2013-11-18 『初めて自分の彼女/彼氏を、自分のアパートの部屋に連れてくる直前の部屋の状態』

先日、 安全衛生に関する仕事をやっているというお話をしました。

In past days, I told that I am working about "safety and health" in my office.


Needless to say, safe and health is based on neatness.


But it is very difficult to define and explain the "neatness" quantitatively or objectively.


In fact I asked the safety and health committee in my company to show the judgmental standard of the neatness.


They answered that "it should be dirty if two of three persons feel dirty", But on the other hand, the new question appeared that "who are the three ?"


It cannot be helped. I manage this task as follows.


"Shut up! When the division chief and I think it is dirty, it is dirty"




To tell you the truth, I know how to judge "neatness" quantitatively and objectively.


It is,


"the your room condition at the day before you take your steady for the first time."



But I could not say this message at all.


I believed that it became an overriding problem in my company by not only power harassment but also sexual harassment.

2014-11-18 「家族全員読了本(コミックを除く)」


New series book of Nishio Ishin-san

"Memorandum of Okitegami Kyouko"


become pretty popular among my family. The book is read by from junior daughter, senior daughter to my wife, and become "finishing reading book of my family (except for comics)".


When I remember the above book, there seems to be followings.


- "Library way" by Arikawa Hiro-san


- "KIKEN" by Arikawa Hiro-san



The books only I lose are

■重松清さんの著書全般 (「定年後の楽しみ」という位置付け)

- Shigematsu Kiyoshi-san's book (I am looking forward to reading his book after retirement)



The books my daughters lose are

■宮部みゆきさんの「火車」等 (「難しい」のだそうです)

- Miyabe Miyuki-san's book, for example "Kasha" (They said that it is difficult for them)



「掟上今日子の備忘録」の評価が高かったので、娘たちが 「化物語」に興味を示し始めました。

My daughters become interested in "Bake-monogatari", because of good reputation of "Memorandum of Okitegami Kyouko"


I got the used book from Amazon soon.


I am glad if we can share the topics of "Monogatari-series"


However, about the series, my wife's dropping is definitive, so I have already given up that the book becomes "finishing reading book of my family".

2015-11-18 (3)スピーチの時間を買う


(Continuation from yesterday)


But I think my I have no sense of responsibility just to speak insultingly.


So I want to show you the following proposals against the worst speeches.


(1)To distribute a paper of the speech before.


It is one of the best idea I believe.


Above all, everyone can valuate the speech for the first time, and estimate the end time. In addition we might remind the contents( the lowest possibility, I think).


(2)To declare the dead time before the speech.

これで、聴衆は、最初に苦痛がどれだけ続くのか知ることができます。QoT(Quality of Time)の観点からも優れています。

According to the QoT(Quality of time), it is good for the attendances who can know the total time of their pain before.


A new innovation of microphone is going to be expected, that make it turn power off automatically when the deadline comes.


(In this time, this invention is a public knowledge. The patent application of this microphone is in vain. You can develop and sell this device safely.)


(3)To buy the speech time.


A person who have spoken longer unexpectly, pays some money as gratuity to bridal couple. I can accept that one min. is equal to ten thousands.


(4)To mark the speech in real time.


The attendances put "Good" button from Smart-phone and Cell-phone, the total point is going to show a wall of the party place by projector, in real time.

間違いなく組織的な「ヤラセ」が横行するでしょうが ―― 私だけは逆らうぞ。

I am afraid that the organised vote becomes rampant absolutely, thought I am going to be the last person who goes against it.


(To be continued)

2016-11-18 ―― アナログに限る


When I went back home last night, first thing my senior daughter(SD) said,

―― パパ、国土交通省と何かやっているの!?

"Papa, do you have any trouble with National Land and Transportation Ministry(MLIT) ?"



I found a document from MLIT at the stairs,



Ebata:"Well, I was only asking the Public Relations Division of the MLIT to release data on railway accidents, I think it have just arrived"


SD:"Do you have strong connoisseurs that you can provide information from government agencies?"


Ebata:"I just used the No, I just used the regulations system by the law"


(*)Procedure under Article 9, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Information Disclosure held by Administrative Organs. Now you can request publication on the Internet


Ebata:"You learned at school" you can request the disclosure of information to the public (public administration) didn't you? "


SD: "Well, I know it as knowledge, but I was surprised that the person who actually do the procedure is closer."



