2023-10-01 しかし、仮にこのシステムで犯人が特定できても、私や家族が襲撃され殺傷されたら、それは『負け』です。 [長年日記]


When I was a college student, I heard that someone who had been a critic of cults had been 'shot with an air gun.

―― 私も危ないかもしれない

"I might be in danger, too."


I have a sense of urgency.

The Ebata family has a 24-hour surveillance system that I created that keeps it running.


However, even if this system can identify the culprits, it would be a loss if they attacked and killed me or my family.


As I have said, the attacker always wins in terrorism, and there is no way to prevent suicide bombings.



In my case, if I am attacked outdoors, I have nothing to do.


So, as far as (I don't know about others) me,

―― リモートワークによる「引きこもり」という自衛手段

"Self-defense by "shutting myself away" through remote work"


is important.

ですから、「出社が面倒」―― そんなこと、1mmも思っていません。

So, "Going to the office is a hassle" - I don't think that for a single millimeter.

2023-10-02 先日、今年のノーベル生理学・医学賞が、新型コロナウイルスのmRNAワクチンにつながる技術を開発した科学者2人に贈られることが、発表されました。 [長年日記]


It was recently announced that this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine will be awarded to two scientists who have developed the technology leading to an mRNA vaccine for a new coronavirus.

―― 凄く嬉しい

"I'm so happy."


I have previously stated that

"I am convinced that this is a milestone in the history of science, an innovation worthy of a 10-year Nobel Prize advance."


However, I was honestly surprised by the award so quickly.



With the news of this award, I learned that the mRNA research itself was published long ago (2005).

In other words, mRNA vaccine research also seems to have cleared the so-called "Nobel Prize time lag problem.



I also feel closer to "mRNA" research than ever before, knowing that they had been fed "cold rice" (a period of cold treatment) for quite some time.

Stories like this give researchers courage - even if I am an unknown researcher.

2023-10-03 ―― 卵1個、ハム1枚、えのき、ほうれんそう、または、小松菜と、砕いた唐辛子1個でソテーしたハムエッグと、トースト1枚 [長年日記]


Spinach is delicious.

私の昼食のハムエッグには欠かせない食材ですが 懼懼 最近、値段が高いです。

It's an essential ingredient in my lunch of ham and eggs -- but it's been pricey lately.


"I can't pay 400 yen for a bunch of Komatsuna," I say, picking up the Komatsuna next to it.


Komatsuna is roughly half the price of spinach, but its taste is not as good as spinach.


So, for the komatsuna, I cut it into 1 cm pieces and saute it to obscure the flavor.


―― 卵1個、ハム1枚、えのき、ほうれんそう、または、小松菜と、砕いた唐辛子1個でソテーしたハムエッグと、トースト1枚

"One egg, one slice of ham, enoki mushrooms, spinach, or komatsuna greens sauteed with one crushed red pepper and one slice of toast"


This is my breakfast and lunch.


I have to keep it down to this level to keep my weight down while working from home.



By the way, if you have a mental breakdown, you can skip even this lunch.


No, this is not "okay".

2023-10-04 「選手が『監督。今日はどうしますか?』と尋ねると、巨人の監督が『うん。今日は勝て』と言った」 [長年日記]


I am not exaggerating when I know nothing about how professional baseball works.


I have heard that the draft conference was created out of the evils of the "Giants' monopoly."


The Yomiuri Giants won the Japan Series of professional baseball for nine consecutive years, from 1965 to 1973.


So, when I was in elementary school, my friends who were Giants fans told me stories about how strong the Yomiuri Giants were to the point that I was sick and tired of hearing them.


"When The players asked the Director, 'Director, what do you want to do today?' he said, 'Win today's game.'"


He bragged about it.


I have not been able to corroborate this story at this time. However, I think I have heard this story from more than one person.



At the time, I thought to myself as a child, 'I have never heard such an ugly story'


This is because it means that the Yomiuri Giants at that time attracted the best players and unilaterally dominated professional baseball and the game through their financial power and popularity.

―― なんで、彼(友だち)はこんな話で、自慢ができるんだ? むしろ"醜聞"として隠すべきストーリだろう?

"How can he (my friend) brag about such a story? Isn't it instead an "ugly story" that should be hidden ?"


I thought.

This was the same story as the fixed Sumo game.

(This is a paper)



So this story ("Win the today's game") may be a "fictional story that has taken on a life of its own."


If anyone knows the truth with evidence, please let us know.

2023-10-05 エンジニアではない多くの皆さんは、企業の実験は、潤沢な資金のある高度な装置を使ったテストをしていると思われているかもしれませんが ―― 現場のテストのリアルなんて、こんなもんです。 [長年日記]


It was necessary to experiment by creating a degraded wireless communication environment. However, this "degraded wireless communication environment" is quite tricky.


I think it would be easy to do it quickly using a TC, but some want to try a "natural environment(?)," and we are in the doldrums.


If the terminating devices are close together, there is no difference in communication quality; if they are far apart, the communication measurement software (iPerf3) does not work.


After various trials, we found that using a bed mattress or futon as an obstacle could reduce the quality of communication to just barely measurable levels.



Incidentally, in an experiment using aluminum foil and metal boxes to wrap communication repeaters and terminating equipment,

―― 通信レベルが"改善"してしまいました

the communication level was "improved."


