2021-02-27 『フッフッフ・・。コンピュータで設計された「なんちゃって(デジタル?)コロナウイルス」に、騙(だま)されろ!私の体!!』 [長年日記]

After writing my last column (the first half of the Shibata Report), I think I have a rough idea of what I know about the new coronary vaccine.


And I, as an IT engineer, am looking forward to the day when the digitally designed vaccine is put into my body (the day of vaccination).


"Huh-uh. My body! Be fooled by the computer-designed 'digital coronavirus'"


I can't stop the excitement just thinking about it (*)


When I mentioned this to my family, they just brushed it off, saying, "There are many people in the world who think in different ways.


デジタルウイスル(mRNA)(*)を体内に注入して、アナログウイルス(SARS-CoV-2)を駆逐する ――

"Digital virus (mRNA)(*) is injected into the body to eradicate the analog virus (SARS-CoV-2)"


(*) Of course, this expression is just a metaphor.

こんなSFのような話が、今、世界で、人類全員に施されようとしている ―― これは、凄いことです。

This kind of science fiction story is now being given to all human beings in the world -- this is a great thing.


Of course, we can say that "we were lucky this time" or "it was a good match with SARS-CoV-2," but this technology should be able to be deployed to other viral infections.


Digital viruses can be used to treat most cancers, not to mention viral infections such as this one.


What's more,

"Can homosexuals have children? Basic Knowledge for Verification - iPS and ES Cells"


This technology should also be able to be applied to iPS cells, as described in this column.


Since mRNA can also produce proteins with information that is not described in our DNA, it should not be necessary to limit its purpose to "antibody production.

これからは、「IT(Information Technology) x GT(Genetic technology) という時代が本格化する」という予感がビンビンしています。

I have a strong feeling that the era of IT (Information Technology) x GT (Genetic technology) will be in full swing from now on.



Well, at the same time, we can foresee the movement of that resistance.


Test tube babies" and "cloned cows" are now common knowledge.


By the way, I haven't heard of any groups (Vatican, etc.) protesting about this mRNA, saying that the vaccine design approach is against God's teachings.

彼らは、「iPS細胞」が登場する前、「ES細胞」にすら抗議していたハズですが ―― ES細胞は「胎児の細胞を使う」という点がひっかっかったのだから、今回のケースとは違うかもしれません。

They were even protesting against "ES cells" before the advent of "iPS cells". However, ES cells were stuck on the point of "using fetal cells", which may be different from this case.


今回、もしバチカンが「mRNAワクチン」を叩くような方向で動けば、私たちが「バチカンを世界から破門する」という事態になるかもしれません ――

This time, if the Vatican moves in the direction of slamming the "mRNA vaccine", we may end up "excommunicating the Vatican from the world" -- a situation that would be very difficult to avoid.


That's something I'd like to see, though.

2021-02-26 私たちは、人類史に残る最悪の災厄(COVID-19)を、人類史に残る最強の幸運(mRNAワクチン)によって、今回も生き延びることができそうです。 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number"(65) : Extra edition

A doctor writes to an engineer about how a fake coronavirus will save humanity


シバタ先生からのレポートを受けとってから、シバタ先生とEE Times JapanのMさんを巻き込みつつの、突貫作業でした。

After receiving the report from Dr. Shibata, it was a rush job involving him and Ms. M from EE Times Japan.


"It's now or never!" I've been immersed in the work, feeling rushed.


Well, this column can be summed up with this phrase on the last page.


Ebata: "Well, to be honest, it was such a huge shock that it instantly wiped out "artificial intelligence," "quantum computers," and other technologies of that level. I'm convinced that it's an innovation worthy of a Nobel Prize 10 years in advance, and a milestone in the history of science.


We are going to survive the worst disaster in human history (COVID-19), this time with the strongest good luck in human history (mRNA vaccine).


最終稿をEE Times Japanにメールで送付し終えて、リビングに降りて、インスタントコーヒーを飲んでいました。

After finishing emailing the final draft to EE Times Japan, I went down to the living room and had a cup of instant coffee.

I began to speak to my family.


"This is something I got from a junior colleague of mine..."



"Whatever his qualifications, nobody could deny that the former president of the United States is a 'top-notch gambler'"


Upon hearing this, all the family members seemed to be deeply convinced.

