2022-06-01 『一体、どこの誰が、こんな地図情報 ―― どう考えたって"内部情報"だよなぁ ―― を入手して、OpenStreetMapに展開したんだろう』 [長年日記]


Different from the current Emperor system, I heard that it was only an emperor who can have a right to change calendar.

「暦を支配する = 日本を支配する」と同義という意味だそうです。

This seems to be that "Ruling calendar is equal to ruling Japan".


Like the above, editorial right to map of nation is exclusive right of the government.


It is hard for us to image the background, however, nation map was one of the top secret for national defense.


―― 地図を自分に都合よく改竄(かいざん)している私は、何者だろう?

So, thinking "What I am to falsify maps for my work",

てなことを考えながら、地図の改竄手順を試みています ―― もちろん、その地図は私のパソコンの中でのみ有効ですが。

I am try to falsify maps. Of course the map is valid in only my own PC.

If I upload the falsified maps, many people are in trouble in the world, so I take care of it seriously.


OpenStreetMap is a project to make open data geographic information by everyone to use it for everyone.


Anyone join it freely, edit the map freely、 and use the map freely.

Once I modified the map information and uploaded it.



The OpenStreetMap information is interesting, because the supporter's character will be expressed.


For example,


The information of Haga-Utsunomiya LRT has been provisioned, even the service is not started( "construction" tag is added), however,


Some roadway information that has already started, has not yet added in the map.


In addition,

『一体、どこの誰が、こんな地図情報 ―― どう考えたって"内部情報"だよなぁ ―― を入手して、OpenStreetMapに展開したんだろう』

"Who was to get the map information and provision it to OpenStreetMap, even it is obviously "confidential information""

とか、そういう野暮なことを口にしない ―― というところも好きです。

"Nobody say senseless things", I like it.

2022-06-02 「在宅勤務で、仕事から逃げたくなる度に『ぶら下がっていた』」 [長年日記]

In this page, I described that "My goal is to improve this record to the 60 seconds handing by the end of March, and to achieve "one pull-up" by the end of the year".


Now I have already reached "12 times pull-up"



"How many pull-up counts have you recorded in your life ?"


My daughter asked me the above, and I noticed,

―― 今が、人生最高回数です

"Now I record the best"



The reason why I can record it, is that


"I am hanging whenever I want to run away from work in my room".

thanks to an escape routine and power-grip

2022-06-03 高齢者が熱中症で倒れる ―― というのは、父が実家で一人で住んでいた時、現実的な恐怖でした。 [長年日記]

高齢者が熱中症で倒れる ―― というのは、父が実家で一人で住んでいた時、現実的な恐怖でした。

Old-agers fall down by Heat Disorder, was a realistic fear, when my father lived alone in his house.


After his death, I felt in relief "I don't have to fear summer anymore" unpleasantly.

しかし、逆に言えば、同じような心配をしている人が ―― 夏が怖い ―― という人たちが、この日本には、山ほどいるということです。

On the contrary, there are many people who fear "summer" in the world, as I once was.

そして ―― そう遠くない未来、「父」と「私」が入れ替わる時がやってきます。

And in the near future, the time is coming that I will replace with my father.



Previously I told you that I was about to fall down with Hunger-Knock, not Heat Disorder.


I have watched both consume and supply of calories in the COVID-19 disaster period severely, to be attention for my weight.


As a result, I come to collapse my health-balance easily with a little unusual day.


Of course, I know that the reason is my old age.



However, I think that it cannot be helped.


Old-agers continue to face new disorders everyday and lost their life easily with a little unusual day.


When you face the tragedy like that, I hope that you think "It cannot be helped".


Any human-being will have to walk into a new phrase that "unconsciousness against hunger and thirsty"


Both you and I are.

2022-06-04 取り敢えず、ぎっくり腰の予防になってくれれば、かなり嬉しいです。 [長年日記]

This is a follow-up report about "hanging by iron bar".


Frankly speaking, keeping hanging on a iron bar is pretty hard.


I know that moving my body front and back or side to side is low load for long time hanging.


However, if you try, you should do it little by little not to hurt your body.


私、最近は、週に1度ほどサウナにいっているのですが、サウナ室の中でストレッチをしていたりしますが ――

Recently, I go to sauna once a week, and stretch in the sauna room.


I often had my abdominal and back muscles cramp


Though I stretched in the sauna today, I didn't feel such pains.



Researching about it a little, Hanging Health Method make us effect to strengthen abdominal and back muscles and core.


Twisting on air seems to be a good stretch for me.


Anyway, if it prevent strained back, I am happy.


Because I have to keep sitting on my chair for 10-14 hours a day now.

2022-06-05 『教師や上司は、生徒や部下を"破壊"することができる ―― それは、もうめちゃくちゃ簡単に』 [長年日記]

理系が恋に落ちたので証明してみた、シーズン2 第10話 「理系が恋に落ちたので学園祭してみた」

"A science couple who fall in love, try to prove their love" Season 2, Episode 10, "A science couple who fall in love, try to make a school festival plan"


The two story, Dr. Robert Rosenthal's "Pygmalion Effect" and Dr. Jane Elliott's "Brown Eye and Blue Eye Experiment" have appeared in the episode.


I know well the two theories.


Especially, according to the latter "Brown Eye and Blue Eye Experiment", I had watch the elementary school class in the NHK special program, and felt scared really.

『教師や上司は、生徒や部下を"破壊"することができる ―― それは、もうめちゃくちゃ簡単に』

"Teachers and bosses can destroy students and subordinates. It is too easy beyond our imagination.