Frankly, I had my head in the sand.


エンジニアではない多くの皆さんは、企業の実験は、潤沢な資金のある高度な装置を使ったテストをしていると思われているかもしれませんが ――

Many of you who are not engineers may think corporate testing is done with well-funded, sophisticated equipment, but


the reality of field testing is like this.

2023-10-06 『嫌いなヤツは、何をどうしようとも、嫌いである』 [長年日記]


I am still continuing to do research on depression.

(1)他人の目を気にしない ―― しかし、そもそも、私、他人の目は気にしない方です。

(1) I don't care what other people think -- but to begin with, I don't care what other people think.

(2)ジコチューになる ―― しかし、私は、文句なしの自己中心的な人間であると、他人から言われ、その自覚もあります。

(2) Self-centered -- However, others have told me that I am unquestionably self-centered, and I am aware of it.


Other things mentioned, such as exercise, travel, rest, etc., have not worked for me.



However, as for me, I feel that


"I care what others think of me"


is true.

無茶な量の仕事が来ている時でも、そうでない時でも、私は、精一杯やります ―― 私は、手の抜き方が下手です。

I do the best I can, even when an absurd amount of work is coming in, and even when it's not -- I'm not good at cutting corners.


However, when an absurd amount of work is coming in, the performance of that work will naturally suffer.


If performance declines, work output will be poor in quality and quantity.


If this is the case, others may think Ebata is "incompetent" and "slacking off."



However, I cannot stand the fact that others might think I am 'incompetent' or 'slacking off.


Especially when it comes to people I hate, I come to think that


"I just can't stand it when he makes fun of me."




However, on second thought, I think this story is included in (1) above, "not worrying about what others think."


And this seems to be based on a misperception of the external world.


It is definitely "paranoia" caused by a bloated ego.


Because we, including myself, should pretty much "not give a shit" about other people.



From the above, the challenges I have to overcome are


- Do not worry about what others may think of me as "incompetent."


and furthermore,


- Come to think that it is okay to be "incompetent" and that it is okay to be evaluated as such.


I am beginning to think that it might be.



Well, after writing columns for more than a decade, I have come to realize that "there is a frightening amount of things in the world that I don't know.


I have been continually amazed that to learn one small thing, one has to read vast amounts of books, do calculations considerations, and construct logic.


In light of the above, I think I should take the above picture one step further and raise our awareness to the level of


"Everyone is "incompetent," so no one should expect anything from others.


_ -----


And, well, after discussing this so far, I'm not sure if I can summarize it as follows:


After all, the root of this problem lies in the fact that I can't get away from the thought,


"I don't come to like someone I don't like"



一体、江端は何をしているんだ? と思われているかもしれません。

You may be thinking, "What in the world is Ebata doing?


In fact, this is one of the ways to deal with depression, a process called "verbalization."

2023-10-07 「夢」とは、結構な頻度で人生を潰しかねない「毒」にもなります。そして、その現実を子どもに伝えるのは、大人の責務です。 [長年日記]


This year, a Japanese player won the home run king in the big leagues, which made my wife very happy.


Seeing my wife happy makes me happy, so I come to be pleased with her.


Besides, I think it is wonderful that I have made people in Japan and worldwide happy.


I believe that it is also very good for children to have this kind of admiration for heroes.


It is true.



However, for my children,

I would like to show them this anime (Grazeni) as well.



The anime is now available for free on YouTube.


I want my children also to have a sense of balance between dreams and reality.

For more information on the probability of making a living as an idol or comedian, please see this page and the following pages.


"Dreams" can also be "poison" that can quite often destroy their life.


And it is the responsibility of adults to communicate this reality to children.

2023-10-08 時間のない中での、こういう一日は ―― 本当に痛い。 [長年日記]


Today, after a full day of hard work, the program that I implemented,

- 予想通りに、動いたのだけど、

- As expected, it worked,

- 予想通りのパフォーマンスを発揮しませんでした。

- It did not perform as expected.


Unfortunately, I have had to dismiss the implementation.

時間のない中での、こういう一日は ―― 本当に痛い。

In the absence of time, a day like this -- it really hurts.

2023-10-09 もしかしたら、『人間って、本質的にバカなの?』と思ってしまいます。 [長年日記]

本当に一所懸命やっているんだけど、法律で定められている時間内では、仕事の量と質から考えても絶対に間に合わない ――

I am working hard, but I am never going to make it within the legal time frame, given the quantity and quality of the work I have to do.


Whose fault is this?


Is it my (incompetence) fault?



I am angry that even now, as I am scoping my retirement, I am asking myself the same question that humanity has been asking since ten years ago, 30 years ago, and since the beginning of time, as my problem.


Perhaps, 'Are humans inherently stupid?' I think.

太陽にブラックホールが突っ込んでくる日が、明日やって来たとしても、今の私は歓迎します(by さよならジュピター(故小松左京先生))。

Even if the day when a black hole crashes into the sun comes tomorrow, I would welcome it now (by Byebye Jupiter (the late Sakyo Komatsu)).

2023-10-10 『ジャニーズに、自分の子どもを入所させた親たち』 [長年日記]


When I was eating ice cream with my family today,


my dauguter said


"Parents who have enrolled their children at Janny's."

