2021-01-01 『計算とシステム評価から、敬愛に至る』 [長年日記]


On YouTube, I watched,

"What is Queen Elizabeth's hostage? What does the Queen say about Brexit?"



It was, in short,

―― 王家と議会の敵対関係

"Hostility between the Royal Family and Parliament"


the "stylized beauty" or "templating" that had been going on for hundreds of years.


It was very, very interesting.



Recently, I have been writing quite a bit about His Majesty the Emperor and the Emperor System, despite the fact that my family and other people have told me not to mention the Imperial Family.


They are about "quantifying and showing the Emperor's strenuous work through numbers" or "evaluating the emperor system from a systems perspective.


In particular, about this column, I had prepared a title

"The emperor system is a blockchain"



So, in a nutshell, here are the opinions and impressions of my family and others who have read the drafts of these columns

―― 敬意がない

"Lack of respect"




However, from the perspective of this "quantification" and "system evaluation".

―― 人生でこれ以上もないくらい、皇室や天皇制について大量に勉強し、その意義を深く理解することができた

"For the first time in my life, I was able to study a large amount about the imperial family and the emperor system and deeply understand its significance"



And today, I have been listening to

"The Emperor's New Year Video Message"




As a matter of fact, I believe I understand what my family and other people are saying.


This is a criticism to me,


"Ebata, can't you confirm the existence of love without calculating it and evaluating it as a system?"



(In the case of the Imperial Family in Japan, I think the word is "respect" rather than "love".)


I think this criticism makes a lot of sense, and I can accept it.



However, my days as a teenager and in college were not very relevant to most people.

like this one,

or this one.



I think that this in itself was a blessing for me.


However, it was very difficult for me to come to accept the "respect" that most Japanese people have naturally acquired like their breathing.



"From Computation and System Evaluation to Respect.

こんな人間は、少数派 ―― というか、「私以外には誰もいないんじゃないかな」と思っていました。

I thought that people like this were in the minority -- or rather, I thought, "There is no one else but me.

しかし、冒頭の「エリザベス女王の人質とは? 女王が語るブレグジットは?」を視聴しているうちに、『案外、そうでもないかもしれない』と思い始めています。

However, watching the "What is Queen Elizabeth's hostage? What does the Queen say about Brexit?" at the beginning, I'm beginning to think, "Maybe not so much.



My thoughts may not reach "many people," but they may reach those who think the same way I do.


I myself think it is safe to say that I am one of them.


Rather, I am aware that I am "one of them," and I am going to write a lot of columns this year too.


Happy New Year to you all.

2021-01-02 ―― これから陶器が割れても修復します(私の食器だけでいい)ので、直ぐに廃棄しないようにお願いします [長年日記]


I am not interested in "taking care of things", but I like to "repair things in my own way".

ただ ―― エレガントではありません。

However, it's not elegant.


My policy is to "cut corners and make repairs with ease.


For example, for watches with missing joins, I tear off the end of the watch band and pour instant glue into it for use.


My G-panels that are worn out and have holes in them will only spread if you leave them as they are.


So, I poured wood glue into the hole, and


In addition, I tried to repair it by painting over it with an oil-based black magic marker.


When the bottom of my backpack pocket fell out, in the same way, I applied wood glue to the bottom of the pocket and waited for it to harden.


I used an oil-based black magic marker to paint over the hardened object.



Well, the purpose of this repair is to "repair" for the purpose of continued use.


However, there is nothing "beautiful" about it.


The watch was something I bought on Amazon for about 3,800 yen 10 years ago, and the G pants and backpack were cheap.


I'm not so poor that I can't afford a watch, g-pants, and a backpack.

「それって、もったいない精神 ?」 と問われると、それも違う気がします。

If you ask me, "Is that a wasteful mentality? I don't think so either.


The answer that fits me best is "I feel bother with the time it takes to get used to new things.


And "wood glue".



As the son of the president of a downtown woodworking company, I have a deep affection for "woodworking bond.


Strong adhesive effect, beautiful finish after drying (becomes transparent), easy to handle, and water soluble.


Wood glue can be easily removed with water and brush before it solidifies. In addition, it is safe for the human body.



The other day, I broke the lid of a teapot (kyusu) and used instant glue.


Apparently, this was not a good idea.


Regarding safety, there are some substances mixed in that are not completely safe, and my wife especially does not like to use them.


However, I read

"Safe, Easy and Cheap DIY Modern "Kinatsugi" Tableware Repair Methods"


There seems to be a "safety bond for wood glue.

―― 木工用ボンド、スゲーな

"wood glue", awesome



So, the other day

―― これから陶器が割れても修復します(私の食器だけでいい)ので、直ぐに廃棄しないようにお願いします

"From now on, if a piece of pottery breaks, I will repair it (just my dishes), so please don't discard it right away!"


I have sent this message to my family by LINE.

2021-01-03 例えば、とても気に入った映画があれば、それを、2回、3回と見にいくのではなく、その金額を、その映画に興味のない人向けにお金を寄付するのです。 [長年日記]


If I like the content (movies, novels, comics, etc.), I will want to recommend it to others.


This is because it makes me very happy to be able to share my favorite content with others.


However, "content that I like" does not necessarily become "content that others like".


In order to get people to try out the content, you need to pre-process it by "taking up someone else's valuable time".


And you've "taken up someone else's valuable time" and "someone else's unfavorite content"...


You should consider that

―― 損害賠償モノ

this is already the subject of damages.



Recently, this kind of "harassment" of forcing "your favorite content" on people who are in weaker positions than you is becoming a problem.


For the sake of convenience, we will refer to it as "content harassment".



I have been a victim of this "content harassment".


I remember painfully when I was forced to read more than 50 manga that my seniors liked.


It was hard for me to lie and say "I had a good time" to that senior.


On the other hand, I am also aware that I was a perpetrator of this "content harassment".


In particular, I have been hurt when I introduced a book that I thought was "very good" and was told that it was not interesting at all.


In this case, you are both the perpetrator and the victim, a situation that is hard to ignore.



So, I thought, what about "content funding"?


For example, if you like a movie very much, instead of going to see it two or three times, you can donate that amount of money to someone who is not interested in that movie.


This is going to have a very interesting effect.


- Buy the time of people who are not interested in that content.


- Hopefully "empathize" with people who are not interested in the content.


- By disclosing the total amount of funding, we can get a "numerical" evaluation of the film, which is less influenced by the pure evaluation of the film (x advertising scale, x marketing strategy, x personal taste).


So, if it's "Violet Evergarden the Movie", I'm willing to invest (or is it "donate", since there is no return) the cost of one time to that fund.

