2015-03-02 『こういうバカがいるから、自分の借金の金利の計算もできないまま、自己破産していく人が断たないのだ』 [長年日記]


Recently, I often hear phrases "Technology that Japan boasts to the world" in a bookstore and TV program.


Whenever I hear the phrase, I have a great feeling of wrongness and disgust.


Previously, I calculated a ration between humanities department and sciences department in Japan, when I investigated school expresses in Japan.


It's almost 7:3.


The ratio of humanities department might become high, because not all of the student graduated from sciences department become scientists and engineers.


Now I am writing this daily in a commute train, and I can find almost 30 persons in this cargo. So, there are only nine persons who work for science field.


The above aside.



When Japan used to try a new education concept of "pressure-free education", so called,

―― 二次方程式などは社会へ出て何の役にも立たないので、このようなものは追放すべきだ

"The quadratic equations is not useful for our life at all, so we should banish these equations"


There seemed to be a fatuous novelist who made a great contribute to the lowering of mathematics in Japan, taking stupid his wife's comment seriously.


"Because of the existence of such a fool, persons, who go bankrupt without calculating their rate of debt, are increasing.


I remember very well at that time.

(To be continued)

2015-03-03 ―― 数字や数学は、人に騙されない人生を過す上で、必須の道具 [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


The followings are impossible without the concept of quadratic equations.


- Estimation of surface area of a land with distance.


- Estimation of area within earshot when shouting.


- Concept of a danger of the person's body, killing oneself by jumping



Without exponential functions,


- Understand of whole serious problems with the declining birth rate and aging population.



To begin with, without trigonometric function, not to say,


- Building houses




- Making shelves by DIY


It should become a dangerous action.(hurt in falling objects)



I had already told the following stories again and again,


When I was forced to join a kind of presentation about pyramid scheme, I crashed the orientation practically with talking "the business model you said now, become destroyed, if only you turn the cycles several times."


When I discussed a sale person for gas powered hot water heater, he run away before I asked him about my merits to exchange the gas machine with showing the calculation result about depreciation cost.


According to the solar panel, when the sale person told me about the incentive rule of Tokyo district, I asked him "Do you really believe in you mind, the rule is going to continue for more than 30 years ?" and I have never seen him after that.


Well, how to say,

―― 数字や数学は、人に騙されない人生を過す上で、必須の道具

Mathematics and numeral are kinds of essential tools, not to be tricked in your life.


(To be continued)

2015-03-04 ―― 理想の彼女または彼氏に出会う確率が『どれほど絶望的に小さい値であるか』―― [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


Even if there is no phrases like this foolish author couple's, I am afraid that there are more than a few persons who think same.

数学は論理的思考を磨く学問だ ―― などと、寝惚けたことを言っているとすれば、教育者側にも責任があります。

If some teachers tell a half-asleep phrase like "mathematics is a study to train logical thinking", they are absolutely wrong.


The reason to study mathematics is very simple and clear.


Because it is a practical learning for our life.


But nobody doesn’t talk about the utility in the classes.


In the mathematics class, teachers show the reason why students should know the significant of quadratic equation, exponential function, logarithmic function, factorization, probability, statistics.


In my opinion, teachers may spend half of time in the mathematics class for the cases.


The answer is not essential. Computers can output the answer easily. The most important thing is to show the solution to others.

―― と、ここまで書いて気がついたのですが、次女の話では、『中学受験では「解答」でなくて「解法」を見るという方針を持っている学校』もあるそうです。

I remember my second daughter’s story, that some schools have already started to check not the answer but the solution at the entrance examination.


There is a useful method whose name is "Fermi estimate".


This method is a kind of trial to calculate proximate value, based on information from the internet and our experiments.


I think that mathematics is a tool to do this "Fermi estimate", and the math class is a training field for the drill.


If we take the class like that, I can daily understand, for example,

―― 理想の彼女または彼氏に出会う確率が『どれほど絶望的に小さい値であるか』――

"The probability to meet an ideal woman or man in the future, is small hopelessly"



And the method will make us give up some useless trial in our life.

(To be continued)

2015-03-05 使用可能な当用漢字を、現在の2000字程度から500字程度にまで削減し、それらの文字の使用を禁じられた世界をイメージする [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


Researchers and engineers have to model behaviors of element particle, human, nation and space, in their brain or computer, in order to continue their works.


There are some ways to make the model using from physical laws whose accuracy has been confirmed from both physics and logic to proper approximations. and I can say certainly the following.


"We, engineers, are expected to use mathematics like Miso or soy sauce."


In addition, when a new flavoring is released, our footwork to try the flavoring also expected as soon as possible.


