2022-09-30 「うん。そう思う。以前、ニュースで自民党・福田達夫総務会長が『(元・統一教会の)何が問題かわからない』との発言をしているのを見たけど、思わず、『あんた、これまで、一体何を学んできたんだ?』と、思わずテレビに向かって、説教してしまったよ」 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"A New Theory of Action for Engineers Who Are Not Loved by Money(7)"

I became a "guru (temporary)" as a strategy to survive in old age


Frankly speaking, the last column was not very well accepted -- from my viewpoint based on Twitter or rankings.


I made some revisions, but to be honest, I was disappointed because I put a lot of effort into writing it.



Junior: "Ebata-san. That's probably a generational gap"


Ebata: "?"

後輩:「私たちの世代は、"カルト宗教"は本当に危険な存在として、認識されていましたよね ―― 統一教会、創価学会、オウム、幸福の科学、エホバの証人・・・。これらの存在を知らない大学生はいませんでしたし、世間も一定の知識がありました」

Junior: "In our generation, "cults" were recognized as really dangerous -- Unification Church, Soka Gakkai, Aum, Happy Science, Jehovah's Witnesses... There was no college student who didn't know about them, and the public had a certain level of knowledge about them. There wasn't a college student who didn't know these things existed, and the public had a certain amount of knowledge about them.


Ebata: "Yes. I think so. I saw LDP General Affairs Chairman Tatsuo Fukuda on the news once saying, 'I don't know what the problem (about the Unification Church) is,' and I involuntarily lectured him on TV, saying, 'What the hell have you learned so far?' "


Junior: "...that LDP member, maybe he really 'didn't get it'."

江端:「ええ! いくらなんでもそれは"ない"だろう。そんな国会議員が我が国に存在するか?」

Ebata: "Yes! That's "no" in any case. Is there such a member of parliament in our country?"


Junior: "It is possible that he had at least some knowledge, but he did not feel the impact (anti-social activities such as psychic sales and excessive donations) firsthand.

江端:「そうなの? 私が大学キャンパスを歩いている時は、『油断していれば、やられる』という緊張感が常にあったように思うけどなぁ」

Ebata: "Really? When I was walking around college campuses, there always seemed to be a sense of tension that if I wasn't careful, I would get hit."


Junior: "Also, it's possible that activity on the cult side is declining."


Ebata: "What do you mean?"

後輩:「信徒勧誘アプローチに改良が加えられていない ―― 既存のメソッドを使い回しているだけで、アプローチの改良をしていない、ということです。で、カルト宗教側も、ジリ貧のまま消滅に向かっている、と」

Junior: "There has been no improvement in the congregational recruitment approach -- they are just using existing methods and not improving their approach. And so the cult side is on the verge of extinction"


Ebata: "If it's on its way to extinction, that's great... but there are still a lot of approaches that could be taken, like the 'one-op missionary' that I proposed in my column, right?"


Junior: "I think the problem with cult groups is that they can't make such 'IT literate' people into believers."


Ebata: "I see. Religion and IT don't seem to go well together..."



Now, in this column, I would like to look at your "interest in cults".

Please note that I am also personally releasing an unmodified version of my previous column to anyone who is interested.

2022-09-29 ―― メガネを付けると、目付きの悪さが緩和される [長年日記]


The other day, I took a photo from a photo machine (speed photo).


For the first time in my life, I wore "glasses (reading glasses)" to take pictures.

―― メガネをつけると、目付きの悪さが緩和される

"Wearing glasses eases my unpleasant look"


I noticed that.


I was horrified when I saw the photo for my passport renewal.


I thought that if I were involved in an accident or incident and this photo appeared on the news, I would be assumed to be the "perpetrator" or "culprit" without having the news story confirmed.



On the day of the "State Funeral," I spent the entire day confined to my home and worked.

2022-09-28 『江端さんの記事って有料になったのですか』 [長年日記]


The other day, I was asked from my reader,


"Did you start charging for your articles?"


and I was really surprised.

