2016-10-01 ―― あなたに「価値はある」のですよ、残念ですが。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


From the dictator of the state, to the unemployed of cannabis addiction, they decided that a certain people is worthless and and got to massacre the people around with being caught in the obsession of such concept.

―― うん、本当に救いがたい馬鹿です、こいつら

"Yeah, these guys are really helpless stupid."

そもそも、多くの人間にとって、ほとんどの人間には「価値がありません」―― というか「どうだっていい」。

First of all, for many of the human beings, most others are worthless, In other words "we don't care".


For many human beings, people who are worth, are myself and minimum of the others need in order to survive myself.


To begin with, if you think that "I am valuable", it is good at that.


In addition, I am sorry but , even if you think that "I am not valuable",

―― あなたに「価値はある」のですよ、残念ですが。

you are "valuable" absolutely.


(To be continued)

2016-10-02 それは、「リソース消費マシン」という価値です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


It is the value of "resource consumption machine".


It might be hard to understand and say "consume resources," however, how do you think "eating rice and bread" ?


Using water, electricity, and taking a crap, social infrastructures are required, and needs will occur there.


Even if "AI" so called, work as a substitute for us, we need some people who operate the AI.


Even if I became bedridden, some services are required for long-term care, and a flow of money will occur there.


For example, actually, I go back my country home frequently, and I have to spend considerable money for the bullet trains.


I go to a wedding ceremony, even if I am called (I have not been called recently).


According to a funeral, many attendees will have gathered using the transportation, though it is not that the people come back to life(I have also not been called recently).


A dead body is also "valuable" during a fresh period.


(To be continued)

2016-10-03 ―― コンテンツを楽しむ能力さえ残っていれば、私には「誰かの役に立つ」という「価値」がある [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Above all, I think that the economic effectiveness is enormous.

個性や想像力なんかなくったって、ただ漫然と生きているだけで ―― 極論すればば、ただ死んでいないというだけで ―― 人間は、経済を回す巨大なエンジンです。

Even if we don't have any individuality and creativity and live a life aimlessly , we are enormous engines to make the economy move


Of course, it is a different story whether happiness or not.


For example, terrorist explosions, huge disaster, and care of the aged, they can stimulate the economy.



I wrote the above, however, I, myself think that "this is a fast-food logic and have problems with them".


I know well that it is impossible to resolve them with this light thinking processes.


However, at least, I think that it might be an idea doesn't need the religion of doctrine of "all of life is worth equally".



Far away from the original topic.


What I want to say,


"Watching sports" is a content that is not be established by only creators of the sport contents.


Any creation generates the "value" when it is consumed.


The ability to enjoy "watching sports" is to give the value to the creation, and everyone who who enjoy the "sports" is an engine turning the economy.


Even if I cannot do anything what I want by aging, and I become no longer making anything,

―― コンテンツを楽しむ能力さえ残っていれば、私には「誰かの役に立つ」という「価値」がある

If I have even the ability to enjoy the content, I have a "value" of "useful for someone".



I believe that, even if everybody denies this my logic.



For now, I think that the ability is more valuable than more than one hundred patent applications of mine(my junior said),

―― 「価値がある」


2016-10-04 「オートファジー」と「ファジィ推論」の間には、何の関係もありません。 [長年日記]

本年度、ノーベル医学・生理学賞に受賞した大隅先生 ―― 日本という国家でもなく、日本人という枠組みでもなく ―― 大隅先生ご本人に対し、心からの祝福と敬意を表わします。

Dear Dr.Osumi who awarded the Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize this year, -- Neither a national of Japan, nor framework of the Japanese --, I would like to represent the respect and heartfelt blessing.


Yesterday, when I read this article , I thought blankly that "phagy" in "Autophagy" is

a interfering substances against Master Hishinuma Seiko's study, in the cartoon "animal doctor" by Ms.Tomoko Sasaki


If I have misunderstood, please someone tell me.



