2023-01-01 こんな風に、何かの課題に頭を抱えながら、最期を迎えられたら ―― [長年日記]

I went through the New Year's Eve, trying the methods described in this book, not getting it to work, and in the process of getting my head around it.


Last year was like this, and I am sure this year will pass like this as well.

とは言え ――



"If I could meet my end like this, with some issue on my mind ――"


I guess that is just like me.


I look forward to working with you this year.



2023-01-02 『自分のニーズが、世界のニーズではない』ということを、今、しみじみと実感しています。 [長年日記]

Between the end of the year and this year, two of my books have sold.


I don't know who you are, but thank you very much for your purchase.


But the total number of books sold has not reached double digits.


I am now keenly aware that 'my needs are not the needs of the world'.

2023-01-03 分かっています ―― 「事前の情報収集不足」と「自分の力量の過信」です。 [長年日記]


From the start of this year's New Year's vacation to now, I can confidently say that I have not skipped an hour.

この正月に見たテレビ番組は、録画しておいた『芸能人格付けチェック! 2023お正月スペシャル』だけです。

The only TV program I watched this New Year's was the recorded "Celebrity Ratings Check! 2023 New Year's Special".


Why, then, is the planned schedule delayed by 2.5 days?

分かっています ―― 「事前の情報収集不足」と「自分の力量の過信」です。

I know -- "lack of information gathering in advance" and "overconfidence in one's own abilities".


I am now feeling a bit overwhelmed, thinking that these two will probably put me in a tight spot this year as well.

2023-01-04 なるほど、『私たちは、みんな、20年前のスパコンを使っている』ことになる訳です。 [長年日記]


"The performance of a personal computer (PC) today is the same as that of a supercomputer 20 years ago"


After hearing the story, I did some calculations.

- 2000年以降、PCとスパコンの性能差は、ざっくり1万倍になる

- After 2000, the performance difference between PCs and supercomputers have been roughly 10,000 times

- ムーアの法則「18ヶ月で性能が倍になる」

- Moore's Law "doubles performance in 18 months."


Given that from the information,

2^(x/1.5)= 10000 を解けばいい。

Solve 2^(x/1.5) = 10000.

x = 19.93 年

x = 19.93 years


I see, 'We are all using 20-year-old supercomputers'.


In other words, in theory, as of 2003, weather forecasts and earthquake prediction calculations that were being calculated on supercomputers can be done in your own room.


From my point of view, 'I just have to wait for 20 years'.


Conversely, the cost of development and investment in supercomputers (about 130 billion yen, not including maintenance costs) is in this '20-year leading'.


I don't know what you all think, but I think the cost is generally reasonable.

2023-01-05 「数学を18歳まで必修にします」――イギリスのスナク首相が年頭の演説で新たな教育方針を示しました。 [長年日記]


"Mathematics will be compulsory until the age of 18"--British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak laid out his new education policy in his New Year's address.


The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stressed that "mathematics is important in 'a world where data is everywhere and statistics support every job', however 'only half of 16- to 19-year-olds are currently learning mathematics'.


I agree with him.


However, I also believe that if the same measures are enforced in the current Japanese mathematics education, "it will only prolong the time of suffering for young people.


I believe that what is needed in mathematics education today is "mathematics as a 'tasty tool' that can be used throughout one's life.


Compared to English, mathematics is a much more frequently used tool, I think.

2023-01-06 会社の同僚に聞いた話なのですが「地元の鉄道が廃線になったけど、BRTの導入で逆に移動が快適になった」という話を聞きました。 [長年日記]

今後、鉄道に置き換えわっていく公共交通がBRT(Bus Rapid Transit)です。

BRTs (Bus Rapid Transit) is a public transportation system that will replace railroads in the future.


BRTs seem to be actively being introduced in developing countries.


It seems that BRT is being introduced suddenly, skipping the railroads.



I heard from a colleague at work that "the local railroad line was closed down, but the introduction of BRT has conversely made travel more comfortable.

バス以外に入ってこれない専用レーンで(あるいは、路線の上にアスファルトを引いて専用道路にする)バスだけを走らせる ―― それは、もう鉄道と同じです。

Running only buses in a dedicated lane that only buses can enter (or asphalt over the route to make it a dedicated road) -- it's already the same as a railroad.


After all, they are cheap.


The cost of construction, of course, but maintenance costs are horrendously low, and the cost-effectiveness of transportation efficiency is outstanding.


What sticks out is the cost of labor. Bus stops do not need station staff.


I have heard that the "name" of "XX station" is important to the mind of those who want to keep the railroad alive, not the railroad.


Then I think we should make the BRT stop a "station house" and call it a "station".


I googled the phrase "still need a railroad."


Hmmm, "effectiveness of container vehicles" is mentioned, but wouldn't it be enough to run trucks with containers on BRT routes?


About moving containers, they offers the privilege of having the entire vehicle towed by a truck, moreover , which can then be driven on public roads.


Clearly, in places where there is no need to transport large numbers of people at once, BRT is far more palatable than trains.


