2019-08-20 If I think about it, I might not have been completed without the "Osu Jack Shop" and "DIY Home Center". [長年日記]

Recently, there are many foreign tourists not only in Tokyo and Osaka but also all over Japan.

I'm surprised at the large number of foreign tourists I have come back to at Nagoya Station, where I have come home frequently at the first round and the first Bon Festival.

If you say this, I think that people in Nagoya will get angry, I want to ask them

"Why do you come to Nagoya?"


"Meiji Village" is interesting for sightseeing.

I also like "Nagoya Castle".

"Osu" is also fun, from the similar viewpoint of "Akihabara + Ueno",

In my opinion, Akihabara is not much to speak of "electric town".

I don't think it is a fair comparison, because I compare Akihabara with Osu in the age when amateur radio was called "the king of hobbies"

In addition, you don't have to worry about food in Nagoya

(*) When I first came to Tokyo, I was surprised that "what a casual place about taste" and knew that it is a “city where guidebooks are essential.”


Still, I don't know why people from overseas are dare to come to Nagoya, so I used the google research engine.

"Toyota Industrial Technology Memorial Hall", "Linear Railway Hall” "Noritake Forest” "Nagoya City Science Hall”

Come to think of it,"Nagoya City Science Museum" have the world's best planetarium with a dome inner diameter of 35m, and when I was an elementary school student, I was a heavy user who had an annual membership in the Nagoya City Science Museum.

In that sense, Nagoya seems to be a "technological tourism city” where science and technology related facilities gather.


When I was a boy, I could say that I had days with machines and electricity.

If I think about it, I might not have been completed without the "Osu Jack Shop" and "DIY Home Center".

2019-08-19 "The animation "Dr. STONE" is making me fun" [長年日記]

I think it cannot be helped as an engineer,

"The animation "Dr. STONE" is making me fun"

A story is that a modern high school student who awakened about 3700 years after the sudden destruction of the mysterious petrification that occurred suddenly, and he comes to get civilization using the power of science in the lost world.

I'm very happy to think that boys (and girls?) accept such scientific manga.


I also often stole iodine and hydrochloric acid from elementary science laboratories.

My parents gave me a set of flasks, beakers, test tubes, and alcohol lamps, as Christmas presents,

I have never received a gift exceeded with joy (They still remain at home).

Even after that, I was preparing explosives and experimenting with burning oil and gasoline. As you know, even when I was a college student, I was doing a "bomb-explosion experiment using hydrogen" for school children.


Dr. STONE's protagonist, "Ishigami Senkuu", repeats the phrase "This inspires me" , and often use the word "10 billion percent" as a modifier.

I like this "10 billion percent" phrase.

However, if this hero exists in the real world, I don't think he will use it.

As I mentioned before, I don't like the following famous phrase of the animation "Space Battleship Yamato"

"Energy filling 120%"

About it, please read

"Space battle ship YAMATO. Soldiers who did not follow specifications"

2019-08-18 I am not interested in unfaithful love and entertainment at a gangster banquet of other. I want to say "it doesn't matter to me." [長年日記]

I am not interested in unfaithful love and entertainment at a gangster banquet of other. I want to say "it doesn't matter to me."

I think people who should apologize should go to an apology, however why did they use limited public resources (radio waves)?

I think everyone is happy if they use YouTube.

I feel like my precious time has been lost in vain and I also feel unpleasant.


When I tried to tell that my daughter, she said that

- A celebrity who is just enough to use public resources,

- betrayed the expectation of a relatively large number of people

That means,

- Since the media is intended to report to the public, so such an apology broadcast is almost appropriate

I was convinced at that time


However, I thought that it was possible to interpret this opinion as “I am wrong because I have no interest in celebrities"

2019-08-17 "Fake Report card business" [長年日記]

I've talked many times in the past about being a "free research consultant for children" after my retirement, in order to earn small change.

The other day I was preaching to my second daughter and thinking about another business.

"Fake Report card business"


Watching her report card, I think the making process,

(1)It is not so difficult to create a "fake report card" that will be changed the number or alphabet only.

