2019-02-22 I call this "Sagami Ono station of Schrodinger". [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

However, if the trial is "practically useful",it is no problem.

For example, at the time of the exam of my junior daughter, the prep-school,which was nearby the exam venue, opened for the prep-school students who could warm themselves.

In my case, whenever a test takers, who loses themselves, is in the station ( I can find a test takers easily, by their aura), I will say something and tell them where to go.

As a matter of fact, the train to Odawara direction and Enoshima direction is confusing, and there are many accidents that the destination will be determined after actually riding the train.

I call this "Sagami Ono station of Schrodinger".

These are "practically useful".



To me who is trying hard escape in the fire.

From a safe, relaxing, cozy place

"I hope you do your best"

whoever is saying like that,

whether there is good intentions or not,

all are my enemies.

2019-02-21 I thought "remember the time of your own examination and try to think it by yourself with your little brain" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Please remember it.

When we were students, we should have been nervous all the time until I went to the examination venue.

If possible, we should have wanted to concentrate on exams without being disturbed by noise from the outside.

An idiot who cheers loudly in front of the gate in the examination hall is out of the question.Such an idiot should die.


When I was a college student, the radical student residents of the self-governing dormitory tried to shout loudly repeating their doctrine outside the examination venue using speakers.

Of course, I resolutely opposed the meaningless event like that, and did not involve any such activities.

I thought "remember the time of your own examination and try to think it by yourself with your little brain"

Well, in such a way, the result was this.


Even now, on the day of the junior high school examinations, the teachers at the preparatory school are lining in front of the entrance examination school.

Is that an attempt to raise the possibility of passing the exams by a few percent of the comma?

For me, it seems to be "self-satisfaction" or "promotion of preparatory school".

I do not know well, however, in the world, there may be a jinxu saying "If being spoken from a successful candidate, the passing rate goes up".

Even so, I will say "It is annoying".

(To be continued)

2019-02-20 There is an "idiot" who is seriously thinking that I felt happy because I got a cheer from a person human who has been in a quiet position after passing the exam [長年日記]

Previously, when I was studying for qualification examination the next day in a train, a man told me

"Try tomorrow's XXXX exam, please do your best"

And, as he thought it was, he got off.

At that time, I could not say anything because I was surprised, however,

"I have never experimented that unpleasant feeling in my life"

Even now, just remembering, the scene makes me feel uncomfortable about wanting to "hit him" and "kill him".


The man seemed to have been able to infer the qualification examination from my reference book etc, so he would be "a person who already acquired the qualification".

The man "who has already got the qualification" sent a cheer to me arrogantly, whom was studying madly for the next day's exam.

First of all, if I got such "Cheer from the top", there was no guarantee to rise the possibility of passing rate, even with a few percent of comma.

What is even worse, he destroyed my concentration in remaining time, and made me mad. He gave me terrible trouble.


The man sent the cheer to me just for "100% self satisfaction".

There is an "idiot" who is seriously thinking that I felt happy because I got a cheer from a person human who has been in a quiet position after passing the exam

I feel a vomiting, about self-centered ignorance, no consideration of insensitivity, and arrogance from the top.

(To be continued)

2019-02-19 "My daughter lifts her boyfriend up as a prince does for a princess, and slides down the ski slopes" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

However, when I heard the story, in the generation of my daughters, I think that

(1) They do not own a car. Moreover, they do not drive a car.

(2) They have not been to skiing

Furthermore, regardless of generation

(3) Tools of skiing (initial cost ) and means of moving are relatively expensive

It is certain that skiing is not a handy leisure.

In view of the situation (2) as above,

"Only beginners without experienced persons stand on ski slopes"

is quite dangerous situation.

Above all, "standing on a plate whose friction coefficient is close to zero" is itself unusual.

One of my acquaintances, was also a very unlucky person, who fractured three minutes after wearing the ski board.


Of course, our daughters have ski skills who can slide down without problem for intermediate courses, due to the influence of their father.

Therefore, they can stand on the slopes with the beginner's lover.

However, at the same time,

"My daughter lifts her boyfriend up as a prince does for a princess, and slides down the ski slopes"

You can imagine a "painful scene" like that.


