2021-10-18 "There's nothing Ebata can do about it, except to be 'too quick'." [長年日記]

I wrote about "soldiers respect poor but fast speed" before, but it seems to have been different from the content.

The meaning of "poor but fast speed" here does not seem to be "just go fast, even if it's poorly done.

The correct meaning, in a nutshell, seems to be ...

"Fight "only" if you can win in a short time. Otherwise (if it's likely to be a long time or you don't know if you can win), don't fight"


However, this is very difficult.

Research and development (R&D) is fatally time-consuming and costly, and researchers who fail to develop new weapons (new technologies) may have their raison d'etre questioned.

If I can develop a "winning technology" in a short period, I will have no trouble.

In other words, when it comes to R&D, if I think of "soldiers respect poor but fast speed" as Sun Tzu interpreted it, it becomes synonymous with "I do nothing/can't do anything".


Anyway, it is not good to leave misunderstandings, so I will correct the contents of my previous diary.

I take down "soldiers respect poor but fast speed",

"There's nothing Ebata can do about it, except to be 'too quick'."

I'd like to change it to that.

2021-10-17 "Needless to say, "To become an adult who can have the options of a fulfilling love life and a happy married life." absolutely" [長年日記]

The other day, as a project of the section, we were divided into several groups and tried to have a free discussion (no theme).

So, since there was a young guy (in his 20s) in the group, I asked him about "matching apps".

There are two main questions.

(1) Do you have any resistance to using a matching app?

(2) Is it possible to openly disclose the fact that you got married through the matching app?

At any rate, I am a person who has only heard about dating sites, which have caused many problems, and I have no plans to use matching apps in the future.

In other words, I am a person who is certain that I will not be able to experience matching apps in a real way.


Well, the answers were : (1) no, and (2) not publicly.

This answer, while seemingly contradictory, makes a lot of sense to me.

This is what the "e-mail" of a science student on a college campus in the late 1980s looked like.

From the view of the history of e-mail, it will probably be a few more years before the use of "matching apps" can be spoken of publicly.


The only thing I can say is that even if "matching apps" become a normal communication infrastructure, the situation will continue to be that 'people who can't fall in love or get married will always be unable to do so.

Matching is the provision of a "place" and the "exchange of value" there.

A match is made when there is a common understanding that "your value" and "the other person's value" are the same to be able to be exchanged.

In that sense, I guess.

"Matching "love" is hopelessly difficult"


"Getting the "signal" to light up is hopelessly difficult"

I remembered that.


"I don't know what I'm studying English or math for!"

To the children who shouted,

"Needless to say, "To become an adult who can have the options of a fulfilling love life and a happy married life." absolutely"

I think it is admirable for an adult to be able to say something like this outright.

2021-10-16 This is not "wrong". It's just the way it is. [長年日記]

I think I know a lot about communism, more than the average Japanese person.

In terms of standard deviation, I think I'm at about 2σ (deviation 70), not quite 3σ (deviation 80).

I was the son of a factory manager of a town factory.

From the communists' point of view, they must be "enemies of the people who must be overthrown," I thought. So I listened to the students in the dormitory (autonomous dormitory) talking about the so-called "revolution" with a sense of "Damn.

Or rather, I thought, "Everyone in the dormitory is an enemy of the people," when they had the financial ability to enter university. In the first place, they were looking for a job to make us cogs in the capitalist society -- not activists.


Marxism, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Trotsky, Pol Pot, the Great Purge, the Cultural Revolution, the Japanese Red Army, the All-Communist Party, the Core Faction, the Leather Marxists, the Civil War, the Yodo hijacking, the Tel Aviv airport shooting, Asama Sanso...

I know that it is too violent to mix these things up. Anyway, I don't have to say "What is that? Is it good?" because I have enough input in my brain about them.

Of course, I know how the JCP abandoned the violent revolutionary line, criticized the communist parties of China and the former Soviet Union, and even branded the students as "leftist violent groups".

However, I don't know what will happen after that, if they can seize power.

The Communist Party, by its very nature, is not supposed to follow any other path than a one-party dictatorship. (As far as I have learned) democratic elections are a negation of communism.

This is not "wrong". It's just the way it is.

If I were to use an analogy, it would be like criticizing me (Ebata) by saying, "It's shameful that Ebata is Ebata.

Or, it is the same as the tautology that says, 'It is because it is against the teachings of Islam,' in response to the question, 'Why is it wrong to go against Islam?

That's why I prefer to think in terms of logic and numbers rather than ideology.

Because it's "easy" absolutely.


I think the name "Communist Party" has a great impact, or rather, a preconceived notion of it.

