2022-05-01 ―― それでも、当時の我が国の国民は、4年間の戦争を耐え凌いだ [長年日記]


Russia is currently under a condemnation resolution from the United Nations.


In the past, Japan withdrew itself from the League of Nations (1933).


Russia is under economic sanctions, but it is the world's energy resource producer and China is a (de facto) ally.


In the past, Japan was also subjected to economic sanctions from all over the world (100% economic sanctions since 1941).


In addition, our country's energy production was only about 10%, and our only allies were two European countries (Germany and Italy), neither of which was an energy supplier or had transportation routes that could accommodate energy (*).

(*)To my surprise when I looked into this issue, it seems that Japan was producing quite a bit of crude oil at that time.

―― それでも、当時の我が国の国民は、4年間の戦争を耐え凌いだ

-- Yet, the people of our country at that time endured four years of war

もし東京大空襲がなれば、もし原爆投下がなければ、もしソ連の平和条約の一方的破棄がなければ ―― たぶん、もっと長い期間耐えていただろう、と思います。

If it had not been for the air raid on Tokyo, if it had not been for the atomic bombings, if it had not been for the Soviet Union's unilateral abrogation of the peace treaty -- maybe they would have endured for a longer period of time, I think.


Incidentally, public disillusionment with the war occurred only in the last six months of the war, when air raids began to become more frequent, and until then, government approval ratings had been relatively favorable.

戦争中の政府の支持率は「高い」 ―― これ、結構、常識です(例えば、自殺率が恐しく改善します)。

Support for government during war is "high" -- this is pretty much common knowledge (e.g., suicide rates improve horribly).


Japan lost the war, but Vietnam was fought for 20 years and finally won against the U.S. Cuba has been under economic sanctions since 1960 and is still enduring them.



I think you should do your own research and think for yourself about the "Russian invasion of Ukraine" instead of just receiving one-sided views from the mass media.


I have looked into this issue from the perspective of "comparisons with our country's past wars in the Pacific," but I am sure there are many other approaches.

2022-05-02 江端:「個人的には、10年後でもいいけど、私は、天皇陛下即位の儀の記録ドキュメンタリー見たいな」 [長年日記]

I was watching the BS World Documentary "The Coronation of Her Majesty the Queen".


This documentary chronicles the 16 months of preparation leading up to the coronation event, with comments from Queen Elizabeth II and others involved at the time.


I love these behind-the-scenes stories of events and enjoyed watching them.



My senior daughter said, "I wonder how much the queen will be paid for this".


I replied, "I don't think Her Majesty the Queen is getting paid."


Senior Daughter: "Why, in the UK, can they make these programs?"


Ebata: "Perhaps, well, in a good way or a bad way, the British imperial family is certainly 'open' to the public."


Even after the divorce, it is hard to imagine the paparazzi chasing the former Crown Princess to death in a car accident in the Japanese Imperial Family.



Ebata: "Personally, I'd like to watch a documentary recording the Emperor's accession to the throne, even if it's 10 years later."


On the other hand, the wife said.


"I don't want to watch that."



Well, I thought that the "degree of opening and closing" of the Imperial Family is not only the judgment of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Household Agency, but also our public awareness might be a major parameter.

2022-05-03 『いつか、あなたを助けるから、今はちょっと勘弁ね』と呟きながら ―― [長年日記]

連休中ですが、普段より働いている気がします ―― 疲労を感じます。

I'm on holiday, but I feel like I'm working more than usual -- I feel tired.

Based on my policy of "making every effort to 'cut corners'" , I am struggling with following issues.

Come to think of it, the book I made myself before really helped me out.


'Thank you, past me!' And I thank myself for crossing time and space.


私、最近、teratail(https://teratail.com/)という技術系の質問掲示板を使わせて頂いておりまして ―― 質問ばかりしています。

I have recently been using a technical question board called teratail (https://teratail.com/) -- I ask a lot of questions.


I am too sorry to do this, but even I would like to answer what I can.


That's the 'trade-off'...No, I don't mean that. Let's see, it's called 'mutual aid coexistence', yes, yes.


However, anything I might be able to answer is either "answered" or "resolved", leaving no room for me to speak.


『いつか、あなたを助けるから、今はちょっと勘弁ね』と呟きながら ――

With muttering,'Someday, I'll help you, just not right now,'


Today, I am sitting in front of my computer with giving my headache, and trying the construction and use of the GIS database for Utsunomiya City.

2022-05-04 『過去の私と現在の私の間で行われる、共同開発』 [長年日記]


OSS (Open Source Software) is now a commonplace, but its origins can be traced back to fetchmail, emacs, and Linux.

I think the first argument (or rather, column) that presented OSS as "not just a bona fide source code disclosure, but a good software development model" was Eric Daymond's disclosure, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar".


I re-read this today and did not find any reference to the OSS business model here.

However, various business models have now been realized and are already well established.



Well, to see how badly OSS was treated in the beginning, please refer to this article.

'Nowadays, even people who are not familiar with IT know the term, OSS (Open Source Software) -- when this concept was announced to the world, IT engineers around the world (myself included) gasped and said, "Isn't that stupid?'


'The source code of a program is the culmination of software technology. If you make that source code open for anyone to see, it is like giving your work all the way to someone else.


Others include,

At that time, when I was compiling the Linux kernel, my boss said to me, "Ebata! Don't play with a toy OS! I was scolded by him.




And lately, I think...

―― ソースコードが開示されたところで、所詮、他人の書いたコードは、自分には読めない

"Even if the source code is disclosed, I can't read the code written by others after all"

という、『オープンソース ≒ クローズドソース論』を、主張したいと思います。

I would like to argue that a theory of "Open Source is nearly equal to Closed Source".

