2022-03-01 そして、体力的にも、精神的にも、今が、このような「ハードコーディング」ができるラストチャンスだろうと、腹を括っています。 [長年日記]


Recently, I've been into coding (programming).

After much deliberation, I've come to realize that the method I've been considering for the past two months is wrong, and I'm currently in the process of redoing it (though it wasn't a total waste).

現在、トライアル中のモノは「予測できない変化をリアルタイムで組み込んで、動的に変化しつづける推論エンジン」でして これが、結構難しい。

The one we I currently trialing is an inference engine that incorporates unpredictable changes in real time and keeps changing dynamically.


There is a plethora of research that has been done with fixed situations, but there is very little research on engines that work while incorporating real environments.


Well, you can find this out by actually doing some coding.


It is quite difficult to incorporate into a program what we normally do, which is to "change our behavior while incorporating new information without significantly altering our current plans.


Still, I'm holding on because I have a feeling that this will probably be the last code (programming) I'll ever use in my life as a large-scale program.



I am a person who does not enjoy playing games on TV or on my phone.


However, I think that the situation of people who are addicted to games and my situation of being addicted to coding may be very similar.

- 興奮状態が続き、眠れなくなる。

- The excitement lasts and makes it difficult to sleep.

- 目を瞑っても、アルゴリズムが頭の中を走り回る

- Even when I close my eyes, algorithms run through my head.

- 夢の中でバグに気がつき、その後、寝付けなくなる

- Noticing a bug in a dream and then not being able to sleep

昔は、この時点で「大量のアルコールを投入して、強制的に睡眠に入る/維持する」ということをやっていたのですが ―― その結果が、アルコール依存症の予備軍(いや、正規軍か?)になってしまいました。

In the past, I used to "throw in a lot of alcohol" at this point to force/maintain sleep -- and the result was a reserve army of alcoholics (or is it a regular army?).


Now, I just switched to tranquilizers instead of alcohol.


Still, I believe that stabilizers as prescribed are much healthier than whaling on alcohol daily.


I'm in good physical condition.


That's beside the point.



In general, programs do not use actual values for parameters. The parameter values are kept as variables and are input from outside.

(3.52)^3 + 3.52^2 + 3.52 の値(=543.9174828032)としてプログラムに書き込むのではなく、x^3 + x^2 + x と記述しておけば、プログラムの起動時に、xの値を自由に変えることができて、便利だからです。

Instead of writing it into the program as the value of (3.52)^3 + 3.52^2 + 3.52 (=543.9174828032), it is convenient to write it as x^3 + x^2 + x, so that you can freely change the value of x when the program starts.


Coding that directly writes values is called "hard coding" and is considered programming that should not be done (except for experiments and verification purposes).

Just like "goto".


However, I think that my current coding is worthy of being called "hard coding", as I can't stop the excitement, sleep disturbance, and fatigue.


And I' believe the fact that this will be my last chance to do this kind of "hard coding", both physically and mentally.

2022-03-02 「私(江端)だけ、3回目も軽症で逃げ切った」ということになれば、私たちのチームに『気まずい空気』が流れるのではないかと、ちょっとだけ心配しています。 [長年日記]


My next corona vaccination (3rd dose) is this Friday.


Now I'm thinking, 'Oh! No!".


I, Tomoichi Ebata, am a "working person" during my working hours on weekdays, but I am a "private person" outside of those hours.


And, on Saturdays and Sundays, as a "private person", I generally invest almost all my time in researching materials, creating charts, writing columns, and simulations.


第3回目の副反応は凄いぞ ―― という話を色々なところから聞いています。

I've heard from various sources that the third adverse reaction is going to be terrible.


If I have to spend this Saturday and Sunday dealing with adverse reactions, my writing for the March column will be in serious critical condition.


Looking back...


The first time, I was not aware of any adverse reactions.


The second time, I had difficulty walking at times during the next day and the day after that.

In general, I think that my wife and I had a mild adverse reaction.


ですから、3回目もきっと軽症に違いない、と信じています ―― が、

So I'm sure that the third will be minor -- however,


Dr. Shibata, my co-author, and Ms. M, my editor, have been having a hard time with adverse reactions.


I'm (a little) worried that if it turns out that I (Ebata) was the only one who escaped with a minor injury in the third round, there will be an 'awkward atmosphere' in our team.

2022-03-03 今回の「SNSに不適切な投稿を繰り返したとして訴追された裁判官」の弾劾裁判は戦後10件目のケースで、弾劾裁判自体、極めてレアケースであるようです。 [長年日記]


When we watched the news of "Judge Accused for Repeatedly Posting Inappropriate Posts on Social Networking Sites," my wife said,


Wife: "What happens when a judge commits a crime?"


Me: "What are you talking about? There will be an 'impeachment trial(*)'


(*) Article 64, Section 1 of the Constitution and the Act of Impeachment of Judges


When I said this, my wife and second said in unison.


"'Impeachment Trial' I remember. We did that in middle school when we were taking exams"


They spoke each other nostalgically.

教育は無力だ ―― と、実感しました。

Education is powerless -- and I realized that.



Incidentally, an impeachment trial not only allows a judge to be removed from office (fired). The sanctions are severe.


In addition to losing their status as judges, they are disqualified from becoming prosecutors or attorneys, and are restricted from becoming notaries.


They cannot be mediators, judicial commissioners, or counsellors, are not entitled to retirement benefits, and their pensions are limited.


And since the impeachment court is a single and final instance, the judgment becomes final upon pronouncement and there is no way to appeal.


It seems that a request for a retrial can be made, but there have been no previous cases.

ただし、5年経過後に法律家としての資格を回復することはできるようです ―― 「困窮生活の救済」「人格改善」いう理由が見られました。

However, it seems that after five years, it is possible to regain the qualification to practice law -- "relief of needy life" and "improvement of character" were some of the reasons seen.


弾劾裁判については、ロッキード事件の「ニセ電話事件」くらいは覚えていましたが ―― ちょっと調べてみたところ、

The only thing I remembered about the impeachment trial was the "phony phone call" in the Lockheed case -- but I did a little research.




"Child Prostitution"


"Video recording in skirt"


Some judges were impeached on the most vulgar grounds, like the above.


It seems that even if the judge is against you, you can still file a lawsuit in a general criminal or civil case.


However, it appears that the conviction of the trial court does not disqualify the judge.


The guarantee of a judge's status is very strong, and only through an impeachment trial can a judge be removed from office.



This impeachment trial of a "judge accused of repeatedly posting inappropriate posts on social networking sites" is the 10th case in the postwar period, and impeachment trials themselves seem to be extremely rare.


Well, if it wasn't a rare case, we would be in trouble.

2022-03-04 ―― 放射能で汚染されたウクライナの国土は、ロシア侵攻に対する、数千年間の『ファイアウォール』になる [長年日記]


I had not commented on the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces at this time, but when I watched the news this morning, I instantly switched phases.

―― 稼動中の原子力発電所に武力攻撃? 正気か?

"Armed attack on an operating nuclear power plant? Are they insane? "

In 1981, Israel bombed a nuclear power plant in Iraq (Operation Babylon) with the aim of destroying the facility "before" it became operational.


That does not mean that the destruction of another country's power generation facilities is acceptable, but at least the Israeli military knew what it meant by "the right time to attack a nuclear power plant".


The meaning of "critical nuclear power plant in operation" is totally different from the meaning of "nuclear power plant under construction."


A direct attack on the reactor is "out of the question" (in that case, they are "done"), but even if it were just an attack on the control room, you would lose control of the reactor.

そして、原子炉内での「スクラム」等が起動できなくなれば ―― 即、原子炉爆発 + メルトダウンです。

And if the "scram" etc. in the reactor can no longer be triggered -- immediate reactor explosion + meltdown.



The nuclear accident (Chernobyl), in which the nuclear reactor was exposed, traded many casualties in order to turn the plant into a giant sarcophagus.


Even an accident (Fukushima) where the reactor was not stripped bare caused so much damage.


This is a bit of a guess, however,

―― 放射能で汚染されたウクライナの国土は、ロシア侵攻に対する、数千年間の『ファイアウォール』になる

"Radioactive Ukrainian lands will be a 'firewall' against Russian invasion for thousands of years"



If a person thinks that way, "the person is not a human being.



