2016-02-01 「週末に、江端はエレガントに原稿を執筆している」 [長年日記]

The other day, I wrote


"For the final stage of EtherCAT serialisation, I am preparing for these cable and devices, in order to install the home security system on the Ebata's house."


I am going to open a picture of "battle field" where "EtherCAT Master", "EtherCAT slave", many types of sensor and I fought mutually.


Never make a image of "Ebata writes manuscripts every weekends elegantly"

2016-02-02 (3)受験生を最寄りの駅から救出して、そのまま受験生を受験会場まで運搬 [長年日記]

One year has passed from the implementation of that "Test-takers students dual delivery system".


"Time and tide wait no man" is true, I think.


Now, at this moment, prospective students and their parents are anxiety for the exam, snowfall and scare to influenza. Genuinely, I will pity.

『とっとと「5~6月受験、9月新学年開始」に踏み切れば良い』 ―― と書き始めたら、止まらなくなってしまいましたので、

"Hurry up to execute May-June exam and start the new school year in September" and I cannot stop writing.


So the story and set it aside to another opportunity.



I have a policy that basically I do not help people."


However, only the "children who have been studying for the entrance exam" is my exception.


Previously, I talked with my wife about the service of "examination of dual delivery" as a volunteer.


Wife: "What kind of design of the service do you have?"


I discussed the following three points roughly.


(1)Standby at home for as their personal accidents, for example a transportation troubles to the examination venue.


(2)After receiving the contact of the SOS, the scramble starting in car


(3)Rescuing the students from the nearest train station, and take the students to the exam venue.


Wife:"How about your company?"


Ebata:"I can use flex-time, and if needed, I will take a half day off"


Wife:"I am afraid that the service might be difficult even if you do"




Wife:"To begin with, we did , in advance, simulation thorough, careful calculation, in-depth meeting"


Ebata:"We might skip some of them"


Wife:"Unless you do up there, I wonder if the value of their services is going to appear."


Ebata: "... certainly"


Wife: "And, you might lost the route, and be involved in a traffic jam. After all your server might be a bad situation to reverse."


Ebata: "It makes sense. In that case, it will damage irreparably with respect to the child's life.

嫁さん:「加えて、緊急事態であったとしても、見も知らない人の自動車に、乗れるかな。誘拐の可能性だってある訳でしょう? 例えば、自分の子どもを、そんなサービスに任せられると思う?」

Wife: "In addition, even though the emergency situation happens, can they use the car whose driver is not known at all? There is the possibility of kidnapping. As for you, can you make your daughters to use the service?"


Ebata: "I say "Do not use it" absolutely"



In conclusion, the volunteer service of "Tstudents dual delivery for test-takers stundent" was, in the study stage, rejected.

2016-02-03 ―― 男性は、非定型で非日常の場面で、簡単に「浮いて」見える [長年日記]


There is a private junior high school nearby, and the entrance examinations is going.


When I go to the station on the way to office, I will meet the parents who escorted their children.


Most of the men who look like their father, are walking to the station.


I assume that they don't wait for their children at a waiting room, and go to the office directly,


Most men wear coats over business suit, and have black briefcases.

なんというか、場から「浮いている」というか、フラフラというか、ヒョコヒョコと歩いている ―― ように見えました。

Let me say.. their figures seemed not to fit the scene, From the view of mine, they took uncertain steps or on the bob.



I know well that the following is based on my subjectivity or personal bias, however

―― 男性は、非定型で非日常の場面で、簡単に「浮いて」見える

Men look like being ill at ease in atypical or extraordinary scene.



In other words, "something strange"


In this case, "a father who takes their child to Exam venue" is to be non-everyday atypical.


(To be continued)

2016-02-04 家事や育児に『参加』などという『自由意思』なんぞ、最初から「ない」。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I think that there are two faces of this issue.


(2)I have few chance to see the men like the above.


(2)To begin with I have few chance to go the place like the above.




I am afraid that I don't need to use the world "life and work balance".

It just means that


"I was likely to join "household chores" and "child care", however, I run away and push my wife on the events, in fact."


I come to think that I wonder if I know well the above fact subconsciously.



Above all, the men who speak "I am JOINING "household chores" and "child care" proudly, is misunderstanding for the first time. To make matter worse, they don't notice this.


There is a easy and simple checker. Let you try to make a image of the woman who speak "I am JOINING "household chores" and "child care" proudly.


