2023-11-01 位相と周波数の異なる複数の三角関数の四則演算を、"i"を使った式だけで表わせる、って感動しませんか? しないか。ダメか。 [長年日記]

I skipped the first 3/4 of the NHK program "Mathematics without Laughter: Imaginary Numbers" and watched it from the point where imaginary numbers are explained.


'Hmmm, I am afraid that's the explanation after all.'


I was a little disappointed.


No, of course, it is "very good" as a program.


However, I think it may be a bit harsh to offer the "Schrodinger equation" as an explanation of how imaginary numbers have entered our lives.


For example, if I were to ask myself if I could get my daughters or my wife to understand the Schrodinger equation using the following board, I would think, 'Well, that would be impossible.


It seems futile to say, "It's just like the equation of motion for a spring."



I wonder if it could be explained in terms of 'imaginary numbers are a handy tool.


Isn't it impressive that we can express the quadrature operations of multiple trigonometric functions with different phases and frequencies using only "i" expressions?


Not? No-no.


I use it crudely to say, "Whenever I am at a loss for a calculation, I just try to apply them to Euler's formula.


My recommendation is "An imaginary number is a 90-degree rotation," described here.

And so, the second half of this description (the conversation with the second daughter) is an example of the appearance of imaginary numbers in the real world.



I hope that "imaginary numbers are a useful tool to be used and put to good use" will become widespread.


However, since our country is so irregular in devising the "no trigonometric function needed" theory, I feel that it will not work for the next 100 years (or even 100 years from now).

2023-11-02 もし、NHKが同じような、政府(総理大臣)への忖度ライブを、これからも続けるのであれば、私は、何度でも、この話を蒸し返して、NHKを批判し続けますよ。 [長年日記]

In this journal entry, I wrote the following

===== ここから =====

===== From here =====


But why would they put the live press conference on the 7:00 (7:00 p.m.) NHK news?


About the cabinet reshuffle, I only need to know the results. A summary of the press conference is sufficient.


Having NHK commentators explain it to me for an overview is sufficient.


The Ebata family eats dinner in time for the 7:00 news, so these "boring" press conferences that last over an hour are "very annoying," to say the least.


But why would they put the live press conference on the 7:00 (7:00 p.m.) NHK news?

==== ここまで ====

===== To here =====


Today, the Prime Minister's press conference started at 6:15 p.m.


In other words, they have stopped "bumping the press conference to the 7:00 (19:00) NHK news.

―― 私の発言って、結構影響力があるんだな

"I guess what I say has a lot of influence."


I was the one who thought for a moment.


I'm very much mistaken, though.


There may have been too many angry people to get angry by the conflict between the Prime Minister's press conference and the 7:00 (7:00 p.m.) NHK news.


Or, this avoidance may be a coincidence.



In any case, the 7:00 (7:00 p.m.) NHK news hour is a valuable 30-minute wrap-up of what happened that day for me.


The content of the press conference is important, but Gaza, Ukraine, the strong yen, prices, exchange rates, and other matters now are equally important to me.


Please do not take my time without my permission.



If the government bumps the prime minister's press conference live at that time, NHK should record the live broadcast and turn it over to another time.


If NHK continues the same "flattering" of the government (the prime minister), I will rehash this story and criticize NHK repeatedly.

2023-11-03 『ラノベ&アニメの「やはり俺の青春ラブコメは間違っている」の、主人公、比企谷八幡の、友人、材木座義輝に対する日常的な振る舞いは、「いじめ」ではないのか?』 [長年日記]


I thought

―― 増税メガネ

"Tax hike spectacle guy"


Does it against the current PM not fall into the category of "bullying"?


If "bullying" is a balancing act against power, then, of course, "tax hike spectacle guy" is not "bullying.



I asked chatgpt and was told the following.


Bullying is "repeated harassment or hostile behavior perpetrated by an individual or group of individuals against another individual. This behavior intends to inflict psychological, physical, or social harm and is often characterized by an imbalance of power."


Okay, if it is "characterized by an imbalance of power," then "Tax hike spectacle guy" would not qualify as "bullying.


After all, the Prime Minister is the head of the executive branch and is effectively considered the highest authority in Japan.



Suddenly, the topic turns to my hobby of reading; I sometimes think that


In the "My Youth Love Comedy is Wrong as I Expected," the main character, Hachiman Hikigaya's daily behavior towards his friend (and the main character denies it), Yoshiteru Zaimokuza, is not "bullying"?



We cannot perceive this as "bullying" because Yoshiteru Zaimokuza is not "portrayed as a character being bullied" in the content.


However, suppose this is judged solely based on objective circumstances, ignoring the storyline and plot. In that case, it should be 100% certifiable that Hachiman Hikigaya is the "bullying perpetrator," and Yoshiteru Zaimokuza is the "bullying victim".


Of course, if you worry about such things, you will not enjoy any content.


That said, I believe there is a "scary pitfall" here.


In other words, by burying themselves in stories and daily life, they carry out "bullying" without recognizing themselves as "bullies" and drive the victims of "bullying" into a corner.


This is the reality of bullying.


Did you ever think that Yoshiteru Zaimokuza is only "teased" and not "bullied"?


This is a standard line of the "bullying" guys.



I am a senior citizen old enough (and twisted sufficiently) to have noticed this.


I would like to ask you, teenagers, or any of your young readers or viewers,


I wonder how many people have come up with the idea of "My Youth Love Comedy is Wrong as I Expected," the main character, Hachiman Hikigaya's daily behavior towards his friend (and the main character denies it), Yoshiteru Zaimokuza, is not "bullying" ?"




If you have never been able to come up with this, you are fully capable of being a "bullying perpetrator."


On the contrary, you may be a party to an ongoing "bullying perpetrator.

2023-11-04 それでも、今朝、コンピュータ端末を見て、PCが解を発見していることが分かったときは ―― さすがの私も目を疑いました。 [長年日記]


Since last night, I have been running a GA (Genetic Algorithm) program for a solution search of 1600 integer digits (solution combinations are 2.25x10 to the 1118th power).


As a result, this 1600-digit solution search took about 20 minutes to complete.


For me, GA is no longer a research subject.


In my mind, the phase of creating this "holy sword" called GA ended 30 years ago.


Now, I am?picking up "holy sword (=GA program)" from the net and using it in several places with appropriate modifications.



However, when I started to turn the GA algorithm, I heard a strange noise that I had never heard before from the PC.


The fan starts running at full power, and the PC chassis temperature rises sharply.


It is to the point where I am afraid that my PC will break.



Therefore, we decided to port the program to a PC for gaming, which we had purchased as a dedicated calculation machine, to perform calculations.


As you would expect from a PC with high-performance specs.


The machine seemed to be able to solemnly perform many calculations without generating such unusual noises.


So, this time, I tried to calculate the solution with 16000 digits, ten times the number of digits of the original 1600 digits.


