2020-11-29 If you put in the cost of contact work for an IT deaf political group, the real cost of maintenance would jump up to several times this. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

2 billion to build the system and 60 million yen in annual maintenance costs.

If you put in the cost of contact work for an IT deaf political group, the real cost of maintenance would jump up to several times this.

Ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget.

This is all our blood money.

- Instead of trying to use the system, which was created with their blood money

- Corona disaster situation, imposing a "remote office" on the public only

- making The "3 Dense" in town hall.

By all accounts, they are "politicians" and "people in political organizations".


Therefore, I would like to make a suggestion to the operator of the online system of political finance reports.

"Publish on the Web the name of the organization and the name of the politician associated with the political group that submitted it in writing".

It would not be a disclosure under the Personal Information Protection Act (not subject to Article 2.1.1 and 2). In the first place, political organizations are not individuals (not subject to Section 8).

Therefore, cross organizations that have submitted online off the list and update the list daily.

I've done something similar in my company, and in my experience, "exposing the name to the world" works best.

(For example, I kept a list and daily exposure on my mailing list of names of people who didn't meet deadlines for submission of documents.)

I think politicians and political groups will never start using the system if we don't do this level of work.


Let me see....

Can "I" use the "information disclosure request system" to do this?

I should not just complain and rely on others all the time.

I have done the "information disclosure request system" before (*), so I will try the request procedure immediately.

(*) Number of fatalities and scale of accidents in the last 10 years

Yeah, that's a good idea.

You may try to sort by the reporting party.

In addition, I am also interested in how much government offices "give careful consideration" for politicians and political organizations.

As a citizen, let's "support the incumbent prime minister who created the Digital Agency with data".

Maybe I can write it as a "DX" story in the series "The World in Numbers".


I've been warned.

According to the criticism of "Dr. Shibata, as an cutter analyst",

"If Ebata thinks it, Ebata does it"

Whether it's true or false.

2020-11-28 Hey, politicians, Are you messing with the people ? [長年日記]

Users of the "2 billion online political fund balance system" are 1%.

Hey, politicians, Are you messing with the people ?


IT dumb politicians, political party leaders and their secretaries. Listen to me.

In a typical company, the system imposed from the management department, that is

- really hard to use and forces the use that is against the user's sensibilities

- easily reverted by a minor typo, Forced to redo the flow of the approval process from the beginning

- make me sick to my stomach for the delays in handling the flow of supervisors and executives

- required complicated process , confused by "unfamiliar terms"

We have to continue to use every day that makes us want to cry.


You politicians are the leaders who are going to lead the push for digitalization.

What are you doing, even more so, in the midst of this corona disaster, going to the window and taking the lead in the production of "3 dense".


Submitting paperwork to the counter is easy -- I know that, too.

It's enough to impose on the office staff to do the troublesome things and say, "Just make it work"

I know well that politicians can use easily ability to exercise such "analog pressure".

So why not --- you politicians, right now -- you can't stand up to this crazy "digital hassle" right now.


Use first.

After using and complain it.

Complain and the IT system will be refurbished.

That's what IT systems.

Don't let a single systems engineer tell you these obvious things! these idiots!


"I didn't think about online submissions. I'm just doing it because I've been submitting on paper for some reason, it's just a matter of 'getting used to it,' so to speak."

"I didn't know that I could submit online"

I see, you're trying to pick a fight. Then let's buy high.

The political group of Minister of Digital Reform Hirai, who is in charge of promoting digitalization, did not use it either," is just staggering and speechless.


When a politician by the name of "Sakurai" was previously exposed as being so IT illiterate -- for example

"The words 'competent' and 'hardworking' do not apply to a minister who can't handle PC."

"Our country doesn't need you "

At that time, those who had the possibility of entering the cabinet had a chance to respond. So I don't think it's necessary to defend it.

Besides, this is as good as 'smashing the face of the incumbent prime minister who created the Digital Agency'.

Is it okay?

As a businessman, I can't, in a public capacity, smash the president's face in.

(To be continued)

2020-11-27 "To study (prep) to the best of my ability at that time" [長年日記]

Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Dancing Buzzword - Behind the Buzzword (8) Blockchain(2)

The Fate of Bitcoin: The extraordinary rise in value required by "half-life"


My company's research department has quite a few researchers, and each one of them is very good -- or rather, very serious.

It feels like if they are left alone, they will start studying, researching, calculating, and creating materials on their own.

Of course, I'm not saying it's "always a good thing".

This is because corporate research is a world where "the research will only make money".


However, when I come across something I don't understand in the writing of a column, I am usually very grateful to find a specialist in that field.

On the other hand, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so I don't get the full benefit of my company.

But the "rude junior" who appears at the end of my column finds the "specialist" from somewhere. It's a big help.

And the referred "specialists" are very helpful and willing to share their valuable time and compelling knowledge, based on years of their research.

