2022-11-01 ―― ノートPCのエディタで文章が書ければ、それだけで良い [長年日記]

I have written before about wanting a lightweight desktop PC that I can carry around with me.


I bought it.


It was a really, really painful expense, but I was afraid to use a free-address computer for security reasons, and I was determined to make it an unavoidable expense in order to do "serious coding" with a free-address from now on.


Having said that, if I was going to spend money, I wanted it to be something other than PC.


If I count Raspberry Pi as a PC, then I have almost 10 PCs in our house.



A PC is a "raw product" and will be useless after three years.


For example, in yesterday's seminar, the laptop I brought as a backup for my iPad was completely useless, and I almost ruined the presentation I had prepared.


But of course, if I keep using the old OS and apps, I can use them for even 100 years.


But if I install Office, Teams, VSCode, R, Docker, SAI, and so on, my PC will naturally become unusable.


―― ノートPCのエディタで文章が書ければ、それだけで良い

"As long as I can write in my laptop's editor, that's all that matters"


In this world, I would not have to manage 10 computers.

その文章に図や表を入れたいだの、計算をしたいだの、シミュレーションをしたいだの、100万のオブジェクトを使いたいだの、 ――

I want to put figures and tables in that text, I want to do calculations, I want to do simulations, I want to use a million objects, I want to--


That's what I want, and that's why the PC 'rots' every year.

2022-11-02 江端:「うん。だから数学の授業で『投資セミナーの例題を使って、等比級数と指数関数を教えれば、一石二鳥だ』と、昔から、ずっと言い続けているんだけど ―― 文部科学省って、バカなの?」 [長年日記]


There seems to be no end to the damage caused by investment fraud.


Ebata: "A fairly effective means of preventing investment fraud is the 'equi-proportional series,' which you should have learned in high school."


Daughter: "I don't remember that."


Ebata: "'Exponential function' would be fine."


(I just realized that probability, expected value, and standard deviation are more valid for investment fraud.)


Wife: "I don't think most people realize that it's 'tied to an investment scam.'"

江端:「うん。だから数学の授業で『投資セミナーの例題を使って、等比級数と指数関数を教えれば、一石二鳥だ』と、昔から、ずっと言い続けているんだけど ―― 文部科学省って、バカなの?」

Ebata: "Yes. That's why I've been saying for a long, long time, 'If you use the examples from the investment seminar to teach equi-proportional series and exponential functions, you kill two birds with one stone' in math class--is the MEXT stupid?"



My whole family shouted "You're right!"


Well, I know I am not proper to talk about this, as I have been a victim of fraud before.

2022-11-03 「笑点」に笑えず、「サザエさん」に嫌悪感を感じる ―― [長年日記]


I once watched "Shouten" on TV in the sauna of a public bathhouse and was astonished at how "boring" it was.


In particular, the use of the lower part of the story is "vulgar". Moreover it was 'dirty'.

「古い」、「時代外れ」、コンプライアンス的にも『もう扱えないネタ』を平気で使って、それに気がついてもいない ――

They are not afraid to use "old," "out of date," and "out of compliance" material, and they don't even realize it.


I could not bear to look and left the sauna room.


Perhaps this day's broadcast just happened to be such a bad turn of events.


Nevertheless, even if this is "old", it should match my age.


When I thought about it that way, it occurred to me that this might not be because of the "Shouten", but rather my problem as a receptive person.



The same goes for "Sazae-san."


I stopped watching them altogether and didn't want my children to see them.


I thought it would not be good from an educational standpoint.


At the very least, I don't want to make that family the norm in my family.


There was certainly a time when the Sazae-san style of family structure worked extremely well.


There is no doubt that it is the "Sazae-san-like family attitude" that has led to the threatened growth rate of "10% real economic growth rate, achieved for 19 consecutive years.

ただ、その態様は、今の時代には良くない ―― というか『害悪』とさえ思えます。

However, the attitude is not good for the current era -- or even "harmful"

私の中では、このような価値観を強固に主張していた個人の一人が『故 安倍元首相』であり、それを強固に主張し続けている宗教団体が『旧称 統一教会』です。

In my mind, one of the individuals who firmly asserted these values was the "late former Prime Minister Abe" and the religious group that continues to firmly assert them is the "former name of Unification Church".


Of course, Japan has "freedom of thought and conscience (Article 19 of the Constitution)" and "freedom of religion (Article 20)," and any way of thinking should be free.

常識外れの献金をさせて、個人やその家族を破滅に追いやって、なお『宗教法人』を名乗り、その利権を最大限利用する ―― てなことをしない限りは、ですが。

As long as it is an individual or a corporation that does not make unorthodox donations, ruin individuals and their families, and still call itself a "religious corporation" and make maximum use of its interests.


I digress a bit.


「笑点」に笑えず、「サザエさん」に嫌悪感を感じる ――

Not laughing at "Shouten" and feeling disgusted by "Sazae-san" --


I sometimes wonder if these receptors of mine might be making me unhappy with myself.

2022-11-04 シニアの学徒としては、『リアルな座学って、もう、いらなくない?』と思ってしまうのですよ。 [長年日記]


I am currently taking a classroom lecture at a university, and after all this time, I realize that 'studying was so much fun'.

『はあ? 今頃、何言ってんだ?』という声が聞こえてきそうです。

I can almost hear you saying 'Huh? What are you talking about now?'


However, after working as a researcher for a long time, I have been taking in the necessary knowledge and using whatever tools (calculation methods and techniques) are available to me on a daily basis.


"Systematic study" is given "in a systematic way"


I realize how wonderful (or rather, how beautiful) it is to be able to do this.

―― この素晴しさや、美しさを、現役の大学生に実感して貰うのは、難しいだろうなぁ・・・

"It will be difficult for current college students to appreciate the beauty and splendor of this place..."


I thought that.


Of course, there are still some current college students who can understand "it", but is it "senior people's assumption" that makes me think so?


問題は、講義が"英語"で行われていることです ――当然「英語に愛されないエンジニア」である私には、その内容は理解できません。

The problem is that the lectures are given in "English" - of course, as an "engineer who does not love English", I cannot understand the content at all.


Then, it is no longer a matter of giving up on understanding English and countering the lecture content with thorough preparation.


And now I am using "YouTube".


The lectures on "YouTube" are also in English, but I am trying to listen to whatever I can, and write about it, until I somehow "feel like I understand it".


