2022-08-01 ―― 江端さんの「貧困な人脈」で、見えなくなっているだけじゃないですか? [長年日記]

Priviosuly I wrote the DIY camera observation system in my column. At that time, I read a line of Twitter,

―― こいつ(江端)は、自分の技術力を自慢しているだけだ

"This guy just wants to be proud of his technical capabilities"



Honestly speaking, my impression was "it is typical stupid isn't it?".



Unfortunately, there are too many "great engineers" around me to be proud of my capability.


They must have read my columns, but they have never given me any comments about the columns.


I feel that they encourage me warmly with a look of "Ebata-san, Go fo it. I stand by you"

彼らにとっては、この程度のシステム構築、文字通り、"Piece of cake"なのです。

For them, the system constructing like this, is literally "Piece of cake".


The reason why I have written the columns including technology information, is that I hope my column is a nodge for the peole who wants to start make the DIY camera observation system.


Whit this level of skill, I have never thought that I wanted to be proud of my capabilities.


I would rather be praised for continining to write the columns, even if I endure to be shamed by the great engineers who seem to be laughting at me.



On the other hand, I come to think that I cannot find great engineers around me at the office, (neither outside the company, nor on the Internet).


Frankly speaking, I no longer see an engineer who start making before thinking.

"Don't think Just do it" (映画『トップガン』のキャッチフレーズ)ではなく、

Not "Don't think Just do it" (a catchcopy for the movie "Top Gun")

"Don't think Just make it"

But "Don't think Just make it".


When I spoke to the "rude junior" about this matter, he prefaced the conversation with the words, "I can't deny the fact that..." and then continuned,

―― 江端さんの「貧困な人脈」で、見えなくなっているだけじゃないですか?

"I think you are just obstrucled by your 'weaker connections' ?"



I could not refute it.

2022-08-02 『だって、江端さんが・・・』などと言われたら、私のキャリアは、最終フェーズで崩壊です。 [長年日記]


Now "Compliance" is more and more important in our society.


Today, when I had seeing Twitter's TL vaguely, I read the following line,



At the time a very strong engineer says "I'm not studying at all,", he/she writes code on weekends as well. They describe it as "fun" or "hobby" instead of studying. Please don't be fooled if you are a novice engineer.



I was really thrilled.



By the way, I was coding for more than 12 hours every day during the entire 9-day Golden Week holiday this year.


However, this is a '"fun" or "hobby".


I think that there is no problem to feel fun to do it.


In addition, the "know-how" accumulated in my mind by this code is currently being deployed in three projects.



I am careful not to say this publicly (but privately).


This might be occured as complience problem with high probability.


So, principle, I keep it silence.


Especially to an youth engineers.


My career would collapse in the final phase if someone said to others, 'Because, Ebata-san...' and so on.

2022-08-03 だから、今一度、言おう。『インターネット、ばんざい』 [長年日記]

There was a guy in the office who was

態度の悪い、不愉快な奴 ――

bad attitude, obnoxious, for example,

当時は、内線電話というのがあったのですが、奴は、目の前で鳴り続ける電話に一切出ない ――

In those days, there was something called an extension phone, but the guy wouldn't answer any of the phones that kept ringing in front of him


I had such juniors, but his programming and networking abilities and knowledge were outstanding.


I had often asked him to help for the solutions of programming that I could not resolve.


I was flattering him, trying to keep my intense dislike from showing my face.


It is an unpleasant memory.



Now I am seraching how to get cvs files from Java script directly.


However, I think It seems to be resolved soon.


Thus, I don't have to flatter obnoxious guys for getting codes.


Thanks to IT engineers around the world.


They has been released their own codes free of charge on the Internet.

彼らは、私のキャラクターからは絶対に発生しなかったであろう、「ギブ アンド テイク」の精神を教え、私に実践させています。

They have given me the sprits of "give and take", and made me execute it, which should not have been occured from my character.


I think that people who don't know the world before the Internet, cannot share my feeling.



So I say it again.


"Long live the Internet"

2022-08-04 「タダほど高いものはない」という諺(ことわざ)は、残念ながら、マイナポイントについては、正解でした。 [長年日記]


As the saying goes, "Nothing is as expensive as free".

―― 国から貰えるものなら、なんでも貰え

"Take whatever you can get from the government"


is the Ebata's policy.


Now all of the Ebata could get "Maina Point"(equal to \15k) except for my junior daughter, who doesn't have "my number card".


Today, we could confirm that the point has been put in each application.



However, the operation of this "Maina Point" was very hard to complete that.


There are several reasons as follows.


(0)Firstly, my senior daughter tried to read her mynumbers card using an app on her smartphone, but he could not finish the task because of repeat the same display again and again. This time, my PC has a card reader device, we could avoid the problem.

(1)マイナポイント(15000ポイント分)が、「公共料金の振り込みの口座 (例 江端家のメインバンク)」に振り込まれる訳ではない。

(1)The "Maina Point(15000 points)" are not transferred to "the account of utility bill transfer" (e.g. the Ebata's main bank")


(2) People who are not using e-money on their smartphones cannot get the points.