When I went back home last night, my wife said happily


"Nobel Prize in the "phagy"!"


I was puzzled for a moment.


However I noticed the reason after three seconds,

"She misunderstood this one."




It is to be vain to explain such a thing at this late hour, however,


there is no relationship between "Autophagy" and "Fuzzy reasoning".


The research of this Nobel Price of Dr.Osumi is far way from the study that I had done before.

2016-10-05 ―― とにかく、レシピ通りに作れ [長年日記]


Recently, I cook a dinner one day of weekend, at least.


In these days, I go back to my country house and have some chances do the cooking, and moreover,


"Cooking" seems , I think, to be a kind of "system construction", and I can enjoy cooking relatively.


By the way,


a tip to "enjoy cooking" is to "make it delicious", and


a tip to "make it delicious" is not to "take a risk".

―― とにかく、レシピ通りに作れ

"Anyway, obey a recipe"


This phrase comes to an end.



The ming might be good as a system engineer, but it is not enough as a researcher who is asked to make a new value.


I think that researchers should keep seeking a new paradigm at any moment.


(To be continued)

2016-10-06 「当初の素材の味が分からないけど、悪くないよ」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Last Saturday, I cooked bowls of rice topped with chicken and eggs, based on onion and garlic, and


Last Sunday, I cooked stew of fibrous meat based on tomato.


Both became disastrous results after all.


I pleaded with my wife to rescue these poor foods, and she tried them. She succeeded in doing them, but the foods became another something against my initial imagination.



I let me down terribly last weekend.


"As for a feeble cook like me, it is too presumptuous to server dinners for people"


I had a poor dinner with drooping shoulders.


My wife, senior and junior daughters said to me,


"It is good. Delicious"


"New taste is coming."


"Not bad , even if I don't know the original foodstuff"


They seemed to go all out to comfort me.



I know well.


They also know well that they will be obliged to make the weekend dinner, if I decide to give up it.

2016-10-07 もちろん「成果」が違います。 [長年日記]

きっちりデータを取っていないので、確たることは言えないのですが ―― 大企業やベンチャーの社長クラス(勿論、それ以外の人であっても)、「信長」と「竜馬」が大好きという人が多いようです。

I don't have specific date and I know I can not tell you, however, some people who is likely to be top of the corporate ladder (of course, other type of people too) love "Nobunaga" and "Ryouma".


I have already told you again and again and in my understanding, "Nobunagara" was a serious psychopath and "Ryouma" was a arms merchant (or a merchant of death).

By the way, I am about to tell my daughters that "Chuushingura" is "terrorist attach by rural ex-warrior" and my wife scolded me terribly.


Above and beyond this,


I think that there are


a Chief Executive in a country of south-eastern Asia, who is saying "no problem to kill all the people on drugs" and have the citizen's sympathy( and receives a high rating from them).




The supporting nation or organization that provide "IS" with weapons,

―― 何が違うんですか?

"What is the difference among them ?"




Needless to say, the fruits were different.


(To be continued)

2016-10-08 (2)その実現する為の途中の(ちょっとばかりの)犠牲者(死者を含む)の発生の認容 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

「信長」も「竜馬」も、腐敗して硬直化し、そして多くの民衆を苦しめていた体制に対して、ほとんど不可能と思われた革命を試み、そしてそれを達成し得た ―― という偉大な成果があります。

Both "Nobunaga" and "Ryouma" had a great fruits that they launched their battle for the power which had given a terrible pains to citizens, and they were aiming for the revolution, and finally they accomplished the impossible.


However, What the above Chief Executive, nations and organization is trying is almost same as "Nobunaga" and "Ryouma".



Of course, even if I think it deeply again,I can not make a logic to justify Islamic extremism


In my opinion, terrorist logics are, either religious cult, Red Terror or others, same as the following two sentence.



(1)Making new power to realize people's happiness.