In tourist areas, etc., there will be problems meeting the demand of tourists, but that is not a point of contention, since the same problems would be faced by railroads.


Conversely, during the tourist season, the BRT could operate with greater flexibility than rail, such as increasing the number of BRT vehicles or, on an exceptional basis, borrowing regular buses and incorporating them into the timetable.


CO2 emissions will soon be settled with the commercialization of electric vehicles.



I am, however, an amateur in this field.


I am sure there are many things I am missing, and I would be happy to learn about them.


However, you don't need to talk about "interests," "brands," "connections," "vote banks," and the like.


Please limit our discussion to purely technical and economic matters.

2023-01-07 『どっかに、バックドアを仕込まれたかもしれない』と思うと、気持ち悪くなりました。 [長年日記]


I will not 'listen to the opinions of those who do not specify their name (x handle name) and source (email address, etc.).


Hence, all comment sections, both on the website and on YouTube, are turned off (no writing).



Recently, however, I have been seeing something like this on the Wordpress admin (not user) screen, and it is beyond annoying.


I thought it must be some kind of spam, but I don't understand how this kind of screen comes up.


To begin with, my page does not have a comments section.


It made me sick to think, 'Somewhere, someone might have planted a back door'.



So I did a little digging and found this in the "Edit Post" screen.


I immediately unchecked the box.


It is a tricky business.

2023-01-08 データさえ公開して貰えれば、交通工学専攻の学生たちが、ほっといても、勝手にアプリを作り出しますよ。 [長年日記]


Last Friday, I was late for a lecture due to a personal injury accident on the Odakyu train.


I left with almost an hour to spare, but there was nothing I could do while the train stopped with me trapped inside.


I am proud to say that I understand personal injury on the railroad.

が、―― やっぱり、腹は立ちます。

But - I'm still angry


Even now,

『人身事故の責任は、―― 生死を問わず ―― 人身事故を発生させた当事者にあるに決まっとろうが』

"The responsibility for any personal injury, dead or alive, lies with the person who caused it"

と思っており、鉄道会社は責任はないと思います ―― ちゃんと、国土交通省の「ホームドア設置」の指導に対応していれば、ですが。

I think no responsibility of train companies, if only they are properly compliant with the MLIT's guidance on the installation of platform doors.



I know that it is "deathly" difficult to predict the recovery of operations after a personal injury event.


Even so, I would like them to open real-time train location information published in a CUI (command-based interface) if possible.


If GPS information is not possible, closed section information or station standby information is acceptable.

鉄道会社に『Webで公開しろ』とか、『アプリを作れ』とか言いません ―― それは、民間(私を含む)に丸投げしてもらって結構です。

I will not tell the railroad companies to 'publish on the Web' or 'make an app' -- that can be left entirely to the private sector (including me).


As long as the data is made available to the public, traffic engineering students will create applications on their own, even if they are left alone.


You can bet on that.


If they can use that application to write their thesis, it's a win-win.


If there is data there, whether it is CUI or whatever, we are trained to parse something, we are trained to parse something.



Well, to summarize the above story,


'For my (Ebata's) sake alone, disclose the real-time location of the train after the personal injury accident'


It sounds as if I am saying that.

それでも、鉄道会社が、うかつにダイヤの回復予測時間を口にできないなら ――

Still, if a train company can't carelessly say a projected timetable recovery time--


They should only disclose "real-time" data from the time of the accident to the time the accident is resolved, and then throw the rest to private companies (or students, etc.) to avoid their responsibility.

2023-01-09 『壊れた時、自分の手で直せないものは、使えん』というのは、かなり普遍的な真理だと思っています。 [長年日記]


It's been a long time with being said "DX is needed", however,

―― 現場でアナログで運用されているものを、DXに変更するのは相当に難しい

"It is quite difficult to change from analog operation to DX in the field."


I am acutely aware of the fact.


It is hopelessly difficult to digitize an analog system, especially one that operates with "whiteboards" and "sticky notes.




Analog systems have many advantages.


Everyone can see it, everyone can monitor the situation, both macro and micro, and everyone can access (add, delete, modify) it.


I think the above photo speaks eloquently to the fact that 'if you impose digital on the field, you will definitely ruin the operation.



As far as this photo scheduling system is concerned, all the current DX can do is


(A) To capture the contents of this whiteboard using a camera and recognize them using image processing and character recognition.


(B) Automatically to notify the person in charge of the day's schedule of the data read from it via e-mail or SNS.


(C) To alert the scheduler of any inconsistencies (duplications, misidentifications) to the manager.


I think that is the limit of what we can do.



The important things to remember are that


- To continue to move both analog and digital, and to give up the idea of "100% complete digital migration.


- To create analog "clones" digitally over a long enough period of time (several years to 10 years).


In addition,


- In principle, the design, construction, and operation of digital systems should be carried out by the people on site themselves.

が重要かと思います ―― 最後のフレーズは、かなり無茶であることは、分かっていますが。

is important -- I know that last phrase is rather absurd.


