2017-05-27 "I don't know the world think to you, only I will say "I love you like that" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

However, I don't deny the existence of "only one".

ecause, I know there is a "only one" person I have never met before.

All I can say is that

When a people want to aim to be "only one", the people fail to become "only one"


There are several respectable "only one"s around me.

However as far as I know, they don't know that they are "only one". Moreover they don't aim to be "only one".

All they do is what they want to do, and they never give up doing what they want to do.

They never give up what they want to do, they do on their own, and they arrive at the goal "in result". That's all.

In addition, they don't have any idea of "they are in competition with others".


I know the above thought is only my personal observation, however, we can share the same thought with you by observing behavior of winners of Nobel prize(physics and chemistry fields).

Many of the winner, often said "I could breathe a sigh of relief, because I think I can continue my study for a certain time.

For them, The Novel prize is not a purpose of their carrier. It is like an allowance that makes them continue their study.(Maybe they don't need that)

At least, I could not find the winner who seems to be boasting by handing out the Nobel Prize.

They didn't aim to be "only one". They became "only one" when we noticed it.

This is my own definition of "only one", however I believe this is correct.

(If you have time, please read it too)

In conclusion, I hope that you could understand that the phrase of

"Only one" than "Number on"

is thoroughly stupid.


For me, I want to say to a college fresh young.

"Feel hard alone on the edge"

"Struggle against your obstructions, and keep it running"

"I don't know the world think to you, only I will say "I love you like that"

I will keep saying, again and again.

2017-05-26 NOT "only one flower in the world" BUT "I, who are alone in the world" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

I want to ask for the difference between "number one" and "only one".

I think

(1) "Only one" is just a subjective illusion that doesn't have quantitative or qualitative assessment criteria.

That means, the flower that only he/she believe "one flower in the world"

On the other hand,

(2)"number one" is just an objective reality that enable quantitative or qualitative assessment criteria possible, and everyone can admit that it is a supremacy.

That means, the flower that the world recognizes as "one flower in the world"

Even if "only one" of the above (1) is recognized as social values, all of the "only one" are "number one".


In this situation, this controversy is coming soon.

"We can use the word "only one" by the evaluation criteria based only on our own view."

That may be so.

Then, it is better to say the followings from the beginning.

NOT "Be "only one" than "number one"" BUT "Be more self-satisfied that Evaluation of others"

NOT "only one flower in the world" BUT "I, who are alone in the world"

(To be continued)

2017-05-25 First of all, it is is very easy to realize "only one". [長年日記]

Yesterday, I wrote my thought about book whose title is "How to walk for college fresh young" in the talk scene with my daughter,

Reading the last diary back again, I think that my comments are very hard though, this book seems to be very useful.

To tell you the truth, I know the reason.

This book includes one of the most dislike-able phrase of mine.( just one time)

"Only one" than "Number one"

Whenever I read this phrase, I always think

"How foolish"

Previously, I wrote the similar story in my diary, using a song whose title "Only one flower in the world(maybe)", and I said that this song is also the most dislikable song of mine.

This time, I will tell the same logic to you.


First of all, it is is very easy to realize "only one".

Because I can explain the reason from the viewpoint of simple theory of sets or claims of patent application.

(1)"A device with function A", or "Set of A"

(2)"A device with function A,B,C, and D" or "Set of A,B,C, and D"

There is no double, that is more acceptable as a patent right, or which is smaller set.

I mean, the restriction of invention elements or range of set will realize "only one" easily.

For example, I am "only one" in the world, who has a name "Tomoichi Ebata" and works as an engineer.

Well. well, I know well.

"Your definition of "only one" is not only irrelevancy on conventional wisdom, but also desrespectable sophistic"

2017-05-24 E:"Let me see.... "prepare yourself for the worst", after all" [長年日記]

My senior daughter, who has been a college fresh young this year, introduced me a book "How to walk for a college fresh young"

The education system of colleges is perfectly different from those of before colleges, so I think the book like this might be helpful for her.


Daughter(D):"How was that?"

Ebata(E):"It is good. this book will make you ease"

D:"Well, worrisome phrase, you said. What does it mean?"

E;"Um, These authors had already graduated from colleges and now they are member of society aren't they?


E:"I think any people can speak their own past events after the graduation. It is just a review of their life"


E:"The newcomers are now running about in confusion in the jungle, without no information of where to go, and what to do.


E:"I think, these authors are the jungle's observer who live in a space stationary satellite.

D:"I see"

E:"For a college fresh young, the reports from the satellite, in addition reported in several years ago, is really useful ?"

D: "Do you want to say that this book is not useful at all?"

E:"I think it is useful for you. However, if you breathe a sigh of relief, it might be dangerous, I am afraid. This book doesn't cover all risk of your campus life"

D:"What should I do on earth?"

E:"Let me see.... "prepare yourself for the worst", after all"

D:"Pardon ?"

E:"These authors wrote their own failure stories based on their campus life, and I believe that this book is useful for your future accidents"


"However, you could not avoid all your troubles in your future campus life. as might be expected"


E:"Ultimately I think, even if you do preadjustments or come to be watchful, you should show your disreputable appearance to others, finally""

D:"I understand"

E:"Numbers of disreputable appearance seem to be equal to numbers of college fresh young, I think"


In addition, we all come to be adults, who

feel understanding the world by just jumping over the disreputable appearance

will become annoying adults to preach to the young guys at the drinking party in the future

We all cannot run away from the fact.

I decided to be silent about the above

2017-05-23 "he could not have made the thoughtless phrase absolutely" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

Therefore, the reason I thought "this minister has already been broken" is that I judged "this computer system has already broken".


