2021-09-19 "Marginal Operation" by Yuri Shibamura is interesting. [長年日記]

"Marginal Operation" by Yuri Shibamura is interesting.

(If you are interested, please Google it.)

I think it's interesting because the content (setting, situation, characters) is interesting -- the balance of reality, fantasy, and a bit of future technology is also good.


I think the "Information Illuminator" is feasible, but I don't think it's feasible to visualize the status of the enemy forces.

Simultaneous tracking of more than 1000 objects would be difficult with the current wireless system, and the time lag would be negligible.

As a researcher who has been thinking about various "child watchdog systems" in this way, I also "enjoy" the fact that I can think about near-future devices.

Incidentally, there is a story here about a reseacher who slipped up and shocked his boss with a joke: "First of all, the priority is to make Japan a society where an average of 300 children a year are killed in crimes".

That aside.


As a column writer, the style of writing in this book is very informative.

"Anyway, it's easy to read."

I don't really know what a "light novel" is -- I've asked my junior daughter and others to define it, but they don't have a clue -- but

If a light novel can be defined as "an easy-to-read book," then I think it's no problem to say that it's "ultimate book".

In comparison, I feel that 70% of my column is filled with adjectives, industry terms (and graphs and tables).


I don't think the following comparison is valid, however

As a fan of Kaoru Takamura's work, "Marginal Operations" is reading more than 20 times faster than "Marks' Mountain".

Yeah, it's not really appropriate, I guess.

But, well, I enjoy reading Marginal Operations, so I've decided that I'll only read this book when I'm walking.

In this way, I can change the feeling of "walking is too much trouble" to "I want to go out for a walk as soon as possible" and incorporate it into my daily routine.

2021-09-18 I have just opened my bookstore, "Ebata-san's Bookstore". [長年日記]

I have just opened my bookstore, "Ebata-san's Bookstore".

The writing request I received here took a very different direction and landed in an unexpected place.

Well, I think I got lucky with this one.

If I hadn't had this opportunity, I wouldn't have had the chance to research and try "how to e-publish".


To be honest, I can hardly say that I know how to "do e-publishing" yet.

The reason why I chose this e-book download site is because I have purchased many books (technical e-books) from that site in the past.

What's more, I liked the ease with which I could just upload the PDF without being bound by rules about page numbers and appendices, which I have no interest in.

To begin with, I am not interested in bookbinding at all. I even take off the cover and lose it while reading a book.

However, the e-book download site I chose this time instructed me to create a "cover". So, I appropriated an illustration I had made myself in the past and made it appropriately.

It would be nice to be able to publish electronically from my own website, but I was disappointed when I saw the "payment system fees" before, so I'm not going to bother with this.

Also. I'm not interested in increasing the amount of books in my collection either -- it would only make my house smaller.

Nevertheless, paper books are still superior to e-books in the following two ways.

(1) You can find the book you want in an instant, just by looking at the bookshelf.

(2) You can resume reading the next day even if you submerge it in the bathtub.


What makes Ebata's Bookstore different from other bookstores is that

"Books by me, for me, by me"

In other words, 'I can write what I want without concern for any organization (publishing company, etc.).

2021-09-17 We are, after all, "soldiers" who are "cogs in the organization. [長年日記]

I believe that the idea of "perfection" is the biggest obstacle to getting the job done.

- I have always told my children, "Round up at 70-80%. Never aim for 100%.

I am a thoroughgoing "perfection denier," as described in.

- It's okay to "copy and paste" English documents.

I am a "short-cut supremacist" as described in

But of course, there are only a few people in our country who can proudly claim this "denial of perfection" and "cutting corners".

In addition, even if the ideology is the same, the level of standards varies from person to person, so naturally there will be differences of opinion.

In particular, this disagreement is manifested in the form of "reprimand" by the top in an organization.


I think "reprimand" is unpleasant for anyone.

There are only two ways to avoid this "reprimand" in an organization.

(1) Do nothing

(2) Do it in silence.

If it is (1) above, nothing can be done, and if it is (2) above, it will become a problem (accident) later on.