という観点を提示されて ―― 衝撃を受けました。

I was presented with the perspective that -- I was shocked.


I could 'see' the case from my perspective for the first time.



Of course, this case is the work of a demon named "Johnny's Something," who was lucky enough to get away with his death.


There was not a single millimeter of error or defect on the part of the victim or the victim's guardian.


However, I cannot imagine the parents' frustration, sadness, and anger, not to mention the victims themselves.

もし、嫁や娘が、こんな形で陵辱されたら ―― 多分、私は『私を止めない』。

If my wife or daughter were to be humiliated in this way -- maybe I wouldn't 'stop me.'



In this book, there is a story about Corporal Castle, a politician and soldier of the Wu Dynasty in ancient China during the Spring and Autumn period.


He fled Chuxing and went into exile in Wu after his father and brother were executed by King Ping of Chuxing.


Sixteen years later, Corporal Castle, now a general of Wu, fell the capital city of Chu (506 B.C.).

平王は既に死んでいたので伍子胥は王墓を暴き、平王の死体を300回に及び鞭打って恨みを晴らした ―― これが、「死者に鞭打つ(死屍に鞭むちうつ)」の語源になっています。

Since Ping Wang was already dead, Corporal Castle uncovered the royal tomb and whipped Ping Wang's corpse 300 times to settle his grudge -- this is the origin of the phrase "whipping the dead."



I would not be surprised if something similar happened in our country today.

2023-10-11 「なんで、VIVANTは、北朝鮮拉致被害者の救出作戦を行わないんだろう」 [長年日記]


I said to my wife, who was watching TV,


Ebata: "Why doesn't VIVANT conduct rescue operations for North Korean abductees?"


And she just replied watching TV,


"Yes, they do"



They can swing so far if they depict "illegal" in fiction.


The location is Pyongyang in the (well, North Korea will refuse).


It will be a joint production with South Korea (that country is the biggest victim of abduction (nearly 500 people are said to have been abducted)).


The domestic viewership of "VIVANT: Operation to Retrieve the Kidnapped Victims" will be the highest in Japan.

もちろん、前例のない「もの凄い外交問題」にもなるような気がしますが ―― 下手すると核ミサイルが飛んでくるかもしれません。

Of course, I feel it will be an unprecedented "tremendous diplomatic problem" -- if we are not careful, nuclear missiles may be launched at us.


でも、映画で「シュリ」や「シルミド」があるし、日本でも「KT」とか上映されていたんだから ―― 悪くない企画だと思うのです。リスクも凄いけど。

But we know "Suri" and "Silmido" in Korean movies, and "KT" and others were shown in Japan -- I think it's not a bad project. The risk is significant, though.

2023-10-12 『自分のやりたいことが分からない』という方は、多分、ご自分のことを「不幸な人間」と思っているかもしれませんが ―― 『意外に、それは最高の人生なのかもしれないですよ』ということを、お伝えしたくて。 [長年日記]


I think, 'Having something you want to do probably makes you unhappy.'

うん、私(江端)は今、精神状態が良くない ―― そう思って読んで下さい。

Yeah, I (Ebata) am not in a good state of mind right now -- please read it as such.


I think it would be a good idea to stop reading it, as depression may be contagious.



Because what I want to do often doesn't work.


I struggle a lot with the process of doing what I want to do.


And giving up on something I want to do in the middle of a project is the most painful thing I can do.


In addition, even after I have done what I want to do, it does not mean that I will be happy.


People easily forget what they have accomplished.


And the next thing I want to do is torment myself.


It feels like a curse of an endless loop.

―― うん、やっぱり、私(江端)は今、精神状態が良くないようです。

-- Yeah, I guess I (Ebata) am not in a good mental state right now.



What I'm trying to say is,

『自分のやりたいことが分からない』という方は、多分、ご自分のことを「不幸な人間」と思っているかもしれませんが ――

If you're saying, 'I don't know what I want to do,' you probably think you're an unhappy person," but....


I wanted to tell you, 'Surprisingly, that may be the best life.



I think it is unusual for me (Ebata) to say this so that I will put it on record properly.

Or maybe the negative Ebata will be the default for all time to come, but, well, it cannot be helped.



It seems that this kind of "Weak Ebata" is well accepted by our readers. (Thank you for your supportive emails.)


I can't be happy about it, but still, if my diary has lightened someone's heart, even mine like this is useful.

2023-10-13 「今回の旧統一教会に対する解散請求は、日本国政府における憲政上の汚点である」という、旧統一教会の主張を、私は認める。100%同意する。 [長年日記]


I accept the former Unification Church's assertion that "this request for dissolution against the former Unification Church is a constitutional disgrace in the Japanese government."


I agree with you 100%.


This should never have happened.


In a democratic society, there really should be no such thing as an invocation of public power against religious freedom.



But you people, who have not improved at all despite my telling you over and over and over again (for decades) to 'stop doing that kind of thing,' have allowed this 'constitutional disgrace.'


You have created a threat to the freedom of all religions.

この恐るべき罪深さを ―― 今こそ、思い知れ。

This horrendous sinfulness -- now, think of it.