Even if he is the minster who is corresponding to the big and terrible earthquake in 2011,

he should have done the following tasks,

thorough field investigation

understanding the enoumous numbers of the damage and the analsis based ont eh numbers,

planning recovery program logically, and

getting budget to realize above task and avoid conflicting of interest,

Tha means, he must be a super-computer with enoumous drive units


even if he were the super-computer, that executes the above four tasks,

"he could not have made the thoughtless phrase absolutely"

In other words, the super computer could not execute the given tasks correctly

"Broken Super Computer", that could not fulfill the primary duty.

This is my understanding about him.

I don't blame and criticize any "broken object".

Even if the computer system has broken, it is enough to be broken out of the main system (and it had already finished by the prime minister, as a main computer system)

Even if he is a broken computer, it will work well, based on new OS, software or other missions.

However, from the view of his previous works, I am afraid that it is not software problem, but hardware drawback( qualification in himself). "Scrap it" might be better.

2017-05-22 "Well, this person have already been broken from the beginning" [長年日記]

Recently, a minister who said "it was lucky for us that the 2011 big earthquake disaster happened in Tohoku-area", had to be resigned from the cabinet.

Many people had blamed him, from the viewpoint of impudicity or lack in common sense with feeling of outrage.

However, I became refresh. I could make clear that

"Well, this person have already been broken from the beginning"


I think a minister is a kind of a computer system, that have high performance information processing.

And a cabinet is a System of Systems(SoS) that are composed of autonomous distributed computers.

To begin with, the person who has become a minister, have a sharp mind. Because she/he can operate enormous informations at supersonic speed with their human network.

I think it is almost correct to make them "computer systems".


Even if they are involved in sexual or family scandals, I really think

"I don't care of them at all"

It is enough for me that they are working for public welfare or my private profit.

(To be continued)

2017-05-21 I am afraid that The above my behavior was extremely "unfair" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

In order to dispel the "prejudice", the thought of "Do not dispel prejudice" is not enough at all.

I cannot get over my prejudice, without preparedness of diving into the prejudice pool or spending much time of my life.

This is my opinion.

However, I don't want to enforce you this my opinion at all.


Well, the reason why I have started to this topic is that

When my junior daughter's room door opened, I saw a lot of pictures of characters of "BakeMonogatari" on the wall.

When I saw the pictures, they moved me,

"These are splendid art works"

At least, I didn't feel


of the pictures.


"Idol picture" made me feel of fear, but "Bakemonogatari's pictures" made me feel of "splendid"

I am afraid that The above my behavior was extremely "unfair", and I began to start this topic.

2017-05-20 "in order to eliminate prejudice, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate an object of the prejudice" [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)

However, in your room, pasting the idol photos, displaying a lot of beautiful girl figures, or hanging cosplay costumes, like a waterfall

It is completely free for you.

For me, it is the same situation. Personal computer, IoT device (EtherCAT slave, Raspberry) and books (from 4 manga to the white paper of the government) are scattered in my room.

So, the variation of my expectation above (50% → 0%) was clearly,

my rude prejudice against idol fans.

Even I was a college student, I was able to recognize it.

On the other hand, this "prejudice" is fairly incomprehensible. It was undeniable fact that there was fluctuation in my job (just part-time job) by prejudice.

This was the lowest and worst qualification as a tutor of "performance grading contractor".

So, I abandoned my willingness for teaching(Because this story is really persistent, it is omitted below).


This is my opinion,

"in order to eliminate prejudice, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate an object of the prejudice"

I think, thanks to being a weekend writer, I could dispel various prejudices (of the part).

The prejudice against "doujinshi" "Hatsune Miku" "sexual identity disorder" "human train injury", had disappeared irreversibly, by investigating lots of materials or interview for the people.

"Why can I say that?"

Because I came to think that

"I would like to continue to support the persons in that situation in the future"

And at the same time, I realized that the energy to dispel the "prejudice" needs enormous energy than I imagined.

(To be continued)

2017-05-19 My first impression when I entered the room, was "scared" [長年日記]

When I was a college student, I was asked a tutor.

I think that these kind of talks are irreverent, however she was a girl of a junior high school student who was somewhat disappointing and non-intelligent.

She could not give a greeting, not talk to people according to the condition, and not pretend to act (pretending understanding or not).

She might be called so-called "communication obstruction (communication disturbance)" however, I do not know the definition of this word nor usage.

Though It might be a uncomfortable story, children with good grades, basically, will have the communication skill normally.

However, all of them are not children with good grades (parts of them may be just a petty person).

Anyway, I set my expectation at 50% and I was on standby.


When I entered her study room, my expectation felt down dramatically from 50% to 0%.

On all the walls of her room, a pile of male idol photos and posters were sticky.

My first impression when I entered the room, was


(To be continued)

2017-05-18 I am not an aggressive riot security police of Interior Ministry, however I also want it. [長年日記]

Continuing to the last diary,

About both "big data" and "open source" implementing full functions

the commonly observed features are

"Too big is not good"

The bigger objects are, the more difficult they are observed and managed totally.


My main work is to research something ( I am a "research engineer"), so I often read several books and materials simultaneously.

In this digital era, I feel unreasonable to open several books on the desk, however,

associating between these several information is too difficult for PC or smart-phone.

As a result, I am sorry that I have to install many display on the wall, and waste the electric power.

In my room, an opened Note PC is attached on the wall. my wife said "like opened and dried fish".

I mean,

"Too small is not good"

The smaller objects are, the more difficult they are observed and managed totally.


This means, even if it is big data, or source code, or PC or smart-phone,

"each of them is not good for human being"

might be true.

To resolve the problem,

"we have to embed USB I/F on the back of our neck, and connect our brains with computer systems"

might be the last method, I think.

I am not an aggressive riot security police of Interior Ministry, however I also want it.