そういえば、スマホは、EE Times Japanへのユーザ登録が、ワンアクション入るようになっていたなぁ、と思い出しました。

I remembered that for smartphone, user registration to EE Times Japan has been needed as one-action process.


However, you don't need to register from the web browser of PC

いずれにしても、江端の記事は今も無料で読めるようです ―― というか、私は、この件に関してコントロールできません。

Anyway, reading my columns are free of charge even now. I mean, I have no control over this.


I apologize for any inconvenience.



I think that there are more requests for this type of user registration recently.


I am not good at the actions like this either. so I happen to sto


This cases are apt to happen on Nikkei-XXX site. This is because I am "fed up" with the survey sheets that are required after this registration.

年収とか、家族構成とか、職位とか、既婚や未婚など ―― これらのプライバシーを書かされる『不快』さを、日経XXのサイト運営者は理解すべきです。

The Nikkei XX website operators should understand the "discomfort" of being asked to write these privacy details -- income, family structure, job title, marital status, unmarried status, etc.


As a general rule, I do not answer surveys that have more than 10 items. It is because it is too much trouble.



The other day, I went to visit a gym for muscle training, and the moment I saw the questionnaire form (double-sided, with super small characters) that I had to fill out before the visit, I said


"Sorry, I give up"


and left the gym.


I decided that it was not worth the cost of responding to this survey, as I only wanted to tour the gym facilities.



And maybe many facilities and portals are missing out on potential customers like me because of the 'discomfort' and 'hassle' of users.


If they don't realize that, I think that they are "stupid."


If they realize that, I think that they are "unhelpful stupid."

2022-09-27 江端:「"SG"とは、当然、"シュタインズ・ゲート"のことです・・・え、ご存知ない?本当に??」 [長年日記]

I used this document to provide an overview of the agent simulation to our internal team members.


Member A: "By the way, are these illustrations by Ebata-san?"


Ebata: "I "make" them. It is the same as a patented invention. It is "this illustration characterized by the composition 1, composition 2, and composition 3.


Member A: "... I understand."



Member B: "The concept is "SG," right?"


Ebata: "Of course, "SG". Nothing but "SG" is possible."


Member C: "Um, Ebata-san. May I ask you about "SG?""


Ebata: "'SG' is, of course, 'Steins;Gate'... Oh, you don't know? Really?


―― 弊社のエンジニアが、シュタインズ・ゲートを知らないというのは、由々しき事態だ

"It is a serious matter that our engineers do not know Steins;Gate""

―― シュタインズ・ゲートは、他の人はさておき、エンジニアと研究員の必修科目だ

"Stein's Gate, aside from others, is a required course for engineers and researchers"

―― シュタインズ・ゲートを見ずして、未来の街を設計する仕事をするなど、信じられないことだ

"It would be incredible to work designing the city of the future without seeing Steins;Gate"

―― 当然、『ゼロ』まで完遂しなければならない

"Of course, we must complete to 'Zero'"


I've made them a mess for a long time.


チームメンバには、『ドン引き』されていたようですが ―― 構いません。

The team members were put off by what he said, however I don't care of it.

2022-09-26 「江端! 『丁寧な説明』っていうのは、『同じ内容を、ゆっくりとしゃべり直すこと』じゃねえぞ!!」 [長年日記]

To 日本国総理大臣殿

To Mr. Prime Minister of Japan


When I was a rookie, I was told by a senior, and scoled

「江端! 『丁寧な説明』っていうのは、『同じ内容を、ゆっくりとしゃべり直すこと』じゃねえぞ!!」

"Ebata! "Careful explanation" does not mean "to talk about the same thing over again slowly!"



For your information.

2022-09-25 嫁さんの中では、『私が自分のプログラムの為だけにローカルに作った実験用の小規模データベース』は、データベースに含まれていないようです ―― [長年日記]


When I joined the company, the lack of computer resources was a chronic problem.


