2023-05-01 「10連休で人生を変えて、AIエンジニアになった方」ご本人、または、その知り合いの方。 [長年日記]


When I was searching through my past diaries,

I found the article.


This is a 2019 diary entry.


I just looked for that service and it appears that they are doing it again this year.



I would like to make a request to all visitors to this website.


You or someone you know who "changed your/their life in 10 straight holidays and became an AI engineer."


I would appreciate it if you could let me know at this e-mail address.


I hope to come to you for an interview at 100% of our own expense, including transportation and accommodation.


I am confident that we will have a meaningful interview and discussion.


Thank you for your cooperation.

2023-05-02 動かないプログラムは、そのコードがどんなに、美しかろうが、読みやすかろうが、文法的に正しかろうが ―― すべて「ゴミ」です。 [長年日記]


The scary thing about coding is that the correlation between "results" and "effort or time" is very small.


For example, it is possible to create a program of about 200 lines in 30 minutes, or to be "stuck" for 10 hours to a week on a program of two lines.

―― JSONのパーサーなんぞ、3時間で片付けてやるわ

"I'll finish the JSON parser in three hours"


It was only this time yesterday that I started to do it.


I kept searching the net for sample code for a program to parse an array type format without tags. And now 24 hours (including naps) have passed while dealing with dozens of errors.


I am completely "stuck".

―― もう、ダメだ

"Oh, God, no"


Reluctantly, I was prepared to post my question on a question site.

こんなに、ハマるくらいなら、早く投稿すればいいのですが、当然、投稿するためには、その状況を正確に詳細に記載しなければならず ―― 面倒くさいのです。それに、回答して貰えるかも分かりませんし。

I wish I could post sooner rather than get into this, but of course, in order to post, I have to describe the situation in exact detail -- it's a hassle. Besides, I don't know if I'll get an answer.


When I write a short program for that purpose, somehow the program "works" correctly.

'No, no, no, I tried this code several times last night, didn't I?' I think, but it's working, so I can't help it.



The program is only justified by the things that work.

動かないプログラムは、そのコードがどんなに、美しかろうが、読みやすかろうが、文法的に正しかろうが ―― すべて「ゴミ」です。

A program that does not work, no matter how beautiful, readable, or grammatically correct the code may be -- it is all "garbage".


Codig is a world where "effort and time" are not taken into consideration.



Lately, my GW, summer vacation, and year-end vacations have been spent almost entirely in coding.

Because, I want to survive as an engineer.

2023-05-03 総じて、『リーダーシップがないリーダー』になることは、これはこれで、相当に難しいのです。 [長年日記]


I don't remember that I was a "good subordinate".


Even so, I thought to decide, 'I will follow this boss and leader.


They had a common character.

―― リーダーシップがない

"No leadership"


This is the one word.



'Leaders without leadership' were unreliable and I always had to worry.


They were less knowledgeable than I was and did not seem to have any great obsession or pride in the matter.


So I had to be concerned not only about myself but also about the team as a whole.


However, such a leader was not overbearing, but would listen to me and change policy as needed.


They did not blame me for my mistake, but quietly went with me to apologize to the customer and then acted as if they would forget all about it.


Under such a vague management, the team members, including myself, moved autonomously, and communication among them was smooth.


The most important factor was that I had a "personal liking" for the person.



However, such leaders seem to be less valued socially, or company-wise.


And in reflection, even though I aspired to be such a leader, when I became one, I became a person strict about time and results.


People are easily disfigured by their standing and self-preservation.


And the reality is that leaders who initiate power harassment improve the results of their teams.

ただ、"パワハラ"に対して、"退職"という形の報復で、リーダーの権限を失墜させることができます ―― 特に若い世代は。

However, retaliation for "power harassment" in the form of "resignation" can be used to disqualify a leader's authority, especially by the younger generation.


In this way, it may be said that the high turnover rate of young people (in any era) is, in a sense, a function of maintaining company morale.



In general, to be a 'leader without leadership' is a lot more difficult.

Because the moment you aim to be a 'leader without leadership,' you will not be such a leader.

2023-05-04 ―― これ、ホストとゲストの関係じゃないぞ [長年日記]

WSL2が凄い ―― と、今、実感しています。

WSL2 is awesome -- and now I realize it.

WSL2は、Windows BoxでLinuxを使えるようにしたものです。

WSL2 is a Windows Box that allows you to use Linux on your Windows Box.

私、これ、長い間、WindowsをホストOSとする仮想マシン(ゲストOS)だと思ってきました ―― まあ、間違っていないのですが。

I have long thought that this is a virtual machine (guest OS) with Windows as the host OS -- well, I am not wrong.

で、ゲストOSは、かならずホストOSの性能に「足を引っ張られる」と決めつけていました ―― これも、一般的には間違っていません。

So, I assumed that the guest OS would always be "dragged down" by the performance of the host OS -- which is also generally not wrong.



But last year, the person in charge of commissioning the production contacted me and said, 'If you use WSL2, you can improve the performance of the Go language.


Despite our doubts, I actually used the system and confirmed the surprising improvement in performance.

―― これ、ホストとゲストの関係じゃないぞ

"This is not a host/guest relationship"


I finally realized that.

I looked into it, and I was right.


まあ、これだけでも凄いと思うのですが、Windowsの環境のディレクトリ構造をそのままで、"sudo apt install"等が使える、という、幸せに浸っております。

Well, I think this alone is great, but I am happy that I can use "sudo apt install" etc. without changing the directory structure of the Windows environment.