I use the lecture offered by one of the universities in India.


The examples with real-life numbers are practical and really helpful.

講義のビデオを途中で止めて、戻して、印刷して ―― その大学講座を使い倒しています。

I stop the lecture video in the middle of a lecture, put it back, print it out -- I am running them out.

It is definitely the "remote lectures" that have flooded YouTube with such an abundance of courses -- "I think this is also thanks to the Corona disaster.



As a senior academic, I'm thinking, 'Don't we need real classroom learning anymore?' I think.

2022-11-05 今回のロシアのウクライナ侵略に関して、ロシアと日本の間について、私は分からないことが多いのです。 [長年日記]


Which country declared war on a country that relies on them for 90% of its energy (oil)?


The answer is "Japan".


In 1941, Japan launched a war against the United States.


The ratio of national power at that time was 50 (U.S.):1 (Japan).



What I'm trying to say is,


'War, however irrational it may be, begins when it begins.'


and, in many cases


A war cannot be stopped until one side or the other is in a state of what might be called devastation."


This was a historical fact.

For more on this, please read "Japan's Decision to Start War with Four "Ifs" and One "Might"" here.


I don't know about other cases, but it seems that when it comes to wars between nations, a lesson of history is that 'lessons of history are useless'.



There are many things I do not understand about the relationship between Russia and Japan regarding this Russian invasion of Ukraine.


I am not familiar with the energy issues between Russia and our country.


For example, the projects called "Sakhalin 1" and "Sakhalin 2."


Japan, in its role as the standard-bearer of the Western liberal camp in Asia, is imposing an unprecedented level of economic sanctions against Russia.


So, it would make sense for Russia to "completely stop energy exports to Japan" in retaliation (if they completely disregard contracts, illegal acts under international law, international conventions, etc.).


Even the U.S. oil export ban on Japan in 1941 was a complete breach of contract on the private level. However, there is no way that a private energy company can compete with the power of the state.

To begin with, I am not even sure what is going on right now with the withdrawal of WIPO's MFN status to Russia.



I am looking forward to receiving an e-mail from anyone who can provide a simple explanation of this situation to Ebata.


If the stories I receive catch Ebata's heart, I would like to immediately adopt them in our column.

Of course, we will keep the source of the story confidential.

2022-11-06 『お前(江端)の意見なんぞ、世の中を1mmも動かしていない』 [長年日記]

今週末は、終日コーディングをしていました ―― 仕事が山ほどたまっていまして。

This weekend, I was coding all day long -- because I had a lot of work.


So, just a few minutes ago, I finally completed a program to create 100 tourists and 100 local agents in a city in Japan.


Of course, I knew that I could "make it," but when it came to actually making it, I had to remember a lot of things, and it took longer than expected.



So, relieved, I went down to the living room and found my wife watching a TV program she had recorded.

私は、その番組を20秒ほど見て、書斎に直帰しました ―― せっかくテレビを見ている嫁さんに、いらんことを言いそうになったからです。

I watched the program for about 20 seconds and went straight back to the study -- because I was about to say something unwanted to my wife who was watching TV.


The drama seems to be based on a "game production site," but the setting of the program development site was too "improbable".


- The program development site (x system operation site) that allows cyber-attacks to go unchecked can only be thought of as a "bunch of idiots," and


- It's common sense to double or triple backups, and to keep them in the cloud, and


- I've never heard such a startling interpretation of a program as a "data blueprint"!


However, it is not mature to poke a lot of questions about them.

―― 考証が甘いとか、そういう話じゃないんだ。これは、ドラマの視聴者に分かりやすくする為に、敢えて、こういうベタな設定をしているんだ

"I'm not talking about the lack of archaeological evidence or anything like that. This is just a goofy setup that I'm daring to use in order to make it easier for drama viewers to understand"


I believe that this is a good idea.


However, this also indicates, conversely, that this is the level of "knowledge of program development" among the general public.



Frankly, I was horrified.

私は、コラムで偉そうに、内政や外交や軍事について、論じていますが ―― 基本的に、私は素人です。

I discuss domestic politics, foreign policy, and military affairs in my columns in a pompous manner -- basically, I'm an amateur.


There is no way I can compete with the knowledge and expertise of bureaucrats, politicians, and civil servants (Self Defense Force members and firefighters) who are involved in domestic, diplomatic, and military affairs in real time.

でも、私のコラムに対して『ド素人! 引っ込んでいろ!!』というようなコメントを、私は一度も受けたことはありません。

But in response to my column, I have never received such a comment, like "Amateur!" or "Stay out of it!"



Actually, I might have discussed domestic policy, foreign policy, and military things, despite having only this TV drama level of knowledge.


And from the people at the front field,

―― まあ、しょせん、素人の言うことだからね

"Well, after all, he(Ebata) is just an amateur isn't he?"

という、生暖かい目で見逃されて続けていたのかもしれない ―― そう考えると、心底、怖くなってきたのです。

I was afraid that I might have continued to be overlooked by the warm-hearted eyes. When I thought about it, I became truly frightened.


"Your (Ebata's) opinion doesn't move the world even one millimeter"


Just the thought of someone saying that to me is so embarrassing that I want to roll around on the floor.

2022-11-07 'For what it's worth, the counterbalance to sectionalism is regular drinking party' [長年日記]

NHKのドキュメンタリー 『エラー 失敗の法則 「人災 ハリケーン カトリーナ」』を見ました。

I watched the NHK documentary "Error: The Law of Failure - Man-made Disaster Hurricane Katrina".

組織のセクショナリズムが、現場の被災者を殺す ―― の、実例の一つです。

This is one example of how sectionalism in an organization can kill victims in the field.

この番組を見ていて、私が衝撃を受けたのは、前 豊岡市長の、中貝宗治さんの発言

What struck me while watching this program was a comment made by Muneharu Nakagai-san, the former mayor of Toyooka City.


'For what it's worth, the counterbalance to sectionalism is regular drinking party'



As you know, I am one of those who detest the "problem solving by drinking approach".


However, if I am said


"What is at stake is 'human life'"


I don't think this is the time to be so critical of the pros and cons of the approach.


「飲み会による問題解決アプローチ」以外の、キラーアプローチはないのか? とモンモンと考えています。

Is there any killer approach other than the "problem-solving by drinking party approach?" I'm thinking.

