2022-05-27 Therefore, "I want to end today, with feeling good." [長年日記]

"Without the information of latitude and longitude described in the script, even the JOSM cannot display the additional map information"

This morning I noticed the above and waked up, and I feel tired all day.

This is the story.

This happening is likely to happen in my dream early morning, when I concentrate coding or patent writing.


Today, before noon, I succeeded a falsification of digital map (Open Street Map).

In time like this, building on the momentum, I know that I have to deal with the target map, as soon as possible, however,

I know that another problem happens easily in the next step.

Therefore, "I want to end today, with feeling good."

However, I know that I cannot be so picky. So some problems will annoy me in this night too.

And tomorrow's morning, I will be waken up by a nightmare.


I think it is meaningless, however, this is a typical engineer's life.

Or is it just me?

2022-05-26 "This tragedy occurred because of an indifference about your promotion" [長年日記]

I've been a flat researcher of a company for a long time.

So basically, I do not have a strong voice.

Previously, I propose about a control system, but it was rejected.

However, the "accepted system" was down two years later.

(This happened by change. I also miss predictions quite often)

At that time, I was accused of that thing from a junior colleague.

"This tragedy occurred because of an indifference about your promotion"


I remember that I was pretty shocked to hear his opinion, because I believe that "being selfless against power and prestige is a virtue."

There seems to be a thought of "promotion as a duty" in the world.

You all should try to promote, avoiding troubles for your juniors.

I am "too late" for this, so please excuse me.

2022-05-25 Why not "Iwakura" [長年日記]

It is shameful to talk about good old days eternally,however,

comics and animations whose stage is Kyoto is going to make me get stuck in.

Now I am reading "Deaimon (good foods combination)".


I am not so interested in the Shijo Kawaramachi and Sanjo.

However, whenever I watch the pictures of Eiden (Eizan Railway) stations, Demachiyanagi, Shugakuin, Takaraga Ike, my mind has already instantly warped to 30 years ago.

I never had such a happy time in my life( I worked part-time to death, and studied to death).

In Eiden line, we cannot hear the name of station, except for Shugakuin (which appear in the Anime "K-ON") and the above.


Why not "Iwakura"

I think.

Once over Takaragaike, we cannot see station name, until Kifune, Kurama.


Wife:"What is in Iwakura?"

Ebata:"There is the former residence of Iwakura Tomomi"

Wife:"What was he doing in the house?"

Ebata: "He was deprived of any chance to appear in the Imperial Palace, and young anti-establishment guys had seems in and out"

Wife:"It is weak"


In order to make Iwakura Station famous, I think it is necessary to introduce new content featuring Iwakura Tomomi.

2022-05-24 "You say a lot of things, but the bottom line is that you guys just hate trigonometric functions: ..!" [長年日記]

I thin that someone do or say something about "trigonometric function".

Two years ago, my released column,

"Recurrent Education [the former half]: The trigonometric function unnecessary theory and the Destruction of Individuality"

is now ranked in, so I was surprised.

Probability, this argument of "The trigonometric function unnecessary theory" will often be happened in the future.

However, rather than the above column, in the latter half,

"Recurrent education should be a "guidebook" for survival in the age of career abandonment".

I have argued hard opinions of mine like following,

"You say a lot of things, but the bottom line is that you guys just hate trigonometric functions: ..!"


Please read on if you are interested.

2022-05-23 "SNS is a system that exacerbates loneliness dramatically" [長年日記]

Now I am investigating "loneliness", and reaches a hypothesis in this month column.

"SNS is a system that exacerbates loneliness dramatically"

I have previously described such a diary.

Now I get beyond this phrase, and I reach the possibility of

"SNS will give us mental pains, make us impair the body physically, and decrease social functioning"

and come to be anxious about this problems.

I think that I can explain the reason in this month column.

2022-05-22 I hope that "this year town summer festival is going to cancel just to be sure". [長年日記]

Today is a deadline of monthly column, however, I am in trouble of heavy fatigue and sleepiness.

Repeating 30 min. nap, I keep writing it while tricking the body and the head.


By the way, I had worked for a board member of a neighborhood association three years ago, so I think that I will not have to work as a the board member, however, the work of the group leader has come to me.

"A board member" and "a group member" seems to be different work, so I posted garbage bags for town cleanup to each member's mailbox.

So, I am trying to write the column in my fatigue, sleepiness, and cleaning.


However, the task of a group leader is less than that of a board member, so the burden will not be hard.

Now I think that we Japanese has understood how to deal with Corona disasters, however,

I hope that "this year town summer festival is going to cancel just to be sure".

However, I would like to express my strong support for the next summer festival.


Three years ago, I remake the website of neighborhood association from the scratch. Today I tried to login the management page of the website, and as a result, I could login the page, easily.

Even it is a website of neighborhood association, the website manager should change the password once a year.

2022-05-21 for doing "Electricity Ramadan" -- the implementation of a 24-hour power outage. [長年日記]

Yesterday, I published the article "I upload a video clip that "Operation verification of a hand-cranked generator" to YouTube".

In this video, I put a message of "the lever become heavy". but that was really "heavy".

