2020-09-01 ―― 運命の赤い糸は、自分を中心として1024本ほど同時に繋っていて、そのいずれも確定状態にはない [長年日記]

私は、自分の娘たちに、若いころの恋愛話を―― 客観的に、他人事のように ―― ペラペラとしゃべっています。

I talk to my daughters about my youthful romance objectively, like other's love affairs.


After that, my daughters also tell me the ongoing story (although the disclosure may be limited, of course).



Recently, as a fummy story that my daughter got

―― 運命の赤い糸は、自分を中心として1024本ほど同時に繋っていて、そのいずれも確定状態にはない

"The 1024 red threads of destiny are connected at the same time, centering on you, and none of them are in a confirmed state"


That was the so-called "quantum love theory" based on my recent study of "quantum theory".



After hearing the story, she was laughing loudly.


Though I don't know what happened to her, I told my daughter, "Well, do your best."

2020-09-02 『いい大人が、そんな「中二病」発言なんかして、みっともないことだな』 ―― と、ニュースを見ていたら、どこぞの市の教育長でした。 [長年日記]

国家間の戦争が、経済を大きく回す ―― そんなことは、今時、子どもだって知っています。

"War between nations turns the economy around in a big way" -- even children know that nowadays.


I even took a refresher course in the anime.


It's called "Mao Yu Maou Brave". In recent anime, the original author studies really well, so their works help me.


What this anime tells us, is the fact is that the war economy is in good shape at the beginning and during it, but if it is stopped without any measures (leading to peace), there will be a terrible recession that can destroy the nation.


For example, even in Japanese history, you can easily find the case.

例えば ―― 天下平定後の豊臣秀吉が、不可思議とも思える侵略戦争「文禄・慶長の役」を試みたのは、戦場がなくなった日本国における、戦闘員(武士)の為の大量失業対策であった ―― ということは周知の事実です。

For example-- that is a well-known fact. The reason why Toyotomi Hideyoshi attempted the mysterious war of invasion, "The War of 1592", after the pacification of the country, was as a countermeasure against mass unemployment for the combatants (samurai) in Japan, which had lost its battlefield.



It's too obvious, but I'm not going to talk about it because it's immodest.


The first of these is the phrase "War between nations turns the economy around in a big way".



It seems that there is a problem when somebody talks about the things that are taught in the anime.


Moreover, he seems to have caused public "discomfort" by using the term "corona disaster" this time.

『いい大人が、そんな「中二病」発言なんかして、みっともないことだな』 ―― と、ニュースを見ていたら、どこぞの市の教育長でした。

It's disgraceful for a grown man to make such a 'junior high' comment. I was watching the news and I knew he was the superintendent of education in some city.


"I see". I was somewhat convinced.



I'm not trying to defend this school superintendent at all, however,



In the summer of 2015, the governor of Kagoshima Prefecture got into big trouble when he said, 'High school girls should be taught the names of flowers and grasses rather than trigonometric functions'.


I am furious with this phrase.


And every time a similar incident (tongue-in-cheek incident) occurs in the future, I will try to cite this page so that it will not be forgotten by the public.


どうせ"舌禍"かますなら、言い訳の余地もないほど、徹底的に、激烈にやるべきです。 Z

If you're going to create a "tongue-in-cheek" problem, you should do it so thoroughly and violently that there's no excuse for it.


For example,

A cult-like religious group made up of a crazy guru and the ignorant followers who follow him.


You should use phrases with this level of malice and hatred.

2020-09-03 ―― 現時点で、もっとも整備された仕事の環境は、私の部屋 [長年日記]


Today, with the permission of the general manager, I made a business trip outside the company for a long time.


Due to the partner company's request, "I'd like to have a technical meeting at least once, using a whiteboard," I agreed with them.


Remote conferencing tools (e.g. apps) are being refined every day, and we are getting used to them.


I think it's a good thing.



When I went on this business trip, I realized once again. There was a lot to prepare for the meeting, which was only an hour long.


- get dressed in business casual.


- put the necessary materials into the computer, print out some more backups, and


- check the train times and weather.


- prevent heat stroke, and stop walking and take a taxi.


- wait for a train in the direct sun.


- keep worrying about my mask and social distances on the train


- three-hour round trip.


So far, more than five hours in total.


If this is a remote meeting, the preparation time is less than 15 minutes.



As I've said before, there is no "definition of productivity" available for all people and events at this time.


For example, this five hours includes the profits of the taxi and train companies.


Have the last five hours benefited me? If you ask me, the answer is clearly "No."


In my work, it's enough to have an environment where I can create documentation and develop programs.

―― 現時点で、もっとも整備された仕事の環境は、私の部屋

"at the moment, the most organized work environment is my room"



However, we've been using the computer and air conditioner a lot this summer, so the Ebata family's electricity bill is going to be amazing.


(To be continued)

2020-09-04 私、リアル世界のミーティングが開催できない今の世界が好きです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


What I want now is,

―― リモートで共有可能な電子ホワイトボード

"electronic whiteboards that can be shared remotely"



Maybe these "shared whiteboards" are available for sale.


However, it doesn't seem to be easy to install the same equipment in both environments. Maybe it is expensive.



There is also the possibility of "board sharing" using a tablet and a magnetic pen, but it's probably still early days for full implementation.


And it's hard to write with a tablet, especially with text. Of course I need "experience" too.


However, I had tried using a pen-tab to "create" an illustration from time to time, but it wasn't a good match for me.


I ended up stopping using the pen tabs (it was a waste of an investment).


Now I create pictures using only the mouse and shortcut keys (as a "SAI" user).



If I can't share, I guess I'll make a temporary office, including a whiteboard, in my room.


I'm not a YouTuber.

Speaking of YouTube, I've posted a few of them on YouTube.


I'm just videotaping and throwing things on YouTube that I can't be bothered to write down.



I love the world where real world meetings cannot be held.


