2024-01-01 リビングのテレビをつけたら、アナウンサーが、恐しい声で避難を叫んでいました ―― 息も切れんばかりの勢いで。 [長年日記]


It was a small, imperceptible tremor, I think, but I remember the way this earthquake shook me.


That tingling sensation, as if something incredibly strong was holding me down, was the same as it had been in 2011.


リビングのテレビをつけたら、アナウンサーが、恐しい声で避難を叫んでいました ―― 息も切れんばかりの勢いで。

I turned on the TV in the living room and the announcer was yelling evacuation in a horrible voice -- She was out of breath


In contrast, no concrete damage information has been received.


At this point, only two different videos are being repeated over and over again.


If you think about it, if the infrastructure in the affected area is completely destroyed, naturally no information can be received from seismographs or tsunami gauges.


So, of course, they can't even provide information on social networking sites.

―― 被害のリアルタイムは、伝わらない。

"Real-time damage is not communicated."


In the first place, if the carriers (wire/wireless lines) are destroyed, how can local governments' evacuation advisories and even earthquake early warnings be delivered?


If the power goes out, the TV goes out. If the TV goes out, you don't know what's going on around you.


(I looked it up and apparently that is true).


I am again surprised by the reality that the last resort is the only information available, which is "run away" by human voice.


The Ebata family keeps two battery-powered radios on hand.



It brings back bad memories.


At the time of the Tohoku earthquake (March 11, 2011), nuclear power plants were successfully "reactor scram".


With this result, Japan's nuclear power plants should have been able to boast of their "safety" to the world.

"The "scram" automatically activated the nuclear power plants in Japan, and the fission reactions were stopped. This might have been a complete victory for nuclear power control in the earthquake-prone country of Japan."

しかし、原発は、スクラムだけでは「完全に停止」しない ―― 原子炉はスクラム後も冷し続けなければならない。

However, a nuclear power plant does not "completely shut down" with a scram alone -- the reactor must continue to cool after the scram.


However, the tsunami from the earthquake wiped out the batteries for the cooling system, causing the reactor to melt down and the containment vessel to explode.


I'm worried that we won't end up with a 'submerged power supply' again."

2024-01-02 『残りの人生で、あと何枚写真が撮れるかな?』などと考えながら、今日もいろいろと作業やっています。 [長年日記]

「マンガコミックを読んで、スポーツ選手になった」という人がいるようです ―― バスケットボール選手とかサッカー選手とか。

Some say, "I became an athlete after reading manga comics," as a basketball or soccer player.


I also found several examples of people who read "Dragon Cherry Blossom" and were accepted to the University of Tokyo.


I believe that only those in the top-class world in any field can see the view of the top-class world.


But I wonder

―― その風景とは、そんなに良い風景なのかな?

"if that landscape is magnificent?"




Those who are highly capable work hard in areas that require it, and those less skilled (like me) work hard in places on the edge.


I know that even Nobel Prize winners are running around securing budgets for their research, and our Prime Minister sometimes appears to be in the most unhappy position in Japan.


Those in power must pay attention at all hours to maintain power, keep securing funds through illicit means, and seem to be hash.



It's a bit of a hypothesis of mine, but I'm guessing that 'none of the landscapes are lovely, are they? I guess.


Of course, when something is completed or accomplished, we feel happy, but it is not like a "landscape" but rather a "snapshot of a moment in time.

しかも、その「スナップ写真」の数は、あまり多くない ―― 全部集めても「パラパラ動画」にすらならないと思います。

Moreover, the number of these "snapshots" is not very large -- I don't think it would even be a "para-para video" if you collected them all.



I am working on various tasks today, thinking, "How many more pictures will I take in the rest of my life?

2024-01-03 『戦争にも災害にも遭遇することなく、人生を逃げきりたい』と、何かぬ向かって祈ることしかできない我が身が、本当にもどかしいです。 [長年日記]

When I worked for less than a few years, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck, and although I was only there for three days, I volunteered.


Even now, some 30 years later, I do not feel that the number of victims has dramatically decreased or that the efficiency of evacuation centers has significantly improved.


Even now, just as it was 30 years ago, the news is explaining how to use cardboard boxes and newspapers to beat the cold, and so on.


Technology such as "a new exterior coating that stops buildings from collapsing" or "a rocket that sends large quantities of supplies to isolated evacuation centers" has yet to appear.



We have been exceptionally "passive" regarding natural disasters throughout history.


We can only recover from a natural disaster that has completely overrun our daily lives.


It is very frustrating.


At this point, I have lived without encountering a direct hit from a natural disaster, but there is no guarantee that such good fortune will last until my death.



I am sure that my body, head, and energy will deteriorate, and I will be unable to live my daily life.


In such a situation, I am unsure if I would survive if I were hit directly by a natural disaster. Even if I stayed, I am skeptical I could maintain the energy to live afterward.


It is frustrating that all I can do is pray to God, saying, "I want to escape my life without encountering war or disaster.

2024-01-04 ここに、私は、『源氏物語 ≒ シュタインズゲート』という、新解釈を提唱したいと思います。 [長年日記]

I watched NHK's "Heian Period Summit 2024: Was it really "Heian"?


It's a so-called "promotion program" for this year's history drama, but it was interesting.


This time, I received three of them.



(1) "Curses in the Heian period and social networking sites today are the same."


I thought, "That's a supreme word.


Social networking slander is not a physical attack, yet it has the power to kill.


What shall we call this without calling it a curse?


After all, it is better to stay away from social networking sites.


(2) "It is already common knowledge that Hikaru Genji is a scumbag.

Yeah, now, this is no longer debatable, the guy is a scumbag.


(3) "If you replace "Hikaru Genji" with "fave", we can recognize its existence.


I know this "fave," but I don't know what the above phrase means, so I asked my wife.


Me: "Does this mean you don't care if he's a bum as long as he's your "fave" that you support?"


Wife: "Right." A "fave" is someone who is allowed to do whatever he wants."


I still didn't understand it well, but I did understand that "fave" is scary.



I am still wondering about the question,


Why did The Tale of Genji escape censorship and a publication ban?"