I know well, that,

―― オープンソースコードの理解にかかるコストは、オープンソースコードをスクラッチから作り直す程度のコストに匹敵する

"The cost of understanding open source code is comparable to the cost of rebuilding open source code from scratch"



It was late this morning that I was able to understand this from the opposite direction this time, by the fact of


'I couldn't understand a hundred lines of someone else's code, but I could instantly recall a thousand lines of my own code that I wrote five years ago.'



In other words, 'open source code maximizes its value when it is paired with its developers.


As a matter of fact, if I am using someone else's open source and a bug arises, I have no desire to debug that code at all.


In such cases, my response is about three things: (1) deal with the problem in operation, (2) abandon the use of the code, or (3) hope the bug does not come up in a workshop at a conference.



Of course, this my experience does not negate a single millimeter of the OSS development and business models that have been discussed.


But for me, my OSS is about


"Collaborative development between me in the past and me in the present"


is the most significant.



Professor Leskenen's line from Steins;Gate Zero episode 18,

「これは、私と、私による合作なんだよ ―― 時を越えた」

"This is a timeless collaboration between me and me"


should be added to the significance of OSS development.

2022-05-05 ちなみに、この「孤独」の問題を、(気休め程度に解決する)パラダイムシフトの方法があります。 [長年日記]


When I mentioned this to my wife, she said, 'What?' She asked me back.


My wife also had the same impression of the place as I wrote in my diary above.


Yesterday I finished reading "THE LONELY CENTURY Why We Are "Lonely"" by Noreena Hertz and am now putting it together.

The work that is currently expected of me (I think) is "how to measure loneliness", but this is quite difficult.


Technically, various measures can be taken. Although this is possible even with current technology, it is naturally intertwined with the issue of privacy.

―― プライベートを干渉されたくないが、孤独でいるのもイヤだ

'I don't want my private life interfered with, but I also don't want to be alone.'


I cannot find an approach that conveniently resolves these disparate and conflicting desires.


Usually, the answer is 'you have to give up one or the other.

一応、「THE LONELY CENTURY」の終章に、ソリューションらしきものは記載されているのですが、「これだ!」と思えるような決定打はないようです ―― まあ、そんなものがあれば、すでに実施されているハズですが。

There is a solution in the last chapter of "THE LONELY CENTURY," but there seems to be no definitive solution -- well, if there was such a solution, it would have been implemented already.


I am a person who can think that 'solitude is worth it,' so I have no hesitation in testing the following.


Compared to TOEIC, I don't have any resistance at all (I would rather take it).



Incidentally, there is a paradigm-shifting way to (comfortably) solve this "loneliness" problem.

「孤独」を「孤高」と読み替える ―― それだけです。

Replace "loneliness" with "isolation" -- that's it.

2022-05-06 『ロシア外務省に対して、入国禁止の不服申立(即時抗告)をする』というアクションを試してみる人、いませんか? [長年日記]


The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that 63 Japanese nationals are banned from entering Japan.

私は入っていないようでした ―― 当然ですが。

I didn't seem to be in it -- naturally.


I have previously done my own research on whether a customer who refuses to show proof of vaccination can be banned from the premises.


This time, I looked into it again.


The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that 63 Japanese nationals are banned from entering Japan.


This Section 521 is open-ended, as long as it does not conflict with current law, and its scope appears to be quite broad.


It is possible to specify a "dress code", a "first-time customer", or even to designate individuals to be banned from facilities by name.


If you ignore this, you will be subject to a police report and forced eviction for the crime of trespassing and eviction from a building, as stipulated in Article 130 of the Penal Code (x Civil Code).

もちろん、名指しで出禁を指定された人は、『「契約の自由」の濫用』として、訴訟に持ち込むこともできますが、私が、ざっと調べた限り、裁判になっても、原告が敗訴しているようです(例 平成29年1月12日静岡地方裁判所沼津支部判決)。

Of course, those who have been designated as banned by name can bring a lawsuit for 'abuse of "freedom of contract"', but as far as I can tell, the plaintiffs have lost their cases in court (example: January 12, 2009 Shizuoka District Court, Numazu Branch decision).


Of course, any entry/exit ban that conflicts with current law would obviously be invalid, but, well, such a case would probably never go to court in the first place, I think.



Is there anyone who would like to try the action of 'file an appeal (immediate appeal) against the entry ban to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs'?

ロシアが採用している行政法の法体系を、全然知りませんが、ロシアの司法による『判断理由』を読んでみたいな、と思いました ―― 理由の記載なし、というケースも含めて。

I don't know the legal system of administrative law that Russia has adopted, at all, but I would like to read the 'reasons for the decision' by the Russian judiciary -- including the case of "no reasons stated".

2022-05-07 ゲームは、ちゃんと体系化して、マニュアル化して、カリキュラムを組めば、学校教育の対象に成るかもしれません。 [長年日記]


Programming that I have never done before excites me.


I've never played games (I mean it's computer games) seriously , but probably in the same direction.

「思い通りにプログラムが動く = ラスボスを倒す」

I think that "I make a program that I want to execute" is equal to "I defeat the last boss."


違いがあるとすれば ――

If there is a difference,


I think programming is a great way to pass on know-how to third parties.


In contrast, the know-how to defeat the last boss is not protected as intellectual property, nor can it be transferred to a third party.



The Ebata family is a typical family of ordinary people, I think. However we had never used the following phrase of


"Don't play games all the time, study!"



To begin with, the culture of gaming has not taken root in my family.


The last game words I heard were "Nintendo-DS" and "Wii".

娘たちはハイティーンの時代を"No Game"で過してきたのかと思うと、それはそれで凄いことだな、と思います。

It is amazing to think that my daughters have spent their high teenage years playing "No Game".


Return to the topic.



Conversely, gaming talent cannot be transferred to a third party, and therefore strong differentiation can be achieved.


Professional game players are one example.


Games could be the subject of school education if they are properly systematized, manualized, and curricularized.


This can easily tag-team with current programming and STEM education.


In addition, e-sports have a high potential to contribute to the health of the elderly in that they are less likely to be affected by age, gender, or physical size.


