2023-08-01 ―― 今の私の選択を、一番喜んでくれているのは、父と母のような気がする [長年日記]


At this time of year, TV programs feature resort destinations.


But, to me, it is not a hit at all.

For more information, see "I Thought I Was Going to Choke to Death from Boredom" here.


Others have asked me once or twice, "What on earth do you enjoy doing for a living, Ebata?"



Speaking of things I've enjoyed in the past few years,

■ お袋の胃ろうの器具交換の為の移動のサポートを終えて、自宅に戻る時、新幹線の中で、ペットボトルのお茶と一緒の食べた「一口ういろう」

- I had a bite of Uiro with a bottle of tea on the bullet train when I returned home after helping my mother change her gastric bandage.

■ インターネットで注文した鮮魚を料理して、父が美味しそうにしている顔を見ながら食べた「魚の煮付け」

- I had Cooked fresh fish ordered over the Internet and ate it while watching my father's face as he enjoyed it.


And so on.


If you ask me, "Is that what makes Ebata so much fun?" I think it's a feeble answer myself.



I recently attended a working college, and I've been trying to figure out why I did this (outburst). So I reached the following.

―― 父と母が亡くなり、私に、学費分のお金を残してくれたから

"My father and mother died and left me enough money to pay for my schooling."



I gained resources (time and money) through the death of my father and mother.


父と母が存命の時は、入院、退院、様態の激変、病院や施設、市役所との折衝など ―― フロントとなってくれた姉の苦労には遠く及びませんが ―― それでも、気の張る日々だったと思います。

When my father and mother were alive, they were hospitalized, discharged, experienced drastic changes in their condition, and had to negotiate with hospitals, facilities, and city hall. Of course, it was nowhere near the hard work of my sister, who supported me in the front -- but still, I think it was a very stressful day.


At least I didn't have time to think about 'studying in college.


And since I was struggling to make ends meet with tuition and living expenses before I entered the workforce, I honestly wish I could use a time machine to deliver this money to me when I was living in a boarding house.


I think that if I had been able to do that, I probably would not have become the "me" I am today.



All in all, I am a horrible person.


With the resources (time and money) gained from the death of my father and mother, I am studying in college.


I can say that I am the best parent unhappy child.


And I am not without guilt about it, either.


Even so,

―― 今の私の選択を、一番喜んでくれているのは、父と母のような気がする

"I feel like my father and mother are the most pleased with my choice now."



Well, that's my analogy and one-sided assumption.

2023-08-02 だから、皆さんは、もっと江端に優しくしても、いいと思うのです。 [長年日記]


It is said that at a standing buffet party, eating the last one left on the plate takes courage.


"It is said" is because I don't 'need' courage.


Instead, as a braver contributing to the waste food problem, I eat it from one side of the table to the other.



However, in a remote meeting, it takes courage for me to press the leave command.

他の誰かが退出したことを確認しないと ―― それが一人でもいいのですが ―― 退出コマンドが押下できません。

Without confirmation that someone else has exited -- it might be OK for even one person -- I can not push the exit button.



I want to say, 'Human weakness is different for each person.'


And that 'Ebata is pretty cowardly.'


So, I think you all could be more gentle with Ebata.

2023-08-03 ―― 英語でも数学でも読書でも、それが必要となった時点で、自分でちゃんと考えて苦労しろ [長年日記]

問い: なぜ、子どもの頃に、『クソ詰らない』文豪の本を読まされ続けたのか

QUESTION: Why did I continue to be forced to read books by 'fucking stuffy' writers as a child?

回答: 大人になった時、レビュー(読み直し)でラクができるから

ANSWER: because when I grow up, I can get off easy with reviews (rereading)



Books considered literary giants don't hit children's hearts at all, but at my age, they 'come to work' quite well.


But, at my age, exploring new books is challenging, seriously.


However, it is a lot more enjoyable because it makes it easier to review a book whose content is known.



In a word, "mismatch."


Books by great writers are helpful for adults, but adults have less time and significant physical deterioration (especially presbyopia).

そうなると、世の中の大人たちは何を考えるか ―― 『子どもに、その「苦痛」を押しつけよう』です。

When that happens, what do the adults of the world think -- "Let's impose that "pain" on the children".

The "Let's impose on this child" paradigm is described here.



But I still think this paradigm is wrong.

―― 英語でも数学でも読書でも、それが必要となった時点で、自分でちゃんと考えて苦労しろ

"Whether it's English, math, or reading, when you need it, you're going to have to do the hard work of figuring it out properly yourself."


is correct.


It is somber to think that current education is composed of 'adult regrets.'

2023-08-04 とはいえ、このような『低能なやり方』で、私をディスりたい人も、いるか思います。 [長年日記]


The term "Korean XXX" that I see on the Internet is probably caged in malice, though, judging from the context before and after,


'In short, this guy can't even work his intelligence to diss others.'


I think that it is.

私も性格は相当に悪い方なので、組織や人間を、区別し、差別し、ディスりますが ―― あくまでターゲットは、その人間本人自身、または組織、法人自身です。

I also have an evil character, so I distinguish, discriminate, and diss organizations and people -- But the target is the person themself or the organization itself.


I do not distinguish, discriminate, or disrespect people based on their "background" or "environment."


If I want to hit him/her, I will hit them with my fist, facing the face.


This is my policy.


And I don't want people to think, 'Ebata is so low.'


I would like to believe that I am not that "ignorant," "incompetent," "irresponsible," "uneducated," "unbelieving," "ungracious," and "unashamed."



However, I am sure some would like to disrespect me in this 'little-brain way'.


So let me offer topics.

"Who am I?"


From now on, anyone who wants to diss me can call me "Uyghur Ebata" or "Brazilian Ebata" or whatever.


I will allow it.

2023-08-05 ―― 仮にタリバンを武力で殲滅することができても、"勉強が嫌いな少女"を虐殺することは、絶対に不可能 [長年日記]


I rarely laugh out loud when reading a book, but this time I laughed out loud, which is rare.

