2022-12-07 詐欺まがいの寄付(犯罪)をやるなら、―― 社会問題にならない程度の金額や規模に抑える、という程度の『犯罪の運用・管理』もできないほどに、絶望的にマヌケなんですよ、ヤツら(旧称統一教会)は。 [長年日記]


(1) The enactment of the Victims Countermeasures Bill means that the existence of the perpetrator (formerly known as the Unification Church) has been concretely recognized, right?

(2) As to whether or not that perpetrator can continue to qualify as a religious corporation, we Japanse can confirmed that the Family Association for World Peace and Unification (formerly known as the Unification Church) has confirmed that our country (Japan) is ineligible as a religious corporation based on the "religious law personality theory," which is the basic concept of the status of religious corporations, right?


(3) However, in our country, "freedom of religion" is an absolute right of our people.


From the above, it follows that


(Step.1) The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) will quickly issue an order to dissolve the former Unification Church (revocation of its status as a religious corporation).


(Step.2) The former name of the Unification Church can continue its activities (fraud, solicitation) on a personal basis even after losing its corporate status. Translation results


(Step.3) From now on, we will personally identify the perpetrators of the old name Unification Church and destroy them one by one with criminal and civil penalties, either through the new Victims' Protection Bill or the old law (fraud).


I think that the above flows will be enough.



I'm reading this proposed law right now.

I think that the idiots (formerly known as the Unification Church) have led to "government intervention" being explicitly stated in our nation's "freedom of religion" doctrine (Article 7).


This is a threat to most religious organizations in Japan, which operate based on the "good faith theory of religious institutions".


The reason is that it would allow the government arbitrary control over religion.

あのマヌケたち(旧称統一教会)のやったことの最大級の罪は、日本という宗教に対して寛容で穏健な ―― "無関心"とも言うけど―― 国家の立法府に、このような法案を作らせてしまったことです。

One of the biggest sins of what those idiots (formerly known as the Unification Church) did was to let the legislature of Japan, a nation that is tolerant and moderate -- some would say "indifferent" -- toward religion, create such a bill. to create such a bill.


If they want to force people to make fraudulent donations (a crime), then

―― 社会問題にならない程度の金額や規模に抑える

"Limit the amount and scale to a level that will not cause social problems"


They(formerly known as the Unification Church) are so hopelessly stupid that they cannot even "operate and manage crime"


To be clear, the designated gangsters are far more intelligent.

2022-12-06 『この著者の結論は、"動くな"、"家にいろ"、"リモートシステムを使い倒せ"で、いいのかな?』 [長年日記]


Last night, I was reading material for a classmate's (international student) presentation of the research paper.


The paper is described the conclusion that 'no matter what technological innovations may come in the future, zero emissions will not be possible'.


Especially the "transportation field" is said to be in desperate need of help.


I can summarize the argument of this paper in my own way.

―― むやみに移動するな

"Don't move unnecessarily"



Today's lecture, when I gave him a question of


"The conclustion of the paper's author is "Don't move, Stay home, Do your remote system", Is that Right?"

と疑問を投げつけたら、彼は困った顔をしていました ―― ちょっと、悪いことをしました。

He had a annoyed look on his face -- I felt sorry for him.



That said, I very much agree with 'don't move unnecessarily'.


Traveling should be as much as a walk in the park, and all work that can be done remotely should be done remotely.


The remote may be half as efficient as F2F (I agree), then just double the F2F time.


Considering the time it takes to travel, it should pay off perfectly.



Having said that, I am also well aware that 'it is work that does not go according to logic.


First, let's start by stopping "moving around unnecessarily" with other "remote" people who can "hold" each other's hands.

2022-12-05 私なら、アルミ箔で、即席の室内アンテナを作り始める、と思いますが ―― [長年日記]


My wife is now back at her parents' house in support of my mother-in-law's surgery.


So, I just received a call saying that the TV was not displaying images.


After hearing her talk, the suspicious thing seems to be the age-related deterioration of the antenna or its cable.


She called the electrician, however, he told her that it would be 5 days after.


'What am I supposed to do about the World Cup tonight?' she lamented.



Ebata: "Why don't you watch it on "NHK Plus" from your phone?"


Wife: "Today's game is not on NHK"

江端:「じゃあ ―― ダメかな」

Ebata: "So -- no?"


For me, I'd start making improvised indoor antennas out of aluminum foil, but--


Well, the wife was out of luck this time.

2022-12-04 入院レベルの「躁(そう)病」を疑うべきではないか、と思えるのです。 [長年日記]

I have just completed the presentation materials, and I have complicated feelings.


- My life is close to my ideals


- Conditions of my life are excellent


- I am satisfied with my life


- So far I have achieved the important things I want in life


- if I could live my life again I would change almost nothing


These are the measurement parameters for cognitive SWB


確かに、質問の中に、比較すべき「他人」や「社会」は入っていないのですが、この質問に対して完全に"Yes"と答える奴は ――

Certainly, there is no "other" or "society" to be compared to in the question, but anyone who would answer "Yes" to this question completely would be --


suspected being "mania" at the hospitalization level.

2022-12-03 ―― 過去の不摂生な生活は、そこから脱した後でも、私たちを許してくれない [長年日記]


Recently, actor Mr.Toru Watanabe passed away.


Also, columnist Mr.Takashi Odajima passed away.


Mr. Toru Watanabe had been obese and lost weight repeatedly, and was not obese at the time of his death.


Mr. Takashi Odajima also overcame his alcoholism on his own.

何が言いたいかというと ――

What I want to say is--

―― 過去の不摂生な生活は、そこから脱した後でも、私たちを許してくれない

"Past neglects of health do not forgive us, even after we get out of them"



So, well, maybe I won't be 'forgiven' either -- even if I don't consume a drop of alcohol now.

