2020-05-01 『夏休みの最後の3日間で、それらしい自由研究レポートを作成する為のEXCEL入門』 [長年日記]


I received an e-mail from Mr. S, who is my programming mentor and has read the diary yesterday.


The following is a summary of the email ((I have not given permission Mr.S , but I think that he will give it to me)

■『"Excel "で十分じゃん?(by 江端)』 まさに「これ」、かと思いました。

- "Isn't" Excel "enough? (by Ebata) ”I thought it was exactly this.


- I also think teenagers (under college) should not write programs.



In addition,


- I try to make my children study only matrices and calculus because they need to be in any world.


I was impressed with this last sentence.

―― 行列と微分積分なくして、世界を理解する手段なし

"Without matrix and calculus, there is no way to understand the world"


This is an absolute truth that overwhelms any great philosophical or religious dogma in the world.



Let's get back to it. only Excel can cover a great deal of computer calculations.

"Operate with Excel! Scientific calculation that can be done up to here"

"First artificial intelligence, AI to learn while experiencing with Excel"


These two books are very helpful to me when I wrote the column,


Mr. S introduceded me, the following two book.

"Understanding machine learning, super introduction, AI models and algorithms understood in Excel"

"Deep Learning Super Intro to Excel [RNN / DQN Edition]"



The great thing about these books is that even if I can't understand mathematical formulas, I can "see" the motion of calculation just by looking at the motion of Excel.

その後に数式を読むと『あ! そういうことか!!』と理解できるようになる、という点が良いのです。

After that, when I read the formula, "Ah! That kind of thing! !! It is good that I can understand.


In other words, whether you are a child or an adult, the height of psychological barriers to understanding mathematical formulas is lowered to zero.



Yeah, I was burning with a sense of mission.


In order to make Japan a world-class


"spreadsheet (Excel) literacy country (not programming literacy country),"


I have to write a book whose title is


"Introduction to EXCEL to create such a free research report in the last three days of summer vacation"

の執筆が急がれると、思っています ―― 勝手に。

urgently and selfishly


I have several stories.


I look forward to inviting me from everyone in the publishing industry.

2020-05-02 「泥沼」確実。 [長年日記]


Before, I wrote a diary whose title was

However, according to the provisions, it seems that maid cafes and bar bars at midnight can be "requested" but not "prohibited"



Unfortunately, this problem is now becoming apparent at “pachinko parlors”.


In particular,


(1) For pachinko stores that are at high risk of infection with new corona infections,


(2) As a sanction, the local government will "publish the store name",


(3) As a result, those pachinko parlors are flooded with customers from afar.


The negative chain happens.



As mentioned in the previous diary, there is no penal provision in the Enforcement Ordinance for the Special Measures Law for Countermeasures against New Influenza, etc., even when "self-restraint "request" changed to self-restraint "instruction".


At least this law doesn't stop the operation of pachinko parlors.


If so, it seems that it will be handled by a "matching technique" with another law.

ざっと調べてみたところ、「行政手続法」の、第2条4項の「不利益処分」が、地方自治体の対抗手段になるのかなーと思っています ――

After a quick survey, I think it will be a countermeasure of local governments, "Disadvantageous Disposition" in Article 2.4 in the “Administrative Procedures Act”,


This is so-called “business suspension”.


However, the pachinko parlor's business license seems to be at the police station that has jurisdiction over the store location.


In addition, there is no precedent for the suspension of operations in this case, so there is absolutely no need to consider legal interpretations (of course,not).

そう考えていくと、 ―― 民意はさておき ―― 行政権の濫用、という考え方もできます。

If you think so, you can think of abuse of administrative power ---- People's will aside.



Local government: “Business suspension”


Pachinko parlors: "Request for significance based on the Administrative Appeal Law" (I don't know if there is an immediate appeal in the Administrative Law)


Local government: "Rejection of significance claim"


Pachinko parlors: "Petition for provisional disposition of administrative order against the court"




"Mudification" will be confirmed.


(To be continued)

2020-05-03 ―― なんで、パチンコ店の前に、右翼カーが出張ってこないのかな? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, in any case, if this situation continues (even if it doesn't continue), this special law will surely be revised, and the public sentiment will be a tailwind, and considerably strong penalties will be installed.


The opposition parties will also formally express their "regrets" and support the revision of the law jointly with the ruling party.

戦前の「国家総動員法」のようなプロセスが、着々と進行して行く ――

A process like the “National Total Mobilization Law” before the war is steadily progressing.


Unexpectedly, we are experiencing the prewar war regime in real time.



I think that there is "reason" about the government policy, legislative procedures, and the content of this new corona countermeasure.


However, even before the war, there was sufficient "reason" in the "Pacific War" against U.S and U.K.


I think that the fight against new coronavirus is


"the war that differs from "people are not sent to the battlefield "and "no bombs dropped from overhead""



Personally, I want to end my life without experiencing this war.



When I was writing, I suddenly thought,

―― なんで、パチンコ店の前に、右翼カーが出張ってこないのかな?

"Why isn't the right wing car come in front of the pachinko parlor?"


I think they are "experts that destroy rallies," and will "certify the guests coming to a pachinko parlor as" non-national". I wonder if such a concept has alreay been old (I suspect that there are connections in the back)

―― パチンコ屋に、爆弾テロ予告をする左翼組織は出てこないのかな?

"Isn't a left-wing organization coming out to the pachinko parlor to announce the bomb terrorism?"


With the flag of "overthrowing the capitalist," this might be a big hit, and even now, there is a possibility of increasing the favorable impression.


By the way,

―― 新型コロナウイルス禍を利用した布教活動

"Propagation activity using the new coronavirus"


Naturally, those religious groups are appearing annoyingly.


For example, try searching with a search engine, by the words "prayer for repelling coronavirus infection"

いや、探さない方がいいかもしれません ―― 私は、最も醜悪な腐敗物を見せつけられた気分になりましたから。

No, you should not. Because I felt as if I had been shown the most ugly decay.


I closed the page in 3 seconds, like running away from the ugly decay.



In the first place, science is a process of cumulative progress, which is a loop of "observation → hypothesis → experiment → verification".

こういう低能宗教団体が「科学」を称呼することは、不正競争防止法の「品質誤認」の違法行為に該当すると思いますが ―― それ以上に、

I think that using the word "science" by such incompetent religious groups, is to correspond to the illegal act of "misidentification of quality" under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. Beyond that,


This is the "misuse" and "abuse" for the word "science",


I think that it is "irreparable" to science, and it is a severe "insult" to science.