Efficient use of memory was the biggest challenge, as creating a three-digit two-dimensional array alone would not allow the program to run.


At work, I was fighting for workstations.


However, PCs no longer face this problem as they now have ample resources.


With the advent of programming languages (such as Go) that are strong in concurrency processing, objects of the order of one million can now be handled as usual.


However, I should not be reckless.


I have tried various responses to the database screams, but when I checked the resource manager, I found that the disk (write) usage was over 99%.


Well, I thought, writing 100 agents' information 30 times per second to a database created in docker, the database would scream.


I have been living without resource shortage problems for more than a decade, so I guess I did not realize how reckless I was.



I was having a conversation with my wife.


Ebata: "My database went down..."

嫁さん:「え! それ大変じゃん!! 大丈夫なの?」

Wife: "What! That's an accident! Are you okay?"


We were both nodding our heads like 'What are you talking about?'


What the general public associates with the word "database" would be an administrative management system, an electricity delivery system, or an e-commerce system such as Amazon.


If that type of database were to go down, it would have an enormous impact on social life.

嫁さんの中では、『私が自分のプログラムの為だけにローカルに作った実験用の小規模データベース』は、データベースに含まれていないようです ――

In my wife's mind, 'a small experimental database that I created locally just for my own programs' is not included in the database.


I think that is the feeling of ordinal persons.

2022-09-24 ―― 絵を描く能力がある人って、やっぱり凄い [長年日記]


It is natrual that I pay for time to write my column, however, I have to waste time to make a illustration.

Watching manga-books, I woder "how can I draw this", and I try to figure out how to imitate the drawing in my own way,


I say same things again,

―― 絵を描く能力がある人って、やっぱり凄い

"People who have the ability to draw are still great"


The drawing make me respect them.

2022-09-23 ―― 自国の安全保障の為であれは、他国の利益など躊躇なく踏み躙る [長年日記]

現在のロシア(の大統領)が何を考えているか分からない ―― という人がいますが、

I don't understand what the current Russian (president) is thinking -- some people say that, however I want to ask them,


"You really don't understand?""



To me, the Russian mindset is palpable.


The use case is our country, Japan, around 1930-1945.


■ウクライナ南部の傀儡の新ロ政権の樹立 ---> 中国東北部に暴走した軍部によって作られた大日本帝国の傀儡国家

- Establishment of puppet neo-Russian government in southern Ukraine ---> Puppet state of Empire of Japan (Manchukuo) created by runaway military in northeastern China

■国際連合参加各国からの「ロシアの力による国境変項」への非難決議 ---> 国際連盟の各国からの「日本の力による傀儡国家の樹立」への非難決議(*)

- Resolution of Condemnation of "Border Transformation by the Power of Russia" from the Countries of the United Nations ---> Resolution of Condemnation of "Establishment of a Puppet State by the Power of Japan" from the Countries of the League of Nations (*)


(*) Moreover, Japan is leaving the League of Nations, abandoning its position as a permanent member of the League of Nations (what a waste).

■ロシアと中国とイランとの経済連携 ---> ドイツとイタリアと日本の日独伊三国同盟

- Economic partnership between Russia, China, and Iran ---> Tripartite Pact between Germany, Italy, and Japan

■国の領土保全又は政治的独立に対する武力による威嚇又は武力の行使を禁止の禁止(国連憲章第2条4項)の違反 ---> 日ソ不可侵条約の一方的破棄

- Violation of the prohibition against the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of a country (Article 2, Paragraph 4 of the UN Charter) ---> Unilateral abrogation of the Soviet-Japanese Nonaggression Pact


Russia said that it was taking the lead this time "for its own self-defense," but Japan at that time also claimed that it was "for our self-defense" in establishing Manchukuo and expanding southward (invasion).


Incidentally, the overwhelming majority of the Japanese people at that time overwhelmingly supported this "right of self-defense of our country.


To me, there does not seem to be much difference between Russia today and Japan back then.



Incidentally, treaties, whether bilateral or multilateral, can be broken unilaterally.