We know it well.


One of the reasons who I escape from promotions or teaching positions , are from these theories and experiments.


I have been confident that "I destroy people unconsciously"



By the way, this animation's quality is very high.


About the contents of this animation (hypothesis, experiments, validations and scientific thinking", I could not find "mistakes" at all.


The theme of this animated character is avant-garde, but it is a worthy subject for a dissertation.



Well I have a question of "Why they wear white lab coats".


(I don't think either Okabe or Chris in Steins;Gate need to wear a white coat.)


Their study fields are not chemicals, biologicals, medical but mathematic , computer science. So they don't have to ware white coats.

2022-06-06 ―― 大切なことは、通信プロトコルに教えて貰った [長年日記]


I am not good at remember person's name.

ところが、メール等で相談を持ちかけられて、その相談に応えた後、御礼のメールを寄越さない ―― という人間の名前だけは、私は忘れません。

However, I cannot forget the name, whose person asked me a help by e-mail, but sent no answer even though I helped them.


The name has been locked in my brain of long-term memory, and never been erased for from ten to twenty years.


I don't think that I am moralist, however I cannot forget negative reactions like that.



I think the reason why I cannot forget the name is that I had worked about designs, proposals and standardization of communication protocols. 


The termination process is very difficult in communication protocols.


Especially the termination processes are very complex, whenever the closed sessions don't work normally.


The causes are not only communication fails but also laziness of peer device.


If this "normal processing is not performed" occurs more than once, the service may have to be stopped as a "target of failure to perform normal processing.



For me, my supports may have to be stopped for the reason of "person of failure to perform normal processing", for example "delay" or "ignore" of service intentionally, against "a person who cannot perform normal processing".


Like this, both communication protocol and I, tell our clients "intentions of ourselves"


―― 大切なことは、通信プロトコルに教えて貰った

"It is communication protocols that have given me the important things"


is appropriate for me.

2022-06-07 ―― こいつ(江端)、"右"の思想(軍国主義者とか、国粋主義者とか、右翼カーの運転手とか)持ち主か [長年日記]


I don't understand thought styles of a person


both applaud a warring lord whose name was "ODA Nobunaga" and criticize their boss's power harassments.



both support thorough engagement of Ukrainian forces, and Criticize (or rather, make fun of) the former Japanese military's policy of thorough engagement during the Pacific War.




I know that there are different backgrounds of period, technology and thought.


Especially, after the WW2, new laws are established about war protocol.


However, each of us should have our own basic policy in our mind.


So, we should have a responsibility to explain the contradiction of the above themes without the contradiction based on our policies.


「正義」なるものの観念を一旦忘れるとして ――

Once forgetting the concept of "justice",


Vietnam defeated the U.S., and Afghanistan deposed both the U.S. and the Soviet Union (now Russia).


Base on the facts, Afghanistan is the most powerful country in the world(although I personally hate the Taliban).

1945年の段階で、日本に原子爆弾を10発以上も投下され、国民の半分の死傷して、さらに国土を完全に掌握されたとしても、その後、日本が、半世紀以上もゲリラ戦を戦う覚悟があれば ――

Even if, as of 1945, more than 10 atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, killing and wounding half the population and furthermore taking complete control of the country, if Japan was prepared to fight a guerrilla war for more than half a century afterwards--


maybe, we could not win the U.S. but we could not lose the U.S.


Basically, if we take it to guerrilla warfare, it becomes a "no-win" war at the stage.



However I try to talk about "guerrilla warfare by the entire nation at the end of the Pacific War", most people stop the talk with looking at me like,

―― こいつ(江端)、"右"の思想(軍国主義者とか、国粋主義者とか、右翼カーの運転手とか)持ち主か

"This guy (Ebata) has a "right" ideology (militarist, nationalist, right-wing car driver, etc.)?"



Well, I can understand the feeling, and in fact, I myself have seen people who say such things with such eyes.

However, I think "Stop thinking is not good"



Now I have never seen the questions an answers like,

―― ウクライナ軍の徹底交戦を支援しつつ、太平洋戦争時の旧日本軍の徹底交戦の方針を批判するのは何故ですか?

Why can you support thorough engagement of Ukrainian forces, however criticize (or rather, make fun of) the former Japanese military's policy of thorough engagement during the Pacific War ?


I feel a buzzing discomfort.

2022-06-08 もし、私が悪霊になって、人を祟るようになったとしても、この呪文の内容では、私を除霊することはできないと思います。 [長年日記]


At the burial of my parents, I worked as a chief mourner, but I could not understand "Buddhist Sutra" at all.


I wonder if both my father and mother could understand the Sutra.


For the first time, I have not understood

―― お経というのは「誰」から「誰」に向けたメッセージなのか?

"What is the message of sutra from "whom" to "whom"? "



So I tried to research about it.


"Buddhist Sutra" described things, thought and rule for life in order to live our life. And the purpose is to go the world of enlightenment.

ん? それは、つまり、本屋のポップに書かれている『自分らしい生き方フェア』のところに置かれている本みたいなものか?

"Huh, those are books in a book store with the pop-up message of "Live Your Own Fair" aren't they ?"


I think it.


If so, I also think


(1)"The Sutra" is for living persons

(2)生存している人間に向けるものであるなら、分かりやすく ―― テクニカルライティング的に ―― 簡潔、明快、短文、そしてなにより、口語で記載され、音読されるものである

(2)If the above (1) is right, "The Sutra" should be written easy, conscious clear, short for us, and above all, that should be described in spoken language and read aloud.