Linuxでの開発の記事の内容を、Windowsでそのままできて、コーディングはWindowsのvscodeそのままで問題なし ―― 天国かよ。

I can do the content of the article on development on Linux as it is on Windows, and coding is no problem with the Windows vscode intact -- is this heaven?

I was able to do "sudo apt" and "wget" and install the linux version of java.


For researchers who can't get away from Word or PowerPoint, but still need to develop on Linux, this is the perfect environment.



So, well, what I'm trying to say is,


When IT engineers use the words 'guest', 'host', 'happy', 'heaven', and 'best', they are talking about the IT development environment.

―― 下世話ことをしゃべっている訳ではない

"They are not talking about juicy story"


I want you to know that.

2023-05-05 忘れないでください ―― 私は「会社の犬」です。 [長年日記]


I had written a long column for the first two days, and after that, I have been coding since then.


However, beyond my first estimation, I have completed less than just half progress in the present.

いわゆる、『2行のデバッグに丸一日』というやつです ―― 最近の私のブログを読んで頂ければ状況はご理解頂けるとは思いますが。

This is so called, "Two line debugs for whole one day". You could be understanding my real progress by reading recent my columns.


I disclosed the result of "Two lines debugs for whole one day" easily, however, I am not "open-minded".

I have been helped by the person who opens their technical tips easily every day. It is a typical "Give and Take"


ところで、私については、"I take"は間違いがないのですが、"I give"については、ちょっと疑義があります。

By the way, for me, It is true that "I take", on the other hand, it is doubtful whether "I give" is.


It is not excusable even if I take "something awesome" but I give "something little".


So now I am reading the reference information on my blog page.


I hope that they are almost "even"


There might be many cases that "the information is not useful, even if you access Ebata's Web site".



Before, my boss told me that


"I know well that Ebata-san opens technical information except for our company secret, security, and patentable information, It is "master craftsmanship", I believe"



On the other hand, my boss ordered me that,


"Some young researchers in my company might not notice your "master craftsmanship".so I hope you ask to instruct them about your methods"




So, young researchers in my company.


You don't follow my examples if you are worried that your "leak of information".


You don't think that you can run away by using "anonymous"


Even if my company orders me, I become a "chaser" to you by far.

忘れないでください ―― 私は「会社の犬」です。

Don't forget it. I am a "company's dog".

2023-05-06 ―― 『語学は人前で恥をかいて習得する』という時代の終焉 [長年日記]


Recently, my English teachers are IT (not AI).


ITs are checking translations, grammar, and idioms of my English.


In addition, they are almost free. So I feel

―― 『語学は人前で恥をかいて習得する』という時代の終焉

The end of an era of "Learning a language with shame in public"


I used to develop the argument that English will be needed not by communication but by the interface of computers.


Now, computers are, beyond my imagination, not only the interface with a human beings but also a teacher we use English as a communication tool.

I remember that I had already written the same story before, I found the following blog.



There is a problem to be trained by computer to learn English, we have to continue to use English day by day.


Any way is good for you, however, the important thing is "using English every day" and the environment. It might be hard to get the environment.


Like me, "disclosing blogs written in both English and Japanese" is one of several methods, however, ordinal people cannot continue to do that.


We should emphasize the "disclosing".


Generally, "disclosing" is fear for anyone, because, we have to prepare to accept criticisms from many people in the world.



Come to think of it,

―― 『語学は人前で恥をかいて習得する』という時代は、まだ終焉していない?

Is the era of "Learning a language with shame in public" continuing?


That might be true.

2023-05-07 『システムの奴隷』 [長年日記]

ITシステムが会社になかった時代 ―― いや、本当にそういう時代があったんです。

"The ear where there is No IT system in companies". --- I am not kidding.? The era had existed in the old days.


It was natural just before 20 years ago.


If I failed to submit my time and attendance, a person in the general affair department called me in an angry voice. When I delayed vouchers to the accounting department,? I kept my head down and sometimes I give them souvenirs periodically.


The paperwork was managed through a casual relationship.


In that sense, the so-called "cheerfulness," "cherry," "frights," and "down on their knees", were superior interfaces to keep our paper management in my company.



However, IT system doesn't care of them at all.


Even if the deadlines pass through over 70 days, the IT system doesn't put any alert message. As a result, on the day of the end of the fiscal year,? my company came to be in a fuss.


IT system rejects to get a report even if I delay submitting it by just five minutes.


On the contrary, even if the IT system is down for access concentrations, they have no apology, reimbursement, compensation, or grace, and just reject my submission.

そのため、以前は締切日に資料を提出するのは避けていました。 なぜなら、その日は「システムダウンの日」だと決めているからです。

Therefore I used to avoid submitting any materials on the deadline day. Because I decide the day is "The system down day".


In short, regardless of AI technologies, with IT management by computer, we have already become


"Slavers of the IT system"




My company orders us to change my "password" several times a year for the company work system.


When we don't do it, the sanctions from the systems are simple and brutal.


"All accesses to all work systems are suspended".


Not only the work systems, but also e-mail, chat, IP phones, and everything else will be out of service.



However, when I try to change my password, the change must be admitted by another system. This is a seriously complicated status.

この結果何が発生するかというと ―― デッドロックです。

As a result, what will happen? It is a "deadlock".

システムにアクセスするのに新しいパスワードが必要なのですが、そのパスワードを承認するシステムが、そのパスワードでなければログインできない、という状態になり ――

When I try to access a work system, I need to use the new password. However, the system also needs the new password.