(2)Acceptance of (small number of)loss (including "death") of human life in order for the new power.




What I get mad with at all cost, even if it political battle or terroism attack, is the above (2)'s choplogic.


As for me, if they could add the following rider sentence,



(3)Making an exception for Ebata's life, despite of antecedent



I have no complaints about these choplogic.


(To be continued)

2016-10-09 で、あなたたち、社長は、一体何を目指しているんですか? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

「信長、大好き」でも「竜馬love」でも、なんでも良いですが ――

"I respect Nobunaga" or "I love Ryouma", and anything is .



を、みんな、イメージできていないんじゃないかな―― と、思うのですよ。

However, I am afraid that many people cannot make an image of themselves of "killed by Nobunaga or Ryouma, for no reason at all" at the old age.



To tell you the truth, this is a prelude.


I don't have specific date and I know I can not tell you, however, some people who is likely to be top of the corporate ladder ( of course, other type of people too) love "Nobunaga" and "Ryouma".


People of top of the corporate ladder, for example, president or politician, who respect "Nobunaga" and "Ryouma" and want to reflect their life-style in their life

―― 迷惑なんですよ。もの凄く。

ANNOY ME absolutely.

「信長」や「竜馬」は、多くの民衆を苦しめていた現体制に対して、ほとんど不可能と思われた革命を試み、そしてそれを達成し得た ―― という、正義があります。

O.K. I can accept the fact of both "Nobunaga" and "Ryouma" had a great fruits that they launched their battle for the power which had given a terrible pains to citizens, and they were aiming for the revolution, and finally they accomplished the impossible.

I can agree that they are true justices.


On another front, what are you aiming for, Mr presidents ?


Increasing your company profit?


Expanding your company?


Don't bullshit.


(To be continued)

2016-10-10 とっとと止めやがれ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


For such your private timid ambitious, why I should have a risk of "disease", "mental illness" and "overwork death" ?

―― と言いたい訳ですよ。

I want to claim the above.


for instance,


(1)for future some hundred years,


(2)for the happiness for more than some billion human beings


(2)for a great revolution ( I dislike the word)


(4)my life should be made victim of the revolution,


I might accept to being a sacrifice (but I won't allow for the person).





for your private timid pride or personal aggrandizement


with setting up for "Nobunaga" or "Ryouma"


going after us with overwork death


managing a company with petty-minded motivation,


Stop it as soon as possible

―― と言いたい訳ですよ。

I want to say that.

2016-10-11 ―― 本当に正しく動いているのか [長年日記]


I like program codings, which are called "programming" in public,


Though the debugging annoys me, it is also enjoyable if I could think that it is a kind of game of quest.


But what is the most annoying work, is to check a propriety of the program algorithm.



"Program" is going to work well, if you could set the development environment and, keep the rules of syntax.


However, it is an awful annoying to check whether the program works, based on my design.


Especially, for example, a reasoning engine who need many input parameters, (might be called "AI") or a simulation of non-liner control systems,

I cannot check whether

―― 本当に正しく動いているのか

working well or not.


at all.


(To be continued)

2016-10-12 「コーディングをすれば、その推論アルゴリズムを理解することができる」と考えていたからです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


If the program is for a control system, I could find the wrong algorithm of the program by a phenomenon of strange system behavior, for example, halt or uncontrolled system.


On the other hand, in case of a reasoning system, whose purpose is "reasoning", we cannot know the correct answer in advance. So if the output of the reasoning system become a mess, nobody cannot notice the mess.



When I was a college student, I started an AI team (fuzzy and neural network) alone at the beginning, in view of my tuition in attendance.


Of course, the beginning period, there was no time-tested reasoning engine around me, so I had to make a reasoning engine with reading a lot of papers and books from scratch.


As the team leader, I asked members of the team to make a reasoning engine by themselves. I didn't open my codes to anyone.


