2018-04-24 "Ebata should be blamed for the power harassment" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

He might create an illusion of "great thinktank" on the edge of international company."

"Ha-ha-ha, You are kidding! " is easy to say. "

However, I think that this is basically an proto-type of "power harassment" and "sexual harassment"."

Many accidents of "power harassment" and "sexual harassment" is essentially generated by "

Both non-consciousness of (A)their positions, and (B)affects, derived from the positions."

So, basically, anyone who is a central player of "power harassment" and "sexual harassment", has any victimizer-minded"

Because they are juking and jiving and have no awareness of the above both (A) and (B). "


So I often say that "

"Put your foolish illusions away, like "friendly boss" or "comfortable professor"" "

We cannot escape from our position, even what kinds of position. and also cannot escape from being victimizer of "power harassment" and "sexual harassment"."

Moreover, even if you are a minister or vice minister, whatever you say to anyone, you should be prepared to be blamed for "power hurdles""

Even if you speak to someone about sexual issue personally,, whatever your intention is, it will be 100% "sexual harassment"."

Whoever should have the awareness as least. So I think "

Is that guy an really idiot ?"


It can be concluded that"

"Ebata should be blamed for the power harassment""

And, that's right."

2018-04-23 "It may be that he felt fear" [長年日記]

My research laboratory is accepting college students by an internship program.

I have never experimented such a management before (or, nobody wants me to manage a college student). Anyway I don't know the program in detail.

As I recalled, once I designed the "Hokkyoku-Ramane tour", when the internship student from Europe asked me.

The period of an internship program is almost three weeks.

Of course, it might be difficult for them to complete one study perfectly, so in many case, we asked them to analysis data, and and present the result at the end of the period.


Once our research team had the internship student for lunch. I knew that His subject of research is related to ""neural network", so I asked him some questions.

Ebata:"How many layers, how many input and output neurons in your system ? Did you try to use deep leaning? What kind of the method are you trying ?"

However, he was mumble, and could not answer my questions clearly.


"Why did he behave like that? Is that just his character? "

I was thinking that, however, after that I came to think that

"It may be that he felt fear"

(To be continued)

2018-04-22 "Personal collapse presumably according to alcohol sumption" [長年日記]

Recently, there are certain reasons, I am completely stopping alcohol consumption now. I do not even mention 1 milliliter.

However, in April there are many drinking party and I am embarrassed to be honest.

At the drinking party 's seat,

Colleague: "Mr. Ebata, the doctor stooped it?"

Every time I responded

Ebata: "Ha-ha, do you think that even a doctor can stop me?"

with smiling, nobody comes to touch this topic to be recognized something.

Set it aside.


When I do not drink, I can see something various.

"Personal collapse presumably according to alcohol sumption"

To me, it is clearly visible, honestly, it's really "scary."

Because I will "observe" a lot about people at the next seats, who is changing to a different personality (or hidden personality) from the start time of the drinking party.

I have not able to be feel "fear" since now. I think the reason is that I also change the my personality with drinking, and start to live in the another world.

The feeling is, ... let me think... " Okabe's Reading Steiner"


My wife is a so-called "Geko" who has no alcohol decomposing ability by nature.

So I asked her

"Have you ever lived such a scary life until now?"

However she responded, "I never thought of scary, in particular"

I felt a deep emotion that there was an "observer of loneliness" close to me.

2018-04-21 I remembered that I have to comply with my "Steins Gate viewing rule". [長年日記]

Last night, I was trying rate down of demo video + media conversion - well, in short, "troublesome thing", however I could not be moved well, went home in exhaustion.

When I came home at midnight, I noticed that the second episode of "Steins Gate Zero" was recorded.

I tried to watch it immediately - but I stopped thinking very much.

Because, I think when viewing the "Steins Gate" series,

- First of all, take a bath, drop the body dirty,

- pulling the body with cold water,

- Rinsing mouth with salt water,

- covering myself with white jelly,

- seating in front of the TV,

- paying attention and focusing on one thing

I remembered that I have to comply with my "Steins Gate viewing rule".


By the way, it is almost time for the series of "AI series" to head to the final stage.

I am thinking about sales stuff for the next series,

"Steins Gate Theory"

I thought I would suggest it.

However, at the next moment, I could watch

the smile faces of Mr. T, editor-in - chief, and Mr. M 's editor in charge with saying "Mr. Ebata? Are you serious ?


"aura of anger" rising behind it

You will forget the existence of this diary, because it is event of other worlds.

2018-04-20 "I can lick the examiner's soles of the feet" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Though my written opinion and amendment procedures, I'm doing something to the examiner. If I am going to get patent rights of my invention, I can say that

"I can lick the examiner's soles of the feet"

I have worked seriously about the patent specification, as a public documents",

according to the administrative agencies and the orders of the law, without ever going against it,


If the administrative agency himself bends the rules himself,

How awkward I am to continue to "lick the examiner's soles of the feet"?

My tears came into my eyes.