I believe it is a fairly universal truth that 'if you can't fix it with your own hands when it breaks, you can't use it'.

2023-01-10 別の言い方をすれば『私(江端)は、組織(会社)の従順な犬』ということです。 [長年日記]


At today's meeting, one of the group members was talking about his overseas business trip starting next week.


I heard the other members say, "I like it" and "I envy you, however I thought

―― "若い"って凄いなぁ

-- "Young" is great!



Because if I am traveling domestically


(0) No need to go to the airport and worry about delayed or cancelled arrivals and departures


(1) No jet lag


(2) Don't have to worry about passports, documents, etc.


(3) No need to practice presentations in a foreign language or act like you "understand" in local meetings.


Above all,


(4) 100% Japanese is available.

のです ―― 国内出張(特に国内で行われる国際学会)バンザイです。

"Banzai!" for Domestic business trips (especially international conferences held in Japan)



If the world line I live in now is the Alpha world line, then 20 years ago I was living in a different world line (Beta world line).


However, I still think I would easily move to another world by 'invoking a business order'.


The "business order" has such enormous energy that it can make me move to another world-line.


In other words, "I (Ebata) am an obedient dog of the organization (company)".

2023-01-11 『なるほど、世界を相手にする戦争とは、こういう風にやるのか』と、非常に感心しました。 [長年日記]

I watched the BS1 special "Putin: The Unknown Gas Strategy - An In-Depth Look at 20 Years of Offensive and Defense".


I was very impressed, thinking, 'I see, this is how a war against the world is conducted.


Compared to this, even the same superpower, I felt that 'U.S. wars are opportunistic and unrestrained.


When it comes to Japan's lousy start of the Pacific War, I could say, "Drink from Putin's fingernails.


By the way, I am not talking about "justice" or "right and wrong".


I am talking purely about "how to conduct warfare".


Well, Japan has no resources and is not a great power, so neither Russia nor the U.S. can be of any help at all.



By the way, I have written before about our country's energy import situation after the terrible oil shock.


"Today, Japan is buying energy fuels from disparate countries in a piecemeal fashion as a countermeasure to 'foreign whims. Here's a rough table of what's going on"


"The "tearful strategy to secure energy resources from 'all directions' is evident: 'We will make any connections, no matter how trivial, without regard to cost"

―― てなことを書いていました。



Germany is currently being hurt a lot by Russia with energy.


I was watching the program, thinking that Germany will probably convert to an "all-round policy" in the future, just like our country.

2023-01-12 『ボランティア活動参加 = ディズニーランド来園』というレベルまで、意識を軽量化しましょう。 [長年日記]

I was watching TV and saw news about the Kamagasaki wintering struggle.


When I lived in the university's self-governing dormitory, I had received several invitations from seniors to be volunteer personnel, but I never went because I had to return home.


By now I'm thinking, 'I wish I had gone.


I volunteered at the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.


I still remember the jet-black darkness of the city with its power completely cut off and the pain of the night that chilled me to the bone.



In recent research on wellbeing, it seems to be common knowledge that "altruistic acts" such as volunteering are "self-interested acts" that increase one's well-being.

―― ボランティアは偽善ではないのか ?

"Isn't volunteering hypocritical? "


You don't have to worry about such things.


On the contrary, it is O.K. to say, 'Volunteering is my pastime'


Even such volunteer work can be a sufficient win-win.

『ボランティア活動参加 = ディズニーランド来園』というレベルまで、意識を軽量化しましょう。

Let's lighten our awareness to the level of "participating in volunteer activities = visiting Disneyland.


Therefore, you can start whenever you want and stop whenever you want.


"Even if you come to Disneyland, you don't have to stay until the park closes."



If someone says to you something, I will defend you.

2023-01-13 『海外で貧困の現実を知りました』「それ国内でわかんなかったの? いいね押す代わりに、目玉に親指入れてやろうか」 [長年日記]


I like Mizuki Setoguchi's books, especially "Howl of a Local Girl".


The following lines from the extra edition listed in Volume 9 struck a chord.



"I learned about the reality of poverty overseas"

「それ国内でわかんなかったの? いいね押す代わりに、目玉に親指入れてやろうか」

"You didn't get that in Japan? I'll put my thumb in your eyeball instead of hitting the 'good' button"



At least, I think my teenager 'couldn't complain about having his thumb in his eyeball.

そして、"今ごろ"になって、その現実を(資料やデータから)知り、呆然とし、そして、そこから『目を背ける大人』になりました。 T

hen, "around this time", I learned of the reality (from data and documents), was stunned, and became an adult who "turned away" from the serious problem.

子ども達が、私のような大人にならないよう、また、私の大人を量産しないような教育を ―― (私以外のエラい人に)期待しています。

I hope that my children will be educated -- (by great other than myself) so that they will not become adults like me and not mass produce adults like me.



And I also like the following lines.


「うーん・・・ 左右とか上下とかじゃなくて、人生ってもっと3Dじゃない?」

"Ummm... isn't life more 3D, not just left to right or up and down?"