Really, It feels like a

"jewel box of good intentions and knowledge".


However, it is also true that there is a certain "protocol" for opening this "jewelry box".

To have a sincere courtesy and humility as one who is taught and

"To study (prep) to the best of my ability at that time"

This is an absolute requirement.

Conversely, it can be said that by doing the "maximum amount of study (prep)", the "courtesy" and "humility" will appear in the nature.

Is it too abstract?

Now, let's get specific.

"Read at least two or three technical books in the field, to the extent that the books are full of red hot underlines. After that request a visit"


I would like to inform (some) of you in the media industry, who don't study in your own way, couldn't even write a mail with common sense and, don't even respond to my mail.

- I don't know what the protocol is in your world

- I'm not interested in that and I don't want to know that.

- But if you want to listen to me, go ahead and contact me according to our "protocol".

I want to just say that, though.

2020-11-26 "It's easy to become a "fundamentalist" if I am not careful" [長年日記]

I don't think I'm a fundamentalist, and I detest any fundamentalist.

Above all, I'm going to be deliberately watching myself to make sure I don't turn into a fundamentalist.

"Fundamentalism" is a form of thinking that thinks "nothing else is allowed to exist", which I think is synonymous with "intolerance".

Well, not only the "Islamic fundamentalists, but also "young people who are madly opposed to live-action anime" is also "fundamentalist" to me.


Today I read an article of

"Dramatization of "Sinking of Japan, The masterpiece science fiction, by Sakyo Komatsu, On the theme of "Hope for the Future, Japan Stage in 2023 "

I thought, "Here they go again"

I'm having a hard time accepting "Sinking of Japan", except for the original and the first movie.

Last year's "anime version of the Sinking of Japan", I tried many times to approach, however, each time, I was so disgusted that I felt "vomit" (I know it sounds really awful to say this) and had to leave within minutes.

After all, I am also a "Japan Sinking" fundamentalist.


Even so, I kept saying to myself,

"All creations have value"

"This is just a matter of 'my sensitivity"

"I'm not the only one who can't stand on the side of blame for creator and his creations"

In addition, my daughter (my senior daughter) said, "It's a great piece of work," so I believe in my daughter's sensibilities, so I believe "it must have been a great piece of work".

In any case, I am also aware that my three major attributes are "narrow", "cowardly", and "shallow", and with these attributes, I can easily be associated with intolerance.


"It's easy to become a "fundamentalist" if I am not careful"

This is my admonition these days.

2020-11-25 "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought, I thought. Yeah, that's how it goes, right? Yeah, after a date" [長年日記]

"Do you want to talk on the phone right after a date is over?" To this question, to be honest, I will say

"I never thought of that"

I don't like the world that is going to define me as such



Relatively speaking, I prefer to be alone, -- I can admit it.

I like to have meals "alone", and "reading alone" is an important and precious time for me, even when I come to work or come home.

But that doesn't mean that I want to be lonely.

To begin with, such a person would never get married or have a family.


In short, it's a matter of degree.

I am only slightly stronger (0.6-0.7) in the "loneliness certification".

There should be no simple binarization of events and properties.

I wish the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology would introduce "fuzzy reasoning" into compulsory mathematics and adopt "quantum mechanics" into science.


The other day, I was watching a singing show on TV and I said

"Love songs say "I'm lonely" and "I wanna see you now". They're too exaggerated, right?"

However, my wife assured me

"Not so!"


"Didn't you want to call me right after the date was over to talk to me?"

When she said that, I didn't say honestly,

"I never thought about it. I was trying to figure out how to organize the data or how to modify the coding after I got back to the lab"

but say,

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought, I thought. Yeah, that's how it goes, right? Yeah, after a date"

My wife looked at me with suspicion.


Again -- I am only slightly stronger (0.6-0.7) in the "loneliness certification".

It is not correct to call me "nobody".

2020-11-24 "You've got a hell of a wicked smile on your face." [長年日記]

I just finished a conference call and went down to the living room, and my wife, who was in the kitchen, told me.

"You've got a hell of a wicked smile on your face."


Well, a "meeting" is a kind of battle game.

It is a "bargaining game" with a good balance of my private opinion and public stance, mixed with laughter and jokes.

Naturally, psychological stress also occurs to a certain extent.


However, there are a lot of people who can observe my expression right after the meeting was over --

"a hell of a wicked smile on your face"

The only person who can tell you this directly is my family.

I could say, that this is also "discovered" by working remotely.

2020-11-23 "Whether or not you have a "partner" to go along with the confirmation process, when you complete the setting of the conference call system" [長年日記]

What is a "friend"? There is a lot of content (novels, animations) featuring a teenage protagonist who continues to worry about it.

I don't know about teenagers, but I found a definition of "friend" that can be easily discerned as an adult.

"Whether or not you have a "partner" to go along with the confirmation process, when you complete the setting of the conference call system"


I have just completed setting up the conference call system.