2021-02-25 『お前らも、少し黙っていろ』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

「自分を変えたい」―― 私、生まれて一度も、そんなこと考えたことがありません。

I want to change myself... I've never thought about that in my life.

# この話を人にすると、かなりドン引かれるようですが。

# When I tell people about this, they seem to be quite taken aback.


There are two reasons for this.


The first reason is because it's "weird".

「自分を変えたい」っていうのは、「自分を換えたい(交換したい)」ということであって、「他人になりたい」と同じこと、と思えるので ―― 理解できないし、気持ち悪いです。

It seems to me that "I want to change myself" means "I want to exchange myself", which is the same as "I want to become someone else" --so I don't understand it and it's weird.


The second reason is that I believe that we cannot change ourselves in the first place.


I think it is as difficult as changing a material called "wood" to a material called "stone".


Well, it might be possible to change "wood" to "stone".


However, when I think about the energy spent on the conversion, I can't help but think it's irrational or a waste of time and money.


で、さきほどの「上手」「下手」の話に戻りますが ――

So, back to the topic of "good" and "bad"...


Instead of "changing myself," I think it's better to think about "how to use (operate) myself better.


Probably, "how to utilize" will take less money and time, and it is definitely easier.

―― そんな簡単に自分の活用方法が見つかるなら、こんな苦労するかよ!

"If it were that easy to find a way to utilize myself, I wouldn't have all this trouble!"


I can understand the point of view, but I think the odds are better than the reckless challenge of "changing myself".



Well, when it comes to this kind of talk, I think it sounds like "bragging from the top" from a guy who just happens to have his life in a good way.


Maybe so.


So I also think it is "polite" for "people who live with the feeling that something is going well" to keep quiet about it.


I sometimes feel that I must be silent too.


I make a lot of noise in my columns and blogs, but there are many things I keep quiet about.


その一方で ――

On the other hand--

「自分が嫌い」だの「自分を変えたい」だのという言葉を濫用して、それを上手くいかない自分の人生の「免罪符」のように振舞っている奴等を見ると ――

When I see people abusing words like "I hate myself" and "I want to change myself" and acting like it's an "exemption" for their life not going well...


Yes, for example, when I listen to teen idol songs full of those kinds of lyrics.


"You also shut up for a minute"


That's what I want to say.

2021-02-24 なんと言えばいいのですかね ―― ちょっとまだ上手く言語化できないのですが、敢えていうのであれば「上手」「下手」って感じでしょうか。 [長年日記]


About my works (creating simulations, communication programs), I sometimes use the resources of my personal computer (PC) to the limit.


When the limit is exceeded, the application will stop and the PC will freeze.


In the first place, the Windows and Linux operating systems (OS) manage the resources of the computer to prevent this from happening, but our work can extend beyond the control of the OS.


All the work I have done so far will disappear, so I must avoid such a situation.


In other words, it is (sometimes) necessary to manage and control the inside of the PC world by myself, without leaving it to the OS.


私がPCに向かっている時、それは、一人であり、「究極のボッチ」である ―― かのように見えます。

When I'm at my computer, it seems that I am a lonely and un "ultimate isolation".

しかし、複数のタスクを一つもダウンさせることなく、同時にコントロールする「最強のリア充」である ―― とも言えます。

However, it can be said that it is the "sociable person" that controls multiple tasks at the same time without downing any one of them.


In other words, how you look, and how others see you, is ultimately relative.


『陽気で外交的でリーダーシップが取れるという人間』 ―― これを「陽キャ」というそうですが、

"A person who is cheerful, diplomatic, and capable of leadership" -- this is called a "cheerful".

これは長い間 ―― 少なくとも、私がティーンだった時代から、「陽キャ」は不動の価値観として君臨し続けてきました。

This has been the case for a long time -- at least since the days when I was a teenager, and "cheerful" has continued to reign as a steadfast value.


As antonyms, adjectives such as "dark-hearted," "gloomy," "negative," and "nerd" have been abused as derogatory terms for people.


However, I think that this structure of opposition between "cheerful" and "nerd" can no longer be contrasted as it used to be due to the intrusion of the virtual space of the Internet.