It is also, in fact, one of the solutions to "loneliness" and "isolation".


One negative effect of education may be the creation of a new paradigm, that of "game aversion".


Just like the "English haters" and "math haters" that are prominent in our country, the building of a tendency to dislike games could be a solution to problems such as "game addiction".


Well, in fact, the current introduction of programming education is also likely to generate "programming aversion".


I can honestly say, 'It will definitely occur,' I believe.

2022-05-08 むしろ、『憎悪の高速増殖炉』の方が、相応わしいんじゃないかな、と、思っています。 [長年日記]

In this column, I am writing a column exposing my ignorance and inexperience.

I once wrote about a time when I was scammed.

―― 「自分(江端)の無知や無能や無力をさらして書いている」と、これほど念入りに言っているのに、それでも『傷口に塩ふってくる人』は、一定数いるなぁ

"Even though I have been very careful to say, "I am writing to expose my (Ebata's) ignorance, incompetence, and inability," there are still a certain number of people who "sprinkle salt on the wound"


I am deeply aware of this.



Well, 'beating the dog that fell in the pond' is 'quite fun' for everyone (even me).


After all, the dog (me) is currently drowning in the pond, so I can't fight back.


In addition, I am also aware that, in my case, 'I have reasons to be beaten'.

そして、これらの批判コメンをすることが ―― たとえ『池に落ちた犬を叩く』のであったとしても ―― 担保されている社会は、やはり『良い』のだと思います。

I believe that a society that guarantees the ability to make these critical comments is a good one -- even if it is "beating the dog that fell into the pond".



Just remember, I forget about the "person I "have beaten" in a few minutes. however,

「私"を"叩いた人」のことは、10年単位でも忘れません ―― というか忘れることができません。

I will not -- or rather, cannot -- forget the person who "beat" me, even if it takes me 10 years to do so.


I'll continue to retain vivid memories, and I think I'll remember it for the rest of my life.


I have received the title of "Permanent Institution of Love" from my seniors at the laboratory.


Rather, I think "Fast Breeder Reactor of Hatred" would be more appropriate for me.

2022-05-09 「おじいさん、おばあさんを大切にしましょう」というスローガンは、今や、その後ろに「貴重な労働力として」というフレーズが付与する時代です。 [長年日記]

例年、4月の上旬は、入社したての新人が、窓口業務でOJT(On the Job Training)に出てきます。

Usually, in early April, new employees who have just joined the company appear for on-the-job training (OJT) in window operations.

当然、新人ですので、その業務がもたつきますし、4月は各種手続で、多くの人が窓口に集まってきて 混雑します。

Naturally, since they are newcomers, their work will be slow, and in April, many people will gather at the counter for various procedures, making it crowded.


However, it can also be said that this is a "start-up period for the social system," a period that the people of Japan need to watch with warm eyes.



Today, first thing in the morning, I went to the post office to send out an express registered mail. The person at the counter was a so-called senior uncle.


The uncle was probably a newcomer, with a younger bureau staff member by his side to assist him with business procedures.


He seemed to be confused, however, it could not be help.


About the express registered mail, the method to read a destination address changed to scan the envelopment( I don't have to write the address), I could use the credit cared, and get a receipt including the tracking number.


For me, as a users, these are very useful, however, the operator ( the uncle at the counter ) seemed to be hard to use various devices.



The uncle is me of the future.


Let's all take care of our seniors (elderly).


They (I) have already finished the role of "weaker of society", and now they are expected as essential labors


In addition, they will be contributors to save national budget by rising the age of qualifying conditions.


_ 「おじいさん、おばあさんを大切にしましょう」というスローガンは、今や、その後ろに「貴重な労働力として」というフレーズが付与する時代です。

Now, the slogan of "Take care of elder people" is not completed. The phrase of "as important labors" will be added after the slogan.

2022-05-10 レビューを希望しない人のことは知りません。その場合は「自力」で知財部と闘って下さい [長年日記]


Sometimes, business orders come to us by forwarded mail.


Many people are support to copy and paste the message of mail subject, like


"Please remained to people who plan to write patent application at this quarter"


and they just forward the mail to us.

―― で、これらのメールは、ほとんどの人間にスルーされる、と

"As a result, these mails will be ignored by most readers"



I can understand it, because they are troublesome.


In addition, the mails from management departments are difficult to understand, as if they are malice.


The contents are "I don't know at all what on earth do they expect?"


Well, I might understand that they have to make the contents like that.


If they try to write the contents on their subjection, it might make the readers trouble.



I also copy, paste and forward the mail to avoid the troublesome, however I have an exception.


If I feel that "if I do that, another trouble comes to me", I will explain it by my words carefully.

概要を、江端の文言で解説し、該当者をby nameで指定し、締切の日時を強調して記載します。

I am going to write outline of the mail and explain it by my words and indicate the person by name, and emphasize the deadline.


As follows

====== メール文面例(ここから) ======

====== Example of the mail (From here) ======


The IT department is furious.


The reason is "we submit the patent application with wrong formats, even they have already had to explain it to us again and again".


About this mail, I am afraid that Mr.A and Ms.B are objects.


We have been ordered to re-submit the modification version.


If you hope. I (ebata) will check it roughly.


I don't care people who don't want it. If so, fight the IT department on your own.



====== メール文面例(ここまで) ======

====== Example of the mail (To here) ======


I know that I can get almost 100% responses, if I write the above.

2022-05-11 ―― これから「介護」「子育て」を迎える世代、あるいは現在進行形の世代をサポートする主体が、この私だろう! [長年日記]

私の勤務している会社は、eラーニング(*)も使って、社員教育を行っています ―― ってまあ、今時、どこでもそうでしょうが。

In my company, e-Learning systems(*) is working for education of employees, well nowaday, many companies use the system.


(*)Education system using PCs tables and smartphones vis the Internet.