2021-01-04 家庭内感染を防止する観点から、以前ご紹介した、リビングテーブルのアクリル版パーテイションの他に、さらに、一工夫しました。 [長年日記]


The three New Year's days have passed, and parent team of the Ebata is now in normal operation.


This year, the Ebata family will be spending the year-end and New Year holidays together for the first time in a long time.


In addition to the acrylic partitions on the table that I introduced before, we have added another tip to prevent household infections.


Bring a camping table into the living room, and putting Osechi (New Year's Eve) food, hot pot, and hand-rolled sushi on a plate, and bring it to out seats at the table,

―― ビュッフェスタイル



has been installed.


Needless to say, I prepared different chopsticks for each food.


I felt a little "unsettled", but this was quite a fun "extraordinary" experience.



Maybe not even "extraordinary"


For the time being, the acrylic partition and the buffet table will not be removed from the living room, I think, sighing as I watch the news(*).


(*) Today, a notice was issued declaring a state of emergency in the Kanto area in response to the new corona infection.



The reason why I have been trying to prevent domestic infections so far is


- It is definitely the "daughters" who carry the virus without any subjective symptoms of infection.


- If I become infected, sick, serious, and at worst, die, my daughters will suffer for the rest of their lives, blaming themselves for "dying their parents."

―― か、どうかは、どうでもいいです。

It doesn't matter whether or not.


I'm not very interested in that. It's a problem for the daughters.


私のモチベーションは、ただ一つ ―― 「苦痛に対する恐怖」です。

My motivation is just "fear of pain".


If the new corona becomes ill and becomes serious, I know that


- the fact that it is not easy to die and that the process of death is "severe"


Even if it heals, it means that the pain of the aftereffects is also terrible.


In the first place, viral infections are like that.



I'm not the kind of person who can say, "If I got it from my family, I don't have a choice.

2021-01-05 『クラスターの発生条件は、対面会話による飛沫感染』であることは、もう誰が見ても明らかなのに、 [長年日記]

First, please open this page.


Select "Influenza" or "Influenza Hospitalization" as the name of the infectious disease, check the "Compare with previous year" box, and click the "Update" button.


It is obvious that there has been no flu epidemic at This fiscal year.



We are now living in the first "hygienic" world in human history, where you can go out and find a bottle of rubbing alcohol within 20 minutes.


I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that we have completely contained the flu this year.


In this ultra-hygienic world, the number of people infected with the new corona, which is (by my estimate) 20 to 40 times more deadly than the regular flu, is not decreasing.


I mean, "What a murderous infection in a world that has the flu completely under control". I can't help but sigh.



- No clusters of customers (x employees) have been identified in pachinko parlors.


- Within the scope of regular classes (x extra-curricular sports classes), the incidence of clusters in schools is surprisingly low.


- There is no evidence of clusters on commuter trains (or maybe this is untraceable).


As a result,


Though it's obvious to everyone that the cluster is caused by droplet infection from face-to-face conversation,


I am stunned by the fact that there are still "idiots making noise and drinking in the entertainment district".



You can go to a cabaret, a bar, a maid cafe, or anywhere you want, for as long as you want.


Whether it's a year-end party or a New Year's party, you can do as much as you want.


Rather, I think many people should actively go there to support the restaurant industry.


However, "you drink and eat alone," "you don't entertain," and "you read a paperback while drinking"


As long as you follow these instructions, you should be fine.

飲食店は、集団客を、バラバラの席に案内すればいい ――

"A restaurant can take a group of customers and seat them in different places "


No exceptions," whether it's a colleague at work, a client's entertainment, a family member, or a lover.



But I usually have "dinner alone at an izakaya", and if someone says "New Year's party at a discrete table", I'm more than happy to join.

2021-01-06 故に、『飲み会は、世界からなくなっていい』と思っています。 [長年日記]


I have started up "NHK Plus" from my computer browser and watched the 7 o'clock NHK news.


Today, I happened to watch a special feature on the TV show entitled "Life and Society Change! Amazing pushing power of "fan".

私、アイドルとかアニメとかに狂っているやつらのことを ―― かなり『リスペクト』しています。

I have a lot of respect for the people who are crazy about idols and animes.


Well, I'm an anime fan myself.


Like Steins;Gate, or Steins;Gate Zero.


However, I don't really understand the feeling of "pushing" for a particular character.

でも、そういう、"推し"方も"あり"だと思います ―― というか、そちらが主流でしょう。

But I think the "pushing" is also good -- or rather, that's the mainstream.



However, when it comes to professional baseball, soccer, sumo, and other sports, I don't have any such "respect".


It's not even a millimeter anymore, but a picometer.


This may be due to the fact that when I was a teenager, I was loathed by the dumb athletic guys.


I hated them, especially the guys on the rugby team, because they couldn't win a single game in any tournament, but they always looked like they were going to win.


On the other hand, I can understand (now) that from their point of view, I was a guy who talked politics and philosophy in a petty way, and they must have felt uncomfortable.


I think the discomfort continued to be fostered by our mutual disdain for one another.

まあ、今から考えれば「双方バカ」でケリがつく話で ―― ただ、不快の記憶だけが残った、というだけです。

Well, in hindsight, it was "stupid on both sides", and the only thing that remains is the unpleasant memory.


Unfortunately, there is no chance that I will ever become a fan of professional baseball, soccer, sumo wrestling, or any other sports-related activities.

# あ、但し、スキー(のモーグルと大回転)だけは別です。

# Oh, except for skiing (moguls and giant slalom).


Hence, I don't like drinking parties.


Even if the topic is not sports, I also dislike (1) people who talk passionately about Evangelion, and (2) people who are good at naming characters of the Three Kingdoms.


On the other hand, I know that you don't like guys who (a) point out the problems with the way things work, or (b) tell stories about new coronaviruses whose transmission strategies are not viable.


Therefore, I believe that "drinking parties should disappear from the world"

2021-01-07 ―― 自分の生活圏内で、「感染爆発」を経験することになろうとは [長年日記]


Today, the number of "new" cases of the new corona in Tokyo has reached 2,447.


Since yesterday, the number of newly infected people has increased by about 1,000 in one day.


It took us 300 days from April to the end of December to reach 1,000 people/day.


Today, in one day, we achieved the same increase in the number of people (*).


(*) Incidentally, this is not a valid comparison in the strict sense (statistical perspective).



This kind of phenomenon is often seen in computer simulations (called "exponential growth").


Of course, it has been seen in the real world from time to time, but most often it has occurred in distant, impoverished small countries where we seldom look, and the infection has been contained through the efforts of someone else in the world.


To be frank, it's someone else's problem.


I don't believe .

―― 自分の生活圏内で、「感染爆発」を経験することになろうとは

"I'd experience an "infection explosion" in my own living space"


I was stunned by the sense of unreality.