なんと言えばいいのですかね ―― ちょっとまだ上手く言語化できないのですが、敢えていうのであれば「上手」「下手」って感じでしょうか。

I don't know how to put it into words, but if I had to, I'd say "good" and "bad".


(To be continued)

2021-02-23 私、「私の葬式はやらないこと」を、家族に伝えてあります ―― 『そんな金があるなら、家族で寿司でも食いに行け』と言っています。 [長年日記]


I remember writing somewhere once that I wondered if a New Year's card with only pictures of the family's children would work.


Well, for me, it's because 'their friend's child is a stranger to me.


I can't help but look at other people's pictures.



My senior daughter once told me that there is a concept called "Nengajo Harassment" these days.


While there are diverse ways of living (DINK, single, partnership), it seems that expressing what they belong to (their mate, family, etc.) is harassment.


I think, "Yes, that's true," and I also think, "Do I really need to worry about it that much?


However, if I admit to "New Year's card harassment," I am the one who carried out "blog harassment" and "column harassment.


If I try to describe anyone other than myself, they will all be "harassment".



While "blogs" and "columns" are pull-type information media that those who do not want to read can avoid reading, "New Year's cards" are push-type information media.


When I think about it, I feel that "New Year's cards" can be included in the list of harassment.


On the other hand, "New Year's cards" have the property that if we stop sending them, they will also stop sending them.


Hence, "New Year's card harassment" may be overthinking it.


The only remaining troublesome issue is how to handle New Year's greeting cards for relatives, bosses, mentors, and other people whose connections are hard to ignore.



Well, I think of New Year's cards as "cards for making a list of attendees for my funeral," so I don't really care.

私、「私の葬式はやらないこと」を、家族に伝えてあります ―― 『そんな金があるなら、家族で寿司でも食いに行け』と言っています。

I told my family not to hold a funeral for me -- "If you have that kind of money, go eat sushi with the family.

2021-02-22 『太平洋戦争と同じような状況になれば、歴史の教訓があろうがなかろうが、私たちは再び開戦してしまう』 [長年日記]

I read "Economists on the Outbreak of War between Japan and the United States"


The Shinchosensho was quite a hard book for me to read, but I finished it in four days, walking an hour every day.


In this book,

(1)圧倒的に不利な国力差(日米の国力比 1:20~50)にあって、

(1) In the face of an overwhelming disadvantageous power gap (Japan-U.S. power ratio: 1:20-50)


(2) The information in (1) above is not secret information, but is widely disclosed not only to those in power, but also to the public.


(3) Before the start of the war, the simulation of "Japan's inevitable defeat" was completed perfectly, and


(4) The cabinet, the government, and even the military were almost all aware of this reality.

という状況下において ―― というか、むしろ『その(1)~(4)の条件が揃っていたからこそ』日本が太平洋戦争に突入した

even under the circumstances of (1)~(4), rather because of the circumstances, Japan's entry into the Pacific War.


This is a book that clarifies this fact from the perspective of behavioral economics.



I thought there were many ways to read it, but my biggest thought was,

―― 戦争に突入した原因は、軍部や政府ではなく、むしろ『数字を読めない/読もうとしなかった国民」の側にあった

"The cause of the war was not the military or the government, but rather the people who could not or would not read the numbers"



According to the author's analysis, "a government that is weak and incapable of decision-making" and "an incompetent and crude army" are quite fanciful.


で、この本を読みがら「もし私が権力者だったとして、この局面をひっくり返して、戦争回避ができただろうか?」と考えていたのですが ――

And as I read this book, I was thinking, "If I were in power, could I have turned this around and averted war?


However, I became convinced that it was hopelessly impossible.

In particular, I thought that prospect theory was too strong.


■選択A : 開戦しなければ、3年後に米英の経済封鎖により、日本は屈服する

Option A : If the war does not start, Japan will be brought to its knees by the economic blockade of the U.S. and Britain in three years.

■選択B : 開戦すればほぼ間違いなく敗戦する。但し、

Option B : If the war starts, we will almost certainly lose. However,


(1) If Germany defeats the Soviet Union and


(2) If the Germans succeed in landing in England, and


(3) If Japan acquires the resources of Southeast Asia, establishes transportation routes, and


(4) If the British surrender to the Germans


At that time, the U.S. may lose its will to engage in war and accept a peace treaty.