Yeah, I agree that there are more dimensions to life than just 3D.

ただ、私の場合は、極端に次元数が少ない気がします ―― 「パソコンの前に座っている/座っていない」の軸があるだけです。

However, I feel that I have an extremely low number of dimensions -- I just have a "sitting/not sitting in front of a computer" axis.



Incidentally, the currently accepted theory in physics (superstring theory) says that the universe has at least 11 dimensions.


Someday I would like to study it properly and use it as fodder for a column.

2023-01-14 今、壮絶に凹んでいます。 [長年日記]


I gave a presentation last week with materials that I thought were well thought out, but during the Q&A session

―― よく分からん

"I don't understand"


I am now in a spectacularly depressed state after that.


At least, I was in a daze this past weekend, unable to muster the energy to do anything.


My weight dropped 1 kg in one day.



However, I, at my age, 'understand' this "I don't know" very well.


I have no doubt that I have also used this phrase wildly in my company (especially at invention brainstorming sessions) for the past 10 years, and I made many people (especially younger people) depressed.


In that sense, it is probably quite important for seniors like me to be depressed by such harsh words from time to time.


But it is still hard to be depressed.


Even if it works for a diet.

2023-01-15 ―― <北>が核ミサイルを打ち込むなら、「今」やってくれないかな [長年日記]

As a continuation of yesterday's diary, in the Ebata family, when we feel down or depressed,

―― <北>が核ミサイルを打ち込むなら、「今」やってくれないかな

-- If the is going to launch nuclear missiles, I hope they do it "now".

―― 都心ではではなく、多摩地区に直撃で

-- not in the center of Tokyo, but directly in the Tama area.


We have conversations (mainly with my eldest daughter) about this.


This could be considered more vicious than the guy who "wanted to be executed and tried to murder people.



The guy who writes the above diary pretending a great writer, is, in fact, of this level of tofu-like mentality.


Please laugh at me.

2023-01-16 ―― 優れた発明が出願審査請求されず、どーでもいい凡庸な発明が出願審査請求される [長年日記]


Simply submitting a patent specification to the Patent Office (filing an application) is not enough to obtain a patent right.


You must file a request to have your invention examined by the Patent Office within three years of filing the application.


This is called a "request for application examination".


By filing this request, the battle between the patent examiner and the applicant (inventor) will begin for the first time.


If you do not file a claim, you cannot have your invention upgraded to a patented invention (i.e., you cannot obtain a patent right).

However, the "request for application examination" is expensive.


特許出願 14,000円

Patent application 14,000 yen

出願審査請求 138,000円+(請求項の数×4,000円)

Request for application examination: 138,000 yen + (number of claims x 4,000 yen)



So, in an ordinary company, the number of requests for application examination is narrowed down in relation to the number of applications.


さて、この「出願審査請求」を誰が判断するか? ―― 多くの場合、発明者本人です。

Now, who makes the decision on this "request for application examination"? -- in many cases, the inventor himself/herself.


This is because it is extremely difficult to understand other people's inventions.


However, there is a problem here.


There are two types of inventors in a company.


(1) Those who have made a very good invention, but their self-evaluation level is too low and they easily give up on their request for application examination.


(2) Those who request application examination too frequently because their self-evaluation level is too high, even though their invention is terribly mediocre.



In other words,

―― 優れた発明が出願審査請求されず、どーでもいい凡庸な発明が出願審査請求される

"Excellent inventions are not requested for application examination, while mediocre inventions are requested for application examination."


This above situation occurs.



And what type of person am I, of course, (2) above.


In a sense, it is a true that in a company (or rather, society), "those who make a fuss" are stronger than "those who make an effort" or "those who are capable".


I know it is a disgusting story.

2023-01-17 「お金がなくてもそこそこ幸せになれるのか」を宗教と幸福感から真剣に解析してみる [長年日記]


The latest article on "New Behavioral Theory for 'Engineers Not Loved by Money'" has been published.


-Latest Articles

A serious analysis of "Can I be happy there without money?" from the perspective of religion and happiness.


In this issue, I have seriously analyzed the question "Why do cult members seem so happy?" from the perspective of religion and happiness, starting with the question "Why do they seem so happy even without money?

2023-01-18 『次女が、iPad + ibisPaint + Apple Pen で、サクサクと、高品質の作品を量産しているのを見ていると、なんか対抗したくなる』 [長年日記]


I currently have SAI installed on my PC and use a mouse to create illustrations.


I don't want to master digital painting in earnest, but I am wondering if I can use ibisPaint on my iPad as a whiteboard for remote work.

で、今悩んでいるのは、Apple Penを買うか、廉価版を買うか、です。

So now I am wondering if I should buy the Apple Pen or the lower priced version.

- Apple Pen(第2世代)は、19000円以上

- Apple Pen (2nd generation) is over 19,000 yen

- KINGONEスタイラスペンは、3000円以下

- KINGONE stylus pen is less than 3000 yen


『Apple Pen2本 + αで 、iPadが1台買える』と思うと、Apple Penの購入には、抵抗があります。

I am reluctant to buy an Apple Pen when I think that "two Apple Pens + α can buy one iPad".