I'm not going to say something stupid like, "Look at 'reprimand' as a positive" (but there are so many people like that that it's disgusting).

I think it's better to think of "reprimand" as a component of work (or a part of a schedule).

When I think of "incomplete" + "reprimand" as a set menu, my work will move faster (or move at my pace).

Well, even though I know what I'm doing, I sometimes choose "(2) Do it in silence"

And sometimes, I have serious accidents.


Recently, I realized that there is a phrase in an ancient book (Sun Tzu) that truly makes this idea "right".

"A soldier respects speed."

In other words, "faster is better, even if it is based on a poor vision"

The problem is the 'soldiers...' part, well, that too is true.

We are, after all, "soldiers" who are "cogs in the organization.

2021-09-16 Approaches designed to "meet" girls fail at a much higher rate. [長年日記]

Nowadays, I call myself a "solitary engineer", but not so long ago, I was doing what is now called "sociable"

I've been thinking about this as I reread my diary, which I used to write in the past.


I used to be the head of the tennis club at the laboratory, or rather, I was "made" to be the head of the tennis club.

So, the head of the tennis club was embarrassed that his 'service didn't go into the opponent's court,' so he went to tennis school.

There was a disgraceful rumor going around that "Ebata was groping girls at the tennis school".

Ebata: "No way. I don't see anything but tennis balls in the school."

I denied the rumors.

In fact, I was the one who took my lessons seriously, and since I belonged to an advanced class, there were very few "so-called 'girls'".

There were "women who were serious about tennis", but they were a different kind of people from the "so-called 'girls'".

And It turned into a disgraceful rumor:

"Ebata is groping middle-aged people with daughters or granddaughters of the right age at the tennis school.

Well, that's beside the point.


As a matter of fact, I think that the effectiveness of "marriage apps" are less than

- Lessons such as tennis school and English conversation classes

- Participation in neighborhood association events and volunteer activities

- Visiting grandmothers and grandfathers in aged care facilities, etc.

These indirect approaches seem to have a higher success rate.

This is because it is not the "system" that evaluates you, but "human being".

Therefore, what is important here is to do these things with "no ulterior motive" and with "genuine interest".


Approaches designed to "meet" girls fail at a much higher rate.

We elderly people are trained to recognize such people.

2021-09-15 Therefore, I would like to operate a "self-responsibility & no-indemnity food bank" on a non-profit and non-official basis. [長年日記]

When I have extra foods, I would like to donate them to a food bank or a food drive.

However, in our family, most of the ingredients are frozen and eaten all.

Or, since any ingredients (usually by me) can be used as ingredients for curry roux, I don't think there will be any surplus of ingredients.

In the first place, I don't "check" expiration dates when it comes to instant foods and canned foods.

However, when I tried to research, I knew that food banks and food drives that are operating publicly seem to be reasonably strict about the expiration dates of their food.

It is only natural.

This is because it can be a matter of "health" or, in the worst case scenario, "human life".


When I was a college student, I used to receive a lot of expired food from the parents of my students at cram school, but I never had any problems.

I was a struggling student (although I didn't really feel like it), so I didn't refuse anything that came my way, as long as it was edible.

I think this was possible because of the special connections I had with the parents as an individual.

"Pride? What is that and is it good?" This is fine -- especially for students.


Therefore, I would like to operate a "self-responsibility & no-indemnity food bank" on a non-profit and non-official basis.

Organizing it would be troublesome, so I want to create it as a "food relief system that works on a completely decentralized human network".

Yes, it is the operational form of terrorists and guerrillas.

However, there is no possibility of "anti-social forces" coming in. Because it's not a good business at all.

By the way, I don't have the slightest sense of "giving" or "volunteering".

This is because the network will be based on my perfect self-interest, for "I'm going to create a system to help me (Ebata) , who will need help in the future.

In short, it's "insurance".

2021-09-14 The condition is that you provide me with one interface to connect the location information of the electronic reference point set up in Ebata's yard to my PC. [長年日記]

Recently, NHK BS's N-Spe has been rebroadcasting past programs related to earthquakes.