To be accurate, the real story was The MLIT uploaded data to the server, however, I could not mature using the system and I was in trouble unable to download.


The other day, I got a call from the MLIT and I talked about the above circumstances, the person in charge said, "it is O.K., I'll send it on CD-ROM."



Anyway, thanks to this my misfortune,

―― パパって凄いんだねー

"My father is amazing"


I could get my daughter's respect from the strange direction.


I think that documents that interact with nations and governments is likely to open for your family.


In conclusion,

―― アナログに限る

"Analog is the best"

2017-11-18 あんなものを、イベント風に仕立てて、ありがたがって飲まなくても、日本の中ですすら、美味しいワインは山ほどあるというのに ――


(Continuation from yesterday)


"The release day of Beaujolais Nouveau" is based on the French wine law.


The legislative purpose is "prevention of decline in the value of merchandise due to fast selling and selling."


This law is reasonable.


However, there is no reason to apply French law in Japan (territorialism).


The phrase of "the release day of Beaujolais Nouveau" is inappropriate for use in Japan.


However, "the release day of Beaujolais Nouveau" is actually operated properly regardless of the law in Japan.


Why do you think?


That is because French wine producers and Japanese wine distributors are contracting for the sale date of Beaujolais Nouveau in Japan((Perhaps, the wine law enforces the rule, too)



As a matter of fact, there are other reasons why I talk big with legal logics.

―― ボージョレヌーボ? あんなワイン、一体、何が美味いのか?

"Beaujolais Nouveau? what on earth is such wine delicious?"


It is coming from the difference vector of "jealous".

解禁日の12時に空港の搭乗口で飲ませて貰うほどのものか? ―― と。

"Is it enough to make us drink at midnight of the release day at the boarding gate of the airport ?"

I think

they don't have to make an such event, because there are plenty of delicious wines in Japan.


2018-11-18 ただ、「現時点の高齢者が、今の若者に対して、説教できるだけの資格があるか」とは思ってしまうのですよ。


Recently I've read books of Mr. Azuma Naomi who is the original author of the movie "The detective is in Bar".


I can enjoy them because they are easy-to-read entertainment novels with many lines.


Although I have not read a novel for a long time, I realized that I could enjoy reading novels comfortably, compared to reading comics with smartphones. So I have stopped subscribing to comic magazines of smartphone.



It's a fun detective story, but it's just a bit of a scene that there are many "stupid young people"


Of course, I understand the reasons might be for structure and direction of novel or reader layer.

―― 私が知る限り、私より若い人は、基本的に私より礼儀正しく優秀

"As far as I know, younger people than me are basically more polite and cool"



Well, this is based on the range where I can confirm within my time and area. I also know that I can not be judged quantitatively as "excellent" or "inferior".


However, I think that "do the current elder people has qualifications to preach young people now?"



So, if you are a young person who warns the elderly about your behavior, I would like to tell you that "You can argue like this".


- Rebuttal against elder people in their 70s


You can say "You had thrown the flame bottle in town"


If they say "I have not done such a thing", you also say "Well then, you just looked at people who was throwing the flame bottle, without stopping it"


- Rebuttal against elder people in their 60s


You can say "you made you a company dog and you have built the foundation of the current power harassment company."


If they say "I have not done such a thing", you also say "Well, you did not help power victims, and kept silent"


- Rebuttal against elder people in their 50s


You can say "You broke your school window glass with school violence"


If they say "I have not done such a thing", you also say "Well then, you missed that such an idiot was broke"



And finally,


"What I am doing is more immoral than you ?"


You say it with your good face.

2019-11-18 そりゃ ―― 当然、「飛び込み」でしょう。


I previously investigated the psychological state of people who caused personal injury (diving) on a train in my series columns.


After all, the following was my conclusion.

―― 面倒くさいから

"Because it is troublesome"



For example, this is for example,again,

- ラズパイのLinuxがカーネルパニックを発生させ、システムが全停止状態となり、

- The Raspberry Pi Linux caused a kernel panic, the system was completely stopped,

- 多くの人間と、そこそこの費用と時間が投入された実証実験の開始まで、あと4時間しかない(今、午前3時)

- There are only 4 hours left (3 am now) until the start of the demonstration experiment with many people and huge costs and time.