2022-12-02 ―― ワールドカップの日本の1次リーグ突破のニュースが一つも表示されない [長年日記]


I was in the cafeteria just now, and I opened my iPad to Google News.

―― ワールドカップの日本の1次リーグ突破のニュースが一つも表示されない

"No news on Japan's progress through the first round of the World Cup is shown"


I am a little surprised by the fact.


I realized today the power of the filtering function for online news.


今朝4時に起きてテレビを見ていた嫁さんから、この事実を教えてもらわなければ ―― 

If I didn't have to learn this fact from my wife, who was up at 4:00 this morning watching TV-- 


Until I see today's News 7 on NHK, I will have not known this fact.

2022-12-01 「令和版所得倍増計画」の正体 ~全国民参加の不労所得獲得戦略 [長年日記]


In this issue, I took another step forward in our analysis of the "2022 Income Doubling Plan.


As a result, I came to see this plan as a "strategy for earning unearned income with the participation of all Japanese citizens".


Well "not bad".It also makes me feel like I will also join the plan .

2022-11-30 クリスマスイブに、誰でもいいのでカップルの体裁を調えて街を闊歩する男女より、はるかに誠実である [長年日記]


On our junior daughter's recent birthday, my wife and I ordered an L-size pizza and ate an expensive cake, with our second daughter absent.

―― という事実が、レシートから発見されて、次女が怒っていたそうです。

She found the receipts and got angry.


However, I think 'it is your (second daughter's) fault for spending time with her college friends and being away from home on the day.



'Why have a party where the person onself is not present?' I would argue as follows.

―― じゃあ、なんで、お前たち、クリスマスパーティーなんぞやるんだ?

"Then why are you guys having a Christmas party?"



That person has been dead for more than 2000 years now and is currently absent (if he had been resurrected, he would have died).


However, the birthday events continue and continue.


Moreover, he is celebrated not on the "day" of the birthday, but on the "day before the birthday(eve)", which makes no sense at all.


As I have said many times, his birthday is December 25th, and the 24th is a normal, totally unrelated day.


『本人の誕生日に、本人の生誕を祝う』という私達夫婦のスタイルは ――

Our couple's style, to celebrate the birth of the person on the person's birthday, is


"far more sincere than the man and woman who walk the streets on Christmas Eve with the appearance of a couple for anyone"


I believe it.

2022-11-29 ―― 日本国内において、生涯で2~3回は原発事故に遭遇し、最低1回は放射能汚染被害を受ける [長年日記]


(1) Nuclear power plants in Japan cannot operate continuously for more than 13 months and must undergo a three-month periodic inspection.


(2) Japanese nuclear reactors must be decommissioned 60 years after their first operation.


The government has now decided that the period of time that the plant has been out of service due to periodic inspections and other reasons will be subtracted from the 60-year period, and the plant will continue to be used.

国民から『詭弁だ!』と非難される覚悟での決定だったろう ―― と、思いましたが、今のところ、あまり、そのような声は聞こえてきません(判断は、まだ早計かもしれませんが)。

I thought that the decision would have been made in preparation for the public's condemnation as "sophistry!", however, so far I have not heard any such comments (although it may be too early to make a judgment).


After all, if you look at the ongoing "realities of the people in a country where the power infrastructure has been bombed and lives are at stake for wintering over," you may not be able to say such a thing.


Just wondering, "Would I, "11 years ago," be able to say the same thing?"


Eleven years ago, I left this note


Even now, this idea has not changed one millimeter.

どんなシステムでも事故は発生します ―― 『絶対』です。

Accidents happen in any system -- "absolutely".

Safety is all about "safety based on killing people".



If restarting nuclear power plants is 'an unavoidable step for the survival of the nation,' then I will accept it.


However, I was also prepared to "continue to encounter accidents of the same level as the Fukushima nuclear accident".

―― 日本国内において、生涯で2~3回は原発事故に遭遇し、最低1回は放射能汚染被害を受ける

"In Japan, I will encounter two or three nuclear accidents in my lifetime and suffer from radioactive contamination at least once"


If we can be so determined, coexistence with nuclear power plants is possible.


「原発事故の発生を前提として、あらゆる事態を想定し、考えうる最悪の事故の対策を考えて、それでも多分、皆さんには、酷い損害を与える可能性をあることを十分に分かった上で ―― 政府は『原発再稼動』を決断しました」

"Assuming the occurrence of a nuclear accident, assuming all possible contingencies, considering countermeasures for the worst possible accident, and knowing fully well that it could still probably cause terrible damage to you all -- the government has decided to 'restart nuclear power plants'."

と、首相が宣言してくれるのであれば ――

If the Prime Minister will declare the above,


At the very least, I declare too that I will stand on the side of the Prime Minister, his cabinet, and the government.

2022-11-28 ―― 喪中の為、ディズニーランド、忘年会、および学会講演発表等の、アクティビティ参加をご遠慮申し上げます [長年日記]

Yesterday, I posted a mourning postcard.


The idea of "mourning" has existed in every region of every time period, but in Japan, the influence of Confucius (55l-479 BC) seems to have been significant.


But the contents were amazing.


'When the parents died, we should be a three-year mourning period.'


'We should set up a tent next to my parents' gravesite and lived there for three years under a set rule of mourning'

I remember the contents like that.


As expected, a disciple complained that three years was too much and that it would affect economic activity.


However, Confucius then told his disciple, "Then you should do what you want"


It was typical power harassment.


That aside.


―― 喪中の為、ディズニーランド、忘年会、および学会講演発表等の、アクティビティ参加をご遠慮申し上げます

"Due to the mourning period, I will not be able to participate in activities such as Disneyland, year-end parties, and presentations at academic conferences"


I hope that we can "utilize" mourning in such a way.