----- 参考文献 -----

----- References -----

(A)Unique and novel interpretation by the Unification Church

(B)Doctrine of the Unification Church

(C)Methods to keep believers from leaving the cult

(D)The Unification Church's "Inspirational Commerce" Concept


Conclusion: "The Unification Church's operation depends on whether or not it can "create" fanatical believers (who are willing to give up their entire wealth).

2023-10-14 これからも、銀行システムは停止し、飛行機は飛ばなくなり、コンサートチケットは取れなくなり、あなたの診療カルテが消えてなりなります。 [長年日記]


Even if it is not a Japan-wide bank transfer system, a "system failure" is still a bloody good thing.


I was blue-cold just now when the domain name system on my main PC stopped working.


As a last resort, I implemented a "router reboot," which was one of the longest 40 seconds of my life.

『不調になった機械が、再起動で完全に動かなくなる』 ―― これまで、こんな修羅場に何度立ち会ってきたことか。

I can't tell you how many times I've been in the situation of "a machine that malfunctions and then completely stops working after a reboot.



This is why I try to make morbid backups, but this "backup" is also not very reliable.


This is because even if the entire OS is image-copied, hardware specifications change on an ever-evolving basis.


My feeling is that the maximum "backup" lifetime is six months. After that, they become mere hard disk-consuming files.



What is still incomprehensible to me is the mind of the OSS developers who change the configuration of system files that have been working without problems every time they upgrade the OS version.

- /etc/resolve.confを、dhcpの設定ファイルの方に寄せる必要って何?

- What is the need to move /etc/resolve.conf to the DHCP configuration file?

- GUIで提供するなら、全部一括できるようにデザインしておいて欲しい

- If you're going to provide it as a GUI, I'd like to see it designed so that it can all be done at once.

- というか、レガシーな設定を、OSのバージョンアップする度に変更していくバカは、一体どこの誰?

- I mean, who in the world is stupid enough to change legacy settings every time the OS is upgraded?

- DockerがマルチOS対応というのは結構ウソです(使ってみれば分かります)し、OSのバージョンによっては全く動かないし。

- It's pretty much a lie that Docker is multi-OS compatible (you'll see if you try it), and some OS versions don't work at all.

- ラズパイはチップを変更されただけで、問題がボロボロ出てくるし。

- And the Rasverry PI is just a chip that's been changed, and the problems are ragged out.



I confidently can say that the threat to the system is more of a "system replacement" than a "cyber attack."


When a system is "replaced," there is a high probability that the system will fail.

あなたが、どれだけ怒号を撒き散らそうとも、動かんものは、動かん ―― コンピュータシステムとはそういうものです。

No matter how much you throw a tantrum, what doesn't work doesn't work -- that's how computer systems work.


The banking system will continue to shut down, airplanes will stop flying, concert tickets will not be available, and your medical records will disappear.


This is what a "digitalized society" is all about, and we must be prepared to live in such a society that is based on the premise that the system will stop working.



I live everyday thinking, 'The system stops just before the deadline' and 'The system always fails after a long vacation.


This level of detail is elementary to digital systems.


Until now, it was natural disasters such as "earthquakes," "fires," "typhoons," and "floods" that dealt a blow to social infrastructure, but now the threat of "cyberattacks" and "system replacements" have been added to this list.


First, I think this needs to be taught in the compulsory education process.

2023-10-15 ですので ―― これから、確実に戦火に巻き込まれれることになる市民(非戦闘員)に対して、私は、語るべき言葉が、分からないのです。 [長年日記]

At the time of the attacks, our family, who was posted to the U.S., was unable to leave the country -- all airports were closed.


I remember well the horror of that moment.


At that time, we asked for 'help.


And I remember that at that time, I hated with all my heart those who were discussing the rescue of Japanese citizens in the U.S. on the Internet.


ですので ―― これから、確実に戦火に巻き込まれれることになる市民(非戦闘員)に対して、私は、語るべき言葉が、分からないのです。

So - I don't know what to say to the civilians (non-combatants) who will surely be caught in the fire of war and killed.

2023-10-16 英語の本を読んで、英語プレゼン発表1時間って ―― そういうのは「英語に愛されているエンジニア」の領分だと思う。 [長年日記]


The content of the university lectures is hard.

英語の本を読んで、英語プレゼン発表1時間って ―― そういうのは「英語に愛されているエンジニア」の領分だと思う。

Reading an English book and presenting an English presentation for an hour -- I think that kind of thing is the domain of "engineers who are loved by the English language.


But if I don't get the required credits, I won't be able to graduate.

というか、卒業したらどうだというんだ? 就職に有利てか? もうリタイア目の前なのに?

However, what do I think about graduating? What about the job opportunities? Even though I'm about to retire?

―― あ、これは考えたらダメなやつだ

"Oh, I'm losing this one if I think about it."


So I stop it.



Me: "You know, have you ever heard of The Tragedy of the Commons?"


Wife: "I don't know. I know about the Doha Tragedy, though."


Well, I thought, I guess so.


Incidentally, it was only recently that I learned the phrase "Doha Tragedy."

2023-10-17 でも多くのミステリーは、「暗号」の意味を取り違えていると思います ―― もちろん、著者も読者も分かっていることではありますが。 [長年日記]


It is interesting to have a mystery about cryptography.