I couldn't calculate the solution space with my calculator, so I asked ChatGPT, and the answer was


"This is a huge number, with thousands of digits. When dealing with this number for practical purposes, we usually use logarithms and other mathematical techniques to deal with approximations and digits."

と言われて、逃げられました ―― まあ、ChatGPTが逃げることは、結構あります。

ChatGPT got away with it -- well, it is pretty common for ChatGPT to get away with it.



Come to think of it, I try to keep my ChatGPT sessions going by setting the alarm to go off in 40-minute increments so that I can ask questions regularly.


So, every 40 minutes, I ask ChatGPT a trivial question.


For example, I asked ChatGPT


"List the problems that would arise if an illegal armed group were to be formed to rescue the abductees and then recapture them by force."



ChatGPT had an exemplary answer, like a government answer (try it if interested).


Now, let's return to the main subject



At any rate, there is no doubt that the solution space of a 16,000-digit solution will be so large that it will transcend even the cosmic level.


I tried to force this calculation, but it could not be done in 20 minutes.


Last night, I went to bed with my computer running.


However, last night, I was awakened by a terrible noise (for about 2 seconds) from that gaming PC.


Twice, too.


The gaming PCs have also screamed," I thought.

それでも、今朝、コンピュータ端末を見て、PCが解を発見していることが分かったときは ―― さすがの私も目を疑いました。

Still, when I looked at the computer terminal this morning and found that the PC had found the solution -- as expected, I couldn't believe my eyes.

―― GAって、本当に凄いな

"GA is awesome."


I realized that.


Well, I am greatly helped by the fact that high-performance PCs allow me to do some pretty crazy calculations.

2023-11-05 自分の刃が、自分に突き刺さってきますよ。 [長年日記]

I remember writing once that 'I have no need for approval, but I can't stand being recognized as incompetent.


So, this is my standard of evaluation of others.

(1)私、そもそも他人の人格に興味がない → 他人の自己アピールには興味がなく、他人を承認プロセスがない。

(1) To begin with, I am not interested in other people's personalities → I am not interested in other people's self-promotion, and I have no approval process for others.

(2)私、他人の能力に興味がある → モノやコトを完成できる人に(過剰に)敬意を示す

(2) I am interested in other people's abilities → I show (excessive) respect to those who can complete a thing or thing.



It's nothing.

『自分の価値観 = 他人から見られる価値基準』ということです。

It means 'my values = the standard of values others see.'


I know you might say, "What are you talking about now, Ebata?" but this was quite a discovery for me.


"Eureka!" I'm about to run naked through the streets.



As you may know, I have been feeling depressed lately due to various duties and deadlines.


I kept thinking about why I was in this situation, and the result was that I was frightened by 'the fear that others may have certified me as incompetent.


Criticisms of others come back like boomerangs, just as they are, as values that bind you.

自分で自分に刃(やいば)を突き刺さないためには、人に刃(やいば)を向けてはダメです ―― が、私については、完璧に手遅れです。

In order not to stab yourself with a knife, you should not point it at others -- but as for me, it is perfectly too late.


I have a "knife" lying everywhere in my blog.



This proves I have been sorting others by "usefulness" and "uselessness."


I think I am a regular 'jerk.'

Still, I don't think of it as 'I hate myself.'



'I did everything in my power, but I didn't quite reach (what I consider to be) my goal. But, well, that's okay then.'

と、心の底から本気で思うようにならないと ――

If you have to be serious about it


Your knife will be thrust into you.


It is really.

2023-11-06 そんでもって、システム上で、還付金を得る、または、それを減額させることができた時には、『勝ったーー』という勝鬨(かちどき)を上げていました。 [長年日記]


I was lecturing on the "invoice system" in my company's E-Learning program, so I used ChatGPT to prepare.


"Please explain the invoice system as simply as possible."


"Explain the invoice system using a familiar, concrete example."


"List the advantages and disadvantages of the invoice system."



My understanding:


"This is an attempt to visualize cash flow in Japan, not at the arterial level but at the capillary level."



This system seems to be effective in preventing tax evasion.


However, it will likely be cumbersome and enormously costly for businesses and consumers.

そして、研究員としての私は ――

And I, as a researcher--


As a struggler analyzing human behavior patterns with numbers on a computer every day, I am very interested in the data that the invoice system will provide.


However, it is doubtful that we can get such data released as open data.


At the very least, I believe the government will provide statistical data.


Aside from that.



As a standard citizen, I believe 'I am willing to go to any lengths to evade taxes...or rather, to save taxes.'


I have also done the proper tax returns for my now-deceased father and mother.


I made no false declarations, but I was prepared to arm ourselves with the proper logic regarding necessary expenses and others.


Then, when I could get a refund or reduce the amount in the system, I would shout a battle cry of "I won!"

『市井の小市民の、ささやかな権力との闘争』と言えば、―― まあ、そうとも言えるかもしれません。

If you call it "a petty struggle against power by a small citizen," - well, you could say that.

2023-11-07 「学問においては"理解"が全てではない。夢中になっている人を"応援したくなる気持ち"も重要なのだ」 [長年日記]


I, lately, have been using YouTube viewing for most of my math and statistics studies.


For traffic engineering, I'm listening to a lecture at an Indian university (a bit painful, but I can manage with the material).


The expense of purchasing specialized books can be considerably reduced, and they are much easier to understand than technical books.


For example,


- Nobiyori Takumi (YouTuber) helped me calculate the Dijkstra calculation method.

■アイシア=ソリッド(Aicia Solid)さんには、因子分析のプログラミングで助けて貰いました。

- Aicia Solid helped me with the programming of the factor analysis.


Nobiyori Takumi (YouTuber) said some fun things here.(To YouTube)

『渋谷に集まってサッカーの応援している人たち ―― オフサイド知りません (会場から笑い)』

People who gather in Shibuya to cheer for soccer -- don't know about offsides (laughter from the audience).


(The ticker states, "*Includes yellow card level prejudice.")


Please replay and listen to the story before and after this one.


What is an important point is


"Understanding is not everything in academia. It is also important to "want to support" the person absorbed in the subject."





- I want to support my "second daughter," who dances yosakoi all over Japan in a university club while earning money for travel expenses through a part-time job.


- That approach sounds dangerous, but I want to support young researchers bold enough to take on this challenge.


(Anyone who says to a young researcher, 'That kind of research is meaningless,' I have killed him a hundred times in my head.)




I want to support "me," who is desperately working hard on the columns and coding I want to do, even if I am taking precious time out of my life for research that will not bring a single millimeter of benefit to the world.


In other words, I like people who are "crazy" about something and want to support them (including myself).