呪術に関するコンテンツで、除霊の呪文みたいなものが登場しますが ―― これも、私には理解不能です。

In some contents, I often watch spells to get rid of spirits, however I cannot understand it.

("ナウマクサマンダ バザラダン センダンマカロシャダ ソワタヤ ウンタラタ カン マン"みたいなの)


Even if I were to become an evil spirit and start haunting people, I don't think this spell would be enough to expel me.


I am afraid that these spells cannot argue me away.

2022-06-09 夏休みの最後の週になって、目の前の宿題に青冷める子供たちのように ―― 今の私たちは、今、膨大な宿題を目の前にして、やっと、テキストを開き始めたところなのです。 [長年日記]

以前、私、防衛費はGDPの1%以内、という理由について『根拠はない』という結論を、コラムの中で述べました ―― 『単なる、ゴロの良さに過ぎない』と。

Previously, I argued a conclusion that "there is no reason to restrict defense spending within 1%. It is just a rounded number.


However, Now our country is going to historical change the policy of defense spending.


It is double expand plan of defense spending, that is equal to 2% of GDP.


As far as I watch, there is few strong public outcry.

まあ、これが1960年あたりであれば、国会議事堂を30万人が取り囲み、暴動となっていたでしょうし、内閣が倒れていたと思いますが ―― 時代は変わっています。

If we had been in 1960's, more than three hundred thousand people would have surrounded around National Diet Building, a riot occurred, and the cabinet collapsed. However time have changed.



I think that (some) opposition parties are absolutely right that they say that the movement and ruling parties try to increase in military...or defense spending, and induce to revise the Constitution.


However, it is true that we can think seriously about defense spending and constitution reform at t times life these.


(Incidentally, I think that I am "left wing" with deviation score of about 52, like advocating the strength of cyber military, and being basically "Constitutionalists")

夏休みの最後の週になって、目の前の宿題に青冷める子供たちのように ―― 今の私たちは、今、膨大な宿題を目の前にして、やっと、テキストを開き始めたところなのです。

Like children who come to be blue, watching a pile of homework at the last week in summer vacation, now we are starting to open the textbook, leaving for long time.

2022-06-10 ヒットした記事が、自分のブログだったときの絶望感は、かなりデカいです。 [長年日記]


Recently I am developing a programming using with OpenMapStreet for my work and hobby.

ただ、最近、マニュアルにさえ載っていないカルト的な方向に進んでいます ―― 例えば、『地図の改ざん』とか(もちろん、ローカルでの改ざんですが)

However, my interest is going to the direction of cult issues that are not described in the manuals, for example, map falsification ( of course, for my private use).


On the other hand, watching numbers of my blog counts, there seems to be a lot of people who are interested in.


最近、頭を抱えることが多くて、Googleから検索するのですが ――

Lately, there are many annoying issues, so I often use the google search engine.


My desperation is big terribly when the hit article is mine.

2022-06-11 講義にも出席せず、平気で留年して、酒を飲みながら大声で政治を語るあいつらは、私にとっては『憎悪の対象』だったように思えます。 [長年日記]


Several years ago, my senior daughter stayed at Yoshida-dormitory

The dormitory appears in the opening of the anime "Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei"(jump to YouTube)


She said that "it was for the meeting of theater club"

「自治寮」「演劇」とくれば、もう、これは「学生運動」だな、とか思っていたのですが ―― まあ、彼女は、そういう風には流れなかったようです。

I thought that from "self-governing dormitory" to "theater", the next would be "student activity", however, she had not seemed to go to that.

『これからは、長女と、熱い政治論を闘わせられるのかな?』とか思っていたのですが ―― 江端家において、そのような議論は、1秒間も発生しませんでした。

"Do we have to start to argue about heated political debate?", I thought. However, I don't remember the chance even for one second, at all.


On the contrary, I am very happy that I had not got a call from police, "Your daughter was arrested for obstruction of justice and is currently in custody".


Moreover, the above image might be "unexpected" in our daily life in society.



In comparison, my parents (especially my mother) called me, saying "You didn't do anything did you ?", whenever an incident happened at colleges in Kyoto.


Coming to think it again, my mother was not familiar with such "student activity", I doubt that there was an annoying relative who gave her unwanted wisdoms.


Against the call, I shouted

『そんな時間があれば、生活費稼ぎのバイトしとるわ、ボケ! 』

"I would have spent the time for part-time to make ends meet if I had the time you idiot!"


and hung up abruptly.



Well, my mother's concerns were some reasonable.


This is because I lived in a school dormitory (autonomous dormitory).


In most cases, autonomous dormitories were linked political campaigns( I don't know the present)


The main reason I had lived in the school dormitory was "low fee".


And I had to do something to keep staying the "low fee" dormitory (like chief of the dormitory)


For me, the life in the dormitory was for quote and money, and the political campaigns could not have enthused me finally.

少なくとも、電気の勉強 ―― 特に、自力でコーディグしたZ80パソコンでの電子回路のシミュレーションとは、比べものになないくらい、どーでもいいことでした。

At least, I didn't care of them at all. Rather I liked study of electronics, for example, a electric circuit simulations, using the Z80 personal computer by my coding.


