2024-04-01 『会社も他人もどうなろうと知ったことか』をベースとする私の価値観において、自分の中の暴力装置を動かすのは、それなりにエネルギーがいるのです。 [長年日記]


I know I am a "problem child" of the organization.


To begin with, I do not have a strong sense of love for the organization (company spirit, school spirit, local love, patriotism).


I don't think it's "no," but I feel intense love for it is "weak."


Since a sense of belonging to an organization is the foundation of social life, I think that it is not too much to say that those who lack this sense of belonging are, in a sense, "problem children in the organization.


But, well, I think everyone is a problem child of the organization, albeit in different directions and sizes.



Lately, or so I have thought for a long time, I have often been used as that "device to "fix" (or "crush") problem children.


It is a "device to deter the occurrence of problems" using logic (quibble) and violence (power).


This is a perfect example of "conquering poison with poison.

I'm getting older, so I can 'glare' and use threats and scolding, even if it's just a pain.


In my value system, "I don't care what happens to the company or others," it takes some energy to move the violent device inside me.

But as you know, I am a "company dog," so when given a mission, I work to complete it.



I both 'hate' and 'find it troublesome' that the moment I hear about a newly given mission, I can see the 'aims of the organization.'


I think it's about time for me to get a job where I can sip tea in the sun on the porch," but I also think that would be harsh.


Seniors, in their own way, are also troubled daily.

2024-04-02 『わからない文章の責任は、"100%"書き手にある』 [長年日記]


I know that I am one of those people who write things, but that does not mean I am a high reader.


I was looking through a book that my second daughter has called "SPI(*) Question Book," and I was surprised when I tried the section called "(Japanese) Long Sentence Decoding.

(*)SPIとは、Synthetic Personality Inventory(総合適性検査)の略で、1974年に個人の資質をベースとした採用選考を目的として開発された適性検査で、一般社会人として必要な性格や能力の測定を目的としているテスト

(*)SPI stands for Synthetic Personality Inventory, an aptitude test developed in 1974 for employment selection based on personal qualities to measure the personality and abilities required of ordinary working adults.


From my perspective as an engineer,

―― 壮絶に酷い文章

"a spectacularly bad sentence."


I couldn't help but mutter to myself.



For example, of long-form questions,


"Linguistics taken as a whole is still unwilling to stand outside the web of biologically shared language."


There was a question asking the meaning of the above sentence.


Before the question, does this phrase make sense in Japanese?


I would honestly write, 'In linguistics, they study language by focusing on biological aspects and commonalities.


If I had not written it this way, my supervisor would have yelled at me, and I would have yelled at my subordinates.



I am an engineer (that's me) who believes technical writing is the best. Therefore, I always consider the following.


- Clear and accurate language


- Effective use of charts and graphs


- Organize paragraph structure



- Adoption of appropriate style and formatting to suit the target audience and purpose of the document



What are the basic principles common to all of them is


"The writer is 100% responsible for the unreadable text."

There is a consistent "reader-first" principle.



I am not always a "technical writer" or a "reader-first" person.


My primary purpose in writing a column is that I enjoy writing it, and then I enjoy reading it.


In my columns, the readers are always secondary.


Well, 'How is this stance for a writer?' I think it is problematic.



If the world were to become technical writing, literature would not be possible, and academic fields would lose flavor.


First, I think this kind of SPI question will be invalid.




"Linguistics taken as a whole is still unwilling to stand outside the web of biologically shared language."


If you do not understand the above phrases, you need not think your language skills are poor.

少なくとも、私は分かりませんでした ―― 私たちは同志です。

At least, I didn't understand -- we are comrades.



However, it seemed reasonable for the other areas of the SPI, arithmetic (math) and English (vocabulary).


I was able to understand the questions and derive the answers.


When I think about it that way, the possibility arises that 'only my language skills are deficient.'

Therefore, I would like to discontinue this topic here.

2024-04-03 しかし、幹部の出席するミーティングで「質問が出てこない」のは『当たり前』じゃないですか? [長年日記]


April is the season for kick-off meetings.


I have moderated several kick-off meetings in my career.


A common phenomenon in such meetings is the "no questions asked."


But isn't it 'normal' that 'no questions are asked' at meetings attended by executives?


I am afraid of saying something terrible and getting noticed by the executives.


As for me in particular, I once asked a question that was so off the mark that it made the place feel whitewashed, and I'm still traumatized by it.


I have a "track record" of being marked by executives for asking wrong questions in the past.

Well, at international conferences not attended by my boss or company officials, I turn into a "question-making machine.


Now, I employed a "negative lottery" when I was a moderator.


(1) At the start of the meeting, I will declare that if no questions are asked within 5 seconds, I will randomly appoint a section head.


(2) I shall nominate a section chief. The nominated section chief can ask questions or reassign subordinates.


(3) The reassigned subordinate must ask questions


This "negative lottery" filled me with a sense of urgency. I had to attend the meeting, thinking of a story that everyone could ask questions about.


My successor seems to have inherited this method (not sure how this year is going).



The advantages of this method are,


(1) Avoids silencing the field.


(2) The nominated person can feel like they can 'just go along with it' even if they ask strange questions.


This system brings a sense of game into the meeting.


It is evident that "a low-level person will not willingly ask questions at a meeting attended by executives." Still, it seems to me that the concept of assuming this obviousness is lacking.


It is possible to keep meetings running at a moderate level by adding just the right amount of "compulsion" and "resignation.



One thing I don't want you to misunderstand, however, is that I have little desire to activate the meeting and contribute to the organization. This is just a?

"method I have devised to complete the mission I have been given."


2024-04-04 松本人志さんの事件について、私は、今後も、その事件そのものについては、コメントはしないつもりです。 [長年日記]


I will not comment on the case of Mr. Matsumoto's case itself.


Because I remember the "Los scandal" of 1981.


This case was then and still is too complicated for me to understand.

For those interested, click here.


I was a teenager then and did not pay much attention to the case.


However, I remember how heated the public and the media were.



I still remember it clearly,


The weekly magazine, which had called the person out in the case and treated him like a criminal, called him "Mr." after his acquittal by the Supreme Court and published an article that was "sympathetic" to "what he experimented treatment as a criminal."



It was a weekly magazine that included the word "women."

私は、その週刊誌に対して、"無知性"、"無能力"、"無責任"、"無教養"、"無信念"、"無品性"、"無羞恥" ―― と、ありとあらゆる罵詈雑言を付くしても、なお足りないと思えるほど罵倒したことを覚えています。

I remember cursing the weekly magazine for its "ignorance," "incompetence," "irresponsibility," "illiteracy," "unbelief," "lack of character," "shamelessness," and a host of other abuses that would have been inadequate.


Even now, I can't erase that feeling when I see people reading those weekly magazines (Omitted below).



As a writer, I am also subject to criticism and condemnation.


I don't blame them; however, I try not to be abused as "shameless.


If I write something wrong and am convinced it is wrong, I can say, 'I was wrong.?I am sorry,' and I will continue to do so.


It is relatively unimportant to me whether "I" am right or not.

I am a researcher & engineer trained to change my mind within 3 seconds if I am convinced I am wrong.

2024-04-05 新党の名称は、やはりこれで決まりでしょう ―― 「新党"脱税"」または「新党"裏金"」 [長年日記]


Although this year's tax return has finished, our family forgot to apply for a deduction for medical expenses.


So, yesterday, I forced myself to apply for the E-Tax System.


(I heard that you can apply for medical expenses retroactively for about five years, but I was able to use it, so that's good.)


I was surprised that the information on my number card for my entire family instantly gave me a year's worth of medical expenses.


This service has made it very easy, as my wife used to compile the receipts, and I used to submit them in Excel with a few minor entries.


However, I had to apply separately for transportation expenses in XML format or something.