I, as much as possible, have tried to avoid commenting on ongoing events (wars, conflicts, accidents).


This is because facts discovered later may require the claim to be overturned.


However, as of this morning, I have determined that the Russian military and its chief executive (the president) are 100% "evil" for whatever reason (geopolitical background, etc.).


It is an "absolute evil" comparable to, or even greater than, Nazi Germany.


This morning, a line was crossed in my mind.


The situation that made me hesitant to speak up has vanished.



References (my column)



2022-03-05 ただ、ここ(キリスト教神学)に、「カイン」と「アベル」を突っ込んでくるあたりの、無節操さが、なんも言えずに『最高』です。 [長年日記]


I am watching an American drama called LUCIFER.


Nightclubs, booze, craziness, playboys, etc., are not my "tastes" in drama of choice.


However, the characters' identities are the gods, goddesses, angels, and demons of

―― キリスト教神学

"Christian theology"



They appear in the city of Los Angeles and live their daily lives (it's a cop drama) while playing the roles of mythological characters, in a drama that is like a reversed version of otherworldly reincarnation content.

アメナディエル、ウリエル、オーロラ(ドラマではこの名前ではないようですが)とか、これはこれで良いのですが ――

Amenadiel, Uriel, Aurora (which doesn't seem to be this name in the drama), and so on -- this is fine.


Yesterday, I was listening to the drama while coding, and when I got to the part where "Cain's identity was revealed and Abel was reincarnated as a woman," I blurted it out.


So, I wanted to talk about it with someone.



Christian theology is, well, as far as I understand it, positioned as a "'Christian' strategy book".

I have written before that Buddhist doctrines are derivatives of the later life of Ghodamasiddha.


In Buddhism, Bodhisattvas, Shitenno, Vaisravana, and Asura are like Lucifer and Amenadiel in Christian theology.


However, I can't say anything about the unscrupulousness of the "Cain" and "Abel" when they insert them here (Christian theology), it's "the best".



I would like to see a drama in the same vein as "Lucifer", with a character from Japanese mythology reincarnated in modern Japan.


Of course, the story of Izanagi, Izanami, Amaterasu, Susanoo, Ninigi, Iwanagahime, and Konohanasakuyahime is a given, but the story of "taking over the Okuninushi's land" is still a nonnegotiable one.

I don't think there is any way to avoid turning such dumb points content (Japanese mythology) into a secondary drama.

Furthermore, if they can connect it to the story that 'even the current Emperor is not allowed to enter the main shrine of Izumo-taisha'


Not only is it interesting, but it allows us to understand the trending of shrines, tourist attractions, regional revival, and, by extension, the emperor system from a mythological approach.


I mean, I heard it seems to have been a normal part of the educational process before the war.


(If you are interested, please Google "deification of the emperor", "postwar", or "GHQ").

2022-03-06 ―― どこから手を付けていいのか、分からない [長年日記]

―― どこから手を付けていいのか、分からない

"I don't know where to start".


I think this is quite common in everyday life.


That's how I feel now.





- Sparked by a question from "Ms. K" who read Ebata's column.


- Giving update on COVID-19 information from "Dr.Shibata of Run Over"

■EE Times Japan編集部のMさんが"GO"を出した

- with "GO" call from Mr. M of EE Times Japan editorial department


I am in the process of editing the eighth installment of the COVID-19 column series, "The K Project".


I just counted the number of pages of information I received from Ms. K and Dr. Shibata, and there are already 50 pages worth of information.


Considering that my explanations, drawings, etc. will be included here, this is a huge column(?) that I have never seen before.


―― どこから手を付けていいのか、分からない

"I don't know where to start".


Seriously, this is a situation that is beyond embarrassing.

2022-03-07 ―― 「核」に関してだけは、理性的でも、論理的でもある必要もなく、むしろ、激情や憤怒で対応してもよい [長年日記]


I don't know much about SWIFT(*), and I honestly don't think I understand deep in my heart what it means to exclude major Russian banks from this system now.


(*)A non-profit organization headquartered in Belgium, a global payment network that handles international financial remittances



―― VISAとマスター、ロシアでカード決済停止

"VISA and Master suspend card payments in Russia"


This threat is understandable for me.


With such sanctions, the Ebata family's cash flow would collapse in less than two months.


In the case of the Ebata family, if Amazon's service outage is added to this, I would, at that moment, raise the white flag.



If the removal from SWIFT was a "missile attack", the suspension of VISA and Master feels like "urban warfare".


Anyway, whether it is SWIFT, VISA/Master, or Amazon, I am keenly aware that "The persons who controls the infrastructure, controls the world".


Of course, I believe that "The persons who holds the energy controls the world" will remain constant.


In any case, there is no change in the fact that Japan does not have either of these (infrastructure or energy), and therefore "Japan cannot be the world's dominant player.



Therefore, what our country needs is a "realistic strategy for the weak" and the "openness" to be able to proudly claim that "this is our country's survival strategy.

ただ、ここに付け加えることがあるとすれば ―― 「核」です。

Just one thing to add here -- "nuclear".


We are the only country that can express our opinions on "nuclear weapons," "nuclear possession," "nuclear energy facilities," and all other "nuclear" matters in the following manner


"We will not listen to any story"


"We will not accept the logic of any justification"


"We will not tolerate any force or any excuses"


I believe that our country is the only country in the world where illogical emotional outbursts are allowed.


原爆投下、原子炉メルトダウン、放射性物質拡散 ―― 「核」に関して、こんな悲惨で悲しく苦しい体験を、立て続けに体験させられた国が、世界中のどこにある?

The atomic bombings, the reactor meltdowns, the proliferation of radioactive materials - where else in the world have we been subjected to such a series of tragic and distressing nuclear experiences?


There has been none.


Only in our country (Japan).


Hence, I believe

―― 「核」に関してだけは、理性的でも、論理的でもある必要もなく、むしろ、激情や憤怒で対応してもよい

"Only when it comes to "nuclear weapons," there is no need to be rational or logical, but rather to respond with fury and indignation."


2022-03-08 「『ルールは常に征服者の都合で決まる』・・・か」 [長年日記]


I have been returning home alone every four months to support my mother in changing her gastroduodenal appliance.


And every time I returned home, I would buy one copy each of "Golgo 13" and other manga sold at convenience stores.


Recently, my entire family returned to my parents' home for my mother's 49th day memorial service.


There, my senior daughter was reading a comic book I had purchased.


She was muttering,


"'The rules are always determined by the convenience of the conqueror.'..."


(*)ゴルゴ13 Vol.191 1万キロの狙撃

(*)Golgo 13 Vol.191 10,000 km Sniper



It seems to have tugged at the heartstrings of her, a first-year working adult.

2022-03-09 『到底、勝目のない戦争。国内の犠牲者が出るだけだから、日本は、北海道をロシアに譲るべきだ』 [長年日記]


With regard to the recent Russian military invasion of Ukraine (we use "invasion" here, in keeping with the various media outlets), there is an opinion that

―― 到底、勝目のない戦争。国内の犠牲者が出るだけだから、早くウクライナは降伏すべきである

"A war that cannot possibly be won. Ukraine should surrender as soon as possible, as it will only result in domestic casualties"



Japan has had similar situations.


During the Pacific War, our Supreme War Leadership Council was unable to make this decision (unconditional surrender).


As a result, many non-combatants (civilians) were killed and our country was used to demonstrate the atomic bomb.


When considered in this light, such a "surrender superiority theory" has a certain persuasiveness.



However, on the other hand,


If I consider the scenario of the previous annexation of the Kurmian peninsula (instead of the current invasion of Ukraine) as a use case with our country,


- "The Russians living in Japan in Hokkaido want to annex Hokkaido to Russia.


- The Russian president declares, "Hokkaido will be annexed to Russia.


- Unilateral military invasion of Hokkaido


- They effectively occupy our territory north of Hokkaido.


, and when we were told the following


"It's a war that can never be won. Japan should cede Hokkaido to Russia because it will only result in domestic casualties."


Will we be convinced ?



I'm not a patriot in the absolute sense of the word, but I thought,

―― 命をかけて戦える

"I can fight for my life."



For me, though I don't need "patriotism" to fight, I can fight with "rage against unreason".



The above use case is just something I came up with and probably not very good.