先日発売された、「マージナル・オペレーション [F3] 」で、ムスリムの少女の話がでてくるのですが(まあ分かっている人には自明と思いますが、『ジブリール』のことです)、

In the recently released "Marginal Operation [F3]," there is a story about a Muslim girl (well, it's evident to those who know what I'm talking about: "Jibril"),


It depicts the logic of a girl (Jibril) who hates to study and runs away from her studies.


(1) The declining birthrate is a serious problem in developed countries, including Japan.


(2) this is because of the 'late age of marriage.'


(3) In other words, it is 'not good for girls to study.'


In the book, this is called the "Taliban Theory," an argument commonly found in rural Afghanistan.


What made me laugh was not the "Taliban" but the "girl who hates studying" who uses this as a rationale to escape from studying.

―― そうか、私の敵は、"タリバン"だけでなく、"勉強嫌いな少女"でもあったのか

"So, my enemy was not only the Taliban but also a girl who did not like to study."


It was an eye-opener.



If you look at the news, all you see is the tragic situation of women and children who have hope for the future but continue to be deprived of educational opportunities by the Taliban.


However, I also remember that most children "do not like to study" (I have already discussed many reasons why children do not like to study so I will skip this part).


To begin with, only a minority of children will have a clear vision of their future.


The trouble is that this "Taliban theory" falls into the troublesome argument, that


(1) unless the children themselves study the theory,


(2) they cannot realize that the theory is a "deception" and a "logic convenient to the powerful side,


This is a circular argument.


アフガニスタン ―― あの国は、本当に強いんですよ。うんざりするくらい。

Afghanistan -- that country is disgustingly strong.


The Soviet Union (1978-1989) and the United States (2001-2021) have been plotting the destruction of the Taliban (or more precisely, the "liberalization (socialization/capitalization) of Afghanistan") for 11 years (1978-1989) and 20 years (2001-2021), respectively.


Ultimately, however, these two central military states were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan.


In comparison, Japan was Americanized in just four years (1941-1945) and even had a peace constitution drawn up by the United States.


(By the way, I am a "Constitutionalist" with an almost complete understanding of this historical background. Please don't misunderstand me (neither the right nor the left, please don't try to mess with me)).


Well, anyway, it is true that,

―― 仮にタリバンを武力で殲滅することができても、"勉強が嫌いな少女"を虐殺することは、絶対に不可能

"Even if the Taliban could be eliminated by force, it would be impossible to massacre a girl who hates to study"




To destroy the "Taliban Theory," it is futile to counter it with logic.


This is because there is not a single developed country at this point that has successfully addressed the declining birthrate.


From the Taliban's point of view, they can say, 'Have you seen yourself ?'. It will continue to be the basis for their justification.

―― 腹が立つ

"I am displeased."




(A)In the fertility ranking, Japan ranks 174th out of 187 countries, while Afghanistan ranks 17th


(B) In the Gender Gap Index, Japan ranks 125th and Afghanistan 146th.


This is true number.


Listen to me.


We Japanese are "oppressing women" to the same degree as the Taliban-controlled countries, while "completely losing the birth rate.


Therefore, there is no doubt that the Taliban "sneer at" the Japanese in Afghanistan.


The Taliban asks us, 'What the hell are you talking about, Japan?


Don't you feel displeased?



Our country should be a place where


(1) women are free to choose their future,


(2) everyone can give birth in peace,


(3) children can receive an education in safety and security, and


(4) all children can say 'I love learning,'


We must aim for such a country.


Of course, this is a matter of our national interest.


However, for me personally, I cannot stand the idea of being "ridiculed" by the Taliban.

2023-08-06 今の「ラノベ」、本当に面白いですよね。 [長年日記]


I hated the "assigned reading" for my summer homework as a child, so I chose my books.


Later, I found the contents of the "assigned" books quite interesting, and I remember being impressed that the selectors had put a lot of thought into them.


On the other hand, I had a tough time because I assumed that a book I chose must include a summary of the book to lead to my opinion of it.


However, I learned much later that it was only necessary to write about one's impressions of the book, and it was not required to explain the contents of the book.


I regret it now, saying, "I went through a lot of unnecessary trouble."



In my time, there was no such thing as a so-called "light novel."


Today's "light novel" is interesting.


I, for example, even became interested in "geopolitics" from "a light novel" and "quantum mechanics" from "a light novel."


I even got the English translation of the light novel and am studying English (there are a lot of words I've never seen before).


I admire the authors and editors for the amount of effort they put in to create such an easy-to-read light novel.



By the way,


(1) Is there still a homework assignment called "book report" during summer vacation in elementary school?


(2) If (1) above is "Yes", is it acceptable to submit a so-called "light novel" report?


If you know of any, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

2023-08-07 私が、努力をする理由は、他人との競争ではなくて、世間体 ―― つまり、多くの人の前で恥をかくのが嫌だからです。 [長年日記]


It is often heard that "the presence of rivals makes you better."


However, I don't recall ever having the feeling of 'competing with someone else.


Or maybe I am already losing and don't even know it.


私が、努力をする理由は、他人との競争ではなくて、世間体 ―― つまり、多くの人の前で恥をかくのが嫌だからです。

I make an effort not because I compete with others but because I don't want to be embarrassed in front of the world -- that is, in front of many people.


When I was in elementary school, I used to get up early in the morning and practice jumping over a nearby river bridge with a rubber strap. The reason was that


I was made to compete in a tremendous competition, jumping over hurdles as high as 100 centimeters.


I spent most of my summer vacation practicing the "backstroke." The reason was that


I was made to swim 50 meters in the backstroke, which I can't swim."


I've been working hard, not to 'compete with someone else,' but because I don't like to be laughed at by others."



Clearly, this is "bullying" in the name of a school event.