(3)Just minor apps can receive the point, (I have never heard the names of app)



As for the (2), I think that it is extremely nonsense.


There is no way to get Maina Point(15000 points) for people who don't use e-money app by their smartphones.


I happened to have installed "PayPay" app to make me look cool. If not, I could not have received the point at all.

"Amazon Giftで受けとれないのかよ!" とか、"nanacoのカードで郵送してくれないのかよ!" とか、パソコン画面に文句を言いながらの作業でした。

I worked with complaining to the display, "Why can I get them by Amazon Gift ticket ?" or "Why don't they send me it by "nanaco card" ?"



To my surprise, it was

■公共料金の振込用口座番号を登録するのに、『スマホアプリ(例 PayPay)から付与されるIDを使う』という、その驚愕のパラダイム

an unexpected paradigm that we have to use the ID provided by smartphone app (e.g. PayPay) in order to register an account number for utility bill transfers



I spent much time until I noticed that.


I needed about a hour to register it, but after that I just needed less than three minutes.



In conclusion,


(1)You cannot register your account number for utility bill without e-money app on your smartphone


(2)You cannot get the 15000 points without e-money app on your smartphone


As for the Maina Point, "Nothing is as expensive as free" is absolutely right.


I wish you all the best of luck.

2022-08-05 ―― ここだけの話、日本人は、男性すらもブルカを実施する、敬虔な『隠れムスリム』なんです [長年日記]

最近、「マスクを手放すのが嫌だ」という人がいるようです ―― 特に女性の方々。

Recently, some people have been saying that they don't like to give up their masks -- especially women.


The main reason seems to be "I can cut corners of making up."


Previously, I proposed the hypothesis that "burqa" may be helpful for women (in easy direction), however I have not tested it.



Fortunately, our country does not seem to have "yet" had any incidents by Islamic fundamentalists, especially low-level terrorists who 'cannot read the letter of the Koran'.


However, I think that no sooner they will land our region.


On the other hand, I also think they might not come eternally.

Before I wrote the following in my column.



If I were held up at gunpoint by a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist and told, "Convert to Islam!" I would say, "Okay," in less than a second, and I could start memorizing the Koran a minute later.


I mean, I don't understand the feeling of "I don't agree to convert" even if I put a gun to my head.


To be frank, I think "just saying it is free.


Thus, we Japanese, whose religious views are as weak as air, can speak eloquently to the world about the meaninglessness of wars, massacres, and killings on the basis of religion.



Nevertheless, any measure against Islamic fundamentalist terrorists is better than nothing.



―― ここだけの話、日本人は、男性すらもブルカを実施する、敬虔な『隠れムスリム』なんです

"Between you and me, the Japanese are devout "hidden Muslims," and even men wear the burqa"


How about this self-created hoax from our country ?


If possible, government initiative.

2022-08-06 75kg超えのテレビを、普通の夫婦二人で、2階に運び、さらにタンスの上に上げる方法(前編) [長年日記]


My wife has wanted a new TV for a long time.


Our current TV has broken terrestrial digital tuner on the unit, however, we can watch BS channels and can use terrestrial digital tuner of the HDD recorder. Therefore I had difficulty with it.


Nevertheless, in light of the recent trend toward larger screens and higher functionality, as well as the fixed price of TVs, we decided to purchase a new LCD TV.


And the old plasma display (270,000 yen at the time) was to be placed upstairs in the bedroom.


Because it still works well.


At that time I thought the work would only take an hour or two, such as relocating the TV.



At the moment my wife and I lifted the TV, I felt a lightning bolt of pain in my lower back.

―― これはダメだ

"This is no good."


I had the feeling.


I have had many hiccups in my life, so I set out to transport it with sufficient caution, but I already had a gut feeling that it was kind of an 'absolutely impossible' weight.


When I was a college student, I joined a climbing club(I retired in half year) , so I can feel to estimate the weight which ranges from 20 to 30kg.


However, I could understand "The weight of this TV is our of scope" in a flash


Thus, the harsh weekend had started "How a ordinary couples can carry a TV weighing over 75 kg upstairs and then up to the top of a wardrobe"


(To be continued)

2022-08-07 75kg超えのテレビを、普通の夫婦二人で、2階に運び、さらにタンスの上に上げる方法(中編) [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


To begin with, the problem was how to lift the TV upstairs, which is a difficult task just to lift for us.


We judged that the normal way to carry it by lifting was impossible at the second step of the first staircase.


On the second step, with one end of the TV hooked to the stairs and the other on the chair, I start thinking for a long time.



If it's impossible to carry it, then the only way is to pull it up from above and push it up from below".


I devised a 'super-snail's pace strategy', where we would go up the stairs one step at a time, re-fasten the rope each time, take a break, and then pull it up with the rope again.


I ran to a DIY-shop to buy a rope.


But once I had the rope, there was a problem. The rope had 'no' place to bind it.