The other day, a new educaiton package has come to my mail box.

簡単に纏めれば、「介護」と「子育て」 ―― 我が国のみならず、世界の社会課題 ―― に対する、会社としての取り組みに関する内容でした。

The contents are, company's measures and policies about in short "caring" for "parents" and "children", which are not only domestic but also international social problems.


"My parents had been gone, and my senior daughter has been business person and my junior daughters is a college student. Anyway I don't have think about the problems".


But after a few seconds, I screamed alone.

―― アホか! 私は!!

"How stupid I am!"

―― これから「介護」「子育て」を迎える世代、あるいは現在進行形の世代を、サポートする主体が、この私だろう!

"It is me to support the generations of present and future, who have to fight against "caring" for "parents" and "children"

―― 世間がどうなろうが知ったことではいが、社内の人間や、娘たちは、ドンピシャのターゲットだろうが!!

"I don't care of the world, however I have to support my co-workers and my daughter as supported persons"



I blamed me that I thought, even for a moment, that I had escaped from the two major social issues.

2022-05-12 もし、そうだとしたら、私の「愛」は、結構、チョロい感じで発生するみたいです。 [長年日記]

Now, I have started a new serialization whose title is "An Engineer Who NEVER Loved by Money"


One of the trial is "using Crypto Assets (Virtual Currency)".


I have already started to get Bitcoins by even small amount of money.


However, as if my trial were under watch, Bitcoins began to fall.

Since then, I contributed my column of "I don't understand how to credit Bitcoins", so this might be

―― ビットコインの呪い

"Curse from Bitcoins"



Enough of that.



After starting to purchase Bitcoins, I came to feel an ambiguous "I want to support or save Bitcoins". To tell you the truth, "I was very surprised by me"


I know well that "this is an non-logical feeling".

However, I had same type of feeling by "Hatsune Miku", "AI tech, by my codes" or "Control LAN system from the scratch"


This is wonder feeling that I want to guard anything that I can get understand in my mind.

―― は! もしや、これが「愛」?

Ah! If this is "love"?



If it is true, my love seems to appear easily and lightly.

2022-05-13 「マスコミを信じて、民主化を信じて、最悪の形で裏切られて、一人とり残された"私"」 [長年日記]


I think that the news of mass media are generally correct, however, they are fileted. So we have to be careful of the news.


Nowadays we Japanese, ranged from the government to citizens, is all about "support for Ukraine".


I also support for Ukraine both emotionally and egoistically.


However, I am anxious for the contents of the news.


The news, like "Ukrainian troops recaptured areas under their control" or "The Russian military is not in control" are broadcasting quite preferential and frequent, however, I would like you to be care about the news.

メデイアは、ウクライナ支援を支持する私たちが、「喜びそうなコンテンツ」 が優先する傾向があります。

Any media tends to prior to broadcast the news which will make us happy for us.

もちろん、完全な公平な報道などはありえないのですから、ある程度は仕方がないと思いますが ――

Of course I know that perfect fair press is a dream, and we have to hear and read the filtering news.


My concern is that 'I (we) will be hurt later'.


中国の天安門事件(1989)直前の、学生達による民主化運動に関して、日本の新聞は ―― 特に、朝日新聞が顕著だったと思うのですが ――

Regarding the pro-democracy movement by students before the Tiananmen Square protests in China (1989), Japanese news papers ---- particularly, the Asahi Shimbun was the leading company, were


"China's democratization is now a done deal"


all over the paper making the above argument.


I believed it.


After that, many citizens and students were killed by the China movement and army at the Tiananmen Square incident.

今、中国が、その事件を歴史からモミ消そうとしている ―― 『なかったこと』にしようとしている ―― ので、具体的な数字は未だに不明です。

Now the China government has erased the incident from the history ---- pretended that is did not exist ---- So I cannot know the specific victim numbers.


(One of the figures I remember is that "4,000 people were murdered.")



As long as I remember, the news paper company that had written "China's democratization is now a done deal" condemned the massacre of the people by the Chinese government, however,

―― 事件前の報道に関する、自分達の判断に対する自己批判は、行いませんでした。"一切"です。

They did not engage in any self-criticism of our own judgment regarding the news coverage before the incident. "NOT AT ALL"


However, I don't want to condemn mass media's attitudes, including the news paper company.


I tell you again, that the choice of new source apt to be based on the bias from our hopes.


Any mass media has an personality as a Legal Entity, and an interest organization, so it cannot be helped.


問題なのは ――

The remaining problem is


"I believed in the media, I believed in democracy, and I was betrayed in the worst possible way and left alone"



Again, the news in the media is generally correct, but it is filtered.


We need to keep that in mind to protect our own hearts and minds.

2022-05-14 ―― 絶対に私たちを巻き込むなよ [長年日記]


Last night, Tokyo Tama area bad been serious blackout, and many lines of the Odakyu-train had stuck.

帰宅できない次女の救出ミッションが発動するところでした ―― 京王を使って、最寄り駅まで到着したところを、ピックアップしました。

The rescue mission was about to start for my junior daughter who had also struck at the station, however she change the train and and reached a nearby station by the Keio-train


After, 1:00 am.


As soon as I knew the blackout area(Kanagawa pref. and parts of Chiba and Yamanashi Pref), I doubted about "Cyber terrorism"



Now I am trying to trace the cause of the accident from the news. however,


Any media just said that "According to TEPCO, the cause of blackout seems to be failure of underground power lines, the blackout was restored around 5:30 am"



I am not satisfied with the reason, even if other people could do it.


About "failure of underground power lines", I don't know which that means "Power Line Cut" or "Failure of control panel of electric supply".


Many people can accept the accident that was used "under-ground", however,


I think that no difficulty to specify where the accident happened even "under-ground" or "upper-ground", if the power monitoring system work well.


If the monitoring system had been down because of no electric power, I think that the system, as a monitoring device has a severe problem.