For us, numeral or mathematics are important tool, as Kanji and English word.





In order to understand the above thought, it is enough for you to make am image of the world that we are prohibited to use about two thousand Chinese characters for daily use in Japan, and only are allowed to use less than five hundred Kanji only.


If the author couple could keep a level their work's quality, I can respect them profoundly .





I have already released a same kind of message about English.


In this column, I argued that "let's change English in compulsory or high school education to a useful tool" with deleting the concept of CORRECT grammar, pronunciation, and so on.


So if this author couple's intention is positively

―― もし「『数学』をもっと身近な『道具』にしよう」

"let's change mathematics in compulsory or high school education to a useful tool"


and proposed the delete of quadratic equation, our trial seems to be almost same.


However, they are not so.


(To be continued)

2015-03-06 ―― 図書館にある本の全部を「ドラエモン」にすること [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


I say that


"English is necessity. So let us try to save the weight."



In opposition to my opinion, the couple say


"Mathematics is no necessity. So let us try to save the weight."



There are despairing difference between the above two.



I believe that there is no unnecessary discipline in the world at the bottom of my heart.


Even now, I want to study ancient writings and classical Chinese again, and try to read the tale of Genji and three will in the original text.


Especially, I want to study world history from scratch again, in order to understand the intentions of terrorist based on the religion.


But I have a long long wish list of my life, and unfortunately I will not finish doing another events.


However, if there are persons who try to study ancient writings, classical Chinese and world history again, I want to help him/her possibly.


日本国民の義務として「子どもに教育を受けさせる義務」があるのは ―― もちろん、国家を維持する為の手段だから ―― ですが、

There is a "duty to let a child receive education" in Japan, because it is for the means to maintain this nation.


From the private point of view, the merit of "a right to receive education" is, I believe,

―― 図書館にある本の全部を「ドラエモン」にすること

"to change all of the books in the library into comics of Doraemon"



I heard that "Doraemon" is the second best-seller books in the world, next to the Bible. I don't know whether comics has been released legally.


If books of ancient writings, classical Chinese and mathematics become enjoyable and understandable like "Doraemon", our life is going to be in a paradise.


Certainly, any study in school might be a kind of operation with pain.


But I think that any discipline is a extremely entertainment that even the Disneyland cannot realize.


Therefore, all disciplines are practical.



Even I, as just a common engineer, know something of that level.


In contrast to me, the persons who are called “writer”, has argued

―― 二次方程式などは社会へ出て何の役にも立たないので、このようなものは追放すべきだ

"The quadratic equations is not useful for our life at all, so we should banish these equations"

などと主張していることは、「これが本当に文学に関わっている人間の言動か」と呆 れてしまうというレベルを超えて、怖いと感じる程です。

"Is the behavior of literary persons really true ?"

I feel scared beyond disgusted.

(To be continued)

2015-03-07 「名誉」のフリーライド(ただ乗り) [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Oops, I do not go.


I take the story toward a different direction.


Let me go back to the board.


What I would like to claim is that


persons who can use and be proud of the "Technology that Japan boasts to the world"


should be just investors, scientists and engineers who try to embody the technology.


I think that they are in the limited range.


Why do strangers try to expand the range to "Japan"?


I often watch the book's title "something that Japan boasts to the world" in bookstores, and I thought out deeply my above question.



I also think that some matters are worth using the phrase of "something that Japan boasts to the world", for example


- Mind of the punctuality for public transportation system

- "Mottainai" sprits

- Mind to give priority to the community at the time of disaster


I believe that the above are really prides based on characteristics of Japanese, and we can use the word "pride".


In conclusion,


I think that





it is hard to understand for me that persons who use words "proud of a technique" seem to make a freeride of "the honor", in the nation where persons of the 70-80 percent of the population play active part in a field irrelevant to a technique.






I don't want to let the concept of "Japan" share, the honor for the result of blood and the result of one's hard work of engineers. Most of them are not only indifferent to know new technology developments and investments, but also treat ridicule and an obstacle.



at least, according to the author couple,


since we are studying, mastering, and


improving to use easily


mathematics, that is our precious and important tool,



so, I NEVER let the couple use the phase of "Technology that Japan boasts to the world"

―― 死んでも ――




2015-03-08 「え! そんな重大な背信行為を江端さんに働いたのですか?」 [長年日記]


The other day, when I was going to go to the dining room to eat dinner with a book, I was found by a junior.


A:"Ebata-san, are you going dinner?" Let's go together"


Ebata: "No. Because I read this book"


A:"Do you say that it is important to read a book than you eat a meal with me?"


Ebata: "Of course. Do you think it to be 1/100 of the value of this book to you? How impudent you are!"