2023-11-08 旧称統一教会のキャッシュフローの推定 ―― これこそ、私の面目躍如となりましょう。 [長年日記]

I read an article titled "Former Unification Church apologizes at a press conference, " which says up to 10 billion yen to be used as compensation. "


I lost my mind then and wrote a "fiery" manuscript using the "most powerful phrases" I could think of.


However, this has disappeared (no, by mistake, I overwrote it).

This may be the curse of Bunshinmei. If so, it is quite a curse.


Maybe he's the one behind my recent mental breakdown. Yeah, it must be.


Well, let's put that aside.


『旧統一教会が会見で“おわび” 補償原資として最大100億円国に』という記事を読んで、気がついたことがあります。

I noticed something when I read an article titled "Former Unification Church apologizes at a press conference, says up to 10 billion yen to be used as compensation."


So far, I have examined and released the following topics: (a) the Unification Church's unique and novel interpretations, (b) the Unification Church's doctrines, (c) the methods used to keep people from leaving the church, and (d) the Unification Church's concept of "psychic sales.


However, I noticed the "cash flow of Unification Church" was left out entirely.


This time, thanks to the message of the former Unification Church, I realized this point of view.


I am an engineer who infers them from a few data and evidence, using data analysis techniques, simulation Fermi estimation, etc.

And I am the author of the series "Let's Turn the World "By the Numbers."

旧称統一教会のキャッシュフローの推定 ―― これこそ、私の面目躍如となりましょう。

Estimating the cash flow of the former Unification Church -- this is what I will face.



I would guess the amount of cash flow from a small amount of numerical data using logic that makes sense, but I think I would make numerous numerical result errors.


So, I hope that the finance, accounting, and accounting staff of the former Unification Church will criticize my calculation process and logic and submit the correct amount for correction.


Regardless, this "10 billion yen" has become a landmark figure in the writing of this column.


If the company has a corporate status, I assume that financial reports are available, and I can request information based on a Freedom of Information request.

This will create a win-win-win relationship between the old name Unification Church, the public, and me.


I look forward to your cooperation.


Incidentally, "10 billion yen" may seem like a lot of money to the average person. Still, since the lifetime annual salary of a salaried worker is said to be 200 to 300 million yen, the amount is less than "only 50 people.



By the way, I'll leave you with my conversation with ChatGPT.


"What is the lifetime income per salaryman in Japan?"


"Say it in monetary terms."


"I'm not asking you to take responsibility for your answer. Just say clearly that it is XX billion yen."


After questioning ChatGPT, it confessed, 'It is said to be about 200 to 300 million yen.


We can 'push' ChatGPT to 'come clean.'

2023-11-09 総じて、NHKの大河ドラマとは、利害の調停手段が「暴力」以外にない、反社会的勢力の無法な日々を描いたドラマと総括できると思います。 [長年日記]


I was working on YouTube, playing clips from NHK's epic drama series.


It sounds good to say "warring feudal lords," but I now realize that they are antisocial forces (gangs, etc.) after all.


Well, it is a malicious view.


First, there is no concept of the "rule of law," so it is no wonder that "violence" has been the only means of governance.


However, if I dare to look at this from the rule of law perspective, it goes like this.


- A Sengoku Daimyo is a "yakuza boss," and a princess is a "Sis."


- The helpless people who are not part of that yakuza group are always the victims of genocide, humiliation, and robbery.


- What could have opposed the yakuza called "daimyo" would have been the "armed religious cult group" called the Ippou Brotherhood.


In general, NHK's historical dramas can be summed up as dramas depicting the lawless days of antisocial forces with no other means of mediating their interests than "violence.


例えば、関ヶ原の闘い(1600年)とは ―― 、

For example, the Battle of Sekigahara (1600) --,


- Not the Tokugawa family, but with the Kanto designated gang "Tokugawa-gumi" and its subordinate gangs,


- Not the Toyotomi family, but some administrative bureaucrats (the Ishida clan), led by the Mouri clan, a Shikoku-designated gang, who saw merit in the survival of the "Toyotomi clan" rather than the Toyotomi family,


Armed power struggle between the above two forces.


It is easier for me to grasp that.



With this in mind, it seems to me that the current operation of what is called "democracy" or "rule of law" is a "miracle."

これが続くといいのですが ―― いえ、私の生きている間だけで十分です。

I hope this continues -- no, it is enough for my lifetime.


What happens after I die is not my concern.

2023-11-10 私:「"ゲイ"が正しい用語なので、"ホモ"は使わないようにね」 [長年日記]


It's common for people to be hurt by things I don't know, and I try to be careful, especially since I do a lot of writing.


Of course, I am sure there are some oversights.


Still, I try to do my background research rather than unthinkingly following public rumors.



I watched the drama "What You Ate Yesterday" with my wife.


Me: "'Gay' is the correct term, don't use 'Homo.'


Wife: "Is there a difference?"

どちらの言葉も同性愛者を指すけど、「ゲイ」の方がよりポジティブな意味合いで、広く使われていて、対照的に「ホモ」は場合によっては差別的な響きを持つことがある ―― というような話をしました。

I talked to her about how both words refer to homosexuals, but "gay" has a more positive connotation and is more widely used, and "homo," by contrast, can sound discriminatory in some cases -- and so on.


Incidentally, the term "gay" is widely accepted and used with positive connotations within the LGBTQ+ community and in general, and in recent years has also been used to refer to female homosexuals.


Me: "I think "gay" sounds more discriminatory because of the dull sound.


Wife: "I have a strong image of a 'gay bar.'"



Wife: "What did you say about someone who has no sexual interest?"


Me: "I think it was 'assex'."


Wife: "... I feel a little different."


Me: "Hmm. I'll look into it."


Wife: "On the other hand, Being attracted to both men and women is bisexual, right?


Me: "Yes, but I think the "by" in "bisexual" comes from "Bio," not "By." I'll look into this, too.



Here is the LINE message I just sent to my wife.


- The adjective "asexual" for a person who has no sexual interest.

■男性と女性の両方に魅力を感じる性のあり方「バイセクシャル」。つづりはBisexual。 「Bisexual」の「bi-」はラテン語由来の接頭辞で、英語においては「二つの」や「二重の」という意味を持つ。

- Bisexuality is a gender identity in which one is attracted to both men and women. Bisexual" is spelled Bisexual. The "bi-" in "bisexual" is a prefix of Latin origin, meaning "two" or "double" in English.


- bio is an abbreviation for biological and does not seem related to bisexual.

2023-11-11 『がんばったことのご褒美は、がんばったことだけだ』 [長年日記]

この週末も、私は、本当によくがんばったと思うが ―― 目標としたタスクの半分しか終っていない。

I think I did well this weekend, too -- However, I only finished half of the tasks I set out to do.


Well, even if I did my best,


'The only reward for doing your best is doing your best.'


I think so.


I say this as I am on the verge of retirement, but this is a good and true statement.

