2017-11-23 However, "To find a broken device, to want to repair and work it" is, I think, a mind-set of engineers. [長年日記]

One reason why I like "Rasberry PI", is that once I make a kernel on an SD card, I can copy it and use it for another "Rasberry PI".

This time, for my experiment, I asked many people to borrow their "Rasberry PI", and making the SD cards. However, "Rasberry PI" could not work well, and it annoyed me for all day today.

Just now, I noticed that the deep valley between the primitive version of "Rasberry PI" and the after version has existed.

However, I make an effort not to think that

"I have wasted time again"

Anyone who works for IT field, lives in daily experience and observation like that. I believe.


Paradoxically speaking, I think that they are not real "IT Engineer", if they don't live the life,

On the other hand, It's unfortunate that I ,who try to purchase a new SD card, and search the old kernel in the Internet, in order to work the primitive version of "Rasberry PI", should be silly,

Purchasing a latest version of "Rasberry PI", must pay, considering cost of time of mine.

However, "To find a broken device, to want to repair and work it" is, I think, a mind-set of engineers.


But I don't come to think that "finding a falling person, we want to help him/her" in my case.

2017-11-22 "I am not hesitant in the investment of it." [長年日記]

As pen and paper have shifted to word processors, personal computers, and smartphones,

painting also shifts from paper and paint to liquid crystal tablet (liquid tab). How do you think it?

The reason why I am asking "How do you think it ?" is that I am not familiar with the field of creative painting.


All patent drawings and materials for customer presentation are to be made by PowerPoint.

No longer handwritten paper, neither customers nor academics can accept documents. (The patent office may still be okay).

I have created articles of Neighborhood Association and column illustrations by a drawing tool of the PC, and there is no room for handwriting anymore.


I think that when I was a teenager. I was suffering from paper, pencils, brush, paint for a long time.

I did not want to write sentences or draw pictures.

I thought that "coloring book" was not stupid.


Everyone will not be inclined to digital,

I think that the world where paintings, pallets, canvas, and such were "omitted"

might be a happy world, fair enough.

After all, I, who has been half a century of my life, and who has no genius, am full of gratitude. Because the world of digital painting, makes me feel like drawing illustrations,


So, now I'm thinking about buying a "Liquid Tab" for my daughter.

I am satisfied with PC and SAI now, If my daughter will be able to enjoy creation in the digital world just like me,

"I am not hesitant in the investment of it."

2017-11-21 "After two years, we will disclose everything including" Who told me? " [長年日記]

As a rule, I keep the secret, when I am asked from anybody.

It ranges from elders and youngers to relatives, except for illegality or emergency cases.

However, I also ask them not to keep the secret over two years, as a condition.

If they want to extend the period of "two years", I will ask them to update the condition within the period.

I think that "the period of two years" is enough for them, if they don't have an intention to update the condition.

Incidentally, there has been no person to try updating since now.


In addition, I will say to them,

"After two years, I will disclose everything including" Who told me? "

So, they come to get nervous, and stop talking anymore.

Of course, a chill comes over the company.

2017-11-20 Legislation of "three days week holidays including Wednesday" [長年日記]

Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Let's turn the world by "Number" : Work style reform(4)

The meaningless "short time" is a SOS warning from "Tsundere government"


I am investigating various things, but, indeed, there is no flower in this "working reform"

I hope there is a positive message like the "Income Doubling Plan" formulated under the Ikeda Cabinet in 1960.

I don't think that the goal that includes ambiguous words "short-time" is good in many cases..

In addition, I also don't think that the present way with time restriction like 40 hours or 80 hours is good. Because those numbers has have the flexibility.

I am afraid that setting a goal such as "Promotion of annual holiday acquisition" will work well.


Legislation of "three days week holidays including Wednesday"

I think that there is no impact of the "Income Doubling Plan" unless we do so far.

2017-11-19 "We do not have "courtly power"" [長年日記]

The other day the eldest daughter and the second daughter(SD) together , said

"We do not have "courtly power""

And I was told that a part of the cause is also in my educational policy in my family.


Ebata:"What is "courtly power"?"

SD:""In a dictionary,"courtly" is "to behave in expectation of others' kindness or kindness"

Ebata:"You do the "behaviour" don't you?"

SD:"However, in your case, there is no effect, even if we behave that"


SD:"In the world, I heard that there is a father who asked his daughter "What do you want?""

Ebata: "A strange father in the world is. In my case, I absolutely will not do such things even if a natural disaster occurs"

SD:"I know it well"

Ebata:"My policy as a a head of the Ebata family, is "Grab things you want, on your own"


SD: "So, at my home there is no opportunity to demonstrate of "courtly"

Ebata:""Well, you make a lover soon and do it for training "courtly power"

2017-11-18 they don't have to make an such event, because there are plenty of delicious wines in Japan. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

"The release day of Beaujolais Nouveau" is based on the French wine law.

The legislative purpose is "prevention of decline in the value of merchandise due to fast selling and selling."

This law is reasonable.