Can someone please explain well with a "use case using our country" like this?


I think there are a lot of people who are thinking about that.

2022-03-10 私の場合、アイテム(PC周辺装置等に関するIT知識)を持っているから、『勇者』として戦えますが、―― "e-Tax"ゲームの中で『勇者』をやれる人は、あまり多くないと思います。 [長年日記]


Our family uses e-Tax (https://www.e-tax.nta.go.jp/) to process medical expense refunds on our tax return each year.


My wife is neatly compiling the medical receipts and I am writing them into an excel file.


Excel writing takes quite a bit of time, although I can work on it while watching NetFlix since I don't have to use my brain.


(In addition, the provided Excel file template is so difficult to use that it is impossible to even make corrections due to cell protection of unknown purpose)


My wife and I are going through this tedious process because the refund is quite large.


If you are not doing it, I think you are wasting a lot of money, seriously.



Nevertheless, the difficulty of using e-Tax and other administrative systems has not improved at all.


On the contrary, they even seem to be getting worse.


For example,


'Almost every other year, IC card reader reading apps change.'


Can they do something about this situation?


Aside from those who specialize in that business, the target users of "Tax Returns with e-Tax" are

―― 一年で、一回だけ、e-Taxシステムを起動する、一般人

"The average person who activates the e-Tax system only once a year"


I sometimes wonder if they understand this fact.



Of course, I understand the need to keep up with changes in user PC operating systems and to take all possible measures to ensure the latest security measures.


It is also understandable that there are systemic reasons such as the card reader being a device attached to the PC, making it difficult to centralize all operations on the Web.


However, this would not achieve the original goal of 'reducing labor costs by increasing the number of tax returns filed by e-Tax and reducing the number of analog submissions.


Even I thought, 'It's too much trouble, let's print it out and submit it.



Well, in my case, I try to think of "e-Tax" as a kind of game.

『電子提出完了 = ラスボス撃破』とでも思わないと、やっていられません。

I would not be doing this if I didn't think, 'Electronic submission complete = Rust Boss defeated'.

私の場合、アイテム(PC周辺装置等に関するIT知識)を持っているから、『勇者』として戦えますが、―― "e-Tax"ゲームの中で『勇者』をやれる人は、あまり多くないと思います。

In my case, I can fight as a "hero" because I have some items (IT knowledge about PC peripherals, etc.), but - I don't think there are many people who can play "hero" in the "e-Tax" game.

2022-03-11 特に「手書きのモールス信号を書き込んだ下敷き」は、定期考査で効果を発揮したものです。 [長年日記]


By the time I finished my college days, there was a term "radio boy (a boy who builds his own radio using electronic components)" and "amateur radio" was considered the "king of hobbies".

実際に、携帯電話が普及する前の1990年代中頃まで、アマチュア無線の免許を持っているものは、モテたのです ―― スキー場で。

In fact, until the mid-1990s, before cell phones became popular, those with amateur radio licenses were popular -- at ski resorts.


After all, only those with the license and a handheld radio could keep in touch with their friends scattered all over the ski slopes.


Although there was a type of radio that could be used without a license called civil radio (CB radio), the strength of the radio signal was so different that it was possible to communicate with a much wider range of people, which was one of the strengths of amateur radio.



When I was in junior high school, the Ebata family was not a wealthy family, so I could not ask my parents to buy me a radio.


I spent my days looking at magazines (CQ magazine) and sighing.


So my parents asked me, 'How much are you going to charge?' I was really surprised.


I think I mentioned the price of a handheld radio (RJX-610), which was the least expensive at the time as a fixed device.


After that, I worked part time on my own to buy a cheap stabilized power supply that was just under the specified amount of current, and when it eventually proved to be useless, I was really frustrated.


From then on, I think I spent my days getting a cheap antenna and coaxial cable, and setting up the antenna at home by myself, and thinking "how to send the signal as far as possible".


To achieve this, I spent my days devising new antennae, making my own power supply, and so on.

指向性アンテナとアンテナの方向を換えるローテーターに手が届かなかったことは、今でも悔しいです ―― 子どものころの私に、寄付してやりたい ―― というより、一緒にアンテナ設置の作業をしたい。

I'm still frustrated that I couldn't get my hands on a directional antenna and a rotator to change the direction of the antenna -- I'd rather donate money to me as a child -- or rather, work with me to install the antenna.


さらに、その電波が届く距離を長くする為に、電信の免許も取得しました ―― いわゆる、モールス信号通信です。

In addition, in order to extend the range of its radio waves, it also obtained a telegraph license -- the so-called Morse code communication.


However, even using Morse code, it was honestly difficult to communicate with out-of-prefecture with the handheld radio I had.


However, when a special ionosphere (sporadic E layer) that occurred locally and suddenly around 100 km above the sky mainly during the daytime from spring to summer occurs, my radio waves could reach distant areas due to ionospheric reflection.

モールス信号で、コールサイン"JR6"を受けとった時は、聞き間違いかと思いましたが、"MI ADR NAHA"(こちらは那覇市です)の信号を受けた時の喜びは ―― 多分、理解して貰えないと思います。

When I received the call sign "JR6" in Morse code, I thought I heard it wrong, but my joy I felt when I received the signal "MI ADR NAHA" (this is Naha City) -- I am sorry but you probably don't understand.


I guess I should say, "The joy I feel, was more than getting a chocolate from a girl I liked for Valentine's Day".



The question that always bothers me is, "What in the world makes you happy about that?"


In the absence of the Internet, the only way to communicate over long distances was "amateur radio", except for "telephone" calls, which were ridiculously expensive.


Having "the skills to transmit information over a great distance" was something to aspire to.


Even if the information was as trivial as exchanging call signs and exchanging addresses and one's name.


当時の私のコールサインを、モールス信号で記載すると.--- . ..--- ... --.- ..となります。

My call sign at the time, in Morse code, was . --- . ... --- ... --. - ... ....


Incidentally, this Morse code was quite useful for more than just radio communication.


The "underlay with handwritten Morse code" had been especially effective during the periodic examinations.

2022-03-12 (8) 「安全な原発攻撃の手順書」の配布と、現場司令官への原発メカニズムの教育の徹底 [長年日記]


The following list are things that must be done before starting a war.

(1) 立法府(議会)の掌握

(1) Seize control of the legislature (Congress)

(2) 外国の経済制裁に対する自国経済のロバスト度の数値化と経済シミュレーション

(2) Quantification and economic simulation of the robustness of a country's economy against foreign economic sanctions

(3) 緊急事態宣言下での最高権力者による私権制限の強化の立法措置

(3) Legislative Measures to Strengthen Restrictions on Private Rights by the Supreme Authority under a Declaration of Emergency

(4) インターネット等の国内IPX(インタネットエクスチェンジ)の運用組織の掌握

(4) Seize control of domestic IPX (Internet Exchange) operating organizations such as Internet, etc.

(5) SNS等の運用禁止と、自国政府運用SNSサービスへの国民の誘導

(5) Prohibit the operation of social networking services, etc., and direct citizens to social networking services operated by their own government.

(6) 海外メディアの国外追放

(6) Deportation of foreign media

(7) 反体制勢力、アカデミズムへのスパイの潜入と組織内紛争(内ゲバ)の誘導

(7) Infiltration of spies into dissident forces and academia and induction of intra-institutional conflict (internal conflict)

(8) 「安全な原発攻撃の手順書」の配布と、現場司令官への原発メカニズムの教育の徹底

(8) Distribute safe nuclear power plant attack procedures and thoroughly educate field commanders on nuclear power plant mechanisms.

(9) 外国企業の国有化に関する立法化の(事前の)シナリオ策定

(9) Develop (pre-)scenarios for legislation on nationalization of foreign companies

(10) 敵国の核ミサイル開発疑惑と人体を使った細菌実験疑惑等の捏造証拠資料の、開戦「前」の作成完了と、検証される時間を与えないタイミングでの国外メディアへの開示

(10) Completion of the preparation of fabricated evidence, including allegations of the development of nuclear missiles by the enemy and of germ experiments using human bodies, "before" the outbreak of war, and disclosure to the foreign media at a time that does not give time to verify the evidence.



I am amazed at the number of hands this has appeared in the daily news.