I thought that "the coding is good to understand the reasoning algorithm".


However, the above my policy was to fall into a pit.



Now I notice that

―― このネタ、次の連載に使える

This story is available for the next serial of "AI".


I will continue this story on the next the serial.


Please don't think badly of me.

2016-10-13 「アメション」とは、「アメリカへ小便をしに行った」という意味の蔑称です。 [長年日記]


Previously I told the word "AmeShon" in my columns.

The "Ameshon" is a derogatory term meaning "He went to the piss to the United States."


In postwar Japan occupied, deputes or entertainers went to the United States one after another in order to put the foil.


"Ameshon" was used with irony and poke fun of the largest, against people who behave like a "savvy, such as international politics and international culture, after returning home,



In one of my favorite animation respectability "Steins;Gate", an organization whose name is "Sern" comes into the picture.

これは、当然、素粒子物理学のことをちょっとでも調べた人であれば知っている、欧州原子核研究機構 CERN ( Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire )を模したものです。

This is, of courser, just a simulated organization, and it is CERN (Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire).Anyone who study elementary particle physics knows the organization.


In Steins;gate, SERN, not CERN appears as the evil of power organization to dominate the space-time, but ff course, it is a fiction.


(To be continued)

2016-10-14 ―― もの凄く羨しいぞ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The other day, I got a mail from my column's reader, and there was a message of "I have been to CERN. Do you envy me?"


Well,well. shit.


I also I has been thought as a sort of "Ameshon", because I got this message. It is downright pathetic.


In this rare opportunity, I profess clearly,

―― もの凄く羨しいぞ



As a fag end of research engineer, I think that it is natural to long for the CERN, because I could study some abysses of physics and space.


For me, I am confident in oneself to continue same stories again and again in a drinking party, to say "I used the restroom nearby the front desk of CERN," and get on junior fellows wrong side.


I can eat more than three rice served in a bowl by "Cershon" not "Ameshon"

2016-10-15 「ダイエットに勝る、アンチエイジングなし」 [長年日記]


When I was going through storehouse, and I found a lot of VHS tapes in the warehouse.


So I work the VHS recorder (still runnning) , and burn it to DVD, and the captured data to my PC.


It will be a long war because of many DVD tapes.



To my suprise, I who was 15 years ago, seemesto much "old man" than I am now.


Simply speaking, I was "fat" 15 years ago, rather than now.


I feel strange to be looked an old man who became just fat, but it cannot be helped, because it is fact.


We, human being, might be inprinted, like

―― 人間は、歳を取ると太っていく

"human being becomes fat as they become old.


The other days I had tried many analyses about diet from the view of private merit, however, I passed over "a man of 15 years ago".



In the TV program of mail-order, they do "methologoies or making-ups for anti-aging" to death, however I think that I can tell you,


"No way to succeed in "anti-aging" except for loss weight"


2016-10-16 しかし、最近奇怪な現象が観測されて、頭をかかえています。 [長年日記]


I am very sorry but I cannot work a video monitoring system of my wife's country house , as I expect.

そこで、自宅のセキュリテイシステムを使って、週末研究員モードで、Raspberry Piを含む、ビデオ監視システムのパッケージ化の作業を行っています。

So now I am, as a weekend researcher, developing a packaging of the video monitoring system with "Raspberry Pi". using my house security system,


In fact, the works themselves are not so hard. They are for example, just making shell scripts. However, I have a lot of troubles with remembering UNIX command, even I had used overwhelmingly.



But recently, an odd phenomenon is annoying me,


The monitor camera out of door, records the view of my wife's and daughter's commute perfectly (movable object detection).

―― 私の帰宅時の映像だけが、残っていない

"No video of my figure at the time of my returning home."

テストシステム稼動開始から、すでに半月以上を経過しているにも係わらず、そして、カメラの前で大袈裟に動いて見せたりしても、―― カメラは、私だけを無視する。

The half of month has passed from this test system, however, the camera ignores me even I do swollen gesture in front of the camera.