I had been converting Excel sheets to XML and feeding them into the system, but the system rejected them as expected.


I had to manually enter the transportation expenses combined for the year (though there were 4 cases).


As always, the system created by the government is convenient and inconvenient in equal parts.


This time, I got a refund that was not worth the hassle (enough for my family to go out for lunch).



Speaking of taxes, the party members in the ruling party's cashback case, the so-called back taxes case, seem to have been punished yesterday.


I do not know where the "5 million yen" that was the basis for this disposition came from.

In our cases, we would be subject to taxation if the amount exceeded 200,000 yen, but 5 million yen is 25 times this amount.


If the standard amount is "200,000 yen," the ruling party (and possibly the opposition party) may cease functioning, but there is something unexplainable.



I will not pay attention to a person's character if it serves the national interest, but if it does not, I will attack them.

Because such a person harms my (Ebata's) interests (and mood).


I am not interested in politicians' beliefs (although I may despise them).


I don't care what religion they believe in as long as it is not a cult that does psychic work (like the old Unification Church) (though I may make them look foolish).



―― 金(カネ)だけはダメ

"I don't forgive them about the money scandal."


My heart will not accept it except for the logic.



I do not envy rich people because they have money.


I envy the "peace of mind" that comes with having money.


Money is a "source of security."


Suppose "security" is tied to a privileged status (politician). In that case, I want to rip that "security" away, smash it to the ground, and destroy it with the "greatest backhandedness" I can muster.



In this case of back taxes, I heard the 39 party members of the ruling party have been confirmed for punishment, and some vehemently oppose the executive branch's decision.

39名 ―― これは、なかなか良い人数です。

"39" -- This is a good number of people.


These 39 people should leave the party altogether and start a new party.

新党の名称は、やはりこれで決まりでしょう ―― 「新党"脱税"」または「新党"裏金"」

The new party's name should be "New Party for Tax Evasion" or "New Party for Cashback."


The party can change its name afterward, so it is better to be as conspicuous as possible when launched.


The Party policy can be "overthrow" or "retaliation".


For investment funds, use the "slush fund" they have saved up to this point as a fund.


Perhaps not only our country but the world will be surprised.


It will be top news in many countries.

2024-04-06 ―― 娘に、別の娘が憑依している [長年日記]


Many people say that first impressions are important in love.

I, too, agree with this.


However, I believe that first impressions are significant, not only in love but in any situation.


Based on the impression I get from the first talk, I think, 'Which persona shall I use for this person from now on?


I use several personas for the same person if necessary.


In stacked meetings, drinking parties, etc., I try to act as a completely different persona to get through the situation (although sometimes I can't).



I acted as a "radical activist" when I attended for admission to the university's self-governing dormitory.


In reality, however, I had never been a "radical activist" before, and even after that, I was just an ordinary college student studying usually.


Therefore, I was called a "liar" in the dormitory.


I even played with making a "remote-controlled detonator" and verifying "hydrogen combustion."


When I did job interviews, I portrayed myself as a graduate student struggling with the difference between hypothesis and proof in an experiment.


I had a highly calculated (ulterior motive) that this persona should be attractive in the engineering company.


Nevertheless, every persona is still me.


I change the switch and volume of the persona depending on the situation.



As you know, I am completely different in the column than in the office.


It is at the level of, "I wouldn't be surprised if we got into a fistfight in my mind.


But "using multiple personas" is a normal act of a normal person.


I remember the above when I remembered seeing and hearing


"the voice and expression on my second daughter's face as she was doing a remote job interview on her laptop."


In other words,

―― 娘に、別の娘が憑依している

"Another daughter is possessing my daughter."


2024-04-07 (3)理系に対する世間の理解は以前よりも悪化している [長年日記]


Here is a conversation I had with my second daughter the other night.


Me: "I think the terms 'science' and 'liberal arts' are still around, but are the two still at odds with each other?"


Second daughter: "The word 'diversification' is getting blurred, but I don't think it changes the fact that 'science college students' are 'living in hell.'"


Me: "Well, even when I was a college student, science students thought 'liberal arts = stupid,' and liberal arts students professed that 'science = professional stupid.'"


Second daughter: "People in the humanities don't understand 'how great it is for a person in the sciences to advance to the next grade normally without any retention.'"


Me: "Well, at the time, I thought they didn't know that 'science majors are doing bi-weekly experiments and reports on the thesis-level work of humanities majors.'"



Once, in college, I conversed with a humanities friend (female).


"I stayed up all night for three days to finish my thesis!"


But I remember I didn't know what to say to this phrase.


(1) "Heh, that's easy and nice"


(2) "Well, that was tough"


After all, that kind of all-night work was a regular occurrence every other week in the Faculty of Engineering.



In conclusion, I guess that's what I'm saying,?


(1) The opposing concepts of science and humanities are about to be erased




(2) the hell of the sciences remains,




(3) The public's understanding of the sciences is worse than before.



The second daughter summed it up.



Incidentally, the current science and humanities composition of the Ebata family looks like this.

私: 理系(工学部出身)

Me: Science (Master of Engineering)


Wife: Humanities (English Literature)


Eldest daughter: liberal arts (in the Faculty of Psychology)


Second daughter: Science (in the School of Architecture)


(However, psychology is also the study of statistics, so I think I have a liberal arts background similar to a science background.)

2024-04-08 生成AIの利用は、普通の人を「攻撃的」で「衝動的」な人間に変えてしまう可能性が高いのです。 [長年日記]


I don't like guys who give orders without knowing the hardships in the field (well, who doesn't like them).


I, too, am on the side of such "giving orders."


However, it isn't easy to realize that you are standing on the side of giving orders.


People are indifferent to the fact that they are "the ones giving orders" and are resented and hated by their subordinates and others.


We are unaware of the pressure we put on our people, making them sick and retiring them.


On the other hand, humans feel uncomfortable when they are being "ordered around." And we never forget our hatred for that human being.


(Sometimes, in TV interviews, those who summarize with beautiful stories such as "In hindsight, my boss's reprimand" are "good-natured personalities" or "self-protective liars" or "falsifiers of their history").


Whenever human beings are organized (socialized), they become like this.


And we know that there is hopelessly no way to fix this.


In this society, it is tough to escape from "the one who orders" and "the one who gives orders."



Recently, however, I have discovered that there are means by which I can become aware that I am on the "commanding side."


Generative AI.

最近の私は、プログラムの殆どを、"ChatGPT"か、"Github Copilot"に作ってもらっています。

Recently, I have been using "ChatGPT" or "Github Copilot" for most of my programs.


I rely so much on generative AI that my coding skills may decline.


(I mean, I think it's declining.)


Here is how I currently make my program.



(Step.1) Input the outline of the program in Japanese to the generating AI.


(Step.2) Execute the generated program


(Step.3) If an error appears, enter it into the generating AI and return to (Step.2).


(Step.4) If no error appears but I cannot get the expected result, enter that into the generating AI and return to (Step. 2).



I would repeat this and continue until the program works as expected.


However, no matter how often repeated, the program may not work.

すると、私は生成AIに対して『何で動かないんだ!』と文句を言いたくなります ―― ろくにプログラムも読まずに、助けて貰っているのにもかかわらずです。

Then I want to ask the generative AI, 'Why isn't it working? -- even though I'm getting help without having read the program thoroughly.


This attitude is the same as the behavior of the people I despise the most.


Thus, I became aware of the "ordering side".


私がどれほど厳しいことを言っても、生成AIは「うつ病」になったり「退職」したり「自死」したりすることはない ―― この、安心感は、多分、人間を『傲慢』にしていくと思います。

No matter how harsh I am, the generated AI will not become "depressed" or "retire" or "commit suicide" -- this, I think, a sense of security will probably make humans 'arrogant.'

