2017-03-25 When my daughter said "Dad, from the second day, suddenly you became to have a gentle face". Indeed, I thought "it was something like that. [長年日記]

Recently, I am afraid that there are so many stories about family trips,

I think that I was able to relax for the first time on this trip abroad.

In overseas trips, at any time, I was saving up stress with such a stance, however,

People in Taiwan were very kind, and even it was not fluent, I was also happy that many people were trying to speak Japanese.

Above all, there was no taxi driver that was trying to beat me as soon they knew that I was a foreign tourist. That made me feel very happy.

When my daughter said "Dad, from the second day, suddenly you became to have a gentle face". Indeed, I thought "it was something like that."


Although I have mentioned it before,

Between countries, the government of each country, for their own interests, will be responsible for accusations of neighboring countries.

Not only Japan is bad with neighboring countries, in principle, every country in the world has bad relations with neighboring countries.

Because the good countries merge with each other, as a result, all the countries that do not merge, remain bad.

In Europe, since the prehistoric history, they continued war. so they acted both funny man and straight man, and made "EU (European Community)" as a result. (Recently, although it is likely to start to break again).

But that is the story of the governments and governments of each country. and our individuals do not take the same stance as the government.


27 years ago, in a train passing near Nanjing,

"What do you think of the Nanjing massacre of the Japanese army?"

I was stuffed by young people,

In that same train,

"We are going to cooperate with each other as good friends"

The elderly man spoke to me (perhaps, he who had experienced control of the mainland by the Japanese army) for about an hour.


It is evident to me that "the views of the governments are not same as the views of the public of that country".

There is a person who is concerned as if I knew the world, just with news and net knowledge, of course, that does not matter, however,

I think that it would be better to stop talking about it on the Internet or others, because,

at least I jeered at the persons with both malice and contempt.

(To be continued)

2017-03-24 "there has never been "breakage of delivery date"." [長年日記]

Before,I told you that the reason why Akutagawa Ryunosuke committed suicide leaving the word "blurry anxiety" was, I think, "fear of unemployment" based on the recession.

I think that this "no-nonsense xxxx", which tends to be praised in the world however, has a risk of life.

In addition, I also told you that. the programming education, which the educational site is about to promote, will help children for acquiring "one of techniques" in order to reduce unemployment risk.

Aside from that.

The conclusion led from here is one hypothesis that the occupation of "writer" is "rather unstable occupation".

If it is an unstable occupation, it seems that the writer must make a hard effort to maintain that profession.

And here is one question.

I often read or hear the story that the writer who was forced to deadline, running away and escaping from the editorial staff.

"Is that true?"


At least, in the world in which I have been involved, "deadline is absolute".

Even if they do not achieve the targeted quality, they must release it before the deadline anyway.

However, in order to keep the delivery date and to achieve quality, it is natural that the "orderers" should follow regularly and find compromises,

And, if the "contractor" person decides that the delivery date is unlikely to be protected, he/she must raise the alert at an early stage, try to change conditions like deferment of delivery date, deterioration of quality.

Even doing such self-help efforts, the disposition imposed by our society is clear for those who failed to keep the delivery date.

"After that, nobody will order work"

That's it.


Therefore, I cannot make an image of the behavior of writers and editorial personnel,"run away" "chase after".

However, if the work is absolutely unique and the others can never create the same one, the write may be allowed against anything, regardless of common sense of our society.

If it is common, the value of the writer does not fall by even trying to escape, trying to break the delivery date.


I have been doing column writing for several years, however,

"there has never been "breakage of delivery date"."

To me, I cannot make an image of such a scary thing at all.

2017-03-23 It is a vulgar song, shouting repeatedly "let us kiss" [長年日記]

Originally, I have liked to being alone, so I was not good at group work of science experiment and field trip during the period of junior and junior-high school,


I used to finish work of all members alone.

Above all, I was a great boy that had prepared an attraction of annual school festival alone.

In addition, I presented an excuse for all of the classmate, that was "they helped decoration of the attraction", as a perfect follow-through service.