Our house is built using the 2x4 construction method, so there are no 'pillars' to begin with.

I then decided to pull a 20-metre rope up to my room and tie it to the iron bar.


We finished the day's (Saturday's) process when we finally lifted the TV onto the upstairs landing after less than an hour of placing it on the blanket-lined stairs, with my wife pulling it up with a rope from above and me pushing it up from below.


However, there was still no means of lifting this TV onto the wardrobe at this time.


I again began to think for a long time.


(To be continued)

2022-08-08 75kg超えのテレビを、普通の夫婦二人で、2階に運び、さらにタンスの上に上げる方法(後編) [長年日記]

I restarted the operation which were stopped on last Saturday, to avoid the risk of my slipped back.


Before that, I wanted to know the aaccurate weight of the TV, so I pushed the scale under the TV.


I realized that this operation is beyond my imagination for me, as an amature.


However, it was me to install this TV more that a decade ago.


In addition,at that time, I bought it from a net site, so there should not have any assistant.


I don't remember how I could have install this TV by myself.


If you know of any (occult-like) stories about 'TVs gaining weight over the months', please let us know.


That asaide.



The problem is how to make the TV climb up a tremendously high mountain in front of me.

私の案出した方法は、極めて原始的な方法です ―― 『コンクリートブロックを詰み上げながら、テレビをリフトアップする』です。

My idea was very primitive. 'Lifting the TV while packing up the concrete blocks'.


However, this method requires a total of 28 concrete blocks. the prices were no problem (about 100 yen per unit), but another problem was more about how to use about 28 concrete pieces.


I looked inside the warehouse and noticed that there were two stepladders. Using these, I can lift the TV up to half height of the chests.


To support the TV in a high position, the two ends were tied together with rope and raised on a stepladder, hooking one end to the other.


I asked my wife to move the stepladder at the same time I raised one edge of the TV.


Then, after coming to the top of the stepladder, I asked my wife to insert the concrete block and continued the same way.


After stacking seven concrete blocks, I found that a few more centimetres were missing.


However, I ran out of the concrete blocks I had prepared.


I stood on the unstable stepladder, lifted the remaining few centimetres, hooked the TV stand to the edge of the chest, and the rest was pushed in by us with great effort.


We thus succeeded in lifting a TV weighing over 75 kg onto a 140 cm.



However, this was quite dangerous.


There was a possibility that the pile of blocks could collapse, and the stepladder could overstrength and self-destruct.


It is absolutely sure nobody give me sympathy even if I am seriously injured.


However, for me, the attitude of 'ask the contractor for everything' is something of a 'lose-lose' situation.


Well, this is my nature.


Today's diary meminded me that the column I wrote before.


After all, I don't seem to have progressed at all since my youth.

2022-08-09 ―― お願いすれば、直ぐに片づけてしまう、江端家の便利な用務員 [長年日記]

これまで、Amazon Prime VideoやNetFlixを見るために、パソコンをテレビに繋いでいました。

I had connected a PC with a TV to watch Amazon Prime Video and NetFlix by now.

しかし、この度、新しいテレビを購入したので、Fire TV Stick を購入しました。

However, I bought a new TV, so I decided to get a Fire TV Stick from Amazon.com.

# 実は新しいテレビ、NetFlixはデフォルトのボタンはあるのに、Prime Videoのボタンがないことに、設定"後"に気がつき、たっぷり半日間は落ち込みました。

# In fact, after installing the TV, I confirmed there was the button of "NetFlix" the remote contoller, however I noticed that there was no "Prime Video". So I was depressed to know that for half a day.

Fire TV Stickは、国内の動画配信サービスのほとんどをサポートしているので、これを購入するなら、当初からテレビにネットサービスついて考えなくて良かったのです。

The "Fire TV Stick" has supported almost all of domestic net video servers in Japan. So I didn't have to think about them at all.


本日、Amazonの宅配で、Fire TV Stickが到着したのですが、嫁さんが仕事から戻ってくるまでは、設定作業の開始ををガマンしていました。

Today's afternoon, the "Fire TV Stick" was deliverd from Amazon.com, however I put up with starting to install the device until my wife come back home.

―― 嫁さんに、私の働いているところを見せなければ

"I have to show my wife that I'm working"


I thought that.



Recently, as for IT setting up, furniture installations, and electrical and plumbing repair works,

―― お願いすれば、直ぐに片づけてしまう、江端家の便利な用務員

"A handy janitor in the Ebata household who cleans up quickly when asked."


I feel that they treat me like that.

これからは、ちゃんとアピールをして、私が、我が家に、不可欠で、便利な ・・・ もとい、貴重な人材であることを、家族に知らしめなければ、と、思い直しています。

From now on, I have to make a proper appeal and let my family know that I am an indispensable, useful, I mean valuable member of our family.