2020-05-04 私たちは、"COVID-19"を、一つ残らず、この地球上から抹殺するのです。 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn over the world by number (63). Extra:

How to make a "virtual silver bullet" for engineers who want to counterattack Corona, even kicking against the pricks


The theme of the previous column was "despair" and "resignation."


Currently, the "containment strategy" that is being implemented by the governments of each country is a battle that we cannot see the exit easily.


Invisible enemies rampage, and even if we are frustrated or painful, the only thing we can do is "endure".


This kind of struggle to dedicate to exclusive defense causes great anxiety and stress for both individuals and society.


In today's society, even if the economy is stopped for only one day, financial instability can easily occur. However it has been stagnant for more than 2 months.


If there are people who aren't anxious about this, it's something that is no longer "human".



In contrast, the theme of this column is "Counterattack" and "Hope".


We presented specific examples of counterattacks, not dedicated defense.

―― 新型コロナウイスルを、ズタズタに切り裂く"siRNA"の塩基配列は、もう分かっている

"The base sequence of the "siRNA" that cuts the new coronavirus into pieces is already known"

―― やつら(COVID-19)を、殲滅する設計図は、私たちの手の中にある

"The blueprint for destroying them (COVID-19) is in our hands"


This is a great hope for me.


The masterpiece "Bye bye Jupiter" by the late science fiction writer Sakyo Komatsu-sensei, is that

太陽に突進してくるブラックホールに対して、人類の一部が ―― 正確に言うと、宇宙開発に携わる現場のエンジニアが ―― 驚くべきアイデアで対峙する

Part of the human race ――To be precise, the field engineers involved in space development ―― confronts the black hole rushing to the sun with an amazing idea


a magnificent science fiction novel.


At first, there was a plan to escape up to 100 million people to 20 billion human beings (and a plan to "exit only for the time being"), but one engineer presents "how to fight against black holes" .


As a result, vitality returns to the field, and the "fight" becomes the last trump card of humankind.

―― 今までは、何しろ、逃げる以外に手の打ちようがなくて、誰と誰がどれだけ逃げ出せるか、誰を逃がして誰が残るかという問題だけだったが、

Until now, I had no choice but to escape, and t was just a problem that "Who and who can escape" and "Who will escape and who will remain"

―― ただ、受け身の立場としで右往左往するだけではなく、あの"黒い怪物"にたとえ一太刀でもきりつける事ができそうだとなったら、またはりきる奴も出てくるだろう

However, as a passive person, going right and left, If we can use a single sword that cut against that "black monster", someone will stand-up again.

―― たとえ無駄でも、"X"野郎に一矢むくい、横っつらの一つでもはりとばしてやれるとなるとな・・・

Even if it's in vain, if we can get a blow in the "X" bastard, and knock him.



We haven't lost yet.


The battle for aggressive attacks, not just defense, will start now.

「たとえ無駄でも」 ―― ではありません。

"Even if it's in vain" is NOT


We will wipe out all "COVID-19" from this planet.

2020-05-05 1億を越える人間による「統計確率」に基づく作戦行動 ―― これに、私が「萌えない」訳がない。 [長年日記]

新型コロナウイルス対応で、社会的な ―― マクロで、そして、ミクロな ―― 対応が求められています。

Corresponding to the new coronavirus, social "macro and micro" response is required.


That is a grand social experiment of "using only individual behavioral changes and statistical probabilities to achieve results comparable to overseas blockades"



Since 1560, when the feudal lord of a region called Oda Somehow started a successful surprise attack in Okehazama, Japan has been, we Japanese people have loved


"a strange strategy"



Looking back in history, there are some success stories such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, the defeat of the Baltic fleet, the occupation of 223 Kochi, and the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.


However, there is also a huge number of failed operations behind it.


Anyway, the operation has already been activated.


Since it was activated, this fight is meaningless unless we get "victory".


This "victory" means in my sense "to endure for two years without disintegrating medical care", not to "eradication of COVID-19".



However, if this operation succeeds, it will remain in world history as a result that far surpasses at least the "largest operation in history" that mobilized 2 million soldiers, "Normandy landing operation". I'm sure.

―― なにしろ、作戦動員数が、1億2650万人

"After all, the number of operational mobilization is 126.5 million people"

―― 戦術はソーシャルディスタンスとステイホーム

"Tactics are social distance and stay home"

―― 武装なし(特効薬もない)

"No armament (and no silver bullet)"


Well, I don't like sayings such as uplifting national power,

1億を越える人間による「統計確率」に基づく作戦行動 ―― これに、私が「萌えない」訳がない。

Operational actions based on "statistical probability" by more than 100 million people --- I can't help getting excited.


After the success of this operation, I believe that


- Restoration (?) Of mathematics (in particular, probability and statistics),


- Simultaneous purge of intellectuals who have advocated the theory of unnecessary mathematics



By the way,



Even the Ebata family is under pressure to make various changes to support the new corona.


For example, the day before yesterday, I added wireless LAN access points.


Until now, there was a poor wireless LAN connection in the house, especially in the children's room, but I was not serious.


However, I heard that this had an impact on my job hunting activity (remote interview) for my eldest daughter and school attendance (online lesson) for my second daughter, and this response jumped to the highest priority.


15 years ago, when I built this house, the LAN cable (100 Mbps) that was secretly stored inside the house will be demonstrated at this last minute.


At the day, a new WiFi access point I ordered to Amazon is coming, I pulled out the LAN cable from the LAN modular jack on the back of the closet in the children's room, and installed it on the ceiling of my eldest daughter's room.

15年前には、PCによる就職活動や、オンライン授業は ―― そういう「話」は山ほどありましたが ―― 実施例は、ほぼ絶無と言っていい状態でした。

Fifteen years ago, there was a lot of talk about job hunting and online classes using PC. But the practical examples were almost inexhaustible.


Even if we, IT engineers, have been asking for more than 20 years, a society has not changed at all. However, society is going to change dynamically in the last 1-2 months.


After all, "surviving" means being "strong" like this.

2020-05-06 薬局で貰ったセルシン21錠を握って、スキップしながら自宅に戻り、万全の体制で連休を迎えることができました。 [長年日記]


I have been prescribed a tranquilizer (Celsin) at the office of the company as a countermeasure for insomnia of the early morning awakening type.


