2022-02-01 私のようなシニアが生き残っていく為には、子どもたちに媚びて生きるしかないのですから。 [長年日記]


In my experience, the fastest way to be able to do something is to start doing it.


This "getting started" is a well-known and oft-quoted means of problem solving, and the toughest example I know of is the development story of windows NT.


The story is so well known that David Cutler, the development leader, had his development team members work on Windows NT using the "developing WindowsNT".


In development period, the "OS" in developing are used by the development members. Of courser, they were in screaming stream. I don't want to think of the situation at all.



I will try this approach, even though I don't require it to be that severe. This is exactly what I'm doing right now.


I'm writing today's diary entirely on my iPad. To be honest, I'm dying of stress. I can't use SKK, my favorite perverted IME, I can't use Windows (split screen I can use), I can't use emacs key bindings, and I can't work with the translation engine and change between the split windows(I'm using my fingers to do that).


However, I am using a bluetooth keyboard for input.


Many people may say, "Hey, that's no different from carrying a notebook PC," but since Ebata's reading environment has mostly shifted to the iPad, I can't leave it out.


If you add a laptop to the list, the weight of your traveling belongings is no longer a joke.

―― ラクをするために苦労をする

"Struggling to make things easier"

と言うのは、誰にとっても日常なですが、iPadと WindowsノートPCの間には、どう見ても相容れないコンセプトがあるとしか思えません。

This is a daily issue for everyone. However, I think that there is an apparently incompatible concept between iPad and Windows.

And I wrote it before, the winner has already confirmed when iPad because majority of the "GIGA school" project by the MEXT.

「システム管理がしやすく、ユーザに裁量を『与えない』iPad」が、Windowsや、ユーザに開発の裁量を保証するLinux, Andoroidに勝利Aしたのは、(今、考えてみれば)当然と言えます ――  だって子どもに使わせるのですから、管理しやすいデバイスを選ぶのは、当然ですよね。

iPad that cannot give the users free development and management, would be chosen for children naturally, than Windows, Linux and Android that can do. Because they are easy for adults to control IT education of the children.



Anyway, I am writing this text with a lot of stress.


However, it cannot be helped.


In order to survive my remining life, I cannot do anything except for flattering children.

2022-02-02 『カード状況をお調べしたところ、お客さまのデビットカード情報が闇サイト内で取引された可能性があると情報共有がありました』 [長年日記]


The company with which I have a SIM contract informed me that my credit card was not working. So I was inquiring with my credit card company via my online bank.

They said to me,


"When we checked the status of the card, we were informed that the customer's debit card information may have been traded on a black site"


"In order to prevent fraudulent use of the card, we have stopped the online payment of the card, so it seems that the payment could not be made"



In the meantime, I checked my past history and found no evidence of unauthorized use, so I am relieved.


And I'm sure the credit card company will be "fine" with this, however I came to think that,

―― 連絡なしにいきなりカードを無効にされる、って、どうなの?

"What if they suddenly deactivate my card without contacting me?"



If my credit card had been suspended while I was on an overseas business trip, I would have panicked.


I think, "I should be careful," but I don't really know what and how to be careful about.


Anyway, I went through the process of reissuing the card and contacted the SIM company about it.



By the way, all of the above exchanges were in "chat".


As a rule, online banks do not provide telephone support for consultations (including complaints).


It really was a world of 'if you can't chat in real time on your phone/PC, you are not wanted'


However, there is a certain amount of anxiety associated with a contact system where we cannot make requests or complaints aloud to a real person.


On the other hand, for what it's worth, online banking is convenient, so I think,

―― そのうち、社会(大衆)の方が、それ(チャットやチャットボット)に対応していくのかな?

-- I wonder if society (the masses) will eventually respond to it (chat and chatbots)?



Although there seems to be some trouble, I realized that the GIGA school concept is an essential education for children to live by.

So, I think the behavior of us will be this way, as seniors.

2022-02-03 私は、アウシュビッツの映像を見ながら、食事ができますが ―― まあ、普通の人にはできないでしょう。 [長年日記]


These days, it's not often that the whole family eats together.


My wife and I, who work from home, mainly have dinner together.


In our house, I record NHK documentaries and my wife records variety shows from commercial broadcasters.


My recording times are generally late night reruns, so we've been able to avoid double-booking my recording times.


The problem is that 'we can't share and view the contents each other.



If you look at the list of my recorded programs, the titles usually include


"Nazi", "Taliban", "Chernobyl", and "nuclear power plant".



When I look at my wife's program list,


I see "Matsumoto", "Matsuko", serial TV novels, night dramas in general


in the list.


Of course, I also like variety shows, so there is some content that we can share and watch, but that number is not very large.


私は、アウシュビッツの映像を見ながら、食事ができますが ―― まあ、普通の人にはできないでしょう。

I can eat while watching videos of Auschwitz -- well, most people can't.


(Maybe I've seen all the official Auschwitz concentration camp videos.)

However, I can't eat while watching dramas, including "The world is full of demons" -- it feels like my digestive system is shutting down.



So now, the only content that the Ebata family can share is "Gaia no Yoake" and "Hatsu-mimi gaku".

2022-02-04 『過去の栄光』を思い出すことで『今の苦しい日々を凌ぐ』 ―― というヘタレ大人は、結構な数いると思います。 [長年日記]

There seems to be a lot of cross-world reincarnation content lately -- a bit annoying.


Among them,


(1) A person who have always disliked their current positions and duties and have always wanted to step down or retire, however,


(2) She or he who has outstanding abilities and is unable to do so, and


(3) They who has to devote themselves more and more to their work.


This story seems to be well received by readers.



From Yang Wenli in "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" to Prince Wayne in the recent "So Let's Sell Our Country - The Genius Prince's Deficit Nation Revival Technique", there is no shortage of content.



―― 異世界転生の話は、読者の願望の言語化である

"The story of reincarnation is a verbalization of the reader's desires"


It is the same in the above.


However, while the above(1)(3) are the same, most of us do not have the "outstanding ability" of the (2), and the only difference is that. We live only to eat our daily bread.

それでも、『この世界が、私の"傑出した能力"を見い出せていなだけ』 ―― と置換できれば、この(2)の条件も満たせることになります。

Still, if we can replace the above (2) with "this world just doesn't see my 'outstanding ability'", then we can satisfy the above (2).


Well, I don't need to do such trivial analysis, just "interesting content is interesting" is enough.



I used to post the column of

"'Youth' is 'falsification of history'."


This is one of the columns I like myself.


What I still remember two issues,


- I was the president of a junior high school.


- At a junior high school festival, I did a "manzai" performance in front of the whole school and it was a big hit.



It's like a fleeting glimmer of light when I was only 14 or 15 years old, and it's not a big deal to others or even to me.


By continuing to maintain this memory, the process of turning it into a beautiful story for your own convenience can be called "falsification of history.

ただ、その程度の瑣末な思い出が『人生の(相当に)苦しい時に、自分を助けてくれる』というは事実だと思います ―― 少なくとも私は「そう」です。

However, I think it is true that such trivial memories can 'help me in the (very) difficult times of my life' -- at least I 'think'.