I think they should use English abbreviations like Japan Tobacco → JT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation → NTT, Japan National Railways (JNR) → JR to dispel the negative image of the word "Communist Party".

How about "Japanese Communist Party → JC" ?

The event of electoral cooperation with the Constitutional Democratic Party made me say "Umm". So I think this is a good opportunity to change the name of the party.

In any case, if they use Constitutional Democratic Party → CDP and say "CDP + JC Coalition", we won't know what's what anymore.

I think this will finally make the opposing structure to the LDP look like what it is.

I think it's fine just during the campaign.

I know that the name of the party is an "important brand" to the party members, just like the "store name" of a liquor store or a candy store.

2021-10-15 The appeal of Markdown is its 'lack of expressiveness'. [長年日記]

I've been messing around with the idea of writing a book (or report) using only Markdown, but I've managed to finish it.

I used SAI and PowerPoint for covers and drawings, so 'Markdown only' may be an exaggeration, but, it cannot be helped.

In this writing activity using Markdown, I used Visual Studio Code, a free editor(?). and the plug-ins, Markdown-PDF and Markdown-TOC, were very powerful.

With a single command, the table of contents was updated, and the PDF file is created. Well, it was really easy for me.

When writing on the left side of the split screen, the view image is displayed on the left screen in real time, which is very helpful.


The appeal of Markdown is its 'lack of expressiveness'.

- Unchangeable text size

- A few types of emphasis

- Only one way to describe a program, etc

- No room for creativity in the chapter structure

If you read around here, you'll know that, well, anyway, there is hopelessly "no way" to decorate the paper.

That means that you have to focus on the content.


Microsoft Word keeps putting figures and tables in places I can't figure out, indenting is not what I expect, and formatting the table of contents alone takes up half my day.

Even for Latex, if you create your own template, you will have to go through a lot of "trial and error hell".

In comparison, how easy to use this Markdown. "It's no wonder that engineers all over the world have chosen Markdown for its ease of use -- "this light-heartedness of just describing a text file.

I understand why GitHub uses "README.md" by default.


So, I would like to propose that we call the way of life that is indifferent to fashion in general

"Markdown Life".

as I do.

By the way, if you look up "markdown" in the dictionary, you will find that it means "price reduction" or "discounted amount."

From this point of view, I think 'this term expresses me (Ebata) well'.

2021-10-14 I've been thinking about a new paradigm for English education called "Another world English with games" [長年日記]

Skills, Servants, Masters, Jobs, Classes, Items, Guilds, Quests, Dungeons, Archers, Assassins, Bishops, Priests, Witches, Merchants, Alchemists, Barbarians...

As a junior and senior high school student, I did not understand 90% of the meaning of these English words.


"I guess today's teenagers (some of them) understand the meaning of this word (English) on a daily basis"

I think that's pretty awesome.

I've been thinking about a new paradigm for English education called "Another world English with games"


In addition.

- Use "attribute"

- Think of "class" used in games and otherworldly content as a template, not just as a hierarchical relationship, but use "instance" as the corresponding concept.

These words will be helpful for the programming education.

2021-10-13 If there is an earthquake -- and it is nighttime -- it is obvious that dozens of books will fall on my sleeping body at once. [長年日記]

The other day, an earthquake of lower-5 on the Japanese scale hit the Ebata family, causing 'the bookshelf I made to collapse.

"This was quite a shock to me", as I had always prided myself on my earthquake preparedness.


A few days later, I set up an accident investigation committee and was stunned to discover that one of the two brackets supporting the bookshelf had been installed in a place where the joists did not go.

In other words, it was "just a plasterboard with wood screws stuck in it.

It could have collapsed at any time, regardless of the earthquake.

I am not sure why I made such a rudimentary mistake.

Anyway, this time, I did a thorough preliminary investigation using these instruments.

I believe that the renovated bookshelves will be able to withstand a seismic intensity 7 earthquake with only a few books falling.


In the Ebata house, there are nearly 20 shelves that I installed as a DIY project.

My room is full of shelves.

If there is an earthquake -- and it is nighttime -- it is obvious that dozens of books will fall on my sleeping body at once.

So now I sleep with my head tucked under my desk to avoid a direct hit to my head.

I've already given up on protecting anything other than my head.

2021-10-12 "If you think the Japanese are easy, you're naive." [長年日記]

When I was a college student, I went to India by myself and had a bad experience and returned home.

Today, as I was reading an article, I remembered that in a park in India, I was approached by a suspicious-looking massage guy who gave me a shoulder massage.

Well, it was "good", but not "very good", and I thought, "I can't say the service is worth the price".

After the service, I was told to write down my impressions in his notebook, so I wrote exactly that in 'Japanese'.

After that, he reminded me to 'say what you wrote verbally (in English),' so I did.