However, at this "Coronal disaster", the clinic is closed and I could not come to the office, so it was confirmed that the medicine was exhausted before the consecutive holidays, and I was in a very dangerous situation.


I have never experienced the situation of "I don't have my regular medicine at hand".


This is a pretty fear.



Previously, I was watching an animation called "Brynhildr in the Darkness".


The girls who appeared in the anime, are unable to maintain their body and die, unless they do not take a life-prolonging drug called a "killer" every day,

―― クスリが無くなった日に死ぬ

"Death on the day the medicine disappears"


I feel the sympathy deeply in the girls, because it was an unimaginable fear.



What I learned from that process was

―― オンライン診療が、まったく普及、定着していない

"Online medical care is not widespread and established"


at the present.


In the first place, there were very few clinics that could accept online medical treatment, and in most cases, there was a condition that "the first medical examination cannot be accepted."

しかし、これからは、オンライン診療も主流になっていく ―― のかな?

However, online medical care will become mainstream in the future ?


Those who work as doctors seem to have high IT literacy.

(Click here for a story that the world of care is hopeless)


However, I think that the system (law) may interfere with online medical treatment.


I have a prejudice that "tatus quo bias of doctors" is also stronger.



Anyway, this time, I got a lot of advice from the doctors friendly.


I was really relieved when I was able to get a prescription from a nearby internal medicine department.


I was able to hold the 21 tablets of tranquilizer (Celsin), I got at the pharmacy, skipped over and returned to my home, and I was able to complete my consecutive holidays.

2020-05-07 「専門外のことは、てんでダメだな」と実感しました。 [長年日記]


During the consecutive holidays, I kept myself in my house, so I often watched TV during the day.


And I was surprised at the low quality of daytime news programs compared to nighttime news programs.

まず、ニュースキャスターの無知性と無勉強 ―― たぶん、あえて「無能」を演じているんだろうと信じたい ―― です。

First, the newscaster's ignorance and no study. -- Maybe I want to believe that they are acting "incompetently".


In addition, in the program,


- (Including items for which no results have been obtained), blaming the government policy, and guiding everything to the responsibility of the Prime Minister and the Minister


- A desperate misunderstanding of statistics(in particular, no understanding of "hypothesis test" regarding RPC test numbers)


- Fawning behavior comment by the person who is said to be an "expert"


Also, I remember the name of the person who is said to be an "expert" and search on the Web. However some people are completely anonymous, and some do not even write a paper in worst case (of course, some people do not).

私、その人物の実績を評価する時、その人の学歴なんぞは見向きもせず、その人の残しているコンテンツ(論文、コラム、その他なんでもいいが、SNSは除く)は、ちゃんと読むようにしています ―― それなりに面倒ですが。

When I evaluate a person's performance, I'm not interested in that person's educational background, but I try to read the content of the person's papers, columns, anything else, except SNS. --- It's kind of troublesome, though.


Somehow, I feel that they are borrowing a person named "Professor" at a cheap price, and pulling him/her out to the news program.


So, I didn't watch TV in the daytime and only watched NHK news at 19:00.



Even for the NHK news programs, I sometimes feed the line.


The phrase "security is broken by "hackers"" is a level that can't be fixed anymore,


The same goes for the phrase "○○ was realized by"AI"" (I no longer have the power to complain).


So this time


The phrase "the gene" RAN "..." came out.

―― "RNA"って、遺伝子と呼んでもいいのかな? DNAでもないのに、

"May I call "RNA" a gene? It's not DNA"


I looked it up.


"There are many viruses that have RNA as a gene," and I found an explanation about the microRNA gene.



I realized, "I'm not good at things that aren't my specialty."

2020-05-08 仕方がないかもしれないですが、私の評価は、家族にはあまり受け入れられてないようです。 [長年日記]

I told my daughter (senior daughter) that the animation "PSYCHO-PASS" is worth watching.


However, my daughter, who I advised and did not watch, started watching in order to talk with a friend at the university.

「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス」は視聴の価値がある、と嫁さんに話をしました。

I told my wife that "PSYCHO-PASS" is worth watching.

滅多にアニメを見ない嫁さんが、娘のアドバイスを受けて、Amazon PRIMEで、今日一日で、「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス」の第1クール22話を、もうすぐ全部見終えそうです。

My wife, who rarely sees anime, seems to finish watching total 22 episodes of the first cool episode of "PSYCHO-PASS psychopath" on Amazon PRIME today in one day, by daughter's advice.



It may be unavoidable, but my evaluation doesn't seem to be accepted by my family.

2020-05-09 本当に、早いところ「自動車運転」などという言葉が消えて、全ての自動車が国の管理するシステム下で運用制御されればいいのに ―― [長年日記]

今年3月の3連休 ―― 日本中がコロナ禍に油断したあの時、私もスキー場にいました。

For three consecutive holidays in March of this year, I was at a ski resort when all of Japan was alert to the coronal disaster,


At that time, for the first time, I tried automatic driving of N-BOX on the highway.

―― いやー、ラクでした

"Well, I could drive easiler"


Once my car captured the car in front, the car changed in auto-tracking mode, and I can leave to my car own choice


However, on the contrary, I was attacked by a violent drowsiness.


However, when I did not hold the steering wheel (or when I handled the steering wheel loosely), the warning alarm prevented it, and it also will prevent me from falling asleep.


本当に、早いところ「自動車運転」などという言葉が消えて、全ての自動車が国の管理するシステム下で運用制御されればいいのに ――

I wish the word "driving a car" disappeared in the early days, and all cars will be operation-controlled under a system managed by the government.

と、アニメの『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス』を見ながら、考えていました。

I was thinking that while watching the animation "PSYCHO-PASS".

2020-05-10 ―― ハマり方が凄い [長年日記]

嫁さんが、「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス2」の視聴を終えて、現在、「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス3」を視聴中です。

My wife has finished watching "PSYCHO-PASS 2" and is now watching "PSYCHO-PASS 3".

―― ハマり方が凄い

"The way she be addicted is amazing"

こういう一気視聴が可能となったのは、Amazon PRIMEのおかげです。

It is thanks to Amazon PRIME that such continuous viewing is possible.

実は私、Amazon PRIME とは、年間郵送サービスのみと思っていました。

Actually, I thought Amazon PRIME was only an annual mailing service.


I noticed that there was an "unlimited movie viewing" service after the Corona disaster.


I think there are few stupid people like me, however, If you do not know it, I woll recommend you to use the movie watching service.


