2019-04-23 After all, my logicalness is, too weak to withstand this sort of incident. [長年日記]

I do not think that I am a human being who is able to get rid of emotions and perform logical thinking based on numbers.

The following is one of the examples

Daughter: "My friend's mother is lamenting that my friend is piercing."

Ebata: "Are you a friend of the same age? Piercings, now, will not be unusual. Does the mother have an old and conservative thought?

Daughter: "The problem is the place where she is piercing."

Ebata: "Well, 'Kippiru Pierce?'"

Daughter: "Other than that"

Ebata: "What?"

Daughter: "Tongue piercing"

Ebata: "I'm sorry. Now, in a moment, I could understand how the mother felt"


"If you pierce the tongue, it will be unsanitary, and it will make your dishes poor, firstly !"

It is me that has been criticized so far, in spite of "I have not tried "Tongue piercing" by myself"

After all, my logicalness is, too weak to withstand this sort of incident.


This kind of problem is an issue that solves in time and number, after all.

For example, if half of the university students come up with "tongue piercing" in fashion, everyone will not criticize it. Or everyone will not feel it.

This is the same as the "Google Street View" story that I have mentioned many times.

That's because we can not explain logically that "ear piercing" is OK and "tongue piercing" is NG.

And what can not be explained logically basically come to be accepted by society using "time and number", in other words,"familiarization".


However, the history of "tongue piercing" is still short, against the history of "ear piercing".

In addition, it is difficult to take majority strategy like “google street view”.

So, I would like to keep watching over the coming 100 year war of "Tongue piercing" from a safe place where the bullets don't fly.

2019-04-22 " "FIRE 7" is a dedicated device for Amazon.com". [長年日記]

Last weekend, I remodeled "FIRE 7" that Amazon.com has sold.

My wife said "I want to show games, movies and music to my hospitalized mother", and I started to install PAD.

As it is used in the hospital, we decided to use it, to pack contents into pad, and update them regularly, under no communication environments.

So I came to choose "FIRE 7" low in price, and at the same time, I knew the reason of "inexpensive".

" "FIRE 7" is a dedicated device for Amazon.com".


At the beginning, I thought that "FIRE 7" is one of the Android terminal, I knew I was wrong. Because I could not install Google Web browser(chromo).

Of course, I checked several Web site, and finally I could install it.

I cut and tried how to install contents from my PC.(The information is few and not friendly advise)


After the above, I could feel that "FIRE 7" is a better pad. However, the effort to come into this environment was too expensive.

For me, I felt easier than iPhone setting.


Next, I have to get the contents of "Winter Sonata"

2019-04-21 In my case, when I try to acquire knowledge from books, I don't insist on trying the original and I will read down any number of commentary books and manga. [長年日記]

Yesterday, I talked that the anime "PSYCHO-PASS" is a good link to social interests.

However, the original (of course, it is a translated book) is basically difficult and boring.

In my case, when I try to acquire knowledge from books, I don't insist on trying the original and I will read down any number of commentary books and manga.

This is the rule of thumb that I have reached in my previous study of programming languages.

In order to know the a programming language, I try to copy 50 programs within 20 lines. This is the same story as the 80:20 law (Pareto's law).

"If I can understand 20% of the programming language, then 80% of what I want to do with that program can be implemented."

The same is true for "column writing".

At the deadline of the column every month, I do not have time to read the whole original book to cite the literature.

After all, I can not expect to understand 100% of the author's intention with my poor head. At the very least, I can say, "it's much better than sticking with the original book and get frustrated."

That aside


I searched for books related to "society", in "PSYCHO-PASS",

- George Orwell: "1984"

→ I read this completely many times. This is a work as my mental support when researching a video surveillance system (I reject any objection.)

- Jacques Rousseau: "The theory of human inequality"

-> I read textbooks in the high school ethics society

- Philip K. Dick: "Does Android have a dream of electric sheep? "

-> I watched it in the movie "Blade Runner"

- Ortega "Republic of the Mass"

-> Now ordering

- Jonathan Swift: "Gulliver's Travels"

-> When I was in elementary school, I read the originals over and over again. At this time, I felt that I could know the fear of "immortality".

- Unknown author: "New Testament"

-> I have not read it all seriously, but I think that I read it quite often. At least I know the contents to enjoy the movie "Da Vinci Code".

- Marcel Proust: "In Search of Lost Time"

-> Too long. Maybe I will not read in the future.

- Max Weber: "Power and Control"

-> At present, there is no handy manual, so I have no plan to read it.

- Michel Foucault: "The Birth of a Prison"

-> At present, there is no handy manual, so I have no plan to read it.

- Stendhal:"Red and Black"

-> I read it to the end, but I did not understand the meaning, so I didn't have the impression.