When this news came out, I sent the following message on the Ebata family's LINE.



- The probability of household infection is proportional to the number of infected people (always).


- In our family, the risk is now 20 times higher than it was in July (*).


(*) A news report on July 4 states that "the number of newly infected people in Tokyo has 'risen' to 107.


- When talking with other family members, keep the conversation at a certain distance, do not shout, and keep it to about five minutes.


- The risk of long conversations can be considerably improved by partitioning the table.



Looking at the partition, which I decided to buy half seriously and half with a story.


From now on, instead of toilet paper and masks,


"there might be a "buyout" of household partitions"


I thought.

2021-01-08 ―― 上司に「どうしたらいいでしょうか?」と聞く新人だけにはなってはいけません [長年日記]


I am a business person who cannot talk to fresh persons about equipment for their job, however if I am allowed to do, I will say,

―― 上司に「どうしたらいいでしょうか?」と聞く新人だけにはなってはいけません

"Don't make you a business person who say "What should I do next?" easily"




To be more precise, I think that it is better for you to talk to your boss as follow.


"I don't know how to do about this task, howeve, I tired to do the following three A,B,C


"I have done A method. The report is attached in this mail"


"I have thought B and C methods too, but I could not come to think how to start them"


"I may be missing the point of all (1) through (3). I would appreciate it if you could help me with this"


These four phrases are important.



"What should I do next?"-- is the easiest way easy for you, but the hardest wasy for your boss.


In the above four phrases, you might have the worst hard time, and might be in vain. However your boss is ready to "choose" or "modify" the answers you already prepare for them.



Let's put them more simply.


Would you have your boss take a test where he or she has to compose an English essay?


Or do you want your boss to take a mark-sheet test?


Which do you think is easier for your boss?



I think my subordinates who make it easy for me are prettier.


The subordinate who tries to think and solve the problem on their own is cute.


In front of this "cuteness," attributes such as looks, gender, age, etc. are nothing.

2021-01-09 「自決用のピストル」を持っていることと、「核ミサイルのボタン」を持っていることの違いです。 [長年日記]

The current state of the U.S. looks like the movie "Hitler's Last 12 Days" going on right now.


(I did a little research and found many people who felt the same way.)


もちろん、本音を言えば、私はニクソンに次ぎ、現職米国大統領が任期途中で職を解かれる(弾劾)という、歴史的な場面を見たい(*) ―― と思っていました。

Of course, to tell you the truth, I was hoping to see a historic moment when the next incumbent U.S. president, after Nixon, would be removed from office (impeached) in the middle of his term.


In the case of Nixon, it was not "dismissal" but "resignation".

しかし、次期大統領の確定手続中の連邦議会に大統領の支持者が乱入、支持者と警官隊の両方に死傷者を出すという、―― 米国憲政史上、最悪最低の事件を知るに至り、もう、私は、心の底からウンザリしています。

But, President-elect supporters rush into the federal parliament during the next president-elect finalization proces, and casualties to both his supporters and the police ――I've come to know the worst and worst case in the history of US constitutionalism, and I'm really tired of it.


Now, I think it's better not to give him unnecessary stimulus and wait until the transition to power.


(I'm currently investigating whether "fixed retroactive effect" is possible, that suspending the president's term the day after the incident, for example , after the transition to power, the impeachment dismissal of the former president was confirmed, and the vice president lets the president)


Anyway, the difference between the dictator at that time and the current president of the United States is


Having a "self-determination pistol" and having a "nuclear missile button".



Up until now, I was surprised every day by being shown in real time that "it would impossible".


It has been shown that some human beings have ridiculous abilities, good or bad, bad or bad.


Then, I realized from the bottom of my heart that what is called "power domineering" shouted by the media and opposition parties in Japan is "how cute it is".


To be honest, I didn't want to know that.




The best way is that "my expectation is off the mark".



By the way, the current US President has now frozen his SNS (Twitter and Facebook) accounts.


To put it bluntly, "the SNS operator has identified the current president of the United States as an instigator of riots," and "they decided that this decision was not illegal throughout society."


They probably decided, "Even if there is a court battle at a later date, we can win with a margin."



However, I'm wondering. "he could hold a press conference without using SNS. He is the current president now"


If the media reporters' questions are annoying, he would not let them enter the venue.

This has a precedent case in Japan.


In 1972, Prime Minister Sato said, "Where is the TV camera, I want to talk to the people directly, don't talk to newspaper reporters, go home," and there was an unprecedented interview that all reporters would leave.

2021-01-10 次女:「私たちが、普段話題としているのは、『親に感染させない』『親を殺さない』―― これだけだよ」 [長年日記]


In the Ebata family, we try to be careful about household infection with the new coronavirus, but I still feel that there is a limit to what we can do.


We can't avoid talking to each other as a family, and it's difficult to wear a mask all the time in the house.


So, just like the government's current policy to focus intensively on conversations during eating and drinking, the Ebata family has also concentrate the time of "eating and drinking".



It's been called "the time just before the collapse of healthcare", but not "the time after the collapse of healthcare".


After all, I guess anyone would not want to be the first to declare the 'collapse of healthcare'.

それは、ギリシャの経済危機に乱発された言葉『デフォルト』と同じ意味だから ―― と思っています。

I think that it is the same meaning as the word "default," which was wildly used during the Greek economic crisis.


"Default" means "a nation throws away its debt payments". In other words, "a nation declares that it will not make payments on its bonds".

これに準ずるとすれば、『医療崩壊』とは、「医療による人命救助ができない」ということで ―― なるほど、こんな事実は誰も受け入れたくなく、そして宣言したくないでしょう。

If we were to conform to this (default), 'medical collapse' would mean 'medical inability to save lives'. Well, no one would want to accept and declare such a fact.


I think that is why the phrase "just before the collapse of healthcare" is still being used.


江端:「とにかく、今はしのげ! 家庭内感染は避けられないかもしれないが、『今』はなんとか逃れろ! 来月か再来月なら、余裕をもって治療して貰える可能性がある!!」

Ebata: "Anyway, just keep enduring for now! Household infections may be inevitable, but for now, we've got to get away! If it's next month or the month after that, there's a chance we'll have enough time to get medic!"


When I said that, my junior daughter told me something I didn't expect.


Junior: "You know, we (teenagers) are hardly afraid of our own infection.


Ebata: "...What?"


Junior: "We already know that even if we are infected, we will either have no symptoms or we will be symptoms of a common cold"


Ebata: "..."

次女:「私たちが、普段の日常で話題としていることは、『親に感染させない』『親を殺さない』―― これだけだよ」

Junior: "What we usually talk about is 'not infecting our parents' and 'not killing our parents' - that's all"



In short,

―― お前たち(親、高齢者)は、人(子どもたち)の感染を心配している場合か?