(If you feel it uneasy, you might stop reading here)


There is no your own free will to use the word "join" for "household chores" and "child care" from the beginning.


You are a central player for the first time.


(To be continued)

2016-02-05 つまるところ、この文章は、―― 自己批判なのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Even if you are a man and have a feeling of the "JOIN", I hope I put forward a suggestion of abandon of marriage.


I agree that marriage is likely to be started by love, however, most of the marriage is composed of many tasks that are not evaluated by your company and carrier at all (at the present).


It is said that "Marriage is a lottery". Whether you can feel easy or difficult about "household chores" and "child care" depends on your own fortune.

So single is the best strategy for your life.



In face, I think I don't have to think of this issue deeply, only I watch the father who take their child at exam venue.


The purpose of this essay is my self-criticism about


I have had my will to "join" for "household chores" and "child care" unconsciously.

―― 自己批判なのです。

2016-02-06 私を含めて ―― 多くの人は、「国連決議」というものを間違って解釈しているんじゃないかなぁ、と思うことがあります。 [長年日記]

今週末は、月曜日の締切を控えて、 必死で「神降ろし」の儀式を実施中です。

This weekend, for the next Monday's deadline, I am carrying out a practice ritual of "Kamioroshi".


By the way, I am watching a new program on my PC, however,

私を含めて ―― 多くの人は、「国連決議」というものを間違って解釈しているんじゃないかなぁ、と思うことがあります。

For not only me, but also a lot of people, I wonder if we could not understand "UN resolutions" correctly.


To about four years ago,

I wrote a diray about "UN resolutions" and my own interpretation. Please read it, if you have any interest.

2016-02-07 「(4年前の)嫌な予想が当ってしまったなぁ」 [長年日記]

結果として、昨日の日記の続きになってしまいましたが ――

As a result, it has become the continuation of yesterday's diary.


This morning, while watching the news,

"I could hit the unpleasant prediction, even it was for years ago"


I am in a melancholy mood.

2016-02-08 先日、100均ショップで方位磁石を購入しました。 [長年日記]


The other day, I bought a compass at a one 100 yen coin shop.


It is the compass of spherical floating in the liquid in the round transparent plastic.


I think it's great invention for everybody.


I need the compass without being levelled, as a key holder.



Since the recent smartphone has also been equipped with a magnetic sensor, if I use it, there is no problem. But I am involved in the use of cell phone even now,I have to count on a printed map


I think that I am good at reading loads on map, though, I am afraid that my feeling of the reading become worse.


However, even a paper map, and if only the direction is known, I can improve the understanding the place more.


"This great thing is just 100 yen" is really unbelievable.


It might be useful at a disaster. If a smart Phone exhaust electrical, it become a just paperweight. Even if you know even the direction at this time, you can start walking towards a certain direction.



I say something, however, I know well, "using smartphone" is the best answer.

2016-02-09 ―― あのね。油断するとね、あっと言う間に堕ちていくんだよ [長年日記]


Last night, after finishing drawing the picture for a column in series, I went downstairs. I met my senior daughter in front of the refrigerator at the dining room.

何をやっているのか? と尋ねたら、

When I asked her what she was doing, she said,


"I am watching a pinup picture"



I saw the refrigerator door, there was a popular girl's photo (I don't know her at all) that was printed.

女子高生が少女のアイドルのファンであることは、別段珍しいことではないでしょうが、(いまさら、アイドル?) という感じはありました。

I thought that if she was fan of the girl, it was not special for teenagers girls, however, I also thought "Why now?".


She said,


"I pasted pictures of both on active and the after,


I asked her "What for?"

―― あのね。油断するとね、あっと言う間に堕ちていくんだよ

"Well, if I am relax, I start to fall down in just about no time"


She answered.


Yes. I could understand what you said, but I could understand what you want to s say.


(To be continued)

2016-02-10 「チヤホヤされるだけの人生なんて許せない」という、普通の嫉妬の一態様だと思います。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

どうやら、元アイドルが、現在、太ってしまって(といっても、昔に比較して、という話ですが)、なんか、それがバラエティ番組やネットで弄られているらしい ―― のです。

Apparently, a former idol, however who have gone fat now (just compared to the old days), seems have been tampered by variety shows and the Internet.


At the bottom of the photo on the refrigerator door, there was a character of her, described as "Do you just snacking!".