2022-11-08 ―― 研究者の居所って、"こう"じゃない [長年日記]


I continue to the yesterday's diary of

I watched the NHK documentary "Error: The Law of Failure - Man-made Disaster Hurricane Katrina".



What I found interesting about this program was the room of the five talk guests who participated remotely.

# ちなみに、『リモート参加されている方がパソコンに向かっている映像が映し出されている』ということは、

# Incidentally, I was thinking that the fact that "the images of the remote participants are being projected on a computer" means that

# その5人の方の部屋のそれぞれに、『最低1人、カメラを携えた番組スタッフが、録画の為にオフィスや研究室や御自宅に訪問している』ということだよなぁ、

# "at least one staff member with a camera is visiting the office, laboratory, or home of each of the five participants to record the program"

# てなことを考えていたのですが ―― まあ、それはさておき。

# -- well, let's leave that aside.



In the room for those five guest talkers,


(1) Surrounded by beautiful and stylish interior design.


(2) Only one laptop computer is being used.


(3) A large number of books are neatly categorized and displayed on the shelves.


I thought that "the above (1), (2), and (3) are, impossible and extraordinary".

―― 研究者の居所って、"こう"じゃない

These are not the researchers' places of residence.




For example, in my room,


(A) the bed couch is leaning against a bookcase,


(B) On the couch, a pile of nightgowns curled up like cow dung,


(c) Various documents are piled up in a mess on the desk.


(D) USB cables are coming out of the electrical outlets in a mess, and there are five or six devices or tablets connected to the end of the cables.


(e) Numerous notes are pasted on the wall in a messy manner.



This is the truth of the researcher's place and I am proud to be one of them.



But if I invite the film crew into my room now, I also think


"My enraged wife could kill me"


2022-11-09 私は、『その覚悟ができた者だけが、"親"と呼ばれる資質を有する』と思っています。 [長年日記]


Believe it or not, there were no TV program recording devices in the past.


In other words, TV broadcasts were only available for real-time, one-shot viewing, and moreover, "one TV per family" was the norm.


So what happened was,

―― チャンネル争いで殺人事件が起こりました

"Channel disputes led to murders"


Many were within families (especially among teenages).



With video recorders, HDD recorders, and smartphones, the concept of "channel disputes" has disappeared, but at the same time, the culture of "sharing content with family members" has also disappeared.


In my case, watching the NHK news every morning or evening and watching NHK's historical dramas are habits I inherited from my father and mother.


Unfortunately, however, this custom is likely to disappear in my generation.


Well, to begin with, family meals disappeared after our second daughter graduated from high school.


Now I don't know what my children are doing or where they are doing it.



I believe that a family is a loosely autonomous decentralized system that can rally for one purpose or disperse for another, so "this" is fine.


Children must jump on the current family as a springboard to create another new autonomous decentralized system (family).


And I, as a component of the present last system, must live and die in solitude, alone, after separating from my partner.


I believe that only those who are prepared to do so are qualified to be called "parents".




家族を絶対的な価値と考える「統一教会」とか、家族至上主義を唱えていた「故元首相」とか、現在の家族の態様と乖離している「サザエさん」などは ――

The "Unification Church," which considers the family as an absolute value, the "late former prime minister," who advocated family supremacy, and "Sazae-san," which is out of touch with the current family style


are not accepted by me ABSOLUTELY.

2022-11-10 ですので、私と同性同名で、掲示板の書き込みがあったとしたら、それは、同性同名の別人です ―― かなりレアケースだと思いますが。 [長年日記]

I do not broadcast information on social networking sites, nor do I post on message boards.


I only write my opinions on my blog and in my serial columns.

ですので、私と同性同名で、掲示板の書き込みがあったとしたら、それは、同性同名の別人です ―― かなりレアケースだと思いますが。

So, if there is a post on the board with the same name as mine, it is a different person with the same name -- which I think is a pretty rare case.

To begin with, "Ebata" as a last name, is not so many, therefore I had been involved in such an accident.



There are some methods to distinguish me with the person with the same name.


(1)My comments are long.


If you find a comment with one word or one phrase, it is not mine.


(2)My comments are argumentative.


I have an obsession with 'if I can't argue logically, I will lose'.


(3)My counter-comments are twisted.


I never use dirty words directly.


I have an (useless) paranoia with 'I will be thought to be stupid(igrorand)'.

―― というような、(無駄に冗長な)書き方をしている"江端智一"なら、それは「私」です。

Like the above, if you find the comments in a (useless and redundant) way, they are mine.

2022-11-11 しかし、死刑制度は「死刑」でけでなく、「死刑までの毎日の恐怖」とセットになっていることは、覚えておくべきだと思います。 [長年日記]


It seems that a minister was recently removed from office after making some rather unremarkable comments about the death penalty.


I once heard the Minister of Justice say, 'I want you to consider the automation (algorithm) of executions'.


I was thinking about the weight of the responsibility of the Minister of Justice, but after hearing these comments, I am not sure.

―― どっちが正解?(またはマジョリティ?)

"Which is correct? (or Majority?)"



If the Minister of Justice is not too distressed, I feel like an idiot for having given this a lot of thought.



I believe that the death penalty is the greatest torture of all, because 'the date of its execution has not been fixed', more than the penalty.


In other words, the essence is in the daily fear that 'tomorrow, I might be killed,'

死刑が執行されるまで毎日続く精神的拷問です ―― 私なら、その恐怖で発狂する、と確信できます。

It is a mental torture that continues every day until the death penalty is carried out -- If I were, I would go insane from the fear,


After all, I am such a weaker that even homework due dates and program deadlines make me lose my weight.


The mere thought of "my life's delivery date" is enough to drive me crazy.


I do not know if this fear is even with the amount of punishment.


However, it is important to remember that the death penalty is not only a "death penalty" but also a set of "daily horrors leading up to the death penalty".



My recent interest is in the mental health of those on death row.


They are likely to be very serious mental conditions, and they have no method to remove the reason(final death sentence) except for an appeal for retrial.


I am very interested in how to do mental support for people in these situations.

If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.

2022-11-12 ―― 自分の推しのプログラム言語のコラムをご希望の方。いつでもお仕事お引き受けします。 [長年日記]


Recently, there have been articles that discuss the superiority of programming languages, but every time I see an article like this, I think

―― 本当にバカバカしい

"Really Ridiculous"



There was a German philosopher (I forget his name) who said, "If you want to discuss philosophy, you must speak German," and he was ridiculed around the world.