A:"What do you read?"


Ebata: "This is the novel which handled a case of high treason"


A:"Was it the story of the His Majesty the Emperor Assassination plan in the Meiji era?"


Ebata: "Sort of. Anyway it is not your business."


A:"Then Ebata-san may read a book. Let's go to dinner together"


Ebata: "Nonsense"


A:"Do you hate eating with me?"


Ebata:" I hate eating with you at the bottom of my heart. Eat a meal alone"


A:"You are actually glad aren't you?"


Ebata: "Any person who eats up my two times a day of "the one meal paradise" is enemy. Get out quickly"


A:"How stubborn this old man is!"


Ebata: "How stupid this guy is! Do you have any good small talk that gives pleasure to me?"


A:"Of course, I have"

―― そして、翌日

The next day,


Ebata:"Hey, watching A is your work isn't it? What are you doing? A was coming to destroy my "meal alone" yesterday"

後輩B:「え! そんな重大な背信行為を江端さんに働いたのですか?」

B:"Really? Did he commit such a serious betrayal to Ebata-san?"


Ebata: "Why do you keep him loose? It is your responsibility"


B:"Such a his bestial wickedness for Ebata-San is beyond my imagination"


Ebata: "Well, I decided to forgive him only this time, because he donated one column topic. But if he do same thing without topics, I will..."


B:"Understood. You don't have to say it all"



When I told this above story to my daughters, they asked me "Was that a really conversation in the world".

―― 概ね実話です。

It was almost a true story.

2015-03-09 「危険な目にあっている友人を見捨てて逃げろ」 [長年日記]


My daughters told me with watching a TV news about the persons who had gone to a dangerous area by themselves and been killed by terrorists.


"It is a typical "they have only themselves to blame". Because they know the dangers before"



This is a kind of fruit of my education to my daughters.


I often tell them,


"Run away with abandoning your friend who confronts perils"


"When watching fire disaster and an accident or hearing a sound of gun, run away toward the opposite direction without feeling strange original chivalrous spirit"



And, they have been taught to believe by me that,


There is the reality that damages of the result you believed justice, are hardly compensated.


A law says that it is difficult so as to be hopeless, to authorize the damage.




"I think you are right. It is just what I have told you before.”


"But in this case, I want you to consider some background of this tragedy"

(To be continued)

2015-03-10 「そんなことありえないと思う?」 [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


"In the country where the entry of the foreigners were not permitted at all, the world didn't know the tragedy of tens of thousands of people having continued being slaughtered, for more than ten years. I know three tragedies at least. They were true stories very recently."


"If there was a journalist who sneaked into this country at the risk of his/her life, and he/she could send this fact to the world, this tens of thousands of people might had not died."


"And, if terrorists are not monitored or criticized from the world, the slaughter might continue spreading and extend to Japan eventually."


"Do you think that thing is impossible? "


"But, in the real history, you know, there was the empire which it was almost using only a massacre and slaughter, and conquered the European whole land finally."


"Can you really say that the same tragedy never happens in the world in the future? "


"Though I don't care whether democracy is absolute justice, if journalists are suppose to save our life and safe consequently, I think that it is worth protecting them with our efforts "


"Well, this is the first half of my thought from the viewpoint of "their works are useful for us" "


(To be continued)

2015-03-11 実際に外国で何度か死にかけて ―― そして、助けて貰ってきたからね。 [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


By the way, from here, let's start the story of "faith".


I think any guardian warns their children "danger! don't approach the pond!" as their responsibility.

でも、もし自分の子どもが池で溺れていた時に、「それ見たことか」と見過す親がいたら ―― いないと思うけど ―― それは、もう親子じゃない。

When their child was drowned in the pond, if they say "you see that?" without helping the child." (Of course, I think they don't), they are not parent and child.


How about the relationship between country and individual?


The worth of a state, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it.

「それ見たことか」と思うかもしれないし、思ってもいいと思うんだけど―― 公言し、ネットに掲載し、それを嗜める人もいない ―― そんなことが普通に行われる国家を、私達は、これから『大切に思っていく』ことができるだろうか。

Though some people might think "you see that?" and I think it is O.K., can we continue cherishing our country where they say it loudly, post it on the internet, and nobody reproves them.


There are some theories of the relationship between country and individual, for example "theory of social contracts", "theory of value". But I hope that it become based on "faith".