In short, the situation of "changing password makes me not access any work system" occurs.


In order to avoid the deadlock, I have to start the system before being spread the changing password to the system. Anyway, it is an annoying process I have to.


In a sense, I am not just a slave but,

"Servant of the System"


I believe that it would not be an exaggeration.


It is beyond infuriating, but it is true that this is one of the worlds that eliminate "cheerfulness," "cherry," "frights," and "down on their knees".


Still, it is also very difficult to escape from the world when we are caught by the system deadlock.



The next-generation AI technology might be something to understand the interfaces of "cheerfulness," "cherry," "frights," and "down on their knees".


However, with the AI technology, a computer might respond with "Shut up! Stop yelling!!" against your loud claims.

2023-05-08 マニュアルがあんなに長く、分かりにくいのは、問題が発生した時に「問題」になるからです。 [長年日記]

Today, I faced the "Dead Lock" I wrote yesterday.


Almost all of the troubles will happen just after the system modification. This is so typical.



In order to avoid the deadlock, I asked workers in my company. A guy gave me a manual book with more than 100 pages. After reading it, I gave up easily.


However, the guy give a reply, "It was a piece of cake", I could complete the set in a minute



The facts lead to the following.


- Manual books are apt to be written difficult, so too hard to get us what we want.


- A human being (like me) is apt to believe human words more than manuals.


私も今回のメモを纏めましたが、「10行の文章 + 図面のハードコーピー2枚」になりました。

I made a memorandum about what I did, and the volumes are only 10 line-document and two hardcopy sheets.



The reason why manuals are so long and hard to read is to become a problem if the problem happens.

一方、私のメモは私の為のものなので、他の人がそれを読んでシステムを壊すなどの被害が起ったところで ―― 私の、知ったことではありません。

On the other hand, my memorandum is just for me, so even if someone tries some actions by reading my memorandum, it is not my business.

私だって、他の人のメモで、色々酷い目にあったこともあります ―― これは『お互い様』です。

Even I also got in terrible trouble by reading another's memorandum. So It is "mutual"


Well, I think it is something that ordinary companies are too afraid to do.

2023-05-09 なんだかんだ言って、私のWebの創立は、1993年です ―― 創業30年の老舗Webサイトです。 [長年日記]

私は、自分のWebサイトをDB化しています ―― GoogleエンジンとWordPressの検索機能を使っているだけですが。

I use my website as DataBase, using just the Google search engine and search functions of WordPress.


This is really useful.

Whenever I want to tell a story about a specified theme, I can find it soon.



Today I was ordered to submit a short story about a specific theme, and I could find it in a few seconds.

まあ、ネタの使い回しもあるので、何度も同じ話を聞かされている人もいるでしょうが ―― まあ、そこは諦めて下さい。

Well some people should hear my story again and again, I ask them to give up.


なんだかんだ言って、私のWebの創立は、1993年です ―― 創業30年の老舗Webサイトです。

Anyway, my Web establishment was founded in 1993 -- a 30-year old Web site.

まあ、規模的には「和菓子屋」というよりは「駄菓子屋」ですが ――

Well, in terms of scale, it's more of a "candy store" than a "wagashi ya" -- however,


Still, if you focus only on history, GAFAs like Amazon and Google are like little boys.


By no means is this a sore loser?

2023-05-10 ―― 生れてはじめて、地震波の存在をリアルに実感した [長年日記]


During a remote meeting, a relatively big earthquake occurred.


However, the meeting continued without any trouble, I thought "They don't care about earthquakes"


After about three seconds, the voice "Oh, it's shaking," or "It's relatively big" were coming, so I thought

"For the first time in my life, I really felt the existence of earthquake waves"




However, I felt a sense of discomfort, when I looked up the epicenter on Twitter.


My location must be far from the epicenter, I thought.


One of my hypotheses is that "other member's houses are expensive and robust seismic isolation structures, but my house is not expensive and can feel P-waves (initial microtremors) sensitively.


Anyway, it is not a very pleasant hypothesis.

2023-05-11 ありふれているけど、いつの時でも頭を抱える状況に、今回も頭を抱えています。 [長年日記]


It's common, however, it has made me annoyed, and I am annoyed now.

This time, chkdsk didn't save me.


I tried various commercial tools, but they were in vain.

2023-05-12 私は、『手の抜いて生きてきた時間はない』と自信をもって言えますが、それで『何かを成せるか』は無関係です。 [長年日記]


From this period, I have transferred to a new research section. So I have reviewed and modified my carrier history sheet with illustrations in order to prepare for the meeting with my new boss.


While reviewing and modifying it, I was self-satisfied that


(1)How much I had done a lot of research.


and at the same time, I faced the reality of


(2)There is no research that had given something impact to the world.


I feel something I cannot make words.


I have stuck to get the technical skills to survive in the research life.


However, that has generated "light footwork" I didn't obsess with any field of technology.


It is true that sectionalism with narrow-minded and obsession to protect what I can is ugly.


However, any break-through doesn't come to a person who is not interested to keep their own field


Which one you choose depends on you, however, "not developing the technical skill to survive" and "not fighting to protect your domain" may be risks for you.



I can confidentially say that I have not spent any time making myself easy. However, it seems not related to "what I could do something great"


In short,


"I am happy to watch my program to work well"


"I love drinking non-alcoholic beer just after finishing writing columns"


I think that for a person like me, I cannot access the research field about the world's impact.


Well, it is O.K. for me.

