2018-08-17 Some the stupid , who come to use the word "AI", referring to this "Smart EX", appear in mass media. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

By the way,

This time I have used the Shinkansen ticket reservation system "Smart EX", and deeply moved.

First of all,

(1)The whole ticket-vending machine is coming to my PC.


(2)I can pass the Shinkansen ticket gate by IC card of commuter pass.

This should be "emotional experience", I think.

I know that this is just one-stop ticketing service, and doesn't have any special innovative technical point as a system.

Of course, I know well that there are a lot of difficult solutions for system management, backup and several trouble-shooting methods."


Some the stupid , who come to use the word "AI", referring to this "Smart EX", appear in mass media.

So in this staying period, I had to change the TV channel again and again.

For me, when the AI agent who can manage the inheritance for an deceased, I will discharge "the stupid"

2018-08-16 Everyday is "traveling salesperson problem", including, city halls, polices, post offices, hospitals and banks. [長年日記]

"I want an AI agent that can help procedures of pension, insurance, and inheritance for an deceased"

"Bon holiday" that is Japanese traditional about one week summer holiday, is the best period to make a progress for the procedure, because most Japaneses companies will set the holiday, and city offices and banks is in business.

I stay at my parent house and continue to the procedures. And I feel fatigue very much.


Everyday is "traveling salesperson problem", including, city halls, polices, post offices, hospitals and banks.

In addition, I realize that the solver (solving algorithm) is just a toy using mathematical models and computers.

That means,

(1)I cannot know the waiting time of each point, before(Sometimes, it is surprisingly fast, or disgustingly late)

(2)In the traveling, I notice that I have to add a new point to visit.( The conditions are changeable dynamically)


(3)More than two player should be added in this problem, and resources(persons and time) are changeable everyday

In conclusion, "the condition of problem will not be fixed"


Question: If we enforce to make this "AI agent", what will happen?

Answer; It is useless.

Reasons: No method to mediate several persons intention, No mechanism to set exceptions, and need several days just to install initial condition.

(To be continued)

2018-08-15 Ebata:"Now I will record this conversation from now." [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

After I judged that the kindergarten headmaster was "uncorrectable stupid", I started negotiations, not battle with the insurance company.


Insurance company:"At the moment, there is a possibility of "repair", so we can not make a decision on "exchange" right now."

Ebata:"I see. I understand that "your company will bear the damages entirely" about the inaction of infant death if the infant dies due to the delay in setting up the outdoor unit. You can agree can't you?"

Insurance company:"..."

Ebata: "I understand now that" I was warned against infants hospitalization due to heat stroke and death, so I will be totally exempted from this matter. You can agree can't you?"

Insurance company:"..."

Ebata:"Now I will record this conversation from now."

Insurance company:"..."

Ebata:"Since I will do the same question again, please answer the same. Also, in a conversation, I will ask your name and today's date and time, so please also answer that. "

Insurance company: "... I will consult my boss soon"

Ebata:"That is fine, but if the child fails or dies during the consultation, I will testify in court "Because of your negligence in the business of omission, not "your company's negligence "


On the next day, parts exchange was completed and the air conditioner was ready for use.

2018-08-14 "Uncorrectable stupid" [長年日記]

In the past, I failed to park the kindergarten where my daughter passed, and I had destroyed the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

It was a long time, about years ago, but it was still in the middle of a hot summer.

I got pale.

"In this intense heat, if children were inside a classroom with no air conditioner, they definitely die"

From the moment of the accident, I contacted the insurance company as fast as possible, using objective insurance. I requested "replacement" instead of "repair" of the air conditioner outdoor unit.

At the moment, I thought that the fastest operation of the air conditioner was the top priority.


Of course, I kept asking the insurance company for maximum pressure, and I also contacted the kindergarten headmaster and also asked him the insurance companies to put the pressure.

Head: "I do not need to do that."

Ebata:"Pardon me?"