I want the Corona disaster to subside, but I don't want the Skype conference to subside.


"15 minutes" is better than "5 hours".

成田空港のセキュリティで毎度足止め喰らって、狭いエコノミー席で、巨漢の外国人に押し潰されながら10時間を過し、時差ボケで苦しみながら、英語での発表を強いられるよりも ――

Every time I get held up by security at Narita Airport, spending ten hours in a cramped economy seat, being crushed by a giant foreigner, suffering from jet lag, and being force to present in English...


It's a new-age international conference, "Banzai," where I draw English material at home, speak English about it, make video clips, and post them to a server on the Internet.



However, on the other hand, I believe that capital investment for this purpose is inevitable.

―― 江端家書斎、スタジオ化計画

"Ebata's study, studio project"

この、書類と書籍(マンガコミックを含む)で溢れかえるカオス状態の部屋を、いかに、無機質な会議室のように装うか ――

How to make this chaotic room full of papers and books (including manga comics) look like an inorganic conference room?


The first step is to examine digital video processing technology.

2020-09-05 ―― 「また食事を摂らなけばならない」と思うだけで、明日が来るのが怖い [長年日記]


I was reviewing my old column last night and noticed a comment attached to it about diet (eating disorders).

―― 「また食事を摂らなけばならない」と思うだけで、明日が来るのが怖い

"I'm scared that tomorrow will come just by thinking "I have to eat again""



When I saw this fierce phrase, I was about to cry.

「食べない」のではなく「食べられなくなる」という、悪魔の病気 ―― 拒食症

The Devil's Disease of not "not eating" but "not being able to eat" -- Anorexia


This column is a real report of a real-life experience where even I, a "man" who "lived half a century", easily went into an "anorexia" spiral.


And it's not hard to imagine that for a "teenage" "girl" the process of getting to anorexia is as easy as "rolling downhill".

In this column, I explain the mechanism leading to anorexia using only my (Ebata's) own body "experiments", "observations" and "physical phenomena", eliminating all kinds of subjectivity and emotions.



I also heard that parents who read this column use it as a resource to explain anorexia to anorexic children (mostly girls).


Please use this without limit.


You don't need to contact me about printing, teaching materials, lectures, or any non-profit use.

(*)但し、Web化権については、EE Times Japan社に、独占使用権があります。

(*) However, EE Times Japan has an exclusive license to use on the Web.



If my estimation (simulation) is correct,


- The number of deaths from anorexia nervosa in Japan is 584 per year (3000 to 4000 in France).


- More than half (or all) of the young women in Japan (Japan) die from anorexia.


This means that "young women are dieting to die" (of course, the extreme theory) also holds.



Parents, please explain to your child that

「ダイエットに失敗する」ことは ―― 特にティーンエイジャの女の子にとっては ―― 「死を免れた幸運」である

"failing to lose weight" is "good fortune that has escaped death"


Especially for teenage girls.

2020-09-06 『要するに、政府は、国民のITリテラシー向上の為に、国民を訓練をしている訳だね』 [長年日記]


I've completed registration for all of my family's Miner Points(My Number card-based cashless payment services) (\5,000 per person) (only my senior daughter seems to be working hard to make it through on her own).


I'll take whatever "my country gives me".


I have a card reader on my home PC, characteristically masterful

ただ、家族分のポイントを、まとめて一つのクレジットカードに放り込めないというのは ―― まあ、そりゃ、セキュリティや詐欺対策の点からして『当然』だと思いますが ―― そこそこ、面倒くさかったです。

However, it was rather troublesome that the points for the family could not be thrown together into one credit card. Well, I think it's "natural" from the point of view of security and fraud measures.


Therefore, for families other than me, I threw them on a commuter pass (PASMO).


However, PASMO needed preliminary registration in advance and I didn't notice it, so it was pretty wasteful.



Nevertheless, "the administration is working hard to make this system easy to use,


But, unfortunately, I'm a systems engineer, so I understand that, I think.



My senior daughter had something interesting to say.


"In short, the government is training the people to improve their IT literacy."


確かに ―― 全ての国民が、マイナンバーカードを自由自在に使えれば、現在の行政の窓口業務は、(直感ですが)半分以下にできると思います。

Certainly, if all the people can use My Number Card freely, the current administrative window work can be less than half (intuitively).


This is a bright future, where we can expect a dynamic change in the social security budget.



Even so, if "the government is training to improve the IT literacy of the people," I would like to say, "First of all, what should I do with IT education?"


There still seem to be a lot of stupid schools that ban smartphones from bringing them to school (yes, they're surprisingly close to me).


"It's the opposite isn't it?"


I think that it is really dangerous if we do not immediately start the educational curriculum that uses smartphones as "teaching materials" during classes.


From my point of view, it is clear that the administration (MEXT, etc.) is turning in that direction.


However, useless old without IT literacy(on-site teachers and PTAs) are hindering it.



As I said, it is certain that I will eventually join the useless old


In the near future, I will be treated as a nuisance by society, which will be incredibly inconvenient and extremely unpleasant.


Still, at least I'm prepared to "put up with them" so as not to "get in the way of the next generation".

2020-09-07 ただ、ですね、そんな私であっても「人間は生れながらにして善である」を信じてしまうことがあります。 [長年日記]


I, basically, do not believe in the goodness of man.


I feel like my axis is more on the side of "Junkyo" than "Mengzi".


At the same time, I know that this isn't an "either/or" thing.


In short, this is based on an individual's vision (values).


Because the world can be seen differently depending on where we are at (time, place, environment, past experiences, etc.).



However, even then, I sometimes believe that "human beings are good as they are born."


For example,

$ git clone https://github.com/GuyBrand/WssSample
Cloning into 'WssSample'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 16, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (16/16), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (15/15), done.
remote: Total 16 (delta 0), reused 16 (delta 0), pack-reused 0
Unpacking objects: 100% (16/16), 8.69 KiB | 67.00 KiB/s, done.