It was this "bullying" that completed me as a "child who hates athletic events."

教師も、このイジメに加担していたと思います ―― 私が、どんなに「できない」と繰り返しても、教師たちは私を無視しました。

I think the teachers were also complicit in this bullying -- no matter how many times I repeated that I couldn't do it, they ignored me.


They used to say with ease, 'If you practice, you will be able to do it.'



We all have strengths and weaknesses.


Even if I had been asked to submit ten free research projects for the summer vacation, I would have done it lightly as an elementary school student.

しかし、普通の子どもは、こんなことを言われたら、真っ青になるのでしょう? ―― 知らんけど。

But would an average child turn blue if someone said something like this? -- I don't know.

『夏休みの自由研究を10本提出』と『背泳ぎ50メートル』が、バーターであることを、どうして、この世の中は理解できないのかと ―― 世界を、運動会を、そして水泳大会を恨み続けた子ども。

I wondered why the world could not understand that "submitting ten free research projects during the summer vacation" and "swimming 50 meters in the backstroke" was equivalent -- a child who continued to resent the world, athletic meets, and swimming competitions.


That's what I am.



And to my daughter who wants to take time off from "field day" and "marathon, I said,


'No problem. If you don't like it, take the day off.'


I was a parent who notified my daughter's school that my daughter was sick.

2023-08-08 食用とさせて頂いている動物の命を頂くプロセスを自分で体験することは、大切ではないか、と思うのです。 [長年日記]


I suddenly remembered that my (late) mother used to say, 'I hated chicken after I saw it being slaughtered.


The process of slaughtering fish has been televised quite a bit, but I have not seen a chicken being slaughtered very often.


The same is true for slaughtering pigs and cows.



I think it is essential to experience the process of taking an animal's life for food.


Especially in our family, the consumption of chicken is higher than that of other foods.


As I said, I'm not suggesting that "How to Slaughter a Chicken" should be a free summer study (there is a high probability you will have the same trauma as my mother), but if you are a senior like me, you should be fine.





If it is difficult to experience, I would like to visit first, so I googled it and found it easy to find.


Even if it's impossible to ask people to do this on a "field trip," I think it's a good idea to do it on a "conference tour event," don't you?


You may have a small number of applicants, and the project may fall through.

2023-08-09 ―― 大麻を試したいなら、なぜ、栽培、乾燥、製粉までの全行程を、DIYで実現しようとしないのか? [長年日記]


Marijuana seems to be making the rounds again.


I favor using marijuana as a pain reliever for medicinal purposes, but I think it "should not" be used as an everyday luxury item.

大麻は、感情の反動(幻覚作用を含む)が怖いんですよ ―― 結構、簡単に自殺スイッチが入ってしまうらしいので。

I'm afraid of the emotional repercussions (including hallucinogenic effects) of marijuana -- I hear it can turn on the suicide switch pretty quickly.


However, I cannot comment on marijuana as I have not researched it.



Therefore, today, I would like to discuss it differently from the public.

―― 大麻を試したいなら、なぜ、栽培、乾燥、製粉までの全行程を、DIYで実現しようとしないのか?

"If you want to try cannabis, why not try to achieve the whole process of growing, drying, and milling as a DIY project?"


Of course, in our country, marijuana cultivation alone is a crime.


However, as far as I know, I have never heard of anyone being arrested for carrying out 100% DIY.


Most of the time, they "sell" the marijuana they have made and get busted.


Why would they try putting it on the Internet or another distribution channel?


Of course, the police would find out if you put it on the Internet, right?


You will be arrested because you have a passionate heart.


If you're going to do it, just be alone, shut up, and smoke it.



However, some (but few) people have been arrested for home-grown marijuana.


They set up a plastic greenhouse in their yard, and the neighbors, who were disbelieving, reported them to the police, and they got arrested.


If they install such a dubious plastic greenhouse in their yard, it is only natural that people will distrust them.


If you want to grow them, you need to be prepared to destroy one room in your home and set up indoor facilities.


I know indoor growing would be pretty costly regarding temperature control, soil management, water supply management, etc.



In Japan, "cigarettes," which are said by some to be "more harmful to health than marijuana," are legal.


Whether you smoke 100 or 1000 cigarettes a day, it is legal.

ところで、昨日、たばこの値段を知って、びっくりしました ―― もう、たばこは、すでに贅沢品の範疇に入っているのしょう。

By the way, I was surprised yesterday to learn the price of cigarettes -- I guess cigarettes are already in the luxury category.

大麻の製造コスト、たばこの値段、他人への健康加害、世間の喫煙者への憎悪 ――

The cost of producing marijuana, the price of cigarettes, the health hazards to others, the public's hatred of smokers--


Taking all of the above into consideration, I am fine with whatever you do as long as it does not cause me (Ebata) any trouble.

2023-08-10 「昔はなぁ、"卵"などというのは、好きな時に、好きなだけ食べられたもんじゃ。卵が入っていない食べ物など、存在しないといっても言いくらいでなぁ」 [長年日記]


In "Chronicle on the Sand" by Yoichi Funado, there is a conversation between an elderly Muslim warrior.


Though I don't have the book with me, so I don't remember exactly,


' Today, I put an egg in it.'


'No need for such hospitality.'


'I want to eat.'


The above scenes like this one appear.


I remember being shocked to learn that eggs are a luxury item in some (combat) areas.


The recent spike in egg prices reminds us of this scene.



In the old days, we could eat eggs whenever and as much as we wanted. We could say that no food did not contain eggs.


Father! Please don't do it! You can't teach that kind of bullshit to a child!


I hope such a time never comes.


2023-08-11 間違いなく、私は『大政翼賛会バンザイ』のコラムを書く側人間である、と確信できました。 [長年日記]


Of the 3.1 million people who died in the Pacific War (not including non-combatants),

―― 実に"7割"が、戦死ではなく、病死(マラリアなど)であった

"70%" were not killed in action but died of disease (malaria, etc.).