Because that story is a parade of disrespect to the imperial family.


I don't know if there was a crime of disrespect at the time, but I don't think it was when disrespect for the royal family was tolerated.

帝(桐壺帝)の妻(藤壺)を妊娠させておいて、この子の後見人になるなんて ―― どんな"托卵"だよ!と突っ込みたくなります。

How could he get the wife (Fujitsubo) of the emperor (Kiritsubo) pregnant and then become the child's guardian? I am tempted to say, "What kind of "mendicancy" is this?



Furthermore, I don't understand that Emperor Ichijo was a "lover of the Tale of Genji."


(The explanation of the relationship between Emperor Ichijo and the Fujiwara clan will be cut (please Google)).


Even though it was fiction, did Emperor Ichijo ever think that his family lineage was being insulted in the greatest possible way?


I am unsure I understand this part very well, so I would be glad if someone familiar with "Tale of Genji Literature" could explain it.



By the way, there is one interpretation that answers my question above. That means,

―― 源氏物語は、あの時代における、異世界ファンタジーであった

"The Tale of Genji was an otherworldly fantasy of its time."



Or, it is a parallel worldline interpretation that the real world (alpha worldline) was similar to another world (beta worldline).


Here, I would like to propose a new interpretation of

『源氏物語 ≒ シュタインズゲート』

"The Tale of Genji ≒ Steins;Gate."


2024-01-05 1時間を稼ぐのに、ゼーゼー言っている最中に、この「頭脳をフル回転させながら、失なった無意味な数時間」は ―― 死ぬほど痛い。 [長年日記]


Last night, I contemplated an improved version of the world-famous algorithm, which I believe is the most popular and effective.


However, I wondered why I could not find any papers describing the same ideas as mine when I checked the previous studies.

―― もしかして、私が世界初?

"Perhaps I am the first in the world?"


If so, "Now I've earned one (thesis)!" I thought to myself.



Oh, man.


I wonder if algorithms with names like the "Ebata Method" will be used.


I wonder if I have to say, "I am Ebata of that 'Ebata Method'" when I introduce myself.


I have to be a little creative in how I say it so that I don't sound like a pompous ass.


I was coding, thinking about things such as the above.

『あれ? コスト値が状態に対して変動的であったとしても、従来法がそのまま適用できるんじゃないか?』

'Huh? Even if cost values were variable for the state, wouldn't the conventional method still apply?'


I realized that it was 5:00 in the morning.


1時間を稼ぐのに、ゼーゼー言っている最中に、この「頭脳をフル回転させながら、失なった無意味な数時間」は ――

While heaving to earn an hour, these "meaningless hours lost while racking your brains at full speed"--


Hurts to death for me.

2024-01-06 今回の地震の第1報で、私の中に最初に出てきた記憶が「スキップとローファー」でした。 [長年日記]

The first memory that came to my mind at the first report of this earthquake was "Skips and Loafers."

今回の被災地には、私の親戚も思い当たる友人もいないのですが、それと同等、あるいはそれ以上に、コミックの登場人物を現在被災している方々に重ねて、思いを馳せる ――

I have no relatives or friends in the disaster area; however, I come to overlap the characters in the comic and the people who are currently suffering from the disaster.


This is not inappropriate, I think (and believe).

2024-01-07 (2)事故物件(自殺者や殺人事件があった借家等)は、採否の判断基準にならない [長年日記]


I was talking to my wife the other day, and it seems I have slightly different values than the rest of the world.


(1) I've never considered women taller or shorter than me.


As I have said before, my value criterion for first impressions in a relationship is "the face I like."

However, it seems this is not the same as the "beauty" recognized by most of the public.


(2)Accidental properties (e.g., houses that have had suicides or murders) are not a criterion for acceptance or rejection.


I do not deny the existence of so-called spirits or ghosts. Instead, I am one who 'wants them to exist.


I want to confirm them with my senses, and if possible, I would like to be allowed to observe the "place." Quite seriously.


From the point of view of the law of conservation of energy, I think it would be pretty difficult for things without mass to interfere with our daily lives because their impact on the real world would be minimal.


To begin with, there are plenty of "things that exist even if you can't see them" in the world. These include gravitational fields, electromagnetic fields, etc.


I am more afraid of quantum mechanics than I am of spirits and ghosts (really).


On the other hand, I hear that accidental properties can be rented at a discount, which is gospel to me.


(3) Lack of interest in interior and exterior design


I am a thorough functionalist, so I am not interested in beauty, ugliness, or design.


I don't feel a millimeter of value in a luxury car that runs quietly, fast, and smartly.


I prefer older, broken-down cars where I can hear unusual noises and feel abnormal vibrations from where the engine is installed.


This is because I can experience the structure of an automobile.

However, I know that "function" loses out to "design" in the marketplace.



I remembered it, so I wrote them down.

2024-01-08 しかし、電源不要で、半永久に動き続けるラジオというものがあります。 [長年日記]


When the earthquake strikes, not only will supplies not come, but also water and gas will not come.


Even if you want to get some information, you cannot use the TV because there is no electricity. Not to mention the Internet. Smartphones are just a matter of time.

I am getting a hand-cranked generator.


The only remaining means of obtaining information is a radio. Still, the radio I bought a few years ago has probably stopped working because the batteries are leaking (that thing is no good unless you turn it on regularly).


However, some radios do not require a power source and work semi-permanently.


"Germanium Radio."


Radio waves from the receiving antenna are detected using a germanium diode (rectifier), extracting the audio signal. This means no power supply is required; simply connecting the antenna and speakers (or headphones) is all that is needed to operate.


It is used for AM broadcasts, which are easier to detect, but NHK radio broadcasts are the only reliable source for disaster information.


(I was surprised that some people are trying out the powerless FM radio.)


One of the reasons I pay NHK subscription fees is this "ongoing investment in disaster information infrastructure."


In my opinion, the NHK subscription fee paid by my family is a kind of insurance premium, and in Japan, a disaster-prone country, I believe it is well "paid for."



I think a Germanium radio could be commercialized and sold, but I have not found one.