江端家は、現在、嫁さん(リビングPC + テレビ画面)、長女(自室ノートPC)、次女(自室ノートPC)、私(自室デスクトップPC + ディスプレイ4台)の全てが、全て有線ネットワークに接続されて、安定稼動中です。

At the Ebata family, for my wife (living PC + TV screen), for senior daughter (in-room notebook PC), for junior daughter (in-room notebook PC), for me (in-room desktop PC + 4 displays) are all connected to the wired network with stable operation.


The whole family enjoys YouTube, Amazon and Zoom in different places (although they don't seem to enjoy remote lectures).


Wireless LAN is convenient, but connection stability is not comparable to wired LAN.


The line speed is 3 to 5 times, and the jitter stability is more than 10 times.


In remote lectures, this jitter can be a fatal problem (They will leave the system during the lecture).



Ethernet (Category 5), which I built into our home 15 years ago, is now showing its power.


Since it is the Ethernet cable at that time, 100M will be the upper limit of the band, but it seems that there is no particular problem.


We was also lucky that we bought a laptop for my second daughter six months ago.


I heard that getting notebook PCs are very hard while today's self-restraint(Delivered after June).



Even now, the two 8-port hub LEDs in my room are still flashing.

2020-05-11 時々、約1時間強、町内を歩いています ―― マスクをして、本とノートを抱えながら。 [長年日記]


I received the postcard of the confirmation code for "NHK Plus", a service that allows me to watch NHK programs on your computer.


I just entered the code.


While working at home, NHK content is good for me, because I can watch them without disturbing my thoughts.


There is no problem with cloud server settings and paperwork. Programming is also okay for me.


On the other hand, "column writing", "development of invention" and "use case devising" is bad for me.


On the contrary, for these three things, "while walking" is better.


時々、約1時間強、町内を歩いています ―― マスクをして、本とノートを抱えながら。

From time to time, I am walking around town for over an hour --- wearing a mask and holding a book and notebook.


Sometimes I suddenly stop and write memorandoms down in my notebook. It may be annoying, however, I don't think there will be any problems because I'm walking in a place where no one can find it, so


For example, I study "quantum computer" while "walking".


私は、『なんで、そうなるんだ?』とか『おかしいじゃないか』とか、ぶつくさ言いながら歩いていますので ――

I'm walking while saying soliloquy "why does that happen? "isn't it funny?"


So, whether or not there was a coronal disaster, I don't think anyone is approaching me.

2020-05-12 『これが、私の弱点だな』と思いました。 [長年日記]


At midnight last night, my wife's smartphone WiFi slumped, and then the network troubles begin to spread out my home.


This problem was resolved, and I restarted the suspended equipment, and it took about 3 am for some reasons.


I thought, "this is my weak point".


Even if they cannot use the network, my family is harmed.


Well, they may not be able to take remote lectures.


My strategy was to leave the network alone and go to sleep soon.

しかし、私は、目の前に問題があると放置できない 懼懼 ことが、稀にあるのです。

But I rarely can't leave things, if a problem is in front of me.



This includes computer and server construction, and network settings.


In contrast, I am not good at trust, friendship, affection, meetings, politics, approvals, and other incompetent neighbors and relatives. I don't like anything have human being as a control component.


Because I can't move people as I hope.



Anyway, this time, I cleared it at 3:00 am, but if this took longer, I think I would have stayed up all night.


If this was a "human," I think I could give up in less than a second.

2020-05-13 首都高速の利用者は、全て「経済動物」です。 [長年日記]


In the anime "Silver Spoon", there is a scene where the protagonist argues against his father.

「失敗した人間は、一度失敗した人間は、何もしちゃいけないのか? 一度のダメで全部がダメになるのか?」

"A human who fails... humans who have failed once, should not do anything? They should be denied by just one mistake?"


"We are just like economic animals. One illness, one injury, going to a disposal site, if productivity drops. That's the same with economic animals!"


"No, some owners don't even dispose of economic animals easily. Even an equestrian horse has the chance to fly a second time if the horse fails to jump"


"I am less than an economic animal?"



I understand his claim.

I realized it in particular, I was taken to Mito instead of Chiba due to a single failure to select the route at the junction of the Metropolitan Expressway.

一度(ひとたび)選択を間違えれば、二度目のチャンスを貰えないという点では ――

If you make a mistake once, you will not get a second chance.


All Metropolitan Expressway users are "economic animals".

2020-05-14 例えば、この条令における年齢制限を外した上で、「ネット・ゲーム依存症」を、「セックス依存症」と置き換えたら、どうなるかな、と。 [長年日記]

I once wrote a diary with the content of "A Study on "Revision of Child Pornography Law"".


I argued a theory that seemingly contradictory: (1) "I agree" with the establishment of the law, and (2) "Rage" with one phrase of the law. (If you read it, you will understand that there is no contradiction)



By the way, it seems that the online game addiction measures ordinance in Kagawa Prefecture is controversial.


Well, as usual, I read the article suddenly without seeing any net news or SNS.


I have broken down the problematic numerical target, Article 18, paragraph 2, into the following 6.


(1) In the case of the preceding paragraph, the guardian must ensure that the child has sufficient sleep and that he / she has a regular lifestyle.


(2) When using computer games that lead to children's addiction to online games,


(3) The maximum usage time per day is 60 minutes (or 90 minutes if the school is closed).


(4) In addition, when using smartphones, etc., for children before completing compulsory education, it should be until 9 pm


(5) For other children, the standard is to stop using it by 10 pm


(6) Parents must endeavor to comply with the rules in the preceding paragraph.



I see, I understand that this article aims to become a basis article for rules at school and at home by including "numerical values."


It is true that the law and the Supreme Court decision (the largest court) have such a function.


I think that about the problem of game addiction, there is nothing wrong with the approach of solving the problem from the administration and legislation, focusing on the game time.


However, since I have never played video games and net games for more than 90 minutes in my life, I cannot discuss that the reason for "60 minutes" or "90 minutes".


So, regarding this matter, I would like to discuss it in a "common comparison theory" with a cowardly approach.



For example, what would happen if the age restrictions in this regulation were removed and "net game addiction" was replaced with "sex addiction"?


(3) 'Up to 60 minutes of sex per day (90 minutes on national holidays)


Or what happens if we remove the age restriction under this ordinance and replace "Internet game addiction" with "alcohol addiction" "pachinko addiction" "number of cigarettes smoked"?