Again, I am going to continue telling you that "Run away with abandoning your friend who confronts perils" and "When watching fire disaster and an accident or hearing a sound of gun, run away toward the opposite direction without feeling strange original chivalrous spirit"

でも、その話が、「テロリストに囚われたジャーナリストを助ける必要がない」という話と同じにはならないと思っているし ―― 少くとも、「自業自得だ」と切り捨てる側には絶対に立たない、と決めているんだ。

But I don't think that the above is not same as the story of "we don't have to help the journalist who has been captured by the terrorist", in addition, I never stand up in the side of abandoning him, saying "a well‐earned punishment".




I really almost died in foreign countries several times, and some persons helped me.


So, this time, I want to help him.

2015-03-12 ―― メイドさんの写真が欲しい [長年日記]

―― メイドさんの写真が欲しい

"I want photographs of Maid-san"


Some people might say,


"Ebata has crossed the Rubicon"


But it is not correct.


Strictly speaking, I want to some specified poses of Maid-san.


"You are a perfect pervert"


But it is not correct either.


I absolutely need at least three poses of Maid-san's photo, in order to make a concept illustration of "Factory Automation System"



Leaving home this morning, I told my wife the above story.

She said,


"You looks getting unwanted burden all the way"


But I cannot afford to discuss this issue with her, because of the deadline of this illustration (and manuscript).


"I have an idea. I am going to buy three Maid costumes, and you and daughters wear them and make poses I order, and take pictures....."


On my way,


My wife went away to the garden to hang outside to dry.

2015-03-13 内容が内容なので、編集部の方も、相当「すったもんだ」されたようです(申し訳ないです)。 [長年日記]


Today, a new column is released, so I take a day off.

"Let's turn the world by "Number" (11) Let's explain the Kyoto Protocol using toilet and "that""



This is a large work. Super large work.


Anyhow, I suggested the division from me.


And, because of the content, a member of the editorial staff seemed to be making a great fuss about this column. (I feel very sorry).



The junior fellow who appeared in this column and said the following


"In conclusion, the reasons why the works you had written before has been criticized by us, are shortage of your efforts "


―― 実在します。


2015-03-14 予想通り、難航しています。 [長年日記]

The other day, I wrote a diary that I need some photographs of Maid-San because I want to express the concept of factory automation system.


But it has been difficult, as I expected.


Though It is clear for me to make a image of concept and poses, I cannot find referenced photographs and illustrations.


Well, I think that it is shameless story.


This is because some materials of favorable angle and move of Maid-San never come to me conveniently.


When I work like the above, I cannot help respecting comic artists and illustrators heartily, because they can express self-images on paper.


On the Internet, there are a lot of comments to criticize the drawing about animated cartoons, for example. Whenever I read the comments, I think "which mouth on earth will say such a thing?"

―― 凄いなぁ、いいなぁ

"Good!" "Great!" "Amazing"


There is no problem that what we can do is to just be moved and envy their talents.


(To be continued)

2015-03-15 だからね。こういう才能を羨んでも無駄なんですってば。 [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


Back to the board.


An picture of this time is very important. Because it is going to express the concept of the next serialization.


Therefore I decided to ask the first daughter for an picture.


After explaining the concept of the picture, I chatted with her.


Ebata:"I want to go to the comic market in this summer, seriously"


Daughter:"What for?"


Ebata:"For job interview"




Ebata:"I want to ask them help for my work"

長女:「仕事を依頼するの? そんなお金あるの?」

Daughter:"Do you hire them? Do you have money?"


Ebata:"I cannot pay money, but I can give their credit. Do you think the idea that I can allow them to open their name or pen name and to make a link to their homepage in return for the picture? "


Daughter:"I think that some persons accept the condition."


Ebata:"But there are two problems. First, "How I tell the concept of picture." I am afraid that the mail is not enough, but the F2F meeting is to spend more time."




Ebata:""Absolute adherence of delivery date". I am also asked to deliver my work by the deadline. If the job interview makes a new bottleneck, it is a joke."


Daughter:"The two issues are your pending aren't they?"


Ebata:"I am trying to ask amateurs who are enjoying their creations without any restriction to do professional work."


Talking aside, she continued making rough drawings.



So to envy these talents is in vain.


Thought she has not experimented drawing study, it is easy for her to make the image of the object on paper, even if it is a drawing of three dimensional object from any angle.


What I could do is to make tea or carny sweets for her, to ask her for the picture with polishing the apple.

2015-03-16 「コンビニで、100kcal以下の製品を見付けるのが、恐しく難しい」 [長年日記]


Now all of my family are trying on diet. At the same time, I am getting our detail numerical information for the next serialization.


As my work, I study diet from the viewpoint of numerical data, and I do a field research to investigate food's calorie.

―― いや、単に、コンビニやスーパーで、商品のカロリー表示を調べているだけですけどね。

"Just checking the calorie display on the food packages in convenience stores and supermarkets."