(There are kits for children's science, but I can't find an adequately packaged product.)


Well, it is not going to be very profitable.


I would stick that radio following the fire alarm in the ceiling.



Integrating NHK Radio 1 and 2 is a good idea, but the total conversion to an FM station should be well thought out.

2024-01-09 これは、自分の時間を、テレビなどの歌番組などのメディアに費すことができる、いわゆる『時間富裕層』にのみ許された特権です。 [長年日記]


NHK's Kohaku Uta Gassen has been criticized for its viewership ratings, which are at an all-time low of 30%.


But I think "30%" is a pretty impressive figure.


Because it is a program that focuses on songs for all generations.


I think it's quite a feat to hit 30% for an all-generational singing program.


Incidentally, the highest viewership rating for NHK's Kohaku Uta Gassen in the past was 81.4% in 1963 (Showa 38). This is a frightening figure.



I believe proper "training" and even more "talent" are required to enjoy listening to NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.


You will usually need to listen to the song program properly and repeatedly and only allow time for it to mature in your mind.


This privilege is reserved for the so-called "time rich" who can spend their time on TV and other media such as singing shows.


In other words, NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen is a program for the elite, the privileged class of time-rich people with music literacy, to enjoy the songs.


It is in the same position as the NHK Symphony Orchestra's "9th" concert, classic masterpieces, and famous performances, which were held at the same time as the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.

つまりクラッシック音楽を楽しむ為には、クラッシック音楽のリテラシーが必要となるように、NHK紅白歌合戦を楽しむ為には、NHK紅白歌合戦のリテラシーが必要となる ―― そういう時代になったのだと思います。

In other words, just as classical music literacy is necessary to enjoy classical music, NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen literacy is required to enjoy the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen -- I think we are in such an era now.



On the recording, I only watched "Idol" by YOASOBI (since that was the only song I knew).


When I was a teenager, the idols who were backup dancers were goofy dancers (and usually sang so badly that I couldn't even listen to them).


I enjoyed the refined performance.


I feel like I was shown the pride of being a professional in the name of an idol.

2024-01-10 ―― 生中継のレポートでスマホを見ながら、その文面を読み上げるだけのレポートなら、それ、スマホの「音声AI」に読み上げさせればいいんじゃない? [長年日記]


Reporters from various media outlets have been reporting from the disaster site (especially NHK).


Thank you very much for your hard work.


I assume that you are genuinely exhausted after seeing the painful scene.


It pains me greatly to say this at such a weary time, but I would like to say something nonetheless.

―― 生中継のレポートでスマホを見ながら、その文面を読み上げるだけのレポートなら、それ、スマホの「音声AI」に読み上げさせればいいんじゃない?

"If it's a live report and you're just looking at your phone and reading the text of the report, why not just have the "voice AI" on your phone read that out loud?"



I consider a disaster site reporter to be the disaster site's voice.


Then, I believe that you must verbalize the conditions on the ground, to speak what you see and feel with your own eyes, in your own words of your choosing, and in your voice.


Of course, if you say reporters are not actors, that makes sense.


Then, you can use the "voice AI function of your smartphone" to report back to us.


The speaking time will also fit perfectly into the schedule.



But we, the viewers, do not want to hear those things.

現場を直接見た人の、肚の底から絞り出される、生きている人間の感情が入りつつも、それでも冷静に客観的な報告を行いつづける ―― そういう姿を見て、私たちは被災者の皆さんの状況に寄り添えると思うのです。

The person who saw the disaster site firsthand, who squeezed out from the depths of their heart the emotions of a living person, and yet continued to report calmly and objectively - I believe we can be close to the tragedy of the disaster victims by seeing this.


Please show me the skill and pride of being a professional press reporter.

2024-01-11 仕事と勉学の両立は「大変」ではありません ―― 「地獄」です。 [長年日記]


In contrast to "work style reform," there is also something called "work style deterioration."


?I have not missed a single day during all the weekdays and holidays in the last one and a half years. No New Year's holidays, no GW, no summer vacation.


I am always writing papers, programming, and creating databases, no matter how long or short the working time.


If you say, 'Research at a university is not labor,' it cannot be helped anymore.

仕事と勉学の両立は「大変」ではありません ―― 「地獄」です。

Balancing work and study is not "hard" -- it is "hell.



The column we used to release once a month is now wholly dormant.


Writing the column was hard work, too, but it was fun because it was a process of putting my mind and the results of my calculations all over the manuscript.

多くの人に読んで貰って、色々な意見を貰えるのは、 ―― 腹の立つことも多いですが、嬉しいことも多いです。

To have so many people read it and get so many different opinions is a lot to be angry about, but it's also a lot to be happy about.


I used to think that "writing a column" and "studying" were the same, but they were pretty different.


I can only assume that the estimate was incorrect.



"If you are doing what you choose, don't complain."


"Don't bother others with what you do for your 'dream.'"


These are standard "public opinions" that can never be refuted.

ただ、世間がどう言おうとも、この「自業自得の呪縛」―― 「サンクコストの呪い」で苦しんでいる人は、少なくない、と思っています。

However, no matter what the world says, many people suffer from this "curse of deservedness" - the "curse of sunk costs.


Even if I am not getting sympathy from anyone like me.

2024-01-12 ―― 何もかもが嫌になったら、中国大陸に逃げて、姉から毎月5000円を送金して貰いながら生きていこう [長年日記]

(国際的な観点から)日本の物価が安い ―― これは、地味に私にインパクトを与えています。

The low cost of living in Japan (from an international perspective) -- has had a sobering impact on me.


This would be a good thing for attracting international tourists due to in-band demand.


However, as you know, Japan, a major energy importer, has been hit hard.


I have told you several times that about 30 years ago, I was wandering alone in Asia.


Despite the problems of undeveloped infrastructure, unclean environment, and language barriers, Asia was my spiritual home.


In particular, China (the mainland) was "my heart and soul".

―― 何もかもが嫌になったら、中国大陸に逃げて、姉から毎月5000円を送金して貰いながら生きていこう

"If I get sick of everything, I'll run away to mainland China and live off my sister's monthly remittance of 5,000 yen."