I am sure that there will still be more news of 'what should have been done before starting the war' to come.


I realized that if we are going to start a war, we need to prepare carefully for the worst-case scenario.



Incidentally, during the Pacific War, Japan was also subjected to economic sanctions from around the world, while its government responded in the same way as described above.


In other words, in the last 100 years or so, the paradigm of war has "changed little".



Still, I am amazed at how our country was able to continue the war during the four years of the Pacific War while being subjected to economic sanctions from all over the world.


(No, to be precise, it was because of economic sanctions that they expanded (invaded) southward in search of energy resources.)


At any rate, I notices that the current Russian (presidential) mindset is surprisingly similar to that of the Japanese (politicians and military) mindset before and during the Pacific War.


In fact, it is not surprising that they are similar, since almost 100% of the purpose of war is to "attack (neutralize or demilitarize) a neighboring country" for the reason of "guaranteeing one's own right to exist".

2022-03-13 ―― 老害が世界を支配する [長年日記]

―― 老害が世界を支配する

"Fogy rules the world"


I realize this phrase deeply.



There is the following phrase in one of the books I read before.

『右(右派)であれ、左(左派)であれ、全ての理念や理想は、不死なるもの ―― 国家 ―― に辿りつく』

All ideals , whether of the right (right-wing) or the left (left-wing), are traced to the immortal -- the state.



I remember being impressed when I was a teenager and thinking, 'I see'.


The human body does not last more than 100 years.


Therefore, they seek their dependence on the nation.



Of course, "nation" here does not mean land.


They are political power, or ideology, or religion.


However, the "nation" also dies quite easily.


Any nation become easy to die, which is why studying history is such an enormous and tedious task.



The death of a nation is an inevitable part of history.


However, I can understand why an old person might think, 'I don't want to see the death of a nation, only to see it end in my generation'.


And as a rule, people cannot change themselves.


It takes an enormous amount of energy to change.

変わっていく価値観を、自分の中に取り入れることは、痛いです。激痛です ―― それは、よく知っています。

It is painful to incorporate changing values into your life. It is intense pain -- I know it well.


And old people are more likely to become "power" itself than young people.


After all, they are very experienced.


And old people in power have no hesitation in changing the rules (retirement and term of office).


Thus, the power of the old person increases in a snowball-like fashion.

そして、時代の変化や価値観に対応できない老人は、社会の害悪 ―― 老害になります。

And old people who cannot adapt to the changing times and values become a blight on society -- "fogy".



―― 老害が世界を支配する

"Fogy rules the world"

が、完成する ―― を、ウクライナ侵攻のニュースを見ながら、実感しています。

is completed. I realize this, watching the news of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.



I reaffirm that my remaining an "old man without power" is, in itself, of great value.


Today, I am still contributing to "world peace".

2022-03-14 先日、コラムの編集作業をしながら、NetFlixで「コタローは一人暮らし」というアニメの第1話を見て、その後、これを一気に全話見てしまいました。 [長年日記]


I try to turn away from things I don't want to see.


It is "hard" to see what I don't want to see.


So I will only see what I want to see, and only follow them, conveniently.


You can call this "cowardly," but

―― SNSで通り一遍の批判をするだけで、立ち去るやつらと、大して変わらん

"I'm not much different from the guys on social media who just make passing criticisms and walk away."


I began to profess this "cowardice" after I found out that



Currently, there are many matters that I continue to turn a blind eye to, one of which is 'abuse of children'.


This problem is the ultimate evil, like,

―― 無限暴力装置(虐待する親)を設置した密室(自宅)に、子どもを放置し続ける

"Continuing to leave children in a closed room (home) with an endless violent device (abusive parent)"



However, despite the efforts of many people struggling to find a solution, no definitive method has been found to solve this problem.


It is really 'painful' to see head-on the reality that 'nothing can be done about the current situation where children keep getting killed by their parents'.


So I have continued to turn a blind eye to this problem.


The other day, while editing my column, I watched the first episode of an anime called "Kotaro Lives Alone" on NetFlix, and then watched all the episodes of this one at once!


It was an enjoyable animation, though, with no extreme depictions or storied scenes appearing.

―― この問題から逃げ続けてきた私には、視聴後に、地味に、じわじわと、そのツケが回ってくるような

I have been running away from this issue, and it seems to me that the bill for it was coming soberly, slowly after watching this anime.



Anyway, both the pictures and the story, which are drawn in a comedic style, are very funny, so I hope that you will enjoy the work in a normal way without getting defensive.


私も ―― 「コタローは一人暮らし」のような、

I hope to deliver such works (columns, etc.) to many people, like "Kotaro lives alone",


"The food (raw vegetables), which is difficult for people to eat as it is, is prepared well and served as an easy-to-eat meal"


2022-03-15 『私が死んだ後の世界がどうなろうが、知ったことか』と開き直った統治者だけが、「世界でたった一人の勝利者」となる、ということになります。 [長年日記]


When I was a student at a law seminar, my instructor taught me the following phrase.

―― 「憲法違反」と言い出した弁護士は、裁判官に対して「敗北宣言」をしている

"Lawyers who say "violation of the Constitution" are "declaring defeat" to the judge"



"Judge" is basically a battle to determine whether or not a specific article of law, such as the Civil Code or the Criminal Code, can be applied to the defendant's conduct.


In other words, "matching the defendant's conduct with the text of the general law.


The "Constitution" is the supreme law of the land, but it is basically a "concept" (or idea).


Bringing up the "Constitution" to make a ruling is in itself a pretty rare case.


The reason why it is a rare case is because the impact of the case on not only the judiciary of this country, but also on society as a whole, is not humbling.


Hence, a court ruling on a constitutional violation is a significant news source.


Same-sex marriage and the recent ruling on the exclusionary period under the Superiority Protection Act were important cases that could not be decided by matching them with the general law.



Let me put it this way, I can say,

―― 「核兵器の使用」を言い出した国家元首は、戦争に対して「敗北宣言」をしている

"Any head of state who says "use nuclear weapons" is "declaring defeat" for the war"



However, the right to use nuclear weapons (the so-called "nuclear button") is left entirely up to the ruler of the country, so in the end


"I don't care what happens to the world after I die"


Thus, only the ruler who become defiant will be the "one and only winner in the world," and so on.


In fact, as far as I know, there have been "four times" in the past when nuclear war was threatened due to system errors, but the situation was averted due to on-site decisions.

しかし、人間のエラー(開き直った統治者)を、システムが止める ―― そういう逆転現象は、あまり期待できないと思います。

However, I don't think we can expect such a reversal -- like, the system stops a human error (defiant ruler).

2022-03-16 よい機会です ―― ここは一つ、「サイバー攻撃教育」を、真面目に検討してみませんか? [長年日記]

Yesterday was the deadline for filing tax returns, but there was a system failure in the e-Tax system (National Tax Electronic Filing and Payment System), which caused a commotion.


Since I finished the submission a week ago, I was O.K.


The cause is unknown, but I believe it is 'probably due to the concentration of load before the deadline'.



Many people may think that a "cyber attack" is a very sophisticated technology, but it is basically just an artificial attempt to do the same thing as the recent system failure of the e-Tax system.


Any server will (basically) go down if you set up a raging access against it.


When I was younger, I used to keep sending a huge number of computer-generated protest e-mails to the servers of spammers (statute of limitations has expired).


The server was then inaccessible.


However, this is an attack that "only brings down the server." In order to "hijack" or "rewrite content," a more advanced technique is required.


A server that has a domain name (a server that is publicly available on the Internet) can be cracked from the moment it is launched.


My server (kobore.net) is no exception.



I have heard that the Russian government's web server was inaccessible.


And I, too, am currently unable to get service on a server that is (presumably) in Russia or Ukraine.


It is certain that our nation's servers are now the target of cyber attacks.


Many people may think, "I don't run servers, so I don't have to worry about it," but there is a possibility that they are being forced to participate in server attacks.


In order to bring down a server system, it is necessary to plant a raging access. For example, if 1,000 PCs can be hijacked, the cyber attack can be launched from 1,000 PCs.

「自分のパソコンを乗っ取られて、自国のインフラシステムを攻撃する兵器」にしない為にも、少なくとも、定期的に"Windows Update"くらいはしておきましょう。

To prevent your computer from being hijacked and used as a weapon to attack your country's infrastructure, you should at least perform "Windows Update" regularly.