Apparently, it seems the "commandments (commandments)" for her own.



Even so, does the world becomes cruel against a former idol girl who had used be beautiful ...or slimming,once, for just only closer to the healthy style ?


The process of "an idle is going to be common" is pleasure for many people.


And "hero become no longer hero" ,"a guy that entrepreneurs are flashy fail", "a boss is forced to do-nothing job," and "that the president will fall down from the seat of the president". They are all same.


I think that it is normal jealousy of ours, "Only of life be pampered can not be forgiven."


I feel this emotion "positively".


In additional speaking , when I see the hate guy is going down, I thank God with saying "It is nice!".


Well, generally, in the same way as you, I am also a normal scrap bastard.



However, I cannot overlook a point, with regard to the matter of "idle" at this time.


I think that it might be "caught in one's own trap" for many women, in particular, teen girls.

Fear of "fat" is produced the "anorexia", and "anorexia" has killed our considerable number of girls.


I think that "anorexia" is, one of the indicators of how society is cruel.


Therefore, I hold my opinion of the security legislation and constitutional amendments, however,

according to this matter, I will support the intervention by the law (or power) to "slimming boom", publicly.


2016-02-11 目の前にあるのに届かない ―― [長年日記]

目の前にあるのに届かない ――

"I can't reach to it, even I am in front of it"


This is like a phrase of something painful novel, but it is not, of course.



In fact, it is likely to get the request referred to "speak from the point of view of the Ebata" about "artificial intelligence", and I start the investigation.


When I was checking about "deep learning" trendy now. and I noticed


"Can I use a lot of programs of neural network "as is", which I had made for the master's thesis ?"


So I was raided the old material in the closet, and finally I was able to find a storage medium, their program had included.


in the "3.5-inch floppy disk."


―― どーしよう、これ

"What should we do this?"


Even if I go to Akihabara, I am afraid that I cannot find the FDD driver.


There is no reason that any parts shop will sell it, because of no demand.


(By the way, some person might think that Akihabara can provide them with any types of parts, however it is "fantasy" for me, because I cannot get GPS transmitter(not receiver) module and EtherCAT hub.)



If I open a large number of cardboard in the warehouses of the laboratory,I may find it. But I am also sure that it is a waste of huge amounts of time.


I felt frustrated, but I decided to purchase the driver for only one of "read data".


The price 980 yen was helpful for me.



Well, I want to ask Ms./Mr. coworkers who are working in the labo.

Could I borrow your book, whose title is "Deep Learning"?



Thank you for your kindness in advance.


Now I, have no financial power to buy this book(My fund were short for laboratory equipments of the EtherCAT)

2016-02-12 ―― 昨日の休日は、床下に潜っていました。 [長年日記]


In order to wire for Home Security system using EtherCAT,

―― 昨日の休日は、床下に潜っていました。

I was diving under floor yesterday.


I has tried it afternoon after temperature became high, and entered from the door of the floor storage, however it annoyed me very much.


It was tremendous fear to put my body into the narrow space, that height was just 40cm, and to do slow method of progression.


Of course, it was perfect dark under the floor and I was fear that what I should do if I was stuck.

今地震が発生したら ―― と考えたら、床奥の方まで進んでいくことは、相当な勇気がいりました。

When I thought "if an earthquake happen", I needed a considerable courage.


"If I don't do it, I cannot write the next colum of EtherCAT"


The thought made me to face difficulties resolutely, with slow method of progression.



Among them, I noticed that it was better to roll the body rather than tp creep forward, so I was rolling with the cold concrete flop.


I think that I couldn't carry out this work, unless I have been on diet.


Apparently, "in order to roll in under the floor", it seems I had a weight loss.

2016-02-13 「美味い」と思ったものは「美味い」と言います。 [長年日記]


I have never thought that I am "a man who understands taste", I can say "it is delicious" without hesitation, even if it is fine dining or beef bowl.


Both fine wine that has been stored in the wine Serra and 500 yen wine in a retailers are also all equivalent for me.


In addition, I think "high price food is delicious" is common, and when I find "delicious and cheap food, I can feel,

―― 勝った

I won.



But the world seems to be good, "delicious and cheap food" is not found easily.

_ -----


I like alcohol general, in particular, whiskey is better for me( It is also a friend of the diet).


Whiskey is, on my experience, rare beverage, whose taste is directly proportional to the price.


However, I am just a business person, who has had house loan, and I can not choose a luxury whiskey.