But I could know a lot of incredible facts through the research.


One of them is that


"It is very difficult to find the food whose calorie is less than 100kcal"



I just found "Kombu" or "dry small fish" as side dish for old men.


I could not find the food whose calorie is less than 10kcal except for "zero calorie food" for example.


この世界は、私達を太らせるようにできている ――

"This world makes us gain weight"


I think that I might be able to prove that my above hypothesis is truth.

2015-03-17 私は、メールを貰うと、直ぐに返事をしてしまうことがあります。 [長年日記]


I think that I sometimes reply a mail quickly when I get the mail(including Twitter) from anyone.


I feel glad when I read pleasant mood and scathing feed.

(Please refer to attached paper of "the series of rude younger")


Especially, according to


a mail whose point of issue is clear and logical


a feed mail which is based on correct knowledge and attaches reasons


a mail that makes full use of rhetoric


I answer quickly by a spinal reflex.


You know, these mails and twitters become good materials of my diaries and/or columns, and I can't leave them as they are.



I do same things in my company.


I make enormous reply mails every day, though I know I should never deprive my colleagues of important time.


―― 誰も注意してきません。

Nobody comes to scold me.


I make the most misuse ...er use of "interest of the aged", that means "Nobody cannot say anything against the aged".

2015-03-18 「いやいや、その記載は困ります」 [長年日記]

Previously I wrote about my injury of pulling a muscle, because of trying to catch a baby-cart being hit by a gust of wind.


This is not "accident at work" but "accident on commute".

ですので、(会社からお金は出ますが)、労働災害保健(労災)は認定されません―― と、これを知った時にはかなり驚きましたが。

So when commuting, the accident at work is not admitted. I was very surprised to know that.


In the worst case, the company can fire the worker.


Compared with the accident, a moving during a business trip is going to be covered with "accident at work". Because this accident is happened in work time.



Go back to board.


I have to submit some materials to the head office of my company in order to ask for payment of care for the accident on commute.

But there is one column where I have to write in a material.


It is "future action"



I have to write an action which prevents the same accident from breaking out.



Ebata:"However hard I think, the correct answer is "to abandon the flowing baby-cart at the next time""


HO: "No,No. This just won't do."


Ebata:"It makes sense."


As the result, we agreed that I wrote a deliberately ambiguous description, like "I exercise every day and make a strong body not to be susceptible to injury



Well, this is typical example that a true is not enough to live a life.

2015-03-19 ―― パパ、浮気して家族を捨てることないよね [長年日記]

―― パパ、浮気して家族を捨てることないよね

"Papa, Don't you have a plan to cheat Mom, and discard us?"


When I heard the above from the senior daughter, I was not able to understand what she wanted to do for a moment. After about three second, I could.


Ebata:"What's happen?"


Daughter:"Now I am watching a soup-opera on such a situation, I get worry about it.


Ebata:"I understand."


Though I thought that she should not watch such a program, it seems to be meaningless to say "stop it".


Ebata:"I am an engineer, and engineers has been made to think out several conditions against the action."




Ebata:"I think an odd situation. For example, if I get the threats that "if you cheat your wife, preservation of your family become not guaranteed." I am going to do it.


Daughter:"... You are complicated"


Ebata:"I have no plan to cheat Mom now, but if you want to know the possibility, the trial will be located at the 101th of my ToDo lists."


Daughter:"Your answer is enough for me"


After saying that, she went upstairs to her private room.

2015-03-20 動詞や形容詞の強調は、very などの副詞を使わずに、2回使う(×very beautiful、○beautiful and beautiful) [長年日記]


Today, I am going to give two story about English in long time.


(1)The first

The other day, I wrote a columns whose title is "The mindset of Japanese English"


English will be transformed in each country, I advocated my theory that we Japanese don't have to copy pronunciation and grammar of English of England or USA.


But I knew that the idea was not special, but it is natural in some oversea countries.


For example, in Singlish that means English in Singapore, ordinarily


Subject is omitted.

■動詞や形容詞の強調は、very などの副詞を使わずに、2回使う(×very beautiful、○beautiful and beautiful)

The emphasizes of adjective is to use the adjective twice, not to use adverb like "very" and "marvelous".


Persons in Singapore, use it as local English based on their own rules, and

―― 上手く運用されている

It is working well.



(To be continued)

2015-03-21 「それ見たことか」 [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


Let's return to the topic, in the column I introduced yesterday,


(1)I explained the fact based on my experiment that a mutual communication is possible even if we use Japanese style English pronunciation (Katakana-English) and grammar,


(2)Therefore, it becomes really risky that we should change the policy of English education insisting on correct pronunciation and grammar.