This is a good opportunity -- why don't we take a serious look at "cyber attack education"?

2022-03-17 『Leafletの開発者に、避難先からキエフに戻ってもらって、これからも、Leaflet開発に励んで頂く』 [長年日記]


Ukrainian aid is spreading around the world at a pace I have never seen in my life.


As for the aid,

―― 御託(ごたく)はいいんだよ! 金出せ、コノヤロー!!(泉谷しげるさん風)

"You don't care what someone says! Give me the money, motherfucker! (Shigeru Izumitani style)


I think this stance is totally O.K.

例え、メディアやSNSによる情宣に影響されていたとしても ――

Even if we are influenced by media and social networking propaganda --


There was a video of a child being killed within the borders of a country.


Unless there are images of children being killed on the other country's soil.


I am willing to "stop thinking".


No better reason is needed to support a country where children are being killed.



I want to follow this feeling of mine, but I am concerned about certain (unimportant to others) things.

アフガニスタン、ミャンマー、チベット、ウイグル ―― 私は、何もしてこなかったなぁ、と。

Afghanistan, Myanmar, Tibet, Uyghur -- I have done nothing.


This formidable "guilt" is holding me back from making me move.


If something was about "personal reasons", I'd "fire" easily...



I'm working hard on GIS software right now, and last night I was looking up the prerequisite OSS (leaflet) because I couldn't figure out how to use the API.

That is how I came across this page.


And the phrase written there caught my attention.

"If an appeal to humanity doesn't work for you, I'll appeal to your egoism: the future of Ukrainian citizens is the future of Leaflet."



よくぞ言ってくれた! そう言って欲しかった!!

Well said! I wish you would have said so!!!!


This phrase ignited my "selfishness".


I support Ukraine overwhelmingly and absolutely, not humanely, but only selfishly, "only" to save Leaflet.


Defending Ukraine is synonymous with defending my retirement way of life (GIS software development) to the death.


"I am asking the developers of Leaflet to return to Kiev from their evacuation site and continue to work hard on Leaflet development"


This is sufficient reason for my "support of Ukraine".

2022-03-18 で、まあ、そういうことを知っている私は ―― 正直に言いますが、『今回のウクライナ侵攻は、4日間で、ロシアの制圧で終了する』と思っていました。 [長年日記]


There is this "invasion of Ukraine" and an invasion that (from my point of view) was carried out for almost the same reasons and under the same conditions.


The "Czech Incident" was a military intervention (1968) by Soviet Union-led (now Russian) Warsaw Pact Organization forces.


You may remember them from "Prague Spring" and "The Brezhnev Doctrine."


(Incidentally, Ebata tends to abuse the term "doctrine," but he is quoting from this (Brezhnev Doctrine).



The "Prague Spring" was the following activities of Czechoslovakia, a socialist state, under the slogan "socialism with a human face" within the socialist system.


(1) Breaking away from one-party rule to the Communist Party


(2) Economic reforms of capitalism, such as the expansion of corporate responsibility and the introduction of market functions


(3) Liberalization of speech and artistic activities


(4) Strengthen economic ties with the West through the introduction of science and technology



The "Czech Incident" was an incident in which Warsaw Pact forces (in effect, Soviet forces) suppressed this activity by force, toppling the current government and establishing a more Soviet (puppet) government.



I, looked up the time between the military intervention and the armed suppression of this "Czech Incident"

―― たったの2日間

It was "Only two days"



At this time, the public did not fight back, and the West effectively tacitly endorsed the "Brezhnev Doctrine.


で、まあ、そういうことを知っている私は ―― 正直に言いますが、

And, well, I know that kind of thing -- I'm going to be honest with you.


I thought, 'This invasion of Ukraine will end in four days, with Russia in control'


In addition, the pattern of the invasion of Afghanistan was assumed: "After that, Russia will be forced to withdraw after 20 years, after being tormented by guerrilla activities in Ukraine" (this is the same as the US Vietnam War).


So now I am really surprised.

―― 20世紀から現在に至るまでの、列強支配のパラダイムやメソッドは、もはや当てはまらなくなっているのかも

"The paradigms and methods of power domination from the 20th century to the present may no longer apply"


I realize that.


So, Ukraine Support, from what I have been able to find out, this is not a scam site or anything like that.


There is also a page in Japanese.


I am considering various types of assistance from the above mentioned sites.


You can also register as a volunteer here.

"IT Product Management"でエントリー登録しても、『ロシアへのサイバー攻撃に参加してくれ』と言われることはないだろうとは、思っていますけど。

"I don't think if I register for an entry in IT Product Management, I will be asked to 'participate in a cyber attack on Russia'.


I am not sure whether I will be tried under domestic laws.

2022-03-19 ロシアのウクライナ侵攻前から、私は「テレ東BIZ」をウォッチし続けています。 [長年日記]


I have been watching "TV Tokyo BIZ" since before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


I like this program.


This is because the commentator appears to have studied and researched the subject with great care.


I do not believe that commentators need necessarily be "experts".


Rather, I find it more useful to have a hypothesis (a humble hypothesis) derived from it by a person outside the field, using up-to-date news sources and quantitative figures (including history).


専門家、論者、有識者といわれる皆さん ―― 『うるさい』

To all the so-called experts, commentators, and pundits -- "Shut up.


Please don't bring your "sad" or "terrible" or "righteous" or whatever into me.


I am not interested in a single millimeter of your comments laced with your desires (ideals, ideals).


What I look for in a news commentary is "matters explained with figures" and an objective "view" derived from those facts.


It is a normal forecast, normally guided by normal thinking, just as water flows to a lower place.



In "TV Tokyo BIZ," before the war began, the following commentary was given


"Based on objective information, it is common to assume that there will be no invasion of Ukraine.


"Because it is impossible to maintain effective control over the whole of Ukraine in terms of troops and financial resources.


"Still, wars throughout history have generally started with the unexpected. We don't know what will happen this time either."


Right now, that is exactly what the program predicted would happen.


The figures used in "TV Tokyo BIZ" were very rough, about the number and type of personnel and armaments, the area of Ukraine, and the expenses required to continue the war, but they were very clear to me.


To all of you who are called experts, orators, or intellectuals.


If you are going to talk about this war, please first study enough to be able to slur these figures before discussing them.



For example, Ukraine's current population is 44 million.


And just over 2 million people have now fled the country.


In other words, only less than 5% of the population is able to escape.


he majority of the population has not been able to leave the country.


Poland has a population of 40 million, Romania 20 million, Slovakia 5 million, and Moldova less than 3 million.

ここに、ウクライナの人口の半分、2000万人が逃げこむことができるか? ―― できるわけがない。

Can 20 million people, half of Ukraine's population, flee here? -- It can't be done.

そして、国内に残っている4000万人の反ロシア感情(一部、親ロシア派もいる)で一致する国民を、ロシアは実効支配できるか? ―― かなり難しいだろう。

出典: 北大西洋条約機構(NATO)について(https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/files/100156880.pdf)

And can Russia effectively control the 40 million people remaining in the country who are united in their anti-Russian (and some pro-Russian) sentiments? -- It will be very difficult.


Here's how "TV Tokyo BIZ" describes it (I just spent 5 minutes looking up the numbers above).


Therefore, I keep track of the news regarding the invasion of Ukraine only on "NHK" and "TV Tokyo BIZ".

2022-03-20 "Happy Skiing day of the year!!" [長年日記]


On Friday, I knew of the "three-day weekend" and then decided that if I missed it, I would not have another chance this fiscal year.


So, over the past two days, I have been frantically writing a column manuscript and have just submitted it to the editorial office.


I'm going to bed now (10pm) with a bump of sleeping pills.

"Happy Skiing day of the year!!"


- I can arrive within 3 hours from your home.


- There are some extreme slopes (expert courses).


- Even in March, the snow quality is relatively good

Considering the above conditions, it is inevitably "Kawaba Ski Resort".


Thinking back, I have not been to any other ski resort but this one for the last 10 years.


Before I could change my mind, I also just purchased a ski pass online.



So, I am completely off tomorrow, once a year.

I am going to a "ski camp" of only one person.

