2019-06-19 "difficult to apply our life to use cases" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

I can say the same about studying programming.

We cannot acquire a knowhow about a programming at all with just reading an instructional book.

In order to settle the knowhow, we have to transcribe a sample program on an editor of a PC, compile and build the program.

A program is not a sutram but we call it "codify" as a programming instruction method.

In addition the "settle" will be empowered by debugging, making the development environment, and retrieve trouble shooting, like annoying processes .


However, there is an exceptive person in the cases.

This is a writer of the articles.

The "writer" should organize the logic of their content, and spend ages practicing in order to make a logical story.

As a result, their contents which they wrote by themselves is going to be settled in their mind.


However, after all we, it is difficult for us to do actions or become a writer.

Because we have to live our life and don't have enough time to do them.

So I have done

"to make a abstract of the article by myself".

I think that this is a sort of "codify".

In addition,

"I have opened the abstract on the Internet, if it is not bad one."

With the tension that my works are read by others, I can concentrate to "codify" deeply.

Even if they are also difficult for you,

"Trying to explain a content of the article you read to others"

might be good.

The "settle" may work well to explain your thought to others.

(In my case, I will settle it by talking to my wife")

In our engineering field, there is a saying

"You can say "I understand" when you can explain to others"

This is really a "mot", I think.


I think that why the lessons from "Leaders of manga", "Life lessons told by the main character of animation" could not be settled, is

"difficult to apply our life to use cases"

For me, I don't have

- an intention to govern the continent,

- an intention of training to go to space,

- an intention to aim at world champion

at all.

2019-06-18 "Kingdom", "Space Brothers", "First Step", "Totoro" or "The Wind rises" or anything will be good. [長年日記]

Recently, there are many articles such as "Leaders of manga", "Life lessons told by the main character of animation", and so on.

These articles are fun and enjoyable.

However, at the same time, I also think that "these articles are not useful for the readers".

One of the basis is "we can erase the content of articles within one hour after reading it"

Few people can remember the article the next day. As a result, We will be sending our daily lives without any lessons.

This is also true for books whose title with "Change Yourself by xxxx" and "Love Yourself by xxxx".

I do not think that the content of these contents is meaningless.

Rather, they are generally meaningful content, and I think that many are useful content.

If there is a problem, I think it means "I am a reader."


Read-only content is not "settled" in myself except for

(1) The contents that are really shocking for myself,


(2) The content that I want to read over and over again

Articles that don't "settle" flow from our head easily.

Naturally, we can not incorporate them into our lives.


"Kingdom", "Space Brothers", "First Step", "Totoro" or "The Wind rises" or anything will be good.

However we have to

- try the same or similar action with that hero,

- experience various troubles that occur in the process of the action

in order to settle of the lessons.

(To be continued)

2019-06-17 "How wonderful our daughters are not killing people!" [長年日記]

I am trying the voice communication function "Alexa" of "FIRE" tablet on for Amazon by Amazon og Amazon.

I have alreay told the story that recent speech recognition technologies are "amazing".

However, it is an honest impression that they have not reached the level of "dialogue" yet.

In addition, Alexa is an app for Amazon's exclusive purchase terminal, so it will immediately connect the Amazon purchase portal.

I just want Alexa to connect to YouTube. If I purchased all of the music I ordered from Amazon, I would go bankrupt.

Well, I think that this can not be helped.


"Alexa. Using YouTube app downloaded from Google Play, which is not officially adopted on Amazon terminal, put out video clip of Steins;Gate"

"Alexa. Display a sample of emacs26 /.emacs.d/init.el downloaded to Windows 10 using the browser of Google Choromo downloaded from Google Play, which is not officially adopted on Amazon terminals."

In response to these commands, Alexa said, "I'm sorry. I did not understand."

Well, I think that this too can not be helped.

I made informal modifications to Fire7, in addition, I have a technical question with triple condition.


I think that we have too little time to appreciate the finished technology.

If we do not do what we want, we immediately complain.

We do same behave not only for technology but also for humans.

"How wonderful our daughters are not killing people!"

"I always think that we have to think it."

"I always think that even if their grades are bad, we don't complain them too much."

I said it to my wife, and she said to me,

"The expectation for your daughter is too low"

2019-06-16 "Is there something wrong if I make more than 100 DB units and hold them? " [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Even so, the concept of docker technology is amazing.

We IT engineers have long been suffering for a long time due to inconsistencies in program operating environment, even more than program development.

Due to this environmental inconsistencies, we have experienced a lot of "painful scenes" where the program that runs on the developer side does not move on the service provider side either.