However, I know well how difficult to find the where the failure line or device in the stopped system.


If anything, I am inclined to side with TEPCO.


Aside from that.



Actually, I know how to stop almost all of the train in central Tokyo at the same time,


for one hour at least, hopefully half a day.


I said "If our family join my project, it is enough possible" and explained the project to my wife.


She had an "I see" on her face, but shortly after,

―― 絶対に私たちを巻き込むなよ

"Never include us to the project"


She reminded me.

2022-05-15 と、このように、全く別人格のキャラクターに魂を載せる「声優」という仕事は、凄い仕事であり、 [長年日記]


The saying of "there is no higher or lower rank in the profession" doesn't mean "You must not have a discrimination based on one's profession.


It means that any profession has their own "unbeliever able and amazing technologies, experiments and results"


It means that there is no profession in the world that can be described with such a trivial term as "high and low.


Aging for long time, and knowing contents of several professions, everybody can understand the fact.


Well some stupid persons have also been, who has not noticed such a simple reality.



When I watch the anime "SPY X FAMILY",

雪ノ下雪乃 → ヨル・フォージャー

Yukino Yukinoshita -> Yol Forger

比企谷八幡 → ロイド・フォージャー

Hachiman Hikiya -> Lloyd Forger


When I watch the anime "BEATLESS",

由比ヶ浜結衣 → レイシア

Yui Yuigahama → Lacia


Like the above, a profession of "voice actor/actress" is a really awesome job, that put the soul on each character.


Among them, Ms.Nao Higashiyama, Ms.Saori Hayami and Mr.Takuya Eguchi are really 'great'.

2022-05-16 江端家のPC、ようやく、全部Windows10に入れ替え完了しました。 [長年日記]


All PCs of the Ebata have finished to replace old windows OS to Windows10.


Based on the pervious success, I purchased the OS license from the same EC-shopping site.


I could get it for one-tenth of the price of the Amazon.com.


I don't know the reason, however, the license seems to be legitimate. I don't think about it deeply.

This time, the OS seems to work well without telephone authentication.


I am moved that the Windows10 OS works well even on the 32Bit PC.



PCs are said to be very fast obsolete, however, I think that PCs work if we set correct the parameters of OS.


Except for a system engineer who have always tried to withdraw the best performance of the PC, the PC life time is going to be longer.


The reason of an accident that "a new OS cannot work on an old PC" is largely due to the default setting of the OS.


For example, the following are,







However, there are few people who can tune the setting of OS


Which is cheaper,


(A)education to make them possible to set the parameters of OS, or


(B)replacing with a high-performance PC


The (B) is absolutely cheap.


As a result, the PCs that are still usable are discarded as trash.


How pity and waste they are, but this is a real story.

2022-05-17 「被災後に『購入しなっかったこと』を絶対に後悔するNo.1商品」 [長年日記]


The Ebata family, for its part, intends to take disaster countermeasures, including earthquake.


The following is an article about the measure when it was published in the town newsletter.


Since it is impossible to keep track of the amount of food stocked if it is locked up in a warehouse or in luggage, we have adopted the method of keeping food indoors and continually consuming and replenishing it.


Aside from that.


The other day I told you about my second daughter who was unable to return home due to a power outage.


At this time, a real problem has emerged: charging smartphones.


Smartphones are now a lifeline, even if they can be "charged".


If the power goes out, it is just a sheet of metal.

という訳で、次女を駅に迎えに行った日に購入しました ―― 手回し発電機

So I bought one the day I picked up my second daughter at the train station -- a hand-cranked generator.


I think that this is a


"The No. 1 product that people will definitely regret not purchasing after the disaster"



The product has already been shipped, but the arrival date is in June, which indicates that the shipment is from outside of Japan (or so the label makes it clear).


ところで、「今」、この記事を読んで、江端家に助けて貰おうと思っている人がいるかもしれませんが ――

By the way, "now" that some of you may be reading this article and thinking to ask the Ebata family to help you out--

「この記事を読んだ時」に、購入を決意しなかったあなたを、私が助けなければならない理由は「ない」―― で、いいんですよね?

There is "no reason" why I should help you if you didn't decide to buy "when you read this article" -- Is it O.K.?

2022-05-18 とすれば、「楽しい仕事」というのは、結局ところ、「さぼっている」と同じ意味なのかな、とか考えてしまいます。 [長年日記]

―― 仕事が忙しくて、仕事ができない

"I cannot work because I am busy for work".


I believe that many people had experiments of this feeling, as business persons.


This means that "I cannot do the work that I want to do, because I am busy for the work I don't want to do"


The English word "labor" as a mean of "working" seems to be "pain".


In other words, it seems that "to begin with, labor is pain, so we cannot reward is the price of the pain"


My wife once told me that "'fun work' is a contradiction".



I have works that I don't want to do, on the other hand , I also have the work that I want to do. So I might be lucky.

ただ、私の「やりたい仕事」は、大抵の場合、業務命令によるものではなく、自発的なものであり ―― そして、その多くは、誰にも言わないで、隠れて行う"under the table"の仕事です。

However, the works that I want to do, are not based on works orders from my company, but my will. And in many case, they are "under the table", that I don't tell anyone about the works.

もっとも、"under the table"であっても、いつかは表に出して、会社の利益になることを目論んでいるので、利益相反行為にはなっていない、と信じています。

Even if the works are "under the table", I am going to open about the work and try to contribute my company's profit. Therefore my acts are not "conflict of interest".


In face, many outputs of mine are generated from "under the table".


しかし、これは、『江端が「テーブルの下」に何かを隠すことができるほど贅沢な環境にいるからだ』 ―― と言われれば、これに反論することはできません。

However, if you tell me that "you are in too luxury situation to hide your works under the table", I cannot refute you.


So, I wonder "fun work" ultimately means the same thins as "slacking off" or something like that.