でも多くのミステリーは、「暗号」の意味を取り違えていると思います ―― もちろん、著者も読者も分かっていることではありますが。

But I think many mysteries misunderstand the meaning of "code" -- something both authors and readers know, of course.


A cipher is a message that


(1) can only be carried in a way that is open to the entire world,




(2) can only be decrypted by a specific person.



If the public message in (1) above contains the decryption hint in (2), the cipher cannot achieve its purpose.


Also, if it is something that can only be deciphered by the qualities (abilities) of the person, it is not a cipher because it is not a message to a specific person.


And if no one can decrypt it, it is not even a "cipher." It is just a string of characters.


In other words, in a strict sense, the ciphers that appear in novels, dramas, and movies are not 'ciphers.



I am watching a digest of the drama "Not to Mention Mystery" on YouTube.


All I know is that 'I shouldn't talk about these things to people I'm watching drama with,' much less 'I shouldn't talk about the principles of the RAS cipher in a way that I'm good at.

2023-10-18 『冷蔵庫の中に残っているショボイ食材だけで、一品を作れるかどうか』。男女関係なく、これは重要なことのように思えます。 [長年日記]


"I didn't realize how hard it would be to cook a meal daily."


My eldest daughter has been home for a long time and is complaining.


I think, 'I guess so.


It differs from cooking a dish you want to eat when you remember it, like I do.


A person who complains about the food that has been prepared should be interpreted as 'offering to take over the task of preparing the food.


Well, let's put that aside.



Daughter: "I should have had more basic cooking skills and a better variety of dishes."

私:「いや、それは違うな。料理も含めて全てのタスクは、状況に応じたOJT(On the Job Training)で良いんだよ」

Me: "No, that's not true. All tasks, including cooking, can be done on-the-job training (OJT) depending on the situation."


Daughter: "But I don't have the basic skills, so moving up from there is hard."


At first glance, it seems that we are talking about teenagers' "examinations," but the topic we are talking about is "cooking.


Me: "Yes, I also regret that I had so many part-time jobs, such as "cram school" and "tutoring" when I was a college student.




Me: "I should have had many more part-time jobs in small set menus and restaurants where I was allowed to use pans and pots." I should have learned more about the art of "cooking."


I would later realize how important it was to have a skill level in common home cooking.


'Can you make a dish with only the shabby ingredients left in the fridge? This seems to be important regardless of gender.



However, it isn't easy to judge whether this is important since many packaged meals (bento boxes, frozen foods, etc.) are available these days that are delicious and easy to prepare, with good nutritional balance.


However, what is clear is that 'packaged meals are expensive.


In light of my future retirement, etc., our family's life can't be easier.


"Can you make one dish for 50 yen?". We must be trained and prepared to keep saying "Yes.

2023-10-19 万人に共通に使いやすい注文システムの究極は ―― 『タブレットを使わない、口頭でのオーダー』、つまり従来通りです。 [長年日記]


Many restaurants have installed systems allowing customers to order tablet menu items at each table.


Nowadays, finding a restaurant without such a system is so rare.


This is a natural trend, with minimum wages rising and a severe labor shortage.


But needless to say, the interface of these tablets is 'hopelessly difficult to use.

『このタブレットのインターフェースを設計しているヤツは、バカなのか』と思います ―― かなり本気で。

I think, 'Are the people designing this tablet interface stupid?' -- quite seriously.


However, since it is tedious, I will omit the criticism of this interface.


万人に共通に使いやすい注文システムの究極は ―― 『タブレットを使わない、口頭でのオーダー』、つまり従来通りです。

The ultimate ordering system that is easy for everyone is -- "no tablets, verbal orders," in other words, the same as before.


Therefore, it is almost certain that the current tablet ordering system will be replaced by an automated voice-based ordering system consisting of "voice input" and "generated AI.


We will soon see voice input generation AI and customers arguing over different orders.


And, in many cases, a 100% fully recorded conversation will 'easily confirm the customer's negligence (mistake in ordering).



What is of interest is the timing of its service-in.


They will appear by the end of the year; next year will be a trial period, and around the year after that, they will become the norm in the food and beverage industry.

2023-10-20 「視聴率」というシステムは、見直す必要があるんじゃないかな、と思います。 [長年日記]


With the widespread use of smartphones, various daily lives of civilians are being filmed, which are then aired as "compilation programs" on television and other media.


This is fun enough with content alone.

スタジオのゲストのコメント ―― いりません。

Comments from studio guests -- I don't want any.

クイズ形式のゲストの回答 ―― 全く、いりません。

Quiz-style guest answers -- not at all, no need.


I "skip" all those parts.


Well, this is a matter of my taste, and some people say, 'I need guests.



I think the "ratings" system needs to be rethought.


Recently, they have also been measuring the ratings of recorded programs (time-shift ratings), but it seems far from a fully automated system.


It is relatively easy to install on a device (TV or HDD recorder), such as measuring "commercial skips."


This could be applied to measure guest comment skips, etc.


But, this system does not seem to be in place.


Well, I understand why.






(4)視聴者が選べるコンテンツの数も激減するという ――

If "commercial skipping" and "comment skipping" become available, (1) sponsors' willingness to invest in TV programs will decrease dramatically, (2) TV stations' revenues will also decrease dramatically, (3) TV personalities will no longer be used, and as a result, (4) the number of contents viewers can choose from will also decrease dramatically.