"Do you (parents, elderly) have time to worry about infecting others (children)?"

―― 私たち(子ども)から感染を受けないように、お前たち(親、高齢者)が自力で防衛対策を執れ

"You (parents, elderly) should come up with your own defense measures so that you don't get infected from us (children)."




There is a strange (and rare in the history of mankind) social phenomenon going on right now, where the "protected" are worried about the "guardians".


It is us (the middle-aged and elderly) who are worried about children, now.

2021-01-11 「集団免疫獲得」戦略を成立させる為には、毎年196万人以上の感染が必要です。 [長年日記]


The "herd immunity" strategy for the new coronavirus does not hold.

This has already been explained by Dr. Shibata of the "Run Over"


Even elementary school students can understand it (if you can calculate the area of the trapezoid).



As mentioned in the column above, in order to establish a "herd immunity acquisition" strategy,

―― 毎年196万人以上の感染が必要

"More than 1.96 million people need to be infected every year"



This is a number that cannot be achieved unless the government actively and systematically spreads the infection.



As of today, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Japan is 289,000, and the death toll is 3,850.


If this number is simply applied as it is, in order to establish a "herd immunity acquisition" strategy,

―― 年間、2万6110人の死亡者

"26,110 deaths annually"


will be needed.


Moreover, this "herd immunity" strategy is uninterrupted.


From now on, we must ensure that 1.96 million people are infected every year and 26,110 people die every year.



Regarding the number of deaths other than lifespan deaths, the numbers written in my head are 4,000 traffic fatalities / year and 20,000 suicides / year.


Those who think that "the number is about the same as this total" may insist on a "herd immunity acquisition" strategy.


However, they must remember


(1) The fight against the new corona is extremely painful (even after the fight), and


(2) If a virus is developed, the only person who died in the "herd immunity acquisition" strategy is "just dead in vain".




Feel free to insist on a "herd immunity" strategy, even if if you know the above facts.

2021-01-12 ―― アンチビットコイン派として、パージされたのかな? [長年日記]


I am currently working on a series of articles on the topic of Bitcoin (Blockchain, to be precise).


In the first article of this series, I declared that I would 'experience the purchase and use of Bitcoin'.


In order to fulfill this commitment, I went through the process of creating an account with bitFlyer, a virtual currency exchange, late last Friday.


(This process will be described in a later series of articles).


On Sunday night, I received an email pointing out a mistake in my address, and I was in the process of resubmitting it, but I haven't heard from them at all since then.

"As an anti-Bitcoin group, have I been purged?"


I'm guessing evil.


Well, I don't think so.



That's why I, this weekend, kept monitoring the exchange rate of Bitcoin to legal tender.


It seems to be a big deal right now.


If you want to put this into words...


"Watching the approach of one of the largest typhoons in recorded history from the window of my living room"

ような、感じです ―― 他人事のように。

As if it were someone else's problem.

2021-01-13 ―― 現時点の現職の米国大統領が、「愚かな奴」として描かれている [長年日記]


I have acquired most of my knowledge about ongoing international conflicts from "Golgo 13".


Of course, "Golgo 13" is a fictional story, so I cannot believe them all in their entirety.


From the point of view of an expert on international affairs, some of the ins and outs of the international arena as depicted in "Golgo 13" are frothing at the mouth.


In addition, I personally do not have the information, connections, or intelligence to correctly judge the international situation.



However, when it comes to technical fields, especially computers, networks, and other IT fields, as an engineer who has actually been involved in these fields, I can make judgments.


There are a number of inaccurate descriptions of the interpretation of science and technology in the "Golgo 13" story.


But I am not going to be blindsided by them.


We, the inhabitants of the world of science and technology, are used to this kind of thing.


Rather, on the contrary, I can say that I am getting an opportunity to know, 'Oh, this is how the world sees this technology.



Golgo 13 is basically a story that divides the good guys, the bad guys, and the stupid guys, and portrays the three of them in an opposing structure.


Here, "good", "bad", and "stupid" are different from the socially accepted "righteous", "evil", and "ignorant".


In the story, it is depicted in the style of "the benevolent", "the malevolent", and "the foolish".


The "good guys" are depicted with a "good face," the "bad guys" with a "bad face," and the "stupid guys" with a "stupid face," so I can easily judge them.



So, the other day, I was skimming through the new issue of "Golgo 13" at a convenience store, and I felt something strange.

―― 現時点の現職の米国大統領が「愚かな奴」として描かれている

"The current sitting President of the United States is portrayed as a 'stupid guy'"


(To be continued)

2021-01-14 ―― 「我が国の国民の現職米国大統領に対する評価」は、「ゴルゴ13の中で描かれている内容と同じ」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


As far as I know, this kind of depiction is very rare in "Golgo 13".


The U.S. presidents in "Golgo 13" have been supposed to have a justifiable reason in their story, even if they have to do something that is against socially accepted justice.


The current president of the United States, however, is the only one who has not been portrayed as having this kind of "intelligence.

粗野で、頭が悪く、自我をコントロールできない ―― はっきり言って「三下のギャング」と同程度の取り扱いをされているように感じました。

He is crude, dim-witted, and unable to control his ego -- to put it bluntly, I felt like he has been treated on par with a "low-life gangster".


Maybe I just happened to read such a story this time.


Still, as far as I know, I can't recall a story about a 'US President portrayed as a stupid'.



Golgo 13" is one of the most famous contents in Japan with 50 years of serialization and 280 million copies sold.


I believe that the reason why "Golgo 13" has received so much support is because it has carefully followed the thoughts and feelings of readers in our country.


My hypothesis, derived from the above, is that

―― 「我が国の国民の現職米国大統領に対する評価」は、「ゴルゴ13の中で描かれている内容と同じ」

"Our people's assessment of the current U.S. president is about the same as that portrayed in Golgo 13.



(To be continued)

2021-01-15 それでも、私の「エンジニアリングアプローチ」の視点から見れば ―― 私は、自分がとても「不公平な人間である」と感じてしまうのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Aside from that.


I (we?) thanks to "The U.S. President Portrayed as a stupid", I was able to learn more about the U.S. political system.


In particular, I was able to see not only the differences between the two major political parties in the U.S., the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, but also the "real faces" of the supporters of those parties.


At the same time, I thought to myself, "There are things I need to tell myself.


For examples,

- Do not confuse Islamic extremism with Islam.



- Do not confuse His Majesty the Emperor with the emperor system.


- Do not confuse the personality of the current president with the U.S. presidential system.


and above all,


- Do not confuse members of the U.S. Republican Party with the protesters who attacked the U.S. Capitol.



