single guy"


Such the sisters who appear in a erotic video game


have not existed in the Ebatas.