2021-01-27 "I don't believe in the words 'market-in' or 'design thinking' spoken by people who have never completed a single product" [長年日記]

I understand what they are saying about "market-in" and "design thinking".

What they are trying to say is that, in essence, "technology oriented is not a viable business.

I've been hearing this kind of thing for a long time, and I'm tired of hearing it.


However, from my observation over the years, people who repeat "market-in" and "design thinking",

"have no technical skills"


have no ability to make things fully.


have no completed product (I've only seen their powerpoint documents)

I feel like there are a lot of people like that, but am I wrong?


Of course, I don't deny the importance of "market-in" or "design thinking" in business, but

As far as I'm concerned,

"I don't believe in the words 'market-in' or 'design thinking' spoken by people who have never completed a single product"

2021-01-26 In this novel, there is such a "strong affirmation" for humans who walk the "wrong way of life." [長年日記]

The late Sakyo Komatsu's "The End of the Endless Stream" is regarded as one of the best works of Komatsu literature.

I firmly "support" this assessment.

In this work, there is a character named Lukif, and when I was a student, I used to ask my friends to call my nickname as "Lukif.

Incidentally, I am one of those who agree with the recent "ban on nicknames" in education. This is because I am a person who has been given unpleasant nicknames.

I think it would be a good idea to make a special exception for "nicknames" reported by the person theirselves, but it would be better not to make such a special exception, as it would collapse the rules in an uncontrollable manner.

Anyway, my self-declared nickname was not used by most of my friends.


The story of "The End of the Endless Stream" goes like this.

"When the earth was about to end due to the anomaly of the sun, the "judgment" disguised as an "alien" selected humans with supernatural powers and took away many earthlings.

"But there was a force to resist this. It is a group led by "Lukif", an entity that embodies the resistance to the vector of every change. "

That means,

- Rejecting "the good intentions of the punishment by a powerful and intelligent group"

- Select "wrong self-determination by a weak and ignorant individual"

In this novel, there is such a "strong affirmation" for humans who walk the "wrong way of life."


So, actually, I tried to talk about something in the wake of this story, but I forgot it.

It has become a ugly punch line.

2021-01-25 I: "And the world gives up 'drinking' -- even after Corona" [長年日記]

Daughter: "To be frank, Dad, what do you think of the current telecommuting situation?"

I: "Basically, my job description is creating documents and coding, so if you're asking me if the company's equipment is essential, it's not."

D: "Any meetings or anything?"

I: "I need some things that can only be done in a F2F meeting, such as really detailed specifications. Well, there's room for innovation in that, too. Maybe we should increase the number of meetings."

D: "Are you stressed?"

I: "I wouldn't say 'no,' but I think I have less 'out-of-town stress' than other people, like they say in the news interviews. I hear I'm a 'misanthrope' to begin with."

D: "So, do you hope that this corona disaster situation will continue forever?"

I: "It won't. I don't want the world to continue with a vicious killer virus. I sincerely hope that a vaccine will be the answer, if possible -- but..."


I: "I'm still not convinced that a 'vaccine' will really settle the issue. There may be a variant of the new corona, another virus."

D: "And?"

I: "Considering the future coexistence with the killer virus, at least in the future, the world should make a paradigm shift to reduce, if not abolish, activities where many people share the same place, such as school trips, cultural festivals, and high school baseball games, especially the Koshien tournament. And " Athletic meets". Yeah, there's no choice but to abolish it"

D: "..."

I: "For the school trip, the group size should be no more than four people, and each group can decide the budget and duration of the trip, and go wherever they want. Of course, you can also travel alone. It would be nice to have that much discretion"

D: "..."

I: "And the world gives up 'drinking' -- even after Corona"

2021-01-24 "It scares me that the thought that they can think that their wife would be 'happy' to receive a gift of a mathematical proof" [長年日記]

When I read stories of mathematicians -- for example, "Fermat's Last Theorem, the story

"They gave their beloved wife the completion of the proof"


The story of a mathematician, appears quite often.

However, I,

"It scares me that the thought that they can think that their wife would be 'happy' to receive a gift of a mathematical proof"


Oh, I don't think so.

"Farewell to the days of their husband's inexplicable eccentricities(Muttering, walking around)"

That's a "gift," for sure.

Then my wife will be happy.

2021-01-23 "I see, the reason I kept getting beaten when I was younger was because I was too good" [長年日記]

As we get older, we lose sight of our surroundings (the world), but we can also see things.

One of them is,

"It's tempting to give a well-rounded young persons more than they can handle."

For young engineers who responded to my tough questions without hesitation, or with hesitation, I want to get somethings greedy.

"If I hit her/him, I might be able to get more their power (ability)"

So I hit them.

And, they will soon be crushed, sick, and leave the company.


"I see, the reason I kept getting beaten when I was younger was because I was too good"

I have just noticed that now.

However, I, on the other hand, haven't gone under, haven't gotten sick, haven't left the company--

"Was I not too good?"

I'm falling into recursive thinking.



We seniors need to have the courage to give up our "greed"

I can understand that it's tempting to reach out when we see outstanding young talent, but,

I think the courage to 'leave their talent alone' is what we have to have.

2021-01-22 "What's a tooth or two matter?" [長年日記]

At the end of the year, I had two of my back teeth extracted.

It seems that the root of my tooth is infected and has been hurting me regularly for a very long time.

One of the reasons why I was told so lightly, "Do you want to take out two of them?

The main reason was that I was horrified at the thought of having to spend the New Year's holidays with pain that no painkillers would help.