という、4つの"if"と、1つの"might"であったとしても、(どう考えても、限りなくゼロに近い可能性ですが)、行動経済学のプロスペクト理論によれば、"選択A" < "選択B" になるのです。

Even if there are four "ifs" and one "might" (which is a near-zero possibility by any measure), according to the prospect theory of behavioral economics, "choice A" < "choice B".



According to the author, if there is a way to avoid this situation, it is


(1) A "dictator who insists on avoiding war" will appear in our country.


(2) Choose option A and wait for the situation to change somewhere in the next three years with "no action".


The author's summation, "These would have been the only two ways," resonated with me.



"If we find ourselves in a situation similar to the Pacific War, we will start the war again, regardless of the lessons of history"


It was a book that gave me a pretty good sense of "desperation".

2021-02-21 ―― なんだ、これなら、「幸せな来世の為に、現世で功徳を尽くせ」と主張している宗教(カルトを含む)の方が、まだマシじゃねーか [長年日記]


Lately, I've been seeing a lot of "cross-world reincarnation manga" in web ads.


The reason why such ads appear is because I can read the ads in a disciplined manner.

「異世界転生」のコンテンツは、現実逃避心理の具現化 ―― などとヤボなことを言うのは止めましょう。

The content of "reincarnation" is an embodiment of the psychology of escaping from reality -- however, let's not say that it's a bad thing.


Dreaming/showing is the job of the creator and the creations.

―― 今の知識を持ったまま、小学生になって、大人(教師)をやりこめてやりたい

"I want to be an elementary school student with the knowledge I have now, and I want to beat up the adults (teachers)"


It is also a form of escapism.

(This is almost the same as what I wrote here.)



I wondered what kind of world I would like to be reincarnated in.


However, I can't seem to visualize this in any concrete way.


I'm thinking in terms of the content of "Reincarnation"



- A world in the past that we know the events of the future.


- A medieval world where medicine and science have not yet developed


- A world where magic and supernatural powers that cannot be used in this world


These worlds often appear. So I think I want to be reincarnated,

―― 現世界で、苦労しながら培ってきた知識や技術を生かせる世界

"A world where I can use the knowledge and skills I have cultivated through hard work in the current world"




This means that in order to live happily in the world of "otherworld reincarnation", I must continue to face hardships, efforts, and unpleasant experiences in the "present world" (checked).


This means that I want to dream about the "other world" where we don't have to make any effort in order not to have any hardship, not to make any effort, and not to get into any trouble in the "present world", and I want to dream about the "other world" where we don't need to make any effort (checked).


―― なんだ、これなら、「幸せな来世の為に、現世で功徳を尽くせ」と主張している宗教(カルトを含む)の方が、まだマシじゃねーか

"In this case, religions (including cults) that insist on "doing meritorious deeds in this life for a happy next life" are still better"


I am afraid that I noticed that.

2021-02-20 という訳で、ここのところ、体重測定の前には、体重計をストーブで十分に温めています。 [長年日記]


The key missions of telecommuting in Corona disaster are weight control and regular exercise.


Recently, I have come to understand that if I leave the scale in front of the stove, it will show my weight about 200 grams lighter.


So, these days, before weighing myself, I warm up the scale sufficiently on the stove.



By the way, my wife says to me, "I don't know what you're thinking.

2021-02-19 ―― ITエンジニアが、在宅期間中に、自宅で1年間履き続けたジーンズは、おいくらになるのでしょうか? [長年日記]


I took a sauna at the super public bath in front of the station for the first time in a long time, since I couldn't get rid of the tiredness no matter if I took stabilizers or sleeping pills.


Although we are in the middle of declaring a state of emergency, there were quite a few customers in the public bath.


Well, that's beside the point.



There were about ten people in the sauna, which had a capacity of about twenty, and they were all silently watching the TV screen in front of them.


In one of the variety shows, the topic of jeans in Onomichi came up.

―― 実際にジーンズを尾道の人に履いてもらって、ダメージジーンズを作る

"Making damaged jeans by having people in Onomichi actually wear the jeans"


I was surprised to hear that, and even more surprised to hear that it could be sold for two to three times the cost.



I'm a jeans user who doesn't see even 1mm value in damaged jeans.