I know that this confusion makes it easy for many people, including myself, to be "taken advantage of" by political and media sentiments.


I'm experienced.


not only as a "confuser" but also as a "confused".


ところで ―― 我が国でも「国会襲撃事件」があったのをご存知ですか?

By the way -- did you know that there was an attack on the Diet building in Japan?


It was the struggle to prevent the signing of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, the so-called Security Treaty Struggle.


On November 27, 1959, two million people participated in demonstrations and rallies across the country, and the attacj on the Diet took place, led by the mainstream faction of the All-Japan Federation of Student Self-Government Associations.


The problem I have here is that my feeling of

―― 「国会襲撃」ではなく、「国会突入」という言葉を使いたい

"I want not to use the term "attack on the Diet" but "rush on the Diet."



Of course, at that time, not only the ruling party but even the Japanese Communist Party condemned (scorned) them, labeling them as a "leftist violent group.


That is to say, I know relatively well (though I was not born yet) about the Zenkyoto (student-centered anti-Apartheid movement) of that time, and I can sympathize with the students of that time who rushed into the Diet.



In other words, I sympathize with the "students who rushed into the parliament" and condemn the "protesters who attacked the U.S. Capitol".


Is there a difference between the two?


Of course there is.

それでも、私の「エンジニアリングアプローチ」の視点から見れば ―― 私は、自分がとても「不公平な人間である」と感じてしまうのです。

Still, from the perspective of my "engineering approach" -- I feel that I am being very "unfair".

2021-01-16 「シュレーディンガーのコロナ」 [長年日記]

I am proud to say that I have spent a considerable amount of time studying Schrodinger's cat.


I also found out that many people either don't "know" or misunderstand the interpretation of "Schrodinger's Cat" as I did before my study.


When I explained this story ("Schrodinger's Cat") to my family...


Junior daughter: "I see. "So you're saying that if we 'assume' the existence of such a cat, we can understand quantum theory.


See, I knew she misunderstood it.



Ebata: "No, it's not. Such cats do exist, and all matter in the quantum state (e.g., near absolute zero) is such a cat."


My family's reaction to my words was exactly what I expected.


Maybe it's impossible for us to understand that "half-dead, half-alive cats" do exist.


In fact, both my wife and second daughter ended up saying, 'I don't know.


I didn't offer any further explanation either.


This is because I believe that it is impossible to explain quantum states to humans, who only have at least five types of perception sensors, using the current language on earth.


Quantum theory is just barely understandable with formulas and numbers using probability. However, the human race is a creature that "hates numbers and formulas" to begin with.



This morning, I noticed that

―― 今回の新型コロナの感染拡大(爆発)の理由は、「シュレーディンガーの猫」で説明できる

"The reason for the spread (explosion) of this new corona infection can be explained by "Schrodinger's cat""



It is "Schrodinger's Corona.



The reason why the results of the PRC test are referred to in such an unclear manner as "positive/negative for infection" rather than "presence of infection" is as follows.


The "half-infected, half-uninfected me" is real.



In other words, the presence or absence of infection is not determined until the onset of the disease, and until the onset of the disease, infection is probabilistic and constantly changing depending on age, environment, physical condition, and behavior.


And here I remembered...

"Dr. Shibata of the Run Over" has already discussed "Corona infection from the viewpoint of quantum theory".


(To be continued)

2021-01-17 時代は、「Boys, Be ぼっち」です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The risk of new coronary infections can be calculated using probability theory, which you learned in middle school (or should have), without having to bring up quantum theory.

How to calculate the variation in the probability of infection depending on the number of people at a dinner can be found here.


To begin with.


- Lunch is safe, dinner is dangerous.




- Safe before a state of emergency is declared, dangerous after.


―― なんの冗談だ、それ?

"What a joke, that? "


I was really surprised to find out that there were people who believed in such things (*).


(*)The Minister in charge of countermeasures against the new coronavirus infection has issued an urgent message saying, "The risk of infection remains the same even during the daytime. Please refrain from going out not only at night but also during the day.



My message has been consistently the same.

『外食しても良い。深夜まで酒を飲んでもいい。一晩中語っていても、騒いでいても一向に構わん ――

"It's okay to eat out. You can drink until midnight. You can stay up all night talking, making noise, it doesn't matter.


However, do it alone."


That's all.


Even God can't infect you with a virus when you are alone.


時代は、「Boys, Be ぼっち」

The time has come to "Boys, Be Alone"!




Boys be alone!


Be alone not for your egoism


not for your self-satisfaction


not for that evanescent thing which men call criticism for others.


Be alone for the attainment of all that a man ought to be.



If you don't know what the above is a parody of, please go through it.

2021-01-18 だれか「働くコンピュータ」というマンガを描いて、私を納得させてくれないかなぁ、と思っています。 [長年日記]

With a manga called "Working Cell" being so popular,

「働くコンピュータ」というマンガが登場してこないのは何故だろう ―― と考えています。

I've been wondering why there hasn't been a "Working Computer" manga.



If you say, "It's natural for computers to work," then I would argue, "It's natural for cells to work, too.


But what makes anthropomorphic cells so appealing,

言うまでもなく、原作者の方の才能と努力のたまものですが ―――

Needless to say, it is the result of the talent and efforts of the original author


there are countless varieties in the various abilities of cells and their relationships with other cells, and I think this is because we can find drama in them.



A computer, on the other hand, is basically just a machine that does what the program tells it to do.


In principle, there are no exceptions to its behavior (even if error bits occur, they are self-correcting).

I still don't understand the idea of "intelligence" occurring in a machine that only works according to the instructions of a program.


ですので ――



I'm wondering if someone could draw a manga called "Working Computers" to convince me to do so.

2021-01-19 ―― それでは 、アニメ『宇宙よりも遠い場所』を勧める [長年日記]


While I was struggling with porting Docker in my room on the second floor, I received a call from my senior daughter in the living room on the first floor.


"What's your favorite content on NetFlix?"


I was given an order that the content should be simple, touching, and short.



In the Ebata household, we have repeatedly signed up for NetFlix for only one month.


I only sign up for months that have a period of time, such as consecutive holidays.


So, with this month's contract expiring in a few days, we are currently experiencing a "NetFlix rush".


―― それでは 、アニメ『宇宙よりも遠い場所』を勧める

"Then I recommend a anime "A Place Farther Than the Universe""


When asked about the contents of the book, I mentioned keywords such as "high school students," "girls," and "Antarctica," and my wife looked at me with a reluctant expression.


However, I said to them,


"In particular, I can assure you that episode 12 is comparable to episodes 7 and 10 of Violet Evergarden"


"If you think it was a waste of time, I'll pay you 50,000 yen.


My wife reluctantly started watching it, because I assured her that I would do so.



