2018-12-13 Do I say something wrong ? (My daughters say to me "Watch the TV quietly") [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

I like the quiz program whose title is "Be new to Dr.Hayashi" and watch it.

This program often make a feature of "new diet method"

The "new diet method" that a professor at some college seems to invents, is going to be opened with the result of experimental trial.

Previously, I tried to search the paper of the new method, which he/she might have completed their dissertation. Unfortunately, I have never found the paper before. Of course my research might be not incomplete.

However, it is a new diet method that has already been opened by administrative mass media to public people.

If so, at the homepage of the program, it is natural that the press has a responsibility to open the information of experimental environment, person being tested, method of experiment and results using numbers.

Do I say something wrong ? (My daughters say to me "Watch the TV quietly")


I would like to cooperate by all means.

I will logically guide the hypothesis of that diet method by formulas, laws, and computers, free of charge.

If they don't mind, I will be "subject" and do "replicate".

For not only me, but also the college professor and everyone, I am convinced that everyone is going to be "win-win-win"

Furthermore, if the result of that replication is "good", I will introduce the theory and result extensively in my works.

We are looking forward to the contact from the university teacher or program staff.


One more thing, I have a "thing" that I have been worried for a long time.

Dr.Hayashi, who has much knowledge, wonderful logical thinking, and presentation ability,

"He will not comment at all about diet issues"

This may also be my overlook or mistake.

2018-12-12 The basic theory of diet is very simple. [長年日記]

This is a same theme of yesterday. When I was an teenager. I tried several crazy and fanatic diets.

(Here, "Diet" means "loss weight". The original meaning of "diet" is "diet therapy")

For example,

- Eating only sweet buns

- Eating only nattos

- Eating only apples

Looking down upon the above lists, I am likely to give weight to food restriction, not exercise. However, all of the trial were not effective.


The other day, I got a mail from a high-school girl, and in the mail she proposed the new idea method of "eating only dislikable food".

At the moment I read the phrase, I think,

"Well, no way".

If even they are sweet buns, nattos, and dislikable food, it is not suitable as a diet method, at the moment of "eating process".

The basic theory of diet is very simple.

(1)Getting energy(calorie), and

(2)if you consume more than the calorie, you lose your weight.

(3)if you consume less than the calorie, you gain your weight.

That is all.

Based on this theory, it is good that "eating suitable mount of favorite food" is better that "eating only dislikable food". In addition, it will make you happy.

Set it aside.

(To be continued)

2018-12-11 "Weight loss of 3 kg in one week (7 days)" [長年日記]

"With an reasonable plan, for the long term, without exception, keep the rules you decided yourself properly"

Regarding diet, there is no other way.

By the way, in my case, I could not exceed the average weight loss of 99 g / day.

I have obtained evidence from both calculation results and actual measurement results.


I cannot understand people who can make stupid copies (advertisements).

"Weight loss of 3 kg in one week (7 days)"


According to the Keidanren 's message that "Mathematics to university students in the literature", it is true at least for "diet".

2018-12-10 "If I do not do it, someone will do it." [長年日記]

At year before last, I worked as a MC for a neighborhood summer festival.

At that time, I had trouble in operating audio goods.

Because I had to operate "cassette tape recorder".

This operation was, for example,

I had to rewind and eject a cassette in a slot with playing music by another cassette in another slot.

terrible messy and likely to fail to start the music.

Moreover, it was in vain and painful to practice the analog equipment operation, that I will use it after the event.


To tell you the truth, the solution against the problem is very easy.

I will digitalize all the music in the cassettes.

After that, I will store the music files in a PC or smartphone, the above analog operations won't be needed at all.

I can choose the music title from a GUI of the display.

Making the backup files in several digital storages, we don't have to worry about degradation of the cassettes.

Even I thought the above actions, however, I stood aside from them. Because I was dismissed from the work this year.

In addition, at the next April, I will retire from the board, so I don't have to think about


However, due to this analog digital shift problem, I think

"Surely, in the near future, someone will take a break"


Well, however, the problems of such areas should have always existed, changing their appearance.

So, certainly someone will do something.

"If I do not do it, someone will do it."

2018-12-09 "I should not die before my wife" [長年日記]

Between our couple, there is a rule,

"I should not die before my wife"

(My wife decided so unilaterally).

I pay attention to my health to keep this rule, however,

my daughter said

"As long as we see papa's working style, it is difficult, is not it?"

Apart from that.


When I said the following monologues,

"I will do anything after Mama dies"

"To say that, during the night, there is no problem if I kill myself to mama's coffin"

"Well, the funeral cost is going to be cheaper"

my second daughter gave me a strong phrase

"You know, stop it seriously,"


I didn't feel that she got angry "Don't say about "suicide" easily". I thought that she was about to say

"If the police come to autopsy, the funeral will be interrupted and it will be troublesome."

Her tone was,

"You will not be troubled even by the end of the last"


2018-12-08 "My hobby is Mr. Ebata's blog." [長年日記]

Sometimes I receive a mail of support.

"My hobby is Mr. Ebata's blog."

When I get an e-mail written like that, I am in a good mood with reviewing the mail again and again all day.


On my blog I write somewhat difficult, however, after all I am a simple guy.

2018-12-07 "If we leave the business to AI, our workplaces are more painful and painful than anything else. " [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Let me go to the top. The processing instruction related to this is very "fine".

They cannot allow anything about form of entry, attached document, and description content.