I was happy because I could work on my own.

The others were also happy, because they didn't do anything.

This is really "Win-Win relationship".


All of sudden, I remember that I was compelled to do "folk dance" in junior and junior-high school.

I am afraid that the enforced event might continue.

In my opinion, many people seemed not to enjoy doing the "fork dance".

As far as I was concerned, it was rather terrible pain to cheerful feeling.

I had trouble in running with the teams, and moreover the reason I came to feel an aversion against "fork dance" was lyrics to a song whose name was "jenkka", as I recalled.

This time, I tried to write the lyrics down, however, I felt dizzy even starting to write the first phrase.

It cannot be helped, so I try to make one phrase.

"It is a vulgar song, shouting repeatedly "let us kiss""

Considering neat paranoiac of junior and junior-high school students, I do say that it is unspeakable an unintelligible song.

The contents of lyrics is "eery", and even if the background of song might be uncommon, it is too stupid.

To begin with, I think that it is possible to approve "this song might cultivate sexual harassment".

When I think children who feel pain with hearing this song and letting them dance, I feel a tightening in my chest.

You might think that Ebata doesn't have to act like this.

2017-03-22 "I can not forgive myself" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

The reason why I traveled in local place overseas was for my branding strategy, and unfortunately, it had no values for many people.

In addition, the reason I tried to keep in touch with my parents, was

When I was a high school student, I took a journey as a hitchhiker around Hokkaido Prefecture whit just 20,000 yen.

I caused trouble for not only my family but also relatives, so I had to regain trust earnestly. and more over there was a serious reason for my part.

When I went back to my country house during the college vacation and lounge in the town, my mother encountered an accident, was mortally injured, and struggled against death with being treated in an intensive care unit.

It is a time when mobile phones were still not popular as it is now, so I know well no one would blame me.

Still, fear and regret at that time still left me a deep unrecoverable wound in my heart, with intense pain like cutting off arms and legs while living.

So, if I were traveling in a foreign city to carefree, while familiar people were wandering around death, Maybe,、

"I can not forgive myself"

That's why I tried desperately trying to get in touch from a foreign village, where there was no phone.

Quiet tapestry.


Let me go to the broad.

The old men's "when I was young..." is definitely reversing "I envy you".

However, I don't think that the old men's intention is "you should praise me more and honor me more, because I can come up to the present position without privileged circumstances like you"

Perhaps they don't have common "stories" to tell the young people, and what they can is to offer only such a topic, In other words, they are "poor guys".

However, the lack of their effort should be blamed.

Even though you were an old man, it must be important to make effort to get topics everyday, - Injury or death, artificial intelligence, diet, nuclear accident, Koran, eugenics, fertility treatment, etc.etc.

The topics might make them cold.


In any case, you do not need to listen to the old man's story at a drinking party seriously.

If he is stunned, you stand on the toilet casually, and let you move to another seat.

2017-03-21 "Why were you traveling such a remote place? " [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

The communication cost was free of charge because of free Wifi of the hotel. So she didn't have to take care of duration of call either.

To begin with, they might not have the concept of "international call".


"When I was young, "

I visited a underpopulated village at a developing-country, telephones didn't become common,

the place where there was a telephone was only the post office in the village,

I asked them to use the telephone in the local language,

I waited in about for an hour,

I shouted at the operator "Tokyo Operator Please!!" again and again,

I told the next operator my call number of my country house.

I could talk to my parents,finally.


However, if I talk about this, I will get a blank stare,

"Why were you traveling such a remote place? "


"Why were you calling parents' house so often? "

They bound to ask me the above.

(To be continued)

2017-03-20 "I will not make me an annoying old man who begin to talk a story from the phrase of "When I was young...."" [長年日記]

I have a word of honor that

"I will not make me an annoying old man who begins to talk a story from the phrase of "When I was young....""

Such old men are really annoying many people.

I, who is one of old men, can understand the feeling of the old man, who wants to craves other approval of burdens of his past.