I think a variety of hypotheses, and one of them is "a camera unexpectedly detects movable object with human spirit".


The camera does not recognize me as a human being, because I go home with dizzying at work.

2016-10-17 ―― 「魔法使い」を見るような驚きと、敬意の混った目で、私を見ます [長年日記]


Everyday, making a lot of materials annoy me.


Thanks to these annoying, however, I have had a detailed knowledge of the Microsoft Office applications.


I sometimes help my wife and daughters with editing their materials by the Powerpoint, and I always finish editing within a few minutes.

―― 「魔法使い」を見るような驚きと、敬意の混った目で、私を見ます

They seem look at me with surprise and sense of awe.


I cannot feel happy, because I don't want to make me a master of the Powerpoint.


However, in my company we are indicating our intention by the Powerpoint, neither Japanese nor English. It is natural that I have become "a wizard of the Powerpoint".

パワーポイントで会話をするということは、自分の考えを有体物で説明可能とするという点において、恐しく効果がよく ―― そして、絶望的に時間を消費する行為です。

Communication using the Powerpoint, is very effect because it is possible to express our ideas with real objects, and very inefficient way to consume much time desperately.


Of course, expressing our ideas by pictures is one of the best way absolutely, you know, this way is accepted for patent application in public.


At the same time, this way also fit chicken minds of Japanese administrative position, because they cannot say "GO" without perfect understanding of subordinates idea.


When I think, that it is a way "O.K. I will give you a free hand to do, however if it won't work well, you become fired for being the failure."

―― どっちも悪い

Both are wrong.

いずれにしても、日本の残業時間がなぜ減らないかの問いに対して ―― 私は、「パワーポイント責任論」仮説を挙げたいと思います。

Anyway, I want to pick up a hypothesis that the Powerpoint is accountable for "why we Japanese cannot realize shorter working hours"



Above and beyond this


I don't think that "English is an universal language"


I don't want to say "we should use the Powerpoint" however, the best thing to do is to communicate with picture and character.

2016-10-18 『現実にモノを作り、そのモノがキチンと動くことを示して、自分の考えの正しさを証明する』 [長年日記]


I also have lived in the OT and IT field for long time,


whenever I hear the phrase, "I will transmit that concept to the world"

―― うん、「あんた」には無理だ

I think


"Well, that is a heavy burden for you"



I don't want to deny the "transmitting concept" itself.


Sharing a concept is to share sense of values, and to indicate the direction to go. it is inevitable in order to operate the state and organizations.


However, a human being who is able to "transmit a concept" need some qualities, for example.


Attract people charisma, celebrity, a government or a world-wide economy company.



For example, even if a underling only engineer ,like me, try to "transmit a concept", who wants to hear the message seriously?


Needless to say, it must be impossible absolutely. That cannot be helped.


No great performance, no special ability and no attractive thin, such a dwaft engineer, like me,


still, if I think I want to send something to the people,


"Creating a real object, indicating the object works and proving the correctness of my design"



"Using the actual data, analyzing a lot of annoying data and proving my hypothesis"


In fact, there is nothing what I can do except for the above.



So, I am doing them the day-to-day my best.


(The themes are fertility rate,diet, and suicides, anyway I can accept it is pretty pale contents.)


However it is utmost in my ability.

「コンセプトを発信する」などという ―― 顔から火が出てきそうな、身の程知らずの恥しい言葉などは、

The phrase of "I will transmit the concept to the world", which is Overachiever to burn with shame,


The other might say the backbiting "Ebata? This guy is really stupid isn't he," and I cannot say only just one word for a timid person like me.