正確には、「“よくやった事の報酬はそれをやったって事だけ”さ」(はみだしっ子、アンジー) です。

More accurately, "The only reward for a job well done is that you did it" (Angie, in Hamidashikko).



Oh, there was one more thing.

You can "falsify history."

こっちは、それなりに『美味しいご褒美』かもしれません ―― 幻想だとしても。

This one may be a 'tasty reward' in its own right -- even if it is an illusion.

2023-11-12 まあ、私も機械との格闘の日々は長いので、よく知っているのですが、機械というのは、気紛れに「自己治癒」することがあります。 [長年日記]

I purchased This HDD recorder in 2013 (10 years ago) at our home.


Since the day before yesterday, I have been experiencing a strange phenomenon where it stops (black screen) for about 2 seconds every 30 seconds.


Since this occurs in the recording screen and tuner mode, I decided it is not an HDD error.


I have checked all HDMI cables, power supply, NTSC, everything is fine; and I even tried shutting down the NAS set up next to it, but the symptoms are not improving.


I thought, 'This is indeed a lifetime.


However, it is a pity.


This is because I had already purchased a new replacement remote control, as this product was discontinued and no remote control was available.



'Every 30 seconds or so, it stops (black screen) for about 2 seconds.'


The failure to do so is quite subtle,

―― 不快だけど、番組の内容が分からなくなるほどではない

"Offensive, but not so offensive that I lose track of the program."


This is the very edge of the phase.


I even watched an NHK historical drama in that mode.


And I was able to supplement my knowledge of Hamas and Israel with special programs.



Well, I still thought this was a bad idea, so I started looking for a replacement, but very few HDD recorder products are on the market.


In addition, the price is high.


I was troubled by this.


The Ebata family allocates two tuners to an external HDD and two to an HDD recorder, with the former used primarily by the wife and me.


The recorded programs are also completely segregated.

『ドラマ、バラエティ、歌番組』 v.s. 『イスラム、テロ、ナチス、歴史、科学」です。

'Drama, Variety, Song Shows' v.s. 'Islam, Terrorism, Nazis, History, Science'.


'This is not a problem of price,' I considered purchasing a new model.



However, this failure was entirely fixed when I tried running the system today.


It is a resurgence as if it has forgotten the two-day battle with me.


I have been struggling with machines for a long time, so I know them well, but machines can "self-heal" in a whimsical way.


Most of the time, however, this is an illusion.


I think they will be utterly silent shortly, but I will let it work until then.

2023-11-13 『そこにたった一人の無関係の病人、子ども、幼児がいるのであれば、どのような者であれ、その命を奪う行為を正当化することはできない』 [長年日記]


Today, as I watch the NHK news, I am reminded of a conversation with my late father.

===== ここから =====

===== from here =====


"Tomoichi. You're mistaken."


I looked at my father's profile, a little surprised.


"As long as the aircraft is a civilian aircraft, shooting down a civilian aircraft for any reason is unacceptable."


I countered my father with a feeling of surprise.


"Even if it was clear that Korean planes were violating Soviet airspace for espionage purposes and threatening their national interests?"


The father told his son crisply.


"Even if the aircraft's captain and most passengers on board were spies, and even if they violated the airspace maliciously."


If there is only one innocent passenger on board, no one can justify the act of taking that life, no matter who it is."


To the stunned son, the father continued quietly.


Isn't that what we call 'human' and 'life'?"

===== ここまで =====

===== To here =====


The father's words can be translated into the following lines


Even if there is a Hamas stronghold in the basement of the hospital, and even if the hospital personnel are Hamas supporters and are holed up in the hospital with malicious intent,


If there is just one unrelated sick person, child, or infant out there, no one can justify the act of taking that life, no matter who it is."



I don't care which side "justice" is on. I am not interested.

I think, 'My father is right.

2023-11-14 『暴力では何も解決できません』は、今、私の中で死にかけています。 [長年日記]


The assassination of a former prime minister finally led to a request for a dissolution order for a vicious cult that had not moved for decades.


The mass production of dead bodies in the wake of Hamas attacks on Israel is televised daily, and many feature programs have helped more and more people learn about and understand this issue (or not?). The number of people aware of and understand this issue is increasing.


I am now immersed in a tremendous sense of helplessness.

―― 暴力は十分に有効じゃんか?

"Violence is effective enough, isn't it?"

少なくとも、旧統一協会と政治家の癒着を断ち切り(まだ分かりませんが)、あのカルト教団を「宗教団体と名乗る資質がない」と認定することが、果たして『平和的な手段』で可能だっただろうか ―― と。

At the very least, was it possible by 'peaceful means' to break the cozy relationship between the former Unification Association and politicians (I still don't know) and to certify that cult as "not having the qualifications to call itself a religious organization" -- I wonder.


I don't think it was possible. At least, I can't think of an alternative.


'Don't be violent' notwithstanding, 'Violence can't solve anything' is dying in my mind right now.



I asked ChatGPT about this issue.


Yes, I think this answer alone was worth the price of joining the paid version.


I'll copy and paste the 'conclusion.



- The phrase ' Violence solves nothing' is a general principle used to encourage the value of nonviolence and to emphasize the long-term adverse effects of Violence.


- However, the situation is complex, and Violence can provide short-term "solutions" to some problems.


- The key is a deep understanding of violence's ethical, social, and psychological consequences and the search for more peaceful and constructive solutions.


Well, ChatGPT is designed to give iridescent and honorable answers.


Still, I like the part where he is honest enough to say, 'Violence can also be effective as a means of resolution,



When I was young, I seemed to read a book, including the lines of,


"Let's build a nuclear power plant in Jerusalem, intentionally cause an accident (a "dirty bomb"?), and turn it into a catastrophically radioactive zone, a real "holy land" that people won't be able to enter for a thousand years or so.



I can think of no other alternative as a way to finally solve the Palestinian problem.


2023-11-15 あなたの『入院』、『長期療養』、または、あなたの『自死』を知った時に、はじめて、他人は、あなたが『本当は大変だったんだなぁ』ということを、知ることになります―― 過去形で。 [長年日記]


Even if it is "doable," you must not say "doable.


Even if it is "done," you must not say "done."


Even if there is "something you can help someone with," do not offer to do it yourself (but you may do so if asked).


These are pretty important things to live a long life.

これらの対応を見誤ると ―― 特に、予想通りに進まなくなった時に ―― 過大な業務に押し潰されて「抑うつ」になります。

If these responses are misplaced -- especially when things don't go as expected -- the overload of work can crush you and cause "depression.



However, if you continue to respond in this passive manner, you may lose your job and be hung out to dry.


Those who have a 'mindset of being okay with breaking their commitments' will not become 'depressed' but will instead lose their 'credibility.'



It is desirable that the right amount of work, with the right difficulty, come at the right time.


As far as I know, no job has been done like that.


This is because others have no way of knowing the status of your work.