正直、工学部の厳しいカリキュラムに追い立てられながら、週に1回または2回の徹夜をしながらレポートを書いて、週7日のバイトを続けていた、この身の上から言われてもらえば ――

For me with rigorous engineering curriculum, writing reports while pulling one or two all-nighters a week, and working part-time seven days a week,


the dormitory students who didn't attend at class, repeated a year without hesitation, and talked politics out loud over drinks, was


"The Object of My Hatred"


I thought that.


I'm still mad at them when I remember it now



I was able to balance my life with part-times and studies, and before long my friends even called me "Ebata Zaibatsu", because I could add fried chickens to Tenkaichi's ramen. So I decided to move out the dormitory.


I remember exhilaration of the day when I could start my boarding house with the money I earned myself.

―― あの下らない『総括』の日々から、やっと開放されたぁぁぁぁあああ

"I'm finally free of those lousy "summary" days... ahhhhh!"




A senior member of the Japanese Red Army, which has been responsible for numerous international terrorist incidents, was recently released from prison after serving a 20-year sentence.


I just googled a bit and learned that Yoko Sakaki in Kaiji Kawaguchi's manga "Medusa" is modeled on that executive, and I just now clicked the button.

Even if my daughter wants to a "crazy life", I have prepared to accept it, however,


I don't hope her to choose the life like "Medusa".

2022-06-12 「江端さんの忘備録」の英訳はぜひ続けてください。私の想像力や常識の欠如から原文の解釈に迷うことが稀にあり、そんな際に文意を正しく把握する助けになっています。 [長年日記]


My columns in my blog are described in both Japanese and English.


About these descriptions, there were con and pro action from readers.


The con opinions are, for example "it breaks the atmosphere", "hard to read", and I thought that it was reasonable.

私が記載しているのでは、イングリシュ(英語)ではなく、エバンゲリッシュ(江端英語) ――

Because the language I have used is not English but Ebangelish(Ebata's English) ----

『スペルミス、時制、文法、慣用句、100%無視 の英語で、対象としている読者は江端本人のみ』

The language is 100% free of spelling errors, tenses, grammar, and idioms, and the only reader is Ebata himself.


That means, "a special language"



However, there was the pro opinion, too.



Please continue English phrases too. They help me to understand the correct contents, when I am sometimes trouble in interpreting Japanese contents by lucking my imagination and common senses.



Ebata's translation: "Ebata's Japanese is sometimes hard o understand, so the English phrases are helpful for me"



As a "writer", I couldn't help but think about it deeply.

2022-06-13 「"永代供養"って、実質、50年くらいですか?」 [長年日記]

先週の金曜日、父と母のお墓を購入してきました ―― 近年、流行りの「樹木葬」というやつです。

Last Friday, I bought my grave --- Recently, it is "arboricultural burial" that become popular.


I, myself, am not interested in funeral and grave, however I have a manner that "I don't have to apply my policies with cases of my father and mother.


To begin with, I don't like "tombs," which are organic silicate minerals (stones).

I think that the reason is trauma of memories of Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris.



In comparison, "arboricultural burial" is good.

「土に還っていく」という感じがいい ―― 「大地に広がっていく」のは、伸び伸びとして気持ちよさそう。

I like a feeling of "Return to the soil", and "I am expanding in the earth" carefreely.


"Why I have to continue to close in funerary urn like housing complex, after my death ?"


"Why I have to continue to open my private information(my name, death of date, and age), after my death?"


I really think "No kidding".



I said before that graveyards are going to be residential or vacant land in 50~100 years in general.


Our country with a high rate of natural disasters, happens earthquakes, floods, landslides, and other disasters on a daily basis, and graveyards that no longer be visited by people will return to empty land.


I think it is good.


The limitations of our scope are grandparents.

それ以上の祖先 ―― 見たこともない先祖 ―― に、興味を持て、というのは酷だと思います(皇族や名家は別かもしれませんが)。

About the older ancestor that we had never seen, for us, it is harsh to have to be interested in them( I don't know about Imperial and famous families).


私の購入した父と母の墓所 ―― というか、20cm x 20cm のただの地面 ―― では、「永代供養」を唄っています。

The graveyard I bought for my father and mother, that is just a 20cm x 20cm piece of ground --- are advertised as "Eternal memorial service".


Ebata: "Is it about 50 years in real?"


When I asked a person in charge, she said "'about 100 years' is our target".


I was surprised to hear it with saying "it is long".



In fact, we have already bought the graveyard of parents-in-law, my wife and me.


The distance between the graveyard of my parents and ours was just 24 meters in straight, measured by GoogleMap.

生前、私達は、ほとんど会う機会がありませんでしたが、死後に「親戚大集合」みたいな感じになりそうです ―― 地面の中で。

We had no chance to meet each other in lifetime, however, I think after our death, we are able to held a party --- even in the under ground.

2022-06-14 ―― 黙っていることが正解、または、正義 [長年日記]

『20代独身男性「4割がデート経験なし」 内閣府の調査』 ―― というニュース見出しを見ても、

"'40% of the 20's single men have not had a date' by the government research"

Even if I read an article like that,

―― 黙っていることが正解、または、正義

"Silence is the best or justice answer"


Recently I come to understand that.

2022-06-15 というか、ペーパーレスの時代にあって、プログラミング教育が施行されていて、『子供に重い教科書を運ばせ続ける』ことに対して、対策が取られていないことに、唖然としています。 [長年日記]


Previously, I used to take

- 会社用のSecure PC

- a secure PC provided by company

- コラム執筆用のノートPC

- my note PC for columns writing

- キーボード(HHKB)とマウス

- a keyboard and a mouse

- 本2~3冊、ノート

- a few books and a note.