Even documents that have already been submitted, if the items of the document are different, they order me another document.

Let me say it, that is a standing point at the opposite of "compatible".


Because I have studied about patent law, I am well-informed about the severity of documentation of administrative processing system.

So, this rigor is going to be required for one private company.

This may also be one of what we call "compliance".

However, the day the whole day was spent for document work, I am about to cry from the bottom of my heart.

"Let me do my work (research)!", I want to cry.

I understand it is unavoidable, but anyway, I feel stuffy and helpless.


So, I am always thinking,

"If we leave the business to AI, our workplaces are more painful and painful than anything else. "

How many human beings can not imagine the future.

As "software technology" that many people call it "AI", will continue to develop, so the future of this dystopia is definite. I am afraid of it.

Human being (labor cost) is overwhelmingly cheaper than computer resources. Therefore computers are overwhelmingly "stupid" than human being.

I think that "why do many people think that such simple reality ?"


Anyway, if you are trying to argue against my opinion above,

Please contact me after reading these all.

2018-12-06 I am exhausted by this ordering work. [長年日記]

One of my works as a researcher is (Step 1) devising a prototype system for research, (Step 2) assembling it, (Step 3) verifying my hypothesis.

I receive support from myself or other people, and have to build up one system of myself.

For that, first of all, I will purchase (order) necessary software and hardware parts.

(Before that, there are procedures to secure the budget, however, I will omit this story this time)

Of course, in order to purchase these parts at the company, it is obvious that I should not make a wrong order (mis-order).

In addition, I must do the right procedure according to the law.


I am exhausted by this ordering work.


In recent years, in addition to strict laws on purchasing goods, I think that the administrative footwork has become lighter.

Quite often, inspectors are getting into the workplace (it is a hearsay, though), and in response to this, the internal operation of the company becomes stricter than before.

And the biggest reason is that "there are departments overseeing those operations."

However, it was quite later that I noticed it.

From the email address (or name) of the person who is doing business, I noticed that the person in charge of business is foreigner.

However, I have not noticed that the base is in the mainland (China) for a long time.


The conversation used by the people of the land (China) is, I sometimes forgot being an foreigner, almost "Japanese".


I think it from the bottom of my heart.

The seriousness of truth is against my standing position of "engineers not loved by English".

Of course, I know that the situation surrounding me is too special (there are many excellent people), and unusual.

Even so, I like whoever is kind and to help me.

On the other hand, I dislike any people who "only give me advice" even I don't ask it.

(To be continued)

2018-12-05 "Because they failed even in the past, even now it is inevitable for us to fail in the same case" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

If I were a teenager, I would be rebelling with saying "Do not be stupid."

So I know that they can not be persuaded with my official answer.

As for my daughter, I think that (probably) I can explain about the usefulness of "English" "mathematics" "national language".

However, "history" is difficult to explain.


Regarding "history", many teachers have explained that "history is a collection of past use cases".

The purpose is "learn from past failures, make use of it to the present".

However, I think this is "insulting" the past people quite a bit.

About for "the ignorance, overdrive and unintelligent psychogender of Japanese military" as the above, there are many descriptions that only the headquarters of the Japanese army was "incompetent".

However, if you examine it for a moment, you can see that experts from various fields supported the Pacific War.

In particular, I think that the Japanese people of those days forming the public opinion of "support of the war" should not be ignored.


Also, even now, there are

- Shimmerly a politician who asserts "protectionism" and a citizen who does not stop him, whether they know that "protectionism" caused the block economy, and the block economy caused murdering tens of millions of people all over the world

- A politician who shouts "diplomatic ties" against the judicial judgment of the neighboring country (× foreign policy) and the citizens who support them.

If "the reflection of history" is exercised correctly, these can not happen.


In the long history so far, many people was considering social wisdom of the era, international situation, capabilities of the country (including war potential), and thought and thought again, decided what they had to do.

And they continued to make a "failure".

So, in the subject "history", not only children but also we adults, should learn

"Because they failed even in the past, even now it is inevitable for us to fail in the same case"

This is "resignation".


The purpose of the subject "history" are

"We will repeat the same mistakes as often as we can"

"So, if you make a mistake, you will not feel so depressed."

I think it is good.


So, back to the beginning -

According to the purpose of study of history

"Back to the process of the incident that occurred"

"Learn from past failures, make use of it to the present"

All teachers who are strengthening like that, are, I think, "they are finger of sophistry".

2018-12-04 "Why should I study this subject?" [長年日記]

We can find a lot of person, book, drama, and movies to blame the process to outbreak of Pacific War(WW2).

Generally, many of the story seem to be told from the ignorance, overdrive and unintelligent psychogender of Japanese military

On the other hand, it is difficult to find a person, a book, a drama, and a movie to blame the process to outbreak of Russo-Japanese War.

In my memory, I can only remember a story of the book, whose title is "Clouds at the top of a hill(Saka no ue no Kumo), that describes a poor commander tried to capture "Fort in area 203".

However, there is no story to blame the process to Russo-Japanese War in the book.

Let's discuss this issue. I think that the battle against the U.S. is more reasonable than that against Russia under an imperial regime, without a doubt.

Even with only these two examples, it is obvious that we have not done objective assessment based on the scientific approach of "to evaluate" only process "after separating from the result".

Set it aside.


Having a teenager's daughter, there is a topic that surely comes up.

"Why should I study this subject?"

My public answer is "to study is entertainment", however, almost all children cannot accept this answer.

(To be continued)