ネットを探し回って、気にいらない記事を見つけて、汚い言葉で批判し、問題解決に1mmも貢献せず、そして、それだけが、自分のメッセージとして残せる全てであるような、残念な人間であっても ――

Just walking around the net, finding unpleasant articles, criticizing them in the dirty words, no contributing to problem-solving, and they are all left as own messages,


Even if I were such unfortunate human beings, I think I will still be better not to say "I will transmit the concept to the world"

2016-10-19 しかし、私は、パワーポイントで、コンセプトやら技術を語る人間を、「凄い」と思ったことはありません。 [長年日記]


A person that I think "he/she has a really tremendous technical capabilities" gives a prelude


"I know well that Ebata-san can understand the technology"


and starts to discuss the issue.


I feel really happy to hear the above scene.


However, I have never thought that a person who tells technical concept by the powerpoint sheet is "tremendous".


I know that the technical concept is a creation of technical idea(the article 1 of patent law), and it is an important intellectual property.


However, I am likely to prefer a person that can embody the technical concept, to a person who just explain the technical concept.



On the other hand, I am afraid that this "tremendous" person doesn't pay socially and financially.


I have gotten the opportunity to speak with presidents or engineers of a variety of venture companies and software houses from the standpoint of the weekend researcher.


Among them, the person has "really techniques, such as surprised as the exit is hip" without any exaggeration.


However they gave me a lot of real stories that they have to get money to maintain their companies, or have to work of troublesome outsourcing, because they cannot spend time and money for their "tremendous" technologies.



In fact, I think that the tremendous people are not good at showing themselves "the tremendous people".


(To be continued)

2016-10-20 私が「凄い」と思える人は、そんなに多くありません。片手で足ります。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In other words, they don't have a capability to show themselves delicious.

逆に、「美味しそうに見せる」能力 ―― 自分を「凄く」みせようとする能力に長けてている人の技術力は、

In opposition, the technical potential of a person who has the capability


is anything but "tremendous". To tell you the truth, it is unspeakably poor, in many cases.

実際に会話すれば、すぐにバレるんです、が ―― この話はいずれまた。

Talking to such a person, I can find it easily, however, it is before too long.



For me, there are few person I think "tremendous", less than half-dozen.


It is natural because I have had to understand a specified field deeply, if I can feel "he/she is tremendous"


So a person who says that "I have a lot of "tremendous" friends" is


(1)A really "tremendous" person who can reach real understanding of several fields,




(2)A "poor" person who cannot understand any field, but get the feeling that their understands.


I think the person is either the above (1) or (2).



I think that a current addicted AI boom is being made by

その知識を提供する側も、提供をされる側も、上記(2)に該当する人が多いのではなかろうか ――

people of above the (2) type, as a both suppliers and demander.


Of course, you know, it is just my hypothesis (I am testing now)

2016-10-21 「自殺対策白書(内閣府発行)」を、ベッドの脇において、寝る前にページを捲っている [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number" Accident resulting in injury or death (34) "

Data tell us a chilly reality of one-under of trains



Keeping a white book of measure against suicide ( pressed by Cabinet Office) at the bed, and reading the book before sleep,


Such a senior researcher


has existed.

2016-10-22 「『誰かに頼むなら、自分でやった方が早い』という考え方は危険」 [長年日記]


"The thought of "If I ask for my work someonem, I will do it by myself because it is faster" is danger"


That phrase has been told at various from long ago, however, honestly, I, we have tired of hearing,


Of course, overstretching large amount of work, will cause long working hours, overfatigue and mental problems of "depression".


These problems also come to be publicly recognized social, and long working hours is becoming spread recognition as "social evil".


I think it is very preferable.


Companies exist in order to use the power of the organization, so "all do it myself" is to deny the existence of company.



However, on the other hand, what I can say is

―― 私は「頼まれること」が好きではない

"I do not like "to be asked."



(To be continued)

2016-10-23 ―― 他人だって「頼まれること」が好きではないハズだ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Of course, needless to say, any work of a organization makes ends meet in "mind of the give-and-take", however human being is likely to projects one's way of thinking on another person at the same time.