It is the time when I am full of euphoria by seeing the output result.


Golangのwebsocketのwss対応で、一日中、四苦八苦していたところに、こういうサンプルプログラムを惜しげもなく、世界に公開してくれる人がいる ――

When I knew someone who would like to release this kind of sample program to the world, where I was struggling all day with Golang's websocket wss support ---


That fact alone makes me think, "I can believe in the world."

2020-09-08 ビーカーとかフラスコとかで、ジュースとかビール飲みますよね、普通に。 [長年日記]


I continue to work at home and frequently go downstairs to the kitchen to get drinking water. This is quite annoying.


I was going to buy a large mug, but apparently I don't have a size mug that meets my requirements.


So, I bought this from Amazon.


A measuring cup.


This is better than I thought.


In addition to being able to have a lot of drinking water at once, I like the "scale".


I like the fact that the amount of water intake per unit of time can be measured quantitatively.



I drink my tea by this mug...or measuring cup, even when I'm eating.


However, my wife has complained about it.


It would "ruin the atmosphere of the meal.


Do you think it's that uncomfortable?


You usually drink juice or beer with a beaker or flask or something like that.

2020-09-09 「シンデレラ2020」 [長年日記]


There is a flurry of activity in the world (especially in the IT field) regarding the "face recognition system".


Well, I won't mention this because it's easy to find out if you Google these keywords.



By the way, "Cinderella" uses "foot size" to authenticate her identity.


It's a very roundabout way of searching. The prince should be able to identify himself in person.


Well, the "foot size" is the primary check and the final check is probably an interview by the Prince himself.


If that's the case, I'm guessing that multiple search teams at the palace are dividing up and inspecting all of the city's daughters.


The search team would have to create at least several pairs of imitation Cinderella shoes, which would be quite a lot of time and effort, I think.

3Dプリンタもない時代に ―― 国民の血税使って

In an age when there were no 3D printers, with wasting the people's tax dollars.



In order to facilitate these investigations without public outcry


"A designated infectious disease has been detected in these glass shoes. We need to isolate the infected as soon as possible"


I think you'll need to make up a story like this.


So, if


"All ball attendees will be called back to the royal palace to be subjected to PCR testing as concentrated infectious contacts of the source of the cluster."


With including prejudice and discrimination against infected people and health care workers and the social problems caused by such ignorant people, I would like to see a stage,


"Cinderella 2020"

の舞台を ―― 私は見たい。



It's not just a criticism of people who don't think scientifically or who are lazy enough to try to acquire the right knowledge on their own. I think it's time to start examining the "conspiracy of power" that exploits the "infection".


In fact, this kind of (misuse of infection and quarantine) power conspiracy is ragged if you look into modern history (especially during the world wars).

2020-09-10 つまり、親と子どもの間の『嫌い』には、非対称の関係が成立している訳です。 [長年日記]


"I hate myself"


There are a lot of songs with lyrics like that, and a lot of people say that themselves.


On the other hand,


"I hate my kids"


I've never seen a song with those lyrics, and I don't know of anyone who professes to do so (regardless of how they feel about it)


Why? I don't have to ask myself. Because the subject and the object are different.


Even though they are your children, they are not your children.



In comparison, the world is full of "I hate xx".


Additionally, "I hate my parents", even if they are related by blood, can be found everywhere (though not in the lyrics).


In other words, there is an asymmetrical relationship between parents and children about "dislike".


The children are in a stronger position.



Children can give reasonable explanations about "dislike",


"Children are not born to choose their parents"




"Children are forced to be vulnerable as dependents in the first place"




"Children are destined to inherit their parents' genes"



On the other hand, it's difficult (or "impossible") for parents to provide such a reasonable explanation.


"Thank me for being born and for being here"


An adult who can say those things to a child must have a pretty good heart.



Now, back to the "I hate myself" story.


(To be continued)

2020-09-11 ですが、見て見ぬふりをしてはいけません ―― 私たちは、相対評価の世の中で生きているんです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Based on my considerations above,


It seems like the same thing as "I hate my parents for not manufacturing me as the person I want to be.


However, if I look online, I have not found many cases of people shifting the blame of "I hate myself" to their parents.


Well, that's true.


In that case, you can say "I hate my parents" and that will be enough.



The logic behind "I hate myself", to be represented by an inequality.

■ (自分が理想とする自分 - 自分が自認している自分) > (自分の許容できるしきい値)

"My ideal self" - "Self-identified self" > "My acceptable threshold."


However, this inequality can be described as "high self-goals," which is not generally a bad thing.


However, this "self-goal" is often created by "comparison" with others.


In short, it's the result of a "relative assessment".


Many people talk about "relative evaluation" like it's a bad thing.

ですが、見て見ぬふりをしてはいけません ―― 私たちは、相対評価の世の中で生きているんです。

But we can't turn a blind eye to it - we live in a world of relative evaluation.


Anyone who says that's "never mind" is, to put it bluntly, 'an idiot who can't recognize the real world'.


In my experience, a page on a website that is littered with a large amount of 'kind words' that say 'You' are worthy of your own alone" has been based on, I think


"Pink Background"


"The petals were dancing"


"In the pages, the words "spiritual" and "God" are apparent"


I don't like people who abuse these two words.


(To be continued)

2020-09-12 私は『幸せに狂っている私』がいい。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I have been thinking about this for as long as I can remember.


I am both the subject of me and the object of me.


(This is the mimics Ortega's phrase "I am what I am and my environment")


If it's hard to understand, I say "I'm living with my clone" or "I'm living with my twin".


In short, I have two people, one who moves me and the other who observes me.

で、私が思うに ―― 『自分が嫌い』な人は、その観測者の評価が厳し過ぎる。

And I think -- people who 'hate themselves' are too harsh in their observers' estimation.


I would feel too sorry for "me" if "I" hated the "me" that I live with 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


What if the "I" closest to "me" doesn't protect "me"?