調べているうちに、Apple Penのメリットは、筆圧検知らしい、ということが分かってきました。

In the course of my research, I have learned that the advantage of the Apple Pen seems to be pressure detection.


The ability to change between thick and thin lines with brush pressure is said to be very important for people who are into digital painting as a job or a hobby.


I understand this.


I am also currently using SAI and actually have to go back to the menu once to change the line thickness, which is "quite annoying".



So, I am now struggling.

これまで通り、PC + SAI + マウスで絵を作り続けてもいいのですが、

I can continue to create pictures with my PC + SAI + mouse as I have in the past, but

『次女が、iPad + ibisPaint + Apple Pen で、サクサクと、高品質の作品を量産しているのを見ていると、なんか対抗したくなる』

"When I see my second daughter creating high quality works with her iPad, ibisPaint, and Apple Pen, I feel like competing with her"


is not true.


I, who have "zero artistic ability," can now illustrate my own columns on my own, at my own risk.


If I have a personal painting environment in front of me, I should do what I can.


よし、Apple Penにしよう。

Okay, let's go with the Apple Pen.


However, I should look for a "used" "first generation" (about 5500 yen).


At all times, I am a coward at the last minute.

2023-01-19 『ブラックアウトになったら、ストーブの前に家族が固まって暖を取る』という目処はつきました。 [長年日記]


Our heating system is basically gas or oil fan heaters.


However, there is one analog oil heater.

アナログ、とは、いわゆるコンセントのない、自立起動・運用ストーブであり ―― まあ、普通のストーブで、普段は全く使っていません。

Analog, is what is called an unplugged, self-starting and operating stove -- well, a normal stove, but we usually don't use it at all.


During the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11, 2011), there was a massive blackout and rolling blackouts.


In addition, given the current domestic energy supply situation, I believe that "several to a dozen days of power outages" will occur in the near future.



So, the other day, I conducted a combustion experiment on this stove, and I was able to confirm that the stove was up and operational, without incident, however,

―― 火力が弱すぎる

-- Too little firepower.


- The water in the kettle on the stove does not boil.


- The effect of "convective heat" does not occur and the living room temperature does not rise.


- What I do my best is to get "radiant heat" by approaching the stove and holding my hand directly over it.


I am honestly stunned by the results.



When I was in elementary school, this was the only type of stove available, and I used the same type of stove in my college boarding house.


I remember the first time I experienced an oil fan heater, the room temperature rose so quickly that I thought, "Is it magic?"


Conversely, I seem to be consuming integer times more energy for comfort than we did back then.


On the other hand, however, it seems that the sensors and computers built into the oil fan heaters are holding back unnecessary energy consumption, and I have not been able to make an accurate comparison.


This is because in this combustion experiment, "the rate of oil consumption of the analog oil heater seemed to be faster than that of the oil fan heater.



Anyway, I am relieved that the "preparation of analog stoves for power outages" was complete in our home.


I could get a good prospect of 'When the blackout hits, the family will gather in front of the stove to keep warm'

2023-01-20 『本当に、意義のない、無駄な人生を生きてきたなぁ』と、つぶやきながら、私は死んでいくつもりです。 [長年日記]


I have recently seen the opinion that one way to live a meaningful life is to decide "what not to do" instead of what to do.


Engineers (especially software engineers) have been warned again and again about "reinventing the wheel," a term that refers to "taking something that has already been completed and making it again on your own.


My attitude toward the above has always been consistent.

―― ふうん





Today, in lecture, we were solving Dijkstra and modified label methods as the shortest path problem, using paper and an empit.


After a long time, I was impressed by the beauty of the solution.

I had even coded both the Dijkstra and Warchal Floyd methods on my own.

However, there are plenty of such routing problem algorithms and others on the Internet, and there are also extensive free libraries.

私のやっていることは、典型的な『車輪の再発明』です ―― だから、これは「無駄」なのでしょう。

What I am doing is typical 'reinventing the wheel' -- so I guess this is 'futile'.



However, I had coded those algorithms on my own and was free to modify them.


Thanks to that modification, I devised an algorithm to calculate how a city of one million people went from train schedule havoc caused by a suicide jump to convergence in five minutes, and got one peer-reviewed paper through.


Also, if I were to decide "what not to do" instead of what I should do, the diaries and columns I have been keeping would be "terminated immediately" at that point.


まあ、私の人生は、無駄が多く、かつ、有意義でもないのでしょう ―― が、それならそれで、私は構いません。

Well, I guess my life is not very meaningful or meaningful -- but that's OK with me.


I will die muttering, 'I have truly lived a meaningless and futile life'.

2023-01-21 昨日、スーパー銭湯のレストランで食した「肉汁つけソバ」が美味しかったので、自分で作って、嫁さんに振る舞ってみました。 [長年日記]


I have always loved soba since I came to Kanto area.