2022-05-19 はっきり言って『ここ2ヶ月、本当に辛かった』ですが ―― Teamsが使えなければ、社内で『孤独死』していたと思います。マジです。 [長年日記]


Since this fiscal year, I has been thrown in the world where everyone users Microsoft Teams.

―― なるほど、メールなどというのは、もう存在しないんだな

"I see, Even a mail doesn't exist here"


I could understand the newly reality.


Both a tele-communication and a chat communication continues parallelly, and new material are throwing in the communication from members based on the topic of the communications.


In addition, "no telephone there".


As soon as a short message of "Shall we talk?" comes to me, the talk starts to watch the display of PC.

はっきり言って『ここ2ヶ月、本当に辛かった』ですが ―― Teamsが使えなければ、社内で『孤独死』していたと思います。マジです。

To tell you the truth, "It was too hard for two months". however, If I had not been able to use "Teams", I would have "died alone" in my company. Seriously.


That aside.



Today, since I had to suspend the tele-meeting to go to work, I was walking and hearing the meeting by earphone an iPhone. And the topic came to change to my charge(intellectual property).


I hear the others talks of "What Ebata-san worry about is...", "What Ebata-san want to talk...." and I could know the situation of the shucked meeting.


I tried to chat from iPhone, however, I could not catch up with the speed of talking, so I was very annoyed.

これから私はさらに高齢者になって、自分の意見をマトモに言うこともできない状況になると思いますが ―― 本日、図らずも、その片鱗に触れることになりました。

Now I think I will be older, and I will not able to be talk my opinion by myself eventually. Today, with no intention, I could get a part of it.


Today, I could feel the new real fear of "getting older".

2022-05-20 「かんたんDocker」と書かれている本については ―― 焚書しても良い、と思っています。 [長年日記]

私、今でこそDocker使っていますけど ―― あれ、「理解できない」が正解です。

Now I use Docker everyday, however, it is "beyond our mind". That is correct.

私の場合、Dockerfileとか、docker-compose.yml を100回くらい書き直して、docker-compose up -d に200回くらい失敗して、ようやく、ぼんやりと理解できてきました。

In my case, I think I finally figure out to understand Docker with rewriting "Dockerfile" or "docker-compose.yml" at 100 times and, failing "docker-compose up -d" at 100 times.

『本を読むだけで、理解した気になりたい』という気持ちは、凄くよく分かりますけど ―― 無理です。

I understand your "Wanna to feel the understanding just by reading a book" well, however it is impossible.

I think that it is difficult to reach the understanding about almost technologies, except for using "Hello World Approach", and as for Docker, I can say "absolutely not"



What can I say, that feeling of another dimension.


PCs are build up in PC, and the PC can move and execute on another PC or AWS(Cloud) --- weirdness


Starting to build a container, unknow packages are gathers and installed automatically ---- sense of extraordinary


As I say, the feeling is "Several raspberry PIs whose purposes are different, are screwed into a PC forcedly.


This screwed tech. paradigm makes me light vomiting.



No matter that they are, I hate any book whose title is "Easy XXXX"

「かんたんDocker」と書かれている本については ―― 焚書しても良い、と思っています。

Especially the book whose title includes "Easy Docker" will be allowed to be "book-burning".

2022-05-21 実施することは「電力ラマダン」―― 24時間の停電の実施です。 [長年日記]

Yesterday, I published the article "I upload a video clip that "Operation verification of a hand-cranked generator" to YouTube".

この動画の中で、『突然レバーが重くなりました』というテロップを入れていますが ―― あれ、ハンパでなく重かったです。

In this video, I put a message of "the lever become heavy". but that was really "heavy".


At the moment that the smartphone change the charge mode, the generator load became heavy suddenly.



As first, I wanted to make the video ranged from start to the charge completion, however I noticed that it is impossible.


I had already enough tired just to turn the lever,


For only one smartphone.


Looking around my room, I find the USB power source has plugged into outlet.



Nowadays, Most of the bicycle light for riding at night are LEDs.


LEDs are miracle device that can get brightness with far less power than ordinally light bulbs.


So, we cannot feel the load of generator by the lights.

かつて、夜間の自転車での発電では、車輪のホイールにダイナモという発電機を付けて、電球を照らしていたのですが ―― 「常に坂道を登っている」ような気分でした。

In the past, we used to generate electricity by bicycle at night with a generator "dynamo" attached to the wheel, and I felt like I was "always going uphill".


Anyway, the pedal of bicycle was heavy, and as result, I was riding without lights. I think it was dangerous.



The hand-cranked generator reminded me a "heavy pedal".


Essentially, making electricity is hard work.


The present society that everyone can use electricity luxury is a paradise, however we forget it easily.



So I want to propose to make a new national holiday "Electricity Thanksgiving Day"


If it is too difficult to establish a new holiday, it would be good to replace or combine with "Labor Thanksgiving Day," "Greenery Day," and "Father's Day",

実施することは「電力ラマダン」―― 24時間の停電の実施です。

for doing "Electricity Ramadan" -- the implementation of a 24-hour power outage.


If doing this Ramadan ranged to the level of social infrastructure, our society will be serious damaged. So as the fist step, we will start this at the level of in-house power outage.


Alternatively, we could limit the areas of power outages and implement planned power outages.


It is also good to do that without the announcement, include a gambling element


Facilities such as hospitals will have the opportunity to check that their own power generation equipment is operating properly, and factories can test their work flow assuming a power outage.


I also think it will be a boost for the SDGs.



In order to start "Electricity Thanksgiving Day" and "Electricity Ramadan," I would like to first recommend the purchase of a "hand-cranked generator" and its operational experimentation.

2022-05-22 『ここは一つ、念には念を入れて、今年度の夏祭は見送る』という方向で、ご検討頂きたく。 [長年日記]


Today is a deadline of monthly column, however, I am in trouble of heavy fatigue and sleepiness.


Repeating 30 min. nap, I keep writing it while tricking the body and the head.