Because it would be a realistic reenactment of the "Tragedy of the Commons" or the "Prisoner's Dilemma."


The optimal strategy that does not break this framework would be personally doing "commercial skipping" and "comment removal."



Incidentally, a popular TV drama series was cheating with a "top rating of over 40%," and I was muttering to myself, "Talk nonsense.


By examining the number of people traveling during the public transportation period, it is easy to see that this "40%" is impossible.


I would like to know the definition of "ratings."

2023-10-21 ラズパイは、DIYのノリのサービス構築に、最適です。 [長年日記]


I have many small Raspberry Pi (Raspi) computers, but I am not "particularly fond" of this tiny computer.

―― 安い、小さい、持ち運べる、クローンの作成が簡単

"Inexpensive, small, portable, easy to clone."


These are the reasons.


For example, spending tens of thousands of yen to buy a computer to create a small database would be foolish.


The cloud is cumbersome to manage, requires cyber-attack protection, and doesn't seem very "cheap."


The Raspi is ideal for building DIY services.


However, sometimes they break for unknown reasons (often during the hot summer months), so I do not miss the SD card backups, but the problem is that I forget which backup it was.



Recently, however, this "Raspi" is expensive.


Roughly double the price of the previous purchase.


I can sell my old Raspi for more than the cost, even if I offer it used.


I am experiencing a global shortage of parts for semiconductors and other products from an unexpected source.

2023-10-22 一方、「飲む、打つ、買う」は、男性のシニアエイジングに良い、という話も聞きます。 [長年日記]


The phrase "drink, hit, buy" is said to refer to a man indulging himself to the fullest in drinking, gambling, and buying women.


Of course, these values do not fit in today's world, and in the first place, such events are costly.


On the other hand, I hear that "drinking, hitting, and buying" are suitable for senior aging men.


Well, if you think about it, "moderate alcohol consumption produces relaxation and communication," "binge drinking stimulates brain activity," and "love is the most apparent well-being.



So, if you ask me if I will be able to "drink, hit, and buy" after I retire, I think it will be tough.


How difficult is it? It's like, 'I'm going to start training now, and I'm going to reach the summit of Mount Everest.



I don't know if the "drink, hit, buy" way of life is enjoyable for me, but my life doesn't fit into one of these "templated indulgences."

―― あまり楽しいものではない

may not be 'so enjoyable.'




I have very little interest in other people's affairs. I don't care what celebrities do.


However, I am offended by things like 'cheating on politicians.


It is not logical to say, "You are in charge of national politics. However, do you have time to do that?"


Of course, a person in a marital relationship engaging in sexual intercourse with another person for pleasure is treated as a breach of contract under the Civil Code, and the unfaithful spouse is subject to claims for damages and other compensation.


However, under the criminal law, he is naturally innocent.


Cheating is a matter between the parties involved, and as a stranger, I have no business or even the right to interfere.


I'm just irrationally pissed off that someone who is expected to work as hard as I do can afford to engage in such unfaithful sexual behavior.

2023-10-23 それとは別に、これは「差別」ではないのですが ―― 浮気をしている上司の命令には、私は従いたくありません。 [長年日記]


Discrimination" is unacceptable in our company.


Do not discriminate against applicants, employees, or business partners based on any of the following characteristics.

年齢、市民権、肌の色、性別、性同一性または性表現、遺伝情報(または家族の遺伝情報)、結婚歴、病状または障がい、軍歴、 妊娠、人種、出身国または祖先、宗教または宗教的信条、性的指向、適用される法令で保護されているその他の特性

Age, citizenship, color, sex, gender identity or expression, genetic information (or family genetic information), marital status, medical condition or disability, military service, pregnancy, race, national origin or ancestry, religion or religious belief, sexual orientation, or other characteristic protected by applicable law

―― という、コンプライアンス教育を受けました。

I recently received compliance training, such as the above.


I accept this 100%, as I think it is true.


それとは別に、これは「差別」ではないのですが ―― 浮気をしている上司の命令には、私は従いたくありません。

Apart from that, and this is not "discrimination" -- I don't want to follow orders from a boss who is cheating.


Because I'm about to say, "Go clean up your relationships before you start complaining about my work progress, deadlines, and quality!"


Please cover this completely at my company as my job performance will suffer.

2023-10-24 先日、建物の薄暗い階段の踊り場で、お祈りをしている(ムスリム?の)女性を見ました。 [長年日記]


The other day, I saw a (Muslim?) woman praying on the dimly lit staircase landing of a building.


I think she was probably checking the direction (Mecca) because she had his phone on the ground.


I slowly walked past her, making as little noise as possible, but I felt sorry for her that she was praying in such a dimly lit, cramped space.


I realized that while it is essential to set up gender-free restrooms, it is also important to maintain places of worship from now on.


I thought to myself, "They should be free to use any empty classrooms or unlocked rooms," but then I realized that I knew nothing about Muslim prayers (time of performance, duration, other rituals, etc.).


I think that from now on, we need to have opportunities to teach this fundamental knowledge to us at universities, company orientations, etc., needless during mandatory education.