―― 他人だって「頼まれること」が好きではないハズだ

"Even another person cannot like "being asked" "


like the above.



I can agree that "The thought of "If I ask for my work someone, I will do it by myself because it is faster" is danger"


However, it is true that "doing it by myself is faster than asking it to others".


Because it is true that "faster"


We can finish the work without any delay before asking someone to do it.


If we ask a work to someone, something different from our image of the work, is going to happen. In addition, the cost and time for the modification should be considerable.


Moreover, it is a pleasant feeling that "I will takes responsibility for for the work that I did only by oneself".


In addition, I hate to be scolded by someone because of other's fault of the work( Of course, any praise is welcome)


(To be continued)

2016-10-24 私が提案したいのは「逃亡」です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Whether you accept the phrase of ""doing it by myself" is faster than "asking it to others"",


After all, it depends on

- 仕事の性質や量、

- quality and quantity of the work

- 仕事の重要度、

- importance of the work,

- 依頼人の特性、

- character of the person who ask you the work,

- 自分のメンタル強度、

- my mental strength,

- その他モロモロ

- and others,


and we have to think the above all from the view of overall efficiency, and that needs enormous information processing and high-speed calculation performance.


Anyway it is very annoying.



In conclusion, we can understand that both "doing it by myself" and "asking it to others", are important ways.


So we need to search the third way, apart from the above two.


I want to purpose "runaway".


(To be continued)

2016-10-25 「自分でやる」も、「人に押しつける」も、「逃げる」も、それぞれ、面倒くさいことには違いないです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However this skill of "runaway" is modestly difficult.


I had already written more than 30 lines about two requirements, three instructions and two attentions however I finally noticed,

―― 駄目だ

"No way"

―― この「逃亡スキル」を実施する知性と能力のある人は、「逃亡スキル」を実施する前に、仕事を完了して、どこかに遊びに出掛けている

"The person who can execute this "runaway" skill" has already done the work and gone to somewhere to visit for pleasure."



After that, I went through other activities to solve this problem, however,


"Do it by myself", "Ask it to others" and "Runaway", these activities are absolutely annoying.



I am sorry that I have to tell you a poor conclusion,


"If you feel certain that "I cannot do it", you should keep believing the "I cannot do it" absolutely, even if whoever says whatever"


―― それすらも、面倒くさいかもしれませんが。

I am afraid that even it might annoy you.

2016-10-26 ―― 私に返せ [長年日記]


When I draw a illustration for my column, I make a habit to refer to existing photograph or animation pictures.


At any rate, I have no ability to draw a picture, and it cannot be helped except for doing the ways.

例えば、「このシーンの腕を組んでいるシーンを、腕を振り上げるように描したい」と思っても、それができない ―― 「立体把握能力」とか「動態認識能力」? みたいなものが絶無なのです。

For example, even if I want to draw a new picture that the character flings up his arms, with refering the original picture that the character arms in arm , I cannot do it.

I don't have stereognosis or dynamic image processing at all.


On the other hand, my two daughters seem to have this ability, and are good at drawing.


If they succeed to the ability from me, I want to say

―― 私に返せ

"Give it to me back"



(To be continued)

2016-10-27 ―― もう自分が「恐怖のマッドサイエンティスト」になるしかない [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The illustration of this time had rough going.



There is no way I could find a picture "a great mad scientist of terror is using Harisen" absolutely.


I know well that it is very difficult to find out the convenient scene, however I had a death wish to show the illustration.


I could not concede to you a bit about this illustration, because of the story of this my column.


In this time, I could finish drawing the picture with much effort, and I was very tired. The most important issue is to waste of time.



What I did after finish writing, was to


purchase a white lab coat from Amazon.com

―― もう自分が「恐怖のマッドサイエンティスト」になるしかない

"I have no choice but to make me "the great mad scientist of terror""


"and make a pose and take a shot of mine". It is absolutely downright uncomfortable.