At that time, China was such a "cheap country" that one could afford to stay, eat, and drink for a month or so with as little as \5,000.



Now, "my heart and soul" is breaking down at a terrific rate.


Japan has gone from being the second-largest economy to possibly falling out of the ranks in my lifetime.


The fact that my "unearned income strategy using the exchange rate difference" has completely fallen apart, and there is no longer any way out is now hurting me.


I want to write about the past and present of this "unearned income strategy using the difference in exchange rates" in the "Engineers Unloved by Money" series -- but I don't have time for that right now.

2024-01-13 『首相が妙な指導力を発揮すると、救助活動に関わる人や、被災している方に、どえらい迷惑をかけることになる』 [長年日記]


"If the prime minister tries to show strange leadership, it will cause a lot of trouble for those involved in the rescue efforts and the people affected by the disaster."


The then Prime Minister beautifully proved this during the Great East Japan Earthquake.


(Search for "calm the PM" to find the article)



The head of the organization is,


(1) No matter how frustrating it may be, they must not come out to the front lines but stay in the rear to keep track of the entire disaster.




(2) They must be patient and let the field decide.


The prime minister was a great role model at the time, showing us the importance of such an attitude.



In that sense, I appreciate the Prime Minister's stance on this disaster.


I guess it depends on whether you see this as a 'lack of leadership' or not.


However, as a lower-level manager who has continued to work in the field, I can say that bosses who offer "last-minute interruptions" are a real nuisance.


Supervisors have to check on their duties. However, I don't want them to join in the project's final phase, much less make "suggestions."



A "senior who doesn't talk is well worth it."

2024-01-14 今日、『ブックオフに行ってくる』という嫁さんに、『中古の金属バットを、買ってきて』と頼みました。 [長年日記]


Today, I asked my wife, who said, "I'm going to a Book-Off," to buy me a used metal bat.


Not because I'm interested in "baseball" (how could I be?), but to repel trespassers.


There is a golf club in the umbrella stand at the entrance of our house that was given to me by my father-in-law, and I have always thought, 'This has a weak ability to fight back.


I thought about buying it on Amazon, but then I thought, why pay the list price for a "bat for beating people up"?


'Ebata, what the hell are you thinking?' You may be thinking, "What in the world is Ebata thinking?" but the reason for this has already been described.

これ以外にも、いくつかの撃退手段を準備しているのですが ―― ちょっと公にはできない内容なので、割愛させて頂きます。

In addition, I am preparing several other means of fighting back. However, I'll spare you the details. Because it is against public order and morals.

2024-01-15 『1人喫茶、または1人居酒屋 @ 江端家バスルーム』です。 [長年日記]


I am still reading while bathing.


Recently, however, I have been purchasing books in e-book format and taking my tablet into the bathroom with me.


I submerged my second tablet in the water last night.


Currently, we put raw rice in plastic food storage containers and sneak the tablet into the rice.


This is a fairly well-known response to submerged equipment.



At the end of the year, my wife submerged the TV remote control in water, and it stopped working.


My wife was submerged in the water for about 10 minutes without realizing she was immersed.


As a no-go, I tried this response, restored in about two days. Now it is working fine.


In addition, my wife submerged another remote control at New Year's, but this one was also restored.


So now I am the one who submerged my tablet in water.


The tablet is not operational at this time. We plan to give it another day or so.


Still, there has been too much submersion since last year.



The first of the tablets for bringing into the bath was not restored, and the second is in raw rice.


It is a little too careless.


However, there are several reasons for this.

(1)紙の本を買うことがなくなった ―― 最近は、電子書籍の購入が多いです。地震で、本だなが壊れたことも遠因です。

(1) I no longer buy paper books -- I have been buying more e-books recently. The fact that the earthquake damaged the bookstore is a distant cause.

(2)いくら、紙の本が好きでも、やってはいけないことがある ―― さすがに図書館の本を、浴室に持ち込むほど、私はインモラルではありません

(2) No matter how much I like paper books, there are some things I should not do -- I am not immoral enough to bring library books into the bathroom, as I should be

(3)素人さんの投稿の小説が、結構面白い ―― ただ、その多くはウェブサイトでないと読めません

(3) Novels submitted by amateurs are pretty fascinating -- but many of them can only be read on the website

(4)タブレットの値段が十分に安い ―― 読書目的の中古であれば、本の原価より安いこともあります

(4) The price of the tablet is low enough -- sometimes more bass than the cost of the book if it is used for reading purposes


Therefore, "tablet reading while bathing" is reasonable for me.


My second tablet is in raw rice, but if it doesn't return, I will soon get a third one somewhere else.



Some may say, 'Be an adult and take a bath,' but for me, bathing is more than just a time to take a bath.


What I bring to bathing are,


(1) Tablet


(2) Non-alcoholic beer


(3) rice crackers, Daifukumochi, kimchi, or other snacks


『1人喫茶、または1人居酒屋 @ 江端家バスルーム』です。

This is a "One-person coffee shop or pub @ Ebata Family Bathroom."


I don't care about dropping my tablet in the bathtub to save this time.

2024-01-16 次女:「パパの"圧迫"想定が大量で内容もエグかったので、大学入試の面接は楽勝だった」 [長年日記]


Second daughter: "I want you to do that exercise again before the final interview."


She said that.

The "that" practice is this.


The last issue was preparation for the college entrance exam, and this issue will be a preparation for job-hunting interviews.


"Whoever stands up, you must use she/he, even if they are your parents" is not only a proverb but also the policy of the Ebatas.


My children seem to intend to use their parents thoroughly.



Me: "I've only had a few job interviews, man. I'm sure the others are better."


Second daughter: "I expect you to practice 'pressure interviews.'"


Me: "I wonder if I reproduced the "pressure interviews" that well?"


Second daughter; "Your 'pressure' assumptions were so voluminous and so egregious that the college admissions interview was a piece of cake."



This is 'I am complimented,' right?