2022-08-10 ―― 「なんで、みんな、『他人と上手くやっていける』と思えるんだろう?」 [長年日記]

私は、「団体競技 = 苦痛」「集団行動 = 苦痛」が刷り込まれている(あるいは、そういう経験しかない)ので、高校生までの人生は、辛く厳しいものでした。

I had lived in harsh reality since I was graduated from high school, because 'team sports = pain' and 'collective action = pain' are imprinted on me.


As for me, frankly speaking, the 'sports day' and 'school trip' were torture.

_ 修学旅行で、徹夜して騒いでいるやつらは ―― 控え目にいっても ―― "バカ"としか思えませんでした。

On school trips, people who stayed up all night making noise were - to put it mildly - considered "idiots".


"Is is more fun to get good sleep, walk around with light steps, read the board explaining historic story, see the historic architecture, and follow the historical site?"

という子どもは、当時、圧倒的少数でした ―― というか、いなかったように思えます。

There were an overwhelming minority of children at the time. I mean there were no child like that



By the way, when I talk to my daughters, I hear their friends suffer from mental disorder, and enforce to leave of absence or office.


In many cases, they are tired of their company relationships.


However, it is a rare and lucky case to get alone with others.


And I think, really, that...

―― 「なんで、みんな、『他人と上手くやっていける』と思えるんだろう?」

"Why do you all seem to be able to 'get along with others'?"



When I was a college student, I had already made a self-analysis that I was not a good team player.


So I thought that my work style would be better "stand-alone" rather than "teamwork".


As a result, I made me a "research engineer".



I think that many people believe that their communication ability is higher.


Or they might think that once they start working, it is going well.

でも、はっきり言いますけど ―― こればかりは『なんとかなりません』。

However, clearly speaking, it cannot be helped about this issue.

2022-08-11 ーーなるほど、映画の中の猟奇犯罪者は、こんな感じで、連続殺人していたのか [長年日記]


Starting today, I am returning home for my mother's first obon.


No sooner had I arrived at the house, I started gardening, and tried a thorough streamlining.


I had bought a electric chainsaw, and this time I also bought a lawn mower. I am thoroughly cutting corners.


I decided, "That's better than collapsing from heat stroke."


Two pocket mosquito coils were attached to my waist and I began working on them this evening.



However unexpectedly, the chainsaw was more useful than the lawn mover.


I was thoroughly cutting everything, whether it was grass or trees.


I don't want to say too much, but it is "quite a pleasant feeling.


"Well, I can understand how the bizarre criminals in the movie were serial killers.


I could realize it deeply.


On the other hand, a chainsaw is heavy, hard to use. If it is a stand alone type(no power cable), I think that it is not difficult to run away from a guy wielding a chainsaw.



So I swung the chainsaw around so much that the chain came off and became unusable, so I had to stop work for the day.


I was thinking of purchasing a second unit, but tried to repair it anyway. I will work on it tomorrow and see how it goes.


Working in the garden on a very hot day is insane.


However, it is quite fun to throw in all sorts of equipment and cut corners thoroughly.

2022-08-12 それ以来、ビックマックには奇妙な恩を感じています。 [長年日記]

Previously , I wrote that I was about to be down by hunger-knock when I did a field work of Utsunomiya-city.


At that time, I was helped by BigMac at MacDonald.


Since then, I come to feel strange gratitude to BigMac.


This time, I was gardening at my country house, however it was too hard to work under summer sunshine, I took a rest from 13:00 to 17:00, and was swinging the chainsaw around. A total of about 10 trees, including shrubs, were chopped up.

ーー 切り倒すのではなく、切り刻むのです。

"Not cut down, but chop up"


Grass are not a big deal, but it is difficult to bag the trees that have been cut down.


Previously, I burned grass and tree with paraffin and petrol all at once, however now it comes to be impossible to do that (by laws).


Anyway, I had a rare day of physical work, and unusually, today I had a lunch at McDonald's.


I think that this is the only way to avoid hunger-knocks.

2022-08-13 私の実家の庭とのバトルは、継続中です。 [長年日記]


At the garden in my country house, I had weed control by laying down weed prevention sheets,but after three or four years, I am struggling with weeds that are growing through the weed prevention sheets.


Weeds are always trying to survive with very robust strategies, like growing straight yp by force or securing sunshine on the sheets growing through gaps.


So this time, I cut all trees in the courtyard, cleared it, and covered it by two tarpaulins whose size are 12 tatami mats.


I woke up several times last night to the sound of rain hitting the sheets.


When I checked this morning, water left in the depression in the tarpaulin.


Although this will have completely cut off the water supply to the weeds, there will be a possibility of bowers etc. in the puddles.


The battle with my parents' garden is ongoing.

2022-08-14 私の廃材利用の才能は結構役にたっていると思うのですが、あまり多くの人に評価されないのが、少し残念です。 [長年日記]


Last night, when I took a bath, I heard a strange noise from the garden.


My parents country house has a well, which is pumped by a motor, and I knew this motor was not working properly from my sister.


The noise was at a level that could be qualified as noise, so I went to switch off the motor in the middle of the night with a flashlight.


Using scrap material in the house, I made a hand-made electric circuit to control the motor.