So, I think it is very important to have "hard work", "flashy failures" and "brilliant successes" while you are young.



If you don't have "outstanding ability," you can replace it with "past glory. Because it's pretty hard to achieve "glory" when you're an adult.

『過去の栄光』を思い出すことで『今の苦しい日々を凌ぐ』 ―― というヘタレ大人は、結構な数いると思います。

I think there are a lot of loser adults who "get through the present hard days." with remembering "past glories".


So I would say to young people, 'If you have the opportunity to shine, shine while you can.


Because the chances of "it" coming to you as an adult are next to nil.

2022-02-05 ―― 『漢字はググればいい。計算は電卓使う。学校で勉強する必要がない』の仮説は棄却された("失敗した") [長年日記]

I was once researching lessons for my children.


I was also interviewing family members, and their unanimous opinion was


"The best lesson I ever learned was the 'abacus'"


As I wrote here, the purpose of an abacus class is to "create a calculator in your mind" -- and the only input is "visual".


Just by looking at the numbers, the results of the calculations come to mind, so it's easy.


In other words, you can use your brain only for "how to solve the problem".


As I was writing, I realized,

"Isn't this the same thing that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is promoting, 'programming-free, programming-oriented education'?"



Needless to say, the purpose of mathematics is not to calculate, nor is it to memorize formulas.


It is "mathematical/mathematical thinking"(*).


(*) A typical example of this is "Fermi Estimation".

その思考を行う場合、その前提となる「計算」プロセスの『手抜き』『チート』『ズル』を実現するものが「そろばん」なのですが ――

When you think about it, the abacus allows you to "slip through the cracks" and "cheat" in the "calculation" process


I think it's a shame that people don't know much about that.


For a while, a boy claimed "I can use Google to know the meaning of kanji", "I'll use a calculator", and "There is no need to study at school". Then the boy's post/video went viral.


I have not researched this, so I will not comment on it.


However, I think this is a social experiment with himself as the subject, so I would like to wait and see the results.


However, the problem is how to estimate this hypothesis: "I can use Google to know the meaning of kanji", "I'll use a calculator", and "There is no need to study at school".





(1) Socially successful (businessman, politician?)


(2) Financially successful (Wealthier than others)


(3) Although not as good as (1) and (2) above, possibility to lead a social life similar to that of so-called school-educated people (even).


(4) Other than (1) to (3) above


I think they can be classified into these four categories.



I believe that the above (1) to (3) will continue to be reported in the media so that we can know the results of the verification easily.


On the other hand, in the case of (4) above, the hypothesis test would be rejected, or in other words, "failed," but I am afraid that there are very few people who would report the results of failure themselves.


So, if that content of his opinions is no longer in the public eye, and enough time has passed, I will result

―― 『漢字はググればいい。計算は電卓使う。学校で勉強する必要がない』の仮説は棄却された("失敗した")

"His hypothesis of "I can use Google to know the meaning of kanji", "I'll use a calculator", and "There is no need to study at school" was rejected ("failed")"




Based on my above "Abacus is the strongest", his hypothesis that "you can use a calculator for calculation" should not be valid.


Therefore, his hypothesis and my hypothesis are in conflict.


But as for me, I don't care what the outcome is.


"His hypothesis of "I can use Google to know the meaning of kanji", "I'll use a calculator", and "There is no need to study at school" will be successful, this should be a major event that will shake the very foundations of the current school education system.


And the more children who participate in this experiment, the more data there will be and the more objective it will be.


By all means, please do your best to prove the "no school necessary" theory.



Incidentally, the two children of the Ebata family have already enrolled (and graduated) from college and are not scheduled to participate as test subjects.


In other words, whether this social experiment succeeds or fails, I will not be disadvantaged.


In short, it is


"Watching from on high."



To be honest, it really doesn't matter to me which way this hypothesis turns out.

2022-02-06 ―― もし、首つり自殺をするなら、これはなかなか理想的な装置だな [長年日記]

Today, I was building an iron bar in my room.

ぶら下がってみたのですが ―― 腕がもげそうになりました。

I tried to hang on -- I felt like I was going to rip my arm off.


And the moment I let go of my hand and landed, disturbing sounds (like body parts breaking down) came from every knot in my body, echoing in my inner ear.

―― いらんものを作ってしまったかもしれないなぁ

"I may have made something meaningless"


I thought.


Currently, I can only hang on for less than 10 seconds.


My goal is to improve this record to 60 seconds by the end of March, and to achieve "one pull-up" by the end of the year.



It occurred to me...

"If I were to hang myself, this would be quite an ideal device"



If you are currently considering hanging yourself, try to find a place at home where you can do it.


Maybe you won't find it.


This is because ordinary houses are not equipped with equipment that can withstand a weight (50kg-100kg) load -- or rather

というか ―― もしかしたら、意図的に、そういう風に設計されているのかもしれません。

Maybe it was intentionally designed that way.

2022-02-07 陰謀論者は、いつでも、どこでも、好きな陰謀論を、いくらでも作り出せます。 [長年日記]


Recently, I've been mediating between Ms. K, who asked me about my column, and Dr. Shibata as a co-author of my column, through the Ebata Firewall.

The original issue is here.


(Maybe I can let you know about this exchange, soon)


Today, I would like to share with you a part of the email I just sent to Dr. Shibata.

===== ここから =====

===== From here =====


Thanks for your reply.

シバタ先生 > 強いストレスが決断力を鈍らせることは、うつや自殺について一家言ある江端さんには釈迦に説法と思います。

Dr. Shibata > I think Mr. Ebata, who has a lot to say about depression and suicide, would be able to explain how strong stress can blunt their ability to make decisions.

シバタ先生 > Kさんが決断を下すために必要なのは、医学的な情報よりも、第6波の収束、飲食業界の状況の改善と新型コロナ後遺症の緩解、そして安眠、なのかも知れません。

Dr. Shibata > What Ms. K needs to make a decision may be more than medical information, but the convergence of the 6th wave, the improvement of the situation in the food and beverage industry, the alleviation of the aftereffects of the new corona, and a good night's sleep.


When I received the above phrase, I felt as if my switch had 'clicked'.


I come to want to think about the decision-making process under the Corona disaster.

加えて、国外政府と国民の対応の違い ―― フランスの接種証明提示義務の法制化、イギリスの野心的社会実験の気風、そして、カナダでの大規模な反ワクチンデモ(からの緊急事態宣言)等々 ―― 『これほどまでに、国家と国民のキャラクターって違うんだ』と、正直かなり驚いていています。そして、これも分析してみたくなりました。

In addition, the difference in the response of foreign governments and the public -- the legislative requirement to show proof of vaccination in France, the ambitious spirit of social experimentation in the UK, the massive anti-vaccine demonstrations (and then the declaration of a state of emergency) in Canada, etc. -- To be honest, I'm quite surprised at how different the characters of the nation and its people are. And I wanted to analyze these as well.