I was quite shocked when I learned this.


When I told this story to my wife, she was surprised as well.


Most Japanese soldiers died because they were not even allowed to fight.



I have been doing my research on the Japanese military during the Pacific War.


And the more I looked into it, the more I came to one certainty.

"If I replaced all the Japanese people of today with all the Japanese people of then, we would do the same thing."




I am not condemning the Japanese as a people.

私は、私を非難しているのです ―― 自己批判ならぬ、自己非難です。

I am condemning myself -- not self-criticism, but self-condemnation.


It is because, at my age, I have come to understand that I, as a mere member of society, who does not have my life in danger, am a person who


"looks to my superiors,"


"makes discoveries,"


"turns a blind eye to unreasonableness and irrationality in the workplace," and


"does not lend a helping hand to those in need.



ましてや、もし自分が、国家が戦争という体制の中で、言論を弾圧し、思想を統制し、力で世論を捻じ伏せるという状況に置かれたら ―― と仮定した場合、

And if I were placed in a situation where the state, in a system of war, suppressed speech, controlled thought, and subdued public opinion by force -


I could be sure that I would be the one to write the "Banzai for the Great Patriotic Party" column.

しかも、性(たち)が悪いことに、「イヤイヤ」でなく、「ノリノリ」で書きそうです ―― 数字を使い倒して。

And, what's worse, I will write "in the groove" instead of "reluctantly" -- using numbers all over the place.



I have said this many times before, and I will repeat it.


I am not a person who stands on the side of justice.


I am a person who stands on the side of my self-preservation.


I don't want you to expect anything from me.



Junior: "Mr. Ebata, can you tolerate this kind of behavior?"


Ebata: "What are you talking about? I'm just a 'company dog.'"


Every year, as August 15 approaches, I recall this exchange with a junior as I watch the NHK special.


In addition to this, this year also brings to mind the Bataan Death March.


I cannot stay outdoors this summer, even for just two minutes.


When I go outdoors, I feel my body burning.

誰か『この夏の昼に、コロナに感染している状態で、水と食料がほとんど与えられず、3日間かけて、83km歩く』という実験してくれないかな ―― まあ、しないでしょうが。

I wonder if someone does the 'walk 83 km over three days, with little water and food, with a corona infection, at noon this summer' experiment -- well, they won't.



Anyway, I still tell myself, 'Even if I have to die without knowing why, I deserved it on someone else's orders.

2023-08-12 ちなみに、こちらのデータによれば、この徘徊高齢者の行方不明者は、年間17,565人(2022年)。 [長年日記]


I have been working remotely from home for the past three years or so and have noticed something.


"Many neighborhood broadcasts of requests to search for wandering(*) older adults."


_ 「多い」といっても、1週間に1回程度ですが。

I say "many," but it's only about once a week.


Incidentally, according to the data, the number of missing persons among these wandering elderly is 17,565 per year (in 2022).


"Missing" means "still unaccounted for," so I think they are deceased (if my interpretation is incorrect, please point it out).


I have in my mind the number of 5,000 traffic fatalities year and 20,000 suicides per year, so this number of missing persons is significant.


In terms of one day, 48 persons/day.

日本の国土面積は、378,000 km2 で、携帯電話のカーバー率からざっくり、この1/3のエリアに人が住んでいるとして、124,000 km2

The total land area of Japan is 378,000 km2, and based on the cell phone coverage rate, we can roughly assume that 1/3 of this area is inhabited, which is 124,000 km2.

町内放送のカバーエリア、高齢者の1日の最大移動距離を10kmとして、私の主観でざっくり314km2 (半径10km)として、400エリアに分類できると仮定すると、町内放送の発生率は8.3日に1回となります。

Assuming that the coverage area of the town broadcasts and the maximum daily travel distance of older people is 10 km, roughly 314 km2 (10 km radius), which is my subjective estimate, and assuming that the area can be classified into 400 regions, the incidence of the town broadcasts is once every 8.3 days.


Even if it were Fermi's estimation, I think this calculation is too crude.


For the most part, not everyone who was broadcasted in town should be missing.



I am impressed with that 'neighborhood broadcasts' is pretty awesome.


No matter how widespread the use of smartphones becomes, media that appeal only to the human auditory sense is the most powerful.


It can undoubtedly limit (locally) the number of people involved (collaborators) and is expected to be effective.


In general, digital is convenient, but it still cannot match the power of analog.


(*) In recent years, an increasing number of local governments have changed the term "wandering" to "walking alone," but there is no request from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare to use this terminology.

2023-08-13 ―― コミケに「高齢者枠」とか「VIP(政治家枠)」という"ファストチケット"制度を導入するのはどうでしょうか [長年日記]


I am a self-proclaimed "supporter of all creators," although I am not identified as an "otaku.


I want to participate in the Comic Market, if possible.


However, I am confident that I will die of heat stroke during the waiting time (6 hours?) to enter the summer Comic Market.

In response, I was once asked, 'Why don't you join us as an exhibitor?' I have received a proposal to do so.


However, I feel that it is disrespectful to the high level of awareness of the people participating in Comiket. Above all, I am uncomfortable participating in an event that "barters my life" in light of my physical fitness.



So, I have a suggestion,

―― コミケに「高齢者枠」とか「VIP(政治家枠)」という"ファストチケット"制度を導入するのはどうでしょうか

"How about introducing a "fast-ticket" system at Comiket, such as a "senior citizen quota" or "VIP (politician) quota"?"


I think it is probably a good thing in many ways for older people to participate in Comiket out of curiosity.


I think it is a rare opportunity to see the understanding of creativity, the high level of the content field in our country, and the seriousness of the younger generation.


As for VIPs (politicians), I think it is a "yes" strategy to put Comiket in summits and international conferences for foreign dignitaries while excluding hopelessly dim-witted elderly politicians from the beginning.