After that, I got several comments I have expected on the Internet.

■Japanese Englishの発想はそれで良いと思う。躊躇なく英語を使うというスタンスは必要だ。

- "The idea of Japanese English is not bad. It is important to use English without hesitation."


- "But I oppose Ebata's proposal that makes light of the precise pronunciation and grammar.


- "Such a rough English should be used based on the correct pronunciation and grammar education. "


Why I said "expectation" is that the above comments has been argued for the long time before I was born, and the policy of education is continuing now.


In conclusion, the results are as follow.


(2)The second


At the night of the day before yesterday, I heard the NHK English news, recorded in my POD. The news said that

―― 高校生高学年の英語の水準が、政府が期待するレベルに全く至っていない

"The level of English in senior high school students is not enough against the Japanese government expectation. "


なんでも、Speaking と Writing が絶望的に悪い、とか。

It said that speaking and writing skill is desperate crisis.


In addition, the news said,

―― 学生の多くが、英語が必要になると考えていない

"Many students don't think that English become to need for their future."




It is too late to say that,


"I told you so didn't I?"



(To be continued)

2015-03-22 人生には色々と無駄な行為がありますが、あれほど無駄な時間の使い方もなかったでしょう。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

―― と、ここまで気がついている教師は、かなりの数いると思います。

I think many English teachers notice the actuality here.


They think that something must be done about it though, they have been able to open trump card.


And unfortunately a few foolish teachers are going to say "Students need live-English" and start irresponsible and stupid actions.

例えば、夏休みの宿題に、英語の歴史の本の翻訳をやらせる世界史の教師 ―― 私の高校時代に、こういうバカが出てきたのです。

For example, a teacher who took change of "world history" tried to make us translate a history book in English as a summer vacation homework. The foolish teacher appeared during my high school years.


In addition, it was clear that the fool was no capabilities of completing reading the book.


Well, because the fool didn't read the original book at all, absolutely.


There were dozens of English words I have never seen in my life, and some of them could not be found in even English dictionary.


The fool made us translate English history book as our homework, and he was a guaranteed Feeble-minded teacher, who believed that his action might improve the student English ability.


Naturally, we found out the Japanese translation book of the English history book, and I spent days in the summer vacation to copy the book.


Any life has useless action in various ways, but the copying book would not be such the useless occupation.


Anyhow, there is a feeble-minded teacher to misunderstand in the wrong direction, who furthermore accelerates English phobia of children.


(To be continued)

2015-03-23 私が小学生の時から「これからは英語が必要だ」と言われ続けきて、そして、本当に必要となっている人は4%程度です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In fact, my daughters has no image of "themselves of using English".


For them, English is one of the subjects they should study, and problems they should solve in examinations.


In order to understand the situation of this apathy, it become enough to make an image that we are enforced to study a disused language (for example, Tamil).

According to my trial calculations, only 4% of worker population in Japan, really needs English.


Accumulating these facts, I return the result that I made a conclusion before, that "It is not our responsibility not to be loved by English".



Many people in Japan have an idea that we should adapt to the internationalization but we don't accept an immigrant community. In short, Japanese people think that the internationalization is just on foreign countries, not our homeland.


We never use English as a tool of the internationalization under the convenient fiction story.


I think that the above is the same situation that we study skiing by using training books only, not going ski field once, and want to be a splendid skier. (or a just leisure to go a ski field and a restaurant at the bottom.


When I was a junior student, I have heard a phrase of "English is needed from now" since then. Now persons who really use English is only 4%.


It is natural that the motivation for the studying English doesn't happen.


It's not that we should stop studying English. It might become same of the silly writer wife and husband who insist on "quadratic function is not needed".(As I recall, why do they say "English is not needed, because the users are only 4% in Japan"?)


(To be continued)

2015-03-24 ―― ヘタクソな英語で、派手に、インターナショナルに恥をかくところを見せる [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)


According to this problem, there is no surprise maneuver like Okehazama battle field and Perl harbor attack that many Japanese people like.


But even if we have no strategy except for becoming low age of English starting time, I prefer to ask the prime minister of Japan and the head of each party

―― ヘタクソな英語で、派手に、インターナショナルに恥をかくところを見せる

"To speak your poor English and show you to the world in a big way"


No matter how the action shames them, it cheer us up absolutely.


『英語をしゃべるんじゃない。単語を並べて叫ぶだけでいいんだ』と言って、自ら「Japanese English」を授業で使い始めたら、そして、ブログやツイッターで、デタラメな英語を懸命に使い倒す姿を見せたら、

If English teachers by themselves start to use "Japanese English" with saying "Don't speak English, but line English words up and shout them", and show their attitudes using the dummy English in their diary on the Internet and Twitter with heart and soul,

―― 英語教育のパラダイムは変わる

I think

"The paradigm of English education in Japan becomes to change"




At least, I want to say "Be shamed by your poor English, such as I do for this diary.