2024-01-17 ちなみに、現在、私たちの生活を支えているインフラが、このような「理由は分からないけど、動いてしまったコード」で(以下、自主規制) [長年日記]

昨夜、コーディングで一番難しい(と思われる)部分を突破しました ―― が、その理由が自分でもよく分かっていません。

Last night, I broke through the hardest (supposedly) part of coding -- but I don't know why I did it.


So, now I have come to feel the following.


- I don't want to keep the coding test again and again.



I know well that the codes I don't see the reason for working will cause another serious problem.


In addition,


- I will be eager to make the codes escape from the existing machine to others.



The codes, I don't know the reason for working, seem to be like "winning lottery ticket" or "freshly mined cryptocurrency (virtual currency)."


The machine or system containing this "lottery ticket" is guaranteed to crash rapidly.


It is simply that the memory of such and such a nightmare crash remains vivid, but the probability should be the same.


Anyway, after code development like this, I am inevitably distracted, but I cannot afford that luxury now, so I will keep my mind tight.



The infrastructure currently supports our lives by such "code that has worked, for reasons unknown"(Omitted hereafter.)

2024-01-18 今年の元旦から、江端家は新聞購読を廃止しました。 [長年日記]


As of New Year's Day this year, the Ebata family has discontinued its newspaper subscription.


I made this proposal shortly after we were married.


It has been 30 years.


I withdrew my proposal after receiving protests from my wife's family and relatives, in addition to her fierce opposition to my view that 'news on the Web is enough.


Well, maybe my views 30 years ago were a bit too advanced.


Back then, there were no cell phones, let alone smartphones, and only a few people were using computers.



TV program listings can now be viewed with TV recording devices, and news is automatically added as a service menu on social networking sites.


On the other hand, newspapers continue to be structured nonsensical, requiring the reader to spread out the paper and insert the article in the fold.


I have not found any "areas that have evolved as an easy-to-read medium over the past 30 years," such as the inability to read articles in succession without moving to the next page.


There is no attempt to create a tailor-made newspaper to meet the readers' demands or anything like that.


(By the way, I don't need the sports and literature articles, so I want a newspaper that cuts them out and makes them cheaper.)


Aside from entertainment scandals, we do not hear any stories about political scandals (political funding, etc.), such as newspaper scoops.


(Incidentally, I was one of those people who read the part about the scoop fight in "Climber's High" and thought, "Are newspaper reporters idiots?")



Recently, however, when I began to think that I might need the newspaper to keep up with news in fields in which I have no interest, my wife came to suggest that we discontinue the newspaper.


Since there was no reason to disagree otherwise, I agreed.

If I feel like subscribing again, I might try to subscribe to "Akahata" or "Seikyo" this time.

2024-01-19 『由緒ある家名を残す為に、いわゆる婿養子を取る』という話を聞くと、『一体、あんたの一族ごときが、これまで何をやってきたというのだ?』と、せせら笑っちゃいます。 [長年日記]


A name is an "Identification of myself and others" and should not be easily changed.


The reason is that the identifier (name) embodies the credibility (brand) of the person (including corporations).


In that sense, the cult group that tried to rebrand itself by changing its name from "Unification Association" to "Family Association for World Peace and Unification" is nothing short of "cowardly and disgusting.


The government (Agency for Cultural Affairs), which was complicit in such a cowardly act, must continue to be criticized.


Religious organizations that have lost credibility must work to restore their honor and return their "negative brand" to a "positive brand.


It doesn't matter because the religious organization can keep its name and continue its activities even if ordered to dissolve.


They lose the spiritual, legal personality (tax) preferential treatment.


一方、正のブランドも負のフランドも1mmも化体していない、「江端」という名字 ―― 私は、この名字に私は全く興味がありません。

On the other hand, the surname "Ebata" has not incarnated a single millimeter of positive brand or negative friend -- I am not interested in this surname.


If I were asked to change my last name from "Ebata" to "ABC" starting tomorrow, I would agree within a second if you could convert the cost of that procedural facility, administrative, and other hassles in the future and then pay me a sufficient incentive to do so.


When my daughter changed her last name to benefit from the current civil law when she married, I would have no emotional attachment to it.


When I married my wife, I thought it would be fine if we kept our separate family names or if I changed my last name.


Because it didn't matter.



When I hear about 'taking a so-called son-in-law to preserve the venerable family name, I scornfully sneer at

―― 一体、あんたの一族ごときが、これまで何をやってきたというのだ?

"What in the world has your family ever done?"



The parties involved must be severe, so I shouldn't laugh at them.


江端 ―― 普通に考えれば『居住地が川っぺり』でしょう。

Ebata -- The usual way to think of it would be "residence is on the riverbank."



井上陽水さんの歌に、"リバーサイド"を連呼する、意味がよく分からない歌がありましたが ―― 私には、「水害危険地区」または、「ラブホテルの乱立エリア」を思い浮べることくらいしかできません。

There was a song by Yousui Inoue that I don't know what it means, called "Riverside" -- I can only think of a "flood hazard area" or a "love hotel infested area."



At any rate, I do not find any significance in the surname "Ebata" other than as an "Identification of myself and others."


However, I acknowledge that "Ebata" is a relatively small number of people, so it has a high ability to be a "Identification of myself and others".

2024-01-20 親の介護フェーズが終わった(死亡した)時から、自分が、被介護対象者になっていく ―― を実感しています。 [長年日記]

親の介護フェーズが終わった(死亡した)時から、自分が、被介護対象者になっていく ―― を実感しています。

I realize that from the time my parent's caregiving phase ends (death), I will be the one to be cared for.


Both our couples are experiencing noticeable subjective symptoms, such as a significant loss of strength, unexplained rashes, worse insomnia (which has been present for some time), and the inability to move their bodies (fingers and arms) as much as they would like.

Of course, we all have times in our 30s, 40s, and 50s when we realize that we are losing our functionality, decade by decade, but I can tell you that this became more pronounced after the end of my parent's care.



I believe that psychological factors may be a significant factor in this reason.


If you have cared for/observed your parents for an extended period, you have been involved in/observed the process of gradual death of a human being.

健康状態は改善することなく、悪化の方向にのみ決定している一択のプロセス ―― これは、結構な地獄です。

A one-choice process in which health is determined only in the direction of deterioration, not improvement, is pretty much hell.