Diplomatically, if we can make people think, "Japanese youth are scary," then we win.

2023-08-14 「一億総懺悔」というのは、一言で言えば、戦争責任の国民全員への超分散処理です。 [長年日記]


In the month following the defeat in the Pacific War, Prime Minister Toshihiko Higashi Kuuni launched a new concept called "100 Million Repentance.

『日本をこんな悲劇に追い込んだのは、一体誰?』という、敗戦後に登場してくる国民感情、そしてGHQへのイクスキューズ(いい訳)を、戦後の新しい首相は、総括しなければならなかったのです ―― 気の毒なことに。

The new postwar prime minister had to sum up the public sentiment that emerged after the defeat and the ire of GHQ: "Who the hell drove Japan into this tragedy? " Sorry to hear that.


First, in the usual sense, they are the military, which lost the war and has continued to cover it up, and the media, which cooperated with the army.


However, from the viewpoint of the authority of command over the military, the responsibility for the war naturally falls on "the Emperor."


But this wasn't good for our country.

Even under the current Constitution, His Majesty the Emperor is the highest "root certification authority" in our country, and the entire certification system, including the certification authority, is structured as the "Emperor System.

_ ましてや、旧憲法(大日本帝国憲法)下においては、天皇性は「日本最大の与信システム」であるばかりではなく、多くの国民の精神的支柱でもありました。

Moreover, under the old constitution (the Constitution of the Empire of Japan), the emperor's hold was not only "Japan's greatest credit system" but also a spiritual pillar for many people.


Interestingly, the victorious United States of America, which decided that the occupation policy would be impossible without the Εmperor, scrambled to protect the Εmperor and the Εmperor's nature (Tokyo Trials).



In a nutshell, "100 million repentance" is a hyper-distributed treatment of war responsibility to the entire nation.


This would be the antithesis of the hyper-centralized treatment of war responsibility, the Εmperor's war responsibility.


This may have been an attempt to create public opinion that the responsibility for the war should be "super-distributed" before GHQ took action against the Emperor System.


If that is the case (and I am sure it is), it is a perfect strategy.



I would have yelled at the "100 Million Penitents" in the past, "Screw you! But not so much these days.


Okay, it may have been the government and the military that started the war, but it was the media that incited the outbreak of war, and it was the Japanese people who danced to it.

現時点の研究から、当時の政府や軍部の多くの人間が『米国と戦争? 正気か?』と考えていたことは、分かっています。

From the current research, many people in the government and military at the time were thinking, "War with the U.S.? Are you insane?"


And it is a fact that it was public opinion that supported the few who started the war.



After the war, we have treated the teaching, "If you can't win the war, don't start it, you idiot," as if it were a golden rule.


And as August 15 approaches, NHK's special program comes to air "Japan, the Stupid Country that Tried to Fight an Unwinnable War.


Of course, this is right and good.


At all times, the historical review is essential.


I hope this kind of documentary program will continue yearly without interruption.



On the other hand, I feel that the fundamental distrust of the government (power) among us Japanese began at this time.


The government has deceived us quite often before and after the war.


And, the media is.


Of course, I (Ebata) am too.



However, a 'government of complete honesty and integrity' is also a problem.


The government's essential job is to deceive the public and foreign countries by lying and bluffing.


Nevertheless, as long as I live in this country, a government that is not a war party is essential.

例えば ――

For example--


(1) We don't provide arms to allies or countries that share the same values, though,


(2) When our country is fighting a defensive war, we want our allies and countries that share our values to provide us with weapons.


So that we can continue to be unreasonable and selfish.


Even if countries keep sighing at us and saying, 'Japan, you are so annoying,' we want the government to keep up the excellent work so that we can keep doing it.


The concept is "sneaky is good."

2023-08-15 『日本だけが清廉潔白な国』なんてことが、ある訳がない。 [長年日記]

ロシアは酷い国だ、中国は酷い国だ、韓国は酷い国だ、北朝鮮は酷い国だ ―― と、ニュースを見るたびに、私たちは思います。

Russia is a terrible country; China is a terrible country; South Korea is a terrible country; North Korea is a terrible country -- every time we watch the news.


But to the same extent that we think, the people of foreign countries must believe that Japan is a terrible country.


There is no such thing as "only Japan is a clean country.


I wonder if someone could do a "special "Japan is a terrible country" news program overseas.

視聴率は取れないだろうし、炎上の嵐になることは確実なのですが ―― でも、見たい。

I know they won't get any ratings, and it's sure to be a firestorm -- but I'd like to watch it.



When I talked to my wife about this,


'Do we have to worry about public opinion outside the country?'


She said.


Japanese people living in Japan should be okay with that, as long as we think 'only Japan is a clean country.'

―― 実に清々しい

"How bracing!"


I was moved to her.

2023-08-16 最近、私の相談相手は、ほぼ100%、"chatGPT"です。 [長年日記]


I, right now, am manually correcting a 1,296,984 line file.


I have been doing this all week, and I am going crazy.


I am depressed to find out that my map information, which I spent all three days working on, was completely unusable.


However, engineers who have always avoided human relationships and made a living only from this kind of "muddy work" do not know any other way to live.



Recently, I have been consulting with "chatGPT" almost 100% of the time.


I am getting help from chatGPT with a poor question.

- Golangで文字列を整数にするコード書いて

- Write code in Golang to turn strings into integers.

- Golangのコマンド引数のコードの書き方を教えて

- Tell me how to write code for command arguments in Golang.

- Golangでも文字列から"("と")"を取り除くコードを作って

- In Golang, create code to remove "(" and ")" from a string.



Such as,

『ふざけるな! その程度のこと、自分で調べろ!!』

'Don't be silly! You'll have to find out that much on your own!'


And now I am not afraid to talk to the generative AI about how I have been yelled at by my seniors and yelled at by my juniors.