I am not good at spend a time without do nothing, and need something to clam down.


I carried them in my backpack and side bag.


They were heavy.


They might have hurt my body.


In my case, I deserved it, though.


However, from the view of my weight, I was rather better than elemental school students with a school bag on their back, I think.



In these day, I heard a dispute seems to be occur. In my thought, "Easy is Justice" and "Think emergency after facing the emergency"


Rather than, I think that the problem is heavy text books


The problem will be resolved by using tablet, however, I think that the textbooks has values of "writing easy in the textbooks" and "reading more than two textbook at the same time"


So I tried to ideas against the "heavy textbooks".

- 教科書を、学期または月単位で裁断する(これだけで、重さは1/3です)

- Cut textbooks by semester or month (going to be 1/3 the weight)

- 教科書のPDFを配布して、学校または自宅で、必要な分だけ印刷する

- Deliver the PDF files of textbook, and print needed parts of them at school or home.

- 教科書を、学校用、自宅用、タブレット用に、3冊用意する

- Prepare three textbook for at school, at home and for a tablet



Rather, I was surprised to know that nothing to have been done for "heavy textbooks problems for children", while paper-less trend, programming educations.



In my case, I cut Six Laws of Intellectual Property, casebooks, and thick technical books, and bound them with staples or laces, and read them with walking.( Now using the tablet)


Of course, I have the cut and bound books in my bookshelves.

図書館で借りるような本は、折り目などつけずに、丁寧に取り扱いますが ---

Needless to say, books rented from public-library should be taken care,


analog book I bought are,

- 裁断して、

- cut

- 纏めて、

- bound

- 書き込んで、

- written memorandum,

- メモを貼りつけて、

- note pasted,

- ときどき水没させて、

- submerged

- 乾かして、

- dried

そうしているうちに、本の内容が自分の中に入ってくる、という ――

the contents of the books come into me, through the processes.


These hard communications with books are my reading style.

2022-06-16 学生時代の京都を、「和菓子」で思い出すような奴は、いないと思います(思いたい)。 [長年日記]


The opening song of the anime "Deaimon" is good, so I hear it again and again.


This song reminded me the day of Kyoto in my college .... No, I don't.


Rather I have no memory I ate Japanese sweets in Kyoto.


The image from the song is "another Kyoto" in my mind.



The image of my Kyoto are,

―― お好み焼き ジャンボ

- Okonomiyaki Jumbo

―― 天下一品(ラーメン)

- Tenkaichin (Ramen)

―― 八幡前駅 定食屋「ひよし」の、生姜焼き定食

- Ginger-yaki Teishoku at Hiyoshi Restaurant, at Yahatamae Station

―― 餃子の王将の、からあげ丼

- Karaage-don at Gyoza no Ousho



I think and believe that no college student reminded Kyoto with "Japanese sweets"

2022-06-17 自分に美味しくて、他の人にも美味しいかもしれない ―― という観点で、「江端の500円本」は製作されています。 [長年日記]


You might notice that I have tried recently wired route calculations with JOSM and PostGIS and showed them at my site .

However, I myself often forget what I was doing, so I make "500-yen book", that includes the know-how.


I have previously made a book whose title was "Let's DIY GIS using PostGIS" and now I think the book is useful.


Above all, "for me".


I could complete the build-ups and operations of the things in the past, in the shortest time, easily.


Even when I have to ask others to do that, what I just do is to say "Read it and ask me, when you can't" and pass the file to them.


Sometimes, I had a feeling to be given a "convenience store lunch box" with a donation.


自分に美味しくて、他の人にも美味しいかもしれない ―― という観点で、

From the view of "be good for me, and might be good for anyone",


my "500-yen book" are going to be developed.

2022-06-18 『お前(江端)のメカニズムが単純なだけだ』と言われたら、反論はできないのですが。 [長年日記]

最近、自宅の天井に設置した鉄棒を使っての懸垂を、一日2セット行うようにしているのですが ――

Recently I am doing two sets of pull-ups a day with iron bar, installed on the celling.


At depressing starts of work, especially after the morning after holidays, I could feel that my tension become "high"


I often heard some stories about the escape from depressing feeling by exercises, so I think that

―― 人間の体って、案外、単純にできているものかもしれないなぁ

"Human body might be simple beyond my imaginations"



If you say that "It is just your (Ebata's ) body that is composed simply", I can not argue with you.

2022-06-19 嫁さんに教えてもらった、酢のドリンクが、とても美味しいです。 [長年日記]


"Fruit vinegar drinks" are delicious, which my wife taught me.


They are called "micho".


For a long time, I have been drinking apple vinegar with water. I like it, however, I didn't continue to drink.


After all, vinegar is vinegar even adding water.



Previously I was a heavy drinker, so I know alcohol drink is good much for dishes.


However, vinegar drinks also fit dishes.


It seems to go well with foods, such as ramen, fried chickens and tempura.


These day, I drink non-alcohol beer, however, I have not drunk them since drinking "micho".



I have been asking developing beer-taste drinks, however, I also ask a new-type drink based on vinegar to be consumed with meals.

2022-06-20 私なら、『今でも報復を諦めていない』くらいのことは言うと思う。 [長年日記]


Recently, I have seen and heard stories of celebrities who monologued that they had been bullied.


It is almost as if all celebrities has been bullied.


It seems that "being bullied" is even a prerequisites to become a media-exposed celebrity.