2023-05-13 芸人志望の若い人は、"IPPONグランプリ"を見て、芸人志望を変更しないんだろうか? [長年日記]


Usually, I don't watch a variety program on TV. The reason is not "I don't like it" but "I have little time to watch it."


However, I watch a variety of TV programs whose title is "IPPON gand prix".


This is a great comedy variety show that has been aired irregularly since 2009 on the Fuji Television network, however, I watch it with a sense of awe that cannot be contained by this introduction.

芸人の皆さんが、与えられた課題に対して、フレーズを返し、その内容をリアルタイムで採点されながら進んでいく番組ですが ―― そのレベルが、恐しく高い。

In this program, comedians respond to a given task with a phrase and are graded on their performance in real-time -- and the level is frighteningly high.

彼らが、事前に回答を準備してくるのか、あるいは、アドリブで答えているかは、私には分かりませんが ―― まあ、番組運用上、ある程度開示されているとは思いますが ――

I don't know if they prepare their answers in advance, or if they ad-lib their answers -- well, I'm sure that is disclosed to some extent in the operation of the program -- but


the content nevertheless makes us laymen laugh, and we can't help but be tongue-tied by the content.


If I were able to attend, I can be sure that even if I were given the subject a week in advance, I would not be able to come close to a few tenths of a percent of the sharp answers given by the comedians.



I wonder if young aspiring comedians will change their minds (give up) about becoming a comedian after watching "IPPON Grand Prix"?



If it were me, I would not want to live in that scary world.


2023-05-14 私の提案は、「マスター/メイド」の一択です。 [長年日記]

Previously, I had serial columns about control LAN.



Many control LANs employ a master/slave method.


In this method, when multiple devices, equipment, software, systems, etc. work in cooperation, one of them is the side that manages and controls, and the other is the side that is controlled.


The controlling side is called the "master" and the controlled side is called the "slave".


In the English-speaking world, there seems to be a lot of controversy over whether to use the words "master and slave".


As a "controller engineer" myself, I find this controversy only discomfort.


It's a strange story like Nagoya's specialty "Miso Nikomi Udon" being called "a discriminatory term for people with brain disorders."


This "Miso Nikomi Udon" is a true story. If you are interested, please google it.


That aside.


「プライマリー/セカンダリー」「プライマリー/レプリカ」「ペアレント/チャイルド」「マネージャー/ワーカー」などの代替用語が提案されているようですが ――

It seems that alternative terms such as "primary/secondary", "primary/replica", "parent/child" and "manager/worker" have been proposed.


My proposal is




That's my only choice.

2023-05-15 『"楽しい"と感じる仕事には、生産性がない』『"苦しい"と感じる仕事には、生産性がある』 [長年日記]


My weekend is an important workday.


Moreover, on the weekend, I am busier than on weekdays.


I can say that I work better because I don't have to get emails, chats, and meetings.

で、その疲れが、月曜日にくる、と ―― 本末転倒と言えます。

So, the tiredness comes on every Monday -- it's a real downer.


ただ、土日は、やらなければならないことの中でも、やりたいことからやっています ―― ダラダラと。

However, I work on what I want to do first, among what I have to do.


So, I doubt if my productivity is increasing.

To begin with, no one seems to be able to define "productivity" itself.



From the viewpoint of the nationality of Japanese,


"Works we feel enjoy are not productive"


"Works we feel pain are productive"


I sometimes think about the above.


Because I think that "my work I can feel enjoy" seems to be not counted as work.


2023-05-16 ChatGPTは怖くない ~使い倒してラクをせよ [長年日記]


Today's diary is taken off, as the new column has been released.

Don't be afraid of ChatGPT - Use it up and make it easy!


ChatGPT, a generative AI, appeared one day out of the blue and quickly took the world by storm.


Nowadays, there is not a day that goes by that we do not hear its name on the Internet.


What exactly is this ChatGPT?


The author, who has already used ChatGPT more than several hundred times, would like to talk about his impressions of ChatGPT from an engineer's point of view.

2023-05-17 『ほとんどの入門書は、入門者にとっては、ただの"ゴミ"』 [長年日記]


Recently, I was learning about FastAPI.

So I re-read the Web site that is supposed to be the first introductory book.


This is a very clear and excellent introduction to the subject,

―― と、今なら思えます。

-- I can see it now.


An introductory book is a good review for those who have completed the introductory course, but it is not much more than that.


What I'm trying to say is, the fact of


"Most introductory books are just "garbage" for beginners"




Eventually, about FastAPI, YouTube taught me how to use it.


I finally arrived at the very first understanding by putting myself in the same environment as the instructor and going through the same steps, stopping and rewinding the screen, using my hands, eyes, and mind.


The best solution was to do the same thing as on the YouTube screen without knowing what FastAPI does.



This is why I have said this again,


"It is a lie in many cases that 'fundamentals matter'"


There is no way that a real beginner can understand an introductory book written by someone who already understands.


The backgrounds are completely different.


It's my experience that 'fundamentals matter' is a lie: English, programming, math, quantum mechanics, control systems, fertility issues, pension issues... almost everything.


From my experience, I can say that 'getting started is the key.


To put it more simply, 'it's important to go in.


When you reach a small goal after spending a great deal of time repeating small failures and successes without understanding the reason...

―― その時、初めて「入門書」は役に立つのです。

-- Only then "the introductory book" will be useful.


2023-05-18 ならば、私(たち)は『20年後に解決することが決っている技術課題』の為に、闘ってきたのだろうか、と。 [長年日記]

技術は日進月歩 ―― それは分かっているのですが。

"Technology is constantly advancing", I know it well.