Suppose that the situation exists (it is just an example).


The service operation start has already been released to the media, and there are dozens of system developers, operators, and experimental investors gathering, four hours later,


(0) In the anger of these people,


(1) Explaining why the system does not work without using "technical words"


(2) While discussing damage costs and future measures,


(3) While reordering necessary equipment,


(4) starting to reform the system, which had been installed for several months


If the situation will be confirmed,


If there is a way to avoid all of this hassle and to convince the parties the fastest, what is it?

そりゃ ―― 当然、「飛び込み」でしょう。

That's right. Of course, it's a "dive".



A small-brain writer (*) of a third-class magazine that easily states at the end of the sentence, "If they feel like dying, they can do anything."

この、追い込まれて適性な判断ができない心理状況や、未来への道筋が全く見えな絶望的心境を ―― まるで理解していない。

This small-brain writer could not understand that psychological situations where they can't make the right decision, and desperate feelings with a completely clear path to the future.


This writer is criminally incompetent.


(*) Next time, he write a fucking article like this again, I'm going to open the name of his no-brain guy in a pop-up with an emphasis on 36pt.


(To be continued)

2020-11-18 面接では、「言葉に詰って沈黙を3秒作ったら負けだ」、と思っています。


Last month, I was busy practicing a presentation and question and answer session in preparation for my junior daughter's interview.


In my opinion, when it comes to presentation, I think


"Even if your brain is straight, you can hit the lines into your body until your mouth is talking."



The presentation time remained unknown, so I had her give her 1-minute, 2-minute, and 3-minute presentations 10 to 20 times each, and repeated them thoroughly for the last two days, about three hours.


As for the question and answer session, I asked as many times as I could think of "malicious," "difficult to answer," or "cannot answer."


At the interview, I think, "If you get stuck in words and make silence for 3 seconds, you lose."


However, I don't think it is desirable to simply say "I don't understand."



For answers to questions,


"I can't answer at this point, but I think I can clarify it by studying the field of XXXX in the future."


"For the current question, for example, if I could add the condition XXXX, I think we can use the existing method called XXXX."


In this way, you don't say "I don't know" but you can change the phrase in a positive direction or with a certain hypothesis



In two days, I thoroughly taught these "adult" skills to my junior daughter.

これは、他の受験者等と比較して、チートではないかとも思うのですが ――

I think this is unfair compared to other examinees.


It is the privilege of the protected person (child) to utilize the skills of the guardian (father).

2021-11-18 いや、「命を狙う」てなことまでは考えないかもしれませんが、「自宅の庭に生ゴミを投げつけられる」くらいのことはされるかも、と覚悟はしています。


(Continuation from yesterday)


In the past, I would have had tremendous psychological resistance to disclosing things like my driver's license photo.


A vaccination certificate is the ultimate in personal information.


But now I'm pretty sure I don't really care anymore.


In fact, I sent in photos of my driver's license and vaccination certificate to complete the app registration.


(However, I don't think I'll have the opportunity to use the services provided by this app in the foreseeable future.)


If this information were to be leaked, it would be the equivalent of all my personal information being leaked.



However, these days, I am more conscious of "more convenient and easier operation" rather than "risk of personal information leakage.


Registering for such an application is a hassle, so I would like to see vaccination proof linked to my number card as soon as possible.


In my case, I have a card reader connected to my home PC, but now I can use my phone to read the data, so I guess we don't need a card reader.


For those who can't get vaccinated, PCR test results can also be quickly linked to the My Number Card, so that the card can be automatically revoked after its validity period (e.g., 3 days).


This way, there will be less trouble.


Anyway, it is true that my 'awareness of keeping my personal information confidential' is waning.



The value of my personal information is probably about $500, but for certain targets, it could be worth a lot of money.


Just off the top of my head, I can think of "Bitcoin groups," "diet groups," "internet scam groups," and "artificial intelligence groups.


Also, the "coronary vaccine rejecting groups or individuals" may target me directly.


No, they may not think about "trying to kill me," but I am prepared for them to do something like "throwing garbage in my yard.