I rather to want to see or hear the celebrities story of their bullying.


Well I don't expect to meet a person like that.

Before "image damage", there is no sense of perpetration about "bullying".


We cannot accept that we have been bullying others.


Even if we are faced the fact, we cannot recognize that it was bullying.


It is only a "bullied person" who can identify and determine the bullying.


However, for the "bullied person", the identification and determination are very hard and scared despairingly.


So I cannot easily tell the "bullied person" to fight your enemies.


ただ、芸能人であるなら、「いじめを受けてきた」と独白するだけでなく ――

However, if you are celebrity, I think it is not enough to monologue "I was bullied".


I hope to hear their originality story to tell their own solution of "how to fight the bullying".



I would say something like, 'I still haven't given up on revenge'.


"When I get hit, I hit back", is natural.


In fact, I have not given up.

2022-06-21 じゃあ、今までの私は何だったのだ? ―― [長年日記]


Today, I am a


"Digital Human Resource Certification (Data Scientist) (High Level)"



As of today, the company has approved it.


じゃあ、今までの私は何だったのだ? ――

"Then, what was I doing before?"


The adult member of society does not "ask such a nonsense".

2022-06-22 前途ある若者に、そのような仕打ちをすべきでないと思っています ―― かなり本気で。 [長年日記]

私が2002年あたりに作成したメモが、今も研究所の新人に読まれ続けているらしい ―― という話を、昨日、くだんの「無礼な後輩」から聞きました。

I heard the story from the "rude young colleague " that "the my memorandums I wrote in 2002 are read by the newcomers of our laboratory.

- Company H's S Research Institute Training of Newcomers: Background manual, "Preparation of Meeting Minutes"

- Company H, S Research Institute, Training of Newcomers: Background manual, "Preparation of Monthly Report"



Then and now, I have not been interested human resource educations.


I remained these memorandums, with my hope to skip the efforts for newcomer educations as possible as I can. So, I feel a little guilty.


In addition, there is also possible of strange "brainwashing" to the newcomers by an instructor like me.

前途ある若者に、そのような仕打ちをすべきでないと思っています ―― かなり本気で。

I should not do such that to such young people who have a bright future, quite seriously.

2022-06-23 ―― 閑さや岩にしみ入る蝉の声、を、中華料理屋の中で実感するという、レアな体験ができました。 [長年日記]


Recently, I feel the two big streams of (1)telecommunicating based on remote-working, (2)Previous work style before Corona disease.


Remote-working is excellent to realizes the amazing shortage time of commute and moving offices.


I, myself realize the power of remote-working, using (or bein used) Microsoft Teams.


On the other hand, for food, hospitality and retail, needless to say, for production except for IT, they cannot do remote-working.


Thus, each company has each work-form and background, so, it is natural.



What I am concern, is


(1)There might be companies, that cannot use remote-working well because of luck of IT skills


(2)Training newcomers may be difficult for some companies.



According to the above (1), it has been picked up before, so I skip it, however, I don't know about the (2).


I think that the younger generation that can use SNS easily, has a big advantage as education recipients.


The hypothesis from the above, is

―― 『新人教育が難しいかもしれない』と思っているのは、指導員だけ

It is a mentor who thins "training newcomers may be difficult"


I think that.


On the other hand, I heard that "the turnover rate of newcomers is high these day", so it might be a problem of newcomers.



Today was a office work day once a week, so I had gomoku yakisoba noodles at a Chinese restaurant in front of the station.


It was amazing.


I realize that I don't have to choose "Gyouza no Ousho" and "Hidakaya" easily, and I have to research some restaurant before.



I was surprised that more then twenty young workers gathered and made a tremendous bustle in the Chinese restaurant.


The bustling reminded me the haiku line,

―― 閑さや岩にしみ入る蝉の声

"The sound of cicadas soaking into the quietness and rock"


in the Chinese restaurant. That was a rare experience.


I realize that this was realistic and reinforces the hypothesis that "the problem is on the newcomer's side."

2022-06-24 しかし、この「地獄の花園」は、主人公だけでなく、それを支える役者陣、そしてエキストラに至るまで、実に素晴しいアクションを展開されています。 [長年日記]

Now, the movie whose title is "The Garden of Hell" has been released on Amazon Prime.


Though someone don't like it, I think, it is amazing.

The movie gave me a shock, like as when I watched the movie of Live-action version of "Rurou Kenshin" on the plane from London.



I was afraid that the battle actions scene by Japanese actress seems to be inferior to that of Hollywood movie, for example, Ms. Angelina Jolie in the movie of "Mr.& Mrs. Smith"


However, in the movie of "The Garden of Hell, Not only the main character, but also the supporting actors and extras plays amazing action battle.


According the action scene, I want give all performers my standing ovation.


I cannot image how much they trained and practiced for this movie. They are beyond my imagination.


いや、実は、この映画、予告編を見た時から、私の心の中で、『これは、個人的に当たりだ』と直感していたのですが ―― この映画を、銀幕で見なかったことを、今、心の底から後悔しています。

To tell the truth, I watched the trailer of this movie in the movie theater, and I felt "it must be on my mark". So I fully regretted not have gone to watch the movie.


However, I doubt if the movie is popular for many people.


For me, I can forget daily annoying about the gag and nonsense. It is perfect.


I like a term of "Master OL" and the actors who play OL workers are also good.


Let me try to watch it again.