"Are you politician who manage this country and teachers who teacher your students English aren't you?"


"For children, are you prepared for performing even naked dance?


2015-03-25 「世界中を敵に回しても」・・・? 世界中って、米軍も? [長年日記]


I happened to see a illustration of Setoguchi Mizuki-san's comic "First love syndrome", and found the next frame.


瑠璃に借りたこの新曲の歌詞 「世界中を敵に回しても」・・・? 世界中って、米軍も?


"This is a lyric sheet of new song I borrowed from Ruri, "even if I antagonize the world ....? " The world includes the Armed Forces of the United States doesn't it?"


I happened to burst into laughter.


Accidentally, I started to search Setoguchi Mizuki-san's works.


At the same time,


I tried to search the songs which includes the phrase of "even if I antagonize the world", and I could find forty-two songs in Japan.




In Japan, there are more than forty-two singers who are with plenty of courage, fighting the seventh fleet of the United State, and Israeli intelligence agency.

2015-03-26 私の場合は、12ボルト、4.2アンペアの「安定化電源」です。 [長年日記]


What present did we feel happy to be given from our parent ?


Bicycle, baseball bat, doll, comic... Smart phone will be lined up in the future.


In my case, It was a stabilized power supply whose specifications are 12 voltage, 4.2 ampere.



When I was a junior high school student, ham radio had been called "a king of hobby".


The purpose of ham radio is to enjoy chatting with unspecified hum operator in the world.


As far as you hear the above, you might think that it is same as SNS in the present.


However, in fact, the examination of ham radio was difficult (became easier, after that), and we had to study from electric circuit of radio to the law of radio in order to get the license.


When I passed the examination in fifth grade elementary school pupils, I was proud of the license.



When I became junior high school student, my parents gave me a portable ham radio set. But the set needed more than eight dry-cells, and I have to spend most my allowance for them.

家庭用の電源から電池の電力を作る装置 ―― 安定化電源 ―― は、当時中学生だった私には随分高価なものでした。

A stabilized power supply, that generates direct-current power from domestic electric power, was too expensive for a young high school student.


I used money given as a gift at the New Year, and went to a seedy electric store to buy a stabilized power supply. But after that, the operator indicated a skewed my voice during the operation. After I checked several issues, I confirmed that the quality of the stabilized power supply was awful.


I claim the returning to the store, but in vain after all. I had never done such a sad and regrettable experiment before that.


(To be continued)

2015-03-27 両親は、そのお金をポンと寄越してくれました。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I didn't talk this story, but my parents might have noticed me, looking blue.


I was asked the reason by them, and I explained about this accident. After that they asked me how much I needed to get the power supply.


When I answer the price of the power supply provided by a famous company which covered the two times ampere of the radio, they gave me the money easier.


I was very happy.


Though I don't remember when I was given the radio, I have a vivid recollection that I confirmed the supply and radio went well.



Ham radio was one of the expensive hobbies, because each machine and device price was high.


My family was be in necessitous circumstances, and it was difficult for me to ask my parents something except for commodities.


So I continued doing all kinds of things to save money, for example, lifting up a cheap antenna on the roof, and make connectors of cable by myself.


In order to realize "talking to person far off", I studied telegram and Morse code, and got the license.


In the frequent band I have ordinary used, the radio wave went thought ionized layer and reached to the space. But in the quite short time in summer season, a ionized layer (Sporadic E layer) happened and it could reflect the wave.


At the moment, the wave continued reflecting between the layer and ground, and it reached far away.

モールス信号から「NAHA OKINAWA(那覇市沖縄)」と読み取ったときの感動は、今でも忘れられません。

I cannot forget a memory, that I could decode the characters "NAHA OKINAWA" from Morse code.


(To be continued)

2015-03-28 「誰もが望めば男女交際することができる」という訳ではありません [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

私はティーンの頃、自転車にテントを積んで寺社を回ったり、狂ったように本を読んだり、無線機の調整をしたり、と ―― はっきりいってモノトーンの青春を送ってきたような気がします。

When I was a teenager, I went around temples and shrines by my bicycle with loading a tent, read books frantically, and do adjustment of radio. They were monotone bloom of youth.


I sometimes regret that I should have done a more gorgeous event (man and woman association) in the youth.


However, it is opposite.


It's not that "if anyone hope, romantic overture can start"


The event of romantic overture starts under the condition that we love someone and the someone love us.