I also want to incorporate the endless conspiracy theories about the new coronary vaccine (hereafter referred to as "conspiracy theories"), whether they are right or wrong, and that "the conspiracy theorists never lose".


This is a lesson learned from ancient and modern warfare that 'regular armies lose if they do not win, but guerrillas win if they do not lose'.


From Hannibal's battle against the Roman Empire, to Che Guevara's revolution in Cuba, to Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Islamic State, the fact that these countries have basically defeated the major powers is proof of this.


Conspiracy theorists can create any number of conspiracy theories they want, anytime, anywhere.


In contrast, the people who destroy them (us) can only finally destroy one conspiracy theory with the right logic and evidence (numbers, etc.) at a cost of 10 to 100 times that amount.


Well, seriously, the opposite side (conspiracy theory production and PR) seems to be easy, and I really envy them.

===== ここまで =====

===== To here =====


I'm thinking, "If I were on that side, I might have had a more enjoyable and easier time writing.


I have to admit that writing with an engineering approach is hard because of the strict numbers, statistics, logic, and fact-checking.

2022-02-08 ―― 一所懸命で、真剣で、全力疾走だったけど、1mmだって1秒だって「辛い」とか「嫌だ」とは思わなかった [長年日記]


My father died before the outbreak of the Corona disaster.

母はコロナ禍が収束の兆しを見せて、ようやく面会が可能になってきた ―― 今となっては、猛威を奮っているオミクロン株でそれどころではありませんが ―― という時に死去しました。

My mother died just as the outbreak was coming under control and she was finally able to visit --- Now, under the raging Omicron stock, it is not reality.

I just happened to find this note a few minutes ago.


As I was looking at it, I noticed that this kind of slap in the face of corona disaster about my mother had suddenly disappeared.



I did not feel any emotion or sentiment during or after my mother's funeral.


I was even thinking, "Maybe I'm broken somehow".


In fact, that's what I've been told by many people in my life.


But as I was reading these notes, I felt that I could finally talk to the deceased without feeling 'sad' or 'nostalgic'.


―― 一所懸命で、真剣で、全力疾走だったけど、1mmだって1秒だって「辛い」とか「嫌だ」とは思わなかった

"It was hard work, seriousness, and running as fast as I could, but I didn't think for one millimeter or one second that it was hard or that I didn't like it."

―― あの日々は、悪くなかった

"They days were not bad at all"


I was able to mutter to my mother.

2022-02-09 ―― ぶっちゃけ、ITエンジニアの私が、"mRNAワクチン"の製造プロセスを知って、腰を抜かすほど驚いたくらいですから [長年日記]


It seems that some of you are reading my blog and choosing books.


So, recently, I have been a little nervous about writing book reviews.


Aside from that.


Today, I would like to recommend "Resurrection Day," another blockbuster science fiction novel by the late Sakyo Komatsu.

(I've repeated this story before, but I'll do it again.)


This is the basic form of my view of the world in which the new coronavirus vaccine could not be developed.


COVID-19 (unlike MM-88) does not have a 100% fatality rate, nor is it airborne (it is highly contagious, but only by contact/droplet transmission).

しかし「医療崩壊の最終形態」は、この小説や映画で描かれているものと同じだと思っています ―― というか、医療崩壊は現在進行形です。

However, I believe that the "final form of medical collapse" is the same as the one depicted in this novel and movie -- or rather, medical collapse is ongoing.


"A patient was unable to be admitted to the hospital due to full occupancy, was forced to return home, and died after receiving treatment at home".


If we don't call this situation "medical collapse," what do we call it?


I can't tell you how many times I've seen this movie, but this time it was on Amazon Prime, so I was doing data calculations while the movie was playing (data calculations don't require my "brain").


And I noticed it for the first time during this viewing.

―― 日本人の役者の皆さんの、英語の発音が『もの凄く良い』

"The English pronunciations of the Japanese actors is 'excellent'"


It's not so-called "katakana English pronunciation", but it's not "native pronunciation" either.


It's hard to put into words, but it's the kind of pronunciation that makes me think, "If a Japanese person were working in a foreign country, this is the kind of English they would speak".


The actors probably practiced their lines over and over again.


It was amazing, and I was deeply impressed.



Now, again, I'm stuck with the "Which comes first, the novel or the movie?


My recommendation is basically 'novel first', but it comes with the annoying problem of 'getting angry after watching the movie' if you like the novel.


In addition, Sakyo Komatsu's novels can be a bit "tough" if you don't have a certain level of advanced knowledge (in the case of "Resurrection Day", knowledge about viruses and vaccines).


Still, I think that even Sakyo Komatsu could not have come up with the idea of "designing vaccines by computer" in 1964.


Well, at that time, "computer" was synonymous with "magic box," and it was terribly expensive.

例えば、当時、ただの電卓(×コンピュータ)は、その重量が13kg、価格は36万円(大学初任給 1.7万円(1969年)/23.5万円(2020年)から換算すると、今の価格で497万円)でした。

For example, at the time, a mere calculator (computer) weighed 13 kg and cost 360,000 yen (49.7 million yen at today's prices, based on the starting university salary of 17,000 yen (1964)/235,000 yen (2020)).



The "mRNA vaccine" for new coronaviruses is the first human vaccine (for full-scale use in humans) created using the latest vaccine technology and computerized digital technology.

―― ぶっちゃけ、ITエンジニアの私が、"mRNAワクチン"の製造プロセスを知って、腰を抜かすほど驚いたくらいですから

"To be honest, I was so surprised to learn about the manufacturing process of the mRNA vaccine that I was even shaken out of my skin as an IT engineer."


However, as I wrote here, 'there is a hell of a lot of steady empirical experiments hidden to fill in the gaps between theory and practice'.


After all, vaccine production is not something that can be done by a computer.


It is inevitable that there will be a huge process of empirical/clinical testing to verify the safety of the product.



I won't write about it because it would be a spoiler, but the one thing in "Resurrection Day" that completely eliminates MM-88, a virus with a 100% fatality rate, is a surprising object.

そうですね ・・・ うん、やっぱり私は、「小説ファースト」をお勧めしたいと思います。

Well... Yeah, I would still recommend "Novel First".

2022-02-10 ―― 空襲警報から爆撃までの時間は、もっとも楽観的な数値で"5.3分" (by フェルミ推定) [長年日記]


There is a heavy snowfall warning for the entire Kanto area.


Recently, there have been frequent warnings of typhoons, heavy rains, and guerrilla torrential rains.

しかも、かなり正確です ―― 年々精度が向上しているように思います。

And it's pretty accurate -- it seems to be getting more accurate every year.


I remember that I once did some research on how to forecast the weather, and I had the impression that 'this is difficult.


I'm not sure what kind of forecasting method they are using now, but I think they are basically using information from weather sensors set up all over the country and running supercomputers in real time.


However, miss predictions happen.

The JMA's excuse ... or explanation ... can be found here.



Nevertheless, weather forecasting can be done by using information from each base (temperature, pressure, and other current weather information) to calculate the equations of physics by force.


Then I wondered how they did "air raid warnings" during the Pacific War.