Moreover, there is no penalty. This is because there is no entity that can enforce effective penalties.


Wife: "So what's the treaty for?"


Ebata: "I would say it's only a 'comforting' measure. Of course, countries that break treaties lose international credibility, and they can retaliate by raising tariffs or other measures, but that's about it.



Of course, there is no need to defend Russia's invasion of Ukraine, not even a millimeter.


As a member of the Western world, our country (Japan) feels that condemnation of Russia is both an emotional justice and a national interest.


But that doesn't mean I don't understand those who profess that they don't understand Russia's "behavioral principles" at all.


A cursory study of modern world history ("imperialism") will make this obvious.



History has shown us that

―― 自国の安全保障の為であれは、他国の利益など躊躇なく踏み躙る

"For the sake of its own security, any nation will not hesitate to overstep the interests of other nations"


and that, as far as I know, there is not a single exception to that rule.

2022-09-22 今は、懸垂20回、腹筋20回、背筋50回を、負担を感じない程度に、ダラダラと、不真面目に、一日2セットやっています。 [長年日記]


Recently, my weight is increasing.

I have been confident in "the precision weight control", so I am a bit puzzled.

If I had to guess, I would say "muscle training".


Right now, I'm doing 20 pull-ups, 20 sit-ups, and 50 back-ups, lazily and unseriously, two sets a day, as long as I don't feel overburdened.


My body is not macho-style at all, but I believe that muscle has been manufactured under the fat.


I heard that muscle is 20% heavier than fat.


If this "hidden muscle" is not the reason, then my weight management system is out of order, which is a venerable problem.



I believe it, because the meal will be bad if I don't think so.

2022-09-21 それ故、今回の国葬につきましては、『首相のお好きにされたらいい』と思っています。 [長年日記]

Therefore, a existing minister or members of the Diet used the "Unification Church's organizational votes" in an election, may be a really, really and really small matter, like "A fly on the cake for a moment".

―― と書いていたのですが、どうやら、多くの人にとっても、これは「ささいな話」ではなかったようです。

-- but apparently, this was no "trifle" for many people either.


Lately, when I look at polls, I often feel that my opinion is becoming misaligned with the public (well, I guess it always has been), but in this case, I feel that I was not off the hook.


I am a little bit relieved.



Regarding the former prime minister's state funeral, it is right to discuss 'what a state funeral should be like,' and should not be judged based on liking or disliking the deceased.


A state funeral is a national event, an expression of condolence for the deceased, and an important event that shows the state of our country to people in Japan and abroad.

―― と、それは、十分に分かっているんですが、

I know it well though,


As I wrote the following,


However, after watching the video-clip of the former prime minister's speech on an organization related to "Unification Church", it came to spoil me.


Now I have no condolence.

The government's estimate of state funeral expenses differs from my estimate by one digit, but I have decided not to discuss this matter because the budget can be changed in any amount depending on how it is presented (subject, number of days, scope).


今の私は、「賛成」とか「反対」とかを越えたもっと酷い気持ち ――

Now I have a more brutal feeling that goes beyond "for" or "against".


"Let's pretend he was never there from the first"


I am feeling such the emptiness.


I really wish I hadn't seen that video clip of the speech.


(Incidentally, I feel the same way about the images that appear daily of the ruling party members at the religious parties. If I had a time machine, I would go tell myself, 'Never, ever vote for that party.)



Anyway, I am not going to be able to talk logistically about this state funeral now.


Therefore, regarding this funeral, I think 'the Prime Minister will do it as he wants'.


Although the decision regarding this funeral seems to have been made almost single-handedly by the Prime Minister, it is still the decision of the head of our country's executive branch.


I think I can show a certain understanding of his decision.

というか ―― 正直なところ、もはや、私にとってどーでもいい人が、どのように取り扱われようが、私は心底から『どーでもいい』のです。

I mean -- to be honest, I no longer really 'care' how people who don't matter to me are treated with any way.