2020-01-22 I will get burned if I put in a word about other's love affair. [長年日記]

You may know that I am a trivialist of several fields, however, I am not good at a specific field.

"Love affair".

I said it before, that my two daughters seems to live a fulfilling life with love affair"

However, even their life is fulfilling, they seems to have their own troubles.


In the living room, they are complaining about their lovers.

And I can understand the sayings, actions, and mentals of their lovers, deeply.

However, I keep silent basically.

I will get burned if I put in a word about other's love affair.

In my mind, this is not a proposition but a principle.


So I don't want answer their questions about your lover.

"Dad! How do you think about it ?"

I don't want to say, and I cannot say it.

I have had no experiments about love affairs to answer the public comments from the view of "males".

2020-01-21 "Lifelong recurrent education" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

To put it worse, when faced with a phase where one or the other must be truncated,

Which is better for the rest of our life?


Recently, the word "recurrent education" has been hailed, but at first I felt uncomfortable.

This may be different depending on the job, however, in the world of engineers, technological changes (obsolete) are so intense that it is necessary to constantly study new things. It is a sort of

"Lifelong recurrent education"

Conversely, saying, "I just need to keep studying" can be said to be an easy-going position.

At least, I consider people in the customer service and sales profession, who have to keep on dealing with humans on a daily basis, to be truly "honorable" and "hard" work.

I am convinced that, even if the next birth may occur, only "service" and "sales" are not possible.


This is only the difference between "for humans" and "for computers and machines". In terms of market value, both are "technologies".

I think what is being asked is how we can add "value" to it.

2020-01-20 "It's bothersome and time-consuming to study language and skills on my own." [長年日記]

Yesterday, I introduced my study method.

However, it may be necessary to consider whether such techniques and language study methods are worth the cost (cost and time).

You don't have to study on your own if you can keep a specialist of foreign languages and specific skills .

But in most cases, keeping such talent is terribly difficult.

Employment costs for such people are high and competing.

There are even companies that do "order fictitious work" just to keep the human resources.


On the other hand,

"It's bothersome and time-consuming to study language and skills on my own."

is reasonable.

This is a comparison between

"The cost of studying and acquiring skills"


"The cost of keeping people who have alreay studied and acquired skills"

And choosing the one with the lowest cost is a market principle.


But we have to think one more upper step. That is

"I who am studying and acquiring skills"


"I who can keep people who have alreay studied and acquired skills"

The question is which one has market value.

(To be continued)

2020-01-19 I keep "crushing" young and talented engineers by shouting. [長年日記]

To use a new programming language as fast and as fast as possible,

Purchase a thinner primer

that includes the shortest sample program possible,

From scratch, input the sample program yourself (× copy and paste)

This is an ordinal way in the world of learning foreign languages.

"To memorize readings for children about 3 mm thick"

is said that it is quick.

However, many people in the world think that "acquisition of complete basic knowledge is important and preceding".

Thanks to this, I have been in a good position so far.

"Acquisition of complete knowledge" is impossible unless you are God.

As long as there are such people, they will not be my threat (rival).


So I will keep saying the followings out loud.

"The foundation is important. If you don't have a foundation, you can't do anything. '

"Be faithful to the basics. Only when the basics are done can there be applications. "

Of course, I don't believe it at all.

I keep "crushing" young and talented engineers by shouting.


If you look around here, you can understand how I'm continuing to be ugly, unsightly, frightening, and stubborn.

2020-01-18 Ebata: "I know, I'm writing a column in game theory. Didn't you know?" [長年日記]

My eldest daughter majors in psychology at college.

Psychology is considered to be a liberal arts, but it is actually a science that is more science than science.

Psychology must deal with data collection and statistical calculations and significance tests based on it on a daily basis. There seems to be a need for more practical fieldwork than poor science.


The other day, the eldest daughter came to my room and asked for it.

"Dad, do you know "game theory"?"