My target is, "whiskey bottle that can be impressed at 1000 yen",but it is very difficult to meet such a whiskey, as a matter of course.


(To be continued)

2016-02-14 ―― あれ、これ、悪くないじゃん [長年日記]


The other day, in the wholesale supermarket, I bought and tried , not "local beer" "local sake", but "local whiskey in Japan", I thought

―― あれ、これ、悪くないじゃん

"It is good isn't it?"



Of course, there are a lot of tasty whiskey in the market, however, I think that the taste is better than of famous domestic manufacturer in the same price range.


I think started that my strategy of "cheap and delicious" is in low-profile domestic manufacturers.


So, I am beginning to examine the domestic local whiskey.



Anyway, I can understand "a thing", during living half century,


"In the hotel's top floor of the bar, I tip the glass of bourbon alone"


I am going to be hopeless about the above scene in the rest of my life.

"Crawling under the floor" will be just good for me.


Well, decent, fun.

2016-02-15 メディアは、この時間の奪い会いのビジネスをしなければなりません。 [長年日記]


Time, a person can use, has it limit of 24 hours, so many companies in advertising should struggle against the scrambling.


You know, many people are likely to reduce the time of watching TV for smart-phone, and other media agencies try to rob then of their time.


One of the agencies is "train".


Recently, many trains have liquid crystal display(LCD) as destination screen of the train, and the train company is doing AD by movies (CM, so-called).


In trains, the CM should be silent movies, however, the most important merit of this CM is

―― ハードディクレコーダのように、リモコンでスキップすることはできない、

"We cannot skip the CM like a "hard-disk player""


"It might be possible in near future"


I think that this is an important bigger advantage than other CM.



To tell you the truth, I want to talk to you about the Odakyu-Dentestsu's contents.


(To be continued)

2016-02-16 『電車の時間なんて、気がつかなればよかった』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


A couple of a woman and man are standing on the train platform of both side. and watching them each other, face to face. They seem to wait for the last train with feeling sorry.


The telop of their mind is coming in the scene.


"I should not have noticed the time of the train"


"I should not have taken care of the time of the train"


For the meanwhile, the trains is coming on her platform.


The man sends her off with sigh.

ところが、電車が通過した後、彼女はそのままホームに立ったまま残っていました ―― 少し照れたような笑顔をして。

But the woman keeps standing on the platform thought the train has gone, with smiling bashfully.


The man also start smiling little by little synchronising her smile.



I think that my junior daughter is likely to shut "This productive couple must die!" whenever she watch the CM (She is a daily Odakyu-Dentetsu user as a commuter), however, this is a good CM that makes us feel ease.

# ところで、この「リア充」を、"productive couple"と訳したのは私です。

# 名訳と思いませんか?


Well, not only this CM but also many CM in these days, become high-quality finished form, like a fancy movies.


But any CM should be have their messages, for example. expansion of goods or services, enhance their image, and strength of firm. And the CM should carry the messages to the end-users.

では、このCMに込められたメッセージは何だろう? ―― 私はずっと考えています。

"What is the message of this CM ? " I have been turning over in my mind.


(To be continued)

2016-02-17 『もう一度太って、ダイエットのデータを最初から取り直してみたらどうですか?』 [長年日記]


Today, a new column is released, so I take a day off.

"Let's turn the world by "Number" Diet (26)

"Numbers uncover! Large lie of "Easy diet"



In this column, my comment,

The junior fellow who appeared in this column


"Why not try fat again, and diet in order to retake the diet data from the beginning?"


―― 実在します。

has existed.

2016-02-18 「もう、今日は『お泊り』するしかない」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


At the scene of the station platform, the telop of "23:15" appears.


"Longer work schedule" they want to way "You don't have to hurry up so much"


might be one point.


Or new extra special express train "Romance Car" might be started and


"We can give you another alternate method to go home."


might be another point.



Under no condition to appeal,


"We have no way expect for staying out overnight"

という、恋する男女の刹那(せつな)をアピールするものでは ―― ない、と思う(思いたい)。

that means, a keen affection of a woman and man in love.


I think that there might be one of the Odakyu-Group companies that manages accommodations. However, it is too ambagious, even if it is the company's CM.



I am going to complete this topic, today. But last night, I talked to my family about about my thought, they complained about it. So, please stay tune.