By the way, I had worked for a board member of a neighborhood association three years ago, so I think that I will not have to work as a the board member, however, the work of the group leader has come to me.

「役員」と「班長」は、別モノらしくて ―― 昨日は、町内清掃用のゴミ袋を、班の皆さんの自宅のポストに放り込んでいました。

"A board member" and "a group member" seems to be different work, so I posted garbage bags for town cleanup to each member's mailbox.


So, I am trying to write the column in my fatigue, sleepiness, and cleaning.



However, the task of a group leader is less than that of a board member, so the burden will not be hard.

今や、国内のコロナ禍の対応方法について、国民も慣れてきたとは思うのですが ――

Now I think that we Japanese has understood how to deal with Corona disasters, however,


I hope that "this year town summer festival is going to cancel just to be sure".


However, I would like to express my strong support for the next summer festival.



Three years ago, I remake the website of neighborhood association from the scratch. Today I tried to login the management page of the website, and as a result, I could login the page, easily.


Even it is a website of neighborhood association, the website manager should change the password once a year.

2022-05-23 ―― SNSは、孤独を劇的に悪化させるシステム [長年日記]


Now I am investigating "loneliness", and reaches a hypothesis in this month column.

―― SNSは、孤独を劇的に悪化させるシステム

"SNS is a system that exacerbates loneliness dramatically"


I have previously described such a diary.


Now I get beyond this phrase, and I reach the possibility of


"SNS will give us mental pains, make us impair the body physically, and decrease social functioning"


and come to be anxious about this problems.


I think that I can explain the reason in this month column.

2022-05-24 ―― いろいろ言っているけど、要するにお前ら、三角関数が嫌いなだけだろ……! [長年日記]


I thin that someone do or say something about "trigonometric function".


Two years ago, my released column,

"Recurrent Education [the former half]: The trigonometric function unnecessary theory and the Destruction of Individuality"


is now ranked in, so I was surprised.

多分、この『三角関数 要/不要』の論争は、これから何度も登場するでしょう。

Probability, this argument of "The trigonometric function unnecessary theory" will often be happened in the future.


However, rather than the above column, in the latter half,

"Recurrent education should be a "guidebook" for survival in the age of career abandonment".


I have argued hard opinions of mine like following,

―― いろいろ言っているけど、要するにお前ら、三角関数が嫌いなだけだろ……!

"You say a lot of things, but the bottom line is that you guys just hate trigonometric functions: ..!"



Please read on if you are interested.

2022-05-25 ―― なんで、「岩倉」がでてこんのや [長年日記]

いつまでも、昔の思い出を語り続けるようで、少々情けないとは思うのですが ――

It is shameful to talk about good old days eternally,however,


comics and animations whose stage is Kyoto is going to make me get stuck in.


Now I am reading "Deaimon (good foods combination)".



I am not so interested in the Shijo Kawaramachi and Sanjo.


However, whenever I watch the pictures of Eiden (Eizan Railway) stations, Demachiyanagi, Shugakuin, Takaraga Ike, my mind has already instantly warped to 30 years ago.


I never had such a happy time in my life( I worked part-time to death, and studied to death).


In Eiden line, we cannot hear the name of station, except for Shugakuin (which appear in the Anime "K-ON") and the above.


―― なんで、「岩倉」がでてこんのや

Why not "Iwakura"


I think.


Once over Takaragaike, we cannot see station name, until Kifune, Kurama.



Wife:"What is in Iwakura?"


Ebata:"There is the former residence of Iwakura Tomomi"


Wife:"What was he doing in the house?"


Ebata: "He was deprived of any chance to appear in the Imperial Palace, and young anti-establishment guys had seems in and out"


Wife:"It is weak"



In order to make Iwakura Station famous, I think it is necessary to introduce new content featuring Iwakura Tomomi.

2022-05-26 『江端さんの、出世に対する無関心が、このような事態を招いたのです』 [長年日記]


I've been a flat researcher of a company for a long time.


So basically, I do not have a strong voice.


Previously, I propose about a control system, but it was rejected.


However, the "accepted system" was down two years later.


(This happened by change. I also miss predictions quite often)


At that time, I was accused of that thing from a junior colleague.


"This tragedy occurred because of an indifference about your promotion"




I remember that I was pretty shocked to hear his opinion, because I believe that "being selfless against power and prestige is a virtue."


There seems to be a thought of "promotion as a duty" in the world.


You all should try to promote, avoiding troubles for your juniors.


I am "too late" for this, so please excuse me.

2022-05-27 ですから『今日は気分の良いまま、今日という日を終えたい』です。 [長年日記]

―― ノードの座標情報が記載されていなければ、JOSMに地図が表示される訳ないやん?

"Without the information of latitude and longitude described in the script, even the JOSM cannot display the additional map information"


This morning I noticed the above and waked up, and I feel tired all day.

This is the story.


This happening is likely to happen in my dream early morning, when I concentrate coding or patent writing.



Today, before noon, I succeeded a falsification of digital map (Open Street Map).

こんな時は、勢いにのって、本番の地図にも手を出すと、作業が早いのですが ――

In time like this, building on the momentum, I know that I have to deal with the target map, as soon as possible, however,


I know that another problem happens easily in the next step.


Therefore, "I want to end today, with feeling good."


However, I know that I cannot be so picky. So some problems will annoy me in this night too.


And tomorrow's morning, I will be waken up by a nightmare.



I think it is meaningless, however, this is a typical engineer's life.


Or is it just me?

2022-05-28 そして、彼等は、その"貨幣"の多少、つまり"友人数"という価値の呪縛から逃れられないからです。 [長年日記]


Previously, I often told the animation "Hyouka".


What I understand the contents of "Hyouka" series, are


(1) "Hard work is no match for genius."


(2) "Genius is not happy".


This animation show us the above realties that I had not reached in my teenager, appearing life-size young people.