I already know that I will win this bet.

2021-01-20 最近になって、やっと"Go言語"の凄さが分かってきました。 [長年日記]


For about three years now, my program guru, Mr. S, has been telling me that "Go language" is what Mr. Ebata needs.


However, I was not able to start using it.


The reason for this, on the face of it, is "I don't have the time," and the real reason is "It's hard to learn new things.


But now, I am working at home due to the "Corona disaster," one of the biggest national disasters of the postwar era.

―― この機会を逃したら、はっきりいって『バカ』

"If I miss this opportunity, I are clearly a 'fool'"


I'm afraid that later I'll blame myself for what I've done, so I'm studying hard now.



By the way, the language I have been using, C/C++, is a "very low-level language" that is closely related to computer architecture.


So, it is super fast and versatile.


Instead, it is unrivaled in the "unfriendliness" of its language notation.

C/C++は、コンピュータ(正確に言うとUNIX OS)と同時に生まれた1970年ごろに生まれたロートル言語ですので、最新のWeb技術なんぞには、全く役に立たないといってもよいです。

C/C++ was born around 1970, at the same time as the computer (UNIX OS, to be precise), so it is O.K. to say that it is completely useless for the latest web technologies.


Still, it is a fact that almost all computer system platforms, especially embedded microcontrollers, are programmed in C/C++.


Aside from that.



Recently, I have finally come to understand the greatness of the "Go language".


I was impressed by the fact that 100,000 threads (objects) kept running until the end in my simulator.


I had heard that "more than 70 million threads are running", but there is a difference between hearing about it and actually running it by myself.

もしかしたら、日本国民全員のエージェントとした、「コロナ感染シミュレータ」が作れるかもしれません ―― 私の自宅のパソコンごときで。

Maybe I can make a "corona infection simulator" with all Japanese citizens as agents -- on my home computer.



I think it would be useful if the agent approach, which is what I am thinking of, is added to the statistical approach of Dr. Nishiura's.


However, it is also clear that this kind of agent approach is insanely time-consuming because you have to set up personas and environments for the entire population.

まあ、もしできるとしても、完成は10年後くらいでしょうか ―― 10年後に、この災厄がどうなっているかは分かりませんが。

Well, if I can do it, it will be completed in about 10 years -- I don't know what this disaster will be going in 10 years.

2021-01-21 『よろしい。ならば戦争だ』 [長年日記]


It is said that the country on the peninsula next to our country and the country on the continent of the peninsula are now heating up in the "Birthplace of kimchi".


It seems to go beyond the private level and involves the media and even parts of the government.


I do not consider this to be "childish".


Food culture is one of the most important aspects of culture, because it is the one that is most strongly connected to national sentiment.



Ebata: "As for kimchi, it's clear that it didn't originate in our country, so as for our country, we're completely bystander"


Wife: "But if someone says 'Soba' originated in China, our country will not forgive it".


Ebata: "Well, it's a fine line between the Senkaku Islands and other territorial issues, and the terms of the deal"


Wife: "But if they tell us that 'sushi' originated in China..."


Ebata:"In that case, there's no more "stuff" to deal with.


"Very well. Then it's war"


I believe that a declaration of war from our country would meet with the public's approval"


It's against the Constitution, though.

2021-01-22 『歯の1本や2本くらい、なんだと言うのだ』 [長年日記]


At the end of the year, I had two of my back teeth extracted.


It seems that the root of my tooth is infected and has been hurting me regularly for a very long time.


One of the reasons why I was told so lightly, "Do you want to take out two of them?


The main reason was that I was horrified at the thought of having to spend the New Year's holidays with pain that no painkillers would help.



My basic policy in life is one of "pain avoidance".


I don't need "pleasure". I accept hardship if it is my choice.


Rather, I am the one who picks up "hardships" on my own, without even realizing it.


I don't like "injustice" or "unpleasantness," but I will deal with this by means of "retaliation," "counterattack," and "annihilation.


However, pain is the only thing that cannot be fought. This is always a "lose" choice.


Whether it's dental, medical, surgical, or psychiatric, I go to the hospital or clinic, get a prescription, and run to the pharmacy (I don't rely on over-the-counter drugs).



Apparently, my life has entered the "start losing teeth" phase.


To begin with, my age has already surpassed the average age at the time of the Pacific War (75 years ago).


Humans don't evolve in about 100 years (it takes about 100,000 years), so I am alive today because of medicine, drugs, and hygiene education.

ならば ――



"What's a tooth or two matter?"


Five minutes later, I was looking at the two teeth that had been pulled out with my own eyes.


After my father's dentures were damaged, he lost his appetite, his strength, and his death due to incompatibility with his new dentures.


In my case, too, I'm gutted that it will probably be "teeth" that will come to kill me.

2021-01-23 『なるほど、若い頃の私が、叩か続けたのは、私が、あまりにも優秀すぎたからだ』 [長年日記]


As we get older, we lose sight of our surroundings (the world), but we can also see things.


One of them is,


"It's tempting to give a well-rounded young persons more than they can handle."



For young engineers who responded to my tough questions without hesitation, or with hesitation, I want to get somethings greedy.

―― 叩けば、もっと力(能力)を引き出せるかもしれない

"If I hit her/him, I might be able to get more their power (ability)"



So I hit them.


And, they will soon be crushed, sick, and leave the company.



"I see, the reason I kept getting beaten when I was younger was because I was too good"


I have just noticed that now.

しかし、一方、私が、潰れてもおらず、病んでもおらず、退社してもいないということは ――

However, I, on the other hand, haven't gone under, haven't gotten sick, haven't left the company--


"Was I not too good?"


I'm falling into recursive thinking.


ともあれ ――



We seniors need to have the courage to give up our "greed"

優れた若い才能を見ると、手を出したくなるのは分かるのですが ――

I can understand that it's tempting to reach out when we see outstanding young talent, but,


I think the courage to 'leave their talent alone' is what we have to have.

2021-01-24 ―― 数学の証明を贈ってもらって『妻が喜ぶ』と思うことのできる、その思考形態が怖い [長年日記]

When I read stories of mathematicians -- for example, "Fermat's Last Theorem, the story


"They gave their beloved wife the completion of the proof"




The story of a mathematician, appears quite often.


However, I,

―― 数学の証明を贈ってもらって『妻が喜ぶ』と思うことのできる、その思考形態が怖い

"It scares me that the thought that they can think that their wife would be 'happy' to receive a gift of a mathematical proof"



Oh, I don't think so.


"Farewell to the days of their husband's inexplicable eccentricities(Muttering, walking around)"


That's a "gift," for sure.


Then my wife will be happy.