The personality that is formed through this process is nihilism.

『人生における、努力も、苦労も、栄光も ―― その最期にあるのは、それらと等価交換にもならない、長く辛い死へのプロセスだけである』は ―― 別段に仏教を学ばなくても、毎日が「諸行無常」の実体験です。

The only thing at the end of life is the long and painful process of death, which is not even equivalent to the effort, hardship, and glory of life" -- even if you don't study Buddhism separately, every day is an authentic experience of "all things are impermanent.



About 50 years ago, the songs "Children Who Don't Know War" and "To a world far away" became popular.


I remember that we were made to sing at a cultural festival at some teachers' request (pressure).

正直、私は、これらの歌に1mmも感情移入できませんでした ―― 何言っているのか分からんかったので。

I couldn't get a mm of emotion into these songs -- because I didn't know what they were saying.



I believe that the concept of "adults who don't know/know about caregiving" will be created in the future.


It is unfortunate for those who have witnessed the sudden death of a parent due to an accident or illness.

But it is also unfortunate for those who continue to watch the process of continuous parental death that lasts more than ten years (life span - healthy life span = 7 years for men and 12 years for women).

どちらも不幸ではあるのですが、その不幸の『内容』が違う、その気持ちを共有できない ―― そういう時代の到来は、すでにやってきていると思います。

Both are unhappy, but the "content" of their unhappiness is different, and they cannot share their feelings -- I believe that such an era has already arrived.

2024-01-21 ―― キックバックの金額が4000万円であろうが、4000円だろうが、アカンだろう [長年日記]


These issues have finally led to a move to abolish the ruling party's factions.


The issue at issue in this case is (1) above. Kickbacks are, in effect, an alchemy of unrestricted funds and are an act of tax evasion.


I do not understand that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has only brought indictments against the factional treasurer and the lawmakers who have received kickbacks totaling more than 40 million yen.

―― キックバックの金額が4000万円であろうが、4000円だろうが、アカンだろう

-- It is an evasion if the kickback amount is 40 million yen or 4,000 yen.


However, if we were to be so strict, it would mean that all existing political parties would collapse, so I thought that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office had drawn a borderline of 40 million yen.


I guess it means even if 'justice and righteousness' are essential, it is meaningless to stop the operation of a nation to a standstill.


Well, even salaried employees like myself are exempt from filing tax returns for internal income of up to \200,000 per year (however, this is legal, but kickbacks are not listed, even if they are only \1).


Many salaried workers in Japan may not be able to feel it, but once you file your tax return, you will start to feel the hatred of "kickbacks" (it's true).



A political party faction has three functions.


(1) Political activity collection function


(2) Ministerial manufacturing function


(3) Education function for new council members



And this time, the illegal (1) is just being uncovered.


As for (2) above, it may have served as a coordinating device for the dynamics within the vast political parties, but this will (probably) be reviewed after this incident.


The problem is (3), but I think creating such an educational institution would also suffice for this.


For example, a training period of approximately one year is also provided for those who pass the bar exam.


Successful candidates will learn knowledge and techniques related to legal practice that are commonly required for legal practice.

新人の国会議員についても、同様の仕組みを導入すれば足りると思うのです ―― まあ、議員としての仕事をしながらなので、半分は、OJTになるとは思いますが。

I think it would be sufficient to introduce a similar system for new members of Congress -- well, half of it would be on-the-job training since they would be doing their work as members of Congress.



First, a Member of Parliament is a professional who deliberates and creates laws.


Naturally, we expect them to develop that ability.


Since this is just the right opportunity, the following examination system should also be established to train new council members.


We don't need a member of Congress who can't respond to this level of content.

2024-01-22 体の痒(かゆ)みがハンパではなく、特に、顔、首、旨、肩が酷い。 [長年日記]


Itching on my body, especially my face, neck, umami, and shoulders.


I had no choice but to spend my days applying "kinkan" to the badly itching area before going to bed and enduring the intense pain for a minute, but I thought, "I've reached my limit," so I went to a dermatologist.



The doctor in charge of my case glanced at my affected area and assured me it was hay fever.


Of course, I have terrible hay fever and have suffered from "sneezing" every year, but I never suffered from "itching."


She said lightly, "Oh, you added 'it' this year.



Various diseases and ailments continue to be newly entered each year.


Again, I went home with a prescription for various drugs.


It was pretty pricey, but I'm OK with it if it removes the "itch."

I did some research and found a past case 8 years ago.


I guess you could call me an "unlearned."

2024-01-23 つまり「基礎的な知識の習得をサボり、敬語も使えんような奴は、『AI以下』」ということです。 [長年日記]


The success(?) of generative AI businesses, such as ChatGPT, etc. There is at least one thing that can be said about the success of these businesses.

―― 詰め込み教育や礼儀教育は、正しいアプローチである

"Cramming and courtesy education are the right approach."



There is no relationship between the "production" of generative AI technology and the "use" of generative AI technology (this is important, so let me say it upfront).


However, when we learn the " production " process of generative AI technology, we can see that.?


"To become a human being who can give accurate answers in a friendly manner like ChatGPT,"?


we need to "cram" a tremendous amount of knowledge and "train" ourselves to respond in a friendly and polite manner."


Please read this page for more information about that.


Also, please refer to this figure for "kind and courteous."


In other words, "those who skip learning essential knowledge and cannot even use honorifics are 'less than AI.



As far as I know, the claims of teenagers and their parents that "cramming education reduces thinking and imagination" are delusional.


This is because the power of thought and imagination is created by "adding on" little by little to existing thinking methods and processes.


In other words, I believe 'without base knowledge, there is no way to think or imagine beyond it.

2024-01-24 それでも、私の父は、この私(江端)から、最大級の尊敬を勝ち得た大人の一人です。 [長年日記]


My father entered the Preparatory Training Course during the Pacific War and lost the war, so his final educational background is a junior high school graduate (middle school graduate).

My father continued to work for the family, and after being laid off from the company, he set up his factory.