However, I am having trouble because I cannot do the system test.

2020-11-22 To begin with, gamers don't retire from gaming at any age, do they? [長年日記]

There used to be the idea of the "30-year old programmer retirement" theory.

This is because the working environment for programmers was poor (long hours of overtime and working on holidays was the default).

In addition, programming technology is advancing rapidly and technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, and new programming languages are popping up one after another, forcing them to keep learning new technologies.

I think "always learning" is the same in other industries, but in the world of programmers, I think the trend is more pronounced.


According to the "programmer at 30" theory, I should have retired as a programmer a long time ago, but the reason I continue to do so is

"The feeling of pleasure when the program works as I expect"

I believe that.

As far as I know, I don't know a programmer under 30 years old -- well, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so my opinion is not so reliable, though.


I think the reason why the "30-year old programmer retirement age" theory was disqualified, is the same reason why the "30-year old gamer retirement age" theory does not work.

Game is that technology is advancing rapidly, obsolescence is significant. and new games are coming one after another, they must constantly learn the rules of the new games.

To begin with, gamers don't retire from gaming at any age, do they?

As far as I know, I don't know of anyone who has stopped playing games and switched to haiku, calligraphy, or karaoke! -- well, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so my opinion is not so reliable, though.


After all, "It is important to listen to the theory that is whispered in half"

2020-11-21 "You can run away" by way of suicide. [長年日記]

On August 31, the day before September 1, adult with a generous heart, send out a message to children who "can't decide whether to kill themselves".

"You can run away."

The message of "you can run awasy" is also often used for working people who have been pushed to the edge at work and have become depressed. This is an irresponsible and vicious message.

If you are allowed to "run away", then you are first obligated to explain the specific "how to escape" in detail.


Now let me explain an example of how to escape below.

(1) Prerequisites

The case that you have your own room (if you don't, skip to Chapter 2)

(2) Items to be implemented by August 31

(a) Install your own key in your room. A "stirrup" will suffice and can be obtained at a tool store for about 300 yen.

(b) Keep a week's worth of food and water in your room. Keep at least 20 liters of water in your room.

(3) Items to be implemented from September 1

(a) Start "shut-in". As a rule, never leave the room and never talk to the family.

(b) Do not enter into discussions easily. Do not negotiate with anyone for at least three days.

(c) If there is no movement by the parent or teacher after 7 days, declare "suicide" via email, line, etc.

(d) If the above does not change the situation, you may still commit suicide.

(4) Anticipated parent or teacher response

(a) At the very least, if "shut-in" continues for three days, parents and teachers may start to move.

(b) Disclose to the parent or teacher the reason for not attending school (the fact of the bullying and the name of the person who has been bullying you), with the door closed.

(c) The teacher should suggest that you come to school anyway, but you should not respond to him/her easily.

(d) If you agree to attend school, declare that you will resume your truancy at any time on terms that suit you.

(5) The above reasons

(a) The purpose of this example is to magnify the problem, extend blame to parents and teachers, expose the bullying party to the entire school, and hopefully force him or her to change schools.

(b) Only one thing to do is "shut-in". After that, the other world will move, and you can ride it.


(a) If the situation still does not improve after doing the "shut-in" above, then

"You can run away" by way of suicide.


You should be well described, up to this point.


All child suicides are "murders due to adult omission."

Adults who just say "you can run away" and leave are the worst "inaction" practitioners.

2020-11-20 Why are they going to force others to be "easy" by attaching logic to that "like" and "fun" and even generalizing it? [長年日記]

People who like math are good at math, and

People who likes English, is good at English, and

People who like history, are good at history, and

People who like computers are good at computers.

Yeah, it was good, I think.

I can say "Congratulations" from the bottom of my heart.



People who likes math, says that math is just a trick, and

People who like English say that it's enough to remember only 81 sentences in English, and

People who like history say that history is just a matter of figuring out the flow, and

People who like computers say that anyone can handle computers.

I will not tolerate these people.

Whoever is lucky enough to like something, extends their good fortune to others, and say

"It's easy."

I'm not going to tolerate the arrogance of anyone who says these things.


"I don't blame them... but I congratulate them."(*)

(*)Hamidashikko 5 The Night they Disappeared p.155

Why can't they stop at "I like it" or "I'm fun"?

Why are they going to force others to be "easy" by attaching logic to that "like" and "fun" and even generalizing it?

"Come on, just leave me alone... "


The shameful thing is that I have only recently realized this.

"Writing a patent specification is easy once you get the hang of it."

Anyone who can't forgive me for saying that -- can come and "stab" me to death.

I'm aware that 'I have done nothing but get stabbed to death'.

I'm not going to file a civil lawsuit (although you can't escape from criminal case).

However, the only reason is the "patent specification".

I will go into "Retaliation Mode" as usual, expect of them.