Though I was concerned about electric current, I was decided that the circuit was safe with normal operation.


I think my talent for using waste materials is quite useful, but I am a little disappointed that not many people appreciate it.

2022-08-15 嫁さん:「相変わらず、『自分ができていることを、他人に押しつけること』については、躊躇(ちゅうちょ)がないねえ」 [長年日記]


The accident that losing materials including personal information by drinking, has continued.


Needless to say, "Don't drink if you drive" is natural, and now the leaflet of "Don't drink if you have" has posted on company noticeboards.



In recent years, I hear that the view that 'alcohol is the best of all medicines' has been rejected and modified in the same way as tobacco, towards 'all pain, no gain'.


One reason seems that "the mechanism for breaking down alcohol is the same at detoxification", and the impact to the body is beyond our imagination.


From the view of anti-aging, it seems to be true that alcohol accelerates aging"


There are 2 billion muslims in the world, and they abstain from alcohol, as a rule.



Ebata: "Why not make a motto 'Don't drink' and 'encourage'(*) people to abstain from alcohol?"


Wife: "As ever, you have no hesitation of 'forcing to other to do what you are doing'".


(*) You can find how much the state's "enforcement" of alcohol prohibition has disrupted society, please Google "Prohibition" or "Al Capone".

2022-08-16 「結婚って、良いものですか?」 [長年日記]


I have never been asked, however if I am asked from youth people


"Is marriage good ?"


I always prepare to say


"It's a paradise for life"


in 0 second.


like, when one of my few bosses once told me that.

2022-08-17 最近、Amazonからの一方的な配送キャンセルが多くて困っています。 [長年日記]


Recently, I have been in trouble for one-sided delivery cancellations from Amazon.


If no stock, I can understand it, and even if no stock is found in a delivery process, I can also accept it.




It is unreasonable to tell me "delivery is failed", after they show me the above the tracking information, isn't it ?


It is clear that the information of "the deliver is coming near my house" is a lie.



Even if they tell me "the deliver will be failed" during the tracking, I can do something to follow the problem.


Not disclosing it until the last minute, and then, of all things, disclosing fictitious delivery information, is beyond malicious.


Anyway, I understand that Amazon.com doesn't hesitate to open a fictitious delivery information.


As for me, I don't care of an extra charge, I want to ask the private public transportation service company with tracking service system to deliver.

2022-08-18 教師は、保護者と子どもの両方に、夏休みに入る前に、『自由研究の「過去問』」を配布して上げるべきだよな ―― と思いました。 [長年日記]


I have just known from an NHK program, "free research is a phantom subject that disappeared after four years".


It seemed to be same as Math. and Japanese.


Some people who are more than 81 years old, remember the "free research" subject.


However, it was going to be abolished to shift "systematic education", it meant "packed education".


As for teachers in class, they felt that it was a "waste" and wanted to leave it as homeworks for the summer vacation.



In 1974, "free research" was a subject, so teachers were mentors (or advisors) for the subject.


Now for the "free research", the guardians are going to be enforced to be the roles.


As a result, the guardians as a mentor come to feel a stomach pain every summer.


The reason is that "free research" is not only difficult but also to specific the level-control.


In conclusion, they cannot know "theme", "quality" and "quantity" of the free research.



I remember writing the story of "something with the word "free", have people suffer".

教師は、保護者と子どもの両方に、夏休みに入る前に、『自由研究の「過去問』」を配布して上げるべきだよな ―― と思いました。

I think that teachers should deliver the past "free research" to both the children and guardians.


Oh, this is the year I was going to write 'Introduction to EXCEL for creating a proper free research report in the last three days of summer holiday', but I completely forgot about it.

2022-08-19 『地動説を理解できないお前たちは、みんな、サタンだ!』 [長年日記]


For the purpose of writing this month's column, I read some commentaries on the Unification Church's scripture, the Original Book of Principle.

In addition, I read a documentary book about the rescue of families from the Unification Church's mind control.(I think that I read it a long time ago)



Once again, I could understand that the Unification Church's mind control(brainwashing) was very powerful and difficult to break.


I think that it is easy to speak about this brainwashing from the view of non-believer.


This is because the content of the "original principles" is blinding nonsense.


However, it seems that way because "I am not a member of the Unification Church".


If this were not the case, it might not be unreasonable to consider those who deny the Unification Church's teachings to be 'they are all Satan'.



I was thinking how to understand the believer's feeling under the mind control, and I came up with one last night.

―― この世界は2次元の平面世界であって、地動説など間違っている

"This world is a two-dimensional flat world, and geocentric theories are wrong"


What if you are said that (and indeed, some people still believe this to this day)?


It is the 'Anti-Copernican Paradigm'.



Surrounded by relatives and counsellors,

『江端! どうして、大地が動くなんてナンセンスな考え方ができるんだ!』

"Ebata! How can you think nonsense about the earth moving!"


"If the earth is moving, you won't be safe either!"


Of course, I do my best to explain things like the law of universal gravitation (the equivalence principle of special relativity) and planetary orbits.