Head: "Even without air conditioning for about a week, children should bear them."

Ebata: "No, no, if the child is a heat stroke, the possibility of death ..."

Head: "Our children can do it."

Even if I answered the question five times, at last the director never changed his opinion.

"Oh, this man is useless even if I talk"

I though him as one phrase,

"Uncorrectable stupid"

I felt a bottomless fear of the fact of a person who never tried to study the recent trend of climate change, the change of the constitution of children, and had anachronism who misleaded psychology and education

If this idiot is still doing the kindergarten headmaster, the life of the kindergarten's child is seriously dangerous.


If you personally know me, and who lives near me, and if you would like to know the name of this kindergarten, please contact me.

I will teach you loudly.

If you can, please spread in the word of mouth.

(To be continued)

2018-08-13 "My father had lived his life, watching these landscapes" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

After calling my sister, and telling "might be impossible to finish it", I restarted the cruise.

In order to find my father's birth place, I drove the car to arrive at the next city hall, through a wooded area, along a coast, and in an industrial zone.

The cruise was done under the killing shining in the murderous heat, however I could enjoy driving in the air-conditioned car.


I thought

"My father had lived his life, watching these landscapes"

with driving as following his tracks of his life.


Fortunately, the cruise was terminated at the next city hall, however when I read the copy of family register, I was really surprised.

There was over ten people names in the copy, I felt in suspense that it was almost impossible to find my father's name. (Finally I could find it at the bottom lines.)

I understood that

There were three families in the same place, and one of the families had several children.

There were almost "class" or "colony" not "family"

At least, in the copy, I could not find the concept of "declining birth rates".


After all, I continued the cruise about four hours and drove around the peninsula of his birth place. And I could start on my return home.

This time was scant rather than the period of my father's life, however,

I could enjoy the cruise because I had a feeling that I could play back his life quickly.

2018-08-12 The problem is to prove "my father was himself" [長年日記]

After my father's death, both my sister and I have to do the procedure about his account and insurance for my mother. However mother is at a home for the old.

So we had to work as agents of my mother just after my father's funeral.

Though, Many people had already written it, the most difficult procedure is to prove that "we were real father's children, and we have proper qualify as my mother's agent.


How can we prove that we were real father's children at law ?

This is not so difficult. We can show the copy of my father's family register, and deacquisition of both my sister and me. In addition, we can show the copy of my family register and I have already made a new census register.

The problem is to prove "my father was himself"

In order to prove this fact, we have to gather all document of his census register as his birth records.

The next day of the funeral, my sister and I went to the city hall to remove my father's name from the register.

Next, I had to go the city hall of my father's family home, and get his census register for his birth certificate.

I borrowed the from my sister, and drove the car, given into smartphone GPS and Google map and arrived at the city hall after one-half hour.

As is to be expected, the office seemed to be used to their works. I came to know an unexpected fact here.

The place where the city hall manages was not my father's birth place(that means. my father had moved before)

Ebata:"You said that I have to go another city hall from now, don't you ?"

The office:"Yes, it is"

Ebata:"Can you assure that the next city hall will be the terminal ?"

The office:"No, we can't. If you find the new information of register, I am sorry but you should go the next city hall"

Ebata:"Can you check the information here"

The officer:"No we can't. We have just information that belonged in the competence of this city hall"

I thought that it was natural.

(To be continued)

2018-08-11 Ms. Kana Hanazawa, voice actress should be given a national honor award. [長年日記]

Previously, I wrote a diary saying "Ms. Miyuki Nakajima of the singer should be given a national honor award."


Even for just this week, I was

teared by the phrase of "Mayuri Shiina" of Stein's Gate Zero 17th episode

burst into laughter by the shout of "red blood cell" of "working cell" the 5th episode.

Therefore, I think that,

Ms. Hanazawa Kana, voice actress who has continued giving breath to countless animated characters,

should be given a national honor award.