頭上から、爆弾が投下されるという危機 ―― これは、雪や台風などとは比較にならない、生命に直結する情報です。

The danger of a bomb being dropped from overhead. This information is much more life-threatening than that of snow or typhoons.


I don't have to tell you how important this is.

(You will hear an air raid alarm.)

調べてみたとろ、(1)レーダー、(2)目視(at 監視哨)、(3)音(by 聴音機) の3つを使っていたようです。

I found out that they were using (1) radar, (2) visual (at watchtowers), and (3) sound (by listening devices).


Radar, which "emits microwaves and observes the reflected waves," was able to detect bombers up to 100 kilometers away even back then.


However, it was only just before the end of the war (1944) that experiments for practical use were successful, and the accuracy was poor, making mass production difficult.


Also, it seems that the Japanese military (especially the navy) was reluctant to develop radar because it would 'only let the enemy know their position.


More than that, it seems that the people of our country had little awareness of "air raids".


In the first place, the period of air raids was quite short compared to the entire duration of the war (about four years).


Based on Japan lost the war on August 15, 1945, I calculated that one year is 1.0.

一番最初の那覇空襲が1944年10月10日で"-0.85", 鹿児島空襲が、"-0.41",倉敷空襲が"-0.32"で、その後、"-0.12"(50日前)からは、ほぼ、毎日、日本各地で爆撃が続けれらていました。

The first air raid on Naha was on October 10, 1944, with a -0.85, the first air raid on Kagoshima was -0.41, the first air raid on Kurashiki was -0.32, and after that, from -0.12 (50 days ago), bombings continued almost every day all over Japan.


There were only a handful of radars installed in Japan (probably only in the imperial capital (Tokyo)) to counter enemy attacks that could appear anywhere.


"Air raid alerts" that rely only on our eyes and ears.


If there was a 15-meter high watchtower, the logical visibility distance was 15 kilometers.


In addition, let's assume that they had human eyesight plus binoculars, and that they were blessed with extremely good weather, and that half of this distance, about 7 km, was the distance at which they could detect enemy aircraft.

戦闘機の巡航速度が200kmとして ―― 敵機発見は、126秒前です。

Assuming the fighter's cruising speed is 200 kilometers -- the enemy plane was spotted 126 seconds ago.


Even if they estimated that the alert procedure took one minute, and the arrival time at the destination was three times that time.

―― 空襲警報から爆撃までの時間は、もっとも楽観的な数値で"5.3分" (by フェルミ推定)

"The most optimistic figure for the time between air raid warning and bombing is 5.3 minutes(by Fermi)."


Including preparation, the distance a person can escape in "five minutes" is probably less than one kilometer.


Of course, this is much longer than the "few seconds" of the current Earthquake Early Warning System.


They might have been able to buy enough time to escape to the air-raid shelter, but if a bomb hit us, they would have no chance of survival.


Even so, when the "air raid alarm" was issued, actions such as "turn off the lights" and "escape to an air-raid shelter" were well known to all.


Nowadays, there is a system called the National Instantaneous Warning System (J-Alert), but frankly speaking, I didn't know what action to take, so I did some research.

I will keep this in mind as it was mentioned here.



In any case, I am grateful for the "alert".


gain, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in the design, construction, and operation of "alarm system".

2022-02-11 その時は『戦争を始めましょう』。 [長年日記]


Once, when my daughter was not mentally stable.


"Write down bad words about the other person on a piece of A4 paper and burn it in the dark"


I have taught her how to do this and had her implement it.


At that time. I advised her the following,


(1) Bad words should be written with emotion and not logically.


(2) Write, write, write, using the most awful, vulgar, and disgusting language possible.


(3) You may use color pens, or you may make the same word appear several times. You may use both sides of the paper. You may use more sheets of paper.



By the way, my wife, who was listening to this story, was blue cold.



In my case, I also make a folder called "Email to him in a week" and write all kinds of hate text in it, using the worst language humanity can think of.

一週間後に、そのメールを出すのに躊躇がなかったら、出すつもりなのですが ―― 現在のところ、まだ出さないで、すんでいます。

If I don't have any hesitation in sending out that email in a week, I will do so -- but as of now, I haven't sent it out yet.


Because after a week, I will be able to calmly calculate the cost of the subsequent response (war) in light of the cost.


Incidentally, as for the person who "criticized" my column, I have made contents,


(1) To conduct a thorough textual analysis of the person's past tweets, and


(2) To use the most horrible swear words imaginable, and


(3) To ruthlessly criticize, condemn, belittle, or abuse a person.




The emotion of anger is intangibility.


The bad thing is that the intangibility grows inexorably (in my case, it definitely 'grows').


On the other hand, verbalization is the process of materializing the intangible "anger" into something tangible, into an object.


So, the above actions make us get the followint effects (sometimes),


(1) Being able to "visualize" the content of our anger in our own words.


(2) Being able to see what to do next (sometimes), by becoming our own words



Of course, "complaining to friends" is one approach to verbalization, but it is difficult to use terrible, vulgar, and disgusting words, and one of the drawbacks is that it is impossible to tell a proper story.


In any case, it is a common belief in psychology that "verbalizing emotions" is effective for mental health.


「燃やし」ても、「一週間経って」も、あなたの怒りが納まらないのであれば ―― それは『本物』です。

If your anger doesn't subside after "burning" or "a week," it's "real".

At that time, 'Let's start the war'.

2022-02-12 テレビを見ていると、「自分が嫌い」と告白する人が多いなぁ、と思います。 [長年日記]


When I watch TV, I think that many people confess that they hate themselves.


People in this country are very tolerant of saying "I hate myself" while saying "I hate that guy" is avoided.


If people who "hate themselves" are the majority in our country, it may be easier to empathize with them.

で、「自分が嫌い」を、Googleで調べてみたら、"約 13,300,000 件 (0.42 秒)" と出ました。

So, I looked up "I hate myself" on Google and found "about 13,300,000 results (0.42 seconds).


I just looked it up on Twitter and found 29 in an hour.


Now, I am trying to figure out how to judge these results.



Anyway, what you "hate" is what you "hate," and that's not a theory, so I don't blame you.

それでも ――



I think it is better to refrain from confessing in public, no matter how much it is about you, that "words that deny yourself".


Because that's "bullying".

公の場で「いじめ」を見せつけられるのは、気分の良いものではありません ―― 少なくとも私には。

It's not pleasant to be shown "bullying" in public -- at least not by me.


Me: "If I were you, I'd say 'the world is bad'... Actually, 'the world is bad'."


I whispered, and my wife responded it to me,


Wife: "I think there are only a handful of people in the world who can think like that."


2022-02-13 リビングにいた嫁さんと次女の逆鱗に触れました。 [長年日記]


It's been a while since I've had a craving for pancakes, so I baked some for my wife and myself.


Ebata: "The calorie content of flour is a little hard to ignore, but dieting is easy because all I have to do is not eat it.

と、ポソっと呟いたら ――

When I muttered that, my wife and second daughter heard in the living room , and,


that seemed to make them mad.


Ebata: "No, unlike English, if you don't eat, you will definitely lose weight. Dieting is easier than English."