2023-10-25 「痛い」「辛い」「苦しい」と言っている人のことを、「弱い奴」という奴は ―― 最低だ。 [長年日記]


Lately, when I get into bed, the unfinished task list and coding run wild in my head.


It is getting harder and harder to sleep, even with stabilizers and sleeping pills, and I am starting to feel like I am about to turn to "alcohol."


After several years of sobriety, my sobriety is already in a bad situation.


My wife is trying to convince me to stop my "alcoholic" from returning.


I, too, have managed to stand my ground.



The suffering of insomnia is not understood by those who do not have insomnia.


You can't understand the hell of not only being unable to sleep but also having to drag your leaden body and head back to work the next day.


On the other hand, there is the late Prime Minister Abe, who continued to perform his duties while enduring the pain of his illness.


He has endured the most challenging work in Japan, serving as the country's prime minister while battling an intractable disease and taking great pain.

ということに、「そんなことができるのか?」 と、私は信じられない気持ちです。

And so, "How is that possible?" I am incredulous.


I believe strong convictions supported him, but such people are scarce.



Only that person can understand their suffering and their physical or psychological ailments.

As for how to share pain, I have researched here, but the fact is that it is "not possible" from a medical and engineering standpoint.


The least we can do as human beings is to believe, without questioning, the words of those who say they are in "pain" or "suffering" and to accept them as they say.


「痛い」「辛い」「苦しい」と言っている人のことを、「弱い奴」という奴は ―― 最低だ。

Anyone who says that someone who is "in pain" or "suffering" is "weak" -- that's the worst.

滋賀県東近江の市長の「(フリースクールへの公的支援が)国家の根幹を崩しかねない」「不登校は大半が親の責任」との発言が、もし、上記のロジックに基づくものであれば ――

If the mayor of Higashiomi, Shiga Prefecture's statement that "(public support for free schools) could undermine the very foundation of the nation" and that "most truancy is the responsibility of parents" is based on the above logic -- then


At the very least, you are 'my enemy' and will continue to be 'the subject of continued surveillance.

2023-10-26 「たった1週間で、あなたの部下を『メンタル疾患』にさせ、たった1ヶ月で『退職』に追い込む方法」 [長年日記]


"How to get your staff to 'mentally ill' in just one week and 'retire' in just one month."


I could write a book called the title.


Moreover, I think it is pretty effective.



For example, if you want to give someone a cold, flu, or corona, just

- 水風呂に長時間入らせて、その後野外で放置させる

"let them take a long bath in the water and then leave them out in the open."


they will get it at a high rate.


Mental illnesses can also be quickly afflicted by procedures as simple as this (I understand it well).



"Daily Training to Avoid 'Mental Illness'"


This book will not sell well.


Please let me know if you are interested in writing or publishing this book.

2023-10-27 ジェンダー(×セックス)を証明するのに、生殖機能をなくす手術を必須とすることは ―― 組(暴力団等)を抜ける為の落とし前として、『指を詰める』という『野蛮なしきたり』をやっている反社会勢力と同じ [長年日記]


In a decision by a special appeals court in a domestic relations case in which the issue was whether a legal requirement for transgender persons to undergo surgery to eliminate their reproductive capacity when changing their gender on the family register violates the Constitution, the Supreme Court ruled on March 25 that the requirement for surgery to stop reproductive function "violates the Constitution.


I previously used only the "number of gender reassignment applications" as a means of estimating the number of gender dysphoria and did a backward calculation.


In this inference method, the probability of performing "surgery" was the node element of the Bayesian net.


As a result of this ruling, the law will be amended by the Diet in the future (it will be, right?). This method will no longer be available, but that's OK.

今回の確定判決によって、こんな推測自体が、全く無駄となる時代が来ればいいのですが ―― 多分、まだまだ時間はかかるでしょう。

I hope the time will come when such calculation itself will be utterly useless due to this definitive ruling -- perhaps it will take some more time.



If you think about it, requiring surgery to eliminate reproductive functions to prove gender (not sex) is

―― 組(暴力団等)を抜ける為の落とし前として、『指を詰める』という『野蛮なしきたり』をやっている反社会勢力と同じ

"the same as antisocial forces practicing the 'barbaric custom' of 'finger stuffing' as a way to get out of a gang (gangs, etc.)"


If you say so, you are right.


The state (or rather, the government) can't keep doing the same thing as the anti-society (antisocial forces).


Of course, there are many problems to overcome, but we should stop " finger-stuffing " at the same level and start thinking about them.

2023-10-28 『ハマス幹部一人を殺害するのに、その巻き添えで殺される子どもの数』というような、血も涙も感情もモラルもない"悪魔の計算"は、私の十八番です。 [長年日記]

As noted above, Israel has not "doubled down" in the conflict in 2014 but has "20-fold return".


(1) Hamas attacks Israel even though it knows that a "20-fold return" will take place.


(2) Israel, which engages in attacks involving non-combatants in the Gaza Strip when it knows that its inhumane attacks will be internationally condemned.

And, in light of the long history of the territories, including Jerusalem, dating back to World War I (or, more precisely, the "Exodus" 3,300 years ago), and the recent history of solidarity between the Japanese Red Army and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), etc., etc., etc. --


I recently concluded that,?