However, such hard luck story has a asymmetric feature that "people who speak it, is fun" and "people who hear it, is hell"

In many cases, the side of the old man (including mentors, bosses and executives) has a power.

In addition, the old man is also going to be unhappy, because the younger escape from him with saying "I would rather play a game in my room to go drinking with you"


This is a story of family trip in Taiwan last month.

Our hotel had no quarter room, so we reserved tw0 double rooms.

When we went back to the hotel at night, and gathered together in one room to talk about action plans for the next day,

the senior daughter's smart-phone started ringing, and she rushed to the next door, grasping the phone.

She said "from LINE, a report of my friend's passing the university was coming in", and she used a LINE phone and talked with a friend in Japan.

I thought I envy her.

(To be continued)

2017-03-19 There is a schedule of the extra edition. [長年日記]

Since the serial series "personal injury" series has ended, recruitment of the questionnaire is currently canceled.

I'm very sorry for those who emailed me after this release, but there are no manuscripts that can be sent from me.

I hope you understand.


However, there is a schedule of the extra edition.

However, this extra edition depends on whether an interview can be accepted, and it is unknown whether it will be established as a project.

Please forgive me when planning collapses.

Also, as promised first, please be assured that everyone's email address list that you accepted at that time will be deleted from the storage medium.

2017-03-18 "I laughed the phrases you pretended to be great" [長年日記]

The other day, I released the final round of the accident series of injuries.

However, recently my family has not read my column at all.

It cannot be helped that they are not interested in both "personal injury" and "AI "


However, when I forced my second daughter to read this comment and asked for impressions,

"I laughed the phrases you pretended to be great"

She said that.

2017-03-17 A philosophy of "My life, struggling against the world, was in vain" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

While they are alive, they try to install some programs whose names are "thought" or "ideal" to systems whose name is "nation" with force.

If the installation is not done well, even if they destroy part (or all) of the system, they will try to do it.

What they do is, to just keep on shouting that "this way will be absolutely better" without any objective evidence or data. On the contrary, if it doesn't work well, they will start asking defects for others except for themselves.

The final terminals are "coercion","invasion", purge" and "massacre".


We should prepare ourself for close out any thought, ideal, and web-site, plastic model and doll

when we are dead at the same time.

A philosophy of "My life, struggling against the world, was in vain"

is doubtful whether will make people in the future happy. however,

I assure that the philosophy will not make them misery.


Unless there was peoples who believed in their thought and ideal eternally, more than several tens million people didn't need to be killed by war.

Even a large number of beautiful girl dolls will cost money, if asking trash merchants as incombustible for disposal.

Someone's money, not yours

2017-03-16 "If trying to make the ideal, it comes to result in "nation", whether ideally "right wing" or "left wing"" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

After my death, my web site is going to be left, and deleted by unpaid rental fees or bankruptcy or merger of the company.

Photo collections of idols, plastic models of battle ship, and dolls of animation heroin also follow the same path, as a rule.

Only if you have the fortune to find a people who can share the same values of you, and will become your successor, your collections could avoid to ne be doomed to be scrapped.

Whether it is intangible or tangible, the values disappear as soon as your own death - this is the basic principle.



"I want my own values to last forever even after my death"

A person, who wants to maintain the "impossible desire" and never give up, will bring out a thing called "nation", as a vehicle carrying that value.

Someone said that,

"If trying to make the ideal, it comes to result in "nation", whether ideally "right wing" or "left wing""

I think that it is a fame statement.

In addition, those people who never want to give up, begin to create a ship for the "ideal" that name is "nationalism ". In many case, the ship will cause an irritation, regardless of the contents.

For example,"Kingdom of 1000 years", "Hakkou Ichiu" or, "Cultural Revolution".

This means, "the person who never give up" is not only a founder.

But also. I think "the person who wants to alter the interpretation of the original ideal and use it " corresponds to this case.



"A thought I have believed or a ideal I have pursued is going go be lost. when I am dead."

Such weak people want to survive with using the concept of "nation".

(To be continued)