I wonder how much easier my work (demonstration) would have been if this antenna had been around 15 years ago.


I can still recall the desperate, physically demanding installation of antennas on the roof of a department store in the rain in order to secure a route for the radio waves.


I even studied to build my own antenna with the same level of performance as this one.

え? 電波法ですか? すみません、エンジニアなので、法律面は素人でして。

What? The Radio Law? Sorry, I am an engineer, so I am a layman in the legal side.


私(たち)のあの苦労は一体何だったのだろうか ―― と考えると虚しいものがあります。

I wonder what all those hardships I (we) went through were all about -- it's a very empty feeling.

I mentioned before that if we wait 20 years, anyone can get a "supercomputer with the same performance as at present".


If so, I wonder if I (we) have been fighting for the sake of "technological issues that will be solved in 20 years.



At least,

―― 私たちの辛く厳しい実証実験は、その20年間の技術を進歩させるための必要な犠牲であった

-- Our painful and severe demonstrations were a necessary sacrifice to advance the technology over those 20 years.


If I didn't think so, I wouldn't be doing it.

2023-05-19 私の経験上、絶対に失敗するのは『英字新聞またはニューズウィークの購読』です。 [長年日記]


Today I attended a plenary seminar at the university.


Japanese students seemed to have a hard time with their English presentations and Q&A sessions.


(I am also struggling in my English class.)



When I reflect on my past 30 years ago, I remember that

―― 大学院(マスター)課程で、英語なんて1mmも使わなかった

"I didn't use a millimeter of English in my graduate (masters) program"



I only remember writing about 10 lines in an English abstract.


Considering these factors, the English environment for today's students is becoming more demanding.


I think it is admirable that they are giving presentations in English in an auditorium where half (or more?) of the seminar students are international students.



But in our time, there was no Deepl (translation engine), no ChatGPT (generative AI), no SNS, no email, and no internet to begin with.


Literature research is mainly in Japanese, and I feel that English papers were simply carried around.


I am thinking that each era has its own advantages and disadvantages, and that if they are offset, it would be a even or something like that.



Well, as a senior, I can tell you,

―― 英語との付き合いのコツは『ダラダラと続けていくこと』

"A helpful tip for handling the English language is to maintain a relaxed approach"



Besides the meaning of "lazy," "lazy" also means "uninterrupted".


Please consider "creating your own 'daily life mechanism'".


In my experience, the one thing that fails is 'subscribing to an English newspaper or Newsweek'.


Please don't forget.


2023-05-20 『英語は基礎こそが重要だ』と思っている人は『基礎英語』に人生を捧げ続けるのもいいと思う。でも、それを人に押しつけるべきではない ―― ということだけは、あなたに押しつけたいのです。 [長年日記]

"Don't worry. I am wearing"は、ご存知の通り、今、英国で大絶賛されている、あの日本のお笑い芸人さんの決めセリフです。

"Don't worry. I am wearing" is, as you may know, the famous line of the Japanese comedian who is now highly respected in the UK.


Watching the video clip, I busted in laugh for a long time.


When I watched the video, I thought that


This line is not allowed by TOEIC Part 1 absolutely, however, it is allowed in the U.K.


(1) "wear" shows the state of wearing pants, so the progressive tense is not used.


(2) "wear" is a transitive verb, so the object "pants" is necessary.


If you don't pay attention to that, you lose the score of junior-high and high school, Eiken, and TOEIC.



About this line, in my case,

- "Don't worry. I have worn the pants"

- "Don't worry. I wear the underwear"

- "Don't worry. I wear my pants"


It was about five years after I started my English diary that I began to worry about "which one would be best".


It took me five years, but I finally got to the point where I cared about transitive verbs, progressive forms, and the definite article.


However, I have never had any trouble with those issues.


by not only "in dairy conversation" but also "in business".




So I have claimed that "Don't worry. I am using (English)" again and again, and showed you ten policies about Japanese English.



Not to get the score on English tests, but to use English, I continued that

(Step 1)とにかくデタラメ英語を"毎日"使う → (Step 2)デタラメで困った時だけ基礎に戻る → (Step 3)基礎を少しずつ加えながらデタラメ英語を"毎日"続ける

(Step 1) Use bullshit English "every day" anyway → (Step 2) Return to basics only when I have trouble with bullshit → (Step 3) Continue to use bullshit English "every day" while gradually adding basics


as a "dairy English".


I repeat it again, there is no problem thinking as

―― 『基礎』とは、必要になった時に取りに帰る『忘れ物』

"Basics" are "forgotten items" that you return to retrieve when you need them.


『英語は基礎こそが重要だ』と思っている人は『基礎英語』に人生を捧げ続けるのもいいと思う。でも、それを人に押しつけるべきではない ――

"If you think "Basics are the most important for studying English" and spend your time to "Basic English" in your life, it is O.K. However you should not push it on others."


I want to push that on you.


私、10年間のデタラメ英語日記を経て、この度、"grammary for Chrome"の有料プランに入ることにしました(今、手続中)。

After 10 years of my bullshit English diary, I have decided to join the paid plan of "grammary for Chrome" (currently in the process).


The $144 per year is a bit of a pain for me, but it's a small price to pay considering that they will be correcting my English diary every day.

これからの私の英語の先生は、IT技術 & AI技術 です。

My future English teacher will be IT technology & AI technology.

No more English teachers.

2023-05-21 ―― 人から勧められたモノでは、自分を楽しませることはできない [長年日記]


When Windows 95 came out and the Internet became always-on (well, if you're asking, "What's an always-on connection?" please ignore me), I set up a PC and connect to the Internet.