ただ、子どもの私の目から見ても、父には、優れた能力や、人を魅了する能力がなく、そして、運にも恵まれていなかった ―― ぶっちゃけ「絶無」だったと思います。

However, from my child's point of view, my father could not excel or attract others, and he was not blessed with luck -- to be frank, he was "nothing" at all.


Still, he was one of the adults who has won my utmost respect (Ebata) here.



I can't bring myself to feel sympathy for 'those who bemoan their bad luck based on their education, ability or luck.'


Because I have watched my father's back.

『あんたは、うちの親父よりも、恵まれていなかった、と言い切ることができるのか?』と ―― まあ、これは、理不尽な問いかけであることを百も承知の上で ―― 私は、尋ねたくなるのです。

"How can you say you were less fortunate than my father?" I am tempted to ask -- well, I know this is an unreasonable question.

The above logic may sound similar to the following story. However,


Not at all.

2024-01-25 今の私が探しているのは、『このビッグネームの芸人さんについて、今年の運勢について語っていた占い師または占い番組』です。 [長年日記]


Now, a big-name comedian has been suspended from performing due to allegations of sexual assault.


I have no proof of the "truth" of this, " so I will not mention it.


What I am looking for now,

―― このビッグネームの芸人さんについて、今年の運勢について語っていた占い師または占い番組

-- Fortune tellers or fortune-telling shows that talked about this big-name comedian and his fortune for this year.




(1) Did they properly predict the big event of "suspension of entertainment activities"?


(2) Did they predict the above (1) and make suggestions for countermeasures?


I think (2) above is brutal, but if (1) above was not done, then the "fortune teller" is "useless," if not "incompetent" or "a liar.

そのようやスキャンダルの予防措置への警告も出せないような「占い師」や「占い番組」は結局のところ"無用"、もっと言えば"害悪"にさえなると思うのですが ―― 多くの人は、そう考えないのでしょうか?

I think that "fortune-tellers" and "fortune-telling shows" that fail to warn against such scandalous precautions are ultimately "useless" or even "harmful" -- don't most people think so?



By the way, I am doing a " calculation " in the simulation." It is a simple calculation to determine what will happen if we continue what we currently do without changing a single millimeter.


'If you have an income of 100,000 yen per month and spend 120,000 yen per month, how much of a deficit will you have after one year?' (Answer: 240,000 yen deficit). Those are what I did.


Therefore, it is miserable that my simulation calculations are treated with "fortune-telling," a one-way subjective statement by an individual without any logic or data to support it.



Anyway, I am looking for "last year's fortune-telling show or its fortune-teller who talked about this comedian and his fortune for this year."


We would appreciate your cooperation in this survey (e-mail address here).

2024-01-26 「地元いじり」をして貰えるというのは、なんというか"嬉しい"ものです。 [長年日記]


I have heard that the second movie "Sho de Saitama" was also a hit.


Sho de Saitama" was an enjoyable movie, but not so much that I "burst out laughing and swooned" (well, such movies are rare).


Yesterday, I was hit by "The Nakagawa Yosei 2022 "Finding a Property for Rent in Tokyo" by the Nakagawa, which I watched on YouTube (jump to YouTube).


In addition to the Odakyu line, Shimokitazawa, Shinyurigaoka, and Nambu line, which I am familiar with,


(To be honest, I didn't know much about Osaka.) "Umeda," "Kyoto," and "Otsu" were my territory when I was in college,

―― 笑いました。

-- I laughed.


I also sent a Line to my family.



(1) Osaka (including Kyoto) and (2) the west side of Tokyo (the west side of Tokyo), which appear in this contrast, were my past and present territories.


It is a pleasure to have someone "tinker" with the local community.


It is like having a spotlight shined on a humble local community.


It is quite natural that "Sho de Saitama" was a big hit with the people of Saitama Prefecture.


However, I feel that this is what is called "private favour" and does not seem to be tasty from a mass marketing perspective.



By the way, I am also from Nagoya (the city next door), so I can also laugh at the TV anime "Yajukame-chan kansatsu nikki".

『地元ネタで笑える』ということが『地元を愛している』と同義かと問われると、ちょっと違和感を感じますが ――

I'm not sure if "laughing at local stories" is synonymous with "loving your hometown," though,


I think there is something similar to "love.

2024-01-27 『東アジア反日武装戦線の桐島聡を確保』 ―― このニュースを聞いた時に、私は、本当に驚きました。 [長年日記]

『東アジア反日武装戦線の桐島聡を確保』 ―― このニュースを聞いた時に、私は、本当に驚きました。

"Satoshi Kirishima of the East Asian Anti-Japanese Armed Front secured" -- When I heard this news, I was shocked.


Any Japanese person would recognize his face (you could always find a picture of it posted in front of the police box).


He is the leading terrorist responsible for a series of business bombings.


However, my knowledge is also limited to books.


After all, I was in elementary school when the bombing occurred.



The next extremist group that comes to my mind after the two major supermarkets of "Chu-Kaku" and "Kanmaru" (now in financial difficulties due to lack of successors) is the "East Asian Anti-Japanese Armed Front."

(Incidentally, the largest supermarket in terms of "not denying revolution (denying violent revolution?)" is the "Japanese Communist Party. )


Aside from that.



When I heard this news,

―― 日本の警察って、スゲーなぁ

"Japanese police are amazing!"


I was impressed, but it seems that the person himself was revealed in a way unrelated to the police investigation.


He, who had terminal cancer, seemed to confess his real name to us himself.


For some reason, I have not been able to shake the feeling of bewilderment since yesterday.

- 最期に全てを自白して果てるとは、良い覚悟だ

- It's an excellent resolution to confess everything at the end.

- 最期になってから全てを自白するとは、情けない野郎だ

- He's a pathetic son of a bitch, confessing everything at the last minute.

- 革命戦士としての矜持があるなら、無名の戦士として消えていくべきだ

- If he is proud to be a revolutionary warrior, he should have disappeared as an unknown warrior.

- 革命戦士としての総括するのであれば、残りの力を振り絞って、事件の全容を語り尽くせ

- If he is going to sum up as a revolutionary warrior, then use all his remaining strength to tell the whole story of the incident.