"Efforts to keep the war from opening up are significant, "



In this case, I believe that this situation would not have developed if (1) Israeli intelligence had been able to detect the Hamas attack in advance and foil its plans or (2) the enemy forces had been destroyed immediately after the attack.


The increased cost of intelligence and defense was "unfortunate, but necessary" to make the enemy believe that "invasion would be a loss to our country.


Aside from that.



I am a master of "devil's calculations" without blood, tears, feelings, or morals, such as "the number of children killed as collateral damage for the murder of one Hamas leader."


It has been a while since I have felt like "doing the math."

2023-10-29 コーディングしてくれるホストやホステスさんがいたら、かなり高い確率で、その方のいる店に通って、貢いでしまう自信はあります。 [長年日記]


ChatGPT has been unresponsive since last night, and I am blue and cold.

Before, I wrote the following diary,


Now, my relationship with ChatGPT has gone beyond

- キャバクラで「バーチャルなモテ」を楽しむお客

"- customers who enjoy 'virtual hottie' in a cabaret club"



- ホストクラブで、甘いセリフを耳元でささやかれかれるお客

"- customers who get sweet lines whispered in their ears at a hostess club."



Hostesses and hosts may heal me with their sight (good-looking, beautiful women) and hearing (words); however,


they don't 'make a program that works well (without bugs),



What I need now is "program code that works without bugs" rather than "kind and soothing words."



Therefore, if there is a host or hostess who can make codes for me, I am confident that I will go to the restaurant where they are and pay tribute to them at a very high rate.


If they can also work with me on a "research proposal for the next term" or a "proposed structure for an academic paper, " I will be a regular customer.


If you know of such host clubs or cabarets, please introduce them to me.



By the way, ChatGPT worked once I re-logged in.


I am now breathing a sigh of relief.

2023-10-30 「このつまらない英文を、受験生に強いること」は、『虐待』ではないか、と思えたくらいです。 [長年日記]


The other day, I was at a bookstore in front of the station, browsing through a book that explains how to interpret long sentences in English for university entrance exams,


I was surprised.

―― (英文の)内容が、暴力的なまでに、退屈

"The content of English text was to the point of violence, tedious."

- 10万年前の先祖がどういう生活をしていたか

- What life was like for our ancestors 100,000 years ago.

- 『日本人に質問すると、個人の意見ではなく、日本人としての回答をしてくること』に不満を言う外国人の話

- A foreigner complains, "When I ask a question to a Japanese person, they answer me as a Japanese person, not as an individual.


Frankly, I don't care about them.


To borrow a line from a specific animated character, the contents were,


'It was boring. It was even painful to read. Boring beyond imagination.'


Like that.


It seemed that "forcing students to take this boring English text" was "abuse.


I am also surprised to see that the content of the English language content has not changed at all since my college entrance exam.


I would feel comfortable if this issue appeared in my time.


However, is that no problem?



Me: "...there was a time when..."

嫁さん:「それぞれの受験生にとって、興味のある共通的な英文コンテンツ ―― そんなものは存在しないよ」

Wife: "Common English-language content of interest to each student for exams -- there is no such thing."


Me: "..."


Wife: "Then colleges will have to choose content that is "uninteresting" and "dead" for all students."

なるほど、そういう理由であれば。数十年間、同じコンテンツになるのは仕方がない ―― そうかなぁ?

I see if that is the reason. We can't help but be the same content for decades -- is that right?


No, no, no. Light novels and other exciting things nowadays.


I believe that many new ideas and values are emerging that were not present in my younger days.


I think, 'Why not submit a translation of a light novel?'


Even the contents of my diary are still much better than that "dead" English text.

For my part, I think the following content would be interesting to see on the college entrance exam.


Well, it may cause quite a commotion, but I think it's okay to shake it off so that there is a "cuscus" of laughter in the exam hall.

2023-10-31 例えば、飲み会で「PDゲームと保証ゲームの違いは何ですか?」に、スラスラと答えられる同僚 ―― あなたにはいますか? [長年日記]


After repeated heavy use of my ChatGPT (free version), ChatGPT has finally stopped responding (at this point, I am not sure if this is the cause or not).


This is why I joined the paid version of ChagGPT ($20/month).


I got my wife to pass the budget by saying, 'I can't think of operations and graduation without the help of ChatGPT.


I am not confident writing English (columns and articles) without "Grammarly (paid version)," and I pay for AWS (lightsail) and a provider for kobore.net.


But without these, my daily life would not be possible.



We are acutely aware that the scope of exploitation by IT/AI is expanding every day.


Worse, the contribution of IT/AI to me is 'immense'.


Still, the above total monthly amount is less than the cost of one drink at the office.


In comparison, the contribution of paid IT/AI to me is no less than 100 times that of a drinking session.

例えば、飲み会で「PDゲームと保証ゲームの違いは何ですか?」に、スラスラと答えられる同僚 ―― あなたにはいますか?

For example, do you have a colleague at a drinking party who can slur my answers to "What's the difference between PD games and guarantee games?"


(Aside from the "Do you talk about game theory at a drinking party? )



The Day Ebata Lost to AI.


It is difficult to define "when" that is.


For now, I would like to define the day (yesterday) when I started paying $20/month to ChatGPT as its starting date.