In recent years, virtual machines (such as VMware and VirtualBox) have caused this problem for a while.

However, by separately managing independent virtual machines, I also realized that even in the virtual machines, operating environment mismatch would occur.


By contrast, Docker's thinking is quite simple and violent.

- Without virtualization of the entire system, Pack (containerize) only the necessary parts, and delivered to the people you need

- If necessary, you can just put everything into the container, including the database system.

As a result, now in my "d:" now, there are over 30 containers containing PostgreSQL's body.

"Is there something wrong if I make more than 100 DB units and hold them? "

For a senior engineer who has struggled to save one byte of memory, this is a violent idea that they can never be reached.

However, the size of the container is smaller than the movie's video clips. Totally, there is no problem at all.

As a matter of fact, I thought that the era in which 1T-byte HDDs can be purchased by mail order is around the 22nd century (true).


There is no doubt that in the future, new technology of concept beyond this Docker will be born absolutely .

By the time I will finish understand Docker, I have to start studying the new concept technology

And each time, I will use most of the important holidays to understand the technology.

"Barren" It is the highest level of "barren" in my mind.

However, when I ask myself "What is not barren then?", I do not know.

2019-06-15 "Yes, yes. Why can't other books explain like this? " [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Recently, I use "docker" for work, but actually, I did not understand well about docker itself, because I was obeyed by the other party's instruction.

However, about docker, strangely, there is no introductory book that I can understand.


However, for several days, I had to establish an execution environment for a program, and I continued to fail.

And I'm doing a "hard work" in order to reuse the environment that someone created, and make me easier.

Specifically, I was in trouble because the directory sharing by docker did not go well.


So, I bought the following two books from the technical book site.

- Docker_REV2_Technical Manual 4_BOOTH Download Version.

- Docker2_BOOTH download version v3_. Pdf understood in the cartoon

These books are good.

"Yes, yes. Why can't other books explain like this? "

While thinking, I continued trying to enter the command as directed by this cartoon character.

The environment assumed by this book and my environment seem to be slightly different, so I have a little hardship. However, compared to other books, it is much easier to understand.

(To be continued)

2019-06-14 "Technical Book Festival" [長年日記]

Now, many engineers are open their technical troubles on the Internet.

Some people, like me, upload them to their own memo(blog). The others used Wiki and Qiita.

The reason why they, including me, open the information is for themselves, in order to avoid same trouble again,

never "for everyone in the world".

If they have to make a memo, they open it with the light feeling of "for the world incidentally".

There is not intention of "hold a mirror to society" like a newspaper company, but "self-profit" only.

However, at least, the memo is more helpful for me than an article of newspaper.

By the way.


These memos are for free basically(thinking of it, this is amazing), but it is no problem eve if a charged memo is needed.

If you ask me "is it a book?", I say "yes". Recently I am interested in an activity.

"Technical Book Festival"

In a word, "Comic Market for Technology"

This is an outline about "comic market".

This event will be held at "Ikebukuro Sunshine City", exhibits and sells easy-to-understand "thin books" about technology, without passing through the publisher.

(The books published at the event are really thin, readable, and convenient, of course without erotic elements. I write "thin book" for my convenience) .

However the contents of "thin book" is really formidable.

In fact, I bought some e-books (PDFs) by mail order, but I think that all of them are good.

Especially, the minimalist explanation for beginners using manga characters is speechless with admiration.

(To be continued)

2019-06-13 Due to these stupid announcements, I had to work through the night at my office. So I would emphasize that the railway company should model after this case. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

To tell you the truth, I didn't get angry with this accident, because of the good time management of Yokohama Municipal Subway.

In fact, I know well that the recovery from a derailment accident is terrible difficult.

First of all, they cannot install a crane in a tube of subway, and can use only hydraulic jacks.

They should not use electricity to carry the devices to the accident place. The power should be shutdowned around the place for safety activities.

In addition, I appreciated their tasks that they estimated and opened the date and time of recovery, and they could complete it"


Compared with this case, even though declaring "we recover from the derailment accident within today", re-declaring "we cannot recover it within today" at dead of night,

Due to these stupid announcements, I had to work through the night at my office. So I would emphasize that the railway company should model after this case.

2019-06-12 This case is a choice of "I'm stupid". There may be no other answer. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

When I use an unfamiliar railway route, I inevitably get a transfer error.

That day I was in the office until late, I made a mistake on the train to ride, and when I noticed I was in the late night in Kamakura.

I called my wife.

Ebata: "Now, I am in Kamakura"

Wife: "What?"