I have been annoyed since yesterday, not knowing how to evaluate this terrorist bombing (I think it is probably "confirmed" that he is a terrorist).



The news of Satoshi Kirishima's custody comes at a time when the defendant Aoba in the Kyo-Ani arson and murder case has been sentenced to death (but only at the first trial and is currently on appeal).


The 1974 bombing of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries headquarters building killed eight people and seriously injured 108 others.


Regarding terrorist incidents, the two can be considered in the same category.


末期ガンであろうがなんであろうが、なんか彼を生かせ続けて、あの事件(連続企業爆破事件)を本人がどのように総括するのかを、私は、彼の口から聞きたいのです ――

I would like to hear from him how he would sum up that incident (the serial business bombings) by keeping him alive, terminal cancer or not.


Whatever it takes.

2024-01-28 「無償の愛」を『無期限』とする計画は、必ず破綻します ―― "必ず"です。 [長年日記]

『6ヶ月』 ―― これが、私が計算と経験則から導き出した結論です。

Six months" is the conclusion I have drawn from my calculations and rule of thumb.


You will find the following statement on page 5 of my column above.


- I wanted to know quantitatively how "this I" had forgotten about the 3/11 disaster (the Great East Japan)


- I did the following survey using my blog, which I have kept track of without missing a single day for the past years.



You will find the following statement on page 6 of my column above.


- One hypothesis derived from this is that "bedridden" was only for about six months before the Edo period.


- With the care technology available at the time, it would have been impossible to keep a person "bedridden" for three or ten years.



As for support for Ukraine, it is a stark fact that countries are "tired of supporting" Ukraine.


We are not strong enough to withstand support without a set deadline.





(1) "There is an upper limit to the stock of unconditional love (free love) for others."


(2) "Its stock generally runs out in six months."


(3) "The maximum period during which support for disaster-affected areas and care for bedridden people can continue "free of charge" is "six months.


Based on this reality, we must plan to support the affected population and care for older people.

「無償の愛」を『無期限』とする計画は、必ず破綻します ―― "必ず"です。

The plan to make "free love" "indefinite" will surely fail -- "surely."

2024-01-29 逆に、このようなアプローチで、既存の「異性婚(*)」のみを前提とするシステムの崩壊を目指す、というのも面白いかもしれません。 [長年日記]


In my life, I have never had the habit of "looking in the mirror."


However, my feelings changed when I started to take pictures of myself in remote meetings to adjust the camera's position.

―― というか、愕然としました

-- or rather, I was astonished.


I realized how unsightly I was on camera.



I was thinking that if I had the technology to process makeup remotely, I could sell it,


I have confirmed that such a thing was developed ten years ago and is now implemented in Zoom (although it seems to be called "filter" instead of "makeup").


Well, that's right. Face digital processing services are the foundation of remote conferencing, aren't they?


To begin with, there is no reason why the technology that allows you to participate in a remote meeting with someone else's face can't be used to process makeup images.



In some Islamic cultures and regions, it is customary not to see the bride's face until the wedding night.


In the future, we may see more and more marriages of a similar form.


I think it would be "possible" to go further and create a new type of marriage called "remote marriage," in which a couple only registers and lives remotely for the rest of their lives.


In Japan, there are no restrictions on the type of marriage, which allows the couple to receive "only" legal benefits such as inheritance, pension benefits, spousal exemption, medical expense deduction, residency status, property division, and pension division.

Conversely, it would be interesting to see how such an approach could be used to disrupt the existing system of exclusively "heterosexual marriage(*).



(*) By the way, I asked ChatGPT if the antonym of same-sex marriage is heterosexual marriage, and I was told 'no.' If you are interested, please look it up.

2024-01-30 最近、私は、バリカンで髪の毛を切り落しているのですが、家族に評判が良くありません ―― このお話は、これまで何度もしましたが。 [長年日記]

Recently, I have been cutting off my hair with clippers, which my family has not received well -- I have told this story many times before.


The face of the man is bad enough, and when the round-cropped head is added to it, the evilness of the face (in appearance) is worse, it seems.


However, when my hair gets even a bit longer, it becomes depressing, and I find it hard to concentrate on my work or studies.


A 1,000-yen barbershop (although prices have increased recently) will give you a haircut in 10 minutes, but the wait time is usually three times that and can reach an hour or more if you are not careful.


This makes "short haircuts" meaningless.



So, the other day, I cut off my hair with regular scissors.


The flow is as follows


(1) Prepare scissors


(2) Naked in the bathroom


(3) Cut hair while looking in the mirror (cut the back part while guessing)


(4) Collect hair in the bathroom by hand, put it in a plastic bag, and throw it in the trash.


(5) Shower the entire body.


the end


判断基準は『嫁さんに、セルフ理髪がバレるか否か』でしたが ―― 簡単にバレました。

The criterion was "whether or not my wife would find out about my self-hairdressing" -- and she quickly did.


He pointed out that 'the area around the ear is bald,' but that will automatically be restored if you hold off for a week.


To begin with, I only go out twice a week now (once at work and once at college, respectively), so I don't worry too much about it.



My appearance is inversely proportional to my age, and I am getting "cheaper" by the minute.


A cheap digital watch, slacks purchased from Amazon, 100 yen reading glasses, and a self-haircut...


This proves that 'there are no situations in my life from now on that will appeal to me in appearance' (I think the only thing left is a re-employment interview after I retire).



That is why, even if my hairdressing is strange, you don't have to tell me about it.


Thank you for your continued support.

2024-01-31 大丈夫です。SNSなくても、生きていけます。 [長年日記]


Another tragic incident (suicide) has occurred in the relationship between the original creator (rights holder) and the secondary creator (rights holder).


You can argue (defend) either side on this matter, but I am tired of it.


And it was again social networking sites that triggered this incident.


So I will continue to say,

"There are people who say, "Let's stop slandering people on SNS," but there are no people who say, "Let's stop using SNS."



Don't worry, you can live without social networking.


Why don't you try "SNS" instead of "decluttering"?


Just for a month first.