My basic policy in life is one of "pain avoidance".

I don't need "pleasure". I accept hardship if it is my choice.

Rather, I am the one who picks up "hardships" on my own, without even realizing it.

I don't like "injustice" or "unpleasantness," but I will deal with this by means of "retaliation," "counterattack," and "annihilation.

However, pain is the only thing that cannot be fought. This is always a "lose" choice.

Whether it's dental, medical, surgical, or psychiatric, I go to the hospital or clinic, get a prescription, and run to the pharmacy (I don't rely on over-the-counter drugs).


Apparently, my life has entered the "start losing teeth" phase.

To begin with, my age has already surpassed the average age at the time of the Pacific War (75 years ago).

Humans don't evolve in about 100 years (it takes about 100,000 years), so I am alive today because of medicine, drugs, and hygiene education.


"What's a tooth or two matter?"

Five minutes later, I was looking at the two teeth that had been pulled out with my own eyes.


After my father's dentures were damaged, he lost his appetite, his strength, and his death due to incompatibility with his new dentures.

In my case, too, I'm gutted that it will probably be "teeth" that will come to kill me.

2021-01-21 "Very well. Then it's war" [長年日記]

It is said that the country on the peninsula next to our country and the country on the continent of the peninsula are now heating up in the "Birthplace of kimchi".

It seems to go beyond the private level and involves the media and even parts of the government.

I do not consider this to be "childish".

Food culture is one of the most important aspects of culture, because it is the one that is most strongly connected to national sentiment.


Ebata: "As for kimchi, it's clear that it didn't originate in our country, so as for our country, we're completely bystander"

Wife: "But if someone says 'Soba' originated in China, our country will not forgive it".

Ebata: "Well, it's a fine line between the Senkaku Islands and other territorial issues, and the terms of the deal"

Wife: "But if they tell us that 'sushi' originated in China..."

Ebata:"In that case, there's no more "stuff" to deal with.

"Very well. Then it's war"

I believe that a declaration of war from our country would meet with the public's approval"

It's against the Constitution, though.

2021-01-20 Recently, I have finally come to understand the greatness of the "Go language". [長年日記]

For about three years now, my program guru, Mr. S, has been telling me that "Go language" is what Mr. Ebata needs.

However, I was not able to start using it.

The reason for this, on the face of it, is "I don't have the time," and the real reason is "It's hard to learn new things.

But now, I am working at home due to the "Corona disaster," one of the biggest national disasters of the postwar era.

"If I miss this opportunity, I are clearly a 'fool'"

I'm afraid that later I'll blame myself for what I've done, so I'm studying hard now.


By the way, the language I have been using, C/C++, is a "very low-level language" that is closely related to computer architecture.

So, it is super fast and versatile.

Instead, it is unrivaled in the "unfriendliness" of its language notation.

C/C++ was born around 1970, at the same time as the computer (UNIX OS, to be precise), so it is O.K. to say that it is completely useless for the latest web technologies.

Still, it is a fact that almost all computer system platforms, especially embedded microcontrollers, are programmed in C/C++.

Aside from that.


Recently, I have finally come to understand the greatness of the "Go language".

I was impressed by the fact that 100,000 threads (objects) kept running until the end in my simulator.

I had heard that "more than 70 million threads are running", but there is a difference between hearing about it and actually running it by myself.

Maybe I can make a "corona infection simulator" with all Japanese citizens as agents -- on my home computer.


I think it would be useful if the agent approach, which is what I am thinking of, is added to the statistical approach of Dr. Nishiura's.

However, it is also clear that this kind of agent approach is insanely time-consuming because you have to set up personas and environments for the entire population.

Well, if I can do it, it will be completed in about 10 years -- I don't know what this disaster will be going in 10 years.

2021-01-19 "Then I recommend a anime "A Place Farther Than the Universe"" [長年日記]

While I was struggling with porting Docker in my room on the second floor, I received a call from my senior daughter in the living room on the first floor.

"What's your favorite content on NetFlix?"

I was given an order that the content should be simple, touching, and short.


In the Ebata household, we have repeatedly signed up for NetFlix for only one month.

I only sign up for months that have a period of time, such as consecutive holidays.

So, with this month's contract expiring in a few days, we are currently experiencing a "NetFlix rush".


"Then I recommend a anime "A Place Farther Than the Universe""

When asked about the contents of the book, I mentioned keywords such as "high school students," "girls," and "Antarctica," and my wife looked at me with a reluctant expression.

However, I said to them,

"In particular, I can assure you that episode 12 is comparable to episodes 7 and 10 of Violet Evergarden"

"If you think it was a waste of time, I'll pay you 50,000 yen.

My wife reluctantly started watching it, because I assured her that I would do so.


I already know that I will win this bet.

2021-01-18 I'm wondering if someone could draw a manga called "Working Computers" to convince me to do so. [長年日記]

With a manga called "Working Cell" being so popular,

I've been wondering why there hasn't been a "Working Computer" manga.


If you say, "It's natural for computers to work," then I would argue, "It's natural for cells to work, too.

But what makes anthropomorphic cells so appealing,

Needless to say, it is the result of the talent and efforts of the original author

there are countless varieties in the various abilities of cells and their relationships with other cells, and I think this is because we can find drama in them.


A computer, on the other hand, is basically just a machine that does what the program tells it to do.

In principle, there are no exceptions to its behavior (even if error bits occur, they are self-correcting).

I still don't understand the idea of "intelligence" occurring in a machine that only works according to the instructions of a program.



I'm wondering if someone could draw a manga called "Working Computers" to convince me to do so.