私は、多くの人が考えている方向 ―― AIに職を奪われる ―― とは別の方向で、生成AIによる弊害を心配しています。

I am concerned about the harm caused by generative AI in a different direction than many people think -- losing jobs to AI.


Generative AI will likely turn ordinary people into "aggressive" and "impulsive" people.


The logic that it is OK for a "generative AI" to be "aggressive" and "impulsive" because it is a tool that complains and obeys without complaint,


It is equal to the logic that it is OK for a "feeble-minded person" to be "aggressive" and "impulsive" because they are human beings who submit without complaint. It is the same logic that justifies "bullying" and "power harassment.


In other words, it is the same logic that justifies "bullying" and "power harassment.



Therefore, I recommend the following mechanisms in the generative AI:

―― 理性的に生成AIを扱えない人間は、生成AIが、その人間へのサービスの提供を拒否する

"If a human being cannot rationally handle a generative AI, the generative AI will refuse to provide services to that human being."


It is not "for the sake of generative AI" but "for the sake of us humans."

2024-04-09 ―― もし、この仮説が採択されていれば、人類は、原爆を持つことを放棄せざるを得なかった [長年日記]


Last weekend, my family and I saw the movie "Oppenheimer."


It was a little different from what I had expected.


I was expecting a "project management" or "technology" talk, so the politics (post-war red hunts) were a bit heavy.


Well, let's put that aside.

I know much about the Manhattan Project from reading this book and the NHK Special, but I still have questions.


The Trinity test was successful the first time.


Technology experiments usually fail at first. A good example would be "rocket experiments.


It is not an old story of how many rockets humanity has failed to launch in the past, but an ongoing story.

もちろん、膨大な費用と月日をつぎ込み、しかも失敗が許されない、というミッションであることは分かっているのですが ―― それでも、なお失敗するのが、実験というものです。

Of course, this mission requires tremendous money and time, and that failure was unacceptable.?Even so, Still, any experiment is doomed to fail.


It is a little hard to believe that the device (bomb) that detonates the atomic bomb, called the "detonation lens," worked the first time.


Furthermore, in the case of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it would have been even more difficult.


Controlling the timing of the detonation of the detonation lens of an atomic bomb thrown up into the air (I checked and found that it requires nanosecond precision) would have required unimaginably tricky technology.


If you expect the movie "Oppenheimer" to be about that kind of "technology," you will be disappointed.


They can't get seven Academy Awards just for that kind of technology.



What shocked me about the movie was that there was a hypothesis that the explosion of the atomic bomb would ignite the atmosphere and burn up the entire earth and that they tested this hypothesis (this does not seem to be fiction).


I had no idea about this hypothesis.

―― もし、この仮説が採択されていれば、人類は、原爆を持つことを放棄せざるを得なかった

"If they adopted this hypothesis, mankind would have been forced to abandon the idea of having atomic bombs."


When I think about it, I also think, 'That was a shame.


However, when asked if a "world without atomic bombs" would have been "a better world than the one we live in now," I can only answer, "I don't know.



Another thing, which I think is appropriate in light of the knowledge of the time, is that the characters do not seem to fear being "exposed to the atomic bomb.


Well, we learned about the "damages of exposure" to the atomic bombing much later, so in that sense, I think the film is an accurate reflection of its time.

2024-04-10 ―― 日本国政府から子どもへのお年玉の支給、 別名『子どもボーナス』 [長年日記]


The specific amount of the childcare subsidy is now available.


Regardless of the pros and cons, it is good to see this kind of data coming out.


It would be helpful (to me) if you could also disclose the program or spreadsheet that calculates that data.


However, if they disclose it, I can expect math geeks like me to 'start doing things they don't want,' so it's not surprising that the government won't disclose it.


If you want to see the program or the spreadsheet, the government will say, 'You have to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before you can get involved in government work (national project).


For example, last year, it took me several months to get permission to view a ministry's data.


It wasn't as complicated as I thought, but it was a lot of work.


Aside from that.



Why is "declining birth rates" bad?


I am willing to have fewer children and a smaller population.


Married or unmarried, it doesn't matter.


The problem is the "speed" of change.


It is meaningful to change "slowly" over an "extended period.

If you are interested, the following is my personal view on the significance of fertility reduction measures from the perspective of national system costs.



I have come up with a strategy that can be used by (some) as a counter to "childcare subsidies."

―― 「お年玉」という我が国の慣習の撤廃

"Eliminating the Japanese custom of "New Year's gifts"."


I don't have many relatives, so I don't often give out "New Year's gifts," so I am not eligible, but for those who don't, from now on, you can use this kind of wording to make your "New Year's gift" spending zero yen.


The government has already given you 30,000 to 40,000 yen a year as a New Year's gift through the government. From now on, please get your New Year's gift from there (the government).



―― 日本国政府から子どもへのお年玉の支給、 別名『子どもボーナス』

The "Children's Bonus is the Japanese government's New Year's gift to children."


They will establish the above.


Electronic money, charged directly to a child's smartphone or school-issued tablet, would be helpful for digital and investment education.


Above all, I believe that the amount of this New Year's gift will allow children to experience firsthand the economic reality of our country.


The administration will then attract children (and their interest), leading to subsequent voter turnout.


The current administration is pursuing policies that "look good" to the elderly, who are the voting base, but this "child bonus" could lead to the possibility that the administration will turn toward the young.



In any case, the "elimination of the annual allowance" makes the "child care subsidy" program a target of hatred even among children.


We believe it is significant that "anger" is shared in the recognition that "child care subsidy" is "an issue for our entire nation, including children.



In addition, I would like to state, lest you misunderstand me, that I support the "child care subsidy."


Compared to the cost of a total replacement of our country's systems, this amount of money is (for now) well within the acceptable range.

2024-04-11 (ウラは取っていないのですが)、『学生の頃に、生徒会長やら、テニス部の部長やら、陽のサイドにいた人間は、将来出世しない』という仮説があるようです。 [長年日記]

陽気で多弁、トレンドの話題に精通し、場の空気を読んだ話題を提供でき、誰とも気さくに話せる ―― 陽のキャラクタ『陽キャ』。

Cheerful, multi-syllabic, well versed in trending topics, able to talk about the issues of the moment, and friendly with everyone -- "Extrovert" character.


If you look at the world, you will see a lot of content that says only "Extroverts" live happily.

When I was a teenager, I think I worked very hard to create an "Extrovert persona" with the sole intention of not being called "dark-rooted."


However, "Extrovert" can only be helpful until one enters the workforce.


Of course, "Extrovert" is often an advantage in later life (love, marriage, friends, etc.).


However, society is not so lenient that one can get through it with only an "Extrovert.


In society, no matter how "Extrovert" you are, people who fail to produce output (results) are harsh and cold.


Lately, I have sometimes wondered if I would benefit more from being "less Extrovert."



I have been a businessman for a long time, and I fear the "competent" and "silent and unsympathetic boss."


I am terrified of a boss who doesn't get back in the groove and shuts down in the middle of a conversation, even when I do my best to incorporate a variety of topics and explain them in my rhythm.


I fear they can see everything I am trying to deceive myself into not saying.


And, by and large, many such bosses 'see through it.


Bosses who don't get into the "Extrovert groove" will talk about "their ideas" at their own pace, not "in the groove."


Such a boss does not "read the air".


Hence, they are 'strongest' and often 'right'.

For a "perfection denier" and "corner-cutting supremacist" like myself, these people are horrifying.



I think many of the presidents of large companies in our country are like this.


(I didn't get the original information), there seems to be a hypothesis that 'people who were student body president, tennis club president, or on the yang side when they were students, don't get ahead in the future.


From what I have seen in my long career as a businessman, I can "adopt" this hypothesis.