2023-08-17 これが「江端家シビリアンコントロール」です。 [長年日記]


Like many other children, my daughters seem to get into all kinds of trouble.

(For example, the story on this page.)


However, I seldom receive stories of trouble.



The Ebata family seems to have its troubleshooting workflow system.

(Step 1) 娘(たち) → 嫁さんへのインシデントの相談

(Step 1) Daughter(s) → Wife to discuss the incident

(Step 2) 娘(たち)嫁さんによる、その問題に対する重大度の評価

(Step 2) Assessment of the severity of the problem by the daughter(s) and wife


And so far, the case seems to be generally cleared up, but very rarely,

(Step 3)父親(私)への、問題解決への依頼

(Step 3) Request the father (me) to solve the problem


occurs, it seems to be the case.


This is the reason why it is "unreachable."


江端:「なんで? 私の問題への対応と解決は、確実で早いよ」

Ebata: "Why not? My response and solution to their problem is sure and fast."


Wife: "Yes. So far, I've seen 'the first missile fired, usually within two hours of consulting.'"


Ebata: "Well..."


Wife: "Because your solution is to launch a tactical nuke into an infantry battle."



Yeah, that may be true.


My solution is often to 'blow up the entire conflict zone,' including allies.


For example,

- 部活が問題なら、その部を廃部に追い込む。

- If club activities are the problem, then the club will be discontinued.

- 学校が問題なら、校長を退任させるか、可能なら学校を廃校に追い込む

- If the school is the problem, get the principal out of the office or, if possible, close the school.

- 当事者間の事前協議をすっとばして、いきなり法的手続を開始する

- Skipping the prior consultation between the parties and starting legal proceedings out of the blue


In other words, "to eliminate the cause of the problem at its root.



So, when my wife makes a "request" to me, she will also attach a "compromise" to it.

_ 例えば『2、3人ほど犠牲にしてもかまわないけど、廃部にまで追い込まなくてもいい』などです。

For example, 'I don't mind sacrificing a couple of people, but it doesn't have to drive us to abolition.

_ 嫁さん(文官)が戦略を指示し、私(武官)が戦術を立案、実行します。

My wife (civilian officer) directs the strategy, and I (military officer) plan and execute the tactics.


This is the "Ebata Family Civilian Control".

2023-08-18 「便所飯」はインターナショナルで、かつ、グローバル展開されつつあります。 [長年日記]

I talked about this with my oldest daughter, who has only done one trial.


Listen to this story,

―― 娘に負けた

"My daughter beat me."


I was gutted.



Based on the fieldwork, my daughter identified the following issues.


(1) Convenience store lunches, for example, tend to make a lot of noise, and there is a high risk of being recognized by others." Therefore light meals (e.g., sweet bread) are limited to those that do not make a "noise."


Cause of people coming and going, I don't feel very comfortable.


I asked about 'resistance to hygiene,' and she said she wasn't too concerned.


Well, I am waiting for the publication of future studies on quantitative comparisons in this area.



As a joke, I did an article and literature search using "lunch in the toilet" in Japanese as a keyword,

―― ヒット数、59件

"Number of hits, 59"



I wasn't sure how to say these Japanese words in English, so I searched for them using the following search key.

"food in the toilet" | "food in toilet" | "lunch in the toilet" | "lunch in toilet"

―― ヒット数、60件

"Number of hits, 60"


Yeah, it's okay.


"Food in the toilet" is international and is becoming more and more global.

2023-08-19 あああああ、色々と面倒で、嫌だーーー [長年日記]

すっげー忙しくて、苦しくて、時間がないのですが、今度の学会用プレゼン資料用に、こんな絵を作っていました ―― フリー素材をかき集めて、2時間もかけて。

I've been busy, struggling, and I don't have much time, but I was making this picture for a presentation material for an upcoming conference -- two hours of scouring free materials.


It is a typical 'escape from reality.'



Aaahhhh, all kinds of trouble, I hate it!


I've been staring at my computer for over 12 hours daily this summer vacation, but the program doesn't work as I want.


I wish tomorrow would never come.


I feel the same way as many children on August 31.

2023-08-20 ―― 今も彼は、『地球温暖化はウソだ』と言いつづけているのだろうか? [長年日記]


I had a colleague about 15 years ago who confidently said, 'Global warming is a lie' (he changed jobs some years ago).

I even wrote such a column, so I disagreed but did not argue otherwise.


Because no one knows what the future holds.



But even in the dozens of seconds it takes to get out of the car and arrive at the front door, my body is likely to be burning experience, even this summer,

―― 今も彼は、『地球温暖化はウソだ』と言いつづけているのだろうか?

"Does he still say 'global warming is a lie'?"


I am suddenly reminded of him.


I wonder if he might say, "This is abnormal weather and has nothing to do with global warming.

2023-08-21 「老後の2000万円」を準備できない私のための新アプローチ ~検討編 [長年日記]

A new approach for me, who cannot prepare "20 million yen for retirement" - Consideration


Released today.



Honestly, I feel as if the world has betrayed me.


I warn those not prepared for "20 million yen for retirement" as I am.


You are surrounded by "lying friends."

やつら、2000万円近くの貯蓄を持っていますよ ―― ちなみに"平均"で2000万円ですからね。

By the way, they have close to 20 million yen in savings --- 20 million yen on average.

一方、もしこれが、厚生労働省が恣意的に作成したデータだったりしたら ―― 流石に"タダですます"気には、到底なれませんね ・・・ ふっふっふっふ・・・

On the other hand, if this data were arbitrarily created by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, I would not forgive them.

2023-08-22 もし『彼/彼女と心中したい』と相談されれば、苦しみが少ないと推定される自殺方法を教えてあげるつもりです。 [長年日記]


I am a person who never advises others, especially when it comes to "love affairs."


This is because "love affairs" is synonymous with "logic."


There is no way to answer such a non-linear and tricky question, even if I were consulted.