As usual, I'm watching the recordings "alone" for about 15 minutes each day.

My family is not interested in this kind of content, and even my second daughter is scared to leave the living room.


I knew very well that the land of Japan is like a sheet of styrofoam floating on the water, having read Sakyo Komatsu's "Sinking of Japan.

However, I was surprised to learn from recent research that this "Styrofoam board" is broken into several more pieces (about seven).

In other words, the land of Japan seems to be moving in pieces (not just moving, but rotating and so on).

To begin with, Japan continues to move in centimeters per year, no matter where it is.

We know this from the data from the large number of electronic reference points (GPS observation points) that have been set up around Japan.


Now, ladies and gentlemen of the National Geographic Institute.

We, the Ebata family is ready to offer our yard as a free place to set up an electronic reference point (I think there may have been some troublesome issues with land acquisition and so on).

If the power is less than 100W, the Ebata family will also pay for the electricity (please do not prepare a back-up power supply).

If you want to use a wired connection, you can use the Ebata family's Internet connection free of charge (but please make sure that the amount of communication does not interfere with the daughters' YouTube viewing).

The condition is that you provide me with one interface to connect the location information of the electronic reference point set up in Ebata's yard to my PC.

Of course, if possible, I would like to have real-time information on all the electronic reference points in Japan, but I think this information is probably "information equivalent to a national secret," so I don't ask you to go that far.

I will be satisfied first of all if I can get real-time movement data of our house.

With that data, I would like to make a "hyperlocal (the Ebata house only) earthquake prediction.


I think there are probably quite a few engineers in Japan who would be willing to do this (at least two more I know of).

If you have plans to increase the number of electronic reference points, etc., please let me know.

2021-09-13 I'm finally writing this diary after about an hour of moving my body little by little, wondering if this is what recovery from "cold sleep" looks like in science fiction. [長年日記]

In the latter half of last week, I spent several days attending conferences that were held late at night (ending at 3:00 a.m.), which completely threw off the rhythm of my life.

In addition, I spent the weekend writing for more than 12 hours a day to meet the deadline for my column.

However, over the weekend, the fatigue was so great that my writing had to be interrupted several times.

Then, as an insomniac, I would find myself in a vicious cycle that would accelerate my insomnia even further.

Last night, I took a sleeping pill (not stabilizer) for the first time in a long time, thinking "if I can get a deep sleep, I might be able to get rid of my fatigue," and I was able to get a sleep that felt like I was sinking into complete darkness.

"When I woke up this morning, all the fatigue that had been hiding inside my body came out on the outside of my body."

I couldn't get up from the futon anymore.

I'm finally writing this diary after about an hour of moving my body little by little, wondering if this is what recovery from "cold sleep" looks like in science fiction.

(Source: "Goodbye Jupiter")


I think "I've always been able to handle this level of hard works", however, I was reminded of an old saying.

"I don't want to grow old."

2021-09-12 For example, if you attend a budget meeting with Waikiki Beach in the background, people will think, "Doesn't this person need a budget for next year?" or something like that. [長年日記]

I've avoided using the camera for remote meetings, but now I'm being asked to use it for conferences, award ceremonies, and other events.

Well, being able to see the speaker's facial expression is useful for remote meetings, but there is the problem of "being able to see into the room".

However, whether you are using Zoom, Teams, or Skype, you have the ability to specify the background screen, so you can choose the screen you want.

I believe that one's personal preferences can be read by the way one chooses to use this screen.

For example, if you attend a budget meeting with Waikiki Beach in the background, people will think, "Doesn't this person need a budget for next year?" or something like that.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to think about those unwanted things.


In my case, I use "background blur" for my cumbersome room.

It's too much trouble to think about the background.

However, the other day, I couldn't set up this background screen properly and had to show my room in front of more than 100 people.

Well, I'm thinking that no one probably felt uncomfortable just because they were shown my room in "the way I live".

2021-09-11 Again, common sense doesn't work on people who don't understand common sense. [長年日記]

I have learned a lot from doctors in the field, and I publish their content in my column.

These columns have been written after much thought and deliberation on my part.