(3) 'The maximum amount of time to enjoy alcohol or pachinko per day is 60 minutes (or 90 minutes on national holidays).


(3) 'The maximum number of cigarettes per day is six (9 on national holidays)



I know well that this is a sloppy replacement.


This is neither a constructive comment nor a suggestion on this Ordinance.


However, what I can understand by this "replacement" is "Children's feelings"

―― うるせい! ばかやろう! 余計なお世話だ!!

Shut up! This idiot! It's none of your business!!



(To be continued)

2020-05-15 ―― そんな大人が、あるいは、そんな大人の存在を許している大人が、一体、誰に、何を、偉そうに語っていやがるんだ? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In the midst of this new type of corona infection control, there are pachinko parlors that continue to operate without any orders from the government, and adults who visit pachinko parlors from afar.

しかし ―― いいですか、ここが重要ですが ―― パチンコ店が営業を続けていること(*)、あるいは、パチンコに興じることは、完全に、100%、どこのだれからも文句のつけようがない、完全無欠の「合法」行為なのです。

But --- Listen to me, this is an important point --- Keeping a pachinko parlor open(*) or playing with a pachinko parlor is a 100%, uncompromising, "legal" act that nobody can blame.


(*)"Request" and "command" are different


As I can see, no proposal has been found for a law or regulation that limits the quantity of "Can Chu-Hi", which is a mass production system for alcoholics.


Smoking outdoors is the same as standing pissing outdoors. Tobacco with walking is synonymous while sprinkling urine. It's common to smoke in the smoking area or in your own room, just as you piss in the toilet.



If I were a child,

―― そんな大人が、あるいは、そんな大人の存在を許している大人が、一体、誰に、何を、偉そうに語っていやがるんだ?

"What can do such adults, or adults who allows such adult, say for what, who, acting the great man ?"


I would think that, and I understand that children would feel uncomfortable.



As an adult, I also know that "adults exist as an unpleasant entity that forces children to do this".


Adults have the power to impose "believing that they are good for children (having a certain objectivity)" regardless of whether they are right or wrong.


In comparison, children do not have the ability, means, or cost to counter it.



As I said, I am not qualified to discuss this article scientifically or logically.


I'm not interested in "games" or "60 minutes" or "90 minutes" at all, and I have no plans to be interested.


I'm just silent.


Even so, I would like to be an adult who can understand only the "children's upset discomfort."

2020-05-16 ―― 何やってんだろうなあ、桶狭間合戦場跡は [長年日記]


I'm from Okehazama, It is the "Okehazama" where the battle of the war the nation was fought.


The other day, I was watching a travel show with my wife.


In the program, there were various historical museums and souvenir shops, even though it was a minor battlefield that doesn't appear in history textbooks.


My wife muttered to me,

―― 何やってんだろうなあ、桶狭間合戦場跡は

"I wonder what they're doing at the site of the Battle of Okehazama"




There are two battlefields, one on the Nagoya side and the other on the Toyoake side.

江端の実家は、その中間位置にありますので、この実家こそが、真の合戦場後なのだ ―― などと下らない主張をする気はありませんが ―― どちらの合戦場跡も、全然、商売っ気というものがありません。

"My parents' house is in the middle of two, therefore, this home is a true battlefield site". I don't mean to make such a trivial claim, but neither of the battlefield sites has any business atmosphere at all.


They may be shying away from each other. From the point of view of local governments across Japan, this may be considered a waste of resources.


Well, since such facilities are easily turned into non-performing loans, both facilities may have made a very wise decision.


Well, in addition, I don't like that warlord with suspected bipolar disorder who instilled a troublesome "surprise is cool" mindset in subsequent Japan.


Therefore, I don't mind at all as they are.

2020-05-17 ―― 同時に2つ運用してやればいいか [長年日記]

Recently, I've been running my second website in WordPress.


At first, I was going to migrate all the current html version to WordPress, but I gave it up because I tried it for a bit and found that the time and effort to migrate was too much.


And so, I thought to myself,

―― 同時に2つ運用してやればいいか

"Why don't I just run the two at the same time?




The reason why I decided to switch to WordPress is that the percentage of people accessing my site from a smartphone has been increasing recently.


My home page was only intended to be accessed from PC, and I thought it was necessary to make it smartphone-responsive, too.


I also thought that WordPress would be relatively easy, since I'd done it once before, when I remade the website of the town hall association two years ago.


In the actual creation, I referred to various web sites, and for the design of the page, I displayed the "page source" on a web page I liked, and imitated the settings.



The advantages of WordPress are


If I throw in the text, it will be changed to an appropriate shape.


Especially diagrams and photos are put into a suitable format just by throwing them in.


I don't have to make separate versions for smartphones and PCs.


It's all about "I can do it easily".


The disadvantages of WordPress are


It takes time to find the right display settings for you.


I'm worried because I can't control the page myself.



Anyway, at the moment, WordPress is functioning mostly as "my notepad".

2020-05-18 ―― 「論理的思考の教育」から、「パンデミック災禍時でも『食っていく』ための手段」へ [長年日記]


I've told you several times that I was a student who covered my tuition and living expenses by working part-time during the latter half of my six years of college and graduate school.


A part-time job is, in a word, the equivalent exchange of time and money.


In particular, the engineering school of science and technology was a place where time was "ripped off" by experiments and reports, so there was little time left to cut back.

しかし、 合コンやら、飲み会やら、恋愛やら、青くさい議論やら、帰省やら、そういうものを、全部やめてしまえば、まあ、そこそこ「時間」というものは、捻出できるもんです。

However, if you stop all of these things, such as dating, drinking, love, blue-collar arguments, and going home, you'll be able to find some "time".


Of course, this was just my case. I would like to refrain from talking about this as a general commentary.


Putting that aside.



My greatest concern now is the desperate situation of students who are in similar situations to mine under the corona disaster.


In a situation where they can't go out, many students can't even cut their time.

この環境を、当時の私の状況にあてはめると、答は一択となりました ―― 『退学』です。

Applying this environment to my situation at the time, the answer was one thing "expulsion".



Under these circumstances, the most likely part-time jobs for engineering students are


Web design, simple programming (x system construction), VBA for Excel, etc.



However, without a certain level of coding ability, it seems a bit difficult.


If you are not an engineering major,


Blog writing (writing blogs and columns on designated topics), cram schools and tutors who give remote lectures


There may be some such things, but even this will be tough without a certain amount of IT literacy.