Furthermore, when I give them a programme on how to calculate the orbits of GPS satellites and positional positioning, they do not want to understand it at all.


My relatives and counsellors argue against me with stories of observed natural phenomena.


They would look at me with a pensive look and finally sigh deeply.


Reaching the limit of my anger, I shout,


"All of you who don't understand geocentrism are Satan!"




If we are to think about mind control by cults, we must make an imagination,


"They deny the geocentric theory, they impose the geocentric theory on us, and they will never let us go until we say, 'I give up'."


It means that we need to approach them.

2022-08-20 別の鍵つくっても直ぐに捨てなければならないしなぁ~、仕方ないなぁ~、これではコーディングできないなぁ~、残念だなぁ~ [長年日記]


For some reason, I am now working in a business hotel with my computer (desktop).


I can use wire LAN, so it is very helpful.


I am writing documents, and making materials, however there is one problem. The LAN address system is different from my home environment.


No, I can't say anything if you say, "How about hard-copying the IP address into the program nowadays?".


Even though it is an experimental prototype, it becomes more cumbersome if it has to be TLS-compliant.


Even if I made another key, I'd have to throw it away immediately... I can't help it... I can't code with it... It's a pity...


So now I am watching the NetFlix.

2022-08-21 私にとっても、「映像の世紀」は、子どもに見て欲しい番組No.1ですが、トラウマにさせたら、逆効果です。 [長年日記]


I like the NHK program whose title is "The 20th Century on Film"


Now, white watching "The Century on Film -- butterfly effect" by the "NHK plus" (Internet VOD service), I am coding.


Now four programs seem to be uploaded.

「太平洋戦争 "言葉"で戦った男たち」というという番組を見ています。

I am watching the program of "The Pacific War: Men Who Fought with Words".


This program is about the US military's fast-track training of Japanese-language intelligence officers.


I am fascinated by the story that (1) the school was located in Boulder, Colorado, and (2) the school ignored grammar and educated the students to use Japanese in one year by solely reading and writing.


I have memories of going to Boulder every other week (100 km away each way) to get Japanese rice when I worked in the US, and I was amazed at the grammar-ignoring, rapid-fire language study method.


I have memories of going to Boulder every other week (100 km away each way) to get Japanese rice when I worked in the US. And I was also amazed at the grammar-ignoring, rapid-fire language study method.



In the Ebata's, however, the 'The Century on Film' is not popular.


In particular, the second daughter feels sick when she hears the programme's theme song.


The teacher at my second daughter's school was a fan of the program.


The teacher kept showing the program to his students at school and the second daughter was traumatized.



In my mind, "The Century of File" is the No.1 program I want my children to watch, however, it would be counteroffensive if they were to be traumatized by it.


What we have to do, is to believe they create their values in their own way.

However, I am worried about my children, who do not know "Li Teng-hui" and cannot talk about the "Cultural Revolution", but we have no choice but to be patient.

2022-08-22 これからは、『リモートワークで腹芸ができてこそ、一流の政治家であり、官僚である』という時代にしていかなければなりません。 [長年日記]


The Prime Minister's corona infection is an unfortunate incident, but it is fortunate that the disease is mild at the moment.


If this incident become a triger of making online chain of command at the center of goverment, I think the advantages and disadvamtages is going to be even.


Some works need to go on-site, however, I think the goverment admisstion and bureaucracy are workplaces where remote working can be easily promoted.


Of course, I know well that politics is made up of the 'tricks of the gut' - the art of the gut, impressions, power harassment, work orders, laying the groundwork, shouting, crying wolf, bluster, pleading, compromise, and connections.

その『腹芸』が、密室や料亭でアルコールを投入しなければ、実施できない ―― というのは「甘え」でしょう。

It would be "naive" to think that this 'belly art' can only be carried out in a closed room or at a ryotei with alcohol.


We need to move to an era where 'you are a first-class politician and bureaucrat only if you can work remotely and play with 'belly art'.



When that happens, the market for us IT engineers will expand.


An example is the 'Belly Art Assist System', which uses AI technology.


On a separate screen from the conference system,


- the lines "weeping drop" are popped-up.

- パワハラにならない恫喝のアドバイスが出てくるとか、

- the advice on non-power-harassing threats will be given


A mountain of exciting and fun systems come to mind.

2022-08-23 そういう人に、『目的を持ってプログラミングをやれ』というのは、もう滅茶苦茶な話なのです。 [長年日記]


When I heard the phrase "The first programming language we should study", I thought "what?".


Certainly, in the case of programming language, there is no systematic education at the present.


For me, I studied "BASIC" for the first time.


Next, I learned "Pascal" and the next is "Assembler", and the next is "C"


In my opinion, "processes" and "threads" is no needed, and it is better to have only one programme point.


It is rather good that we don't have to study annoying something like compiling, libraries.


I think that no need to learn the concept of objects.


Anyway, I, who used several programming languages as appropriate and case by case, am not proper person to talk about this issue.