It is similar to that feeling.



If you are in a country, it is a civilized manner to speak in the language of that country.


A person who rejects a language because it is inefficient or difficult to use is a "barbarian". At the very least, he is not a civilized person.


Likewise, if you are in that company, organization, or team, it is good manners to use the programming language used there.

This is because the languages used there have a vast amount of assets (libraries, environment, etc.) that have been accumulated there.



Programming language is a kind of religion.


If you have a language you believe in, you should do proper missionary work.

改宗した場合のメリットを、ちゃんと定量的に評価して、客観的に示して、時々は社内工作もして ―― たまに「殉教」する覚悟も必要です。

You need to properly and objectively evaluate and show the benefits of conversion, quantitatively, and sometimes internal maneuvering -- and be prepared to be a "martyr" from time to time.

そうして、自分の都合の良い開発環境に持ち込むのが筋です ―― ラクをしてはなりません。

It makes sense to do so and bring it into a development environment that is convenient for you -- don't be easy.



When I read "articles discussing the superiority or inferiority of programming languages," I am dismayed at the shallowness of the author's perspective and insight.


New features called "advantages" of a programming language are accompanied by "disadvantages" of the same magnitude as the advantages.


I can say this with confidence, having tried more than 20 languages.


I would be able to respond to both 'disingenuous, with the disadvantages of this language' and 'write a column with the advantages of this language'.



But if I can make "money", I'm willing to go that way, too.

―― 自分の推しのプログラム言語のコラムをご希望の方。いつでもお仕事お引き受けします。

"If you would like a column in a programming language of your own guess. I am always happy to accept your requests"


I will also provide an appendix titled, "Defeating Programming Languages You Want to Disrespect".

2022-11-13 長女:「男子はみんな、ロングヘヤーで大人しい女の子が好きなんでしょう?」 [長年日記]


Suddenly, I remembered a story from when my oldest daughter was in high school.



Eldest: "All boys like mature girls with long hair, don't they?"


Me: "I think short hair is supreme for girls, and I've always liked girls who were running around at all hours of the day!"


Eldest: "Boys want a girl with a cute little chuckle, don't they?"


Me: "It was even 'painful' to be with a girl who couldn't even come up with her own conversation topics."


Eldest: "Maybe you are just special."


Me: "I don't deny it, but I think there's a little more diversity in men's preferences for the opposite sex."


There is one of the girls' assumptions that some boys laugh at each other after a fistfight on a riverbank.


Such a guy doesn't exist, and if existed, he is a sorry person who has damaged part or all of his brain.

2022-11-14 『一体、何回接種すればいいんだ!』とキレている人が散見されますが、その答えは、最初から明快です ―― 「エンドレス」です。 [長年日記]


Currently, there is a trend toward easing up on the wearing of masks.


The recent weakening of the coronavirus is the reason for this, but it was mass vaccination that led to the weakening.


(1) Vaccination.


(2) Virus escapes by mutant strains


(3) Drive in the next vaccination.


(4) The virus escapes as changing another variant.


This is the reason why the virus has reached a level where it can coexist with humans (to the extent that humans are willing to take off their masks) by repeating the same process over and over again.


The reason why we have had and must continue to have a series of vaccinations is to continue to weaken the virus and coexist with it.

―― という説明は、あまりされていないような気がします。

I don't think this has been explained very well.

だから、『一体、何回接種すればいいんだ!』とキレている人が散見されますが、その答えは、最初から明快です ―― 「エンドレス」です。

So, I see a lot of people snapping, "How many inoculations do I have to get?!" ' but the answer is clear from the start -- 'endless.


This endless vaccination may further weaken the virus and eventually drive them (the virus) to the point where they only need to be given once a year, similar to the flu vaccine.


After all, we humans cannot "win" the virus (*). The limit is "not completely defeated.


(*) Smallpox is the only infectious disease that humans have been able to eradicate.



By the way, I hear that "not taking off the mask" is now a problem.


Today, I would like to discuss this a bit.


It is already clear at this point that masks are effective in preventing infection, isn't it?


The reason for this is very clear.


The virus is small and passes through the mask lightly.


However, the majority of viruses are carried by droplets (spit).


And masks can prevent "droplets".


And the virus must be carried in a "certain amount" to be successfully transmitted.


In other words, when you are wearing a mask, you are safer and more secure in conversation than when you are not wearing a mask.


So it is only natural that 'wearing a mask during face-to-face conversations' is recommended.



It is reasonable that there was 'mandatory/enforced mask wearing' when the coronavirus was at its initial scary level of mortality.


However, even with the current virus, which has decreased the mortality rate, wearing a mask is not "meaningless.


Therefore, I do not understand the logic of condemning, if not thanking, "people wearing masks".



First, I will write down the usefulness of wearing a mask as it pertains to me personally.


(1) Although weakened, it is still preventing corona infection.


(2) It is also true that seasonal influenza infection is prevented


(3) I don't have to directly inhale the recently cooled air.


(4) I don't have to worry (to some extent) about bad breath on the train after eating Ramen with garlic.


For me, they are all good.


To begin with, I am a hay fever sufferer and cannot do without a mask from January to April.


Regardless of Corona virus, I have always lived with the mask for 1/3 of the year.


I naturally remove them when I feel a lack of oxygen, such as when I am walking up a long hill, and I also remove them when I am immersed in computer work. When I am alone in my room, I naturally remove them.


My putting on/taking off the mask is in consideration of my benefits, and also should be a benefit to society (or at least not a disadvantage).


On the other hand, it also seems certain that there are disadvantages to continuous mask wearing.


In that sense, "unthinking 'mask faith'" is not good.


My recommendation is to "operate mask use according to your situation".


Its operation, though, requires a somewhat cumbersome process of "judging it in your own mind from a scientific point of view," after listening to government recommendations and the opinions of various people.



I am sorry if you were offended by Ebata's "uncomfortable and righteous argument" again.


However, I also have been sufficiently offended by the "need for masks" and "no masks" arguments without logic, so I think it is almost "even".

2022-11-15 ―― 江端家のトイレライブラリの書架にある「はみだしっ子」が、娘たちに貸出された形跡がない [長年日記]


I'm wondering idly if some publisher will plan a remake of Jun Mihara's "Hamidashidakko" to suit the current environment and historical background.