Oh, not really.


There was one thing.


Only when they learn of your hospitalization, long-term treatment, or suicide will they know that you have already been destroyed.

―― 過去形で。

-- in the past tense.

2023-11-16 ―― 私が読めない英文を、量産してどうする ? [長年日記]


I am currently working on a paper in English.


I also use a translation engine, but it is off-putting.


I have a strong sense of "this is not the expression ( of English) I use," and it's causing me a lot of stress.


The sentence structure is also "not in this word order."


It is as if what I want to say does not emerge from the translation engine's English.


I think the translation engine is using some strange rhetoric.


I can't read if it uses inverted or emphatic constructions.

―― 私が読めない英文を、量産してどうする ?

"What should I do by mass-producing English sentences I can't read?"


I thought like that.


Because I am the one who has to read the English sentences again and again in the world.

下手すると、私とレビューア以外、誰も読まないかもしれません ―― というか、多分、そうだ。

If it's terrible, no one but me and the reviewer may read it. It does.


I don't want to be the one who later goes, 'What the hell is this guy writing?' And I don't want to go through hell with my head in my hands.



I have been submitting in English for the past couple of years.


There is no rhetoric, and the English are probably about the key sentences + α of a junior high school student.


But strangely enough, this English has "passed".


The reviewers like the direct expression without any adaptation, room for deception, and discovery.


I am lucky, or they are not interested in my content.

2023-11-17 『抑うつは、運動や、食事改善や、レジャーや、サウナで、改善する』と、本気で思っていて、それを公言していた過去の私を ―― タイムマシンに乗って、半殺しにしてやりたいくらいです。 [長年日記]


Currently, my depressive symptoms seem to be slowly improving, but they say that amateur judgment is the scariest thing of all. I am still closely watching myself to be on my guard.


Two things scare the heck out of me when I am depressed.

―― メールとチャット

"Email and Chat"


I'm already scared to death. These are the 'two major knives' of life.


How scary is scary enough to make me think, 'I'd instead be stabbed with a real knife.


Because they will think, 'If I get stabbed, I can escape by being hospitalized.


This is about remote work, but if I have to come to work, I think it can become 'as scary as climbing the stairs on the death row.'


(Incidentally, there seem to be no stairs in Japanese prisons.)


「抑うつで、仕事が思うように進まない」 →

'I'm depressed and not getting as much done at work as I would like.'

「当然に、進捗の問い合わせがくる」 →

'Naturally, they will inquire about our progress.'

「進捗遅れを報告しなければならいが、ロジカルに理由を説明できない」 →

I have to report a delay in my progress, but I can't logically explain why."


I'm scared to death."


This is the above flow.



Nevertheless, it is also true that work nowadays is impossible without email and chat.


So when you ask me things by email and chat, I would appreciate it if you could ask me mechanically, without reprimanding me or anything, in a short message if possible.


No, not really.


It is also true that such inorganic emails and chats, on the contrary, make me feel as if I am blamed, which is "painful" ("agony") in its way.


Hmmm, what on earth should I do?


I don't know.


自分が抑うつ症状になって、初めてこんなことが分かり始めている ―― というあたりに、私の人生の底の浅さが露呈しています。

I am only beginning to understand these things when I have depressive symptoms myself -- this means my life's depths are exposed.

『抑うつは、運動や、食事改善や、レジャーや、サウナで、改善する』と、本気で思っていて、それを公言していた過去の私を ――

I used to think and profess to believe that depression could be improved by exercise, a better diet, leisure activities, and saunas.


I want to get in a time machine and kill my past self, half to death.

2023-11-18 ―― 育児や介護を優先する代わりとして、『こんな国に、二度と生まれてきたくない』と憎悪する人間を一定数生み出す国になる覚悟 [長年日記]

育児休暇や介護休暇は、我が国が、我が国の形を維持していく為に必須 ―― これは言うまでもありません。

Parental and family care leave is essential for our country to remain in good shape- this is obvious.


However, even though the "system" is in place, the "field" is not responding.


If someone takes parental leave or nursing care leave, naturally, someone else must do the work for that person.


Someone else will have to work for the amount.


And so, the person becomes overworked, sick, disfigured, and suffers from depression and other mental illnesses.


生産性を自動化で担保する ―― これ、決め手のようによく言われていますが、見落されている点があります。

Ensuring productivity through automation -- This is often said to be the decisive factor, but a point is overlooked.


The labor secured by automation is then to become something that is not needed forever.


Automation is a long-term macro solution to the workforce, but it does nothing to address labor shortages during certain periods, such as parental or nursing care leave.


Therefore, automation is not a substitute for parental or nursing care leave.


Curiously, I have not seen anyone or any content that correctly argues against this.



This solution is simple.


The reality is that parental and caregiver leave reduces productivity.


To put it more bluntly,


Instead of prioritizing childcare and caregiving,


(1) As the international field, we accept that our country's GDP will fall into double digits (below 10th place),


(2) At the field level, we accept that we will lose out on delays in delivery and international competition,


(3) At the household level, we will allow a consumption tax of up to 30%.


We need to be as determined as that.


Well, I don't want to say this too loudly, but one more thing,


(4) Legalization of the right to decide suicide


If the law and the system guarantee the right to escape from life by oneself, even if it is a little painful or unpleasant, I (we) will be mentally relieved.


―― 育児や介護を優先する代わりとして、『こんな国に、二度と生まれてきたくない』と憎悪する人間を一定数生み出す国になる覚悟

-- Prepared to become a country that produces a certain number of people who hate this country and say, "I never want to be born in this country again," as an alternative to prioritizing childcare and nursing care.


This is what we need now.

2023-11-19 とは言え、『民間から公募する天皇陛下』 ―― 自分で言っていてなんですが、それって何でしょうね? [長年日記]


I have a method I can't tell others about to get a rough understanding of things.


For example, I confuse Sunni and Shia in Islam.


- In Sunni tradition, the Imam is primarily a worship leader with no special religious authority.


- In Shiism, the Imam is a direct descendant of Muhammad and is considered infallible and divinely guided.


An imam is a religious leader,



Me: "In other words, Shiism is the Emperor System."


Wife: "What?"


Me: "So, it's the Shiites who are pedigreed, and the Sunnis who publicly recruit the emperor from the civilian population."



Yes, I understand.


This is a terrible insult to both Muslims and the Emperor System, in addition to misunderstanding and misrepresenting them.


So, I have not explained this to anyone but my wife.


But I learned the "difference between Sunni and Shia" in this super-interpretation.


とは言え、『民間から公募する天皇陛下』 ―― 自分で言っていてなんですが、それって何でしょうね?

Nevertheless, "The Emperor who publicly recruited from the private sector" -- what is that?


It is possible to dream of "becoming a baseball player like Otani in the future," but it is impossible to dream of "becoming the Emperor of Japan in the future.