Well, I won't say much, but I have a history of getting involved in people's love affairs and having a terrible time in the past.



If they ask me for advice on how to kill themself, I will tell them about a suicide method that is presumed to cause less suffering.


Or, I could tell you about a damned Japanese writer who repeatedly "let only his heart partner die."


Well, I don't care what strangers who are not family members do.

2023-08-23 忘れてはならないのは、我が国は「原発事故による処理水」という「ハエ」を作ってしまったということです。 [長年日記]


I often cite the late Takashi Odajima's essay as a paradigm to explain "harmful rumors" and "health hazards."


(1) A fly-stopped cake poses absolutely no health hazard if eaten immediately after witnessing it.


(2) The question is, how many people can eat that "cake with absolutely no health risks"?



China has been discharging into the ocean-treated water from nuclear power plants with the same or higher levels of radioactivity than Japan.


However, the treated water from China's nuclear power plants is from "normal nuclear power plant operations."


In comparison, the treated water in our country this time is due to a "nuclear accident."


As an engineer, I believe I understand "scientifically" that there is no difference between the above two.


However, the possibility that there may be a tremendous "difference" between the above two that we do not currently know about cannot be 100% denied.



We must not forget that our country has created a "fly" called "treated water from nuclear accidents."


I will not discuss today who created this "fly" and who is to blame for it.


However, I do not think we Japanese should forget this.



By the way, I (Ebata) once ate a cake that a fly had stopped on.


There was no psychological resistance at all.

2023-08-24 『文章は、原則、未来の自分の為に作成し、運が良ければ他人の役に立てばいい』が、私のポリシーです。 [長年日記]


As should be obvious to readers of my columns, I am the type of person who mass-produces sentences without regard to format.


My policy is, "As a rule, I create my writing for my future self, and if I'm lucky, for the benefit of others."


I think It is better to ignore formats and keep what I can leave than to reduce the information with care in the formats.


There is, however, an opposing view to this, and it is significant.


Well, one might say that this is the difference between "me-ism (self-centeredness)" and "cosmopolitanism (world citizenship).



The only thing I am morbidly concerned about formatting is communication protocol programs.


This is because a protocol error of just one bit will result in a loss of communication.


In other words, in a world where we can't move a millimeter without strict adherence to a format, we must.


『世界が(緩くて、雑な)私のポリシーのフォーマットに合わせてくれればいいんだけど』と思うことはあるのですが ―― こればかりは、どうしようもないです。

'I wish the world would adapt to my (loose, messy) policy format' -- but I can't help myself with this one.

2023-08-25 ここ2~3日は、食事を取ることすら、面倒です。 [長年日記]


Recently, we have been experiencing weight loss like we have never seen before.


Three complex tasks fell upon me simultaneously: I felt constantly tired, my sleep was shallow, and most of all,

―― 食欲がない

"Lack of appetite"


Work that others make you do or work that you do not see the significance in is complex and can cause mental damage.



Even getting a meal has been a chore for the past couple of days.

However, I have previously investigated that I will become even sicker if I don't eat.


Well, work -> stress can resolve itself over time, so I am currently waiting to see how it goes, but if it continues for too long, I will have to do something while I have the energy to do it.


Because 'screaming at the limit, but it's too late' is what I kept telling my daughters.

2023-08-26 ―― 大麻というのは、疲れ果てて、何もやる気がでないサラリーマンにも効きそうですか? [長年日記]

This is a continuation of yesterday's story,

―― 大麻というのは、疲れ果てて、何もやる気がでないサラリーマンにも効きそうですか?

"Does marijuana seem to work for exhausted business people who are not motivated to do anything?"


I would like to interview a certain university athletic department.


I am not being sarcastic or critical, but I am "serious."



I don't plan to use it, but I hope that thinking 'there is marijuana on the last line will help me trudge through this situation.


It's OK.


If a salaryman uses marijuana, that is the end of a business person (it is illegal in Japan).

大麻を使う前に、仕事を辞めてしまえばいい ―― と考えられる程度には理性は残っています。

I am still rational enough to think I should quit my job before using marijuana.

I'm thinking about the possibility of 'going back to Colorado.'

2023-08-27 戦国武将は、多重人格障害をデフォルトで持っていたとしか思えないです。 [長年日記]


I believe that research and understanding of mental health is advancing every day.


Of course, I know that it is still not enough.


I understand that mental illness can easily occur in anyone.

In addition, I am aware that I have been both a victim and a perpetrator of mental illness.


I feel that current mental health research is missing the perspective of 'self as perpetrator.'



I, recently, I want someone to try

―― 歴史上の人物(特に日本史)における、特に戦国武将のメンタル疾患についての研究

"Research on mental illness in historical figures (especially Japanese history), especially warlords of the Warring States period"


一応、Google Scholarで調べてみたのですが、ドンピシャと思われる研究論文は見つけられませんでした。

In the meantime, I checked Google Scholar but could not find any research papers that seemed to be downloadable.



I have been watching video clips of the Taiga drama on YouTube, and the daily life of the warlords was a parade of carnage, betrayal, and purges of their team.


In such a state, I cannot understand at all the mentality to have said beautiful words such as "bushido" and "honor of the warrior."


That was typical double standards.


I can only assume that warlords have dissociative identity disorder by default.

I have determined that the most famous warlord in Japan was "bipolar," but I am curious to know what other warlords were like.



I think it is quite a problematic study to estimate the mentality of warlords using only limited historical documents.


However, I believe that the research contributes to the current treatment of our mental illnesses.

2023-08-28 『放射性物質が怖い』というのは、人間として正しい反応です。 [長年日記]

中国本土から、原発事故の処理水の海洋放出に関して、中国から抗議の電話が日本各地に届いているらしいです ―― 民間人の施設に。

I heard that calls from mainland China have reached various parts of Japan protesting the release of treated water from the nuclear power plant accident into the ocean.