Wife: "If you study English hard, you will definitely be able to do it, but with dieting, no matter how much we endure, the effects don't show up".


It was just the usual parallel argument.


After that,

「私は、単に『英語を勉強していないだけ』だけだ」と、―― 嫁さんが言い訳をしていました。

"I just don't 'study English,'" -- my wife made excuses.

2022-02-14 バス、タクシー、鉄道の運行管理や予約管理では「戦闘」は発生しませんから、オペレーションの負荷は、随分小さくなるはずです。 [長年日記]


The advantage of IT-based digital services is that they are relatively easy to start, even if the scale of the business is small.


After all, the fact that the equipment is an "immaterial program" is a big advantage.


Depending on the nature of the service, a single person can operate the service (one-person operation).



Programs are like free, except for the development and maintenance costs, and computers can be kept quite inexpensive by using a cloud like AWS.


Cyber attacks are a concern.


Although we must be especially careful about the leakage of customer information, a small service system has the advantage of having only a small amount of information to manage.



In such a small-scale IT system, the bottleneck is always "labor cost".


The profit that comes from the services of a small system is like the small change that goes into the money box of a shrine, except on the three New Year's days.


If the minimum wage of 1,041 yen per hour is deducted from this amount, there is no way that service can be established.

無人営業(に近い)ITサービスは、今やほとんど、無料サービスになっていて、広告収入で細々と稼いでいる状況です ―― Web系の市場は期待できないと思います。

Most of the unattended (near-unattended) IT services are now free services, and they are making a small profit from advertising revenue -- I don't think the web-based market is promising.


ワンオペが可能なITサービスができないものかなぁ、と考えています ―― 定年後の起業として。

I'm wondering if it's possible to create an IT service that allows for one-operation -- as a post-retirement start-up.

Internet banks, for example, default to chatting with customers, that is even not perfect one-person operations, though.


This time, when I had a chat conversation with a NetBank, the response speed clearly made me think that I was chatting with several customers at the same time.


Even so, just the fact that there was a link to the conversation gave me a sense of security.


It's much better than a call center that can't be connected forever.



I, am considering a one-operation operation for buses, cabs, and, if possible, trains.


If I work with a computer, I think I can manage the operation of about 1,000 buses and cabs, or manage reservations, with just one operator.


Actually, this was influenced by Marginal Operations by Yuri Shibamura.

The protagonist of this novel looks at a computer equipped with a GIS system and gives instructions via a terminal to 1000 children who move as combatants on the battlefield.

もちろん、小説の話ですので、現実の世界で、そんな戦術オペレーションが可能とは思えませんが ―― それでも『もしかしたら』と考えさせられるものではあります。

Of course, this is a novel, and I don't think such tactical operations are possible in the real world, but it still makes me think, "What if?


Since "battles" do not occur in bus, cab, and train operation management and reservation management, the operational load should be much smaller.


As an operator, my job would be to deal with traffic jams, flat tires, engine trouble, personal injury, etc.


However, on a day when it snows in the city center, it may require a very difficult operating experience.



I also think that if I am going to provide this kind of service, I need to create the entire service system "on our own".


This is because, frankly speaking, when a system failure occurs, the only person who can quickly fix it and resume service is the creator of the system.

と考えれば ―― サービスの運用者が、そのサービスシステムの開発者であれば、小規模ワンオペITサービスは、十分にスコープに入るんじゃないかぁ、と思っているのです。

If I think about it -- if the operator of the service is the developer of the service system, I think that small-scale one-operation IT services are well within the scope.

2022-02-15 「ロシアのウクライナ侵攻の隙を突いて、北方領土を奪還できないかな」 [長年日記]

I wrote something like "California and Texas may become independent" during the last presidential election, and as planned, I missed my prediction.

However, with the appearance of the "President instigating the attack on the Capitol", I am proud to say that the direction was quite correct -- although it was more diagonal than I had expected.


This time, while watching the NHK news, I whispered to my wife,


I wonder if we can take advantage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to retake the Northern Territories."



Google Mapのおかげで、最近は、世界地図も見やすくなりました。

Thanks to Google Maps, the world map has become easier to read these days.


I was looking at a map while reading an article about Russia's annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, and I thought to myself, "I see".


The Crimean peninsula is located north of the center of the Black Sea, and by controlling this peninsula, not only Ukraine, but also Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia, which face the Black Sea, can be stared down (in fact, it seems to be working).


In addition, Russia seems to have seized Ukraine's military equipment in the Crimea Peninsula.


On the other hand, if Ukraine joins NATO, Russia will have no buffer area. Moreover, the distance between Kiev and Moscow is also quite close (750km).


For Ukraine, it would be unbearable if it were to become a second annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, so it is understandable that it would want to join NATO and have NATO act as a deterrent.

まあ、『主権国家の軍事同盟に、他の国がとやかく言えるのか?』という正論はいくらでも言えますが ―― そういうものを踏み躙りまくってきたのが、戦争の歴史です。

Well, you can make a good argument that "how can other countries have any say in the military alliances of sovereign nations? But the history of war has been a history of overriding such things.



Back to the story.

私は、「北方領土奪還計画」を論じられるような資質も能力もないし、ちゃんと勉強もしていないので、語るべきではないと思いますが ――

I don't think I should talk about the "Northern Territories Recapture Plan" because I don't have the qualifications or ability to discuss it, and I haven't studied it properly -- however,


I can't recall any case where a war initiated by Japan has been successfully closed.

2022-02-16 「もちろん理不尽だ。究極の理不尽といってもいいだろう。しかし『若くなく』『楽しいことがなく』そして、今後もそのような予定が1mmもない者たちにとって ―― お前たちは憎悪の対象だ」 [長年日記]


My second daughter is a member of a Butoh(dancing) club at university.


Just practicing in the park, they get complaints from nearby residents.


As we talked about this, another stories were appeared.


"They get complaints that junior high and high school students spread out all over the sidewalk on their way to school, interfering with walking"


"They get complaints about junior high and high school students piling up at the convenience store near the station"




Ebata: "Yes, of course there is the 'it's annoying' part, but that's not the essential reason"


Daughter: "What's that?"


Ebata: "The fact that the 'winners' who have the special privilege of being young are 'enjoying themselves' is unpleasant in itself. Well, that's for sure. I can't help but understand that feeling.


Daughter: "That's unreasonable."

江端:「もちろん理不尽だ。究極の理不尽といってもいいだろう。しかし『若くなく』『楽しいことがなく』そして、今後もそのような予定が1mmもない者たちにとって ―― お前たちは憎悪の対象だ」

Ebata: "Of course it's unreasonable. The ultimate in unreasonableness, I suppose. But for those of us who are not young, who have never had any fun, and who never plan to have any in the future -- You are an abomination"


Daughter: "..."


Ebata: "So I want you to be careful. There are a surprising number of people who can't recognize unreasonableness and can't control their actions with reason. And it's not just in Odakyu and Keio."



I was about to suggest to my second daughter, "Why don't you dance like you're not having fun, like you're lethargic? --- But, I stopped it.