However, my parents didn't use the PC.


So I also installed the net game of "Go" and "Shogi" for my father.


However, I had never seen my father put the PC's start button, opened the game apps, and play the games.


Finally, my parents had never touched IT in their life.


The lesson I took from this is the fact of

―― 人から勧められたモノでは、自分を楽しませることはできない

"We cannot enjoy ourselves with anything others recommend"



Looking at the above, this seems to be philosophical but it is trivial in the real.


For example, in my case, I was recommended and tried, and finally, it was in vain about "Games".

The failure case of "Maid Cafe" was written in this diary(in the latter half).



Maybe, nobody will control their entertainment except for themselves.


Even if they are my parents, partner, and children.


I know your frustration about "it can be to have something so convenient and fun".


However, it cannot be helped. Let you give up.

Because we don't have what we want to do basically.



In that sense, people who have curiosity are stronger against this era of rapid change.


On the other hand, even if you have curiosity, you could not enthuse the object because the operations(preparations, procedures, and processes) are too difficult.


Especially, in the case of IT, I can say that 'the presence of at least one IT-savvy person in the family determines whether or not the curiosity lives or dies'.


Well, in my parents' case, "even if there were an IT-savvy(me), it was not enough"

2023-05-22 江端:「いえ、私、不眠症なので、『眠くなる薬』は、どんな薬でもウエルカムです」 [長年日記]


I hear many people are sick this time of year, and I am also sick now.


In my case, insomnia, toothache, and allergies occur in a constant cycle, but now, allergies are coming.


I feel uncomfortable because of the vague itches of my body.



So I went to the nearby clinic for my checkup.


Dr.: "It could be house dust. Let me give you some medicines that don't make you sleepy.

Ebata: "Don't worry. I am insomnia, so any medicine that makes me sleepy is welcome".


In fact, I have never been sleepy to take medicines that make me sleepy with side effects.


Sometimes, stabilizers may not work either, I will 'win' over sleeping pills if I am unlucky.


Therefore I want to shout

―― 『私を倒す薬は、名乗りを上げよ!』

"Show me the medicine that will defeat me"




The other day, I purchased a big plastic bag from Amazon.com, put my bed mat into the bag, and ran hot air from the futon dryer for 5 hours straight.


I think I have vacuumed the bed mats after the "dust mite massacre", but the allergies have not yet subsided.


I have been trying to thoroughly clean my room over the past weekend.


The reason I make my room clean is not for cleaning and sanitation but for against allergies.

2023-05-23 ―― 快適な閉空間での食事をする為の、積極的なトイレでの食事の利用 [長年日記]


Eating lunch alone in the restroom is called "Benjyo meishi(Lunch in the Toilet)".


I thought it was about children being bullied and ostracized, but upon proper investigation, it seems that it is not just that.

―― 快適な閉空間での食事をする為の、積極的なトイレでの食事の利用

"Active use of restrooms to eat in comfortable enclosed spaces"


I am a little surprised that there seems to be a point of view that.


That is, 'I was not a minority'.


However, I have never experimented to eat a lunch in restroom, so I could not be joined.


I am a "solitary Ebata" who believes that "eating alone while reading a book is delicious," and I have always avoided eating in groups, so there is no need to eat in the bathroom in the first place.



I used to think that "Benjyo meshi" was "an act to avoid being recognized by others as being alone".

もちろん、そういう観点もあるのでしょうが ――

Of course, there's a point of view that--


It is a relief to know that there are a good number of people who want to "get away from the hassle of relationships and enjoy a leisurely meal.

まあ、お局様とか、自慢話しかしない上司とかとか、ネタを提供せず黙り続ける部下とか ―― うんざりですよね。

Well, the arrogant senior woman, the bosses who only brag, and the subordinates who keep silent without providing any stories -- it's disgusting, isn't it?


However, if my boss invites me out to lunch, as expected, I cannot refuse.


"Do you think you have even 1/100th of the value of this book? " There are surprisingly few people to whom you can say that to their face.

2023-05-24 ―― もはや、ロジックでは、結婚はできない [長年日記]


I had a colleague who was a terrific engineer who would mumble, 'I wish I had something like this,' and two weeks later, he would make it and bring it to me.


(I'm sure I've told this story many times, but I couldn't find it again in my past diaries this time.)


He is one of Ebata's certified "geniuses" who always can say, "I've done it," and then show it to me.


提案し、上司に相談し、チームメンバを選出し、予算を申請し、スケジュールを立て、進捗管理して、完成して、テストして、そして、その期間の間に、膨大な金と時間が費されて、そして ―― 自分の最初の提案時の「想い」が、すっかり消えて失くなる。

I make a proposal, consult with my boss, select team members, apply for a budget, set a schedule, manage progress, complete, and test, and during that period, a great deal of money and time is spent. Then -- the "ideal" of my initial proposal is gone and lost.


I have seen many processes since I was a business person.


Still, I know how amazing "I've done it" is from the bottom of my heart.

(彼の成果を、会社の幹部殿が社外に発表を見ている姿を見て、失笑 ――というか嘲笑していましたが)。

I laughed as the executives presented his result to the public as if their results were.


What I learned from the genius is


"What I learned from the genius: "If you have time to make proposal material, do it yourself without saying."



In other words, that is that.


"If you can't make it alone, you should prepare for half of your failure."


I have insisted on "private technical skills" and spent my weekend and long holidays making things myself.