Who else could it be but "me", who can indulge me with saying 'It's okay, I'll get it right this time,", whenever I fail.


私の場合 ―― さらに、自分を甘やかすだけで止まらず、

In my case, I don't stop indulging myself.


"It's not my fault at all. It's all the world's fault but me"

と 「本気」で思っています。

I "seriously" believe that.


Why can I think that?


It's because "the world is bad" and "it's not my fault.


At the very least, this is the only "fact" that can be derived from the idea of "I am the center of the world".


もっとも ―― これまで、多くの人間から、私は、「狂っている奴」とか「幸せな奴」とか言われてきました。

However, I've been told by many people that I'm a "crazy guy" or a "happy guy".


They reported it to me as an objective observation, without "disdain" or "malice" or "respect" or "longing".


And I've heard their opinions as "observers" as well.

私は、彼らの「観測結果」を信じています ―― だから、私は、『幸せに狂っている奴』なのでしょう。

I believe their 'observations', So "I'm a 'happy crazy guy", I guess.


『幸せに狂っている奴』だけが、『自分が嫌い』という呪いから逃れられるのであれば ――

If only the "happy crazy guy" could escape the curse of "I hate myself",


I want to be the "happy crazy guy".


I don't want "kind words" like, "You're worth it on your own".

2020-09-13 「あらゆる量子計算」ができるなら、その一例でいいから、その計算の内容を書けよ! [長年日記]


I spent all day yesterday researching the application of "quantum entanglement" on the internet.


To be honest, I was very tired.

―― 「量子もつれ」って、量子暗号とかデバイスでは使えそうだけど、量子コンピュータで使うところないじゃないのかな?

"Quantum entanglement" could be used in quantum cryptography and other devices, but I wonder if there's any place to use it in a quantum computer?


While thinking that, I was reading through the material. In one news release, I read a phrase and got angry,


"The creation of large-scale quantum entanglement that can perform any kind of quantum computation, overcoming the limitations of conventional methods."



If you can do "any kind of quantum computation", just use that one example and write down what that computation is!


I was bummed, but I still had to re-read that news release several times.


And while reviewing the picture of the "secondary cluster state, I shouted

『あーー! そういうことかーーー!!』

"Aah! So that's how it is!"


「量子もつれ」をそういう風に使うのか ―― 凄いこと考える人間と、実装する人間がいるもんだ、と、久々に目の覚める思いでした。

That's the way they use quantum entanglement -- It's been a long time since I've had an eye-opening experience, and I'm amazed that there are people who think great things and people who implement them.



I would like to share my astonishment with you in my next column.


That's why I'm still working diligently on the drawings.


(Now I was drawing Alice and Bob (for those of you who know what I mean))

2020-09-14 私だって、本気を出せば、「当たり障りのないコラム」くらい書けるんです。 [長年日記]


This month, I contributed a column to the company newsletter.


I simply contributed it as a work in my position with being assigned.


However, I have already had my column rejected twice so far. Once, after being released internally, my column got me into trouble at the executive level.

私は、自分の気持ちを、素直にコラムに書いているだけなんですが ―― まあ、組織には「触れてはいけないこと」も多いのです。

Honestly, I'm just writing my feelings in my column -- well, there are a lot of things that should not be "touched" in any organization.


I know that, but I dare to take on the challenge, so it's not good.



However, I don't want ot waste the time of "column rejected, and resubmitted". This time, I wrote it in a safe manner.


Of course, it went through the editorial team in one shot.


Even I can write as much as a "bland column" if I take it seriously.

ただ、社内のシンパが減るかもしれません ―― 「江端が日和(ひよ)った」って言われそうです。

However, the number of in-house sympathizers may decrease. Someone may say "Ebata pandered to the organization"

2020-09-15 ―― 小田急の乗客の多くに愛され続けている「名代 箱根そば」について、熱く語れる女子高校生 [長年日記]

私の娘たちは、自慢できる娘たちですが ―― 可愛いだの、綺麗だの、聡明だの、博識だの、多芸だの ―― そんなことは、私の娘ですので、語るまでもありません。

My daughters I can be proud of, is, of couse, -- pretty, beautiful, intelligent, knowledgeable, versatile --. However, I don't need to tell you, because she is my daughters.


In particular, what I can confidently boast about my junior daughter, is

―― 小田急の乗客の多くに愛され続けている「名代 箱根そば」について、熱く語れる女子高校生

"A high school girl who can talk passionately about Odakyu's "Myoudai Hakone Soba", a specialty of Odakyu-line, which has been loved by many of its passengers"




For example, I've reached this age where I still haven't been able to get my hands on something called "croquette soba".


However, she


- talks about the world of Croquette Soba.


- preachs on the etiquette of eating it




- calls me a "slacker" for not reaching out in that area.



Of course, she seems to be able to talk about instagrammable shops and stores as well.


I have a lot of respect for cosmopolitanism and fairness of her world, including "stand-up soba".


(Although, I can't accept her eccentricities.)


―― ということを、

I thought that with watching TV drama of

"The Fast-Food Detective "Tachibana""


2020-09-16 江端:「私も、この『パソコン検定』受験してみようかな」 [長年日記]


I am a qualification holder of "Information Processing Type 1" and "Network Specialist" of the old information processing test.


Of course, these qualifications, like the TOEIC score, have no meaning if they cannot be used in the field.


Of course, there are also benefits such as increasing the number of items in the resume and exemption from other exams.


These days, however, I've lost interest in these types of certification exams and there is no "hare" in my life.



Previously, my wife had been studying "PC certification" at the request of a temporary staffing agency.


At that time, I was a tutor for my wife.


After all, I'm an IT engineer at a level that can point out "statement mistakes" in the "PC certification" textbook.



Ebata: "I wonder if I would take this "PC certification test".


Wife: "Why?"


Ebata: "Somehow, I want "hare"".

と言ったら ―― かなりマジな感じで怒られました。

When I said that, my wife made me angry with a serious feeling.