2022-03-21 私は、死ぬ直前まで『思い立てば、世界中のどこにでもフラっと出掛けることができる体』を維持したいです。 [長年日記]

2年ぶりに、スキー場に行ってきたのですが ―― 散々な目に合いました。

For the first time in two years, I went to a ski resort -- and I had a bad experience.


I had no choice but to do the first one or two "falls" and "off the board," but I had to continue to course-close that condition.


Above all, I was shocked by the fact that "it is no longer possible to ski down slopes of 2 to 3 km in length all at once.


I have skied down the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb (Canada), with a height difference of 1,600 meters, in one fell swoop, and I have even taken a helicopter downhill from the summit.


That is the regular intermediate course as well as the expert course. How miserable I am.


Usually by the afternoon, the feeling of being on skis disappears and a heightened sense of togetherness emerges, but this time, I ended the entire day feeling exhausted.


After pulling off the slopes, my strength to take off my ski boots or unbutton my clothes disappeared, and I could not move at all.


I am honestly shocked.



Although the food at the ski resort is improving, I still don't think the quality is worth the price.


So this time, I bought some pastries at a convenience store and nibbled on them at the lodge on the slope.


This time, I skied from 9:30 to 16:00, with the exception of two breaks, so I may have been overworked, but I still estimated it to be enough for calorie counting purposes.



This was similar to the symptoms I had when I was in junior high school, when I had no money, and on a whim, did a 100 km round-the-peninsula bicycle ride, and was completely immobilized.

―― ハンガーノック?

"Hunger knock?"


Hunger knock is a phenomenon in which a person continues to exercise without feeling hungry, even if he or she is not hungry, resulting in an extremely low blood sugar state and using up all the energy to move the body.


I have been working from home recently and have been running low on food and drinking water. Not to mention the lack of exercise.


If I has not exercised for two years and has been exercising for about five hours straight, a hunger knock is quite possible.



On the highway on the way back, I had a sleeping spell that felt completely dangerous and I had to flee to a nearby PA.


And as soon as I stopped the automobile, I passed out (that was not the level of "napping").


After that, I had no appetite, but I implemented a forced intake of ice cream and other foods for my return home.



In general, there is a single word that describes all of these phenomena.


"I'm getting old"



It's inevitable that I "get old."


However, a decline in muscle strength and endurance will reduce one's range of motion (range of action).


I want to maintain a body that can go anywhere in the world at a moment's notice until just before I die.


Oh, by the way, I am working hard on indoor pull-ups.


The other day, I was able to achieve four consecutive Ebata-style pull-ups(*).


(*)Using a bar set up on the roof of Ebata's room, a cheater's pull-ups are considered "one time" just by hitting your head against the ceiling.


By the way, I couldn't even do "once" today.


I have muscle aches all over my body and it is very difficult to get downstairs.

2022-03-22 「最恵国待遇の『撤回』」って、どの条文を適用するんだっけ? [長年日記]


I was quite surprised when I was told about the "principle of national treatment" among the three conditions of the Paris Convention.


Furthermore, I was astonished when I learned about the "most-favored-nation treatment" under GATT (I learned it from the TRIP article).


Most-favored-nation treatment is "the granting by one party to a treaty of commerce and navigation or commercial agreement of treatment no less favorable than that of a third country which gives the most favorable treatment to the other party in matters of commerce, customs, navigation, etc." -- but


To put this in a meta-expression without fear of misunderstanding, it is O.K. to understand it like this: "If you sell rice to a foreign country, you must sell it at the same price as the country that sells the lowest price.


Moreover, the rule is very open: "We don't care whether the country selling at the lowest price is a member of the WTO or not.


Needless to say, modern international trade has been supported by this "most-favored-nation treatment.

この「最恵国待遇」による国際貿易は、「World Peace through Trade(貿易を通じての世界平和)」の理念の一つであり、ニューヨークのマンハッタンに"The World Trade Center"が設立趣旨と聞いたことがあります。

This "MFN" international trade is one of the principles of "World Peace through Trade," and I have heard that "The World Trade Center" was established in Manhattan, New York.


Well, it was later doomed to collapse in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States.



I'm trying very hard right now to remember what it used to be like.

―― 「最恵国待遇の『撤回』」って、どの条文を適用するんだっけ?

"Which article applies to "the 'withdrawal' of MFN treatment"?"


I am doing a lot of research on this.


Of course, this refers to the "withdrawal of MFN treatment" of Russia by the G7 countries, but I don't recall studying such a case.


So, after a long time, I opened the "Six Laws of Intellectual Property" and read through them, but I still could not find such a "sanction clause".


Then the last article of the TRIPS Agreement,


第七十三条 安全保障のための例外

Article 73 Exceptions for Security


Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as providing for any of the following

(B) 加盟国が自国の安全保障上の重大な利益の保護のために必要と認める次のいずれかの措置をとることを妨げること。(iii)戦時その他の国際関係の緊急時にとる措置

(B) Preventing a Member State from taking any of the following measures that it deems necessary for the protection of its vital security interests (iii) Measures taken in time of war or other emergency of international relations

(C) 加盟国が国際の平和及び安全の維持のため国際連合憲章に基づく義務に従って措置をとることを妨げること。

(C) preventing Member States from taking measures in accordance with their obligations under the Charter of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security



I wonder if the G7 countries apply the above article.


In other words, it could be interpreted as 'It is not a provision that must be observed until (1) Japan is in a state of war, (2) Japan is disadvantaged, or (C) Japan is in violation of the Charter of the United Nations.


I see, hence the (strange) phrase 'withdrawal of "MFN treatment"'.


But there doesn't seem to be any provision for "expulsion" from the WTO in TRIP, only "withdrawal" from GATT Article 31 here.


In any case, it seems to me that "withdrawal of MFN treatment" is about as powerful as "nuclear missiles on trade".



And well, now I am escaping reality because I cannot identify the conditions under which a bug in the program occurs.

# 今、特定および修正完了しました。午前3時です。

# Now identified and corrected. It is 3:00 AM.

2022-03-23 『EVと分散蓄電池 + 自然エネルギーで、社会インフラを支える国家』というビジョンは、多分、世界を驚かすと思いますが、どうでしょうか? [長年日記]


It was a long time ago, but I wrote a column, whose title was

'Is There Enough Electricity in Japan? --Let's try to verify it by converting it into "the number of maids"'

というコラムで、大停電 ―― ブラックアウト について書きました。

about major power outage -- "blackout".

In my estimation, the blackout in Japan will occur in "mid-summer".

まさか、地震 → 発電所停止 → 寒波 → 真冬のブラックアウト で、その危険がやってくるとは予想もしていませんでした。

I never expected that the danger would come in the form of an earthquake → power plant shutdown → cold wave → midwinter blackout.


The "Power Tight Alert".


ところで、大声では言えませんが ――

By the way, there is something I can't say out loud.


One of the quickest ways to promote electric vehicles (EVs), renewables, and large-scale energy storage systems is to have frequent power outages.


By analogy, an EV is a moving storage battery, so a single-family home may be able to guarantee electricity for a few hours.


In reality, it is not that simple, as a DC to AC conversion device is required, which is expensive and requires installation work.


In countries where power outages were common (such as India in the past), each household was equipped with a battery, which was utilized during power outages.

しかし、上記のコラムにも書いていますが、電力は「社会システムの血液」ですので、これが安定供給されない社会は、不安なインフラを抱えることになります ―― これは、人命に関わることです。

However, as noted in the above column, electricity is the "blood of the social system," and a society without a stable supply of it will have an insecure infrastructure -- this is a matter of human life.



It may seem that the only way to achieve carbon neutrality is to 'restart nuclear power plants.


However, as you know, our country has had a lot of bad experiences with nuclear accidents.


In addition, it is said that another 200 years will be needed to complete the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.


In general, our country and nuclear energy, be it nuclear power or atomic bombs, are thoroughly incompatible.



As an ambitious idea, I will propose

―― 計画的ブラックアウト

"Planned blackout"


『EVと分散蓄電池 + 自然エネルギーで、社会インフラを支える国家』というビジョンは、多分、世界を驚かすと思いますが、どうでしょうか?

I think the vision of "a nation that supports social infrastructure with EVs and distributed storage batteries + natural energy" will probably surprise the world.