(2)It seems to be possible to forge comments from teachers using a real pen with reading the comment with a scanner, making the plotter machine, not using printer.

(3)It's enough to use the above process in order to make a comment on the teachers from the parents.

and I also think the management process,

There is no problem using a smart-phone camera to send the report card picture (scanner is better hopefully)

(5) However, the completed report card must be sent by mail. During the period until the report card arrives, the client (child) must somehow earn time.

If so, it is also necessary to have a mechanism for confirming the quality of customers (goodness of procedure, etc.) in advance.

(7)This business is criminal acts of fraud and fake personal documents, so the method will be needed to prevents me from being identified. But I have the know-how (although as a victim).

(8)The problem is sales activities, but public advertising is not possible, so it becomes a business on the dark site. However, I don't have the know-how to manage the dark site

(9) It is no problem that "target customers are only wealthy children", so called "Niche strategy", however confidentiality is difficult. So I get personal information of customers and threaten to reveal your name to the Internet.


No, it's a joke, a joke.

Please don't be serious.

2019-08-16 The accidents happens-> My page becomes famous -> I take public blame [長年日記]

Searching for my website with the keyword "free study in summer holidays", I found the content more than 10 years ago, so I will re-post it (with some changes).


Hello, everyone.

I got a mail from junior high school student, and he asked me to use my contents whose title is "how to make a simple hydrogen bomb".

My work is permitted to be reprinted subject to (1) full-text citation and (2) author's name.

However, I felt bad because the contents of mail is the content of the e-mail was rude writing.

I was angry when I was reading it, so I immediately sent a rejection.


I think that many junior high school student want to do this experiment.

However, this experiment is very dangerous if not properly prepared.

The accidents happens-> My page becomes famous -> I take public blame

That is obvious.


I checked this page, and I knew that this page have received a harmful designation.

I'm a little depressed.

2019-08-15 "Eat it before it rots" [長年日記]

Even while I came country home back, I was annoyed about the column draft in front of my computer.

What I have studied at the country home,

- Legal status of the Emperor

- Survival possibility of comedians over 3 years

- Comparison of the possibility of becoming an AKB idol and the possibility of passing University of Tokyo

I am going to open the result by this month column, and I will not recommand to aim to be

AKB idols, comedians and the Emperor

(I don't think there are people who are serious about the above phrase, but rarely people who don't read the meaning of the phrase, so I'll alert them once).


I prefer to cook my favorite food rather than eating out (now).

This time, after my father's reading in the father's first Bon Festival, I have eaten all the food of the offering the event.

I don't have the idea that if I eat before the "ceremonial bonfire", my father will be hungry.

"Eat it before it rots"

This is my justice.

- Vegetables, dried food, tofu, etc. were all put into curry and boiled.

- Fruits such as a suica(water melon) were eaten as desserts after meals.

- Dried noodles were also eaten with noodles soup

I ate all deliciously.

I served a meal with my father's offering.


In addition, I found a beehive in a potted plant while working in the garden.

I have made the beehive ash with pesticides and flames.

I don't have the idea of "avoid killing during the Bon Festival".

2019-08-14 "Do not work manually beyond 38 degrees" [長年日記]

Yesterday and today, I was doing my garden maintenance at my country home. By the way, yesterday's maximum temperature was over 38 degrees.

I thought that the garden work outside of 38 degrees is out of common sense honestly, however, at this temperature, bees seemed unable to move. So I decided to force the work from a safety point of view.

In preparation for mosquito and bee attacks and branch wounds, I wore jeans pants on a long-sleeved shirt.

I removed the weeds, laid the weeding sheet, and carried 10 round trips holding a gravel bag containing 20kg.

Of course, wearing a straw hat and placing 2 liters of tea plastic bottles in the garden, I was working.


In conclusion, I learned the lesson

"Do not work manually beyond 38 degrees"

I worked while drinking tea every 10 minutes, but I felt the danger of fainting several times.