She said that "there is no such money in my house!".



Aside from that.


I just found the "Embedded Systems Specialist Exam (ES)" for the first time today.


If I'm taking this exam, I think I'm going to study a bit more.


I wondered if EtherCAT and Raspberry Pi were in the scope of the questions, so I checked the past questions.


As expected, there didn't seem to be any such thing. However, the afternoon's exam question was "almost the same system" as my previous work projects, and I was chuckling.

2020-09-17 だから、不愉快な上司には、「パワハラだ!」と叫ぶことで、その状態を確定させられます。 [長年日記]

It is stated here that I have been a "participant in power harassment" for more than 20 years in the patent business of the laboratory.


Well, in this column, I am developing the theory of


"We cannot escape from being the perpetrator of power harassment."



I have no intention of "generalizing power harassment and defending myself".


However, all the parties to power harassment do not dream of "I am doing power harassment".


最近、私、量子論的思想にすっかり汚染されていますが ――

Recently, I have been completely contaminated with quantum theory.


"We are in a state where" power harassment "and" non-power harassment "coexist"


"However, the moment we observe its existence as "power harassment", that person is confirmed as a person who performs "power harassment""



Therefore, you can label your unpleasant boss by yelling "Power harassment!".


In addition, the person's "power harassment" can be socially recognized by an in-house compliance agency or a lawsuit.



Conversely, "She/he will do power harassment!" with that one word, it is confirmed that the person is power harassment, and it can no longer be changed.


So we don't have to abuse that word.

ただ、必要な場合には、行使しなければなりません ―― 世界で一番大切なものは自分自身だからです。

But if you need it, you have to exercise it. Because the most important thing in the world is myself.



So, I have been confirmed as a "power harassment maker for patent business".

2020-09-18 だから、『この主人公、怖い奴だな』と思いました。 [長年日記]


This is my impression after watching episode 11 of "My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong,As I Expected -- Final"


ああ、なるほど ――

Oh, I see...


I could tell that the main character wasn't trying to be cool by saying, "I can't express myself in words" or "I don't think a single word can convey my feelings.

「好きだ」とか「愛している」程度の言葉では、"表わせない想い"というのは ―― 本当にあるんです。

I know that there are feelings that cannot be expressed in words like "I love you"


But when I noticed that, it's been a long time since I was a teenager.


That's why I thought, "this hero is a scary guy"


I wondered if this hero, the actual age, had already reached "old age".

2020-09-19 『おお、あの大学、そんなオシャレな"区名"のところにあるのか、 ―― 生意気な』と思いながら、入力していました。 [長年日記]


A few days ago, the person distributing the census questionnaire came to my home.


I am the one who has been allowed to use a mountain of government data, so I think it's only natural for me to cooperate with the investigation.


The fact that I can enter the information from my computer was also helpful.

ただ、今回の調査を見て分かったことは ―― この調査表に、デタラメ書いても分からない ―― ということですね。

But what we've learned from this investigation is that nobody can write bullshit on these charts.


If they want to ensure accuracy, it should be based on things like the electronic signature on "MY NUMBER CARD", but of course, if they do that, we will reject to answer it.


So I think they are correct in this survey method.



I even entered the addresses of my daughters' high school and college locations, but I didn't know where my senior daughter's college was.

『おお、あの大学、そんなオシャレな"区名"のところにあるのか、 ―― 生意気な』と思いながら、入力していました。

I thought to myself, "Oh, they college is in that fashionable ward name - that's cheeky".


After all, I only entered the school once during the entrance ceremony.

私の方は、勤務先の入力で迷いました ―― 「ここ数ヶ月にかぎれば"自宅"だよなぁ」と、まあ、そんなことを考えながら入力していました。

I've been wondering how to enter the company I work for. "Only in the past few months, it's been "home"". Well, I was thinking about that with typing.


It takes about 5 minutes.

It's really quite conscientious compared to the JMI and other surveys conducted by the company.

皆さんも、我が国の為 ―― ではなく、私のコラムの資料の為に、ご協力をお願い致します。

I would like to ask you all to help, not for the sake of our country, but for the sake of the material in my column.

2020-09-20 テストとか、学業成績とか、ノルマとか、営業利益とか ―― そりゃ、楽しい思い出になろう訳がありません。 [長年日記]


The Internet is a treasure trove of information, but it is also a treasure trove of bullshit.


Well, I guess I can't help it.


There is no "obligation" to be precise.


It would be nice if search engines would even rate the accuracy of the content of the article, but they can't do that.



Many people don't know this, but the "documents published by the Cabinet Office and ministries" are well done.


Since they are the body that promotes policy, it is only natural that the content would be too much for the policy.


However, the data that comes out is not available to those companies and writers.


Also, if you request a release of information, they will give you most of the information (it takes some time, but it's cheap (about $500)).



Well, no matter how I write a column so hard with the data I got, not many people are interested in the "numbers".


This may be because, for many people, "numbers" are on the set menu with "bad memories".

テストとか、学業成績とか、ノルマとか、営業利益とか ―― そりゃ、楽しい思い出になろう訳がありません。

Tests, academic performance, quotas, operating profits -- that can't be a pleasant memory.



Well, I suppose it would be an approach to "correct information" if statistics and data were included in an internet posting board or something, however I can predict that it will be instantly quiet.

2020-09-21 だからこそ、私は「自動報復システム」という特許出願をしようとしたんですけどね。止められましたが。 [長年日記]


The other day I was at the library reading a novel about a hacker who tries to hack into the FBI or the CIA, but I failed to read it in the middle of the book.


"Too little study"


I was afraid that it was so poorly written.

「この程度の内容にしなければ、読者がついてきてくれない」という、ビジネス上の計算もあるのかもしれない ―― という善意の解釈は、直ちに却下できました。

"Maybe there's a business calculation that says, "If I don't make this level of content, my readers won't follow me", however I immediately rejected such a good-faith interpretation of mine.