The period you can get through with only "Extrovert " is only a tiny part of your life.


In society, only output (results) is essential.


『努力し続ける無口なコミュ障が、最強となる』 ―― (他の国は知りませんが)我が国の多くの組織には、このメカニズムが組み込まれているように思います(その是非はともあれ)。

The silent communicator who keeps trying will be the strongest." - I think this mechanism is built into many organizations in our country (I don't know about other countries), regardless of their merits or demerits.


Of course, being "Extrovert " is not a bad thing.


However, I don't think it makes much sense to "work hard to create an 'Extrovert persona.'"

―― ということを、ティーンエイジャの皆さんに申し上げても無駄であることは、分かっているんですけどね。

I know that it is useless to say this to teenagers.

In the teenager's world line, it is true that "lovers" and "friends (number)" are the "currency,"

2024-04-12 ―― 平城京 → 長岡京 → 平安京のように頻繁に遷都をやらかした、桓武天皇の官吏(官僚)よりはマシ [長年日記]


Various new measures have been put and tested in place in the new fiscal year.


I am a "company dog," so I will refrain from speaking out,

―― 平城京 → 長岡京 → 平安京のように頻繁に遷都をやらかした、桓武天皇の官吏(官僚)よりはマシ

"Better than Emperor Kanmu's officials (bureaucrats) who frequently moved the capital from Heijo-kyo to Nagaoka-kyo to Heian-Kyo."


I'm going to think about it.

(Reference: Choice of Heroes - NHK "Series: Heian Period (1) The Thousand Year Capital Begins Here: Emperor Kanmu's Ambition to Move the Capital to Heian Japan")

2024-04-13 『江端家における、家長であるこの私(江端)の役割は、この外交 ―― "交渉"と"戦争"である』 [長年日記]


Government functions have two categories: domestic and foreign affairs (there are other ways to divide them).


Machiavelli's theory of monarchies seems to say that war is a means of diplomacy (or diplomacy as a means of avoiding war).


『江端家における、家長であるこの私(江端)の役割は、この外交 ―― "交渉"と"戦争"である』

In the Ebata family, my (Ebata's) role as the patriarch is diplomacy, negotiation, and war.


The second daughter said something like the above.


I also received the following line message from my first daughter the other day.


Why do my family members immediately think, "I (Ebata) made it go away through 'negotiation' and 'war'" whenever the problems get resolved?


It is disconcerting to me that people think that I am like the Ebata family's violent apparatus (the police and the Self-Defense Forces).

But I remembered that my sister thought so, too.

2024-04-14 『私の父が、"本気"で動き出したら、あなた"本当"に"終わり"ますよ』 [長年日記]


I am Ebata, the official "violent device" of the Ebata family.


Examples of violent devices include,


(1) I once went to the principal's office of a school to knock him down, or rather, to discuss the matter with him.


(2) Once, at a pension center, I disputed the responsibility of the government office for an incomplete document and had the incomplete document accepted.


(3) I have forced a customer to complete the cancellation and contract of a smartphone by setting a time limit for the customer to respond to a dishonest response.




In each case, the problem was a family member other than myself, but the parties involved were restless, reading their phones or books while I was fighting with them at the counter.


Before I joined the problem,


"If my father comes, he will kill you.


I heard that she said that.



In my case, the following are not customer harassment.


(1) I list the case process chronologically in the text.


(2) Properly separate the responsibility for the incident (including our side).


(3) Then, both parties confirm the issues in the case.


(4) After including (1) through (3) above, summarize which is unreasonable and disadvantageous in light of the rules, the law, and common sense (social common sense).


Thus, after clarifying the background and issues,


(5) Find a compromise point for both sides, demand the necessary response, and inform the other side of the reaction (x retaliation) measures we are prepared to take.


(6) If the other party does not take action within the specified period, the response (x retaliation) is executed "100%".


I think I have been able to use my studies at the law seminar (which I attended at my own expense) in this approach.


I would not say, 'There is no such thing as useless study in this world,' I think, 'indeed, that would be a lie.


But I feel that 'what I have studied is often helpful.



Daughter: "You're good at making things impossible, aren't you, Dad?


Ebata: "That is not true. I am only making a statement based on the "law" and "rules. I am not doing anything more or less than that.


I genuinely believe that.



I know many people may not accept this, but I usually think.

―― 『法律の使用方法』って、『数学の証明』や『プログラムのアルゴリズム』に似ているよなぁ

"How to use the law" is like "mathematical proofs" or "program algorithms."


2024-04-15 (7)総じて「プロジェクトX」は、「エンジニアの夢や希望を搾取」して「プロジェクトを完成させた」というストーリで構成されており、現在の若者への「やりがい搾取」と1mmも変わっていないように見える [長年日記]


NHK's signature program, "Project X," is back after 18 years.


I had very high expectations for this program to portray real engineers in the field, and after two broadcasts, I am delighted with the program.


Again, I am "delighted.


I look forward to continuing this program.


I am reminding you of this in a scattered manner because what I am about to describe reads like an "anti-Project X."


But I also think 'someone has to say it,' so I will.


(1)我が国のエンジニアの取り扱いは、非常に悪い ―― 待遇も、年収も、技術に対する理解も

(1) Engineers in our country are treated very poorly in terms of treatment, annual income, and understanding of technology.


(a) That is why "Project X" is accepted as an "excellent program" that illuminates overlooked engineers.


(b) On the other hand, the program creates a climate of acceptance for 'keeping the status of engineers at a low level.'



(2) Not even their supervisors are willing to praise engineers who have achieved their goals publicly.


(a) In "Project X," this kind of boss behavior is treated as a "virtue" throughout.


(b) This craftsman-like "apprenticeship system" has reduced engineers to a low status.


(c) "I appreciate you in my mind" is synonymous with "I don't appreciate you, which is a significant deviation from today's values, and again, they produce the program with Showa values.



(3) Engineers themselves are not willing to publicly announce their technology.


(a) The "Neglect of information dissemination" in the name of "virtue of modesty" is noticeable. The engineers themselves make too little effort to have their work widely appreciated.


(b) even if we talk about intellectual property or trade secrets, there are many ways to do it. If you don't disseminate your work correctly and insist on its usefulness, the technology will fall into disuse.



(4) There is too much bias toward the "weak group strikes back" scenario.


(a) "The Weak Group Strikes Back" is an exciting drama.


(b) However, it is no exaggeration to say that (unfortunately) a project's success or failure is determined by its investment (money), human resources (people), and time frame (the limit to which the investment can continue).


(c) The above (b) is not limited to engineering but is expected for all projects, but this understanding is left unexplained.



(5) The stories of "failure" covered in "Project X" are too microscopically biased in the direction of "technology" and "personnel affairs.

(a) 技術的失敗に偏っているが、プロジェクトの失敗の多くは、市場調査不足と下準備の不徹底である

(a) Although biased toward technical failures, most project failures are due to inadequate market research and poor preliminary preparation


(b) To create drama without that story would seem grossly lacking objectivity.



(6) No one talks about (1) through (5) above.


(a) There must be a lot of people in our country who are well versed in (1) through (5) above (e.g., university professors doing organizational studies, bureaucrats managing budgets for national projects, etc.)


(b) However, I have not seen (or have remained silent about) anyone evaluating "Project X" from a "project management" perspective. Well, I understand how you feel.)



(7) In general, "Project X" "exploited the dreams and hopes of engineers" to "complete the project," which does not seem to have changed one millimeter from the "exploitation of their challenging " of today's youth.



Again, I am "delighted" with NHK's "Project X."


I am "a little" concerned, but I look forward to more of your programs.

2024-04-16 『ムスリムの人にとって、"ハラル"は重要だと知ってはいますが、それでも"豚骨ラーメン"は魅力的ではないですか?』 [長年日記]


The other day, there was a welcome party for the university's B4 (fourth-year college students) seminar.