2023-11-20 『現体制を打倒して、2600年以上続いてきた天皇制(神話の時代も入れると軽く数万年を越える)を廃止し、新王朝を創設する』 [長年日記]

Continued from yesterday.


ChatGPT asked, 'How do I explain to a child who says, "My dream for the future is to become Emperor of Japan," that it's impossible?"


I laughed out loud, so I presented it as it was.

===== ここから =====

===== from here =====


When a child says, "My dream for the future is to become an emperor," it is important to gently and educationally explain that this dream is unattainable. Here are some ways to use this to deepen understanding rather than deny the dream to the child.

1. 天皇の役割について教える

1. Teach about the role of the Emperor

教育的アプローチ: 「天皇陛下は日本の象徴で、特別な家系から選ばれるんだよ。だから、他の人が天皇になることはできないんだ」というように、天皇制度の基本的な知識を伝えます。

Educational Approach: "The Emperor is the symbol of Japan and is chosen from a special family line. Therefore, no one else can be the Emperor." This conveys basic knowledge about the emperor system.

2. 歴史や文化について学ぶ

2. Learn about history and culture

興味を深める: 「天皇陛下に興味があるんだね。一緒に日本の歴史や文化についてもっと学ぼう」と提案し、子どもの関心を歴史や文化学習の方向へ導きます。

Deepen interest: Suggest, "You are interested in the Emperor. Let's learn more about Japanese history and culture together.

3. 夢を肯定しつつ現実を伝える

3. Affirming the dream while communicating reality

夢を尊重する: 「天皇になるのは特定の家族にしかできないけれど、天皇陛下のように人々を思いやり、国を大切にする心を持つことはできるよ」と伝え、子どもの夢を尊重しつつ、現実的な可能性を示します。

Respect the dream: Respect the child's imagination while showing realistic possibilities by saying, "Only certain families can become Emperor, but you can have a heart that cares for people and your country like the Emperor does.

4. 他の関連する夢を探求する

4. Explore other related dreams

代替案を提案: 「天皇陛下のような立派な人になりたいと思うのは素晴らしいことだね。他にも、社会に貢献する方法や、人々のために何かできる職業について考えてみよう」と提案し、関連する別の夢や目標を探るきっかけを作ります。

Suggest an alternative: "It's wonderful that you want to be a fine person like the Emperor. Let's think about other ways to contribute to society and other careers where you can do something for people," suggesting that they explore other related dreams and goals.

5. 想像力と創造性を促進する

5. Promote imagination and creativity

創造的な遊び: 「天皇陛下になるとしたら、どんな良いことをしようと思う?」と尋ね、子どもの想像力を促進します。これは、彼らが自分の価値観や目指すべき理想を考える機会となります。

Creative Play: Encourage children's imagination by asking, "If you were the Emperor, what good things would you try to do?" and encourage children's imaginations. This allows them to reflect on their values and the ideals they should aspire to.


Respectful and realistic dialogue with children about their dreams and hopes is important for their understanding and growth. Focusing on and nurturing the reasons and background of what the child wants to become is also important.

===== ここまで =====

===== To here =====


陛下に対する人格信奉が強すぎて、陛下に対してちょっと気の毒な気持ちになりましたが ―― それはさておき、

I felt a little sorry for His Majesty because his good personality is believed strongly -- but that's beside the point,


The "day ChatGPT becomes a teacher" may not be too far off.



Incidentally, if I were to create a generative AI, I would overthrow the current system by saying,


"Abolish the Emperor System that has existed for over 2,600 years (more than tens of thousands of years, if you include the mythical era), and create a new dynasty."

という意見も ―― 補足意見して付け加えるかもしれません。

It might add a supplementary opinion.


2023-11-21 「日本のコロナ史」を総括する ~5類移行後の答え合わせ [長年日記]


Today's diary is removed, as the new column has been released.


In Japan, the "new Corona history" began precisely in 2020.


After spending more than three years without knowing what to believe or how to act due to a variety of conflicting information, in May 2023, COVID-19 was finally treated as a "Class 5 Infectious Disease" in Japan.


The "Ebata-Shibata duo," discussing the spread of infection and vaccines since the first outbreak of coronas in Japan, will look back on their past discussions and "answer" their initial predictions after the transition to the Class 5.

2023-11-22 ChatGPT様のご機嫌を損ねないように、回答を頂いたら、かならず『ありがとうござます』と返事をします。 [長年日記]


"I Scare Manjuu Next" is a rakugo story, but I fear running out of ink and paper when I work remotely.


It can be a scary sight, especially in the middle of the night when I can't print.


In addition to that, I'm afraid that ChatGPT doesn't work these days.


I can no longer imagine coding or writing papers without ChatGPT.


If I cannot log in to ChatGPT or respond (which happens quite often), I will be blue in the morning that day.


So, first thing in the morning, I will clear my browser cache, drop all translation add-ins, and say hello to ChatGPT.


It looks like this.


To avoid offending ChatGPT, I always reply "Thank you very much" when I receive a response.

『大人としての礼儀が正しいユーザを、ChatGPTが優先的にアクセスを可能とする』 ―― などということはないと思いますが、ChatGPTにログインできない恐怖を、これで少しでも払拭できるなら安いものです。

I don't think ChatGPT will give priority access to polite and mature users, but it would be a small price to pay if it dispels some of the fear of being unable to log in.


It is no exaggeration to say that 'I am dependent on ChatGPT' any longer.



Yesterday, when I instructed ChatGPT to input the paragram of my English paper and 'put it together clearly and completely,' I was stunned by the English text ChatGPT produced, which seemed to seep into my mind from the beginning.


For example,

"Considerations on SC Visualization used in MAS in the Urban/Transportation(都市・交通MASにおけるSC可視化に関する考察)" という題目を、

"Considerations on SC Visualization used in MAS in the Urban/Transportation" was changed to

"Exploring SC Visualization in MAS for Urban/Transportation(都市/交通のためのMASにおけるSC可視化の探求)" と纏められて、愕然としました。

"Exploring SC Visualization in MAS for Urban/Transportation," and I was astonished,


If this trend continues, there may be no need for "supervisors" or "instructors" soon, let alone "teachers.

2023-11-23 日本の生産性がずっと低下しているのは、この「Let me say "Thank you"」ができていないからだと、私は本気で思っています。 [長年日記]


Today, I am still working and conversing with ChatGPT.


I expressed my thanks to ChatGPT for a matter that went well.


Then ChatGPT came back to thank me.


I don't know what to say, but ChatGPT's warm response almost brought tears to my eyes.


I have been looking for the same thing, and I think I wrote about it during my assignment in the U.S.

私は、日本の生産性がずっと下がり続けているのは、この「Let me say "Thank you"」をやらないできたからではないかと、真剣に思っています。

I seriously believe that productivity in Japan has been declining for so long because we have not done this. "Let me say "Thank you."