I think that animation in Japan is already on a stage, to remove "sub" from "subculture"

How do you think that this a good chance ?

I think that you can leave my name in history > M. Prime Minister of Japan.

2018-08-10 Only this feeling is my pleasure. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Besides this, there is also the idea that "the soul after death" is "the mind of life".

However, if you know that medicine that you give from a psychosomatic department can changes the state of the human mind easily,

you will think that the human mind is only one of the states of "chemical change" that it can easily be controlled with medicine.

So, I am thinking about this fact.

"human soul after death" is easy changeable even by medicine?"

Well, no way. I can not even deceive me by myself.

If such a thing is "human soul"

"The soul floating in the air can be rested in peace by insecticide"

I think that.


I come to think that "there is no big difference between the death of a human being and the shutdown of a personal computer."

If there is a difference, it is the point that human death is "there is no restart"

It is important that only one point "I can never meet a deceased person"

"we had lots of things", "I am lonely" "I want to see you again if I can, and

"That's all"

I don't need unnecessary things like, "God" or "religion" or "Buddhist service" at all,


I returned to my parents house once two months and 3 consecutive holidays a year (my sister frequently went to my father)

In the kitchen, I liked the time writing the manuscript with a personal computer, with looking at my father who was sitting in front of the TV all day in the living room

"I liked the time to think about the menu of my father's dishes,"

I liked the time to eat together with my father without a single word of conversation (and when my father completed the dish, I made a small guts pose)


I liked that time I had with my father, and I feel very, very lonely that I can not have that time again,

Only this feeling is my pleasure.

That is enough.

2018-08-09 "even if we do not have a god, we could make us "as is"" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Before I realized, I seem to have become a materialist.

However, I think that I am not someone like an atheist. but I also think

"Both people who claim "God exists" and people who claim "God doesn't exist" might insist on their intention (even if it is a waste of time)

"I do not care whether there is a God or not, (I am not interested in it , I do not know it, and I do not expect it).

"However in my case, I think that it is easier to understand, if there is no God

It is a loose material historical view (however I like a Bible or myths as stories).


I wonder when I started my this unique materialism historical view. It was the time I met "Neural Network Wah" and "Genetic Algorithm (GA)".

In my era of graduate students, it was really dramatical impact for me that even more simple Neural Network with seven nodes, could realize nonlinear separation of space (XOR problem).

If nonlinear separation (high dimensional grouping) was possible with only seven neurons, we, human beings who has

- Human brain with 100 billion neuros and 150 trillion synapses,

- A 0.75GB DNA map describing a perfect human blueprint,

- Natural selection process of natural environment

"even if we do not have a god, we could make us "as is""

I came to think that.

(To be continued)

2018-08-08 "After reading this, go away" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

When I look it up on the net, I will have plenty of information about "direct burial".

The reason why people can choose "direct burial",

(1) Economic circumstances (there is no money)

(2) Changes in the view of religion (I do not have to call a monk as there is no faith in particular)

(3) Dilution of human relations (Since there is no participant, it is not necessary to do a funeral)

And, each is a good reason.

In my case, it is (2) (3).

As in (1), money may be gone, even if I have money, I will recommend going an overseas trip and learning a language and culture of the country with the money for my family

Many people in the city center seems to choose "direct burial". Because urban areas tend to avoid such "disturbance".

Conversely, in rural areas it will be hard to do "direct burial". There are complaints from neighbors as well as relatives.

"Do not something" may require the same or even more energy than "doing something".

Even if I am alone, I will accept a challenge to a quarrel. However in this case, the target will not be me but my "survivor".


All these stories are acknowledged by family members - although conditional.

My family has ordered me that "Make it clear by handwriting for our safety" (Because it will annoy me, I will tell them that digitally sign for blogs in the last few days, is enough.

In the end of the sentence, I will add the following sentences.

"The reason I decided not to do my a funeral, is YOU, who annoys my family. I don't want you to come to me"

"After reading this, go away"

(To be continued)