(To be continued)

2016-02-19 『「恋する男女の、胸キュンの話」でいいじゃないの! 』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

家族で、その小田急のCMをYoutubeで見て、 私の解釈を説明したところ、

After all of my family watched the CM of Odakyu-Dentetsu by Youtube, I explained my thought.

They blamed (not criticised) me all at once with saying,

『「恋する男女の、胸キュンの話」でいいじゃないの! 』

"What are you expecting except for a cuddly couple in love?"



Ebata:"Any company doesn't try to make CM, without their profit. For example, this CM is also might have been spent much money."


Against the my claim, they(women) kept blaming me with saying


Wife:" Is there any problem that it is just an image strategy ?"


Daughter(1):"You read too much into this CM."


Daughter(2):" It is O.K. of staying out, after this scene, You don't have cleanliness of heart, eve if you could accept the situation."



そこで、CMで出てくる「経堂駅 23:15分」の時間の意味について再考してみました。

So I started thinking about the meaning "23:15 at Kyoudo-station".


I, who had lived in local areas, for example, Nagoya and Kyoto, feel that the time of "23:15" is of the last train. But in the Tokyo area, the time is unbelievably late.

―― もう、一層のこと、終電や始発を無くして24時間運転にすればいいのに

I think that the best thing to do for the train companies is to abandon "the first" and "the last".


The first and the last train are extreme, I think.

「経堂駅 23:15」という情報だけを使って、頭の中でシミュレーションしてみました。

I tried an simulation in my brain, just using the information of "23:15 at Kyoudou-station"


I assumed that about the couple's final destinations, they can use a taxi from the stations to home, that stations are Higashi-kitazawa station and Machida station.


I could get the final answer of "They could return to their house, if they get on the train before zero hour.


つまり、この二人は、あと30分程度は、コーヒーを飲みながら話ができる ―― という設定が成立しそうです。

Above all, "this couple could enjoy a small talk with drinking a coffee" might be made up.



I told my wife about this result of simulation, she heartily agreed with my thought, and she said to me.


"That's it of this CM's concet"


2016-02-20 会社にこそ「いいね!」のシステムを導入すべきであると。 [長年日記]


The book whose title is "praise subordinates" means, that there is a default setting of "do not praise subordinates"


This indicates that the cost of rebuking is cheaper than "praising".


Unfortunately, it is I think that's true.


It is so, I think recently as follow,


"Like button" should be installed in a company IT system.


For example, if someone makes a good article by PowerPoint or Word, we can push "Like button" on the materials.


If there is a proposal of good content by e-mail, "I like it!" will be attached without replying in the sentence on the mail system.


Employee profile web site, we can push "Like button" on the site, if the worker leave the office in regular time.



Well, it is not difficult to predict the organisation would go move in strange direction,

それでも ――



I think the effect can be expected to lower the threshold of that "praise".

2016-02-21 ―― 化粧(けわい)の匠(たくみ) [長年日記]


The other day, I wrote about a woman who continued to make up in the train to the final destination.


I was moved to watch her techniques of making up, for example, tinting eyelashes, expanding foundations, and dynamical her face changing.

I remembered that I named her

―― 化粧(けわい)の匠(たくみ)

"professional of maquillage"




This morning, when I went to a station on foot, I watched a woman who was packing with driving.


I was very surprised that "a person of white face(in the literature) is at the wheel".


But I don't like this rationalism, like this.

匠の技は、今なお進化を続けている ―― と実感しました。

I confirm that, "professional of maquillage" is making progress, still now.

2016-02-22 ―― 矯正不能の馬鹿だなぁ [長年日記]


The other day, a couple of men and women on the train is in a small talk.


"He has a certain opinion, but he doesn't say it."

―― ん ?

"What ?"


"How does this man know the existence of this unknown opinion ?"



Well, the meaning of this phrase is


"He have his own views, and I have heard it in private"


"However, he seldom open the opinion in public or persons"



Yeah, I can understand it under the above circumstance.



There are no business persons who are talking directly about what they think


I also change my opinion by the people, and sometimes I can say that of true reverse unabashedly .


Even though, I do not mean that I am lying ( it might appear to have lied).


Any event is also a object, after all.


There are countless appearance and fascination from the several angle.


So, even if we like feel like a contradiction in someone's story, the event that the person is said is always one of the objects that exist without contradiction.