I'm not too fond of a drinking party, but I may attend a party where we rent a room at the university and have a little over an hour of pizza and beer (soft drinks).


I think of it as "a slightly longer dinner."


I don't get tired and can do my work normally after the party.



Since half of the seminar students are from foreign countries, I have resigned myself to the fact that, inevitably, the conversation will be English-based.


However, I am sorry that I cannot provide the topic well.


At the welcome party, I apologized to an international student.


"I apologized for always being biased toward topics such as "the lives of Muslims" and "how to spend Ramadan in Japan."


Inevitably, I direct in a particular direction.


I heard there are already "prayer spaces" at universities.



I could not even ask him the following question.


"I know that "halal" is important for Muslims, but doesn't "pork ramen" still appeal to you?"


2024-04-17 つまり ―― 死刑執行の立ち会い [長年日記]


The issue of whether "same-day notice" of executions violates the Constitution was dismissed in a recent court decision (now in the first instance).

Regardless of the merits of this trial or the death penalty, I believe that one of the reasons why the death penalty is an "extreme punishment" is because of this "non-disclosure of the date of notification.


Of course, even with "disclosure," extreme punishment is extreme punishment.


For example, if someone said to me, 'You (Ebata) are confirmed to die on April 17, 2034, 10 years from today, and this is inevitable,' I don't know whether I would think this was a good thing or an unnecessary thing to say.

しかし、その『10年後』を努力によって延長したり、あるいは絶望によって短縮したりできる自由裁量 ―― これが死刑にはない。

But the discretion to extend that "10 years later" with effort or shorten it with despair -- is something the death penalty does not have.

『自分の死に方を、自分で選ぶ権利を、国家権力によって奪われる』というこの一点において、"死刑 = 極刑"であるというのが、私の意見です。

I think that the death penalty is an extreme punishment in that it deprives a person of the right to choose their way of death.


Aside from that.



The death penalty is a punishment that we "support" (in principle) after considering our personal views on the whole, including historical background and crime deterrence.


I believe that it is only a matter of time before same-sex marriages are officially recognized (although I think it is wild to put them in the same category).


We can confirm that the judiciary's rulings are changing gradually from year to year.


However, I believe that, as a general rule, public sentiment is "in favor of the death penalty.

As far as I know, there are few court cases on the issue of "the death penalty is unconstitutional."

The issue is also generally "cruelty or not.

This ruling is the only court case I know of (that I am aware of) fighting the "system" itself. (Please let me know if there are any precedents I am missing.)



However, we have a "duty" to check whether this system works well.



―― 死刑執行の立ち会い

"witnessing an execution."



We should apply the same framework as the "jury system" (*) to the "system of witnessing executions.


(*)Notification is made based on a list drawn up by lottery from among the voters, and a person cannot refuse to be a judge without cause.

もちろん、この制度は、安易に導入すべきではなく、もし導入するのであれば、議論の限りを尽さなければならないとは思いますが ――

Of course, we should not install this system easily; if it does, we will have to discuss it in depth.


If we are to make an administrative argument of principle, it is extraordinary that there is no "system of witnessing executions."


The above is because this falls under the "disclosure of administrative processing."


If mandatory participation is "too much to ask," then the program should be operated as an application system for those who wish to participate.


(It would be a significant incident if a person who participates in the program caused an accident (including suicide) due to fear of being forced to participate.)


As for the application system, it is evident that it requires a rigorous examination (tests such as whether the historical background and judicial or administrative handling protocols regarding the death penalty are understood).


In addition, as a matter of human rights, permission for disclosure/non-disclosure by the person executed would naturally be required.


To consider this further, does the bereaved family of a crime victim have the right to be present without the permission of the person executed? And so on, need to be considered.


(Now that you mention it, I had overlooked this point of view. For example, what happens to the family register and certificate of residence after a definite death sentence, and other relatively trivial matters (and what happens if a request for a retrial overturns the sentence? and so on))



By the way, I will apply to this program as soon as it starts.

私は、この社会を、私自身の「血塗られた手」によって維持している ―― という自覚があり、それを肯定します。

I am aware that I am maintaining this society by my own "bloody hands" -- and I affirm that.


Therefore, I believe that I am obligated to watch my "bloody hand" with my own eyes, not as an abstraction but as a concrete object.

2024-04-18 『黒歴史で傷を舐め合う』という、私の世界への貢献を開始したいと思います。 [長年日記]

I watched "Last Days Sakamoto Ryuichi Sakamoto's Last Days."


In my reflection, I realized that

―― 私もあと10年ちょっとくらいしか残っていない

"I only have a little over ten years left."



Even if I can live a little longer, "10 years left" is a very realistic figure if I include various disabilities (including cognitive disabilities).


Nevertheless, like Ryuichi Sakamoto, I have no accomplishments to leave behind for posterity, nor do I have life lessons to share with my future colleagues.

I still wonder if this is how I would sum up my life.



I do not believe that, for one millimeter, "history" will create the next better generation.


What I have learned from history,

(1) We fail to apply the lessons of our predecessors.

(2) We make the same mistakes over and over again.

(3) We cannot learn from anything but our failures.



私が残せるものとしたら、膨大は数の失敗 ―― いわゆる「黒歴史」くらいです。

The only thing I can leave behind is many failures?the so-called "black history."


The significance of this "black history" is to "comfort" or "lick each other's wounds" by saying, "In the end, you and I are just human beings of this level, so you should live your lives without overreacting.


Well, I think I can do that much.



Therefore, I will actively disclose my "black history" frequently.


Today, as the first installment, I disclose the following,


"I bought a book called 'Exercises for growing taller and taller,' which came with Shonen Jump magazine.



It was a costly purchase for me, a junior high school student at the time, but I bought it.


So I imitated the strange dance-like gymnastics diagrams and continued for about two weeks, but then I got bored.


I realized, "Can I grow taller by doing gymnastics?


These kinds of dubious booklets and tools use two approaches to fool the dim-witted teenagers.


(1) "Surprised comments"


They list many "testimonials" from successful people whose sources are unknown, which will attract buyers.


However, we do not know if this alleged "successful" person exists.


(2) "Recommendation comments from university professors."


Add a comment that a professor at a university (sometimes the name of a foreign university), which may or may not exist, recommends it.


To begin with, it is unclear whether the professor exists (usually accompanied by a photo of a senior citizen in a suit).


Of course, now I would do all sorts of investigations, targeting, and retaliation (involving the government and judiciary, if poorly done), but teenagers are an essential buying group, the so-called "suckers," in that they do not and cannot know such things.


I will not say, 'Don't be fooled by this advertising.


On the contrary, I say, 'Of course, they will be fooled,' I even think it's better that way.


I believe teenagers must develop "distrust" and "hatred" toward society and adults through this kind of process.


It is a very inexpensive tuition for training by evil men and women and scams before you become an adult.



So, although I can't match Ryuichi Sakamoto's feat of "changing the world with music," and in fact, my vector is entirely different,


I want to start my contribution to the world by "licking my wounds with black history.

2024-04-19 私は、この「自らを被験者とした社会実験」の結果を期待していたのですが、どうやら、本人は、この実験から「降りて」しまったようです。 [長年日記]

As noted here,


For a while, "Just Google Kanji characters. Use a calculator for calculations. There is no need to study at school,' the post/video of a child who claimed that he did not need to study at school became a hot topic.


I had hoped to see the results of this "social experiment" with himself as the subject, but it appears he has "stepped down" from it.


I am very disappointed.



I am not in a position to comment on this in any way, though, since one's life is one's own decision,

―― 自分と関係のない他人事として、この実験結果を知りたかった

"I would have liked to know the results of this experiment as someone else's business, unrelated to my own."