2022-06-25 『その意味で、いまも私は〝断酒中のアルコール依存者"です。この状態は、坂道でボールが止まっているみたいなもの、だと言われています』 [長年日記]

「(妊娠)中絶は女性の権利」というアメリカ合衆国最高裁の判断が、49年ぶりに覆った ―― というニュースに、かなりショックを受けています。

I am quite shocked to hear that the judge of the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the decision of "(pregnancy) abortion is a women's right"


Speaking from my experience of two years work in the U.S. I know well "the people of the U.S. nation are more conservative than that of Japan".


While the days, I had known that "the nation in the country is liberal, intelligent and logical like the Democratic party" is just our illusion.


However I often said that "Don't believe the news headline easily", so I will research the news and descript about them again.



Yesterday, Mr. Odajima Takashi passed away. He was 65 years old.


My base-knowledge of scientific thought was the books of Komatsu Sakyo-sensei. On the other hand my base-knowledge of criticism thought was those of Mr. Odajima Takashi.


Now I booked the book, whose title is "Walking with looking up and drinking" at the city library.


From the viewpoint, I am also an "alcoholics" even just I stopped drinking". It is said that this situation is like stop a ball on the slope.


I really scare the above phrase that he had left.

2022-06-26 正直に言いますけどね、本当に『みじめ』でしたよ。 [長年日記]

私は、いじれらキャラ ―― という訳ではないので、多分、あれも「いじめ」の一態様だったと思うのです。

I was not play a "funny character", so I think that it was probably a type of "bullying".


I am a self-confessed athletic whiz, so I was subjected to various "bullies" at athletic competitions.


- Softball pitcher at a ball game

→ 私は、球技全般が嫌いで、チームプレイが嫌いで、ベースボールは憎悪のレベル

-> I don't like ball game, and team play in general, and baseball is a level of harted.


- 50-meter backstroke swimmer at a swimming meet

→ その時、私は、背泳ぎ5メートルのレコード保持者

-> At that time, I was 5-meter backstroke recode holder.


- 100-meter steeplechase athletes

→ その時点で、私は、走り高飛び110cmのレコード保持者

-> At that time, I was 110 cm high jump recode holder.



Of course, I had no intention to "win" that game, I ever prayed for rain at all the competitions.


However, I knew well that gods are ruthlessness against athletic whiz, so I had to train swimming and jumping during summer holiday and early morning.


My aim was

―― 最下位であったとしても、無様でないような負け方をするため

"How to fade me, even if I was at the bottom of the list"



To be honest, I thought that I was "miserable" really.



I have never claimed that "School should open all student's graded answer sheets on the wall". Above all, that becomes "human rights issue" absolutely.


In comparison, I have been claiming that all athletic competitions is an "invasion of privacy in public". However this opinion seems not be accepted in public.


Whenever my daughter declared to "skip the marathon competition", I called her school to tell her absence because of "serious disease"

『全員参加の下品なプライバシー暴露大会など、出席する必要はない。プライバシー暴露大会なら、希望者のみの出席とするのが当然』が、私のポリシーであり ―― なにより、

It is my policy that "She doesn't have to attend "vulgar invasion of her privacy in public". It will be enough to be held by only the applicants", and above all,


"Saving my daughter is my mission, as a guardian"



By the way, does the vulgar custom , that is "intense group bullying" to clap for the last runner of the marathon race, continue now?


When I was a child, stupid teachers and students could not


"Pretend to forget the last runner with miserable athletic whiz"



―― こんな世界、消えればいい

"I hope this world disappears"


There were one child who felt that, and there are children feel that even now.


At least, it is absolute that you have created one person in this world who does not even want to watch baseball or soccer.

2022-06-27 私は、コロナ禍を、スタートから今に至るまで、ずっと「数字」と「確率」で、見続けてきました。 [長年日記]


The new Corona Virus(COVID-19) with intense virulence, that be scared by people, has been suppressed by world wide vaccination.


As a result, the virus changed to be weaker than the previous strains, and they has started to get a new strategy to live with human-being.

―― というのは、これまでの、人類のウイルスとワクチンの闘いの定番であり、特段珍しい話ではありません。

This is a typical way for virus to survive with human, not a special story.


However, the number of vivctim was tragedy.


More than 30 thousand persons in Japan, more than 5 million persons in the world was historical unprecedented disaster.


In addition, this disaster is not finished.


Nevertheless, I think it would be a good idea to summarize this new coronavirus disaster as a break from the rest of the world.


I am thinking about it.


Back to the board.



I heard that the people who don't stop using masks is a social problem now.


In my case, I didn't use a mask when I was walking alone, even while Alpha strains and Beta stock were raging in the world.


When I was alone in my room, of course, I didn't use it.


When I know that there are some person who think to use a mask when they are alone in the room, I was really surprised. (my wife said that it was a lie or a demagogue)



The effect of masks are deceasing the risk of infection by reducing the "exposure" to virtues from droplet at close range.

感染リスクは、(1)ウイルス株の毒性 x (2)他人からの飛沫量(= マスクによる飛沫量の減衰 x 他人との距離 x 他人との時間) x (3)感染者数の比率 、という非常に単純なかけ算で決まるものです。

The infection risk is decided by a simple multiplication of f (1) the virulence of the virus strain, (2) the amount of droplets from others (= attenuation of droplets by masks x distance from others x time spent with others), and (3) the radio of number of people infected.


Therefore, now (1)virulence is going down, (3)the ratio is also going down, so, the advice of "No mask, no problem" under the keep social distance, is a natural result.