2022-02-17 今どき「なくすな! 学校」とか『寝惚けたこと』を主張している政党の候補は全部却下 [長年日記]


I'm going home this weekend for forty-ninth day after a mother's death, so today I'm going with my wife to vote for the mayor and city council members on the day before the election.


However, I hadn't received the election pamphlet, so I walked to the civic center to get it (although I was disappointed to find out later that it was included in that day's morning paper).


However, it was really boring, and I had to re-read the campaign literature three times.

- 小さな字を大量に記載する候補は『低能』と決めつけて却下

- Candidates who describe a large amount of small print are dismissed as 'little brain'.

- 今どき「なくすな! 学校」とか『寝惚けたこと』を主張している政党の候補は全部却下

- I reject all candidates from cretain political parties that claim to be "against school closures!"

- 見出しに「無駄使い」だの「福祉」だの「いじめ」だの、抽象的な言葉のみで、具体的な施策を書いていない候補も却下

- Candidates who use only abstract words such as "wasteful spending," "welfare," and "bullying" in their headlines and do not write any concrete measures are also rejected.

- 自分のプロフィールで、紙面の1/3を占めるような候補も却下

- I reject candidates who take up 1/3 of the paper in their own profile.

- 公約を10も20も書いてくるような候補も却下

- Candidates who write 10 or 20 pledges are also rejected.


They were "disastrous campaign gazettes" that enforced all the prohibitions on presentation that I had been told 'never to do' in my first five years of technical writing training.


In the end, I chose the candidate (and only one) who had listed specific numbers, in millions of yen.

I think Ebata's mind would have been at its best if there were some graphs or other information here -- none of the candidates were like that.



Ebata: "Isn't it popular to have a candidate who specifically mentions numbers?"


Wife: "Yes. On the contrary, it's even 'bad impression'."


In other words, it seems that an election strategy that is liked by me is an election strategy that is avoided by the majority.



My wife said that she would vote for the candidate of my choice.


I thought to myself, "No, no, no, that's not it", however, city council elections are not like national elections, information about the candidates is not available.


There may be a way to "believe in the ideas of those who vote".

2022-02-18 早稲田大学で、複数のオンライン授業を同時視聴していた学生が、単位を落された、というニュースが流れています。 [長年日記]


There is a news report about a student at Waseda University who lost credits for watching multiple online classes at the same time.


I'm sure there are a lot of opinions on this issue, but first of all, if they were notified of this (prohibition of watching multiple online classes at the same time) in advance, this is a natural punishment (However, I have not been able to confirm this at this time).


On the other hand, I found this issue to be a very interesting thesis.


I would like to discuss two points below.


第1に、―― 私自身が、リモート業務で、こういうことやっているから

First, I'm doing this kind of thing myself, in remote operations.


Depending on the importance of the meeting, the relation about me , and the nature of your work, there are some things that can be done in parallel and some things that cannot.


For example, I don't (and can't) work in parallel on meetings that are related to my budget and business, because I would be 'choking myself' if I missed them.


However, during other meetings, if it's just simple data processing, I usually do parallel processing.


To put it bluntly, it's about as "fast" as data processing can get.


第2に、―― 現実に、複数のオンライン授業を同時視聴できる能力のある人(特に若い人)がいるから

Secondly -- in reality, there are people (especially young people) who have the ability to watch multiple online classes simultaneously.


This is my daughter's story. I was reprimanding her for studying math and English while watching videos on YouTube (NOT listening to music).

―― 娘は、そういうことが、本当に『できるんです』。

"My daughter can really 'do' those things."


From what I have observed, she does not seem to be losing performance, in fact, she even seems to have the advantage of being able to maintain her performance for a long time.


After that, I stopped interfering in the way my daughters studied.



What I'm trying to say is, with my observation,


"With the times and the environment (YouTube, PCs, smartphones, corona disasters), brain function is changing dramatically."


might be true.


However, I don't know if it can be applied to all young people.


This is something I hope to see in future research and experiments in the field of brain science.



I think there are also two reasons for the rule against simultaneous viewing


(1)A problem in the attitude of those who study.


This is a reason that makes sense.


If you say that this is a "principle of the mode of communication between the teacher and the taught," you are right.


However, I think this issue would be grossly unfair if they don't also discuss the attitude of those who 'teach' academics, and whether they are able to provide classes with content that attracts students.


In fact, I think the "boringness" of the content (presentation) of Japanese teachers' classes could be a social problem (it was in my day).


(2) A problem of degradation of performance in acquiring studies


As I mentioned above, my (limited) observations have raised doubts about this.


I believe that proper research and study will be necessary in the future.


By underestimating students' abilities (performance), we may be destroying the potential of future students.



I think the root of this problem is "previous performance/experience" and "unpleasantness".


However, as mentioned above, the direction of human ability changes with time and environment.

In that case, I believe it is necessary to "bend by force" the "previous achievements/experiences" and "unpleasantness" as well.

2022-02-19 法要後、お坊さんから、コロナでお亡くなりになった方のお話を聞きました。 [長年日記]


Today, we had a monk come to my parents' house to conduct the 49th day of my mother's life at home, and held a Buddhist memorial service with only a few people.


After the memorial service, we heard a story from him about a person who died in Corona.


- The last meeting with the deceased in protective gear.


- Only the body is transported to the crematorium (no relatives allowed to accompany).


- Funeral service with only the returned remains.



I knew these stories, but hearing them in "words" instead of "letters" had quite an impact on me.


もっとお伺いしたいことはあったのですが ―― 例えば、

There were more questions I wanted to ask you, like...


Is the number of funerals decreasing due to the Corona disaster?


Will the simplification of funeral services affect the revenue of temples?


What do you think about Japanese people's lack of interest in funerals?




However, as expected, I was hesitant to listen to those stories (even from me).

2022-02-20 ―― 清洲城"様"などと、日本の城に"様"付けで、呼ばせるなよなぁ [長年日記]


Today, I went sightseeing around Nagoya with my family.


I went to Inuyama Castle, which I have always wanted to visit.


We ate and drank in Inuyama Castle Town and climbed up to the castle tower.


It was cold and freezing, though.


So, after that, I called Kiyosu Castle to ask about their business hours.


Ebata: "Hello?"


Person in charge: "Yes."


Ebata: "Well, Hello?"


Person in charge: "Yes."


I said to the person in charge, who only said, "Yes," was not helped.


Ebata: "Are you Mr.Kiyosu cassle?"


Person in charge: "Yes. Yes."


Ebata: "Then, please tell me today's business hours."



You know what? If you are in charge of a public institution or a historical site, they have to tell them what they are.

―― 清洲城"様"などと、日本の城に"様"付けで、呼ばせるなよなぁ

"Don't make me call 'Mr. Kiyosu Castle'"


When I was just complaining,


My family laughed hysterically at me.

2022-02-21 ―― PAからの出入りや、追い越しのタイミングを、指示してくれないと困る [長年日記]


After visiting my mother's 49th day memorial service and the pension office (where I got into a bit of trouble), I'm currently on my way home with my family using the expressway.