Or rather, I am not familiar with the phrase 'programming language to learn'.


'Programming languages to use' is right.

「使う」プロセスで、必要に応じて仕方なく「学ぶ」ことがある、とは思いますが --

I suppose there are times when the process of 'using' forces you to 'learn' by necessity, however,


Learning programming without a purpose will always fail. Absolutely.


But people with no programming experience do not know what they can do with a programme.


To tell such people to 'do programming with a purpose' is already a mess.



Therefore, I have no words to say on this matter.

However, I have not dropped my pessimism that 'programming education' is still probably doomed to fail.

2022-08-24 ―― エジソン、バカ [長年日記]


In the aphorism of Edison, the king of inventors,


'Most people who fail in life are those who didn't realise how close they were to success when they gave up.'



I, having lived for half a century, know what I know.

―― エジソン、バカ

"Edison, you idiot"


「諦めないこと」は大切なことかもしれませんが、「諦めないこと」には、膨大な時間やコスト、そして、回りの人へのインパクト ―― 自分だけでなく、回りの人を不幸にする ―― という負のコストがあります。

'Not giving up' may be important, but 'not giving up' has a negative cost in terms of enormous time, cost and impact on those around you - making not only you but also those around you unhappy.


Especially, one of the impact to me, is "destory my mind, and to the worst, kill myself".


'Getting started' is easy.


However, 'giving it up' is 100 times more difficult and painful than "getting started".


That is the 'curse of sunk costs'.


'Giving up' is harder than 'getting started' and, therefore, more worthwhile.


Stupid Edison didn't seem to realise it. I, however, know that.



I have recently been reading a lot of books on cults


The 'curse of sunk costs' has been found to be a psychological factor in people's inability to leave cults.

2022-08-25 『行政府は、霊感商法等による民事事件係争中、または、損害賠償の確定判決が出た宗教団体とは、今後一切の関連を断つ』 [長年日記]


The executive branch will no longer be associated with any religious organisation that has a pending civil case or a final judgment for damages due to psychic or other commercial activities.


I think that the Cabinet should just decide the above.


Or, in the regular or extraordinary session of parliament,


Members of Parliament will no longer associate with any religious organisation that has a civil case pending against it or a final judgment for damages.


I think that all they have to do is to make a resolution like that.

あとは、賛成しなかった議員を"by name"で教えて貰えれば、それで十分です。

It would then be sufficient if they could tell us the councillors who did not vote in favour of the proposal "by name".



These would then have an impact on local authorities and on local councils.


On balance with 'freedom of religion', I think this is the only way to solve this problem without a legislative process."

2022-08-26 ―― 安倍元首相「国葬」経費 約2億5000万円支出を閣議決定。 これ本当? めちゃくちゃ安くない?と思いました。 [長年日記]


Controversy seems to be erupting about the state funeral of former prime ministers, although not on the scale of 'dividing the country in two'.


I think the debate itself is a good thing, but I don't understand the the cost of state funerals.

―― 安倍元首相「国葬」経費 約2億5000万円支出を閣議決定

"Cabinet approves expenditure of about 250 million yen for former Prime Minister Abe's 'state funeral'."

これ本当? めちゃくちゃ安くない?と思いました。

"Really, It's too cheap isn't it?" I thought.


A rich man's house, about the price of one.



Because people at state guest level are coming to the country in large numbers.

仮に100人の国賓の人がやってきたと仮定すると、そのガードに10人が付いたとして、一人あたりの諸経費が1日50万円として、ざっくり、500万 x 100人 = 50億円ですよ。当然、2~3日滞在するとして、これで、もう200億円です。

Let's assume that 100 state guests arrive, and that 10 people are attached to guard them, and that the overheads per person are 500,000 yen per person per day, roughly, 5 million x 100 people = 5 billion yen. Of course, if they stay for two or three days, that's another 20 billion yen.


This time, the number of expected participants is announced to be 6,000.


Naturally, traffic and operational restrictions will be imposed, so local police officers will have to be mobilised and the prestige of the Japanese police force will be put on the line to provide security for dignitaries.


If a key figure is assassinated in the country, there is even a risk of a breakdown of diplomatic relations.


If you put all these together, I think it will easily break the 50 billion mark.


If. If I were to hold my own funeral for 6,000 people, I would need 10,000 yen per person, or 60,000,000 yen, for dinner, entertainment and travel costs.


Even this me.



I am not going to quibble about 'amounts of money'.


However, as an engineer who is in charge of a serial column with figures, I would like to see an overview (items) of the "250 million yen" quotation at the earliest opportunity.


And then I wrote this far and found the phrase 'This does not include the cost of police personnel to guard the area'.


That would be.


We will now amend our request to "Disclosure of the estimate with security cos.

2022-08-27 Amazonのカスタマーセンタとチャットで議論した件 [長年日記]

The matter of a chat discussion with Amazon's customer center


If you don't allow the customer center to say 'I'll call you later' and gong to 'check it up now', the solution will be reached soon.