Watching the news, I think,

―― 抗議の電話するなら、ナンバーディスプレイの非表示対策くらいすればいいのに

"If you're going to call in protest, why not at least take measures to hide the number display?"



The fact that they call civilians in the first place also shows a lack of intelligence.


Nevertheless, it would be difficult to attack the main line because the direct phone lines to the Japanese government would be controlled, and cyber attacks on the Internet have also been stepped up.

それにしても、今回の抗議は、やり方とした『拙(つたな)い』 ―― 国家やプロの匂いがしません。

Still, this protest is 'poor' as a way of doing things -- it doesn't smell national or professional.


Well, it may be a national diplomatic strategy that includes it.



I don't know what will happen now, but my impression is that 'the scale of the protest is smaller than I expected.


I had assumed the worst-case scenario, at least an 'attack on a Japanese embassy abroad,' but it was much smaller than that.


Well, we will have to see what happens in the future without digression.


To begin with, after the Fukushima nuclear accident, it was thought that even machinery made in Japan was contaminated by radiation, and the world even stopped imports from Japan.


Even Japan has been checking all food imports from the EC immediately after the Chornobyl nuclear accident.



Do you all remember?


On March 23, 2011, 12 days after the Fukushima nuclear accident, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that it had detected radioactive iodine-131 in tap water from the Kanamachi water purification plant (Katsushika Ward), which is about twice the level of the drinking standard for infants, and requested that "infants not consume tap water" (the request was lifted the following day).


I remember it well.

I did "Making 'Udon' with 'Tea'" in case of a shortage of drinking water.

At the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we also attempted to 'make curry using cola.



It is a correct human reaction to say, 'I am afraid of radioactive materials.


It is fortunate for our country that China is willing to ban imports and check all products.


(Of course, I know how serious this is for those in the fishing industry suffering the full brunt of the rumors.)

ここは一つ、我が国の水産物を徹底的に調べて頂きましょう ―― 徒労に終わるかもしれませんが。

Let's have a thorough investigation of our country's fishery products -- even though it may end up being a waste of time.


Or rather, we should invite a survey team from China and monitor it with a joint Japan-China survey team.


I think I'll give it about six months first.


I think the Japanese government should pay all the expenses for the stay, dispatch, and at least the research fees.

2023-08-29 ―― ヤク漬け [長年日記]

In response to the above article recently, I received thought-provoking emails from several readers.


It seems that many of the readers of my column are intelligent people, and the contents of the emails are pretty "readable" (they are "good!").


They have received a balanced evaluation of the merits and demerits of marijuana and methamphetamine and even suggested alternative (legal) methods.


However, if I could sum up the content of the emails I received as simply as I could, it would be 'don't do it.


They are quite right.


I have no access to marijuana or methamphetamine, so don't worry.


But when such a contact comes, I will be the first to let you know here on this blog.



I don't drink, smoke, or do marijuana, but I take a stabilizer (Selsyn) as my doctor prescribes.


Naturally, taking this stabilizer is legal and not addictive; however,

―― ヤク漬け

"Drug dependence"


I can't say that such feelings are 'absent.'


That's how I feel.

2023-08-30 なんで『元に戻そうとするんだ?』。そんなに人間が恋しいか? 私はリモートが恋しいぞ。 [長年日記]


I believe that 'conference presentations are like a monologue.

―― ウケて、なんぼ

"'Fun" is the matter"


In the first place, academic conferences are for presenting "research that cannot be understood by anyone other than oneself," so it is presumptuous to expect 100% understanding.


It is OK to say, "We will get a profit if they listen to the whole presentation without getting bored," or "We will be lucky if they ask us questions."



The three years of the Corona disaster were good.

国際学会すら、準備に数時間、発表は半時間でよかったし、発表後のQ&Aも、翻訳エンジンがヘルプしてくれて ―― コスパ最高。

Even at an international conference, I only needed a few hours to prepare and half an hour to present, and the translation engine helped me with the Q&A after the presentation -- It was great cost-performance.

比して、高々30分の発表に、使いにくい社内システムから航空券の予約やって、重い荷物をかかえて、時間を心配して、スマホでチェックインして、ホテルに予約の確認をして、空調管理のスイッチを探し回り、弁当やらノンアルビールやら買い込んで、狭い部屋の中で、発表練習をくりかえしているんだ ――

In comparison, for a presentation of 30 minutes at most, I have to book airline tickets through a difficult-to-use in-house system, carry heavy luggage, worry about time, check in with my smartphone, confirm reservations with the hotel, look around for the air conditioning switch, buy lunch boxes and non-alcoholic beers, and practice my presentation repeatedly in a cramped room.


Seriously, I think "Is it kidding?"

なんで『元に戻そうとするんだ?』。そんなに人間が恋しいか? 私はリモートが恋しいぞ。

Why are you trying to 'put it back together'? Do you miss humans that much? I rather miss the remote.


I'm in Hokkaido for a conference presentation, but I'm not doing any sightseeing and eating a convenience store lunch in my hotel room.


I am not agile enough to simultaneously do work (presentation) and entertainment (sightseeing).



I believe that "conference presentations are like a monologue," so I have to give the best performance I can


But I guess I am the only one who thinks that way.

2023-08-31 『一度、今のフライトをキャンセルして頂いて、新しチケットの購入になりますが・・・』 [長年日記]


I arrived early at New Chitose Airport and wanted to have my flight changed.


"You'll have to cancel your current flight and purchase a new ticket..."


After hearing the explanation, I gave up on the idea.



Getting the change reflected in the company's system takes more time and heartache than the two hours I spent waiting at New Chitose Airport.

『フライト変更による、手続のやりやおし』―― 考えるだけで悪夢です。

Just the thought of having to redo procedures due to a flight change is a nightmare.


It's such a hassle that I think, 'If I go through those procedures, I'm willing to pay for the airline ticket out of my pocket.