It is not a direct quote, but the tone that flows throughout is like this book.

- Frankl: "Night and Fog"

-> I read and read it again and again.


Today, I ordered some books from Amazon and the city-library.

2019-04-20 Ebata:""PSYCHO-PASS" is very reasonable animation, that give us easy several examples of contradictions hidden in "everyone will be happy" [長年日記]

Senior daughter(SD): "How can I become interested in social issues like you ?"

Ebata: "If you watch the animation " PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass ", I think that the basic ideas about social issues can be covered in general."

SD: "Is that so?"

Ebata: "Hmm, let me think. For example, what do you think is the ultimate goal of society? "

SD: "If I think normally, I think that "everyone will be happy""

Ebata:"Firstly we forget the contents of" happiness "in "everyone will be happy," let us think "what about the "approach that makes everyone happy"? For example, How do you think that the world that can achieve "happy" with minimum effort?"

SD: "I think it's correct."

Ebata: "Can I accept the existence of something that surely shows the "happiness" approach to the shortest distance?"

SD: "I can"

Ebata: "Do you think it is the realization of "everyone will be happy," which is derived from the super-high-level calculator without your trial and error by yourself or trying the possibilities ?"

SD: "I think so"

Ebata: "Well, From the point of view that "everyone will be happy", which one do you think should choose (A) A society where 99 people become 100% happy at the expense of one, or (B)A society where 100 people can only achieve 50% happiness without sacrificing anyone.

SD: "Hmm ..."

Ebata: "A super-high-level calculator can mathematically calculate that a human will become a criminal as a" 90% or more possibility. Of course, the result has absolutely no mistake. In such a case, do you think it would be right to isolate that person from society just by the possibility of so-called "crime reserves"? "

SD: "....Let me think for a moment"

Ebata:""PSYCHO-PASS" is very reasonable animation, that give us easy several examples of contradictions hidden in "everyone will be happy"

SD: "..."

Ebata: "If you want to see, I will prepare."

2019-04-19 At that time, I thought "it is mottainai(wasteful)". [長年日記]

It seems that both of my daughters have been to Koshien.

"For the support of their baseball club"


To be honest, I do not remember so clearly.

All I remember is talking with my wife.

Wife: "Now, she is in Koshien Stadium."

Ebata: "Why?"

Wife: "To support for the baseball club"

Ebata: "Hmmm"


At that time, I thought "it is mottainai(wasteful)".

If I am interested in high school baseball, I could enjoy this situation (the baseball club of the school where your children attend has participated in Koshien).

In addition, in order to enjoy this situation to the fullest, I might have done various things (such as going to the Koshien Stadium to see the support).

However, unfortunately, the daughter's father is not interested in high school baseball (especially at Koshien Stadium).

While being so close to a national event called "High School Baseball Koshien Tournament," the father is far from the event.

This can be said to be a "mottainai" situation.

Well, about the story here, I've introduced you to a lot of painful stories, I would like to refrain from repeating the same story.


I think "high school baseball Koshien tournament" is an easy-to-understand symbol.

I think this easy to understand is honestly enviable.

For example, both

- The impression that “Transient phenomenon simulation of nonlinear elements (transistors)”, which was successful only for the first time I was born

- The impression that a certain high school student will be a "full pitch victory pitcher at the Koshien tournament"

are basically same, I think.

However, I know that it will be terribly difficult for even a few people to understand and share my emotions.

2019-04-18 "There is no way to live freely ..." [長年日記]

The other day I mentioned a little about Q-Learnings reinforcement learning program.

I am running the program for 24 hours, after finding a way to reduce the 160 billion "states" to 84 million states and furthermore, reducing it to 65535 for testing now,


When I examined the state of the object under learning in the simulation, it was only


In other words,

it had reached only 0.735%.


This was a great shock to me.

Currently, my object in the program is able to complete one trial in less than 2 seconds, so 40,000 trials have been completed.

As the object had about 12,000 state mutations in one trial, it should have repeated over 500 million state changes so far.

My object should have been trying out a number of states more than the small number "65535".

If you know Q learning, you might think, "It will be the result of learning convergence," however, In this case, I set the random number selectivity to 90%, so the "convergence" was not a reason.


By the way,

"There are 100 ways to live freely ... (*)"

(*) "Feel the wind" / Shogo Hamada

I was a junior high school student when the song was being played in a cup noodle commercial.

Even then, I said

"Don't say stupid!"

"Try to write just ten ways down!"

as a trickster, in a slightly different direction against others.


In this reinforcement learning program with Q-Learning, what I found again is

(1)Hamada Shogo-san talks about the state space of life ("65535" street said here)


He completely ignores the notion of positional constraints or temporal constraints in state transitions

This time, my object I created was allowed 500 million free actions without restrictions.