2021-01-25 私:「そして、世界は『飲み会』を諦める ―― アフターコロナでも」 [長年日記]


Daughter: "To be frank, Dad, what do you think of the current telecommuting situation?"


I: "Basically, my job description is creating documents and coding, so if you're asking me if the company's equipment is essential, it's not."


D: "Any meetings or anything?"

私:「本当に細かい仕様策定などは、F2Fミーテイングでないと、できないこともある ―― まあ、それも工夫しだいかな。ミーティングの回数を増やすとか」

I: "I need some things that can only be done in a F2F meeting, such as really detailed specifications. Well, there's room for innovation in that, too. Maybe we should increase the number of meetings."


D: "Are you stressed?"


I: "I wouldn't say 'no,' but I think I have less 'out-of-town stress' than other people, like they say in the news interviews. I hear I'm a 'misanthrope' to begin with."


D: "So, do you hope that this corona disaster situation will continue forever?"

私:「それはない。凶悪な殺人ウイルスが存在している世界は、続いて欲しくない。できれば「ワクチン」で決着がついて欲しいと、心底から願っている ―― が・・・」

I: "It won't. I don't want the world to continue with a vicious killer virus. I sincerely hope that a vaccine will be the answer, if possible -- but..."




I: "I'm still not convinced that a 'vaccine' will really settle the issue. There may be a variant of the new corona, another virus."


D: "And?"

私:「これからの、殺人ウイルスとの共存を考えると、少なくとも、これからの世界は、多人数による同じ場所を共有する行動 ―― 『修学旅行』『文化祭』『高校野球、特に甲子園大会』など、廃止とまでは言わないまでも、縮小方向にパラダイムシフトした方が良いと思う。そして『運動会』。うん、これは廃止の一択しかないな」

I: "Considering the future coexistence with the killer virus, at least in the future, the world should make a paradigm shift to reduce, if not abolish, activities where many people share the same place, such as school trips, cultural festivals, and high school baseball games, especially the Koshien tournament. And " Athletic meets". Yeah, there's no choice but to abolish it"


D: "..."


I: "For the school trip, the group size should be no more than four people, and each group can decide the budget and duration of the trip, and go wherever they want. Of course, you can also travel alone. It would be nice to have that much discretion"


D: "..."

私:「そして、世界は『飲み会』を諦める ―― アフターコロナでも」

I: "And the world gives up 'drinking' -- even after Corona"

2021-01-26 この物語の中には、そういった「『間違った生き方』を歩む人間に対する『力強い肯定』」があります。 [長年日記]

The late Sakyo Komatsu's "The End of the Endless Stream" is regarded as one of the best works of Komatsu literature.


I firmly "support" this assessment.


In this work, there is a character named Lukif, and when I was a student, I used to ask my friends to call my nickname as "Lukif.


Incidentally, I am one of those who agree with the recent "ban on nicknames" in education. This is because I am a person who has been given unpleasant nicknames.


I think it would be a good idea to make a special exception for "nicknames" reported by the person their selves, but it would be better not to make such a special exception, as it would collapse the rules in an uncontrollable manner.


Anyway, my self-declared nickname was not used by most of my friends.



The story of "The End of the Endless Stream" goes like this.


"When the earth was about to end due to the anomaly of the sun, the "judgment" disguised as an "alien" selected humans with supernatural powers and took away many earthlings.


"But there was a force to resist this. It is a group led by "Lukif", an entity that embodies the resistance to the vector of every change. "

つまり ――

That means,


- Rejecting "the good intentions of the punishment by a powerful and intelligent group"


- Select "wrong self-determination by a weak and ignorant individual"


In this novel, there is such a "strong affirmation" for humans who walk the "wrong way of life."



So, actually, I tried to talk about something in the wake of this story, but I forgot it.


It has become a ugly punch line.

2021-01-27 『一つのモノを完成させたこともない奴の語る「マーケットイン」とか「デザイン思考」という言葉は、信じない』 [長年日記]


I understand what they are saying about "market-in" and "design thinking".


What they are trying to say is that, in essence, "technology oriented is not a viable business.

この手の話、ずっと昔から、散々言われ続けてきて、もう聞き飽きているんですよ ―― 私。

I've been hearing this kind of thing for a long time, and I'm tired of hearing it.



However, from my observation over the years, people who repeat "market-in" and "design thinking",

―― うわー、あいつ技術力ないわー

"have no technical skills"



―― モノを作り切る力量が見当たらないわー

have no ability to make things fully.



―― あいつが完成させた製品って、知らんわー(パワポの資料しか見たことないわー)

have no completed product (I've only seen their powerpoint documents)


I feel like there are a lot of people like that, but am I wrong?



Of course, I don't deny the importance of "market-in" or "design thinking" in business, but


As far as I'm concerned,


"I don't believe in the words 'market-in' or 'design thinking' spoken by people who have never completed a single product"


2021-01-28 未来の私が、自分のコラムを読んで「過去の自分が、何を書いたか分からなくなる」では困るのです。 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Dancing Buzzword - Behind the Buzzword (10) Blockchain(4)

Trying to use the rebel currency, Bitcoin.



I think I've written about this somewhere before, but once when I was asked, "How do you write a patent specification? I answered

―― 絵本のように書く

"Write like a picture book"




"Once upon a time, there were,


the first means of transferring the location information of the object in real time,


the second means of receiving said location information,


the third means of displaying said location information on a map.


という3つの手段の図が記載された上に、その図を簡潔に説明する一枚の絵本のページ ――

A picture book page with a diagram of the three measures and a brief description of the diagram, inside the facing page.


This is the essence of a patent specification, I said.



My columns are often said to be "long," but the actual text is not that voluminous.


It just looks long because I throw in about 20 charts and tables every time.


Therefore, I think of myself as "drawing picture books" rather than "writing columns"



Well, even if it were a "picture book", it would certainly be "long", and basically "long" things are "hard to read".


But that's okay.

Because I am writing for the "future me".


I don't want the future me to read my column and "lose track of what I wrote in the past.


例えば ――

For example --


When I receive a notice of reasons for rejection from the examiner of the Patent Office, which comes about two years after the filing of the application, I re-read my patent specification and I come to think every time,

―― 私は、一体、何を言いたかったんだ?

"What the hell was I trying to say?"

と、思ってしまうのです ―― 毎回。



In order to deliver my column to the future me, I have to write a complete account of what I was thinking, without any omissions.


The diagrams, tables, and illustrations are all for the "future me".


Well, if the theme is disjointed, as it was in this case, the top management (the editorial department) may order, or even "request," a division.

2021-01-29 若者に「世界は広い」といっても無駄 ―― ということを分っていない大人が、多すぎるように思えます。 [長年日記]

若者に「世界は広い」といっても無駄 ―― ということを分っていない大人が、多すぎるように思えます。

It seems that there are too many adults who do not understand that it is useless to tell young people that "It is the wide world".