―― 江端家のトイレライブラリの書架にある「はみだしっ子」が、娘たちに貸出された形跡がない

"There is no evidence my daughters have read "Hamidashikko" on the shelf in the Ebata family's restroom library"


I was very disappointed with that.


The pictures and dialogue may be a bit harsh for my daughter's generation today.



I believe Graham was partly responsible for my interest for the legal field (although it is special civil law (IP law)).


Without Graham, I would not have purchased the book on the Nuremberg Trials or the DVD on the Tokyo Trials.

2022-11-16 ―― 当たり前だバカ。この異常な養子縁組の上、金銭の授受までやっていたら、お前らは『本物の悪魔』だ [長年日記]

昨日のニュースで、旧称 統一教会が、『養子の計画生産』を行っていると知り、愕然としました。

I was astonished to learn in yesterday's news that the former Unification Church, formerly known as the Unification Church, is conducting 'planned production of adopted children'.

It is 'horrifying' (or 'abhorrent') to even talk about this, so please see this article.


Well, the following phrases should suffice.



The handbook that provided guidelines for the life of faith also recommended a pregnancy with the intention of giving the child up for adoption, stating, "It is most desirable to make the promise of adoption before the dedicatee's pregnancy".


このニュースに対して、旧称 統一教会は、

In response to this news, the former Unification Church said,


"No money was given or received in connection with the adoption"


When I heard the comment,

―― 当たり前だバカ。この異常な養子縁組の上、金銭の授受までやっていたら、お前らは『本物の悪魔』だ

"Of course, you idiot. If you are giving and receiving money with this crazy adoption, you are the "real devil"!"


I shouted in front of the TV.



I am overwhelmingly in favor of the use of the adoption system.


If a parent does not have the financial resources to raise a child, or if a child is at risk of being abused by an adult who is not qualified to raise the child, being cared for by an adult who meets those conditions is significant in and of itself.


More important, however, is,


"In the best interest of the child, it must be absolutely necessary"



The former Unification Church interprets this as meaning that "making a child 'for adoption purposes' for the sake of doctrine" is "especially necessary for the benefit of the child.

そこには、「子ども(というか人(ヒト))の自由意思」とか「子どもへの尊厳」という視点が1mmもない ―― ただ単に『思考停止の教義への盲従』があるだけです。

There is not one millimeter of "the free will of the child (or human being)" or "dignity for the child" -- there is simply "blind obedience to a doctrine that stops thinking".


Can someone please tell me what other word I can use to describe this other than 'self-righteousness'?


Above all, the sensibility to think this is "normal" is frightening from the bottom of my heart.



I believe that adoption is about enduring and overcoming one's own pain and sorrow for the "sake of the child's happiness.


Therefore, it is so obvious that it is ridiculous to talk about the need to promote this system while at the same time being mindful of its operation to maximize the "happiness of the child".

『子どもが存在しない時点で、養子縁組を計画する』という、その教義の異様さに気がつくことができない ―― そういう人間を作ってしまうこの教団は、『やっぱり恐しい』と思います。

They can't help but notice the bizarreness of the doctrine of 'planning for adoption when the child does not exist' -- I think this cult that creates such people is 'still scary'.



Furthermore, I am not willing to forgive this organization and all of the people who support/ have supported this organization even one millimeter in the future.


And I have my own reasons for not allowing this group (I will tell you about them eventually).


Therefore, I will continue to abuse them with "the greatest 'vulgar' expression imaginable.



Finally, I would like to tell 'you' to have criticized the contents of my diary with my name 'explicitly' as "vulgar".


I continue to write with a certain amount of determination (and risk) (in fact, that organization is really "dangerous").

私の記載に不愉快を感じるのは自然なことですので、それに文句を言うつもりはありません(不快ではありますが) ―― しかし、この件(旧称統一教会)についてだけは、私は、今後も差し控える気はありません。

It is natural for you to complain with my description, and I am not going to complain to you (although I am uncomfortable) -- but I am not going to stop talking about this matter (formerly known as the Unification Church).

2022-11-17 ―― 信長は、あの時代に、「茶器」という「ビットコイン(*)」を作ったのだな [長年日記]


I was watching NHK's "Heroes' Choice: Pro's Choice for the "Strongest" Warlord of the Warring States.


Japan's three great warlords, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu, rewarded generals for their military exploits with "tea utensils".

茶器の原材料は、ケイ素 ―― つまり泥、土くれですので、茶器の価値は、意匠(デザイン)にあったと言えます。

Since the raw material of teaware is silicon -- that is, mud or clay -- it can be said that the value of teaware was in its design.


I actually like pottery quite a bit, and when I go back to my parents' house, I go to a Tokoname-yaki store and buy a tea bowl that I like.

―― 私のお気に入りの茶碗を、娘たちが使って定期的に割るので、補充しているのです

"I am refilling my favorite teacups because my daughters use them and break them regularly"


And I also like "owl" pottery, which I have displayed at the entrance of my parents' house.


ちなみに、私は、陶器を見る目は、ないです ―― 全くないです。私は自分が日常的に使用する陶器以外には、1mmも興味が湧いてきません。

By the way, I don't have an appraising eye for pottery -- not at all. I am not interested in a single millimeter of pottery other than what I use on a daily basis.


I don't know what is so good about "flat spider(*)" that Hisahide Matsunaga owned, and if I had "tsukumo-gami eggplant", I can be sure that I would definitely put a "cucumber cue-chan" in it.


(For those interested in the dramatic anecdotes about this tea kettle, please Google it.)



I've been watching the show for a while now, and I've been thinking about,

―― 信長は、あの時代に、「茶器」という「ビットコイン(*)」を作ったのだな

"Nobunaga created the "bitcoin(*)" called "tea utensils" in that era, didn't he?"



We can see Nobunaga's sense of economic policy in that he created a new currency (creditor credit) at a time of war when land and coin were in short supply.

2022-11-18 後輩 = ウクライナ、 私(江端) = イスラエル と考えると、なんか、しっくり納得できてしまいました ―― 自分で考えておきながら、とても不快な気分になりましたが。 [長年日記]


In March 2000, on my way to Narita Airport for an assignment in the U.S., I turned pale when I realized that I had forgotten to bring the documents absolutely necessary to enter the country.