もしそういう事件が起ったら、みなさんに、直ぐにご報告します ―― 我が家の監視カメラの映像付きで。

If such an incident occurs, I'll let you all know right away -- with security camera video clip of my house.

2022-11-18 後輩 = ウクライナ、 私(江端) = イスラエル と考えると、なんか、しっくり納得できてしまいました ―― 自分で考えておきながら、とても不快な気分になりましたが。


In March 2000, on my way to Narita Airport for an assignment in the U.S., I turned pale when I realized that I had forgotten to bring the documents absolutely necessary to enter the country.


As it happened, I asked my wife, who was at home that day, to run with the documents to the station on the way, and I was able to get away with it.


In this way, I make a big blunder at an important time, and I don't trust myself.


However, this world does not seem to have the attitude of "watching over" Ebata, who is a "big blunder player".


For example, my junior, who was to take this assignment with me, seemed to be "very worried (or cherished) by the people around him.

―― この取り扱いの差な何なんだ?

"I cannot accept this difference in handling"


When I said that, everyone said to me


"I came to think that Ebata could get through U.S. immigration without any paperwork"


I was shocked to hear that.


Of course, there is no way I can do that (not that they have diplomatic immunity).


I think this is not "overrated" to Ebata, but rather evidence that they are handling Ebata in a careless manner.

―― 世界は、私に優しくない

"The world is not gentle to me"


I have often thought that, and I thought that at that time.


I was reading my journal in a daze just now.


Right now, the world is very concerned about the people of Ukraine.


On the other hand, if Israel were to suffer a similar "invasion of powers," would the world be as concerned as Ukraine?


"Absolutely not", I thought.


That country has not stated explicitly about nuclear weapons, but it definitely has nuclear weapons.


It seems to me that if the powers invaded Israel, they would immediately counterattack and would not hesitate to launch tactical nuclear missiles if necessary.


In fact, they have won every war in the Middle East so far.


■後輩 = ウクライナ

- junior = Ukraine

■私(江端) = イスラエル

- I (Ebata) = Israel

と考えると、なんか、しっくり納得できてしまいました ―― 自分で考えておきながら、とても不快な気分になりましたが。

Thinking like the above, I made a lot of sense to me. Though I thought that, that made me very uncomfortable.

2023-11-18 ―― 育児や介護を優先する代わりとして、『こんな国に、二度と生まれてきたくない』と憎悪する人間を一定数生み出す国になる覚悟

育児休暇や介護休暇は、我が国が、我が国の形を維持していく為に必須 ―― これは言うまでもありません。

Parental and family care leave is essential for our country to remain in good shape- this is obvious.


However, even though the "system" is in place, the "field" is not responding.


If someone takes parental leave or nursing care leave, naturally, someone else must do the work for that person.


Someone else will have to work for the amount.


And so, the person becomes overworked, sick, disfigured, and suffers from depression and other mental illnesses.


生産性を自動化で担保する ―― これ、決め手のようによく言われていますが、見落されている点があります。

Ensuring productivity through automation -- This is often said to be the decisive factor, but a point is overlooked.


The labor secured by automation is then to become something that is not needed forever.


Automation is a long-term macro solution to the workforce, but it does nothing to address labor shortages during certain periods, such as parental or nursing care leave.


Therefore, automation is not a substitute for parental or nursing care leave.


Curiously, I have not seen anyone or any content that correctly argues against this.



This solution is simple.


The reality is that parental and caregiver leave reduces productivity.


To put it more bluntly,


Instead of prioritizing childcare and caregiving,


(1) As the international field, we accept that our country's GDP will fall into double digits (below 10th place),


(2) At the field level, we accept that we will lose out on delays in delivery and international competition,


(3) At the household level, we will allow a consumption tax of up to 30%.


We need to be as determined as that.


Well, I don't want to say this too loudly, but one more thing,


(4) Legalization of the right to decide suicide


If the law and the system guarantee the right to escape from life by oneself, even if it is a little painful or unpleasant, I (we) will be mentally relieved.


―― 育児や介護を優先する代わりとして、『こんな国に、二度と生まれてきたくない』と憎悪する人間を一定数生み出す国になる覚悟

-- Prepared to become a country that produces a certain number of people who hate this country and say, "I never want to be born in this country again," as an alternative to prioritizing childcare and nursing care.


This is what we need now.