I said phrases such as, "Great service," "Excellent value for money," and "Everyone should try this massage. Afterwards, we shook hands with smiles and parted ways.

"If you think the Japanese are easy, you're naive."

"Suck it up" I thought, and I left.

2021-10-11 However, compared to the number of steps in the program I've developed, my own experience of love is like red ginger in Chinese cold noodles. [長年日記]

I do not interfere in other people's love affairs.

On the contrary, if I sensed such an atmosphere, I would walk away from the scene.

"If you get involved, you're gonna get in a lot of trouble for sure"


This is also true for my daughters.

In manga and novel, there are often characters whose fathers delve into their daughters' love lives, but I believe that they are exaggerating the story.

Of course, if they ask me for advice, I will answer within the scope of my own experience.

However, compared to the number of steps in the program I've developed, my own experience of love is like red ginger in Chinese cold noodles.

I don't think it would be useful as a use case.


A colleague of mine (a junior colleague) once reported to me that she was getting married.

I just said, "Hmm, I see," and turned back to the display. But she said,

"Ebata-san. Redo it"

I sighed, took a deep breath, and said it all at once.

"What? Marriage! Oh, my God! How long have you guys been dating? I didn't notice at all. Have you finished the wedding yet? Well, congratulations, indeed! ... Is that okay?"

"Well, okay."

2021-10-10 For me, modeling is simply describing the "things" that I want to appear in a class (structure) as I can see them. That is my method. [長年日記]

Sometimes I am asked, "Mr. Ebata, when you create a simulator, what kind of modeling do you do to define the interface (I/F)?"

My answer is always the same.

"I don't think about it."


In my programming, I just describe things in the real world in a structure (class) and I/F later when things need to communicate with each other.

I believe that this kind of design concept is called "object design" and programming based on this concept is just called "object-oriented programming".

There is only one advantage to this programming --

"Easy". This is the only word that comes to mind.

However, in order to make this "easy", you need to be willing to not use any of the features of "object-oriented programming".

I don't use "inheritance" or "generalization" because they are too much trouble when debugging.

"Multiple inheritance" is sure to be confusing.

I believe that if you need "polymorphism," you're not very good at making it.

I find "private" and "public" annoying to death, so I just use "public" for everything.

If you use this kind of thing, the readability of your program will get really bad. It's not very readable.


Well, maybe it's because this is a "personal level" programming of a researcher that we can think this way, but

For me, modeling is simply describing the "things" that I want to appear in a class (structure) as I can see them. That is my method.

Other than that, I think it's fine to learn when you need it -- although I wonder if the time is coming.

2021-10-09 I'm not trying to criticize them for being "irresponsible" or "lacking in scientific understanding," or I don't want them to understand the safety and usefulness of vaccines, [長年日記]

I don't like to ride the Ferris wheel. It's scary. I don't like "Viking" either.

On the other hand, "roller coasters," "water rides," "free falls," and "spinning swings" are fine.

The difference between the two types is that the former is caused by a failure of the drive system or the electrical system, which may cause the vehicle to stop in an intermediate state, making it difficult to rescue, and the state may last for a long time.

In comparison, the latter, even if these failures occur, may basically stop or return to its initial state due to the effects of gravitational fall, or may be able to return to its state by walking on its own.

In short,

"I know very well the 'fragility' of the drive and electrical systems, and I am deeply 'afraid' of them"

In fact, ski lifts are the "worst".

If a direct earthquake strikes while I am riding the lift, and the power supply stops, the lift will not move at all.

Maybe there is a massive avalanche on the ski slopes and many skiers are buried alive.

The rescue team cannot even know where the people are buried, and the night is coming.

In the middle of the night, in the sub-zero temperatures, on the lift, I'm also a frozen corpse -- I think that's the end of the story.


"The easiest way to escape from fear is to do nothing.

Don't ride amusement rides, don't go skiing. This is the best solution.

"It's fun," or, "You're overthinking it," which, frankly, is none of my business.

You will 'enjoy' yourselves and 'die' at your own risk.

"Don't drag me into your side."


Now I am thinking of various use cases like the above to approach the psychology of people who keep refusing to be vaccinated against new coronas.

I'm not trying to criticize them for being "irresponsible" or "lacking in scientific understanding," or I don't want them to understand the safety and usefulness of vaccines,

I want to know what goes through the minds of those who continue to refuse to be vaccinated against the new coronas. I want to feel relieved. I want to find peace of mind.

Because what I don't know is terribly scary.

(The above is a pastiche of episode 8 of the second season of the anime "my youth romance comedy is wrong as I expected" )


Now, it's the weekend.

Weekend engineer & researcher & writer will be activated.