I thought that.


After all, I did not dare to put my daughter in this experiment.


Therefore, I was very grateful to have someone unrelated to me do those things for me.


Hence, it is still disappointing.



I don't care what other people do when they have nothing to do with me.


People who say something about the behavior of children who are strangers, whether they agree, disagree, praise, or criticize, are more 'bored' than 'loving.


I'm not so unsophisticated as to meddle in other people's lives.


After all, I have the mindset of "I just keep observing people jumping off the platform.

I do stop "flowing stroller," though.

2024-04-20 『若者よ、大志を抱くな、後がツラい』 [長年日記]


Yesterday, I was carrying a travel carry-on bag stuffed with experimental equipment, which had become like a lump of iron


I thought that if I made a mistake in carrying the equipment, I would get "strained back in one shot," so I used equipment for people with disabilities & seniors (elevators and escalators) for all of my transportation.


―― 20代のころから、1mmも進歩していない

" I have not progressed one millimeter since my twenties."


I was almost in tears.

私の未来予想図では、『こういう作業は若い部下に命じて、私はちょっと言い服と靴の装いで、お客さまとと、にこやかに会話をしている、ダインディなシニア』だったのですが ―― 今の私は『ただのシニア』です。

In my vision of the future, I had envisioned "a dainty senior who orders his younger subordinates to do this kind of work, and I am dressed in a slightly more formal dress and shoes, having a nice conversation with customers" -- but the result was "just senior."


"Boys, don't be ambitious. It's going to be hard later."


I am going to Hokkaido University next month and would like to shout this phrase in front of the Clark statue.


(Well, I probably won't do it. I'm afraid I'll get in trouble with the company and the university.)



Yesterday, I talked with my daughter, who drove me to the train station.


Daughter: "You are as hard as ever. The other day, my mom and I talked about how when you collapse, we might say, 'We knew it was going to happen,' before we get surprised."


Me: "I think I am now in the speculation phase of 'when' and 'where' I will collapse."


Daughter: "If you know that much..."


Me: "But I can't reach Grandpa's (my late father) "hard" anymore. When I was helping my father with his work, it was so hard that I, as a junior high school student, thought, 'I might die.'"


Daughter: "Grandpa is out of scope. We can't hold him to that standard.



A year ago, my team leader stopped speaking during a remote meeting.


They thought, 'It's probably a communication failure or a device malfunction,' but the next day, we found out that he had passed away, and the team was in a panic (I was not at that meeting).

He also helped me on the back end when I was going through a tough time (during the field demonstration), so I was pretty shocked then.


It was not until six months later that I could ask one of the people involved about the incident specifically. It was such a shock to me.



However, despite this life-changing impact, I have not been able to make any significant changes to my lifestyle.


I am aware that I am such a "fool.


However, I also realize that "changing oneself" is so tricky.

2024-04-21 政府の次のターゲットは、多分「酒」です。 [長年日記]

For the first time in a long time, I was watching YouTube.


As for alcohol, I have talked about it again and again, but if I (Ebata) were to list the disadvantages and advantages, it would be something like this.

■Disadvantages of Ebata's quitting drinking alcohol

- 『お酒を楽しむことができない』という絶望感(今も絶望している)

- I despair (and still despair) that I will never be able to enjoy alcohol.

- 思い出でしか、"酒"を語れなくなった

- I can only talk about "sake" in my memories.

- 睡眠薬と安定剤が、定常的に必要となった

- I need Sleeping pills and stabilizers on a steady basis.

- 飲み会が、さらに嫌いになった

- I hated drinking even more.

- ノンアルコールビールの消費量がハンパなくなった

- My consumption of non-alcoholic beer has increased

■Advantages of Ebata's quitting drinking alcohol

- 体重が落ちた

- Lost weight.

- 肩が凝らなくなった

- Shoulders are no longer stiff.

- 仕事で踏ん張りが効くようになった

- I'm able to stand my ground at work.

- 昼寝が普通にできるようになった

- My naps are now regular.

- 人間ドックからの警告が来なくなった

- No more warnings from the human health inspectors.



My wife asks me if I can't 'control alcohol' by saying I only drink on weekends or at the end of the year.


However, I am too clumsy to perform such "analog control" well. Therefore, I have no choice but to use digital control.



The WHO may be correct in its assertion that "alcohol is the best of all medicines" is a false theory, and "alcohol is 100% poison" is the true theory.


However, even if alcohol is an addictive drug like morphine, methamphetamine, or narcotics, it is legal if the law allows it.


I don't criticize smokers as long as they don't spread stale air.


In addition, if, on the contrary, alcohol and tobacco have the effect of shortening life expectancy and curbing social security costs, this would even be welcome.


Taxes on alcohol and tobacco are delicious from a state fiscal perspective.


I used to make my alcohol, so I know the cost of alcohol and have a rough understanding of tobacco.

I was pretty shocked when I found out that beer can be made for about the price of tap water +/- (by the way, the statute of limitations has already passed on the contents of this column).

私には、酒もタバコも、『自分の体を壊しながら、納税し続ける』という観点からは、『国家による霊感商法』の様にも見えますが ―― それでも、合法です。

To me, both alcohol and cigarettes seem to be "state-sponsored psychic sales" from the perspective of "continuing to pay taxes while destroying one's own body" -- but still, they are legal.

Here is a story by a tobacco company about the effect of reduced pensions due to the premature death of smokers.



Thanks to the efforts of WHO and various governments, the smoking rate is decreasing year by year.

(I feel it has not decreased as much as I had hoped.)


The government's next target is probably "alcohol".


I am a college student and have never seen a college student smoking on campus (true).


I believe that if the increase in social security costs caused by alcohol becomes quantitatively precise, the government will turn to a "prohibition campaign" with the very survival of the nation at stake.

2024-04-22 『拳を握りしめて、咆哮を叫びたくなるくらい"嬉しい"』 [長年日記]

I watched "Re-emerging from Rocket Failure: 348 Days of Engineers."


The severe expressions on the engineers' faces made my clenched cup tremble.

Even without the production of "Project X," the engineers onsite are enough to "shake their heart.


I don't need any staging.


I don't even need music.

『プロフェッショナル 仕事の流儀』みたいな、かっこいい台詞も、名言もいらない。

I don't need cool lines or quotes like in "Professional: The Way of Work."


As it is, I think something is inspiring in this world.


I have a master's in electrical engineering, so I could understand the part about the electrical system that was considered the cause of the previous failure.


The fact that such content may have been one of the reasons for the "shaking of my heart.



The scale and duration are different, but when I also obtained effects that exceeded my expectations during the experiment,


"It made me want to clench my fists and roar joyfully."

と思える時が ―― 本当に稀ですけど ―― あります。

There are times - rare, really - I feel like the above.


Sometimes, engineers are not in love, money, status, or power but are just 'happy with the experiment's results.


However, I don't have any friends to hug or pat each other on the shoulder and rejoice with, so all I can do is "run around the room," shouting, "Hyah-hoo!


It's a shame.


I am a scary person from the outside.


The following is an excerpt from the column.



But finally, on October 29 (about 30 minutes ago), I turned a stepper motor with an EtherCAT enslaved person!


I was so happy that I was jumping around the house, but no one in the Ebata family could share this joy.


"If you're happy, I'm happy," my lovely wife said, not stopping to wash the dishes, whose aphorisms is?

―― リトマス試験紙が、青になろうが赤になろうが、それが一体何だというの?

" What does it matter if the litmus test paper turns blue or red?"



2024-04-23 『この件に関しては、江端さんしか頼れる人がいないんです!』 [長年日記]


I once had a guy who gave me a job because "other people were busy."


'Die, you idiot,' I said, still angry.


In this way, it has the same meaning as 'I look bored.