Ebata: "In the night Kamakura, the air is clear. I can see stars but not people"

Wife: "Why?"

Ebata: "I got on the wrong train. The next train will be in 20 minutes. I will return from now. Today I would like you to pick me up at the nearest station"

Wife: "I got it"


After this I made another transfer failure.

And I made my first arrival at the station whose name is "Katase-Enoshima Kaigan Station" which I have heard in the announcement on the train every day.

Ebata: "I smell the tide."

Wife: "What?"

Ebata: "Now, Katase Enoshima Kaigan Station"

Wife:"... Can you return today?"

Ebata: "I think it's getting tougher"


Well, somehow I was able to come home.

Yes, I know.

This case is a choice of "I'm stupid". There may be no other answer.

However, it was Yokohama municipal subway that launched "Stupid Ebata". So the Yokohama Municipal Subway is responsible for that.

(To be continued)

2019-06-11 The IC card has not been "existing" for the first time. [長年日記]

A derailment accident occurred in Yokohama municipal subway, and a certain section was in a state of suspension for several days.

My commuting section was directly damaged and I had to commute on an alternate route.

Under this condition, commuting IC cards such as SUICA and PASMO will become difficult to use.

However, the company that caused (or be caused by)the accident will compensate for the fare for the alternative route. I do not have to pay that fare.

However, current IC cards do not have the ability to automatically convert routes into alternate routes.

So, if I use the IC card, "I" will pay for the alternative route.

"What do I have to do"

I asked the station staff of the ticket gate, he said

"In every ticket gate, show your IC card to the station staff, and do not touch the ticket reader."


"Copernicus-like transformation of ideas"

The IC card has not been "existing" for the first time.

Considering that the IC card should be changed according to the accident section, the cost of system repair can be daunting.

It will also force passengers to make changes such as entering alternative routes, which may cause confusion.

To begin with, such an accident that stops operation for several days is a rare case.

I think that the money that the railway company that caused the accident pays to other railway companies is likely to be "approximate estimation".

Maybe, "no one wants to know exactly to "yen unit" using IC card information"

Honestly, personal injuries occur at a frequency of "Greeting with neighbors," even without saying "everyday greeting."

Therefore, the railway company is in an interdependence relationship.


However, it is the story among railway companies. Hey, Yokohama Municipal Subway. I am "irrelevant" against your community.

(To be continued)

2019-06-10 "I can not forgive anyone for having kept me suffering for the past two weeks" [長年日記]

When I was 19 years old, I started working on my computer, and then I hit a lot of landmines on my computer.

I don't remember how many times that data has become an obscene due to HDD crashes or hardware failures.

So, for these problems, I have prepared quite a lot of preparations.

We have also tried Kernel backup and BIOS settings (USB boot, network boot, etc.) completely, and various startup interrupts such as F1, F12, and CTRL-I.

I have been tired of failing to start up my computer for the past two weeks.

(Initializing Intel(R) Boot Agent GE V1.5.38 pxe 2.1 build 092 (wfm 2.0))

"I do not know the cause at all"

Yesterday, at last, I opened the contents of my PC, removed the dust, and replaced the battery (CR2032) on the board.

Even so, sometimes I was able to launch successfully. I could not say "the board has passed away" with his head in his hands.


For the time being, I cannot do anything, so I switched to another alternative machine on my main PC and started worked.

And, this morning, I noticed that the same problem of "boot failure", has appeared on the "alternate machine", I lost color.

I thought that "there is another cause for this," I pulled out the network cable, and removing all USB devices. Finally I succeeded the boot.

And one by one, I erased the cause, finally, it was plugged into a USB hub for charging, I identified

"HUAWEI's smartphone"

as the cause.

I thought that the USB of "the smartphone of HUAWAI" was only used as a power supply mode, and it should not be the target of boot.

However, with the "HUAWAI smartphone" connected, the same phenomenon appeared on two PCs. and with disconnected, the same phenomenon disappeared.

At present, there are only "HUAWAI smartphone" at home (only the second girl is clinging to the iPhone), and I have not been able to experiment with other Android devices, but at least the problem did not occur on the iPhone.


I do not know whether or not spyware is loaded in "HUAWAI's smartphone" and it does not matter for me.

It is possible that personal information of my smartphone has been transferred by using a personal computer as a springboard.

I will give my personal information, if someone need them(No, no way, absolutely).

Anyway, they can only track my home, company, super public bath and ramen-shop.



"I can not forgive anyone for having kept me suffering for the past two weeks"

And, I'm getting angry and angry.

This is called a "backlash".

And it is also a typical process in which "atonement" occurs.