Soba in the Kanto region is usually delicious.

The soba restaurant (even if it is a stand-up buckwheat noodle shop) attached to the station is also properly delicious.



Yesterday, I enjoyed the "buckwheat noodles with gravy" that I had at a restaurant in a super public bathhouse, so I cooked it myself and served it to my wife.

Here is the recipe I used as a reference.


I kept tasting, gradually increasing the amount of ingredients in the dipping sauce, because I felt it was 'less flavorful than yesterday'.


Eventually, I lost the taste, and at some point I couldn't modify the taste.


Cooking also has a "point of no return".


(The term used to be used for brain death determination, but recently it seems to be used for global warming countermeasures, etc.)


Well, it was delicious there, and my wife loved it, so I will cook it again.



Today's story is the one I plan to use as a preamble to my next column.

2023-01-22 その後、私が彼の日本での名付け親になったような気分になりました。 [長年日記]


Yesterday, one of the international students asked me to write his name in Japanese (katakana and hiragana).

―― は?



I thought it.


I thought that if I were a foreigner, I would be allowed to write my name in a foreign language.


Besides, I think that forcing people to write in katakana and hiragana is a bit rude to people from other countries.


ところが、日本の法律では、日本語表記が必須となっているのですよ ―― 例えば「特許法」。

However, Japanese law requires Japanese notation -- for example, "Patent Law".


For example, the inventors of JP Shou 55-043192 was


Mr. "Rehm Gesellschaft Mitut Beschurenkutter Haftung".


この名前なら、なんとなく「ドイツ人」かな、と思えますし、ドイツ語は、日本語発音がしやすいのいいのですが ――

I think this name sounds somewhat "German," and German is easy to pronounce in Japanese, but--


People in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia (excluding Japan) cannot guess the pronunciation from the letters because they are not written in the Roman alphabet.



And I gave up reading the letters and converting them to Japanese, and said


"Would you try to pronounce you name as slowly as you can ?"


I wrote down the sound in katakana as it is.


'You know what, if you need me to fill out the paperwork, I'll write it right here, right now'


I offered to do it, but he said he would do it himself because it would help him learn Japanese.


I think it is an admirable mindset.



After that, I felt like I was his godparent in Japan.

2023-01-23 その点、私は、コラムなどで『過去の自分の栄光』を語れるフィールドがあって、かなり幸せだなぁ、と思っています。 [長年日記]


- Talking about one's attractiveness and abilities in terms of past achievements is useless.


- If you want to assert your attractiveness and abilities, you must show them through your work and studies in the "present" and "ongoing" state.

―― と。


I was reminded of an old man (retired) who once emailed my daughter about his past career.

仕事やら海外赴任や自分の職歴やらの情報が書かれていて ―― この私ですら、その内容に"ドン引き"しました。

It contained information about my job, overseas assignments, his work history, etc. - even I was "taken aback" by the contents.


Since my daughter consulted me on this matter, I advised her on how to deal with the matter (matters related to the protection of personal information) in a calm manner. After that it seemed to be resolved.


―― 自分のシニアを放置し続けると、どんどん自分を見苦しくすることになる

"If you continue to neglect "your old", you will make yourself look worse and worse"


This was an matter who made me realize that.


However, it is true that 'as you become a senior, you cannot perform as well as you did as a junior.


Therefore, I understand the senior's desire to 'hang on to his past glory' and 'have others understand how great he was in the past.



In that respect, I am quite happy to have a field where I can talk about my 'past glory' in my columns and so on.


Therefore, I now want to exclaim with the utmost gratitude and condescension.

"Long live the editors of EE Times Japan!"

2023-01-24 そういえば、「江端 = サイバー攻撃者」というイメージをもっている人がいるように思えます。 [長年日記]


If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am using Go language as a successor to C/C++ (and as the last language in my life).

Personally, I still prefer to use C/C++, but there are two things that C/C++ just can't achieve.

- 軽量スレッド(Goroutine)

-Lightweight threads (Goroutine)

- チャネル(Channel)

- Channel

in Golang




Well, today. I found an article whose title was

"Why the programming language "Go" is so popular with attackers"



I read this with high expectations, thinking that it 'might trigger future engineers' interest in the Go language,' but I wondered "Is that so?"


I'd like to know if there is a programming language that is not multi-platform compatible nowadays.


I also thought, "It's normal, for example, for an attacking program to attack on-memory, without being loaded to disk."


After all, I thought the biggest reason is just that 'Go language code is (still) rare' and 'Go is still a minor language at this point'.



As for me,


"A simultaneous attack on 10 million servers using Goroutine",




Launch a concentrated attack as soon as a vulnerable server is discovered.

などのような、これまでにない自律的な攻撃プログラムをGo言語で作れる ―― というような内容を期待していたので、正直ガッカリしています。

I was expecting to be able to create an unprecedented autonomous attack program in the Go language, so I am honestly disappointed.