2022-08-28 学生たちの勢いのある踊り、というのも悪くないのですが、場数を踏んだと思われる熟年チームの踊りには、遠く及ばないなぁ、と実感しました。 [長年日記]

Today, my wife and I went to Omote-Sando to watch my junior daughter's club activitiy.


I enjoyed it very much.


I was moved to look at the secretariat's ability and know-how to move a group of several hundred to a thousand level dancers on-schedule.


The dancers moved the giant speakers using trucks while watching the movements of the dancers' group, and I was amazed at the way the distance between the speakers was kept so that the sound did not interfere with each other, as well as the control of the directivity of the speakers.


もちろん、踊りそのものは大変楽しかったのですが ―― 高知県からやってきたあるグループの踊りの、精緻さ、そのシンクロ率じの高さ、それを含めた『舞踊芸術』に感銘を受けました。

Of course, the dancing itself was a lot of fun, but I was impressed by the precision and synchronization of one group from Kochi Prefecture, and the "art of dance" it included.


The vigorous dancing of the students was not bad, but I realized that it was not as good as the dancing of the mature team, which seemed to have more experience in the event.



In any case, had it not been for my junior daughter's participation in the Circle event, I would have remained completely uninvolved with the event.


Today, unusually, I was able to appreciate the fact that I live in a place where I can go to Shibuya and Harajuku "without a previous night's stay".

2022-08-29 敢えていうのであれば、「面倒くさい」あたりがしっくりきます。 [長年日記]


I basically fix commodities when they are broken.


I purchased a 3980-yen radio-controlled watch 20 years ago and have replaced the battery three times and the band four times myself. (Recently, the seconds LCD has become invisible).


The shaft hole required to replace the band is missing, so I used instant adhesive to force it to stick.


I have also repaired holes in bags and trousers with wood glue and continue to use them.


I often read manuals and disassemble and fix computers, refrigerators, washing machines, and even motorcycles.


However, I do not consider this a "virtue" or anything like that.


I have never thought about the "mottainai spirit" even for a millimeter.

そして、「貧乏くさい」という訳でもないと思います ―― 日常品を買う程度のお金は持っているつもりです。

And I don't think I'm "poor" -- I think I have enough money to buy commodities.



Frankly speaking, "bother" is good fit for me.


I feel to bother to purchase something new and accustom it.


Basically, I like repair.



When I successfully fix it, I feel "I won", however, I don't expect others to understand this feeling either.


My wife seems to have given up on me like that.

2022-08-30 イエスが、重量級のマッチョであったという聖書の記述はありませんし、あったとしても、取っ手などもない十字架を背負うことなどできる訳がありません。 [長年日記]

After this TV carrying experience, I have been skeptical of the Bible's content.


Jesus of Nazareth is said to have walked the 1.6 km to the Hill of Golgotha carrying a cross weighing 70 kg to 90 kg.


I can't believe it.


My wife and I had severe pain in our lower back just trying to move a 75 kg plasma display by 30 cm.


I can't tell you how much money and time my wife and I spent getting this TV upstairs and further up the wardrobe.


There is no biblical account of Jesus being a heavyweight macho man, and even if he was, there is no way he could carry a cross with no handles.


The speed at which a cross weighing 70 kg to 90 kg can be moved (shifted over the ground) is limited to 2 meters per hour.


If so, the arrival time at Golgotha Hill is 800 hours.


Even if he worked 24 hours a day, sleepless nights, it would take 33 days to complete the project.


Before the third day has passed, overwork is a certainty.



Well, it is the day before the last day of summer vacation.


Everyone who is having trouble with their summer free research.


Ask your father or mother to buy 70 kg worth of lumber at a DIY store, and then modify it into a cruciform shape and do an experiment to see how much you can actually carry!


It will probably be a big hit at your school.


TV stations might come to cover the event.

2022-08-31 先週金曜日に、EE Times Japan編集部から前半全面削除の提案を受けたのち、週末に江端が頭を抱えながら捻り出した、100%江端オリジナルの新しいカルト宗教が「江端教」です [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"A New Theory of Action for Engineers Who Are Not Loved by Money(6)"

Is there "faith as a strategy" for surviving in old age?



In the last part of this column as a reader's review, I asked for a substitute.


Some people who have been with me since the launch of my website, may think that "it is him".


As usual, he gave me a keen review. Enjoy it.


That's aside.



In this column, a cult group "Ebata-ism" will be featured.


Even if you feel a sense of "deja vu" with the content, it is your illusion.

「江端教」は、先週金曜日に、EE Times Japan編集部から前半全面削除の提案を受けたのち、週末に、江端が頭を抱えながら捻り出した、100%江端オリジナルの新しいカルト宗教です。

Ebata-ism" is a new cult religion that I had major renovated over the last weekend, after receiving a proposal from the EE Times Japan editorial board last Friday to delete the first half in its entirety.

―― 決して、深く勘繰ってはなりません

"Never, ever, be too deeply in the dark"


That makes everyone unhappy, including you, me, and the editorial staff.