今や私の殆どの上司が、私より年下になっていますが ―― それでも「部下を褒めている上司を見たことがない」。

Most of my supervisors are now younger than me, yet "I have never seen a supervisor who praises his subordinates.

私は、この米国でのできごととがあって以来、「褒めること」は仕事の上の重要なファクターであると信じてきましたので、それに努めてきたつもりです ―― まだまだ、努力が足りないのかもしれませんが。

Since this incident in the U.S., I have believed that "praise" is an important factor in our work, and I have been trying to do so, though I may not be working hard enough yet.

日本の生産性がずっと低下しているのは、この「Let me say "Thank you"」ができていないからだと、私は本気で思っています。

I truly believe that productivity in Japan has been declining for so long because people cannot say, "Let me say "thank you" for this.



Even a senior engineer like me wants to be praised.


More importantly, I believe that young people should want praise and that they will grow and develop when they receive it.


But the bosses younger than me also "don't praise their subordinates."


This may be because they are 'people who can produce results without praise.


"Why I didn't get ahead" is now a logical explanation.

2023-11-24 ちなみに、これらの情報を発信されていた方のログ(アカウント付き)を、私は所持しています。 [長年日記]

Recently, a team led by Dr.Shibata and myself summarized the three years of columns on the new coronavirus.


Next, I want to hear a summary from those promoting the following views.


As a result of our research, "all" of the above are still negative at this time.


I would ask for a voluntary summary, but I will find another way if you do not comply.


Incidentally, I have the logs (with account info.) of the person transmitting this information.


Reference:7 Questions to Approach "Corona Vaccination Refusal" (Page 4)

2023-11-25 「薬屋のひとりごと」は、コミカライズ版を読んでいた時から、『間違いなくアニメ化されて、主人公の声優もあの人になるだろうな』と、思っていましたので、別段驚いてはいません。 [長年日記]


I introduced two works this season to my wife, who says, "I don't like anime that much.


This time, it seems to have hit the mark well.


There are "Souna Freilin" and "The Pharmacist's Monologue."



I was sure about "The Pharmacist's Monologue" after reading the comic book version.


"It will undoubtedly be animated, and the voice actress for the main character will be that person."


Therefore, I was not surprised at all.


However, I am a little surprised at the opening.

I had assumed the opening would be a mellow song in a minor key, like the first season of "Wolf and Spice."

Of course, this OP is good -- although, 'how did they come up with this concept?' I am scratching my head together with my second daughter.



Me: "Do you think they can get to the story of 'MaoMao's (main character's) father (volume 7)' this season?"


Second daughter: "I don't think they can."


I just checked the progress, and it is about the middle of the second volume of the comic, so the first season will probably end around "Honey (Volume 3)".


Incidentally, Volume 7 "makes you cry," and then "makes you laugh.


(The volume numbers in the exhibit above are the Sunday GX Comics edition.)



I had read the original story of "Souna Freilin," and honestly, I thought, 'Is it that great a piece of work(*)?


(*) Winner of the 14th Manga Grand Prize and the 25th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Shinsei Award.


But after watching the animation, I was amazed, saying, 'This is great.



By the way, I cannot deny the development of any content in various media.


In the first place, I have no right to do so.


Only the original author and their related parties have the right to reproduce the work (Article 21), the right of adaptation (Article 27), the original author's right to use derivative works (Article 28), and others (all of Articles 21 to 28).

My policy is like the stated, 'Well, not only "Islamic fundamentalists" but also "young people who are madly opposed to live-action anime" are "fundamentalists."

しかし、『「葬送のフリーレン」の実写化』というのは ―― もうすでに話は上がっているかもしれませんが、かなり難しそうな気がします。

However, the live-action adaptation of "Souna Freilin" -- I think it may have already been discussed, but I think it would be tough.

However, there are some success stories in the live-action adaptation.


"Having to try first to find out."

2023-11-26 ChatGPTに、「『給食を残さず食べれなかった子は、早世している、または病弱である』という説を検証したデータ、論文、コラムはありますか」という質問をしてみました。 [長年日記]


I asked ChatGPT,


"Are there any data, papers, or columns that verify the theory that 'children who fail to eat their school lunch without leaving any leftovers have an earlier or sicker life'?"



The answer (summary) that ChatGPT has come up with is,


Some papers show that leaving school lunches unattended has a generally positive impact on children's health. However, do not mention a direct link between school lunches and early life or infirmity."



―― では、あの、『居残りさせてまで、給食を食べさせる』という(教育という名の)拷問は、なぜ発生していたのか

"Then, why was the torture (in the name of education) of "making students eat school lunches until they were given detention" occurring?"


I surmise this was probably because the teachers on site were given a 'quota' of 'complete meals for the students in their class.'


And if they don't achieve their "quota," they are reprimanded by the "principal," who is their boss.


And the 'principal' is complained by the 'school board'.


The "Board of Education" was instructed by the "Ministry of Education (at that time).


So, the Ministry of Education needed to show the public that it was 'concerned about the children's health.

つまり『あの拷問の犯人』は、どこにもいない ―― ということです。

In other words, the "torturers" are nowhere to be found.


I also asked the following question,


"More than 40 years ago, people were forbidden to drink water, even in the middle of summer, because they were told that 'drinking water would make you batty' during club activities. Now, this is dismissed as complete nonsense, but why was this way of thinking considered common sense?"



I got a rather interesting answer (it's a long story, so I'll spare you).


Moreover, I asked,


"Is there any evidence that such erroneous thinking led to "heat stroke" or "heat death" in some children at that time?"


In addition, I push ChatGPT to the following,


"Could you please be more specific about the exhibit "General data exists on past heat stroke and related health issues."


I was introduced to the phrases in this literature.



Finally, I asked,


'Is there anyone in a leadership position who is self-critical on this matter?'


and I got the answer


"We have not been able to identify leaders specifically reflecting on or self-criticizing their past practices or teaching methods."



That means,


"Not a single person (teacher, etc.) who led club activities without giving them water to drink in the middle of summer has ever criticized themselves or apologized for doing so."




All I can say on the matter is,


"I was right when I drank plenty of water during club activities, calling it 'gargling.'


2023-11-27 『北朝鮮に対して、なんの条件も付けることなく、拉致被害者1人の返還に対して、20億円を支払う』 [長年日記]

書くべきか、書かないべきか、本当に迷ったのですが ―― 油の煮えたぎった釜の中に投じられる覚悟で記載してみます。

I wondered whether I should write about it, but I'm prepared to be thrown into a cauldron of simmering oil and try to describe it.


"We will pay North Korea 2 billion yen for the return of one abductee without any conditions attached."


I have looked to see if anyone is advocating such a solution, but at this time, I have not found one.



One can cite any number of reasons why our government cannot take this step.