When my vision came to shake at an angle, I felt "bad". So, I took a bath every hour and waited for my physical recover. and I continued my work.


One more,

"When working while listening to content, be careful of the content"

is very important, I thought.

This time, I worked while listening to the contents, "Tanaka Shouzou who continued fighting the government throughout his life in the Ashio Copper Mine Poisoning Incident"

I also learned from the lesson of listening to such "story of a person who never gives up" while doing garden work outside of 38 degrees, is very dangerous.

2019-08-13 That's why I want to copy and paste someone's wonderful life easier by using PCs and live my life with ease. [長年日記]

Among the technical fields, software OSS (Open Source Software) has established highly efficient "copy and paste methods" with Git HUB and Docker HUB based on mutual trust and gratitude.

Our engineers are greatly helped by these “copy and paste methods”.

However, for now, the success of this “copy and paste method” is limited to the software field.

I think it's a waste.


Now I think that

Is there any way to make this “copy and paste method” systematically handled in the "life" of many people?

Actually, school education is the "copy and paster method" itself.

However, school education is inefficient because it covers a wide range.

That's why I want to copy and paste someone's wonderful life easier by using PCs and live my life with ease.

2019-08-12 Life is too short to repeat trial and error. [長年日記]

I went country home for 12 hours. If I encountered a traffic jam as early as 6 hours by car.

The cost is going to be more expensive that using the Shinkansen for four people of my family.

However, the family lifestyle continues to change.

One is for an internship, one is for a trip, one is for going country home, and I am also going counter home again.

With one, two, three and four people, the state transitions from intensive behavior to autonomous decentralization. In the future, the number of members will decrease, and eventually I will be the last. Or, I think that I will disappear without waiting for that number.


From a macroscopic point of view, my life is as simple as stepping the template flow one by one.

However, from a microscopic point of view, I always feel that it was just what was expected above.

The wisdom and know-how of the ancestors were almost never useless for my case.

When enough time has passed after the event is over, it is just an illusion that the wisdom and know-how of the ancestors were hit.


However, I think it is important to “imitate” the wisdom and know-how of our predecessors.

Life is too short to repeat trial and error.

"There is no way in front of me. A road appears behind me". This is one phrase of famous peom in Japan.

When I read this poem for the first time, I thought, "This person (poet) is a pessimist who cannot calculate the cost"(*).

(*) This time, I read the full text of 102 lines.

To be clear, it is inefficient.

For me, I will write,

"Walking the road in front of me, I reach the destination with the lowest road construction cost when needed. I will collect usage fees for the roads behind me"

(By the way, this is the basic idea of patent law in all countries).

(To be continued)

2019-08-11 "Well, you said the book. I disagree with the book" [長年日記]

I always say "you don't have to books of writer of great literature against reason, even if the books you make you tired", however I don't say "you don't have to books of writer of great literature".

There are short and enjoyable books of writer of great literature.

In short, many books of writer of great literature are unreadable.

"Style", "historical backdrop" and "conventional wisdom" are different from those of present.

I doubt if we have to read the books against reason.

However, I think that it is important that "picking a book of writer of great literature up, and read a few pages of the first part".

Because, we can use a important phrase

"Well, you said the book. I disagree with the book"

for appearance sake.


So far, recently, I found an animation figure on a book jacket of writer of great literature in a book store.

That is a character of the animation of "Bungo Stray Dogs".

Several times I watched this animation, however I could not explain about it. So I left one word.

"This animation isn't for me"

On the other hand, this book jacket is great helpful to realize "picking a book of writer of great literature up, and read a few pages of the first part".

Especially for teenagers.

I want the publishing company to make progress this plan.


I love the book by the late Yasushi Inoue sensei, and I think that I have read through the whole volume, even if he was not in the category of writer of great literature.

If the late Yosushi Inoue-sensei is included in "Bungo Stray Dogs (Showa era)", I can prepare to watch the animation with effort.

I think that the first to be adopted will

Extraordinary "Shirobanba"

However for me, I want to strongly recommend,

Extraordinary "Natsukusa Fuyunami"