この言葉は、『自殺したい』と思っている若者に、「もっとも心に響かない言葉 No.1」です。

These words are the "No. 1 most nihilistic words" for young people who want to commit suicide.



In the first place, the world is a small place.


The world is the limit of what we can perceive.

他人の世界がどーであるか ―― そんなこと分かりっこない。

There is no way to know what other people's worlds are like.

自己認知できない他人の世界感について、「狭い」だの「浅い」だの語る奴って ―― 真正の馬鹿、だと思う。

People who talk about other people's sense of the world as "small" or "shallow" when they can't even recognize it for themselves, is I think they are true idiots.


Adults abuse the phrase "the world is big" in a condescending way to children's worldview. However, from a child's point of view, they do not understand the worldview of "adults who commit suicide because of unemployment or job loss.


That's what children may think, "If you're worried about death, you can do anything."


I know that the use of the word "the world is wide" to others to be extremely rude in itself.


It is incomprehension, irreverence and disrespect for the worldview of others.



If you really want to help a young guys who wants to commit suicide, what you have to do is

―― その若者の『自殺したい』原因を、物理的に除去する

"Physically eliminate the cause of the young man's "want to commit suicide""


There is only this choice.


It's horribly annoying, and probably expensive and time consuming, but there's no other way.

比して、若者に「世界は広い」と語る奴は ――

In comparison, the one who tells young people that the world is wide,


is a cowardly hypocrite who is simply trying to change his "qualities" with just his mouth, without spending money or time easily.




I don't have the energy to break into and understand the world of others.


Because it is troublesome.

その代わり、誰かに、他人の世界観に分け入って貰って、理解して貰おうとかいう ―― 図々しいことも考えません。

Instead, I don't even think that I'd like someone to share in and understand the world of others


Well, for me


"The world isn't big, but over time, the world can change on its own, so you can wait it out"


"I've been able to surpass that a few times just by using the 'don't think about it, just live it' strategy.


I will only say that.

2021-01-30 長女が、配送をしている時一番困ることが、表札がない、または、表札が読めない、ということらしいです。 [長年日記]


My senior daughter is now working part-time as a delivery driver on a motorcycle.


I, too, was a motorcycle rider, but I have never done anything to earn an income from it.


When I was a student, I had a lot of indoor part-time jobs, such as cram school teaching and computer instructing.


Compared to that, I am impressed that my daughter is doing quite an activity part-time.


As a father, I'm worried about my daughter's motorcycle accident.

―― 犯罪以外のアクティビティは、止めない/止められない

"Non-criminal activities are not/can't be stopped"


This is our family's (or rather my) policy.


I keep telling my daughter about my "lineup of motorcycle accidents in my past".


That aside.



My senior daughter said that the most difficult thing for her when she is making deliveries is that there is no nameplate or she cannot read the nameplate.

特に、―― 何がかっこいいのか分からないけど ―― 読めないくずし字や、見たこともない書体の横文字、小さい文字

Particularly -- and I don't know what's cooler -- unreadable crappy characters, horizontal letters in a typeface I've never seen before, and small letters.


Above all, she said, the most annoying thing is a nameplate without an address on it.



To begin with, the nameplate is an identification sign that shows the name and residence of the owner of the real estate.

本来の機能を果たさずに、意匠(デザイン)のみに固執する表札を掲げる奴は ―― 私の私感ではありますが

Anyone who trys to use nameplate that is only concerned with design without fulfilling its original function -- in my opinion

―― 自分の子どもに、称呼不能なキラキラ名を付けて、自分の子どもの人生に不利益を与える保護者

"Parents who disadvantage their own children's lives by giving them glittering names that nobody cannot call"


I feel the same level of ignorance of that.


As same as trademarks, the primary functions of both address and name are "identification of oneself and others (x products)" and "indication of origin" (x quality assurance function, x advertising function).


What are we going to do with nameplates and names that interfere with these functions?



I've been saying this for a long time.


"Cancel the zip code system and include location information"


I have been asking for this system to be introduced (or, if possible, legislated).

いわゆる、"35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232" です。

So-called "35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232".


If you put this number into a search engine, you can quickly identify the location and see how helpful it is to the delivery service people. The cost of delivery would go down dramatically.


With these coordinates, we can pinpoint not only the location of the warehouse, but also the location of the front door, and the possibility of wrong delivery can be reduced to near zero.


In Japan, the Quasi-Zenith Satellites can keep the error within one meter, and if RTK (Real Time Kinematic) can be used, the error will be a few centimeters.


(I haven't been following it lately, but I'm sure the method that uses the radio phase of GPS could be even more accurate.)





The picture of your front door is being shown to the world, and a drone is passing by, circumventing your own home's air rights. In this day and age, what's the privacy?



With a little effort, anyone can easily find out the location of their home.

ならば、積極的に、"35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232" を公開して、「あつあつのピザ」を、早く食べられた方がいいに決まっています。

If so, it would be better to publish "35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232" and eat the "hot pizza" as soon as possible.


Anyway, for my daughter, I do say


"If your house can't even get a proper nameplate, don't use any delivery service.


2021-01-31 「私(江端)は、アンタの考えを知りたいんだ!」 [長年日記]


I have the opportunity to talk with people who have so-called "doctor" or "professor" or "president" titles.


These people are really 'know well' and 'study well'.


And they often present the grand design (the big picture) in their field.


However, I know that they know well analysis tools used in this field, ranging from setting methods to commands.

―― 本当に圧倒される

"really overwhelming"


I feel that whenever I meet them.



However, if you ask these people whether they can correctly predict the future, they may not be able to.


This is because they will have a strong bias due to their knowledge of their field and expectations.

This is evident just by looking at this picture from the "AI series".



Dr., professors, and presidents' opinions about past events are very valuable.


However, when it comes to future events, I would rather not refer to them.

―― 過去の材料(事実と数字)と、現時点で使える手法(ロジックとアルゴリズム)だけを使って、未来のことは、自分の頭で考えて、自分の言葉で書く

"Use materials from the past (facts and figures) and the methods (logic and algorithms) available at the moment, and think about the future in my own mind and write about it in my own words"


It's much better that way, I think.


It is for this reason that I do not cite any "references to the future by experts" in my columns.


という訳で、私は、著名な大学の教授やら、大きな組織の長の発言を引用して、内容に「箔」を付けようとする記事は ――

When I find articles that try to "foil" the content by quoting a prominent university professor or the head of a large organization,


I stop reading halfway through.


It's not helpful, and it's not fun to read.



"I (Ebata) want to know what you think!"


There are very few articles that respond to my request.