もちろん、「0.001より、0.0001は、1/10小さい数になる」という意味において、マスク着用に意味がない訳ではありませんが ―― それで、別のリスク(熱中症等)が、100倍になったら、意味ありません。

Of course, using mask is a significant from the viewpoint of "0.001 is bigger than 0.0001", however, even if it loaded another risk (Heat stroke, etc.), it should be nonsense.


For this two years, the both risk are almost equal. however, now the balance is collapsed.


Now heat shocks are risker than the infections.



I have watched this COVID-19 disaster from the beginning, as "Math." and "Probability".


According to the above "summarization", I think that one of them might be "few people is watching disaster from the viewpoint of mathematics and statics".

2022-06-28 ―― 寒くないエアコンの研究開発 [長年日記]


I feel cold by air-conditioned.


while I work as a telecommunication worker, I set the temperature 29-30 degree. Celsius in my room, however, I feel cold.


One of the reason is to work wearing only under wears, and another is my senior body, which work as economical mode.


But truing the air-conditioned off, the temperature in the room begins to increase dynamically.


In the situation, I have to do a hand switching control every one hour by myself.


「高齢者がエアコンの使用を忌避する」というのを、「もったいない精神」に因るものだと思っている人 ―― 私もその1人でしたが ―― 認識を改めて下さい。

Some people think that the reason why seniors avoid using air-conditioned, is based on "mottainai spirit", should change their recognition, including me.


For elders, air-conditioned makes them really feel cold.


On the other hand, without air-conditioned, they are going to be heat stroke directly.

Recently I have experienced twice hunger-knocks, however, I could not feel any signs just before them.


Maybe, a heatstroke occurs at the same approach too.

完全に無自覚のまま、いきなり「倒れる」「重症化」「死亡」に至ります ―― 本当に「喉が渇く」ということが『ない』のですから、手の打ちようがありません。

They are suddenly going to fall down, serious illness and death with no sign. It cannot be helped because they could not feel thirsty.


To be honest, both inside and outside in summer are dangerous for elders.



Now I am expecting to world electric companies to R&D for a new products,

―― 寒くないエアコンの研究開発

"coldless (x cordless) air-conditioned"


「何、訳の分からないことを・・・」と、今は、思われるかもしれませんが ――

You might think "What is Ebata saying this time?"


Eventually everyone who read this, will understand what I am saying.

2022-06-29 ―― それなら、この内容を「上品」に書いたものを、私に見せてくれ [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"A New Theory of Action for Engineers Who Are Not Loved by Money(4)"

Let's try to make a stock database by "docker"



When I got a review about this column from the junior colleagues, he pointed out the explanation of the concept of Docker, from the viewpoint of compliance.


These day, the expression of "Mistress" might to be a problem, I know. And in order to avoid annoying flame, I should not use immoral expressions.

(Incidentally, the original expression was "concubine house")


で、その後輩の指摘を受けて、私、かなり考えたのですが ―― 良い表現が思いつきませんでした。

After getting the argue, I thought it again deeply, however, I could not come to a good one.


On the contrary, if I try to express it exactly,


"Twin sisters are enclosed in separate units in the same apartment building."

になってしまい ―― もっと印象が悪い。

I can agree that this expression become worse.


Docker works as a micro-service including same application at the same time with no contradiction. If I try to express these micro-services,


"can do something with the twin sisters simultaneously" is more accurate.


Using different port numbers of each Docker, you can use more than two database simultaneously. I really use docker containers like the way.


Well, even I can agree with you, if you say "Ebata's imagination is vulgar"


According to the "Ebata's imagination is vulgar", a people said that in this column,


However, I wanted to say,

―― それなら、この内容を「上品」に書いたものを、私に見せてくれ

"Rewrite it elegant and show me it"


2022-06-30 「TOEICは、人生の脇に置いて、不真面目に勉強する」が肝要です。 [長年日記]


After graduation from high school and losing gym class, I came to life sports.

(Here is a story that I was hopeless klutz)


I was enthusiastic about skiing in college, and I started playing tennis in company,



After forgetting TOEIC and Eiken intentionally, I was no longer afraid to use English.


I used to speak English in my way, and I came to write my columns and papers in English.


訳あって、今、またTOEICの勉強をしているのですが ―― 今ならはっきり言えますが

With some private reasons, now I begin to study about TOEIC. And now I can say clearly,


"This test is ridiculous and meaningless"



For example, about the word choice questions, I know that some questions have more than two correct answers.


Nouns can be used adjectivally without any problem, and adverbs can make sense wherever they appear in a sentence.


About the conversation question, I really think that "how low they are that they can't EXPLICITLY talk about the purpose of the conversation" (I think it is true).

こんなものに費やす時間で、海外に行けますし、英語の論文も書けて、運がよければ論文賞を貰えます ―― 断言します。

With the time you spend on this ridiculous and meaningless test, you can go abroad and write a paper in English, and if you are lucky, you get an award. I assure you.


英語を本気で使いたければ、TOEICなんぞは忘れてしまう ―― これが正解です。

If you want to use English seriously, you should forget the existence of TOEIC. This is a correct answer.


However, the system of called "Japan" needs a "measure" for your English ability.


There are few people to judge your ability correctly, This is a typical negative feedback system.


Therefore, in Japan system, we cannot run away from English Test like TOEIC because of the defect of the system. It is no use to blame this system with loud voice.



The conclusion is that "Don't study TOEIC seriously, and set it aside from your life".


If you do it seriously, you might lose the purpose of your life.