By the way, when I was about 20 years old, most of the people who were doing research on "solar power" were called 'idiots' who were wasting their research money on unrealistic research.

これは本当です ―― なにしろ、大学時代に私が所属していたゼミの話ですから。

This was true -- anyway, this is the story of my laboratory in college.

2022-03-24 江端家は、私の影響(激辛のカレーを大量に作る)もあり、大抵の辛い料理は、問題がありません。 [長年日記]


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.


I picked up my wife from work at the station and headed out for dinner.

車を走らせながら、店を選ぶことにしましたが ―― 「マック」「サイゼ」「バーミヤン」はないとしても、「丸亀製麺」「立川マシマシラーメン」には、ちょっと引きつけられました。

As I drove around, I decided to choose a restaurant -- even though there was no "Mac", "Saizeria", or "Bamiyan", I was a bit drawn to "Marugame Seimen" and "Tachikawa Masashi Ramen".


However, as a wedding anniversary, I thought it was out of the question.


The choice was narrowed down to two options: conveyor-belt sushi and Chinese food, but in the end we decided on the latter.


Two of us ate Szechuan hot pot (bright red hot pot) with fried rice.



The Ebata family has no problem with most spicy food, partly due to my influence (I make a lot of very hot curry).


According to my daughter, she complains that she is no longer able to empathize with 'spicy food' when she eats spicy food with her friends.

2022-03-25 もし、あなたの人道主義に訴えないのであれば、私は、あなたの利己主義に訴えます:ウクライナ市民の未来は、Leafletの未来です [長年日記]


Yesterday, after finishing discussing the proposed structure of my March column with my "rude junior," we got to talking about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


He was acclaimed highly in the following phrase,

"If an appeal to humanity doesn't work for you, I'll appeal to your egoism: the future of Ukrainian citizens is the future of Leaflet."(もし、あなたの人道主義に訴えないのであれば、私は、あなたの利己主義に訴えます:ウクライナ市民の未来は、Leafletの未来です)



I love this phrase, too, so I reposted it.


You know that I do not have the qualities to preach "humanitarianism" or "humanity" or "morality" or "public interest" to others.

もし一回でも「人道主義」を口にすれば、その後の人生において、それが自分に纏(まと)わりついてくるに違いない ―― という、変な思い込みもあります。

I have a strange belief that if I say "humanitarianism" even once, it will stick with me for the rest of my life.


That is why the "excuses of 'selfishness'" is the greatest gift for people like me.



So here's my conclusion for today.

―― もし、私の「利己主義」を発動させたいのであれば、私(江端)が無視できないほどの優れたOSSを開発をすべきである

"If you want to invoke my "selfishness", you should develop OSS so good that I (Ebata) cannot ignore it!"


That's it.


At present, my "countries where self-interest might be triggered" are

米国(PostgreSQL,Gun Emacs, C/C++、golang、AWS)、フィンランド(Linux), スイス(u-blox), イギリス(Raspberry Pi)ですね。

USA (PostgreSQL, Gun Emacs, C/C++, golang, AWS), Finland (Linux), Switzerland (u-blox), UK (Raspberry Pi).

この理屈で言えば、私は『日米安保"支持"』 ―― どころか『日米安保"絶賛"』になります。

By this logic, I am not only a "supporter" of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, but also a "praise" of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.


I know that my support will not be enough to help them, however.

『World Peace Through OSS (OSSによる世界平和)』

"World Peace Through OSS"


I think there are many people (IT engineers) in our country who are moved by the phrase.

2022-03-26 『インターネットの時代であっても、国家による情報統制(制御)は可能』という現実にガッカリしています。 [長年日記]


I am disappointed in the reality that "even in the age of the Internet, information control by the state is possible.

30年くらい前、私は、"World Peace on the Internet(インターネットによる世界平和)"という理念を持っていました。

About 30 years ago, I had a philosophy called "World Peace on the Internet.


However, instead of world peace, I am witnessing the "daily use of slander and libel through the abuse of anonymity" and "the use of political parties as tools to incite the people" through e-mail, bulletin boards, and social networking services.


This was the first setback.

そして、今、"World Citizen on the Internet(インターネットによる世界市民)"という理念が、見事に壊されています。

And now the "World Citizen on the Internet" philosophy is being spectacularly destroyed.


The second setback, to rave reviews, is underway.



I used to do research on telecommunication networks, so I know the following


Information does not come from the cloud; rather, it is more like the image of a "water pipe."



Every country has something like an IPX, a "main valve" through which domestic and international information is routed.


I knew that we could easily create a "state of information seclusion" as long as a power controls IPX.

―― まあ、そういうことをする政府が出てくるとは思えないけどね

"Well, any government do not that"


I thought I was being carefree, but I really was carefree.



For example, the Chinese government has perfected a brilliant "information control system" on that vast continent.


In fact, when I was in Guangzhou, China on a business trip during the Senkaku Islands issue, I was severely affected by this system.


I once had a hotel security come to my room because I couldn't access a Japanese site (my web management system), and I said, 'It's a communication problem, I need you to look at it.

パソコンを覗き込んだ彼の表情 ―― 苦笑いするような顔 ―― を見て、一瞬に状況を察しました。

I looked at his expression as he looked into the computer -- a bitter smile on his face -- and instantly knew what was going on.


The Russian government also seems to have achieved a block on the inflow of information from abroad.


I believe that considerable high technology, human resources, and costs are involved.

ITエンジニアとしては、そのタスクに対して敬意を払えるレベルです ―― その是非はさておき。

As an IT engineer, I have a level of respect for that task --- leaving aside the pros and cons of this.



If I have a third setback, it is "falsification of history".

現在、戦争当事国であるロシアが、国民の支持を得るために情報統制するのは、まあ、ある意味当然と言えます ―― その是非はさておき。

Now that the Russian government is a party to the war, it is, in a sense, natural for the Russian government to control information in order to gain public support -- the pros and cons aside.


The problem is postwar.


Today, even at the civilian level, information about the war is accumulating.

これが戦後に公開されれば、普通に考えれば、現政権は倒れます ―― 倒れるはずです。

If this is made public after the war, the current government would normally fall -- I think.



Incidentally, "historical falsification" is an important task of state power.

Japan also has a "Nihon Shoki" (Chronicles of Japan), a "great book of historical falsification" that is the foundation of our country today.



The problem is that this "falsification of history" is achieved through IT.


This is what is called "Tiananmen Square Incident" search is not available.


If this is the case, then it is also going to be quite possible that the search cannot be done for "invasion of Ukraine".


After all, 'information is destined to be controlled by the state.'

"World Citizen on the Internet(インターネットによる世界市民)"

"World Citizen on the Internet"


is nothing more than "Ebata's bedtime story," which will be confirmed in due course, after all.



So, if our country were to become a party to a war, would the Japanese government also control IPX?


I am negative on this hypothesis.


It seems to me that information from abroad does not spread well in Japan.


This is because our country has a strong firewall of "Japanese citizens who are not loved by English".

2022-03-27 いずれにしても、国家であれ、市町村であれ、『変な形をした行政地区』があれば、先ずは『過去の政争(または戦争)』を疑ってみると良いと思います。 [長年日記]


I have long thought that Tsurukawa, Machida City, Tokyo, where I used to live,

―― クリミア半島に似ている

"resembles the Crimea Peninsula".



地図を見比べてみると ――

Comparing the maps,


"Kodomo no kuni" and "Sebastopol"


"Midoriyama Futsal Park" and "Eftparia"


I feel they apply.


Well, Tsurukawa has no sea (Black Sea).


Not only the Tsurukawa district, but the entire Tama area seemed to have a very "unnatural topography" for an administrative district of Tokyo.



So, I did some digging, I found the following line.


"On April 1, 1893, the three Tama areas (Nishitama, Kita-Tama, and Minamitama) were transferred from Kanagawa Prefecture to Tokyo Prefecture in order to secure a water source and control water quality for Tamagawa Josui, Tokyo Prefecture's water supply"


However, I thought 'Isn't that logic a bit of a stretch? (absolutely impossible for Tsurukawa area)" So I looked further and found it.


"It is believed that this was a measure to weaken the influence of the Liberal Party by transferring the three Tama areas (Nishitama, Minamitama, and Kitatama), which had been the center of the Liberal Civil Rights Movement, from Kanagawa Prefecture to Tokyo Prefecture."