Game theory is a great way to quantify and formulate human mind, however, I did not know that a psychology student had to learn to the field.

Ebata: "I know, I'm writing a column in game theory. Didn't you know?"

SD: "I didn't know."

Well, even my family can't help reading their father's articles.

Ebata: "Anyway, try to google with "Tomoichi Ebata" & "Game Theory""

I said to her.


After that, she showed me a resume on game theory distributed by the university, however I thought, "Who can understand it by this resume?"

The "prisoner's dilemma" is just an explanation of the concept of game theory. Above all, it is boring.

At the very least, the teacher should just teach a "practical marriage strategy" using the Gale-Shapley algorithm, well, I was thinking about it.

2020-01-17 "Abolition of the coming-of-age ceremony" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

At least, "persons who behave stupid at the coming-of-age ceremony" are exposing thir stupid to the public (media).

And once the stupid is exposed n the media, especially in the internet, it can't be undone anymore.

And I don't think there's a person who wants to work, romance or marry with the stupid who plays stupid at the ceremony".

This is because there are overwhelmingly many people who do not play stupid at the ceremonies.

So, I think "the person who do stupid at the coming-of-age ceremony" also know well.

If they still believe in the goodwill and kindness of the world, You can leave them as "uncorrectable stupid".


If we really want to stop such stupid occurrences, that's it.

"Abolition of the coming-of-age ceremony"

Well, if not taking such extreme measures, there are measures we can do, for example,

"Pre-registration for the coming-of-age ceremony using a smartphone"

"Installation of alcohol detection device in front of the venue"

"Signing and filing an advance pledge (which states that a criminal (x civil) complaint will be filed if it prevents the ceremony from proceeding)"

From the perspective of "securing the opportunity to meet old friends", volunteers should plan and operate independently.

In that case, the local government may provide subsidies according to the number of people.

I didn't attend the coming-of-age ceremony、 saying, "there is no reason that the government will celebrate my adult."

It is a lie.

The next day was the test date for retaking the German language, so I just couldn't go home.



"New adults who do strange things at the coming-of-age ceremony" will not disappear.

No matter how hard you blame, you expose it in the media or forbid it by law or law, it's totally useless.

For such a person, the "coming-of-age ceremony" is the ultimate and final stage of "concluding festivities" and it overcomes those disadvantages easily .

The coming-of-age ceremony is the last and greatest stage of life for a "new adult who has given up hope for the future."


If anything,

like, planning such an event and complaining to them, "don't do stupid things.

"Our stupidity"

we should notice that soon.

2020-01-16 "I can recover my life even after I grow up2 [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

If you look at a "new adult who has given up hope for the future" as a "human who has been sentenced to life expectancy due to illness or death penalty," the perspective changes a little.

No matter how stupid and unsightly, the desire to "remain in someone's mind" is understandable (a little).


On the other hand,

"Why do I have to understand the fool of stupid person who is desperate for his future?"

There is a reason for this objection.

But, in my opinion, their despair seems to be a non-realistic, like

"Ebata, You will be able to run 10 seconds in 100 meters if you train hard."


When I was a teenager, there was fools who was rampant with "school violence".

Still, they seemed to think quite a bit, saying, "When I grow up and become serious, everything will be okay."

They believed in "the goodwill of society" and "kindness of adults", and thought deeply,

"I can recover my life even after I grow up2

The proof of this is the phrase "I used to be bad in the past" issued by seniors and bosses at the drinking party.

By the way, I'm one person who was "bad", that is "bad" to handle difficult.

Bad guys ,Ideological, conviction (about me) is, I think, it was more troublesome than just "incompetent violence".


But now it's not "life can be recovered."

Nowadays, just married and making a family are being recognized as "great achievements."

Adults do their best in their own lives, they seems to give up their social role of "protecting their children".

Society is doing its utmost to secure social security costs, the administrator can't afford to take care of serious and competent children, not to mention stupid children.

At least to me, children are my two daughters and elderly persons are my two parents.

