2019-12-08 "Is it meaningful with using the method ?" [長年日記]

The other day, I went to medical checkup.

And during the interview, the doctor said to me "Nothing abnormal", and I felt it is the Royal Straight Flush.

How many years has I heard the phrase? It may be the first time I was born.

This is a full score if it is TOEIC, however it is not TOEIC.


I have terrible presbyopia recently and I can't read the letters on my computer without reading glasses.

Still, in this visual acuity check, I have got a score of 1.5 for both eyes, although I could hardly see them.

The conclusion is that "math is useful".

Especially for things like automated vision testing equipment, "Bayesian estimation" is very effective.


Wife: "Is it meaningful with using the method ?"

Ebata:"What we can see is not everything. What is important is to see in our heart ―― and that includes "probability calculation".

2019-12-07 After that, "whether our people can accept such an "Emperor system" renovation". This is the story. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

So this is my suggestion.

Artificial intelligence (AI) that many people love, work as the "God" side of the Emperor, and the present Emperor is now responsible for the "interface" of the AI.

Because many people say that "AI exceeds human intelligence".

I don't believe such a stupid story, and everyone could also understand that it is nonsense, if you check it out, try it, and think for yourself.

Well, aside.

Of course, the Emperor and the Empress need to have friendly relations with many people both in Japan and overseas, and this is not possible with so-called "AI".

However, even with current software-based processing, for example, the so-called "AI" can "notify the outline of the law to be settled by the Emperor.

It is also possible to use the Majesty's hologram to convene the Diet or dissolve the House of Representatives.

It is possible to hold a banquet, a singing or an amusement park using Skype or VR technology (It is difficult isn't it?)

Of course, I think this is an innocent story at the moment, however, just 30 years ago, we must not forget that the existence of smartphones and the Internet was treated as a "innocent story".


The above story is already technically feasible.

After that, "whether our people can accept such an "Emperor system" renovation". This is the story.

2019-12-06 What if the Emperor's position is restored to the pre-war "current God" concept ? [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

The other day, I suddenly thought.

What if the Emperor's position is restored to the pre-war "current God" concept ?

In fact, before the Pacific War, a picture of His Majesty was in shrine, The Emperor was not only a tangible human but also an intangible god.

Although it is a little rough, the Emperor's Majesty (human being) before the war was the "God's Interface".


I am afraid that some people who don't understand the word "interface".

Software is basically a program that is intangible.

Therefore, in order to communicate with human beings, you must input and output commands, hit Windows and smartphone icons, and input characters and voices.

These terminals, icons and commands are called "interface (boundary surface)".

Artificial intelligence that appears in the science fiction anime "Beatless", has an interface as a way to communicate with humans-this is "Higgins' daughters" in the form of beautiful girls.

In this anime, each of the characters usually calls these beautiful girls "super-high AI interfaces" (as expected, the world after 100 years).

Computers that store super-high AI, are just boxes, but the means to talk to these boxes are "Higgins' daughters" in the form of beautiful girls.


When I return the story:

Before the war, the Emperor His Majesty (human) was an "interface" for talking with the Emperor Majesty (God) and the Japanese people.

The "interface" may seem rude (disrespectful?), however this has always been a common concept.

The so-called "Yoshiro"(a person who speaks the word of God, as god's agent) or "Hyoi"(transfering of the deceased spirit) is also an "interface".

(To be continued)

2019-12-05 "My life is unfree life, without freedom to choose my occupation. I got a short end of the stick" [長年日記]

For me, I have never complaints about the personality, works and belief(just my estimation) of current "His Majesty the Emperor Emeritus" and "His Majesty the Emperor".

However, for this age, I come to gather strength for an abolishment of Emperor system


No. It is different.

I don't hope "abolishment of Emperor system" but "reform of Emperor system". To be concrete, it is an work-style reform of the present Emperor system.

No. it is a little different.

"Reform" is exaggerated.

In my mind, that is "modify" of Emperor system , and frankly speaking, "promoting the IT infrastructure for Emperor system.


