2018-10-15 Anyway, if I were told that "I am going to do my child again," I will flee with full power. [長年日記]

I talk about protections and human rights of children on a regular basis, however, It's not that I like children.

It is rather difficult for me to deal with children.

I will want to hook and kick children who run on a train, and,

I will change the cargo when a bunch of children rides on for school excursion.

I mean, in my mind,

there are difference between children as a concept and children as an entity.

In particular, I don't think that it is contradiction, or vice.


Children are absolutely "deserve protections" for me.

The reason is "a society that children cannot feel happy" is "a society that all people cannot feel happy"

I don't have intention to sprinkle with fine phrases as the above.

In my case, when I was a child, I felt more unhappy overwhelmingly.

- classfellows who were childish, foolish and naive

- teachers who could not explain the background of meaningless school rule

- presidents who just speak abstract theory which is meaningless and not fun with collecting all the students.

Anyway, if I were told that "I am going to do my child again," I will flee with full power.


For me, the reasons why children should be "protected" are

- they are important social components,

- they are producers and consumers,

- they are engines for keeping society changing according to the environment,


at the moment, they do not know "yet" the weapons that protect themselves - how to use social welfare systems, the basic knowledge of the law, the means of escape from violence and abuse.

I think that this is "unfairness".

Separately, although I am not disadvantaged, I think "I feel bad".

I don't have so bad personality, with thinking that "the next generation can be unhappy because I was unlucky as a child,

If there are something like "misfortune production equipments"(In the case of children, school, friends and so on), I would like to "reform" them, and even if it is difficult, I think that I will "destroyed" them.


I will do my best for children who "are protected as a concept".

I will expect your efforts for children who "are protected as a entity".

2018-10-14 I am reading "books I have to read" rather than "books I want to read". [長年日記]

Recently, I am reading "books I have to read" rather than "books I want to read".

If I did not receive a request for serialization, there are some books that I guess I did not get it about both "AI" and "work way reform".

In other words, for me,

"I will not read books nor output, unless there is anything to drive me off"

The thing to drive me is mainly "promise (meeting etc.)" "deadline" "time of delivery".


Professor Hideo Itekawa, as a father of space development and rocket development in Japan, was the one who has continued his skill up in a way that "he will promise ahead of time, even if there is no confidence or confidence."

He became a cello performer, a ballet dancer, even when he had never experimented the jobs and tried to promise to show the performance, with thinking "If he does not keep your promise, he will bother the others"

"It is awesome"

I think that.

I do not have as much grade as Professor Itokawa Hideo, Well, still "determining the date and time before" is a good way to use for me.


Everyone of teenagers should not believe irresponsible adult words "Do what you like."

Most of us do not know "what they like".

And most of our adults are not working "what they like" as a job.

"I started doing it, because it cannot be helped" -> "And I managed to do it" -> "It is troublesome to do other things"

We adults merely read that as "what we like" (Or we just do not notice it).


I am reading "books I have to read" rather than "books I want to read".

I do not think that it is a bad thing.

To read books themselves is fun and sometimes it is useful, but it is not something you must do.

2018-10-13 "Buddhism Calculation : BudCalc" [長年日記]

The other day I talked that the basic idea of Buddhism is "Receive the real world as it is, and make us easy".

However, I think

"Is it really so?"

Especially when you are looking at the score of TOEIC.


In the world of computation, "modeling" is very important.

However, it is realistically impossible to reproduce the real world as it is.

However, thanks to the recent CPU speed of computers and lower price of storage media, we can use incredible amount of memory now.

As a result,

"To reproduce the real world to some extent in the computer"

becomes possible.

About this issue, there is a description on this page of "only artificial intelligence - making in a personal computer," only for me "Wonderland"


I come to think that

"Simulation to move the real world as it is"

is a new calculation method based on Buddhism

If so, a field of a simulation program for generating a large number of objects, will be called

"Buddhism Calculation : BudCalc"

While thinking "the idea is not bad", I arrived at the station.