There may be a second or third wave of coronal catastrophe coming, and it is said that a pandemic will come once every 10 years.


The position of programming education for elementary and junior high school students may be changing in the future.

―― 「論理的思考の教育」から、「パンデミック災禍時の『食っていく』ための手段」へ

From "education in logical thinking" to "means to survive in the event of a pandemic disaster"


2020-05-19 『モノクロの記録映像を眺めているような表情』で、 [長年日記]


In yesterday's diary.

"If I apply this environment to my situation at the time, the answer is one thing -- 'expulsion'."


I told my family that I had written to the

次女:「なんで? パパだったらネットで何でもできるでしょう?」

Second daughter: "Why? Dad, you can do everything online, right?


Ebata: "In those days, the Internet was nothing!


At that moment, she looked like


"she didn't understand" and


"she had noticed something".


Afterwards, she looked at me with her face as if she was "looking at a black-and-white recorded image".


I thought that.



Afterwards, my wife and I discussed


Was there a "convenience store" when we were in college?


When did "pizza delivery" start?


However, our memories were fuzzy and we couldn't verify them at all.

2020-05-20 ―― パチンコや麻雀というのは、そんなにも楽しいものなんだ [長年日記]


I've said before that a "love of gambling" is a kind of talent.


And then there was the "I'm honestly jealous" story.



While we are in a state of emergency under intense curfew, the following incidents have been stirred up.


"The pachinko parlor continues to operate and pachinko enthusiasts come from far away"


"Mahjong betting by employees of two famous newspapers and the chief prosecutor of the Tokyo High Court of Appeals."



Regardless of their position, these are literally "gambles with the risk of infection".


What's more, it's definitely "an extremely risky gamble that will blow away their career in an instant.


It also comes with the added bonus of "the greatest disdain and hatred from many people".


Even if I'm not familiar with the world, I can't help but wonder if it's not a script for a play of some kind.


But even if it was a play, the "qualities" of the actors were necessary.


―― パチンコや麻雀というのは、そんなにも楽しいものなんだ

"pachinko and mahjong are such fun things to do."


When I think about it like that, I can't help but think that I'm living a very "boring life" because I can't entertain such things.

2020-05-21 しかし、パラダイスに至る為には、数年間におよぶダンジョンでの魔物との闘いを経験しなければならないのも、事実です。 [長年日記]


Recently, I've finally started to feel the benefits of My Number Card.


In my case, I've been using it many times over the last five years to file my tax return and collect documents at convenience stores, so it's gone pretty smoothly, but there are probably many people who don't.

I was one of those who didn't -- how many times have I almost gone mad?


Also, I don't think many people have a card reader connected to their PC at home for their My Number Card.



If I think about "go to the government office, write tedious documents, stand in a line, and wait for a long time," the paperwork using a computer card reader is really a paradise.


However, it is also true that in order to reach paradise, you have to go through several years of dungeon battles with demons.


Ultimately, there is a trade-off between the benefits of the My Number Card (issuing electronic signatures, remote application) and the application through analog procedures.


I can't categorically say which one is better.

2020-05-22 「真の教育崩壊は、これから始まる」 ―― と、私は、ゾッとしたのです。 [長年日記]

今回の、新型コロナ災禍によって、エラいことが起きている ―― と、ゾッとしました。

I feel that a great deal of trouble is happening because of this new type of coronal catastrophe.


Comedians, Atsuhiko Nakata and Yoshio Kojima, provide educational content on YouTube.


When I was a student, I was a "ronin" and went to a prep school for a year. And what I knew then was,

―― 私の成績が悪いのは、「私の責任」ではなくて、「教師の教え方」が悪い

"The reason for my poor grades is not "my fault", but "teaching method"


That's a fact, or rather, a truth.



I had one session of "Japanese History" that kept me laughing for 90 minutes, "Physics" that kept me shocked for 90 minutes, and so on.


"The knowledge that comes into your head on its own"


I was stunned to find out what I couldn't believe.


At this time, I confirmed that the "sleepy class" is not "the student (head) is bad" but "the teacher (teaching method) is bad".


At the prep school, every three months, all prep students were asked to complete a mark-sheet survey of their instructors, and the instructors who offered "sleepy classes" disappeared in the blink of an eye.



Of course, on the teacher side, I think it can be said that


(1) The enthusiasm for studying (perfect preparation) is different between prep school students and current students.


(2) Teachers at prep schools only need to focus on the grades of their students, but teachers at schools are hard at work on miscellaneous matters other than "grades", such as students' lifestyle, classroom attitude, PTA, school events, and monster parents.


(3) Above all, we must continue to take care of children who are not sincere in their study efforts and are misbehaving.


(4) From the perspective of (1) to (3) above, it is an outrageous argument to equate prep school teachers with school teachers.



Of course, there is room for compassion about these things.


However, such environments are the same for any job, more or less.


For example, a researcher at one company may find that the majority of his work is "drudgery" and the day is over.


In addition, the reason why I can't sympathize with the teacher's side right now is: "That's why I (Ebata) didn't choose to teach.


I like the "skill" of teaching people something, not the "people".

学業への取り組みが真摯ではなく、素行不良の子どもなんぞ、「3秒で切り捨てる」―― 私は、そういうハートレス(×ハートフル)な人間です。

I can "cut off in three seconds" a child who is not sincere in his or her academic efforts and who is misbehaving. So I'm such a heartless (x heartfull) person.



In any case, the educational content provided by Atsuhiko Nakata and Yoshio Kojima on YouTube is that many children (and adults) besides me have been informed


"sleepy class" is not "the student (head) is bad" but "the teacher (teaching method) is bad".



At least, the children will not accept the harsh and cruel working environment of the above teachers at all.


「真の教育崩壊は、これから始まる」 ―― と、私は、ゾッとしたのです。

"The real collapse of education is about to begin" -- I got the chills.

2020-05-23 ―― ラクに金が手に入ると思うなよ [長年日記]


I've been buying e-books in earnest a lot lately.


There are a couple of reasons, but one is that my whole house is overflowing with books and I'm getting seriously depressed, and the other is that it meets my need to read quickly.


In particular, I've been buying a lot of specialized books.


I work in a multi-display environment (four displays, to be exact).


When I'm writing a column, I find it very useful to have the e-book on the right side of my computer screen while I'm writing on the left side display.


It's also easier to quote if I use copypes.