I am afraid that I cannot ask the question, so it is just on the basis of speculation or surmise,

My life is unfree life, without freedom to choose my occupation. I got a short end of the stick"

If "His Majesty the Emperor" thinks so, I feel very sad.


Before when I talk to my wife

Ebata: if "His Majesty" think "I wanted to study about new energy, including atomic fusion" or "I wanted to get a Ph.D of genetic engineering" and "I wanted to work for IoT SIer for IoT Systems", How do you think ?

Wife: "If it is true, that is too far from "ordinal image of "His Majesty"" in my mind"

Like that, I also feel that ""His Majesty" has to have a specific template image.


By the way, this is 100% my small talk from here.

"Emperor who has a Ph.D of math. field"


"Emperor who has developed an original OSS Operation system from Japan."

seems not be loved by many Japanese national except for me, however, I cannot explain the reason.


Of course, if "His Majesty the Emperor" enjoys his work very well, there is no problem.

Moreover, if so, I am very glad as a Japanese.

In addition,

If I can look at a scene that both "His Majesty the Emperor" and "Her Majesty The Empress" exchange communications by "LINE" application in their Smart-phone with smiling in public,

I will be really happy.

I know well that I say an needless meddling.

(To be continued)

2019-12-04 ""Health" first. For health, I don't care if I die" [長年日記]

I like walking (when the walking time is short).

The walking time between my house and the nearest station is good for thinking about columns and inventions of patent.

However, I don't like the day which is too hot, too cool, or raining, because it is good for thinking them.

In addition, walking for "health" and "old age"

I know well that a quite accident (e.g. stumbling) makes us stop walking and being bedridden soon.

Even if I walk everyday, the day I don't or can't walking is going to come absolutely.

So the significant of the walking is for a preparation of "shorten the length of being in bed and lead to death"


Recently, my second daughter studies at a food court near the station on her way home, and come back home late at night.

My wife picks her up at the station over the 23:00.

It is almost same time to arrive at the nearest station for both her and me.

However, I stick to go home by walking, so my wife asked me the reason with wondering look.


Wife: "Why do you like walking so much ?"

Ebata: For "health" and "old age"

Wife:"You look exhausted in these days. I don't understand what you are thinking"

Ebata:""Health" first. For health, I don't care if I die"

2019-12-03 I wonder if I can make a new energy called "Affair Power Generation" or an amplification device called "Cheating Device" [長年日記]

I don't know the diffearence between "affair" and "cheating" well, but I know that this act is subject to damages under the Civil Procedure Law.

In the past, I read the book of the Six Laws and the Interpretation of Civil Law and found that these acts were breach of contract (derived from the interpretation of Article 752 of the Civil Code).


While working in my room, when I come down to the living room to get non-alcoholic beer, I often see a variety show that deals with the theme of "affair" and "cheating".

Whenever I see them,

"Everyone really has energy"

I am honestly impressed.

In my case, everyday, I'm full of raspberry pi kernel panic, year-end patent review meeting, and demonstration experiments that will start next February.

I'm a really "cheap guy" because when I just confirmed that "the specified communication message has arrived at the server", I gave a whoop of joy.


Even so, if there is so much energy of "affair" and "cheating" in the world,

I wonder if I can make a new energy called "Affair Power Generation" or an amplification device called "Cheating Device"

I really think it seriously.

2019-12-02 However, "if administrations can discover it". [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Cannabis cultivation is not difficult and its extraction is relatively easy. Poppy is a little cumbersome to extract.

MDMA is also good if you study from chemical structure (it will be fine if you study chemistry seriously for several years).

Of course, these actions are absolutely "illegal acts", "felony crimes", and if found, you are "guilty" in one shot.

However, "if administrations can discover it".

The reason why these guys are caught are, they open a lewd heart, like, boasting the production of these meds, disclosing recipes online, in addition, getting monry on the black market route.

100% self-manufacturing, self-use DIY drugs are hard to find even for police.

However, there are some problems.

You can't consult with other people about drug manufacturing, so you must be prepared for a single scientific approach called "trial and error".