That kind of detail-related knowledge inevitably "shows up between the lines". No matter how much they try to suppress it, I can still see it.



There are no "violence" or "guns" or "abduction" or "kidnapping" or "kidnapping" in real life cyber attacks.


If you make a movie about a real-life cyber attack,

―― ずーっとPCに向きあって、ディスプレイ上に展開された20くらいのコンソールを、同時に操作するアタッカーが、延々20時間くらい作業し続ける

"An attacker facing the PC and operating 20 or so consoles spread out on the display at the same time, working for about 20 hours on end."



It will be a boring, boring movie.



Cyber attacks, of course, put the defender at a tremendous disadvantage against the attacker.


There's a lot of talk about it, but it's all over if you're targeted.


An attacker can have multiple people attacking at any given time with plenty of time and resources, however, the defenders must continue to respond in one place, 24 hours a day, without a break.


That's why I tried to file a patent application called "Automatic Retaliation System", however I was stopped.


(To be continued)

2020-09-22 『例え逮捕されることになろうとも、奴をやっつけてしてスッキリしたい』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


It goes without saying that security measures are important to avoid being attacked.

定期的なセキュリティパッチの更新、ウイスルチェック、不審なメールを開かない、パスワードを定期的に更新する、などの ――

Regularly updating security patches, checking whistles, not opening suspicious emails, updating passwords on a regular basis, etc.


The most powerful countermeasures against corona ravages are basic things such as masks, washing hands, and avoiding the three densities.

さらに、これに加えて、「人から恨みを買わないようにする」とか「穏当な発言を行うようにする」とか「敢えて敗北を装う」などの ――

Furthermore, in addition, "do not buy grudges from people", "make moderate statements", "dare to pretend to be defeated", etc.


That kind of everyday analog response is also quite important in preventing cyber attacks.



My motto is


"No matter how much of a good argument you have, you'll lose if they burn your house down"



However, this motto is from

"I'd feel better about killing him, even if it meant getting myself arrested"


You should all keep in mind that the above phrase comes from my negative feelings (my track records).

2020-09-23 「子どもに便利に利用されるのが親の役目」ではあります。 [長年日記]


I'm looking for an author for an essay slot in my company's newsletter, but I can't seem to find a suitable candidate.


I don't think I will get any candidates even if I put out a public call for nominations, and if I try to make a recommendation, it's bound to lead to strained relationships.


"Humans also hate writing, though not as much as "numbers""


I know it well.


So now I'm having a headache in selecting people.

私が「ゴーストライター」をしてもいいというなら、この話は、3秒で完了する話なのですが ―― バレたら後が怖い。

If they don't mind me playing "ghostwriter, this story will take three seconds to complete. However if they find out, it will be scary.



Lately, I've been caught up in writing my daughters' motivational letters of interest to join or enter the school (although they seem to have largely completed them).


"Mind mapping" tool (*), was in full operation.


(*)FreeMind, MindManager, e.t.c

私の駄文作成能力が、娘たちの将来に1mmでも寄与するのであれば、親としては、当然にサポートしますが ――

If my "crappy writing skills" will contribute to my daughters' future, as a parent, I will obviously support them. However,


I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from bringing in a document creation consultation that could affect your life, when I'm about to go to bed.

あなたたちは、父親の持病を知っていますね ―― 「早朝覚醒タイプの不眠症」です。

You all know your father's preexisting condition -- "early morning wakeup type insomnia".


I know that it is a parent's role to be used conveniently by the child.

しかし、「親を壊すまで利用したら、そのうち再起動しなくなるぞ」 ―― とは言っておきましょう。

But let's just say, "If you use your parents until you break them, then you won't be able to reboot them"

2020-09-24 江端:「じゃあ、そのプリキュアなる私設義勇兵は、宇宙人同士の『代理戦争』をやらされているわけだ」 [長年日記]

プリキュアというアニメの舞台が、我が家の近くの駅の街にあるらしい ―― と、長女から聞きました。

I heard from my senior daughter, "Apparently the anime Pretty Cure is set in a train station town near my house"


"What are these girls doing?


"They are just trying to keep the peace on earth"


"From whom?"


"From an evil alien"


"Why are they doing that? Isn't that the government's (Ministry of Defense) work?"


"It's about justice"


"What's the source of funds?"




"That would be impossible. You can't have a war without distribution of supplies, communications, equipment, sanitation, facilities and so-called logistics"


"They don't need it. They are getting supplies from the righteous aliens"


"So the private volunteer army whose name "Pretty Cure" is being forced to engage in a "proxy war" between aliens"


"It's not like that"


"Well, anyway, you're fighting a war in our country's national interest"


"It's not like that either"


"So they have a nominal cause"


"Yes. That is justice"


"No, justice is a relative thing, a concept that's mostly tied to the place of residence and the side that provides the safety and security of the state..."

という会話で遊んでいました ―― いい大人が2人して。

Two good adults were playing with the conversation.

2020-09-25 ―― この物語の主人公全員を、1970年代の大学闘争の時間にタイムリープさせて、それぞれの人物を、各セクト(過激派を含む)のリーダーにする [長年日記]


This is my impression after watching episode 12(final) of “My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong,As I Expected ? Final"


うん、やはり作品に対する「嫉妬」の一言ですね ―― ただ、絶対的な距離のある「嫉妬」というのは、なかなか心地が良い「嫉妬」です。

Yeah, it's still one word for "jealousy" for the work, however, absolute distance "jealousy" is quite a comfortable "jealousy".


There are many, many secondary novels published in this work (some say more than 1,000), but they are very well done and very interesting.

It's as fun as watching a real-life example of "Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation. Really.


However, it's only a derivative work because of the original author's worldview.

I hope that the secondary creators will do their best to keep up the secondary work, while reciting Section 27 of the Copyright Act every day. and maintaining a good relationship with the original author


If they don't do that, I wouldn't be able to enjoy any of my secondary creations.