You might think that it is just a costume play.


However, I have no intention to enjoy "costume play". So if I said it as "costume play", it might be impolite for them.


だが、しかし ―― 敢えて言おう。

However, I dare to say to you.


Look with keen interest, youngsters.


I am just a white-collar employee, married man, having wife, daughters of junior or high school, and live more than half a century, and doing such a stupid activity.

この事実は、君達に「大きな勇気を与えている」と ―― 私は信じる。

I believe that this my stupid activity will give you a "great big courage".

2016-10-28 『今年の年賀状の集合写真は、全員の白衣着衣バージョンにしようか』 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Over the AI(3) ---- beyond a reach of our imagination"

Embarrassed artificial intelligence -- More than 100 years are needed to explain their thought per one second.



Being faced with the problem of "drawing a illustration",

I bought a white lab coat(for mens) for real business purposes from Amazon.com, against family's opposition, and


After my whole family tried the coat,


they came out with a counter-view of "let us try it and take a picture for the next new years post card".



The family, like the above


has existed.

2016-10-29 「パソコンから、クラッシック音楽が、流れっぱなしだった」 [長年日記]


Wife:"Today, I could not continue the work well with being troubled by sleep


Ebata:"Hey, all right. Why don't you go to a hospital?"


Wife:"When I tried to check around me..."




Wife:"A classic music played from the PC"

―― は?



Wife:"It is natural to make me sleepy"


The junior daughter(JD) broke in us.


JD:"Any classic music is bored. It never hit my heart"


Ebata:"No, no no way. It would not do that. Of course, I think that some kind of classical music might be sleepy ... "


JD:"Never. All are not acceptable for me"



Well, I also cannot enjoy classical literature at all.

国内外の文豪の作品なんぞは、「火に焼(く)べ」ても、―― もちろん止めようとはするだろうけど ―― 恐らく命をかけては、止めようとは思わないし(理学書ならともかく)、

I will not stake my life on book burning, especially, in the case of the great writers of the work. (except for science field)


I am confident that I can black out in a minutes when watching Kabuki.


(To be continued)

2016-10-30 クラッシック音楽の中に睡眠導入成分がある [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, anyway, "classic music makes us sleepy" is a famous story.


- There is a sleep-inducing drag in the classical music.


- There is an illusion that "classic music makes us sleepy"


I think that the above two issues seem to be reasons. I want to check them.



Ebata:"If you were a musical performer, you could understand the good mark of classic music, for example, playing trumpery,clarinet or euphonium.


SD:"I wonder about that.I have not done any instrument before."


Ebata:"Well, in my case, I had learned piano until junior high school, so I think I can feel "Isn't that something?", hearing a piano symphony.




Ebata:"Why don't you try anything about music, like brass band or light music and try to play a instrument ? I believe that your world will change dramatically,"



After the talk, my wife spoke slowly in under-tones

―― 私も、6年間、ピアノ習っていたけどなぁ・・・

"I also had learned piano for six years when I was a child"


(To be continued)

2016-10-31 「クラッシックって、なんか責められているようで聞いていて辛い」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In addition, senior daughter(SD) joined the talk.


SD:"Classic seems to blame me, so I feel pain."




SD:"I hear that they scold me, for example "Why do you start your homework? " "Why do you delay the start?""

I heard that she said that "I feel to get after the song for my lazy"


Just classic music and Nakajima-Miyuki hit her heart easily. I cannot stop worrying about my daughter's mental intension in earnest,


Even so, I can understand why nobody has come in my room, listening to the classic music in youtube.


Previously, she came into the father of the room in writing, lying on the floor while reading the comics. Until I say, "get out", she had been strewn on the floor.




クラッシックを、虫除けスプレーのように扱われているとしたら ――

Classic musics have been treated like a insect repellent,


the great composers of the old (ancient) should be pitiful, I think.