As it happened, I asked my wife, who was at home that day, to run with the documents to the station on the way, and I was able to get away with it.


In this way, I make a big blunder at an important time, and I don't trust myself.


However, this world does not seem to have the attitude of "watching over" Ebata, who is a "big blunder player".


For example, my junior, who was to take this assignment with me, seemed to be "very worried (or cherished) by the people around him.

―― この取り扱いの差な何なんだ?

"I cannot accept this difference in handling"


When I said that, everyone said to me


"I came to think that Ebata could get through U.S. immigration without any paperwork"


I was shocked to hear that.


Of course, there is no way I can do that (not that they have diplomatic immunity).


I think this is not "overrated" to Ebata, but rather evidence that they are handling Ebata in a careless manner.

―― 世界は、私に優しくない

"The world is not gentle to me"


I have often thought that, and I thought that at that time.


I was reading my journal in a daze just now.


Right now, the world is very concerned about the people of Ukraine.


On the other hand, if Israel were to suffer a similar "invasion of powers," would the world be as concerned as Ukraine?


"Absolutely not", I thought.


That country has not stated explicitly about nuclear weapons, but it definitely has nuclear weapons.


It seems to me that if the powers invaded Israel, they would immediately counterattack and would not hesitate to launch tactical nuclear missiles if necessary.


In fact, they have won every war in the Middle East so far.


■後輩 = ウクライナ

- junior = Ukraine

■私(江端) = イスラエル

- I (Ebata) = Israel

と考えると、なんか、しっくり納得できてしまいました ―― 自分で考えておきながら、とても不快な気分になりましたが。

Thinking like the above, I made a lot of sense to me. Though I thought that, that made me very uncomfortable.

2022-11-19 先日、大学で留学生から、「大学の守衛門で、建物を聞いたら、腕で×印をされて、『私は大学の学生ではない』と言われた」という話を聞いて ―― 私(江端)がキレました。 [長年日記]


The English speaking test for metropolitan high school entrance examinations seems to be causing controversy.


I do not know the content of this test, so I do not have the qualifications to speak about it.


However, one thing is for sure.

―― 英語から逃げまくる日本人によって、多くの海外の人(特に留学生)がとても困っている

"Many foreign people (especially foreign students) are in trouble because of Japanese people who run away from English all the time"


I say this as a matter of fact.



The other day at the university, when I heard an international student told me that when she asked about a building at the university's guard gate, he was marked with an X on his arm and told, "I am not a student at the university."

―― 私(江端)がキレました。

"I (Ebata) lost my temper"



You don't have to speak English.


Just in words, shouting

『ゴー ストレート ファイブミニッツ。アンド 、レフト、S4、メイビー、イッツザット』

'Go Straight Five Minutes. And, Left, S4, Maybe, that's it"


will be perfect.

"Go straight for five minutes walking, and turn left, you could find the board written "S4". that might be your target. I hope it is helpful for you"


There are very few Japanese who can speak like that.

Shout out every English word you can think of! That will help 80-90% of the foreign students," I have been saying for a long time, but this country shows no sign of changing.


I was outraged and said, "If the university guard runs away, who will be able to help the foreign student?" , and I apologized to the student on behalf of my country (Japan).

"I cannot help but just say 'I am sorry from the bottom of my heart' as a Japanese".



I bowed deeply to the foreign student.


After that, I spent the next 20 minutes or so taking on all of her complaints about Japan (more on this later).



Anyway, just my concern is that the English speaking test for the Tokyo Metropolitan High School Entrance Examination is,


"Is it possible to get the score just by shouting a list of words, or not?"



As long as that speaking test does not 'lead to the mass production of even more Japanese who run away from English,' I don't care about anything else.

2022-11-20 また、恋愛を工学的アプローチで設計・実施・検証ができるまで体系化できるのであれば、「恋愛工学」として成立し得ると思います。 [長年日記]


I have been looking for a long time now for sample code that programs the logic of economic behavior and have not been able to find it on the net.


Well, the reason for that is that I want to "cut corners" with the coding I do at work.



By the way, the other day, I suddenly realized that "◯◯ engineering" sounds like an academic discipline


The start is Financial Engineering.


I have recently been conducting a literature survey on "dissatisfaction" and am still reading the paper, "Subjective Well-Being Related to Satisfaction with Daily Mobility," while utilizing a translation engine.


If happiness could be engineered, this would be what we could call "happiness engineering".


If love can be systematized to the point where it can be designed, implemented, and verified using an engineering approach, I believe it can be established as "love engineering".


For the same reason, there should be "marriage engineering".


At least I feel I can trust them more than self-proclaimed "relationship consultants" who give advice to others based solely on subjectivity and their own experiences.



"Divination engineering," for example, has already been established in engineering at this point in time.




If "divination" is purely "predicting the future," then this is essentially the work of mathematicians and engineers.



I don't know if "baseball engineering" or "soccer engineering" exists, but "sports engineering" does.

私が、小学校のころに「逆上がり工学」という理論があて、それを指導できる教師がいれば ―― 鉄棒にトラウマを感じるような、少年期を送らずにすんだかもしれません。

If only I had a teacher in elementary school who could have taught me the theory of "upside-down engineering" -- I might not have had a traumatic childhood on the bars.

2022-11-21 戦争の経済学 [長年日記]


When I read the Three Kingdoms, I am stunned by the scale of the battles and the number of deaths.


In a word, 'wasteful.


I wondered how much more stable the people's lives would have been if these resources had been directed toward domestic affairs.


However, it seems that until 1840, when chemical fertilizers were invented, the world was in a constant state of food shortage.


It was said that fighting for territory was the only survival strategy.

―― で、今は、LNGや石油などのエネルギー、または安全保障

"and now energy, such as LNG and oil, or security"


I think that.


I have been thinking about the book's title recently and have been doing a lot of research.

2022-11-22 これは、『インターネットといえども、権力には勝てない』ことが証明された、ということです。 [長年日記]

I read "Democracy in the 22nd Century: Elections Become Algorithms and Politicians Become Cats" by Yusuke Narita.

この本の中で提案されている、「アルゴリズムによる民主主義の自動化」―― 私は『無意識的政策決定システム』と読みましたが ―― 興味深いと思いました。

I found the proposal in the book, "Algorithmic Automation of Democracy" -- which I read as "Unconscious Policy Making Systems" -- is interesting.