Others are "just others" and they are not my protection.

In today's world, I feel stuffy, saying, "Once you step off the road, there is no more recovery."

(To be continued)

2020-01-15 "If the day of the coming-of-age ceremony is the day before the execution" [長年日記]

You may be surprised that "new adults who do strange things at the coming-of-age ceremony" still remains.

But I'm not too surprised.

Maybe it will continue.

Because there is only one adult ceremony in life and no repetition. That means,

"No feedback"


"The last big moment of a new adult who have given up on hope for the future"

The last big moment of a new adult who has no better talents than people, do not have the ability to turn my efforts into results, and has no relation to the fine stage (wedding, celebration),

No way to express their own "uniqueness", no ability or talent to plan avant-garde plays, in addition, no sense to come up with content that just attracts the audience.

He(/She) is a small person. Unless they are with your friends, they can not do one nuisance, and have no courage to confront society alone.

Above all, he(/she) is also a realist who knows that no change of gathering together and making a fool is gone comes after the ceremony.

For such a person, the "coming-of-age ceremony" is the ultimate and final stage of "concluding festivities"


It's easy to criticize this as "stupid","incompetent".

I think so too.

However, How do you think,

"If the day of the coming-of-age ceremony is the day before the execution"

(To be continued)

2020-01-14 "Cooking" is a black box until the dish is completed [長年日記]

This is a story that appeared in an anime "a couple of science human, fell in love, so they try to prove the existence of love."

People who have little cooking experience, in many case, who are male in my observation, "hate" rather than "disgust" the term of

"small quantity" or "slightly"

For example, "Slightly salt", "Slightly sugar", "Slightly papper", etc.

Recently, taking this as a reverse hand, it seems that cookbooks with quantitative notation, "Ginger tube 5mm" have appeared.


The word "slightly" is like, for example,

"Directory" for those who have never touched a personal computer,


"Wi-Fi" for people who have never touched a smartphone

In any case, "slightly" is definitely a term that is difficult to understand for beginners in cooking.


The reason that the author of the recipe describes it as "slightly" is that they think

"The introduction of this seasoning dramatically changes the direction of the taste of the dish."

It means that they ask us to check the state of the dish before it is completed. In other words, "tasting during the cooking process" can be performed.

To begin with, cooking is performed by Agile development.

However, a beginner of cooking cannot taste the state of the cooking process, and estimate the taste of the final stage of cooking.

This is because beginners only recognize dishes as "final products".

"Cooking" is a black box until the dish is completed

This is what happens when performed in "Waterfall Development".


I know well that the amount of salt and sugar (somewhat) determines the success of a dish (whether it can be eaten or not).

In particular, I know that "overdosing with salt" makes recovery difficult terribly".

However, my wife could recover my failed dish with another seasoning (although sometimes not be possible, of course).

In such a case, I cannot help but respect my wife, as a system engineer.

2020-01-13 "Is it possible to shine again" in the people life that my forties are shining the most? " [長年日記]

I heard that songs by a singer named Yonezu-san are "very good" from my family.

He can make good songs, I think that we can ask him to to make a theme song for the Tokyo Olympics 2020

However, my juniro daughter said,

"I think it's a bit different"

The following is what I heard from my second daughter and guessed the phrase of the lyrics of the song he will make.


"What should I do after the Olympics?"

"The Olympics are determined by the color of the medals. Then what will be the color of life after that?"

"We knew a terrible recession would come after the Olympics."

"In a sports festival that is said to be meaningful to participate in, however, only three colors are of value to everyone."

"Is it possible to shine again" in the people life that my forties are shining the most? "

"After waiting for four years, the spotlight hits for only three weeks, and after that, everyone can not remember me. Is there someone who is not afraid of such a life?"


Ebata:"Well, how is it like this?"

Daughter: "Generally correct"

Hmm, I see.

It may be a bit difficult to ask Yonezu-san for the theme song of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.