With the expansion of the expressway, it is now possible to drive directly to the interchange near my parents' house, making it much easier to travel by car.


In addition,


My senior daughter is "listening" to the movie Crayon Shin-chan while navigating with Google Maps on her iPhone, and,


My wife is watching NetFlix movies on (my) iPad, and


I'm sitting in the passenger seat with my laptop open writing this diary.



Recently, I've been using the bullet train to get to my parents' house, but with all the preparation I've done, I thought it would be quite comfortable to travel by car.


With the expressway reaching the interchange near my parents' house, the travel time has improved considerably.


今回、オートクルーズ(但し、前の車に追尾して速度制御するだけ)を起動したのですが、もの凄い睡魔に襲われて、PAに入って ―― 10分仮眠しました。

This time, I activated Auto-Cruise (but it only tracks and controls the speed of the car in front of you), but I was so overcome with sleepiness that I took a 10-minute nap in the PA.


"Aren't you supposed to be driving for me?" I asked.

―― PAからの出入りや、追い越しのタイミングを、指示してくれないと困る

"I need you to tell me when to enter/exit the PA and when to pass."


Thay said to me.


They say it's okay to take a break from driving, but not to sleep.

2022-02-22 まあ、参加させて貰えるとも思えませんが ―― 「怪我するだけだから、止めてくれ」と言われるのがオチです。 [長年日記]


For a long time, I thought that Inuyama Castle and Inaba Castle were the same thing.

I was so embarrassed to think that I was being "laughed out of the room" by the tourists around me, when I was explaining the history of Inuyama Castle to my family in a pompous manner.


I thought there was something strange about it.

―― 難攻不落の稲葉城に、なぜ、5分の徒歩で登れるんだ? と。

"How is it possible to climb the impregnable Inaba Castle in five minutes on foot?"


So, when I got home, I looked it up on Google Maps and found that Inaba Castle was located at the Kinkasan ropeway.


Next time, I will try to visit Inaba Castle.



This time, in the castle town of Inuyama Castle, I visited the "Inuyama Karakuri" museum (which I think also serves as "storage"), and was overwhelmed by the magnificent floats, but on the other hand

―― こういう「山車を練り出す祭」って、どうやって維持しているんだろう

"I wonder how these "festivals with parading floats" are maintained"



Well, to put it bluntly, in a nutshell, what is the "business model & cash flow of the festival"?


I understand that festivals have effects such as community recovery, creation of a sense of community, local production for local consumption, and tourism resources.


The economic impact of the festival in Japan is estimated to be 1.4 trillion yen (although I think this is a bit exaggerated).



But if I were asked to push a float, I think I would either take a furlough, make a business trip, or go on a trip and run away.


In the first place, I don't have any attachment to the festival.


To be honest, I'd rather not be an organizer/implementer than a spectator.



When I was talking about this to my wife, she said, "Isn't it impossible to understand the festival as a business model?"


According to my wife, in Fukuoka, it is officially allowed to take a day off from school to prepare for the festival (I don't know about that now).


In the comic "Howl of a Local Girl," the citizens of Hamamatsu are frequently portrayed as working together to celebrate the festival (although I don't know about the substance).

今は、コロナ禍の中ですので、祭の自粛が続いています。特に「はだか祭」などは、論外でしょうが ―― それでも、

We are currently in the midst of the Corona disaster, so there is a lot of self-restraint on festivals. In particular, the "Hadaka Festival" is out of the question, however,


To be honest, I was astonished at the system that was able to mobilize so many participants for the "Hadaka Festival.



As a researcher on the theme of "using human psychology (the negative side) as a power source for social systems," the "human-driven engine" called "festivals" is an interesting subject of study for me.


And research is something that we understand by practicing it ourselves.


As an individual, I definitely don't want to participate in the "Hadaka Festival," for example, but as a researcher, I do want to figure out the source of its energy.

まあ、参加させて貰えるとも思えませんが ―― 「怪我するだけだから、止めてくれ」と言われるのがオチです。

Well, I don't even think they'll let me participate -- they'll just say, "Don't do it, you'll get hurt.

2022-02-23 以上の検討結果より、私は、次女の「お金持ちの家の娘は美人である」説を、支持することにします。 [長年日記]

―― お金持ちの家の娘は美人である

"The daughter of a rich family is beautiful"


I told her that it was an interesting hypothesis, but she insisted that it was not a hypothesis but a fact.



Ebata: "No, it's an established fact that the standard of beauty has continued to change throughout history. We are going to use pictures of female courtesans from the Heian period as a case study."


Junior daughter(JD): "The causal relationship between beautiful and rich can respond to changes in value over time (robustness)."


Ebata: "I'm not sure."


JD:"A rich man can have a beautiful woman of his time as a companion"


Ebata: "I agree."


JD: "A baby girl who is born from a mother will be born with a face shaped like the mother, right?"


Ebata: "It's parent and child."

次女:「つまり、お金持ちの子どもは、美人になるよね ―― その時代に適合した美人に」

JD: "I mean, the children of rich people will be beautiful -- beautiful in their own time."



I see. People with economic power have the ability to collect things of value that are relevant to the times, so they are able to choose beautiful women according to the times.

一方、美人側は、「選ばれる能力」があるので、経済力 + α の価値のある伴侶を、逆指名することができます。

The beautiful woman, on the other hand, has the ability to be chosen, so she can nominate a man with economic power and plus alpha value.


And it is quite possible for the beautiful women to have a "handsome" element in their plus alpha.


In this way, the system of 'continued production of beautiful women based on economic power' is completed.

もちろん、顔の造形というのは、運が左右するものでもあるので、必ずしも、『お金持ちの家の娘は美人』成りたつ訳ではないでしょうが ―― それでも、

Of course, the shape of a person's face is also influenced by luck, so it's not always true that the daughter of a rich family is beautiful, however,


The advantage of a beautiful woman being in a position to choose someone with economic power is unassailable.

つまり、時間t→∞ において『美人は、金持ちに収束する』と言えますし、『時代の価値観の変動に、追従可能である』とも言えます。

In other words, at time t → ∞, we can say that "beautiful women converge with rich people" and that "it is possible to follow the changes in values of the times".



As a result of the above discussion, I would like to endorse my daughter's theory that the daughter of a rich family is beautiful.

2022-02-24 『洗脳』といっても良いレベルかもしれませんが ―― 「良い洗脳」だと思います。 [長年日記]


At my company, detailed reports are given every week about work-related accidents and traffic accidents.

もちろん、多くの人にとっては、このような話は「聞き流す」ものだと思うのですが ―― さすがに、これが何十年も続くと「安全意識」が叩き込まれてしまいます。

Of course, for many people, this kind of talk is "overheard" -- as expected, after decades of this, "safety awareness" is drummed into them.


If someone from another company were to ask me, I would be worried that they would suspect that the company Ebata works for is experiencing mass hysteria over safety.

『洗脳』といっても良いレベルかもしれませんが ―― 「良い洗脳」だと思います。

It's not an exaggeration to call it "brainwashing", however it is a good "brainwashing"


Because "safety" is absolute justice.