Therefore, I think that I am "100% responsible" for the content.

If someone is hurt by the content of my column, I will certainly pay for it to the extent that I am comfortable with it, and if I am not comfortable with it, to the extent that the judiciary orders it.


I "support" the new COVID-19 vaccination based on the scope and risks I have thought and through.

I believe that I am fully accountable for my actions.

So far, I have not had any arguments or trouble with people who "refuse" to be vaccinated against the new coronas -- maybe.

To be honest, I'm relieved because I was prepared to be harassed in various ways.


Recently, however, we have been locking our doors more tightly and maintaining the surveillance camera system more frequently than usual.

The reason for this was because I read the following article.

The motive of the perpetrator is that he "broke into the facility of the Organization for Promotion of Regional Medical Functions (ORSF), an independent administrative institution (Minato-ku, Tokyo) chaired by the chairman of the government's subcommittee on countermeasures against new coronavirus infections, and smashed the glass at the entrance.

"I hate the Chairman"

was the only reason for the perpetrator


Of course, I can have no sympathy for this criminal and I can criticize him for his poor behavior.

I don't care about the life of the guy who violated someone

However, when violence is committed, as a rule, the victim has only one choice: 'lose'.

This is because even if we can retaliate (compensate for damages), it is not a "win".

And I am absolutely certain that "I will be hated by someone".


People who fight with proper procedures are not so scary. This is because there are many ways to deal with them.

What scares me is people who ignore logic and attack only with emotion, as in this case. There is no way to deal with this.


This is why the Ebata family is currently focusing on counter-terrorism as well as domestic infection.

There's no point in thinking, 'What's the point of attacking a little thing like me?

Again, common sense doesn't work on people who don't understand common sense.

2021-09-10 "A sneaky strategy for engineers who don't love the English language, making the most of the Corona disaster" [長年日記]

I don't like "overseas business trips" that use up huge amounts of energy and exhaustion.

From a cost-benefit perspective, it is not a very efficient form of business.

I have a sneaking suspicion that those who say they like to travel abroad are not doing their job properly. I have a bad feeling about them.

Aside from that.

The international conference I attended this time was of course a "virtual conference".

Of course, I am submitting a conference paper in anticipation of that (corona disaster).

In addition to the ease of not having to give a presentation in front of front-line researchers in the field, I also had the opportunity,

"Question and answer session can be conducted in a real-time chat forum"

This is very significant.

After all, all I have to do is keep the translation engine standing by next to the Zoom screen.

The accuracy of modern translation engines is so high that I can respond in real time.

Thanks to this, I was able to ask questions about all the presentations, as far as my own session was concerned.

This was an unprecedented achievement for me -- even if no one appreciated it.

In the first half of this year, I made two international conference submissions in a row.

This is a

"A sneaky strategy for engineers who don't love the English language, making the most of the Corona disaster"


In Japan, a nation unloved by the English language, the Corona disaster is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for engineers to earn their quota.

However, when I checked, I found that only two Japanese were participating in this conference.

As someone who knows the days when each maker company sent more than 10 young researchers to the IETF conference during the bubble period, I honestly can't believe it.

Well, I guess it depends on the theme, so maybe there were not many Japanese people at this conference by chance.

But even taking all that into account, Japan, as a country with a large number of engineers who don't love the English language, I think

"If we don't strike now, when will we strike?"

If the world goes back to the way it was, it will be too late.

Needless to say, the corona disaster is a calamity that should be extinguished as soon as possible.

At the same time, however, the Corona disaster is the greatest advantage for "engineers who are not loved by English".


We must not miss this period.

I would like the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to propose a national strategy to "reinstate Japan as a technological powerhouse and revive its international competitiveness during the Corona disaster period.

Of course, it will be loudly criticized not only in Japan, but also all over the world, but I guarantee you that it will stick in the hearts of "engineers who are not loved by English".


But -- it may be too late.

When I looked at where the attendees came from, I got the feeling that even North America, not to mention Japan, is in a "slump".

Southeast Asian and Europe countries were the strongest -- and the nearby continent was still overwhelming.