However, it did not reach the state of only 500.


From this viewpoint, Hamada Shogo-san should have sung

"There is no way to live freely ..."

and, it was the absolute correct message for teenagers.

As a matter of fact, I think the results of this program are in line with the real-world situation.

2019-04-17 "It seems that a strange writer whose name is Ebata is moving. Can we use him to convey our message to the world? " [長年日記]

Before, in this serialization column, "human injury series" continued for nearly a year.

In the series, I contacted each company of Tokyo Private Railway (about 6 major companies) and asked for an interview.

The condition presented here is

- I do not disclose company name

- I would like to interview a person who is working in the field

- The manuscript will be checked by the company and will not be altered afterwards


The aim of this interview is following two.

(1) Checking the contents of the column Ebata wrote

My source materials were (A) data requested to be disclosed to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, (B) books, and (C) the Internet information only, and there is no "raw voice".

So I wanted to get a review about the content.

(2) Gathering information on "personal injury" I do not know

After all, I have never been more than "a victim of a train delayed by personal injury."

I could only guess about procedure and intention of person performing accident processing (including the system).

So I wanted to hear your opinion from a different point of view.


The reply "we want to decline" returned by email or phone.

"Well, it is natural"

I think.

Rail companies do not have any benefits to gain by responding to my interview.

Rather, it can be said that there was only a disadvantage.


"It seems that a strange writer whose name is Ebata is moving. Can we use him to convey our message to the world? "

And I hoped that there was only one railway company that could be considered that way.

Well, it could not be helped.

2019-04-16 "I will continue to be involved in such troubles from now on if I continue IT measures" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

The person who received such a large amount of e-mails (possibly including e-mails other than Japanese ones) was completely scared and jumped into the police station.

So, the police heard about the situation and contacted me who triggered the case, --- Well, it was the reason.

However, even people at the police station seem to understand that it is "spam mail" when looking at the contents of the mail.

By the way, I had experienced that in particular, low IT literacy for police personnel among government agencies.

When I went to the police station about internet fraud, the person in charge said, "I have never used Internet mail order."

I remember that I dropped my shoulder saying "this (the police station) is completely useless for cybercrime."


About this matter, I advised the person at the police station what the person should advise, and This matter was over.

I thought that this incident, in a sense, happened to happen.

But honestly

"I will continue to be involved in such troubles from now on if I continue IT measures"

I felt sick.

"I worked hard enough"


"I don’t care any more"

At this time, I decided to completely withdraw from IT support for the neighborhood association members.

2019-04-15 The reason I gave up the trials perfectly, is "a call from the Police Station(PS)". [長年日記]

For this two years, I wrote the story that I have been trying to install IT services in the neighborhood association(NA) and failing the trials.

The reason I gave up the trials perfectly, is "a call from the Police Station(PS)".


I have worked as a press officer, so I had to exchange communications with many people.

However I don't like a telephone conversation because interrupting my time selfishly, so I always ask others to use e-mails.

The other day, a member of NA raised an objection not to get a mail from me.

I gave an advice that "try to change a part of your mail filter, and come to get the mail"

After that, he went to the branch office and asked to be changed.

There was no problem at that time.


I misunderstood the skill of a teller of branch office.

The recent their skills are on a low level incredibly

I was afraid that they didn't know the thought "white lists".

As a result, a huge amount of spam email has come to the person's smartphone.

(To be continued)

2019-04-14 "The world is watching over Japan, which has many advanced problems (low birthrate, non-maritalization, aging)." [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Of course, it is necessary to carefully judge whether or not public services are possible in the state of suffering from dementia, and I also understand that it is a major project related to national interests as well.

However, as mentioned here, dementia is a 100% inevitable disease.

Therefore, we must create a society that coexists with dementia.

Now, should we throw out people with dementia without question, or incorporate into society under certain rules?

"The world is watching over Japan, which has many advanced problems (low birthrate, non-maritalization, aging)."


However, I think that expanding the story of such assumptions under the unclear circumstances whether the former minister has dementia.

However, I would like to allow him to use this case as a use case for raising questions based on one assumption.

Because, if the head of government shows the attitude to tackle this problem, it will be a great appeal not only to Japan but also to the world.

I am convinced that it will be a big "hope" for not only Japan but the whole world, even if there are enormous misstep of him.


I know that dementia is "a disease that will give huge burdens around the patient", however, I do not think that "it is a shameful disease."

Again, as long as we live, we can not escape from dementia.

Coexistence with dementia is a difficult social issue.

However, at least, there is no reason that dementia is "shameful" and there should be no such bias.