The cost of safety is not cheap, but it is still overwhelmingly "cheap" compared to the cost of responding to an "accident".



The problem is that this 'brainwashing' about safety awareness can play out in other areas as well.


My family gets annoyed when I show my safety awareness about electrical wiring, stuff in front of the stove, and other tidiness in my home.


It's frustrating to see people in the neighborhood association working on setting up the turrets for the summer festival without wearing helmets or protective shoes.


Well, it's called "the evil of brainwashing'.



Therefore, I am really "shocked" when I hear reports of fatal accidents within the company.


So, what I've been wondering lately is whether this "shock of mine" is something I can share with other employees.


I am very worried about this "brainwashing" because I believe it is the only thing worth passing on to the next generation.

2022-02-25 このアクションが「コンサバ(コンサバティブ:保守的)」であるとすれば ―― 私は、加齢とともに、予定調和的に「コンサバ」になってきているのだと思います。 [長年日記]


The headline, "Russia invades Crimea," was at the top of this morning's newspaper.


The moment I read this, all at once, I felt as if I had been transported back in time.


"Tiananmen Square Death Toll Rises to Thousands."


At the time, I was a student living in a student dormitory, and I read the articles in the newspaper with fury.



By the way, at that time, I was being organized by a leftist group (I forgot the name) that was affiliated with Mao Zedong's ideology, but I didn't like the idea of a (political) movement in a clique.


I was a self-proclaimed "solo activist" who said, "If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it alone," and in addition, I rarely did political campaigns.


I even did a couple of agitations on the university campus when I was a dormitory director.

警察や公安からも、完全にノーマーク ―― というより、存在を認識して貰えなったです。

Even the police and public security were completely unaware of our existence.


Incidentally, after the Tiananmen Square incident, I was no longer approached by that organization.



As a person who had spent a month wandering around mainland China before this incident, I thought that this incident, in which unarmed students were killed and wounded in volley firing, was 'absolutely unacceptable'.

そして、中国共産党の横暴に対して、アジって(アジテーションして)いました ―― 学習塾の小学生(高学年)たちに。

And I was agitating against the arrogance of the Chinese Communist Party -- to the elementary (upper grade) students at the cram school.


In addition, at the end, I reminded the children, "Don't tell anyone about this, especially your parents.


I think I was "poor" and "incompetence" myself.


But that's beside the point.


今回の、「露、クリミア侵攻」の事件ですが、色々思うことはあるのですが(例えば、侵攻? 進出? 侵略?等)

I have a lot of thoughts about this "Russian invasion of Crimea" incident (for example, Advance? Invasion? etc.)


Anyway, what I did was to reserve "Materials on the Russian Army" at the city library.


At any rate, I thought I'd try to get a rough understanding of the (historical) background and figures of this case.

このアクションが「コンサバ(コンサバティブ:保守的)」であるとすれば ―― 私は、加齢とともに、予定調和的に「コンサバ」になってきているのだと思います。

If this action is "conservative" -- I think I am becoming more and more "conservative" in a scheduled way as I age.

2022-02-26 監督と脚本と声優の皆さんのラインナップを見て、今期、アニメ「平家物語」の視聴を決めました ―― が [長年日記]

I decided to watch the anime "The Tale of the Heike" this season after seeing the lineup of the director, scriptwriter, and voice actors -- however, I think


"This may become an anime that will be watched for a long time to come"



It is an anime that depicts the world of Biwahoushi(lute player) from the point of view of the Heike clan that is dying out, and it is absolutely "brilliant".


The power of the Heike Biwa, as told by the voice actress Aoi Yuuki, is amazing and overwhelming.



For what it's worth, I think I have the ability to enjoy content about Japanese history.


I think this was largely due to the fact that I chose "Japanese History" for the entrance exam.


World history, not only because my world history teacher was hopelessly lousy at teaching and a total asshole, but also because I lacked the ability to multitask and understand the time that flows in multiple worlds.


Nevertheless, I would like to recommend the "World History Option" to young people who are planning to venture abroad.


In particular, world history is the most useful tool for understanding religions and ideas that exist simultaneously and in parallel in the world.


By the way, I heard that there will be a new subject called "Integrated History", which is a mixture of world history and Japanese history. I think this is a very good thing.


I think it would be even more interesting to include "mathematics" in this "Integrated History" course.


Nations, powers, wars, etc. have a cause and duration.

これらは、数値モデルで説明できると思いますが ――

It would be interesting to be able to explain these in a numerical model, but--


Before that, we need to establish the discipline of "historical mathematics".



On the other hand, if you're like me,


- I didn't want to commit to the world.


- I just wanted to relax in my own world.


- The closed world is my paradise.


I can recommend "Japanese History" to you.


At the very least, you will be guaranteed a life of enjoying NHK historical dramas, historical novels/animations, and visits to temples, shrines, and famous places.

2022-02-27 実家に帰ると、萩尾望都先生の「銀の三角」を読みます。そして、時間が消失してしまいます。 [長年日記]

When I go back to my parents' house, I read "Silver Triangle" by Ms. Moto Hagio. And time disappears.


I bought "Silver Triangle" as a hard book, although I think it was quite expensive for a high school student at the time.


I don't know how to explain the contents of the "Silver Triangle".


But if I want to explain this story in language, I need the theory of relativity...No no. It's not quantum theory either.


At least, I can say that it is the best of "space-time contents" and Ebata's highest evaluation.


I must have reread it a hundred times or more, but I still don't understand it.


"Silver Triangle" may not be a work for everyone.


I think this is the book that "we don't choose the book, the book chooses us".


I believe that the original work "Ten Billion Days and One Hundred Billion Nights" by Mr. Ryu Mitsuse is a completed work as a form of the second interpretation of quantum theory, Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation.


"R is for Rocket", "Start Red," "There are 11 of Us!" "Terrible Children", "Half-Blood", "Mesh", "Egg Stand", "The False King".


Well, I am great.


I didn't expect the title of the book to come out so sloppily.



I left "Star Red" out on the table before, but there was no sign of it being read by my family.


Apparently, I am the only "chosen reader" in my family.

2022-02-28 システムからの要求だけでなく、『気合入れて書けよ』という、Mさんの内なる声も入っているような"気"を感じます。 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.


===== EE Times Japan編集部 担当者Mさんからメール ここから ======

===== Email from Ms. M, EE Times Japan Editor, from here ======


Thank you for your cooperation. We have prepared a web draft, which should be ready for your review by noon on Monday the 28th.


I've changed the name of the series to just "A New Theory of Action for Engineers Who Are Not Loved by Money".


When I put "numbers in the world~~" at the beginning, the content generation system got angry and said it was too long to fit... (tears)


So, rather than a new series, I think we'll go with a completely new series.

===== ここまで =====

===== to here =====

―― えっ? 新連載なの?

"What? Is this a new series?"


And so, in an uncontrolled process, the new series has begun.


I can feel the "spirit" of Mr. M, not only from the system's requirements, but also from her inner voice that says, "Put your heart and soul into your writing.