So, I think that a hero to come out to Soseki Natsume's novel "Botchan", is

―― 矯正不能の馬鹿だなぁ

"an idiot of correction inability"


Well, that's the reason the novel is fun for us.

2016-02-23 つまり、「観測者が存在する限り、被観測物の真の姿は分からない」ということです。 [長年日記]


When I try to summarise the law of "Heisenberg's indeterminacy principle", roughly, for example.

―― 測定装置(温度計等)によって、被測定物(コップの水の温等等)の温度が変化してしまう為、真の温度を計測することができない

we cannot know the real temperature of water in glass eternally, because of the temperature is going to be changed by the instrument.



The heat energy becomes lost or added by the instrument.


Above all, nobody knows the real figure of a object, if there is a observer.


I think that this story might be similar to the diary of yesterday "we cannot get the real figure of an object".


Above and beyond this.



I, may cross the wide roadway relatively width of the four-lane, in the way of the commute.


Of course, the cross of such lane is dangerous (but not a violation of the law), so I should pay attention of fullness, getting the timing of the passage of the car.


If I happen to make a accident in any situation, I think "I am a perpetrator" emotionally.


However, (previously it might have to talk same story), I might have a sharp eye, and some drivers will stop their cars in worst case, not enough only to be crawl, and I feel bad.( women with weak mind, in most cases).

# 歩行者に睨めつけられたくらいで、車を止めるな

Do not stop the car, even stared in a pedestrian.


In large lane, there also might be the possibility of rear-end collision accident by a following vehicle, moreover, my precise calculation results will become in vain, though I follow the movement of both the left and right of the cars in my eyes.



I want to say that, this is a good example of


"Heisenberg's indeterminacy principle"


2016-02-24 ―― 女子中学生の拉致を計画しているテロリストが、少しづつ近付いてきている [長年日記]


The other day, I wrote that I had been captured by Scotland Yard in Heathrow Airport.


I could know the reason, because my sight looked like a member of special attack team in some organization.


So I used to respond affirmatively and friendly to police checkup at any country.


For me, "a policy check up" is in common. Whenever I talk about the story in drinking party, for example, I was surprised to watch the persons who were surprised to hear the story.


最近は、花粉症対策でマスクをすることで ―― どこから見ても、

Recently, in hay fever season, I have to mask out of doors, so my sight becomes


a leader of attack team of terrorist.

この姿で、モスクや礼拝堂以外の場所で「アッラーフ・アクバル!」と叫んでみたら、多くの人がどういう反応するのか見てみたい ―― そんな衝動に駆れれることがあります。

I sometimes act on impulse to shout "allahu akbar!" further than mosque or place of worship, in order to watch people's faces.



From yesterday, I wake up at 5:30, and go to my office with my second daughter.


It takes less than 30 min to the station on foot, however, she is walking slower than me, so I decided to leave home, 5 min, later than her.


This morning, we did this trial indeed,


The closer the distance between she and I becomes,

―― 女子中学生の拉致を計画しているテロリストが、少しづつ近付いてきている

the closer the distance between a girl and a terrorist also becomes.


I could see nothing but the above scene.



I am afraid that it's a matter of time before being alerted by neighbour,however, if anybody doesn't do any action, it should be a serious problem too.

『あの「テロリスト」は、実は少女を守る「ガーディアン」だった』 ―― という話が認知されるまで、ざっと2年と見積っています。

I think that at least two years might be needed a fact that "the terrorist is actually the girl's guardian".


Anyway, when I am checked up by the policy, I am going to tell you in detail.

2016-02-25 「バーチャル江端」のファジィ推論エンジン [長年日記]


Today, a new column is released, so I take a day off.

"Let's turn the world by "Number" Diet (27)

"All of three virtual Ebatas burned off"



In this column, my comment,

The fuzzy reasoning engine of "Virtual Ebata" that appeared in this column

―― 本物です。

is real one.

2016-02-26 ―― その女の子の横にピッタリくっ付いて、座りました。 [長年日記]


The other day, when I got on the train late at night,


a high school girl sat on a seat in front of me, and open a book of English words.

『そういえば、そろそろ定期考査の時期か』―― 現役の高校生と中学生の娘を持つ父親は、そういうスケジュールにも通じています。

I think "it is almost time for regular exam". I know the schedule because I am a father who has two daughter of active high school and junior hight school.



At a station, a middle-aged man came to the train.