そういえば、「江端 = サイバー攻撃者」というイメージをもっている人がいるように思えます。

Come to think of it, apparently the public has an image of "Ebata = cyber attacker".


To be clear, this is a misunderstanding.


Rather, they are more likely to be victims of cyber attacks.


The other day, I received an e-mail from someone who asked me, "Mr. Ebata, I think you could hack a public camera and monitor it from your home".

このような誤解は、私にとっては、結構な"賞賛"でもあるのですが ―― 残念ながら、私には、その「スキル」がないですし、なにより「時間」がないです。

This kind of misunderstanding is quite "admirable" to me -- unfortunately, I don't have the "skills" and most of all, I don't have the "time".


In the world of cartoons and dramas, hackers (crackers, to be precise) quickly break into national and corporate servers. However, that is quite an "illusion.

サイバー攻撃は、私に言わせると「どぶ掃除」のような作業だと思います ―― 面倒で、根気もいります。

Cyberattacks, in my opinion, are a "ditch-cleaning" process -- tedious and requires a lot of patience.


However, if you take enough time and continue the trial slowly enough so that your identity is not revealed, I believe that much of the security can be breached.


The problem is that such skills and time are not available to everyone.

ですから、システムを突破される時間より短い時間で定期的にパスワードを変更するだけで、相当に高い確率でサイバー攻撃は阻止できるのですが ―― これをサボる人が、実に多いんですよね。

Therefore, simply changing passwords on a regular basis in less time than it takes to break through the system will stop a cyber attack with a fairly high probability -- but there are so many people who skip this.

2023-01-25 知らない方も多いかと思いますが、私たち国民全員に、逮捕権があります。 [長年日記]


I used to be in charge of "public relations" at a neighborhood association.


I had to shoot town events, so I purchased "armbands" with my township dues.


It is like this.


I remember that just wearing this made it psychologically easier to work with.


I felt a great deal of relief from the perspective of "how I was seen from others".



Conversely, it is easy to "abuse" this armband.


Voyeurism, etc., may be done with impunity.


So, if you find someone wearing an armband and taking pictures,

―― 身分証明書の提示を要求しましょう

"you may demand him/her to see their ID"


On the other hand, if they ask, "Who are you?", you proudly claim, "I'm related to a police official".


Japanese citizens are the recipients of public services, so we are all 'related to police personnel.


If he/she tries to escape, restrain him/her.

Many of you may not know this, but all of us citizens have the right to arrest.

2023-01-26 現在、政府は「"異次元"の少子化対策」を唄っていますが、どうせ、"異次元"という言葉を使うのであれば、 [長年日記]

NHKBS Premium Humanience "Genome Editing": Is it a Technology to Create New Human Beings?


"Humanience" is very pleasant because you can see how the MC, Yuji Oda, 'understands/is moved by its content' (although Oda's film was not quite right for me).


In contrast, I found the guest commentators on "Science ZERO" to be unimpressed and not understanding the content, which irritated me and made me stop watching the program.


That aside.



Now, in this issue of "Genome Editing," they are also talking about "Designer Babies.

I think I am less resistant to human cloning and designer babies than most people.



- Foster a child with DNA 100% identical to your own (genetically, 100% your own)

- Design, give birth to, and nurture a child with the talents you desire.


Even I can understand that these are major ethical issues (at this time).

In fact, the Chinese researcher who enforced this was convicted.



I understand that the birth of life through such "artificial editing of DNA" and the "test-tube baby" that has now become the norm (mainstream) in fertility treatment cannot be discussed in the same stage.


Nevertheless, IVF births now account for 1 in 16 births.


Two per school class have been born in test tube babies.


If we had continued our thoughtless taboo about "test tube babies," 50,000 of the 800,000 newborns in 2022 would not have been born.



Currently, the government is talking about "countermeasures against the declining birthrate in the "other dimension," but if you are going to use the word "other dimension," why not try the followings?


(1) Relaxation of regulations on human somatic cell cloning


(2) Large R&D expenditures for artificial uterus equipment

(3) Large-scale introduction of reproductive R&D funding for same-sex couples



Of course, it is necessary to build public consensus on (2) and (3) above, as well as to take legislative measures.



I have little resistance to making this country of Japan a grand demonstration field.

我が国が、上記(1)~(3)のような技術を確立し法的な保護を与えれば、世界中から我が国への移民希望者が殺到し、労働人口問題など、たちまち解決すると思うのですが ――

If Japan could establish and provide legal protection for the technologies listed in (1) through (3) above, I believe that immigrants from all over the world would come to Japan in droves, and the labor population problem would be quickly solved.

Well, it will not be possible in the foreseeable future (in 100 years) in our country, which is in a mess over matters as minor as married couples' separate surnames and my number card.

2023-01-27 私が、これらについて詳しいのは、ちょっと特殊な青春時代を過してきたからです。 [長年日記]

―― 連合(日本労働組合総連合会)って、もう解散してもいいんじゃないかな

"RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) should be dissolved by now."


There was a time when I thought that I would be able to do the same.