"I buy cheap jeans from Amazon, wear them down until they rip, and when they do, I repair them with wood glue"


So, it's impossible for me to share the value of "damaged jeans".




―― ITエンジニアが、在宅期間中に、自宅で1年間履き続けたジーンズは、おいくらになるのでしょうか?

"How much would you pay for a pair of jeans that an IT engineer wore at home for a year while he was at home?"


I was thinking about something trivial in the sauna.

2021-02-18 ―― 「遠山の金さん "冤罪"捕物帳」 [長年日記]


Daughter: "Someone once told me that there are two standards in the world: 'justice and evil' and 'like and dislike'"


Ebata: "That's not true. There is only one standard, 'like and dislike'"


Daughter: "Isn't there a 'Justice and evil'?


Ebata: "'Justice and evil' is just a relative concept. It can be easily turned 180 degrees depending on where we stand, so I don't think it's very important.



Well, I know that many philosophers in the past and the present have thought to death in search of the most 'absolute justice'.


But if it's something we have to think about to death to understand, I think it's terribly tedious and even "dangerous" to put "absolute justice" as a common value standard.


江端:「そもそも、法治国家における法治 ―― まあ、裁判はその一例だが ―― この運用がどのように行われるかしっているか?」

Ebata: "To begin with, do you know how the operation of the rule of law in a country under the rule of law is carried out? Well, the trial is just one example"


Daughter: "To judge a person only on the basis of evidence and law, without 'subjectivity' right?

江端:「それは建前だ。この話は、法学ゼミで教えて貰って、私自身も仰天したことだが ――」

Ebata: "That's a pretext. This story was taught to me in law seminar, and I myself was astonished...."


Then I started to talk about the process of a trial.


(Step.1) 裁判官は、主観で被告の「好きと嫌い」を決めて、有罪/無罪および、その刑量をざっくり思い浮かべる。

(Step.1) The judge decides on the subjective "likes and dislikes" of the defendant and comes up with a rough idea of guilt/innocence and the amount of the sentence.

(Step.2) 次に裁判官は、この有罪/無罪、および刑量を導き出すための、複数の法律の条文を頭の中で並べる

(Step.2) The judge then lays out in his or her mind the multiple articles of law from which to derive this guilt/innocence and sentence amount.

(Step.3) 裁判官は、これらの条文を、担当事件の内容に当てはめられるかどうかを検討する。上手くはまれば、判決に適用する

(Step.3) The judge considers whether these articles can be applied to the case in question. If it works, they apply it to the judgment.


江端:「でもって、上記(Step.1)~(Step.3)は、裁判官だけでなく、検察、弁護人も共通認識として共有している。そんでもって、この3者の関係者が、判決の落とし所を擦り合わせていく ―― これが、基本的な裁判のアプローチだ」

Ebata: "The above (Step.1) to (Step.3) are shared by not only judges but also prosecutors and defense attorneys.Then, these three parties work together to reach a decision. This is the basic trial approach.


Daughter: "No way..."


Ebata: "Of course, the above is a civil case with clear circumstantial and physical evidence, however, they can add extenuating circumstances, trends in public opinion, and social norms. And finally, the judgment is made based on the subjective standard of "How much can I forgive this defendant?""


Daughter: "'Justice and evil' is not the standard...


Ebata: "'Justice and evil' is a 'tool concept' that exists as a rationale for 'like and dislike'."


Daughter: "Then what is the point of the law's existence?


Ebata: "No, no, the important point is this: 'Even if they start from 'like and dislike', they can't make a judgment based only on 'like and dislike'".


Daughter: "?

江端:「どんな法律でもいいけど、必ず明文化された法律に基づいて論理的に(見せかけて)判決を出さなければならない ―― これが法治の理念で、最後の砦でもある」

Ebata: "It doesn't matter what kind of law they use, but they must always make a logical (pretend) judgment based on a clearly stated law -- this is the principle of the rule of law, and it is also the last resort."



In that sense, "Toyama no Kin-san" made judgments based on "likes and dislikes" alone, and at his own discretion.


As for me, I think that "Toyama no Kin-san" has definitely functioned as a "false accusation manufacturing system".


That's why I want to watch a TV drama whose title is

―― 「遠山の金さん "冤罪"捕物帳」

"Tozan no Kin-san, the 'False Accusation' Catcher's Notebook"