At the moment that the smartphone change the charge mode, the generator load became heavy suddenly.


As first, I wanted to make the video ranged from start to the charge completion, however I noticed that it is impossible.

I had already enough tired just to turn the lever,

For only one smartphone.

Looking around my room, I find the USB power source has plugged into outlet.


Nowadays, Most of the bicycle light for riding at night are LEDs.

LEDs are miracle device that can get brightness with far less power than ordinally light bulbs.

So, we cannot feel the load of generator by the lights.

In the past, we used to generate electricity by bicycle at night with a generator "dynamo" attached to the wheel, and I felt like I was "always going uphill".

Anyway, the pedal of bicycle was heavy, and as result, I was riding without lights. I think it was dangerous.


The hand-cranked generator reminded me a "heavy pedal".

Essentially, making electricity is hard work.

The present society that everyone can use electricity luxury is a paradise, however we forget it easily.


So I want to propose to make a new national holiday "Electricity Thanksgiving Day"

If it is too difficult to establish a new holiday, it would be good to replace or combine with "Labor Thanksgiving Day," "Greenery Day," and "Father's Day",

for doing "Electricity Ramadan" -- the implementation of a 24-hour power outage.

If doing this Ramadan ranged to the level of social infrastructure, our society will be serious damaged. So as the fist step, we will start this at the level of in-house power outage.

Alternatively, we could limit the areas of power outages and implement planned power outages.

It is also good to do that without the announcement, include a gambling element

Facilities such as hospitals will have the opportunity to check that their own power generation equipment is operating properly, and factories can test their work flow assuming a power outage.

I also think it will be a boost for the SDGs.


In order to start "Electricity Thanksgiving Day" and "Electricity Ramadan," I would like to first recommend the purchase of a "hand-cranked generator" and its operational experimentation.

2022-05-20 Especially the book whose title includes "Easy Docker" will be allowed to be "book-burning". [長年日記]

Now I use Docker everyday, however, it is "beyond our mind". That is correct.

In my case, I think I finally figure out to understand Docker with rewriting "Dockerfile" or "docker-compose.yml" at 100 times and, failing "docker-compose up -d" at 100 times.

I understand your "Wanna to feel the understanding just by reading a book" well, however it is impossible.

I think that it is difficult to reach the understanding about almost technologies, except for using "Hello World Approach", and as for Docker, I can say "absolutely not"


What can I say, that feeling of another dimension.

PCs are build up in PC, and the PC can move and execute on another PC or AWS(Cloud) --- weirdness

Starting to build a container, unknow packages are gathers and installed automatically ---- sense of extraordinary

As I say, the feeling is "Several raspberry PIs whose purposes are different, are screwed into a PC forcedly.

This screwed tech. paradigm makes me light vomiting.


No matter that they are, I hate any book whose title is "Easy XXXX"

Especially the book whose title includes "Easy Docker" will be allowed to be "book-burning".

2022-05-19 To tell you the truth, "It was too hard for two months". however, If I had not been able to use "Teams", I would have "died alone" in my company. Seriously. [長年日記]

Since this fiscal year, I has been thrown in the world where everyone users Microsoft Teams.

"I see, Even a mail doesn't exist here"

I could understand the newly reality.

Both a tele-communication and a chat communication continues parallelly, and new material are throwing in the communication from members based on the topic of the communications.

In addition, "no telephone there".

As soon as a short message of "Shall we talk?" comes to me, the talk starts to watch the display of PC.

To tell you the truth, "It was too hard for two months". however, If I had not been able to use "Teams", I would have "died alone" in my company. Seriously.

That aside.


Today, since I had to suspend the tele-meeting to go to work, I was walking and hearing the meeting by earphone an iPhone. And the topic came to change to my charge(intellectual property).

I hear the others talks of "What Ebata-san worry about is...", "What Ebata-san want to talk...." and I could know the situation of the shucked meeting.

I tried to chat from iPhone, however, I could not catch up with the speed of talking, so I was very annoyed.

Now I think I will be older, and I will not able to be talk my opinion by myself eventually. Today, with no intention, I could get a part of it.

Today, I could feel the new real fear of "getting older".

2022-05-18 So, I wonder "fun work" ultimately means the same thins as "slacking off" or something like that. [長年日記]

"I cannot work because I am busy for work".

I believe that many people had experiments of this feeling, as business persons.

This means that "I cannot do the work that I want to do, because I am busy for the work I don't want to do"

The English word "labor" as a mean of "working" seems to be "pain".

In other words, it seems that "to begin with, labor is pain, so we cannot reward is the price of the pain"

My wife once told me that "'fun work' is a contradiction".


I have works that I don't want to do, on the other hand , I also have the work that I want to do. So I might be lucky.

However, the works that I want to do, are not based on works orders from my company, but my will. And in many case, they are "under the table", that I don't tell anyone about the works.

Even if the works are "under the table", I am going to open about the work and try to contribute my company's profit. Therefore my acts are not "conflict of interest".

In face, many outputs of mine are generated from "under the table".


However, if you tell me that "you are in too luxury situation to hide your works under the table", I cannot refute you.

So, I wonder "fun work" ultimately means the same thins as "slacking off" or something like that.