I am aware of the fact that I am saying something shameless.



What kind of secondary story I'd like to write if I were,

―― この物語の主人公全員を、1970年代の大学闘争の時間にタイムリープさせて、それぞれの人物を、各セクト(過激派を含む)のリーダーにする

Taking all of the protagonists in this story back in time to the college struggle of the 1970s, and making each person the leader of their respective sect (including extremists).


I'm trying to come up with an outlandish story.

誰をどのセクトのリーダーに配置するか ―― もう、これ考えるだけでワクワクします。

Who to place in which sect leader -- I'm already excited just thinking about this.


How do we get them to do the inner workings (or stop them) and who should be in charge of the power (police) side?

クライマックスは、浅間山荘事件 ―― ではなく、高宕山山荘事件として、対決するのは、当然、例の主人公と例の教師です。

The climax of this story is not the Asama-Sanso case, but the Atago-Sanso case. The confrontation is, of course, between the protagonist and the teacher.


It's an epic story in which the characters collude to rewind to a "teen world ruled by air".



Yeah, for sure, it's going to be a hit with the 70+ generation.

この市場を舐めてはいけません ―― 今や、ティーンの人口など、比較にならないほど、その市場は大きいのですから。

Don't lick this market -- because that market is so big now, compared to the teen population.

2020-09-26 ―― 「一途」ではなく、「0.7途」とか「0.5途」くらい [長年日記]


This is next my impression after watching episode 12(final) of My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong,As I Expected Final"



By the way, I forgot to say,


The most important phrase in this final episode is.


"Was there a law that you shouldn't love someone who has a boyfriend ?"



In addition,


"There's no way those two are going to last"

という考察も、なかなかい鋭いです ―― 正直、この人物の実年齢を疑うレベルの達観度です。

This consideration also has a considerable impact. To be honest, I doubt the actual age of her.


私が知る限り、ティーンエイジャの恋愛が、長期間続いたという事例 ―― 例えば、結婚に至った等 ―― は、レアケースです。

As far as I know, cases of teenage love that have lasted for long periods is extreme rare. -- e.g., ending in marriage.


In addition, while the romantic coherent time for "messy people" is "short",


The love coherent time between "messy humans" is "terribly short".


I am convinced that this hero and heroine catastrophe (the first one) occurs while in high school, and


That's why the possible strategy of the other heroine is clear.


"Maintaining friendships that won't break up.



She chose a really clever strategy based on a long-term view.



In my case,


even if I hear her boyfriend bragging and complaining about it,


even if she reported her matchmaking to me.


even if she says no to my proposal,

それでも、「友人」という位置だけはキープし続ける ―― という、戦略を採用しました。

Nevertheless, I adopted the strategy of keeping the position of "friend" -- that's all.



Of course, you can't be "single-minded love" in such a strategy.

恋愛はエネルギーを消費する行動であり、「出力値 x 出力時間」は一定値だからです。

This is because love is an energy-consuming behavior, and "output value x output time" is a constant value.


Hence, 100% "single-mindedness" is not a good fit for this strategy.

―― 「一途」ではなく、「0.7途」とか「0.5途」くらい

So, "0.7-mindedness" or "0.5-mindedness" will be better than "single-mindedness".



Other energy can be allocated to "hobbies" or "work" for the time being, like portfolio.


And people who are "single-minded" tend to get taken advantage of in a good way (such as the so-called "Mr. Keeper").


On the other hand, keep in mind that this strategy is also about "daring to act (or appear to act) in that role (Mr. Keep)



Well, the biggest difficulty with this strategy is that you have to measure "love not being fulfilled" in your plan from the beginning.

このような確率に基づく恋愛戦略が、ティーンエイジャたちに受け入れられるか ―― ということが、最大の障壁でもあります。

One of the biggest barriers is the acceptance of this probability-based relationship strategy by teenagers -- and that's the biggest barrier.

2020-09-27 昨夜は、腕が震えて箸が使えませんでした。 [長年日記]

無人の実家 ―― 江端のセキュリティシステムがガッチリ守っていますが ―― に帰省して、実に半年ぶりの庭手入れをしました。

I went to uninhabited my parents house, and tended the garden for the first time in six months, though Ebata's security system is protecting my garden.


The garden was getting out of control because of the weeds.

We cut all the grass and trees with an electric chainsaw and then laid down 50m square meters of weed control sheeting.


For the plants and trees cut, I used 14 bags of garbage for collection.

What helped me this time was a portable mosquito coil.


I bought two of these and wore them on the front and back of my pants.


I have found that the more primitive the object, the more effective it is.


During the previous day's work, there were several bush mosquito bites, but today there was no damage.


And that's beside the point.



Last night my arms were shaking and I couldn't use chopsticks.

本気で「アル中」になったのかと思いましたよ ―― 禁酒してかなり経つというのに。

I seriously thought I have been an "alcoholic" -- however, I've been sober for quite a while now.


Apparently it's due to overuse of the electric chainsaw. I was able to get it fixed this morning.

しかし、腰から背中への痛み(筋肉痛)が半端ではなく、午前中はなんども眩暈(めまい)を起こして、作業を中断しながらの作業でした ―― ちなみに、飲料水はリットルレベルで補給していましたが。

But the pain (muscle pain) of my back was so bad. In the morning, I got dizzy many times and had to stop working for a while. Even I was replenishing my drinking water at the liter level.


It's a phenomenon I've never experienced before and I'm a bit shocked.

コロナ自粛による運動不足か ―― もう本格的に「老化」かもしれません。

Lack of exercise due to Corona self-restraint -- it may be full-blown "aging" already.

2020-09-28 ―― しかし、大人が数人も集って、何十分も語るようなネタか? [長年日記]


Today, I took a day off from work to go to the hospital to witness my mother's treatment.


I was all set up with a face shield at the ready, but at the hospital, the nurses didn't have a face shield either.