2018-10-12 Immediately I ordered my family to "purchase 3 bucks" by LINE from the office, [長年日記]

At the blackout of week before last, I told you the story of "I was in trouble with a shortage of size C battery".

It might be enough to leave AA batteries in the radio, However, "leakage" problem occurs frequently, when leaving the batteries in the long-term,

After that, the slot of the battery rusted, the worst, the radio itself breaks down.


Previously, In the Ebatas, we used batteries quite frequently, but recently we only use them for LED flashlights.

And its size is almost "AA 3" (Rarely AA 4 also exists).

So, AA batteries are quite abundant in our house.


By the way, although batteries are different in size, in fact, AA and C have the same "height".

So, if you can "thicken" the girth of a AA battery, you can use it as a C battery.

"I thought it was a certain that converts the size to AA to C", and I could easily find it on Amazon, however,

"It was expensive."

Why do I have to pay 300 yen per just plastic adapter?

At home, I need at least six C batteries, I will have to pay 1800 yen as well.

In this case, buying AA is far cheaper.


While thinking "I'm getting angry, and I was searching it on the net, I found ideal thing.

That's it.

This is 50 yen per adapter.

Immediately I ordered my family to "purchase 3 bucks" by LINE from the office,


Two days later, my wife got this adapter at a 100 yen shop, and "single type C shortage problem" was ended.

2018-10-11 "he had a lot of foresight" [長年日記]

Last week, I sent "an illustration and postcard of Natsume Yujincho" to people who applied for them.

"People who do not need will be presented to those who want it" is a reasonable resource allocation.

In the past, there were abundant bulletin boards for such barter transfers.

When I was a child, in the city hall bulletin board, the monthly magazine's appendix, or the graduation album,

"address, name, telephone number was posted dignifiedly"

Personal information was opened disorderly

However, there was no infrastructure ( the Internet, cell-phone ) to abuse personal information.

In addition, since there was only one phone in the home in the first place, in order to access a minor it was necessary to break through the guardian's cabbage.


By the way, I remember something about a graduation album.

After graduation, when Obon rest and New Year holidays come, I heard that there used to be a former boy who often called a girl of former classmates.

In a modern style, that was well called "matchmaking", poorly called "picking up"

At that time I was feeling uncomfortable, "he is an unconventional guy with unscrupulous behavior", however, turning now to thinking, I think

"he had a lot of foresight"

In the future, he may have witnessed the fact that personal information has enormous value, and he may have acted quickly.

Alternatively, he perceived that his value as an object of my romance and marriage, was very low at an early stage after graduation.


"He was the same as mine"

I noticed an unpleasant truth.

2018-10-10 "Well, you got bigger after a long time" [長年日記]

The other day, my relatives gathered for Buddhist event of my deceased father, after a long time.

However, I felt sorry that some people will only come for the Buddhist event from a distance.

As I have already told you many times, I personally do not put emphasis on the event.

(However, I know that the events are "meaningful" to the funeral)

So, I basically responded them to "there is no problem that you will be absent from the event".

However, some relatives, were seriously enthusiastic, and, to tell you the truth, It was not too much to say that I was pushed by the enthusiasm.

The host can not reject the enthusiasm, if the guest wishes to hold the ceremony.

Not only in Japan, but also all of the world, I bothered that many clashes of values are going on everyday about ceremonial occasions.

Set it aside,


However, the dinner party after the event with the relatives was fun.

I remembered what they were very kind of me, when I was a child.

In this dinner party, some of them said,

"Well, you got bigger after a long time"

However, the meaning was completely different.

The children have already been here as a adult of more than half a century ages.

The meaning was transformed into "Is your health checks okay?" "Is there no problem about blood pressure?"

and , for me,

"Are you okay? Are you sleeping well? Can you have a meal enough? "

They seemed to be worried about my health.