Though this event is too difficult, you need to execute several accidental conditions to generate this event.


- A handsome person of the opposite sex (sometimes same sex) is nearby you (around your seat).


- His or her hobby and policy is same or similar of yours.


- There are sponsors(like parents ) who can understand your association, and give some money for your activity(like date).


- In addition, you should keep or increase your performance(school record) by daily study.


You need to pass through the above severe conditions everyday.

寺社を回ったり、読書したり、無線機の調整をすることと比較すれば、恋愛イベントの発動確率が ―― 恐しく低い ―― ことは明らかです。

In comparison with going around temples and shrines, reading books and doing adjustment of radio, it is clear that the probability of starting the romantic overture is awfully low .


It is apparent that the people who are called "Riajyuu(full and fruitful life) are overwhelming winners, for a reason of picking up their courage of declaration of love, and trying to start the event.low


それでも、安定化電源を買って貰った時の嬉しさや、モールス信号から「NAHA OKINAWA(那覇市沖縄)」と読み取ったときの感動 ―― が「ある」青春は、

Even so, the bloom of youth, which has only a pleasure of having my parents buy me a stabilized power supply and an excitement of reading Mores code of "NAHA OKINAWA", was far superior to the bloom of youth which had not anything.


I believe that.

2015-03-29 現地の人と話をしてきた人の話でなければ、私は納得しませんよ。 [長年日記]


"Gian" believes that he is tender, and a considerate good guy.


And most of the Japanese citizens also believe that they swear never to fight again, and they can make a peace country in the world.


As a Japanese, I believe it so.



But, according to Asian person's views, Japan is a really menace country and difficult to understand.


- In resources emptiness, it is a major economic power of the third place of the world


- the eighth military ... defense budget of the world;




- having the constitution that stipulated war renunciation


They think that Japan is one of the most amazing countries in the world.



Japan, which has banned oneself in a peace constitution strictly until now, begins to loosen it little by little. Only the fact makes Asian countries around Japan

―― 真剣に怖がっている

fear seriously.



The reason why I can understand the above story, I walked around Asian country again, heard their stories from their own lips.


But this is more than another 20 years ago.


So I might have to accept the opinions of "different from 20 years ago", "Ebata's comment has already been old".



Therefore please tell me "Asian persons are not afraid of Japan" "Not a bit of it."


If I hear it, I think I can change my thought at my ease.



But, I don't understand except for the story that the person who has walked Asia alone, and has talked with a local person directly.


I don't need the person who writes just opinions to the Internet importantly in the small world before the PC.

2015-03-30 ―― 男の子って、好きな女の子ができれば、母親を忘れるのに3秒もかからないよ [長年日記]


I have eaten with the relative family of the cousin before.


Then, I talked with a mother of the boy in full pretty, and her blind love to the child was great, and totally turned me off.


I was dumbfounded that she advertised that "You love me the best in the word, don't you?" in a public area. It looked like a kind of heartwarming scene.


But I though "she doesn't understand well what a boy is" and I gave her one advice.


It might not have been necessary to say to her, but I faced several same situations in my life.


―― 男の子って、好きな女の子ができれば、母親を忘れるのに3秒もかからないよ

"A boy forget his mother in less than three second, when he has a girl friend."



After them, she looked pale very soon. I also became to look pale to watch her face.



To mothers who have a son.


I never double your love to your son.


But from the view of your son, it is true that your son thinks that you are not indispensable to your son's life.

I hope you know it, before it become too late.


Needless to say, I am also going to be forgotten by my daughters", and it is natural.

2015-03-31 「4次元」と呼びたいと思います。 [長年日記]


Some persons who are crazy for animations and other sub-cultures, who is called "Otakaku", is also called "Nijigen (two-dimensional)"


The reason why they called it, is that their interesting objects is to be expressed on two dimensional medias, like screes of TVs and movies.


In opposite with it, some person who are interested in daily life, who is called "Riajyu ( leading a full life ), is called "Sanjigen (three-dimensional)"


This word seems to be usually used as a comparison word of "Nijigen".



This time, I tried to derive the most famous formula in the world, based on the Einsteinian special theory of relativity





You know, human being can generate incredible power when they are driven into a corner (for example, deadline of draft submission), and do something as an escape.


I didn't know that this formula can be derived from the four rules calculations, and I was very surprised at the fact.



Well, like me, a person who


likes a specified animations whose themes are time paradoxic (for example, Stains;Gate Tokikake, Madoka)


applied for a patent whose name was "space and time based communication"


tried to derive the Einsteinian special theory of relativity as an escape


should be called


"four dimensional".



I believe "No objection".