However, there is no reason to apply French law in Japan (territorialism).

The phrase of "the release day of Beaujolais Nouveau" is inappropriate for use in Japan.

However, "the release day of Beaujolais Nouveau" is actually operated properly regardless of the law in Japan.

Why do you think?

That is because French wine producers and Japanese wine distributors are contracting for the sale date of Beaujolais Nouveau in Japan((Perhaps, the wine law enforces the rule, too)


As a matter of fact, there are other reasons why I talk big with legal logics.

"Beaujolais Nouveau? what on earth is such wine delicious?"

It is coming from the difference vector of "jealous".

"Is it enough to make us drink at midnight of the release day at the boarding gate of the airport ?"

I think

they don't have to make an such event, because there are plenty of delicious wines in Japan.

2017-11-17 I think that just "alcoholic drinking water" control to limit drinking time for consumers in the liberal economy --- "Who do you think you are?" [長年日記]

Every year,

"Beaujolais Nouveau has been released."

Every time I hear this phrase, I feel uncomfortable.

I think that just "alcoholic drinking water" control to limit drinking time for consumers in the liberal economy ---- "Who do you think you are?"


So, I tried to research. Countries that have enacted the wine law exists in France, Italy, the United States, and the EU Union.

In Japan, based on international treaties (Paris Convention and Trips, maybe), Only "wine" is different from other foods and drinks, and privileged handled by Trademark Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Law etc,


Since I was studying intellectual property,

"Only "wine", has been protected well by international law, and I have had an unpleasant feeling."

Well, wine is not just "alcoholic drinking water" but an intangible property right with regional brand values.

It is a fact that producers, communities and nations have incurred enormous costs in order to establish that regional brand,

I still think that the wine is better than Disney (USA) which is trying to extend life, by punctuating copyright law,

However, that's it, separately.

(To be continued)

2017-11-16 Well, who will give me an excellent innovative method of "how to make an innovation"? [長年日記]

I heard that there is a workshop whose name is "how to make an innovation".

I hope I will take the workshop.

The followings are my attentions.

(1)Is the speaker of workshop, an experienced worker who had made "an innovation" before, as a matter of course ?

(2)Did he/she make enormous counts of "innovation" before, enough to make "recipes" of the the innovations ?

(3)Don't tell me that he/she will just introduce the results of analyses or study of others innovation, and will enforce a silly workshop.

From the malicious viewpoints, I will observe the speaker, not the workshop.


In my case, I think I can give you workshops whose title "how to make patent application with cutting corner", or "how to make invention(x innovation) as a output quota". Please contact me ASAP.

On the other hand, I will run away soon, if I am asked a workshop whose title is "how to make innovative invention" or "how to make money by patent right"


Well, who will give me an excellent innovative method of "how to make an innovation" ?

2017-11-15 "Huh, my father has also such a small-heart, after all" [長年日記]

My second daughter (the 9th grade) uses a train every day for about 3 hours to go to school.

And about "stand-up-eating soba noodle shop" on the way to school, she became an "expert", I think that she will not lose to the gourmet critic around here.

When I travel on business, I am going to a "stand-up-eating soba noodle shop" recommended by my second daughter (really).

"Junior high school girls who can talk about "soba" (However, "stand-up-eating soba" only)"

My daughter is proud of me.

I think that junior high school girls are now a dime a dozen to talk about fast food such as McDonald's


I also like soba too, however, I think that one of "what I cannot break out of my shell" is

"Croquette Soba"

I am still unable to accept the paradigm "to sink croquette in soba soup".

Regarding the taste of "Croquette Soba", I don't suspect the good taste, since many people are talking on many media.

Definitely "Croquette Soba" should be delicious, I believe.

In fact, I do not hesitate to "sink Tempura in soba soup".

(By the way, I learned that my wife has a policy "Eating Tempura without sinking" this time)


For me with a closed-mind against "Croquette Soba",

My second daughter

"Huh, my father has also such a small-heart, after all"

told me to spit up with a cold smile.

And, she spoke hotly about the issue of how to eat "Croquette Soba".

She said,

"First of all, a croquette should be divided into two parts. One half is for enjoying the taste of croquette, another half should be submerged in soba soup and we will enjoy the taste of soba which also changes with the time"

This is her philosophy of "Croquette Soba".


Recently "stand-up-eating soba noodle shops" are trying to attract customers. with put big photos of a beautiful soba over the huge wall.

In the morning when I got out of the breakfast or, in the midnight when I go back home while dieting,

"How these displays function work well as murder weapons for me"

I believe you can understand that.

2017-11-14 It is certain that it will go against what the government wants "working way reform". [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Challenging tasks are not done in business hours, but in private hours on weekends holidays and year-end holidays.

The idea of "weekend engineer" is coming to me --- unwillingly.

This can also be said "working way reform".

Although -

- Stolen the time of romance and marriage

- Reduced productivity,

- gone against the short-term trend


- Accelerated population decline

It is certain that it will go against what the government wants "working way reform".