In addition, if you take a drug and go to a hospital in an addicted state, you will easily find it.

Of course, accidents caused by overdose (including painful death) are all at your own risk.

You must be prepared for these risks.


Without the purpose of any profit,

wanting to relieve my pain,

creating drags in DIY,

and using them, are I still, fully understand that "illegal is illegal", however,

For me, "law" is not less important than "my pain".

(In addition, this column is detailed about my idea of legal compliance)

2019-12-01 I don't really understand but do some doctors think that "they lose if they give a medicine as the patient wants"? [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

As I said,

“Once I take "drug", I can't stop it anymore.”

I have an "absolute trust in weakness of my will" as above.

In addition, I think I am good at justifying it.

However, I am not against using these "drug" effectively to relieve severe pain at the end of life. Moreover, I want to use them.

At this time, I do not know at all the end of my life that the use of "drug" for end-of-life treatment will be legalized.

I think "pain" and "lifetime" are interchangeable, and many people think so.


By the way, the story changes a little.

I often have seen that a doctor refuses to give a meds for a patient who complains of pain

I don't really understand but do some doctors think that "they lose if they give a medicine as the patient wants"?

Even though the patient claims "effective", the doctors deny it anyway.

I have an angry topic about this issue. I want to expose it soon.

Quiet talk


Both an idiot doctor who sticks to his pride, and a law that does not allow palliative care to be easily implemented.

Really, really, really, ridiculous.

"Pain" is an important and serious problem for us personally, I don't know why I need to take care of the doctor and the law.

It is me who knows best about my pain.

So I think that,

If so, we can make it by ourselves.

(To be continued)

2019-11-30 However, the risk of "drag" is, of course, the "pain". [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

However, given the fact that it is illegal, buying and selling drugs is not worth the cost.

If you take into account running costs (and hit a calculator here) after considering expulsion, dismissal (no retirement fee, etc.), criminal penalties and imprisonment, etc.

there will be a loss of about 20,000 to 30,000 yen per day and about 1 million yen per month.

In the case of entertainers, it will increase by an additional digit.

The amount of damage caused by drug use by the entertainer of popular drama performer is said to be 300-400 million yen, even if it can only be calculated. This agrees with my estimation results.

"Drag" is a word of "nonsense", in terms of the total cost including risk.


However, the risk of "drag" is, of course, the "pain".

That is the reaction when the "drag" disappears. Suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms such as, hallucinations, hearing, pain that feels like bones fall apart, chills, vomiting, and eczema.

So, in order to "just" escape from the suffering, further "drag" will be requested.

If "drag" only provides pleasure unilaterally, I'm welcome. However, if it is confirmed that it exists only to avoid pain,

"There is no merit of "drag"

I can say that.


"Drag" is "the worst possible humanity thing" that destroys personality, life, and blocks the means to escape from it.

In particular, because "blows on the economy" are so good, the "drag" was used as a strategic weapon for war between nations.

As you know, there was actually a drug war that killed and destroyed the nation (opium war).

(To be continued)

2019-11-29 "It's expensive, but it's not an unpaid amount" [長年日記]

I am confident that

"Once I take "drag", I cannot stop taking "drag" for the rest of my life"

Because there are a lot of people who cannot stop even smoking and drinking in the world.

Moreover, "drag" keeps the market because of strong addictive and anaclitic natures.


On exam about "drag" cost, market price of "drag" is not so expensive.

Cocaine is fairly expensive, about 60,000 yen per gram, however dried cannabis is traded at 3000-5000 yen per gram, and MDMA is around 4000 yen per tablet.

I didn't know the average number of times the drug users took, so I assumed that cocaine and MDMA were once a day and cannabis was about half a carton of cigarettes a day.

Then, the cost per day will be 3000 yen, 4000 yen and 2500 yen, respectively.

Assuming an average of 3500 yen / day, this would be 100,000 yen per month and about 1.28 million yen per year.

This is expensive, but as a cost for the general adult's taste,

"It's expensive, but it's not an unpaid amount"

There seemed to be a technique for cost management of the "drag" market here.

(To be continued)