If I were the boyfriend, I would be shameless to put the story in the public.

However, I don't know how much my daughter's boyfriend have a capacity.

Normally speaking, I am afraid that ordinary male students cannot endure the figure.

2019-02-18 I was asked "Please take me to skiing" [長年日記]

Thirty years ago, there was a movie whose title was "Take me to skiing"

It was thought that this movie was a trigger of big ski trend of in the bubble boom.

I can agree the opinion, however, the basic reason of big ski trend is "Skiing is enjoyable" basically.

Skiing is fun for from beginners to experts in their way (Any activities are also same, I know)

However, even though I remember it now, I think that boom was amazing.


I was asked "Please take me to skiing"

from two daughters of college and high school students.

I always say to them

"Whom do you say to that phrase?"

"Tell it to your "boyfriend""


Enviably, my daughters seem to have a boyfriend for each.

They seem to have realized so-called "sociable", that I could not have experienced when I was a teenager,

Of course, there may be various troubles as it is, but it will be called "sociable" including that.

(To be continued)

2019-02-17 And from next year, there is no need for procedure. [長年日記]

Every year, when this time comes, I've been on behalf of my father and mother's tax return procedure.

Since my father died last summer, this year, I have to carry out the procedure called "semi-final return" by legal representatives (older sister and myself).

As I was investigating variously, I knew that there was nothing to do about it, because it was out of the subject of declaration.

And from next year, there is no need for procedure.

Today, I also did various cancellation procedures together. the more I proceed, the more I feel my father disappears rapidly. Somehow, they made me feel very lonely.

Those who are left must delete the person who left sociologically (administratively procedurally, legally)

And we have to hand over to the next generation.

I understand it, however, it is hard for me.

2019-02-16 "Okay, a family is an essential team for "IT literacy." [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Ebata:"Do you want to get mails from your friends or coworkers?"

Woman:"I sometimes get a mail from coworkers, however I seldom replay to it, "Read only"

Ebata:"Do you feel the input characters annoy you ?"

Woman:"At the beginning, I needed much time for it, however, my daughter helps me"

Ebata:"I am sorry for querying you a lot. To tell you the truth, I am a member of a neighborhood association(NA), and I am really in trouble that some people don't want to use e-mails"

At that time, I wanted to say that "sabotage terrorism of them", however, I was interviewing a person who don't use e-mail, so I could not say it.


Woman:"Lack of their can-do spirit?"

Ebata:"I know that person come to lose the spirits easily, if they face the trouble"

Woman:"How about going to join a PC class ?"

Ebata:"The class gives them one or two house in a week at most, and it might be a rare case if a trouble happened in the class"

Woman:"Well, I remember that I was in trouble that I could not answer the question about.. how to say "mail address"? I could not do any response of a person"


Woman:"My daughter told me that "Mom, Pass your phone to the person in front" and I did what she said"

Ebata: "... (speechless)"

It seems that it is not a story of such dimension any longer, such as information leakage or security.

I thought that if phone numbers or mail address list leaked out it would not be a problem for herself. But, of course I remained silent.


Somehow I understood.

In other words, for PCs and mails,

(1) When you are in trouble, people who support you ("her daughter" in the case of the above woman) will tell you the side

(2) Even if the personal computer can not be used, a person ("her husband") who acts for that will tell the side

(3) There is a clear reason ("Contact with her daughter") for using e-mails and personal computers

If these three conditions are not established, PC and mail can not work.


In order to establish these conditions,

(A) At least, one person in a situation where it is necessary to use a personal computer at work, etc.

(B) At least, one person of other generation who can use e-mail etc. is as usual communication means

(C) At least, one person who can not contact unless you use mail

are needed, and that means, she must be a "member" of a "small group" of "non-profit" of "24 hours sales".

At that time, I noticed,

"It is "family" isn't it?"


"Okay, a family is an essential team for "IT literacy."

I could understand it deeply.

2019-02-15 "I am not good at personal computers" [長年日記]

Last night, I went into a barber of super baths for the first time.

It is very helpful for me that it is open until 22:20 at night.

I keep myself away from sleeping in a taxi or barber shop. Those who took charge today were women of a large body in their 70s with.