I didn't want to stand out, so I decided not to use the face shield this time.


Aside from that.



As I told you yesterday, I went to the super public bath at my parents' house and did three sets of sauna sessions because the muscle pain in my body was so bad.

サウナの中で流れているテレビ番組を ―― 苦痛を感じながら聞いていました。

I listened to the TV show playing in the sauna -- painfully.


It's tragic to see a famous actress kill herself and a former member of an idol group should be blamed for causing an accident on top of a drunk driver.

―― しかし、大人が数人も集って、何十分も語るようなネタか?

"However, is this the kind of story that a few adults can get together and talk about for 20 minutes?"


I thought "Yes, it is".


That's why it's being broadcast from daytime.

それだけのリソースを投入するなら、ソリューション(解決法)の議論でもすればいいのに ―― と思ってしまうのは、私がエンジニアだからかもしれません。

I thought "If they want to invest that much resources, they can discuss the solution", however, it may be because I am an engineer.



In my personal opinion,

―― サウナ室は無声、無音でいい

"Sauna rooms can be silent"


However, as a sauna user, it may be more distracting to have the TV on than to be dumb.


Yeah, the sauna room will look like a zazen training center(I think that's fine).


I do expect that


- Development of tablet compatible with sauna (fully waterproof, maximum temperature 120 degrees)




- Bringing the tablet and earphones to the public bath



"VR goggles" are also acceptable.

2020-09-29 後輩:「江端さん、もう何年もコラム書き続けているのに、全然メジャーになっていないじゃないですか」 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Dancing Buzzword-Behind the Buzzword (6) Quantum Computer (6)

Even a cynical lonely engineer was moved to tears by the "supreme technology of the quantum computer"



This is the final installment of the "Quantum Computer" series.


As this is the last episode, I asked the self-proclaimed "quantum computer geek, Mr. T", who supervised the article, to contribute a comment.


"I gave it some thought, but I couldn't come up with a good sentence"


He declined to do so because of the reason.


Well, as far as I know, I'm the only person who is suddenly asked to contribute and responds immediately.



For a long time, I asked the juniors who have been reviewing it as a "rude junior series" about contributing comments. However he said to me.


"No merit"


I was kicked off by him.


"Ebata-san, you've been writing a column for years now, but you haven't become a major player at all.


"There's no benefit to me in free-riding with Ebata-san"


確かに ―― その通り。

Certainly -- that's right.

コラム執筆に、こんなに膨大な時間と労力を注いでいるのに、「日の当たるところにいる」という感覚が ―― "ゼロ"

I've put such an enormous amount of time and effort into writing the column, however, the sense of "being in the sun" is "zero"


I don't know why. It's funny. Why are my efforts so spinning out of control?

―― というような話を、嫁さんにしたところ、

I told my wife about the story, and she said


Wife: "Do you want to 'be a major player' in the first place?




Oh, I'm starting to remember more and more of the bad stuff.


Come to think of it, when I was studying for my graduate school entrance exam.

―― エバちゃんってさぁ、「入試の目的(合格)」を忘れて、「勉強の為に勉強する」ようになるから、心配だよ

I'm worried about you, Eba-chan, because you're going to forget the purpose of the entrance exam (passing) and start "studying for the sake of studying".


It reminded me of a message from a seminar friend (a woman) who sent me a letter, when I was studying in the boarding house.

# 電子メールを使うだけで、オタク呼ばわりされた時代でした(BBS(nifty)経由のみ)

# It was an era when people were called nerds just by using e-mail (only via BBS (nifty))



By the way, I don't really understand what the "major" is.


I don't know it like the contents of a "flag" of "raising in Tokyo".

2020-09-30 『安全性を完全に担保した、究極の覚醒剤の開発です』 [長年日記]


The city hall has sent me a guide to hepatitis virus screening, and I am currently at a clinic.

背景は良く分かっていませんが、「生涯1度だけの検診 + 無料」ということなので、受診してきました。

I don't know the background well, but I went to see it because it means "one-time examination + free of charge".


I also decided to get a prescription for celsine (tranquilizer).



I have been pointing out "fatty liver" in human dogs for quite a long time.


By dieting (writing a column) and abstaining from alcohol, I was finally able to escape from this.


I'm not sure if it's the effect of abstinence, but "shoulder stiffness" and "backache" have improved dramatically.


It can be said that "insomnia" is just a replacement of "alcohol" with "selcin", but the major improvement is the ability to take a "nap".


It is great that I was able to take a nap for about 10 minutes during work (especially writing a column for more than 10 hours in a row).


Well, the fact that "I was able to secure sleep time by consuming alcohol" can be said to be "I was forced to sleep by depending on alcohol", after all, I can't deny






As I said before, for me, who was an alcoholic, the rows of liquor shelves at convenience stores are still quite a "hell road".


That is really hard.


It takes a great deal of mental strength and courage to pass through that road without stopping.

「酒が飲めないことは、人生の半分を損している」と言われますが ―― 全く同感です。

It is said that "No drink, no life". I totally agree.


Alcohol is a treasure drink produced by humankind.


Still, the reason I refuse to drink is

―― まだまだ、書きたい物(コラムとプログラム)が沢山残っているから

"There are still a lot of things I want to write (columns and programs)"




However, it's hard to stay clear from beginning to end.


When I finish writing the column, or when the program works well, I want to give a drink as a reward.

それ故、私は、安全性が担保され、習慣性がなく、依存性もなく、一定時間後には完全に正気に戻る(合法であることは言うまでもない)という ―― そういう、薬や嗜好品の開発をやりたい。

Therefore, I I want to do development of kind of medicine or luxury item, with safe, non-addictive, non-dependent, and completely going back to sane after a period of time (not to mention legal).



After retirement, I think it would be good to take the university entrance exam again and enroll in the Department of Chemistry.


If I am asked about my motive, I will answer


"Development of the ultimate stimulant that completely guarantees safety"