I previously wrote a column about the anime BEATLESS.


This "automation of democracy by algorithm" may be more easily understood if you read the function of the political hIE "Mikoto" that appears in BEATLESS.



I have recently been writing a column about the "new democracy" and I am frustrated because I don't 'feel like I get it' when I read the Cabinet Office material.


For an engineer like me, "automation of democracy by algorithm" and "Mikoto" are more compelling.


Because a systems engineer like me can visualize in my mind the "blueprint" of such a "democratic system".


However, I can't say with confidence that 'this system is good'.



We (the generation of engineers) take pride in the fact that we have embedded the "soul" of "protocols" in the communication medium called the Internet.


I think there was also a belief that the Internet would create a truly free, fair, and equal democracy

所得格差を広げ、ポピュリズムを押し広げ、過激なテロ集団のインキュベータとなり、政敵を批判し大衆を扇動する道具に成り下がる ―― そんな無惨な民主主義を作り出すなど、想像もできませんでした。

We could not have imagined that we would create such an atrocious democracy - one that would widen income inequality, push populism, become an incubator for radical terrorist groups, and become a tool for criticizing political opponents and inciting the masses.


The biggest shock is the reality that the Internet, which is supposed to guarantee free communication and speech, has easily come under state control (speech control is now possible).


This proves that 'even the Internet is no match for power'.



As far as I have been able to find, there is not a single reference (book, article, etc.) that mentions this atrocious democracy before the advent of the Internet.


"Algorithmic automation of democracy" is a wonderful system, but perhaps there is something more than that lurking in it, something horrifying.


However, this is only an emotional sentiment of a senior engineer who believed in "the coming of a great democracy through the Internet" in the past, only to be betrayed and frustrated by it.


So I think it is correct to go through my delusions above.


「22世紀の民主主義 選挙はアルゴリズムになり、政治家はネコになる」に酷似した本として、

As a book very similar to "Democracy in the 22nd Century: Elections Become Algorithms, Politicians Become Cats."

There is a "third wave" by Alvin Toffler.


He wrote "democracy in the 21st (x22nd) century" and contained a wonderful and highly accurate forecast of the future.


However, the book is devoid of stories of

- 絶望的な所得格差、

- abject income inequality,

- 大衆に媚びる政治家、

- politicians who flatter the masses,

- テロリスト勧誘サイト、

- terrorist recruitment sites,



- 都合の悪い選挙結果に対して直ぐに『不正選挙』と叫び出す下品な元大統領、

- a vulgar ex-president who immediately cries "rigged election" in response to unfavorable election results.


2022-11-23 ■江端一夫・瑤子 納骨供養のご案内 [長年日記]


Today, in the midst of a heavy rain, we held a tree burial ceremony.


It was cold.


■江端一夫・瑤子 納骨供養のご案内

- Kazuo Ebata and Yohko Memorial Service

拝啓 処暑の候、まだまだ暑さは続いておりますが、皆様にはますますご健勝のこととお喜び申し上げます。

Dear Sir or Madam, In this summer season, the heat is still on, and I hope that you are all doing well.


Thank you very much for your help at the time of my father's and mother's funeral.


We are pleased to announce that we will be laying the ashes of our father and mother.


If you are able to make it, please feel free to drop by in plain clothes. I will be there with jeans, sneakers, and prayer beads).


Due to the Corona Disaster, I would like to ask for your cooperation in keeping the event intimate, outdoors, short (30 minutes or less), and small (10 people or less).


Yours sincerely

日時: 2022年11月23日(水・祝日) 12:00-

Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 (National Holiday) 12:00-


Location: XXXXXXXX



- Dining


After the burial of the ashes, a small dinner will be served.


We would appreciate it if you would consider attending the meeting, although it will be a 20-minute drive (please consult with us regarding the means of transportation).

日時: 2022年11月23日(水・祝日) 13:30-

Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 (National Holiday) 13:30-


Location: XXXXXXXX

2022-11-24 サッカーファンの人にとって、このような手に汗握るゲームの観戦は『一種の拷問』だろうなぁ、と思うことがあります。 [長年日記]


Yesterday, in the middle of the World Cup match between Japan and Germany, I received a call from a junior colleague of mine to review my column.


He is a soccer fan, so to speak, so I asked him, 'For What?', I wondered.


I told him, "You won't be able to concentrate on watching the game, so you can review it later," but he said, "In a tense situation like this, I feel more comfortable talking to other people".


Well, sometimes the response to the review did not come back for a minute or so.



I sometimes think that for soccer fans, watching such a sweaty game in their hands must be 'a kind of torture.


However, I believe that the more one understands soccer in detail, the more one can look at the whole game from a bird's eye view and see its strengths as well as its weaknesses, and hence the more frustrating it can be.


I only have to shout out my admiration for an athlete's fine play, so the psychological load is much smaller than for someone who can see the whole picture.


この話を書いていて思い出したのですが ――

Writing this story reminded me of--


One of my American friends whom I met during my assignment in the U.S. said that when he stayed in Japan for several years, he never thought about learning Japanese perfectly.


He was a capable man, and I wondered, and asked him why, and he said

―― 日本語を理解しないことで、日本滞在中の心の平安を維持するため

"To maintain peace of mind while in Japan by not understanding Japanese"



Well, I was impressed with that way of thinking.



When I came down to the living room at the end of the Japan-Germany game, my wife was crying in front of the TV.


I was happy to see my wife happy.

2022-11-25 ついに、「サマータイムレンダ」が、Amazonに来た。 [長年日記]

Finally, "Summer Time Rendering" has come to Amazon.


Okay, let the retraining begin.

2022-11-26 江端さんのひとりごと「ドキュメント『停滞党崩壊』」をリリースしたのが、2002年。 [長年日記]

It was in 2002 thatI released 'Stagnation Party Collapse' in the serise of 'Mr.Ebata's Small Talk'.


It was the year of the Japan-Korea Joint World Cup.

―― あれから、もう20年かぁ

"It's been 20 years since then, huh?"


I am quite surprised, myself, when I think about it.

2022-11-27 『第三次世界大戦が発生して、世界が滅びればいいのに』 [長年日記]


I suddenly remembered that decades ago, a junior (female) in my seminar said


"I don't think I'm like this. I think I can do more."



I remember my senior daughter was also saying something similar about two years ago.