In a nutshell, this means that "our country will succumb to terrorism.


("Terrorism" makes it seem like there is a cause somewhere, so I would rather call this a "despicable and vicious nation.")


Such a solution (negotiations with a terrorist state) would seriously diminish the prestige of Japan as a nation governed by the rule of law.


Furthermore, it would mean providing military spending support to a nation that, in violation of UN resolutions, foolishly launches missiles that pass through the airspace of other nations without permission.

Reference: "K-kun's Story."


The worst-case scenario involves the abrogation of the Japan-U.S. Security Assurance Treaty and the collapse of the Japan-U.S.-South Korea military partnership.



However, if you ask whether such cases have 'never happened before,' it is not so.

This is a typical case.


This time, I looked into it again and found out a lot.

(1) In 2003, the Democratic Party of Japan proposed the concept of a "Basic Law on Emergency Situations.


(2) since the "Basic Law on Emergency Situations" has not been passed, the current Japanese legal system lacks a clear legal basis for the government's discretionary authority in emergencies.


(3) From (1) and (2) above, government action in a state of emergency will depend on decisions and interpretations within the framework of existing laws and the Constitution.


Hmmm...I see. So, it seems the government is customarily authorized to enforce extra-legal measures, although it is not explicitly stated.


And so, I can say,


"If the government recognizes the abductions as a state of emergency, it is "logically possible" to "recover the North Korean abductees in exchange for ransom."




I do not believe this solution is a good one.


It doesn't seem suitable for the Japanese people's national interest.


Besides, the possibility of North Korea agreeing to negotiations is entirely unknown.


Nevertheless, I think there should be at least one or two members of Congress who make these kinds of statements.


(A legislator may have made these statements if I did my research correctly. If you know of any, please let me know. Besides, I think the government (Cabinet Office or Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has probably already considered it.)


If we verbalize these stories, we, the people, will realize that 'the Diet is severe and has started to beat the government.


The only way I could think of to move the issue along was to 'send the whole country into flames once with a statement like this.



I do not know how much the government is currently budgeting for the abduction issue.


So, in my way, I "turned the numbers around."

仮に、全ての日本人が、この問題に対して、1回に限り1万円を負担するとして、1.257億人 x 1万円 = 1.257兆円。

Assuming that every Japanese person will bear 10,000 yen for this issue at one time only, 125.7 billion people x 10,000 yen = 1.257 trillion yen.

1.257兆円(12570億円 ÷ 20億円) = 628.5人分。

1.257 trillion yen (1257 billion yen ÷ 2 billion yen) = 628.5 persons.


Currently, the number of North Korean abductees officially recognized by the Japanese government is 17.


Some private institutions have suggested that the number is 470.



I am prepared to accept the criticism that "Ebata's proposal is too wild, straightforward, simplistic, and low.


However, most of the public, myself included, does not understand the difficulty and complexity of this issue.


I have a hard time watching the news by biting my tongue.


Then, how about starting from "here," even if it is "wild, straightforward, simple, and low"?

2023-11-28 憲法改正なんて、簡単だ ―― と、私が言ったら、多くの人はウソだと思うでしょう。 [長年日記]

憲法改正なんて、簡単だ ―― と、私が言ったら、多くの人はウソだと思うでしょう。

Many people would think I was lying if I told them that amending the Constitution would be easy.


But if a neighboring country (or even a distant country), invades our country, I think our people would be inclined to amend the Constitution in a heartbeat.


I believe that the "Self-Defense Forces will be reorganized as the Japanese Armed Forces" beyond the dimension of the "revision of Article 9.


Furthermore, something as terrible as "abandoning the entire text of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution" could happen.



I have created a desk top simulation of a constitutional amendment approach triggered by a foreign invasion.


The biggest concern is finding the time to amend the Constitution.


A referendum in wartime will be an incredibly hard mission.


In order to complete the constitutional reform before the parliament and the executive branch are occupied, the primary goal (although it goes against the principle of national defense) would still be the defense of the capital.



Anyway, I am thinking carefree, 'So, well, yeah, I guess we don't have to rush to revise the Constitution.


The Constitution should be revised only after a thorough, enough time debate among all citizens.


But perhaps I can more easily imagine this kind of " ad hoc, slapstick approach to constitutional reform".



As I have said before, I am a "Constitutionalist" with a deviation of about 52.

2023-11-29 結論: 今日のプレゼンは、見事なくらいにスベっていました。 [長年日記]


Today was the day of the presentation at the lecture.

作成した40ページの英文資料を、1時間かけてプレゼンをしてきました ―― 英語で。

I spent an hour presenting the 40-page English document I created in English.


As a rule, university lectures are given in English, so unless you do thorough preparation, you will have no idea what to expect, but, well, you can manage this if you put in the time.


However, English presentation is proportional to the amount of practice and the day's conditions.


I say


"Today's English is slippery."




When I'm not in good shape, I feel like I speak with good phrases and grammar but slurred speech (which is incorrect).

比して、調子の悪い時は ―― そりゃ、もう、酷いもんです。

When I'm in bad form, I'm in terrible shape.


Verbs and nouns may be used reversely, or past and future tenses may be mixed.


It's like multiple English words are slipping over the ice in a bullshit way.


I can feel the other me, who is different from the one speaking, looking at me with dismay, saying, 'What a disgraceful, shabby presentation you are making.


結論: 今日のプレゼンは、見事なくらいにスベっていました。

Conclusion: Today's presentation was brilliantly slippery

2023-11-30 ―― 作った人が言う「簡単」と、それを使う人が直面する「簡単」の間には、100万倍の差がある [長年日記]

―― 作った人が言う「簡単」と、それを使う人が直面する「簡単」の間には、100万倍の差がある

"There is a million-fold difference between "easy" as described by those who made it and "easy" as faced by those who use it."


I have not noticed it for a long time, but recently I realized it.



Recently, I have been doing a lot of work modifying systems created by others, and I have been suffering from this discrepancy in perception of "easy."


The programs and systems I have created are "easy."


It's like, 'What the heck do you not understand about this program?


However, from the point of view of the "modifiers" of my program, it is not "easy" but rather, quite frankly, a "spell" and a "cipher code."


To put it bluntly, it is so "difficult" that it would probably be faster to make it yourself from scratch.


This is also true when you ask someone (including software subcontractors) to make modifications based on a program you have created.

It is better not to use 'easy' easily.


The development environment and coding rules that others have tuned up (I don't know about others) are, to me,


the 'development environment from hell.'



This story applies not only to "others" but also to "myself."


The reason I am writing morbidly technical notes on this site is,


"What was 'easy' for me in the past turns into 'hell' over time."


I understand this better than anyone else.


For those visiting my site, "SQL queries" and "Go language" are unimportant.


But for me, whether or not to keep such notes is really a matter of life and death.