"I am not good at personal computers"

In one word, as my weekend writer, I was interested in her, and I was interviewing her implicitly.


Ebata: "Is there anything you are in trouble without PC?"

Woman: "There is absolutely No, do you have anything in trouble?"

Ebata: "It might be convenient, for example, purchase of train tickets, shopping, getting documents to be issued without in the row of government offices.

Woman: "Well, that's fine because my husband do all. He is working on electrical work and drawing pictures on my computer".

Ebata: "Then, have you had any trouble without e-mail? "

Woman: "I'm doing e-mail on my mobile phone, ""short message"? But, I don't use a smartphone.

Ebata: "No, no doubt it is "you are doing" wonderfully.

Woman: "I use it only to get in touch with my daughter. My daughter is doing a nursing care now, so I can not call you anytime. "

(To be continued)

2019-02-14 "Violence is an exclusive matter of the state" [長年日記]

The day before yesterday, I wrote about the movie "Sage of Tanya The Evil".

Recently, the animation characters have come to pay attentions to watching a movie(prohibition of smartphone and whisper, e.g.) before the movie.

In the attention, "Call an officer if you are in trouble with a stranger. Prohibit to appeal to force" and Tanya, as the heroin, said

"Violence is an exclusive matter of the state"

(I forgot the exact phrase)


Many people don't seem to know a fight with violence is an illegal act of "battle prohibited" for any reason, date, place, object, and whatever reason (with some exceptions such as legitimate defense ).

In that sense, many creations, including juvenile jumps such as "Shounen Jump" show enormous depictions of illegal act.

So even in juvenile magazines, where fighting scenes come in, for example, outside the frame,

"This is fiction.

Quarrels are illegal acts under the Penal Code (battle crimes) and may be imprisonment with a term of not more than 5 years.

If you kill a person, it becomes murder crime / injury crime.

Also it will be subject to damages based on tort law on Civil Code 709"

I expect that Japan's law-abiding spirit will increase by this one line (though it is long), small letters are O.K. (Even it ruins atmosphere).

Well, I think that it is handling similar to cigarette package display (health damage), so it is not so bad.

In the late 1980s, POP music which title is "quit fights" became popular. I think that the song was an enlightenment activity to prevent illegal acts.


In any case, we individuals are forced to transfer the right to violence to the state (compulsively).

Therefore, if we exercise violence for private reasons, we will be subject to arrest without question. Because we are just an individual without legal capacity.

And the SDF and the police, which are said to have the right ability, the content of the violences are decided precisely according to the situation.

Exercise of unrestricted violence is not permitted (as publicity).


Well, even so, I was deeply moved with thinking

"At the beginning of an animated movie the story of 'violence device' comes out.

2019-02-13 In this way, children are required to take all units of "black company reserve", and will complete as a slave subordinate to organizations. [長年日記]

In the government-led "work style reform", many people think that it is strange that they are trying hard to "stop overtime" and "take a paid holiday"

I think that it is rough to say just our "national character",

however, how about "national brain-washing" is.


I think that the contents of brain-washing are "POP musics" or "Anime songs".

The basic elements that make up these songs are three,

"Do your best" "Fight" "Love wins finally"


"Painful" "Sad" "Not only you,"


These are common phrases, whenever a company (not only "black companies") inspires employees.

In other words, from the time we were children, we

"have heard black compamy's policies by iPhone"


"have kept shouting at the motto of a black company with a karaoke box"

In this way, children are required to take all units of "black company reserve", and will complete as a slave subordinate to organizations.


So, people of nationalist do not have to make a loud noise about patriotic education moral education. You are noisy.

All you need is that iPhone and karaoke are doing.

It's better than you are doing.


I do not know foreign POP music or Anison, so I do not know if this can be regarded as "brainwashing" inherent in our country.

However, anyway, experimentally, I will propose how to prohibit broadcasting of these POP songs and animations (censored) about five years.

"Do your best" "Fight" "Love wins finally" are going to be

"in moderation" "friendship" "Love (rare) win love"

"Painful" "Sad" "Not only you," are going to be

"Run away" "Abandon" "Revenge"

I think that we have to start it from them.