The only option for a request from someone like this is to 'refuse,' but that may not be possible in the case of business.

それでも、私が、このような言い方をされたら、私はその人間のことを忘れません ―― 最悪の印象とともに。

Still, I will not forget the guy with the worst possible impression.

この程度の配慮は、年齢を重ねれば、なんとなくできてくるものですが ―― いつまでたっても、それができない人間もいるものです。

This level of consideration comes with age -- but some people can't do it forever.

For example, "I (Ebata).



My words and actions have hurt many people (including my blog and columns).


I have "talked too much" about too many things to think I am the exception.


How not to hurt people, are, I think,?


To remain silent, not speak, and not reveal one's true feelings.



However, it is much more difficult to do.


We should remember that 'talking about something' is synonymous with 'hurting someone.


If you want to remain a "good guy," shut your mouth.


Incidentally, the reverse phase of the above phrase is,

"Talking will always make you a "bad person.""




By the way, regarding the above "because others are busy," whatever the truth of that, the phrase to use in this case is,


'There is no one else I can turn to but you, Ebata-san, on this matter!



Again, "whatever the truth may be."

2024-04-24 ―― これを"知財搾取"と呼ばずに何と呼ぶ? [長年日記]


The other day, my second daughter told me that there is "intellectual property (IPR) exploitation" in the name of job interviews.


The subject of the interview was to come up with "the next new business for our company."

このお題は、どの会社も、のたうち苦しみながら、考えて考えて、失敗して、やりなおして、また考えて ―― を、続けている最難関の業務です。

This topic is the most challenging task for any company, as it is a constant struggle, thinking, thinking, failing, redoing, thinking again, and so on.


The company's "nastiness" (or "meanness," "vileness," or "horror") lies in the fact that it "makes job hunters think" about this most challenging task.

―― これを"知財搾取"と呼ばずに何と呼ぶ?

"What would you call it if you didn't call it "IP exploitation"?"


To be clear, I get mad with this company.

『その会社の名前を、ブログで公表したろか』とも思いましたが ―― 次女に類が及んでは意味がありません。

I thought, "Should I publish that company's name on my blog? But it would be meaningless if my second daughter was disadvantaged.


This issue seems like a good thing to do, slowly and methodically, after the second daughter's job search is complete.



And, well, my second daughter asked me to help her out with the story.

After all, I am "Ozenji's patent specification manufacturing equipment.

2024-04-25 「地球から240億キロ、ボイジャー1号システム復旧に成功 5カ月ぶりに解読可能データ受信」 [長年日記]

"24 Billion Kilometers from Earth, Voyager 1 System Recovery Successful, Receives First Decipherable Data in Five Months."


Not many people may be moved to tears when they read an article called


However, I almost cried.

"ボイジャー" ―― この一語だけで、私は、もう、思考停止してしまうのです。

"Voyager" -- this one word is enough to make me stop thinking.

■"VOYAGER - Tombstone without Date" used in "Farewell Jupiter"


■A chance encounter with the protagonist of "Cosmonaut" in "5 Centimeters per Second".


"It really must be an unimaginably lonely journey."


"Just to go on and on through the real darkness, rarely encountering even a single hydrogen atom, just with the single desire to get closer to the secrets of the world that I believe must lie in the abyss."



The response time for a "ping" to the remote host on the network is less than one second at most.


In comparison, the response time to Voyager 1 is 45 hours (162,000 seconds).


'Since there was no way to repair this chip, the team moved the stored codes to another location in the system's memory. Although they could not find a compartment to store all the codes, they could break them into sections and store each in a separate location in the flight data system.'

―― マジか!



This operation is unimaginable to bypass the capillaries of a patient's brain, 24 billion kilometers away, with his eyes closed, checking each one of its conditions every 45 hours.


Moreover, the operation was in an extreme environment with the highest level of risk. If they mistakenly cut the communication link by a few bits per second, the communication with Voyager 1 would be lost forever.

この"もの凄さ"を、どうやったら説明できるだろうか ―― 私には、到底表現しきれない"偉業"で、そして"奇跡"です。

How can I describe the "greatness" of this "feat" and "miracle" that I cannot even begin to describe?



Since I can't express in words the 'awesomeness' of these technicians, I'll hit others.


Who writes books like "How to Call UFOs," who believes in them, and who tries them?


What you believe is, of course, up to you.


But for the mind-boggling efforts and accomplishments of the engineers who managed to 'move the code in memory' and 'reboot it' in '45 hours of response time' to 'space exploration 4.5 billion kilometers away', I would like to say a few words,


"What can you tell them about what you do?"


2024-04-26 「黒書院の六兵衛」 [長年日記]


The following content comes to Amazon Prime.


Somehow, my intuition told me it was a "hit," and I started watching it with my wife.

"Rokubei of the Kuro-Shoin room"

嫁さんは、第1回(全6回)で降りてしまいましたが、私は、WebRTCの調査をしながら、このコンテンツを流し見をしていました ―― で、そのまま、朝の4時までかけて、全話見終えてしまいました。

My wife got off after the first episode (6 in all). Still, I was watching this content while investigating the video distribution server -- and I finished watching all the episodes until 4:00 in the morning.


I didn't feel much at the time, but the next morning, in my futon, I remembered my late father, and tears began to flow.


私が知っている限り、私の父は、私の目の前では、ただの一度も弱音を吐くことなくその人生を終えました ―― 私と真逆です。

As far as I know, my father ended his life without a single moment of weakness in front of me -- the exact opposite of me.


On the other hand, as you know, I am a person who keeps saying "ouch," "painful," "suffering," and "I can't do it," and continues to disclose them without any shame or shame.


This way of living that matches my inner and outer life is probably right from the perspective of protecting my mind and body.

しかし、そういうことを一切吐露することなく、沈黙し続けた父は ―― 少なくとも、この私に対しては、多くを語り、そして、伝えきった、と ―― 今ならそう思えます。

However, my father, who remained silent without ever revealing any such thing -- at least to me, he said to me and conveyed to me a lot -- now seems to me that he did.

『父は死んだけど、少なくとも私の中で生きている』 ―― そういうセリフを、私は臆面もなく、しかし、確信を持って、私は言うことができるのです。

My father is dead, but at least he lives on in me' -- lines like that I can say, unabashedly, but with conviction.


Well, I think that when I die, then my father will die too, in the true sense of the word.


And, that's fine.


I wrote the following in my diary,


"However, in my life, I have come to know that "honesty" is never inferior to "not honesty."



My father passed away, leaving me with this.


And then it occurred to me,

『私も父と同じように、このように誰かに何かを残すことができるだろうか』と考えた時 ――

When I thought, 'Will I be able to leave something like this to someone else like my father did--'


I now chuckle to myself, 'Probably not.'

2024-04-27 私もまた、組織の下っ端の構成員として、「チャカ(拳銃)」ではなく、「ネタ(アイデア)」で、組織のシノギを守っている、ということです。 [長年日記]

Raspberry PI4(ラズパイ4)で、ある特定のDockerコンテナが動かないので、頭を抱えています。

I have a headache because a particular Docker container is not working on my Raspberry PI4 (Raspberry PI4).


From Raspi 4, the CPU has changed from AMD (CISC chip) to ARM (RISC chip).

ラズパイが、このサイズ(名刺サイズ)のままで、性能を上げるには、低電力消費と高性能を組み合わせたRISC(Reduced Instruction Set Computing)アーキテクチャを使わなければ、やっていけないというのは分かります。

I understand that Raspi cannot do without RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) architecture, which combines low power consumption and high performance, to increase performance at this size (business card size).


However, it is a disaster for the engineers dealing with such "transitional periods.


It's more of a disaster than "a surprise invitation for a drink from your boss."