I don't want to say

"Anyone who ordered falsification of the public sentence, or executed it with depending on the power, does "harakiri" in front of their office building."

I just claim that

Not "falsification" but "compensation" or "correction" based on the administrative law, they should open the public document to people,


I also just request them to

"write the reason for the "compensation" or "correction" correctly, for example, "the abuse of power, including the family"


If it is true.

2018-04-19 However, I never forgive a people who do "falsification of the public sentence" absolutely. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Bribery, corruption should not be allowed because distorting the fair administrative system, however, I am leaving that protest activity to others.

I don't care about affiliation and affair of chiefs and lawmakers at all.

However, I come to think that

- Why do you have "free time" so much ?

- Why do you seem to die due to the duty of public service ?

(while being crazy for debugging, especially)

No matter whoever reads what the power is implying, with money, women or men, power, and others, I don't care of it.


However, I never forgive a people who do "falsification of the public sentence" absolutely.

Whatever someone says, I never forgive the person.


However, I think that it would be inevitable for many people to imply the power.

I will tell you, even though I know well that "there is no big difference between you who are weak officials against the power and I who cannot resist my boss.

(To be continued)

2018-04-18 In short, "falsification of public sentence" is provided in pair with "dictatorship power". [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

In the book whose title "1984" written by Geoge Orwell, the protagonist is working for amendment of the public documents, as a specialist about interpolation of public documents, in the government organization of one-party dictatorship.

Documents inconsistent with the party's official remarks are modified / tampered with by this organization. As a result, this action realizes "the party does not commit mistakes" (Of course, this department is kept secret from the public).

In short, "falsification of public sentence" is provided in pair with "dictatorship power".

It goes without saying that it stands at the opposite of the concept of "democracy".



"Anyone who ordered falsification of the public sentence, or executed it with depending on the power, does "harakiri" in front of their office building."

I am desperately holding down my emotion, and do not say the above sentence.

It is because the exact facts are not completely clear.

Emotional behavior based on "guesses", is not good for society, and moreover the action will get my values down.

I must strictly refrain from such things.

However, repeatly, I also think

"After getting information, I can start a self-paced attacking"

(To be continued)

2018-04-17 "I will kill Director-General of the Patent Office and the examiners in charge by a bomb with the office building , and also kill myself at the front of the rubble." [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

A public office which I relates as an engineer, is the patent office.

The patent office gives patent rights, which can make even a big company bankrupt (if you have a prominent capability and persistence).

Therefore, the management works extreme precise and exhaustive, like a sophisticated giant factory, and the mutual absolute relationship of trust between patent applicants and the patent office should be indispensable.

Nobody can tamper with a patent application, as an official document, except for the special administrative procedure "compensation" or "correction".

(*)I think that a patent application is equal to an official document, because it is going to be opened under the government control.

And the administrative procedure should be opened to all people in the world without reservation and restriction.

Even if the are examiners hearing examiners and office staff, their arbitrariness should be prohibited rigidly.


If persons in authority and adulators interfere with the management of patent system,

I have really a spirit that

"I will kill Director-General of the Patent Office and the examiners in charge by a bomb with the office building , and also kill myself at the front of the rubble."

In my mind, "patent application" as a official document, is sacred, unviolated and absolute object.

(To be continued)

2018-04-16 "After getting information, I can start a self-paced attacking" [長年日記]

Even when an affair happens in the world, I am suppose not to voice my opinions about the affair, by blog, Twitter, Facebook.

This is a based on my experiments.


When I get angry with the opinion that criticizes my contents, first of all, I will take a survey of the person's past comments completely.

If the person

didn't validate the evidence of an affair,

come to believe a murky news source with little evidence

and comment negative opinions easily,

I decide that the person is a

"weak head"

and come to feel heartily gratified.

If I feel an urge to do it, I think that it is not difficult for me to put him/her to shame with the fact and data.

"Why does Ebata say it ?" The reason is, I, in fact (omitted)


Therefore, I know well that "a careless comment like spinal reflex, comes to downgrade assessment of myself"

To begin with, if I comment on something, I cannot change the world at all.

Moreover, I think "it it not late when I go on the move, after I get all the information at hand"


On the other hand, I also think

"After getting information, I can start a self-paced attacking"

At that time, I can make a sortie with the fact, logic and math.

(To be continued)

2018-04-15 To be honest, my heart is likely to break. [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Currently, my home mail server is still "unbelievable" in the other e-mail server.

Though trying variously while changing the setting, basically computers are stupid. If I set a different parameter, computers will only answer "I can not authenticate you". Of course, the computer will not explain the reasons.

For example, if there are nine items and three patterns for the setting, 19683 times trials are needed in order to be able to reach the correct answer.

If there are samples on the Internet, it is good. However, I cannot find the samples quite easily.

This is natural.

The thoughtless sample disclosure will give server attackers hints of huge attacks.


I continue to be told from the other mail server "I cannot believe you"

To be honest, my heart is likely to break.

It is not only the human world that "being unbelievable" is "hard".