I often wrote about the sequel novel "Even if you give me my wings now", by Honobu Yonezawa, and I am reading it again now.


In this novel, 'insignificance of high school club activities' are described, in addition to the above (1) and (2) themes.


There is a story that is a harsh criticism of high school activities that has no purpose, waste time and just make factions with friends.


In comparison with, there are persons who completed two world-wide computer operating systems. Even before entering high school, they focused on what they did and what they wanted, without paying attention to such club activities, etc.

もちろん、そのような「成功体験」がある例はレアなケースですし ―― ぶっちゃけ「成功」なんてどうでもいいのです。

Of course I know such "success experiments" are rare. Moreover I don't care about "success" to be frank,

あの高校時代の時間を、もっと『狂ったように過す』ことはできたと思います ―― 友人という名のグループに安住して、無為な時間を浪費することなく。

I think I could have spent the time for 'going crazy' during those high school years.


In other words, "It was me as young".



However, for many people including me, it is difficult to find such an object of "going crazy".


In addition, the common "currency" of teenager is a strange thing that called "friends".


And they cannot escape from the spell of the value of "currency", called "numbers of friends".


The "currency" called "friend" is often treated to be valuable beyond the teenager.



In the column of this month, I will argue the "currency", called "friends"

2022-05-29 I will tell the old-agers who live by the old-fashioned value system of "the customer is God". [長年日記]

嫁さんは、いわゆるレストランで接客のパートをしています ―― 私には絶対にできない職業の一つです。

My wife works part time in customer service in restaurant --- one of those professions I could never do.


I am convince that I never forgive an arrogant customer.



Now an order system using a tablet seems to be ordinally in the food and beverage field.


This system has merits that decreasing labor costs and order errors, and less frustration when an order is not picked up for customers.


Of course, it is inconvenience for customers who are not familiar with this tablet system.



Recently, old-agers who cannot use a tablet become social problems.


Of course, we have to support theses old-agers who cannot use a tablet, however, my wife said that some old-agers who got angry when she asked them to use the tablet, are increasing.


Hearing wife's story, it is me who come to angry.

―― 店員は当店の大切なアセット(資産)です。店員を怒鳴りつけるお客様はお帰り頂きます。またのご来店を「拒否」します。

"Our clerks are our most important asset. Any customer who yell at our clerks will be asked to leave. We will "refuse" next your visit.


When asking her, she said "it is impossible".

(Actually, this (banning) is legally possible (Civil Code Article 521 "Freedom of Contract").


これは、インタフェースの問題だと思うのですよ ―― タブレットではなく、ジジイの方の。

This is a interface problem of old-agers not tables.


(1) The old man who yell "You take the order"


(2) The old man who bows his head and says, "I'm sorry to repeat some questions again, but could you please teach me?"


Our society think that we cut out the the above (1) old man, and want to support the above (2) old man.

私は、この感情をシステム化する ――「ジジイ選別システム」を作っている、と自負しております。

Now I am systematizing this emotion, and creating "the system that cut arrogant customer off"



I will tell the old-agers who live by the old-fashioned value system of "the customer is God".


I destroy this values.


Eventually, my system will be designed to eliminate those old-agers.


I think that they should change their interface, and tune them into "the Ebata's system".

2022-05-30 ―― 結局、東京都の命令は妥当なの? 不当なの? [長年日記]


A title to lead readers to an article is called "Catchy"


I was surprised when I read the following title.

『「都の時短命令は違法」 賠償請求は棄却 コロナ対応で東京地裁判決』

Tokyo District Court Ruling: "Tokyo's Order to Shorten Hours Illegal" Dismissing Claims for Compensation for Corona.



Whoever read the article, could understand the following.


(1)Tokyo Metropolitan Government's order to shorten hours in response to Corona is not illegal.


(2)However, the court admitted the fact that "a company that protest the decision of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, was punished", and decided that it was illegal.


―― 結局、東京都の命令は妥当なの? 不当なの?

"In the end, is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's order reasonable ? or not?"


I didn't know it at all even reading the article.


It is difficult fo me to say with reading the judgment paper.


However, the judgement paper seems not to be opened now( If I miss it, please tell me)

というか、判決文は、結審直後にWebサイトでリリースして、ニュースサイトはそれをリンクすれば、私を含め、多くの人が助かると思うのですが ――

I think even if it is opened just after closing the court, and news sites link the judgement paper, many people including me, will be helped.


I wonder the court didn't do such activity.

Most judgement papers are interesting, so I want to read them as soon as possible.

2022-05-31 ―― 自作システムで、派手に失敗した方(100万単位でお金を失った人) [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"A New Theory of Action for Engineers Who Are Not Loved by Money(3)"

I am starting to make a DIY "automatic stock trading system" by Go language.


―― ふむ、そう来たか

"Hmm, did they think so ?"


I look at the title of the column.

私のコラムのタイトルを付けるのは、EE Times Japan編集部の専権事項ですので、基本的に私はお任せしています。

The EE Times Japan has an exclusive prerogative to name my column a title, and basically I don't care of it.


I sometimes ask them "how do you think this title "'XXXXX' ?", and submit the draft version with suggested title of my choice.


In the past, I can remember that I submitted the following titles. like







I think there were others, but I forget them.


今回は、「自動売買ツール」の方でタイトルが出されていますが ―― 見る人が見れば分かりますが ―― ぶっちゃけ、スタートラインにすら、辿りついていないような内容です。

This time, the title includes "automatic stock trading system", however, the contents are poor. If you are a professional of this field, you can notice that soon.


People in software field might not except the contents.



So now I a recruiting a support person about the system.


The condition is "Golang" programmer, experiments of trading system and if possible,

―― 自作システムで、派手に失敗した方(100万単位でお金を失った人)

"a person who largely failed investment with their DIY trading system ( and lost money in the amount of 1 million yen)"


is welcome.


I am looking forward to your apply.