Especially for program textbooks, it's helpful to be able to copy and paste the source code to compile and build.


(Some books can't be copied and pasted. They annoy me)



Some of them are not even available as ebooks on Amazon. In that case, I have to buy the PDF from the publisher.


In that case, it is the "payment" that is troublesome.


It's easy if I just make it a "card payment", but it's awkward to get "electronic money" involved.


Having more types of e-money is a hassle.


There is a psychological resistance to the input of the card number, address, name, and phone number registration information, and especially the management of the password is annoying.


In the first place, most of the electronic money cannot be exchanged between individuals.



In such a situation, recently, I think it's convenient, Amazon gift certificate (charge type).


Simply create a gift certificate in increments of one yen and send it to the recipient via email, and the process is complete.


However, because it is a gift certificate that can only be used on Amazon, it is not suitable for a high amount of money transfer, but if it is a small amount, it is convenient to use.


In the future, children's pocket money and even new year's gift may be given in gift certificates for such online services.



If so, the paradigm of "new year's gift" may change.


For example,

1月1日に、子どもが、KPI(Key Performance Indicator)の内容を発表し、翌年の1月1日に、私達大人が、そのKPIの目標達成度を判断して、お年玉の金額を決定する、というものです。

On January 1, the children presented the contents of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and on January 1 of the following year, we adults will determine the amount of the New Year's gift by judging how well we have achieved the KPI goal.


As a KPI, the


going to be able to do the "back-hip circle"


going to do the "double jump" of jumping rope 10 times in a row



Getting regulars in club activities


Prep school examinations deviations


Passing or failing the school of your choice for the examination


I think there are a lot of things we can do.


If it's too hard for your child to show the results reflected in a monetary value, we can change them from a "gift certificate" to a "product".


For example, one way to penalize an elementary school child is to give them a "canned set" or "frozen crabs for the crab pot".


―― ラクに金が手に入ると思うなよ

"Don't think you're going to get your money easy"


I think it's a very good "adult harassment" to turn "the biggest fun event of the New Year" into "the first worst and worst event of the first year".

2020-05-24 「近代虐殺史」ならなんでもござれ、という保護者です。 [長年日記]

昨日、深夜、家族全員で、Amazon PRIMEで「シンドラーのリスト」を見ました。

Yesterday, late at night, the whole family watched "Schindler's List" on Amazon PRIME.


The whole family was gutted after watching it, but I felt like I had finally finished what had been on my mind for years.


I was relieved that my daughters didn't seem to be in a terrible state of shock.


When I asked them the reason, they said, "I've heard a lot of things from you".



ナチスドイツ、日本陸軍、スターリン、ポルポト、中共(文革)等、原爆投下に至るまで ――

"Nazi Germany, the Japanese Army, Stalin, Pol Pot, the Chinese Communist Party, etc., up to the atomic bombing"


I'm an expert of "modern genocide history".

2020-05-25 「江端の猫カフェ」 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Dancing Buzzword-Behind the Buzzword (1) Quantum Computer (1)

The quantum computer, give me more excitement.



In last month's diary, I wrote, "I am looking for a person who can supervise the contents of my column on "Quantum Computer".


I'm not one of those people who is reluctant to write a "lie" when I know it's a "lie", however I can't help but feel uncomfortable writing something that I don't know if it's a "lie" or not without knowing if it's a "lie" or not.


The details are described in this column. I'm very relieved to see that one of my collaborators (Mr. TU who loves quantum computers, a.k.a. "Mr. T who is a quantum geek") will appear from this column.


Aside from that.



Lately, I've been taking a lot of time to create illustrations.


When I write a column, I work in the following order: overall structure (like a table of contents), creation of figures and tables, writing the text, requesting reviewers, and creating illustrations. Lately, I've been spending quite a bit of time creating illustrations.


In this case, the concept of the illustration was "the cat in the well", which was good, but I was quite worried about how to draw it.



Anyway, I am proud that I am one of the first people in the world to come up with the concept of a "cat cafe" in which an infinite number of cats appear in a haphazard manner from the "Schrodinger Equation".


From now on, following Schrodinger's cat, the discrete state of quantum energy derived from the Schrodinger equation when the boundary conditions are fixed will be called


"Ebata's Cat Cafe"


2020-05-26 実際に、歴史の教師は「歴史が重要だ」と言い続けていますが、はっきり言います―― 「古代エジプトのファラオが誰であろうか、その国が滅びようが、それが何だと言うのか」 [長年日記]


Excerpts from Honobu Yonezawa's "hyouka" series outside story "Estimating the Distance Between Us"



"Black cat or white cat, it's a good cat to give me candy."


Ohinata frowned.


"Let's see, Zhou Enlai"


"It's Li Teng-hui"


Ihara speaks from the side.


"It wasn't Chiang Kai-shek, was it?"


Hearing the exchange, Chitanda got a twitchy look that made her laugh unreasonably.


"Um, it's, uh, you know, Ho Chi Minh."


Somehow she's trying to blur. I did something wrong for her. Incidentally, I had really forgotten about it, but as we were talking, I remembered it. This is To Kohei.



My second daughter, a senior in high school, had no idea about the historical figures featured in the above story. I went out of the blue, to be honest.


Ebata: "Hey, the characters in Hyouka are all 2nd year high school students.


Second daughter: "The characters in "Hyouka" are fiction. No high school student has that kind of knowledge on a daily basis.


Ebata: "I could have answered all of those questions back then!


Second daughter: "That's because you had biased knowledge.


Ebata: "It's not like that. Even your mom can answer that question properly.


And when I mentioned the subject to my wife, she said


Wife: "Of course, I know all those names. I just forgot who and what they did.


Ebata: "It's "I cannot answer".


In addition, the second daughter interrupted me.


Second daughter: "Well, Dad, just because I knew the person's name, doesn't make it any less important.


Ebata: "Somehow, I feel like I'm in deep serious if you don't know that much about it.


Second daughter: "That's what you think. It's far worse in our world to not know the contents of the "cake recipe". Dad, can you argue about sweets?"


Ebata: "I can't argue it at all"


Second daughter: "There's more utility and usefulness in a cake recipe than in a historical figure, and something useful would be the right thing to do.

Ebata: "Certainly, I think I've been arguing that



Any teacher says, "It's the subject I am teaching that's important."


It can also be described as "petty self-defense" to protect the teachers' sense of existence and dignity.