However, after 20 years, unprecedented inflation has come and gone, and this year, its very existence is being questioned.


However, the inflation rate in Japan is said to be "about the same as a drizzle" compared to other countries.

I was surprised when I watched "Capitalism of Desire 2023: Betting on the Triangle of Reversal".


That aside.



Even the word "strike" may be incomprehensible to many people.


A "lockout" (x lockdown), so to speak, would be no-no.


Even people of my generation may not know about it.

I know a lot about these things because of my rather peculiar youth.

2023-01-28 さて、今日は、ここから宿題のレポート作成です。 [長年日記]

I did my homework (measuring traffic) in the parking lot of a convenience store near a nearby super public bath.


It seems that the time of day was wrong.


I think the convenience store at noon had a lot of work trucks doing their thing, which obstructed the field of vision and caused some measurement errors.


Also, 200 cars per hour was enough, but as shown in the photo below, there were nearly 1,000 cars on the road.


I would not have been able to measure without this app.


Well, today, I am now working on my homework report.

取得したデータはこちら →

The data I obtained is here →.


2023-01-29 最近は、ロキソニン入りの剥れにくい湿布があり、これが非常に効果的なのですが、この貼り方が凄く難しい。個人で貼るのは無理であると断言できます。 [長年日記]


My back has been hurting since the middle of last week and yesterday I could not turn over.


This is the so-called "gimpy back with no shocked pain" condition.


I know the cause is 'hard work,' but hard work or not, there is a lot of work to be done.


And, a gimpy back is not something that can be "fixed after a day's rest.


This can only be done by reducing the daily load and enduring the pain.


Some people report that "continuing with daily activities is quicker to heal a slipped back than continuing to rest".



The problem is the "poultice application".

これ、一人ではできないのです ―― 特に背中や腰については、絶望的です。

This, I can't do alone -- especially with my back and hips, it's hopeless.


Recently, there is a poultice containing Loxonin that does not peel off easily, which is very effective, but it is very difficult to apply this poultice.


I can assure you that it is impossible for an individual to put it up.


Right now, my wife is putting it up, but if she passes away before I do, I will have no one to rely on.


(Incidentally, "I will outlive my wife" is a contractual condition of marriage.)



Dear students of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Once you develop sensors, actuators, robots, and algorithms that enable the autonomous application of the Loxonin S Tape, you will be able to develop a new product that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

"Are you guys kidding me about the nursing field?"


I assure you that I will not have to shout it. On the contrary, the results of your research will be something you can be proud of to the world.


Companies do not embark on these studies not because they are stupid (well, maybe they are stupid), but because the safety standards for machines that directly touch the human body are too high to pay for the development research costs.

アカデミズムの価値は、そういう分野に縛られない ―― 自分が被験者となって試して、(プロトタイプであっても)発表できるチャンスがあることです。

The value of academism is that you are not bound to such a field -- you have the chance to be the test subject, try it out, and present it (even as a prototype).


『「ロキソニンSテープ」の自律貼り付け機能』を有するロボットアームの開発は ―― それが、非常に稚拙なものであったとしても、意義のある研究開発になります。

The development of a robotic arm with "automatic application function of 'Loxonin S Tape'" -- even if it is a very poor one -- would be a significant research and development.


Once that prototype is completed, the company will be in a position to make a serious calculation of return on investment.


That is the significance of student research.


Maybe you will get "fame" too.

2023-01-30 昨日、たまたまNetFlixで「小河ドラマ 龍馬がくる」を"つまみ見"して、非常に驚愕し、感動しました。 [長年日記]

As I mentioned above, I have long wondered about "Sakamoto Ryoma's view of heroism" from an engineering approach. I thought that

―― ストーリー(解釈)に無理がありすぎる

"The story (interpretation) is too unreasonable"



Yesterday, I happened to "snag" a copy of "Kogawara Drama Ryoma ga Kuru" on NetFlix and was very surprised and impressed.


Mr.Tetsuya Takeda, who appears in this drama, is an ardent Sakamoto Ryoma fan and has appeared in numerous Ryoma productions.


I was impressed by the fact that he appeared in the program "Making a drama about Sakamoto Ryoma together with 'a mediocre Sakamoto Ryoma who has done nothing' who has time leapt from the past.


I cannot know what kind of "view of Sakamoto Ryoma", Mr. Tetsuya Takeda has.


However, no matter what kind of "Sakamoto Ryoma" he has, I felt his pride of a professional in the way he created it as a work of art.

2023-01-31 江端家専属の「用務員さん」の江端です。 [長年日記]


I am Ebata, the resident "maintenance person" of the Ebata family.



In the Showa period, there was a concept that if you "beat it, it will fix itself," whether it was a TV or a stereo.


Nowadays, "unplug it and it will be fixed.


Nowadays, it is rarer to find a home appliance that does not have a built-in computer (microcomputer).


And microcontroller appliances that are left on can accumulate bugs and stop working.


However, in both the past and now, when you do it at "bad timing" or "bad luck", the appliance may not fix it, or it may break completely.