See? I knew it!


And, it seems that


"At the time, the Liberal Party members of the prefectural assembly strongly opposed the transfer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government"



さらに調べてみたのですが ――

I looked into it further--

三多摩自由民権運動の最高指導者である、石坂昌孝(1841-1907)は、第1回衆議院議員総選挙(神奈川県小選挙区 神奈川3区)初当選しております。

Ishizaka Masataka (1841-1907), the supreme leader of the Mittama Liberal Civil Rights Movement, was first elected to the House of Representatives in the first general election (Kanagawa Prefecture primary election, Kanagawa Ward 3).


However, he was elected for his third and fourth terms in Tokyo's 13th ward.


In other words,


"The government was trying to cut off the opposition (Liberal Party) by forcing them to change their constituencies"


This seems to have been the purpose behind the transfer of the Tama area to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.



In any case, if there is a "strangely shaped administrative district," whether it is a state or a municipality, it is a good idea to suspect "political strife (or war) in the past" first.

2022-03-28 『1940年のヨーロッパの戦争映画』のような酷い風景や人々の境遇を、2022年の現在に再現する―― その前世代的なアプローチに、私は、心底うんざりして、腹を立てています。 [長年日記]


With regard to the former U.S. President, President Trump, the Japanese media has been reporting the following news day after day.

―― 明日にでもトランプ大統領が罷免・弾劾される

"President Trump will be removed from office and impeached tomorrow"



After all, he has not been removed from office, impeached, or prosecuted by the judiciary (Though I don't know about the civil trial).

つまり、日本のマスコミが流していたニュースは、ことごとく、的を外していた ―― というよりは、

In other words, the news that the Japanese press was spreading was, at every turn, missing the point -- or rather,


"They kept on releasing news that was popular with the Japanese"



Because President Trump was not well-received by the Japanese people (including myself).


Incidentally, I don't know of any story of the media 'self-criticism' of the content or results of these news items.



Therefore, it may be a good idea to consider that "news that is popular with the Japanese people may continue to be broadcast on a priority basis" with regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


In particular, we should pay special attention to the "Ukrainian military superiority" story.


This is because the news is "popular" among us Japanese.



I try not to make too many political statements because I don't like to be embarrassed later.


When I decide to make a political statement, I set my own criteria so that I do not later blame others (e.g., Internet news, etc.) for my decision.

My own criteria are, for example, self-interest or a comparison of where the news source originates.


I watched "BS World Documentary 'The Queen and the Coup'".


It was so much fun.


The conspiracy, in which the U.S. government, without telling the British government, "used the name of Elizabeth II to discourage the then King Pahlavi from fleeing the country," was carefully explained.


I thought it was 'more interesting than the movie' because it was full of stories about bribes and spreading disinformation (now called this fake news) in order to defeat political opponents.



Stories of state overthrow by U.S. intelligence that I can quickly recall include Guatemala, Cuba, Chile, and Nicaragua.

ベトナムの軍事侵攻で派手に転けてから、米国は表立っては、軍事侵攻はやらず(思い出したようにやっていますが(例 湾岸戦争、イラク戦争))、基本的には、インテリジェンスで、近隣国家に、ちょっかいをかけ続けています。

Since its spectacular military invasion of Vietnam, the U.S. has not overtly launched military invasions (although it does so when it remembers (e.g., the Gulf War and Iraq War)), but has basically continued to meddle with neighboring countries through intelligence.


Even Russia would have intelligence of considerable size and capability, and would be one of the best in the world at cyber intrusion.


So I think,

―― 何やってんだ?

"What is Russia doing?"


インテリジェンスでもサイバー攻撃もやらずに、いきなり他国に武力で流れ込んだのだとしたら ―― もう文句のつけようのないほどの『バカ』だと思います。

If they suddenly flowed into another country by force of arms without doing any intelligence or cyber attacks -- I think they are now unquestionably 'stupid'.


Maybe they tried, but it didn't work out, I think.


『1940年のヨーロッパの戦争映画』のような酷い風景や人々の境遇を、2022年の現在に再現する―― その前世代的なアプローチに、私は、心底うんざりして、腹を立てています。

I am truly disgusted and offended by the pre-generational approach of recreating the terrible landscapes and conditions of people in the present day, in 2022, as in "European war movies of 1940."


As that "rude junior" said...

―― 『宇宙戦争』とまでは言わないまでも、『サイバー戦争』くらいのことが、できんかったのか

"Couldn't they have done something more like "cyber warfare", if not "space warfare"?"


I do agree with him.

2022-03-29 ところで、これ、信じていいんですよね? [長年日記]


I am a late night person, but I am also a late morning person.


Most of the time when I wake up, there is no one in the house.



The other day, the reading light in my wife's bed was left on for three days in a row.


On days when the reading light was off, the closet light was left on.

これ、何かの示唆? 暗喩? 暗号?

Is this an indication of something? A metaphor? A code?

―― 何か、マズいことしたっけ?

"Did I do something wrong?"


I was getting blue cold.


I pretended to be casual and asked my wife about it, and she said, 'I just kept forgetting to turn it off.



By the way, I believe this, don't I?

2022-03-30 という訳で、あなたが研究員であれば、『感情を、前面かつ全面に押し出す論文』というのを、一度、試みることをお勧めします。 [長年日記]


I was fortunate to receive a best paper award at an international conference this year.


I am so lucky that even now I wonder, 'Were I being cheated?


To be honest, I even thought that the paper would not even be accepted, let alone win the best paper award.


This is because I wrote this paper in the same style of the columns I usually write.


つまり、怒りや、不満や、後悔や、そして現場で立て続けに発生する不具合、文句、クレームなどを ―― 、赤裸々に 、しかし、論文の体裁を越えない範囲で ―― 書き殴ったものだからです。

In other words, it is a bare-bones description of anger, frustration, regret, problems, complaints, and claims that keep cropping up in the field, without going beyond the style of a thesis statement.


In a nutshell, the paper was like a "list of minefields for field trials," and was the culmination of a protest against "those who talk about 'field trials' so casually".


In hindsight, I think,

―― そこがウケたのかな?

"Was that what they liked about it?"



The paper reviewer may have been someone who had seen 'hell' in a field trial.


If they are such persons, it is possible that they may have "emotionally accepted (adopted) the paper before examining the content carefully".


If I were a reviewer, I would do so(I assure you).


Therefore, if you are a researcher, I recommend that you try to write a paper that puts emotion not only front but also all.



If possible, I strongly recommend writing in a language other than Japanese.


I know from experience that there will be fewer claims from various parts of the domestic.

2022-03-31 『私が、私(江端)の意見を否定する論を作るために、なぜ、私(江端)が汗をかかなればならないのですか?』 [長年日記]


Recently, I received emails from readers.


Often it's a polite email, and I'm happy to receive it (often fan letters).


However, some of the people who argue with the content of my column are "rude".



As long as you are giving me an opinion (rebuttal), I would like you to at least observe the "principle of burden of proof (*1-4)".






In particular, 'I do not agree with Mr. Ebata's opinion of XXX. Please look into XXX.' A few lines of the e-mail infuriated me.


I will say it again and again.


"Why should I (Ebata) sweat to make an argument that I (Ebata) disagree with?"



If you are going to refute my (Ebata's) argument, then


(1) You formulate a hypothesis (a counterargument to Ebata's argument) on your own, and


(2) You investigate on your own, and


(3) You identify the source on your own, and


(4) You collect, analyze, and analyze the data on your own.


(5) You develop an argument on your own to the effect that your hypothesis (refutation of Ebata's argument) is adopted (not rejected), and


(6) You describe all of the above (1)-(5) in your own words


I would judge that the "Burden of Proof Principle" has been met, with all of this process being described in the email.


At least the last one, 'describe in your own words', is absolute.



I spend an enormous amount of time, head and money (my own money) when I write my columns, and I have the cooperation of many people.


I demand the same level of cost (load) for those who attempt to give me an opinion (rebuttal).


In terms of quantity, it's like, "At the very least, it's not going to be less than 50 lines of mail.


Other people who contact you using an e-mail address not listed in the column are out of line.


Please observe this level of civility, however formal it may be.


I have neither the will nor the time to communicate with someone who suddenly calls me 'unlearned'.