When my wife said that

"My husband continues a diet experiment by his body"

At the moment, the worry changed a blame with the two octave voice.

"Stop it soon"


I told them to the background that I had written columns about "diet" and I have just kept my weight measurement everyday. However they seemed not to stop blaming me.

I think that this was a rare case, but I could enjoy chatting with them.

2018-10-09 Unfortunately, there are certainly "children who can not win fight at all" in the world [長年日記]

I seriously argued that if we want to eliminate "bullying", we have to apply "the rules of the law on contact with the body" first.

We, adults are forbidden to touch others' bodies intentionally or negligently, regardless of the reason. Basically, "violent crime" is established only by that.

In other words, I am not satisfied with "parents appear in children's fighting", but apply criminal law to children's "bullying".


Some people assert that "fighting is necessary for the growth process", however, the logic is just for the persons who

can sometimes win with a fight


take the winning percentage to even

Unfortunately, there are certainly "children who can not win fight at all" in the world

And it is "bullying" to try to fight such children.


To eliminate bullying by law - Is this so nonsense?

It is a tough fact that there is an educational place that can not fulfill its function, and I do not have intention to blame it. I think that It cannot be helped.

What is unacceptable for children is not allowed for adults,

What is unacceptable for adults is not allowed for children

I think that this is just a common sense.

2018-10-08 "Somehow, looking at this boy in this photo, I want to hit him instinctively, because of his bad face. [長年日記]

In "Natsume Yuujincho (movie)", Nyanko-sensei is separated into three bodies,

The form of each separated nyanko-sensei become pretty little cat.

So I think

"Will I be able to be cute if I also separate it into 3 bodies ?"

At the moment,

"No way. Absolutely not"

I was convinced.


Even when I was a child, I had never been used the adjective "cute".

For example. when I lived in college dormitory, my friend who looked at my photo album, he said,

"Somehow, looking at this boy in this photo, I want to hit him instinctively, because of his bad face.

He was talking about painful things against me.

2018-10-07 "He didn't do such big deals did he ?" [長年日記]

Jesus Christ, who appears in the New Testament, could

heal patients just by touching them


rise from the dead after suffering the death penalty by Rome,

By these miracles, he and his pupils could broadcast Christian faith to the world. (Bible said that)


However, I also could

make the application activate by touching the PC, (even my family complained)


make the WiFi access point of my house restart normally, just by connecting a wire LAN cable, after the blackout by typhoon for 15 hours.

I also made several miracles which were observed from my family really.


Therefore, I think

"He didn't do such big deals did he ?"

2018-10-06 At the moment I opened the container, I could get an image that all goods were flying to the sky. [長年日記]

At this typhoon, I had experienced "power outage" at home for the first time in my life.

(At the time of the earthquake of 3.11, I was waiting for the recovery of transportation in the office without going home )


At the day, the blackout started before midnight.

Of course, I lost all data of my PC, when I was working on a computer. Three servers running at home (Raspberry PI) also forced down.

However, I have already installed five small LED flashlights at light switch panel of each room. So I could avoided to search them around.


The problem was "news".

In my house, there are several battery-type radio, but I could not find cells. that were six C size battery.

Such high electric pressures are not needed to work the radio, however, the radio that has a CD player, need several cells.

A portable radio has, of course, has been prepared. But the radio was in the rescue container at the garden. I had no guts to take it in the severe storm with standing in fear of my life.

At the moment I opened the container, I could get an image that all goods were flying to the sky.

I was afraid that the blackout kept modestly long time. However I could not see more than 15 hours.


In fact, the refrigerator was in big trouble, by this blackout.

This time, I could know that cooling capacity recovers soon, after power feeding.

At the earthquake of 3.11, I heard that the the refrigerator keep food for three day, however, as long as I remember, any food had been damaged seriously.

After the day of blackout, our dinner seemed to include many meat and vegetable for a few days.