However, there are some things that cannot be done by "individual power," but I think that is something to think ribosome things cannot help where I can do it by "individual power".


That's aside.


我が国の経済状況をロジカルに考えて、結婚は難しいし、出産育児は絶望的に難しい ―― ということについては、よく理解しているつもりです。

From the viewpoint of our nation's economy, marriages are complex, and childbirth and childcare are hopeless. I know it well.

―― もはや、ロジックでは、結婚はできない

"Nobody can get married logically."


The result was my final answer from static data and numbers.


If there is something beyond the logic, it might be,


"I've done."



The ultimate weapon of "I've done" might be the last straw to make society, relatives, and the couple accept the marriage.



What kicks our back against the sense of stagnation of society or individuals is just "I've done," I think.


My wife and I have already shared the recognition of the thought.


Therefore, if my daughter says,


"I've done."


I will reply to her


"Well done!"


I have already prepared for the time.

2023-05-25 あるいは、やれることはやって、それでも壊れる時には壊れるという『諦観』をするしかない、とも言えます ―― システム障害も自然災害も。 [長年日記]


As an IT engineer, the crush of USB memory and HDD makes me change a new system or device.


We can argue about Japan, a disaster-prone country from the same scope.


However, both logic doesn't include "screams, roars, and repentance."


Finally, even if accidents are good in the long term, both system and natural disasters lead to hell quickly.


The other day, my USB memory was crushed.

The problem was that the USB memory stored "my private schedule management file."


Well, it could not be helped.


If I would pay for it, the data would be saved. However, the cost was too expensive.



I regretted managing my schedule with USB memory, so I have already started researching Web-mindmap. However,

―― これが流出したら本当にシャレにならん

"It would be embarrassing if these leaked out."


Thinking of such vital data, I am researching the service seriously.


Against the information leaking, some cloud service providers have morbid measures, but other providers have only monkey-like controls.


However, any cloud is located in a remote environment. Finally, I have to decide whether I make a contract boldly.

あるいは、やれることはやって、それでも壊れる時には壊れるという『諦観』をするしかない、とも言えます ―― システム障害も自然災害も。

Or, we have to accept any crush after doing what we could do, for both system disasters and natural disasters.

2023-05-26 "―― だが、その時までは世界は君達のものだ。それまでは存分に楽しむがよい" [長年日記]


Recently, when I watch animations on TV,

―― 『異世界』に転生しないと、『のんびり』すらできんのか

-- Can't we even "relax" without being reborn in "another world"?



Sometimes I agree with my opinion.



Today, I went to college through four houses round trip and heard a student's 15-minute English seminar presentation, and left for home (because 5 out of 6 students canceled their English presentations)


I went home repeatedly chanting in my mind, 'This is another world, this is another world, this is another world, this is another world....'


I should not impose the common sense and values of senior working adults as corporate enslaved people on young people's learning centers.


After all, once they become business persons, it takes less than a month to complete the brainwashing of their company.


"―― だが、その時までは世界は君達のものだ。それまでは存分に楽しむがよい"

"-- However, now, the world is yours. Until then, enjoy it to the fullest."

Excerpt from "The Tragedy of Shibuya Station" by Mr.Ebata's Small Talk

2023-05-27 もしかしたら、エクセルとかパワポの使い方を知らないのかもしれないですが ―― 『それなら、手書きでいいから、描け』と言いたい。 [長年日記]


Whenever I read columns about current topics, I always think that

―― なんで、この執筆者は、図や表を作らないんだろう

"Why doesn't this writer make figures or tables and add them in his/her column?"




Now I tried to research some columns and noticed that this tends to be the case in economic and political news.


Significantly, senior editorialists, so-called "heavyweights" in the field who have ignored the figures and tables, should be blamed.

もしかしたら、エクセルとかパワポの使い方を知らないのかもしれないですが ―― 『それなら、手書きでいいから、描け』と言いたい。

Even if they don't know how to use Excel or Powerpoint, it is no problem. I will say, "Try it with handwritten."


Or, instead, handwritten is better.


Because it conveys their opinions to the readers.


The reason we use Excel or Powerpoint is to save time.


You can read more about why I heavily use, or rather abuse, charts, and tables here.

2023-05-28 ―― どの評価を信じればいい? [長年日記]


When I submit all kinds of academic papers or some kinds of conference papers, I have to be checked by reviewers.


Three reviews (Name and affiliation not disclosed) check my paper. If they do not pass this, my paper will not be accepted.


Last week, my paper for an international conference was accepted, and I felt relieved. However, after reading the comments on the reviews, I am confused now.


The summary of each review is, the first reviewer said "I found some defects and I complained about it, however, I reluctantly accept it", and the second, "Excellent. Nothing to complain about it" and the third reviewer was a middle of the first and the second.

―― どの評価を信じればいい?

"Which review can I believe?


I am in trouble now.



Because now I am given a chance to "Camera Ready" I can modify my paper just one time.

―― 厳しいレビューにキチンと対応すると、大規模な修正が必要になるけど、その修正によって、逆に評価が悪くなる可能性もある

If I try to adapt for a severe review, I have to make extensive revisions. However, the value of my paper is going to be worse with the revisions.



In addition, I want to modify all English in whole my paper.



By the way, I have not believed in "outsourcing of English check by native" since the incident.

The reason was written in this diary.


Recently I have used a free spell check service on the net, and recently I asked my wife to join me in the paid service.


I have never been such a net English checker service, so I cannot compare other services. However, this is "really good".


The free version has been useful, but this paid version provides the following services.