Dockerコンテナは、チップとかOSとかに関係なく動く ―― というのが建前ですが、そうでないことは結構あります。

Docker containers work regardless of chip or OS -- the building block is that they work irrespective of chip or OS, but that's pretty much not the case.


I have often run into this problem, especially with Raspi.



Understanding how to figure out the "time to melt" due to these system change issues is essential.


Do you see such time as an 'unproductive waste of time' or a 'necessary up-front investment for the future'?


This argument does not make much sense.


This type of technical challenge will always be solved if left alone.


Computers will continue to improve, and software that stopped working because of the chip change will eventually work again.


That's the kind of thing that people do their best to do.


In the digital industry, we can take advantage of the achievements of such people.



The time it takes for prior art to become generalized is frighteningly short, and the first-mover advantage gained from previous development is not great.


There is a "patent law" to protect the interests of prior art inventors, and I believe it has specific effects on device, material, and machine inventions.


However, inventions in digital systems are less likely to be protected by patent law.


First, the algorithm itself is not patentable (JPO has decided that), and second, it is deathly challenging to prove infringement. Even if we prove it, the amount of money we can get is paltry.

では、なぜ、大手の企業は、金にもならない特許出願を、エンジニアの社員たちに強いているかというと ―― 他社に対して「マウント」を取るためです。

So, why do significant companies force their engineering employees to apply for patents that don't pay well -- to "mount" other companies?


The purpose is to claim "territory" by filling a particular technical field with many patent applications (even without Patent approval).


It may be a sense of "effective occupation of the technological field.


In short, 'We're in this territory here.'


What they are doing is "legal," but the essence of it is the same as "anti-socialism."



A capitalist economy is, after all, a "territory war.


As a lowly member of the organization, I am also protecting the organization's security not with a "Chaka" (gun) but with a "neta" (idea).

2024-04-28 苦労してタイトルを取得したはずですが、日常生活で「電気」に関して役に立っているのは、この程度です。 [長年日記]


Our family has purchased two "bumper crop radios."

It is usually used as a receiver to pick up TV sounds and to obtain disaster information in an emergency.

このラジオは電池式なのですが、結構な頻度で電池交換が発生します ―― 毎日使っていますし、つけっぱなしにしてしまうことも多いようなので。

This radio is battery-operated, but the batteries need to be changed quite often -- I use it every day and seem to leave it on a lot.


As expected, I thought, "This is a waste of batteries.


So I wired it to the battery box using the power supply adapter from a discarded phone in the junk box, but it did not work well.


' I thought, 'That's odd, isn't it?' I looked at the voltage with a tester and found that it was not even 0.1 volts. It seems to deteriorate over time surprisingly quickly.



Suddenly, I disassembled a USB cable from a USB adapter I had purchased at a 100-yen store, which was lying all over the place in my house, and tried to wire it together, and it was a "hit


The radio emits a robust and energetic sound.


To be able to switch to batteries in case of a disaster, the wiring was done simply by hooking the lead wires to the electrodes without soldering.


So, we had to run a cable about 5 meters long to carry it around the room.


As it were, this is a hassle, but as an alternative to giving up the benefits of batteries, I think it's just how it is.



I hold a Master's in Electrical Engineering.


I have had to work hard to obtain the title, but this is the extent to which it has helped me understand "electricity" in my daily life.

2024-04-29 そもそも、「ゆとり」や「バブル」や「しらけ」と言われた奴らが、偉そうに若者を語るな。見苦しい。 [長年日記]


It seems that the world tends to feel comfortable naming the younger generation as "Generation Z," "Yutori Generation," or "Generation XX.


Our generation was called the "dampened generation" or something like that,

―― はっきり言って、私は不愉快だった

"I was uncomfortable, to say the least".



It was distasteful, as if all college students "underestimated their studies and were playing for amusement.


I was constantly debunking every old guy who used the "XX generation." Like the following.

■ 隔週でレポート作成の為に徹夜をして、

- Staying up all night every other week to write reports,

■ 毎日毎日、講義に出席し、

- Attending lectures every day, day after day,

■ 午前3時ごろに、ゼミ研究室を退出し、(昭和天皇崩御の際には、蛤御門の前で警官に囲まれて職質されました)

- Leaving the seminar lab around 3:00 a.m. (I was surrounded by police officers and questioned in front of the Hamagurimikado gate when the Showa Emperor died.)

■ 週7日のバイトをして、

- Working part-time, seven days a week,

■ 大学後半と大学院では、学費も自分で収めて、

- paid my tuition for the second half of college and graduate school,

■ 時々、呼吸ができなくなるような胸の痛みで、道路でうずくまったりしていたけど、

- sometimes crouching in the street with chest pains that made it impossible to breathe,

―― それで、私の世代が『何』ですって?

"And my generation is 'what'?"



'I don't know about other college students, but I have never met a single "young guy" around me that you would "expect" to be there.'


'That's strange. All those college students around you were like that.'


And so, I was debunking every old man who talked about the "XX generation."



"Generation Z is "passive and waiting for instructions."


Young people, you can be angry against this phrase.

「ふざけるな!」 と、怒鳴り返してもいい。

Screw you!" And you can yell back.


In the first place, don't let those who were called "Yutori," "Bubble," and "Shirake" talk about the youth with such bravado. It's not nice to see.


Rather, you can say?


"You should be ashamed of your inability to give detailed and precise instructions to your young subordinates, you incompetent manager."



Because it's true.



I will try to be as detailed as possible when I ask someone to do a job.


The process is so much more time-consuming.


In particular, I give instructions on the "final form (goal) of the work" in as much detail as possible.


This means that you run the risk of not being able to escape by blaming your subordinates for your work's failure, but that is the risk you run in the first place. Asking someone else to do a job for you is to take that risk.


Those who run away with phrases like "Generation Z is passive and waits for instructions" are, in essence, "slackers" who don't want to take risks.


There is a simple phrase to recognize these guys.


Anyone who says, "I value the autonomy of young people," is a "slacker" for sure.


I have not believed anyone who uses this phrase even once.


And I am convinced that this decision was not wrong.


At the school's information session, I remember the principal's words: "We will provide an education that nurtures individuality.


Please refer to the following page in the column,?

"The article on this page, "-- Education that fosters individuality? Don't make me laugh."




To begin with,


- When your boss told that you are free to do what you want, and you do it freely, the boss will complain about it,


- If you do what your boss orders,? the boss complains that you only say what you do the orders.


If someone can do the job, you can say, "That's not a human being.

Passive, waiting-for-directions type - that's fine.



As a rule, I was also "passive and waiting for instructions," but that does not mean I did nothing.


I 'shut up' and did the work I felt I needed to do.



―― しゃべると、確実に"潰される"から

"If I speak, my boss will be "crushed" for sure."


In my case, it went like this.

2024-04-30 『私は、何度も警告を出したが、お前がそれに備えなかったからだ』 [長年日記]


One day, heavy rain fell in an area, causing flooding. Residents of the area tried to evacuate their homes and towns. At that time, a man prayed. He said, "God, save me!


A lifeboat came to him. But the man did not get on the boat and said, 'Don't worry, God will save me.


After a while, the water rose more and more, and the man took refuge upstairs and prayed again to God. Then a lifeboat came again, but he did not get on it again, saying, 'God will save me.


As the water level rose further, he took refuge on the roof. There, he prayed again to God. Then a rescue helicopter appeared and tried to rescue him. But he again refused.


In the end, he was caught in the flood and died.


Then he reached heaven. He asked God.


Why didn't you help me?"


God replied.


'I offered you help three times, but you refused them.'



Recently, it seems that earthquakes at a level that we can feel occurring all over Japan.


'I warned you many times, but you were unprepared.'


Even though God says that,?

―― 反論できないレベルで、"多い"ように思います。

?I think there are "too many" at a level that I can't argue with.