実際に、歴史の教師は「歴史が重要だ」と言い続けていますが、はっきり言います―― 「古代エジプトのファラオが誰であろうか、その国が滅びようが、それが何だと言うのか」

In fact, history teachers keep saying "history is important," but let's be clear "Whoever the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were, whether their country perished or not, what does it matter?


In short, it's the same story as my wife's famous quote, "It doesn't matter what color the litmus test paper is.


If you want usefulness in knowledge, a "profit-recovery model based on actual learning" is the only correct answer.


Eldest: "It's violence to argue what you know as if it's the world's standard, isn't it?



I was thinking about this story...


"Am I wrong?


For a while, I sank into a deep darkness of skepticism.

2020-05-27 そこで、嫁さんに「タイヤ交換のやり方」を教えようとしたら、丁重に断わられました。 [長年日記]

私は、自動車のタイヤ交換(ノーマルタイヤ / スノータイヤ)を自分でやっています。

I have been doing my own car tire changes (stock tires / snow tires).

I'm posting the video on YouTube as a note for myself (note: audio is available).


The purchase of the necessary equipment is sufficient for the cost of one tire change at a car dealership, which is very cost-effective.


More than that, changing a tire is "fun".


Well, maybe the reason why I feel happy is that I only do it twice a year (it's hard work if I do it as a job).


I think if it's fun, it should be shared with everyone.


However, when I tried to teach my wife how to change a tire, she politely refused.



"You said that... what are you going to do after I'm dead!"


After I said, the family members except me said


"We are going to go to the dealership as normal"

2020-05-28 ―― 「SNSでの誹謗中傷はやめよう」とは言う人はいても、「SNSを使うのをやめよう」と言う人はいない [長年日記]


It seems that someone has been driven to suicide again by the slander on social media.


I hate to say it now, but this is not the first time, and the same incidents are happening all over the world.


Every time an incident like this occurs, it makes me wonder.

―― 「SNSでの誹謗中傷はやめよう」とは言う人はいても、「SNSを使うのをやめよう」と言う人はいない

"There are people who say, "Let's stop slandering people on SNS," but there are no people who say, "Let's stop using SNS."


It's very, very strange.



This story, to me, looks a lot like "gun control".


In our country, personal "possession" of a gun is subject to criminal penalties.


Japanese law does not recognize the non-"lethal" effects of a gun (e.g., "self-defense") as an individual right.


However, in our country, that "gun control" has had a tremendous effect.


After all, we don't have any gun murders in this country with the exception of "an antisocial group that seeks to achieve its own private ends through violence or threats"


There have been cases where this anti-social group has used guns on civilians, but the perpetrators, of course, the organization has also been destroyed. The head of the organization has also been guilty of association. They had to live their miserable life, and are reaping the rewards.


Of course, I'm not inclined to pity them at all.



I don't want to say that SNS should be regulated by law.


The public opinion formed by social networking has its problems, but I believe that it also has an effective side.


However, for victims of "slander on SNS," If we show real genuine remorse, sympathy and condolence as an "action",

「SNSをやめる」こと ―― それだけだと思うのです。

"To quit SNS" - I think that's it


To be honest, the effect on society of one person quitting SNS will be negligible.


Still, we can at least tell ourselves that "I am the only one who has acted"



People who go around shouting, "Stop slandering people on SNS!


I feel "vulgar" like

―― 銃をぶっぱなし続けながら「銃を規制すべきだ」と叫んでいる人間

"the person who keeps blasting guns and shouting "we should control guns!""




Anyway, if there is anyone who has decided to quit SNS because of this incident, please let me know.


I would like to take my time and talk to you.

2020-05-29 スーツ姿でバッチリと決めた娘が、リビングで、自分のノートPCを使って面接している様は ―― [長年日記]


We have a 1G optical network in our house.


I have never had any bandwidth issues, but recently I have been experiencing frequent network malfunctions.

まあ、私が会社のリモート会議をして、嫁さんがAmazon PRIMEを見て、次女がリモート授業を受けて、長女が企業面接をやっている ――

Well, I'm doing corporate remote meetings, my wife is watching Amazon PRIME, my second daughter is taking remote classes, and my senior daughter is doing corporate interviews --


I think that if such a situation is to occur at the same time, there would be throughput problems.



On the other hand, it seems that my (Ebata's) policy of "I don't trust radio" is working well here.


After all, our house is based on the 100M Ethernet network that I installed when I built our house. There are also other Ethernet lines on the exterior walls and in the soil of the garden.


In the company interview, my senior daughter seems to have a wired LAN connection to her laptop.


WiFi is prone to fluctuating communication quality.


It's no joke if she lose her communication link during the company interview.


それにしても、『我が家のリビングで、就職面接が行なわれる時代がやって来ようとは』 ―― 誰が予想できたでしょうか。

By the way, who would have guessed that the era of job interviews in our living room would be coming ?


It's a future that no one could have predicted, engineers, investors, consultants, venture presidents, politicians, artificial intelligence (or something I'm not sure).


I'll note this confirmatively, because fortune tellers and religious cults may say "I predicted it" with a thick face.


スーツ姿でバッチリと決めた娘が、リビングで、自分のノートPCを使って面接している様は ――

My daughter, looking great in her suit, is interviewing in the living room on her notePC.


Of course, the whole family won't be in the living room during the interview


It's an amazing, extraordinary feeling.

2020-05-31 ―― 別々のマンションに囲っておき、気が向いた時だけに尋ねることができる愛人 [長年日記]


I've been building Docker for PostgreSQL and finally realized how easy it is.


It can be summed up in one word: "I can get away with environmental pollution.


For example, a different version of the PostgreSQL server cannot be installed on a single PC.


Of course, I can do it. In most cases, troublesome configuration conflicts occur, causing problems for both servers.


If I keep both PostgreSQL servers in Docker and only start up the one I need when I need it, I won't have this problem.


Well, to be honest, Docker itself can run weirdly on host OSes (especially Windows), so I can't say that it's "great" with all my hands, as people say....



Docker is, in short,

―― 別々のマンションに囲っておき、気が向いた時だけに尋ねることができる愛人

"a mistress you can keep enclosed in a separate condo and ask only when you feel like it"


I can sum it up in one word.

―― しかも、その愛人とマンションのコストが、恐しく安い

"What's more, the cost of the condo with the mistress is frighteningly cheap."


I don't know why so many people don't use this expression to talk about Docker.



It may be because my character is questioned.

However, it's a metaphor that even a " noble person " like me can come up with.