- 定冠詞、不定冠詞(a, the)などをキチンを修正してくれる

- Corrects definite and indefinite articles (a, the), etc.

- 使い方が微妙な動詞(occurとhappen等)、とか、前置詞(for、to、on など)を、直してくれる

- Corrects verbs of subtle usage (e.g., "occur" and "happen") and prepositions (e.g., "for," "to," and "on").

- 副詞の位置の修正を提案してくれる

- Suggest correcting the position of the adverb.


The most I moved is

- 能動態から受動態へのダイナミックなフレーズ変更の提案をしてくれる

- Suggest a dynamic phrase change from the active to the passive.



In the paid version, I can select the modification policy ( I chose "Academic"), so I am relieved.



The following was the chat with my wife.


Wife: "How much?"


Me: "144 dollars"


Wife: "20,000 yen a month..."


Me: "No. It is "a year". In addition, I can get 45% off the first year..."


Wife: "Why not join it soon"



Well, in my case, I use this service every day, so it pays enough.

ただ、これまで以上に、デタラメ英語を書くことになるだろうなぁ、とは思っています ――

However, I will continue to use and write my content with bullshit English.


At least about spell check, I will rely on this service.

2023-05-29 『その人間に、猟銃の銃口を向ける』という可能性を、私は完全には否定できないのです。 [長年日記]


Recently I have been in trouble with insomnia.

夜は寝つけん、朝は目が覚める ―― それでも、自律神経訓練法と安定剤に合わせ技で、日中、仕事ができる程度の体力は維持するようにしているのですが。

I can't sleep until midnight and wake up early in the morning -- but I still try to maintain enough strength to work during the day with a combination of autonomic nerve training and stabilizers.


People not associated with insomnia are quite 'happy with their lives' by themselves, but they will probably go their whole lives without realizing it.


I am very jealous.


I can say 'congratulations' to you on your 'happiness.'

しかし、『眠れない? そんなもの体を動かせば、疲れて眠れるだろう?』というような、脳筋で、無知性で、低能な発言をする人間は、―― 許さない。

However, if you say, 'Can't sleep? If you move your body, you'll sleep easier, right?' like such a brain-dead, ignorant, and low-skilled statement -- I never forgive you.


To put it bluntly, I want to kill you.



I don't mind if people talk about me behind my back "I am 'alone'" (which is true, to begin with).


Rather, I will take pride in my 'solitary way of life'.

ただ、『眠れない? そんなもの体を動かせば、疲れて眠れるだろう?』という暴言を吐く人間に関しては

However, if you say, 'Can't sleep? If you move your body, you'll sleep easier, right?'

―― もし、私の理性が正常な状態でないのであれば、

in addition, if my reasoning is not in its normal state,

I can't completely deny the possibility of "pointing the rifle's muzzle to your head."

2023-05-30 ―― いつでもどこでも、切り捨てられ、見捨てられる覚悟、そして、それを恨まない覚悟 [長年日記]


I don't know much about "Gundam," and to be honest, I don't understand the contents of the current "Witch of Mercury" series at all.

ただ、このアニメが、地球民 v.s. 宇宙民の対立を描いている、ということは分かりました。

However, I could see that this animation depicts a conflict between earthlings vs. space people.

The story of this conflict reminded me of "Bye-bye Jupita" by the late Sakyo Komatsu.


Unlike "The Witches of Mercury," "Bye-bye Jupiter" is set against the backdrop of space people (or rather, "engineers working in space") who are trying to leave the solar system further and further away from the Earth.

―― 地球民が、宇宙民から捨てられていることを恐れている

"Earth's people fear that the space people are abandoning them."


It is the concept of the book.



The space people try to use their power (technological power) to expand into space as they please, ignoring the Earth, but the people of Earth interfere with them with laws and systems.


This is because the people of the Earth have the idea that 'the earth belongs to the earth, including the solar system.'


The same things are frequently observed, like the following.


(1) Europe, which never allowed the independence of the New Continent (North America) (200 years ago)


(2) Employee invention provision in the Patent Law (Article 35(1) of the Patent Law)


(3) Parents who do not allow their children to attend college in the city or to study abroad.




I have always resented individuals and corporations who have been stingy with everything I do.


So, at least, I try to remember that I should not just be stingy with what others do.


However, it is not enough, and what is the most important, I think,

―― いつでもどこでも、切り捨てられ、見捨てられる覚悟、そして、それを恨まない覚悟

"Prepared to be cut off and abandoned anywhere, anytime, and not resent it."



In my case, "karma and retribution" are perfectly applicable, so I think I am quite prepared to be "cut off and abandoned."


On the other hand, those who want to do something must be prepared to shake off, kick, and trample over people and things that hinder them and move forward.

2023-05-31 ―― 物理的痛みを回避する為なら、『友人を作る』という面倒なプロセスも受け入れざるを得ない [長年日記]

I watched NHK BS Premium Humanience "Friendship: The Invention of Collective Living."


One of the guests said, "In the old days, we used to confirm our friendship by punching each other,

"Poor guy. He must have a broken brain, too."


Thinking that I was watching the program.



However, I was stunned to hear that 'loneliness generates physical pain.

I have unfounded confidence that I can 'manage' when it comes to loneliness, but I'm not good at all anymore when it comes to 'pain.'


―― 物理的痛みを回避する為なら、『友人を作る』という面倒なプロセスも受け入れざるを得ない

"To avoid physical pain, I have to accept the tedious process of "making friends.""


Now I am immersed in a pessimistic resolve.