After entering from the door, as soon as he found the girl, he stopped to look down her,

―― その女の子の横にピッタリくっ付いて、座りました。

he sat down, sticking fast to her.


I could not believe my own eyes.

空席だらけの電車の中で、そんなことを本当にやる人間が、―― コミックやアニメや小説の世界ではなく ―― 現実世界にいるのかと、本当にびっくりしました。

I was really surprised that the person who did such ugly attitude in a vacant train compartment had existed outside of the field of novels, comics and animations.



At the moment, I suddenly stood up overwhelmingly, with acting "I watched a bugger" and move to another seat.


The girl seemed to understand my intention, she also moved to another seat after me.


I breathed a sigh of relief to her action.



The person who do the above has existed, even if it is by nature, by second nature, by well, and by malice.


But I am afraid that it is meaningless of its right and wrong.


The most important thing is that whenever we fell something stranger or danger,

無礼であろうがなかろうが、人にどのように思われれようが ――、

even if it is disrespectful against anyone's feeling,


we have to prepare for reaction of spinal reflex in sub-second at any time.

2016-02-27 ―― その理解の方向が、ほとんど逆ベクトル [長年日記]

Previously, I described about the Studio Ghibli works "Kaze-tachinu(The Wind Rises)".

#ところで、「風立ちぬ」の英語訳って、"The Wind Rises"(Youtube)なんですね。『すごく美しい英語を見た』と、えも言えぬ感動を感動を感じたのは、私だけでしょうか


My wife and daughters went to the movie, and the evaluation was "good".


I also went to the movie, and the evaluation was "good".



―― その理解の方向が、ほとんど逆ベクトル

"The direction of the understanding is almost Inverse vectors."



I could understand perfectly that the way of the hero as an engineer of the Zero fighter design, is "a normal way of life, needless to say special".


However, my wife and daughters felt that "that person (the hero), what is he thinking?" with looking like the alien.

例えば、『病床の最愛の妻を、実家において置いて、その日のうちに仕事に戻る』という主人公の行動は「人間として、どうよ?」という感想を持たれてしまうのは ―― まあ、当然でしょう。

For example, the hero's action, "he leaves his wife's country house back to work on the same day, in spite of her serious sickness" might be blamed with "what is he thinking?"


However, I can understand the behaviour of this hero, as "sensibility" instead of "logic".



It is very hard for me to explain it logically,

―― 人間愛だけが、最高の価値である

"Only human love is, is the best value"


might be a "sound argument", however I have a feeling (not logic) that I want to mutter as "Is that so?" in a small voice at a distance of about 100 meters.


I think "Human love is important but others are also important about the same"


There is no engineer who thinks "this is the most important sub-system", for example.


Speaking in more concrete, there is no watchmaker who thinks "only watch board is the most important thing of all the watch parts"


I think that "a person who thinks "human love" is special, doesn't even take care of the love itself "



Well, this my small talk is that


I don't ask you my thought's pros and cons, though,


this might be a typical characteristic of "engineers",


I noticed that.

2016-02-28 「時計合わせって何?」ということになる ―― [長年日記]


The waves for "radio clock" is broadcasting from the two radio station in Fukushima pref. and the border between Saga and Fukuoka pref.


The two stations keep a precise time of all "wall-mounted radio clocks" in Japan. within one second


Now younger who say "What is cassette ?" "What is floppy disc?" is going to ask me, in near future,

「時計合わせって何?」ということになる ――

the question of "What is "clock adjustment".


It has already come hasn't it?



But there are some places where we cannot receive the wave at all.


One of them was my office.


The wall-mounted radio clocks cannot show a LED blinking for the wave receive confirmation.


I started a field work in order to check the wave, however, I came to know that the wave was not arriving at even at nearby windows. (I am afraid that it is in vain to continue the check-up).


I was very shocked by the result.


Because, I have already ordered several wall-mounted radio clocks for office environmental improvement at this time.


In this state, I have to add an annoying task to go outside, in order to match the time of wall-mounted radio clock.


(To be continued)

2016-02-29 床下に潜っている自分の動画を撮影する、等々、 [長年日記]


My new column is released, so I take a day off.

Mr.Ebata's struggling for DIY Home Security System by EtherCAT(7) "

Aggressive home security system ----- the maids intercept invaders



By the way,


shooting the film of my diving under the living floor, for example,


my weekend holidays are spent by like the above or writing columns


"what are other persons do every weekend ?"


I feel a great deal of concern recently.