Speaking of me,

―― そんなこと、一度も思ったことない

"I've never thought that"


As such, I can assure you.

--- Excerpts from past columns ---


I have simply continued to carry out the mission I was given (a difficult and troublesome mission that was far beyond my capabilities), crying my eyes out.

具体的に言うとですね、「くっそー! こんなところで負けるもんかあぁぁぁ!」という力強い前向きな一生懸命ではなく、「うえーん! なんとか早く終わって、日本に帰りたいよおぉぉ~」という、負け犬の一生懸命です。

To be more specific: "Damn! I'm not going to lose in a place like this!" --- It's not that kind of powerful, positive, hard work. "I want to go back to Japan as soon as possible! I can't wait to get it over with and go back to Japan!" --- It is the hard work of a loser.

===== 抜粋ここまで =====

===== Excerpt here =====


And now I have considered the cause of the problem.


I believe that firstly, 'I lack the ability to make dispassionate judgments about my skills and resources.


And then, without being able to make accurate predictive calculations, they start to do things, and later on they seem to have "terrible regrets and failures".

そして、第二に、その『どえらい後悔や失敗』を、比較的短い期間で忘れてしまう "学習能力がない"ようです。

And second, I seem to have "no learning ability" to forget their "terrible regrets and failures" in a relatively short period of time.


And then I repeat similar regrets and failures.



While looking out codes for two projects at work, lectures and report submissions and a huge pile of papers piled up, in front of me,


'I hope World War III breaks out and the world is destroyed.'

と ―― 今、かなり本気で考えます。

now I am quite serious about it.


This happens about two or three times each year.



I hope that the rulers of Russia and North Korea are not 'gutless' like me.

2022-11-28 ―― 喪中の為、ディズニーランド、忘年会、および学会講演発表等の、アクティビティ参加をご遠慮申し上げます [長年日記]

Yesterday, I posted a mourning postcard.


The idea of "mourning" has existed in every region of every time period, but in Japan, the influence of Confucius (55l-479 BC) seems to have been significant.


But the contents were amazing.


'When the parents died, we should be a three-year mourning period.'


'We should set up a tent next to my parents' gravesite and lived there for three years under a set rule of mourning'

I remember the contents like that.


As expected, a disciple complained that three years was too much and that it would affect economic activity.


However, Confucius then told his disciple, "Then you should do what you want"


It was typical power harassment.


That aside.


―― 喪中の為、ディズニーランド、忘年会、および学会講演発表等の、アクティビティ参加をご遠慮申し上げます

"Due to the mourning period, I will not be able to participate in activities such as Disneyland, year-end parties, and presentations at academic conferences"


I hope that we can "utilize" mourning in such a way.

2022-11-29 ―― 日本国内において、生涯で2~3回は原発事故に遭遇し、最低1回は放射能汚染被害を受ける [長年日記]


(1) Nuclear power plants in Japan cannot operate continuously for more than 13 months and must undergo a three-month periodic inspection.


(2) Japanese nuclear reactors must be decommissioned 60 years after their first operation.


The government has now decided that the period of time that the plant has been out of service due to periodic inspections and other reasons will be subtracted from the 60-year period, and the plant will continue to be used.

国民から『詭弁だ!』と非難される覚悟での決定だったろう ―― と、思いましたが、今のところ、あまり、そのような声は聞こえてきません(判断は、まだ早計かもしれませんが)。

I thought that the decision would have been made in preparation for the public's condemnation as "sophistry!", however, so far I have not heard any such comments (although it may be too early to make a judgment).


After all, if you look at the ongoing "realities of the people in a country where the power infrastructure has been bombed and lives are at stake for wintering over," you may not be able to say such a thing.


Just wondering, "Would I, "11 years ago," be able to say the same thing?"


Eleven years ago, I left this note


Even now, this idea has not changed one millimeter.

どんなシステムでも事故は発生します ―― 『絶対』です。

Accidents happen in any system -- "absolutely".

Safety is all about "safety based on killing people".



If restarting nuclear power plants is 'an unavoidable step for the survival of the nation,' then I will accept it.


However, I was also prepared to "continue to encounter accidents of the same level as the Fukushima nuclear accident".

―― 日本国内において、生涯で2~3回は原発事故に遭遇し、最低1回は放射能汚染被害を受ける

"In Japan, I will encounter two or three nuclear accidents in my lifetime and suffer from radioactive contamination at least once"


If we can be so determined, coexistence with nuclear power plants is possible.


「原発事故の発生を前提として、あらゆる事態を想定し、考えうる最悪の事故の対策を考えて、それでも多分、皆さんには、酷い損害を与える可能性をあることを十分に分かった上で ―― 政府は『原発再稼動』を決断しました」

"Assuming the occurrence of a nuclear accident, assuming all possible contingencies, considering countermeasures for the worst possible accident, and knowing fully well that it could still probably cause terrible damage to you all -- the government has decided to 'restart nuclear power plants'."

と、首相が宣言してくれるのであれば ――

If the Prime Minister will declare the above,


At the very least, I declare too that I will stand on the side of the Prime Minister, his cabinet, and the government.

2022-11-30 クリスマスイブに、誰でもいいのでカップルの体裁を調えて街を闊歩する男女より、はるかに誠実である [長年日記]


On our junior daughter's recent birthday, my wife and I ordered an L-size pizza and ate an expensive cake, with our second daughter absent.

―― という事実が、レシートから発見されて、次女が怒っていたそうです。

She found the receipts and got angry.


However, I think 'it is your (second daughter's) fault for spending time with her college friends and being away from home on the day.



'Why have a party where the person onself is not present?' I would argue as follows.

―― じゃあ、なんで、お前たち、クリスマスパーティーなんぞやるんだ?

"Then why are you guys having a Christmas party?"



That person has been dead for more than 2000 years now and is currently absent (if he had been resurrected, he would have died).


However, the birthday events continue and continue.


Moreover, he is celebrated not on the "day" of the birthday, but on the "day before the birthday(eve)", which makes no sense at all.


As I have said many times, his birthday is December 25th, and the 24th is a normal, totally unrelated day.


『本人の誕生日に、本人の生誕を祝う』という私達夫婦のスタイルは ――

Our couple's style, to celebrate the birth of the person on the person's birthday, is


"far more sincere than the man and woman who walk the streets on Christmas Eve with the appearance of a couple for anyone"


I believe it.